The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 25, 2019 on Y&R
Nick threw Phyllis out of his home and his life. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon's trial began. Christine and Michael grilled Mariah on the stand. Rey learned that Mia had attacked Lola. Mia convinced Rey she was pregnant. Lola needed a liver transplant.
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Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon's trial began, and Lola needed a liver transplant
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Rey arrests Mia and learns she's pregnant Rey arrests Mia and learns she's pregnant
Monday, February 25, 2019

In her office at Jabot, Phyllis arrived and greeted Billy, Kyle, Kerry, and Lauren. Phyllis thanked everyone for being present and said, "I wanted to dispel any rumors you might have heard about my involvement in J.T.'s death. Yes, I was arrested, and I was released." Kyle said he'd heard that Phyllis was the district attorney's star witness. Phyllis replied, "Unfortunately, I was there for some activity, so I have to appear in court. That being said, I am not in any personal legal jeopardy. This will not affect Jabot."

Lauren pointed out that every time there was a news report about the case, mentioning Phyllis by name, she would also be identified as Jabot's CEO. Phyllis dismissed Lauren's concerns and requested that everyone trust her. Billy piped up and referred to Phyllis as Jabot's CEO and resident liar. Billy, angry, added, "No, you're up to your eyeballs in this case, and no matter what you say or do, your garbage is going to bury this company." Phyllis suggested that Billy was actually frustrated because Victoria had been arrested. Billy noted that he'd been present at the arraignment and knew exactly what Phyllis had done. Billy added, "It was a nice glimpse into the dark pit of your soul."

Still fuming, Billy explained to the others that Phyllis had taken part in what had happened to J.T. and had cut a deal with Christine to save herself. Billy added that the others would remain jailed because Phyllis had thrown them under the bus. Kerry left after stating that she'd moved to town to help rebuild Jabot. Lauren said, "Let's adjourn," before she also exited. After Kyle followed Lauren out the door, Phyllis told Billy they should talk. Billy sarcastically replied, "Do it. I dare you. Talk your way out of this one."

Phyllis explained to Billy that her aim had been to help Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria by explaining to Christine that J.T. had been the aggressor. Billy recalled that because of Phyllis, Nikki had been charged with second-degree intentional murder and that the others had been charged as accomplices, while Phyllis remained free to tout herself as a hero. As Billy headed toward the door, he explained that he'd be working from home at Victoria's because his children, believing their mother was away on business, needed him.

After Billy left, Kerry and Lauren returned. Phyllis assured Kerry and Lauren that everything would be resolved after the trial began. After Kerry returned to the lab, Lauren expressed doubt that she could adequately explain to the staff and to the public why Phyllis was a prosecution witness. Phyllis replied, "I was helping them. The real story of what happened that night is the life raft. We were all terrified. In the end, I decided it was time to use it. So, no, I did not give them a choice, for their own good." Phyllis begged Lauren to believe her and support her. Seeming unconvinced, Lauren replied, "I just really hope this works out for everyone involved."

Phyllis went home to Nick's house and found him having a drink. Phyllis said, "Seems like forever since I've seen your face." Phyllis added that she'd missed Nick after having stayed in the guest room. Nick replied, "What do you expect from me right now?" Phyllis lamented that the man she loved couldn't manage to give her comfort or even try to understand, though she hadn't expected anything from Billy. Nick replied, "Maybe because the mother of his children is awaiting trial."

Nick expressed anger that Victoria would, in effect be terrorized by J.T. a second time after being charged as an accessory to his murder. Nick was livid that Phyllis had handed over his mother, his sister, and his children's mother. Phyllis claimed that she'd told the truth so Christine would understand what had happened. Phyllis added, "There was no murder, so there were no accessories." Nick blasted Phyllis because she believed it had been her call to make, so she'd made it without consulting anyone or considering how it would affect the others.

Nick reminded Phyllis that while Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria were denied bail and remained imprisoned, Phyllis had donned her power suit and headed off to work as usual. Nick asked, "Did you honestly think that I was going to be okay with this?" Phyllis fought back tears. Nick, referring to his father having been framed for murder, recalled that after Phyllis had held onto the fireplace poker, it had just happened to show up. Phyllis explained that someone, aware of the significance of the fireplace poker, had stolen it from her storage locker.

Phyllis cried that she felt insulted because Nick seemed to have forgotten what Victor had done to her. Phyllis' words and demeanor left little doubt that she'd been determined to exact revenge on Victor. Nick cried that he'd let Phyllis back into his life because she'd vowed that he could trust her. Nick told Phyllis to get out of his house and out of his life. Phyllis broke down in tears when Nick added, "We're done."

At the Abbott mansion, Abby spoke to an investor over the phone and explained that the launch of her new restaurant would have to be postponed indefinitely. Jack entered the room and told Abby that just because the restaurant had to be put on hold, it didn't mean that Abby and Arturo's wedding had to be postponed. Flustered, Abby wiped her brow and said, "It's fine. It will be fine." Jack offered to step in and handle any task, including the selection of dresses for bridesmaids, to ensure that the wedding took place when Abby and Arturo were ready. Touched, Abby embraced Jack to thank him for his support.

At the hospital, Mia choked back tears when she entered Lola's room. Arturo was asleep with his head resting beside Lola. Mia insisted that Arturo take a break. Mia promised that she'd stay by Lola's side. After Arturo stepped out, Mia held Lola's hand, began sobbing, and cried, "This is all my fault. I'm so sorry, Lola. I didn't know it was you. I wasn't trying to hurt you -- it was Abby."

Mia continued pouring out her heart to an unconscious Lola while confessing to a heinous crime. Mia admitted that she'd been angry and felt that Abby had embarrassed her in public. Mia cried that Lola shouldn't have been wearing Abby's coat. Mia admitted that she'd hurt Lola's family, but she vowed to change. Mia cried that she'd never forgive herself if Lola didn't awaken. As Mia spoke, she was unaware that Arturo was standing behind a privacy curtain and had overheard part of her one-sided conversation.

Arturo rushed in and asked Mia if Lola's condition had changed. Mia insisted that Lola would be all right. Arturo said that Mia's statement had made it sound as if she knew something the others didn't. Abby entered the room and asked if everything was okay. Mia told Arturo she'd been seeking forgiveness for all the wounds she'd caused to the Rosales family.

Mia looked Abby in the eyes and assured her that things would be different. Mia apologized to Arturo before breaking down and admitting that she didn't know why she'd behaved the way she had. Mia admitted that she should have rejoiced with Abby and Arturo. Mia clasped Lola's hand tightly and said, "Everyone will be healthy, safe, and happy." Mia quickly left after she kissed Lola's forehead.

At the police station, Rey opened the file containing documents relating to Lola's attack. A sticky note was added to the official police report. The note stated that collected evidence pointed to a female attacker. Rey rushed home with the police report tucked inside his briefcase. Rey examined photos taken at the scene, along with additional photos of marked evidence.

After Rey saw a photo of the earring, he searched Mia's jewelry box and found the mate to the earring in the photograph. Rey later sipped a beer as he paced around the room to collect his thoughts. Mia arrived and cried that it wasn't right that Lola, strong, tough, and brave, was lying in a bed. Mia said she'd pray for Lola's recovery and had sought a sign of hope. Rey told Mia that the footprints at the crime scene had been made by a woman's size 7 shoe. Mia said it could be anyone's shoe print.

Rey noted that the perpetrator had also left behind an opal and diamond earring. Mia suggested that the earring could have been lost before Lola's accident. Rey replied, "Jones and Sons. That's what is says on the back of it." Mia listened without saying a word when Rey recalled purchasing the pricey jewelry because he'd wanted to show Mia how much he loved her. Rey also recalled Mia's elation when she'd opened the gift and her promise to cherish the earrings forever.

Rey took the earring from the jewelry box and cried, "You broke that promise, Mia." Mia, sobbing, explained that she'd gone to the Abbott house because she'd been angry about the way Abby had humiliated her. Mia admitted that she'd believed she'd pushed Abby before quickly leaving. Rey condemned Mia for giving in to her feelings of spite and jealousy. Mia begged Rey to help her. Rey explained that he couldn't just turn away after discovering what Mia had done to Lola. As Rey placed handcuffs on Mia's wrists, he said, "You have the right to remain silent." Mia interrupted and replied, "You can't do this, Rey. I'm pregnant."

At Crimson Lights, Kyle greeted Abby and asked about Lola. Abby replied, "There's been no change." Kyle complained that the Rosales family was shutting him out. Kyle cried that he was slowly losing his mind because he couldn't be with Lola. Abby said she'd speak to Arturo and would pray that Lola would awaken and make her own decisions about visitors. Abby advised Kyle not to visit the hospital and cause a confrontation, because it wouldn't be helpful for Lola to be around negative energy. Abby promised to do whatever she could on Kyle's behalf.

Abby returned to the hospital with food for Arturo and promised to help with whatever he needed. Arturo explained that he felt drawn to stay with Lola because something might happen if her family wasn't with her. Abby noted that Kyle felt the same way and wanted to be with Lola, too. Arturo blamed Lola's accident on Kyle because of the way he'd made her feel. After Arturo stepped out to freshen up, Abby sent a text message to Kyle, stating that he shouldn't attempt to visit.

Abby sat by Lola's bedside and promised to look after Arturo. Abby mentioned the restaurant and told Lola she was a genius and an inspiration. After Arturo returned, Abby told him that they should step out for a while to grab a bite to eat. Abby assured Arturo that the nurses would keep a close watch on his sister. Arturo reluctantly left with Abby for a brief respite.

While Arturo and Abby were away, Kyle, dressed like a doctor, entered Lola's room. Kyle told Lola he loved her more than she could ever know. Kyle added that he knew that Lola loved him, too, because she'd stopped by his house to reunite with him. Kyle begged Lola to wake up, and he kissed her forehead. Arturo returned, pulled Kyle away, and yelled, "What are you doing?" Arturo pushed Kyle out of the room and warned him to stay away.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was surprised to see Kerry when she stopped by. Jack seemed embarrassed after he realized that he'd forgotten that they'd scheduled a date. Kerry spread out a blanket and instructed Jack to lie on his stomach and enjoy a deep-muscle massage. Kerry, using techniques she'd learned in Japan, dug her toes into Jack's back, and he responded with utterances of pleasure mixed with grimaces of slight discomfort. Jack proclaimed that Kerry had healed his broken self.

Kerry told Jack she was aware of his deep concern for Nikki. Jack insisted that Nikki would have never intended to kill J.T. Jack expressed concern for Sharon and Victoria and noted that not even Victor had been able to help. Jack said he was also concerned about how Lola's attack had affected Kyle. Kerry pulled Jack toward her, kissed him, and held him close. Jack appeared to release built-up tension while in Kerry's arms.

Mia shows Rey a positive pregnancy test Mia shows Rey a positive pregnancy test
Tuesday, February 26, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was sure that Mariah hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. Mariah worried that Christine had warped everything Mariah had said, and she wondered if she'd made things worse. Tessa pointed out that Mariah was doing the best she could by helping with Faith and the coffeehouse, and she offered to be there for anything Mariah needed. Mariah cautioned that what she was about to ask would be the hardest thing Tessa had done in a while.

At Victoria's house, Michael, Billy, and Nick met to discuss trial strategy. Michael noted that the best outcome would be an acquittal, since there was insufficient evidence to find Nikki and Victoria guilty. Michael recommended that they keep the women as far away from the witness stand as possible. Billy argued that both Nikki and Victoria had to testify, or everyone would think Christine's accusations were true. Michael warned that Christine could dismantle the women's stories upon cross-examination by picking apart everything they'd said and done since that night, including lying to the police.

Nick sided with Michael, and he thought their biggest concern should be Phyllis. Billy urged Nick to talk to her to make sure she didn't say anything that would throw the others under the bus. Nick snarled that Phyllis was out for herself, and he implored Michael to make the jury question her credibility. Michael agreed that it was their best chance at an acquittal, and Billy sourly suggested that they reconvene to form a different strategy once the plan went sideways. Nick informed Michael that he'd been given a search warrant for Dark Horse, and the cops were going through the company's servers. Michael asked what they were looking for.

Michael left a message for Christine, griping that they had an issue about discovery. He hung up and explained that the prosecutor's office was obligated to share any evidence they planned to use at trial, but he suspected that they were dragging their feet to give him less time to refute or respond. Michael intended to strategize once they found out what the evidence was, and he departed. Billy told Nick to let himself out, and he went upstairs to check on the kids. Mariah called Nick and requested to talk to him about Sharon, and he invited her to meet him at Dark Horse. After they hung up, Mariah thanked Tessa for doing it, and Tessa admitted that she was terrified.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at Dark Horse and thanked Nick for taking the time to meet. Nick informed them that he didn't have long, since he'd just been served with a search warrant. Mariah revealed that she'd been called in to give another statement about the party at Victoria's, and she'd been asked about a video that showed the four women dragging a rug into Victoria's garage and loading it into a car. Tessa added that the video had ended up on Dark Horse's server, and she admitted that she'd found the footage and used it to blackmail Nikki.

Mariah sensed that Nick had already known about the video, and he confirmed that he'd also been aware of the blackmail. Tessa swore that the video had been destroyed, but Nick feared that the prosecution would do anything it took to retrieve a copy. He asked if Mariah had known about Tessa's blackmail, and Mariah recounted that she'd found out afterward and that they'd worked through it. Tessa conceded that Nick had every right to tell the police what she'd done, but Nick thought going to the cops would only hurt everyone involved, since succumbing to blackmail would appear to be an admission of guilt.

Later, Nick told Michael about the video that had been on the Dark Horse server. Michael was glad to know what the police were looking for, and he thought they might be able to use the blackmail scheme to their benefit. Nick worried that it would make the women look like they'd had something to hide, but Michael thought it proved why they'd been unwilling to go to the police. Michael considered it good that they were ahead of the game for once.

Jack and Kerry enjoyed a romantic evening over wine at the Abbott mansion. She insisted that he relax while she retrieved another bottle from the wine cellar. She stepped out, and a clearly agitated Kyle arrived home. Kyle recounted how he'd slipped into Lola's hospital room, but he'd only gotten a few minutes to tell her that he loved her and missed her before Arturo had shown up and thrown him out. Kerry hovered outside the room as Kyle lamented that nothing he said was getting through to Lola's brothers.

Kyle noticed two glasses and an empty wine bottle on the table, and he realized that he'd interrupted something. Kerry returned and claimed that she'd just received a call from Jabot about a problem with their newest shade, so she had to go back to the office. Jack walked her out and suspected that there really hadn't been an emergency, and she acknowledged that the emergency was his, since Kyle needed him more than she did. They kissed goodbye, and she departed. Jack assured Kyle that Lola would pull through, and Kyle wondered how it had even happened to her.

Billy returned home to pick up more clothes, and he reported that he'd just left a meeting with Michael and Nick about the trial the next day. Billy added that how it looked was anyone's guess, but they knew for certain that someone was going out of their way to make everything worse -- Phyllis. Billy relayed that Phyllis had claimed to be working with the D.A. to protect the other women, but he thought Phyllis couldn't be trusted. Billy added that the three women in jail and Phyllis' love interest shared the same opinion.

Billy growled that the mother of his children was in jail with no visitation or bail, yet Phyllis was out free, as if nothing had happened. Billy reflected back on the meeting that Phyllis had called at Jabot, and Kyle imagined that Phyllis had needed to act like her hands were clean, or employees and the board would lose confidence in Jabot. Billy declared that Jabot was John Abbott's legacy, and they had to protect it. Billy thought it was time to take back the company, but they couldn't do it without Jack.

Jack opined that Phyllis had earned her place at Jabot, but Billy argued that she'd covered a major crime, so it was a huge risk to keep her at the helm. Jack refused to be part of anything unethical. Billy promised that there would be nothing underhanded, but they might to get their hands dirty. He continued that they needed inside intel, and they'd have to get it from Phyllis' closest confidante -- Kerry. Jack balked at the idea of putting the woman he had feelings for in the middle.

Jack preferred to pull it off without getting Kerry involved, but Kyle protested that Phyllis had implemented a closed-door policy and was shutting them out. Billy insisted that they find out what Kerry knew before it was too late for Jabot. Jack insisted that it couldn't be about destroying Phyllis but saving the family legacy. Kyle asked if that meant Jack was on board, and Jack exclaimed that it was time to put Jabot back where it belonged -- in the hands of the Abbott family, once and for all.

Summer found Phyllis packing a suitcase at Nick's house. Summer revealed that she'd been looking for her mother everywhere, and she wondered what the heck was going on. Summer couldn't figure out how Phyllis had been involved in the craziness with J.T., and she questioned whether her mother was planning to skip town. Phyllis replied that it had crossed her mind, and she answered a call and said she was on her way. Phyllis informed Summer that it had been the Athletic Club, confirming her reservation, since Nick had thrown her out of his house and his life.

Summer was flabbergasted when Phyllis told her about what had happened the night of J.T.'s death and how Victor's arrest had led to Nikki's confession. Phyllis explained that Nikki had tried to make it look like she'd done everything on her own, but the story had fallen apart, and Phyllis had felt that the authorities had needed to know the whole truth. Summer noted that the four women had made a pact, yet only three of them were going on trial. Summer realized that it was why Nick had kicked Phyllis out, and Phyllis denied that she'd done it for self-preservation.

Phyllis swore that sticking together would have destroyed them all, but she could show Christine and the jury that J.T. had been a dangerous threat, and Nikki and the other women had been backed into a corner with only one way out. Summer asked what would happen to her grandmother, and Phyllis was certain that no jury would find a mother guilty for protecting her child. Summer pointed out that if Nikki was convicted, it would be because of Phyllis. Phyllis inquired whether Summer thought she'd done the wrong thing.

Summer remembered asking for Phyllis' forgiveness after what had happened with Billy, and Phyllis had told her that a mother's love was unshakeable. Summer swore that her love for Phyllis was the exact same way, and she thought they needed to have one another's backs. Summer declared that Phyllis was someone she wanted on her team, since Phyllis kicked butt, took names, and made tough decisions. Summer proclaimed that she believed in her mother, no matter what, and they hugged. Summer advised her not to pack too much, since Nick would be begging Phyllis to move back in no time. Phyllis shared that she'd only booked a week at the hotel, and they agreed that they were glad they were on the same team.

Later, Kerry met Phyllis at the Athletic Club. Phyllis inquired whether things had been going well with Kerry and Jack, and Kerry marveled that she usually preferred to keep her partners at a distance, but Jack made her feel safe, happy, and respected. Kerry pressed to know the real reason Phyllis had called, and Phyllis announced that she needed a comrade in arms because they were going to war. Phyllis told Kerry that she'd done what she'd had to do on the night of J.T.'s death, and she'd made a deal with the D.A. because it was her intention to protect her friends and Jabot. Phyllis recognized that she was the face of the company, so she would also be a target.

Phyllis thought she and Kerry were a lot alike, since they'd gotten where they were because they had worked hard and were good at their jobs. Phyllis remarked that times like those could destroy them or define them, and she referred to what had happened at the Jabot meeting. Kerry noted that Billy was out for blood, and Phyllis thought there was no doubt he wanted an Abbott in the CEO chair. Kerry objected to a change in leadership, and she swore that Phyllis could count on her, regardless of who they had to fight. They clinked their drinks together.

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Rey reeled from Mia's announcement that she was pregnant. She cooed that it was what they'd always wanted, but he clarified that it was what he'd always wanted, not her. She called it the best kind of miracle, since they hadn't planned it, but a baby would change everything for them. Mia envisioned the child drawing them closer together and putting more love into their family, and Rey wished he could believe her. She pleaded that he couldn't arrest her, or his own baby would be born behind bars.

Rey asked Mia when she'd found out about her condition, and she responded that he hadn't been there. He wondered if she'd taken a home pregnancy test, and she claimed that she'd thrown it out with the trash the night before. Rey muttered that she was good at destroying evidence, and Mia wished that she'd kept the test so that he could see it for himself. Rey insisted on getting another one to see if the baby was real or if it was just a lie to get herself out of going to prison for what she'd done to his sister.

Mia incredulously asked how Rey could think she'd make up lie about a baby. Rey coldly replied that he didn't know what she was capable of, and Mia wailed that it should be one of the happiest moments of her life, but she was terrified. She rambled about how pregnant women in prison were treated like animals, and she questioned whether he wanted that for her and their child. Rey scoffed at the idea of looking the other way when she'd committed a crime, and Mia swore that it had been an accident. Rey lectured that just because she hadn't hurt Abby didn't mean it was all right.

Mia argued that Rey hadn't been at the Athletic Club when Abby had called her names in front of everyone. Mia reasoned that she'd thought Abby would be angry but okay after Mia had pushed her, but Rey angrily contemplated what would have happened to Lola if Kyle hadn't been there. Mia contended that it had happened really fast, but Rey pointed out that Mia had taken the time to smash Lola's phone. Mia admitted that it had been childish, and she wished that she could turn back time, but she couldn't. Mia begged Rey not to make their baby pay for her mistakes. Arturo called Rey and summoned him to the hospital right away. Rey refused to let Mia out of his sight.

Rey and Mia joined Arturo and Nate at the hospital. Nate explained that he'd been hoping that Lola's numbers would turn around, but her liver was failing, and she would need a transplant. Nate expected her to be fine as long as she didn't reject a donor liver, but they had to take things one step at a time. Nate said they could take part of a living donor's liver to replace Lola's, but they had to test volunteers to find a match. Nate thought it made sense to start with Lola's family, and Rey and Arturo readily agreed to be tested. Rey ordered Mia to stay there, and when he got back, they'd find out whether she had "health issues" or not.

A distraught Mia flipped through a baby magazine. A pregnant woman entered the waiting area, and Mia congratulated her and gushed that a baby was always a blessing. Mia offered the woman the magazine, and she fawned over the cute baby clothes pictured in it. Mia contemplated how much there was to think about and plan, and she asked when the woman was due.

Mia rambled about how a company could make millions if they could find a way to bottle the pregnancy glow. The woman replied that she'd settle for not having to go to the bathroom every five minutes, and she stood up with difficulty, spilling her stack of mail. Mia helped pick up the pile of bills, and she commented that babies were expensive. Mia wondered if the woman was interested in making some extra money for the baby.

Rey returned and found the waiting area empty. Mia appeared and defended that she'd been worried because it had been taking so long. She inquired about the tests, and he said the lab was processing them. She questioned whether the procedure would be safe if he could donate his liver, since she didn't know what she and the baby would do without him. Rey huffed that Mia should be concerned about Lola, since Mia would be facing a murder charge if Lola didn't pull through. Mia hoped to tell Lola about the baby to see if she woke up, but Rey flatly stated that Lola would be there when they got back from the pharmacy, and he led Mia away.

Rey and Mia returned home, and he handed her a bag from the pharmacy. She asked if he couldn't even take her at her word. He conceded that he wanted to believe her, but she'd put his sister in the hospital. Mia reiterated that she'd never meant to hurt Lola, and she grabbed the bag and headed to the bathroom.

A short time later, Mia returned and lamented that it hadn't been the way she'd pictured it, since she would have found a cute way to tell Rey. He demanded to see the test, and he was stunned when he saw the positive sign. She called it "a dream come true," and he sank to the couch and realized that he was going to be a father. Mia exclaimed that they'd be the family they'd always wanted, with a little boy with his eyes or a feisty little girl with her smile. Mia placed Rey's hand on her belly and said the baby was a blessing from God's hands to theirs. She added that he had a decision to make.

Meanwhile, Nate informed Arturo that neither of the Rosales brothers was a match for Lola. Nate suggested that they get in touch with their family and friends and have them tested immediately, since they were in a race against time.

Due to news coverage, Y&R did not air Due to news coverage, Y&R did not air
Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Due to news coverage of Michael Cohen's testimony before the House Oversight Committee, The Young and the Restless did not air.

While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Thursday, February 28, and picked up where the Tuesday, February 26 episode concluded.

Trial begins with opening statements Trial begins with opening statements
Thursday, February 28, 2019
by Nel

At Nick's, Summer and Nick were ready to leave for Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria's trial. Summer informed Nick that she knew about the girls' night at Victoria's because Phyllis had confided in her about the events that had led to J.T.'s death. Summer said she understood why they had done it, but she also understood why Phyllis had shared the information with the D.A. Summer asked Nick to change his mind about how he felt about Phyllis, but Nick reminded Summer that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were behind bars because of Phyllis, and he didn't want to discuss it any further.

Summer told Nick that Phyllis had needed to make a choice, whether she should go to jail with the other ladies or find a way out for all of them. Nick informed Summer that if Phyllis hadn't cut a deal with the D.A., no one would have been charged. Summer asked Nick to keep an open mind, but Nick reminded Summer that Phyllis would be testifying against Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon. He asked Summer to show Nikki and Victoria how much she loved them and not mention Phyllis' name.

Billy arrived at the Abbotts' and told Jack that he wanted to get a change of clothes. He also admitted that he was having a difficult time with the kids while attempting to fill Victoria's shoes with them. Billy asked if Jack had summoned him about their plan to unseat Phyllis as CEO at Jabot, but Jack said they had a much bigger priority -- the trial. Jack told Billy that they needed to attend the trial together to present a united Abbott front. Billy said that he'd dreamed that Victoria had been sent to prison. He said that if that actually happened, he had no idea what he would do.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Mariah fidgeted as she sat at one of the tables, waiting for Kyle. He arrived with two cups of tea and told Mariah that tea would calm her nerves. Mariah admitted that she was a certifiable mess. She said she couldn't sleep or eat, and she was terrified that she would inadvertently say something on the stand that would send Sharon to prison. To keep her mind off the trial, Mariah wanted to change the subject. She asked Kyle why he had wanted to meet with her. Kyle said that Abby had provided him with bad news the previous evening, and he needed Mariah's help. He said it was a matter of life and death.

Rey stood at the kitchen counter in his apartment, deep in thought. Mia walked out of the bedroom and asked when Rey had to be in court. Rey told her that because he was a witness, he didn't need to be in court until it was time for him to testify. When Mia asked about Lola, Rey informed her that there hadn't been any change. Mia commented that all the stress about Lola wasn't good for the baby. She asked if Rey would turn her in to the police because of what she'd done to Lola. Rey said he needed to clear his head, and he left.

When Rey returned after his walk, Mia apologized for putting him in such a difficult position. Rey told her that he had always wanted people to look up to him, and he had wanted to be a role model. Mia said that it was the reason he would make an amazing father. Rey said he wouldn't allow his personal feelings to get in the way of enforcing the law, even if it involved someone he knew, because they had to pay the price. He said that it killed him knowing that Mia had gone after Abby because of their fight and that Lola was the one who had paid for Mia's actions.

Rey said that if anything happened to Lola, Christine would come down hard on Mia, but because he didn't want his child born in prison, he promised to keep their secret. Mia thanked him for protecting her, but she was still concerned about the ongoing investigation and that she would be discovered. Rey assured her that the earring that had been found could have belonged to anyone. The incident would be investigated until the investigation grew cold. He told Mia she was safe. Mia looked relieved.

Mia gushed about the baby. Rey said he would always be the baby's father. Mia asked about their marriage. Rey said that he had been prepared to start the next chapter in his life, but Mia had stopped him from moving forward because of her announcement that she was pregnant. Mia asked if he intended to stay in the marriage because of the baby or because he loved her. Rey said they would stay together, but it would take a long time for him to forgive her.

Rey reminded Mia that she had never wanted kids. He wanted to know if she was happy that she was about to have a baby or if she was happy because the baby was keeping her out of jail. Mia admitted that she'd been afraid of having a baby, but because of everything she'd done to that point, she was excited about expecting a child. She continued to gush about having a baby, the night feedings, and how the baby would have Rey's eyes, but she was afraid that Rey would stop loving her.

Rey told Mia that he wanted to make things official. He said that Mia had to make an appointment to see a doctor and that he would be with her for every appointment and milestone. He couldn't wait to announce that he would become a father soon. Mia said he couldn't do that because it was too early. She told Rey she wanted it kept secret until they were certain. Rey agreed, but he admitted he couldn't wait to shout it from the rooftops.

At the hospital, Arturo was with Lola, explaining that her liver had been damaged and that he and Rey were searching for a donor. He said that he and Rey had hoped one of them would have been a match, but that wasn't the case. Arturo assured Lola that she'd pull through, and he asked her to hold on.

Kyle and Mariah arrived at the hospital. Mariah reminded Kyle that neither Rey nor Arturo would welcome his presence . Kyle advised her not to worry because he would take fully responsibility.

Outside Lola's hospital room, Mariah and the GC Buzz camera crew began a live feed because they wanted to share Lola's story. Mariah introduced Kyle, who told the viewers about all of Lola's great qualities. He told them that Lola had had a crazy dream of one day owning a restaurant, and that dream would have come to fruition in a couple of weeks had an unknown person not assaulted her. He said that the assault had damaged Lola's liver, and she required a liver transplant. He asked the viewers to help Lola by getting tested to see if they were compatible and willing to become Lola's liver donor.

Mariah explained that the donor would only be required to provide a small portion of their liver and that their liver would grow back, but that small portion would save Lola's life. Mariah asked the viewers for their help and thanked everyone in advance as she signed off.

Arturo walked out of Lola's room and confronted Kyle. He asked if the live broadcast had been Kyle's idea, and if it had been, Arturo wanted to know why Kyle hadn't asked for Arturo's permission first. Kyle said that he hadn't given Arturo any thought at all because he had known what Arturo thought about him. Kyle said Lola had been the focus of the live broadcast. His only concern had been to get her the help she desperately needed. Kyle told Arturo that he would do whatever it took to save Lola. Arturo thanked Kyle, and he asked if Kyle wanted to see Lola. Kyle rushed to Lola's bedside.

Kyle told an unconscious Lola how much he loved her. He advised her to rest up because she'd need all her strength. At that moment, Kyle received a text message about his blood test. He told Lola that he'd been certain that he would be her match because he had wanted to be the one who saved her life. Kyle told Lola about Mariah's live broadcast that had aired globally in the hope of expediting the process of finding a donor for her.

In the courtroom, Sharon was pacing. Brittany assured Sharon that she would present the best case for Sharon.

Elsewhere in the courtroom, Nikki and Victoria wanted Michael to put them on the stand so they could testify on their own behalf, but Michael said that Christine would eviscerate them because they had both constantly lied. He told them that his goal was to have them acquitted. He assured Nikki and Victoria that he would find the truth from Christine's witnesses. Nikki wanted to know if they would be acquitted, but before Michael could respond, Victor arrived and asked if Nikki needed anything.

Moments later, Jack and Billy arrived. Nikki thanked them for being there. Jack told Nikki that Abby would arrive later because she was tied up at work. Jack excused himself and approached Sharon. He asked Sharon how she'd been holding up. Sharon admitted that she was frightened. Jack assured her that there were a lot of people rooting for her, Nikki, and Victoria.

Nick and Summer arrived, and after greeting everyone, Nick went to speak with Sharon. Sharon told Nick that she was worried about Faith. Nick assured her that Victor and Mariah had been helping Faith, and Faith had sent her love. Sharon admitted that she was dying to see Faith.

Billy sought out Brittany. He recalled that Brittany and J.T. had previously been close friends. Brittany admitted that they had been, but after she'd discovered what kind of man J.T. had turned out to be, she had put her feelings for him aside. She told Billy that Sharon shouldn't be in prison, and Billy agreed. He added that none of them should be. Brittany told Billy that she had to convince twelve strangers of Sharon's innocence.

At that moment, Christine walked into the courtroom and took her seat. Everyone stared at her with obvious distaste.

Once court was in session, Christine began her opening statement. She outlined the events of the girls' night that had led to J.T.'s death. She stated that Nikki had killed J.T., and Victoria and Sharon had conspired with Nikki to conceal J.T.'s death. She spoke about J.T.'s abuse and told the jury that she had a video of Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon carrying J.T.'s body in a rolled-up rug to her car and dumping J.T.'s body in the park.

Angry, Victor stood up and stated that Christine's statement was an egregious misconstruction of the facts and that Christine had a vendetta against the Newman family. The judge reprimanded Victor. Ignoring the judge's reprimand, Victor accused Christine of putting a Neman behind bars rather than seeking justice. Nick stood up and tried to tell Victor that it wasn't the time to do that, but Victor ignored him. Christine asked that the judge to tell the jury to disregard Victor's outburst and requested that Victor be banned from the courtroom for the remainder of the trial.

The judge instructed the jury to disregard Victor's outburst, but Victor tried to interrupt again. The judge stopped him and provided him with the option of leaving the courtroom of his own accord or being escorted out. Michael stood and told the court that Victor would leave peaceably and allow them to continue without further interruption. After Victor left, Christine told the jury that the elite, like the Newmans, felt that they were above the law, but they shouldn't be permitted to get away with murder.

Brittany addressed the jury with her opening remarks. She asked that Sharon's case be tried on its own merits and completely apart from Nikki and Victoria. She stated that once the jury heard the facts, there wouldn't be anything to convict Sharon of the crime.

It was Michael's turn to address the jury with his opening remarks. He told the jury that the prosecution's theory had been based on pure conjecture and Phyllis' testimony. He told the jury that they needed to consider the facts carefully because Phyllis had provided her version of the truth to the D.A. in exchange for immunity and her freedom. He asked the jury to consider how far Phyllis would go to save herself. Michael wanted them to carefully evaluate everything that Phyllis would say on the stand. Michael stated that the video Christine had mentioned proved nothing, and it did not even prove that the women were moving a body. He said there was insufficient evidence to prove that the crimes had been committed or that J.T. was dead, since a body had never been found.

At that point, the judge called a recess before prosecution called her first witness.

Sharon told Brittany that she was worried and afraid for Mariah. Sharon wished that Mariah had never been dragged into her situation. Brittany assured Sharon that whatever damage Christine might cause while questioning Mariah, Brittany would fix on cross-examination.

Elsewhere, Nick asked Michael about his thoughts about an acquittal. Michael replied that they faced an uphill battle.

Mariah is grilled on the witness stand Mariah is grilled on the witness stand
Friday, March 1, 2019

At the courthouse, Sharon remarked to Nikki and Victoria that it had been a good start, since no one knew how to handle Christine better than Michael did. Victoria bemoaned that she was crawling out of her skin, picturing herself running out of there to get away from the judge and jury. Brittany pulled Sharon aside, and Sharon worried that Mariah would be called to the stand soon. Brittany scolded that the other defendants weren't Sharon's friends, and she ordered Sharon to stop acting chummy with them.

Brittany explained that her strategy was to portray Sharon as an innocent bystander who had been dragged into the chaos, and it wouldn't help if the women looked like friends or coconspirators. Sharon argued that she couldn't pretend that Nikki and Victoria were the enemy, but Brittany urged Sharon to acknowledge that it was the Newmans' drama. Brittany advised Sharon to let Nikki and Victoria take the hit, or they would all go down together.

Meanwhile, Nikki griped that it was obvious that a bitter Christine had a bias against the Newman family, and Michael cautioned that Victor had already been thrown out of the courtroom for pointing that out to the judge. Victoria suspected that every man on the jury understood the instinct to protect one's family, but Michael worried that a rich man yelling at a judge in court might take the jury's opinion of them down a notch. Nikki declared that she had faith in Michael, and he quipped that he'd be flattered if he wasn't afraid that they hadn't given him much to work with. He vowed to fight for them every step of the way.

Michael stepped aside, and Victoria noted that he hadn't been very reassuring. She conceded that they'd given him nothing, and she contemplated whether they should tell him the truth. Nikki firmly stated that the truth was that she'd found J.T. in the park, and he was dead because of her and only her. "You mustn't forget that," Nikki stressed.

In the corridor, Billy asked Jack if Phyllis had always been that vicious and pathetic, and he held her responsible if Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon ended up in prison. Jack figured that they didn't know all the circumstances, including how deep Phyllis was in. Billy groused that Jabot's CEO had ratted out three women to save her own skin, so her reputation was shot, and she'd take their family company down if they didn't stop her. Billy reiterated that they had to oust Phyllis as soon as possible. Abby interrupted and guessed that things weren't going well based on the looks on their faces.

Jack asked if Abby had heard anything from Kyle about Lola, and Summer overheard and wondered if there had been any progress. Abby revealed that Arturo had finally let Kyle visit Lola's bedside and that Mariah had made a public plea to beg people to get tested to find an organ donor. Jack decided to get tested as soon as they were out of there, and Summer inquired about how Kyle was coping. Abby thought it was sometimes easy to forget everything Kyle had lost in his life, and she didn't think he could stand to lose anyone else.

Billy requested a moment with Christine, but she snapped that it wasn't appropriate, citing his relationship with the defendants. Billy recognized that they didn't know one another well, but he considered her to be a straight shooter with a heart. He mentioned that he'd seen Lily in prison and that she wasn't the same woman she'd been before she'd gone in. He demanded to know the point of putting someone like that in prison, and Christine asserted that it proved that if someone took a life, they couldn't go on living their own as if nothing had happened. Christine added that J.T. and Hilary weren't there to speak for themselves, so she was there to speak for them.

Tessa entered the courtroom, and Abby wondered what she was doing there. Nick muttered that he didn't trust Tessa, since bad news followed wherever she went.

Later, Jack was surprised when Kerry showed up, and she explained that she was there because he was there. Abby and Summer stepped away to leave them alone, and Jack took Kerry's hand and thanked her. Billy eyed them as Kerry assured Jack that the lab could wait.

An irritated Nick dealt with his father over the phone. After Nick hung up, he informed Michael that Victor was ready to tear the walls down. Michael remarked that Victor might be the master of the universe, but he was a mere mortal in the courtroom -- and it had been too much to expect him to sit by while Christine scored points.

Victoria asked Billy if he'd checked on the kids, and he reported that they were in school and doing fine. He asked how Nikki and Victoria were holding up, and Nikki said knowing they had love and support there meant a lot to them. Billy expected Michael to shut down Christine's grandstanding, and he groused that the trial was entertainment for too many people. Nikki groaned that it had just begun, and there were bound to be a few more bombshells that would explode right in front of them.

Summer started to head out, and Abby scolded that the recess was almost over, so it wasn't time to walk away. Summer huffed that she had somewhere to be, and Abby accused Summer of only being there so that Nick and Jack would think she cared. Abby declared that Summer was free to go get a mani-pedi, and Summer sarcastically replied that Abby knew her so well. Summer stalked off.

Kerry stepped aside to make a call, and Billy observed that she was falling for Jack. Billy maintained that he and Jack needed to get her on their side and follow through with their plan, but Jack argued that Kerry and Phyllis had a legitimate friendship. Billy contended that love always beat friendship, but Jack preferred to take a different route. Billy called Kerry the perfect insider who could be their Trojan horse, but Jack refused to use her as a prop.

Jack insisted that Kerry had to agree to work with them, but she'd decide what she did and how she did it. Jack proclaimed that Kerry was very important to him, and Billy questioned whether she was as important as Jabot. Kerry rejoined them and imagined from their serious expressions that there had been news, but Billy claimed that it was just a face he put on in court to catch people off guard. Abby announced that the recess was over, and Christine called her first witness -- Mariah.

Christine asked Mariah about the topics of conversation at Victoria's party, but Mariah couldn't remember anything other than how strong she'd made the margaritas. Mariah confessed that she'd been drunk, but Christine inquired whether it was fair to say Mariah knew more than she'd admitted about that night. Christine wondered if Mariah and Victoria were good friends, and Mariah replied that while she admired Victoria, they weren't really friends. Christine pressed to know why Mariah would attend such an intimate evening, and Mariah explained that her mother had planned the last-minute party and had been trying to round up guests on short notice.

Christine referred to Sharon planning the party for Victoria, and Mariah described Sharon as someone who cared about how other people were feeling. Mariah added that Sharon hadn't wanted Victoria to feel sad or alone after she'd broken off her engagement to J.T., and everyone had been there to support Victoria moving forward. Christine haughtily stated that Victoria had certainly gotten J.T. out of her life that night, and Michael objected. Mariah clarified that it hadn't been a crazy night but a few women gathering together to support someone going through heartbreak. Christine asked if Mariah loved her mother, and Mariah replied that she did, more than she could say.

Christine inquired whether Mariah had wanted to testify, and Mariah confirmed that she hadn't. Christine called Mariah a reluctant witness for the prosecution who had information they'd deemed to be useful. Christine wondered if Mariah had passed out until daybreak, and Mariah recalled that she'd woken up alone in the den when it had still been dark out. Mariah continued that no one had been in the living room. She'd thought the other women had left her to sleep it off, but she'd heard Victoria's voice upstairs.

Mariah recounted that she'd knocked on the bedroom door, and Sharon had informed her that the ladies were doing a closet purge. Under Christine's cross-examination, Mariah revealed that she hadn't actually witnessed the purge because she'd never seen behind the closed door. Christine questioned how Mariah had gotten home that night, and Mariah replied that her mom had called a car for her. Christine found it very relevant that Sharon had considered whatever had been going on in Victoria's bedroom more important than her daughter's safety. Christine prepared to show video evidence to the court.

Christine explained that there was no audio to the footage because it had been a complicated retrieval of a deleted file. She displayed the footage and asked if Mariah recognized the women in the video. Mariah identified the defendants and confirmed that the timestamp had been from the night of the party. Christine demanded to know if Mariah had seen the video before, and Mariah claimed that she'd received it as a news tip.

Christine questioned why Mariah hadn't reported the footage to the police, and Mariah figured that videos could be faked. Mariah added that it only showed the women loading something into a car, but Christine ominously stated that they'd done it secretly in the middle of the night. Christine cattily asked about the last time Mariah had been to a party that had ended in a donation run, including a rug. Christine concluded her cross-examination, and Mariah prepared to step down, but Michael warned that she wasn't done yet.

Michael imagined that there had been a name or email address included with the anonymous tip, even if Mariah hadn't recognized it. Michael inquired whether the message had been sent to GC Buzz or her personal account, and she remained silent. He threatened to subpoena the history of both accounts to retrieve the sender's IP address, but he sensed that she already knew where it had been sent from. Michael urged Mariah to save the court time and money by telling the real story about how she'd stumbled upon the video.

At the Athletic Club, Ana presented Devon with an outline of a cost report, and he insisted on spending less on marketing and relying on word of mouth instead. Ana announced that she'd worked up an influencer proposal, and he was impressed that she'd done it in her free time. She reminded him that she was on his payroll, and she asked how he was feeling. He assured her that she didn't have to worry about him.

Ana voiced concern about the panic attack Devon had suffered, and he reasoned that visiting Lola in the hospital had stirred up a lot of difficult memories of losing Hilary. Ana praised him for being brave, but she implored him to take time away if he needed it. Devon was determined to feel things without having to numb himself or hide. He admitted that he wasn't completely fine, but he was getting there.

Kyle approached the bar, and Devon insisted that Kyle join him and Ana. Devon inquired about Lola, and Kyle grappled for a response. Devon said they didn't have to talk about it, and Kyle shared that the doctors and nurses weren't even trying to cover anymore, since time was running out. Devon offered to do whatever he could to get Lola back on her feet, including the use of his jet or contacts. Kyle lamented that what she really needed was a liver donation, so money and connections didn't matter.

Kyle hoped that Mariah's on-air appeal to get people to get tested would help, and Devon realized that it had been Kyle's idea. Kyle credited Mariah with dropping everything and getting a cameraman to do it, and he panicked that Devon had an issue because they hadn't gotten his permission before it had aired. Devon insisted that he was more than happy that they'd made it happen, and Ana asked if anyone could just walk in and be tested. Kyle informed her that the lab was ready, and Devon suggested that he and Ana see if they could help Lola.

Devon, Ana, and Kyle arrived at the hospital, and Devon told Nate that there were two more potential donors. Nate pulled Devon aside, and Devon wondered if his prior meningitis would eliminate him as a candidate. Nate said it shouldn't rule Devon out, but he wanted to be sure Devon was doing it because he wanted to and not because he felt pressured. Devon swore that he wanted to do it and that Ana had been making sure he was fine.

Devon pledged to help Lola if he could, and Nate sent Devon and Ana to a technician. Kyle suddenly blurted out that he'd made a playlist of Lola's favorite songs. He quickly explained that he couldn't be a donor or a surgeon, so he couldn't save her, but it was how he'd made himself useful. Nate called it a good and smart gesture, since familiar voices and songs could cause a spark that medicine couldn't. Kyle entered Lola's room to play it for her.

After Ana and Devon provided blood samples, she praised that he'd done great. He joked that he hadn't been about to fall apart in front of his baby sister. He compared it to when he woke up in the morning without a reason to get out of bed until he heard her singing down the hallway, and it reminded him of the good things in the world. Ana insisted that she was happy to hang around and use all his hot water, but he'd have to find someone else to sing in the shower once she was ready to find her own place. She realized that it was too hard for him to think about it, but he was surprised that more people hadn't asked.

Devon noted that it had only been seven months since Hilary had passed, and he didn't see how anyone could ever follow her, but he wondered about Ana. She shared that she'd tried the couples thing and had even mixed business with her personal life once before, but she wouldn't do it again. She thought she needed time to figure out what she wanted and how to get it, and he recognized that they couldn't plan to fall in love again. Ana intended to put her energy into new songs to earn money to pay off her debts from her shameful past, and Devon again offered to help. She pledged to take care of it on her own by getting her finances straight and saving up for her own place, but she offered to let him buy her a cup of coffee.

Kyle stepped out of Lola's room and ran into Summer. He was surprised that she wasn't at the courthouse, and she brightly pointed out that Arturo had let Kyle see Lola. Summer recalled that she'd talked to her mom all the time when Phyllis had been sick, and she believed it had made a difference. Kyle flatly asked what she was doing there, and Summer bemoaned that she hadn't been able to help her dad or anyone else at the trial, so she'd gone to the hospital to be with Kyle. Kyle coolly informed her that there was nothing she could do for him, either, but she argued that she could take a blood test to see if she was the one who could save Lola.

Summer waited for Kyle to thank her and escort her to the lab, since she was about to be pricked as a favor to him. Kyle questioned her motives, and she declared that she wasn't ashamed of saying she loved him. She asked if he could be more self-centered, and she told him not to make it about himself because her motives were good. She explained that she hated seeing him like he'd had the life sucked out of him, and it hurt her seeing him that way.

Summer reasoned that Kyle shouldn't give "a damn" if she was the one who had the liver Lola needed, and she dared him to explain to the doctors and Lola's family why he needed to give Summer a purity test. Kyle recognized that his head was messed up, and he thanked her for being willing to get tested. Kyle flagged down Nate, who told Summer where to go to have blood drawn. Kyle hoped that more people in the lab meant getting results sooner, but Nate warned that finding a match was just the beginning.

Later, Devon and Ana regretfully told Kyle that neither of them was a match, but Devon swore that it wasn't over yet. Ana offered to put Mariah's plea on the GC Buzz homepage, and Devon promised to have his jet on standby in case a match was found outside the area. Devon and Ana left, and Summer returned from giving her blood sample. Summer exclaimed that her fingers were crossed, since she had a strong, healthy liver in good shape because she believed in moderation -- except when she'd been in Belize. After Kyle stepped away, Summer asked Nate how dangerous the surgery was for the donor.

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