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Rey kissed Sharon passionately. Mia arrived in town and staked her claim on Rey. Tessa confessed that she'd blackmailed Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis. Mariah walked out on Tessa. Mia publicly revealed her affair with Arturo. Nick asked Phyllis to move in with him.
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Sparks fly between Rey and Sharon Sparks fly between Rey and Sharon
Monday, November 12, 2018

At the police station, Sharon arrived for work. Sharon, smiling, approached Rey, leaned close to him, and said, "How are you?" Rey, perusing papers in a file folder, replied, "Um, I'm fine. You know, just a lot going on. Don't have much time to chitchat." Rey walked away as he told Sharon to check with other detectives about assignments they might have for her. Sharon grew frustrated and said, "You talked me out of quitting, and now you pretend that I don't exist?" Nick entered the station. Sharon focused her anger on Nick and warned him not to discuss their personal issues.

Rey interrupted Sharon and directed Nick to an interrogation room. Sharon's eyes widened in shock, and her jaw dropped as she watched Nick and Rey walk away. In an interrogation room, Rey informed Nick that J.T.'s disappearance was being investigated as a homicide. Nick said the last time he'd seen J.T. had been at the hospital, when J.T. had pretended to care whether or not Victor would survive his injuries. Rey asked for an exact date, but all Nick could recall was that his last interaction had occurred just before J.T. and Victoria had flown to Hawaii.

Rey asked Nick if he'd been concerned about J.T. returning to town during the time Nick had impersonated J.T. Nick said he hadn't and recalled that J.T. had been missing for a few months and hadn't contacted anyone in his family. Rey suggested that Nick might have made certain that J.T. had disappeared for good before pulling off his ruse. Nick adamantly insisted he'd had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance or his death.

After Nick left the interrogation room, he asked Sharon what she'd said to Rey about J.T. Sharon assured Nick that she hadn't been involved in the investigation. Nick, referring to Rey, replied, "If he keeps coming after me or my family, then we're going to have a problem." After Nick left, Sharon entered the interrogation room. Sharon told Rey that Nick had accused her of implicating him in J.T.'s murder. Rey suggested that Nick had had a motive to murder J.T. because he'd tried to kill Victor. Sharon grew agitated and said Rey should've given her a heads-up before interrogating Nick.

Sharon expressed her confusion about Rey having begged her to stay and then shutting her out. Sharon told Rey she didn't want to lose his friendship. Rey grabbed Sharon and passionately kissed her on the lips. Rey backed off when Nikki entered. Sharon was shocked to see Nikki. Nikki explained that Detective Rosales had requested to speak with her. Sharon reluctantly left so Nikki and Rey could talk.

After Sharon left the room, Rey asked Nikki about Victor. Nikki explained that Victor was in Singapore on business. Nikki added that Victor had traveled to Singapore weeks before Rey had declared that Chancellor Park was a crime scene. Rey requested Victor's travel itinerary. Nikki insisted that Rey's subtle yet pointed accusations against Victor were unfounded. Nikki added that Rey seemed fixated on the Newman family regarding J.T.'s death.

Rey noted that Hellstrom had made life hell for Victoria and had tried to kill Victor. Nikki replied, "And now you're blaming the victims." Rey clarified to Nikki that he understood how a parent might react under extreme circumstances in order to protect a child. Nikki said that if Rey was implying that Victor was a killer, he couldn't be more wrong. Rey strongly urged Nikki to convince Victor to return to Genoa City.

After Nikki stepped out of the interrogation room, she had a brief, hushed conversation with Sharon. Nikki said, "He asked me about Victor and nothing else." Sharon, relieved, replied, "Thank God." Sharon noted that Rey hadn't said anything to her about J.T. Nikki said the closer Sharon remained to Rey, the better. After Nikki left, Sharon entered the interrogation room and said, "What was that before?" Rey admitted he couldn't hide the way he felt about Sharon. Sharon replied, "I can't stop thinking about you, either." Rey invited Sharon to stop by his place later to discuss the future of their relationship.

Phyllis phoned Victoria at Newman Enterprises and told her that the police had questioned Nick about J.T. Victoria reminded Phyllis that they both knew that Nick had had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance. Victoria added that Rey had contacted her and that Nikki was already at the police station. Phyllis replied that Rey was already zeroing in on two of the four people who'd been with J.T. on the night in question. Phyllis expressed her disapproval about being left out of the loop. Victoria noted that Rey knew she was the last person to see J.T. before helping him escape, and Nikki was being questioned because she owned the park. Phyllis seemed somewhat relieved that Victoria spoke of helping J.T. escape as if it were a fact. Victoria told Phyllis to relax, as Rey's investigation seemed to be on the wrong track.

At Tessa's cramped studio apartment, Mariah told Tessa she had a meeting to attend. Tessa was disappointed. Tessa kissed Mariah on the lips before sweeping her hair aside and kissing her neck. Mariah winced and explained that she'd developed a crick in her neck from sleeping funny. Mariah promised to unpack her moving boxes and organize Tessa's overstuffed closet after she returned.

After Mariah later returned, Tessa wasn't home. Mariah opened the closet door and removed clothing and other items so she could reorganize. Mariah moved the duffel bag, inside of which Tessa had previously hidden dozens of stacks of banded cash. Mariah unzipped the bag and found only a few items of clothing. Mariah added other items of clothing to the bag.

After Tessa later returned, Mariah proudly showed off the organized apartment and the tidy closet. Tessa was impressed. Mariah told Tessa she'd packed some clothing into the duffel bag. Tessa said Mariah could do whatever she needed to do. Mariah happily announced that she'd purchased a new mattress because the old one had contributed to her neck pain.

Stuttering, Tessa asked what had happened to the old mattress. Mariah replied, "I tipped the delivery guy five bucks, and he helped me pitch it into the Dumpster." Tessa seethed with anger and berated Mariah for throwing out her belongings without first asking. Before Tessa abruptly left, she yelled, "You had no right." Mariah looked dumbfounded.

In Phyllis' office at Jabot, Kyle badgered Phyllis about advertising budgets, noting that research and development expenses had tied up a great deal of the company's ready cash. Phyllis deflected Kyle's questions. After Kyle offered to post ads on social media to maximize Jabot's exposure to Millennials, Phyllis assured him that the company could cover the expenses. Kyle again questioned Phyllis, and she admitted that she'd found a potential partner willing to underwrite Jabot's expenses. Kyle said he was impressed that Phyllis had convinced Nick to fund "Billy's brainchild."

After Mariah's tense encounter with Tessa, she went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to think and drink a glass of wine. Kyle joined Mariah and said she'd sounded upset on the phone. Mariah said she'd made a misstep with Tessa. Mariah cried that Tessa had stormed out and slammed the door. Mariah recalled how angry Tessa had become about the old mattress having been discarded.

Kyle explained that Tessa felt as if Mariah was treating her like a charity case. Kyle added that Lola had refused to accept his help to set up a sit-down restaurant. Kyle encouraged Mariah to consider how Tessa viewed the matter. Mariah said she was surprised to learn that Kyle wasn't an idiot. Mariah thanked Kyle for his advice and kissed him on the cheek before she left.

After Mariah left, Kyle met with Lola. Lola talked about her plans to expand her delivery business. Kyle announced that Phyllis had given him additional responsibilities. Kyle invited Lola to attend Jabot's launch party. Lola was reluctant and cried that fancy events weren't her thing. Kyle seemed disappointed until Lola announced that she had a special dress she hadn't yet worn, and she would attend the party with Kyle.

Mariah returned home. The apartment was dark. Mariah called out. Tessa wasn't home. Mariah found a bottle of wine and two glasses sitting on the coffee table. Tessa had left a note. Mariah picked up the note and smiled. In the note, Tessa apologized and promised they could talk and drink wine later. Mariah seemed relieved.

Victoria arrived at the police station and met with Rey in the interrogation room. Victoria told Rey he should've thought about J.T.'s loved ones before holding a televised news conference. Rey apologized and expressed hope that he could provide justice for J.T. Victoria recalled that the last night she'd seen J.T. had been during the girls' night. Victoria said she hadn't wanted anyone else to see J.T., so they'd gone upstairs. Victoria admitted she'd become furious when she'd learned that J.T. had attacked Victor. Victoria added that she hadn't wanted her son to see his father jailed, so she'd given J.T. $700 of the cash leftover from her brief trip to Hawaii, so he could leave town.

Rey asked Victoria about the others in the house. Victoria explained that everyone except a passed-out Mariah had been in the kitchen. Rey mentioned J.T.'s watch having been recovered at Chancellor Park. Victoria noted that no one knew when J.T. had lost the watch. Rey claimed he'd determined that the watch had been lost after J.T. had left Victoria's, but he refused to provide details. Victoria asked Rey about recovering DNA and whether he was certain that J.T. was dead. Rey said he was certain.

After Victoria left, Rey phoned someone. Rey told the person that Victoria had asked about the watch and J.T.'s DNA. Rey noted that persons associated with crimes usually asked how the victim had been murdered and if they could identify the remains. Rey concluded his call by stating that Victoria knew that a body had been recovered. Rey seemed certain Victoria was hiding information.

Nikki and Nick met with Victoria in her office. Nick expressed anger at Rey for continuing to question him and his family. Nick added that it was ridiculous for Rey to implicate him in J.T.'s murder. Nikki noted that Victor was even higher on Rey's suspect list. Nikki added that Rey insisted that Victor return home from Singapore immediately. Nick expressed doubt about Victor's innocence. Victoria reminded Nick that Victor had remained weak and incapacitated after J.T. had attacked him. Nick said Victor could've hired someone. Nikki adamantly insisted that Victor had had nothing to do with J.T.'s death.

Nick insisted that the family band together and protect themselves. Nick warned that Rey was determined to pin J.T.'s murder on a Newman. After Nick left, Nikki told Victoria it was odd that Rey hadn't questioned Sharon or Phyllis. Nikki noted that Rey hadn't pieced everything together yet. Victoria said that at least the blackmailer had kept quiet. Nikki expressed relief that the blackmailer hadn't demanded more money. Victoria said she hoped the blackmailer would take the money and walk away.

In the alley outside Tessa's apartment, Tessa removed the cash she'd hidden in the mattress and transferred it to a duffel bag. Mariah had entered the alley to discard a packing box. Mariah spotted Tessa and looked surprised. Mariah stepped back, so Tessa couldn't see her. Tessa continue pulling stacks of banded cash out of the mattress and stuffing it in the duffel bag. Mariah remained in the shadows, shocked by what she was witnessing.

Nick stopped by Phyllis' office. Nick complained that Rey was out to nail a Newman. Phyllis declared that Rey was an underhanded moron with no judgment. Nick changed the subject and said Phyllis had summoned him to talk about an idea. Phyllis asked Nick if Dark Horse might co-fund the Jaboutique launch party. Phyllis added, "Honestly, I need your money."

Phyllis admitted that Jabot had been sucked dry. Nick agreed to help and admitted that he'd contributed to Jabot's cash shortfall because he'd raised the company's rent. Nick added that Jack had wanted to stick it to Billy. Phyllis asked Nick to be her date, noting that people would see them as a power couple. Nick closed the blinds and said he was in. Nick kissed Phyllis passionately.

At Rey's apartment, Mia showed up. She told Rey she'd missed him and hadn't expected him to be away so long. Mia added that she'd quit her job, so she could be with her husband. Rey recalled that he and Mia had agreed to separate. Mia said she wanted to be with Rey and was certain he'd missed her, too.

After Mia went to the bathroom, Sharon showed up. Rey told Sharon they couldn't talk. Mia interrupted and said, "Should we order out?" Rey introduced Sharon to his wife. Rey explained that Sharon was his landlord and the owner of Crimson Lights. Sharon claimed she'd stopped by to check on the work order for Rey's oven. Rey thanked Sharon for having the oven repaired. Sharon said she had a date and left. Sharon walked across the alley, entered Crimson Lights, and seemed stunned by Mia's sudden appearance.

Mariah walks out on Tessa Mariah walks out on Tessa
Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Billy approached Sharon at the Athletic Club and wondered if she was there for a charity meeting. She explained that she was getting coffee to go, and he voiced surprise that the owner of the best coffee joint in the city would go to the club to get her fix. Sharon claimed that she'd wanted to check out her competition, and Billy offered to join her, since he was in no hurry to see Phyllis at the office. Sharon imagined that he wanted to strangle Phyllis, but Billy informed her that he'd been practicing restraint.

Sharon mentioned that she'd witnessed their exes sharing a latte at Crimson Lights, and Billy guessed that he shouldn't ask her for advice about how to handle Phyllis. Sharon was determined to face the truth and move on so they could be happy, but Billy grumbled that happiness was a myth at that point. Sharon planned to make it a reality, and she thought he should, too. She told him to let her know if he found a way to deal with Phyllis.

In Tessa's apartment, Mariah threw a duffel bag on the pullout bed, waking Tessa. Tessa sleepily wished her a good morning, but Mariah snapped that it wasn't. Tessa asked what was going on, and Mariah dumped out bundles of cash from the bag onto the bed. "You tell me," Mariah demanded.

Tessa reiterated that she'd told Mariah not to touch her things, and Mariah took the statement as an admission that the cash was Tessa's. Tessa told her not to make a big deal of it, but Mariah couldn't pretend that she hadn't seen hundreds of thousands of dollars stuffed in Tessa's mattress. Mariah pushed Tessa to tell her what was going on, but Tessa begged her to let it go. Mariah stormed out.

In his apartment, Rey quietly picked up his keys and crept toward the front door. Mia caught him and questioned why he was sneaking out on her. Rey claimed that he'd figured Mia would want to sleep in after traveling the day before, but she asserted that she had gotten plenty of rest. He said he had to get to the police station to follow up on a big break in a case, but she pleaded with him to have breakfast with her, especially since he'd fallen asleep on her the night before.

Mia suspected that Rey was avoiding her, but he defended that he couldn't just drop everything to spend time with her. She seductively sidled up next to him and purred that she'd missed him, and he halfheartedly responded that he'd missed her, too. She clung to him and suggested that they not spend another night apart, but he pulled away and maintained that he had to go. She anticipated picking up right where they'd left off when he got back.

Later, Mia entered the police station and was surprised to see Sharon there. Mia plopped down at Rey's desk to wait, and she marveled that Sharon was Rey's landlord and his partner. Sharon clarified that she wasn't a cop but a victim liaison, and Mia noted that Sharon had an important job in addition to being a proprietor and a landlord. Mia bet that Sharon was a mom, too, and Sharon confirmed she was. Mia commented that she was tired just thinking of the things Sharon juggled, and she inquired about Sharon's date the night before.

Sharon claimed that it hadn't been anything big or special, adding that she'd almost remarried her ex recently. Mia imagined that rekindling the feelings had been difficult after a divorce, but she and Rey had never gotten that far. Mia stressed that their separation had only been temporary, but they were back together, and she was happy that Rey had made a close friend. Sharon said she wouldn't call her and Rey close, but Mia knowingly remarked that they couldn't get any closer.

Rey arrived at the station and asked what Mia was doing there. She inquired whether that was any way to greet his wife, and she planted a kiss on him. She wondered why he hadn't told her that he'd gotten his landlord a job in exchange for an apartment, and Sharon stammered that Rey had only told her about the job opening because it had been in her field. Mia cooed that it was just like Rey to always look out for his friends, and she was glad it had all worked out.

Rey stated that he had a lot to do. Mia explained that she'd wanted to see where he worked, and Sharon had made it sound as boring as his job in Miami. Rey quipped that he had a boring murder case to get back to, and Mia pointedly told Sharon that it was nice to see her again. Mia kissed Rey goodbye, and she eyed Rey and Sharon suspiciously as she headed out.

Sharon and Rey sat in uncomfortable silence. She asked if there had been any progress on J.T.'s investigation, and he vaguely replied that he hoped to catch another big break soon. She volunteered to help if she could, but he thought they needed to discuss the night before. He recognized that things might have been very different if Mia hadn't shown up. "But she did," Sharon replied.

Rey felt terrible for putting Sharon in a lousy position the night before and again that day, but he'd had no idea Mia would show up in town. Sharon thought it was good that his wife was there to make their marriage work, and the timing couldn't have been better. Sharon noted that Mia was beautiful, strong, and willing to fight for her marriage, and Rey muttered that they had a lot of issues to deal with. Sharon stressed that it was what he should be doing, since Mia had gone all that way to see him, and he owed it to her and to himself. She added that she was rooting for both of them.

At Jabot, a bedraggled Phyllis was busy at work. Lauren and Kerry entered, and Phyllis absentmindedly mentioned the crazy day she was having. Phyllis noticed that the other women were dressed to the nines, and a horrified Phyllis realized what was happening that day. Phyllis summoned Ted and asked why she hadn't known the photo shoot was that day. He referred to the multiple reminders on her desk, and she requested that they postpone it. Ted indicated that the photographer was only in town for the day, and Phyllis groaned that she didn't look like she could be photographed.

Phyllis instructed Ted to call Pierre, Fenmore's makeup artist. She fretted that she needed something to wear that screamed CEO, and Lauren asked Ted to have Fenmore's send over a selection of outfits. Phyllis worried that she couldn't pull herself together in such a short amount of time, and she observed that Lauren and Kerry looked fabulous. Kerry preferred to be in the lab, but Lauren lectured that no one got out of it, since they had to present a united front. Phyllis recognized that they needed their promotional photos to show three beautiful, confident women as the new faces of Jabot, but she looked unsure.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was clearly frazzled when Lauren placed a complicated coffee order. Esther approached and offered to lend a hand, since she'd made Lauren's coffee every morning when she'd worked there. Over the phone, Lauren became alarmed when she learned that Pierre wasn't available, and she asked someone to send another makeup artist over to Jabot immediately. Esther thought she might be able to help, and Lauren asked if Esther knew a makeup artist who was available that day. Esther declared that it was her.

Mia entered Crimson Lights as Esther insisted that she'd done all of her girlfriends' makeup. Lauren appreciated the offer, but she explained that she needed someone with editorial experience for an important photo session. Esther didn't understand, but Mia overheard and explained that it meant taking photos to go with an article or idea. Mia introduced herself and presented Lauren with a business card for hairstyling and makeup services, including a link to her website. Mia bragged that she'd worked on the rich and famous for years in Miami, and Lauren looked up the website and complimented Mia's work. Lauren proclaimed that Mia was hired.

At Jabot, Ted entered with a rack of dresses, but Phyllis scowled at all of them. Kerry told her to relax and think of everything Phyllis had already done for the launch of the boutiques. Kerry envisioned that they'd be trending before the first bottle of Champagne even popped, and she was the chemist who would put Jabot into a new stratosphere. Phyllis resolved to look 100 percent to live up to the expectations, and she examined the outfits again.

Phyllis changed into a fancy pantsuit and declared that she just needed a makeup artist. Ted announced that the photographer was ready, but Phyllis told him to stall. Ted ran into Lauren and Mia in the hallway and warned them to duck when they entered Phyllis' office. Lauren assured Mia that Phyllis wasn't that bad, and Mia firmly stated that she'd been around the block, so no one scared her. Lauren introduced Phyllis to Mia, who said she'd heard a lot about Phyllis. Phyllis hoped it had all been good, but Mia responded that it would have been boring if it had been.

After Mia completed Phyllis' makeup, Lauren and Kerry fawned over Phyllis. Phyllis asked Mia to leave her card with Ted, and Billy appeared in the doorway and wondered if it was a black-tie day. Phyllis announced that it was a powerful women day, and they were heading out to take publicity shots. Billy assumed that he would be part of the shoot as a member of the executive team, but Phyllis stuck to the concept of women selling to women. Billy grumbled that she'd forgotten to tell the vice president of marketing about the company's rebranding, but Phyllis said she didn't have time to discuss the new direction of the company. She suggested that they show the world the new faces of Jabot, and the women filed out.

Later, Billy entered as the women wrapped up the photo shoot, and he requested to speak to Phyllis alone. After Lauren and Kerry stepped out, Billy told Phyllis that he didn't "give a damn" if she hated him personally, but he warned her not to think for a second that she could push him out of the company. He reminded her that the Jaboutiques had been his idea, and he wondered what part of her brain thought he'd step away after he'd done everything to make them happen. Phyllis pointed out that he'd been invited to the launch party, but Billy wanted credit for what he'd done. Phyllis dryly offered to have a press release about his embezzlement drawn up.

Phyllis argued that anyone could have a risky idea, but it took a respected leader with vision to make it successful. She thought Billy should be thanking her for digging Jabot out of the ditch he'd gotten it into and making the project the hallmark of the new Jabot. Billy speculated that cutting him out of the company would be payback for him sleeping with Summer. Phyllis maintained that she believed he was valuable to the company, but she reminded him that he worked for her. She added that she would be taking Nick to the launch party, and she told Billy to feel free to invite whomever he liked.

Tessa was relieved when Mariah returned to the apartment. Mariah maintained that she needed answers, and she told Tessa to stop making it seem like Mariah had been the one who'd done something wrong. Tessa recounted that she'd survived by fighting back when people had gone after her, but Mariah contended that it shouldn't be that way between them. Mariah pressed Tessa to tell her the whole truth about where she'd gotten the money, and Tessa claimed that she'd sold a song. Mariah scoffed at the idea of someone paying $230,000 for a song, and Tessa was taken aback that Mariah had counted the money.

Tessa said the money was from a guy who had started a new company with his daddy's money, and he'd paid for one of her songs. Mariah wondered why Tessa hadn't told her about it when Mariah had been worried about both Tessa and Crystal, and Tessa brightly pointed out that Mariah didn't have to worry about being followed anymore. Mariah realized that Tessa had paid off the guys who had been threatening her, so Tessa had really made $250,000. Mariah thought it made no sense that Tessa hadn't shared the great news, and she demanded to know why Tessa had hidden it from her.

Mariah swore that she would walk out the door and never return if Tessa didn't tell her everything. After a moment of silence, Mariah headed to the door, and Tessa blurted out that she'd stolen lyrics from Mariah's journal again. Mariah ordered Tessa to sing the song for her. Tessa wailed that Mariah didn't trust her at all, and Mariah argued that Tessa could prove that Mariah could trust her. Tessa said she felt terrible for plagiarizing Mariah's work, but Mariah yelled to stop lying to her.

Mariah ranted that Tessa had been the first person she'd really let in, and Tessa had known how terrified she'd been to open herself up like that. Mariah recalled that Tessa had urged her to make the leap and had promised not to let her fall, but Tessa had lied, and Mariah was falling hard. Mariah sobbed that she'd grown up hearing so many lies that she didn't know the difference between what was real and what wasn't, and she was broken. Tessa insisted that there was nothing wrong with Mariah or with them, but Mariah cried that it wasn't enough.

Tessa admitted that honesty had never been easy for her, since lying about her home life had been a form of survival when she'd been growing up. Mariah countered that she'd also grown up having to defend herself, but she'd changed for Tessa. Mariah implored Tessa to be honest with her, but Tessa whimpered that she had to keep Mariah out of it. Tessa begged Mariah just to let it go, and they could live the life they'd planned together. Mariah was adamant that they couldn't have a life with a lie like that between them, and she called moving in with Tessa a mistake.

Tessa objected to Mariah leaving, and Mariah again asked Tessa to explain where she'd gotten the money. Mariah questioned why Tessa couldn't trust her, and she snapped that she'd be back in the morning for the rest of her things when Tessa wasn't there. Tessa sobbed that Mariah couldn't leave like that because Tessa loved her. Mariah reiterated that if that were true, Tessa would tell her the truth. Mariah walked out as Tessa collapsed into tears.

Rey returned home, and Mia excitedly shared her news about being the hottest new stylist in Genoa City. Mia crowed that Rey couldn't have picked a better place to land a new job, and she was ready for opportunity to knock the door off the hinges. Rey thought it was a good thing she would be busy, since he would be, too. She cooed that a good cop fighting the bad guys and getting justice was a real turn-on, but he flatly replied that it wasn't why he'd chosen a career in law enforcement. She acknowledged that his cases made it easy for him to avoid what was going on with them, but he couldn't ignore her. She proclaimed that it was time to solve their problems, and she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Mia peeled off Rey's jacket, but he pulled away, protesting that it was just another way of avoiding their problems. He reminded her that they still hadn't dealt with what had broken them up in the first place, and they couldn't run away when most of their problems had followed them to Wisconsin. She imagined that it had been hard for him to have Arturo living there, and Rey wondered if she would be able to keep her distance. She insisted that she was there because she wanted her husband back, and she appealed to him to give her one night to prove it. He said he needed more time, and she thought they needed coffee if they were going to work on their issues. She ran downstairs to pick some up, and he pulled a beer from the fridge and chugged it.

Mia entered the coffeehouse and asked if Sharon was pulling double duty. Sharon mentioned that she was just about to close, but she offered to get Mia something. Mia ordered two black coffees to go, pointedly adding that Rey was waiting for her upstairs. Mia hoped that it was okay that Rey had asked her to move in, and Sharon replied that she wouldn't have an issue as long as they paid the rent. Mia anticipated that living there would give her and Sharon a chance to get to know one another, and Sharon wished Mia and Rey the best of luck.

Mia regretted that she and Rey had hit a speed bump in their marriage, but she was determined to take care of it that night. She hoped the coffeehouse ceiling was soundproof, since their reunion might get loud. Sharon pointed out that they'd have the place to themselves once she locked up. "Just to be clear, Rey is mine," Mia asserted, and Sharon replied that she wasn't interested. Mia remained convinced that Sharon wanted Rey, and she warned Sharon to back off. Mia savored the smell of the coffee and sweetly told Sharon to have a good one, and she sauntered out.

Tessa confesses she is the blackmailer Tessa confesses she is the blackmailer
Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In Rey's apartment, Mia told Rey she was disappointed that he'd fallen asleep after he'd consumed too much alcohol. She informed Rey about the small altercation she'd had with Sharon the previous evening in the coffee shop. Rey said he had to leave for work. Mia gave him a deep and lingering kiss. Rey pushed her away and left.

At home, Sharon tried unsuccessfully to get Mariah to open up. There was a knock at the door. Mariah told Sharon that if it was Tessa, Sharon should tell Tessa to leave, but Sharon opened the door to Kyle. Sharon felt it was time for her to leave.

Mariah told Kyle he didn't need to rush over, but Kyle said that it had sounded like she needed a friend. He apologized for the bad advice he'd given her previously. Mariah lamented that it had been the shortest cohabitation in history. Mariah said she was an open book, but Tessa appeared to have issues with honesty. Kyle advised Mariah to tell Tessa what she expected from her.

Michael was at the police station with Victoria because Rey had more questions for Victoria. Michael advised Victoria to remain calm and to answer Rey's questions simply. He advised her not to volunteer anything. Michael assured her that he'd run interference whenever it was necessary.

Sharon was taken aback when she arrived at the police station and saw Michael and Victoria. She asked why they were there. Michael said that it was Rey's power play. Michael was annoyed that Rey was twenty minutes late. At that moment, Rey arrived, and he apologized. He looked pointedly at Sharon and explained that there had been a situation at home. Rey, Michael, and Victoria entered the interrogation room. While Sharon watched them from her desk, she received a phone call from Mariah, who asked Sharon to cover Tessa's shift because Mariah needed to talk to Tessa.

In the interrogation room, Rey wanted to know how Victoria had known that J.T.'s watch had been found at Chancellor Park because he hadn't told anyone. Victoria said she'd heard it from Abby because Arturo had told her. Rey asked how Victoria had known that J.T.'s body hadn't been found. Victoria said that Nikki had advised her that Arturo and his crew had been digging and there hadn't been any mention of a body being found. Rey said they were done and warned Victoria to contact him if she planned to leave town.

After Rey left, Michael asked if Victoria wanted to share any information with him. Victoria said she hadn't done anything wrong and explained that she always became very nervous when she was questioned.

In the reception area of Jabot, Billy told Kyle that the Jaboutique launch party should have been his night, not Phyllis'. Billy asked if Kyle had been against the Jaboutique project. Kyle admitted he had been at the beginning, but as the project had begun to come together, he'd changed his mind. Billy grumbled about Phyllis taking credit for Jaboutique because it made the Abbotts appear inconsequential. Kyle assured Billy that Phyllis would be gone at their first opportunity they had to be rid of her.

A while later, Billy returned and told Kyle they had an emergency. The caterers Phyllis had hired had canceled. To Billy's surprise, Kyle assured Billy he'd get a caterer and that he had the situation under control.

Lola arrived at Jabot with lunch for everyone. Kyle took the bag of food and told Lola that the caterers Phyllis had hired had canceled, and he'd recommended a new and upcoming caterer to Phyllis. Lola said she couldn't do it because she didn't have a menu planned. Kyle assured her that it was only finger food and drinks. Lola became excited and began planning the finger foods she could serve and settled on a drink choice. Kyle gave her the number of the temp agency so she could hire the servers she needed as well as the name of the gourmet grocer that Jabot used. He advised her to buy what she needed and not to worry about the expense. They kissed, and Lola left.

Mariah paid Devon a visit. She told him she'd broken up with Tessa. Devon asked if Mariah had discovered something Tessa had failed to disclose. Mariah said that she'd gone into the relationship with her eyes wide open, but Tessa had taken the easy way out because of her tenuous relationship with the truth.

Mariah told Devon that Tessa had had a rotten childhood, but she believed Tessa was a good person. Mariah said she finally understood how Devon had felt about Hilary and that he and Hilary had the truest and strongest love she'd ever seen. Devon admitted that Hilary had done some messed-up things, but she'd been a complicated person. She asked how anyone knew when it was time to move on and forgive or whether they should pack up and leave. Mariah asked Devon what she should do in her situation.

Devon said that had Mariah asked him that question a year before, he'd have told her to move on, but he thought that people dealt with life with the tools they'd inherited from their families, and they would reach for those tools when they were backed into a wall. He couldn't logically explain why he and Hilary had belonged together, but they had accepted each other for who they were. He told Mariah to give Tessa space.

Devon said he regretted the time he'd wasted expecting Hilary to do something different. He advised Mariah to love Tessa with an open heart and to take her for who she was. Devon advised her not to judge Tessa or try to change her. He also suggested that Mariah not create situations that would push Tessa away. Devon advised her not to miss out on the most beautiful time of her life.

At Crimson Lights, Mia and Abby met for the first time. Mia bragged how she'd gotten the CEO of Jabot camera ready for a photoshoot. Tessa called Abby by name when she brought her coffee. Mia recognized Abby as the "Naked Heiress" and asked to have a selfie taken with her. Abby agreed. Mia walked away to respond to a text message. Arturo arrived, and Abby told him about a woman she'd just met whose name she didn't know. Mia returned. Arturo glared at her.

Arturo introduced Mia as Rey's wife. Abby said she'd heard so much about Mia, and Abby gave Mia a hug. Arturo gave Mia a warning look. Mia provided Abby with her contact information. Arturo advised Mia not to get too settled because Rey's case would wrap up soon then she and Rey would return to Florida. Abby remarked that the case had turned into a murder investigation. Mia was delighted and told Arturo that she'd be around for a long time.

Abby told Mia about the trip she'd taken with Arturo to Miami. Mia suggested that Abby, Arturo, she, and Rey get together later that evening, but Abby said she was on the board of directors at Jabot and had to attend the launch party later that evening. Abby suggested that Mia and Rey attend the party. Mia thought it was a great idea and accepted. Arturo was very uncomfortable.

In the meantime, Sharon and Victoria were on the patio, and Victoria informed Sharon that when Rey had said he'd found evidence, she'd never asked him if he'd found a body -- a question a normal person would have asked. Victoria said that Rey had warned her not to leave town without advising him. Mia arrived, and Victoria left. Mia approached Sharon and commented that Sharon had left the police station early, and Sharon was obviously smarter than she looked. Sharon sarcastically stated that there was always another day, and she left.

Arturo joined Mia on the patio and warned her to stop playing games. He advised her to think up an excuse to not attend the party. Mia refused and said it would be fun for the four of them to be together at the party. She asked if Arturo was afraid that she'd have too many cocktails and wind up having a heart-to-heart with her new bestie. Arturo asked if Mia hadn't finally realized there was a "Do Not Resuscitate" that Rey had put on the marriage. Arturo advised her to go back to Miami because there was nothing for her in Genoa City. He said that they had all moved on without her, and he walked away.

Billy arrived at Crimson Lights, looking for Sharon. Sharon asked if it was time for another meeting of the wounded hearts society. Billy told her that he had an extra ticket for a movie binge festival at the Abbott estate, and he'd hoped Sharon would be his guest. Sharon admitted that she'd been afraid he was going to invite her to the Jaboutique launch party, but Billy assured her that it was the last place he wanted to be.

Billy told Sharon he didn't want to watch the "Red Menace" soaking up the limelight that should have been his, and he didn't want to watch Phyllis take the credit for all his work. He said that during his tenure as CEO, everyone would have realized that he'd been good at his job when Jaboutique took off.

Billy told Sharon that he wouldn't miss seeing Nick and Phyllis arm in arm all night. Sharon was gobsmacked. Billy said that Nick had cosponsored the party, and Phyllis had invited Nick as her guest. Billy said he'd only attend if Sharon accompanied him, but he didn't want to put her in the middle of a disaster. Billy asked Sharon to meet him at the Abbott's' when she was done with work.

As Billy was leaving, Mia arrived with multiple bags. She recognized Billy and said she never forgot a handsome face. Billy complimented her on the great job she'd done on Phyllis' makeup for the photo shoot. Mia said that she might work her magic on him one day. Mia approached Sharon, said that Sharon looked exhausted, and walked away. Sharon called to Billy and told him she'd changed her mind, and they should go to the party. Billy said he was looking forward to it.

Lola was at Rey's, cooking for the party after she'd secured the servers she needed. Mia arrived and asked if Lola didn't have her own home. Lola asked if Mia didn't have one herself. Mia claimed that Rey was her home, and she went where Rey went. Lola said Rey had a new home and hadn't invited Mia, but Mia claimed she didn't need an invitation to live with her husband.

Lola said that Rey didn't want Mia there, and neither did Arturo. Mia said Rey and Arturo were big boys and could speak for themselves. She said that she'd had coffee with Arturo and his adorable girlfriend. Lola told Mia that whatever she'd arrived in Genoa City for, she wasn't going to get it, and she advised Mia to back off and leave them alone. Undaunted, Mia said she had no idea what Lola was talking about.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights. He and Sharon stared at each other. Rey asked if Sharon was okay because she didn't usually leave work that early. Sharon advised him that there had been a staff shortage. Sharon asked why Rey had called Victoria in for a second interview. Rey claimed it had been more routine questions, but Sharon didn't believe him.

Rey said that Sharon routinely vouched for her friends. She'd done that for Nick, and he asked if she was doing the same for Victoria. Sharon said that Rey was wrong if he thought Victoria had anything to do with J.T.'s death. She said that she'd known Victoria for a very long time, and Victoria was incapable of murder. Rey asked if Sharon's opinion applied to self-defense. Sharon asked if that was Rey's theory. At that moment, Mia arrived and interrupted. Rey said he was in the middle of something, but Mia said it couldn't wait. She said she had a surprise for him and took him upstairs.

Mariah arrived at Tessa's apartment. Mariah told Tessa that she loved her and that she understood why Tessa had been reluctant to tell her anything because Tessa was worried that Mariah would judge her. Mariah said that Tessa had to have done something she wasn't proud of to get the money, and she begged Tessa to tell her the truth. Tessa said that someone had done something they regretted and they'd paid her to stay quiet. Mariah asked if it was hush money.

Tessa told Mariah she was tired of pretending that she was a better person because she didn't want to disappoint Mariah. Mariah said she wanted Tessa to show her the real Tessa. Tessa asked how Mariah would feel if she knew that Tessa had arrived in Genoa City as a grifter because there were so many rich people who didn't know what to do with all that money, and she wanted a piece of that action.

Mariah asked if Tessa had used Noah. Tessa admitted that Noah was sweet, and it hadn't been difficult to pretend she'd been in love with him. Tessa admitted that she'd wanted to marry a Newman; after a while, they'd drift apart, and she'd be entitled to half his money -- then they'd go their separate ways. Tessa admitted that Mariah had screwed that up because Tessa had fallen in love with Mariah, and that hadn't been part of her plan. Tessa said she had never believed she'd be happy living in a shoebox and working three jobs at a time, but she was because of Mariah.

Tessa told Mariah that the money she'd received had only been a drop in the bucket for them. Mariah said that Tessa kept referring to "them," and she wanted to know who "them" involved. Mariah said if Tessa wanted to be a better person, then Tessa needed to tell her the truth. Tessa confessed that she'd received the money from Nikki. Tessa said that Nikki had done something in the past, and it was no one's business.

Mariah was stunned and said that Tessa had made it her business when she had accepted a quarter of a million dollars. Tessa said she'd taken the money to keep her sister healthy and alive, and she wouldn't apologize for that. She said that Nikki's secret was safe with her. Tessa asked Mariah to trust her and said that everything had worked out for the best. Mariah asked if Nikki's actions had had been illegal or immoral. Tessa said it had been both. Mariah asked if Tessa was in danger because she knew the secret, but Tessa assured Mariah that she was safe.

Mariah was concerned that if Victor found out, Tessa would be in danger, but Tessa assured her that Nikki didn't know that Tessa had been the one to ask for the money. Mariah was shocked that Tessa had blackmailed Nikki. She wanted to know what else Tessa hadn't told her. Mariah said that if Tessa wanted them to have a life together, there couldn't be any secrets between them.

Tessa told Mariah that people kept secrets, even those closest to them. Mariah asked what Tessa was talking about. Tessa said that the money from Nikki hadn't been to protect only herself, and if Mariah knew what Tessa knew, Mariah would never look at Sharon the same way again. Tessa refused to elaborate. Mariah said that if Tessa didn't tell her what had happened, she'd go to Nikki or Sharon for the information. Tessa cried that Mariah couldn't do that or "they" would know that she'd been the one who blackmailed them. Tessa begged Mariah not to approach anyone.

Mariah demanded the truth. Tessa took out her laptop to show Mariah the truth.

Mia reveals her affair with Arturo Mia reveals her affair with Arturo
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Billy stopped by the cottage as Sharon finished getting ready for the Jaboutique launch party, and he praised that she looked way too good to help him "paint a moustache on the Mona Lisa." He figured that he should at least attend the shindig that Phyllis was throwing to celebrate stealing his idea, and he'd picked the perfect escort. Sharon asserted that she didn't plan on causing any trouble, but she just wanted to prove how easily she was moving on with her life.

Billy questioned whether he was being selfish by dragging Sharon to the event, but she insisted that he was rescuing her from a boring evening. He thought that Phyllis would turn as red as her new hair color, but he swore that Sharon wasn't a prop but great company. Sharon had no problem with being his secret weapon, and she hoped to give Nick a visual reminder of how little she cared that he'd taken up with Phyllis. Billy implied that perhaps Mariah could sneak in a couple of zingers during her news coverage, but Sharon divulged that Mariah had canceled because she had something major to resolve with Tessa.

At Tessa's apartment, Tessa pulled up footage from a spy camera that had been planted in Victoria's garage. Mariah didn't understand what was going on in the video, and Tessa inquired whether the date stamp looked familiar. Tessa reminded Mariah that there had been a party at Victoria's that night -- the last night anyone had seen J.T. alive. Tessa restarted the video, and Phyllis was clearly heard saying they had to get J.T. out of there. A horrified Mariah noticed a rug, and Tessa revealed that J.T.'s body had been rolled up inside of it and that Mariah's mom and the other women had been taking him to Chancellor Park to bury him.

Mariah argued that Tessa had no proof that J.T. had been in the rug or that he was even dead, and she knew that he'd walked out of Victoria's alive that night. Mariah remembered hearing a man's voice, and Sharon had told her about J.T. showing up to demand money before he'd driven off. Tessa reasoned that she hadn't been paid a quarter-million dollars because J.T. had needed gas money, but Mariah believed Sharon's story. Tessa referred to what had happened in the garage when the four women hadn't had any idea that they were being taped, since J.T. had planted the camera there himself.

Tessa explained that when she'd been working for Nick to transfer files from Dark Horse, she'd found some files with strange, complicated names, and she'd opened one to test whether they'd been corrupted. She'd found a collection of emails from J.T., and she'd discovered a link to his cloud storage account with videos taken from outside Victoria's house to monitor her movements. Tessa bemoaned that J.T. hadn't had any idea that he'd capture the aftermath of his own death. She maintained that he'd never left the house alive, no matter what Sharon had told Mariah.

Mariah brainstormed a plan to fix things by deleting J.T.'s files, closing his account, and destroying the hard drives, but she guessed that Tessa had saved copies. Tessa confirmed that she had encrypted the data and put it in a secure place, and Mariah snapped that Tessa had been protecting her nest egg. Mariah ranted that Tessa hadn't said anything about being a criminal mastermind, and she sarcastically apologized for underestimating Tessa. Tessa swore that it wasn't a scam and that she was still processing the implications of the surveillance video.

Tessa divulged that J.T. had also put GPS tracking on Victoria's car, and Mariah groused that it had only been slightly creepier than what Tessa was doing. Tessa explained that she'd checked the GPS tracker for files with the same date stamp, and she'd learned that after the women had put J.T. into the trunk of Victoria's car, they'd driven to the park before returning to Victoria's house. Tessa had suspected that had been where they'd buried him, and Mariah ordered her to stop talking about Sharon like she was a psychotic killer. Tessa repeated Mariah's words that they had to be honest with one another, no matter how ugly it got.

Tessa said she'd tried to find an ordinary explanation for the footage, but the pieces had kept falling into place. She recounted how odd it had been that the four women had been hanging out at Crimson Lights together, despite the tense vibe among them, and Rey had been the one customer Sharon had instructed her not to chat with. Tessa admitted that she'd sent letters to the women to let them know that their secret wasn't a secret anymore. Mariah was appalled by Tessa's actions, especially since Nikki had saved Tessa from homelessness and Sharon had helped save Crystal.

Tessa wailed that it had ripped her up inside, but she'd had no other way of getting cash to deal with the scum who had beaten her up and followed Mariah. Tessa felt that she hadn't been able to pass up the chance to break free of the nightmare she'd been living in. She wished that she could be the kind of person Mariah had thought she'd fallen in love with, but she wasn't that girl. Mariah spat that she understood what it was like to live in a nightmare and want to break free, since it was exactly where she was right then.

Tessa recalled that she'd discovered another folder with tracking information from a small tracker that someone would attach to their keys or wallet to avoid losing them. Tessa reported that the tracker had had one last transaction on the night in question -- a transmission from Chancellor Park. Tessa revealed that she'd followed the map to a flower garden with an ugly statue on top, and she'd concluded that J.T. had been buried there. Tessa had figured that she'd needed $20,000 to pay off the goons, but Sharon would have been suspicious if she'd requested that amount, so Tessa had increased it to $250,000.

Tessa indicated that her plan hadn't worked at first, since the women had only sent her one dollar to screw with her, so she'd sent them a picture of the grave site. Tessa knew she'd been right after Rey had held the press conference in the same location, but it was still a mystery how J.T.'s files had gotten on Dark Horse's computers. Mariah realized that Nick had had J.T.'s files from when he'd hacked Newman to get back at Victor, but none of the evidence proved what had happened at Victoria's that night. Mariah hissed that Tessa wanted the story to be true to justify blackmailing people, but Mariah loved one of those women.

Mariah was sure that there had been extenuating circumstances or self-defense involved, but Tessa questioned why the women hadn't gone to the cops. Mariah intended to find out, and the answers weren't in that room. Tessa swore that she'd never intended to tell the police, even if the women hadn't paid the cash. Mariah admonished Tessa for finding a way to rationalize tormenting and scaring the only person who meant more to her than Tessa did, and she could never forget that Tessa had decided to bleed Sharon dry. Mariah ordered Tessa to get out of her way, and she hurried out.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Traci prepared for the launch party. He commented that they were all dressed up with nowhere to go but a party for their family company, which was being run by no one they were related to. Jack received a message to inform him that their car was ready, and he asked about Billy. Traci informed him that Billy was picking up his date, although he hadn't told her who it was. They headed out.

At Jabot, Phyllis finished a phone call and turned around to find Nick smiling admiringly at her. He commented that the CEO didn't mess around, but she anticipated that many people were rooting for her to fail -- especially Billy. Nick assured her that the buzz around the night was already huge, and they kissed. She marveled that the cherry on the sundae would be making their debut as Genoa City's latest power couple. As they headed out, his phone rang, and he explained that a crime reporter had been calling him for a statement after someone had seen him leaving the police station. Nick insisted that the only thing that mattered was making the night one to remember, and Phyllis agreed.

At Rey's apartment, Mia modeled a fancy dress, and Rey asked what it was for. She replied that it was for the Jaboutique launch, and she mentioned that she'd picked out a suit for him. He grumbled that it wasn't his thing, but she complained that having limits was boring. She preferred to have a sexy plus-one on her arm, but she was willing to mix it up by her "shy little self" if that was what her husband wanted. Mia headed to the door, but Rey stopped her and told her to give him time to change. She grinned.

At the Athletic Club, Lola explained to the staff that she was the last-minute replacement for the chef, and she was pumped to show Genoa City's finest what her cuisine was all about. She acknowledged that it was only finger foods and appetizers, but she wanted the guests to feel like they'd had a four-star meal. She encouraged them to go out and kill it, and Kyle clapped as he stepped out from the shadows. He noted that it looked like she had it covered, and he knew that she would rock it. Lola adored him for giving her the opportunity, but she worried that it would be a disaster if he didn't leave her alone to do her thing. She rushed off.

At the launch party, Abby admired the venue and gushed about how adorable Lola looked. Abby asked a sullen Arturo if she was the only one having fun, and she wondered what was going on with him that night. Rey and Mia posed for press photos, and Abby waved to them. Mia led Rey over and joked that she'd wanted a quiet night at home, but her husband had insisted on attending. Mia ran over to grab Champagne.

As the press snapped photos, Lauren told Phyllis that the party was impressive. Kerry hesitated to talk to the press, but Lauren insisted that Kerry looked flawless. Phyllis welcomed everyone to the party of the year for the retail sensation of the year, and she told them to just wait until they saw what Kerry had been cooking up in the lab. Kerry declared that she was sworn to secrecy, and Phyllis announced that it was the dawn of a new era for Jabot, with that night being a taste of the future.

Lauren invited everyone to visit the new Jaboutique chain for makeovers, and Phyllis bragged that the new retail hotspots were a bold leap forward with fresh innovation. Phyllis proclaimed that she was pleased and proud to be kicking off her tenure with the exciting and original concept. Billy and Sharon realized that Phyllis and Nick had spotted them together, and Billy proposed that they give their exes a show. Nick and Phyllis looked on as Billy and Sharon clinked their drinks together.

Sharon chided Phyllis for shamelessly taking credit for Billy's idea in front of the press, but she cautioned Billy against jumping in because it would only be fodder for gossip blogs. Billy stepped away to get them some food, and Rey approached Sharon. He stammered that he hadn't expected to see her, and she replied that it had been a last-minute decision. Mia rushed over and cooed that Sharon was too gorgeous to be there alone, and Sharon reported that she was there with Billy. Mia pulled Rey aside to meet some friends.

Meanwhile, Nate raved about the food, and Jack credited Kyle for getting his girlfriend to cater the event. Kyle murmured that Lola was as incredible as her food, and he suggested that Nate track down her truck for the best lunch in town. Kyle stepped away to find Lola.

Billy cornered Phyllis and demanded credit for the idea she'd stolen, but she huffed that she didn't have time. Billy swore that he wasn't being bitter, but the revisionist history she'd provided to the press had become a matter of public record. She snapped that it wasn't always about him, but he blasted her for pretending that his contribution had never existed. Phyllis argued that she'd added some desperately needed essentials to the initial concept to turn it from a liability into an asset, and splitting the credit wouldn't help show the public that there was a steady hand at the helm.

Billy maintained that he'd made a pivotal decision while he'd been CEO, and he thought it was important that people know the idea had originated with him. Phyllis warned him not to force her hand on it, and she insinuated that she would lift her self-imposed gag order about why he was no longer CEO. Billy growled that it was about as low as it got, but Phyllis retorted that having revenge sex with her daughter had been even lower, and she walked away.

Nick approached Sharon and hoped that she wasn't on a real date. She told him to draw his own conclusions, but she and Billy shared something unique and personal. Nick asked what her detective buddy thought about it, and she reiterated that she and Rey simply worked together. She lectured that the childish jealousy was beneath Nick -- or at least her. Sharon pointed out that Nick and Phyllis had choreographed the obnoxious spectacle, and she questioned why she shouldn't be there with Billy. Phyllis interrupted and pulled Nick away, warning him that a power couple didn't get into public fights with their exes.

Esther told Jack that she was having a complimentary facial at Jaboutique the next day, and she hoped it didn't involve live bees. Kerry assured her that it wouldn't, and she mentioned that she'd created the new facial. Jack said he'd seen Kerry on the red carpet, and he'd thought she was Jabot's new spokesmodel. Kerry groaned that she hated that kind of thing, and he asked how she liked dancing. She suggested that they wander over to the dance floor and see what happened.

Mia suggested that she and Rey show everyone what real dancing looked like, but he wanted another drink. She observed that he hadn't finished the Champagne she'd picked up for him, but he preferred beer. Mia asked if she could borrow Lauren's handsome husband for one dance, and Lauren told them to have at it while she went to get drinks. Mia and Michael took to the dance floor.

Lauren watched Michael and Mia dance, and Michael breathlessly complimented Mia's moves as they returned to Lauren's table. As Mia stepped away, Abby approached her and broached the subject of the tension between Rey and Arturo and her failed attempts to get them to loosen up. Mia advised her not to get in the middle of it, but Abby considered it tragic that the brothers couldn't work it out. Mia offered to fill Abby in on some big pieces of missing history, but Arturo intervened and pulled Mia away to talk.

Devon asked Abby where her man was, and she indicated that Arturo was having an urgent conversation with his sister-in-law. Devon mentioned that Lily had told him that Abby had written to her, and he reported that Lily was doing all right. Abby introduced Devon to Lola, and he praised Lola's food. Lola asked Abby if she'd seen Kyle, and Abby was sure her cousin was talking up Jabot and Lola's dishes. Lola acknowledged that she and Kyle had barely talked that night, but she was sure he understood.

Nick urged Phyllis to bask in the glow of success for the rest of the night, since the party was a hit. Phyllis toasted to a successful night, and she declared that she was starting to feel energized. He amorously suggested that they have a private party upstairs in a suite, but she thought she had to stick around. They went to dance.

Jack led Kerry off the dance floor, and he asked if dancing had been better than the red carpet. She said she had to call it a night, since she had an early morning in the lab ahead of her. He walked her to her car. Billy spied Nick and Phyllis and thought there was room for another hot couple on the dance floor. Sharon told him to lead the way.

Arturo testily asked what Mia's problem was, since he had something great with Abby. He warned that Mia was in for a nasty surprise if she thought she was going to mess with it, and Mia blasted him for acting like he'd been the innocent one in Miami. She threatened to speak the truth to anyone she wanted without his permission. Arturo refused to let Mia walk away, but Rey demanded that Arturo get away from his wife. Arturo suggested that Rey pay some attention to Mia so she'd stop playing games, but Rey retorted that the game had all been Arturo's.

Rey ordered Arturo to leave, but Arturo yelled to stop telling him what to do. Mia chimed in that Miami had been ancient history, but Rey was still always too busy for her. She complained that she never would have touched his brother if she hadn't always played second to Rey's job. Abby looked on as Mia blamed Rey for being the reason she'd had an affair with Arturo.

Phyllis stuns Billy as they fight for the spotlight Phyllis stuns Billy as they fight for the spotlight
Friday, November 16, 2018

At the Jaboutique launch party at the Athletic Club, Billy remarked that the Rosales family seemed to fit right in, and Nick wondered what the Rosaleses' dispute had been about. A reporter from the Genoa City Business Journal approached Phyllis to talk about the boutiques. Billy looked on as she excitedly yammered about rebranding Jabot.

Billy sat next to Jack at the bar, and Jack asked where Billy's date was. Billy hesitated to call Sharon a date, and Jack questioned what was going on between them. Billy explained that Phyllis had invited Nick as her date, and Jack surmised that Billy and Sharon had shown up together to get back at them. Jack asked if that was what Billy wanted out of the evening, but Billy stressed that he wanted credit for the Jaboutiques, which had been his idea. Billy requested that Jack help him make it right.

Billy approached the reporter from the business journal and offered additional information about the Jaboutiques. Jack intercepted Phyllis to keep her from seeing Billy and commended her on a successful night. She noted that Jack had seemed to enjoy himself with Kerry, but she didn't see them being a good fit. Jack recalled when people had once said the same thing about Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis wondered where Nick was, and Jack pointed her in the opposite direction from Billy.

Phyllis realized that Jack was trying to distract her, and he countered that she'd been screwing with Billy, who'd had some good ideas as CEO. Jack contended that the Jaboutique idea never would have happened without Billy, and he encouraged Phyllis to do the right thing. Phyllis interrupted Billy's interview and gushed that she was glad the reporter had found a moment to speak with the former CEO. Phyllis claimed that Billy was very modest, and she offered to provide the inside scoop on Billy's accomplishments during his tenure.

Phyllis recognized that she and Billy shared a history and that not all of it was good, but he'd surprised her by brainstorming the Jaboutique idea while he'd been CEO. Phyllis praised Billy for developing the entire concept, and she was proud to be taking over his vision and making it a reality. Satisfied, the reporter walked off. Phyllis admitted to a stunned Billy that she shouldn't have taken all the credit for the boutiques, but she refused to share the kudos when she saved his family's company. She warned that it might be a long time before he got another moment of glory.

Across the room, Rey ordered Arturo and Mia to keep their voices down, but Mia scoffed at the idea that fancy rich people hadn't made mistakes like Arturo had when he'd seduced his brother's wife. Arturo barked that she should have stayed in Miami instead of screwing up their lives again, and Abby realized that Mia had been telling the truth. Abby deduced that Arturo's stories about his childhood hadn't been the reason he and Rey didn't get along -- it was because Arturo had slept with Rey's wife.

Lola suggested that they shut the argument down. Abby understood why Arturo hadn't told her the truth, but she whined that she'd thought Lola had been her friend. Abby stalked off, and Arturo chased after her. Rey asked Mia what had happened, and Mia spat that she'd told the truth. She demanded to know why it bothered him that much.

Lola told Rey that she had to get back to work, and she suggested that he tell Mia to get lost. Rey made a beeline for Sharon, who asked if he was okay. He assumed she'd heard everything, and she understood why he'd been unsure about reconciling with Mia. Rey added that it had also been why things had gone as far as they had between him and Sharon. Sharon pointed out that she knew a little about what it was like to have someone she loved cheat on her, and Rey questioned whether she'd advise him to do the same thing she'd done with Nick.

Sharon lectured that only Rey knew what was right for him, but for her, it had been about who Nick had cheated with. Sharon complained that Phyllis had a hold on Nick that would always be there, and she hadn't been able to live that way. Sharon pressed to know if Rey was really okay, and Mia joined them and huffed that Rey should be talking to his wife about what had happened. Sharon stepped away, and Rey agreed to talk to Mia, but not there. Mia followed him out.

Summer chirped that she hadn't seen Kyle in a while, and she inquired whether he was having a good time. He asked if she'd seen Lola, and Summer rolled her eyes and guessed that Lola was in the kitchen, doing whatever catering people did. Kyle corrected that Lola was the owner of the catering company, but Summer flatly stated that Lola wasn't there. Summer suggested that they hit the dance floor, adding that Kyle would have more fun with her, anyway. Lola spied them together.

Kyle pulled Summer aside and asked why she'd say something like that. Summer cooed that she could see in his eyes what he really wanted, but he stressed that he was with Lola. Summer reminded him that he had other options, but he scoffed at choosing Summer's sick games over a healthy, honest relationship with Lola. Summer swore that she wasn't playing games, and she was being completely honest about wanting him, although she conceded that she'd messed up by taking so long to figure that out.

Summer insisted that she'd been fighting her feelings, but she'd never stopped caring about Kyle. She claimed that she'd finally realized it after she'd felt humiliated and ashamed after sleeping with Billy and being rejected, but Kyle hadn't judged her. Kyle snapped that it was too late. Summer accused him of turning to Lola because she was the exact opposite of Summer, but she bet Kyle and Lola didn't share the same passion he'd felt with Summer. Summer dared him to fight it all he wanted, but they both knew it was true. She pulled him into a kiss.

Kyle pushed Summer away and scolded her for not hearing one word he'd said. Summer assumed that he hadn't meant it, but he swore that he'd meant every word. She wailed that she'd poured her heart out, and he flatly told her to call her shrink the next time. He barked that Summer was wrong about everything except the part about Lola being everything she wasn't, since Lola was smart and confident and didn't play games. Summer taunted that Kyle had kissed her back, but he declared that old habits had just died, and he walked away.

Kyle found Lola and said he'd been looking all over for her, but she dismissively told him she had food to pass out. He assigned the task to a server, and he wondered if Lola was mad at him. She mentioned that she'd seen him cozied up with Summer, but he swore that it had only been a dance. Lola reiterated that she wasn't the jealous type, but she wanted no part of Summer's games. Lola ranted that she'd seen her sister-in-law play games with her brothers for years, and someone always got hurt. Kyle promised that he would never hurt Lola, but she recalled that Mia had told Rey exactly the same thing.

Outside the Abbott mansion, Arturo begged Abby to open up because he knew she was there. He swore that what had happened with Mia had nothing to do with them, since he was a different guy, and he had changed. Inside, Abby cried on the couch.

Arturo returned to the club and asked if Lola was still speaking to him. She surmised that Abby wasn't, and Arturo reported that he hadn't been able to convince Abby to open the door. He begged Lola to help make Abby understand that there was nothing between him and Mia, but Lola protested that she had to supervise her staff while they cleaned up. Arturo promised to handle everything, and he pleaded with her to do it. She handed him her apron and cautioned that the place had better be spotless when she got back. He thanked her profusely.

Jack joined Kyle at the bar and offered him a lift home, but Kyle opted to wait to see if Lola returned. Kyle admitted that Lola had needed a break from him after seeing him dancing with Summer. Kyle marveled that Lola was different from anyone he'd ever known, and there was something about her that he couldn't put into words, but he'd known what he'd been missing in his life when he'd met her. Jack suggested that he wasn't the only person Kyle should be telling that to.

Jack approached Devon, who was waiting for the valet. Jack remarked that it had been a long night, and he couldn't help noticing that Devon's smile had often turned into a look of sadness. Jack shared that he missed Hilary, too, but Devon swore that Jack had misunderstood. Jack knew that it was easier to pretend things were going great when there was nothing further from the truth, since he'd been doing the same thing since he'd learned Dina had Alzheimer's. Jack offered to lend an ear if Devon ever wanted to talk. Later, alone in bed, Devon cried as he reached over and gently touched Hilary's photo.

Lola stopped by to check on Abby at the mansion. Lola hadn't thought it had been her place to say anything sooner, and Abby conceded that she shouldn't have blamed Lola. Lola was sure that Arturo would have told Abby in his own time, but "stupid Mia" had had to show up. Lola added that Mia was a "bitch," and she didn't know what her brothers had seen in Mia. Lola insisted that Arturo was a good man, and Abby recalled how he'd helped her look for Jack when Arturo had hardly known her.

Abby recounted that she'd thought it had been bad when she'd found out that Arturo had slept with her stepmother, and Lola imagined that bedding his brother's wife had been worse. Lola blamed Mia more than Arturo, and she volunteered to provide the whole truth if Abby would consider forgiving Arturo. Lola divulged that Mia had married Rey, but Mia's first love had been Arturo. Abby asked if Mia had ever loved Rey, and Lola imagined that Mia had loved him as much as she'd loved anyone. Lola groused that even in a room full of people Mia barely knew, it was all about Mia, who got bored if she wasn't getting attention.

Lola thought neither of her brothers had been thinking with their heads or their hearts when they'd gotten involved with Mia. Lola imagined that they hadn't known they could have done much better, and Arturo eventually had. Lola insisted that Abby was very good for him, unlike the manipulative witch who had her claws in Rey. Lola stated that she could sense Mia's type from miles away, and Summer had rubbed her the same way, which was why Lola needed to break it off with Kyle. Abby reasoned that if Lola wanted to convince her that Mia shouldn't be an issue for Abby and Arturo, then Lola shouldn't let Summer stop her from seeing Kyle.

As the launch party wrapped up, Sharon and Nick awkwardly ran into one another again, and she commented that he and Phyllis made quite the team. He couldn't help but notice that Sharon had been getting caught up in something with Rey and his family, and he didn't want her to get involved in a messy cheating scandal. Sharon pointed out the irony in his statement, and she asserted that whoever she was dating was none of his business. After Sharon and Billy departed, Phyllis mused that she'd thought they'd never leave. Nick mentioned seeing Phyllis with Billy and a reporter earlier, and Phyllis confessed that she'd done something crazy -- the right thing.

Lola returned to the Athletic Club, and Kyle informed her that Arturo had just left after finishing the cleaning. Lola said she had work early in the morning, but Kyle requested five minutes to convince her that Summer meant nothing to him. She began counting down the seconds, and he proclaimed that with her apron, her hair pulled back, and a grease smudge on her face, Lola was the only woman he wanted to be with. He pulled out a remote control and turned on some music, and he explained that Devon was a family friend who had given him access to the sound system to have one more dance. Lola asserted that she was no one's second choice, and Kyle assured her that she was his first and only choice. He pulled her into his arms to dance.

Phyllis and Nick were relieved to see that the photographers had left, and Nick thought it would be a shame to waste a mostly empty dance floor. They prepared to have one last dance, and Nick asked if Kyle and Lola minded. Lola said they were just leaving, and Phyllis said Lola had been a rock star that night. After Kyle and Lola left, Nick invited Phyllis to go home with him. She assumed that he meant spending the night with him, but he clarified that he wanted her to move in with him.

Billy escorted Sharon home, and she thought Phyllis giving him credit for the stores had been a highlight of the night. Billy thought their appearance on the red carpet had ranked up there, since they made a nice couple. He leaned in to kiss her, but she gently pulled away and reminded him that they'd only gone to the party together to prove something to Nick and Phyllis. Sharon added that she wasn't into revenge sex, since she wanted more out of a relationship, and she thought he did, too. He wished he'd realized that sooner, and he thanked her for stopping him from making another big mistake.

Abby found Arturo at Crimson Lights and mentioned that Lola had told her that he'd cleaned up at the club to give Lola a chance to talk to her. Arturo explained that he'd gone to Abby's house to explain everything because he wasn't proud of what he'd done. Abby wondered why he hadn't just told her about him and Mia, and he confided that he'd been embarrassed and ashamed. He grumbled that Mia never should have shown up in Genoa City, and Abby asked if it was because he couldn't stand the sight of Mia or if he was afraid he might be tempted again. He swore that Abby was the only woman he wanted.

At Rey's apartment, Rey griped that Lola had made the party all about herself. Mia argued that he loved it when she put excitement and passion into his life, and she was adamant that it was over between her and Arturo. Rey couldn't help but wonder if she still wanted his brother, and she questioned why Rey had gone to the party if he thought she was still interested in Arturo. Rey figured that he'd fooled himself into thinking he could make her happy, but nothing ever did. He chided her for airing their personal problems in front of the whole town, but she suspected that he was only concerned about what Sharon thought.

Mia declared that she wasn't sorry, and Rey growled that their separation had been a big relief. Mia wondered how they could fix things if he wouldn't forgive her. Rey recalled thinking that she'd been the one for him long before they'd gotten together, but it had felt wrong to look at her that way because he wasn't supposed to fall in love with his brother's girlfriend. Rey had kept himself from acting on his feelings until Arturo had said he was done with Mia, and then Mia had turned to Rey and made him believe that he'd been the one she loved.

Mia presented Rey with their wedding photo and claimed that she never went anywhere without it. He sourly asked if she'd taken it to Arturo's place when they'd hooked up. Mia conceded that she'd made a mistake, but she wanted to work things out with Rey. Mia blasted Rey for putting it all on her when she hadn't been the one who'd given up on them. She accused him of cozying up with his new landlord, but Rey insisted that it had nothing to do with Sharon. Mia argued that it wasn't about Arturo, either, and she loved and had chosen Rey. She crawled onto Rey's lap and pledged to prove how much she wanted him, and she kissed him passionately.

Rey wrestled himself away from Mia and refused to use sex to avoid their problems. He wanted to figure out what he wanted before they jumped into bed, and Mia seductively replied that he wanted her and always had. She pointed out that lust and sex had been a big part of their marriage, but he picked up their wedding photo and told her to look at his face in the photograph, since he'd been a man in love who'd kept his feelings locked inside until the day it had been okay for him to express them instead of being consumed with guilt.

Rey recalled that his feelings of love and passion had poured out until the day he'd found out what had happened between Mia and Arturo. He wondered if she'd decided to make their private life public to send the message that they were back together or to remind him of how good it had been between her and Arturo. Mia spat that insecurity wasn't Rey's best look, and he told her to take the bedroom while he slept on the couch.

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