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Victoria gave Chelsea's number to Adam and offered him money to leave town. Adam had a passionate dream about Sharon. The Abbotts placed Dina in a memory care facility. Lauren ordered Phyllis to shut down her knockoff site. Michael read Neil's will. Devon envisioned Hilary after kissing Elena.
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Victoria gave Chelsea's number to Adam and offered him money to leave town
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Victor pits Adam against Victoria Victor pits Adam against Victoria
Monday, May 27, 2019

Kyle and Lola enjoyed waking up together after Kyle moved in. Lola set about making her favorite breakfast for Kyle, recalling that she'd burned their dinner the night before. Kyle said the only cooking he could do was slicing fruit. Kyle surveyed their apartment and said they should add their own stamp. Lola suggested adding color to an accent wall and finding a place to store her cookbooks.

Lola asked Kyle what he wanted to add to personalize the apartment. Kyle gazed into Lola's eyes and said he had everything he wanted. Kyle told Lola he had to get to work. After Kyle stepped out of the apartment, he sent a text message to Abby. Kyle enlisted Abby's help to summon Lola out of the apartment so he could arrange a surprise for Lola. Abby eagerly agreed to help.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria expressed concern about Billy losing sleep. Billy said he'd stayed up all night, researching Adam's life in Las Vegas. Billy added that his efforts hadn't revealed anything because it was as if Adam had been dead. Victoria told Billy that Adam had approached her and Nick about leaving Genoa City for good if he could have $500 million, custody of Christian, and information about Chelsea and Connor. Billy asked what Adam might have in mind if he didn't get what he wanted.

Victoria told Billy that Adam had suggested she embezzle $500 million from Newman Enterprises. Victoria noted that Nick would rather shoot Adam than hand over Christian. Billy was shocked to learn that Chelsea had sent text messages to Nick a couple of times, though he hadn't responded. Billy asked Victoria why she'd withheld the details of Adam's demands. Victoria replied, "I see the way that he's affected you, and all of the pain and the anger that it's dredged up." Billy assured Victoria that he wouldn't repeat history, though he admitted that Adam was an emotional trigger. Billy cried, "I look at him, and I see Delia."

Billy admitted to Victoria that he'd felt the rage bubble up inside of him when he'd recently visited Delia's grave to tell her that Adam had returned. Victoria replied, "That's not good, Billy." Billy clarified his statement and said, "I am not going to let him dictate my life. I'm not going to give him that power." Billy told Victoria that he envisioned a bright future for them and for their children, which he wouldn't allow anyone to ruin. Victoria replied, "You don't know how badly I've needed you to say that." Victoria said she intended to let Victor know about Adam's demands.

Nick stopped by Adam's to respond to his brother's demands. Nick made no effort to hide his disdain and told Adam to "go to hell." Nick added that he'd never hand over custody of his son. Adam replied, "You mean my son." Nick insisted he was Christian's father in every way that counted and always would be. Nick said he had no idea where Chelsea was and hadn't spoken to her since she'd left town.

Adam cried that he'd lost three years of his life, his wife, and his child. Adam added that he yearned to be a father to his boys. Nick replied, "Adam, you're not fooling me because I know that the only thing you care about is yourself." Nick asked Adam if he'd given any thought to the pain and confusion Christian would be subjected to if he was taken away. Nick added that being a good father meant putting one's child first. Adam suggested that Nick would regret the way he was handling the matter. Nick took two steps closer to Adam and said, "Is that a threat?" Adam claimed he was only expressing concern for his brother like a family member would.

In his office at Newman Enterprises, Victor appeared worried as he stood near a window. Nate stopped by. Victor immediately inquired about his condition. Nate said only that the diagnosis wasn't good. Nate assured Victor that they'd fight the disease. Victor replied, "Yeah. And we will. We will. I want to know what all the options are, no matter how experimental, okay?" Nate nodded.

Victoria stopped by her father's office. Victoria said she had a question to ask and expected a straight answer. Victoria said, "Are you bringing Adam back to this company and putting him above me?" Victor said he wanted them all to work together as a family. Victor added that Adam had a different set of strengths. Victoria said she realized Victor did intend to make Adam a part of the company again because he was willing to be ruthless in ways she wasn't.

Victoria cried that she couldn't believe Victor expected her to take a backseat to Adam again because he didn't care about the company or anyone else. Victoria noted that Adam had told her and Nick that he wanted to be as far away from Newman as possible. Victoria added that Adam was prepared to leave town if they met his demands. Victor replied, "What demands?" Victoria said that Adam wanted help finding Chelsea and Connor, custody of Christian, and $500 million.

Victor laughed before realizing that Adam had been lurking in the doorway. Adam faced Victor and admitted that everything Victoria had said was true. Adam angrily noted that Nick had flatly refused to give up Christian. Victoria let Adam know that he wouldn't be getting any money. Adam said, "Doesn't matter. It was an all-or-nothing deal." Victor asked to speak to Adam privately. Victoria said, "Some things never change."

After Victoria left, Victor said he'd heard that authorities had apprehended the shooter. Victor said he wished Adam had stopped by to tell him the news, along with a number of other things Adam hadn't disclosed. Adam claimed he'd wanted to know how far Nick and Victoria might have gone to get rid of him. Adam said he was determined to find Chelsea and Connor with or without Victoria's help. Victor said Adam was going about it the wrong way. Victor explained that he'd never given up the search for Chelsea, though the trail had gone cold. Adam promised to do whatever Victor wanted if Victor helped him gain custody of Christian. Victor winked at Adam and smiled.

Victoria stopped by Dark Horse to speak with Nick. Victoria said, "I told Dad that Adam wanted no part of Newman and that he would leave town tomorrow if we paid him off." Victoria added that Adam had walked in and admitted to Victor that what she'd said was true. Nick asked about Victor's reaction. Victoria replied, "Eerie silence, mostly." Victoria said she'd been asked to leave, but she assumed that Victor had merely scolded Adam before forgiving him.

Nick said Victor was in willful denial about Adam. Victoria warned that there was no telling what Adam might do to get what he wanted. Nick agreed. After Victoria left, Nick seemed troubled. Nick gazed at a framed photo of Christian. Nick phoned someone and asked to meet to discuss Christian.

At Society, Abby was seated at a table when Nate entered and approached. Nate asked Abby how she was doing. Abby displayed her cut finger and reported that Nate's patient was stable. Nate said he was inquiring about her emotional feelings, noting that Abby had a lot going on with her family. Abby said she'd decided not to focus on things she couldn't control, so her goal was to get through each day. As a diversion, Nate shared a riddle, which Abby couldn't solve. Abby laughed and proclaimed Nate's riddle to be more like a bad "dad" joke. Before Nate left, Abby said she'd check her schedule and let him know when they could set up a date. Nate said he was looking forward to it.

Abby stopped by Lola's apartment with a professional mixer as a gift. Abby said she knew how much Lola had enjoyed using a similar mixer at the restaurant. Lola excitedly told Abby that Kyle was interested in learning how to cook. Lola mentioned Nate and said she'd noticed he'd been hanging around the restaurant. Abby blushed when she announced that she and Nate were planning to go on a casual date. Abby added that she wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Abby invited Lola to go shopping so Abby could find something to wear on her date. After Lola went to get her purse, Abby sent a text message to Kyle to let him know that the apartment would be empty.

Kyle returned to the apartment, carrying a large box. Kyle opened the box, removed a few lengths of shelving, and studied the instruction diagram. When Lola returned, she found Kyle sitting forlornly on the floor, next to a partially assembled bookshelf. Kyle said he'd intended the bookshelf to be a surprise. Lola giggled and told Kyle that she loved him. Lola fetched a tool kit that Rey had left behind. Lola assisted Kyle as they assembled the bookcase together. After the project was completed, the couple made love.

In Jack's office, Billy asked Jack what was troubling him. Jack cried that Dina's condition was deteriorating. Jack added that Dina had been getting lost in the house, unable to even locate the bathroom. Jack admitted that Dina had even become violent when Traci had attempted to offer help. Jack said, "Frankly, it scared the hell out of me and Traci." Jack said he and Traci had decided to move Dina to a facility that offered memory care.

Jack told Billy that Ashley was flying home so the family could handle the transition together. Billy noted that family always came first unless Adam Newman was part of one's family. Jack said he assumed the situation with Adam hadn't improved. Jack slightly defended Adam, but Billy insisted his take on Adam was the right one. Billy said Jack would have to deal with him ranting and raving about Adam so Billy could clear his mind and focus on Victoria and his family.

Billy noted that he and Victoria would soon take part in a commitment ceremony. Jack said he was thrilled to hear that Billy and Victoria had found their way back to each other. Billy asked Jack about his love life. Jack said Lauren had set him up with a woman named Claire from Chicago. Billy replied, "That sounds great, Jack." Jack cried that he and Claire had enjoyed a great time until she had to return to Chicago. Jack explained that his priority was Dina and the launch of Jabot's new business. Billy noted that Genoa City wasn't far from Chicago. After Billy left, Jack phoned Lauren and asked to meet with her.

Victoria caught up with Billy at Jabot. Victoria said Victor had basically admitted he was installing Adam as heir to the throne. Billy was taken aback and noted that Victoria had devoted her life to Newman Enterprises. Victoria agreed that she was reliable and predictable, whereas Adam was ruthless. Victoria said she couldn't get mixed up in Adam and Victor's games, though she refused to back down. Victoria added, "I'm going to show the boys my ruthless side."

The Abbotts place Dina in a care facility The Abbotts place Dina in a care facility
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

At the cottage, Sharon and Rey cuddled on the couch, and she wished they could stay like that forever. He pointed out that he had to share living costs with his roommate, and she implied that she wouldn't mind carrying him financially for a while. He looked forward to contributing, but he figured that they still had that day. They kissed, but a knock at the door interrupted them. Sharon invited Mariah in. Mariah mentioned that she'd gotten Sharon's messages, and she spotted the "welcome home" banner and surmised that it was what her mother had wanted to talk about.

Sharon confirmed that Rey had moved in, but it hadn't been why she'd contacted Mariah. Mariah congratulated them, and Sharon conceded that it had happened fast, but they hadn't wanted to waste any more time. Mariah understood, citing everything Devon had been through as a reminder that they had to grab onto happiness and enjoy every second. Mariah was surprised when Sharon revealed that Michael had invited her to the reading of Neil's will, and she suggested that they grab lunch beforehand to talk about whatever Sharon had wanted to discuss. Rey insisted that he had to get on his job search, and Sharon headed out with Mariah.

Nikki stopped by Nick's home and presented Christian with a toy dinosaur. Nick sent the boy to play, and Nikki suspected that Nick's message about wanting to talk about Christian had had something to do with Adam. Nick growled that every instinct he'd had about Adam was true, since Adam had given him and Victoria a list of demands -- and Adam wanted Christian.

Nick was sure that Adam wouldn't give up if Nick didn't hand Christian over, but Nikki argued that Adam had no legal claim. Nick cited Adam's lack of respect for the law and said he wouldn't put it past Adam to kidnap the boy. Nikki offered to have Victor talk sense into Adam, but Nick didn't want to put her in the middle of his fight. He added that he'd just wanted to let her know that Adam had declared war, and things might get ugly.

At Society, Mariah was stunned when Sharon filled her in about Adam's return from the dead. Nikki and Nick approached, and Mariah mentioned that Sharon had just told her about Adam. Nick snarled that Adam hadn't changed, and Nikki steered Nick toward a table, since they were there to get his mind off Adam.

Mariah was shocked to hear that Adam's shooter had turned himself in to the police. Sharon found it weird, too, but she was glad they didn't have to worry about the guy finishing the job. Mariah thought Adam shouldn't stop looking over his shoulder, since Nick had seemed ready to rip Adam's head off. Sharon confided that Nick was concerned about what Adam's return meant for Christian, and Mariah questioned whether Sharon really thought Adam would take the tot away from Nick. Sharon replied that Adam hadn't said anything to her about it.

Across the room, Nikki advised Nick to be careful about what he said to Sharon, since Sharon had never had the best judgment where Adam was concerned. Nick thought the same thing about his dad, and he sensed that there was something else going on. Nick wondered why Victor had risked Adam blowing up their family again, and Nikki imagined that Victor had felt like his life hadn't been complete without Adam.

Sharon stopped by to say goodbye, and she assumed that she'd see Nikki at Devon's penthouse later. Nikki voiced surprise that Sharon was going. Nick offered to pick Faith up from school, but Sharon informed him that Rey was taking care of it. Nick pointed out that he could save Rey the drive out to the ranch, but Sharon revealed that it had been Faith's idea for Rey to move in with them. Nikki and Sharon exchanged barbs about Rey's employment status, and Sharon left. Nick exclaimed that Sharon had just given him a great idea.

Cane met with Michael at Crimson Lights, and Cane conceded that he should have signed the divorce papers already. Michael sympathized that it was hard to make the final break, but Cane asserted that he would always love Lily. Michael pulled out the papers and announced that he also had something else to discuss, since Neil had mentioned Cane in his will. Michael added that Cane was under no obligation to attend the reading, but Cane wanted to be there. Michael handed Cane a pen and asked if he was ready, and Cane signed the papers.

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Lola remarked that it was amazing how much one learned about a person by living with them. Kyle wondered if he'd left the seat up or thrown his dirty socks on the floor. Lola teased that he'd done both, but she'd been referring to his insistence that they shower together out of concern for water conservation. He jokingly hoped that doing his part to save the planet would make up for his lack of handyman skills, since he wanted her to keep him around. Lola pointed out that he understood her, believed in her, and loved her. "And I'm also really good at this," he added as he pulled her into a kiss.

After Kyle left, Lola buzzed Rey up to her apartment and hurriedly straightened up the living room. Rey walked in and marveled that she'd been putting her own touch on the place. He admired the bookcase, and she informed him that it was a gift from Kyle. Rey explained that he needed to pick up a few things that he'd left behind.

Lola revealed that she'd heard from Arturo, who had gotten a new job in Miami and was settling into a new place to live with Mia. She commented that life was pretty good for their family, and Rey muttered that it would be perfect if he could find a job. Lola jokingly offered him a busboy gig at Society, and he told her to keep a uniform handy, just in case. She swore that she had faith in him, and he headed out.

At the cottage, Rey took down the banner and answered a knock at the door. He informed Nick that Sharon wasn't home, and Nick mentioned that Sharon had told him Rey had moved in. Nick complimented the banner, and Rey said Faith had made it for him. Rey called her a great kid who liked to give him a hard time, noting that she reminded him of Lola when she'd been Faith's age. Nick swore that he wasn't there to hassle Rey, who had more than proven himself by sacrificing his job to help Nick's family. Nick announced that he wanted to offer Rey a job as head of security at Dark Horse, handling all security issues as well as some occasional personal matters. Rey surmised that the latter had to do with Adam.

At the Abbott mansion, Dina made a childlike collage of clippings from fashion magazines. Dina crowed that she always liked to look her best when she went out, and Traci recalled being a little girl and thinking Dina was the most stylish person alive. Dina fumbled with her GPS bracelet, and she griped that she didn't know why she had to keep it on. Traci explained that it would help find Dina in case she got lost, but Dina scoffed at the idea that it would ever happen.

Ashley arrived home, and Traci hugged her. Dina asked if she knew Ashley, and Traci mentioned that Ashley had flown in from Paris to see Dina. Dina said she had to check in with her office, and she searched for her phone. Ashley stated that she'd hopped the first plane home, and Traci lamented that it had been to take their mother away from her home.

Dina asked where John was, and Traci assured her that he was on his way home. Traci offered Dina a snack, and Dina insisted on asking Mamie for some cucumber sandwiches while Traci visited with her friend. Dina stepped out, and Ashley complimented how good Traci was with their mother. Traci shared that seeing Dina's sweet side gave her hope that maybe they could keep her there a little longer, but she knew Dina needed to be in a facility.

Ashley pointed out that Dina would have been in one a lot sooner if it hadn't been for Traci and Jack, and Traci considered the extra months they'd had with their mother to be a gift. Traci thought it was important that they all be on the same page, and she thanked Ashley for being there. Ashley thought the timing couldn't have been better, since the reading of Neil's will was that afternoon. Ashley felt like her heart was breaking, and Traci comforted her.

Jack and Abby arrived, and Ashley bemoaned that none of them had wanted that day to happen. Jack stated that it was a rare and precious thing for Dina to recognize anyone those days, and he wished Dina would reprimand him every day by name if it meant she could stay there. He felt like he'd let their mother down, but Ashley argued that no one had fought harder than he had to keep Dina in the house, and he'd managed to do it for longer than anyone had thought possible.

Jack mentioned that Kyle was on his way but that he didn't know what was happening. Ashley anticipated that the difficult part would be explaining it to Dina. Dina returned and huffed that she already knew that they wanted to get rid of her. Jack protested that it wasn't true, and Traci insisted that they were grateful to have her in their lives. Dina asked why they were taking her away, and Jack gently explained that they were trying to give her the best care possible.

Jack added that they would still see Dina all the time, but Dina cried that she didn't want to leave her home. Kyle walked in and wondered what was going on, and Dina called him by name and begged him to help her. Dina accused Jack and Traci of saying she had to go, but she didn't want to, and they couldn't make her. She ordered Kyle to get out of her way and shoved past him, and she stormed into the study, locking the door behind her. "What the hell just happened?" Kyle asked.

Abby pleaded for Dina to open the door. Kyle asked when his family had made the decision, and Jack described Traci's unfortunate incident with Dina a few days before. Jack and Traci raved about the facility they'd checked out, but Kyle observed how upset Dina had been. Ashley thought Dina might have understood better if they'd told her about it sooner, and Kyle snapped that Ashley didn't even live there. Jack recognized that they all cared about Dina, and Kyle apologized.

Abby worried that Dina would just give up if they put her in a facility. Jack countered that it was why he'd fought to keep Dina at home, but she didn't know who they were or where she was most of the time. Traci voiced concern about Dina slipping out of the mansion again. Jack felt like he'd broken his promise to always take care of Dina, but he couldn't let his guilt determine what was best for her.

Kyle and Jack took turns imploring Dina to let them in. Kyle decided to reach her through the window, and he stepped outside. Ashley inquired whether Dina had ever done something like that before, and Traci reported that it was why they'd taken the locks off the doors upstairs. Ashley felt that it proved they were doing the right thing, since they couldn't keep Dina safe there anymore. Kyle returned with Dina's GPS bracelet in hand and announced that Dina was gone.

Tessa strummed her guitar and sang in Chancellor Park as Jack showed Dina's photo to passersby. He clapped when Tessa finished her song, and he spotted Dina on a park bench, applauding and smiling. Ashley joined Jack as Dina happily watched Tessa sing. Jack and Ashley cautiously approached Dina, who insisted that she was perfectly fine and commented that Tessa had a lovely voice. Jack led Tessa over and asked if she remembered meeting his mother, and Tessa shook Dina's hand.

Ashley thought Tessa's singing had helped calm Dina down after a rough day, and Jack asked Tessa if she ever played for the residents of Bright Tomorrows. Tessa inquired whether it was where Dina lived, but Dina vehemently denied it. Jack confirmed that it wasn't Dina's home, but he thought it was a place Dina might really like. Tessa brightly suggested that she play for Dina and her friends there, and Dina replied that she'd like that. Ashley led Dina away, and a grateful Jack told Tessa that she'd never know how much what she'd done meant to his family.

Cane stopped by the Abbott mansion, and Traci invited him in. She informed him that Dina had gone missing after discarding her GPS bracelet and slipping out a window in the den. Cane volunteered to join the search for Dina, and he took Traci's hand in his and assured her it would be okay. Traci received a text message and breathed a sigh of relief when she learned that Jack had found their mother.

Traci dreaded taking the next step, but Cane assured her that her family was doing what was best. Traci groaned that Dina thought they were abandoning her, and she wished she could take her mother in her arms and tell her not to be afraid. Cane mused that he felt the same way about Lily, but he immediately regretted comparing it to what Traci was going through. Traci acknowledged that they were both being shut out by people they loved.

Cane swore that he'd do anything for Lily, but she didn't trust him to let him in. Traci referred to the reading of Neil's will, and Cane shared that he wanted to go, but he didn't want to make things difficult. Traci asserted that he had a right to be there as family, but Cane divulged that he'd signed the divorce papers that morning. He recognized that it had been the right thing to do, but it had felt wrong.

Traci received another text message and relayed that Kyle and Abby would be home any minute. Cane prepared to leave, and Traci thanked him and gushed that it was nice to have someone to talk to. He replied that it would be a long time before she evened the score, and he hugged her. He told her to take care of herself because she had a lot of people depending on her -- including him. He headed out.

Later, Jack updated Abby about how Tessa had been instrumental in convincing Dina to move. Jack, Ashley, and Traci assured Dina that they'd packed all her things, and Kyle told Dina that he'd sneaked a photo of them in there with his phone number on the back, so she could call him anytime. Dina worried that the people at the facility wouldn't like her, but Jack insisted that everyone couldn't wait to meet her. Jack reminded Dina that she'd already met a new friend that day, and Dina enthused that Tessa would play music for her.

Jack asked if Dina was ready. She became tearful, but he insisted that he had her. Jack led Dina out, and Kyle and Abby followed, carrying Dina's belongings. Traci lingered behind, and Ashley assured her that it would be okay. Traci cried that she'd just realized that it might have been the last time their mother ever walked through that door, and they embraced.

Later, Jack poured himself a drink, and Ashley softly asked if he was okay. He reflected back on the first time Dina had left when they'd been kids, and she'd gone off on her own to take on the world. He compared it to that day, when Dina hadn't wanted to be taken away. Ashley swore that they'd done it out of love, and Dina was better off. Jack clarified that Dina was better off, but they weren't, since things would never be the same again.

Abby pulled Tessa aside at Society, and Tessa panicked that she'd screwed up an order. Abby clarified that she'd just wanted to thank Tessa for making things less scary for Dina. Tessa stressed that she'd meant what she'd said about visiting, and Abby proposed that they go together any morning that Tessa wasn't working with Ana. Tessa shared that things hadn't worked out with her LP deal, so she'd have plenty of time to visit Dina, and she wouldn't mind picking up extra shifts. Lola overheard and suggested that Abby give Tessa a shot at performing there. Tessa doubted that Devon would go for the idea, but Abby insisted that it would be her way of thanking Tessa for the wonderful thing she'd done for Dina.

At Devon's penthouse, Sharon told Michael that she'd gotten there early to find out if her invitation had been a mistake. Michael verified that Neil had made a provision for her in his will, and she'd find out about it when everyone else did. Michael went upstairs to let Devon know that people had started to arrive.

Nikki bemoaned that she and Victor missed Neil terribly, and she asked Cane how Lily was holding up. Cane realized that Nikki hadn't heard that they'd separated, and he revealed that he'd signed divorce papers that day. Cane added that he wanted to be there in case Lily needed him, since he still loved her.

Neil's Will reading has a few surprises Neil's Will reading has a few surprises
Wednesday, May 29, 2019
by Nel

At the penthouse, Nikki and Victor greeted Ashley and Jack. Michael hugged Lily when she arrived. Lily wasn't pleased to see Cane. He explained that he'd been mentioned in the will. Lily thanked Cane for signing the divorce papers.

Devon entered the room and told Lily he wasn't sure he was ready. Lily said she wanted her dad back, not his money.

Lily announced that Michael was ready. After everyone was seated, Michael read Neil's will.

To Nikki, Neil left symbols of inspiration from someone they had both held dear. He'd written that Nikki was the strongest, bravest woman he'd known. Michael provided Nikki with Neil's Bible and an atlas. Inside the Bible, there was a note advising her not to give up the fight. Nikki had a flashback to when Neil had helped her get sober. He had advised her to accept responsibility and stop blaming everyone. Nikki opened the atlas and was overwhelmed when she recognized Catherine's handwriting. Catherine had written the dates and places she had visited before she'd died. Nikki said she would treasure both items.

To Victor, Neil had written that he had eventually realized that Victor was a family man at heart, and if Victor had received the humidor and cigars, it meant that Neil wasn't invincible. Neil also left Victor his nameplate from the time he'd worked at Newman. He would always be grateful for learning from the master. Neil's message stated that he was also grateful for his experience at Newman because it had laid the groundwork that had made Hamilton-Winters a reality.

To Cane, Neil had left a message that it had been hard to address him after of all the pain Cane had inflicted on Lily, but Neil couldn't ignore the joy Cane had brought Neil's family. Cane had given Lily the strength and support she had needed to beat cancer, and he had left Neil two wonderful grandchildren. Neil stated that as he had tried to live his life, he would try to end it the same way: by forgiving Cane. Neil hoped that Cane could earn forgiveness from everyone he'd hurt. Cane said he would do his best.

To Jack, Neil left the Winters-Abbott Foundation, and he trusted Jack to carry out the great legacy they had established by helping those who felt helpless. Jack promised to live up to the faith Neil had had in him. Jack said that the foundation was funding a new treatment center, and it would be named after Neil. Devon and Lily thanked Jack.

To Ashley, Neil left $500,000 for the Alzheimer's charity of her choice, and on a more personal note, he left Ashley the jazz album from his favorite musician who had reminded him that some things in life could wait until later and the one they had danced to.

To Olivia Winters, Neil bequeathed $100,000 for Doctors Without Borders and the sculpture she had always admired.

To Sharon, Neil left Dru's jewelry. Lily recalled that Dru had purchased some of the jewelry in Paris. Sharon offered to share the jewelry with Lily, but Lily refused.

To Malcolm, the extraordinary photographer, Neil left the photo albums from their childhood. Nate offered to get them to Malcolm.

To Ana, Neil bequeathed his entire vinyl record collection. Ana was overwhelmed.

Neil left Moses a large amount of money, a trust, and a college fund, and Neil also provided Sofia with a comfortable amount of money.

Lily received the remainder of Neil's estate, with the exception of any real estate. He had also set up a trust fund for each of the twins. He hoped that Moses and the twins wouldn't rely solely on their bank accounts but that they would make a positive impact on the world, each in their own personal way. Perhaps they would fulfil Neil's dream that they would one day run Hamilton-Winters together. He also wanted Lily to have the complete Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales. He had signed it "Go find your happily ever after," which brought Lily to tears.

Neil had left letters to his grandchildren and a letter that Moses was to read on his 18th birthday.

To Devon, Neil's will claimed that the company that he and Devon had started had meant "so much" to him. He left his half of Hamilton-Winters to Devon as long as Devon agreed to Neil's terms. Neil wanted Nate to have a seat on the board of directors. Stunned, Devon and Nate didn't understand. Jack claimed he did. Neil wanted to keep Hamilton-Winters a family company, and that included Nate. Neil also stipulated that Nate would inherit Neil's penthouse, free and clear of any mortgage.

In his message to Devon, Neil stated that one of life's greatest gifts was in giving opportunities. He said Catherine had changed Devon's world with the money she'd left him. Neil's sincerest wish was that Devon would pay that generosity forward and give young people starting out -- those who had never had the same advantages as Devon -- a leg up. He wanted Devon to commit random acts of kindness, bestow golden opportunities upon others, and make Neil proud.

At the conclusion of Neil's will reading, Michael wished everyone Godspeed.

Devon suggested that the reading of the will should have brought Lily a little peace. Lily said it had been bittersweet, but it was comforting that she'd be able to start her new life on solid footing. After he saw her glance at Cane, Devon asked if Lily would continue living upstate. Lily confirmed she would.

Lily joined Cane, and he asked how he could help her. Lily apologized. She hoped Cane hadn't gotten his hopes up because Neil had forgiven him. Lily confirmed that nothing had changed, and she wanted the divorce. Cane said he understood and that he would take Neil's words as motivation. He told Lily that he had taken steps to change his life, and he had a new job -- coaching recent parolees by giving them the job interview skills they would require to find steady employment. Lily said she was happy for him. She told Cane that working at the prison was what she wanted.

Cane told Lily about the book Traci had been writing and that her main character had been based on him. Lily smiled and told Cane she had to leave because she had a long drive ahead of her. Cane said he had hoped that they could go out for dinner and talk a little more. Lily said it wasn't a good idea, and she had to get home.

Lily bid Ana and Nate goodbye and asked Devon to call her. Cane watched as Lily, Devon, and Nate hugged. Lily walked past Cane as if he wasn't there. Outside the penthouse door, Lily took a deep breath.

Inside the penthouse, Nate told Devon that the board seat had been unexpected. Devon told Nate not to worry about it because he was fine with it. He knew why Neil had done it.

Ana was shocked when Devon told her she would be co-head of LP because he needed her help. He said he needed to keep Hamilton-Winters afloat, and he couldn't allow his favorite division to go under because he didn't have the time for it. Ana promised she wouldn't let him down. Cane stood in the background, feeling left out. He left quietly.

Alone, Devon sat on the couch, listened to one of Neil's jazz albums, and looked at a photo of Neil. Elena arrived. Devon asked Elena to dance with him.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Phyllis had been working on her computer but closed it quickly when Lauren arrived. Lauren wanted to know what Phyllis had been up to. Phyllis said she needed to keep it under wraps. Lauren admitted that Michael had informed her about Phyllis' inquiry about how to start a shell company. Phyllis promised Lauren that nothing shady had happened. Lauren was sorry that Phyllis had felt she'd been treated unfairly and that her venture had fallen through, but she had faith in Phyllis. She said that Phyllis could do whatever she set her mind to. Phyllis growled that she could as long as it wasn't in Genoa City.

Lauren knew that Phyllis was after revenge. She said that Phyllis was a brilliant, talented, and powerful woman who couldn't get out of her own way. She said that Phyllis always believed she was right and that everyone else was wrong. Lauren warned Phyllis that if she kept buying into the misguided attitude of revenge, it would be her downfall -- yet again. Michael arrived. Phyllis left after she received a text message about a meeting regarding the project she'd been working on, and it was about to pay off.

After Phyllis left, Lauren told Michael that Phyllis hadn't been forthcoming with information about her project. Michael said that Phyllis had given Lauren plausible deniability, and it had probably been for the best.

Michael told Lauren that the reading of the will hadn't been easy, and it had made him realize how lucky he was to have someone like Lauren, who loved him. He suggested that they celebrate life. Lauren said she had promised to meet Jack to discuss business over drinks, but once they were done, she was all his. They kissed, and she left.

Inside Crimson Lights, Sharon showed Dru's jewelry to Mariah. She said she'd been touched that Neil had thought of her. Sharon stated that when someone died, it changed everything. Mariah said that, speaking of change, it was time for her to shake things up. She said she was referring to the show. She said she had stumbled into it, and she had wondered if that was what she really wanted. Her stalker had driven it home for her. Sharon advised Mariah not to make her decision based on some random guy who threw bricks through windows. Mariah assured Sharon she wasn't, but she had taken a hard look at what she had been doing with her life.

Mariah told Sharon that she had tried to put a positive spin on the gossip, but at the end of the day, it was still gossip. She asked Sharon what she was qualified for if she wasn't a talking head. Sharon said Mariah was a brilliant young woman with an impressive résumé. Mariah agreed and sarcastically said she'd been a con artist and a bartender, and, best of all, she'd been the sister impersonator. Sharon said that it was never too late to start a new journey, and she was living proof of that.

Sharon told Mariah that Neil had left them all with a lot to think about, like life, giving, and being true to oneself. She said that whatever decision Mariah made, it should be what was best for her. Sharon left Mariah deep in thought.

Jack and Ashley arrived at Society and joined Nikki for a bite to eat. Jack and Ashley told Nikki it had been a very difficult decision for them to move Dina into a memory care facility. At that moment, Jack received a text message from the facility, advising that Dina had settled into her new environment, and her doctor would update the staff about her medications.

Across the room, Cane sat alone at a table. He took off his wedding ring, kissed it, and put it in his pocket. He called Traci and asked if he could see her.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Ashley sparred about business. Jack claimed he would mop the floor with Abbot Exchange and promised to feel bad about beating a company bearing their family name. Ashley advised Jack not to claim an early victory because she had received an email from someone on her team about some competition. She pulled out her tablet and showed Jack a retail website out of China called "Jolie Chic Vision" and pointed out the initials JCV and the logo that looked very similar to the Jabot Collective.

Jack accused Ashley of trying to sabotage him, but Ashley said she didn't want to steal his stupid logo because she would be launching Abbott Exchange in three days. Jack, being competitive, said that he needed to launch Jabot Collective in two days. Ashley asked him what he planned to do about the company in China that was attempting to rip him off. Jack said he wouldn't do anything because it didn't affect him and would fizzle out.

Jack and Ashley exchanged their "I love you's," and Ashley left for Paris. As soon as Jack was alone, he sent a text message to Billy and Kyle: "Meet me at Jabot in half an hour. URGENT!"

Lauren confronts Phyllis about the knockoffs Lauren confronts Phyllis about the knockoffs
Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sharon entered the cottage, and Rey inquired about the reading of Neil's will. She reported that it had been surreal to hear Neil's final wishes, and it had made her realize that he was really gone. Rey pointed out that at least Neil had been surrounded by love, and Sharon was sure Neil had known that. She mentioned that Neil had left her some jewelry that had belonged to Dru, and she wished that Rey and Dru could have met.

Rey wanted to hear about Dru. Sharon agreed to tell him sometime, but she just wanted a nice, romantic evening with him that night. He looked forward to it after his job interview, and she squealed in excitement. He hesitantly informed her that Nick wanted him to handle security for Dark Horse. Sharon jokingly wondered if she'd lost her hearing for a second.

Rey informed Sharon that he knew she'd told Nick that Rey had been looking for a job. Sharon blurted out that she hadn't thought Nick would hire Rey, and Rey asked if she would be okay with it if he accepted the offer. Sharon insisted that she would support it, but she was surprised that Rey would want a job like that. Rey relayed that Nick had said he'd be the perfect fit, and Sharon couldn't wait to hear all about it.

At Crimson Lights, Esther was stunned when she ran into Adam. After a moment of awkward silence, he said he'd catch her later, rendering her speechless. Sharon arrived and spotted a forlorn Esther on the patio. Sharon approached and offered a refill, but Esther bemoaned that she hadn't even touched her first cup of coffee yet.

Sharon sat down with Esther and asked what was wrong. Esther referred to thinking she had been mentally prepared for something, but she had been at a complete loss when it had actually happened. Sharon surmised that Esther had run into Adam. Esther had known it would happen eventually, but she hadn't expected it that day. Sharon suggested that she get Esther a fresh coffee on the house and talk about whatever Esther wanted -- or just sit there. Esther thanked her.

At Dark Horse, Victoria stopped by to see Nick, who assumed she was there about Adam. Victoria insisted that they needed a game plan, but Nick flatly stated that he'd already said no to Adam's demands. Victoria doubted that Adam would accept that, but Nick countered that he hadn't given Adam a choice. She thought it was more reason for Adam to retaliate, so they had to be ready for it when it happened.

Nick quipped that they couldn't negotiate with terrorists, and Victoria suggested that they beat Adam at his own game by getting inside his head. She wanted to brainstorm a way to neutralize Adam, but Nick refused to get into battle, since Christian would be the one hurt the most. Nick hurried out to get to a meeting, and Victoria called after him when she saw that he'd forgotten his phone. She suddenly stopped herself and scrolled through his contacts until she found Chelsea's information.

Meanwhile, Nick thanked Rey for meeting with him, and Rey expressed disbelief that he might be on the payroll soon. Nick recalled that he'd really liked Rey when they'd first met, and Rey replied that things had changed when Nick had learned Rey had been working undercover. Nick explained that it was why he wanted Rey working there, since he needed to know what going was on with his brother. Nick admitted that he had mixed feelings about Adam's return. Rey understood that Nick was glad Adam was alive but that he was also worried about Adam exposing their family to whatever mess he'd gotten mixed up in.

Nick was skeptical of the gambler's sudden confession to Adam's shooting. He mentioned that Adam had been trying to pit him against Victoria and take his son away from him ever since Adam had regained his memory. Rey wondered if Adam's amnesia had been real, and Nick warned that Adam was capable of anything. Nick suspected that Adam was more relentless and manipulative than ever, and Rey guessed that part of his job would be keeping an eye on Adam. Nick clarified that Rey would be providing security for Nick and his family.

Rey imagined that Nick was offering him the job because Rey was living with Sharon, who was close to Adam. Nick considered it best if Rey didn't give Sharon the complete details of his job description, but Rey didn't feel comfortable lying to Sharon. Nick blasted Victor for playing on Sharon's history with Adam, and he wondered how Rey felt about Sharon's involvement. Rey admitted that he wasn't crazy about it.

Rey shared that he'd had a hunch that he'd need to keep an eye on Adam, and he thought his instincts had been right. Nick swore that he didn't want to see Sharon hurt or used, but he worried that it might undercut Rey's ability to do the job if Sharon knew why Nick had hired him. Rey would only accept the offer if he was honest with Sharon. Nick vowed to do whatever it took to protect her, and Rey considered it done. Nick welcomed him to Dark Horse.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam entered Victor's office and gazed up at his father's portrait. He sat at Victor's desk and glanced through some files. "Well, that was fast," Victoria remarked as she appeared in the doorway. She advised him not to get too comfortable, and he nestled into the chair and admitted that it was a little big, but he would adjust. Victoria asked if Victor knew Adam was making moves to take over, and Adam imagined that their father would be proud to know one of his progeny had the backbone to make bold choices.

Adam added that he didn't know where Victor was, since the office had been empty when he'd arrived. Victoria was pleased because she'd wanted to see Adam, and she was there to help him with ten digits that would change his life -- Chelsea's last known number. He dryly asked if it was real, and she replied that she wouldn't have wasted her time if it wasn't. She declared that one of his demands was down, and she suggested that they talk about the other two, so he could be on his merry way.

Victoria referred to Adam's monetary demand, and he requested it in large bills. Victoria declared that $50 million would be enough for him to live happily ever after, and she'd opened an offshore account and could have the money wired in 24 hours. Adam warned that all deals would be off if Chelsea's number was a fake, since he was only interested in living his life with his family -- including Christian. Victoria insisted that Christian belonged with Nick, adding that Adam had made that decision when he'd tampered with the DNA tests.

Victoria argued that Adam had a shot at happiness with Chelsea and Connor, and she was giving him the second chance that most people never got. She urged him to be smart and accept the offer, and she headed to the door. Adam muttered that she really wanted him gone, and Victoria glared at him and exited. Adam stared at the number before calling it, but it went to voicemail. He lingered on the line for a moment without saying anything, and he hung up.

Later, Adam stopped by the cottage and asked if Sharon was alone. She confirmed that she was, and he insisted that she was the only one he could turn to for help. Adam informed Sharon that he'd gotten Chelsea's number from Victoria. However, his call had gone straight to voicemail, and he hadn't known what to leave in a message. He imagined that Chelsea would think it was a sick joke or that she'd lost her mind, and Sharon realized that he wanted Chelsea to hear it from someone else first. Adam reiterated that Sharon was the only one he could trust, and he pulled out the number and asked that she break the news to Chelsea gently.

Sharon called the number and left a message for Chelsea about having important news, urging Chelsea to call back right away. Adam insisted that he couldn't have done it without Sharon, and she acknowledged how much it would mean to him to have Chelsea and Connor back in his life. Adam recounted that he'd had a whole future planned for them, and he asked if Sharon thought Chelsea would call back. Sharon was sure of it, and they just had to wait.

Billy and Kyle met Jack at Jabot, and Billy questioned "what the hell" Jolie Chic Vision was. Kyle observed that it had a logo nearly identical to Jabot Collective's and that the merchandise was almost the same. Jack mentioned that Jolie was set to launch on June 1, and it would happen unless they stopped it. Jack added that Ashley had tipped him off about the knockoff company, but he firmly believed that she wasn't behind it. Jack revealed that Jolie was operating out of Beijing, and Billy anticipated that they would flood the market with counterfeit products. Billy wondered how a foreign entity had gotten its hands on proprietary information before the collective had even launched.

Kyle pointed out that he could count the employees who'd had access to the information on one hand, and he didn't think any of them had means or reason to blow Jabot out of the water. Billy suspected Summer, but Jack insisted that she was loyal, citing her going straight to him when she'd thought Phyllis had been trying to copy their products. Kyle agreed, noting that Summer had been working around the clock to promote Jabot Collective. Jack theorized that someone had hacked into their server, and he recalled that Chelsea had recently done it to Fenmore's. Billy figured that Chelsea had been off the radar since Adam had died, but Jack wanted to consider all the possibilities.

Over the phone, Kyle informed the IT department that there had been a breach within Jabot, and the company that had done it was based in Beijing. He declared that it was their time to shine by finding out who the counterfeiter was, but they had to do it fast, since they'd all be looking for new jobs if the other company's products hit the market before Jabot's. Kyle offered to throw the biggest party Jabot had ever seen if the IT team was able to do it.

At Society, Phyllis met with a colleague and asked him to assure her that everything was running according to plan. He replied that they were operating at top speed, but the timing would be tight. Phyllis was adamant that her launch had to happen on June 1, and she needed products to be ready for shipment because she expected to be overwhelmed with orders. She disclosed her plan to close up shop after a few weeks, and her cohort called it an unusual strategy. She mused that it was all part of her plan. Jack overheard and said he'd love to hear more.

Jack noted that it sounded like a business plan, and Phyllis dismissed her associate. Phyllis reminded Jack that he'd kicked her out of Jabot, so they had no business to discuss -- unless he was rethinking her severance package. Jack ordered her to stop acting like the world owed her a favor, but Phyllis clarified that only he did. He pointed out that her own daughter felt that Phyllis needed to move on, and Phyllis asserted that she had.

Jack wondered why Phyllis was being so secretive, and she retorted that he'd stolen her idea the last time she'd shared her plans. He dared her to tell him, and she eventually showed him a website for a new tech consulting firm. Phyllis gushed that it was exciting, and she claimed that the man she'd been meeting with was a computer geek on her team. Jack was shocked, since she'd just been working on an accessory line. Phyllis reiterated that he'd stolen the idea, so he'd won, and she needed to get back to work. He wished her the best.

Victoria arrived at Society and greeted Billy, who observed that she looked different, like she was on fire. She gushed that he wouldn't believe what she'd done, and he told her to keep doing it. She recounted that she'd gone to Nick to discuss how to handle Adam, but Nick had only been concerned with protecting Christian. She bragged that she'd gone to Adam to dictate the terms of his disappearance from their lives.

Victoria confided that she'd found Chelsea's number in Nick's phone and had given it to Adam, offered him $50 million, and reminded him that Christian belonged to Nick. She exclaimed that it had been exhilarating to have Adam right where she wanted him. Billy kissed her and suggested that they get out of there, but Victoria wasn't ready to go home yet. He led her out.

Across the room, Lauren asked Jack about his mother, and he shared that his family had needed to move Dina to a facility after things had taken a turn for the worse. He preferred to talk about business, and Lauren confirmed that she was ready to push Jabot's new products. Jack informed her about the website that specialized in Jabot knockoffs, which was also launching on June 1. Jack groaned that they could lose everything if they didn't get ahead of it, since the counterfeiter had copied everything, right down to the logo.

Lauren spat that it was unbelievable, and she chugged her drink. Jack wondered if she knew something more about it. Lauren claimed that she was just as shocked as Jack was, but she was having awful déjà vu about Chelsea. Jack regretted that they had no leads, and he apologized for taking things out on Lauren, since he knew Jabot Collective was her baby, too. Jack left to check in with Kyle, and Lauren called Phyllis and demanded that they meet at the coffeehouse immediately.

Victoria and Billy drove to a spot overlooking the city, and Victoria marveled that she'd never seen lights shine so bright. Billy murmured that nothing in the universe shown as brightly as she did that night. Billy praised Victoria for the way she'd handled Adam, and he called her a "badass" who had beaten the ruthless. Victoria crowed that she was all the things her father had thought she'd never be. She pointed out that they'd have to see if Adam decided to take her offer or stick around and make their lives miserable, but Billy was sure that she wouldn't back down because she was strong, confident, and "sexy as hell." They kissed passionately.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren confronted Phyllis about continuing to seek revenge. Phyllis feigned ignorance, but Lauren was certain that Phyllis had been behind the website full of Jabot knockoffs. Lauren pointed out that she was probably the last friend Phyllis had left, and they'd gone through thick and thin together. Lauren recalled that she'd had Phyllis' back at Jabot and had held her hand afterward, and Phyllis swore that she'd always valued their friendship. Lauren bellowed that Phyllis wasn't just hurting Jack and Jabot but was also ruining Lauren's name and taking her money, but Phyllis' thirst for vengeance had blinded her to it.

Lauren ordered Phyllis to shut it down, or her next phone call would be to Jack. Phyllis ultimately confessed that she was the one Jack was looking for. Lauren questioned how Phyllis could stoop so low, and Phyllis wondered why Lauren needed to ask after the way the Abbotts had treated Phyllis. Phyllis argued that Kerry had fooled them all, but Phyllis had been blamed, and Jack had tossed her out and stolen her accessories idea. Lauren demanded that Phyllis stop trying to justify breaking the law.

Phyllis promised to shut her company down and disappear after a few weeks, once she'd raised capital for her next project. Lauren warned what would happen when Jack found out Phyllis was behind it, but Phyllis asserted that he would never find out. Lauren barked that Phyllis had twelve hours to shut down the site and incinerate her copycat products. "Or what?" Phyllis questioned. Lauren said she'd given Phyllis one last chance to save herself, and she told Phyllis to stop asking questions and just do it. Lauren stormed off.

Jack returned to Jabot, and Kyle announced that he'd promised their IT employees a party on Jaboat if they tracked down who was behind the counterfeit site. Kyle reported that their team had discovered that the site had bounced off servers in various countries, but the company had been incorporated in Madison, and the website had been developed right there in Genoa City.

Adam has a passionate dream about Sharon Adam has a passionate dream about Sharon
Friday, May 31, 2019

Lola heard a commotion outside her apartment, and Kyle called out for her to open the door. She wondered if he'd lost his key already, and he carried in an armload of paint cans and other supplies. He told her to envision their very own before-and-after pictures, and he noted that she loved home improvement shows. Lola clarified that she loved them on television, and Kyle displayed a can of cayenne-colored paint and announced that it was going on whichever wall she picked. She was stunned that he intended for them to do it themselves. He recalled that she'd wanted an accent wall, and he pledged to always give her what she wanted.

Kyle admitted that he'd never painted before, but he'd seen the commercials during Lola's shows, so they were good to go. He pulled out a paint roller and asked what it was, and she teased that she'd never realized that he was a nerd. He defended that he was the least nerdy person she knew, but she found it adorable that he was a "business-manager-abs-for-days" nerd. He insisted that he had skills, but she countered that they didn't include painting. Lola lectured that if he'd really watched the home improvement shows with her, he would know that prep work was most of the job.

Lola rattled off a list of things they had to do before they could start painting, and Kyle realized that it would take all night. She cooed that all the greatest things in life took all night, and she told him to give her a boost, since she had to climb him like a tree to tape the ceiling. He lifted her onto his shoulders, and she called him a big, strong, manly nerd who could carry her with the greatest of ease. He jokingly complained about her bones digging into his shoulders, and she playfully reached down and taped his mouth shut.

Later, Lola tested the paint color on the wall and wondered if it was a terrible idea. Kyle protested that they couldn't tell from one smudge, and they had to commit to the project. They ribbed one another about their painting skills, and he asserted that he was respecting her priorities by painting the wall themselves instead of hiring someone to do it. She loved him for adapting, and he replied that he loved her for being her. He purposely brushed some paint on her cheek and deadpanned that she had something on her face, and she slapped some paint on his forehead. They happily chased one another around the room.

At his penthouse, Devon prepared to eat a plate of fruit as Elena descended the stairs in a robe. She asked if he had an extra fork, and he wondered if he'd kept her up. She joked that insomnia was contagious, and he handed her his fork and prepared to eat with his hands, unless it grossed her out. She set down the fork and opted to eat with her hands, too.

Devon noted that there was one piece of fruit left, and he picked it up with the fork. Elena teased him for being dainty after the food was all gone, but he offered it to her. She picked the fruit off the fork and ate it with her fingers, and she called him a gentleman. She guessed that he'd gotten his manners from Neil, and Devon replied that he'd gotten just about everything from his father. Elena imagined that the reading of the will had been hard, and Devon acknowledged that the hardest part had been hearing the words Neil had written, since it had been a reminder that Neil wouldn't be around anymore.

Elena was sure that Devon would see Neil again, and she imagined finally getting to say the things they wanted to say to their deceased loved ones. Devon liked to believe that they would eventually find peace when they were all together, but Elena didn't want to wait that long for peace. Elena had expected to find peace when she'd left her residency, and she sometimes felt that she was on the right path until she realized she'd gone off the road and into a ditch. Devon empathized that the path was very lonely, but Elena pointed out that it was no longer as lonely as it had once been -- at least not to her. She hated that he'd lost people he'd loved, but it helped, knowing he understood. He agreed that it made things easier to be with someone who got it.

Elena and Devon listened to one of Neil's jazz albums. Devon recalled a time when he hadn't been into jazz, but he'd since learned to understand all the things Neil had said about it. Devon marveled that every time he replayed the album, he heard something he hadn't heard before, and it took him to a different place each time he listened. Elena felt that the music was begging them to sway, and he stood up and extended his hand to her.

Elena swore that it hadn't been a hint. She took Devon's hand, and he pulled her to her feet. They held one another close and swayed, and she said she liked it. He replied that he liked her, and he hadn't realized how much he'd needed that. They kissed and continued dancing, but he suddenly envisioned Hilary standing on the stairs in a white dress. Elena asked a stricken Devon what was wrong, and he apologized. She figured that neither of them had been thinking, and she headed upstairs to get some sleep.

Mariah and Tessa entered their apartment, and Mariah enthused that Tessa had made enough that night to pay for burritos and ice cream for two. Tessa credited Mariah with sitting in the park and pretending to be a fan by putting in the same five-dollar bill whenever someone had walked by. Mariah reasoned that it had prompted others to give, too, and Tessa compared it to entrapment. Mariah figured that no one would have put in money if they hadn't loved the music.

Tessa was thankful that Ana hadn't passed by. Mariah wished that Ana had, since she would have seen how wrong she'd been about trying to package Tessa into something Ana thought the market wanted. Mariah recognized that Ana was talented and trying to make her mark, but Mariah refused to let Ana do it with Tessa. Tessa thought it meant she had to make her own decisions about her career, and she mentioned that she'd gone clothes shopping to create an image for the public. Tessa planned to figure it out the next day, but Mariah insisted on having a fashion show that night.

Tessa tried on a new outfit and bemoaned that it had looked great on the hanger but dorky on her. Mariah suggested putting it in the "maybe" pile, but Tessa doubted that any of the clothes would work on her. Mariah recognized that Ana's ideas had been over the top, but she was determined to help Tessa find an image that the audience could identify with. Tessa felt pressure to assemble a magic combination of herself with an image that everyone liked, and Mariah compared it to how she had to psych herself for GC Buzz by plastering on the right smile or saying the right words to make being on TV feel less bizarre.

Mariah turned the topic back to the fashion montage, but Tessa groaned that she didn't know how to be anyone else. Mariah asserted that Tessa couldn't and shouldn't, and she inquired whether Tessa had kept the receipts, since they were going to take it all back. Tessa figured that she should just give up, but Mariah chirped that they weren't giving up -- they were just getting started. Mariah presented Tessa with a blouse that Mariah had conveniently forgotten to give back to the GC Buzz wardrobe department because it had reminded her of Tessa.

Mariah admired Tessa as she changed into the blouse, and she remarked that she'd thought Tessa couldn't get more stunning. Mariah poured some wine and toasted to more Tessa, and Tessa added, "With a dash of Mariah." Tessa said it was what she'd needed all along, and Mariah swore that she'd always be there if anyone tried to hurt Tessa, tear her down, or even tell her she didn't look good in a blouse. Mariah applauded Tessa for protecting herself and her sister her whole life, and she loved Tessa.

"I'm your person, and I know the real you," Mariah murmured. Tessa replied that no one else ever had, and Mariah considered herself to be the luckiest person in the world for getting to be the one who stuck up for Tessa. Tessa thought she should give the blouse back to Mariah, and Mariah proposed that she help Tessa take it off. They kissed passionately.

Nate entered Society as it was closing, and he wondered if he had the wrong night or if his watch was broken. Abby replied that he was right on time, but she'd closed early to focus on their friendly get-together. He thought that either she was going through with it to be polite and let him down easy, or it really was a date, but she didn't want to say the word. "Date. Date, date, date," she firmly stated, and she proposed that they get it started.

Abby carried in two plates from the kitchen and mentioned that Lola had made them dinner before she'd left. Nate called Abby a lucky woman to have him there, since they were officially on a date, and he could be his true egocentric self. She apologized for not acknowledging that it was a date sooner, but she'd been engaged recently. He guessed that she hadn't envisioned dating yet, and she admitted that she had a ton of regrets, including not knowing what she'd been getting into with Arturo. Nate figured it was better than finding out after the wedding, even though it was cold comfort.

Abby groused that dating was like a scam, since it didn't seem like anyone really won. Nate confided that he hadn't had the best of luck, either, but Abby thought her stories would horrify him. He was confident that he could match her, story for story, and she proposed a bad date competition. She added that it was a good thing they weren't betting, or she'd win the shirt right off his back.

Abby told Nate about a man she'd dated who had called not one but two backup dates right in front of her to make sure he had at least one more waiting around the corner. Nate recounted how he'd taken takeout to a sick girlfriend, only to have her shut the door in his face because she'd been having a boisterous wine and movie night with her friends. Abby noted that he'd bravely put himself out there again, and Nate replied that he'd found someone worth the risk. Nate wondered if he should have pretended that he hadn't seen how smart and beautiful Abby was, but she warned that she had a lot of baggage and a cursed dating life.

Nate suggested that they break the streak, and Abby appreciated him being up-front about wanting to pursue her. Nate conceded that he might be out of practice, but he wasn't interested in playing games. He mentioned that Neil had left him the penthouse and a seat on the Hamilton-Winters board, but he had no idea what it meant. Abby anticipated that he would love it, and she portrayed sitting on the board as powerful and sexy.

Later, Abby thanked Nate for the evening and for saving her from a knife wound. He wondered if it was too late for a walk through the park, but she declined because she had things to handle with the staff gone for the night. He offered to help, but she said she had it covered. He referred to the next time, and she teased that he was assuming she'd cut herself again. Nate suggested that she have a doctor on call to sit at the end of the bar and read his board material while looking sexy. She pictured it and didn't doubt for a second that it would be sexy, and she pecked him on the cheek. They laughed nervously, and he headed out. They glanced back at one another as he was leaving.

At the cottage, Adam worried from Sharon's expression that it had been a mistake to ask her to call Chelsea. Sharon swore that she'd made the call willingly, citing what it would have been like for Chelsea to hear his voice after all that time, but she wasn't sure she'd been the right messenger. Adam couldn't think of asking anyone else, but Sharon informed him that things had gotten ugly between her and Chelsea before Chelsea had left. Sharon recounted that Chelsea had bashed her over the head and left her lying on the floor.

Adam explained that he kept turning to Sharon because he had no one else, and she insisted that it was fine. He noted that forgiveness was still her thing, but she clarified that she did it on her own terms and didn't let anyone walk all over her anymore. He wondered if he'd overstepped, and she assured him that it had been her choice to help and that she would let him know if he was crossing any lines. He thanked her for that and for not holding a grudge against Chelsea. Sharon suggested that he learn a thing or two about letting go of grudges and embracing forgiveness. Rey walked in as Adam implied that Sharon could teach him how.

Adam apologized for stopping by at such a late hour, chalking it up to there being no sense of time in Las Vegas. Rey asked if Adam was there for a neighborly visit, and Adam shared that he'd asked a favor from Sharon, who had helped him out. Rey invited him to stick around, but Adam insisted on leaving. Sharon walked Adam out. Sharon asked if Rey had really wanted Adam to stay, and Rey conceded that he'd had an ulterior motive, since he'd officially signed on to work for Nick and Dark Horse. Rey added that his first priority was to keep an eye on the person who threatened Nick the most -- Adam.

Rey thought Nick had good reason to keep an eye on Adam, since demanding money had been one thing, but asking Nick to hand over the boy he'd raised as his own had crossed a line. Sharon reasoned that perhaps it was a panicked attempt on Adam's part to get the last few years of his life back. She pointed out that Adam's focus was on Chelsea and Connor, since Adam had been there to ask her to contact Chelsea and tell Chelsea he was home. Rey muttered that it had been a crazy day all around, and Sharon contended that they should be celebrating his new job.

Rey mused that he'd been a cop as long as he could remember, and he'd gone by the book -- with some notable exceptions. However, he finally got to trust his own judgments and make his own rules. Sharon thought it sounded like he was channeling his inner bad boy, and they kissed. He asked if it was what she wanted, and she asked if that was how a bad boy kissed. She unbuttoned his shirt and decided she needed to do more research. They proceeded to make love.

Later, Sharon descended the stairs and called out that she'd be right back with wine. Her phone rang, and she answered it. "Chelsea, is that you?" Sharon asked. Sharon thanked Chelsea for calling back, since there was something she needed to know.

At the tack house, Adam snoozed on the couch and dreamed that he was calling out for Chelsea. He reached out for her, but he found Sharon there instead. Sharon said he remembered everything, and she knew what he thought. She said she'd been the one to find him and take him home. She added that she was the one there then, but Adam insisted that he loved Chelsea and needed to put his family back together. Sharon reminded him that Chelsea was gone, but Sharon was there -- and there had to be a reason for that. Sharon swore that Adam had more love inside him than anyone gave him credit for, and she thought that maybe he loved them both. Adam kissed her, and they began to make love. A gunshot rang out, and Adam awakened with a start.

Adam answered a call and said he needed good news. A man informed him that the person Adam had been talking about wasn't dead. Adam inquired whether the man had found Chloe Mitchell, and the guy replied that he believed he had. "Tell me everything," Adam ordered.

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