The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 4, 2019 on Y&R
The Newmans discovered hidden surveillance equipment at the ranch. Kyle and Lola argued about Summer. Ana stepped in to perform in Fen's place. Sharon turned in a recording that incriminated Victor and Nick. As Victor was hauled off to trial, Nikki announced that she had something to say.
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Sharon gave Rey an anonymously submitted audio file that incriminated Victor and Nick.
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Victor and Nick determine J.T. is alive Victor and Nick determine J.T. is alive
Monday, February 4, 2019

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Mia was surprised when she returned home and saw that Rey had taken the evening off to be with her. Rey took Mia into his arms and kissed her. After the couple disrobed, they made love on their sofa. Mia later told Rey she'd once feared they'd lost each other after what she'd done. Rey admitted that he'd put up a wall and had purposely kept her at a distance because he'd thought he'd lost her. Mia acknowledged that she and Rey had gotten their relationship back on track.

Rey drew Mia close and kissed her. Mia said they'd have to resume snuggling later and explained that she'd made plans to meet Abby for drinks. Rey said he thought Mia and Abby couldn't stand each other. Mia replied, "We had a heart-to-heart. Cleared the air after the way I behaved at her engagement party." Mia added that Abby would soon become part of the family, so she and Abby had agreed to clear their disagreements. Rey seemed apprehensive, though Mia seemed confident she could broker a peace deal.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and Billy frantically searched for Katie when they heard her call out from within a paneled wall. Nick, Victor, and Nikki seemed stunned as they tried to determine how Katie had become trapped inside an interior wall. Victor said, "Darling, do you know how to get out from where you are?" Billy and Nick began knocking on the panels to determine which one covered a hollow space. Using a pry bar, Billy and Nick pulled away part of the paneling and noticed an open space behind the panel. Billy managed to push the panel aside and pull Katie out. Victor asked Katie what had happened. Katie was hesitant to speak about her ordeal, so Billy took his daughter to another room to talk.

After Billy and Katie walked away, Victor and Nick peered into the space behind the panel. Victor said, "I'll be damned. Look at that." Victor phoned the head of his security guards and ordered him to find the intruder as soon as possible. Nick stepped out of the hidden space and said he'd found multiple video screens with separate audio feeds that covered the entire interior of the house. Nikki became livid and said, "They've been watching and listening to everybody that has been here." Nikki cried that the stranger had likely heard her confess to killing J.T.

After Nick removed the monitoring equipment, Billy returned and told Victoria that Katie was fine. While Katie stayed in the kitchen with a member of Victor's staff, Billy reported that Katie had said she'd been entering the hidden space to play with her friend for at least a week. Victor asked if Katie had given a description of her friend. Billy retrieved a piece of paper from his pocket and said, "She drew a picture." Billy displayed a crude drawing of a stick figure wearing what appeared to be a cape. Nick said, "So, if this person's been living on the ranch, that would explain how he was able to get ahold of your gun and also set the stables on fire while no one was home."

Still reeling from their startling discovery, Nikki insisted that the person in question held a grudge against Victor and was trying to set him up for J.T.'s murder. Victor said there was only one man he could think of that checked all of those boxes. After Victor named J.T., Billy argued that police had been one hundred percent certain that J.T. was dead. Nick and Victor maintained that J.T. had the motive and the expertise to set up surveillance and hide inside the house. Victoria and Nikki agreed that J.T. could be alive.

After Billy and Victoria left, Nick asked Nikki if she thought J.T. could have survived what had taken place the night he'd supposedly died. Nikki recalled that J.T. had fallen like a ton of bricks after being struck and hadn't had a pulse. Nikki noted that she and the others involved weren't doctors, but it seemed inconceivable that J.T. could have freed himself after having been buried alive. Victor said he believed it made sense that J.T. could be the one who'd infiltrated the house to torture Nikki and implicate him. Nick insisted that J.T. wouldn't return after being found out, so they'd have to track him down to convince the district attorney that no murder had taken place.

After Nick left, Victor served Nikki a cup of tea. Nikki asked if Victor thought Nick was right to believe that J.T. wouldn't return to Genoa City. Victor made a fist and said he hoped J.T. would face him like a man. Victor sounded confident that they could continue with their lives after J.T. was behind bars. Victor noted that J.T. was arrogant enough to return to the scene of the crime, which would spell the end for J.T. if he did. Nikki cried that she wouldn't feel safe until their tormenter was caught. Victor lovingly cradled Nikki in his arms.

After Billy and Victoria returned to Victoria's home, they tucked the children into bed. Victoria said she wished she could be as resilient as Katie. Victoria and Billy discussed the tense situation when they'd believed that Katie had gone missing. Billy agreed that it had been rough. Victoria cried that two hours had seemed like an eternity. Victoria thanked Billy for being by her side during the search for their daughter. Billy told Victoria he'd missed his friend and hoped they could make their way back to being friends again. Victoria smiled and replied, "We already are."

At the police station, Rey walked in and attempted to take his seat at his desk quietly without being noticed. Sharon looked up and said she'd been wondering where Rey had been because a case needed their attention. Sharon said she'd heard that Rey had left work briefly to go home, and she asked if everything was okay. Rey noted that he and Mia hadn't taken a honeymoon trip after they'd renewed their vows, so he'd taken time off to be with her. Sharon nodded and replied, "Oh."

Sharon, feeling she'd overstepped, apologized and said that Rey's home life was none of her business. Rey said he wanted things to be good between Sharon and himself, and he asked if she thought things were good. Their conversation was briefly interrupted when Rey received a phone call. After his call ended, Rey and Sharon attempted to limit conversation to work-related topics. Rey hinted that he wanted Sharon to answer his question. Sharon said that as far as she was concerned, they were good.

Sharon told Rey she was glad that nothing had happened between them. Rey remembered a kiss they'd shared while he and Mia had been separated. Sharon noted that they'd still managed to remain close as colleagues. Rey said his relationship with Sharon was important to him. Returning to work issues, Rey admitted that Christine was unsure if she had sufficient evidence to secure a conviction. Sharon asked why Christine wasn't confident about the case. Rey said Christine was worried about how the jury might rule because there wasn't a body.

Sharon met with Nick at Dark Horse. Sharon explained that she didn't want to risk calling or sending a text message and leaving any kind of trail. Nick looked concerned and asked what was going on. Sharon said she'd learned from Rey that Christine wasn't confident she had sufficient evidence to convince a jury to convict. Sharon added that perhaps Michael had been right that the case might never end up going to trial. Nick thanked Sharon and said he knew Sharon had placed herself in a difficult position. Sharon said it was the least of her worries, considering everything she'd done. Sharon added that loyalties mattered more to her than her job.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Abby joined Mia at a table. Abby said she was surprised that Mia had invited her for drinks. Mia said she'd mentioned to Rey that she hoped she and Abby might become friends. Abby replied, "That would be incredible." Mia had already ordered drinks, so the women clinked their glasses after Mia said, "To finding out what makes each other tick." Abby seemed uncomfortable and explained that she barely had enough time for one drink. Mia said she, too, had a busy schedule with clients. Mia added, "Plus, my husband can't seem to get enough of me."

Abby seemed apprehensive when Mia said, "I think it's time that you and I were completely honest with each other." Mia recalled that she and Abby had seemed to hit it off until she'd mentioned her past with Arturo. Abby recalled that Mia had provocatively spoken in public about her affair with Arturo. Mia explained that she'd taken a drastic measure to save her marriage to Rey because he'd completely shut her out. Mia announced that she and Rey were close again, adding that Rey had taken a break during his shift to go home and make love.

Mia noted that she'd worked hard to make things good with Rey, so the vow renewal had been a big deal. Abby looked puzzled when Mia added, "Which is why I wasn't the most gracious when Arturo made the vow renewal about him and..." Abby, finishing the statement, said, "Him and me. No? What were you going to say? Arturo made it about him and who?" Mia explained that Arturo had made it all about himself and Rey because Arturo resented his brother. Abby insisted that Arturo wasn't the same man that Mia had known in Miami. Abby explained that Arturo had moved to Genoa City to make his own way, having given up competing with his brother.

Mia asked Abby to share details of her wedding plans. Abby teased about planning an outlandish wedding but noted that she'd be happier to settle for something more sensible. Mia, recalling a story she'd read about Nikki's lavish wedding to Victor, advised Abby not to settle for anything less than the very best. Abby noted that Mia talked a lot about Arturo and warned that she wouldn't let a woman harboring petty jealousy get in the way of her plans with Arturo. Abby finished her drink and said, "I am so glad that we had this talk."

Summer senses trouble between Kyle and Lola Summer senses trouble between Kyle and Lola
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

At Jabot, Phyllis told Kyle over the phone that the photographer had uploaded the photos from the recent shoot. He asked how bad they were, and she deadpanned that using him to replace the no-show model had been the worst decision she'd ever made -- because she'd have to worry about modeling agencies poaching her hardest-working team member. She wrapped up the call as Summer walked in to drop off coffee, and Summer surmised that Phyllis had been talking to Kyle. Phyllis mentioned that she'd just sent him photos from the latest campaign, and she inquired about how things were going at Newman. Summer complained that Victoria hadn't assigned her any projects yet.

Phyllis advised Summer to be grateful to have time to have fun with her friends. Summer lamented that she didn't have any friends, but Phyllis recalled that Summer and Kyle had been tight before Summer had left for Dubai. Summer bemoaned that things were awkward, since Kyle hadn't been able to get enough of her while she'd been fixated on Billy, but Kyle would no longer give her the time of day. Summer confided that she'd had a rude awakening when she'd realized that she should have been with Kyle the whole time, but by then, he'd already found Lola.

Summer revealed that she'd told Kyle months earlier how she felt, but it had gone over like a lead balloon, and he'd since refused to spend time with her because it wouldn't be appropriate. Phyllis understood why Summer had gone halfway around the world to get away, but Summer whined that she'd never felt as lonely as she did in Genoa City. Phyllis pointed out that Fen was in town, and Summer mentioned that she'd gone out with him the other night, but he'd thought it had been a date. Phyllis suggested that Summer hang out with her, but Summer doubted that her mother could ever forgive her for selfishly ruining everything between Phyllis and Billy.

Phyllis conceded that she might not like everything Summer had done, but her love for her daughter was unbreakable. Phyllis swore that everything was working out for the best, since she was happy with Nick. Summer wondered if Billy was truly out of Phyllis' system, and Phyllis thought she'd gotten clarity after taking a step back. Summer reasoned that Phyllis forgiving Billy wouldn't change anything, anyway, since he would never forgive Phyllis for cheating with Nick. Phyllis reiterated that she'd happily moved on, but the one thing that would make her even happier would be having Summer back in her life. Phyllis insisted that Summer would always be her little girl, and they hugged.

Michael stopped by Nick's home, anxious to see the evidence that someone had been framing Victor. Nick explained how Katie had gotten lost in the walls at the ranch and how he'd discovered hidden surveillance equipment that someone had been using to spy on his family. Nick added that Katie had alluded to playing at the ranch with a friend, and everyone had assumed it had just been her imagination, but Katie had described a man dressed in black. Nick theorized that the same person had taken Victor's gun and planted the bloody shirt in the stables. Michael wondered if the person had also murdered J.T., but Nick suspected that J.T. had been the intruder.

Nick showed Michael the equipment he'd found in the crawl space, and he hoped Michael could get DNA or fingerprints from it to figure out who the intruder had been. Nick pointed out that it had convinced Phyllis that Victor was being framed, but Michael wasn't sure that it would convince Christine, since it still didn't explain why J.T.'s DNA had been found in the park. Nick argued that J.T. wouldn't have been the first person to fake his own death. Michael prepared to take the equipment to the lab, but he thought there was a good chance the charges would be dropped, anyway. Nick stated that it wouldn't be enough just to get the charges dropped, since the person who had been spying on the Newmans needed to be stopped.

Later, Nick told Phyllis that Michael had taken the equipment to be tested but that Michael had been skeptical about the theory of J.T. being alive. Michael called with an update, and Nick relayed that the lab hadn't been able to pull any evidence from the equipment. Phyllis imagined that the person had lured Katie behind the wall, expecting them to find the hiding place. Nick lamented that it only sounded like a crazy cover story without evidence, but the culprit was someone close to them who knew the intimate details of their lives. Nick vowed to find out who it was and take them down.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle examined the photos on his laptop, but he quickly hid them as Mariah approached. She wondered if he was afraid that she'd catch a glimpse of Jabot's secret files, but he acknowledged that she was a good friend who knew how to keep a secret. He asked what was new with her, and she revealed that Tessa had an interview for a job at Lola's new restaurant. Mariah mused that it was crazy how everything had fallen into place for Lola, and Kyle recognized that Lola had put in a lot of hard work to get that far. He expected that Lola had a lot more to go, and Mariah noted that he didn't sound enthused about it.

Kyle groaned that he was always competing with Lola's love of cooking for her time, but Mariah figured that Lola would be missing him the next time he had a big project. She pointed out that Kyle and Lola both had demanding careers, so they had to work harder to make the time they spent together special. Kyle recalled that Lola had fit him into her schedule over the past couple of nights, but they hadn't been connecting. He chalked it up to no longer being on the high from a new relationship, but Mariah wondered if it was any coincidence that he was feeling a lack of connection the same week Summer had returned to town.

Kyle was adamant that his problems with Lola had nothing to do with Summer at all. He added that Summer had agreed to respect his boundaries, and Mariah huffed that it was something tyrants said before they conquered a country. Kyle insisted that Lola had already conquered him, and Mariah asked if Summer had seen them together. Kyle recounted how Summer and Fen had been all over one another at the Athletic Club bar while Kyle had been on a date with Lola. Mariah hoped he'd done the mature thing by ignoring Summer, and Kyle guiltily sipped his coffee.

Mariah read a text message from Tessa, who reported that a half-million people were there to apply for restaurant jobs. Mariah typed back words of encouragement and love, and Kyle praised that Mariah and Tessa were good together. Mariah told him to stop trying to change the subject when they'd been talking about Summer, and Kyle admitted that Summer's make-out session with Fen had distracted him. Kyle maintained that there was nothing between him and Summer romantically or platonically, and Mariah questioned whether there was sexually.

Mariah doubted that Lola hadn't noticed that Kyle couldn't take his eyes off Summer, and she guessed that the couple had wasted precious time talking about it. Kyle was sure that Lola knew Summer was no threat to her, but Mariah was certain that Lola felt threatened by his ex, especially since Kyle and Lola hadn't had sex. Mariah hoped he hadn't told Summer that Lola was a virgin, but Kyle clarified that his problem with Lola was the lack of emotional connection because she had her head in her job. Mariah was skeptical that he didn't miss the physical aspect of a relationship, and Kyle admitted that he did but that he was fine without sex.

Mariah pointed out that Kyle and Summer had a lot of history, and she imagined that it was hard for him to turn his back on Summer, even after she'd left scars. Mariah warned that Summer would use that closeness against him, and she advised him against listening to the voice that was telling him that he could have it both ways by having Summer as his friend. Kyle reiterated that he didn't need Summer in his life because he had Lola, and Mariah wondered why a smart, talented, ambitious woman like Lola had chosen him. Kyle asserted that he respected and valued Lola, and he pledged to be the man she deserved.

Mariah realized that Kyle would do anything to prove himself to Lola. Kyle gushed that he loved what he and Lola had together, so he wouldn't blow it. Mariah offered to lend an ear if he ever needed someone to talk to, especially after all the times he'd talked her off the ledge with Tessa. Kyle noted that he hadn't gotten any S.O.S. calls lately, and Mariah happily reported that things had been good. Mariah mentioned that Tessa was stressed out about not having a job, but Mariah had her fingers crossed.

At the Athletic Club, Abby and Lola prepared to interview waitstaff, and Abby wanted to make sure they were on the same page about what and who they were looking for. Abby displayed a vision board and declared that she wanted her guests to have more than a typical night out at a standard restaurant. Abby thought what the staff wore would be a reflection of that, and she revealed a rack of sexy black outfits to make things exciting and unforgettable. Lola hoped the outfits weren't for the kitchen staff, but Abby predicted that Lola would turn heads in one of them. They toasted to finding joy in the journey.

Abby and Lola greeted Tessa, who marveled that half of Genoa City was waiting to be interviewed. Tessa spotted the garment rack and surmised that it was what the restaurant staff would be wearing, and she exclaimed that the clothing seemed to be out of a glossy magazine -- designed for work, but familiar and flirty. Abby declared that it was what they were looking for in their waiters, and she asked how Tessa saw herself fitting in on the team. Tessa explained that she'd worked in the service industry, and she was a people person who did whatever she could to make someone's day brighter.

Tessa enthused that seeing new customers walk in the door made every day special, and she recognized that having a restaurant wasn't just a business concept but a labor of love to Abby and Lola. Tessa swore that she would be honored to help make their dream happen, and Lola confirmed that Tessa was exactly what she was looking for. Tessa paled when Abby asked her why she'd stopped working at Crimson Lights.

Later, Tessa arrived at the coffeehouse, and Mariah said she'd ordered something sweet to either celebrate the good news or eat their feelings if it was bad. Tessa reported that the interview couldn't have gone better at first, but then Abby had asked why she'd left her barista job. Tessa anticipated that she wouldn't get the job once they called Sharon for a reference, since Sharon's disdain would shine through, no matter what. Tessa bemoaned that her past would always haunt her, even though she just needed something small to make her feel human again. Mariah told Tessa to save some cake for her, since she had to go see a fairy godmother.

Abby and Lola finished interviewing candidates, and Lola thought they had a lot of good prospects. Mariah approached and explained that she was there because of Tessa, who had mentioned that they'd wanted to know why she was no longer at Crimson Lights. Mariah revealed that Sharon had fired Tessa because Sharon hadn't wanted Mariah and Tessa to be together, but the truth was that Tessa had been the best barista the coffeehouse had had in ages. Lola thought it explained why Tessa had seemed worried, and Abby understood how overprotective parents could be. Abby suggested that they scoop Tessa up before someone else did, and she told Mariah that the job was Tessa's if she wanted it. Abby asked if Mariah wanted to tell Tessa in person, and Mariah excitedly headed out.

Lola fawned over how beautiful Abby's engagement ring was, and Abby recalled that she hadn't thought they'd even been in a place where she should start dropping hints about rings. Lola voiced surprise that anyone would do that, and Abby offered to help Lola make sure Kyle got the message about her dream engagement ring when the time was right. Lola replied that they were nowhere close to that, since they were in a holding pattern until the restaurant was up and running. Abby wondered what would happen when Lola was at the restaurant every night, but Lola thought it was a bigger problem that Summer was back in town.

Lola waited for Abby to tell her not to worry about Summer, but Abby cautioned that Summer was relentless when she saw something she wanted. Lola griped that Summer had made her way into every conversation, since if Lola and Kyle weren't talking to Summer, then they were talking about her. Abby recalled when she'd compared Mia to Summer, and she remarked that some people were like fire in that they consumed everything in their path without caring what they damaged. Abby saw two options -- either sit back and let people like that take control or put out the fire.

Mariah returned to Crimson Lights and told Tessa to quit eating, or Tessa wouldn't fit into her new uniform. Mariah announced that Tessa had gotten the job, and she'd begged Abby and Lola to let her deliver the news. Tessa broke out in a happy dance and exclaimed that she'd forgotten what it felt like to have a job. Tessa called it the best day ever, and the best part was that she got to share it with Mariah. They kissed and hugged.

On the patio, Summer looked over Kyle's shoulder at the photos from the shoot that were on his laptop. She exclaimed that Fen looked amazing, and she joked that she and Kyle had the same taste in guys. Summer clucked that Lola was always the last to know, and Kyle coolly replied that he was working. She figured that there had to be some hot shots of Kyle, too, and she grabbed his laptop and admired the photos. Summer imagined that Fenmore's would sell out of whatever the campaign was promoting, and she remarked that it was too bad it wasn't Birthday Suit. She recognized that the comment was out of bounds, and she asked if they were even allowed to sit at the same table.

Summer suggested that Kyle send her a list of Lola's rules, but Kyle asserted that the only rule was that he put his relationship with Lola first. Summer wondered if he even cared about her at all, and he replied that he cared as much as he did about any old friend. Summer taunted that he couldn't keep his eyes off her, but he could only look and not touch. She swore that he could have all the friends in the world if he were hers, but he stressed that he was with Lola. Summer figured that she really should thank him, since she never would have noticed how much Fen had changed if Kyle hadn't rebuffed her.

Summer rambled about how Fen could have stayed in law school and gotten a corporate job, but he'd risked it all for a singing career, just like she'd jumped on a jet to have adventures in Dubai. Summer expressed pity for the poor saps who'd already settled down at her age because they were afraid of what life had to offer. Summer lost her train of thought when she focused on a shirtless picture of Kyle, and he guessed that she was looking at another photo of Fen. Summer didn't correct him, and she envisioned getting a poster-size copy of the photo that would take her breath away.

Summer promised that she'd send herself only the photos of Fen because Lola would never forgive Kyle if she found out that Summer had half-naked photos of Kyle. Kyle's phone pinged, and Summer guessed that it was Lola checking in. Kyle snapped that the message was for work, and Summer snatched away his phone to tell Lola that he was busy. She was surprised when she reviewed Kyle's text message history and found no messages from Lola for days. Summer realized that the messages had stopped after the night they'd all run into one another at the Athletic Club. Summer speculated that there was trouble in paradise because Kyle and Lola had had a lovers' spat about her. Kyle lectured that not everyone had the free time Summer did, and Lola had been busy all day.

Summer imagined "poor little Cinderella" serving the one percent, but Kyle mentioned that Lola was interviewing waitstaff for her new restaurant. He declared that what he and Lola did was none of Summer's business, just like whatever Summer was up to with Fen was none of his concern. Summer sensed that something else had him wound up and that he was dying to tell her because she was the only one who would understand. Kyle told her that it was wishful thinking, and she said he knew where he could find her when he was ready to share. She sauntered off.

Sharon finds evidence incriminating Victor Sharon finds evidence incriminating Victor
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Devon instructed some workers where to set up their equipment. He thanked Ana for her idea of a showcase coming-out party for Fen in order to introduce him to the industry. Ana assured Devon that the event would be a huge success. When Devon walked away, Ana sent Fen a text message stating that Devon was anxious about the evening, and they couldn't let him down. She asked Fen to arrive early.

Neil arrived at the party, and Devon was surprised to see him. Neil said he was there to support Devon on his big night. Devon said he was happy Ana was in his life. She'd helped him feel that his life had meaning and a purpose. Devon assured Neil that his anxiety was under control and that he was still in counseling. Ana approached and advised Devon it was time to get things started. Devon thanked everyone for attending and invited them to enjoy themselves. He announced that there would be a live performance from a new artist later.

Ana sent Fen another text message saying she hoped he was on his way. Fen advised her not to stress because there was plenty of time.

Devon told Neil and Ana he was worried because Fen hadn't arrived yet. Ana assured him that Fen was on his way. Devon was annoyed. He said Fen had no idea how much money and energy it had taken to have the gathering. He said it was disrespectful. Ana said they could wait a little longer because everyone appeared to be having a good time. Devon said that it would be embarrassing if he didn't deliver what he'd promised. He reminded Ana that the people in the room weren't interns or junior staffers. Their time was valuable, and they wouldn't wait around for no reason.

At the police station, Sharon had been sitting at her computer, laughing, when Mariah arrived. Mariah wanted to know when police work had become so hilarious. Sharon told her about the tip of two feuding neighbors and how they had been attempting to get back at each other. Sharon explained that she was filling in for the person who normally reviewed the crime tips because he was out sick.

Mariah told Sharon that Tessa had been hired at Abby's restaurant. She said that she'd spoken to Abby and Lola, and she had explained that Sharon had fired Tessa because Sharon hadn't approved of Mariah and Tessa's relationship. She asked Sharon to back up her story when Abby or Lola called for a reference. Sharon agreed.

After Mariah left, Sharon went back to reading the tips and discovered one that read, "There was proof that Victor was a murderer." Sharon listened to the audio file. She heard a conversation between Nick and Victor. Nick told Victor that they had to get rid of the murder weapon, and Victor told Nick that after what J.T. had done to him and Victoria, Hellstrom had needed to die.

At that moment, Rey arrived and commented that Sharon looked as if she'd seen a ghost. Sharon provided him with an excuse then asked him if she should delete the tips that were dead ends. Rey informed her that she'd be fired if she did because the tips had already been logged. Sharon informed Rey that she wanted to take her dinner break, and she left.

Kyle arrived on the patio of Crimson Lights and saw Lola working at a table. Lola told him she'd been worried that something would fall through the cracks in her plans for the new restaurant. Kyle said things would fall through the cracks if she didn't take time to relax. He suggested that they join Mariah and Tessa for dinner and a movie. Lola agreed.

Fen was agitated when he and Summer arrived at Crimson Lights. Fen told Summer that Ana wanted him to arrive early for the showcase party. Summer encouraged him to go and said she would accompany him. Fen didn't want to arrive early because he was nervous about performing in front of people. He said he'd rehearsed, he was prepared, and he needed to swoop in and do his thing -- but he needed to be distracted until then.

Moments later, Mariah and Tessa arrived and told Fen and Summer that they were double-dating with Kyle and Lola. Kyle and Lola entered from the patio and asked if Mariah and Tessa were ready to go, but Mariah informed him the movie wouldn't start for another hour. They sat down and ordered hot chocolate. Lola and Kyle were uncomfortable because Fen and Summer had decided to join them. They talked about Fen's singing career and his showcase party.

Fen changed the subject and announced that he and Kyle had been in a photo shoot together for an ad campaign. Lola questioned Kyle about it. Kyle explained that Phyllis had asked him to step in at the last minute when the models hadn't been able to make it. He'd never thought it had been a big deal. Lola congratulated them and said she was certain they would be a huge success.

Fen received a text message from Ana saying she hoped he was on his way. Summer said she'd understand if he had to leave, but Fen said he had plenty of time. Fen suggested that he and Summer go someplace where they could get a drink, but Summer wanted to stay and chat with Kyle and Lola. Fen said he'd stay because he wouldn't abandon his date.

At the counter, Mariah asked why Tessa had been so quiet. She asked Tessa if Fen's showcase party had been the reason. Tessa admitted it and added that a year before, things might have been very different. She said she would have been part of that showcase. Mariah and Tessa returned to the table. Summer kept goading Kyle to show Lola the hot pictures. Kyle growled at Summer to let it go, but Lola said she'd like to see them.

Summer grabbed Fen's phone and was shocked when she saw that Fen had incorporated his photos into his music. Summer showed Lola the pictures from the photo shoot. Lola commented that the photos were very good. Kyle grabbed the phone and said there had to be something else they could talk about.

Mariah asked Lola about the restaurant and said that she and Tessa wanted to be there for opening night. Fen told Summer that they should check it out, as well. Summer unenthusiastically agreed. Mariah asked about the menu for opening night, but Lola was distracted. When Kyle nudged her, she said she was exhausted and had to go home.

Lola was about to leave when Kyle stopped her at the doorway leading to the patio. He asked Lola if she'd been upset about the photo shoot. Lola replied that it had felt weird because she'd been the only one who'd been kept out of the loop. Kyle explained that he had bumped into Summer at the coffeehouse. Lola spat that he'd been bumping into Summer a lot and that Summer seemed to follow him everywhere. Raising her voice, she claimed that Summer had been stalking him and telling him how hot he was and how hot the photos were. In his defense, Kyle informed her that it had been a short conversation while Summer had gotten coffee. He asked Lola not to shut down on him.

Lola berated herself because she'd never been the insecure girlfriend. Kyle said she had no reason to be insecure. Lola said she'd watched him trying not to look at Summer and pretending he didn't care about her. She said that Kyle couldn't look her in the eye when Summer was around. That wasn't the normal behavior of someone who was over his ex-girlfriend.

Kyle told Lola that he loved her and he only wanted to be with her. Lola barked back that she was certain things would have been much better if they'd had sex. Kyle asked her not to put words in his mouth. He reminded her that he had repeatedly said he was okay with it. Lola admitted that Kyle always said the right things, but they weren't exactly true because not having sex had been hurting him a lot more than he cared to admit. Kyle stated that they'd been together a long time. He had freely admitted he'd wished they had been having sex. He'd always been honest about it without hurting her feelings.

Kyle told Lola that part of him was disappointed, especially after an incredible date when it ended with only a kiss. He said he'd always wanted more. He explained that it wasn't only the physical act, but everything that went with it. They had been missing out on a big part of an adult relationship and whether they talked about it or not, it had created a chasm between them. He said he had no idea if or when Lola would be ready, but it didn't matter because he was crazy about her. He'd tried to prove his love for her in every way he could think of while attempting to be sensitive to her reasons. He felt the reason she'd been holding back was because she didn't trust him. Lola suddenly realized that the group had heard every word. Mortified, she ran out in tears.

Kyle returned to the table. Fen teased Kyle about not having sex and how that had to have sucked. Mariah yelled at Fen to shut up. She asked if Kyle needed to go after Lola, but Kyle said it wouldn't help. Lola wouldn't want to hear from him, and he had no idea what to say to her. They needed time to calm down before they talked. Kyle stated that there was nothing like finding out his relationship was a big mess. Mariah said that he and Lola would find a way to fix it.

Summer told Kyle that she was really sorry because of what had happened between him and Lola. Fen brought up the matter of sex again, but Kyle angrily asked if Fen didn't have somewhere he needed to be. Fen suddenly remembered the showcase party. He grabbed his jacket and told Summer they had to leave. Summer said she wanted to stay and talk to Kyle.

After Fen left, Kyle suggested that Mariah and Tessa enjoy the movie without him and Lola. He felt guilty and said that because his plans had crashed and burned, it didn't mean that theirs had to. Before Mariah and Tessa left, Mariah told Kyle to call her if he needed her.

Kyle got up to leave, but Summer stopped him. Kyle said he was tired and wanted to leave. Summer said she was sorry that he and Lola had had a fight. She'd seen how hurt he and Lola had been. Kyle said he shouldn't have allowed the situation to get out of hand, especially in public. Summer said she realized what had been bothering him and the reason he hadn't wanted to tell her. Kyle said he'd never intended for Summer to ever find out.

Kyle told Summer that Lola was more than likely mortified. Summer promised not to throw it in Lola's face. She said that a relationship was supposed to meet the needs of both people, and it had been clear that Lola hadn't done that for Kyle. Kyle said that Lola had everything he wanted in a girlfriend. She was smart, talented, and beautiful. Summer acknowledged that Lola was all that, but Lola and Kyle were in two different places about important matters. She said that just because Lola was a great girl, it didn't mean she was the right girl.

At the showcase party, Devon was angry that Fen hadn't shown up. He called Fen and left an angry voicemail. After waiting for a short period of time, Devon told Ana that he had to make an announcement that the singer hadn't arrived. Ana offered to make the announcement, but Devon said it was his obligation to tell everyone.

Neil told Ana that Devon could still save the night. He suggested that Ana step in and sing. He told her that when Devon had heard her sing at home the previous evening, it had brought Devon to tears. Ana stated that her recording days were over. Neil reminded her that Devon hadn't announced who the singer would be. He encouraged Ana to help Devon. Ana approached Devon and whispered in his ear. Devon announced that they had a special guest to sing for them. He introduced Ana Hamilton.

Fen arrived in time to hear the applause as Ana finished her song.

Neil told Devon that Ana had stepped up for Devon because that was what family did for each other.

Sharon arrived at Dark Horse and told Nick about the anonymous tip with an attached audio file. She told Nick that it had been a recording of Nick telling Victor that they had to get rid of the murder weapon and Victor saying that Hellstrom had needed to die. Nick stated that Victor had never said that. It was another attempt to frame Victor. Nick acknowledged that the guy was always ten steps ahead of them.

Nick told Sharon about Katie's disappearance. He said they had found Katie in a crawl space in the walls and that they'd also found all the surveillance equipment. He said Katie had drawn a picture of a man dressed in black. Shocked, Sharon asked who'd be capable of doing such a thing. Nick said that J.T. had the skills. He said that the person enjoyed playing them, and he wouldn't stop until Victor had been taken down.

Sharon told Nick she was worried about Nick because he'd helped with the cover-up. She said that if the police heard the audio file, Christine would force Nick to testify. Nick said that he had two choices -- he'd either perjure himself or implicate Nikki. Sharon reminded him that he'd be charged as an accessory. Nick asked Sharon if she'd consider deleting the tip, but Sharon said she couldn't. He apologized for asking and said he understood.

Sharon returned to the police station. Rey told her that he'd been going through his file on J.T., searching for something he might have missed, but there was nothing. Sharon pointed out that he couldn't find something that wasn't there. Rey said that, as a detective, his job was to provide the D.A. with what she needed to win her case, and Christine had told him that he'd failed to provide her with enough evidence. Sharon stated that it hadn't been his fault. Rey told her that there had to be a fall guy in any high-profile case. Sharon claimed it was unfair.

Rey asked how Sharon could sympathize with him even when he'd found something that could send her children's grandfather to jail. Sharon said she'd known that Rey had been doing his job and fighting for what he'd believed was the truth. He asked if Sharon still believed in Victor's innocence. Rey said he'd been like Sharon at one time.

Rey told Sharon that he'd had a couple of personal cases in Miami that had involved old friends. He recalled thinking how easy it would have been to look the other way, but he hadn't. He said that his loyalty was with the justice system. If a person had no integrity, they shouldn't be in that line of work. Sharon said he was a good man who took his work seriously.

Sharon and Rey got back to work. Sharon pondered what to do about the tip. After making a decision, she took her computer to Rey and told him to listen to an audio file. Rey heard the conversation between Nick and Victor. He thanked Sharon and said she'd done the right thing. He stated that if the recording was legitimate, it was exactly what they'd needed to convict Victor and the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

This episode was the last episode that Kristoff St. John taped prior to his death. You can learn more about the life of Kristoff St. John here.

The Newmans face Victor's looming trial date The Newmans face Victor's looming trial date
Thursday, February 7, 2019

At the Newman ranch, Nikki sipped a cup of tea, but she jumped when she heard footsteps. Victor appeared, and she exclaimed that he'd scared the life out of her. He assured her that no uninvited guest would ever get in again. She bemoaned that it wasn't the only thing they had to worry about, since the recording of him and Nick could turn into a horrible nightmare. Victor hoped it had already been handled, and he intended to hope for the best but prepare for everything else. Nikki sourly questioned how they could hope for the best when their future was in Sharon's hands.

Sharon arrived at Nick's house and asked if Nick was alone. He reported that Faith was at school and Phyllis was at work, and Sharon blurted out that she hadn't been able to "lose" the recording. Nick scowled, but he recognized that he'd asked for a lot. He recalled that she'd crossed the line for his family more than enough times, and he wouldn't even know about the recording if it hadn't been for her. She wished she could have done more, and he wondered how long it would be before the police heard it. Sharon explained that it was why she was there.

Sharon groaned that turning the tape over to Rey had been the hardest thing she'd ever done, but Nick acknowledged that she could have faced charges if she'd been caught erasing the file. Nick contemplated what would happen once Rey went to Christine with the tape, and Sharon pointed out that it was the only real evidence the D.A. had. Nick thought he had to prepare for the worst, and he prepared to call Michael. Sharon asked Nick not to let Rey find out that she'd told him about the tape.

Nick promised to protect Sharon, since she hadn't had to tell him, and she was hardly close to Victor, who had done diabolical things. Sharon asserted that Victor hadn't killed J.T., but the whole family would suffer if Victor went to prison. Sharon recognized that she'd often had difficulties with Nick's family, but there was a part of her that would always be a Newman. Nick commended Sharon for putting her job and her heart on the line for his family, even after the way they'd treated her. She doubted that Victor would feel the same way after he found out that she'd turned in the tape to Rey and Christine, but Nick thought his whole clan would understand.

Sharon worried that the D.A. could charge Nick with being an accessory after the fact, but Nick thought it was nothing compared to what his parents and Victoria could face. Nick acknowledged that his dad was guilty of many things, but he couldn't stand the thought of Victor sitting in a prison cell for something he hadn't done. Sharon called Nick his father's son, since she knew Nick would fight for Victor every step of the way. Nick swore that there was nothing he wouldn't do for Victor -- or Sharon. Sharon wondered if he planned to tell Phyllis about the tape, and Nick wasn't sure what he'd do.

Nick arrived at the ranch, and Nikki guessed from the look on his face that he didn't have good news. Nick announced that Sharon hadn't been able to get rid of the recording, but he reasoned that if she'd deleted it, the person framing Victor would have sent another one. Nikki grumbled about not being able to rely on Sharon, but Nick defended that Sharon had had their backs for months, and he thought they should be grateful. Victor asked what was on the tape, and Nick replied that he hadn't heard it and only knew what Sharon had recalled. Michael overheard as he entered, and he warned that hearing the tape wouldn't put their worries to rest.

Victor suggested that they find a forensic expert to invalidate the content, but Michael revealed that there was no time, since the trial was set to begin the next day. Michael played a copy of the recording that Christine had sent him, but Victor and Nick protested that it hadn't been the way things had gone down. Michael said he could try to get a continuance, but he suspected that the judge was aware of the publicity and wouldn't want to postpone. Michael indicated that the police had already sent the tape to the lab to be analyzed, but Christine was confident enough in its legitimacy to move forward. Nick insisted that the conversation had been spliced together to make Victor look guilty, and Michael said he'd love to hear a context in which it didn't sound like Victor had killed J.T.

Michael implored the Newmans to tell him if there was anything they were keeping from him, but Victor asserted that there was nothing to worry about. Michael suggested that Victor start getting his affairs in order, and Nikki wailed that it was happening too fast. Michael noted that Victor changing his plea was the best shot at getting a lighter sentence, and he proposed that they argue self-defense. Nick contended that the surveillance equipment proved Victor was being framed, but Michael warned that it would undermine the case to go into the courtroom and claim there was no solid evidence that J.T. was dead, since there was a recording of Victor and Nick saying he was. Michael considered the men's words and voices to be as good as a confession, and he stated that it was time to make some tough decisions.

Victor refused to confess to a crime he hadn't committed, and Michael cautioned that Victor would be facing a life sentence if he was found guilty. Victor suggested that Michael argue that there was a conspiracy to incriminate him, but Michael encouraged him to consider other options. Nick wished they had more time to figure out who had been spying on them and planting evidence, and Victor pointed out that he wasn't the only one implicated on the audio. Nikki panicked at the thought of losing her son, too, and Nick assured her that Michael would do everything he could to prevent that from happening.

Michael said he'd be in touch, and he saw himself out. Nikki balked at the idea of staying silent while her son was charged, and Nick told her that the more she worried about him, the more he worried about her. They hugged, and he said they'd get through it by staying strong for one another. Victor declared that it made him proud to have Nick on his side, and the men embraced.

Victor admitted that it had hardly been the way he'd envisioned how he and Nick would reconcile, and Nick confirmed that it had always been about protecting their family. Nick headed out, and Victor comforted Nikki by stressing that they'd just begun to fight. Nikki fretted that it might be a fight they couldn't win, but he told her not to think that way, since anything was possible as long as their family stuck together. He added that it would be a "cold day in hell" before any of them went down because of J.T.

At his apartment, Rey chugged coffee as he prepared for work. Mia suddenly planted a kiss on him, and he asked what it was for. She amorously referred to the night before, and she kissed him again and said it was for the end of his investigation. He anticipated that things would be even better once the case went to trial, since he'd have more time on his hands, and they could go on vacation without any interruptions. Mia cherished the thought of having him all to herself, and Rey proclaimed that they were finally getting their second chance, so nothing would throw them off track that time. They kissed passionately.

Mia imagined that Nikki would need the services of her favorite stylist to look her best for the cameras at the courthouse. Rey noted that Mia sounded like a shrewd businesswoman, and Mia hoped Nikki would overlook the fact that Rey had headed the investigation. Rey anticipated that Nikki wouldn't have a choice once Mia turned on the charm, and Mia wondered if he'd get a raise that would allow them to move into a real house. Rey mused that anything was possible.

Mia asked how Rey had found the evidence. He chalked it up to luck, but she pressed to know the whole story. Rey reluctantly divulged that Sharon had discovered it and passed it along to him, and Mia dryly asked when Sharon had gotten a detective's badge. Mia griped that Sharon was always there to get brownie points with her favorite cop, and she speculated that Sharon had waited until the perfect moment to drop the news in Rey's lap. Rey proclaimed that he was married to the sexy, brilliant Mia, and she was all he needed.

Lola stopped by the Abbott mansion and hoped she wasn't interrupting Abby, who shared that she'd been going over décor ideas for the restaurant. Abby recalled that Lola had a meeting with a sous-chef that day, and she assumed that Lola wanted to see Kyle, who wasn't there. Lola explained that she'd made sure he was gone before she'd arrived, and Abby inquired whether there was trouble in paradise. Lola shared that she and Kyle had had an "extinction-level" fight the night before.

Lola filled Abby in about how Summer had displayed pictures of a shirtless Kyle from a photo shoot that Lola had known nothing about, leading to a fight between Lola and Kyle. Lola admitted that she'd said things she wished she could take back, but she'd been exhausted, and Summer was always there. Lola regretted that the argument had taken place at Crimson Lights, where everybody, including Summer, had gotten a front-row seat. Lola thought the worst part was that Summer had learned that Lola was a virgin, and she expected Summer to use it against her.

Abby conceded that Summer could be impulsive and manipulative, but Summer couldn't make Kyle's decisions for him. Lola contended that he'd made his decision when Lola had left, and he'd stayed with Summer. Abby suggested that both Kyle and Lola needed time to cool down, but Lola worried that it was different that time because of the sex thing. Abby was sure that Kyle didn't expect Lola to compromise her values for him, and she stressed that it had to be Lola's decision to take that step. Abby thought that if Kyle was the right guy, he'd respect Lola's choices and wait until she was ready. Lola contemplated whether she should go after Kyle or wait for him to make the first move, and Abby advised her to choose with her heart.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle grappled with whether to call Lola. Summer plopped down at his table and chirped, "Morning, handsome!" Summer rambled about having to go to work when all she wanted was to crawl back into bed, and she complained that a distracted Kyle was the worst conversationalist ever. She scoffed at the idea that he and Lola hadn't made up yet, and he confirmed that Lola hadn't called. Summer questioned whether he'd called Lola, but Kyle bemoaned that he didn't know what to say. Summer suggested that he say the same thing Summer needed to say to him -- she was sorry if she'd hurt him, and it had completely and totally been her fault.

Summer said she was sorry if she'd gotten Kyle in trouble, and she swore that she really had been trying to be on her best behavior. Kyle insisted that it hadn't been her fault, and Summer wondered what was up with Lola not having sex. Kyle contended that it wasn't the reason they were on the rocks, but Summer purred that if she had a boyfriend who looked half as good as he did in the photos, nothing would keep her hands off him. She called it a waste, and she claimed that she'd heard her mom and Lauren tossing around campaign ideas, including a Valentine's Day auction where Kyle and Fen would be sold to the highest bidder. Kyle begged her to tell him it was a joke.

Mariah glared when she spotted Summer and Kyle laughing together. Kyle was relieved when Summer confirmed that she'd been kidding, and Mariah approached their table and requested to speak to Kyle alone. Summer told Kyle to call her if he wanted to talk, and she left for work. Mariah reminded Kyle that he was supposed to call her if he was tempted to do something stupid, and he swore that he hadn't done anything. She griped that his IQ dropped 40 points around Summer, and she wondered what would have happened if Lola had seen them together. Mariah ordered Kyle to use his brain, or he'd lose Lola for good.

Kyle argued that there was nothing wrong with two friends having coffee, but Mariah countered that Summer didn't have friends because she only used people. Kyle relayed that Summer had apologized if she'd caused trouble, but Mariah huffed that there weren't "ifs" in real apologies. Mariah recounted that she'd overheard Summer's name multiple times during Kyle and Lola's argument, and Kyle figured that Lola was jealous because he had a past with Summer. He admitted that he'd been thinking that he had more in common with Summer than with Lola, and Mariah assumed he meant sex. Kyle imagined that he might be the right guy at the wrong time for Lola.

Mariah was appalled that Kyle was being shallow enough to use sex as a tipping point in a relationship with a woman he loved. Mariah pointed out that Lola had made a choice before she'd met him to wait for Mr. Right, and if Kyle couldn't be that guy for Lola, he had to let her move on. Mariah reminded him that Lola was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and Lola deserved the best from him. Kyle complained about the pressure, and Mariah flatly told him to move on and stop breaking Lola's heart if he couldn't be that for her. Mariah suggested that he make it work before it was too late.

Mia ran into Lola on the Crimson Lights patio and exclaimed that she hadn't seen her sister-in-law in days. Lola explained that she'd been busy planning everything for the restaurant, but she'd been loving every minute. Mia questioned why Lola looked so sad, and she counseled that being all work could ruin relationships. Lola snapped that Mia sleeping with Arturo had done more damage to her marriage than Rey's work ethic, and Mia was taken aback. Lola quickly apologized and revealed that she and Kyle weren't together anymore.

Mia guessed that another woman was involved, and she surmised from Lola's silence that she was right. Mia started to call Kyle, since if someone messed with Lola, that person messed with all of them. Lola begged her not to tell Rey and Arturo, and Mia agreed, but she still thought she could teach "Richie Rich" a thing or two. Lola shared that Kyle hadn't cheated on her, but it was a long and complicated story. Mia declared that she had all the time in the world.

Lola recounted that Summer was part of the problem, but there was also work, no sleep, no sex, and misunderstandings. Mia was stunned that Lola and Kyle weren't having sex, and she wondered if the Rosales brothers had scared the man to the point where he couldn't perform. Lola revealed that it was her choice and that she'd never been with a man before. Mia was amazed, since Lola was pretty, smart, and confident. Mia insisted that having sex wouldn't turn Lola into a bad person and that it built an intimacy that people couldn't get by going to the movies.

Mia pointed out that Kyle was crazy about Lola, and she'd hate to see Lola lose Kyle's love over something as simple as sex. Mia implored Lola to go to him and make things right, and she was sure Lola would thank her in the morning. Later, Lola gathered her belongings and headed out. Kyle arrived moments later, having just missed her.

Inside the coffeehouse, Mariah sought out Sharon to pose a question to the resident psychology graduate. Mariah wondered why people couldn't see it when they were with someone who was bad for them, but she quickly clarified that it had nothing to do with her and Tessa. Sharon said sometimes a person was too impatient to wait for the one who was perfect for them, so choosing someone bad for them was an easier choice. Sharon reasoned that the toxic ones didn't expect much, and it was easy to feel like one wasn't good enough for the healthy ones. Mariah compared it to an addiction, and she wondered what to do to stop it. Sharon figured that if two people weren't meant to be together, one of them had to be strong enough to break free to find the person they were meant to be with. Sharon locked eyes with Rey.

Lola went to the Athletic Club and looked hopeful when she received a text message, but it was from Abby, hoping Lola interviewed the sous-chef of her dreams. Lola weakly smiled as she gazed at a Halloween photo of her and Kyle. Meanwhile, at the Abbott mansion, Kyle perked up when his phone pinged, but he seemed disappointed to read a message from Summer, who suggested they get drinks soon. He glumly sat down and typed back, "Sounds great."

Nikki announces that there won't be a trial Nikki announces that there won't be a trial
Friday, February 8, 2019

The citizens of Genoa City were fixated on the top news story of the hour -- the trial of international business magnate Victor Newman. A television reporter summarized J.T.'s history with the Newman family and how Victor had been charged with the homicide of his son-in-law. The reporter announced that Victor's attorney had claimed that his client had been wrongly accused, but if Victor was found guilty, he could face life in prison. At the Newman ranch, Nikki watched the newscast in horror, and Victor turned off the television.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Mia prepared to make breakfast for Rey in honor of him locking up the bad guys. Rey clarified that it was up to the courts to decide, but he would be part of the team escorting Victor to the courthouse. Mia wondered if Rey thought Victor would make a run for it, and Rey insisted on taking precautions, given that he'd caught Victor leaving for parts unknown before. Mia credited her clever husband for not letting Victor get away with murder, and they kissed.

Mia gushed that as proud as she was that Rey had made detective, she missed seeing him in his cop uniform, since it was what he'd been wearing the day they'd met. He remembered her wearing a green dress that had hugged her curves in all the right places. She protested that she'd worn the dress to mass on Sundays and when Arturo had introduced her to his mother for the first time, so she hadn't been trying to look sexy. Rey replied that she'd look sexy in a flour sack, and she said she'd been a bundle of nerves when a handsome cop with a stern look had shown up for a visit. She had been sure he'd disapproved of her the whole time she'd dated Arturo, and she'd considered it a challenge to get Rey to crack a smile.

Rey groaned that Mia hadn't had any idea how hard it had been for him to deal with her teasing and flirting when he'd been in love with her, but she'd been in love with his brother. Mia reflected back on seeing Rey years later when she'd been single again, and he'd joined her on the dance floor at a club. She continued that he hadn't needed to say a thing, since the look in his eye and the way he'd held her in his arms had told her everything. She insisted that he had been intoxicating to her and that he still was, and she'd followed him to Genoa City because she hadn't been able to live with the thought of him never looking at her that way again. They kissed.

Over the phone, Rey told someone that he had no objection to them taking the lead. He hung up and revealed that Christine wanted to be there when they took Victor to court. Mia snuggled up next to Rey and cooed that she'd missed being close to him, and she questioned how they could make sure their happiness never slipped away like it had before. Rey recounted that they'd made small choices that had added up, and they'd been careless with one another's feelings, thinking they could make up for it later. He pointed out that they knew where it had led them and how much it had cost.

Rey was sure that they wouldn't make the same mistakes again. He added that he'd been making an effort to spend more time with Mia and looking at things from her perspective, and he could see that it had made a difference. She reiterated that she'd only turned to Arturo because she'd thought Rey hadn't cared anymore, and it hadn't been until she'd seen Rey in pain that she'd realized how wrong she'd been. Mia promised never to put Rey through anything like that again, and he confirmed that he knew she wouldn't because then it would be over forever.

At the Abbott mansion, a tearful Abby answered the door and threw her arms around Arturo. He figured that he didn't have to ask how she was holding up, and she recognized that she had had to stop burying her head in the sand because there was no stopping the trial. Abby wished she knew how to get through the day, and Arturo offered to do whatever he could to help. She called him wonderful for being supportive when her dad had done nothing but insult him, and she wondered how she'd gotten so lucky.

Arturo insisted that he was the lucky one, and he understood that Victor was just a dad protecting his daughter. Abby thought her father's fiercely protective nature made it easy for everyone to believe that he'd gone after Victoria's ex, and she worried that he'd already been convicted in the court of public opinion. She apologized for being a mess when Newmans weren't supposed to show weakness, but it had hit her that morning that her dad wouldn't be able to walk her down the aisle if he was convicted. Arturo comforted her.

At home, Nick couldn't believe that Victor was going on trial when Michael had thought he'd be able to get the case dismissed. Phyllis pointed out that it had been before the recording had turned up, but Nick thought it only proved that someone was trying to take his dad down. Phyllis warned that Nick could be collateral damage if Christine decided to be even more vindictive, and Nick worried that his own words could take Victor down deeper. Phyllis noted that the person framing Victor could have just as easily exposed Nikki as the killer, and Nick recognized that the person was tormenting Nikki while protecting her from prosecution. Nick considered it to be the ultimate "screw you" to his whole family, who had to live with the fact that they could say the word to set Victor free.

At the cottage, Sharon marveled that Victor loved his wife enough to risk dying in prison to keep her safe. Mariah considered it more likely that a deluded Victor thought he could actually beat the charges. Sharon found it moving that he knew the odds were against him, yet he wouldn't let Nikki confess to the police. Mariah was shocked to hear Sharon praise Victor for being noble. Sharon acknowledged that he'd done awful things, but he hadn't killed J.T., and it would be wrong if he lost his family and reputation because of a lie.

Sharon thought that Rey would hate being part of it if he knew the real story, but Mariah expected Victor to carry the secret to his grave. "If we let him," Sharon pointedly stated, and Mariah hoped Sharon wasn't thinking about confessing to the cops. Sharon contended that a lot of people, including Faith, would be devastated if he went to prison. Mariah pleaded with Sharon not to wreck her life for his, but Sharon hated the thought of Victor going to prison for a murder he hadn't committed. Sharon's phone pinged with a message from Nick, who had called a family meeting at his house. Sharon suspected that he was feeling the same way she was. "We need to stop this," she asserted.

Nick informed Phyllis and Victoria that Sharon was on her way and that he hadn't invited Nikki because he wanted to talk about the impact the situation was having on her. Victoria lamented that she'd been able to hear the strain in her mother's voice over the phone, and she was worried because Nikki hadn't been out of the hospital that long. Phyllis stressed that the whole family had to show support, but Victoria testily suggested that Phyllis stay on the sidelines, since Nikki knew how Phyllis felt about Victor taking the fall. Nick stepped away to answer the door, and Victoria voiced surprise that Phyllis had managed to contain her glee. Phyllis pointed out that Victor had gotten in with his eyes wide open, but Victoria snapped that Phyllis should show gratitude that he was protecting all of them.

Nick returned with Abby, who mentioned that she would be at the courthouse after she enacted a plan she'd put together. She explained that she'd been racking her brain to think of a way to help, and she'd realized that publicity was what she did best. She intended to throw a shiny bauble at the press to distract them from covering Victor's trial, and Victoria inquired about the story Abby planned to promote. Abby said it depended on whether she could get Arturo on board.

After Abby left, Sharon and Mariah joined the group. Sharon admitted that she was having a hard time accepting Victor going to prison. Nick was adamant that they find a solution that protected Victor without endangering Nikki, since they wouldn't be home free even if they found the guy who had been targeting his father. Nick pointed out that if they exposed their tormentor, there was nothing to stop the guy from exposing all of them. Sharon declared that she knew a way to fight back that would free Victor and protect Nikki. Sharon groused that the person was controlling their lives, and there was nothing to prevent him from turning them all in later, making Victor's sacrifice worth nothing.

Sharon contended that Nikki had three witnesses who could testify that she'd only acted to save Victoria's life, and they could all step forward to confirm that Nikki had only done what any mother would have done to protect her child from danger. Sharon figured that the jury would sympathize, and Nikki might be able to cut a plea deal or serve a minimum sentence -- nothing like Victor was facing. Sharon added that the stalker wouldn't have power over them anymore, but Mariah voiced concern that the prosecution would twist the story in a different way. Phyllis protested that what Sharon was proposing would cost all of them their freedom. Nick didn't have faith that telling the truth would save his dad and keep his mom from doing hard time, and he thought they couldn't risk it.

Arturo arrived at Crimson Lights and found Abby smiling at something on her phone. He asked what had changed, and she announced that she'd made it her personal mission to change the narrative. She recognized that the press was focused on the dark side, and she wanted to humanize Victor by reminding the public that he was a loving dad, husband, and grandfather. Abby hoped to do it with Arturo's help, since there was no better feel-good story than a wedding in its planning stages, and she had a ton of contacts who were interested in pushing the details. Arturo balked at the thought of rushing through their wedding to make quick headlines.

Rey and Mia arrived on the patio, but he hesitated to enter the coffeehouse when he spotted Abby and Arturo. Rey opted to give Abby space because it was a tough day for her, and seeing him would only make it worse. Rey suggested that Mia reach out to Abby, since they'd become friends, but Mia complained that Abby had only been nice to her to score points with Arturo. Mia griped that Abby looked down on her, and Rey implored Mia to be the bigger person, since the women would be sisters. He decided to grab coffee by the police station instead, and he headed out.

Abby swore that she wasn't moving up the wedding date, but she wanted to amp up the publicity to give the press something positive to talk about. Arturo stressed that getting married was a huge deal to him, and he wanted it to be about their love and not a trial. Mia approached and feigned sympathy for Abby. Abby grimaced when Mia insisted on giving her a hug.

Mia stepped up to the counter to get coffee. Arturo suggested that he and Abby leave, but she refused to let Mia drive them away. Mia returned and guessed that Abby had been crying, and she suggested a cream that worked wonders on puffiness around the eyes. Abby forced a smile and called Mia sweet, but she referred to an appointment she couldn't miss. Mia guessed that it was premarital counseling, but Abby announced that they were getting their engagement photo taken.

Mia imagined that Arturo would rather have a root canal without Novocain, since she'd had to pull teeth to get him to take a selfie with her. Abby bragged that her friend Rocco was going to take the pictures, and Mia recognized the name as a prominent fashion photographer. Abby assured Arturo that he didn't have to be nervous because all he had to do was focus on her, and she told Mia to have a lovely day. Mia seethed.

Abby and Arturo returned to the mansion, where he was surprised to see a rack of clothing. Abby enthused that she'd had her stylist pull items for them to wear in the pictures, and she admitted that there was more to it than what she'd wanted to say in front of Mia. Abby revealed that she'd pitched the story of their wedding to a lifestyle magazine that wanted to do a photo shoot and interview. Abby swore that she'd take care of the interview, but Arturo objected because he was no model.

Abby promised that it would be easy, and she chose a suit for Arturo to wear. She assured him that they just had to look madly in love, and he figured he could handle that. She purred that the suit would look hot on him, and he said it was nicer than anything he'd ever worn. Abby chirped that he could keep it if he liked it, compliments of the designer. She told him to get used to it, since he was marrying a Newman. He thought he could handle that, too.

At the ranch, Nikki suggested that Victor wear a different tie, since it was important to make a good first impression in court. He said he was lucky to have her watching out for him, but she regretted that he wouldn't be in that mess if it hadn't been for her. Victor reasoned that J.T. might have murdered their daughter if Nikki hadn't taken action, and it was his turn to protect their family.

Victoria and Nick joined their parents. Victor expected to leave within the hour, and Nikki mentioned that Michael would be there soon to accompany him. Nikki and Victoria stepped into the kitchen to make some coffee, and Victor told Nick that it put him at ease to know things were in good hands with Nick and Victoria. Nick realized that Victor was worried about the possible outcome of the trial, and Victor replied that whoever had set him up had done "a hell of a job." Nick vowed not to stop until he figured out who'd done it, and Victor anticipated that it would take much more time.

Victor hoped that Victoria would take care of things at Newman while Nick looked after the family, and Nick swore that he would. Victor requested that Nick look out for Abby, since he didn't trust her fiancé. Nick insisted that Arturo seemed like a good guy, but Victor trusted his own instincts and sensed that Arturo was an operator. Nick promised to look out for everyone, and Victor said it made him feel "damn good" to know that Nick was on his side.

On the news, a reporter announced that Victor's murder trial would be getting underway in about an hour. The newscast displayed live footage from the courthouse, where a correspondent described the scene as chaotic with dozens of reporters and spectators. Phyllis watched the broadcast and mused to herself that she wasn't the only one who wanted to see him go down. The reporter indicated that she'd received a tip that Victor would be escorted in through a secure entrance, since he was a known flight risk. Abby glumly watched the report and decided to bail on the photo shoot to get to the courthouse. Arturo offered to join her.

Michael arrived at the ranch and asked if the Newmans had any questions about how the day would go. He indicated that having a police escort meant not having to deal with the press or go through security, and Victoria scoffed at that being the bright side. The doorbell rang, and Michael went to show the authorities in. Victor instructed Victoria and Nick to go ahead with their mother, but Nikki refused to leave his side. Victoria called Victor brave and hugged him, and he assured her that her father was an "ornery S.O.B."

Michael led in Christine, Rey, and another police officer. Christine coolly greeted Victor, who surmised that it was a "hell of a day" for her. She replied that it was rather sad, since she'd once admired him. He recalled mentoring her, and she replied that corporate law hadn't been her calling. Victor accused her of dragging innocent people through the mud and ruining their lives, and he wondered if she had any regrets. Christine huffed that if he'd served the sentence the court had imposed the last time, his grandson's father might still be alive.

Rey placed Victor in handcuffs, and Nikki begged Victor not to do it. He insisted that he knew what he was doing, and Rey began to lead him away. Nikki cried out that she couldn't let it happen, and Victoria asked what her mother was doing. Nikki announced that she was doing what she should have done long before. Nikki addressed Christine and declared, "There won't be any trial today. I have something to tell you."

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