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Victor refused to give Nick the money to save Dark Horse. Nikki convinced Victor to tell his children about his medical condition. Adam admitted that he was holding Chloe. Michael walked in as Kevin discovered that Phyllis had escaped. Adam confessed that he had unresolved feelings for Sharon.
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Michael walked in as Kevin discovered that Phyllis had escaped
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Kevin thwarts Adam's plan Kevin thwarts Adam's plan
Monday, June 10, 2019

At Nick's house, Summer told her dad about Phyllis crashing Jack's celebration party. Summer cried that her mother had created a scene by blasting everyone, including her, right in front of Theo and a media influencer. Nick agreed that Phyllis had been out of control. Summer mentioned that she hadn't been able to contact her mother. Nick said he wasn't surprised that Phyllis hadn't returned his messages, likely because she was aware he was upset at her for causing him very serious problems, which he'd rather not discuss. Summer said it was as if her mother wanted to alienate the last few people who cared about her.

Nick suggested that Phyllis had left town to get her head straight. Nick assured Summer that Phyllis could take care of herself. After Summer left, Nick met with Monique, Christian's nanny. Nick warned Monique about the possibility of Adam attempting to approach Christian. Nick told Monique to be vigilant without making Christian feel nervous. Monique said she understood and would keep Christian safe. Nick said he'd hired a bodyguard named Pete, whom Monique should refer to as their driver.

Summer went to Crimson Lights and began making phone calls, hoping someone might know where Phyllis was. Jack approached and took a seat at Summer's table. Summer explained that her mother had been giving her the silent treatment. Jack said perhaps it was a relief after Phyllis' string of public tirades. Summer cried that Phyllis had lately become desperate and had been acting weird. Jack suggested that perhaps Phyllis might be too embarrassed to face Summer. Summer said she knew her mother was still livid. Jack assured Summer she'd done the right thing by protecting Jabot Collective and telling him about Phyllis' schemes.

Summer told Jack that Phyllis had also caused some kind of trouble for Nick. Jack placed the blame on Adam. Summer asked Jack if he'd been aware of Adam and Phyllis' friendship. Jack replied that he'd been surprised when they'd shown up together at Society. Jack noted that Adam had an innate genius for knowing how to push people's buttons. Summer asked for Adam's number, so she could call and ask if he'd seen her mother. Jack refused, citing the tense relationship between Adam and Nick.

Jack expressed concern for Summer's well-being. Jack noted that Summer shouldn't have to parent her mother. Jack reminded Summer that she'd been weathering difficulties herself lately. Summer said she'd been handling her divorce well. Jack said that Phyllis would later regret not being supportive. Summer agreed and said that was why she needed to find her mother.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon and Elena enjoyed breakfast while still dressed in their robes. Devon said Ana had called from Detroit and reported that Jett was excited about the start of his comeback tour. Elena said she was happy for Jett. Elena added, "Do you think that part of the reason why Ana joined Jett on tour was because she wanted to give us some alone time?" Devon said Ana had likely noticed the way he looked at Elena and the way she blushed when they were together.

Devon asked Elena about her plans for the day. Elena announced that she had a job interview for a position in hospital administration. Devon asked Elena if she was still considering moving out. Elena replied, "Not after you made such a convincing argument for me to stay." After the couple made love, showered, and dressed, they returned downstairs. Elena received an email informing her that her student loan had been paid in full.

After Elena surmised that Devon had paid off the loan, she became upset. Devon noted that his mission was to pay things forward. Devon said he'd thought Elena would feel unburdened and relieved. Elena said she was too upset to discuss it, and she rushed upstairs. After Elena later returned downstairs, Devon assured her that she wasn't obligated to continue their relationship because he'd paid off her loan. Devon recalled the message in Neil's will stating that the best gift one could give was an opportunity in life. Elena seemed moved by Devon's defense of his actions.

Devon recalled the difficult life he'd had before Neil and Dru had adopted him. Devon added that he'd later inherited a fortune from a grandmother he'd hadn't known he had. Devon told Elena he'd hoped to help her move forward with her medical career. Elena cried that it wasn't up to Devon to decide what she did with her life. Devon apologized and said that invading Elena's privacy had been the farthest thing from his mind.

Devon gave Elena the option to walk out of his life, though he said it was the last thing he'd ever want her to do. Elena admitted that she'd gone upstairs to pack her bags until it had dawned on her that she couldn't move out because she didn't have a job, an income, or anywhere to go. Elena cried that Devon had made her feel violated and patronized, yet there was nothing she could do. Devon said he would have done things differently had he considered them from Elena's point of view. Devon apologized and embraced Elena.

Elena told Devon that after her job interview, she intended to arrange her schedule so she could join Ana and Jett on the tour. Elena admitted that she needed time to consider a relationship in which the power differential was so extreme. Devon said nobody had to know what he'd done, though he'd done it with the best of intentions. Elena became upset and cried that Devon had placed her in an awkward situation and had no right to expect her to "shut up about it." Devon told Elena that if she wanted to take a trip, he hoped she'd enjoy it and would agree to see him after she returned.

In Victor's office as Newman Enterprises, Nate arrived to give Victor a checkup. Victor explained that Nikki would be present, and he requested that Nate not mention the possibility of a negative outcome. Nate replied, "In other words, you haven't been candid about your prognosis." Victor insisted he would defeat the disease because he was a fighter, so there was no reason to upset Nikki unnecessarily. After Nikki arrived, she told Nate she'd been reading about PNH and asked if Victor's treatment was likely to succeed. Nate said he'd have a clearer sense of Victor's condition after reviewing the latest test results.

Victor jokingly asked Nate to tell Nikki to stop researching medical stuff on the Internet. Nate noted that reading about worst-case scenarios could cause anxiety for the patient and his family. Victor assured Nikki that Nate was aware of cutting-edge treatments. After Nate left, Nikki encouraged Victor to tell their kids about his illness so everyone could pull together. Victor said he feared that the news might intensify the animosity between Adam and the other children. Nikki embraced Victor and assured him that she would be by his side.

After Adam exchanged vague text messages with Kevin, the two met at a bar. When Kevin arrived, Adam said he presumed Kevin wanted to make a deal. Kevin said he had Adam's girlfriend, Phyllis. Adam said he hoped for Kevin's sake that he was bluffing. Adam added that Phyllis wasn't his girlfriend. Kevin said he was looking for an even trade and would exchange Phyllis for Chloe. Adam said many had told him that Chloe had died. Kevin replied, "Yeah, just like you did." Kevin added, "You tracked her down and had her kidnapped, and now you're going to give her back to me."

Adam admitted to Kevin that he'd hired someone to track down Chloe after she'd shot him. Adam added that he wanted to ensure that Chloe wasn't plotting a fourth attempt on his life. Adam said his investigator had found the house Chloe, Kevin, and Bella had been living in, but it was vacant. Kevin said he'd moved them out as soon as he'd learned that Adam was alive. Kevin added that soon after he, Chloe, and Bella had gone into hiding, Chloe had disappeared. Adam replied, "I am no happier about that than you are. I mean, I have to keep watching my back."

Adam asked about Bella. Kevin sarcastically replied, "I'm going to tell Chloe's kidnapper where our daughter is?" Adam insisted he didn't have Chloe and didn't care what Kevin did with Phyllis. Kevin warned Adam that his "local fan club" would be interested to know that Adam had committed crimes that could land him back in prison. Adam replied, "Once again, you are not using the brains that God gave you. To even accuse me of kidnapping Chloe, which I didn't do, you'd have to admit she's alive, that you're harboring a fugitive, and that she's guilty of attempted murder." Adam added that poor Bella would end up having to visit both her parents in the state penitentiary. Before Adam left, he wished Kevin luck in finding Chloe because they both deserved each other.

Adam met with Nick at Dark Horse. Adam said he hoped Nick's desire to meet meant he'd reconsidered his decision. Nick insisted he wouldn't give up Christian under any circumstances, even with Dark Horse on the line. Nick asked Adam when he'd last spoken to Phyllis. Adam replied, "She stopped by my place for a bit last night." Nick said he wanted to ask Phyllis how Adam had convinced her to hack into Dark Horse's corporate files. Adam insisted he hadn't, and he accused Nick of being paranoid.

Nick explained to Adam that Phyllis hadn't returned his or Summer's messages and hadn't posted anything on social media. Nick added that the last time anyone had seen Phyllis, she'd been at Adam's house, waiting for him. Adam said he didn't know where Phyllis was or what she'd been doing, and he insisted he hadn't been involved. Nick replied, "If I find out differently, Adam, I will bring down a world of hurt on you."

Nikki took Victor to have lunch at Society. Nikki asked Victor if he felt better being away from his office while spending time with someone who loved him. Victor reminded Nikki that he loved to work and make deals. Nikki insisted that at the very least, Victor should cut back to avoid stress and give his treatments a chance to work. Victor agreed to consider Nikki's request. Nikki explained that it could be a matter of life or death.

After Victor and Nikki returned to Victor's office, Nikki suggested that Victor take time off and rest at home. Victor said that if he did, Nikki wouldn't let him leave again. Victor insisted that he felt fine. Nikki suggested allowing Victoria to take over while he took a leave of absence. Nikki recalled the shock of what had happened to Neil and noted that Victor was aware of what might happen. Nikki added that Victor owed it to his family to give his fight his full attention. Victor replied, "I'll take it under consideration."

Summer went to the Athletic Club to search for her mother. Devon unlocked the door to Phyllis' suite. Phyllis wasn't there. Summer said Devon probably thought she was being paranoid. Devon said he wanted to make sure Phyllis was safe. Devon reported that housekeeping had told him that Phyllis hadn't slept in her bed. Summer checked the room and noted that Phyllis hadn't packed her belongings. Summer added that she'd already checked with her mother's friends and learned that none of them had seen or heard from her.

Devon became worried. Summer continued checking her mother's room for clues. Summer became panicked when she spotted Phyllis' keys sitting on a desk. She insisted that her mother would never leave without her keys. Summer phoned Nick and told her dad that she'd checked her mom's room. A worried Summer cried that she was convinced that something had happened to her mother.

After Adam returned home, he phoned someone. Adam said, "It's me. There's been a change of plans... Because Kevin Fisher is an idiot, that's why. Back at the bar, Kevin sat at the table, brooding as he finished his drink.

Victor turns down Nick's request for help Victor turns down Nick's request for help
Tuesday, June 11, 2019

At Dark Horse, Nick left a voicemail for Phyllis. He recognized that he'd said some harsh things and that she'd done something stupid to get back at him, but he implored her to call Summer, who was worried sick. He added that they all wanted to know that Phyllis was okay.

Over the phone, Nick appealed to Devon to loan him the money he needed, but he hung up in frustration when Devon turned him down. Rey entered, and Nick relayed Summer's concern about Phyllis. Nick suspected that Phyllis was just hiding out, but he asked Rey to try to track her down for Summer's sake. Nick vowed to "fight like hell" to keep his company, but if he lost it, he wanted Rey to keep working for him to track Adam's every move. Nick understood if Rey wouldn't want to leave Dark Horse, but Rey firmly stated that he wasn't interested in working for Adam -- ever.

There was a sharp knock on the tack house door, and Adam found Sharon there. She demanded to know what he'd been thinking, and she hoped that Nick had misunderstood. Adam guessed that she'd heard about his offer, and Sharon was appalled that he'd forced Nick to choose between his son and his company. Adam called it a simple business transaction, but she admonished him for bartering for a child. Adam stressed that it was his child and that Nick had pushed him to extremes.

Sharon argued that Adam had given Christian up years earlier. She lectured that Nick was the only father the boy had ever known and that Adam wasn't putting Christian's needs first. Adam countered that Nick was using every weapon in the Newman arsenal to keep Adam's son from him, so Adam had to do the same thing. Sharon chided Adam for still harboring resentment toward Nick. Adam contended that he'd rethought his choices after losing a big chunk of his life, and Sharon wished he'd made a better choice than to team up with Phyllis.

Adam pointed out that no one else had been willing to help him get Christian back and that Chelsea had stolen Connor. Adam swore that all he wanted was to be a father to his sons, and he'd thought Sharon understood that, but she was just like the rest of them. Sharon insisted that she was his friend, even when he made it "damn hard." He accused her of never forgiving him even though she'd claimed she had, and he figured that it was payback for him stealing a child from her and Nick.

Adam swore that he didn't care about anyone else, but what Sharon thought mattered to him. He questioned why he kept listening to her and why she'd convinced him to return to town, and he thought there was only one answer that made sense -- there were unresolved feelings between them. Sharon was adamant that there was nothing left between them, since they hadn't been good for one another, and they'd both moved on. She pointed out that he'd built a life with Chelsea and Connor, so if he had any unresolved feelings, they were for Chelsea.

Sharon contended that Adam had put his heart and soul into his relationship with Chelsea, and he couldn't just walk away from love like that. "She did," Adam flatly stated, and Sharon reasoned that Chelsea had thought he was dead. Adam groused that Chelsea hadn't even bothered to talk to him when she'd found out he was alive, and that didn't sound like love to him. Sharon asserted that she couldn't fill the void Chelsea had left in his life, and Adam insisted that he would never use Sharon like that. He dared her to say she felt absolutely nothing for him.

Sharon scolded that Adam could no longer manipulate her, since she was no longer the fragile person she'd once been. She reiterated that they couldn't go back and recreate something that never should have existed, but he was sure that what they'd shared had been deeper than what she'd had with anyone else. She stressed that the past was over and that she'd found what made her happy. Adam scoffed at the idea of a boring life with a glorified security guard making her happy. An infuriated Sharon bellowed that she should have left Adam in Las Vegas, and she stormed off.

Sharon returned to the cottage and slammed the door behind her. Rey joked that he hadn't seen a tornado in the forecast, and she apologized for having a lot on her mind. He asked if he could help, and she darted around the room, rattling off household chores that she had to take care of. Rey stopped her and asked if everything was okay, and Sharon halfheartedly replied that everything was fine. She suddenly pulled him into a passionate kiss and led him upstairs, where they had sex.

Later, Rey found Sharon downstairs, and she bustled around, rambling about how much she had to do. She remarked that the laundry hadn't done itself while they'd been taking a break, but he thought it had been a clear-cut case of escape sex. He asked if it had worked, and she confirmed that their romp had made her forget about everything. "Including Adam?" Rey asked. Rey guessed that she'd gone to see Adam, and she insisted that it had only been to tell Adam how she felt about what he was doing to Nick. Rey worried that Nick had been right, and Adam was getting inside her head.

At Brighter Tomorrows, Traci and Jack enthused about Dina's new accommodations, and Jack inquired how Dina liked the people and the food there. Dina wondered why they were asking her all sorts of questions when she didn't even know them. Traci replied that Dina was a sweet lady, and they wanted her to be happy. Dina wished her children felt the same way, but they'd left her there, and she felt very lonely sometimes. Jack presented Dina with a cell phone and showed her a button that she could push to reach him, day or night. He added that he never wanted her to feel lonely again, and she announced that she knew why -- because he knew what it felt like.

Traci reasoned that everyone got lonely sometimes, and Dina asked who Jack was again. Jack told her his name, and she called him handsome and thought someone like him should be married. Traci agreed that Jack would make someone a wonderful husband when the time was right, but having time alone would make him appreciate someone special even more. Dina found Traci's words beautiful, and Jack received a text message reminder about an appointment.

Dina was disappointed that Jack had to go, but he promised that he would be back, and he reminded her about the button on the phone. Dina forlornly inquired whether Traci had to leave, too, but Traci declared that she had the whole afternoon free. Jack headed for the door, and he overheard Dina thank Traci for not abandoning her. Jack looked pained as he exited.

At Society, Nick thanked Jack for meeting him. They addressed Phyllis' disappearance, and Jack wondered if it was why Nick had wanted to talk. Nick said he needed a big favor, and he updated Jack about Adam's threat to call in the loan unless Nick gave Christian up. Jack assumed that Nick was hoping to get a loan from Jabot, but Ashley's patent stunt had left them strapped for cash. Jack suggested that Nick try to talk to Adam as brothers, since Adam was just trying to put his life back together by reuniting with his son.

Nick barked that he could never trust Adam again, but Jack cautioned that it was impossible to run away from one's family. Nick acknowledged that it might be true for Jack, but not for him. Nick wished Jack luck with his family, and he left to try to find $27 million. Jack made a call to cancel his lunch appointment.

Meanwhile, Traci brushed Dina's hair, and Dina asked for Traci's name. Dina wondered if Traci worked there, but Traci revealed that she was a novelist. Dina marveled that she loved reading stories, and Traci shared that she was working on a new one. Traci offered to read it to Dina the next time Traci visited, and Dina squealed that she couldn't wait. Dina inquired whether it was a love story, and Traci admitted that it hadn't started out that way, but it was turning into one.

Traci described her book as a detective thriller and love story wrapped up into one. Dina gushed that love stories were the best kind -- not only in books, but in real life, too. Dina implored Traci to tell her who the special man in her life was, but there was a knock at the door, and Tessa entered. Dina struggled to remember who Tessa was, and Tessa pulled out her guitar. Dina remembered the park, and Tessa offered to sing for her.

Later, Dina looked on admiringly as Tessa strummed her guitar and sang. Jack walked in and smiled. Traci said she'd thought he had a meeting, but he insisted that being there was more important. Dina beamed at him.

Nick entered Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, and Victor was surprised to see him. Nick confided that he needed Victor's help, or he would lose Dark Horse. Victor surmised that Nick had to be desperate to ask him for help, and Nick asserted that Victor owed him for drawing Adam back into their lives. Nick warned that Adam wanted to destroy their family, and he needed Victor's help to stop Adam.

Nick informed Victor of Adam's ultimatum, and he imagined that Victor was proud of Adam. Victor replied that he was disappointed in both of his sons, and he thought Nick and Adam could have reached a compromise if Nick had given Adam a chance. Nick refused to give up Christian for anything, and Victor contemplated what would happen if Adam made good on his threat to call in the loan. Nick said it depended, and Victor asked who else Nick had gone to for money. Nick replied that Victor was the only one that mattered.

Victor recalled when Nick had opened Dark Horse by poaching Victor's executives and bribing people to hack into Newman's computer system. Nick shot back that Victor had tried to steal his son, just like Adam was trying to do. Victor huffed that Nick had disrespected Victor and his legacy to stand on his own two feet, yet Nick was asking Victor to save him. Nick wondered if Victor wanted him to grovel, and he flatly asked if Victor would help him or not. Victor refused to give him money, but he offered to leave the door wide open for Nick to walk in and say he was there to rejoin Newman Enterprises, where he belonged. Nick glowered.

Nick accused Victor of imposing his will during the fight of Nick's life, and he grumbled that Victor still didn't understood who he was if Victor thought Nick would even consider returning to Newman. Victor imagined that Nick would look back at that moment and judge him less harshly one day. Nick called himself an idiot for thinking that Victor would want to help him, since all Victor cared about was winning. Victor argued that Nick couldn't be more wrong, and he reiterated that Nick had stolen from him to create his own legacy. Nick countered that he'd done everything for his family and that he didn't test his children's love for him. Victor accused Nick of testing him by demanding that Victor side with Nick over Adam. Nick muttered that being there was a mistake, and he walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin anxiously tapped his fingers on the table, but his face lit up when Michael entered the coffeehouse. The men exchanged a bear hug, and Michael said he'd been surprised to get Kevin's call and even more surprised to hear his brother was in town. Kevin nearly spit out his coffee when Michael mentioned a kidnapping, but Michael clarified that he was joking about Esther monopolizing Bella's time. Kevin reported that Bella was in Portland with her nanny, since the girl was happier there with her school and friends. Michael was skeptical that Kevin had paid for care when his daughter could have been with loved ones who missed her, and he wondered what kind of trouble Kevin had gotten himself into that time.

Michael observed that Kevin had been doing the tapping thing with his fingers that he always did when he was hiding something. Kevin complained that it had taken Michael less than two minutes to judge him, and he swore that he didn't need a lawyer. Michael asked if Kevin could use a brother, and Kevin huffed that he didn't need one who threw all his mistakes in his face. Michael figured that Kevin had called him for a reason, but Lauren and Paul interrupted and warmly greeted Kevin. Paul remarked that there was never a dull moment around there, and Lauren added that there wasn't when Phyllis was involved. Paul revealed that Summer had reported Phyllis missing.

Michael asked if there was any evidence to support Summer's theory, and Paul shared that no one had seen Phyllis for a couple of days and that she'd left her tablet and keys in her room. Michael argued that it wasn't proof of foul play, and Kevin agreed. Michael speculated that Phyllis was just laying low after she'd burned a lot of bridges, and Lauren imagined that Phyllis was planning her next attack. Paul was still disturbed that Phyllis had left her things behind, including her car, which was still in the Athletic Club garage. Paul implied that he could use Kevin's computer expertise on the case, but Kevin claimed that he had to meet Esther, and he left.

Lauren recalled that she'd last seen Phyllis at the launch party, where Phyllis had been furious with everyone for shoving her out of the company. Lauren acknowledged that Phyllis had done questionable things, but she was still worried about her friend. Michael recognized that Phyllis had created a lot of her own problems, but Lauren doubted it was the case that time, since the launch hadn't been the only party Phyllis had crashed. Paul mentioned that Summer had told him that Phyllis had shown up uninvited to Victoria and Billy's commitment ceremony, and Lauren wondered if Summer had shared that Phyllis had been with Adam.

After Paul left, Michael and Lauren compared notes about Phyllis not being thrilled with either of them. Lauren wondered what Phyllis had been thinking when she'd tried selling knockoff products, and Michael quipped that Phyllis at her clever best and self-destructive worst was a bad combination. He couldn't help but wonder if Phyllis' disappearance was part of a bigger plan to make them all worry about her before swooping in for the kill. Lauren realized that he thought Phyllis had faked her own abduction. Michael replied that he wouldn't put it past Phyllis.

At the tack house, Adam packed some clothes and answered a call, asking who Kevin had kidnapped that time. Kevin warned that any jokes would be at Phyllis' expense, and Adam considered it funny that Kevin thought he gave "a damn" about Phyllis. Adam cautioned that kidnapping was a felony that could result in prison time, and he recalled Kevin having a thing about small spaces. Adam found Paul at his door and hung up on Kevin. Paul announced that he was there because Phyllis was missing, and Adam thought he could help.

Paul spotted Adam's bags and asked if he was leaving already. Adam explained that his stay there had just been temporary, and he didn't want to be in Victor's debt, so he was moving into the Athletic Club until he found a place. Paul noted that Phyllis had a room there, and he'd heard Adam and Phyllis had gotten close. Adam conceded that they'd bumped into one another a couple of times, including a near fender-bender on the road. Paul mentioned that Adam and Phyllis had been seen together at the commitment ceremony, and Adam admitted that he was guilty of attending his sister's "tacky non-wedding" with Phyllis. Paul asked if Adam had any idea where Phyllis was.

Adam said he hadn't heard from Phyllis since the day of the ceremony. Paul spotted a tube of lipstick near Adam's desk and asked if it was Adam's. Adam quipped that passionate pink wasn't his color, and he assumed that Phyllis had dropped it when he'd taken her back to his place to recover after their highway mishap. Paul wondered if they'd been drinking, and Adam confirmed that he'd been sober and that Phyllis had seemed fine. Adam apologized for not having any other information about her whereabouts, and he requested that Paul let him know if she turned up. Paul headed out.

Later, Adam responded to an urgent knock at his door. Nick tossed him some keys and proclaimed that Dark Horse was all Adam's. Nick hissed that if Adam ever went near Christian, Nick would tear him apart. Adam smirked as Nick stalked off.

Kevin threatens Adam for Chloe's return Kevin threatens Adam for Chloe's return
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
by Nel

Paul arrived at Nick's home. Nick informed Paul that Summer was worried because she believed something had happened to Phyllis. Paul showed Nick the surveillance footage that had been taken. Paul told Nick that someone had looped the footage of an empty hallway into the feed outside Phyllis' room at the Athletic Club. He told Nick that he had questioned Adam. Nick asked Paul if Adam had denied knowing anything about Phyllis' whereabouts.

Adam arrived at Sharon's, apologized for having crossed the line, and said that Sharon had been a good friend. Adam claimed that Sharon was kind and generous, but he was a mess because Chelsea had cut him out of her and Connor's lives. Adam had thought Chelsea would return to him, and when she hadn't, he had latched on to Sharon.

Sharon told Adam that she was willing to talk, but there were boundaries. Adam thanked Sharon for contacting Chelsea on his behalf. He said he'd been hurt because Chelsea and Connor didn't want anything to do with him. Adam understood that it had been Chelsea's instinct to protect her new life and her husband. Adam said he'd thought about Connor, what he was like, and how much he'd grown. It hurt to realize that everyone's lives had moved on without him.

Sharon told Adam that Chelsea had likely been shocked when she'd heard his voice. Adam countered that he'd hoped Chelsea would have seen it as a second chance for them. Adam felt that Chelsea had been protecting Connor from him. Sharon suggested that perhaps Chelsea thought that Connor's well-being was more important, no matter how much it would hurt Adam. Adam said it had broken his heart. Adam embraced Sharon just before Rey entered the room. Adam thanked Sharon for the talk, and he left.

Sharon told Rey she could explain. Angry, Rey wanted to know what had gone on. It had been hard for him to see Sharon in Adam's arms. Sharon explained that it had been a vulnerable moment for Adam because everyone had moved on. Rey asked if she'd told Adam that she'd moved on, as well. Sharon said she'd made that clear to Adam. Rey said he didn't believe that Adam had received the message because Sharon kept running to Adam's, and Adam kept showing up at her home.

Sharon told Rey that she'd been attempting to get Adam past his grief and to stop him from lashing out. Rey said there was no stopping Adam; Adam had taken Nick's company, and he'd tried to steal Christian. Rey stated that Adam was a predator, and he was dangerous. Sharon assured Rey that she hadn't turned a blind eye to what Adam had done to Nick and that she had told Adam he was despicable. She said that whenever Adam was cornered, he fell into destructive mode.

After he'd found Sharon in Adam's arms, Rey said that Sharon had been edgy and restless the previous evening, as if she'd been trying not to think about Adam. He said he had tried to be understanding and had made excuses for Sharon, but he had been there before with Mia. He wasn't going to ignore it this time. Sharon claimed her situation wasn't the same, but Rey said that something had been going on, and Sharon had been either lying to herself or to him. He said he couldn't compete with that and walked out.

Victoria and Billy walked through Chancellor Park. Victoria said she wasn't ready to face reality yet. Billy claimed that Jamaica was their reality, them together on a secluded beach, making love under the stars. Billy wondered what Victoria's family had been up to since they had been away.

Christine arrived at Victor's office and confronted him about the hurtful lawsuit he'd filed against her and the police department. She asked if it was payback because they had bungled the Hellstrom case. Victor shouted that Christine had railroaded his family and allowed him sit in a jail cell because her stupid detectives had believed the planted evidence. It had resulted in enormous damage to his and his family's reputation. Christine asked Victor if his suit had anything to do with her reelection campaign. She said she couldn't find backers for her campaign because of his lawsuit. Christine said it was an extremely vindictive move, even for Victor.

Christine reminded Victor that Nikki and Victoria had chosen to bury J.T., but Victor pointed out that Christine hadn't dropped the charges against Nikki and Victoria when J.T. had turned out to be alive. He accused Christine of not wanting the embarrassing fallout on her reputation and said that she'd been busy covering her backside. He told her to leave.

At Society, Kyle joined Summer and Billy for a meeting. Kyle noticed that Summer seemed distracted, and he picked up the slack. When Billy stepped away to take a call, Kyle commented that Summer had never been at her best after an all-night party. Summer claimed she was fine, and there was nothing to worry about. Kyle left Summer and found Lola. He asked Lola to go home between the lunch and dinner rushes. He promised it would be worth her while. Lola agreed. Kyle kissed her and left.

Standing at the bar, Lola heard Summer on the phone, asking someone if Phyllis had been found. Summer asked to be notified as soon as anyone heard from Phyllis. Lola approached Summer and asked if Summer was okay. Summer told Lola that Phyllis was missing. Lola said she knew how that felt. Lola said that her father had left the family when her mother had been pregnant with her. She said her mother was the only parent she'd known, and she was everything to Lola. Lola said that as she had grown older, she'd seen the toll her father's leaving had taken on her mother.

Lola told Summer that her mother had smothered her, Arturo, and Rey with love, but she had never gotten over that wound in her heart. Lola covered Summer's hand with her own. Summer saw Lola's bare hand and asked about her engagement ring. Lola said things had happened too quickly, and there wasn't a ring yet. However, when she got one, she and Summer could compare notes. Summer's mood turned dark, and she told Lola that they had very different tastes except in one area. Lola didn't want a scene, so she told Summer she hoped all would be well with Phyllis, and she left.

Adam returned home. While on the phone, he instructed his co-conspirator to keep Chloe there and to advise him if she made trouble. Adam said that Chloe had a penchant for causing problems. At that moment, Nick barged in and demanded to know where Phyllis was. He accused Adam of coercing Phyllis to hack into Dark Horse's financial records, and it had happened at the same time that she had gone missing. Nick said Adam had been the last person who'd seen her. Adam claimed he hadn't seen her in a couple of days.

Nick told Adam about the footage that had been looped outside Phyllis' room. He asked again where Phyllis was. Adam said that if Phyllis had hacked into the Dark Horse computer for him, it would have been a lousy way to thank her. Nick claimed that Adam didn't thank people; he got rid of them when they lost their usefulness. Adam asked why Nick cared about Phyllis, especially after Nick had humiliated her at the commitment ceremony. Nick retorted that non-sociopaths didn't screw over their own families.

Adam told Nick that Victoria had given him money, and he'd been able to buy Nick's debt. Upset, Nick said that Victoria wouldn't give Adam a dime. Adam informed Nick that Victoria had given him $50 million of her own money just to make him go away, but she hadn't provided all his demands. She'd given him the money and Chelsea's phone number, and she'd done it behind Nick's back. Nick retorted that Adam brought out the worst in everyone and stormed out.

Christine met Paul at Crimson Lights and told him that she'd tried to reason with Victor, to no avail. She said that Victor had named her and the police department in his lawsuit, and it would affect her reelection. Christine claimed it was revenge about J.T.'s case. Paul advised her to ignore it, and it would all go away. When Christine said she didn't think she could ignore it, Paul said he had something to make her day better.

Paul took Christine to Chancellor Park and surprised her with a picnic lunch. He told her they needed to take time to decompress and be with each other. Christine agreed and kissed him. Paul told her that everything would be fine and that he believed in her. He said he loved her, and they would always have each other. He kissed her.

At Newman, while going through some papers, Victoria recalled the day she'd made the deal with Adam for $50 million and Chelsea's phone number, but she'd said Christian was off-limits. She said Adam had given up his rights to Christian when he had tampered with the DNA test. She told him that he had a chance with Chelsea and Connor, and if he was smart, he would accept her offer. Her flashback was interrupted when Nick arrived.

Nick told Victoria she had no idea what she'd done. He said that Adam's face had shown pure joy when he had informed Nick that his sister had stabbed him in the back. Victoria admitted she'd given Adam her own money. Nick told her that Adam had bought the Dark Horse debt and tried to use it as a bargaining chip for Christian. Victoria said that it hadn't been what she'd wanted. Nick accused her of stealing Chelsea's number from his phone. Victoria defended her action and told Nick that Chelsea deserved to know that Adam was alive, and Chelsea and Adam had the right to make their own choices.

Nick told Victoria that Adam had used her, and it had hurt him. Victoria said she wouldn't sit back and allow Adam to wreak havoc in their lives, so she'd taken steps to get Adam out of town. Nick said the payoff had been about Victoria's attempt to make sure Victor never hired Adam over her. Victoria admitted she had been thinking of herself -- all her dedication, hard work, and loyalty to the company. Maybe Nick didn't care if the company burned to the ground, but she did. Nick accused her of putting Newman Enterprises above all else, including him, his company, and Christian. They were all collateral damage in her climb to the top.

Victoria accused Nick of being unfair because she'd put herself into the company. She said she was done being patient and waiting her turn. She'd performed and achieved results, and in return, she'd been pushed aside for Adam, who didn't have one iota of loyalty to Newman or to Victor. She intended to be named CEO when Victor stepped down, and she'd be "damned" if she'd allow Adam to take that away from her.

Nick told Victoria that Adam had succeeded in making them turn against each other. Victoria said that Adam had made her see that she was the heir apparent of Newman, no one else. Nick said she could have it, and as he turned to leave, he saw Victor standing in the doorway. Nick walked past him. Victoria told Victor she'd meant what she'd said. She wanted the CEO chair when Victor stepped down. Victor said they would discuss it at another time.

At that moment, Nikki arrived with Nate. Nikki hoped they weren't interrupting anything. When Victoria saw Nate, she said it appeared that she had interrupted something. Victor said that Nate was there to discuss business because Victor wanted to make a donation to the hospital. Victoria left.

Once Victoria had gone, Nate said that Victor's body hadn't responded to the treatments as he had hoped. Victor asked what they needed to do next. Nikki said he needed to tell the family, and if he didn't, she would.

At Crimson Lights Victoria told Billy that her first day back at work had been an 8.0 on the Richter scale. She said that Nick knew that she'd given Adam money and Chelsea's phone number. In hindsight, she felt she shouldn't have dealt with Adam on her own. Billy said that she'd gotten tough when Nick hadn't, and they couldn't have predicted how Chelsea would react to discovering that Adam was alive. He thought their mistake had been that they had believed Adam would leave town. Billy said there was no shame in protecting herself.

Lola arrived at the apartment and saw the lit candles on the table and the rose petals on the floor. Kyle said he wanted to make certain that he'd done it right that time. When Kyle got down on one knee, Lola asked him to wait a moment. She removed her chef's jacket and shook her hair loose. Kyle proposed to her with an engagement ring, and Lola accepted. They kissed.

At home, Nick comforted Summer and assured her they would find Phyllis.

At the tack house, Adam received a threatening text message from Kevin that read, "Other people are going to suffer unless you tell me where Chloe is. Now. I'm no gambler. This is no bluff."

Victor tells his children about his condition Victor tells his children about his condition
Thursday, June 13, 2019

At Brighter Tomorrows, Dina stared out the window as Traci entered the room. Traci announced that she was there to honor her promise, and she reminded Dina that she'd promised to read some of the novel she'd been working on. Dina recalled that Traci was a novelist, and she invited Traci to sit down and tell her all about the book. Traci explained that it had a little of everything -- mystery, suspense, and betrayal -- but Stolen Lockets, Broken Hearts was mostly a love story. Dina eagerly looked forward to hearing it, and Traci pulled out her laptop and began reading the book from the beginning.

Flynn told Velma that she'd been a big help, and the compliment caused her to blush. She turned away so that he wouldn't see her embarrassment, but he warned that detectives saw everything. Velma referred to his ex and couldn't believe that a man so smart could be so dumb about a woman who treated him like a chump. "What's it to you?" Flynn snapped, and Velma was clearly hurt by his reaction. Traci told Dina that she'd rewritten the last part because she'd thought it was better that way, and she was pleased when Dina clamored to hear more.

Velma pointed out that Flynn hadn't answered his messages from potential new clients, and he replied that he was already chasing a case. Flynn contended that he'd been trying to make Iris see the big picture instead of being flimflammed by her husband, and Velma asked if there was anything she could do. Flynn ordered her to get him more ice for his drink, and she stepped out. Flynn answered a knock at the door and found Iris' husband, Derek, there.

Flynn remarked that he'd imagined Derek would be taller. Derek barked that his wife had it in her head that she needed a private investigator, but she was wrong. Derek ordered Flynn to back off, and Flynn told him to beat it. Derek ominously stated that it was his last warning to drop the case, and Flynn retorted, "Or what?" Derek left, and Velma returned with the ice. Flynn abruptly stated that he had someplace to be, and he rushed out. Velma sadly sipped the drink he'd left behind. Dina begged Traci not to stop reading.

Derek found Cora in the park, waiting for him. Derek called Flynn a stiff, and Cora bet that Flynn had said the same thing about Derek to Iris. Derek implored Cora to trust him, and they kissed. Flynn spotted their embrace and snapped photos. A man approached Flynn from behind and whacked him over the head. Cora and Derek rushed over to an unconscious Flynn, and Derek's goon crowed that Flynn had been so busy watching them that he'd never expected the blow. Derek indicated that the thug knew what to do, and the man dragged Flynn away.

Dina began to cry, and Traci apologized if her mother didn't like her book. Dina explained that she was upset because Velma loved Flynn, and Flynn needed to stop wasting his time with Iris. Dina thought that would be a happy ending, and Traci agreed.

Later, Cane ran into Traci after wrapping up a meeting with a client at Crimson Lights. He invited her to join him, and he offered to get her an iced latte. She was impressed that he remembered her previous order, and he swore that buying her coffee wouldn't make up for everything she'd done for him. Traci applauded him for doing great work, and Cane divulged that he had a chance to do more, since the nonprofit had offered him a bigger role in the company. He excitedly added that he might have to move to Lakewood, so he'd be closer to Lily. Traci disguised her disappointment and called it a "dream come true."

Across the coffeehouse, Mariah presented Kyle with a nearly dead plant as a housewarming gift. She explained that it had been beautiful when she'd gotten it, but she'd forgotten to water it and had left it in her car. She swore that her happiness for him and Lola warranted a giant, healthy palm tree. Kyle suggested that Mariah give them one as a wedding present, and she figured that she'd have plenty of time to save up for one. He clucked that it wouldn't be as much time as she thought, and he announced that he and Lola were engaged. Mariah exclaimed that it was fantastic, and they hugged.

After hearing about Kyle's impromptu proposal, Mariah gently scolded him for almost ruining the best thing that had ever happened to him. She warned him not to make any more stupid moves before the wedding, and she wanted to put the date on her calendar to be sure it didn't conflict with her new job. Kyle was stunned that she'd quit GC Buzz, and she revealed that she was still working for Devon as head of Power Communications and that Tessa was her first new client. Mariah couldn't believe she was running a company when she hadn't even been able to run an espresso machine a few years earlier, but as scary as it was, she wanted the job.

At Society, Rey stared at a photo of Sharon on his phone. Lola offered to fix him whatever he wanted, but he pointed out that she'd already made 200 dinners that day. She insisted that he was number one on her list for not being a jerk to Kyle when Kyle had asked him to give their marriage his blessing. Rey commented that it had been a good talk, and he was glad that Kyle would be part of the family. Lola declared that she'd never thought she'd see the day Rey lied to her face.

Rey admitted that Kyle wasn't his first choice for a husband, and Lola joked that it was a good thing Rey wasn't marrying him. Rey conceded that he'd had his initial reservations, but he believed Kyle would fit into the family just fine after they'd gotten a few things straight. Lola teased Rey for doing a tough guy number when she knew he was a big teddy bear who'd cried a puddle of tears while watching a baseball movie.

Lola called Rey cute when he was vulnerable, but he told her not to mistake it for weakness. Lola swore that she had his back if he needed protection, and he clarified that they would look out for one another. Lola hoped Sharon treated him right, and she noticed Rey's forlorn expression. He insisted that everything was great.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki straightened Victor's tie and stressed that his children deserved to know what was going on, especially after his test results. Victor argued that he'd only had one treatment so far. She offered to help explain everything, but he wanted to handle it. Nikki urged him to be honest and to let his kids support him. Victor replied that he knew what to do.

Outside Victor's office, Victoria paced as Nick stepped off the elevator. Nick guessed that their dad had summoned her, too, but she had no idea what the meeting was about. Nick prepared to enter the office, but Victoria informed him that the door was locked, since when Victor said the top of the hour, that's what he meant. "Control freak to the end," Nick muttered.

Adam arrived and quipped that he would have picked up refreshments if he'd known it was a party. Nick received a text message from Rey with a photo of Adam and Kevin talking at the bar. Adam inquired whether the message was a lead on a new job. Abby joined them and speculated that their dad was finally going to tell them what was going on, and Victoria asked if Abby knew what the meeting was about. Victor opened his office door and proclaimed, "Let's get started."

Nikki invited everyone to take a seat, but Nick preferred to stand. Nick dryly suggested that Adam sit next to Victoria, since they seemed to be getting along. Nikki announced that Victor had something important to say, but Nick wasn't interested in hearing more speeches. Victor admonished Nick for his attitude, and he revealed that he'd called them because he was ill. Nikki placed a comforting hand on Victor's shoulder, and he described his condition as serious.

Abby cried that she'd known something was wrong, and Victor divulged that he had a rare blood disease that was causing his red blood cells to disintegrate prematurely. Nick incredulously asked if it could be fatal, and Victor confirmed that the disease could kill people, but he vowed not to be one of them. Adam asked how long Victor had known, and Victoria wanted to know why Victor had decided to tell them the news then. Victor credited Nikki with convincing him to be honest, and Abby wondered if there was anything she could do. Victor thought it would be a big relief to know all his children were getting along, given how they'd reacted to Adam's return.

Nick realized that the illness had been why Victor had been determined to get Adam back there and reunite the family, and Adam thought it also explained why Victor hadn't taken no for an answer. Victoria suspected that there was another reason Victor had waited until then to say anything. Victor anticipated that even if his treatment was successful, it would take a toll on his body, and his family would have noticed.

Victoria encouraged her father to take a step back from Newman and use his energy to get better, and she volunteered to take over. Abby huffed that Victoria had set a new speed record in turning horrible news to her advantage. Victoria argued that she was doing whatever it took to ease their dad's mind, and Abby spat that taking over the company would just be a bonus. Adam contended that helping their dad should be their top priority, and Victoria insisted that it was what she was trying to do. Victor wanted to discuss business, and he requested a few minutes alone with Adam.

In the corridor, Nikki urged a fuming Victoria to focus on Victor's health. Victoria complained that her father was shutting her out, and Abby groused that Victor had blown her off when she'd voiced concern. Abby taunted that even though she and Nick had left Newman, Victoria still wasn't the chosen one. Victoria hissed that Abby didn't know how she felt, but Abby understood what it felt like to be second best and never good enough in her father's eyes.

Abby pointed out that Victoria wasn't good enough, either, and she thought Victoria had the choice to sit around and wait for breadcrumbs or move on. Abby stalked off, and Nick noted that she'd made some valid points. Victoria sarcastically thanked him for his support, and Nikki ordered them to stop fighting. Nick wondered what Victor's chances really were, and Nikki confirmed that Victor believed he could beat it.

Meanwhile, Adam told Victor to give it to him straight. Victor had every intention of beating the disease, but he pointed out that a good businessman planned for the unexpected, and he wanted to be sure his company survived -- with or without him. Victor recounted that the future of Newman Enterprises had always been on his mind, ever since he'd founded the company, and it needed to be run by someone genuinely qualified to ensure its continued success. Victor added that only one person was qualified to continue his legacy -- and that person was Adam.

Adam called Victor a good salesman, but he thought Victor had missed his target audience, since even the best salesman couldn't close a deal unless the customer was willing to buy -- and Adam wasn't. Victor assumed that Adam was afraid he couldn't handle it, but Adam asserted that he'd never be satisfied living out someone else's dream. Victor suggested that Adam make the company his own, but Adam doubted he could do it with Victor's portrait staring at him as a constant reminder that it was Victor's company. Adam recommended that Victor give the company to Victoria, who would be happy to settle, and he walked out.

Adam told Victoria not to worry because he had put in a good word for her, but Victoria growled that he'd never done anything for anyone but himself. Victoria blasted Adam for taking the money she'd given him and using it to drive a wedge between her and Nick. Victoria called Adam the same "manipulative bastard" he'd always been, and she wondered if he had returned to make both her and Nick look bad in their father's eyes to convince Victor that Adam was the only one who could run Newman. Adam lectured that Victoria's obsessive need to be her dad's favorite wasn't helping.

Victoria ranted that she'd dedicated her life to Newman when everyone else had run off, so she deserved to be Victor's successor. Adam said he'd told Victor the same thing, and Victoria questioned why he'd done what he had to her and Nick. Adam remarked that Nick and Victoria's bond was "pretty damn weak" if that had been all it had taken to break it, and Victoria barked that Adam really was their father's son. Adam added that if his siblings couldn't put aside their difference to honor their old man's wishes, it was on her, not him. Victoria refused to listen anymore, and she headed out. Adam voiced surprise that she wasn't going to wait to see if their dad picked her.

In Victor's office, Nick asked if Victor was really surprised that Adam had turned Victor down. Nick maintained that he had no interest in working with Adam or returning to Newman, but he was willing to put his differences aside to help Victor through it. Victor haughtily stated that he didn't need help, but Nick understood that Victor was scared, even if Victor would never admit it.

Victor contended that the difference between him and Nick was that he wasn't scared of "a damn thing." Nick chided Victor for trying to turn Adam into the golden child, but Victor maintained that all he was asking was for his children to give Adam a chance. Nick griped that Victor had thrown Adam into the middle of their family, and it had blown up, so their only hope was to keep the fallout to a minimum.

Nick exited Victor's office and asked if Adam had driven Victoria off. Adam complained that everything was black and white with his siblings, and he accused Nick of playing the hero while hiding his dark side. Adam noted that being dead had had its advantages, and Nick muttered that it had for the rest of them, too. Adam retorted that he'd love to stay and chat, but he'd rather be anywhere else.

Adam stepped onto the elevator, and Nick said to say hi to Kevin for him. Adam immediately stepped out and asked, "Excuse me?" Nick pointed out that Adam had met with Kevin, and Adam claimed that he'd just been catching up with a friend. Nick flatly stated that the men had never been friends, and he asked what they'd talked about. Adam suggested that if Nick's "crack P.I." hadn't heard what they'd been saying, Nick should get his money back.

Later, Rey read a text message from Nick, who identified Kevin as the man in the photo with Adam. Nick instructed Rey to stay on it.

In Chancellor Park, Kyle figured that Tessa wouldn't have to play there much longer, since Mariah had told him about her plans to boost Tessa's career. Tessa insisted that she would still play for the people who had liked her music before she became a success, and Mariah looked forward to getting a bigger apartment one day. Lola joined them and showed off her engagement ring, and Mariah assumed that Lola had picked it out because it was tasteful and elegant. Kyle admitted that Abby had helped him choose it, but the proposal had been all his.

Lola gushed that it had been the most romantic night of her life, but she opted to keep the details to herself. Mariah asked if Lola had picked a maid of honor, and Lola named Abby, who approached at that moment. Lola mentioned that they'd been talking about the wedding, and Abby halfheartedly said she was happy for them. Lola asked if everything was okay, and Abby stated that it would be once they got started on the wedding plans.

Abby inquired whether the couple had thought about a theme, like vintage or bohemian. Lola explained that she wasn't fancy or formal, but she'd dreamed about a fairytale wedding. Lola envisioned something outside in the summer with a breeze, and Mariah suggested going barefoot on the beach. Abby pictured a destination wedding in an exotic location, but Lola preferred to have it in Genoa City with a traditional wedding march. Abby threw herself into making wedding plans.

Nick returned home and despondently picked up a photo of him and Victor. Meanwhile, Adam entered the tack house and poured a drink. He appeared to be deep in thought before he chugged it.

Nikki asked if Victor was disappointed with how things had gone. "There's always tomorrow," he replied. She suggested they go home, and he said he would join her in a moment. They exchanged words of love and kissed, and she exited. Victor gazed up at his portrait as he grappled with his emotions. Nikki returned to the doorway and saw him resolutely clench both of his fists before following her out.

Kevin and Adam make a deal Kevin and Adam make a deal
Friday, June 14, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Michael calculated the minutes until Lauren would be back from her upcoming business trip. She cooed that she missed him already, and he anticipated that it would make her welcome home party even more exciting. They kissed, but Jack interrupted with some news. Michael wondered if it was about Phyllis, but Jack hoped no news was good news on that front. Michael noted that Phyllis had been in particularly bad form lately, but Lauren thought he was being too hard on their friend.

Michael pointed out that Lauren wouldn't be taking a celebratory trip to Los Angeles if Phyllis had succeeded in her plan to counterfeit Jabot merchandise, and he expected that Phyllis would be back to her old hijinks by the time Lauren returned. Lauren asked what Jack's news was, and Jack announced that he intended to tag along on the trip to do some networking. He added that the Jabot jet was fueled up and ready to go, and he and Lauren excitedly headed out.

Over lunch in Los Angeles, Jack and Lauren congratulated an employee, Morgan, on the success of her popup shop. Jack praised Lauren for marching around the place like she'd owned it, and Morgan agreed that Lauren had been a powerful and eloquent presence. Morgan insisted that Lauren teach her how to float through a room and glide into place, and Lauren lauded Jack for perfecting the art of photobombing, since there hadn't been one photo taken without him holding something with a Jabot Collective logo. Morgan thought Jack and Lauren had demonstrated what a fabulous team they were, and Lauren toasted to their success.

Later, Jack pulled out his phone and proudly displayed all the "likes" for Fenmore's and the collective. Morgan excused herself to get back to work, and Jack praised her for doing an excellent job. Once alone, Lauren pointedly told Jack that Morgan was married, and he denied even thinking about it. He considered extending his trip to meet with more employees and relax by the shore afterward, but Lauren suspected that there was more to why he wanted to stay longer, and she thought it was high time they finally talked about it.

Lauren guessed that Jack was avoiding going home because he'd been worrying about Dina, launching the collective, and dealing with the heartbreak of Kerry's betrayal. Lauren theorized that the trip had been an escape from the bad stuff, and hanging out there was easier than facing the pressures of running Jabot and going home to an empty house. Lauren bemoaned that a lonely heart was a heavy burden, and Jack agreed that the house wasn't what it had once been with so many Abbotts no longer there. Lauren cautioned that staying a few extra days wouldn't make the feelings disappear. Jack said she'd made him see that he had to make some changes in his life, and he always liked a good challenge.

Mariah and Tessa arrived on the Crimson Lights patio, and Tessa was relieved that Ana wasn't there yet. Tessa resolved to catch her breath and pretend that it was any other day, but Mariah pointed out that it was the day Tessa would tell her producer whether she wanted to work together or not. Mariah added that she fully supported whatever Tessa decided. Ana arrived, and the women exchanged pleasantries. Ana admitted that she'd only been expecting to meet with Tessa, and Tessa explained that Mariah wasn't there as her girlfriend.

Mariah revealed that she was the new head of Power Communications and that Tessa was her client. Ana hoped Mariah's presence there meant Tessa was considering returning to LP. Tessa confirmed that she was, but there were a few things they needed to discuss first. Tessa thought they needed to learn how to communicate better, and Mariah frowned upon Ana insisting that Tessa conform to Ana's vision. Ana commended Mariah for looking out for her client, but she wanted to hear what Tessa had to say.

Mariah told Tessa to call if she needed anything, and Ana said she looked forward to doing business with Mariah. After Mariah left, Ana indicated that she was ready to give it another shot if Tessa was, and Tessa was on board if they could reach an agreement. Tessa asserted that all she wanted was for the three of them to work together, but they needed to learn to interact without any weird tension. Ana recognized that it was hard for her to back down when she was passionate about something. Tessa acknowledged that Mariah was the same way, and Tessa hated being in the middle.

Tessa knew that she needed Ana's talent as a producer, but she wanted to approve what went out to the public because it was her voice and image. Ana encouraged Tessa to speak up if she didn't agree with something and not to let Mariah do the dirty work for her. Ana stressed that music was a business, but she understood that Tessa wanted to stay true to herself and her sound. Ana thought she could elevate it by adding polish and shine, and she wondered if they could meet in the middle. Tessa nodded.

At the cottage, Sharon descended the stairs and discovered that Rey had slept on the couch the night before. She said she'd stayed up as late as could for him, but he hadn't needed to sleep down there. He replied that he hadn't wanted to disturb her, and she assumed that he hadn't wanted to have another argument about Adam. Sharon noted that Rey had been really upset when he'd left, and he explained that he'd felt like they'd hit a brick wall, so he was done talking about it. "Done talking, or done with me?" Sharon queried.

Rey assured Sharon that he wasn't even close to being done with her, and she was glad because he was part of her life. She lectured that he couldn't just quit and run away, and he swore that he wasn't going anywhere. He thought they had to get on the same page about what the problem was, and he observed that she'd been different ever since Adam had gotten back. Rey complained that she had been putting Adam first and was letting him get between them. Sharon defended that she'd never meant to, but Rey thought Adam knew how to get her to drop everything and go running to his side.

Sharon took the blame, but Rey refused to let her make excuses for Adam, who was taking advantage of her compassion. Rey cited the obvious connection that she and Adam still shared, and he needed her to be honest with him and with herself about exactly what was going on between her and Adam. Sharon admitted that Adam's presence had unsettled her more than she'd expected, but she cared about him and wanted to help. Rey insisted that it wasn't her responsibility. She argued that she'd convinced Adam to return to town, and she was wracked with guilt because she hadn't known that he'd try to take Christian from Nick.

Sharon added that she was mad at herself for letting Adam get between her and Rey, and Rey reiterated that Adam knew how to get inside her head. Sharon sensed that Adam had also gotten inside Rey's head, since working for Nick had played into Rey's worst suspicions. Rey contended that he'd seen enough to draw his own conclusions about Adam.

There was a knock at the door, and Sharon was relieved to see Mariah, who thought her mother had obviously forgotten their plans. Mariah mentioned that she had exciting news that she was dying to share, unless it was a bad time. Rey refused to keep them from their mother-daughter time, and Sharon suggested that she and Mariah go to Society. Sharon pointedly told Rey that they could finish their talk later, and she and Mariah headed out.

At Society, Mariah raised a glass, and Sharon wondered what they were toasting. Mariah declared that her mother was looking at the new head of Power Communications, and Sharon prompted Mariah to tell her everything. Mariah recounted how Devon had made her the offer to take the company in any direction she wanted, to make it her own. Sharon figured that Mariah had unofficially been doing public relations for years by cheerleading for everyone who'd needed someone in their corner, and she asked how the job had been going so far. Mariah replied that she'd let Sharon know once she got over the initial shock of it.

Mariah turned the topic to Sharon and Rey. Mariah noted that they were usually all over one another like high schoolers, but they'd seemed different that day. Sharon confided that Rey was concerned because Adam was back in her life, but she insisted that it was totally innocent. Mariah urged Sharon to tell her the truth, since Sharon was always helping other people, and Mariah wanted to help her for a change. Sharon rambled on about everything Adam had been through lately, and she shared that Adam had mentioned having unresolved feelings for her.

Mariah admonished Adam for being totally inappropriate when Sharon was in a relationship with Rey. Sharon chalked it up to Adam being worked up because he couldn't be with Chelsea, but Mariah bristled at the thought of him using Sharon as a stand-in. Sharon figured that he just felt safe with her, although she confessed that she'd found his admission unnerving. Mariah wondered if it was because Sharon might be feeling the same way, but Sharon vehemently denied it.

Sharon added that she'd shot Adam down and told him that he should have stayed in Las Vegas. Mariah wondered if the only way Sharon could make sure nothing happened was for her to stay away from him. Mariah understood that it was a miracle that he was alive and that it was hard for Sharon to stop caring, but she advised Sharon not to let Adam ruin what she had with Rey. Sharon swore that she wouldn't. Mariah believed her, but she thought the person Sharon needed to convince was Rey.

At Crimson Lights, Ana expected people to fall in love with Tessa's sound, and Tessa couldn't wait to get back in the studio. Mariah returned and observed that it looked like the women had worked everything out, and Tessa and Ana confirmed that they'd figured out a way to work together and treat one another with respect. Mariah wanted them all to be happy and successful, and Ana thought they would show the world that they were a force to be reckoned with. They clinked their coffee cups together.

After Ana left, Tessa marveled that it was really happening and that she wouldn't have to sell her soul to do it. Mariah gushed about her girlfriend being on the way to stardom, and Tessa responded that her girlfriend was on the brink of being the biggest imagemaker in the world. Mariah worried that she'd never done anything like it in her life, but Tessa pointed out that Mariah fought for what she believed in, and she thanked Mariah for believing in her. They kissed.

At the tack house, Adam called the Athletic Club and reserved a suite, with plans to check in later that day. Adam answered a call from Kevin, who snarled that Adam was supposed to get back to him. Adam referred to Kevin's threat to make other people suffer if he didn't get what he wanted, but Adam maintained that he didn't know where Chloe was. Kevin bellowed that Adam's time was up, and if Kevin didn't have Chloe back by the end of the day, Adam would wish that he'd stayed dead. Adam admired Kevin's spirit, and he suggested that they meet.

At Dark Horse, Adam conceded that the fierce determination behind Kevin's threats had made an impression, but he was hardly running scared. Kevin demanded to know where Chloe was, and Adam replied, "Or what?" Kevin reminded Adam that Kevin had the ability to hack into Adam's phone and make Adam's entire savings disappear in a moment. Adam warned that Kevin wouldn't want him to retaliate, and he admitted that he had Chloe because he'd taken matters into his own hands after the justice system had failed.

Kevin requested proof that Chloe was all right, and Adam made a call and told someone to put her on the phone. Kevin assured Chloe that Bella was fine, and he told her to stay strong and not give up. Adam grabbed the phone away and instructed Kevin to do exactly as he was told, or it would be the last time he'd hear her voice. Kevin reasoned that Adam wouldn't kill Chloe, since Adam already would have done it if he'd wanted her dead.

Adam taunted that there was no telling what he might do if Kevin kept pushing him, but Kevin believed that neither of them wanted any fallout or the police involved. Adam figured that Kevin didn't want to go to the cops because he didn't want anyone to know that Chloe was still alive, but it was obvious that there was nothing Kevin wouldn't do to get her back. Adam clucked that nothing in life was free, and he offered to free Chloe if Kevin freed Phyllis. Adam considered it to be a generous offer, but he warned that if Chloe went after him again, it would be the last thing she ever did. Kevin agreed to the deal, but Adam said there was just one more thing.

Adam insisted that Kevin stay in town a little longer, adding that it wasn't a negotiation, and Kevin didn't get to argue or ask questions. Adam demanded that Kevin do as he was told unless he wanted Adam to change his mind about Chloe. Kevin defeatedly agreed, and Adam led him into the hallway, where they ran into Michael. After an awkward silence, Michael welcomed Adam home, and they shook hands. Adam excused himself and departed. "You want to tell me what the hell you're doing with Adam Newman?" Michael asked Kevin.

Michael pushed to know why Kevin was there, but Kevin vaguely replied that he'd rather not say. Michael put his arm around Kevin and said if he didn't know better, he'd think Kevin was avoiding him. Kevin questioned why he'd do that, and Michael countered by asking why Kevin had planned such a quick visit. Kevin claimed that he had to get back to Bella, and he suggested that Michael stop reading into things. Michael dared Kevin to look him in the eye and tell him nothing was wrong. "Nothing is wrong," Kevin flatly stated, and he asked if the interrogation was over, because he had things to do. Kevin promised to touch base before he left.

Adam stopped by the cottage, and he and Rey coolly greeted one another. Rey informed Adam that Sharon wasn't home, and Adam asked Rey to tell her that he'd dropped by. Rey stopped him from leaving and stated that there were a few things they needed to discuss. Adam insisted on explaining what Rey had walked in on the day before, and he swore that it had just been a hug of encouragement and comfort between two friends.

Rey accused Adam of playing games with Sharon, and he couldn't figure out how she'd found it in herself to forgive Adam. Rey firmly stated that Sharon had moved on and that her future was with Rey. Rey urged Adam to use his second chance to get a life somewhere else, and he warned that if Adam didn't leave Sharon alone, Rey would make him wish he had. Adam confirmed that he'd gotten the message loud and clear, and he left. Outside, Adam couldn't hide a satisfied smile.

Later, Sharon returned home, determined to resume her earlier conversation with Rey. He thought there wasn't much left to say, and she suggested that he just listen. She swore that there was nothing more important to her than making things right between them, and she promised that she wouldn't let Adam or anyone else get in the way of what they had. Rey grumbled that he'd been through it before with Mia, but Sharon stressed that she wasn't Mia. He said he loved Sharon because of her honesty and beautiful heart, and she told him to trust her and to have faith in knowing there was nothing they couldn't get through as long as they were together.

Rey said Sharon had no idea how much he loved her, and she asked if he trusted her. He noted that they'd both been hurt by lies before, and he became incensed every time he saw Adam. Sharon insisted that they talk about them and not Adam. She proclaimed that Rey was the one she wanted and needed and that he was the only one she loved. They kissed.

At the tack house, Adam canceled his hotel reservation, musing that he'd just realized that he was better off staying right where he was.

Kevin opened the door to the basement where he'd locked Phyllis. He cursed when he discovered that a window had been jimmied open, and Phyllis was gone. "Looks like you have some explaining to do," Michael ominously stated as he walked in. Meanwhile, a woman who appeared to be Phyllis drove in a car with her GPS directing her to Las Vegas.

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