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Rey and Sharon headed to Las Vegas to investigate Victor. Dr. Calhoun informed Victor that a male patient had run off. Summer announced her intention to stay at Jabot. Billy gave Phyllis the funding she needed to start her own company. Kyle and Lola made love.
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Rey and Sharon headed to Las Vegas to investigate Victor
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A special tribute to Kristoff St. John A special tribute to Kristoff St. John
Monday, April 29, 2019

A salute to Kristoff St. John

A special broadcast, narrated by the actors who knew him best, became a beautiful memorial to the late Kristoff St. John, who portrayed Neil Winters since 1991. St. John's fellow castmates shared poignant personal memories. Marla Adams said, "Kristoff St. John was exactly that -- a saint." Christel Khali noted that he was "just so good." Doug Davidson added, "He was the most gracious, kind, loving individual." Victoria Rowell, a former cast member who once portrayed St. John's on-screen spouse, Drucilla, proclaimed," Kristoff gave us unconditional love and joy." Jess Walton added to Rowell's comment, noting that "millions and millions of people could see that joy in him."

Similarly, Melody Thomas Scott recalled that St. John loved life. Others described their friend as a gentleman possessing an honest and deliberate presence that set his coworkers at ease and made them feel safe. Peter Bergman added, "Everyone felt that they were the only one in the room when they were with him." Shemar Moore chimed in and said, "Kristoff St. John was the man. He was the man." On a lighter note, Joshua Morrow remembered his friend as being a "giant goofball." Eric Braeden evidently agreed with his on-screen son's remarks and added, "Always a good word, always a joke, always a laugh."

Mishael Morgan, who'd portrayed Hilary Curtis, echoed what others had previously noted, agreeing that St. John made everyone feel comfortable. Daniel Goddard described his friend as being the glue that held everything together. Rowell added, "To work with him was effortless." Eileen Davidson remembered that St. John loved working as an actor. Bryton James said, "What he created as a black actor and his legacy in Daytime - we'd call him the 'Denzel of Daytime.'" Shemar Moore added, "I believe he is the most talented, the most committed, the most unselfish iconic black actor of Daytime Television."

In 1991, St. John garnered a coveted Daytime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series. During his acceptance speech, St. John had said, "This is incredible. I'd like to thank Bill and Lee Bell for giving me the chance to play Neil Winters. Thank you. The cast that I work with every day, a very beautiful, talented cast -- it's a family. The crew, a marvelous crew. My dad, Christopher St. John, my mom, and God, for without whom, nothing is important, and with whom everything is possible."

During a recent informal interview, St. John had recalled his first day on the set in 1991, portraying a character Bill Bell had created. In an accompanying clip, Neil Winters accidentally bumped into Drucilla Barber, causing her to drop an armful of sorted business mail. Drucilla and Neil each blamed the other for not watching where they were going. After the brief clip, Victoria Rowell [Drucilla] made an appearance on the set known to viewers as Devon's penthouse. Holding a photograph of St. John as Neil, Rowell joined Bryton James, Christel Khalil, Mishael Morgan, and Daniel Goddard. Rowell fondly recalled her first meeting with St. John after learning from Bill Bell that Neil Winters was to be her love interest.

Another clip from the archives featured a scene with Neil and on-screen brother Malcom, portrayed by Shemar Moore. St. John, during the aforementioned interview, later recalled that he'd tried to set Moore at ease before their first on-screen interaction by "showing him the ropes." Moore noted that Bill Bell had asked St. John to choose among the actors who'd auditioned to portray his on-screen brother. St. John, Moore added, had said at the time, "He's got a long way to go, but I know he can do it."

St. John had spoken during his interview about the first time he'd interacted on stage with Christel Khalil, who portrays Lily. Khalil recalled that St. John had always been loving and open, which set her at ease. Khalil added that during their on-screen interactions, she felt as if St. John was her father. St. John had echoed Khalil's sentiment, even stating that he'd felt as close to her as he had to his own real-life daughter, Lola.

Peter Bergman recalled Neil Winters' relationship with the Abbott family. Gathered with the actors who comprise the members of the Abbott family, Bergman said, "Kristoff St. John was so much more than that for all of us. I worked with him for 27 years, got to know him pretty well." Jess Walton remembered that she'd immediately felt St. John would do really well with the cast because he'd portrayed his role with a realistic presence.

Daniel Goddard recalled being struck by St. John's depth as an actor, describing his coworker as an icon of greatness. Goddard's apt praise was on display when the scene between Neil and his on-screen mother was replayed. A sobbing, grieving Neil reacted compassionately as his dying mother told him she was proud of the way he'd turned out. Mishael Morgan also recalled an emotional scene, when her character and Neil had exchanged vows. Morgan credited St. John with the success of the scene, having given her a chance to reshoot the pivotal moment when she'd poured out her heart during recitation of their vows.

Eileen Davidson, another of Winters' on-screen lovers, recalled her scenes with St. John as her biggest blessings, noting that St. John had been a giving soul and a lovely man. Rowell fondly remembered that St. John had arranged for his real-life father, Christopher, to portray the minister who'd officiated at Neil and Drucilla's wedding. Rowell noted that she and St. John had portrayed on-screen romantic partners for 14 years. Scenes from the past depicted the pair's often dramatically intense interactions.

Describing the lighter side of Neil Winters' life, St. John recalled that the Winter Ball scenes had been among "the coolest" he'd taken part in as an actor. Appearing as Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, St. John said the ball scene was unique because all the characters appeared onstage together. Sharon Case and Joshua Morrow recalled that St. John would make them all laugh with his creative, silly antics.

Morrow added that during a scene with St. John in which their characters were engaged in shooting basketballs, both had been recovering from major knee surgery. Though St. John had had misgivings about his real-life recovery, Morrow had said, "I think we got to do it, man. We'll just try and take it easy." Morrow, looking back, described the scene as "two really old, slow guys trying to play basketball against each other." Morrow recalled that during the shooting, he and St. John had laughed about their predicament. Morrow fondly added, "I was so much better than him."

Khalil remembered when St. John had embellished his role as her on-screen father during a scene with Greg Rikaart [Kevin Fisher] and Michael Graziadei [Daniel Romalotti]. Kahlil set the scene, recalling that at the time of the shoot, Lily had been involved with Daniel. Kevin, along with Lily and Daniel, were discussing what they would say when an upset Neil entered the scene. Cutting to the interview with St. John, he also recalled the scene, when he'd said, "You don't want to mess with this black man." St. John laughed and added that Rikaart had looked at him and exclaimed, "That's not in the script." St. John, chuckling, recalled having replied, "It is now, Greg."

Braeden remembered his fellow actor always being a ray of sunlight by always lighting up the stage. St. John had also fondly recalled working with and getting to know Braeden, though St. John had admitted he'd "only found out a little bit" about his fellow actor. Braeden described St. John as one of the few actors he'd trusted both in real life and as an on-screen character.

Moore added to Morrow's earlier recollections of St. John's love of playing the "goofball." A series of humorous outtakes proved both actors' assessments accurate. In one particular outtake, a shirtless St. John hammed it up in front of a mirror by repeatedly flexing his biceps. In other scenes, St. John played with prop flowers during a love scene, grabbed fellow actors and engaged in impromptu dances, and reacted with stunned disbelief when his own portrait was once prominently displayed on Victor Newman's office wall. A camera, continuing to roll after the conclusion of the scene, caught a candid response as St. John exclaimed that he was certain the director wouldn't keep the ad-libbed reaction in the final cut. Moore noted, "He was goofy because he wanted to make everybody laugh, make everybody happy."

Melody Thomas Scott recalled that during on-screen party scenes, she'd ensure she would appear with St. John because being with him was always fun. Braeden laughed, agreeing with Thomas Scott. Amelie Heinle remembered that during her last encounter with fellow actor St. John, she'd hugged him and would be forever grateful she had. Rowell added that whenever St. John hugged someone, whether on-screen or off, it was a real hug. Jess Walton agreed, describing St. John's hugs as meaningful and "super-special." Jason Thompson [Billy] said, "He gave you a hug, and he had the amazing ability to just drop in with you and be so present." Marla Adams [Dina] said she "just melted" when, ad-libbing during an on-screen meeting as their respective characters, St. John had kissed her hand.

Doug Davidson read a quote he said summed up his feelings about St. John. Davidson, recalling that he'd sent the quote in a note to St. John years ago, said, "The truly creative mind in any field is no more than this -- the human creature born abnormally, inhumanely sensitive. To them, a touch is a blow, a sound is a noise, a misfortune is a tragedy, a joy is an ecstasy, a friend is a lover, and a lover is a god, and failure is death."

Reflecting on his scenes throughout the years with his castmates, including the late Jeanne Cooper, St. John drew a deep breath and said, "I've been part of something that will somehow be in a time capsule up there, and I'm part of that." To his fans, St. John, with palpable fondness, said, "Thank you for sharing in this adventure, this mighty ship that has sailed for so long. I love you."

Phyllis urges Summer to keep her job at Jabot Phyllis urges Summer to keep her job at Jabot
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria entered Victor's office, and Nikki reported that Victor had taken off after Neil's service for parts unknown. Victoria guessed that her mother was there to look for more clues about where that might be. Nikki indicated that she hadn't had any luck, but she hadn't expected to find much. Nikki recounted Victor's words that they were better off not knowing what he was doing, but it was to protect their family. Nikki was even more determined to find out what he was up to.

At the cottage, Sharon and Rey canoodled on the couch and discussed Lily and Devon's devastating loss of their father. Rey received a text message from Nikki about Victor going AWOL again. Sharon surmised that Victor still hadn't told Nikki what he was up to, and she promised that she wouldn't stop Rey if Nikki wanted him to track Victor down. Rey pointed out that it would also be nice to get a paycheck to pay his rent, and Sharon assured him that his landlord would be fine. She understood that he needed to stay busy, and they kissed. He headed out.

Rey met with Nikki, who told him about the psychiatrist's bill she'd found and that she'd gotten nowhere with Victor or the doctor's office. Rey volunteered to put her in touch with a private investigator in Las Vegas, but she wanted to hire someone she could trust who couldn't be bought. Nikki pointed out that Rey had been relentless in his pursuit of the truth, and she needed someone as stubborn as Victor was to track her husband down. She pushed Rey to go to Vegas that night.

Later, Nikki told Victoria that Rey would be leaving for Vegas that night. Victoria warned that there would be fallout when Victor found out, but Nikki refused to sit around and do nothing. Victoria mentioned that she'd be in the wild for the next few days, since she and Billy had promised to take the kids camping. Victoria reported that things had been slow and steady between her and Billy, even though he wanted to jump in with both feet and had even proposed. Nikki observed that Victoria wasn't wearing a ring, and Victoria explained that her response had been more of a "not yet" than a no.

Nikki suspected that Victoria was wary because of what had happened with J.T., and Victoria also referred to her painful past with Billy. Nikki compared it to her history with Victor, but she'd never regretted reconciling. Nikki added that when she'd thought she'd be in prison for the rest of her life, her biggest regret had been not spending more time with Victor. Nikki continued that Neil's passing had been a reminder that they had no idea how much time they had left, and it was obvious how much Billy loved Victoria and the kids. Nikki pointed out that Victoria and Billy could be spending the best years of their lives together right then, and she wondered why Victoria wanted to put that kind of happiness on hold.

Once alone, Nikki read an online article about an investigation of the "Queen of Las Vegas" poker scene. "Victor Newman, what on earth are you mixed up in?" she asked herself.

Rey returned to the cottage and informed Sharon that he'd be able to pay rent, but he needed to take off for a few days to do it. She assumed that he was going to Vegas, and she nonchalantly stated that she just happened to be going there herself on a last-minute trip. She suggested that they fly there together, and they could stay in the same bed that time. Rey thought it sounded like a dream vacation, but he hesitated to put her in danger. She asserted that he needed her there as his secret weapon, since she knew how Victor operated. They joked about her being Watson to his Holmes, and he asked if he had a choice. She replied that he didn't if he knew what was good for him, and they kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Summer descended the stairs and found Kyle on the couch. She was surprised that he wasn't at work or hiding out in the pool house, and he wondered if she'd considered where she might move. She huffed that she was still adjusting to him tossing her out after using her for spare parts, but he contended that she should be proud of the brave, generous thing she'd done. Summer whined that she'd done it for him because she loved him, and Kyle repeated that he couldn't thank her enough.

Summer spat that Kyle couldn't apologize enough, either, since he'd once told her that she had no feelings. Kyle admitted that he'd been wrong, and Summer insisted that he was wrong about Lola, too. Summer reiterated that Lola didn't accept him for who he was and couldn't give him what Summer could, but Kyle maintained that Summer had to find a way to deal with their marriage being over. Jack overheard and inquired whether he should go back out and pretend that he hadn't heard anything. Summer bitterly invited him to stay while she went upstairs and packed, since Kyle was kicking her out.

Once alone, Jack lectured that Kyle had made certain promises to Summer and her family. Kyle groaned that no matter what he did or said, he ended up making things worse. Jack offered to make sure Summer was okay, and Kyle thanked him and left. Summer returned downstairs and asked if Kyle was there. Jack mentioned that Kyle had told him what was going on, and Summer whimpered that it hurt a lot.

Jack said he was sorry, but Summer figured that he and everyone else had foreseen it happening. Summer questioned how she could face her family, and she envisioned them whispering about what an idiot she'd been to marry someone who was in love with someone else. Summer asserted that Kyle had agreed to stay married at least a year. Jack advised that love didn't have an expiration date, and he was sure Summer didn't want Kyle sticking around solely out of obligation. Summer swore that they'd been happy until Kyle had been sucked back into his doomed fairy tale with Lola.

Jack suggested that Summer take a vacation, but she preferred to bury herself at work. Jack imagined that Victor would love to have her back at Newman, and she inquired about the job at Jabot. Jack reiterated that he valued her ideas and experience, but he assumed that she wouldn't want to work with Kyle during their uncoupling. Jack added that he would always think of her as family, and he hugged her.

Billy stepped off the Jabot elevator, and Phyllis snapped that it was about time he showed up. He suggested that she schedule an appointment if she wanted to see him, since his life didn't revolve around her. She demanded to know who had convinced him to back out of their deal, and she warned that it was a mistake he couldn't afford to make.

Billy told Phyllis that she'd get her company funding by the end of the business day, but she pushed for him to transfer it right away. He grumbled that it was starting to feel like extortion. A tearful Summer called Phyllis and asked if they could talk, and the women made plans to meet at Phyllis' suite. After Phyllis hung up, Billy clarified that he was giving Phyllis the money, but he wanted his freedom in return. He stressed that it wasn't a loan or investment but the end of everything between them. Phyllis agreed, and he curtly dismissed her and walked away.

Lauren dropped off coffee for Jack in his office. She admitted that she'd been trying hard to concentrate, but all she could think about was Neil and how he hadn't let loss harden him. Jack remarked that she had no idea how many times Neil's advice had popped into his head, and he hoped he never stopped hearing that voice. Lauren swore that she wasn't there to make them sad, but she'd been thinking about ways to tie Fenmore's into the Jabot Collective. Jack mentioned that he had a meeting and suggested that he stop by her office later, but she proposed that they meet that evening, since Michael was out of town. She headed out.

Summer arrived at Phyllis' hotel suite and wailed that her mother had been right about Kyle all along, since he wanted a divorce. Phyllis understood how much it hurt Summer, who cried that she'd really believed she could make it work. Summer rambled that she'd never judged Kyle or needed him to change, and their love was the kind that could have lasted a lifetime. Summer gave his relationship with Lola six months to fail, but Phyllis hoped that by then, Summer would have moved on and found someone who loved and appreciated her for who she was. Summer contemplated whether she should fight for Kyle, and she asked what Phyllis would do in her shoes.

Phyllis thought back to the times she'd "fought like hell" to keep relationships from ending, but they'd ended anyway. Summer protested that it was unfair, but Phyllis encouraged her to make a clean break. Summer wiped away tears and acknowledged that she had to move out and finalize her divorce, and she figured that she could forget about her new job. Phyllis questioned why Summer had to take a step back just because Kyle hadn't honored his commitment, and she implored Summer to tell Jack that she wanted to stay at Jabot. Phyllis contended that if Summer was to fight for something, she should fight for a job she was perfect for.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren remarked that Billy could only have three reasons for backing Phyllis' new venture -- blackmail, getting back together, or amnesia. Phyllis chalked it up to good karma, and Lauren thought it sounded like a good name for Phyllis' new company. Phyllis divulged that her idea was to sell accessories online, but Lauren cautioned that Phyllis would be fighting for attention in a crowded market. Phyllis said she had ideas, but she didn't want to jinx it until she did more research.

Lauren greeted Mia, who asked if they minded if she joined them. Lauren offered her seat, and she left to get back to the office. Phyllis observed that Mia looked fabulous, and Mia figured that if she didn't feel good, she could at least try to look good. Phyllis asked to examine the sunglasses Mia was wearing, and Mia readily handed them over. Mia's face fell when Phyllis commented that they were very impressive for knockoffs, but Phyllis insisted that she wouldn't have been able to tell if she wasn't in fashion.

Phyllis informed Mia that she was starting her own accessories company, and she thought Mia was the perfect demographic. Phyllis added that she needed fashionable women to get her company off the ground, and she asked if Mia was interested. Mia guessed that Phyllis had heard that she and Rey were going separate ways, and Phyllis could relate to starting over and doing something different. Mia asked when she could start, and Phyllis requested that she make a list of where she shopped for accessories.

Later, Sharon walked by Mia and tried to ignore her, but Mia called to her and swore that there were no hard feelings. Sharon didn't believe her, but Mia claimed that she was starting a new chapter in her life, beginning with a new job. Sharon wished her nothing but luck, and Mia stated that she was starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel without Rey in her life. Sharon reminded her that Rey would always be part of Mia's future if the baby was his, and Mia reasoned that it would be best if everyone was on good terms for the sake of her child. Sharon snapped that Mia meant for her own sake, since Sharon knew that Mia wanted to stay on good terms with Rey so that he wouldn't turn her over to the police for attacking Lola.

Mia pulled Sharon to the patio and demanded to know why Rey had told Sharon about Lola's accident when he'd promised he wouldn't. Sharon figured that Rey had used the story as a teaching moment to illustrate how dangerous Mia was. Mia swore that she'd never meant to hurt Lola, but Sharon barked that Mia had wanted revenge on Abby. Sharon added that she knew exactly who Mia was and what she was capable of, and she ordered Mia to stay out of her way.

Kyle met Lola at Society and marveled at how quiet the restaurant was. She called it the calm before the storm, and he asked if she had everything she'd ever wanted. "Almost," she replied, adding that the best part was that she'd get to dream new dreams. He wished he'd been able to stay all night at the grand opening, but he'd needed to get Summer home before things had gotten out of control. He revealed that he'd told Summer that he'd kissed Lola and that Summer knew he'd given Lola the necklace.

Lola imagined that Summer had been really upset, and Kyle stressed that he couldn't keep hurting Summer. Assuming he was there to end things with her, Lola began to take off the necklace, but Kyle announced that he'd told Summer that he wanted a divorce. Lola admitted that she'd been afraid Kyle had decided to stay with Summer, but he swore that he'd never change his mind about Lola. He recounted that he'd told Summer to move out because he was getting a divorce, and Lola thought it sounded too good to be true.

Kyle gushed that nothing would stop him and Lola from being together the way it should have been all along, and they kissed passionately. She realized that she had to start preparing for the dozens of people about to show up, and he asked when she'd be done. Lola anticipated that she'd be exhausted after the last dinner reservation, and Kyle questioned whether she'd be too tired for a surprise. She said she wouldn't if it was from him, and they embraced.

Later, a smiling Lola sat in the park, but her expression faded when Summer approached her. Summer said she'd heard Society had made quite the splash on opening night, and she wished she and Kyle had stayed longer, but she was sure Lola had already heard the news. Summer swore that she didn't blame Lola for Summer and Kyle's bad decision. Summer resolved to pick up the pieces and try to move on, and Lola relayed that Kyle felt really bad about the way things had turned out. Lola swore that she and Kyle would forever be grateful to Summer for saving Lola's life, and Summer admitted that she wasn't sure she'd do it all over again. Lola told Summer to take care of herself, and Summer glowered as she watched Lola walk away.

Lola returned to Society's kitchen and smiled when she saw a rose in a vase with an envelope with her name on it. "Tonight can't come soon enough. Love, Kyle," the enclosed note said. Meanwhile, Kyle met with a contractor about setting up a beach scene, complete with a bar and sound system. The contractor said anything was possible if the price was right, and Kyle exclaimed that it would be perfect.

Summer stopped by Jack's office and announced that she'd like to keep her job at Jabot. He asked if she'd weighed the possible repercussions, and she replied that she had, but the job was tailor-made for her skill set. He noted that her divorce was barely in the works, and he'd seen how difficult it was for her and Kyle to be in the same room together. Summer pledged to never let her personal life get in the way of business, and she was positive she could help take the Jabot Collective to number one if he let her. Jack requested a couple of days to think about it.

Victoria and Billy perused the menu at Society, and she asked if anything caught his eye. "You," he amorously replied, and she clarified that she'd meant on the menu. He declared that there was something he wanted to tell her about Phyllis and the night she'd dropped by to pitch her business idea. Billy explained that he'd wanted to tell Victoria sooner, but he'd been worried about how she'd react. Victoria said she already knew that he'd given Phyllis the money.

Victoria pointed out that Billy had gotten cagey every time she'd mentioned Phyllis' name, and she surmised that it meant he'd given Phyllis exactly what she'd wanted. She didn't want to ask the next inevitable question -- whether part of him wanted to stay connected to his ex. Billy was adamant that it was the last thing he wanted and that he'd told Phyllis that it was nothing more than a generous parting gift. Victoria thanked him for protecting their relationship by keeping Phyllis out of the picture, and he realized that Victoria was saying she trusted him. He asserted that they were good together, and she supposed they were. He kissed her hand and toasted to that.

Billy and Victoria exited the restaurant, and he said it had been nice to spend the afternoon with her. She teased him for being a bad influence by making her play hooky, and he expected her to run back to work. She said her schedule was pretty light, but she imagined that his workload was piling up. He said it was nothing that couldn't wait, and they kissed.

Kyle prepares a romantic surprise for Lola Kyle prepares a romantic surprise for Lola
Wednesday, May 1, 2019
by Nel

At Society, Abby placed a picture of Neil on the credenza. She told Lola that it was a place where people could leave condolence cards for Neil. Lola asked if Abby had heard from Devon. Abby stated that she hadn't, but she had been worried about him. She said that Devon had appeared shell-shocked after the rough year he'd had.

Abby changed the conversation and told Lola that the dining room had been booked solid for the following weeks. Abby said she was concerned about Lola because she was afraid the pressure on Lola's health would be too much, but Lola assured Abby that she would be fine.

Abby told Lola that the reason they were an overnight success was largely because of Lola's food. Lola gushed that all her dreams had come true. She told Abby that Kyle and Summer were divorcing, and she and Kyle would be free to be together. Abby said that everyone had seen Kyle and Summer's marriage as a huge mistake.

Lola told Abby that she'd had an encounter with Summer at Chancellor Park. Summer had seemed very grown-up about the whole situation. Abby claimed that it didn't sound like Summer. Abby asked about Lola and Kyle's hook-up. Lola informed her that Kyle had planned a romantic dinner.

Alone at the bar, Lola allowed her imagination to run free. In her first scenario, she saw herself and Kyle entering the same suite at the Athletic Club that they had occupied before, and she imagined everything that could go wrong. She imagined bumping heads when they tried to kiss or punching Kyle while she was undressing. Horrified, Lola snapped out of her daydream.

Lola imagined a second scenario. She and Kyle entered the same suite, they kissed. She imagined how smoothly things would run until Kyle saw her scar as she undressed. She envisioned him suggesting that perhaps things had moved too fast. Lola snapped out of her reverie and shouted, "What?" at the same moment she received a text message from Kyle that read, "Counting down the minutes."

Abby returned and told a distracted Lola that couples had been raving about her fricasee. She wanted to know what Lola had put in it. Abby realized that Lola was stressed, and she told Lola to leave for the day. Lola refused. She claimed she was ready, and she wanted everything to be perfect. Abby gushed that it was the beginning of Lola and Kyle's long journey.

Abby said that the first time someone was about to have sex, because they didn't know what to expect, the butterflies would run rampant. Lola said she was worried there wouldn't be any chemistry between her and Kyle, and she was worried she wouldn't satisfy Kyle. Abby said that for guys, it was like pizza, and there was never a bad pizza.

Lola told Abby that Kyle had had a lot of experience, but she fretted that she wouldn't measure up or meet Kyle's expectations. Abby said if Lola trusted and loved Kyle, that would be all that mattered. Lola thanked Abby as she hugged her.

At the penthouse, Devon told Ana he wanted to check on the feedback about Society's opening night, but there was nothing there. Ana said she had rerouted everything to herself because Devon had needed time for himself after Neil's death. Ana showed Devon all the responses. She told him the restaurant had been a big hit.

Ana showed Devon the photos from the opening night. Devon stopped at a photo of Elena and commented that Elena had looked beautiful. Ana asked what had gone on between them. Devon responded that nothing had gone on. It had been a date that had ended with Neil's death.

Ana reminded Devon that Malcolm said that Neil had wanted his family to live with the joys of life. Devon said he felt guilty because Neil and Hilary were no longer with them to live the joys of life.

At that moment Tessa and Mariah arrived and offered Devon their help in any way that he would need. Devon thanked them and said he was fine, but he was worried about Mariah because of the incident with the brick that had been thrown through the window. He chastised Mariah because she hadn't reported the incident to him. He offered to provide Mariah with a security guard, but Mariah declined.

Devon told Tessa and Mariah that Ana had things under control, and he had things to do. He left, but outside his door, he inhaled deeply before he left the building.

After Tessa signed her contract, Ana showed her a series of new looks she had in mind that would give Tessa a new image. Mariah mocked them and said she wasn't a fan of Ana's choices because Tessa's essence would be lost. Ana claimed that the right image would enhance Tessa's career, and people would forget Tessa's past criminal history. Annoyed, Ana suggested they focus on the music.

After Ana told Tessa she would see her in the morning, Tessa said she couldn't wait to get into the studio. Mariah stated that she would bring the scones. Ana told Mariah that she and Tessa wouldn't be hanging out. It would be a work session, and the only people who would be present would be herself, Tessa, an engineer, and a studio musician. Ana said the sessions would be better with as few people as possible. Mariah said she understood, and she wanted them to do the best job possible.

Mariah and Tessa left. In the elevator, Tessa asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah said she was fine, but she appeared quite miffed.

On the rooftop of Society, Kyle and a helper set up a surprise for Lola. The helper suggested something fancier would be more appropriate, but Kyle advised him that the woman he was preparing it for wouldn't want fancy.

At Crimson Lights, Cane updated Jill about his situation with Lily. He said he'd woken up to find a new set of divorce papers and Lily gone. Jill asked if Lily had left without saying goodbye in person. Cane said she had, and it was probably because Lily had wanted to avoid listening to him plead his case again. Jill stated that she was surprised that Neil's passing hadn't changed anything between them. Cane said Lily had wanted to deal with Neil's death on her own rather than lean on him. He claimed he had failed her.

Jill warned Cane not to go down that rabbit hole. She suggested that he find a purpose and focus on it. Cane said he still had his kids, but Jill reminded him that the twins would be finished with school in a couple of weeks, and then they would be off to college. Jill suggested that Cane return to Chancellor Industries, stating that he shouldn't have left in the first place. Cane said he had to make a meaningful change in his life, and perhaps he and Lily would have a chance in the future. Jill told Cane not to hold out that hope for too long. Traci arrived at that moment and asked, "Why not?"

After Cane greeted Traci with a hug, he offered her a chair. Jill told Traci that she and Cane had been in the middle of a private conversation. Traci reminded Jill that she was the twins' godmother. Cane informed Jill that he and Traci had had a few heart-to-heart sessions and that Traci had been a great source of support.

With a change in her attitude, Jill claimed she was happy that Cane had someone to rely on, but she was back and ready to help him. Cane warned Jill not to make it a competition between her and Traci. Jill laughed and said she was grateful that Traci had been able to help Cane. Jill invited Traci and Cane to join her for dinner at Society. Traci accepted, but Cane declined.

Devon entered the patio at Crimson Lights and saw Jett and Elena. He thanked them for giving him space while he dealt with Neil's passing. Devon told Jett that he'd been contacted by agents who wanted to know about Jett's next album. He informed Jett that there were promoters who wanted to know if Jett would go on tour. Devon said touring would be great for Jett.

Devon also wanted to discuss a new album for Jett. Jett said he had some new songs playing around in his head, but he felt that touring would be too ambitious. Elena voiced her concern about Jett's vocal cords. Devon assured her that Jett would be monitored carefully.

Devon suggested that he, Elena, and Jett discuss Jett's future over dinner, but Jett claimed he was an old man and needed his rest. Jett suggested that Elena could advocate for him over dinner with Devon. Devon and Elena agreed.

At Society, Jill and Traci discussed Neil and their disbelief that he was gone. Traci was happy that Neil would be watching over Colleen. Jill recalled how Neil had doted on the twins, but the family had been falling apart. Jill said that Neil had always been there for Lily, and she wished she'd been there more for Cane.

Traci told Jill that Cane had been going through some changes, and she hoped that Cane and Lily would work things out. Jill shared the same hope but commented that sometimes marriages had run their course. Jill hoped that Cane wasn't holding onto some unrealistic fantasy.

At that moment, Abby greeted Traci and Jill, and she introduced Lola to them. Traci and Jill complimented Lola on her delicious food. Abby saw Devon and Elena arrive, and she rushed over to greet them. She advised Devon that things had been running perfectly. Devon introduced Elena to Abby and Lola. He told Abby that he and Elena were there to discuss business. Abby escorted them to a private table.

Once Devon and Elena were alone, Elena commented that he had a lot of people who cared about him. Devon spotted the picture of Neil. He said that no matter how many people there were to help him, he needed to go through the process alone.

Elena told Devon about her life and said that she had only recently realized how special Jett was. Devon asked Elena if Jett and her mother had been close. Elena said they had been, but sadly, her mother had passed away. Devon said he was sorry. Elena said she hated those words as much as Devon did.

Elena said that she had wanted to punch people in the face when she'd seen their "you poor thing" looks. Devon knew what she meant. Elena commented that Devon seemed to be handling Neil's death far better than she had her mother's. Devon asked if her mother's death had been sudden, but Elena didn't want to talk about it.

The conversation between Devon and Elena turned to music and the first concert each had attended. They had a great laugh when Devon admitted that he went to his first concert when he'd been in kindergarten. Devon zoned out when Elena laughed. Elena had been momentarily replaced with an image of Hilary. The image immediately faded when Elena asked if he was okay. He assured her he was fine.

Kyle arrived at Society, and Abby greeted him. She told Kyle that Lola had updated her on their situation. Abby told him that he had done the right thing. Kyle agreed. Abby wanted to know what the big surprise for Lola was, but Kyle refused to give anything away. Lola joined them and asked if she was dressed appropriately for whatever plans Kyle had for them. Kyle said she looked incredible. They said goodbye to Abby and left.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci continued writing her book about the lonely and heartbroken man who was down on his luck and wondered where it had all gone wrong.

At Chancellor Park, Cane pulled out his phone and thought about calling Lily but changed his mind. Cane returned to the patio at Crimson Lights and called Lily. He left her a heart-wrenching voicemail message stating he hoped she arrived at Lakewood safely, and, as much as it hurt him, he would respect her wishes -- it would be his last call to her. He said he would love her to his dying day. He said, "Goodbye, baby," and sadly disconnected the call.

Kyle took Lola to the rooftop of Society and told her to keep her eyes shut. When she opened them, she saw that Kyle had created a magical Miami setting for her with an ocean view and a bar. Lola told him it was perfect, and they kissed.

Kyle and Lola make love Kyle and Lola make love
Thursday, May 2, 2019

On Society's rooftop, Lola was impressed by Kyle's re-creation of a beach scene. She recalled falling asleep the last time he'd tried to give her a tropical atmosphere, and he remembered that he'd taken the party to her. She noted that they'd missed out on a lot of time, but he didn't see it that way, since they were finally there, under the stars. He invited her to try the perfect mojito, and she tasted it and gushed that everything was perfect.

Kyle felt like something was missing. He and Lola seemed to be about to kiss, but she pulled back and claimed that the drink needed more rum. After adjusting it, Lola sipped her drink and commented that it packed a punch. Kyle refused to let her drink on an empty stomach, and he pulled out a picnic basket. He presented her with sweet, salty, healthy, and junk foods, but she preferred just to enjoy being there together and looking up at their star. Kyle mused that the star would always be there, adding, "I will always be here for you."

Lola envisioned taking a vacation once her sous chef was up to speed, and she suggested going to New York to see where Kyle had grown up. He anticipated going to Miami, too, and she imagined the places she'd show him. He pointedly stated that there was no rush, and they had all the time in the world. He figured that she should stay close to home while Society was getting buzz, and she marveled that she'd gone from a food truck to all of that. They agreed that they had many possibilities, since they were in each other's lives for good.

Kyle turned on some music and pulled Lola to her feet. She murmured that she didn't want it to end, and he agreed. She said she wanted to make love with him, and they kissed passionately. Kyle and Lola retreated to a suite at the Athletic Club, where they continued kissing. "I love you so much," he said, and she replied that she loved him. She began to unbutton his shirt and smiled. He kissed her shoulder as he undressed her. They fell onto the bed and tenderly made love.

Kyle and Lola cuddled in bed. "Yes," she firmly stated, adding that it had been worth the wait, although part of her wished she hadn't waited. She insisted that it was where she fit -- she just hadn't known it before. "So, don't ever leave," Kyle murmured.

At home, Nick flipped off the television as Summer walked in with a suitcase. She sadly announced that it was over, and he took her into his arms. Nick spat that it had been Kyle's idea to propose to Summer, but Kyle had lied to her. Summer groused that saving Lola had been Kyle's only priority, and he'd been willing to sacrifice his happiness to do it. She recounted that before the surgery, Kyle had sworn to her that he'd go through with his obligation to her, but she'd been a chore that he hadn't felt like doing anymore.

Nick contended that Summer deserved better than Kyle, but she whimpered that it was what she deserved for being stupid enough to think it could work. Nick called Kyle manipulative and selfish for breaking Summer's heart to get what he wanted, but Summer countered that it hadn't all been lies. She was sure that Kyle felt something for her, but it was more real for her than it was for him. Nick wanted to tear Kyle apart, but Summer objected. Nick asked what he could do for her, but she didn't know what to do herself. She accepted that the only way to make it hurt less was to let Kyle go, and Nick pledged to be there for whatever she needed. They hugged.

Nick advised Summer not to make any decisions that night about where to live or work. She shared her plan to stay on at Jabot, since it was tough luck if it made Kyle uncomfortable. Summer guessed that Nick thought it was a mistake, but he said it was her call. She asserted that she deserved a win after Kyle had humiliated her by getting her liver and then letting everyone know his heart belonged to someone else. Summer rambled about how Lola would never accept Kyle for who he was, while Summer did.

Summer expected that one day, Kyle would wake up and realize he'd lost something great when he'd picked Lola over her. Nick asked if Summer was holding out hope, and Summer conceded that it would be really nice to have Kyle beg and that it wouldn't hurt to see him cry. Nick wondered what would happen if Kyle crawled back to her, and Summer cited the years between them. She admitted that she hated Kyle but also really loved him, and Nick empathized and hoped she listened to what he had to say.

Nick swore that Summer was incredibly special and that she had everything she needed inside her to be happy, and Kyle didn't get to be part of it. Summer argued that Kyle wasn't a villain and that she wasn't a saint, but Nick thought the whole world would open up for her. He recognized that she'd been through a lot, but she was just getting started with figuring out who she was and what she needed. He promised she would be unstoppable when it happened.

Summer groaned that she was ready for the day to be over, and she hoped for a few hours not to cry. Nick declared that he knew exactly what she needed. He fetched two bowls of ice cream, handed one to Summer, and told her everything would be okay. He turned on the television, and they curled up to watch together.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Dina that he wanted to say goodnight before he headed out, just in case she was asleep when he got back. Dina seemed preoccupied with playing with her bracelet, and Jack asked if everything was okay. She didn't respond.

At the Athletic Club, Lauren answered a call from Jack and asked if he was on his way. Jack explained that he couldn't make it because his mother seemed really out of it. Jack's doorbell rang, and he hoped it was the doctor. Lauren told him to stay strong and that she'd be thinking about him.

After the doctor examined Dina, Jack indicated that the way she'd reacted to the doctor and nurse hadn't been happening earlier. Jack asked if he'd overreacted, but the doctor thought her disease was progressing. The doctor cautioned that there would be more episodes, and he urged Jack to consider placing her in a care facility. Jack thanked him and showed him to the door, where Lauren had just arrived with takeout. Lauren figured that Jack had been too distracted to think about food, and she offered to either hand it to him on her way out or stay if he could use a friend. He opted for the latter.

Jack lamented that the process with his mother always caught him off guard, just like when he'd been a kid. Jack recalled that Dina had always been restless and unpredictable, and he'd never known whether his mom would want to know about his day or if she couldn't wait to get out of the house. Lauren compared it to what Dina had been like that day, only Dina had been physically there. Jack acknowledged that Lauren knew something about a parent leaving when she was young, and she commented that it changed a child.

Jack swore that he was trying to stay in the present, knowing Dina's moments of clarity would be fewer and farther between. Lauren imagined his joy and relief when Dina actually recognized him, and Jack understood that it was unrealistic to expect that his mother would recover. He braced himself for the reality that eventually, he would never have another real moment with his mom, but he didn't want to fixate on his own issues when Dina was the one suffering from the disease. Jack wished that he could make things right or have Dina make them right, but he knew she was going to slip away. Lauren assured him that it was okay to feel the way he felt.

Jack offered Lauren a drink. Dina called out for "Jackie" as she descended the stairs, and Jack asked if she wanted some tea. Dina fawned over Lauren and assumed that she was Jack's girlfriend. Playing along, Jack remarked that he was a lucky guy. Jack suggested that he escort Dina back upstairs and take her a cup of tea, and she clucked that she'd be close by, so they should behave themselves. "Yes, Mrs. Abbott. Always," Lauren promised with a grin.

Later, Jack reported that Dina and her nurse were in for the night. Lauren sympathized that it had to be unnerving to take care of a parent, knowing it could be him one day. Jack hoped for a shred of dignity and compassion if he was ever in the same position, and Lauren called it beautiful to watch him doing right by Dina. Jack thanked Lauren for not missing a beat when Dina had thought she was their chaperone, and Lauren wished him a good night. He realized that Lauren had never even mentioned her business ideas, and she assured him that what they'd talked about had been far more important. He thanked her for everything, and they embraced.

At the cottage, Sharon informed Rey that she'd skipped packing a swimsuit because they'd be working. Sharon hesitantly revealed that she'd run into Mia and that she'd told Mia that she knew about what Mia had done to Lola. Sharon recognized that it was delicate information, but Rey insisted that his concern was for Sharon and not Mia. Sharon asserted that Mia had no idea what she was up against, since Sharon was tougher than she looked. Sharon suggested that they stop talking about Mia and address what was important -- their trip.

Rey stammered that he didn't think Sharon should go because it wasn't safe. He couldn't shake the feeling, since he would be walking in blind, and he didn't want her caught in the crossfire. Sharon was adamant that she was still going and that she didn't need him to protect her. Rey pointed out that it was his job, and Sharon countered that he was getting her assistance for free, since she had insight into Victor that could be useful. Rey argued that she'd just gotten her life back, and Sharon figured that she'd gone from not being able to choose what to eat for breakfast to having choices, including getting on a plane with him.

Rey realized that there was nothing he could say to convince Sharon to stay home. He questioned what would happen if they got into real trouble, and she chirped that she would be happy to save him. He pushed her to hightail it out of there if anything happened, and she agreed. She noted that they didn't have to be at the airport yet, and she wondered if they could cover any ground from there. Rey mentioned that Nikki had given him the name of a psychiatrist that Victor had been seeing outside Las Vegas city limits, but Sharon doubted that Victor was the patient. Rey wanted to get a read on the guy, and Sharon pointed out that she could speak the doctor's language and find out what he knew.

As Sharon did some online research, Rey left a voicemail for Dr. Calhoun, asking to meet. Sharon indicated that the doctor had a spotless record with multiple degrees and no disciplinary actions. She found it interesting that the psychiatrist specialized in memory retrieval, and she wondered why Victor had hired someone like that. Rey imagined that they'd find out in Vegas.

Nikki met Paul at Crimson Lights, and they hugged hello. She admitted that she felt lonely to know Neil was no longer with them, but his death had made her realize that they should be grateful for the friends they still had. Paul said it was why he'd called her, and he inquired whether things were okay with her and Victor. She contended that "okay" was a low bar, but she wasn't sure her marriage was even at that point. Paul guessed that she was still worried about Victor's mysterious trips, and Nikki reported that her husband was on another one and that she'd hired Rey to look into it.

Paul found it interesting that Rey had the time to do it, and Nikki pointed out that Paul had fired Rey. Paul informed her that he'd asked Rey to do the legwork on the investigation into Lola's attack as an opportunity to earn Paul's trust back, but he surmised that Rey's priorities were in Nevada. Nikki defended that she owed Rey a lot after what he'd risked for her and Victoria, and she trusted him. She added that Paul had turned her down, so he couldn't begrudge her hiring someone else.

Paul respected Nikki's hunch and personal concerns, but he maintained that there was nothing he could do unless a crime had been committed. Nikki suspected that Victor was involved in something dangerous, and she couldn't imagine that he'd be away from her for even one night unless there was a very good reason. She insisted that she needed to know if Victor was in danger, and Paul prompted her to tell him more about what was going on. Nikki told Paul about the psychiatrist not returning her calls, but Paul didn't see how it tied into the poker games.

Nikki showed Paul the article she'd found about the Queen of Vegas poker scene that she'd found on Victor's computer, though Victor had never mentioned anything about it. Nikki thought the secret was big and insidious for Victor to keep it for that long. She thought Victor knew there was nothing he couldn't tell her, but he hadn't because he was protecting her, which meant there was a risk. Paul sensed that she needed more than just reassuring words from a friend, and he volunteered to see what he could do within the parameters of his job to help. Nikki cooed that knowing she could always count on him was one of the greatest gifts of her life.

Rey and Sharon arrived at their hotel room in Vegas. Rey noted that he'd received no word from Dr. Calhoun, and he planned to find a way to get in touch the next day. Sharon purred that they had no obligations that night, and he contemplated what they should do on their first trip as a couple. She observed that it was a really nice room, and she was too tired to go out. He called room service to send up some Champagne.

Later, Rey saw an incoming call from his former boss. Sharon encouraged him to take it, and Rey greeted Paul. Paul chided him for dropping his sister's case to help Nikki, and Rey curtly replied that the job paid. Paul scolded Rey for not staying in town to find Lola's attacker in favor of shooting craps on Nikki's dime. Rey wondered whether his former colleagues knew Paul had farmed out work to ex-cops because Paul didn't trust his officers to do their jobs.

Paul reiterated that Rey had a chance to get back inside, but it felt like Rey didn't care to find out anything. Rey snapped that Paul could keep the job, and he hung up. Rey informed Sharon that Paul had been jerking his chain, and Sharon theorized that Paul suspected that Mia had been responsible for Lola's attack. Rey proposed that they forget about Paul and everyone else, since the trip was about being with Sharon. Sharon pointed out that he was also doing a job for Nikki, and she was curious about what Victor was up to.

In Dr. Calhoun's office, Victor demanded to know how the psychiatrist had lost track of his patient. Dr. Calhoun explained that he'd pushed too hard at Victor's direction, and the patient had bolted from the session after saying he'd needed to be alone. The doctor warned that Victor wanted too much too soon, and the patient couldn't handle the sensory overload. Victor barked that he knew what the patient could handle, but he'd obviously overestimated Dr. Calhoun. Victor ordered the doctor to tell him what the patient had said, and Victor would find "him" and fix it.

Victor presented Dr. Calhoun with a case of money for his silence, pointedly adding that it wasn't for services rendered. Victor questioned whether he should close the case and walk out with it, and the doctor wordlessly stared at the cash. Victor snickered and remarked that he hadn't thought so, and he sternly stated that every bill was a reminder for Dr. Calhoun to keep his mouth shut. The doctor swore that he'd never break confidentiality. "You don't want to disappoint me twice," Victor warned, and he stalked out.

Victor rapped on a motel room door and called out that it was him. He asked the person inside to open the door so they could talk, since he wasn't the enemy, and he wanted to help.

Kyle and Summer work together Kyle and Summer work together
Friday, May 3, 2019

Kyle stepped off the Jabot elevator and received a text message from Lola, who invited him to stop by Society for lunch because she had something special for him. He sent back a string of heart and rose emojis.

In Jack's office, Summer told Jack that she'd contacted another celebrity as Kyle walked in. Summer explained that she was going over her marketing ideas for the Jabot Collective, and Kyle asked why. Jack requested a moment alone with Kyle, but Summer insisted on speaking for herself. She declared that she still wanted to work at Jabot, despite everything that was happening, but Kyle worried that it would make things even more difficult. She asserted that they could all be adult about it, unless Kyle had a problem working with her.

Jack suggested that they table the discussion and focus on preparing for their meeting with Rebekah. Summer argued that being able to work together was crucial for the collective's success, and she inquired whether Kyle was willing to put their differences aside. Billy entered and asked if everyone was set for their meeting, and Rebekah waltzed in behind him. Rebekah assumed that Kyle and Summer were the whiz kids she'd heard about, and she commended them for being the brains behind the idea of using social media influencers to market the collective. Rebekah implored them to tell her what their next big idea was.

Billy offered to send out some numbers about how having the bulk of marketing done via social media had increased their profit margins, but Rebekah preferred to discuss creative matters. After a moment of silence, Summer piped up that music festival season was about to kick into gear, and she referred to a recent festival that had been filled with influencers. Rebekah considered it a missed opportunity, but Summer pointed out that there would be more festivals throughout the summer.

Kyle suggested that they give out swag bags and do cross-promotions with bands, and he mentioned having a contact, Theo, in New York who could hook them up with big names to rock Jabot's merchandise. Rebekah proclaimed that Kyle and Summer were the ticket to Jabot's success, and Jack asked them to have something on his desk by the next day. Summer and Kyle stepped out, and she suggested that they head to his office to work. He replied that he had plans, but he'd send her a text message to meet up later. He headed out.

At Society, Lola smiled when she read Kyle's response. Abby cooed that she knew that face, and she pressed Lola to tell her everything. Lola feigned ignorance, but Abby referred to what Kyle had planned on the rooftop and afterward, and she wanted all the dirty details. Lola summed it up in one word -- perfect. Lola recounted that she and Kyle had literally danced under the moonlight and gazed at the stars, and Abby imagined that Lola's head had been up in the clouds the whole night.

Lola shared that she hadn't wanted to go back down to earth, but things had become even more divine when she had. Lola exclaimed that Kyle had been sweet and patient, and it had been everything she'd hoped for. Mariah interrupted and suggested that she do a live on-location interview with two of Genoa City's hottest stars, but Lola balked. Mariah pointed out that Abby had wanted publicity, but Lola protested that she was a chef and not a celebrity. Lola added that she'd never been on television, and Mariah remarked that there was a first time for everything.

With the cameras rolling, Mariah enthused that word was out that Society had been attracting the celebrity crowd. Abby crowed that it was the place to see and be seen, but she liked to protect her patrons' privacy. Abby added that everyone was going crazy over Lola's food, and Lola announced her plan to unveil a new dish every week. Mariah wrapped up the spot, and she assured Lola that she'd been a natural. Lola thought it had been obvious that she'd been shaking, but Mariah declared that it had been perfect. Kyle arrived and cooed that Lola always was.

Kyle and Lola fawned over one another, and Mariah remarked that she'd become invisible. Kyle jokingly asked if Lola had heard something, and Lola replied that it had been her heartbeat. Kyle referred to Lola's surprise, and Lola confirmed that it was nothing like one he'd had for her the night before. Mariah inquired about what it had been, and the couple simultaneously responded, "Bye, Mariah." Mariah happily left to give the lovebirds time alone together.

Lola led Kyle to a table and placed a napkin in his lap, and she pointed out the lovely cabernet that she'd selected to go with his meal. She declared that lunch was served, and she presented him with the first sandwich he'd ever bought from her. He said he'd never forget, and she teased that he'd been a total jerk. She recalled that she'd wanted to shove his order in his face, but it would have been bad for business, and his face had been too cute to mess up. They kissed, and she marveled that she'd never known the dish would change her life forever.

Kyle remembered being intimidated and impressed by Lola's no-nonsense attitude, and he'd liked that she hadn't taken anything from anyone. Lola worried that she'd lost that edge when she'd gotten hurt, but Kyle assured her that she'd gotten it back. She realized that she had her health, her job, and him, and nothing was standing in their way. Kyle insisted on being honest with her if they were going to be fully committed, and he admitted that something had happened that day. Lola guessed that it was blonde with green eyes and a huge trust fund.

Kyle had assumed that Summer would want nothing to do with Jabot when he'd asked for a divorce, and Lola figured that it was a huge company, so their paths might not cross. Kyle revealed that they already had, since he'd found Summer pitching ideas to his dad about their lifestyle project, and they'd ended up feeding off each other's energy and blowing everyone away. Lola worried that Summer would still be a huge part of Kyle's life if they worked together, but he clarified that it would only be his work life. Lola thanked him for being honest with her, and they pledged their love.

Later, Abby asked how lunch had been, and Lola replied that it had just been lunch. Abby teasingly compared it to how the night before had just been dinner, and Lola called it the most amazing night of her life. Abby begged for more details. Lola rambled that Kyle was the most romantic man she'd ever met, and she was so grateful that she'd waited for him to be her first. Lola confided that she felt bad for Summer, and Abby remarked that sometimes Summer was her own worst enemy. Lola believed that Summer would eventually see that everything had worked out for the best. Lola noticed that Kyle had forgotten his tablet, and Abby clucked that it looked like someone had an excuse to visit her boyfriend at work.

At Crimson Lights, Billy conceded that Summer and Kyle made a "hell of a team." Jack grumbled that Kyle wanted to pretend the marriage had never happened, and he asked how Billy's relationship was going. Billy mentioned that he and Victoria were going away for a few days to take the kids camping. Rebekah joined them and hoped they knew what a goldmine they had with Kyle and Summer, and she referred to the duo's chemistry. Nick approached and was surprised to see Rebekah, who reminded him that she had a consulting deal with Jabot.

Rebekah invited Nick to join them, and she asked if the men knew one another. Nick noted that they all had Phyllis in common. Billy suggested that they go back to the office before Rebekah headed out of town, but she claimed that she still needed to go over the materials, so she wanted to go back to her hotel. Jack offered her a ride, but she declined. After Jack and Billy departed, Rebekah turned to Nick and seductively asked, "Give a gal a ride?"

Mariah entered the coffeehouse patio and received a text message. "I won't be ignored. Someday soon you'll know my pain," she read. Mariah panicked when a man roughly bumped into her and rushed off without a word. "Excuse me!" she yelled after him.

Nick and Rebekah went to his place, where they shared an awkward kiss. He claimed that she'd caught him at a bad time, since his daughter was going through some stuff. Rebekah sensed that there was more going on than just concern, and she guessed that he was adrift and lonely because he wasn't comfortable being single and even less comfortable with casual hookups. Nick considered the assessment pretty good, and Rebekah admitted she wasn't interested in getting serious. She encouraged him to think about a time when he'd been truly happy and to try to recapture it. He thanked her for being a good friend, and she kissed his cheek and left.

At Jabot, Summer left a message for Phyllis, saying the morning had been an indication that she'd made the right decision to stay at Jabot. After she hung up, she spotted Dina in the corridor. Dina asked if she was on the right floor, since John was taking her to lunch. Summer wondered if Dina was there alone, and Dina confirmed that she was, but she could call a cab. Dina hoped for John to see how nice she looked, and Summer complimented her outfit. Dina questioned whether John was there, and Summer nervously looked around.

In Jack's office, Summer coached Dina how to suck in her cheeks to highlight her cheekbones. Dina mentioned that John had always said she had flawless facial structure, and Summer replied that she was jealous as Kyle walked in. Dina pointed out that "Ashley" was the one John called "My Beauty," and Summer remarked that she took after Dina. Dina wondered where John was, and Summer suggested that perhaps he had gone home after his appointments. Summer proposed that they meet him there, and she helped Dina to her feet.

The women spotted Kyle, and Dina told him to give his mother a kiss. Summer explained that "their" dad hadn't shown up for a lunch date, and Kyle claimed that he'd forgotten to let Dina know that John had gone to a meeting in Chicago. "Work again," Dina huffed, and Summer told her not to worry because she and "Jack" would take Dina to the Athletic Club for lunch. Dina was delighted, but she wondered if they would be able to get along. Summer chirped that she could if "Jack" could, and Kyle enthusiastically agreed to do it for "Mom." Dina called them wonderful and took their hands in hers.

Later, at the Abbott mansion, Kyle informed Summer that he'd gotten Dina settled in with one of her favorite films. He thanked Summer for what she'd done at the office, and she pointed out that just because they weren't together didn't mean that she'd stopped caring about Dina. She hoped Dina's talk about them being close hadn't been awkward, and she suggested that they get back to work. He said he needed to call his contact in New York, and she offered to drive while he made the call in the car.

Lola stopped by Jabot to return Kyle's tablet, and Jack noted that Kyle had learned some of his dad's old tricks. Jack added that he hadn't seen Kyle in a while, but he invited Lola to leave a personal note. She appreciated Jack being so nice, given how close he was to Summer. Lola sympathized that it wasn't easy to be caught in the middle, but Jack insisted that Kyle's happiness was the most important thing, and he was glad Kyle and Lola had found one another. Jack mentioned that he'd learned again that day how resilient Summer was, and he thought things would work out just fine for everyone.

Summer and Kyle returned to Jabot and ran into Lola and Jack as they exited Jack's office. Lola mentioned that she'd dropped off his tablet, and Kyle thanked her for lunch. Summer blurted out that he hadn't told her that he'd already eaten, and Kyle explained that he hadn't wanted to upset Dina. Kyle told Jack that Dina had shown up to have lunch with John, so he and Summer had taken her to the club. Summer stressed that she still cared about the family in spite of her and Kyle's impeding divorce.

Jack invited Summer and Kyle to use his office, and he left for a meeting. Summer offered to wait inside, and she politely said it had been good seeing Lola. Once alone, Kyle said he owed Lola for lunch, returning his tablet, and being the best girlfriend ever. He amorously wondered how he'd ever pay it off, and she suggested that he start by taking her out to dinner that night. He didn't know if he could make it until then, and they kissed.

Meanwhile, Summer answered a call from Theo and mentioned that she and Kyle had a proposal to run by him. She recognized that Theo was on a tight schedule, and she offered to send the company jet for him. She glanced out the window and spied Kyle and Lola kissing. Summer told Theo that it would be no problem for her and Kyle to meet him in New York that night.

In Las Vegas, Sharon gazed out the window of her hotel room. Rey stirred in bed and told her not to move, since the way the light was hitting her hair looked beautiful. She joined him in bed, and they kissed. He was surprised that she hadn't slept in after tossing and turning most of the night, and he wondered if there was something on her mind. Sharon confided that she had a weird feeling she couldn't explain, but she figured it was probably nothing. She thought they should get dressed to go see Dr. Calhoun.

At Dr. Calhoun's office, Rey informed the psychiatrist that he was working privately for Nikki Newman, and Sharon thought the doctor might know Nikki's husband, Victor. Rey presented a bill that Calhoun had sent to Victor, and the doctor cited privacy laws. Rey explained that Nikki was very concerned about her husband, and Sharon guessed that Victor wasn't a patient. Sharon pleaded with Calhoun to tell them about his connection to Victor, but the doctor refused to answer their questions.

Sharon revealed that Victor was the grandfather of her children and that he'd suffered a very traumatic year, both emotionally and physically. She was concerned about why Victor would go behind his family's backs to seek out a psychiatrist, and Calhoun said he wished he could help. Rey started to head out, and he intentionally bumped into the briefcase of cash on the way, spilling its contents onto the floor. Rey noted that it was a lot of cash, and Calhoun snapped that it was none of his business. The doctor ordered them to leave before he contacted the police. Rey suspected that Calhoun was in way over his head, and he implied that he could help. After Rey and Sharon left, Calhoun made a call and requested to speak to someone right away.

Nikki did some online research on Victor's computer, and she found an article about the "Queen of Las Vegas," Riza Thompson.

Rey and Sharon returned to their hotel room, and he noted that there had been at least $50,000 in the briefcase. Sharon pointed out that it was pocket change for Victor, and Rey felt like they'd hit a brick wall. Sharon vowed not to give up, but he understood if she wanted to head home. She suggested that he go back and read the books, since Holmes was nothing without Watson, and she intended to prove it. Nikki called Rey and asked if he'd made any progress. Rey reported that Calhoun hadn't given anything away, and Nikki announced that she had a new lead who might have answers -- Riza Thompson.

Rey made some calls to investigate Riza. Sharon didn't see the connection between high-stakes poker and memory retrieval, but she imagined that Victor was just a spectator. Rey thought they could safely rule out an affair, but Nikki had said Victor had done over a hundred online searches for Riza. Sharon suspected that Riza knew something, and Rey pledged to find out what.

Victor met Riza at a bar, and she asked what she could do for him. He informed her that Spider had disappeared, and she remarked that Spider did that sometimes. Victor told Riza to name her price to help find him, but she hesitated to put a price on a man's life. Riza pointed out that Spider had been happy before Victor had shown up, but Victor argued that the man had been lost.

Riza doubted that it would do any good because Spider was stubborn, and it was hard to get him to open up again after he closed down. Her phone rang, and she saw an incoming call from Rey. Victor instructed her not to answer it because he would take care of it. Victor told Riza to let him know when she heard something, and she walked away.

Victor arrived at Sharon and Rey's hotel room and commended them for accomplishing quite a bit. Rey scolded that Nikki was worried sick, and Victor asked to speak with Sharon alone. Rey refused, but Sharon assured him it would be okay, so he reluctantly stepped out. Victor told Sharon to sit down, since there was something she needed to know.

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