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Lily was released from prison, and Cane begged her for one last chance. Mariah received a threatening note. Summer found a necklace in Kyle's pocket and later saw Lola wearing it. Abby found no customers at Society's opening. Victoria requested more time to answer Billy's proposal.
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Billy asked Victoria to marry him
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Nikki and Victoria discover Victor's secret Nikki and Victoria discover Victor's secret
Monday, April 15, 2019

At Victoria's, Nikki was pleased to learn that Victoria's secretive trip to Las Vegas had enabled her to face her demons and move on. Victoria explained that Billy had tracked her down. Nikki hinted that perhaps Victoria and Billy had mended their relationship. Victoria noted that she and Billy would proceed very slowly. Nikki said it sounded as if Billy and Victoria had at least forged an understanding. Victoria said she'd been reminded of how good they could be together. Victoria added that she and Billy had been brutally honest while discussing issues they'd been holding back for a long time.

Nikki became concerned when Victoria mentioned having hosted a high-stakes poker game. Nikki asked if Victoria had set up the game intentionally to determine how Billy would react. Victoria, taken aback, insisted she would never do such a thing to Billy or to anyone in recovery. Nikki accused Victoria of treating her like Victor did by acting as if the truth would break her. Victoria asked Nikki when she'd last heard from Victor. Nikki said she'd only received text messages and asked Victoria what she knew. Victoria replied, "Dad is in Vegas. He said he was closing a business deal in New Zealand." Victoria showed her mother a photo of Victor with a man she couldn't identify.

Victoria admitted to Nikki that Victor had been attending poker games up and down the Strip. Nikki surmised that Victoria had hosted a poker party in hopes of luring Victor. Victoria agreed, explaining that she'd hoped to catch her father red-handed. Angry, Nikki cried, "That man has lied to me for the last time." Victoria suggested that her father might have a reasonable explanation. Nikki phoned Victor and left a message demanding he return home within 24 hours. Not satisfied with waiting, Nikki asked Victoria to join her to track down the truth.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Nikki pored over Victor's files in search of clues about his secretive ventures. Victoria wasn't in favor of going behind Victor's back. Victoria suggested that the mystery man pictured with Victor in Las Vegas could be a CEO that Victor hoped might become a partner. Nikki said it didn't explain why Victor had lied about where he'd been staying. Victor returned Nikki's call and claimed he was in Istanbul. Nikki asked Victor how he could travel from New Zealand to Las Vegas and on to Turkey so quickly. Victor refused to explain and quickly ended the call.

Victoria asked what Victor had said. Nikki, frustrated, replied, "Be patient. All will soon be revealed." Nikki and Victoria continued their search. In a drawer, Nikki found a bill sent from Summerlin, Nevada. Victoria noted that Summerlin was a few miles outside Las Vegas. Nikki read the invoice and learned that it was from a doctor's office. Nikki cried, "Victoria, what if he's sick?" Nikki was set to fly to Nevada to be with Victor. Victoria researched the doctor and learned that he was a psychiatrist. Nikki said, "Well, then, what is he doing outside Las Vegas, paying for a shrink?"

At the Abbott mansion, Traci was elated when Billy told his sister that he and Victoria were back on track. Billy noted that Victoria was being cautious and measured, though he expressed joy about seeing a light in Victoria's eyes again. Cane knocked on the door. Billy wasn't receptive, but Traci invited Cane inside. Cane said he'd stopped by to apologize to Billy for having blamed him for his failed marriage to Lily. Billy, noting that Traci had acted as a go-between, didn't immediately accept Cane's apology. Traci reminded her brother that it was customary to accept an apology without being snarky. Billy halfheartedly mumbled, "Apology accepted."

After Billy left, Traci asked Cane about Lily. Cane said Lily would soon be released. Traci said she bet the kids would be relieved. Cane said they were and added that he couldn't sign the divorce papers because he believed he could fix his marriage. Traci replied, "Okay, Cane, from what you told me, I thought Lily was not going to be swayed." Cane said Lily meant too much to just give her up. Cane asked Traci to help him. Traci insisted she couldn't get in the middle of Cane's marriage because she might risk losing one or the other as friends.

Cane told Traci that her keen insight about how people fell in love was what inspired her to be an incredible writer. Traci offered to recommend a good marriage counselor. Cane suggested that Traci pretend he was a character in her novel that needed help creating a happy ending. Traci and Cane visited Chancellor Park and continued their conversation. Traci insisted she wasn't a miracle worker. Cane credited Traci for helping him open his eyes.

Traci told Cane that if he were a character in her book, she'd explore what had happened to the man he'd once been who no longer believed he deserved Lily. Traci added that Cane wouldn't be able to fix anything or anyone until he fixed himself. Cane admitted he sometimes lied to keep from hurting others. Cane added that he'd lied about being a Chancellor when he'd first moved to Genoa City because he'd wanted to escape his own identity and better himself. Cane said he lied to Lily because he felt he didn't deserve her. Traci noted that whenever Cane believed he wasn't meeting Lily's expectations, he'd fall back on lies. Cane recalled that after the truth came out each time, it only made things worse. Traci acknowledged that Cane had taken the first step and had proven that he could be redeemed.

Jack stopped by to visit Abby's new restaurant, which was still under construction. Abby excitedly said she was eager to smell the exotic aromas of Lola's cuisine and experience the ambience and beautiful music her patrons were sure to enjoy. Jack said he had an idea that would propel the opening of Abby's restaurant into the stratosphere. Jack suggested that Abby host the launch of the Jabot Collective. Jack added, "We'll invite social media influencers, models, special guests -- all wearing our fashions." Jack assured Abby that the intrigue would lure new customers to Jabot and, in turn, create interest in Abby's new venture.

Abby turned down Jack's plan, citing the feud between her mother and uncle. Abby cried that Ashley would consider it to be a total betrayal. Jack said he understood. Jack added that he still hoped he'd be invited to the grand opening. Abby embraced Jack and said she wouldn't have it any other way.

After Jack left, Devon stopped by and asked about the construction timeline. Abby said she was confident that her crew would soon revamp the space and make it look like a million dollars. Devon mentioned that Mariah had told him Abby believed he would promote the restaurant on GC Buzz. Abby said it was a misunderstanding, though she did float the idea of Devon enlisting his LP artists to perform. Devon said Abby had definitely made him a believer by pulling off what had seemed to be impossible. Abby said she believed she'd found her calling. After Devon left, Arturo stopped by.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Billy paused at the door and took note of the oversized plaque engraved with Jack's name. Billy stood in front of Jack's desk and said his brother had to be a glutton for punishment to sit in the CEO's chair. Jack told Billy he'd stopped by Abby's restaurant and had been impressed that their niece, while possessing Abbott and Newman traits, had also proven she had a mind of her own. Jack added that Abby was a force to be reckoned with. Jack told Billy that Abby had refused to take sides in the family feud. Billy didn't seem surprised.

Billy was guardedly relieved to hear that Jack had used his own money to persuade Ashley to abandon her My Beauty Collective line. Jack added that Jabot could get off to a running start with the Jabot Collective without worrying about any new competition. Billy recalled that Ashley had planted a listening device to find out about their plans in the first place. Jack replied, "Hell hath no fury like an Abbott scorned." Billy warned that it would only be a matter of time before Ashley struck back.

Jack insisted he could handle whatever Ashley dished out, though it was helpful that he and Ashley were communicating. Billy said he feared Ashley might be playing Jack. Billy said he was worried that Jack and Ashley might destroy each other and the company. Jack said the only thing Ashley had ever wanted was to be Jabot's CEO, though she'd moved on to chart her own course. Billy didn't seem as convinced as Jack.

Billy remained wary and noted that Jack and Ashley had taken sibling rivalry to the extreme. Billy warned that Ashley could make her own money and really wanted Jack's head on a platter. Billy, recalling his own struggles, set Jack's mind at ease and said he'd attended gamblers' support meetings. Billy proudly announced that he'd set his priorities in order. Jack asked if Billy's new priority included Victoria. Billy said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, so he intended to move back in and help Victoria raise their kids.

Billy returned to Victoria's. Victoria wasn't home. After Billy realized no one was home, he talked aloud to himself and said he'd wait because he'd waited his entire life to be with Victoria. Billy opened a ring box and admired the sparkly ring nestled inside. Finishing his statement, Billy added, "What's a few minutes more?" Billy sat back and seemed lost in thought while imagining greeting Victoria with a proposal.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana and her father, Jett, sang a duet while Jett accompanied on Devon's grand piano. Devon said he would be willing to bet that Jett's fans would enjoy hearing him perform again. Jett said he was certain the world had forgotten him. Devon insisted he could prove otherwise if Jett would sign a contract to produce an album. Jett replied, "No way, no how." Jett claimed his voice sounded like he'd swallowed a frog. Devon explained that everyone's voice mellowed with age.

Devon insisted that Jett visit the studio so he could hear the depth and purity in his voice. Devon added that a voice like Jett's was rarely heard anymore. Elena had entered the room and nodded in agreement. Devon recalled that one of Jett's songs had inspired him to get involved in the music business. Devon told Jett that a whole new generation would be at his door if he'd agree to record again. Ana was grinning as she listened to Devon heap praise on her father. Jett said he'd think about it.

After Devon returned from meeting with Abby, he told Jett and Ana that they would be performing at the opening of his new restaurant. Jett and Ana were reluctant, but Devon noted that it was just for one night. Elena added, "Yeah, how bad could it be?" Devon explained that only friends and family would be present, so it would give Jett an opportunity to share a beautiful moment with his daughter. Devon assured Jett he would blow the audience away. Ana said she'd do it if Jett did. Elena gave the green light if Jett didn't overdo it. Jett agreed to perform a couple of songs with Ana.

After Ana and Jett went upstairs, Devon told Elena he'd never do anything to exploit his family. Elena replied, "So, between the two of us, my Uncle Jett is in really good hands." Devon agreed. Devon invited Elena to have dinner with him at the opening of the new restaurant. Elena replied, "Sounds like a date." Devon said it did. Elena accepted.

After Jack returned home, Traci showed him a promotional ad Ashley had created for her Jack of Hearts cologne. Jack said, "Well, you've got to give her credit. She knows how to hit a guy below the belt. Jack studied the photo of a couple on the ad, and the woman was Dominique, who had dated Jack as Kerry. He proclaimed that Ashley had ice water running through her veins. Traci disagreed and said Ashley felt hurt. Traci made Jack promise not to sink to Ashley's level.

Jack took out his phone. Traci cried, "I hope you don't do something you're going to regret." When Ashley answered, Jack said, "Well played, indeed. Well played."

Arturo agrees to protect Mia's baby Arturo agrees to protect Mia's baby
Tuesday, April 16, 2019

At the Abbott mansion, Jack seemed puzzled when Kyle and Summer cheerfully discussed their plans for the morning. Summer suggested that she and Jack discuss her ideas for the Jabot Collective when she got back, and she headed out. Kyle explained that he'd told Summer everything that had happened with Lola, and she'd understood that he'd wanted to see if there was still something between them. Jack asked if he'd told Summer there still was.

Kyle groaned that he hadn't been able to do it. Jack mentioned that he'd convinced Phyllis not to leak the photo to the press, since her plan had failed because Lauren was fully on board with Jabot. Kyle somberly realized that he had to take care of the rest by breaking Summer's heart, but Jack cautioned that Summer and Phyllis could make things difficult for Kyle, Lola, and Jabot. Kyle resolved to convince Summer that she didn't want to be with him.

Later, Summer returned to the mansion and found Jack waiting for Dina's nurse. Summer asked if Kyle was there, and Jack replied that he wasn't. Summer proposed that they discuss her ideas for the collective, and she handed him a list of potential influencers who could give Jabot a high profile with the younger demographic. She recommended that they focus on getting celebrities to wear Jabot's clothes and makeup, and Jack marveled that she'd covered things the marketing department hadn't touched. He declared that she'd helped a lot, and she hoped he could help her with a problem she couldn't avoid anymore.

Jack disguised his relief when Summer said it was about her grandpa, and she lamented that she didn't know how to tell Victor that she was leaving Newman to work at Jabot. Summer was sure that she wanted to do it, but she didn't want to jeopardize her relationship with her grandfather. Jack understood that Victor might look at it like she was turning her back on her family, but she argued that she was also part of Kyle's family. Jack believed that Victor loved her and wanted her to be happy, and he thought there would always be a place for her at Newman. Summer asserted that her future was with Jabot and Kyle, where she belonged.

Once alone, Jack pulled a sample of the Jabot Collective logo from an envelope. Dina appeared and asked what he had, and he explained that the logo had been designed to represent his new idea for Jabot. He envisioned making the company bigger and better by expanding the fashion division and marketing all their products together as a lifestyle package. Jack asked what Dina thought, and she huffed that he was ruining his father's legacy.

Arturo showed up at Abby's new restaurant, and Abby huffed that she'd thought he'd accepted it was over when she hadn't heard from him. He explained that he'd gone away to work things out, and he'd had time to think. Abby maintained that she had nothing to say to him, but she eventually agreed to hear him out. Arturo asserted that he wasn't blaming anyone else for the epically bad choice he'd made, and he admitted that there was some truth to her contention that he was more in love with the idea of her than he was with Abby herself.

Arturo defended that he'd never been with someone like Abby, so it had been hard not to get caught up in her lifestyle. He swore that he'd never been in it for the money, and he still loved her. He owned what he'd done, but he stressed that Mia meant nothing to him. Abby barked that he'd thrown away what they'd had for no reason, and Arturo recognized that it made him an even bigger idiot. He pleaded that it wasn't the person he wanted to be, and he was sorry from the bottom of his heart for any pain he'd caused her.

Abby conceded that she believed Arturo was genuinely sorry. She confided that she'd been thinking a lot about the mistakes she'd made, since she'd been on the wrong side of a cheating scandal, and the people who loved her had given her a second chance. Abby added that Arturo deserved the same, and he vowed to put it all behind him and get it right that time. Mia interrupted and complained that she'd been looking for Arturo everywhere, and Abby ordered her to get out. Mia refused to leave without Arturo.

Abby asked "who the hell" Mia thought she was to show up at Abby's restaurant, acting like she owned the place. Abby demanded that both Mia and Arturo leave, and Mia sauntered out. Arturo appealed to Abby to continue their conversation, but she growled that she was still waiting, and he followed Mia out. A seething Abby tried to focus on work.

In the park, Arturo ranted that Mia had had some nerve to interrupt his conversation. Mia insisted that what she needed was more important, and she instructed him to tell anyone who asked that he'd been with her after he'd left Abby at the Athletic Club on the night Lola had been attacked. Arturo concluded that Mia had been the one who'd attacked Lola. Mia fibbed that she hadn't done it, but Arturo wondered why she thought he'd lift a finger to help her. She informed him that she was pregnant and that the baby could be his.

Arturo blasted Mia for using a fake pregnancy to get him to lie for her. She pulled the sonogram photo out of her purse and asked if it looked fake, and Arturo snapped that it still didn't prove the baby was his. Mia believed in her heart that it was Rey's, but she pointedly stated that she was three months along. She begged him to see why she couldn't go to prison, but he wordlessly walked away.

Kyle arrived at Abby's restaurant and hugged Lola. She gushed that he'd picked the perfect spot to meet, since he'd get to see her in her element. He observed that success looked good on her, and he felt like someone had flipped the switch on in his life. He wished it didn't mean having to go cold and dark on Summer, and Lola asked if Summer had taken the news badly. Kyle admitted that the night before hadn't gone as planned.

Lola was shocked that Phyllis had threatened to publicly humiliate her daughter, but she didn't understand why Kyle hadn't told Summer about the photos. Kyle revealed that he'd told Summer that he and Lola had almost slept together, but Summer had been shockingly calm and rational. Kyle added that Summer had said she knew it was hard for him to let go of Lola, and Lola grumbled that only Summer wouldn't realize when she was being dumped. Lola wondered how Summer had reacted when Kyle had made it clear.

Kyle stammered that he hadn't been able to break things off, and Lola suspected that he still loved Summer. He insisted that he loved Lola, but he worried that Phyllis and Summer could cause serious damage if the photos got out. Kyle recalled that Phyllis had taken Victor down, and it killed him to think of what she'd do to Lola. Kyle was determined to find a way to end things that wouldn't cause Summer to seek revenge, since he'd never forgive himself if it cost Lola the dream she'd worked so hard to make a reality. Lola protested that it was supposed to be the start of a new life for them, and he promised it would be -- once he settled things with Summer.

Kyle regretted having to ask Lola to lie. She confirmed that she didn't like hiding her feelings for him, but she agreed to do it. She figured that he'd married Summer to save Lola's life, so she could deal with him being with Summer for a while longer. Kyle swore that it would be behind them soon, and Lola requested that he not sleep with Summer again. He said he understood, and they exchanged words of love and kissed. Lola headed back to work, and Summer walked in.

Summer explained that she'd been on her way to pick up lunch when she'd seen Kyle's car in the parking lot. Kyle claimed that he'd stopped by to update Abby on the collective in case they needed her input, but she hadn't had time to talk. Summer sympathized that he'd wasted a trip, but he brightly pointed out that he'd run into Summer, so it was a win. He invited her to lunch, and they headed out together.

Lola suggested that she and Abby go over menu revisions, but she could see that something was wrong. Abby mentioned that Arturo had been there, and Lola imagined that it had been awful seeing him. Abby credited him for being honest and remorseful, and she'd thought he'd meant the things he'd said about feeling like a different person -- until a dark cloud had blown in and ruined everything. Lola guessed she meant Mia, and she proposed that they have security keep Mia out. Abby bemoaned that even if Mia hadn't walked in, Mia was always there between her and Arturo.

Lola presented Abby with her latest signature drink, which she'd dubbed Red Hot Revenge, inspired by Mia. Abby apologized for venting about Arturo, but Lola conceded that her brother was a total mess. Abby's eyes widened when she sipped the drink, and Lola quipped that it had a little "badass" in it. Lola proclaimed that they were celebrating because they were about to achieve their dreams, and she toasted to their success and happiness. Abby wondered how Lola stayed so positive. Lola kept reminding herself that no matter how much past day had sucked, the next day could always be better.

At Crimson Lights, Summer chirped that Jack had been impressed by the research she'd done. She realized that Kyle hadn't heard a word she'd said, and he apologized for having a lot going on in his head. She assumed that it had to do with Lola, and she sensed that there was more to the situation than what he'd told her. Kyle divulged that Phyllis had hired an investigator to take pictures of him and Lola and that Phyllis had threatened to use the photos to harm Jabot unless Jack sold her Fenmore's.

Summer was appalled by what her mother had done, but she recognized that Phyllis always put what she wanted before anything else. Kyle assured her it was over, but Summer insisted that it wasn't, since her mom had tried to trash her marriage to hurt Jabot. Summer declared that she didn't care what anyone else thought, since what she and Kyle had was real, and she refused to let anyone get between them.

Outside Sharon's cottage, Rey received a text message from Paul, who expected an update on Lola's case by the end of the day. Rey replied that he was on it, and he knocked on Sharon's door. Sharon invited him in, and he reluctantly stated that he had something he needed to tell her that wouldn't be easy, but they'd pledged to have no more secrets. He hoped she understood why he'd kept one.

Sharon encouraged Rey to confide in her if it would help, and he confessed that he knew who had attacked Lola -- Mia. Rey recounted that Mia had gone to the Abbott house to tell Abby to back off Arturo, since Mia hadn't been able to stand the thought of them together, and Lola had been wearing Abby's coat. Sharon realized that Mia had believed Lola was Abby, and Rey relayed that Mia had sworn that it had just been a prank gone wrong. Sharon pointed out that Rey had known and hadn't arrested Mia, and Rey revealed that he'd started to, but Mia had told him she was pregnant.

Sharon understood that Rey wanted to protect the baby, but she questioned what he'd do if the baby was Arturo's. Rey admitted that part of him wanted to let the truth be known and walk away, but the baby didn't deserve to be born in prison. Sharon inquired whether he expected to keep Mia's secret forever, and Rey replied that the GCPD wasn't letting it go, since he'd been assigned as the new investigator as a chance to get back on the force. Sharon considered it to be a weird coincidence, and Rey suspected that Paul was testing him.

Rey hated to ask Sharon to cover up another crime, but he hadn't been able to stand lying to her. She imagined that it had been hard to keep the secret, and he bemoaned that he didn't recognize himself in the mirror sometimes. She insisted that he was the same man he'd always been, but he wasn't sure Paul would agree if things blew up. Sharon pledged to be by Rey's side, no matter what, and they kissed.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Christine noted that Paul asking Rey to investigate Lola's assault was risky, since Rey had proven that he couldn't be trusted. Paul countered that he was giving Rey a chance to prove otherwise, and he hoped Rey passed the test. Paul found it strange how Lola's case had gone cold, and he had expected Rey to demand answers rather than back off. Christine figured that Rey had been more concerned about finding a donor, but Paul had the feeling that Rey knew more than he was saying.

Paul relayed that Rey had immediately named Mia as someone who might want to hurt Abby and that Rey had admitted that the women had argued on the night of Lola's attack. Christine pointed out that it was the opposite of withholding information, and Paul informed her that Rey had also claimed that Mia had an alibi -- that she'd been with Arturo on the night of the attack, and it had been the reason Rey's marriage had broken up. Paul sensed that Rey and Arturo were in on it together, and he planned to keep a close eye on them. Nikki interrupted and requested Paul's help with Victor.

Nikki explained that Victor had been making regular trips to Nevada, but she didn't know why. Paul guessed that it had been for business, but Nikki couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to it. She added that Victor was away again, and he'd been evasive about where he was and what he was doing. Nikki requested that Paul use his contacts to find out what Victor was up to, but Paul thought the police couldn't do much if no crime had been committed. Nikki offered to pay him to help unofficially, but he declined. Paul chalked it up to Victor just being Victor.

Rey ran into Nikki inside the coffeehouse, and he asked how she was doing. He regretted the strain his investigation had put on her and her family, and she thanked him for clearing her and Victoria's names. Nikki ignored a call and shared that she'd been hoping Victor would call. She asked Rey to join her at a table, and she told him that she was worried about her husband, who had taken a number of trips to Las Vegas. She offered to pay Rey to find out what Victor had been doing there, and Rey agreed to think about it. Nikki headed out.

Meanwhile, Christine admitted that she was glad Paul had turned Nikki down, and he clucked that it was never a good idea to get between Nikki and Victor. Paul added that being police chief was a full-time gig, and Christine prepared to get back to work. Paul opted to stay behind to review some things before he took off, and they made plans for a hot date of pizza and bowling that night. They kissed goodbye, and Christine departed.

Paul noticed Arturo approach Rey. Rey taunted that Arturo was out from under his cloak of shame, and Arturo confirmed that he'd gotten Rey's messages. Arturo recognized that he owed Rey an apology for sleeping with Mia, and Rey grumbled that they had bigger problems because of it. Arturo mentioned that he knew about Mia's pregnancy, and they agreed that they'd never anticipated that happening. Rey declared that Arturo could throw himself a pity party later, since they had a situation, and Arturo had better be prepared to step up.

Arturo swore that he wouldn't walk away if the kid was his, but Rey was adamant that they had to take care of its mother. Rey insisted that Arturo do what Mia asked, and Arturo vowed do whatever he had to do to protect the baby. Rey was glad they were on same page, but he told Arturo to get out of his sight. Arturo obliged as Paul lurked nearby. A moment later, Sharon joined Rey, prepared to have fun. Paul interrupted, and Rey assumed he was looking for an update. Paul asked to speak to Rey outside.

Paul led Rey to the park, and Rey indicated that Arturo had confirmed that he'd been with Mia on the night of Lola's attack. Rey added that he had no other leads, but he suggested that they'd been approaching it from the wrong angle. Rey theorized that Lola had been mistaken about being attacked, since she might have been confused after suffering a head injury. He reasoned that her phone could have been smashed during her fall and that there was no way of telling how long the earring found at the scene had been there. Paul thought they were still missing something.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki stared at an invoice from Dr. Calhoun. She glared at Victor's portrait and vowed to find out what her husband was up to.

Jack unburdens all his grief on Dina Jack unburdens all his grief on Dina
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
by Nel

Furious, Summer stormed into Phyllis' suite at the Athletic Club. Summer told Phyllis she'd discovered that Phyllis had hired a private investigator because she had believed that Kyle would seek out Lola the first opportunity he had. Summer accused Phyllis of inviting her on a spa trip for the sole purpose of breaking up her marriage. Summer stated that Phyllis had hoped Kyle would cheat on her with Lola. Summer claimed that Phyllis hadn't cared about spending time with her. She asked if Phyllis had booked a hotel suite for Kyle and Lola. Phyllis claimed that she had wanted to protect Summer and to prove that Kyle couldn't be trusted.

Summer asked if Phyllis had used the photos to blackmail Jack into selling Fenmore's to Lauren because she had cared so much about Summer's well-being. Summer accused Phyllis of attempting to inflict damage on Jabot and to completely humiliate her. Phyllis asked Summer to see things from her perspective, but Summer spat that Phyllis' only perspective had been targets and collateral damage.

Summer told Phyllis she had wondered why Phyllis wanted to wreck Summer's marriage over a business deal. Summer realized that it was Phyllis' way of paying her back because she had slept with Billy. Phyllis assured Summer that she had forgiven Summer a long time before. Phyllis claimed she didn't want to lose her relationship with Summer. Summer said she'd been stunned that Phyllis had forgiven her for seducing the man Phyllis had loved. Phyllis stated that Billy had taken advantage of Summer, but Summer countered that Billy might had misled her about it being revenge sex, but he hadn't forced her to do anything. Summer admitted that she'd been with Billy willingly because she had known it would hurt Phyllis.

Summer suddenly began crying. She admitted she was ashamed of what she'd done. Phyllis cradled her weeping daughter. Summer questioned how she could have done something like that to Phyllis. Summer said she'd been at a point when she had stopped caring about everything, but she admitted that it was the first time in a long time that she actually cared about someone. She confessed that she loved Kyle deeply, and she wanted the marriage to work. Phyllis admitted that she and Summer still had issues that required resolution, but Phyllis stated that Kyle hadn't been honest.

Summer assured Phyllis that Kyle had never lied about his feelings for Lola. Summer said that Phyllis had taken it upon herself to intervene, and she'd tried to destroy Summer's marriage rather than allowing Summer and Kyle to figure things out. Summer said that if her marriage had been a mistake, it had been her mistake to make. She suggested that Phyllis focus on her own life because it was a "hell of a mess," and stay out of Summer and Kyle's life. Summer stormed out and left Phyllis completely exasperated.

When Victoria arrived at home, she received a warm welcome from Billy and the kids. She was curious why Billy had arranged such a welcome for her. Billy said it was Victoria's night, and the welcome had been arranged by someone who had made her laugh and relieved her stress, and someone she'd had fun with. Victoria turned serious and told Billy that Victor had been seeing a psychiatrist. When she saw Billy's disappointed look, she apologized immediately and promised a Victor-free zone for the evening.

A short time later, Victoria admitted that she felt less stressed. Billy acknowledged that he and Victoria had agreed to take things slowly, but sometimes they had to follow their hearts, and that was how things should be for them for the rest of their lives. On bended knee, Billy asked Victoria to marry him.

Victoria told Billy that the ring was gorgeous, and the evening had been fabulous. Billy wanted them to end the evening with fireworks. He asked her to say yes to become a family again by marrying him. Before Victoria could answer him, there was banging on the door. Phyllis yelled for Billy to let her in.

At the Top of the Tower, Cane told Mattie and Charlie that Lily would be released from prison the following day. The twins were excited. Cane told them that he hadn't signed the divorce papers because he needed to prove to Lily that they were better together than they were apart. He hoped that he could convince Lily that they needed to remain a unit. He advised the twins that he intended to resign from Chancellor Industries because he wanted to do something where he could give back. Mattie yelled that Cane only wanted to impress Lily. She said that Cane couldn't live his life for other people, and he needed to stay true to himself.

Cane told Mattie that he wanted to find a meaning to his life and to show Lily that he could take the necessary steps to achieve it. Mattie said Lily didn't love him, and she advised Cane to let Lily go. Mattie stormed off. Charlie told Cane that he understood how Mattie felt. Charlie said that if Cane was in denial, he would find out the hard way that his marriage was over. Cane said he couldn't give up on Lily.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa was happy that Mariah had been able to convince Sharon to close the coffee shop early. Tessa told Mariah that she'd found her groove again, and she wanted Mariah's honest and objective opinion. Tessa acknowledged that she was very fortunate that Devon had given her another shot, and she needed Mariah to be brutally honest about her new song.

After Tessa had finished singing, Mariah told her that the song was beautiful. She said that Tessa had put her heart and soul into the music, and Mariah loved Tessa's new song. Suddenly, a brick was thrown through the window. Mariah picked it up, and she saw that there was a note attached. Mariah appeared shaken after she read the note that read, "Give up the gossip. You're ruining peoples' lives."

In the Abbotts' living room, Jack asked Dina to explain how he had ruined John's company. Dina claimed that Jack's "lifestyle" ideas were utter nonsense. Jack explained that he had tried to save the company after Ashley had taken off with the patents to Jabot's products, but Dina spat that John would have been ashamed of Jack. She said it had taken John a lifetime to build the business, and Jack had destroyed it. She said that Jack had failed John.

Angry, Jack shouted that Dina had walked out on John. She'd broken his heart and abandoned her family without a backward glance. Jack said that Dina talked about John's business as if she'd had an interest in what John had tried to accomplish. He yelled that Dina hadn't been there to support John, but she had attended the endless bridge and tennis games. Jack said that when that had bored Dina, she'd taken off like a shot. Jack saw the hurt look on Dina's face and immediately regretted his outburst. He apologized and said he hadn't meant to say that.

Upset, Dina called for John, and she said she was worried about him. She told Jack she was tired and needed to lie down. Jack watched helplessly as Dina left to go to her room.

Sometime later, Jack returned to the living room and found Traci at her computer. Traci said she had been working on an idea for a book. Jack noted that everything was new -- Traci had started a new novel, Abby would be opening her new restaurant, Billy was with Victoria, Kyle was a newlywed, Ashley had found what she'd been looking for -- at his expense, and he was back as CEO of Jabot. Traci stated that she'd overheard Jack and Dina arguing.

Jack told Traci that they had been talking about business. He said Dina had been lucid and very much in the present. She had called him "Jack." He asked Traci when Dina had last called him "Jack." Jack said that just as suddenly, Dina had returned to her world. He told Traci that he'd been happy when Dina had returned from Paris, and he admitted that he hadn't wanted to make waves, so he'd kept his feelings about her, which he hadn't shared with anyone, bottled up. He told Traci that he'd told Dina that she'd been an awful woman, wife, and mother. He admitted that his resentment of Dina had been festering since his early teens. He stated that Dina had done a lot of damage.

Traci reminded Jack that he had done many amazing things, but Jack countered that he'd made a lot of bad decisions, personally and in business. Traci asked Jack why he blamed Dina at that moment. Jack explained that after Dina had left, he had put his feelings aside and focused on helping John take care of Ashley and Traci. That was when he had become "Smiling Jack Abbott," without a care in the world. Traci asked if Jack had wanted to unload on Dina. Growing tearful, Jack said that there had been many things he had wanted to say to that woman. Jack marveled that Dina couldn't understand what she'd done to his life. He told Traci he was fine and walked away.

Alone and in front of her computer, Traci recalled the conversation she'd had with Cane. She began to write about a man who had tried to win back his true love. In the meantime, Cane arrived at the Abbotts' and debated whether he should ring the bell. Back in the living room, Traci continued writing her novel when she suddenly had the sense that someone was at the door, but when she checked, there was no one there.

Jack arrived at Jabot and looked over the vision boards for the new collective. He sat down at his desk and was working when a younger version of Dina appeared in his office. Young Dina told Jack that Traci had advised her that Jack needed to talk.

Jack told the young Dina that he wanted to share everything he had bottled up. He said that when he had been growing up, John told him stories about Dina and had excused her behavior. Jack lamented that Dina hadn't attended his eighth-grade graduation. John had told him that she'd been helping a friend who had needed her. Jack told the young Dina that he'd needed her, and he had wondered who those people were that were more important to Dina than her family.

Jack said that after Dina had left, he had asked John why she'd left. John had said that only Dina could answer that, and John had told him to let it go. John had asked Jack to be there for his sisters. Jack said he had never been able to let it go because Dina had broken their hearts. Jack told the young Dina that he'd forgotten that she'd done the same to him. She had abandoned her family. Jack said he'd had a growing resentment in him that had taken root in his bones, and it had affected every part of his life -- she'd always been present in all aspects.

Jack told the young Dina that there had always been the question "why." He asked the young Dina to make him understand why she'd left. Young Dina explained that she'd been extremely unhappy and very lonely. She admitted to being selfish. Jack pointed out that John had never cheated on her, but young Dina said that he had -- with Jabot -- and she couldn't compete with that.

Jack told the young Dina that if she was seeking absolution, she wouldn't receive it from him. Young Dina stated that nothing she could say would erase the pain she'd caused him nor answer his questions. She said the real question was what Jack wanted and what his heart's desire was at that point in time.

Young Dina asked if Jack wanted to follow in John's footsteps and put his job ahead of everything else. She suggested that he hang up his spurs and find what brought him real joy. Young Dina said that Jabot had been John's dream, but it didn't need to be Jack's. Jack told the young Dina that he wouldn't allow her to put anything on John.

In tears, Jack told the young Dina that she had no idea about the rage he felt for her. Young Dina said she couldn't change that, but she wanted to know what Jack wanted. When she touched his cheek, Jack suddenly woke up, still sitting in his chair at Jabot, and he appeared confused.

Victoria responds to Billy's proposal Victoria responds to Billy's proposal
Thursday, April 18, 2019

At Victoria's house, an irritated Victoria was sure that Phyllis had an excellent reason for yelling for Billy from the front porch. Billy scolded Phyllis for possibly scaring the kids, and Phyllis asked how Johnny and Katie were doing, since she missed them. Phyllis chided Billy for pretending that she hadn't hung out with them for months, and she demanded to speak with him right away about unfinished business. Billy firmly stated that they were finished, both at Jabot and personally.

Phyllis suspected that Billy wouldn't want to get into it with Victoria there and the kids upstairs, and Victoria ordered him to take Phyllis somewhere else. Billy refused to let Phyllis ruin the evening, but Victoria accepted that Phyllis wouldn't leave. Billy insisted that his conversation with Victoria was more important than anything Phyllis had to say, but Victoria urged him to go and assured him that she'd be waiting. Phyllis sauntered out, and Billy pressed the ring box into Victoria's hand, kissed her, and promised he'd be back. Billy headed out, and Victoria opened the box and gazed at the ring.

In her hotel room, Phyllis paced and checked her phone. There was a knock at the door, and Phyllis blasted Billy for keeping her waiting. He explained that he'd taken a minute to calm himself down after she'd "pissed [him] off" with her compulsion to get between him and Victoria. Phyllis noted the romantic setting she'd walked in on, and she was glad Victoria was making him work for it. Phyllis demanded that Billy be held accountable for what he'd done, but he argued that she'd been kicked out of Jabot for losing the company's new patents.

Phyllis angrily asked if Billy had really thought she'd forgotten, and she questioned how little her pain meant to him. She informed him that Summer had broken down in her arms that night because of him. Billy asserted that he hadn't forgotten about Summer, but he'd had no way of knowing it was why Phyllis was upset at that moment. He admitted that it had been the worst jerk move he'd made in his life, but both she and Summer knew he regretted it. Phyllis scoffed at the thought that all had been forgiven.

Phyllis accused Billy of not only hurting her daughter but continuing to kick her in the butt by throwing her under the bus at Jabot. Billy countered that it was all on her, but Phyllis defended that she'd taken the hit even though Kerry had fooled everyone. Phyllis excoriated Billy for cheering on every bad thing that had happened in her life, especially Nick leaving her. She reminded Billy that Nick and Jack didn't know about what had happened between Billy and Summer. Billy swore that he didn't want to rejoice in Phyllis' misery anymore -- he just wanted it to be over. Phyllis asked what he planned on doing about it.

Phyllis thought she was owed retribution, but Billy warned that her returning to Jabot wasn't an option. She confirmed that she never wanted to go back there again, but Jack had foiled her plan to run Fenmore's with Lauren by canceling Phyllis' severance package and pulling Lauren back into the Jabot fold. Billy pointed out that he'd had nothing to do with that, and Phyllis admonished him for washing his hands of her like they'd never been involved. He stressed that they were no longer together, but she reminded him that she'd supported him when he'd wanted to be CEO of Jabot and that she'd bailed him out when he'd gambled away company property.

Billy surmised that Phyllis wanted cash for services rendered, and she clarified that she wanted capital to start her own business. She reiterated that she'd been his cheerleader and support system, and he imagined that she'd tell everyone about him and Summer if he said no. Phyllis recognized that her kid didn't deserve that, even if Billy did. Phyllis was determined to get the money even without him, but she was sick of fighting with him and wanted to be done with him and the Abbotts forever. Phyllis suggested it as a way to make amends so that they could finally be done. He asked how much she needed.

Meanwhile, Victoria stared at the engagement ring. She sent a text message to Victor, saying she missed her dad and could use his advice. She flashed back to various times when Billy had attempted to win her back, but she'd shot him down because of all the ways he'd hurt her. She reflected back on when he'd awakened from his coma and told her to take the kids and be free of him.

Victoria flashed back to happily reminiscing with Billy about their drunken wedding in Jamaica. She recalled being with him when he'd been in the hospital, calling him her second chance and insisting that he go home to her and the kids to make things work. She snapped out of her daydream when she heard the door open, and Billy walked in. He hoped he wasn't too late, and she pointedly replied, "No, you're not."

Victoria inquired about Phyllis' unfinished business, and Billy claimed that it had been Phyllis' urgent way of telling him about a business idea she had. Victoria was surprised that Phyllis had expected him to invest in her new company, and she imagined that Phyllis had lost it when he'd said no. Billy opted not to talk about Phyllis anymore, but Victoria asked if Phyllis thought he was still in love with Phyllis. Billy confirmed that Phyllis had said she hated him, along with other insults. Victoria was confused, and Billy vaguely stated that he'd done what he'd needed to do to keep the peace.

Victoria wondered why Billy had needed to be the one to make nice when Phyllis had ruined his father's company. Billy turned the topic to wanting to spend the rest of his life with Victoria, and he asked if she'd looked at the ring while he'd been gone. He envisioned her holding it in her hand and gazing at it with love and excitement, thinking about all the ways they would be great for one another. Victoria admitted that she had, but she'd also considered what a disaster they could be. Billy conceded that there was always a chance of that, but he knew in his head and his heart that it wouldn't happen that time. Victoria apologized for not being able to give him an answer.

Billy surmised that Victoria needed more time to say yes. Victoria reminded him that she'd told him she wanted to take things slowly, but he countered that they had been doing so for four or five years. She realized that he meant since their divorce, but she was determined to do things right if they were to try again. She stressed that she didn't want them to hurt one another, and she especially didn't want to hurt the kids.

Victoria suggested that she hold onto the ring for the time being. Billy recognized that they'd been through a battle, but at least they knew where to step to avoid the slings and arrows, and he wanted them to support one another to be their best selves. He agreed to give her time to say yes -- as long as she wasn't saying no. Victoria confirmed that she wasn't saying no, and they kissed.

At the cottage, Mariah and Tessa showed Sharon and Rey a copy of the note that had been attached to the brick that had been thrown through the Crimson Lights window. Mariah explained that the police had the original, and Rey anticipated that it would be a long shot to pull off prints. Rey quizzed Mariah and Tessa about what had happened, and they reported that there had been no witnesses because they'd closed the coffeehouse early for their date. Sharon wondered if there could be a connection to the time Tessa had been attacked at Crimson Lights, but Mariah pointed out that the note had been meant for her. Mariah warned Sharon not to blame Tessa.

Sharon apologized if it had sounded like she'd implied Tessa was responsible, and Rey asked if Mariah had ever received a message like that before. Mariah thought it was natural, since she hosted a talk show that was a guilty pleasure for people. Rey inquired whether she'd gotten any messages about ruining someone's life, and Mariah admitted that she hadn't gone through all her emails. Tessa offered to check them to try to find a connection, and Rey hoped to track the person through their phone or computer. Sharon thought there had to be a camera near the coffeehouse that had caught someone carrying a brick. Mariah appreciated their willingness to help, but she chalked it up to it being a one-time deal, and she expected the culprit to get away with it.

Sharon and Rey separately tended to matters over the phone. Sharon reported that a repairperson was putting plywood over the window and would replace the glass in the morning. Mariah offered to pay for it. Rey indicated that the police would send cars by Mariah and Tessa's apartment building several times that night. Sharon invited the women to stay there, but Mariah objected to moving in or getting bodyguards. Sharon encouraged Mariah to tell Devon what had happened so that he could arrange for extra security, but Mariah refused to disrupt her life over a note.

Sharon lectured that she just wanted Mariah to be safe, and Rey recommended that Mariah and Tessa shake up their routines, since the incident obviously hadn't been a spontaneous thing. He advised them to stay aware and pay attention to anything unusual, but Mariah scoffed at the idea of full-on paranoia. Mariah insisted on going home, and Rey volunteered to drive them. Tessa promised that she would take care of Mariah, who swore that it was all she needed. Mariah and Tessa headed out, and Rey wrapped his arms around a worried Sharon.

Rey assured Sharon that Mariah would be safe. Sharon loved that he was so protective, but she clucked that not every damsel needed to be his problem. He acknowledged that she didn't want him to take the gig with Nikki, but he thought Nikki was legitimately concerned about her husband. Sharon conceded that sometimes Nikki worried for the right reasons, but she was certain that Victor wouldn't appreciate Rey interfering in his life. Sharon added that Victor always had and always would take care of himself.

Sharon said she wouldn't be surprised if Victor was involved in something shady, and she cautioned Rey against taking the job. Rey figured that he owed Victor and Nikki after accusing Victor of murder, but Sharon implored him to work through his guilt another way. Sharon warned that Victor had a way of taking advantage of people, and Rey flirtatiously replied that the only person he wanted to take advantage of was her. She asked if that was his way of changing the subject, and she suggested that he try harder. They kissed.

While in a state of undress, Rey asked what Sharon was thinking. She recalled when they'd been alone in the hotel room on official business, and he remembered silently suffering in the dark. She teased that he'd only suffered because he'd chosen to sleep in an awful chair, but he insisted that it hadn't been the only painful part, since she'd been close enough to touch. She recounted that he hadn't done so, and he replied that he hadn't been able to. "You can now," she purred, and they kissed passionately. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her upstairs.

Sharon and Rey cuddled in bed after making love, and she assumed that he'd take the job offer, despite the reasons she'd given him not to. She admitted that she was being selfish, since they'd finally gotten to that point, and she'd have to watch him run off to Las Vegas. He insisted that it was about work and not running, and he promised that he wouldn't be gone an hour longer than he needed to be. He added that he was where he belonged, and they kissed.

At Devon's penthouse, Jett played the piano and practiced singing scales. Ana thought his voice sounded strong, but he worried that it wasn't strong enough. She urged him not to push himself for the restaurant opening, and he voiced concern that he'd blow his shot at a comeback if his voice gave out. Ana figured that Devon had enough artists on the roster to find a replacement, and Jett realized that she was as nervous as he was. He reasoned that if he couldn't do it, she wouldn't have to. She sensed that it wasn't the right time for either of them, and Jett contemplated how they'd tell Devon.

Devon arrived home and asked if Jett and Ana were excited about the following day. Ana contended that it would be an important night for Devon, Abby, and Lola, so everything had to be perfect. Ana fretted that she and Jett didn't have much experience singing together, whereas Devon had other artists on the roster who were ready to hit the ground running. Devon agreed to send someone else in to perform if they were sure, and Ana and Jett insisted that they didn't want to blow it for him. Devon swore that he would never force his artists to do something they weren't comfortable doing, but he had to figure out what to do with the promotional posters he'd had made.

Devon displayed the flashy poster featuring Ana and Jett, and father and daughter looked at one another in amazement. Devon was disappointed to let the photo shoot go to waste, and Jett observed that Ana looked beautiful on the poster. Jett added that he didn't look bad, either, and Devon joked that he'd had it touched up. Ana remarked that it seemed so official, and Devon indicated that everyone was excited about them.

Devon referred to social media posts about the original being back in the game and how it was something to stand in line for. Jett had figured that his fans had assumed he was dead, but Devon insisted that they were thinking and talking about Jett and his music. Devon understood that Ana and Jett were nervous, but he really believed it would be a great night for them and their fans. "All six of them," Jett quipped. Devon hesitated to put them in the spotlight unless they thought it was best for everyone involved. Ana and Jett exchanged a glance and agreed to perform.

Later, Elena emerged downstairs with a stack of garments to show to Ana. Elena apologetically recalled that she'd been a very busy medical student for a long time, and Ana guessed that Elena hadn't gotten out much. Elena held up a dress, and Ana noted that it would be perfect for an interview. Elena displayed the next one, and Ana winced and thought it would be perfect for church. Elena lamented that she hadn't had much of a social life, and Ana suggested they go shopping.

Elena balked at buying a dress she might only wear once, and she planned to reach out to friends to raid their closets. Ana realized that Elena hadn't mentioned friends before, and Elena considered dressing up one of her own frocks with accessories. Devon entered and asked if they were having a fashion show, and Ana informed him that Elena was figuring out what to wear to the opening. Devon invited Elena to go shopping on him as a gift, but Elena curtly replied that it wouldn't be necessary.

Once alone, Ana told Devon that Elena was proud, and he realized that he hadn't been thinking. Ana admitted that she'd almost done the same thing, but Elena had made it clear that she wasn't taking handouts. Devon insisted that it would have been a gift, and he compared it to Ana rejecting his financial help. Ana thought that Elena had the money but that buying an outfit to wear one time seemed like a waste to her. Devon hated the thought of Elena being self-conscious at the opening, and Ana offered to help. He had a better idea.

Later, Elena groaned that Devon had opened his home to her, yet she hadn't even been civil to him. Ana assured her that Devon understood, but Elena imagined that they assumed she'd throw a fit whenever someone tried to be nice to her. Devon returned with an armful of dresses that he'd never cleared out, and he explained that they'd been gifts to Hilary that had never been touched. He suggested that Elena take a look to see if there was anything she might like to wear.

Elena admired the dresses, and Devon mentioned that there were more upstairs if she didn't find one that fit. Elena protested that he'd obviously wanted to save his wife's things. Devon swore that he wouldn't have offered if he wasn't okay with it, and he was sure that Hilary would have done the same thing. Elena asked what Ana thought, and Ana called her brother a sweetheart. Elena thanked him.

The grand opening of Abby's restaurant doesn't go as expected The grand opening of Abby's restaurant doesn't go as expected
Friday, April 19, 2019

At home, Cane told Traci over the phone that he had the place to himself, since the twins had gone to the prison for Lily's release, but Lily would be returning home alone. He shared that part of him was a nervous wreck, but another part was numb. He recognized that it was his final chance, and he hurriedly said he had to go when he heard someone at the front door. Lily entered, and Cane welcomed her home.

Cane presented Lily with a gift basket to celebrate her being out of prison, but she stated that she wouldn't be free until he signed the divorce papers. He objected because they'd made vows, but she countered that they had been the same ones he'd broken. She explained that she was there to get ready for Abby and Devon's opening at the restaurant, pack a few things, and say goodbye. Lily anticipated meeting Neil, Mattie, and Charlie at the opening, and Cane asked what she'd do afterward. "Then I'm gone," she replied.

Cane protested that he didn't get a say, and Lily questioned whether she'd gotten a say when he'd cheated on her and lied to her. He insisted that they could work it out, but she flatly stated that she didn't want to, since she was tired of worrying about him and wondering what was true. She added that he'd had one job -- to protect their family. Cane pleaded with her not to do it, but Lily maintained that he had to let her go.

Cane didn't know how he could say goodbye when Lily was part of him. He didn't expect her to forgive him, but he thought they had to start somewhere. He pointed out that she'd taught people who had done worse things than he had, and she'd found it in herself to give them another chance. Lily argued that it wasn't the same thing, and Cane acknowledged that he needed to change to be a better father and husband. Cane begged Lily to give him a few minutes to hear him out, and he promised to find a way to let her go if she didn't like what he had to say.

Cane revealed that he'd been seeking advice to make sure he didn't make the same mistakes again, and he regretted that he'd challenged her decision to go down a different path rather than support her. Lily insisted that her choices had been about her and not him. He countered that they were a team, and he'd let them down. Cane admitted that he'd defined himself by his success instead of being a good husband and father, but Lily doubted that sleeping with Juliet or making out with Victoria had had anything to do with him wanting to be Warren Buffett.

Cane conceded that he'd justified the things he'd done, but when he'd seen Lily in prison, everything had suddenly made sense because he'd seen how his actions had hurt her. He swore that he could change, and he announced that he was rededicating his life to what was important -- her and the kids. Lily firmly stated that nothing he said would make a difference, but Cane blurted out that he'd given Jill his notice because he wanted to find out what he was meant to do. He envisioned Lily staying by his side and going down the path together, and he pledged to be the man she'd married. He continued that all he needed was a chance, and he asked if she would give them one more try.

Lily contended that Cane couldn't change months and years of hurt with one grand gesture and the right words. He believed that things could change in time, but she stressed that time had run out for them. She admired the changes that he was making in his life, but she insisted that it couldn't be about fixing them. She wanted to live her life with meaning by changing the world, one person at a time, and he said she'd changed him.

Lily reiterated that she wasn't concerned with fixing a broken relationship, and she just wanted to find a way to put it all behind her. She was adamant that she and Cane couldn't go back and make things right, and she wasn't sure she would want to, even if they could. She asserted that they had to move forward and focus on being their best selves. "Yeah," Cane defeatedly murmured with a sad smile. She went upstairs to pack.

When Lily returned downstairs, Cane noted that she only had one suitcase. She figured that she didn't need designer dresses anymore, since she was going to teach. She explained that the prison warden had turned her volunteer job into a full-time, paying gig. Lily mentioned that the twins might be going to a state school nearby, but Cane had expected Mattie to follow in Neil's footsteps by attending Stanford. Lily was certain that her father would love to show Mattie around campus, since he was crazy about the kids. Cane recognized that the twins were wild about Neil.

Lily intended to go to the opening then get back on the road, and Cane was surprised that she was leaving that night. He worried that it was a long drive, but she had found it nice to be in a car again. He urged her to stay the night and leave the next day after getting some rest, and he swore that he had no ulterior motive. He was pretty sure she'd missed her bed, and he offered to take the couch. Lily cautiously asked what was in it for him.

Cane wanted Lily to have one last night there before she started another life without him. He requested that she do one thing for him, and it would be the last thing he ever asked of her. Cane knew that it was a big night for Devon, and it meant a lot for Lily to be there with Neil and the kids. He added that she'd taught him that family was everything, and if things were normal, she'd also be with him. Lily argued that things hadn't been normal for a long time.

Cane contended that people would focus on her being at the opening without him instead of putting the spotlight on Devon and Abby's accomplishments. He suggested that they go together one last time to toast to her freedom and to Devon, and she inquired about their divorce. Cane replied that it was no one else's business, and they could tell everyone the next day, but that night should be about her and Devon.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle gazed at a jewelry box in his hand as Summer descended the stairs. She looked relieved to see him, and she remarked that she'd been wondering if he was there. He quickly tucked the box into his pocket, and she asked if she was interrupting anything. He assured her that she wasn't.

Summer suggested that she and Kyle get ready for Abby's big night, but Kyle opted not to go because things might be awkward with Lola being the restaurant's chef. Summer reasoned that the awkwardness would get better with repeated exposure. Kyle proposed going to a movie instead, but Summer protested that she was an Abbott, and it would be their first big night out as a couple. Kyle questioned whether they had to do it at that particular restaurant, and Summer asserted that it was for family. She added that the best part would be him showing her off to the world, and she led him upstairs.

In the bedroom, Summer began to paw Kyle, who asked if she was hungry. She declared that she was famished, and he pushed to head to the restaurant. She cooed that she wasn't that kind of hungry, but he thought they should go early and help out. He stepped out to shower, and Summer fished the jewelry box out of his jacket pocket and found a necklace inside. She mused that she loved it already, and she sat on the bed and smiled.

Later, Kyle made sure the necklace was in his pocket, and Summer waved two dresses in front of him and asked which one. He replied that he liked them both, but she protested that he hadn't even looked. She rambled on about each outfit, and she pointedly imagined that the perfect accessories would make one of the dresses look great. Clueless, Kyle was sure she could find something in her huge jewelry box, and Summer envisioned something understated and classic. He figured that the right piece would show up, and she anticipated that she'd find it that night. He went downstairs to wait for her, and she excitedly touched her bare neck.

Downstairs, Kyle read a text message from Lola, who said the restaurant was a three-ring circus, but she was loving the high wire. She asked if he would be there, and he replied that he wouldn't miss it for the world. He pulled out the necklace, but Summer called out for him to close his eyes and get ready for her big entrance. She appeared in a clingy dress with a high slit up the side, and she asked what he thought. He politely called it a good choice, and he wondered what was in the bag she was holding. Summer chirped that it was an opening night gift for Lola from the two of them.

At Abby's new restaurant, Society, a frantic Abby was on the phone with a software distributor. She complained that the software they'd sold her was supposed to be cutting edge, but it was nothing more than one big glitch. Lola cleared her throat and gestured to try to get Abby's attention, but Abby remained fixated on resolving the software issue.

As Abby hung up, she spotted Arturo, who was staring at a sonogram photo. Abby demanded to know what he was doing there, and he explained that he was there to congratulate his sister on her big night. He observed that it looked like everything was pulling together, and Abby mumbled that looks could be deceiving. She recognized that it had been good to talk to him the day before, but Mia showing up had been an ugly reminder of the hold she had on him.

Arturo requested that he and Abby talk privately, but she griped that it wasn't the time or place, since she'd been putting out fires all day. Abby mentioned that the software that was supposed to hold the place together was falling apart, and Arturo swore that he wouldn't hold her back. She referred to the picture he'd been looking at, but a phone call distracted her.

Lola confided to Tessa that she couldn't cook. Tessa chalked it up to opening night jitters, but Lola clarified that her produce and proteins weren't there yet, since the delivery driver was backed up on the highway. Lola lamented that she'd have nothing to feed the critics, family, and friends who would be there, and Tessa asked if Abby knew. Lola replied that she'd tried to tell her boss, but Abby had her hands full.

Later, Lola was surprised to see that boxes had been delivered, but she discovered pineapples instead of the live prawns and lobsters she'd expected inside. She groaned that she was hours away from tanking the restaurant because she had no food except fruit she hadn't ordered. Arturo told her to put together a list of what she needed, but Lola fretted that nothing short of a miracle would save them. Tessa instructed her to breathe, and she recalled that Lola's big, beautiful brain had created La Vida Lola. Lola argued that it was a food truck and not an upscale restaurant, but Arturo reminded her that Abby had hired her because Abby believed in her.

Arturo reminded Lola that she'd been improvising her whole life, and he questioned when a Rosales ever gave up or gave in. He recognized that Abby had a lot to deal with, and he instructed Tessa to get Lola whatever she needed while he figured out what he could do on his side. Arturo assured Lola that he had her back and that he loved her, and he told her she had it. Lola bemoaned that anything could happen on the biggest night in Genoa City, and it had. Tessa encouraged Lola to show what she was made of.

On the phone, Abby warned the software representative not to fail her, or she'd let everyone on social media know about the company's empty promises. A technician informed Abby that there was a problem with the fire alarm, which suddenly went off. She yelled to make it stop, but he warned that it would continue to happen because it needed a part that wouldn't be in stock for three days. Abby wailed that she barely had three hours, and she refused to postpone the entire opening. Arturo stepped in to handle it, and he proposed that he and the technician work together to find a solution. Abby covered her ears when the alarm shrieked again.

Tessa assembled the protein and vegetables the waitstaff had picked up, and she proclaimed that they were three steps away from dinner. Lola thanked her for being incredible, and Tessa admitted that it had been a needed distraction. Lola pressed for details, and Tessa confided that someone had thrown a brick through Crimson Lights' window with a note threatening Mariah. Tessa said that Mariah had been pretending she was tough, but Tessa felt like she was falling apart. Lola vowed that they'd get through that night and the nightmare with Mariah.

Abby tended to details in the dining area, and she called out to get the music going to make the night unforgettable. The fire alarm went off again, and Arturo rushed over to shut it off. He explained that he'd worked out a deal with the technician to provide a part from a building Arturo was constructing in exchange for the technician working with him on other projects. Abby was taken aback that Arturo had done it for her, but he pointed out that it was the night his sister had dreamed of her whole life. Abby answered a call from Devon and insisted that everything was great. The power went out.

Abby enthused to Devon that Society would be the talk of the town, but she encouraged him to wait to show up until the restaurant was full of people and exotic aromas. The lights flickered back on, and she invited him to stop by whenever he'd like. After she hung up, Arturo informed her he'd fixed the wiring so another blackout wouldn't happen, and she called him a lifesaver. Abby repeated that she couldn't get past what he'd done with Mia, but she was thankful. He wished her all the best and exited.

Kyle and Summer arrived, and he mentioned that he'd thought Abby could use the extra hands. Abby insisted that she had it covered, and Summer marveled at how the place had changed from the last time she'd been there. Summer requested a quick tour, and Abby began to show them around, but Kyle ducked away to see Lola.

Kyle pulled Lola aside, and she groaned that he didn't want to know what kind of night she was having. He wanted to know every detail, since he'd been thinking about her all day, and she had no idea how badly he wanted to kiss her. She teased him for expecting her to concentrate on work with him there, and he jumped at the opportunity to give her his gift. She gasped in excitement when he presented her with the necklace.

Abby showed Summer the ceiling near the bar, which had been done in gold leaf. Tessa reported that everything was in place and that everyone was ready. Abby squealed in excitement, and Summer looked around for Kyle and saw him talking to Lola.

Kyle explained that it had taken him awhile to find the right gift that was tasteful but not too flashy, and Lola declared it perfect. He gushed that they'd turned a corner, and everything was different then. She happily warned him not to make the chef cry, and he promised that they'd be together soon. She gushed that she'd wait forever for him, and he swore that it wouldn't take that long. They embraced, and he murmured that he didn't want to let go. Summer interrupted and coolly congratulated Lola.

Summer whined that she'd thought they'd been getting a tour from Abby, but she'd suddenly been a party of one. Lola claimed that Kyle had just wanted to wish her luck, and Summer huffed that she'd thought they'd agreed to do it together. Lola said she'd take all the luck she could get, and Summer blabbed that they almost hadn't attended because Kyle had had his heart set on a quiet night, but she'd wanted to drop off a gift from both of them. Summer presented Lola with the gift bag, and Lola reached up to fondle her new necklace. Summer's lip quivered when she recognized the trinket.

Abby commended everyone on staff for pitching in and giving their finest. She called Society a labor of love and said they had all the ingredients to make for an exceptional dining experience. She added that the recipes wouldn't work unless they used their hearts, and the staff were the heart of Society. Abby praised them for overcoming all the challenges they'd had that day, and she announced that it was time to meet their guests. She declared Society officially open, and the staff applauded as she headed to the entrance. Abby threw open the doors and found no one there.

B&B TWO SCOOPS: No jacket required
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