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Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were found guilty. Kyle and Summer wed. Kyle and Summer began to make love as Lola wondered where he was. Kerry played an unsuspecting Phyllis and Jack against one another and reported her progress to an unknown person. Tessa was arrested.
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Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were found guilty
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Kerry sets up Jack and Phyllis Kerry sets up Jack and Phyllis
Monday, March 11, 2019

Phyllis stopped by Jack's house to discuss Summer and Kyle's wedding. Phyllis was shocked to learn that Jack hadn't heard a word about an engagement, much less plans for a wedding. Jack wondered aloud if Summer was pregnant. Phyllis said Summer wasn't pregnant, though she'd spoken to the engaged couple and was certain their plans to marry had been a genuinely mutual agreement. Jack noted that Kyle's attention had been completely focused on Lola. Phyllis recalled that Kyle had always been Summer's love interest. Jack insisted that Kyle had moved on, especially after he'd become passionately devoted to Lola.

Billy entered the room, having overheard Phyllis' comment, and added, "Well, we all know passion fades." Billy noted that the wedding plans had seemed to have come out of nowhere. Phyllis said it was none of Billy's business. Billy replied, "You know what is my business? My kids, who are at home missing their mother while she waits for a jury's verdict, along with their grandmother and Sharon, but that doesn't register for you because once you secured your freedom, theirs wasn't a priority anymore." Jack spoke up and noted that everyone was under stress. Phyllis was determined to have her say and reminded Billy that she, Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki had all acted together.

Miffed, Phyllis walked out the door. Jack followed Phyllis. Jack stood in the door and listened as Phyllis cried that she'd failed in the courtroom when she'd told the truth about what had transpired the night of J.T.'s incident. Phyllis caught a whiff of Jack's cologne and changed the subject. Phyllis noted that Jack smelled good. Phyllis said Kerry's new cologne would be a good seller. Jack explained that Kerry wished to keep him and the cologne to herself. Phyllis replied, "Lucky man." Jack agreed that he was lucky.

After Jack returned to the living room, he instructed Billy to sniff the cologne. Jack noted that Kerry's cologne would become the first product to launch once Phyllis was out as CEO. Billy, unable to think past the forthcoming verdict, said his focus was on helping his children. Jack said he would support Nikki. Jack expressed hope that the jury might be picking away at Christine's case while they deliberated. Changing the subject, Billy said that Kyle's sudden decision to marry Summer didn't make sense. Jack added, "One bit."

At the hospital, Nate summoned Rey and Arturo to announce that a donor had been found for Lola. Rey and Arturo were relieved and jubilant to hear the news. Kyle arrived just as Nate told Rey and Arturo that the donor wished to remain anonymous. Kyle acted as if he'd just learned the news and said, "Is it true? Lola's going to be okay?" Nate replied, "That's the plan." Kyle, pretending to seek information about the donor, asked, "Is she healthy?" Rey asked Kyle how he knew that the donor was a woman. Kyle said he didn't and realized that the donor's sex didn't matter. Nate assured the men that Lola's donor was healthy.

Arturo and Rey suggested they tell Lola, noting that although she couldn't hear them, it would be beneficial. Arturo and Rey were surprised when Kyle opted to stay in the waiting room to take a business call. Kyle checked his phone and found a message from Summer inviting him to eat breakfast with her. Kyle was unaware that Summer had set out a tray of fruit, croissants, and juice at Nick's house while waiting to discuss wedding plans. Summer wasn't pleased when Kyle replied with a message stating that he couldn't get away.

After Arturo and Rey returned to the waiting room, they told Kyle they believed Lola could sense that the situation had changed. Arturo gave Kyle the credit for putting out the word for a donor. Summer arrived. Kyle said, "What are you doing here?" Rey told Summer that Lola would be receiving a donor liver in a few days. Summer said it was amazing that one person's sacrifice could do so much. Rey explained that they'd prayed, and their prayers had been answered. Summer replied, "Well, prayers are answered in many different ways."

Kyle mildly panicked when Summer said she had news to share. Kyle took the reins and said, "Actually, it's not just Summer's news. It's ours." Arturo and Rey were taken aback when Kyle announced that he and Summer were getting married. Rey noted that Kyle had spent all his time with Lola. Arturo added that Kyle had constantly pledged his love to Lola. Kyle claimed that he didn't deserve Lola. Arturo asked how he was supposed to tell Lola when she regained consciousness that Kyle wasn't present because he was planning his wedding.

Kyle recalled that even Lola had said she was aware that he belonged with someone else. Kyle added that Lola would receive her transplant, awaken, and forget she'd ever known him. Arturo pointed his finger at Kyle and Summer and said, "You two deserve each other. I never want this guy near Lola ever again." Kyle said he really wanted what was best for Lola. Summer grabbed Kyle by the hand and led him away.

After Summer and Kyle left, Arturo asked about Mia. Rey explained that while testifying at the Hellstrom trial, he'd had to admit he'd visited Sharon to tell her he loved her. Rey added that Mia had been present in the gallery. Arturo replied, "Do you have a death wish?" Rey said he and Mia were done, and he admitted that their relationship had actually ended for him even before Mia had moved to town. Arturo noted that Kyle had evidently moved on. Rey recalled Summer's demeanor and said he was almost convinced that she was the donor saving the woman that Kyle claimed to love.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa admitted to Mariah that her testimony at the trial had made things more difficult for Sharon. Recalling Tessa's testimony about being taken against her will to a remote location, Mariah noted that Tessa had stressed that Sharon had attempted to be helpful. Tessa noted that she'd committed extortion and had confessed to her crimes under oath. A police officer showed up to arrest Tessa. Mariah kissed Tessa before the officer placed Tessa in handcuffs and led her away.

At the police station, a guard allowed Mariah five minutes to talk to Tessa. Tessa explained that she'd be arraigned the next day. Mariah said she'd spoken to Tessa's public defender and was prepared to pay bail. Tessa protested and cried that again she would be taking money from Mariah. Mariah said she was already waiting to hear if her mother could return home and needed to know that Tessa could return. Tessa took Mariah's hand and agreed to accept help.

In Phyllis' office at Jabot, Kerry commiserated with Phyllis and acknowledged that the situation would worsen if the jury returned guilty verdicts. Phyllis said she'd do whatever was necessary to overturn a guilty verdict. Kerry noted that the trial would keep Jabot in the headlines. Phyllis said she'd work harder to prevent the public from questioning her commitment to the company. Kerry nodded in agreement.

Phyllis admitted she'd sniffed Kerry's new cologne on Jack and hoped to release what was certain to become a strong seller. Kerry explained that she'd developed the fragrance on her own time, so it wasn't a Jabot product. Phyllis insisted that technically, everything Kerry developed was Jabot property. Phyllis pressed the issue, and Kerry suggested she might seek legal action to prove that the product belonged to her. Phyllis said she hoped Kerry might be willing to help a friend. Kerry said she would for the right price.

Kerry jotted down an offer and handed it to Phyllis. Phyllis' eyes widened in shock. Kerry said, "I would be a fool to ask for less. Initial purchase, plus a cut of the back end and worldwide rights." Phyllis extended her arm to shake hands with Kerry and seal the deal. Kerry said she would get to work scaling the formula for production. After Kerry stepped out, she sent someone a text message that read, "Everything coming together. I have Jack and Phyllis right where we want them."

Kyle and Summer arrived at the Abbott mansion to talk to Jack. Kyle insisted he'd talk to his dad after what had happened with Rey and Arturo. Kyle added that Lola's brothers would take care of Lola, while he'd take care of Summer. When Jack and Billy entered the room. Jack said he'd heard the news from Phyllis and was confused. Billy added that he hadn't even seen Summer hanging around the house. Kyle explained that their plans had evolved quickly. Kyle pulled Summer close and said, "Things happen. Huge things that make you question what you want out of life. And I know that I want to marry Summer."

Kyle assured his father that marrying Summer was what he wanted. Jack said he was happy for the couple. Billy congratulated them. After Kyle and Summer left, Jack cried that his son was getting married completely out of nowhere. Billy expressed concern about Kyle being willing to help oust his mother-in-law from Jabot. Jack said he trusted Kyle to do whatever was necessary to keep Jabot above water and in the family.

Billy asked Jack if Kerry was still on the fence about joining forces with them. Jack replied, "Not anymore, she's not." Jack added that Kerry was demanding a written offer for what she'd receive for her help. Billy said Kerry should get whatever she wanted, except for a seat on the board of directors. Jack noted that the way things were shaping up appeared to be a straight shot to success.

Kyle and Summer went to Nick's house. Kyle noticed the tray of food and apologized for not being able to join her earlier. Summer said she understood. Kyle explained that he'd wanted to make sure Nate shared the news with Rey and Arturo about the donor. Summer said she was sorry Lola's brothers had been so tough on him. Summer noted that others, especially Abby, were sure to be as tough.

Kyle said he appreciated what Summer was doing for Lola. Summer said she and Kyle had made the decision together, though Summer admitted she was scared out of her mind. Summer insisted that she and Kyle marry before the surgery, so she could wake up knowing her husband was beside her during recovery. Kyle said he'd do whatever Summer wanted.

Devon learns that Ana lied about her finances Devon learns that Ana lied about her finances
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Ana found Devon working on some legal documents, and she remarked that he could hire someone to take care of that for him. He pointed out that he already had, but he'd wanted to save her from the boring stuff. Ana thanked him and cheerfully inquired whether he needed anything, and he requested whatever was making her walk on cloud nine. She handed him a flash drive with the songs she'd been working on, and she asked if he wanted to listen with headphones or speakers.

Devon reminded Ana that he had to get to a meeting, and she encouraged him to listen on his way to work. She pushed him to take the tracks with him, and he questioned why there was a rush. Ana chalked it up to artists creating a masterpiece and wanting people to drop everything to hear it, and she insisted that she valued her brother's opinion.

Arturo joined Abby at the Athletic Club and welcomed her back. He expressed concern that he hadn't heard from her, and she bemoaned that her flight had been delayed and her phone had died. She questioned why he was smiling, and he announced that a donor had been found for Lola. Abby enthusiastically inquired about the donor, and Arturo reported that the person had wanted to remain anonymous. She gushed that it restored her faith in humanity that someone would save a stranger's life with no recognition, but Arturo shared that Rey had another theory -- that the donor was Summer. Abby chortled, but she quickly realized that he was serious.

Arturo explained that Rey's hunch was based on people acting out of character, and he promised to tell Abby more after her meeting. They planned to meet at the office later if the jury didn't reach a verdict before then. Devon approached and welcomed Abby back, and she chirped that Lola had found a donor. Devon imagined that it was a huge relief, and Arturo proclaimed that Devon and Abby would have their chef back in no time. Arturo departed.

Devon surmised that Abby hadn't told Arturo that her trip had been about finding a chef to replace Lola. Devon insisted that moving on without Lola wasn't personal but financial, but Abby preferred to hold off opening the restaurant until Lola was back on her feet. Devon argued that it could take months and that being a chef at a new restaurant would require stamina. Abby was willing to risk it, but Devon wasn't, especially if it jeopardized Lola's health. Devon was adamant that they be ready to move on, and he asked if Abby had found any chefs on her trip.

Abby complained about uninspired menus and overinflated egos, and Devon contemplated whether they should shut down and cut their losses. Abby objected to tanking the restaurant when they were close to making it happen after already investing the time and money, but Devon wondered if the universe was trying to tell them that it wouldn't work. Abby insisted that they just needed more time, and she pledged to find a new chef if Lola wasn't ready. Devon cautioned that if it didn't happen soon, he didn't see the deal working out.

Devon returned home and told Ana that his meeting had consisted of both bad news and good news. He reported that the restaurant was still on hold, and Ana questioned whether he was going to keep funding the empty space. He indicated that he'd given Abby the benefit of the doubt by agreeing to wait for Lola. He added that Lola's family had found a donor, and Ana exclaimed that it was the miracle they'd been looking for. Devon acknowledged that they'd been very lucky, and Ana wondered if he was okay, since he'd been in the same situation with Hilary, but his miracle hadn't happened.

Devon insisted that no one should have to go through what he and Hilary had, but he didn't want to talk about it. Ana suggested that he relax to her tunes, and he realized that she wouldn't give up. He admired her persistence, but he preferred to work out first. Ana teased that she'd only poured her soul out to make the music, and he reminded her that following a routine was good for him. She complained that he'd just told her that she needed to write more and do more, but he was turning into an invisible man who couldn't be bothered. She scolded him for not nurturing new talent.

Devon listened to Ana's songs and named his two favorite tracks. He advised Ana to spend more time with the others, but he agreed to buy the two he liked. She pushed to know when she could expect payment, and he offered to have his business manager cut a check. Devon cautioned Ana against getting herself into debt again, and she called him a lifesaver. She went upstairs, and he made a call to arrange a direct deposit into her account. He also requested that his manager run a credit check on Ana.

Later, Devon told Ana that he again had good news and bad news. She worriedly asked if her check was on the way, and he confirmed that he'd taken care of it. Devon continued that the good news was that her credit report was squeaky clean, and she became incensed that he'd checked it. He declared that the bad news was that she'd been lying to him, but she retorted that the bad news was that she couldn't trust him, since he'd had no right to check up on her. He wanted to understand what was going on, since she'd gone through a lot of money, and he implored her to trust him. She angrily questioned why he couldn't trust her, and she stormed out over his protests.

At Dark Horse, Nick informed Jack that there had been no word about whether the jury had reached a verdict. Nick hoped that it was taking so long because the jury was going over all the facts. Jack declared that he wouldn't need convincing after reading about Victoria's testimony, but Nick worried that his sister's words could backfire because it had taken such a long time for her to tell the truth. Jack argued that it took many people months or years to admit spousal abuse, and he contended that Nikki had saved Victoria's life. Nick lamented that he didn't know "what the hell" they were going to do if the women were found guilty.

Kerry met Jack at the Abbott mansion, and he advised her that he might have to cut things short if the jury reached a verdict. She recognized what the defendants meant to him, and he warned that Phyllis' involvement in the case could have a significant impact on Jabot's future. Jack informed Kerry that he'd spoken to Billy about putting her offer in writing, and he presented her with a legal document. Jack believed the generous terms showed how much they valued her expertise and dedication, and he held up a pen and proclaimed that he was ready to sign. She clucked that he was getting ahead of himself.

Jack understood Kerry's loyalty to Phyllis, and he wondered if Kerry was having second thoughts about reporting to him. She said she would always be excited by Phyllis' vision, but he'd made a compelling case. Jack worried that the murder case could drag them all down, and Kerry didn't think Jabot could survive another blow. Kerry clarified that her loyalty was to Jabot, not the person running it, and she acknowledged that changes had to be made. Jack questioned why she hadn't signed the document, and she reminded him that she was a scientist who needed to be objective. His phone pinged with a text message to save the date for Kyle's wedding. Kerry asked when it was, and Jack replied, "Tomorrow."

Jack left a voicemail for Kyle to confirm that he would be at the wedding. Kerry lauded Jack for being supportive even though he had concerns. Jack worried that things were moving too fast, but Kyle seemed to know what he was doing. Jack added that he just wanted his son to be happy, though he doubted Victor would handle it the same way. Jack described the time Victor had arranged for Victoria to be arrested at the altar because he'd been disappointed in her marrying an Abbott. Kerry pondered what was going through Victor's mind when his granddaughter was about to do the same thing, and Jack figured that they'd find out the next day.

Jack referred to the increase in salary, change in title, and company car. Kerry stated that it had been a pleasure negotiating with him, although he'd hardly fought fair. He thought it was clear how much he valued her contribution, and she cooed that he was wearing Jack of Hearts -- her Kryptonite. He countered that she only had herself to blame, since she'd created it. She recognized that she was good at her job, so she deserved a raise. They kissed passionately, and he ignored his buzzing phone.

At the police station, Nikki and Victoria hugged in an interrogation room. A guard led Sharon in, and Victoria explained that Michael had arranged for them to wait for the jury's decision together. Sharon protested that the deliberations could take awhile, and Nikki testily suggested that Sharon simply accept the favor Michael had done for them. Sharon inquired whether he had any idea which way the jury was leaning, and she fretted that it might not be what they wanted to hear. Nikki recommended that Sharon ask her own attorney, and Victoria referred to Brittany's show of telling the jury that Sharon should be acquitted, regardless of what happened to Nikki and Victoria. "First Phyllis, now you. And then there were two," Nikki huffed.

Victoria reflected back on how Christine had attacked her story, and she griped that Michael hadn't prepared her, so it had felt like she'd gone into battle alone. Nikki conceded that they hadn't told him the whole story, and she thought Phyllis had been sincere in trying to convince the jury that Nikki had acted in self-defense. Nikki questioned whether Phyllis might have a little bit of a conscience, but Victoria barked that Phyllis had only made the last-ditch effort to get back into Nick's good graces. Victoria added that it was too bad Phyllis and Nick hadn't broken up sooner, or Sharon wouldn't have fallen for Rey's song and dance about his feelings for her, and they wouldn't be sitting there.

Sharon defended that she'd trusted Rey, but he'd used it against her. Sharon recalled that he'd said he could help before she'd told him anything, but Victoria lectured that he'd been playing Sharon. Nikki taunted that Sharon had believed him because she loved him, and Victoria questioned whether Rey had offered Sharon immunity. Sharon stressed that she'd made the promise that they were all in it together, and she'd recanted what she'd said to him.

Nikki figured that jail was the safest place for Sharon after Mia had heard that Sharon had been fraternizing with Rey. Victoria thought it had been clear that Rey had been using Sharon, so Mia had nothing to worry about. Nikki cattily asked if Sharon had heard from her favorite detective once he'd gotten what he'd wanted out of her, but a guard entered and announced that they had visitors.

Nick and Billy entered the room, and Nick revealed that Victor had pulled some strings. Nikki said she'd give anything to have her husband there, and Nick relayed that Victor had vowed to move heaven and earth to get Nikki and Victoria home. Billy asked Sharon how she was doing, and she remarked that it was nothing a not guilty verdict wouldn't cure. Sharon imagined that Nick was furious with her for trusting Rey, and she hoped that Nick could find a way to forgive her one day. They embraced.

Sharon recalled that Rey had seemed upset the night she'd let him into her house, and she'd thought he'd needed a friend. Nick growled that Rey had taken advantage of her good heart, but she found it hard to believe that Rey had tried to manipulate her. Nick blasted Rey for not giving the women a chance to turn themselves in because he'd only cared about breaking the case singlehandedly.

Meanwhile, Billy spoke with Nikki and Victoria about carrying the weight of the secret. Nikki admitted that it had been "hell" for all of them, and she regretted that they'd listened to Phyllis. Victoria wished she could have told Billy the truth sooner, and he apologized for not being more patient and not realizing that there had been more going on. Victoria insisted that none of it had been his fault, and she expected the guard to walk in any minute and tell them the jury was back. Billy brightly stated that then they'd know when the women were going home, but Victoria accepted that life as they knew it might be over.

Victoria groused about what was taking so long, and Billy pointed out that a hung jury wouldn't be a bad thing. Nick thought Christine might choose not to try the case again, but Sharon fretted that the prosecution might do a better job the next time. Nick swore that they would all be okay, no matter what, but Nikki warned that there was a chance they wouldn't be. Sharon steeled herself for the worst, and she wanted to know that Nick and Billy would rally around the children. Nick and Billy promised that they would make sure the kids knew they would always be a family.

The guard announced that Sharon's attorney was waiting and that visiting time was up, and she escorted Sharon out. Nick pledged to never stop fighting, and he and Billy exited. Nikki put her arm around Victoria and assured her that everything would be fine in time. Victoria was confident that Billy and Nick would do a good job, but she couldn't imagine her babies growing up without her. Victoria whimpered that she and Nikki had to go home.

Victor stepped into the room, and Nikki rushed into his arms and thanked him for sending Billy and Nick. Victor blamed himself for not getting Nikki and Victoria out of the country, but Nikki asserted that she wouldn't have left while a madman was out there, plotting against him. Victoria inquired whether there had been any sign of the intruder at the ranch, and Victor admonished the person for being a coward who was hiding in the shadows. Victor vowed to find a way to make the "bastard" pay.

At Dark Horse, Arturo asked Abby how her meeting with Devon had gone, and she vaguely replied that they were forging ahead. Arturo pressed to know the plans for the restaurant so that he could tell Lola, and Abby suggested that they tell her together after she woke up. Arturo hoped Lola stayed awake once she found out Summer was the reason that she was alive. Abby doubted Rey's theory was true, since Summer would never be a good Samaritan and keep it to herself.

Abby recognized that Kyle had a soft spot for Summer, but Arturo countered that it didn't mean Kyle had needed to throw Lola to the curb. Abby asked if she was missing something, and Arturo informed her that Kyle was in love with Summer. Abby argued that Kyle was committed to Lola, but Arturo speculated that Summer was a match and was using that to get what she wanted, since Kyle had proposed, and he and Summer were getting married.

Abby barged into Nick's office and demanded to know what he was doing about Summer. He quipped that his daughter was adult enough to get herself out of whatever mess she'd gotten into, and Abby realized that he didn't know about Summer's engagement to a man who was in love with someone else. Nick was stunned, and Abby informed him that Arturo had heard directly from Summer that she was engaged to Kyle, even though Kyle had been crazy about Lola for months. Nick recounted that neither Jack nor Phyllis had mentioned it, and Abby suspected that the couple was keeping anyone who might stop them in the dark. Abby urged Nick to find out what was going on before it was too late.

Later, Arturo returned from a site inspection and asked Abby if she'd talked to Nick. She reported that Nick hadn't had any idea that Summer and Kyle were engaged, but her brother was going to get to the bottom of it. She received a text message and said she had to go.

Nick arrived home and called out for Summer, but there was no response. Michael called him on the phone, and Nick said he was on his way.

Meanwhile, Kerry suggested that she and Jack continue their interlude upstairs, and he carefully picked up the contract to ensure it didn't fall into the wrong hands. His phone pinged with a message from Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Billy gazed at photos of him, Victoria, and the kids on his phone. He received a call from Michael and rushed out.

At the police station, the guard handed Victor a note, and Victoria and Nikki stared nervously at him as he read it. "It's time," he said, grasping both of their hands in his.

Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki are found guilty Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki are found guilty
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
by Nel

At home, Nick told Summer that they had to get to court for the verdict. He confronted Summer about her engagement to Kyle. Summer gushed that it would be everything she'd ever wanted. She asked Nick to walk her down the aisle the next day. Nick was floored and wanted to know why the wedding had to be the next day, especially since he hadn't been aware that Summer and Kyle had been dating.

Nick tried to convince Summer that it was a bad idea because Kyle had just broken up with Lola, but Summer claimed that Kyle had recognized that he and Lola weren't meant to be. Nick implored Summer to wait, but Summer reminded him about his unions with Sharon and Phyllis. Nick explained that he had rushed back to Phyllis too soon, and he told Summer to look at how that had turned out.

Nick stated that if Summer and Kyle were meant to be, they could get married at a later date when things weren't so chaotic within the family. Summer said that it was because of what had been going on with Nikki and Victoria that she wanted to marry Kyle immediately and cherish every moment with him. Nick continued to push Summer to change the wedding date, but Summer remained steadfast. She stated that nothing would stop her from marrying Kyle the next day.

In the courtroom, everyone had been waiting for the verdict. Billy expressed his concern about Victoria being sent to prison. Jack tried to keep Billy optimistic, but Billy said he was concerned about how he'd tell Katie and Johnny. Billy, Jack, and Abby reviewed the evidence that had been presented, and they hoped it would result in an acquittal.

Phyllis arrived, and Billy confronted her about being there. Phyllis said she didn't want to create a scene, but she needed to be there to support the ladies. Billy walked away.

Tessa arrived and hugged Mariah. She told Mariah not to worry about her. Mariah was worried because Sharon's future was in the hands of strangers.

Nick and Summer arrived and sat down.

Christine, Brittany, and Michael arrived. Once they were seated, Brittany told Michael that Christine looked very confident. Michael assured her that Christine was very nervous under that calm fašade. Michael and Brittany counseled their clients about protocol once the judge arrived.

The judge entered the courtroom and informed everyone that outbursts would not be tolerated. Anyone who created a disruption would be escorted out, and they would face with legal charges. The judge asked if the jury had reached a verdict. The verdict was read, and Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had been found guilty. The judge dismissed the jury. She informed everyone that sentencing would take place in two hours. Phyllis stormed out.

Michael told Nikki and Victoria that he would file an appeal.

Sharon told Brittany that she almost felt relieved. Mariah tearfully offered to make a public plea on GC Buzz, but Brittany advised her against it and said that it was just a waiting game. Mariah told Sharon that she would not allow the circumstances to rip them apart. Sharon, Victoria, and Nikki were escorted to a holding room to await their sentencing.

Jack told Abby and Summer that he'd known there could be a possibility they would be found guilty, but he had never believed it would happen. Abby asked if Summer planned to go through with her wedding the next day, because the timing was poor in light of Nikki's verdict. Summer disagreed and said the timing was good for her and Kyle, and she added that Nikki would understand.

Abby reminded Summer that Nikki and Victoria would be going to prison, and no one would want to smile through Summer and Kyle's nuptials. Summer retorted that Abby didn't need to attend. Summer believed that it would be good for everyone to focus on something happy, and she left. Abby asked Jack to speak to Kyle. Jack informed her that Kyle was as gung-ho about the wedding as Summer. Abby said she was going to do something about Summer's wedding, and she left.

Billy yelled at Michael for calling Tessa to the stand because Tessa had made the other women look like career criminals. He accused Michael of presenting a failed strategy. Michael told Billy that he'd done the best he could with the information he'd been given. He said that his clients had continually changed their stories, and they had lied. Billy shouted that J.T. had almost killed Victoria that night, and he accused Michael of being incompetent.

Nick stopped Billy's rampage. Nick said that Billy's actions wouldn't change the results. Nick said they needed a plan that would overturn the verdicts. He said there was a piece missing -- the mystery man who had burned down the stables and planted evidence to frame Victor. Nick wanted to know who had been hiding in the ranch walls. He believed that J.T. was alive and that no one had a greater motive to exact revenge than J.T. Nick said they needed to find J.T. Billy agreed to help.

In her office at Jabot, Phyllis was agitated when Kerry arrived. Kerry hadn't expected to see Phyllis in the office. Phyllis informed her that the women had been found guilty, and Phyllis should have done more to help them. Kerry claimed that Phyllis was a good person and that she had tried to help. She said it wouldn't have helped if Phyllis had gone down with them because Phyllis needed to win at work.

Phyllis wanted to get her mind off the trial and told Kerry she wanted to show the competition that Jabot was the boss. She said that Jabot had the best products and the superior marketing, but it wasn't a clear race to the top. Jabot needed to be aggressive, but in order to share her plans with Kerry, she had to swear Kerry to secrecy. Kerry agreed and wanted to help in any way she could.

Phyllis said that their biggest competition was Ashley's new company, and it had made a big splash. Phyllis claimed that she'd found a way to neutralize Ashley's big splash by keeping Ashley's products out of the marketplace. Phyllis wasn't ready to give Kerry all the details, but she promised to provide information when the ball started rolling.

Phyllis asked Kerry how long it would be before "Jack of Hearts" would hit the stores. Kerry advised her that production had almost wrapped up. She offered to take anything off Phyllis' hands because she knew that Phyllis was on bride duty the next day. Phyllis said the timing was terrible, but when Summer put her mind to something, she made it happen. Phyllis said that things would be awkward when she and Nick had to walk down the aisle with Summer.

Phyllis hoped that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon's sentences would be light. She thanked Kerry for stepping in to help her. Phyllis said that Kerry's friendship meant a lot to her. She said that she felt like the town leper. She acknowledged that Kerry had shown her that Kerry was a true friend, and Phyllis wouldn't forget it.

Alone in the reception area, Kerry called someone and said that she might have just hit the motherlode.

Abby caught up to Summer at Crimson Lights and asked Summer why it was so urgent to get married the next day. Summer stated it was because she and Kyle loved each other, but Abby told Summer to cut the crap. She said that Lola was her friend and future sister-in-law and she was in hospital, fighting for her life. Abby accused Summer of flying in on her broom to steal the man Lola loved. Abby said she'd seen Kyle and Lola together, and they were in love in spite of Summer's claims.

Abby asked if Summer was Lola's donor. Summer denied it. Abby pointed out that the timing was odd -- Lola got a donor, and Summer got a husband. Abby said it didn't take a genius to put the two events together. Summer claimed that she didn't wish Lola any harm, but Lola wasn't her concern. She and Kyle had always loved each other. She admitted that different things had gotten between them, but they had always found their way back to each other.

Abby told Summer that Lola was the love of Kyle's life and, she deserved to have Kyle by her side when she woke up after surgery. Abby said she wouldn't let Summer ruin that because of some game she was playing. Summer denied playing a game and accused Abby of being jealous of everything Summer had -- like Austin, her job in Dubai, and her wedding.

Abby rolled her eyes at Summer's accusations. Summer called Abby a "bridezilla" because Abby had become engaged at someone else's vow renewal, and she had plastered her engagement over every social media and media site in existence. She accused Abby of being desperate and tacky. Abby reminded Summer that her dog and pony show wedding was a total sham. Abby said she would figure out what was going on.

Summer advised Abby not to attend her wedding because of Abby's hostile attitude, but Abby assured Summer that she would have a front row seat at Summer's train-wreck wedding. Abby stormed out.

Summer returned to the courthouse and sent Kyle a text message: "At court ... everyone will need wedding to look forward to if bad news. Love you."

Mariah and Tessa bumped into Nick in the hallway outside the courtroom. Mariah asked if Nick was happy that Tessa had been arrested. Nick said that was what happened to people who engaged in blackmail. Mariah tearfully said that Nick had known that she'd been worried about losing Sharon and Tessa, and thanks to Nick, it had happened. Nick told Mariah that it had all happened because of Tessa.

Nick told Mariah he loved her and that he was sorry for what she'd been going through, but he advised Mariah to cut Tessa loose and save herself a lot of heartache in the end. Mariah said she believed in second chances. Nick asked Mariah to let him know how that worked out for her, and he walked into the courtroom.

When the judge returned for the sentencing, she asked for Christine's recommendations. Christine said that the jury had given a very clear, strong, and definitive verdict, and she asked for the maximum sentence. She felt that the punishment needed to fit the crime.

Brittany stated that Sharon had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and that Sharon had tried to do the right thing. However, she'd been coerced into remaining silent, and she'd been coerced by a detective who had wanted to further his career. She asked for leniency.

Michael stated that Victoria had been a victim of horrific emotional and physical abuse. Her mother had walked in on such an attack and had defended her daughter. Michael asked for leniency. He requested that character witnesses be permitted to speak on behalf of all the defendants.

Billy described Victoria as an amazing daughter, smart businesswoman, great friend, and terrific mother. He said their kids needed their mother, and so did Victoria's teenaged son, who had loved his father and had lost him. He said J.T. had tried to take everything from Victoria, as well as her pride and her dignity. Billy said he believed that J.T. would have taken Victoria's life if he'd had the chance. Billy begged the court not to allow J.T. to rob Victoria of the life she deserved or take her away from the people who loved her.

Jack said Victor would abhor the idea that Jack spoke on Nikki's behalf, but one thing was certain: he and Victor were in total agreement that Nikki was an amazing woman. She was the heart, soul, and glue that held her family together. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity had been well known in Genoa City. She had always been there with a hug or a helping hand, even when some were at their worst. Jack admitted that Nikki had been there for him on a couple of occasions. He asked for leniency on her behalf, and not because she had MS, which would be exacerbated with a long prison sentence, but because she was one of the best women he'd known.

Nick stated that he cared deeply for his mother, his sister, and the mother of his children. He stated that if the women went to prison, it would tear their families apart. He said the women had known they'd made a mistake, and they were remorseful. What they'd done would haunt them for the rest of their days. He'd seen the toll it had taken on them, but sending them to prison wouldn't do anyone any good, only create a crater-sized hole in the community and in people's hearts. He begged the court for mercy.

Mariah tearfully stated that Sharon didn't have a malicious bone in her body. She helped victims of crime, served the homeless on Thanksgiving, and put spiders into a jar so she could set them free. Mariah admitted that she hadn't spent her early years with Sharon, and she'd been the worse for it; when she'd entered Sharon's life, she'd been broken and damaged. She admitted that she'd done a lot of really terrible things to Sharon, but Sharon had responded with kindness. Mariah said she was a living testament of the effect that Sharon had on people.

Mariah stated that even though she'd missed out on the early years with her mother, Faith still needed her mom. She said it broke her heart when she thought about Faith being robbed of her mother. She said that Sharon didn't deserve to go to jail, and she asked the court to show compassion because that was what Sharon had shown others her entire life.

The judge stated that she had taken both the defense and prosecution's sentencing recommendations into account. The character witness statements from family and friends had been very persuasive, but her focus had to remain on the facts.

The judge believed that Victoria had been abused by her ex-fiancÚ, but it didn't excuse the fact that a life had been taken, nor did it excuse that the defendants had taken the law into their own hands. The defendants might have been very loving and caring in their personal lives, but with regard to J.T.'s death, they had been callous and arrogant. They'd thought they could outsmart law enforcement and avoid the consequences. She said she'd had no choice but to be strict in sentencing them.

Sharon received a sentence of three years, Victoria received a sentence of ten years, and Nikki received a sentence of thirty years in prison. Everyone was devastated.

Lola learns she needs a transplant Lola learns she needs a transplant
Thursday, March 14, 2019

At Jabot, Summer shared that she was upset about the sentencing, but she imagined it was a million times worse for Phyllis. Phyllis suggested that they talk about wedding plans instead, and she asked if she could do anything to help. They discussed options for Summer's bouquet, and Billy hovered nearby as Phyllis quizzed Summer about her wedding dress. Billy scoffed at the idea that it was what was on Phyllis' mind when Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were facing years in prison. Summer snapped that it was a private conversation, but Phyllis urged Billy to speak his mind. He barked that there was nothing to say, since Phyllis had proven that she cared about nothing but herself.

After Billy stalked off, Phyllis turned the topic back to the wedding and the honeymoon, and Summer claimed that their honeymoon plans were very hush-hush. Summer grumbled that what Kyle had arranged wasn't her first choice, but being together was all that mattered. Phyllis noted that Summer had made multiple comments about it not being the wedding she would have chosen, but Summer countered that it was about the marriage, not the party or ceremony. Phyllis didn't understand why Summer was rushing things, and she questioned whether it had something to do with Lola's transplant.

Phyllis wondered if Summer was insecure about Kyle's level of commitment, given that he and Lola had recently been involved. Summer insisted that she wouldn't be marrying him if she thought it wouldn't work, but Phyllis wished Summer trusted her enough to be honest. Summer answered a call and told someone she'd be right there, and she hurried out for a meeting with the catering company.

Outside Lola's hospital room, Nate informed Kyle that the team was all set for the transplant. Kyle asked if Summer had signed all the necessary paperwork and if she'd understood what she'd agreed to. Nate noted that it wasn't the first time Kyle had been worried that she might back out. Kyle was sure that Summer was committed to going through with the surgery, but he wanted to anticipate anything that might go wrong so that he could have contingency plans in place. Nate confirmed that Summer understood what she'd signed up for, provided her donation remained anonymous.

Nate received a page and excused himself, and Kyle entered Lola's room and sat at her bedside. Kyle told Lola that everything was falling into place for her surgery, so she'd be making people happy with her incredible food in no time. He added that her customers, family, and friends missed her, and so did he. Her eyes fluttered open, and he excitedly called her name. Lola asked where she was, and Kyle gently explained that she was in the hospital but that she would be okay. He gushed that he was happy to see her beautiful eyes again, and he swore that Nate had been taking care of her. Kyle headed out to tell Nate she was awake.

Nate examined Lola, who murmured that she was tired. He informed her that it was to be expected but that she'd be healthy again soon. He asked if she was up for any visitors, since someone had been waiting very patiently to see her. She weakly stated it was fine, and Arturo raced in and thanked God to see her awake. She asked what had happened, and he vaguely replied that she'd been injured. He asked how much she remembered, and she recalled that she'd been outside, and it had been cold and dark. Arturo revealed that she'd been unconscious for a month.

Lola was stunned to find out that she needed a liver transplant. Arturo explained that her condition hadn't been related to her injuries, but her ending up in the hospital had been a happy accident, since sometimes people went into liver failure for no reason at all. He divulged that a living donor would give part of their liver to her, and Lola asked who was doing it. Arturo said the donor had asked to remain anonymous, and he prepared to leave to let her rest. She asked him to send Kyle back in.

Arturo told Nate that Lola was resting, and he wondered what Nate had thought when he'd examined her. Nate indicated that she had been coherent and responsive, which were good signs. Arturo mentioned that she didn't seem to remember the attack, and Nate advised him to keep her calm and relaxed before the surgery. Arturo volunteered to make sure everyone knew that.

At the police station, Nikki waited anxiously in a holding area, and she was relieved when Victor walked in. She bemoaned that every time the door opened, she was afraid the guards were taking her to prison. Victor called it an outrage, and he pledged to do everything in his power to get her out of there. She recognized that he would never stop fighting for her, and she loved him for it, but she didn't want to talk about it because she didn't know how much longer they had before her transport arrived. She sadly pointed out that it could be their last chance to say goodbye, and they embraced.

Victor adamantly stated that there was no such thing as goodbye for him and Nikki, since they were meant to be together and would be. He implored her to stop believing that there was an end in sight. She regretted all the times she'd stopped believing it, since they'd lost a lot of time together. He wished she'd let him stand trial, but she maintained that she never would have been able to live with herself. Nikki hated that her confession had led to Victoria being dragged back into it, and she insisted that Victor focus on Victoria first. Victor promised that he would make sure both Nikki and Victoria were back with their loved ones.

Meanwhile, in another room, Victoria questioned what sane, rational person with an ounce of compassion would find Nikki guilty. Nick swore that they weren't done fighting, but Victoria lamented that their mom was going to prison because Nikki had stopped Victoria from being killed. Nick asserted that J.T. had been the one responsible. Victoria envisioned J.T somewhere out there, laughing because he'd won.

Victoria clarified that she didn't literally think J.T. was out there, since she had a hard time believing he was still alive. Nick wondered who else would have put J.T.'s shirt in the stables or hidden inside the ranch walls. Nick argued that J.T. had known where to hide and how to set up surveillance equipment, but Victoria ordered him to stop, since she couldn't bear the thought of J.T. being anywhere near Johnny and Katie when she couldn't look out for them. Nick vowed to keep the kids safe, and he gave her his word that if J.T. was out there, Nick would find him.

Nick and Victor swapped places. Nick visited Nikki, who acknowledged that a conviction had always been a possibility, but it felt like none of it was real. Nick hugged her, and he said he was kicking himself for not helping get her out of the country. Nikki recognized that he and Victor hadn't been on the best of terms back then, and she mentioned that Victor had just been there, promising to move heaven and earth to get her and Victoria out. Nikki worried about the risks Victor took when he was determined to make something happen, and she hoped she could count on Nick to be there for Victor. Nick assured her that she could.

Meanwhile, Victor hoped that Nikki and Victoria were kept in close proximity so that Victoria could watch over her mother. Victoria thought it would be a relief to know they were together, and Victor encouraged her to stay strong and focused. He called her the strongest of all his children, and he informed her that Nick had kept him apprised about what had happened at the trial, including how Victoria had handled Tessa's blackmail attempt. Victoria groaned that the jury had seen her as a ruthless person after Tessa's testimony, but Victor applauded Victoria for taking action to protect herself and her mother. He anticipated that Victoria would face tough days ahead, but she was a Newman and would pull through, more determined and stronger than ever.

In yet another room, Sharon told Mariah that three years wasn't that long, especially with time off for good behavior. Mariah hated the thought of her mother spending any time in a cell, but she resolved to deal with it and visit Sharon as much as possible. Sharon said it would mean a lot to her, but the best thing Mariah could do for her was be there for Faith. Mariah promised that she would, but she tearfully insisted that Faith needed her mother.

Sharon sympathized that Mariah was under an enormous strain with Tessa being arrested, but she assumed from seeing Tessa in the courtroom that she was out on bail. Mariah admitted that she'd put up the money, and she expected Sharon to disapprove. Sharon declared that she was through questioning other people's judgment after she'd put her trust in Rey, and whatever she'd felt for him had been a huge mistake. Sharon believed that the only people she could rely on were her kids, and Mariah assured her that it was one thing Sharon never had to worry about losing.

Phyllis arrived at the police station and urgently requested to see Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon before they were taken away.

Meanwhile, Sharon asked Nick how Faith had taken the news, and he reported that their daughter was angry and shocked. He added that Faith really wanted to see her mother, but Sharon thought a visit might traumatize the girl. Nick suggested that they get by with phone calls while hoping for the sentence to be overturned, but Sharon cautioned against making Faith any promises they couldn't keep. Nick blamed himself for breaking Sharon's trust, since she wouldn't have been vulnerable to Rey's manipulations if they hadn't split up. A police officer announced that Phyllis was there to see Sharon.

Moments later, the officer informed Phyllis that only one of the women had agreed to see her, and he asked if she still wanted to do it. She told him to lead the way.

Phyllis thanked Victoria for seeing her, and Victoria expected that Phyllis was there to brag about how beautifully she'd played everything. Phyllis swore that she felt terrible about the way things had gone down, and she offered to do whatever Victoria and the other women wanted her to do. Victoria snarled that they didn't need more assistance from Phyllis after she'd sold them out. Phyllis defended that she'd assumed the rest of them had also talked, but Victoria ranted that she was sick and tired of the lame excuses. Victoria told Phyllis to shove it, since no one was buying it anymore, including Nick.

Victoria dared Phyllis to admit that she'd only made a deal with the state to save herself. Phyllis argued that Nikki and Sharon had caved before she had, and Victoria blasted Phyllis for driving Nikki to the breaking point by claiming that Victor had killed J.T. Victoria recalled that she'd begged Phyllis not to do it because Nikki would confess, and that was exactly what Nikki had done. Victoria spat that they'd rot in prison while Phyllis walked around free, but Phyllis insisted that she was still in the fight. Phyllis urged Victoria to tell her what to do, but Victoria huffed that she would never trust Phyllis again and that she would make sure Phyllis got what she deserved.

Later, Victoria hugged Billy, grateful that she had a chance to see him before she was hauled away. She informed him that Phyllis had also been there, and Billy hoped that Victoria had told her to "go straight to hell." Victoria thought she and Billy needed to talk about what to tell the kids, but he wanted to hold off a bit longer. She didn't want them to think she'd abandoned them, and he swore that he'd told them every day how much she loved them. He agreed to have the conversation if she couldn't get out of the mess, but he thought it wasn't time yet.

Victoria worried that an appeal could take months or years, but Billy referred to another strategy that he and Nick were working on. He intended to stand by her without question, but she didn't fault him if he wanted to bail. He reiterated that none of it had been her fault and that she had been the victim. Victoria didn't like thinking of herself as weak and powerless, and Billy worried that it stopped her from reaching out when she needed help.

Billy insisted that it was okay to be vulnerable, and he'd be scared if she wasn't worried. Victoria steeled herself to handle whatever was ahead, since she had to stay strong for her mom. Billy countered that Victoria didn't have to be a paragon of strength for him, and he wouldn't hold it against her or blow her cover if she admitted she was terrified. She choked back a sob, and he comforted her.

Later, Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria waited separately in different holding areas of the police station. Billy and Nick burst in and demanded to see Rey, but an officer told them Rey was in the field and couldn't be reached. Nick insisted that they talk to him immediately, since it was a matter of life and death.

Victor sipped a drink at the Athletic Club bar, and Summer greeted him with a hug. They discussed Nikki and Victoria's outrageous sentences, and Summer said to let her know if there was anything she could do. Victor anticipated that she would have her hands full at Newman with Nikki and Victoria both gone. Victor expected her to start her job the next day, but Summer reluctantly revealed that she was getting married then the next day -- to Kyle. "Are you serious? You're going to marry an Abbott?" Victor cried.

Summer reminded Victor that he liked Kyle for being smart, charming, and a hard worker. Victor lectured that it didn't mean Kyle would be a good husband, and Summer explained that she'd just named the qualities she thought would impress her grandfather. She rambled that she loved Kyle because he was her best friend, and they were very much alike. She continued that she trusted Kyle with her life, and she'd chosen him even though she could have almost any guy she wanted. Summer hoped Victor would be there to celebrate and wish them well, but the wedding would happen no matter what, since she and Kyle had waited long enough to be together.

"Marrying an Abbott," Victor muttered with a chuckle, and he agreed to be there. Summer squealed in excitement and hugged him, and he gave her the day of the wedding off and allowed her to be in late the day after. She protested that she'd be on her honeymoon then; however, Victor figured that Kyle understood how important her career was to her, and Victor needed her at the company. Victor added that a good marriage was based on the willingness of both parties to make sacrifices for one another, and he inquired whether Kyle was the kind of man to make a sacrifice for the woman he loved.

Kyle ran into Mariah at Crimson Lights and said he was sorry about the outcome of the trial. She thanked him for caring, and he apologized for not being there for her. She figured that he'd been with Lola, and Kyle happily shared that Lola had woken up that day. Kyle added that the transplant was scheduled to happen in two days, and Mariah offered to go back to the hospital with him. He revealed that he wasn't going back there that day, and he led her to the patio and nervously looked around. He asked if he could trust her to keep something strictly confidential, and he confided that he knew the identity of Lola's anonymous donor -- Summer.

Mariah couldn't believe that "Snowflake" would do something selfless, and she wondered why Kyle was keeping it a secret. Kyle explained that Summer didn't want anyone to figure out the real reason she was doing it, since he'd given her incentive to make the sacrifice. Mariah realized that Summer had everything she'd ever wanted except him, and Kyle confirmed that Summer wouldn't give Lola her future back unless Summer got the future she wanted. He added that it meant marrying Summer the next day.

Mariah chided Kyle for letting Summer bully him into wrecking his life, and she begged him not to do it. He confessed that it had been his idea, so no one was forcing him into anything. Mariah questioned why Summer would want a guy who was in love with someone else, and Kyle explained that Summer was convinced that he and Lola would never be happy and that he'd end up loving Summer more. Mariah warned that it would blow up in his face, and she worried that if Summer felt cheated or betrayed, she'd turn her mother and the entire Newman clan against him. Kyle declared that he didn't care what happened to him as long as Lola got her transplant.

Kyle answered a call from Summer, who enthusiastically informed him that her grandfather would be attending their wedding. Summer babbled about how she'd talked Victor into giving her time off for a short honeymoon, and it would be long enough for the surgery and recovery. Summer announced that there was nothing else for Kyle to do but show up and say, "I do." He agreed to be there.

Kyle marries Summer to save Lola Kyle marries Summer to save Lola
Friday, March 15, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Ana wished Devon a good morning, and he considered it nice that she was talking to him. She guessed that they'd needed to cool off after the day before, but he pointed out that they hadn't had a big blowup. She referred to the betrayal on his part, and he questioned who had betrayed who, since he'd only been looking out for her. She lectured that being her big brother hadn't given him the right to go behind her back, and she threatened to leave if he did it again.

Devon argued that Ana had told him that she was up to her eyebrows in debt, and he'd had no idea that she'd lied about it when he'd run the credit check for her. She maintained that it had been wrong, and if he couldn't see that, she'd find someone else to buy her songs after what he'd done to her. Devon suggested that they start by discussing the house of lies that Ana had been building, but she retorted that he'd been the one who'd violated her privacy. He reasoned that he wouldn't have had to if she'd told him the truth.

Devon contended that he'd been trying to help Ana by buying her songs. She asserted that she'd earned every penny, and she hadn't known strings were attached. Devon countered that he hadn't known how deceitful she'd become, especially when he'd thought she'd been the one person he could trust. He demanded to know why she'd lied like it had been nothing. Ana figured that lying had been easier than telling Devon to back off because she liked her privacy.

Ana conceded that she could have handled things differently, but she'd never expected Devon to go behind her back. He apologized and noted that he'd been betrayed by people he loved more than once, so he'd assumed the worst, but he knew she was a good person who had done nothing but change his life since she'd gotten there. They agreed not to let it get between them, but he urged her to tell him if she needed anything. She promised that she would turn to her favorite big brother if she did, and they hugged.

At home, Nick asked Billy over the phone whether he'd had any luck tracking Rey down. Nick added that he was also trying, but he had a wedding to attend. Summer walked in as Nick hung up, and she scolded that he couldn't work on his daughter's wedding day. She exclaimed that she couldn't believe it, and he muttered that he couldn't, either. He insisted that she would always be his little girl, and she recognized that it seemed weird to have a wedding right after the trial. She figured that when something awful happened, it helped to be reminded that life was good and to have hope for the future.

Summer continued that life was short, so they had to grab on and never let go when they found happiness. Nick asked if Kyle made her happy, and she gushed that he did in every way. Nick replied that it was all he wanted, and he would love her forever. She promised that she'd always love him back, and they hugged. The doorbell rang, and Nick bristled when he found that Phyllis had let herself in. He coldly reminded her that they'd agreed to meet at the Athletic Club, but Phyllis wanted to help with Summer's makeup and dress.

Phyllis thought it would be meaningful to Summer to go to the wedding as a family. Phyllis acknowledged that Nick blamed her for the verdict, but she requested that he be furious with her the next day so that they could make that day the happiest one Summer had ever had. Summer was thrilled to see her mom there, and she pleaded with her parents to put aside their doubts and believe in her, since they'd eventually see that she and Kyle were meant for one another.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack discovered Kyle sprawled out on the couch in his pajamas. Jack asked if Kyle had forgotten what day it was, and Kyle replied that he'd just been contemplating the future. Jack observed that it had looked like Kyle had been contemplating nuclear war, and he questioned whether something was going on that was making the wedding happen faster than Kyle wanted or if he wanted it at all, since the girl Kyle had been in love with for months was in a hospital bed. Kyle remarked that sometimes love made people do the unexpected.

Jack advised that it would be better to hurt Summer's feelings then than start a lifetime of misery together. Jack wanted to be sure Kyle was doing it for the right reasons, and Kyle swore that he wanted it more than his father could possibly know. Jack warned Kyle not to keep his bride waiting, and he wished his son a lifetime of love. Jack headed to the wedding, and Kyle glumly sipped his coffee.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stared at her phone, and Tessa wondered what the attraction was. Mariah mentioned that she'd seen Kyle the day before, and Tessa inquired whether Mariah had talked sense into him. Mariah thought the fact that they were dressed for a wedding answered the question, and she complained that he wasn't answering her calls or text messages. Tessa questioned whether it was time for an intervention, and Mariah wished they could stage one, but the situation was very complicated.

Mariah cited her history of dropping bombs before someone headed down the aisle, but Tessa assured her that she'd done right by Sharon. Mariah pointed out that her mom had ended up a convicted criminal, but Tessa urged Mariah not to give up because Sharon still had people fighting for her. Mariah bemoaned that Sharon deserved to be home with her and Faith.

Nick, Phyllis, and Summer arrived at the Athletic Club, and Summer anxiously looked around for Kyle. Phyllis clucked that it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony, and Summer worried about whether Kyle would show up. Phyllis stepped aside to check in with the manager, and Victor approached Summer and said she looked beautiful. Summer declared that she'd never been happier or more nervous in her life, and she thanked him for being there. Victor swore that Nikki and Victoria were there in spirit.

Nick pulled Victor aside and grumbled that he was no happier than Victor was that Phyllis was there, but she was Summer's mother. Victor promised that Nick had nothing to worry about from him, since he was there for Summer. Nick asked what was on the horizon for Nikki and Victoria, and Victor reported that he'd made a call to the governor's office. Victor vowed not to leave any stone unturned, and Nick was sure that between the two of them, they'd make things right.

Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Mariah stammered that Summer looked beautiful. Tessa asked where the groom was, and she inquired whether Summer was sure he'd be there. Summer recognized that they looked at the marriage as a mistake, but it was happening no matter what anyone thought. Summer proclaimed that it was the happiest day of her life, and she refused to let anyone ruin it.

Jack and Kerry greeted Summer, who asked if they'd seen Kyle. Jack mentioned that Kyle had been getting ready when he'd left him. Summer stepped aside and left a voicemail for Kyle, cautioning him not to stand her up, since selfish decisions had very bad consequences.

Later, Summer whined that Kyle should have been there by then. Phyllis wondered if he'd gotten cold feet, and she pointed out that it was normal for people to be nervous. Summer worried that something had happened to Kyle, but she told herself that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her, so she had to stay positive. Phyllis insisted that she was on Summer's side, and she assured Summer that there was nothing to worry about.

Jack sympathized with what Victor's family was going through after the verdicts, and the men agreed that it was a travesty. Jack admitted that the wedding had surprised him, and Victor pictured them becoming a big, happy family. Victor said he looked forward to becoming a father figure to Kyle again, but Jack snapped that it wouldn't be necessary. Victor figured that it would only happen if Kyle showed up for the wedding.

Abby and Arturo entered the club, and she was disappointed that the ceremony wasn't already underway. Abby wondered if the groom had reconsidered, since Kyle obviously adored Lola, and the wedding was bogus. Arturo didn't want to stir up trouble if Rey's theory was right and if Kyle was only doing it to save Lola. Abby swore that her lips were sealed.

Phyllis greeted Jack as the father of the missing groom, and Jack indicated that he hadn't received any word from Kyle. Kyle suddenly appeared and announced that he wouldn't miss it for the world. Summer excitedly called to Kyle from across the room, and she told him to turn around because he couldn't see her in her dress. He apologized for being late, and she asked if he'd gotten her message. He informed her that he'd been too busy getting there, and she told him to delete it.

Kyle surmised that Summer had been afraid he'd had cold feet. He stressed that he'd given her his word, and he intended to honor it, since the wedding meant everything to him. He asked what they were waiting for, and she told him to close his eyes while she told everyone they were ready, cheerfully adding that she loved him. He said he would see her soon, and she hurried off. He grabbed a glass of Champagne and chugged it.

Phyllis and Nick escorted Summer down the aisle, and Summer beamed at Kyle while he forced a smile. The minister declared that it was refreshing to see everyone gathered to celebrate the love between Summer and Kyle, which he imagined would become deeper and sweeter as the years went by. He mentioned that the couple had written their own vows, and Summer hoped she remembered them. Summer took Kyle's hands in hers and gushed that it felt like she'd loved him for a million years in a thousand different ways.

Summer recalled that she and Kyle had drifted in and out of one another's lives hundreds of times, but it was the way the universe worked when people were meant to be together. She added that he'd seen her at her best and "not-so-best," and he understood her in a way no one else ever could. She stated that she'd found her safe place with him, and she promised to always love him and to make him happier than he'd ever dreamed he could be.

At the hospital, Lola struggled to pull the phone toward her. She dialed a number and got Kyle's voicemail, and she left a message to ask why he hadn't returned to see her the day before. She weakly stated that she missed him like mad, and she requested that he call her back or stop by to see her. She professed her love.

Meanwhile, Kyle said he'd never thought he'd fall in love, since work had been all he'd needed, but then his life had suddenly gone boom. He compared experiencing love that intense to a wrecking ball turning everything upside down, like someone had tattooed love on his soul and become a part of him. He admitted that he hadn't been sure he'd wanted to accept it at first, but finding someone smart, beautiful, and passionate didn't happen every day, and he knew that fate had pushed them together.

Kyle promised that he would stand by Summer's side because it was where he belonged, and he pulled a ring box from his pocket and explained that it had been the reason he'd been late. Kyle showed Summer the ring, and she exclaimed that she loved it and loved him. Kyle and Summer exchanged rings, and the minister directed them to kiss one another for the first time as husband and wife. They obliged, and the guests applauded.

Jack welcomed Summer Abbott to the family. Kyle recognized that he should have asked for Nick's blessing, and he promised to take good care of Summer. Phyllis wished the couple the best life had to offer. Mariah pulled Kyle aside and dryly noted that he'd lived up to his pledge to do anything for Lola. He firmly stated that he'd had to, and she asked how Lola was doing. Kyle reported that Lola was holding her own, but he couldn't speak to her. He confirmed that the surgery was a go for the next day, and Mariah wished there had been another way. Kyle mused, "You and me both."

Victor wondered if Abby had given any thought to her own ceremony. She wanted to talk about what happened next for Nikki and Victoria, and she swore she was there for him. He pledged to fight the convictions with every fiber of his body.

Phyllis told Kerry that it had been nice to see her face there, and Kerry said there was no need to thank her. Phyllis confided that she didn't have a lot of friends, so it had meant a lot that the one she had was there. Phyllis added that Kerry's support and friendship meant everything.

Victor called Kyle a member of the family, and he suggested that they have a new beginning. Kyle said he'd like that very much, and Victor inquired about how it was to work at Jabot with Phyllis at the helm. Victor assumed that it didn't leave much room for Kyle to grow, and Kyle admitted that it could be challenging at times. Victor invited him to return to Newman, since the door would always be open as long as Kyle treated Summer well. Kyle gave his word that he would.

From the bar, Jack suspected that Victor was already trying to lure Kyle back to the dark side. Kerry insisted that Kyle could take care of himself, since Jack had taught him well. Kerry added that she had intel about Jabot, since Phyllis was plotting to keep Ashley's new products out of the marketplace. Jack didn't know how to thank Kerry, and she cooed that she could think of a few ways. He made a beeline to get their coats, and she sent a text message, informing someone that the Jabot war had begun.

Summer prompted Abby to congratulate her, but Abby thought her silence was the best gift she could give Summer. Arturo wished Kyle luck. Kyle asked if Summer was okay, and she said she was a little tired. He offered to get her something to eat, and she purred that room service sounded nice. She revealed that she'd booked a suite upstairs, since their honeymoon was a cover story, and they deserved one night to celebrate. She pointed out that the next day would be there in a few hours, and she wanted to make the most of their time. He struggled to hide his feelings.

Abby wondered what Mariah thought about the wedding, and Mariah vaguely commented that it had really been something. Abby noted that it wasn't a ringing endorsement, and Mariah asked about Lola. Arturo mentioned that they were about to head out to check up on his sister, and Mariah sent her love. Abby and Arturo exited, and Mariah joined Tessa at the bar. Tessa pondered how long it took to recover from a transplant and a broken heart, and Mariah groaned that her own heart was breaking with her mom in prison, Tessa's head on the chopping block, and Kyle trapped in "personal hell." Tessa assured Mariah that they would get through the craziness together, and they kissed.

Phyllis thanked Nick for the truce, and she was sure it had meant a lot to Summer to have them there as a united front. Nick clarified that the truce had been temporary, and the wedding was over. He answered a call and asked if Billy had found Rey. Nick hurried out.

Summer and Kyle entered their suite, which had been decorated with candles and flower petals. She swore that she hadn't set the scene, and she bet that the club did it for all the newlyweds. He admitted that it wasn't what he'd been expecting, and she assured him that she wasn't going to fool herself into thinking he was completely over Lola. Summer understood that he needed time, but she insisted that she'd meant everything she'd said in her vows. She thought it could also be real for him if he gave it a chance, and she asked if he could meet her halfway.

Summer emerged from the bathroom in white lingerie, and she invited Kyle to indulge in some Champagne, even though she couldn't. He anticipated celebrating after the surgery, and she remarked that the following day was big for all of them. She added that she'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous, and she shared that her head was full of "what ifs" -- what if she didn't survive and what if it was the last night she was alive. Kyle swore that nothing would happen to her because he wouldn't let it, and they embraced.

Summer whimpered that her family didn't even know, and she felt alone. Kyle asserted that he was her family, and he promised that he would be there every second before and after the surgery. She kissed him, and they pulled apart before kissing again more passionately. They started to undress. Kyle picked Summer up in his arms and set her down on the bed, and they began to make love. Meanwhile, Lola stared despondently at the phone.

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