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Chelsea rebuffed Adam's attempt to reunite. Nick and Chelsea made amends. Phyllis ended up alone at her own party. Calvin died shortly after an argument with Chelsea. Lola and Kyle tried to hide from Celeste the fact that they'd been living together. Devon hired Theo as Ana's mentor.
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Chelsea rebuffed Adam, made amends with Nick, and saw her husband die
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Chelsea rebuffs Adam Chelsea rebuffs Adam
Monday, July 1, 2019

At Dark Horse, Chelsea interrupted Nick and Adam as they were about to engage in a physical altercation. Adam was certain that Chelsea had returned to be with him. Chelsea explained that she'd grown tired of being on the run. Adam asked to be alone with Chelsea. Nick was reluctant, but Chelsea assured Nick that she could handle it.

After Nick left, Adam caressed Chelsea's face and cried that he'd almost given up hope. Chelsea kissed Adam, and she took his hand after he said, "Let's go home." When Adam and Chelsea entered his penthouse, she said, "You're living here again?" Chelsea said she was aware that Adam had lost everything and imagined that getting it all back at once had likely been a lot to deal with. Adam said he wanted to make his place their home again.

Chelsea talked about Connor, noting how he'd grown up to become a smart, loving child. Adam, insisting that they join Connor immediately, picked up his phone to book flights. Chelsea stopped Adam and said she'd returned to town to ask him to let her go. Chelsea reminded Adam that they hadn't seen each other for three years. Chelsea cried that it hadn't been easy for her to carry on and make a life for Connor. Adam said he was grateful she'd been able to heal, so they could move on and be together.

Chelsea cried that she'd had to let Adam go and create a new life, and she could never return to the way things had been in the past. Adam replied, "But you can." Chelsea cried, "I don't want to." Adam, in desperation, told Chelsea that he had enough money to allow them to live anywhere she chose. Chelsea replied, "I'm married, Adam. Calvin adopted Connor." Adam insisted that his return had changed everything.

Adam asked Chelsea if she loved Calvin. Chelsea said that she and Calvin had a good life. Adam replied, "You didn't answer my question." Chelsea said she didn't owe Adam an answer. Adam said he should know the truth because Calvin had taken his place as Connor's dad. Chelsea agreed that Calvin had become the father that Connor had desperately needed. Chelsea explained that allowing Connor to remain in a stable situation should be important to Adam. Chelsea added that she and Calvin had helped Connor work through his trauma.

Adam told Chelsea that he wanted to resume his life with her and Connor. Chelsea pleaded with Adam to put Connor first. Adam said he couldn't allow Connor to live a lie like he had. Adam warned that after Connor learned the truth, his pain would be magnified, and he'd blame his mother. Chelsea seemed concerned about Adam's warning.

Adam recalled how he'd felt betrayed by his mother after she'd confessed on her deathbed that Victor was his father. Adam cried that he'd been robbed of spending time with his dad. Chelsea explained that telling Connor the truth would rob him of the happy life he was living with her and Calvin. Adam cried that he'd always felt like an outsider because his parents hadn't been honest. Adam warned that the truth always had a way of coming out.

Adam warned Chelsea that there was nothing he wouldn't do to reclaim his son. Chelsea noted that Adam was still the person who trafficked in fear and intimidation. Adam said he was certain Nick had warned her about him because Nick knew he could never compete with him where Chelsea was concerned. Adam added that Chelsea loved every side of him without fear or judgment. Chelsea replied, "No, Adam. Not anymore." Chelsea walked out. Adam became despondent, sat down, and put his head in his hands.

At Society, Phyllis was working on her laptop when Kevin entered. Kevin did his best to duck out of sight, but Phyllis spotted him and enlisted his help. Kevin sat down beside Phyllis and noticed that she was working on programming for Dark Horse. Phyllis announced that she was the company's new CEO. As Kevin was tweaking an algorithm, Phyllis sniffed his neck and recognized the scent of his cologne. She grabbed Kevin by the collar and said, "You son of a bitch. It was you!"

Phyllis recalled that she and Kevin had once been partners in crime, so she couldn't understand why he'd locked her in a basement. Phyllis again grabbed Kevin by the collar and demanded he tell her why he'd returned to Genoa City. Kevin again defended himself and said even Adam might wear the same cologne. Before Kevin left, Phyllis warned, "This is not over yet."

Nick showed up after Kevin left and told Phyllis that things had been quieter while she'd been away. Nick told Phyllis that Chelsea had returned to town and was somewhere with Adam. Phyllis noted that Adam and Chelsea had never been able to stay away from each other. Nick blamed Phyllis for forcing Chelsea to leave town years earlier. Phyllis told Nick that his memory was fuzzy.

Phyllis said to Nick, "If you recall, Chelsea was ripping off Fenmore's, and then she threatened to reveal Christian's paternity just so she could get away with it." Phyllis added that she wasn't the one who'd knocked Sharon unconscious, either. Nick said Sharon had been the only one who'd cared enough to be honest with him. Phyllis said she'd withheld the truth about Adam being Christian's biological father because she'd known Nick would be crushed. Phyllis added that Chelsea had used the information as leverage, so Chelsea had been the bad guy and not an angel.

Phyllis asked Nick why he still defended Chelsea after all she'd done. Phyllis noted that even though time had passed, Adam remained the love of Chelsea's life. Nick said he'd once thought he and Phyllis might have stayed together. Phyllis noted that, like most of Genoa City, he'd decided she was a devil. Phyllis said she was grateful for Chelsea's return. Phyllis added that Chelsea would absorb some of the negativity unfairly directed at her. Nick said he had plenty of questions to ask Chelsea.

Mariah ran into Kevin at Crimson Lights. Mariah was elated to see her old friend and asked about Bella. Kevin said that Bella was fine, and he admitted he wasn't doing well because he'd screwed up his life. Mariah offered to help Kevin fix his problems. Mariah told Kevin that problem-solving had become part of her career as head of public relations at Hamilton-Winters. Kevin was elated to learn that Mariah was working at Power Communications.

Kevin told Mariah that he'd angered some powerful people who held grudges against him. Mariah replied, "What people? What kind of grudge?" Kevin said it was best that Mariah didn't know. Mariah advised Kevin to take ownership of whatever he'd done, sincerely apologize, and devise a plan to make restitution. Kevin noted that the people he was dealing with usually didn't forgive. Mariah challenged Kevin to take charge and make his foes forgive him.

At Devon's penthouse, Ana told Elena that she and Nate had suggested to Devon that he seemed too caught up in his past. Ana added that she and Nate hoped Devon could deal with his past and his grief and move forward. Elena picked up a video from a box Devon had been packing. Elena told Ana she understood why Devon had held onto Hilary's personal effects. Ana nodded in agreement.

When Devon arrived, Elena gave him the video. Devon recalled that on the particular show recorded on the DVD, Hilary had answered viewers' emails. Devon smiled when he remembered how Hilary had personally connected to a few fans. Ana was impressed. Elena laughed when Devon remembered that a dog had gotten loose and ended up in Hilary's lap during a live segment. Ana said she respected Hilary's fearlessness.

After Devon shared his story, he packed away the video and thanked Ana for helping him realize he didn't need to be surrounded by Hilary's things. Devon thanked Elena for her support, too. In a flashback, Devon remembered fond times with Hilary and later told Ana and Elena about Hilary's relationship with Shauna. Devon fondly recalled Hilary's mantra and wrote "dream big and work hard" in a book he planned to donate. Elena and Ana both hugged Devon to celebrate his breakthrough. After Devon delivered his donations to a church, he and Elena shared a kiss.

Adam meets Chelsea's husband Adam meets Chelsea's husband
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

At Society, Lola assured Kyle that there was nothing to be nervous about, since her mother would love him. He worried that he would make a bad first impression, but she kissed him and urged him to relax. Kyle pushed to know more about Celeste, but Lola spotted her mom enter the restaurant and declared that it was too late. The women hugged hello, and Celeste remarked that Lola was glowing. Kyle plastered on a smile, and Celeste threw her arms around him and gushed that he was more handsome than in his pictures. She added that he had the face of an angel and that the two of them looked beautiful together.

Celeste said Lola had told her all about Kyle, but she wanted to hear it from the source. Celeste referred to his career at Jabot, but Kyle replied that it was nothing compared to what Lola had accomplished. Kyle recounted that he'd heard Abby had flown Celeste in, and Celeste marveled that the Athletic Club staff had been treating her like royalty. She added that she was very excited that the shower was over, so she didn't have to hide anymore, and she could stay with her beautiful girl. Kyle and Lola exchanged an awkward glance.

Kyle talked up the Athletic Club as one of the nicest hotels in town, and he suggested that Celeste let the staff treat her like a queen. Celeste preferred to get a taste of Lola's life, and she thought there was no better way than to stay with her girl. Celeste reasoned that they couldn't make tamales in a hotel suite, and she determined that it was settled, since her bags were already packed. Celeste asked when she could see Lola's apartment, and Kyle made an excuse about just having finished painting it.

Kyle offered to get rid of the paint cans and tarps, and Celeste told him to call when he was done. Lola played along by giving Kyle her keys to allow him access, and he kissed her goodbye and told them to take their time. Kyle ran into Mariah on his way out and begged for her help.

Meanwhile, Celeste called Kyle handsome and charming, and she thought he clearly adored Lola. Celeste imagined that he was a good man, since he'd managed to get seals of approval from both of Lola's brothers, and Lola commented that Kyle was nothing like her father. Lola quickly changed the subject to how Celeste was doing, and Celeste reported that she was healthy and had been working hard, but she'd missed Lola. Celeste acknowledged that Lola was where she belonged, since Lola had found success and love there. Celeste added that Lola's happiness was double happiness for her.

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Kyle instructed Mariah to grab anything she saw that looked the least bit masculine. Mariah lectured him about gender stereotypes, and he told her to focus. She assumed a baseball cap was his, and she asked how out of the loop Celeste was. Kyle replied that he wasn't sure, and Mariah implored him to tell Lola's mother the truth, since it wasn't 1955. Kyle opted to go back to the pool house for a few days until Celeste left.

Later, Mariah proclaimed that the apartment was "sufficiently Kyle-free." She and Kyle heard Lola and Celeste ascending the stairs, and Mariah plopped Kyle's baseball cap on her head. The door opened, and Kyle helped Celeste with her bags. Lola explained that Mariah's mom was the landlord, and Celeste voiced surprise at Mariah's choice of hat. Mariah claimed that Tessa thought it was a hoot, and she headed out.

Lola pretended that it was solely her apartment, and Celeste asked where the bathroom was. Kyle prompted Lola to tell her mother about the showerhead, and Lola covered by saying that Kyle had fixed it a couple of days earlier. Celeste anticipated that he'd be handy when he and Lola moved in together after the wedding. Kyle remarked that it was too bad that Celeste had missed Rey, who was out of town. Celeste chirped that she'd be there when Rey got back, since she was planning on staying until the wedding to keep everything on track.

After Celeste stepped out of the room, Kyle wondered why Lola hadn't told her mother about them living together. Lola wailed that she hadn't figured out a way to break the news, since her mom had certain expectations. They discussed the possibilities of eloping or telling Celeste the truth. Celeste returned, and Lola and Kyle became alarmed when Celeste reported that she'd found something interesting in the bedroom. Celeste held up a scrapbook of wedding plans, and Lola revealed that Kyle had given it to her to look at ideas. Celeste was surprised that it was his, and Kyle vowed to give Lola the wedding of her dreams. "Not alone, you're not!" Celeste exclaimed.

Celeste figured that a hard-working man couldn't handle the burden alone, but Kyle swore it was no big deal. Celeste contended that a wedding was the biggest deal of all, and Kyle insisted that he was happy to do it. Celeste blathered that she'd been waiting for the day her baby would become a married woman since Lola had been born. She planned for everyone to pitch in to make it happen, since it wasn't just about two people exchanging rings but two families joining together forever. Kyle forced a smile, and Celeste squealed that she was excited to meet the famous Abbotts.

Chelsea walked through Chancellor Park and took a seat on a bench. She called out that she knew Nick was there, and he stepped out of hiding. She explained that she was used to looking over her shoulder after living the life she had, and she could tell quickly when she was being followed. She sensed that she wouldn't be able to get away without answering a few questions first. Nick said he'd just needed to make sure she was okay, and she thanked him and insisted that she was.

Chelsea reiterated that she'd meant what she'd said about being tired of running, and she wasn't going to do it anymore, but part of her wished she hadn't returned. Nick clucked that he'd tried to warn her about Adam, and Chelsea clarified that it wasn't just because of Adam. She admitted that she'd been surprised when Nick had reached out to her after not responding to her numerous attempts to apologize, and she'd assumed he'd just written her off. He conceded that it had taken him awhile, and she regretted that she hadn't handled things better.

Chelsea tearfully reiterated that she hated that she'd hurt Nick. She swore that it hadn't meant that she hadn't cared. However, she'd learned from her mother to always have an escape plan, and she always went into survival mode when she felt like the walls were closing in. Chelsea continued that she'd tried to forget Nick and what they'd meant to one another, but she hadn't been able to. She gently touched his arm and murmured that he mattered to her more than anybody, so it had been important for her to apologize. She hoped he could find it in his heart to forgive her.

Nick recalled that he'd planned to build a house for him and Chelsea to raise their children in, and it had left a big hole in his heart when he'd lost that dream. He added that the further he'd gotten away from it, the easier it had been to get perspective. Nick understood her difficulty in trusting anyone or anything, since she'd lost people who she'd loved and depended on, and sometimes the walls built up. Chelsea imagined that he'd built some of his own. He asserted that he'd had to let go of the hurt and anger when raising his kids, since he wouldn't have been able to give them a good future if he'd been stuck living in the past.

Nick confirmed that he was happy and that his kids kept him on his toes. Chelsea understood if he didn't want to talk about Christian, but Nick told her to ask anything she wanted. Chelsea murmured that not a day went by that she didn't think about the boy, and Nick inquired whether she wanted to tell Christian that in person.

At Dark Horse, Adam stormed into Phyllis' office, and Phyllis snapped that it had taken him long enough. He demanded to know what the emergency was, and she closed the door and informed him that they had a problem. He ordered her to handle it as CEO, or he'd hire someone else. Phyllis insisted that Dark Horse was just fine, thanks to her, and she revealed that the meeting was about her kidnapping. "Kevin Fisher, seriously? Is that all I'm worth to you?" she incredulously asked.

Phyllis questioned Adam's judgment, and he pointed out that his last decision had been to install her as CEO. She urged him to aim a little higher the next time he hired a henchman, and Adam shared that he hadn't ordered her kidnapping -- it had been entirely Kevin's idea, and Kevin had carried it out alone. Phyllis was skeptical, but Adam explained that Kevin blamed him for what had happened to Chloe after Delia's death. Adam continued that Kevin hadn't been able to get to Adam, so he'd taken down someone who he'd thought was close to Adam, and Kevin had been under the impression that Adam and Phyllis were a couple. "That spineless little creep! When I get my hands on him, he's gonna wish he never knew my name," Phyllis snarled.

Phyllis dared Adam to give her one good reason she shouldn't retaliate, and Adam referred to Kevin's other skills. Phyllis wondered how much they were costing Adam. Adam crowed that it wasn't costing a dime, and the beauty of it was that Kevin worked for him, so Kevin also worked for her. Adam encouraged her to find something for Kevin to do that was worthy of his talents.

Phyllis envisioned having Kevin at her beck and call, and Adam suggested that she consider it payback for Kevin abducting her. Phyllis questioned why Kevin had agreed to do Adam's bidding, and Adam insisted that it was his and Kevin's boring but private little secret. Phyllis relished the idea of having an obedient lapdog, and she considered it to be the perfect revenge after what Kevin had done to her. Phyllis asked how Kevin was at catering, since she was throwing a party that night to celebrate a new era at Dark Horse. She informed Adam that he'd be hosting it at his house. Adam left.

Phyllis sat down at her computer and prepared to send invitations to the haters -- Jack, Billy, Michael, and Lauren. She hesitated at Summer's name and made a call. Phyllis left Summer a voicemail, asking her daughter to be her date to a carnival that was in town.

Meanwhile, Summer showed Theo around the carnival and marveled that it was how middle America threw things back to the good old days. She recognized that it wasn't how people did things in New York, and he replied that the carnival had something the city lacked -- her. She cooed that flattery would get him everywhere, and he suggested that they get something to drink. She handed him her water bottle and mischievously revealed that it didn't contain water. He sniffed the contents and remarked that the day might be more fun than he'd thought.

Theo played a ring toss game, and a tipsy Summer proclaimed that it was the best Fourth of July ever. She declared it her personal independence day, since she wasn't tied to a desk and could do what she wanted when she wanted. Theo added that she could do it with the man she wanted, and Summer mentioned that she'd dropped in on Lola's bridal shower. She ranted that it had been a bunch of women sitting around, trying to convince Lola that her life wasn't over when a lifetime of captivity was about to follow. Summer groused that marriage was a bad thing to do to the person one loved, and she swigged her drink. Theo pointed out that she'd shackled herself to Kyle not long before, and she called it the worst mistake of her life.

Summer babbled about how much she loved the carnival, and she asked what Theo wanted to do next. He noticed a sign for a fun house, and he envisioned finding secret corners to make their own fun. He dramatically made a show of inviting her to join him. After visiting the fun house, her phone pinged with a voicemail message from Phyllis. Summer read a text message from Billy, asking where she was, since their meeting was about to start. Summer deleted both notifications and announced that her calendar had just freed up.

Later, Phyllis showed up alone at the carnival and shot a bull's-eye at the shooting range. She requested more competitive targets.

Chelsea wandered through the carnival. Nick approached her with Christian, and Nick asked the boy if he remembered Chelsea. She said she remembered Christian, and she didn't think she could ever forget his face. Christian whispered something to Nick, and Nick confirmed that Chelsea was Connor's mommy. Chelsea was touched that Christian remembered Connor, and she shared that Connor remembered him, too. She mused that one never forgot the people one loved the most.

Nick sent Christian over to get a balloon, and Chelsea couldn't believe how big the boy was. She wished that she hadn't ripped Connor and Christian apart the way she had, since they'd had a special bond before she'd run. Nick advised her against living in the past, and he noted that she seemed happy and healthy. He told her to stop beating herself up, since things between them were okay. He wondered what she was doing the rest of the day, and she replied that she was free and clear. He expected Christian to crash soon, and he invited her over to check out his new digs.

Later, Chelsea admired Nick's home, and she seemed affected by the Underground sign. Nick remarked that it felt like another lifetime, and he wondered if Adam had talked to her about going after custody of Christian. Chelsea recounted that Adam had said he believed his sons belonged with their father and that she belonged with him, as well. Nick asked where she stood on it, and Chelsea relayed that she'd told Adam that he had to let her go.

Nick cautioned that Adam never backed down from a challenge, and she recognized that Adam loved Connor and that becoming a parent had changed Adam. Chelsea commented that Connor had "brought out the best" in Adam more than anyone else had, and Nick replied, "Except you." Chelsea pledged that she "sure as hell" wouldn't let Adam have her son, and Nick asserted that it made two of them. Nick proposed that they stick together to stop Adam in his tracks.

Nick inquired how Chelsea's husband felt about all of it, and Chelsea praised Calvin for being a great father to Connor. Nick asked if Calvin knew about her past, and Chelsea confided that her husband only knew about parts of it, since it was a process to learn how to trust again. Nick wondered if she still had her eye on an exit, but Chelsea planned to enjoy her life and be grateful for her husband and son. She didn't expect to be in Genoa City much longer, and Nick suggested that they grab dinner and catch up more before she left. She said she was free that night.

Adam summoned Kevin to his penthouse. Adam assigned Kevin to the task of following Chelsea, who was in town. Adam wanted to know where she went and who she met with, and Kevin wondered why Adam didn't just call and ask her himself. Kevin surmised that Adam was the last person she wanted to let into her life. Adam suggested that Kevin remember who was in charge if he wanted to get back to his precious Chloe.

Adam demanded to know every move Chelsea made, and he wanted the name of Connor's summer camp. Kevin drew the line at involving kids. Adam retorted that he drew the lines, and Kevin was to cross them. Adam added that he had no limits, so neither did Kevin, and he ordered Kevin to do what he was told. Kevin growled that he really hated Adam's guts. Adam commanded Kevin to get him what he wanted, or Bella would also hate Adam when her mommy was locked up for good.

Later, Adam answered a knock at his door and found a man there. The man introduced himself as Chelsea's husband, Calvin Boudreau, and requested that he and Adam have a little talk. Adam invited him in.

Victoria exposes Phyllis' inexperience Victoria exposes Phyllis' inexperience
Wednesday, July 3, 2019
by Nel

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria, Abby, and Nikki gathered in Victor's office, and they wanted to know why he wanted to see them. Abby assumed that Victor would be announcing bad news about his health. Nikki said that Victor wanted to update them on his condition.

Victor explained to Abby and Victoria that the drug he had been taking for his condition had stopped working, but there was a new experimental protocol that Nate had recommended. He said there were certain risks involved, but he assured them that he felt fine. Victoria realized that Victor had already started taking the experimental drug. Nikki denied that Victor had suffered any side effects. Victoria asked what side effects Victor was concerned about. Victor claimed the list of side effects was very long, and he refused to sit in a corner and cower in fear.

Victoria asked Victor why Nick hadn't been called to the meeting. Victor replied that he'd already spoken to Nick, who had been instrumental in his decision. Abby and Victoria said they understood, and they were happy that Nick had been able to help him. Abby and Victoria hugged Victor and Nikki before they left. Victor told Nikki that his kids' support meant more to him than they would ever know.

A short time later, Nikki caught Victor looking over some documents and chastised him for working. Victor explained that Victoria had started a new project, and she had asked him to look it over for her. Nikki took the document from Victor and told him she was going to take him somewhere that would relax him.

Nick and Chelsea were having dinner at Society, and Nick asked where she'd gone after she'd left Genoa City. Chelsea said she knew that Victor had been furious with her after she had left with Connor. Nick told her that Victoria had had an army of people looking for her. She said that she and Connor had laid low and that she had learned how to do that at a very early age. She said she had stayed away from Anita because she'd known that Victor would seek Anita out immediately to question her. Chelsea said that it had been many months before she'd met up with Anita in Louisiana.

Nick asked Chelsea about her husband, Calvin, and he assumed it had been love at first sight. Chelsea skirted around Nick's comment and said that she had traveled quite a bit before she'd married Calvin. She added that Calvin had adopted Connor, and they had a solid marriage. Nick asked how she'd met Calvin. Uncomfortable, Chelsea stated that Calvin had been dating Anita, but he'd ended up with her. Nick said that Calvin sounded like an interesting guy. Chelsea told Nick that Calvin had never asked about her past, and she didn't ask him about his.

Nick mentioned that Chelsea had abandoned the life that they'd had together. Chelsea apologized. Nick said he wished she had trusted him and that she hadn't run. Chelsea said she'd known Nick would have been too angry with her to help. Nick claimed that she'd never given him the chance.

Changing the subject, Chelsea admitted to Nick that she had never imagined a place like Society in Genoa City. Nick said things changed, but Chelsea said not everything changed. Nick admitted he hadn't known what to think when he had received her text messages. Chelsea said she'd had no idea what to do when Nick hadn't responded to them. She thanked Nick for providing Adam with her number, but Nick said it had been Victoria, who had stolen Chelsea's information from his phone. Nick said he had thought it best if Chelsea had gone on believing that Adam was dead.

Nick asked Chelsea what she'd hoped to accomplish in Genoa City. At that moment, Calvin arrived and said he would like to know, as well. Calvin asked her to introduce him to her date. Chelsea introduced him to Nick and said Nick wasn't her date. She asked how Calvin had found her. Calvin explained that he'd sent flowers to the spa where Chelsea was supposed to be. However, the florist had informed him that there was no one at the spa with her name, and he'd figured out where she'd gone.

Chelsea apologized to Calvin and explained that she'd had to face Adam and tell him where they stood. She'd been afraid that Calvin would have stopped her. Calvin said he'd known better than to try to change her mind. Calvin remarked that Nick had been the only Newman that Chelsea had never married and the one that had grown up with Victor as his father. Nick informed Calvin that he'd grown up on a ranch outside of town, and he'd never wanted for anything.

Calvin commented that Nick had had an interesting childhood. He said that Nick had been indulged, but he had to answer to a man like Victor. Calvin said it was a well-known fact that Victor was a taskmaster, and some might say he was infamous. Nick explained that Victor was old-school, but he'd always been devoted to his family. Calvin said that the bond between father and son was profound.

Chelsea told Nick that Calvin had adopted Connor. Calvin said that Connor was a spirited boy and smart as a whip. He enjoyed watching Connor grow. Chelsea added they were a happy family. Calvin assured Nick that Connor was well taken care of, and Nick didn't need to worry about him. Calvin showed Nick photos of Connor and said that he and Connor had become good friends. Nick said it was great that Connor had someone to look up to, and he was sure it meant a lot to Chelsea. Chelsea said that Calvin had been good to her and Connor.

Calvin stated that he and Chelsea needed to leave. Nick asked Chelsea if he would see her again before she left, but Chelsea said she wasn't certain how much longer they would be in town. Nick hugged Chelsea. Calvin and Nick shook hands. Nick watched Chelsea and Calvin leave, but when Chelsea glanced back, she appeared a little anxious.

At Dark Horse, Phyllis met with a designer, and Phyllis advised her to drop the kitchen counter space and expand the closet in her new penthouse. The designer told Phyllis the renovations would be completed in a month, and the designer left.

A short time later, Victoria arrived at Dark Horse and commented that Adam had really put Phyllis in charge. Phyllis asked if Victoria was afraid of the competition. Victoria smiled and asked if Phyllis really believed she was on the same level as her. Phyllis said they were both CEOs. Victoria said she had earned her title, but Phyllis had slept with the devil to get her position. She asked why else Adam would hire Phyllis to run his company. Phyllis gloated that while Victoria ran Victor's empire into the ground, Phyllis would make Dark Horse a household name, and she would make Adam the most powerful Newman in Genoa City.

Victoria laughed and said that Phyllis had no experience in real estate, but Phyllis claimed that real estate was like anything else: people saw what they wanted, they went after it, and boom! -- success. Victoria said that Phyllis took the same approach when it came to other women's husbands. Phyllis asked if Victoria was there to trade insults. Victoria said she was there out of professional courtesy.

Victoria told Phyllis that she had finalized the purchase of Ealing Technology. Phyllis congratulated her. Victoria smiled and said Phyllis' inexperience was showing, but she would explain it to Phyllis. Victoria explained the Ealing was the flagship tenant for Dark Horse's newest high rise. Phyllis realized that Ealing would be moving into a Newman-owned property in town.

Victoria informed Phyllis that Ealing had already served notice. Phyllis asked if that move was directed at her or Adam. Victoria said that she didn't have to choose, since Phyllis and Adam worked together. Phyllis wondered what Victor would have to say about the way Victoria was wielding all the power he'd given her. Victoria stated that Victor would say, "Well done."

Phyllis said she didn't think Victoria cared about petty revenge. Victoria said Phyllis had caused her to lose ten years of her life, away from her family and children, so she would always make time for Phyllis. Phyllis said that the difference between them was that she didn't want to spend another minute thinking about Victoria. Victoria smiled and said that Phyllis had to find another tenant. She wished Phyllis luck, and she left.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Theo took Summer a cup of coffee to sober her up. Summer received a text message from Kyle that read, "Where the hell are U? Billy is pissed. Get UR act together, if U want to keep this job." Summer told Theo that Kyle was a jerk and proceeded to boast how valuable she was to Jabot. She told Theo that they were probably worried that she'd taken another job. Summer wanted to know where Kyle got off threatening her. She said that Kyle didn't work on the collective anymore because he had been neglecting his work because he'd been daydreaming about Lola. Summer claimed that she'd been the one who had pushed the products.

Summer ranted to Theo that Kyle hadn't asked if perhaps she was ill. At that moment, she received another text message from Kyle asking if she was okay. Summer commented that Kyle was the absolute worst. Theo finally managed to get Summer's attention back on him, but that was short-lived. Summer continued her rant about Kyle, and she told Theo that she'd gone to Lola's bridal shower to show everyone how cool she was about Lola marrying her husband. Summer pouted and said that it had really stung.

Theo told Summer he was leaving for Austin. Summer begged him to stay. She promised she wouldn't talk about Kyle, but Theo said that when he returned, maybe Summer would be ready to move on. He left.

Phyllis arrived at the coffeehouse and greeted Summer. She asked Summer what was wrong. Summer claimed that her life sucked. Phyllis offered to drive her home, but Summer wanted to get away from Phyllis and said she would wait outside for the car. Phyllis noted that Summer had had too much to drink. Summer said alcohol numbed her pain, but it wasn't great for walking. Phyllis insisted on helping Summer, and she claimed she would always be there for her.

Elena arrived at Devon's penthouse with fresh items from the market. Devon greeted her and commented that he was happy that she felt more at home. He suggested that she shouldn't hesitate to make changes in the penthouse if she felt inclined to do so. Devon wanted to take her on a first date, but Elena reminded him that they'd already had their first date when he had taken her to Neil's dedication. She asked if it would be their second first date. Devon smiled and agreed. He told Elena that he would be taking her on an adventure back in time.

At the carnival, Devon and Elena ate cotton candy, while Elena teased Devon about wanting caviar rather than eating the fun foods.

Elsewhere at the carnival, Nikki asked Victor how it felt to be out of his comfort zone. Victor joked about it being his "jam," and he said it had been nice to find out that his kids loved him. He kissed Nikki. At that moment, they bumped into Devon and Elena. Devon was carrying a huge stuffed bear that Elena had won. Elena proudly announced that Devon had won a prize, as well, and pulled a tiny stuffed bear out of her pocket. Nikki remarked that it was wonderful to see Devon happy.

After Devon and Elena left, Nikki told Victor that she didn't know how Devon had bounced back. Victor said that it took strength, and no one knew how strong they were until they had to deal with a situation.

In Phyllis' suite at the Athletic Club, Summer ranted that she didn't know what Theo's problem had been. She claimed that she had only mentioned Kyle once. Summer decided she wanted to send Theo a text message to tell him what a pathetic jerk he was, but Phyllis stopped her. Phyllis said that she would take care of Summer and that she loved her. Summer apologized for being angry with Phyllis.

Summer asked if Phyllis loved her. Phyllis said that she had loved Summer from the day Summer had been born and every breath since then. She said that nothing Summer ever did could make her love Summer less. She promised Summer that everything would be okay.

When Phyllis went into the bathroom, Summer crawled into bed and was fast asleep when Phyllis returned to the room. Phyllis grew tearful as she watched Summer sleeping.

Devon and Elena returned to the penthouse, and Elena placed the tiny bear Devon had won next to a photo of Neil, Lily, and Devon. Devon thought it was the perfect spot for it. He stated that every time he saw it, he would remember their second first date. He kissed her.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Phyllis awakened in Summer's hotel suite and checked the time on her phone. She called out to Summer that they'd overslept, but she quickly discovered that Summer wasn't there. Phyllis found a note informing her that Summer had left for a meeting with Jack and Billy. Phyllis sourly wished herself a happy Fourth of July, and she mimicked the sound of an explosion.

At Society, Kyle assumed that Summer was on her way home to nurse her hangover, and Jack noted that she hadn't been any help during their meeting. Jack looked forward to their get-together with Lola's mom that day, and he ribbed Kyle about having to cover up his living arrangements. Kyle reasoned that he'd gone along with it because Lola hadn't seen her mom in a while, and Celeste could be a little intimidating. Jack questioned whether Kyle hadn't had a better option than lying, and Kyle explained that he'd thought it had been the easiest solution -- until he'd found out Celeste wanted to stay until the wedding.

Phyllis stormed into the restaurant and demanded to know where her daughter was. Kyle indicated that Summer had already left, but Phyllis didn't believe it. Jack instructed Kyle to go home, adding that he'd be there shortly. After Kyle exited, Jack informed Phyllis that their meeting hadn't gone well, since Summer had been nursing a hangover. Phyllis chalked it up to Summer having a hard day, and Jack suggested that Phyllis call Summer if she wanted to talk. Phyllis shared that Summer wasn't answering her calls, and Jack surmised that Summer needed space.

Phyllis cried that the only time her daughter wanted to see her was when Summer was miserable. Phyllis confided that she'd been feeling "less than" as a mom, and she inquired whether Summer had said anything about her that morning. Jack recalled that Summer hadn't said much of anything in the state she'd been in. Phyllis recounted that she'd comforted Summer the night before, and it had felt like they'd bridged a gap, but it had been like nothing had happened by the morning. Phyllis was horrified when Jack compared it to a one-night stand.

Phyllis groaned that she'd been working on her relationship with her daughter and had forgiven things that had been very difficult to forgive, yet Summer still wanted nothing to do with her. Jack recommended that Phyllis try changing her entire personality, and Phyllis retorted, "Maybe you should try going right to hell!" Jack advised Phyllis to be the person Summer needed her to be, and Phyllis insisted that she had been. She cited comforting Summer and curling up together the night before, but Jack lectured that the women's problems couldn't be fixed in one conversation. He recognized that Phyllis had always been tough and tenacious, but he saw the new Phyllis as angry and vindictive.

Jack thought Phyllis needed a reset to bridge the gap, but she asserted that he couldn't be more wrong about her, since they were both CEOs, and Dark Horse was doing well. She asked if Jack would be attending the party that she and Adam were throwing that night to celebrate the opening of their new hotel, and Jack wondered why he should go. She thought he would see the successful, gracious person she was and not the woman he'd conjured up in his mind. She clucked that the social circle in Genoa City was very small, and she suggested that they conduct themselves like enlightened human beings. She stalked off.

At home, Lola emerged from the bedroom and gently scolded Celeste for cooking, but Celeste insisted on helping to make something to take to the Abbott mansion. Celeste wondered if Jack was as handsome as he looked in magazines, and Lola protested that she didn't look at him that way, since he was Kyle's dad. Celeste revealed that she'd seen a photo spread of the house, and she requested a tour. Celeste imagined that Lola was at the mansion frequently to visit, and she rambled about how difficult it had to be for the soon-to-be newlyweds to spend time together between their careers and living apart.

Celeste worried about Lola living alone, and she suggested that Lola get a roommate. Lola blurted out that she couldn't lie to her mother anymore, and the truth was that she and Kyle had been living together until the night before. Lola defended that they loved one another and that they hadn't rushed into it. Celeste replied that she had eyes, so she'd seen what was right in front of her. Lola realized that Celeste had known they'd been living together, but Celeste had let Lola keep lying about it.

Celeste conceded that she hadn't been completely sure that Lola and Kyle had been lying, but she'd had a strong hunch. Lola accused her mother of taking advantage of the lie to move in with her, but Celeste questioned what was wrong with wanting to spend quality time with her only daughter. Lola chided Celeste for adding a sprinkle of guilt to the mix, but Celeste argued that no one had forced Lola to lie. Lola declared that they were even, but she insisted on doing the cooking from then on. Celeste reminded Lola that she liked it hot.

At Crimson Lights, Ana excitedly showed Mariah and Tessa how many hits Tessa's video had gotten. Mariah and Tessa were shocked that Ana had already posted it, and Mariah exclaimed that a lot of people had viewed it. Ana confirmed that the video had been blowing up, and she encouraged them to check the comments. Tessa worried that the bad ones would haunt her forever, but Mariah read one comment aloud that described Tessa as earthy, real, and easy on the eyes. Mariah wondered if Devon was excited, and Ana replied that he would be. A mortified Mariah realized that he didn't know the video had been released, and she asked if Ana was crazy.

Ana insisted that Devon would love the video, but he had been tied up with other things, and she hadn't wanted to keep it on the shelf any longer. Tessa pointed out that the Fourth of July hadn't been a bad time to release it, and Ana envisioned people needing a soundtrack for their summer activities. Ana asserted that they would have missed an opportunity by waiting, and Mariah was surprised when Tessa agreed. Tessa steeled herself to look at the comments and was pleased to find that they were actually good.

Mariah warned that Devon would give Ana "hell," but she thought they should celebrate the great response to the video. Ana suggested that they meet up at the carnival later, and she departed. Tessa asked if Mariah wanted to head over to the carnival right away, but Mariah said she had to make a few calls to get the word out about Tessa. Tessa called her the best publicist, and Mariah gushed that Tessa's success was a "dream come true" for her, too. They kissed, and Tessa left.

Mariah checked her phone as Kevin walked in, and she mentioned that she was spreading the word about Tessa's music video. Mariah was disappointed that Kevin and Tessa hadn't had a chance to meet yet, and she asked if there had been any change in his situation. Kevin shared that it was still a total mess, but his attitude had improved, since he'd resolved to beat people at their own game and stop acting like he'd already lost. Mariah wondered if his shift to positive thinking meant he could tell her what was going on.

Kevin was adamant that he couldn't drag Mariah or anyone else into it. He explained that one of the reasons for his attitude adjustment had been his stress over worrying about other people. Mariah cautioned that the power of positive thinking didn't work, but Kevin quipped to tell it to their founding fathers, who had created a world they'd wanted to live in. He proclaimed that he had faith in himself and his cause, and he suggested that they celebrate the holiday at the carnival. Mariah admitted that he'd won her over with his relentless positivity, and they headed out.

At the carnival, Mariah explained to Kevin that the video could be a big break for Tessa. Mariah spotted Tessa and Ana and raced over to them, but when she returned to introduce them to Kevin, he was nowhere to be found. Mariah worriedly looked around and remarked that it wasn't like Kevin to just disappear. They suddenly heard Tessa's song over the loudspeaker and squealed in delight. Kevin reappeared and divulged that he'd paid the guy running the sound system to play it. Tessa was thrilled to meet him, and she thanked him with a hug.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci assured Kyle that he had nothing to be nervous about, since he'd already met Lola's mother. Kyle fretted that Celeste hadn't met the rest of his family yet, and he reminded Traci to keep up the cover story about him living there. Kyle wondered where Jack was, and the doorbell rang. Kyle muttered that things were getting off to a flying start, and Traci told him to relax because everything would be great. He greeted Celeste and accepted the holiday-themed appetizer she'd made, and Lola asked if she could talk to him for a moment, since he hadn't been answering his phone.

Kyle insisted on introducing Celeste to Traci first, and Celeste hugged Traci and gushed that she'd read all of Traci's books. Celeste inquired where Kyle's father was, and Kyle swore that Jack should be there any minute. Celeste admired the house and requested a tour, and Kyle rambled on about how he lived in the pool house, so he did laps before meeting his family for breakfast every morning. Kyle stressed that family was the most important thing, and Traci called it a gift to all live there together. Lola begged them to stop, since the jig was up.

Celeste revealed that she knew Kyle had been living with her daughter and that she'd suspected it since they'd started lying about it. Traci imagined that it was a relief to have the truth out, and she insisted that they were a loving family, although they sometimes had a funny way of showing it. Traci confessed that they rarely had breakfast together, and Lola said she'd never seen Kyle swim a lap in the pool. Celeste teased Kyle for being a bad liar, and he was glad to see everyone laughing at his expense. Kyle hoped the lie hadn't affected the way Celeste felt about him, and she assured him that it hadn't.

Kyle looked forward to moving back to the apartment, but Celeste firmly stated that her plans hadn't changed, and she considered it best for him to spend time with his family before he became a married man. She declared that it was settled, and he went to grab a round of drinks. Celeste asked if Traci was writing a new book, and Traci gave her an overview of the one she'd just finished. Jack arrived home, and Celeste recognized him and complimented his blue eyes. Jack hoped everyone had let Celeste know how happy and excited they were about Lola becoming part of the family, and Celeste called Kyle a chip off the old block. The doorbell rang, and Jack looked curious when Traci mentioned that she'd invited Cane to join them.

Celeste remarked that the house was like a castle, and Jack pointedly worked in a comment about Kyle living in the pool house. Lola groaned to make it stop, and Kyle told Jack that Celeste knew the truth. Jack proposed a toast, recognizing the importance of gatherings like that one as two families got to know each another, and he toasted to Celeste. Kyle added that he'd been nervous to meet her and still was, since he'd wanted to make a good impression on the most important person in Lola's life. Kyle continued that it meant Celeste was just as important to him, and he promised that he would love and treasure her daughter for the rest of his life.

Kyle recognized that he'd made some mistakes. However, he and Lola were together, and he couldn't be more grateful or humbled. He recalled that Lola had said fate would decide if they were meant to be together, and he owed fate big time, since it had made him the luckiest guy in the world. He toasted to fate. Privately, Lola praised him for winning over his future mother-in-law, and they kissed.

Later, Lola reported that her mom had gone to take another look at the gardens. Kyle couldn't believe that Celeste had gone along with the charade, but Lola understood that her mother had wanted time with her. Kyle suspected that part of it was about keeping them out of the same bedroom. Lola was sure that Celeste knew they were adults who did adult things, but Lola was her only daughter. Kyle countered that Lola was his only fiancée, and he missed her. Celeste returned and marveled that it had been a wonderful day from start to finish, and she proposed that they watch some fireworks on television. She plopped down on the couch and searched for the remote.

Kyle mentioned that there was a live fireworks show at the carnival, but Celeste complained that she was still feeling jetlagged. She proposed that she and Lola call it an early night, but Lola replied that she and Kyle had been talking about going to the carnival all week. Lola handed Celeste her keys and said they'd see one another at home, and a defeated Celeste headed out. Kyle was impressed, and Lola chalked it up to getting lucky that her mother had talked herself into a corner. Kyle thought they could make it to the fireworks if they left right away, but Lola amorously suggested that they make some of their own. They kissed.

Traci and Cane strolled through the carnival together. He thanked her for inviting him to the mansion, but he felt that Jack had been looking at him sideways. Traci insisted that it was her house as much as her brother's, and she'd been happy to have Cane there. Cane wondered if she'd thought about writing a sequel for Flynn and Velma, since they were good characters with chemistry. Cane envisioned the characters in a place like the carnival, and Traci daydreamed about Flynn being on the run and Velma saving him. In Traci's mind, Flynn and Velma kissed.

Cane said he kept looking around, expecting to see Flynn and Velma. Traci declared that she was off the clock, but he found the process of publishing her book fascinating. She anticipated that she would have to go back to New York soon to get everything in motion, and he mentioned that he'd been thinking about going to a seminar there. He invited her to go to a show or listen to some jazz if they were there at the same time, and she enthused that it sounded wonderful.

Phyllis entered Adam's penthouse, where caterers were setting up for the party. She called out for Adam, and she spotted an envelope with her name on it. She became incensed when she read a note from Adam, telling her he'd try to make it when he could.

Later, Phyllis began to panic when no one showed up. The doorbell finally rang, and she instructed the catering staff to look sharp. She opened the door to Michael and Lauren, and he asked if they were early. Lauren pointed out that they were actually late, and she guessed that people weren't there because Phyllis and Adam had teamed up against the world. Lauren told Phyllis not to shoot the messenger, since at least they were there.

Lauren stepped aside to get a drink, and Phyllis sarcastically thanked Michael for not inviting Kevin. She confronted Michael about knowing that Kevin had locked her up, but Michael cautioned that it wasn't the time or place. Lauren returned, and Michael covered by saying that Phyllis should pay a therapist to listen to her complain.

Phyllis seemed surprised when Jack showed up, and he peered inside the penthouse and asked if he'd arrived at a wake. She ordered him to leave if all he had was wisecracks, and he dryly suggested that she look up the meaning of a party, especially when she'd practically dared him to attend. He wondered where Adam was, and he stifled a laugh when he realized that Adam was a no-show at his own event.

Phyllis a left a voicemail for Summer, inviting her over for the party. She added that she'd gotten Summer's note; she understood, but she just wanted to talk. Meanwhile, Lauren told Jack that she'd sensed something odd going on between Phyllis and Michael when she'd walked in on them talking. Jack chalked up the strangeness to the party itself, and Phyllis overheard the end of the comment, grabbed his drink, and ordered him to leave.

Michael suggested that he and Lauren follow suit. Lauren swore that she didn't want to kick Phyllis while she was down, but she urged Phyllis to think about what it meant that no one had shown up. As the guests left, Phyllis proclaimed that there was more for her, and she grabbed an open bottle of Champagne and chugged from it. Fireworks began popping outside, and Phyllis sadly looked out the window alone.

Friday, July 5, 2019

At Newman Enterprises, Billy entered Victor's office and commented that it was almost hard to see Victoria under the mountain of files. She realized that she was supposed to meet him for his birthday dinner, and she apologized. He good-naturedly recognized that it was easy to lose track when running the world, and she admitted that she'd been caught up in a project. He looked over her shoulder at her computer screen and observed that what he saw looked like an empty lot.

Victoria proudly revealed that it was a building partially owned by Dark Horse, and she'd entered into an agreement with the flagship tenant who'd once occupied the space to make a change. Victoria continued that she'd also convinced the corporation that had a majority stake in the building to see the benefits of razing it, and Billy quipped that ruthless never looked so good. She apologized again for missing dinner, and she wondered how she could make it up to him. He had an idea -- if she was willing to take a break from wielding all the power.

At the carnival, Victoria teased Billy about his eyes bugging out in terror on the roller coaster, but he countered that she wouldn't know because she'd had her eyes closed. She wanted to go on other wild rides, and she begged him not to let her eat more cotton candy because her teeth hurt. He called it the best birthday ever, and she added that it was better than the arcade. He figured that she'd just needed to get out of the office and away from the real world, and he pledged to hit up every ride and play every game.

Victoria suspected that Billy was secretly glad they'd skipped dinner for junk food, and he said he had to keep up his energy to win her some prizes. She pointed out that she might be the one to win, and he told her to pick any game. She led him to the shooting range, and he flashed back to retrieving a pistol from the Abbott mansion.

Victoria boasted that she was far ahead on points, and she wondered what was going on with Billy, who was preoccupied with thoughts of his recent encounters with Adam. Billy picked up his toy rifle and began firing. Victoria crowed that she'd hit every target, and she suggested that they go again to try for the big prize. Billy remained silent for a moment before claiming that he'd eaten too much junk food. He opted to let her be the hero that night.

At home, Nick watched television as Summer arrived with takeout. He surmised that she was taking pity on a poor, unemployed guy, but she considered it a thank you for him letting her stay there. She thought he was handling things better than she would be if her brother had stolen her company and her ex had stepped in to run it, and she admonished Phyllis for the cold-blooded way she was treating Nick. Nick warned Summer not to get caught between them, but Summer didn't know how her mom slept at night. Nick commented that Phyllis had a gift for compartmentalizing, and Summer grumbled that Phyllis didn't care what people thought or who she hurt.

Summer contended that there were plenty of reasons for her to be fed up with Phyllis, and she could only be civil if she'd had too much to drink. Summer resolved to stick to club soda after the hangover she'd nursed that morning, and Nick wondered if it was why she was staying in. Summer assumed that he'd expected her to be with Theo, and she confided that Theo hadn't been able to get away from her fast enough when she'd gone into emotional overload. Summer had no idea, based on his vague text messages, what Theo was thinking.

Nick inquired whether Summer had actually talked to Theo, although he conceded that it sounded very old school. He reasoned that it was hard enough to figure out what people were thinking when they were in the same room, much less what they meant by a text message. Summer questioned whether he was thinking about anyone in particular, and he informed her that Chelsea was back and that seeing her again had been quite the experience. Nick shared that he hadn't known what to expect when Chelsea had wanted to spend time with him, and Summer asked what he wanted.

Summer asked what Nick's fortune cookie said, and Nick read that an old love would return to him. Summer wondered why Chelsea had left town, and Nick vaguely explained that Chelsea had gotten herself into trouble and had left to get a fresh start somewhere else. Nick mentioned that Chelsea had remarried, but it had felt good to talk to her to get closure, so he was happy she'd reached out. Summer murmured that she knew what it was like have someone she loved want to spend their life with someone else, and she toasted to the single life.

Summer scrolled through her social media feed and lamented that Theo was back in town and posting pictures of himself having a swell time. She didn't want him to think she was a clingy girl who couldn't let go of someone she'd never had, and Nick wondered if she planned to stare at the pictures or deal with it. Summer decided to take his advice and talk to Theo to show him the fun-loving person that any guy would be lucky to have.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon watched Tessa's video with Ana and Elena. Elena called it amazing, and Ana enthused that she'd loved seeing Elena's reaction. Devon conceded that it had a lot of energy and that some parts really popped, but other aspects could have used a lot more attention. He pointed out that the sound wasn't good, but Ana defended that she'd enhanced it in the studio. Devon asserted that a bad recording couldn't be fixed, and he wondered if she'd used proper equipment.

Ana explained that they'd wanted an authentic, live feel and not something overproduced. Devon imagined that they could have had a natural vibe without compromising the sound, but the background noise made it hard to hear the song. He scolded Ana for releasing the video while he'd been distracted, and she reasoned that she'd wanted to release it on a peak holiday weekend. Devon thought the move reinforced his belief that she wasn't ready to do things on her own.

At Society, Elena wished that Devon had given Ana more time to explain herself. He recognized that Ana was young and ambitious. However, she was also very green, and the industry was tough and unforgiving. He thought that there was a lot more Ana needed to learn before she could be successful on her own, and he blamed himself for throwing her into the deep end too early. Elena liked the way he saw what was possible, and Devon cooed that he could see her being in his life. He was grateful that she hadn't given up on him, and she replied that it hadn't been an option.

Theo interrupted and told Devon that he was looking forward to their meeting, and he assumed it was to discuss Tessa's new video and the Jabot tie-ins. Devon announced that he wanted to discuss something entirely different, and he introduced Theo to Elena. Devon explained that he'd heard of Theo in New York, and although they'd never worked together, he always kept tabs on talented people. Devon voiced surprise that Theo had gotten out of music to be an agent, and Theo said he'd decided to branch out when things had started changing with social media.

Theo hesitated to rob Devon of time with his date, but Elena found the topic very interesting. Devon invited Theo to join them, and Theo wondered what Devon thought of Tessa's video. Devon vaguely replied that it had captured something, and Theo admitted that he would have preferred to clean it up before throwing it online, citing the extra noise that muddled the sound. Devon groused about the product placement, but Theo insisted that it could work if done properly. Devon expressed interest in working with Theo directly, and they decided to talk later. Theo stepped away, and Elena gushed that she loved seeing Devon's passion for what he did.

Later, Elena hated that she had to work on the night Devon was leaving, but he promised that he'd be back in no time. They kissed goodbye, and she left. Ana approached and said she'd gotten Devon's message, and she hoped he'd let her explain why she'd launched the video. He indicated that it hadn't been the only thing that had affected his decision to hire someone over her. He insisted that he was doing it because she had a lot of potential, and he'd already made up his mind to broaden her knowledge and give her the tools she needed.

Devon swore that he wasn't disrespecting what Ana had already achieved, but he believed she could be a great producer with the right mentoring. Devon declared that he'd found the perfect person, and he pointed out Theo across the room. "You think someone who tweets all day is more capable than I am?" Ana spat.

Devon sat with Ana and Theo at a table. Devon noted that Theo had worked with the best of the best and was on the cutting edge of social media, and he thought Theo could create new synergies between LP's artists and influencers. Ana sourly recalled that Theo had left the industry for reasons unknown, and she called him a professional party boy who was trying to weasel his way in through the side door to get a sweet deal. She thought Theo could stand to learn a thing or two, and Theo acknowledged that the day he thought he knew everything was the day his career was over. Devon said he had a flight to catch, and he suggested that Theo and Ana get to know one another better. Ana glowered.

Theo recognized that Ana didn't like him very much, but she replied that she'd liked him just fine until a half-hour earlier. She complained that he wasn't even doing music anymore, yet Devon had practically made him her boss because her brother thought of her as a child. Theo sympathized that he'd been where she was, and Ana protested that she'd barely had a chance to show what she could do. Theo warned that if it wasn't him in the position, it would be someone else, and he wanted to be her biggest ally and help her succeed.

Theo encouraged Ana to embrace change and show Devon that she wasn't threatened, and Devon would eventually give her all the responsibility she wanted. Ana hated the idea of being tested, but she acknowledged that Theo was right, and resisting wouldn't get her where she wanted to be. She agreed to give it a try, and he toasted to the beginning of a beautiful working relationship. Summer stopped in her tracks when she spotted them together.

Chelsea and Calvin entered their hotel suite after she'd given him a tour of the town. She looked back fondly on the days she'd spent in her design studio, and she recalled that Connor had loved playing in Chancellor Park. Calvin thanked her for showing him around, since he'd seen a whole new side of her. He confessed that he'd made a stop without her before he'd joined her at the restaurant -- he'd gone to see Adam after all he'd heard and read about the man.

Chelsea suspected that Calvin had been testing her, but he insisted that he'd needed to have a one-on-one conversation with Adam because he'd been worried about her safety. She wished that Calvin hadn't gone behind her back, since she was capable of handling things herself. Calvin claimed that he'd wanted to judge for himself, and his impression was that Adam was a loving father who just wanted the years he'd lost with his son back. Chelsea swore that she'd made it clear to Adam that she had no interest in reconciling. Calvin was relieved to hear it, but he hadn't been able to help but feel for the guy. Calvin added that it had made him realize how much Adam and Connor were missing by being separated, and he believed that Connor should be with Adam.

Chelsea was appalled that Calvin would even think such a thing, and she refused to give Connor up. She pointed out that Calvin loved the boy as if Connor was his own, and they had a wonderful life together. She guessed that Adam had threatened Calvin, but Calvin claimed that he'd reached the decision on his own. Chelsea protested that it wasn't his to make, but Calvin countered that he was Connor's legal parent, and it was his job to act in the boy's best interests. Chelsea encouraged Calvin to take a step back and think it through. Calvin maintained that it had been clear that Adam wouldn't give up, and he didn't see why Adam should.

Calvin reasoned that he'd adopted Connor because a boy needed a father, but Connor's father was alive and wanted to be in his son's life. Chelsea insisted that Calvin was Connor's father, and it was a promise Calvin had made when he'd adopted her son. Chelsea admonished Calvin for even suggesting giving Connor up, but Calvin thought Connor would thank him someday. Chelsea argued that Connor was her child and that she'd been the constant in his life since the day he'd been born. Calvin didn't expect her to abandon Connor, but he felt that Adam should take custody to reconnect with his son.

Calvin figured that Chelsea could visit and video chat, but she questioned how he could think she'd agree to become only a token presence in her little boy's life. Calvin noted that her first biological child was being raised by his father, and a stunned Chelsea cried that it had been much different. Calvin pointed out that she'd given Johnny up because she'd known it had been what was best for him, and he contended that it was also what was best for Connor. Calvin anticipated that it would give them space to start their own family, since he'd always wanted a boy of his own.

Chelsea hissed that it was like Calvin didn't know her at all, but he expected that she'd see he was right once she'd calmed down and thought about it. He told her to get some rest, and things would look different in the morning. Chelsea barked that she'd honestly thought he cared about her son, or she never would have married him otherwise. Calvin insisted that he did care, and it was why he was willing to make the sacrifice. He walked out.

Adam returned to his penthouse and found Phyllis indulging in Champagne and a giant cake. He asked if she was pregaming, and she replied that she was post-gaming, since the party was over. He inquired whether anyone had shown up, and she swigged from her bottle of Champagne and figured that it would have been more festive if she hadn't invited people who she'd "pissed off." Phyllis proclaimed that it didn't matter, since they had a beautiful new hotel going up, and she was on top of the world -- even if she was there on her own. Adam pointed out that she wasn't entirely alone, and he toasted to the outcasts. He questioned who needed friends when they could have enemies, and he grabbed his own bottle of Champagne. They clinked their bottles together.

Adam considered Phyllis to be the only person he knew that understood what it was like to be in "Pariahville," since there was a reason why he was the only guest there. She defended that Lauren, Michael, and Jack had shown up, and Adam joked that it had been standing room only. Adam pointed out that not even Nick or Summer had attended, and Phyllis huffed that her daughter had been busy and that she wasn't Nick's favorite person those days. Adam dryly wondered why, and Phyllis complained that Nick had dumped all over her because he still blamed her for forcing Chelsea out of town.

Phyllis asserted that her focus was on running Dark Horse and making them very rich. Adam's phone pinged, and Phyllis showed herself out. Adam read a message from Kevin, who reported that he'd tailed Chelsea and an older guy all over town to the Athletic Club. Kevin later confirmed that the older guy was Chelsea's husband, and Adam instructed Kevin to keep his eyes and ears open. Adam left his penthouse and wandered through the carnival. Kevin sent another text message to inform Adam that EMTs had just been called to the club, but he wasn't sure why.

Nick was surprised when Chelsea called. A sobbing Chelsea thanked God that he'd picked up, and she cried that her husband was dead. Nick rushed over to Chelsea's hotel room, where the EMTs were loading Calvin's body onto a stretcher. Chelsea wailed that she hadn't known who else to call. Adam hovered in the doorway as Nick took Chelsea into his arms. Phyllis suddenly appeared next to Adam. "Oh, man. Tough break," Phyllis muttered. Nick glared at them.

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