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Mariah committed perjury. Michael exposed Tessa's blackmail scheme. Christine pushed Tessa into admitting that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had kidnapped her. Rey told Mia it was over between them. Victoria testified about J.T.'s abuse. Kyle proposed to Summer so she would be Lola's donor.
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Kyle proposed to Summer so she would be Lola's liver donor
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Phyllis' testimony is incriminating Phyllis' testimony is incriminating
Monday, March 4, 2019

In the courtroom, Michael grilled Mariah about the video showing Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria shoving a rolled-up rug into the back of a vehicle. Mariah claimed that she didn't know who'd emailed the video to her and hadn't even been curious about the identity of the anonymous sender. Michael asked Mariah why she hadn't been curious about why there had been a video camera set up in Victoria's garage. Mariah calmly noted that it was not unusual for homeowners to set up security cameras.

Michael badgered Mariah into explaining why she had never asked the women in the video about its existence. Christine stood and objected, stating that the question had already been asked and answered. The judge sided with Christine's objection.

Michael changed direction with his questioning and asked Mariah who she believed had had access to the video stored on the servers at Dark Horse. Mariah insisted that no one employed at Dark Horse had sent her the video. Michael noted that Mariah couldn't be certain unless she knew the identity of the sender. Tessa seemed unnerved by the increasing tension of Michael's queries.

Sharon turned to Brittany and cried, "Stop this!" The judge intervened and asked Michael what he'd hoped to uncover during his prolonged questioning of the witness. Michael said that he wanted to ensure that Mariah was certain her statements were factual. Mariah replied, "I stand by everything I said."

Brittany approached the stand and suggested that Mariah had grown accustomed to the presence of security cameras when she'd lived with her mother. Mariah agreed. Brittany asked about the reason Sharon had entered Victoria's room. Mariah said she'd been told that Victoria had been purging her closet and that Sharon had been helping with that task.

Brittany asked Mariah if seeing the video of the women moving an old household item into a vehicle seemed consistent with removing unwanted items. Mariah replied, "Absolutely." Brittany agreed with Mariah's statements and ended her questions. After Mariah returned to her seat in the gallery, Tessa reached over and clasped hands with Mariah.

During a recess called to await Phyllis' arrival, Nikki said she'd hoped that Phyllis might have done the decent thing and skipped town. Victoria replied that it was up to Michael to rescue them. Nick questioned Michael about the way he'd suddenly backed off Mariah. Michael explained that he'd laid the groundwork in the jury's mind about the video in case he was later forced to reveal that the footage had been used to blackmail Nikki. Nick's faith in Michael seemed temporarily renewed.

Across the room, a concerned Sharon asked Brittany if Michael was planning to ask Mariah about the blackmail, adding that it wouldn't help their case and would likely "blow up" Tessa's life. Brittany said she didn't know Michael's strategy and added that she had no doubt that Michael would sacrifice Mariah and Tessa to help his clients. In a private conversation, Mariah told Tessa it was evident she'd lied on the witness stand. Mariah, concerned about having committed perjury, warned that Christine might check payroll records at Dark Horse, connect Tessa to the video, and discover that Tessa had blackmailed Nikki for a quarter of a million dollars. Tessa assured Mariah that they cold both relax.

Billy discussed his concerns about Victoria with Jack and Kerry. Billy blamed Phyllis for providing the incriminating video. Jack and Kerry both told Billy that no one knew whether or not Phyllis was responsible. Billy cried that he might have to tell his children that their mother wouldn't be returning from her work trip. Nick encountered Phyllis outside the courtroom and noted that it was killing Victor to be barred from the proceedings. Phyllis promised she would do whatever she could to put an end to it.

After Nick walked away, Summer arrived. Summer sat down beside her distraught mother. Phyllis, sitting on the edge of a bench, admitted it had crossed her mind to get on an airplane and leave town. Phyllis admitted she was joking, took a deep breath, and cried that she had no other choice but to tell the truth. Phyllis added that she would stress to the jury that the encounter with J.T. had been a terrifying night. Summer attempted to lend support, but Phyllis remained jittery and apprehensive.

Back inside the courtroom, Jack noticed that Abby appeared to be distressed. Abby explained that though it had been horrifying to watch the video, it saddened her to realize that Victoria had suffered prolonged abuse from J.T. without feeling she could reach out for support. After the trial resumed, Christine placed Phyllis on the stand and asked how she, Nikki, and Sharon had reacted when Victoria had told them J.T. had been abusive. Phyllis said it had been shocking to learn how J.T. had mistreated Victoria. When Christine asked about Nikki's reaction, Michael objected.

Rephrasing her query, Christine asked Phyllis if Nikki's demeanor had changed. Phyllis admitted that Nikki had been concerned and angered. When Phyllis recalled the beginning of the encounter, she said that Nikki and Sharon had first entered Victoria's bedroom after hearing cries of distress. Phyllis said the first thing she'd seen when she'd entered had been J.T. attacking Victoria. Phyllis spared no details when she described the way J.T. had pinned Victoria against a dresser as he had repeatedly pounded his fist near her ear.

Christine, reminding Phyllis that she was under oath, asked if Victoria had mentioned hitting J.T. in the past. Glancing at the jury, Phyllis noted that if Victoria had, it was of no consequence because J.T. was bigger, stronger, and more powerful. Christine suggested that Victoria had aided and abetted in a man's murder. Michael reacted. The judge pounded her gavel. Phyllis yelled, "It wasn't murder. It was self-defense. We had no choice." The judge admonished everyone, including Phyllis, to maintain order.

After questioning resumed, Phyllis identified the fireplace poker. Christine forced Phyllis to reconstruct how far Nikki had stood from J.T. when she'd hit him with the implement. Christine instructed a bailiff to stand with his back to Phyllis and stressed that Nikki had struck J.T. from behind. Phyllis, prompted by Christine, continued with the reenactment and brought the poker down from over her head to simulate how Nikki had struck J.T. on the crown of his skull. Christine claimed that Nikki had "sneaked up" behind J.T. Phyllis protested and called "sneaked up" Christine's words.

Fighting back tears, Phyllis returned to the stand and told the judge she was aware that the law granted homeowners the right to defend themselves against intruders. Christine, however, insisted that because J.T.'s belongings were inside the home and because no restraining order was on file to bar his presence, J.T. wasn't an intruder. The judge reined in Christine on the matter. Christine then claimed that J.T. had found an alternative entrance into the home because he'd spotted Nikki's car and hadn't wished to be involved in a confrontation with his mother-in-law.

Phyllis stated emphatically that J.T. was dangerous and would have killed Victoria had they not intervened. The judge warned Phyllis that she'd be held in contempt if she didn't control her outbursts. Christine, her voice raised, turned toward the jury and insisted that Nikki's actions didn't in any way constitute self-defense. Michael appealed to the judge, to no avail. Phyllis admitted that she'd talked the others out of alerting the police.

After Christine repeated what the jury had already learned about what had taken place after the women had rolled J.T. in the rug and buried him, she told the jury that Nikki had overreacted when she'd seen J.T. touching Victoria. Christine added that Nikki's actions weren't self-defense and were instead a murder stemming from vengeance. Michael sternly objected, and the judge again warned Christine. Christine issued a weak apology before stating that she had completed her questioning.

When Michael rose to question Phyllis, he noted that she'd cut a deal to avoid prosecution for her role in the events that had led to J.T.'s disappearance. Michael added that no one had proven beyond a reasonable doubt that J.T. was deceased. Christine interjected that Michael was aware of forensic evidence proving that J.T.'s body had been buried in Chancellor Park. Michael said he planned to call his own witness to refute what Christine had stated. The judge overruled Christine's objection to Michael's statement.

Michael asked Phyllis why a body hadn't been discovered in Chancellor Park. Phyllis said she didn't know for certain and suggested that someone else had moved the body. Michael changed the subject and recalled that Phyllis' long history with the Newmans included many instances that had been ugly and painful. Phyllis downplayed her past transgressions and insisted that she had not had scores to settle with either Nikki or Victoria. Michael mentioned Phyllis' grudge against Victor for having subjected her to a man named Marco Annicelli. Jack winced at the mention of Marco.

Phyllis readily admitted that everyone knew she despised Victor. Phyllis added that she separated her disdain for Victor from the feelings she had for others in the family. Michael asked about Phyllis' feelings for Billy and her warning to Victoria to stay away from him. Phyllis told Michael not to make it sound like a threat, and she dismissed it as friendly advice. Michael suggested that a prison sentence might keep Victoria and Billy separated. Phyllis insisted she was testifying to help the defendants. Michael claimed that Phyllis had quickly turned on the others in order to save her own skin.

Next up was Brittany, and she quickly noted that Phyllis and Sharon weren't friends. Brittany, addressing the jury, recalled that Phyllis had begun an affair with Nick shortly after Cassie's death, which had ultimately ended Nick and Sharon's marriage. Brittany noted that after Phyllis and Nick had married, Sharon had become pregnant with Faith. Phyllis acknowledged that it was the truth. Brittany recalled that Phyllis had had an affair with Nick when he'd been engaged to Sharon. Phyllis stressed that it had been one night during a time when she and Billy had split up.

Brittany explained that Sharon, hurt by the affair with Phyllis, had refused to marry Nick at the altar. Brittany asked Phyllis if she lived with Nick. Phyllis replied, "No." Christine objected. The judge overruled, but when Brittany asked if Phyllis and Nick had split up, Phyllis said she'd prefer not to respond. Brittany suggested it was a remarkably efficient strategy for Phyllis to ensure that Sharon and Nick would be kept apart. Brittany added that Sharon had eliminated two rivals with one day of false testimony. Brittany withdrew her damning statements after Christine objected.

After Phyllis stepped down, she quickly exited the courtroom. Summer ran after her mother. The judge adjourned the proceedings for the day. After Michael and Brittany stepped out. Victoria told Sharon and Nikki that Phyllis' testimony had been damning. Nikki said she hoped the jury might be swayed after hearing about Phyllis' grudges against them. Victoria replied, "Remind me to send Michael and Brittany a fruit basket from prison." Sharon asked Nikki and Victoria if they'd been aware that Nick and Phyllis had broken up. Nikki said she hadn't been aware, though she wasn't surprised, given Phyllis' betrayal. Nikki added that Phyllis had never been their ally, and it had been a mistake to trust her.

Outside the courtroom, Phyllis paced and asked Summer if she could believe what had just happened. Summer said it was evident that Christine only cared about winning. Jack, Nick, Kerry, Billy, Mariah, Tessa, and Abby stepped out. Phyllis cried that she couldn't have known that Christine would put a spin on her testimony. Phyllis added that Christine knew things someone else had told her.

Mariah told Phyllis that she'd thrown the others to the wolves and shouldn't expect sympathy. Abby added that all three attorneys had played Phyllis. Billy angrily added that Phyllis didn't "give a damn." Summer escorted her mother away. Billy spoke privately with Jack and said they should act immediately to keep the fallout from Phyllis' testimony from tainting Jabot. Jack said he truly didn't believe that Phyllis had foreseen what had taken place. Nonetheless, Jack agreed with Billy.

After Michael stepped back into the courtroom, Sharon asked about the way he'd dealt with Mariah. Michael didn't respond and instead asked Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Brittany why he hadn't been told anything about the origins of the video. Michael cried that mistrust, secrets, lies of omission, and conflicting stories had hampered his efforts to protect them. Michael warned that they'd all pay the price for being uncooperative.

Summer took Phyllis to the patio at Crimson Lights. Forlorn, Phyllis asked if she'd been right to do what she'd done by telling the truth in hopes that the others might receive reduced sentences. Summer replied, "And none for yourself?" Phyllis cried that Christine had twisted her words. Phyllis added that if the others were found guilty, they'd all blame her. Summer vowed to stand by her mother and make sure everyone knew the truth.

As Summer entered the dining room, she received a call from Nate. Summer was shocked to learn that she was a potential liver donor for Lola. Nate asked Summer to return to the hospital for additional tests. Summer mumbled that she was busy. Summer panicked and ended the call abruptly. Phyllis asked who'd called. Summer, shaken, claimed it was nothing.

Brittany makes Sharon doubt Rey's intentions Brittany makes Sharon doubt Rey's intentions
Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In a conference room at the courthouse, Michael slammed a file down on the table in frustration. He informed Nikki and Victoria that it was a transcript of Phyllis' testimony, and he was sure they were aware how damaging it had been to their case. He promised to do his best to undo the damage, but there was no guarantee of success. Michael gave them two choices -- tell him what had really happened on the night J.T. had disappeared, or risk going to prison. Nikki and Victoria exchanged a glance, and Nikki admitted that everything Phyllis had said in court was true.

Nikki explained that she hadn't planned to confess to murder, but she hadn't been able to stand the thought of Victor going to prison for a crime he hadn't committed. Michael guessed that she'd made up the story about following J.T. to the park to avoid involving Victoria, and Nikki griped that it would have worked if Phyllis had kept her mouth shut. Nikki suggested that Michael put her on the stand to appeal to the jury as a mother who'd been trying to protect her daughter. Michael warned that Christine would use her cross-examination to remind the jury that the women had given a different version of events to the police, and it would take the jury one second to doubt the revised version. Nikki questioned who else could convince the jury that she'd killed J.T. to save her daughter's life.

Victoria opined that she had been J.T.'s victim, so she should be one to take the stand. Michael appreciated that it had been a personal and painful experience, but he had to win the case based on facts, and Victoria had had a tenuous relationship with them. Victoria swore that her testimony would be the truth, but Michael worried that her story had been inconsistent, and he expected Christine to send him a gift basket if he put Victoria on the stand. Michael referred to what Christine had done to Phyllis, and he refused to let Victoria testify. Nikki asked what their next option was, and Michael didn't think they would like it.

Nikki and Victoria were stunned when Michael recommended that they plead guilty. He expected that Nikki couldn't avoid jail time, but he would push for the minimum sentence. He anticipated a combination of probation and community service for Victoria, but he intended to make a strong case for immediate release. Victoria objected to her mom going to prison, but Nikki thought it was worth it if Victoria went free. Nikki reiterated that she was a mother who was doing what was best for her child, just like she had when she'd killed J.T. The women reluctantly agreed to Michael's plan, and he assured them that they were doing the right thing. "I wish I believed that," Victoria muttered.

In another room, Sharon wondered how bad things were, and Brittany confirmed that it would be very bad if they couldn't cast doubt on Phyllis' story. Brittany noted that Sharon had been arrested on February 14, and Sharon mentioned that she and Rey were friends. Brittany inquired whether they'd had a personal conversation that hadn't been about J.T. or the case, and Sharon confirmed that it had been personal until Rey had seen her phone bill. Brittany realized that Rey hadn't been at Sharon's house to discuss work or to arrest her, and she questioned why the detective had been at Sharon's home on Valentine's Day.

Sharon didn't see how her relationship with Rey had a bearing on the case, and Brittany explained that it might make a difference in how she defended Sharon. Sharon maintained that she and Rey were friends, but their friendship was complicated. She revealed that they'd become close when he had first arrived in town, at a time when he and his wife had been separated. Sharon clarified that it had been an emotional connection that might have become something more, but Rey and Mia had gotten back together.

Brittany sensed that it wasn't the end of the story, and she pressed to know everything. Sharon called Rey a good man, and she didn't see the point of ruining his reputation. Brittany argued that the point was to keep Sharon out of prison. Sharon confided that Rey had been at her house on Valentine's Day because he'd had a fight with his wife, and he'd told Sharon that his marriage was over and that he loved her.

Brittany speculated that Rey had wanted to have both Sharon and his wife, but Sharon insisted that he wasn't like that. Brittany clucked that maybe Sharon didn't know him as well as she thought, and she wondered how Rey had happened to see Sharon's phone bill. Sharon recounted that she'd left it on the table while doing her taxes, but Brittany found it odd that he'd examined it that closely. Sharon chalked it up to Rey being a good cop, and Brittany asked if he'd read Sharon her rights before she'd made a statement. Sharon confirmed that she hadn't made a statement but had just unburdened herself, and Brittany noted that it had been to someone who loved her. Brittany implied that Rey's declaration of love hadn't been authentic.

In the corridor, Brittany was surprised when Michael revealed his plan to negotiate a plea deal. He recognized that the damage had been done to Nikki and Victoria's cases, and he was sure Sharon felt the same way. Michael suggested that he and Brittany approach Christine together for a stronger position, but Brittany thought Sharon would be acquitted. Michael suspected that Brittany wasn't telling him something, but Christine approached, and Brittany stepped away.

After Michael shared his request with Christine, she surmised that Brittany didn't want to be part of it. He argued that his clients weren't a threat to anyone. Christine grumbled to tell it to J.T., and she pointed out that her job was to make sure justice was served. Christine questioned why she should make a deal when she thought things were going her way, and he countered that the ground she'd gained could be taken away with one rebuttal witness. Christine conceded that she'd be doing the exact same thing in his shoes, but she wasn't willing to consider his offer. Christine walked away, and Brittany passed by and guessed from Michael's expression that it hadn't gone well.

Sharon was stunned to learn that Nikki and Victoria had both agreed to plead guilty and that Christine had rejected the idea. Brittany thought Sharon's case was stronger on its own, since Sharon had been tricked into confessing. Brittany sympathized that Sharon had thought Rey was her friend, but she imagined that he'd known exactly what he'd been doing when he'd gone to Sharon's house on Valentine's Day. A conflicted Sharon wondered if it hadn't just been that night but for their entire relationship.

Sharon recalled how Rey had befriended her by pretending to be a good Samaritan when her plumbing had broken, and then he'd rented the apartment above the coffeehouse, gotten her a job at the GCPD, and confessed to being in love with her. Sharon grappled with whether it had all been a lie. Brittany considered it one they could use to their advantage, since Rey had used Sharon's feelings for him to trick her into confessing. Brittany thought it spelled acquittal.

Mariah greeted Nick at Crimson Lights and asked if they were okay. He acknowledged that she'd done everything she could to help Sharon on the stand, and Mariah groused that Christine hadn't made it easy. Nick pointed out that Mariah hadn't let Christine use her to make the prosecution's case, unlike Phyllis. Mariah suspected that Phyllis hadn't known what she'd been getting into, but Nick didn't buy it. Mariah asked where things stood between herself and Nick, but he brusquely said he had to go and thanked her again for what she'd done at the trial.

Mariah told Tessa about her exchange with Nick, and she remarked that the news about Nick hating on Phyllis was supposed to cheer Tessa up. Tessa fretted that he hadn't let go of his anger at Tessa, and she expected that he would always hate her for blackmailing his mom and sister. Mariah encouraged her to be happy that none of it had been mentioned in court, but Tessa countered that the case was far from over. Tessa contended that Nick was Victor's son, and she doubted he would forgive those who had betrayed the people he loved.

Mariah figured that she and Tessa couldn't change the past or predict the future, but they could make the best of the present. Mariah was confident Sharon would be acquitted, and she wanted to focus on doing something for themselves after the trial was over, like an extravagant trip. Tessa thanked Mariah for taking her mind off the possibility that she could go to jail, and Mariah proclaimed that there were no real problems allowed on their fantasy vacation.

Mariah and Tessa couldn't agree on a travel destination, and Mariah figured there had to be a place that was perfect for both of them. Tessa suggested San Francisco, and Mariah agreed that it was exactly where they should go the minute the trial was over. Tessa's phone rang, and Tessa answered the call. An alarmed look crossed her face as she asked, "Now?"

Tessa and Mariah arrived at the courthouse, and Tessa thought she shouldn't be surprised that Michael had called her as a witness. Tessa didn't understand how her blackmail scheme would help the defense, but she guessed that Michael had a plan that involved her being forced to testify.

Phyllis and Summer stepped off the elevator at Jabot, and Phyllis insisted that she didn't need a babysitter. Summer imagined that her mother was second-guessing herself for testifying, but she asserted that it wasn't Phyllis' fault that Christine had twisted her words. Summer looked up with interest when the elevator sounded, and she admitted that she'd thought Kyle might be there to provide an update on Lola. Summer swore that she was only there because of Phyllis, and Phyllis assured Summer that she was fine as long as she didn't dwell on how Nick felt about her.

Summer expected Nick to eventually realize that Phyllis had been trying to do the right thing, but Phyllis doubted Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon would let him forget that Phyllis had testified for the prosecution. Phyllis remembered the cold way Nick had looked at her, and she didn't know how to turn that around. Summer assured Phyllis that she could do anything she set her mind to, and she cited how Phyllis had won the job at Jabot over all the Abbotts. Summer declared that no one was better at getting what she wanted than Phyllis was, and Phyllis wanted Nick.

Kyle interrupted and asked if he and Phyllis could go over his marketing plan. Phyllis requested that he make an appointment, since she had something to take care of outside the office. Phyllis declared that she was ready to give her full attention to Jabot, since her testimony, with all its pressure and drama, was over. She intended to keep Jabot as far away from the fallout of trial as she could, and she left. Kyle started to head out, but Summer wanted to talk to him about Lola. He protested that he didn't have time, but she blurted out that she was a match.

Kyle gushed that it was amazing, and he hugged Summer and insisted on going to the hospital. She told him to slow down, since cutting something out of her body wasn't that simple. He argued that it would save Lola's life, but Summer worried about what could go wrong. She recalled that Nate couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be complications, but Kyle lectured that she'd known what it had meant when she'd been tested. He wondered if she was saying she wouldn't do it.

Summer replied that she didn't know, since she hadn't had anyone to talk to because her parents had been busy with the trial. Kyle urged her to tell him everything she was thinking and feeling, but she preferred to go someplace quiet, like the Athletic Club. He recognized that it was an epic decision, and he vowed to do whatever it took to help her realize that being a donor was the right thing to do. They headed out.

Phyllis found Nick in his living room, and he assumed she was there to get the rest of her things. She announced that she was there to talk to him, but he coolly stated that he'd said everything he'd needed to say. She recognized that he was angry that she'd testified, but she believed they could put it behind them. She defended that people always painted her as the villain in town, and she'd lived up to that image, but he really knew her.

Nick snapped that he knew Phyllis was a determined, ruthless "badass," and she pointed out that they were qualities he'd liked. He admitted that he had until she'd used them to hurt the people he cared about, but she maintained that she'd been trying to help. Nick sarcastically congratulated her for doing nothing but making things worse, and Phyllis blasted Christine for twisting her words. Nick scoffed at the idea that Phyllis was completely blameless. "Are you delusional?" he asked.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick considered her responsible for the hatchet job the "nasty bug" had done on her, and Nick huffed that everyone in the courtroom had known that Christine would twist things to her advantage. Nick growled that Phyllis had only been saving herself instead of helping the others by standing by them and having their backs. Phyllis cried that she'd never meant to hurt them, and she was sorry. Nick spat that she'd revealed the soulless woman she was, but Phyllis contended that their love was strong enough to survive it. Nick barked that he would have believed it before she'd hurt the people he cared about more than anyone in world -- his mom and sister. "Don't forget about your precious Sharon," Phyllis hissed. Nick said to let him know where to send the rest of her things.

Later, Nick was surprised to see that Phyllis was still there, and she informed him that she'd grabbed the rest of her things, so he didn't have to send them. He was glad because there was no point in dragging it out, and she reiterated that what they had was worth fighting for. He shared that he'd felt that way once, too -- before she'd turned into someone he didn't recognize. She swore that she was the same person she'd always been, and he remarked that it made him an even bigger fool. He told her that she knew the way out, and he left the room. She sadly looked around before departing with her suitcase.

At the Athletic Club, Kyle told Summer about his research on organ donation. Kyle pledged to do whatever it took to make Summer comfortable with the process, but she preferred to clear the air between them first. She scolded him for being horrible to her, and he apologized. Summer understood that he was worried about Lola, and she reiterated that it had been why she'd shown up to be there for him. Kyle regretted laying into Summer, but she reminded him that he'd accused her of being the one who'd hurt Lola, like a "selfish bitch with no heart."

Kyle swore that it wasn't how he felt, and Summer figured that he was just saying that to get her to be a donor. Kyle praised that getting tested had been the most unselfish thing Summer could have done, and he was sorry for the way he'd treated her. He recognized that things hadn't always been easy between them, but he'd always known she was a good person. She said he had no idea how much that meant to her.

Kyle presented Summer with some literature about being an organ donor, but she whined that it didn't tell her how it felt to risk her life to save another. She imagined that it was terrifying, but Kyle assured her that the surgery would take place at one of the best hospitals in Wisconsin. He wondered what was holding her back, and she assumed that he thought it would be a no-brainer for her, since she would be the center of attention. Kyle recognized that Summer would be making a huge sacrifice, and she'd be a hero, especially to him.

Summer couldn't help but think Kyle was only saying that to get her to do it, and he dared her to name whatever it would take to get her to consent. She realized that he really meant it, and he insisted that saving Lola's life was the most important thing in the world to him. Kyle questioned whether it would take him breaking up with Lola and being with Summer to get Summer to agree. Kyle blurted out that he would even marry Summer if that was what it would take.

Summer accepts Kyle's marriage proposal Summer accepts Kyle's marriage proposal
Wednesday, March 6, 2019
by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Summer was stunned when Kyle offered to marry her if she became Lola's liver donor. Kyle said he had been spinning out of control, but he would do whatever it took to save Lola. He acknowledged that Summer's pursuit of him had been relentless, and he admitted that Summer had won. He agreed to marry her. They would both get what they wanted. Summer asked Kyle if he saw the marriage as a transaction. Kyle admitted it was something he would do for the woman he loved.

Summer scoffed at Kyle's proclamation of love for Lola. Kyle reminded Summer that he had repeatedly told her that he loved Lola. If it meant sacrificing his happiness and the love of his life, he was willing to do it. Summer asked if Kyle was sacrificing his life to be with a witch like her and asked if he thought that his offer made him look noble and romantic. She said that if she agreed to go ahead with that plan, she would appear cold and calculating. Kyle asked if Summer was denying that she was calculating. She couldn't.

Summer stated that Kyle would be hurt by chaining himself to her while he was pining over Lola. She thanked Kyle because his honesty had made her decision easier. She said that Kyle had always underestimated her. She wasn't the kind of person who would blackmail someone into marriage. She said she wouldn't agree to be Lola's donor and began to walk away. When Kyle stopped her from leaving, Summer advised him to stop living in denial. Kyle admitted that he and Lola weren't perfect. There had been an issue about money and some miscommunications that had led to some misunderstanding. Summer said that he and Lola wanted different things.

Kyle told Summer that his and Lola's physical relationship had become an issue, but every time they had broken up, they had always reconciled. Summer said that Lola wasn't right for him -- she could feel it. She had known that things weren't over between her and Kyle and that he had felt it as well. Kyle disagreed. Summer informed him that she would not be Lola's donor unless he was honest with her.

Kyle admitted that when Summer had returned to Genoa City, she had been on his mind constantly, and the more he'd tried to ignore her, the harder it had become. Summer reminded Kyle about the day they had spent at the cabin and the kiss. She said that it had felt good, and it had been right. She said that if they could make a fresh start, she would agree to be Lola's donor. Summer said she knew that Kyle thought he was in love with Lola, but if Kyle and Summer could spend enough time together, Kyle would realize that she was the one for him.

Summer told Kyle that she didn't want any promises. She knew what he needed and what he wanted. She knew that she and Kyle could be happy. Kyle wouldn't need to walk on pins and needles, and she wouldn't try to change him. After a time, Kyle would realize that he had been miserable with Lola, but in time, he would remember that he and Summer loved each other. Summer claimed that Kyle was the love of her life, and eventually, he would love her, too. She assured Kyle that, over time, he would realize it had been a good solution. She promised Kyle that she hadn't tried to trap him.

Summer confirmed that she and Kyle would commit to marriage for one year, and if they weren't blissfully happy by then, they would divorce and go their separate ways. Kyle would then be free to chase after Lola. Kyle agreed. Summer warned Kyle that there would be no reneging after the surgery had been done. Kyle agreed, but he had his own terms. He said that he would not engage in husbandly duties. Summer agreed to his condition.

Summer made a stipulation that Kyle wouldn't tell anyone that she was the donor. Kyle said that they should hold off on the marriage, but when Summer didn't say anything, Kyle realized that Summer didn't want anyone to realize that their arrangement was a quid pro quo transaction. Summer said she preferred everyone to see her and Kyle's union in more romantic terms. Kyle admitted it would be complicated for him, but Summer stated that when a person found the one they wanted to spend the rest of their life with, they wanted to start it immediately.

Kyle advised Summer that he had to tell Lola about their arrangement, or it would become a deal breaker for him. Summer said that once the Rosales brothers found out about her and Kyle, they wouldn't allow Kyle near Lola, but everything would be fine -- Lola would have her family when she woke up, and Summer would have Kyle.

Kyle tried to rush Summer to the hospital to schedule the surgery, but Summer wanted to celebrate. Kyle reminded her that every minute that passed, Lola's condition worsened. Summer said they would leave after one last thing. She wanted Kyle to get down on one knee and propose to her. Kyle balked. Summer said that her body would be cut open for someone she didn't know. She stated that if she died during surgery, she never would have heard the proposal from the man of her dreams. Kyle reluctantly got down on one knee, and, through gritted teeth, he proposed. Summer joyfully accepted while the patrons applauded.

In the courtroom, Michael called Tessa to the stand. He questioned her about the mystery surveillance video. He wanted to know how she'd gotten it. Tessa explained that she had discovered it on Nick's computer at Dark Horse. Michael asked if Tessa had used the footage to blackmail Victoria and Nikki. Tessa remained silent. Michael said that if she couldn't recall, he had something that would jog her memory. He provided the judge with electronic banking evidence that proved that money had been sent from Nikki to Tessa. Tessa admitted that she had received the money.

Michael accused Tessa of being greedy and vindictive. He asked if Tessa had tried to scare the women into paying that money. He said that his clients had been frightened of the blackmailer and what the blackmailer would do next. Tessa tried to apologize to the women, but Michael emphatically stated that Tessa should face criminal charges. Michael asked if Tessa had been afraid that the women would go after her. Tessa said she wasn't because they were good people.

Michael asked if the women had seemed like a good mark for Tessa, but Tessa answered that they hadn't been at first. Michael pointed out that the date stamp on the video had been from the night that J.T. had disappeared. He alluded to the fact that it hadn't been the first time that Tessa had targeted the Newmans. Tessa admitted that she had stolen a gun from the Newmans'. Michael added that that particular gun had later been used by Tessa's sister to kill someone. Michael asked if Tessa and J.T. had been working together, but Tessa denied it. She stated that she had been working late on the night of J.T.'s disappearance.

Christine asked for a recess to allow her to prepare for her cross-examination in light of the new evidence that had been presented. Her request was granted.

Michael informed Nikki and Victoria that they looked better after Tessa's testimony. He said that they needed to create reasonable doubt in order to avoid conviction.

Elsewhere, Mariah told Tessa that she had gotten through the worst of it, but Tessa was doubtful and felt the worst was ahead of her.

At Jabot, Phyllis met with Kerry and commented that she needed to see a friendly face. Phyllis explained that Christine had twisted her words, and Nick had refused to believe that she had tried to help. Phyllis didn't want anyone in jail. Kerry asked what the fallout would be to Jabot if Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon went to jail. Phyllis claimed that she would protect Jabot. Kerry was sympathetic. She told Phyllis that Jack was concerned about how Jabot would be perceived. Phyllis claimed she had a plan, but she wondered if Kerry's relationship with Jack would create a problem for Kerry. Kerry admitted that Jack was a wonderful man, and she cared a lot about him

At that moment, Christine barged into Phyllis' office. Kerry left. Phyllis was angry and shouted that Christine had some nerve walking into her office after Christine had twisted her words. It had made Nikki look like a murderer and the other women like evil henchmen. Christine claimed that she had outsmarted Phyllis. Phyllis demanded that Christine show herself out, but Christine said they would be done when she said they were. She reminded Phyllis that it was a term of the immunity deal. Phyllis said she would rather go to jail first.

Christine assured Phyllis that she wouldn't have to testify, but she wanted the scoop on Tessa. Phyllis complied and told Christine what she needed to know about Tessa.

Kerry returned to Phyllis' office after Christine left. Phyllis questioned Kerry about her relationship with Jack. Kerry assured Phyllis that her relationship with Jack had no bearing on her career. She was surprised that Phyllis would question her about it. Kerry claimed that she had been working her tail off to stay on track.

Phyllis told Kerry that Phyllis would be under a microscope, and because she was a non-Abbott running Jabot, a lot of people would portray her as the villain. She said that she needed to be devoted to the company 100%, and it was time to put her personal stamp on the company to welcome a new era. She asked Kerry to help her transform Jabot and call it the Phyllis era. Kerry said she would prefer to call it the Phyllis and Kerry era. Phyllis agreed and said that Kerry would be compensated accordingly. Phyllis wanted to take things to the next level.

Christine returned to the courtroom and began her cross-examination of Tessa. She asked Tessa where the blackmail money was. Tessa said that she had returned it to Nikki. Christine asked how the women had discovered that Tessa had been the blackmailer. Tessa said that Victoria had been waiting for her in her apartment and that Victoria had been angry. Victoria had given Tessa a choice -- she would either return the money, or Victoria would frame Tessa for J.T.'s murder. Victoria had wanted the surveillance footage, and she'd known where the footage had been hidden because Victoria had installed a hidden a camera in Tessa's apartment.

Christine asked Tessa what Victoria had done with the video. Tessa replied that Victoria had probably destroyed it. Christine asked if that had been Tessa's last confrontation with the women. Tessa said that she'd seen Sharon from time to time. Christine asked if Tessa feared retribution, and, if so, Christine assured Tessa that the court would protect her. She asked about J.T.'s body. Tessa said that she'd been accused by the women of having moved the body.

Christine exploded and said that Tessa's responses were unsatisfactory. She wanted Tessa to tell her if all three women had been present when she'd been questioned. Tessa said the conversation had been tense. Visibly angry, Christine accused Tessa of providing one vague answer after another. Christine suggested that Tessa had hidden the body, but Tessa denied that she'd had anything to do with J.T.'s body. Christine asked why the jury should believe her.

Tessa advised Christine that the ladies had thrown a hood over her head and restrained her. Christine asked Tessa where the ladies had taken her after they had kidnapped her. Tessa said they had been in the woods. They had yelled at her. She said that she had shaken in fear. After the women had questioned her, they'd left her at the side of the road in the wooded area.

Christine asked Tessa what the temperature had been at the time she had been abandoned at the side of the road. Tessa replied that she didn't know, but it had been cold. Christine asked Tessa to identify the women who had abducted her. Tessa pointed to Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon. Tessa claimed that Sharon had been a reluctant participant. The judge excused Tessa after Christine stated that she didn't have any further questions.

Tessa left the stand and the courtroom. She encountered Nick in the hallway. She told Nick that he'd gotten what he'd wanted. Nick claimed that Tessa had gotten what she had deserved, and he accused her of not being able to resist taking the others down with her. Tessa yelled that she hadn't wanted to say anything. She had no idea who had told Christine about the kidnapping, but it hadn't been her. She walked away in anger.

Back in the courtroom, Michael asked Nikki and Victoria why they had withheld the truth from him about Tessa's abduction. Victoria said that they hadn't thought that information would be discovered. Michael asked if they had really believed that nothing about the kidnapping would be revealed. He was livid. He stated that he had never had clients lie to him as much as Nikki and Victoria had. He told them that they had sabotaged him and themselves.

Nick asked Michael how Christine had discovered that information. Michael said that Christine was good at her job, and where she'd gotten the information didn't matter. Victoria asked if Michael would be able to salvage things, but Michael said that if there was a way, he was at a loss.

Brittany stepped forward and said that she might have a way to clean up the mess for them by calling her next defense witness, Rey Rosales. She said that by the time she was done with him, the jury would forget all about Tessa.

Mariah and Tessa were on the patio at Crimson Lights. Tessa told Mariah that the last thing she'd wanted had been to make Nikki and Victoria look bad. She had tried to tell Christine that Sharon had been dragged into the situation. Tessa said she had tried to protect them. Mariah acknowledged that Christine had been merciless, but if Tessa had lied, it would have made things worse.

At that moment, Phyllis arrived. She looked at Tessa and said that it looked like someone had been cross-examined. Mariah asked how Phyllis had known that Tessa had testified. Phyllis informed them that Christine had paid her a visit and had asked questions about Tessa. Phyllis told Tessa that she'd been happy to provide Christine with any information. Phyllis said that she had promised to pay Tessa back, but it had taken a little longer than she'd anticipated.

Mariah congratulated Phyllis because not only had she hurt Tessa, but she'd hurt Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon -- again. She reminded Phyllis about the money, the hidden camera, and the threats. Phyllis claimed that she hadn't given Christine those details; someone else had. Tessa realized that she had given those details to Christine during her testimony. Mariah accused Phyllis of opening that door for Tessa to walk through, and she'd wound up accusing the women of kidnapping her.

Phyllis denied providing Christine with any of that information because she hadn't been there at the time, and she wouldn't have offered it up voluntarily. Phyllis admitted that she hadn't wanted to help Christine with her case, and she swore that she hadn't given Christine any information about Tessa's kidnapping. Tessa realized that Christine had baited her when Christine had mentioned that something else had happened between her and the women. Christine had tricked Tessa into divulging what it had been. Phyllis said that sounded like Christine -- just when a person thought they were helping, they discovered they were really helping Christine bury the women.

Phyllis gave Tessa her coffee and said that Tessa needed it more that she did. Phyllis left.

Mia learns Rey professed his love to Sharon Mia learns Rey professed his love to Sharon
Thursday, March 7, 2019

At the Athletic Club, Summer gushed about Kyle's perfect proposal, and he enthused that Lola had a real shot, thanks to Summer. Summer looked forward to being Mrs. Kyle Abbott and having the chance to show that they belonged together forever. Kyle reiterated that he was doing it for Lola, and Summer stressed that no one could find out that she was going to be Lola's donor. Kyle agreed to whatever Summer wanted, and she started planning their wedding. He said he had some things to take care of, but he promised that they would discuss everything later. He pressed his lips to hers and headed out, trying to hide a look of disgust.

Kyle stepped into Lola's hospital room and took Lola's hand. He told her that a miracle had happened -- they'd found a healthy living donor, so she was going to get the transplant she needed. He thought it should have been him, but all that mattered was that everything would be okay. He envisioned her getting well, leaving the hospital, and living a long, full life in which every one of her dreams would become a reality.

Kyle realized for the first time what it was to really love someone and to put their happiness ahead of his own. Nate appeared and asked if everything was okay. Kyle exclaimed that things were more than okay, since Summer had agreed to be a donor. Kyle advised Nate to only discuss it with him and Summer, since she'd only consented to the procedure if her donation remained anonymous. Kyle wondered how soon they could schedule the surgery, and Nate cautioned that it would take a while to set up. Kyle pledged to make sure Summer did whatever the doctors needed her to do.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club in response to an intriguing text message from Summer. Summer reasoned that she'd had to make it interesting to pry Phyllis away, and she announced that she had some exciting news that she wanted her mother to be the first to know. Phyllis guessed that Summer had found a new boyfriend, but Summer declared that there would be no more boyfriends, since she was engaged. Phyllis' jaw dropped.

Phyllis stammered that she hadn't even known Summer was seeing someone, and Summer chirped that there was only one guy she'd marry. Phyllis realized that it was Kyle, and she was stunned because he'd been serious about Lola. Summer referred to the attraction and love in her history with Kyle, but it had never been the right time. Summer wrote off the thing with Lola as not being as serious as it had seemed, and she claimed that Kyle had been confiding in her since he and Lola had broken up for good. Summer rambled about how they'd reaffirmed how connected they were, but Phyllis sensed that there was more going on than Summer was admitting.

Summer whined that Phyllis hadn't congratulated her yet, and Phyllis struggled to comprehend the idea of Summer and Kyle being engaged. Summer squealed that he'd gotten down on one knee, and Phyllis flatly asked if Summer was pregnant. Summer questioned why her mother would assume that, and Phyllis explained that she was trying to make sense of it. Summer insisted that she and Kyle loved one another, but Phyllis didn't buy it.

Summer recounted that she and Kyle had been talking about everything they'd been through and what they had in common when he'd suddenly asked her to marry him. Kyle returned, and Summer excitedly hugged him. He whispered that they had to talk about the surgery. Summer informed him that she'd been telling her mom their news, and Kyle imagined that it had seemed unexpected but that Summer had explained. Phyllis wanted to hear it from him.

Kyle stated that he and Summer had always been connected, and he'd realized that day with utter clarify that it was what he wanted. Phyllis found him persuasive, although she was surprised because he'd seemed smitten with Lola. Kyle carefully worded that his relationship with Lola had been a challenge because they were so different, but they hadn't wanted the same things, and he and Summer did. He pointedly added that it was just a better match, and he'd found himself proposing before he'd known what had happened. Summer cooed that in that moment, she'd known it was what real love felt like, and they kissed.

Kyle hoped for Phyllis' blessing, and Phyllis said she was happy if Summer was happy. Summer hugged her and prepared to run some errands, and she whispered in Kyle's ear that she was heading to the hospital. After Summer left, Phyllis remarked that despite her differences with Kyle, she was very happy that he was marrying her daughter. She hoped it was more than just a whim or rebound for him, since Summer was more sensitive than she let on. Phyllis expected Summer to be devastated if he reneged on his proposal.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack presented Kerry with a spread of her favorite foods in the living room. He guessed that she'd skipped lunch again, and he clucked that she was beautiful but worked too hard. Kerry marveled that she'd found the antidote to an ordinary day, since he'd transformed it into a mysterious special occasion. Jack said he loved seeing her eyes light up, but she suspected that there was more to it than what he was saying. He added that he loved that they were starting to get to know one another better, and he hoped that day was just the start of an exciting new chapter in their relationship.

Kerry enjoyed sampling the food, and she pressed Jack to reveal the new vision he had for them as a couple. He noted that she seemed tense, and he rubbed her shoulders. She groaned that she'd taken on too much at work, since Phyllis was feeling the need to put her personal stamp on the company. Kerry shared that Phyllis had asked her to design a signature product to signal a new era. Jack imagined that it was to change the narrative regarding the company's leadership, and he was glad Kerry felt comfortable talking to him about work.

Kerry figured that Jack was a board member, and he respected that the board had voted Phyllis in as CEO. He asserted that he'd consciously stayed out of the company's operations, but he couldn't help but wonder if Phyllis felt pressure from the devastating impact the trial was having. Jack referred to the extra stress Phyllis was putting on Kerry, and he thought Phyllis sounded like a floundering executive who was in over her head. He wondered if it was time to worry.

Kerry argued that Phyllis wasn't a defendant, and Jack countered that it was because Phyllis had done an incredible job of protecting herself. Kerry doubted the public would fault Phyllis for it, but Jack worried that the story wouldn't go away. He respected Kerry's loyalty to her boss, but he insisted that his had to be to Jabot. He thought he had to get in front of it to avoid disaster, and he asked Kerry to keep him informed of Phyllis' plans so he could take steps if necessary. Kerry incredulously realized that he expected her to give him inside information so he'd know the best time to strike. Kerry protested that Phyllis wasn't just her boss but also her friend -- and Jack was asking Kerry to betray her.

Jack implored Kerry to think about Jabot and the people whose livelihood depended on solid leadership. He thought they could protect the company by charting a new course, but she balked at the idea of spying. Jack hoped she'd see the larger picture, but he wouldn't push it. Kerry pointed out that she'd never said she wouldn't do it, but there had to be something in it for her. He envisioned the possibilities being limitless if he was back in charge, but she firmly stated that to feel comfortable siding with him over her friend, he needed to make her an offer in writing.

At the courthouse, Rey told Mia that he expected his testimony to be dry and technical, so she didn't have to stick around. She insisted that she and the baby stay to support him, since she knew how hard he'd worked on the case. He informed her that he'd be testifying for the defense, and she wondered why. He explained that it was a common strategy for the defense to try to find an error in the policework, but he was confident that he'd done everything right.

Inside the courtroom, Nikki contemplated why Brittany wanted to call Rey as a witness, and Michael grumbled that Brittany obviously knew something they didn't. Meanwhile, Brittany assured Sharon that she was positive about her decision. The trial resumed, and Brittany called Rey to the stand. Brittany requested that Rey help the jury understand the sequence of events that had led up to Sharon and the others being arrested and charged with murder.

Brittany recalled that the D.A. had been prepared to put Victor on trial for killing J.T., and Rey had been about to escort Victor to the courthouse when Nikki had abruptly confessed. Brittany added that the police had arrested Phyllis, Victoria, and Sharon the next day in connection with the same crime, and Rey stated that the timeline was correct. Brittany inquired why he'd believed the three women had also been involved, and Rey divulged that Sharon had confessed to him. Brittany questioned whether Sharon had confessed to Rey while they'd been on duty, and Rey said no. Brittany pushed Rey until he admitted that it had happened at Sharon's house, and Mia's anger flared.

Brittany asked if Rey was married, and she insisted that it was relevant why a married man had been at Sharon's house on Valentine's Day. Rey carefully replied that he'd gone to speak to Sharon about an unrelated matter, and Brittany asked if it had been personal. Rey explained that he and Sharon had become friends and that he rented an apartment from her. Brittany established that Sharon had been home alone, working on her taxes, when Rey had arrived at her house. Brittany inquired how their talk had led to an alleged confession, and Rey recounted that there had been paperwork spread everywhere and that he'd noticed a phone bill with a call to 9-1-1 on the night J.T. had disappeared.

Brittany insinuated that there had been another reason Rey had visited Sharon on Valentine's Day, and it had been why Sharon had felt comfortable confiding in him. Brittany asked if Rey had told Sharon that he was in love with her that night, and he tried to avoid answering the question as Mia seethed. Brittany reminded Rey that he was under oath, and she demanded to know if he'd said anything to Sharon that had made her feel at ease enough to share her deepest secrets with him. Rey admitted that he'd told Sharon that he loved her.

Brittany asked how certain Rey had been about Victor's guilt, and Rey replied that he'd been certain enough to arrest Victor. Brittany insinuated that Rey's credibility had taken a hit when Nikki had suddenly confessed, but Rey denied it. Brittany inquired about the conversation Rey had had with the D.A. after Victor's case had fallen by the wayside, and she imagined that Christine had impressed upon him the need to be absolutely sure they got a conviction because the department couldn't afford another embarrassing mistake. He indicated that both he and Christine had wanted justice, so they'd acted as a team to that end.

Brittany established that Rey had known that Sharon had been with Nikki on the night J.T. had disappeared, and she suggested that he'd professed his love to Sharon to lull her into a false sense of trust. Rey called the allegation ridiculous and insulting, and Brittany contended that the only other explanation was that he'd been sincere about being in love with Sharon. Brittany taunted that he couldn't have it both ways. Mia glowered as Rey insisted that he was a happily married man.

Brittany turned back to her first theory that Rey had only said he was in love with Sharon to elicit a confession from her. Rey protested that it hadn't been like that, but Brittany accused him of tricking her client into trusting him. Brittany asserted that the entire case was based on Rey manipulating Sharon, and she cited how he'd groomed Sharon over time to gain her trust by doing repairs, renting an apartment from her, and handing her a job. Under Brittany's cross-examination, Rey said he wasn't aware of Sharon having any history with J.T. and that he wouldn't call her a friend of the other defendants.

Rey confirmed that Sharon had hosted the girls' night at Victoria's house to cheer Victoria up after her breakup with J.T. Brittany painted Sharon as a woman with a good heart who'd been at the wrong place at the wrong time and who'd made a mistake trusting a man who'd said he loved her -- a detective who'd wanted to avoid an embarrassing stain on his career. The judge sustained Christine's objection, and the judge asked if Christine had any questions. "I most certainly do," Christine ominously replied.

Christine asked Rey if he'd manipulated or coerced Sharon into making a confession, and he vehemently denied it. Christine wondered what had prompted him to ask Sharon about the 9-1-1 call, and Rey explained that the date had been seared into his brain. Rey added that Sharon had been a person of interest who had been questioned even before he'd started working on the case, and when he'd seen the phone bill, he'd immediately thought that perhaps she'd placed a call about J.T. Rey recounted that Sharon had admitted making the call, but she hadn't been under duress.

Christine mentioned that Rey had just told Sharon that he loved her at the time, and Rey insisted that one thing hadn't had anything to do with the other. Christine inquired whether Sharon had reciprocated Rey's feelings, and Rey said she had. Rey swore that he hadn't tricked Sharon into admitting anything, and Christine inquired whether it would have been illegal if he had. Rey explained that it was a tactic often used in standard police procedure, but he hadn't been planning on arresting Sharon. Rey insisted that he'd merely listened while Sharon had voluntarily talked, so there had been no need to read her Miranda rights.

Christine asked if Sharon had shown any sign of regretting that she'd confessed, and Rey indicated that Sharon had seemed relieved that she'd finally told the truth -- until she'd spoken to her lawyer and changed her mind. Christine inquired whether Rey's personal feelings had been an impediment in getting to the truth, but Rey contended that what he'd felt or hadn't felt was irrelevant, since he'd treated Sharon the same way he'd treat anyone who'd spontaneously confessed to a serious offense. Rey further noted that Sharon had corroborated Phyllis' statement. The judge called a recess.

"What the hell, Rey?" Mia raged, insisting that they talk. Christine lectured that they were in the middle of an important trial, and she ordered Rey to get to the police station. Meanwhile, Nikki sourly asked why Sharon hadn't told them about Rey, and Victoria realized that it finally made sense why they'd been arrested. Sharon defended that she'd been in an impossible situation when Rey had seen the phone bill, but Victoria recalled seeing the chemistry between Sharon and Rey from the beginning.

Sharon insisted that Rey was a decent man who'd backed away and recommitted to Mia, but Nikki wondered if there was still something between Sharon and Rey. Sharon recalled that she'd thought Rey had poured his heart out to her on Valentine's Day, but she'd been grappling with whether he'd just been playing her the entire time. Michael pulled Nikki and Victoria aside and recommended that they change their strategy.

Michael fretted that Rey's testimony had tainted Nikki and Victoria in the eyes of the jury, since Sharon's confession had backed Phyllis' version of events, yet Nikki and Victoria's stories remained conflicted. He thought the jury needed to hear the whole truth about why they'd done what they had, and Nikki voiced her eagerness to testify. Michael preferred that Victoria take the stand to tell everything about her relationship with J.T. "I'm putting domestic violence on trial," Michael declared.

At the police station, Christine confronted Rey about playing on Sharon's feelings to get a confession. Rey reiterated that he would never do that, and he insisted that he and Sharon had never been romantically involved and had never violated the department's rules. Christine blasted him for blindsiding her in court, and she demanded to know what else he hadn't told her. He defended that Sharon hadn't been on the list to testify, and he'd thought what they'd discussed in private had been irrelevant. Christine understood that he'd been protecting his reputation and his marriage, but she wished it hadn't been at her expense. Rey asked if she wanted his resignation.

A livid Mia returned home and grabbed a bottle of beer out of the refrigerator. She held it to her lips, but she touched her belly and stopped. Later, Rey found Mia with the beer bottle sitting in front of her. She revealed that she'd been upset enough to almost take a drink when she'd gotten home, despite being pregnant.

Rey recognized that his testimony had sounded bad, but he swore that Brittany had put a big spin on things. Mia warned him not to try to convince her that she hadn't heard what she and everyone in the courtroom had heard -- that her husband and the father of her unborn child was in love with another woman.

Victoria testifies about J.T.'s abuse Victoria testifies about J.T.'s abuse
Friday, March 8, 2019

At Rey and Mia's apartment, Mia turned her framed wedding photo facedown. She dared Rey to admit that what he'd said in court was true, since she'd heard it along with everyone else. He swore that nothing was going on between him and Sharon and that Mia was the woman he wanted. Mia figured that it was only because he couldn't be with Sharon after he'd arrested her for taking part in a murder. Mia ordered Rey to look her in the eye and tell her it wasn't true.

Mia observed that Rey wasn't denying that he was in love with Sharon, but he stressed that he was committed to Mia and their child. She snapped that it wasn't enough, and he griped that it was never enough for her. She ranted that she'd been working her "ass off" to make something of herself and have a better life than her parents, but he considered her the devil, while Sharon could do nothing wrong, even though she was on trial for murder. Mia questioned whether Rey had any idea how it had felt to sit in the courtroom and hear him confess that he'd told Sharon he loved her. She called herself an idiot for moving to Genoa City to be with her loyal, faithful husband.

Mia hissed that she'd known from the minute that she'd seen Rey and Sharon together that he had feelings for Sharon, and she demanded to know how they could expect to move forward in their marriage. Rey retorted that Mia had slept with his brother and that her jealousy over Abby had almost cost his sister her life. Mia insisted that she was over Arturo, but Rey reminded her that she'd called his brother's name while they'd been making love. He warned her not to act like the betrayed, innocent wife when she was the one who'd cheated.

Rey bemoaned that it had been like a knife going through his heart when Mia had said Arturo's name, and he'd had to "get the hell away" from her. Mia realized that he'd run straight to Sharon, and Rey claimed that he'd said what he had when the pain and anger had poured out. He reasoned that there were all kinds of love, and Mia flatly asked if he'd slept with Sharon. Rey vehemently denied it, but Mia didn't know if she could forgive him for obviously having deep feelings for Sharon. Rey scoffed at the idea that Mia couldn't forgive him, and he declared that he couldn't keep trying to live a lie anymore. "I'm done," he firmly stated, and he confirmed that he was in love with Sharon.

Mia set her wedding photo upright. With a trembling voice, she said she'd known it was true, but it hurt to hear Rey say it. Rey thought all they ever seemed to do was hurt one another, and Mia asked if it was payback for her sleeping with his brother. She recognized that she was the one who'd blown up their marriage, but she'd always thought he'd been better than her, and that was what hurt the most. She reminded him that he'd promised to fight for their marriage, but it had all been a lie.

Rey swore that he'd tried to make things work, and Mia barked that he couldn't because of Sharon. Mia pleaded that she could fix it, but Rey said it was too late. He remembered swearing that he'd never break up his family, but he forced her to look at what they were doing to one another. Mia offered to go to counseling and devote herself to being a better wife, since their life together was just starting, and they were about to have a baby. She demanded to know how she could do that to their child.

Mia begged Rey to give them another chance, but he said he couldn't. She started to drop to her knees, but he firmly stated that there could be no more pretending or lies. He pledged not to abandon her or the baby, but they couldn't be together anymore. She blamed it on Sharon, but he argued that Mia still had feelings for Arturo, and he couldn't forget what she'd done to Lola. He agreed to keep Mia's secret like he'd promised, but that was all he'd do. Rey exited to visit Lola, and Mia broke down in tears.

In the courtroom, Michael addressed Victoria on the stand. He sympathized with how difficult it was, and he urged her to take her time. He asked that she tell the court about her relationship with J.T., specifically during the last year of it. Victoria explained that J.T. had returned to town after he and Mac had separated, but he hadn't explained why. Victoria had later found out that Mac had filed for divorce and sole custody of the children. Victoria recalled that she and J.T. had grown close, and she had asked him to move in. She added that they'd been happy at first, but he'd become abusive, both emotionally and physically.

Michael inquired whether Victoria had told her family or friends about the abuse, but she admitted that she'd been too ashamed. Michael established that Victoria had confided in her therapist, and he submitted the doctor's notes into evidence. Michael introduced video footage that demonstrated J.T.'s violent behavior, and he pointed out that the police had had possession of it, but the D.A. had decided not to introduce it into evidence. Victoria squirmed uncomfortably as Michael played the video of J.T. pinning her up against the wall and slamming his fist next to her head. Michael criticized Christine for portraying J.T. as a victim when it was obvious from the video that it had been the other way around.

Victoria revealed that J.T. had been angry because her ex-husband had implied that J.T. had gotten his job at Newman Enterprises because of her and that she was J.T.'s boss. Victoria recalled that J.T. had accused her of being too controlled by her family, especially her father, and he'd called her weak and a bad mother. Victoria shared that she'd tried to walk away, but he hadn't let her, and things had escalated quickly. Victoria stated that J.T. had been a lot stronger than her, and she'd fought back and hit him. Michael referred to Phyllis' testimony about Victoria hitting J.T., and Victoria insisted that it had only happened one time.

Michael inquired whether the footage in the video had been the first time J.T. had abused Victoria. She clarified that it had been the first time he'd gotten physical, but he had been emotionally abusive for months. She described the subtle comments about her faults, and Michael reasoned that it could have been constructive criticism. Victoria recounted that J.T. had acted like he'd just been looking out for her by making her aware of her flaws, but all he'd done was make her doubt herself.

Victoria testified that J.T. had apologized when she'd had the courage to challenge him, and she'd kept giving him more chances until she'd had enough and ended things, but he'd refused to accept it was over. Victoria said it had been why he'd broken into her house that night, and Michael asked what she'd told the police. Victoria admitted that she hadn't been honest with the authorities or with Michael because she'd been afraid no one would believe what had happened. Victoria prayed that people believed her and understood, since she felt it was time for everyone to hear the truth.

Michael prompted Victoria to talk about the evening J.T. had broken into her home. Victoria recounted telling the others about J.T.'s abuse and later finding J.T. in her bathroom, wanting to get back together. Victoria had asked him to leave, but he hadn't. Victoria remembered staying strong and maintaining that it was over, and he'd called her a "stone-cold bitch" and blamed her father for poisoning her mind against J.T. Victoria recalled J.T. saying that they would have been better off if Victor had died, and she had realized that J.T. had been the one who'd tried to kill her father twice.

Victoria said she'd tried to call the police, but J.T. had ripped the phone out of her hand and backhanded her hard across the face when she'd attempted to run to the door. She remembered trying to crawl away from him, but he'd pinned her against the dresser, and she'd thought he was going to kill her. She continued that J.T. had suddenly collapsed, and she'd seen her mother holding the fireplace poker. Michael asked if Nikki had known J.T. had been in the house, and Victoria replied that no one had. Michael pointed out that Nikki hadn't had any idea what to expect when she'd walked in, and Victoria stated that Nikki hadn't wanted J.T. to die -- she'd just wanted Victoria to live.

Michael questioned why the women had covered things up instead of calling for help if Nikki had only acted to save Victoria's life. Victoria said she, Nikki, and Sharon had wanted to call 9-1-1, but Phyllis had convinced them not to because no one would believe it had been self-defense. Victoria remembered being in shock and scared out of her mind, and Phyllis had played into her fears until Victoria hadn't trusted her own judgment anymore. Michael found it ironic that Phyllis had agreed to testify for complete immunity, even though she'd had the idea to cover up what had happened that night.

Christine recognized that domestic violence was a very real problem that could happen anywhere to anyone. Victoria pointed out that she was proof of that, and Christine said she was sorry for what Victoria had gone through. Christine inquired whether Victoria had sustained injuries that had required medical attention, and Victoria said no. Christine asked what had happened after the incident on the video, and Victoria recalled that she'd gone upstairs. Christine established that J.T. hadn't tried to stop Victoria, and she questioned whether Victoria had called the police or kicked him out of the house. Victoria answered no.

Christine argued that Victoria could have gotten a restraining order against J.T. Victoria countered that it had only happened the one time, and Christine noted that Victoria had not only stayed with J.T. but had also gotten engaged to him. Victoria regretted it, and Christine wondered why she'd agreed to marry him. Victoria had believed things would get better, and J.T. had promised it would never happen again -- and it hadn't until the night in question. Christine scoffed at the thought that J.T. had been so out of control that Nikki hadn't had any other choice but to kill him.

Christine asked what had caused Victoria to break up with J.T. Victoria cited his continued emotional abuse, including locking her phone away to cut her off from everyone when they'd been on a family trip to Hawaii. Victoria recounted that he'd tried to convince her to move away from Genoa City with him and the kids, and she'd discovered that he'd leaked a memo about her demotion at work to the press to publicly humiliate her so she wouldn't want to return home. Christine questioned whether Victoria and J.T. had argued about his police undercover work to investigate her father's company, and she insinuated that it had been the real reason the couple had broken up.

Victoria conceded that it had been part of the reason, and Christine asked if Victoria had told Nikki that J.T. had been spying on Victor just before Nikki had hit J.T. in the back of the head. Christine summarized that the four women had agreed to stay silent, rolled J.T. up in a rug, and buried him in Chancellor Park. Victoria swore that she'd never regretted anything more in her life, since the guilt had been completely overwhelming. Christine chided that the guilt hadn't been enough to tell the authorities the truth. Victoria protested, but Christine cut her off by saying she had no further questions.

Brittany opted not to cross-examine Victoria, and Michael asked to redirect. He asked Victoria to describe what she'd been feeling the moment before her mother had struck J.T., and Victoria said she'd been scared she'd never see her children again. He questioned why she hadn't gone to the police, and she contended that one couldn't understand what it was like to be a victim of abuse unless one had experienced it for themselves. Victoria figured that there had been no point in telling anyone, since there was video footage of what J.T. had done to her, yet the D.A. was still questioning whether J.T. had been a threat. Michael wondered what Victoria thought would have happened if Nikki hadn't acted so quickly, and Christine objected, but Victoria declared that she'd be dead. The judge struck the remark from the record. The defense rested.

Brittany approached Sharon, who imagined it had been awful for Victoria to relive what J.T. had done to her. Brittany recognized that some women never got the chance to tell their stories, and even though many brave women had stepped forward, many people still didn't believe the truth, even when they saw it. Brittany doubted that Victoria had done any harm to her case, and Sharon asked if it was why Brittany hadn't asked Victoria any questions. Brittany planned to use Rey's testimony to build a strong defense for Sharon, and she hadn't wanted to risk Victoria contradicting it.

Nikki scowled at Sharon's "poor me" look, and Victoria grumbled that Sharon was the reason they were there. Nikki figured that it was typical of Sharon not to keep her mouth shut, and Victoria hoped her testimony had undone some of the damage Rey's had done. Michael thought the jury had clearly been affected by Victoria's testimony, but he worried that Christine was good at her job.

Over the phone, Nick informed Victor that Victoria hadn't faltered, and he thought Victor would have been proud of her. After he hung up, Billy swore that he'd kill J.T. himself if the "bastard" wasn't already dead. Nick said Billy would have to get in line, and Billy wished that he hadn't pushed Phyllis to attend the girls' night, since the women would have called 9-1-1 if Phyllis hadn't been there. Nick refused to accept that there was nothing he could do, and he referred to the person who had been hiding at the ranch. Billy wondered if Nick thought J.T. was still alive, and Nick pointed out that it would explain why the police had never found a body. Nick thought it could be the thing that saved Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon.

In her closing statement, Christine referred to the indisputable facts that Nikki had killed J.T. by hitting him in the back of the head with a poker and that the four women had dragged his lifeless body to the park and buried it. She believed the case was also about the choices the defendants had made that night. She accused the women of rejecting the choices of calling for medical help or telling the truth, opting to cover up the crime by burying J.T. in the park like roadkill. Christine noted that the women had had many opportunities to tell the truth but hadn't, and she believed Nikki and Victoria were happy that J.T. was dead.

Christine pointed out that there was nothing to corroborate that Nikki hadn't had any other choice but to murder J.T., and Sharon hadn't been an innocent bystander because she'd helped dig the grave. Christine asserted that the defendants had chosen to end a life, so finding them not guilty would be a disservice to J.T. and the community. She urged the jury to consider the facts and find them guilty of being judge, jury, and executioner.

Brittany insisted that Sharon be viewed separately from the others, since, unlike Nikki and Victoria, Sharon hadn't had any reason to want J.T. dead. Brittany contended that Sharon had found herself in a horrific situation, and her first reaction had been to call 9-1-1, but others had pressured her to keep quiet. Brittany defended that Sharon had done it out of fear that the grandmother of her children would go to prison, and Rey had pretended to be in love with Sharon to get information out of her to advance his career. Brittany accused Rey, Nikki, and Victoria of taking advantage of Sharon's goodness, and she stated that the only reason Sharon was there was because the other defendants and a police officer who'd claimed to be her friend had used her. Brittany implored the jury to find Sharon not guilty.

Michael mentioned reasonable doubt, and he explained that if the jury found both conflicting stories credible, then they had to find the defendants not guilty. He blasted the prosecution for painting J.T. as a victim and not the angry, violent man that they'd seen abuse Victoria in the video. Michael added that the police acknowledged that J.T. had tried to kill Victor twice, so it was preposterous for Christine to suggest that J.T. hadn't been capable of taking Victoria's life. Michael called J.T. a dangerous man who'd terrorized his fiancée, and he cited studies that had shown that once someone had tried to choke their partner, there was a strong likelihood the violent behavior would escalate and ultimately result in fatality.

Michael recounted that J.T. had broken into Victoria's home to force her back into an abusive relationship, and J.T. had attacked her when she'd threatened to call the police. Michael asserted that Nikki had done what any reasonable person would do upon seeing their daughter's life in danger, but she'd never intentionally harmed anyone. Michael reasoned that if Nikki hadn't committed the crime she was charged with, then Victoria couldn't have been a party to it. He presented those as the facts, and he concluded that the jury had to find the defendants not guilty.

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