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Nick learned that Adam had bailed Chance out. Adam tried to implicate Chelsea in Calvin's death. Tests proved that Calvin had died of a heart attack. The city agreed to settle Victor's lawsuit. Christine decided not to run for reelection. The side effects of Victor's treatment became more apparent.
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Christine made a major announcement, and questions surrounded the death of Chelsea's husband
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Paul questions Phyllis about her trip Paul questions Phyllis about her trip
Monday, July 8, 2019

In Chelsea's room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick rushed to comfort Chelsea after she panicked and called to tell him that her husband was dead. After Nick joined Chelsea, Paul arrived, and Nick said he hadn't been aware that Calvin's death was a police matter. Paul explained that a brief appearance after a sudden death at a hotel was standard operating procedure. Paul asked Chelsea if he could ask a few questions. Chelsea told Paul that she'd awakened in the middle of the night and realized that Calvin wasn't breathing. While Chelsea answered Paul's questions, Adam stood in the doorway and listened.

Chelsea, expressing disappointment that she'd failed to save Calvin, told Paul that she wished she'd opened her eyes sooner. After Paul asked Chelsea where she planned to stay. Chelsea said she'd be moving to another room. Nick offered to let Chelsea stay with him, so she wouldn't be alone. After Paul left, Nick collected Chelsea's bags. They encountered Adam in the hallway. Adam offered to let Chelsea stay at his penthouse. Chelsea cried, "I can't." Nick glared at Adam as he escorted Chelsea down the hallway.

Adam attempted to follow Nick and Chelsea. Phyllis, heading out to jog, walked up behind Adam. Phyllis said, "You take one more step, and you're making the biggest mistake of your lifetime." Adam said he was worried about Chelsea. Phyllis reminded Adam that Chelsea had pulled herself together enough to summon Nick. Phyllis told Adam that he could either follow Chelsea to Nick's or stay away and give Chelsea breathing room. Adam replied, "Have a good run, Phyllis."

As Phyllis jogged through the park, she called out to Paul. Phyllis asked Paul about the statute of limitations regarding assault. Phyllis added that Chelsea had been the person who'd knocked Sharon unconscious and left her lying on the floor at Crimson Lights before fleeing. Paul recalled that Sharon hadn't identified her attacker, nor had she or the police ever suspected that Chelsea might have been involved. Paul asked Phyllis why she'd brought the matter to his attention if she'd chosen not to speak up after the attack had taken place. Phyllis said she hadn't thought it had mattered after Chelsea had left town.

Paul turned the tables on Phyllis and began questioning her. Paul informed Phyllis that he hadn't closed the book on her recent disappearance. As Phyllis fiddled with her earbuds, which were connected to her phone, she casually claimed that she'd merely taken a vacation. Paul noted that many, including Summer, had expressed concern about Phyllis' sudden absence. Phyllis said that she'd sent a text message to Summer, explaining that she'd been away, relaxing in the lap of luxury. Phyllis added that Summer hadn't received the message.

Growing nervous and apprehensive, Phyllis told Paul she had another mile to run. Paul detained Phyllis. He asked her to tell him the truth about her vacation. Paul repeated Phyllis' claim that, during her vacation, she'd only reached out to Summer once and had failed to follow up, even though Summer hadn't replied. Phyllis continued fiddling with her earbuds and said she hadn't thought Summer would care because their relationship had been on shaky ground.

Paul quizzed Phyllis about her friendship with Adam. Phyllis explained that she and Adam merely shared common interests, so she was running his company because Adam needed her. Phyllis, claiming she wasn't trying to tell Paul how to do his job, grew increasingly annoyed and said, "I think you should focus your attention elsewhere." Paul laughed and noted that guilty parties always stated what Phyllis had said. Phyllis replied, "Chelsea has been in town just a couple of days, and all of a sudden, her husband drops dead, and all you're interested in is my vacation? Paul, you're slipping." Paul noted that there hadn't been any signs of foul play. Speaking rhetorically, Phyllis asked Paul when the lack of evidence had ever stopped him from solving a mystery.

At Nick's house, Chelsea sipped tea and told Nick that she was still in shock. Chelsea noted that she felt too wound up to sleep and didn't want to be alone. Chelsea said she couldn't understand how Calvin could be gone so suddenly. Nick told Chelsea that the same thing had happened to Neil. Chelsea looked shocked and replied, "Neil Winters?" Nick explained that Neil had gone to sleep and never awoken. Chelsea broke down in tears and cried, "It isn't fair."

Chelsea, expressing raw grief, told Nick that Calvin had made her feel like she was the luckiest girl in the world. Nick assured Chelsea that he'd support her and provide whatever she needed. The doorbell rang. When Nick opened the door, Adam walked in uninvited and headed toward the living room. Nick said, "Hey, she doesn't want to see you." Chelsea appeared in the hallway and told Nick it was okay. Nick went upstairs with Christian.

Adam asked Chelsea how she was. Chelsea cried that her life had been flipped upside down in a matter of minutes. Adam apologized for his harsh words and added that they could move forward because there were no longer any stumbling blocks. Chelsea told Adam that he was out of his mind, trying to rekindle their relationship hours after her husband had died. Adam reminded Chelsea that she hadn't loved Calvin, though he'd made her feel safe and secure.

Adam added that Chelsea's relationship with Calvin had never been a close comparison to the relationship they'd shared. Chelsea replied, "We can't just turn back time." Adam said they'd been given the gift of a second chance to make things right. Angered, Chelsea cried that Calvin's death wasn't a gift. Adam recalled happier days when he and Chelsea had been in paradise. Chelsea replied, "That was also years ago." Adam reminded Chelsea that they'd vowed to never stop fighting for each other and for their family.

Adam added that he was still the same man who wanted to fight for his family. Chelsea argued that Adam wasn't the same man. Chelsea noted that even though many had attempted to help Adam, all he'd done was put everyone through hell. Adam admitted he shouldn't have threatened to take Connor. Chelsea revealed that Calvin had told her everything Adam had said. Chelsea added that Adam hadn't hesitated to stab her in the back after claiming he loved her.

Adam admitted that Calvin had stopped by. Adam said that even Calvin had agreed that Connor belonged with his father. Chelsea explained that Calvin had loved Connor and would never have agreed to hand the boy off, especially to Adam. Chelsea said that from the second she'd turned down Adam's demand, he'd searched for a way to take Connor. Adam insisted that they belonged together. Chelsea replied, "If I wanted you in my life, Adam, you would be in it."

After Adam asked Chelsea what she wanted, she cried that she wanted to be free of him. Nick entered the room and said, "You heard her. She's done." Adam apologized for upsetting Chelsea and said they weren't done with each other.

After Adam left, Chelsea told Nick that during a conversation with Calvin, Adam had convinced him to give up Connor. Nick replied, "He knew him for like five minutes. That's insane." Chelsea agreed and insisted there was no way Calvin would have agreed to give up the boy he loved so much. Nick insisted they wouldn't let it happen. Chelsea cried that with Calvin gone, Adam would have a greater legal claim to Connor. Nick said they'd hire a lawyer to find a legal way to fight Adam.

Chelsea took a deep breath and said it would break Connor's heart to hear about Calvin. Chelsea said she'd travel to Connor's summer camp and talk to her son. Nick offered to accompany Chelsea. Chelsea said, "You would do that?" Nick replied, "I'd do anything for you." Chelsea thanked Nick and later fell asleep on his sofa.

Adam, brooding, rushed into the office at Dark Horse. Phyllis was sitting at her desk and said she could tell by Adam's face that he hadn't stopped by to hear the latest business report. Phyllis asked Adam if he'd confronted Chelsea. Adam nodded and claimed that he believed he'd almost gotten through to Chelsea until Nick had shown up. Adam said he'd at least expected privacy and common courtesy from Nick. Phyllis replied, "Because you've given him the same, right?" Adam accused Nick of using Calvin's death to get Chelsea back in his life.

Phyllis said she was the closest thing Adam had to a friend, so he should heed her advice. Phyllis explained that Adam still regarded Chelsea as a goddess, though she was far from the vision of perfection Adam had created in his mind. Adam defended Chelsea, but Phyllis insisted that Chelsea was a con woman who'd always put herself first. Phyllis added that Chelsea wasn't loyal, had defrauded Fenmore's, and had then run away because she couldn't admit to what she'd done.

Phyllis leaned in close to Adam and recalled that Chelsea had used Christian's paternity as a bargaining chip. Phyllis added that Chelsea had threatened to tell everyone that Nick wasn't Christian's biological father. Adam, admitting he wasn't perfect, insisted that being with Chelsea and Connor was all he needed. Phyllis told Adam he should prepare to be disappointed because he wouldn't be getting what he wanted in the end. Adam replied, "Connor, Chelsea, and I will be a family again, and I don't care who I have to destroy to make that happen."

At Devon's penthouse, Ana sent a message to Nate and asked him to stop by. Nate arrived and asked if Devon had suffered another panic attack. Ana replied, "No. Nothing like that. It's about my job." Ana told Nate that before Devon had left town, he'd hired a consultant to mentor her at LP. Nate assured Ana that she'd soon prove herself to Devon and rise to the top. Ana said she'd rather learn from Devon and not Theo.

Nate guessed that Ana wanted him to convince Devon to dump the mentor. Ana agreed and explained that Neil had put Nate on the board of Hamilton-Winters because he knew that Devon needed someone with a different perspective to balance him out. Nate advised Ana to give Theo a chance, make a solid effort to show good faith, and not allow her work to consume her. Nate urged Ana to make some friends and live it up because having fun was good for the soul. Nate added that Ana should keep believing in herself and in her brother.

At Crimson Lights, Summer pretended not to notice Theo, so he'd speak to her first. Theo approached and told Summer he'd been assigned as a consultant at LP and would be working with Ana. Summer asked about Theo's position at Jabot Collective. Theo replied, "Are you asking about my workload or asking about us?" Summer explained that after the way she'd acted, she understood why Theo had been hesitant to reach out. Summer promised Theo that she was over discussing Kyle, her divorce, and related topics.

Theo announced that he'd be spending most of his time in Genoa City and looked forward to being with Summer, whom he proclaimed to be one of a kind. Ana walked in, and Theo invited her to join him and Summer. After Theo mentioned that he had some ideas to share, Summer stepped away. Theo told Ana that he'd like to introduce Jett Slade to a younger audience by having him record a crossover hit with a hip-hop act. Ana became somewhat defensive and insisted she had a good handle on what would benefit her father's career.

Ana suggested that Theo shift his energy in another direction. Theo reminded Ana that she'd been ready to work with him before abruptly changing her attitude. Ana said she hoped they could engage in discussions whenever they disagreed in order to move LP forward. Theo agreed with Ana and apologized for having acted like a know-it-all. Summer rejoined Ana and Theo and quipped that Ana might soon learn that Theo really was a know-it-all. Theo praised Ana for having good instincts. Summer told Ana that Theo was a great multitasker, partied hard, and worked even harder. Summer noted that Theo had great taste, too.

After Ana left, Theo told Summer that they should have an important discussion. Theo told Summer that he'd missed her during his trips and added that he'd never met anyone who was as brilliant, beautiful, and as sexy as she was. Theo suggested that Summer become an influencer because she had her finger on the pulse of fashion and beauty. Theo elaborated and said Summer could stick with Jabot and become an influencer for JCV. Summer said she'd have to talk to Jack first. Theo offered to help Summer build her brand. After Theo heaped praise on Summer, the couple went to her room, undressed, and made love.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Elena sat alone at a table, looking forlorn. Nate approached. Nate said he'd thought Elena might drive straight home after leaving the hospital. Nate said he was aware that she and her fellow EMTs had brought in a patient that had died. Elena said she wished she'd had a chance to save the patient. Nate advised Elena to focus on doing what she could to help those she could save.

Nate asked Elena if the experience had triggered memories of her mother. Elena said it had. Nate suggested Elena consider doing something different with her life. Nate admitted that no matter how many times he'd lost a patient, it never got easier. Nate reminded Elena she was in a position to give patients hope, even on their worst days. Elena wasn't receptive to Nate's suggestion about completing her residency. Elena said she couldn't take care of others until she could take care of herself.

Christine decides not to run for reelection Christine decides not to run for reelection
Tuesday, July 9, 2019

At Society, Nikki remarked that she couldn't remember the last time she'd had a long lunch with Victor. He considered spending time with her to be a perk of stepping back from his job, but she doubted he could deny that he missed ruling the world. Victor suggested that they go for a walk or a ride, and Nikki had no preference as long as they were together. Jack hovered nearby as Victor searched for the waiter to request the check. Victor grumbled that he needed to talk to Abby about the service, but Nikki pointed to the check on the table and reminded Victor that he'd already paid it.

Nikki understood if Victor wanted to go home and rest, but he refused to cut the day short. He assured her that he'd only forgotten one little thing, so there was no need to worry. He answered a call and was extremely pleased to hear some news.

At the bar, Billy called Victoria and inquired about her cotton candy hangover. She replied that sugar wasn't her friend, but she thought the carnival had been a needed break. She noted that he had seemed restless the night before, and he hoped he hadn't woken her up. Billy reported that her dad was at Society with her mom, and Victoria asked how Victor looked. Billy replied that her father seemed typical, like he could go a few rounds. After Billy hung up, Jack sat down and expressed disbelief at what he'd just witnessed, since Victor might be losing it a little -- or a lot.

Jack revealed that Victor had completely forgotten that he'd already paid the bill, but Billy figured that they'd all done that. Jack argued that they might have forgotten after a night of drinking, but it was the middle of the day. Billy chided Jack for making a big deal out of nothing, but Jack referred to how strange it had been that Victor had suddenly put Victoria in charge at Newman. Billy turned the topic to the Jabot business they were there to discuss, and Jack suspected that Billy knew something. Billy ordered him to drop it, and Jack relented.

In Chancellor Park, Christine anxiously checked her phone as Paul approached, carrying a single red rose. He presented her with "a beauty for a beauty," and she smiled and thanked him. He mentioned that he'd thought of her when he'd seen it, but the flower paled in comparison after seeing her with it. He inquired whether she was waiting for a verdict, but she said no. Paul wondered why her phone seemed to be more interesting than her charming, thoughtful husband. Christine expected it to ring any minute with bad news.

Later, over the phone, Christine told the mayor that she really thought he was making a mistake, but she understood a decision had been made. She balked at doing something he wanted her to do, but she agreed to be somewhere. After she hung up, she told Paul that Victor's lawsuit had been deemed untenable, so the mayor had pushed to pay Victor to cover up all aspects of the suit, and Christine had to go on live television to announce the agreement. Paul was appalled that it would look like she'd been the one to cave.

Paul recognized that it was personal for Christine, and she conceded that maybe it was too personal, given her history with Victor. She expected people to think that she hadn't gone after the Newmans to avoid them getting the better of her again. Paul argued that she had more integrity than Victor had ever had, and the voters had sided with him. Christine gazed at the rose and thought she'd needed the reminder that there was more to life than work, and Paul wished he'd given her a dozen. She replied that she didn't need more flowers, but it was time to do what they'd talked about.

Paul urged Christine not to let the settlement get to her and to take time to let things settle, since it was a huge decision. She reflected back on all the nights they'd stayed up to talk about it, but she anticipated people would be blindsided. Paul thought the mayor would be especially surprised, and Christine muttered that she'd had the mayor's back enough times, so he should have had hers. Paul said he loved her, and she explained that having him in her corner was another reason she was okay with it. Paul prepared to take on the haters, but he warned that she was the one taking the risk. Victor and Nikki approached, and he haughtily referred to the announcement Christine would be making that day.

Christine confirmed that she would be making a public statement, and she surmised that Victor had heard that the lawsuit had been settled. He proclaimed that he wouldn't miss the announcement for anything, since she deserved more than public humiliation. Paul barked that Victor had gotten his victory, and he implored Victor to let that be the end of it. Victor huffed that Christine deserved to be in a jail cell for an egregious miscarriage of justice. Christine retorted that Victor was acting like he'd beaten her, but she'd be the real winner by the end of the day.

Later, Christine opted to attend the press conference alone, and she assured Paul that she would be fine. He replied that he knew she would be, and they kissed. He said he'd be watching.

At Nick's house, Nick stared at Chelsea, who was asleep on the couch. Summer entered as he covered Chelsea with a blanket, and Summer demanded to know what was going on. Nick ordered Summer to keep her voice down, and she protested when he led her out to the hall to talk. Nick informed her that Chelsea's husband had died the night before with no warning, but they wouldn't have more details until the autopsy had been completed. Summer recognized that it was awful, but it was also weird to see Nick with Chelsea again.

Nick refused to let his breakup with Chelsea stop him from comforting her, but Summer lectured that there was a difference between comforting and longing for the past. Nick swore that he wasn't doing the latter, and he requested that Summer stay with Chelsea while he went to ask Victoria to borrow the Newman jet. He explained that he wanted to take Chelsea to Connor's camp so she could tell the boy about his stepdad. Summer protested that it was Adam's job as Connor's father, but Nick objected to Adam being the messenger in that situation. Summer griped that Chelsea had roped Nick in, but he instructed her to stay there. Summer glared at a sleeping Chelsea.

Chelsea stirred to the sound of dishes rattling and someone chewing loudly. Chelsea sat up and saw Summer munching cereal, and she asked where Nick was. Summer mentioned that he'd stepped out to make arrangements to take Chelsea to see Connor. Summer coolly added that she was sorry about Chelsea's husband, and she asked if there was anything she could do. Chelsea said no, and she marveled that Nick had really gone above and beyond. Summer flatly stated that she couldn't help but forget the last time Nick had gotten involved with Chelsea.

Chelsea swore that she'd never meant to hurt Nick. "Or Christian," Summer huffed, and she called Chelsea a human wrecking ball. Chelsea admitted that she deserved that, but she and Nick had discussed their past. Summer wondered what was next, and Chelsea contended that her husband had just died, so she was taking things one step at a time. Summer worried that her dad always got sucked in while helping people, and she warned Chelsea not to take advantage of him. Chelsea promised that she just wanted things to go back to normal, and Summer hoped it didn't happen at Nick's expense.

At Jabot, Jack crowed that hiring two chemists had been a big risk that was going to pay off, since Jabot's new line would be ready by the first of the year. Billy tabled the discussion to tend to a personal matter, but he swore that everything was fine. Summer burst in and pitched the idea of her becoming an influencer by going to various events while wearing and promoting Jabot products. Jack voiced concern about her other responsibilities, but she considered it a side gig that would create more sales. Jack pointed out that most influencers promoted lots of brands, and Summer figured that she could choose items to complement Jabot's products rather than compete with them.

Billy thought the idea had potential, but Jack preferred to use established influencers. Summer argued that Jabot would have full control in her case, and an expert in the field thought she could do a better job than anyone else out there. Jack guessed that the expert was Theo, and Summer asserted that Theo had lots of experience with influencers. Jack hesitated to see her get in over her head, but she thought it felt like a natural fit. Billy approved of the idea, and Jack figured that he'd be an idiot to say no, given Summer's instincts.

Summer hugged Jack and chirped that it would be great, and she flitted out. Billy wondered what Jack wasn't saying about Theo. Jack shared that Theo had a stellar résumé but that he'd gotten into a lot of trouble with Kyle in New York. Jack was sure that Kyle was out of that phase; however, the jury was out on Theo, and he didn't want to see Summer get caught up in it. Billy pointed out that Summer was an adult and that Jack wasn't her father.

At Newman, Victoria balked at lending Nick the company jet because she had a problem with him helping Chelsea. Nick pleaded that Chelsea needed to tell her son the terrible news about her husband, but Victoria objected to Nick's involvement. Nick reminded Victoria that she wouldn't have Johnny if it hadn't been for Chelsea. Victoria argued that Connor was Adam's son, and she considered it to be an explosive situation that Chelsea was drawing Nick into. Victoria understood that it was in his nature to try to rescue people, and he dryly asked if she'd been comparing notes with Summer.

Nick maintained that he was trying to help a friend, and he insisted that Chelsea hated what Adam was trying to do to him. Nick added that Adam had been making demands about Connor and pressuring Chelsea to get back together when Calvin's body wasn't even cold, so she wanted nothing to do with Adam. Victoria lectured that it was a love-hate relationship, and she expected the pendulum to eventually swing back the other way. She questioned where that would leave Nick.

Victoria warned that Adam had a way of sucking Chelsea back in, but Nick was confident that there was too much at stake that time. Victoria demanded the truth about what was going on, but Nick maintained that a friend's world had blown up and that there was a little boy who needed love and support. Nick encouraged Victoria to do it for Connor if she wouldn't do it for Nick and Chelsea. Victoria made a call and instructed someone to prepare the jet for a trip.

Victoria asked Nick to pass along her condolences to Chelsea, and he offered to repay Victoria with a way to one-up Adam. He divulged that the last deal he'd closed with Dark Horse had been with a big-time player in the real estate industry, and it had been a tough negotiation with a lot of mistrust, but they'd agreed to build a pricey high rise for Dark Horse. Nick added that if the project were to hit a snag like a time delay or permit issues, it would be a very big problem for his former company. Victoria sarcastically clucked that it would be a shame, and she anticipated needing someone to run Dark Horse if she was able to get it away from Adam. Nick wished her luck, and he passed by Billy on his way out.

Billy relayed Jack's suspicions about Victor to Victoria. Victoria recounted the possible side effects of her father's treatment, including confusion, but she hadn't expected it to happen that fast or over something so simple. Billy assured her that Jack didn't know about Victor's condition and that even if Jack did, he wouldn't use it against her dad because he knew how devastating memory loss could be. Billy anticipated that Victor would go back to being himself once the treatment was over, but Victoria continued to worry. Victor and Nikki walked in, and he asked who Victoria was worried about.

Billy claimed that Johnny had been having a hard time with some kid stuff but that the boy would be fine. Victoria inquired about how Victor was feeling, and Victor asked what it looked like. Victoria observed that he was in high spirits, and he declared that he had just been awarded a settlement from the city. Victor requested that Victoria turn on Christine's announcement.

At a press conference, Christine stepped to the podium to make a statement about the lawsuit pending against her office and the police department. She revealed that the city attorney had determined that it wouldn't be prudent to spend tax dollars on a lawsuit that they might not win, so they'd decided not to contest Victor's claim, and a financial settlement had been reached. Christine added that she'd also made a personal decision to finish out her term as D.A. but not to seek reelection. She thanked the people of Genoa City for the amazing opportunity, and she hoped her successor followed in her footsteps by fighting for what was just and fair.

At Crimson Lights, Mallory was happy that Jack had been able to make it, and he figured that he could play hooky if his little brother could. She bemoaned that she'd had to get out of the memory care facility, since she tried to spend as much time as she could with her dad, but he didn't know who she was most of the time. She shared that her kids kept asking why she kept going back, and she would respond that her father didn't know her, but she knew him. Mallory recalled fond memories of her father, and Jack thought her dad sounded a lot like John.

Mallory remembered her father as being strong and independent, and she believed it was her turn to be there for him. Jack applauded her for doing an amazing job, but Mallory wondered if it was awful that she wished to have a little bit of her life back. Jack explained how various members of his family took turns visiting Dina, and Mallory marveled that it allowed them time for other things. Jack mentioned that Traci had just finished a book, and Mallory couldn't imagine typing up a whole novel.

Jack referred to some extra inspiration that Traci had found for her latest novel, since he suspected that she had a new man in her life. Mallory imagined that Jack was happy for Traci, but Jack confided that the guy had a lot of baggage. Mallory assumed that Jack thought the guy wasn't good enough for his little sister. Jack realized that Traci was happier than he'd seen her in a long time, and he thought he had no right to deprive her of that.

Across the coffeehouse, Paul answered a call and asked what Calvin Boudreau's autopsy had shown.

Meanwhile, Chelsea stared at her suitcase and contemplated making a call. She paced around the house and looked at a photo of Nick and Summer before setting her phone down. Later, Nick returned home and was irritated to discover that Summer had left. Chelsea insisted that she was fine, and she mentioned that she'd been looking into flights to go see Connor alone. Nick announced that he'd arranged for the Newman jet to take them. Nick understood Chelsea's impulse to handle things on her own, but he was willing to go with her -- if it was what she wanted.

Chelsea worried about how it would look if Adam found out, but Nick didn't care what Adam or anyone else thought because it was their business. Chelsea confirmed that she wanted Nick to go with her, and he made a call to the pilot to make sure everything was ready to go. Nick told Chelsea that they would be there before she knew it, and their hands accidentally touched when they both reached for her suitcase at the same time. He gently urged her to focus on Connor while he took care of everything else. Nick grabbed the suitcase, and they headed out.

Victor and Jack have an unusual chat at Society Victor and Jack have an unusual chat at Society
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Nick told Chelsea that he was glad that she had been able to get some sleep on the plane flight back to Genoa City. Chelsea stated that she could not thank Victoria enough for allowing them to use the Newman jet to visit Connor. Chelsea had not been sure how Connor would process the news of Calvin's death, but she was relieved by how it had gone. "He was in shock, of course, but I realized that he is going to be okay," Chelsea told Nick.

Chelsea worried that Connor had already experienced so much loss and upheaval in his life. Nick assured Chelsea that she'd done the right thing by telling Connor of Calvin's death. Chelsea grappled with whether or not she should leave her son at camp or bring him back to Genoa City. Nick understood the dilemma, since bringing Connor to Genoa City would put him in close proximity to Adam. As Chelsea referred to Connor as "my son," Adam appeared and corrected her. "You mean our son," he snarled.

Adam was furious that Chelsea had told Connor about Calvin's death. In doing so, he made specific mention that Calvin had been Connor's "stepdad." Adam said that he hoped Chelsea had made sure to tell Connor that he was loved and would always be taken care of.

Later, back at Nick's place, Chelsea admitted that Calvin's death would make it a lot harder to keep Connor and Adam apart. A short time later, Paul popped into the room, explaining that Christian's nanny had let him in. Paul stated that he wanted to discuss the results of Calvin's autopsy with Chelsea. Paul said the initial tox screens were inconclusive, and a more comprehensive set of tests would be needed. Since Chelsea was the last person to have seen Calvin alive, Paul said that he would need to have a more thorough conversation with her. Nick asked that Paul give Chelsea some time to process the news of Calvin's death. Paul agreed to wait until the next day to have the discussion.

After Paul left, Chelsea questioned how Calvin's death could be from anything other than natural causes. Nick briefly diverted his attention to a text message from Michael that stated the lawyer wanted to talk to Nick about his upcoming custody hearing. Nick looked up from his phone and suggested that Adam would be the only person to have reason for wanting Calvin out of the picture. Chelsea became agitated and asked that Nick stop. Chelsea stated that she did not want to believe that Adam could be capable of harming -- let along killing -- Calvin.

A dejected Jack walked out of Dina's room after visiting her at the care facility. As he did, he ran into Mallory, who had been there to see her dad. Jack told Mallory that Dina hadn't been having a good day. He was devastated to learn that Mallory's father had just passed away. Jack embraced the woman and escorted her to Crimson Lights. Jack told Mallory that he wanted to help her in any way that he could. Mallory explained that he had already helped her in more ways than he knew.

Mallory stated that she was relieved that her father was no longer suffering. She said that while her father had been alive, her entire life had been in "stasis." As a result of his death, she could get back to living her own life -- and that meant that she would be leaving Genoa City to move to Seattle, where she'd be closer to her children. Mallory said she was no longer in stasis and wanted to live her own life. Mallory called Jack a "godsend," and told him that she would miss him.

Mariah told Lola that she wanted to make how-to videos of Lola cooking and post them online. Those videos, she said, could turn into cookbooks, branded meals, cruises, and even a television show. Lola chuckled and called Mariah "super loca" because those were all things that Lola did not want to do. Tessa quickly chimed in that Lola needed to trust Mariah's instincts. Lola explained that she was a private person and didn't want a public persona.

Mariah reminded Lola that Lola had been against appearing on GC Buzz, but the appearance on the TV show had been a huge success. Lola again tried to get out of the project by saying that she could not commit so much time to anything else. Mariah quickly countered by saying that she'd already spoken to Abby and that Abby was already on board with the project. Mariah then noted that the only person limiting how high Lola could go was Lola herself.

Lola, Mariah, and Tessa went to Lola and Kyle's apartment. When they entered, they found Celeste tidying up the place. Lola immediately started undoing the changes that her mother had made. When she learned about the videos, Celeste worried that making videos would compromise Lola's safety -- and in another breath said she thought that Lola's outfit was too drab and that Lola wasn't wearing enough makeup. Mariah quickly stepped in to state that she was the director and would handle things.

Mariah took out a cell phone and started looking for a proper angle to shoot the first video. When the camera started rolling, Lola was uneasy and unable to get through the first few minutes of the video. Mariah came up with an idea to put Lola at ease. She summoned Kyle to the apartment, and Kyle's presence immediately made a difference. Lola was much more relaxed in the next take -- and Kyle even went as far as to cutely interject comments from off-camera. Lola came alive and even came up with a catchphrase, saying, "Every dish you make is a star if it comes from the heart."

After the first how-to video was shot, everyone looked over the footage and cheered its success -- everyone but Celeste. She again expressed her concern about Lola's lack of makeup and drab outfit. Lola lashed out at her mother for trying to make her feel bad. "I am a grown woman, and I wish you treated me that way," Lola snapped. Celeste replied that she "didn't realize how much [she] had been intruding into" Lola's life. Celeste said that she felt it best that she move back into the hotel.

At Society, Victoria told Billy that she had good news about the "Baxley deal" at Dark Horse that could be exploited. Billy smiled and commented that he'd never seen Victoria so electrified as she'd been since taking over as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Billy looked up and was surprised to see Jill standing tableside. He said that he'd had no idea that his mother was back in town. "Just like I didn't know that you two had a lovely recommitment ceremony that you didn't bother to invite me to," Jill growled.

Victoria said that it was good to see Jill, but she excused herself so that Jill and Billy could have some time alone to talk. Jill was upset that she'd found out about Billy and Victoria's event through social media posts. Billy explained that since Jill had been in China, he hadn't wanted to disrupt her travels. "I have been your biggest cheerleader," Jill replied, insisting, "I would have dropped anything and raced back here." Billy apologized and said that he would make sure that they celebrated, since Jill was back in town.

Jill then moved on to something else that bothered her. She said that she had dropped her luggage off at the house and found it littered with trash and takeout containers. Billy surmised that it might be because Kevin was living at the mansion. That didn't make sense to Jill, and she vowed to figure out what "business" Kevin had in Genoa City.

Across the restaurant, Victoria bumped into her father and proudly told him about how she was going to stick it to Adam. Victor appeared proud but warned his daughter that if she were going to try to take down Adam, she needed to do it with "all guns blazing."

Victoria returned to the table just as Jill was leaving. She told Billy that she'd just gotten off the phone and learned some even more damning news about Dark Horse. A hotel complex project had hit some sort of snag, and it was being handled by a new company -- Summertime Development. Billy realized that the new company was tied to Phyllis. The two together surmised that Phyllis had peeled off the hotel deal from Dark Horse and siphoned it to her company. Victoria believed that she could use the new information to create even more chaos for Adam.

As she mentioned his name, Adam appeared at the bar. Victoria walked over to talk to him -- and appeared ready to tell him about Phyllis' shady business dealings -- but Adam cut her off. He said that he didn't trust her or anyone named Newman. He plunked down some cash to cover his barely enjoyed drink and stormed out.

Jack walked in just as Adam was leaving and shook his head slightly. He spotted Victor sitting alone on a sofa near the street-side portion of the restaurant and immediately headed in that direction. "Well, how 'bout this -- two captains of industry in a bar while the sun is still shining," Jack said as he approached. Victor looked up and chuckled slightly upon seeing Jack. Victor asked Jack to join him.

Jack said that he was surprised to see Victor hanging out in a bar, and he couldn't imagine that Victor had truly decided to walk away from Newman. Victor noted that he'd seen reports that Jabot was in turmoil. Jack argued that Jabot was running like "a well-oiled machine" since his return as CEO. "A well-oiled machine with no products to sell," Victor retorted. Jack offered to buy Victor a drink, but Victor noted that it was too early in the day for alcohol. Victor asked Jack if he, too, was taking the whole day off.

Jack explained that he'd just returned from visiting Dina and that Dina hadn't recognized him and had barely known he was in the room with her. Victor offered his sympathy to Jack. "You know, when it comes right down to it, your family and the people you love are a lot more important than any business triumphs," Jack said as he sighed. Victor noted that everything he'd ever done had been for his family. Jack remarked that Victor's actions didn't always match up with his words.

Adam returned to his condo and summoned Kevin to help him out with some things. Kevin was annoyed that he'd been roused at the crack of dawn. Adam told Kevin that it was after 10 a.m. -- hardly the crack of dawn. Adam snarled about Chelsea's trip to see Connor and how she'd taken Nick, her "faithful golden retriever." Adam told Kevin that he wanted to know everything about Calvin's death. Kevin stated that when he'd rewritten the Genoa City Police Department's database system, he'd left a backdoor entry into the system in case he ever needed it. With a few keystrokes, he gained access and found the results of Calvin's autopsy.

Adam didn't understand how an autopsy could be inconclusive. Kevin wryly replied that it could be the result of a mistake... because anyone was capable of making a mistake. Adam inferred that Kevin was referring to him. Kevin confirmed Adam's suspicion but said that he wasn't hoping that Adam would trip up -- he was expecting it. "You think you will eventually turn the tables on me?" Adam snapped. Kevin said nothing as he gathered his things and silently left Adam's home.

Later, alone in his condo, Adam stared at an online report about Calvin's death.

Nick learns Adam bailed Chance out of jail Nick learns Adam bailed Chance out of jail
Thursday, July 11, 2019

At the Athletic Club, Celeste was thrilled when Rey stopped by her hotel suite. He apologized for not being there when she'd arrived in town, and she recognized that her children had priorities and lives of their own. He insisted that she was always his priority, and she clarified that she hadn't been referring to him. She griped that she had been staying at Lola's apartment but was back at an overpriced hotel -- and not by choice. Rey asked what Celeste had done to get kicked out, and Celeste was offended by his assumption that it had been her fault.

Celeste recounted that Lola had been making a cooking video, and she'd offered a couple of tips to make it better. Rey acknowledged that he sometimes forgot Lola wasn't a teenager anymore but was an adult capable of running her own restaurant. Rey praised his mother for giving her kids the tools to fix their mistakes on their own, and she warned him not to handle her. He encouraged her to reach out to Lola, but Celeste opted to give Lola the time and space she wanted. Celeste remarked that some people needed extra time to realize when they were wrong, and Lola was stubborn as a bull. "She's stubborn?" Rey asked.

Celeste wondered when she'd get to meet Rey's girlfriend, and she imagined that the woman was special if he'd been willing to lose his job over her. Rey stressed that he'd lost it because he'd needed to fix a mistake he'd made, and Celeste feigned shock that he'd made a mistake. Rey maintained that Sharon hadn't cost him anything, and he mentioned that she'd quit her job in solidarity. Celeste disapprovingly noted that Sharon had quit her job for a man, and Rey suggested that they talk about something else. Celeste asked why he hadn't called his brother to see how Arturo, Mia, and the baby were doing, and Rey flatly replied that he knew all he needed to know.

Celeste lectured that no matter what had happened, they had to pull together as a family for the baby. Rey told her that she was asking for too much, and the best he could do was hope that Arturo and Mia found what they were looking for. Celeste reported that Arturo had made great strides since he'd been home, and his priority was being a great father. Rey wished his brother the best of luck, citing that they'd had a "hell of a role model." Celeste chided Rey for speaking ill of his father, but she was glad he'd mentioned the topic. She announced that his father wanted to go to the wedding and walk Lola down the aisle. "Hell, no!" Rey growled.

Celeste argued that it was a custom, but Rey snarled that his dad couldn't walk out of their lives then expect to walk back in and pretend that nothing had happened. Celeste shared that she'd been in touch with his father, who had driven her to the airport. Rey testily wondered what his father could have possibly had to say after all those years, and Celeste revealed that they'd talked about the kids and that his father had asked her for money. An appalled Rey hoped she hadn't given it to his dad, but Celeste admitted that it had felt good to know that her ex had needed something from her after she'd booted him out years earlier.

Rey countered that his father had walked out on them, but Celeste recalled that she'd helped her then-husband to the door after he'd cheated. Rey believed that no one understood the destruction of cheating more than he did, and he couldn't understand why she'd let his father back into her life. She preferred to drop it, and he was adamant that she not tell Lola about her communication with their father.

At Society, Kyle asked Lola if there had been any fallout since her mom had moved back to the Athletic Club. Lola reported that Celeste had sent her one passive-aggressive email. She added that she loved her mother, but living in the same apartment had been too much. Kyle wondered if it was okay for him to move back in, and Theo overheard and inquired whether there was trouble in paradise. Lola stepped away to get back to work, and Kyle explained that he'd temporarily moved out while Lola's mom had been staying at their apartment. Theo teased that Kyle's mother-in-law was calling the shots even before the wedding.

Kyle insisted that he could handle Celeste and that Lola was worth the trouble. Theo referred to the mutual trouble they'd had with past girlfriends, and Kyle figured that it had served them right for holing up in a party house with girls they'd barely known. Theo crowed that it had been worth it, and Kyle agreed that it had been at the time, but it had been years earlier. Theo told Kyle to speak for himself, and he contended that getting married didn't mean Kyle had to become an old man.

Kyle countered that he wasn't old or married yet, and Theo urged him to make the most of the time he had left. Kyle refused to let Theo bait him into any crazy shenanigans, but Theo pushed to have some good, clean fun for old times' sake. The men clammed up when Lola returned, and she informed Kyle that she could get out in a few hours. Kyle revealed that they had the Abbott mansion to themselves that night, and she cooed that jacuzzi time sounded nice. Kyle and Lola kissed, and she stepped away. Theo mocked her words, and Kyle said not to write him off just yet.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle lit candles and sent a text message to Lola to confirm that they'd have the place to themselves. Lola replied that she was on her way. He answered a call, and Theo declared that there was a new plan for the night. Kyle said he was in for the evening, but Theo reported that an old friend, Don-Don, was in town and wanted to see Kyle. Kyle pointed out that they weren't the kind of friends who missed one another, and Don-Don was the kind of guy who always broke something at a party.

Theo pressed Kyle to grab Lola and return to Society, but Kyle opted to catch up with his friends the next day. Theo taunted Kyle for being worried that his mother-in-law would find out, but Kyle hung up when the doorbell rang. Kyle was glad to see Lola, who asked who had been on the phone. Kyle replied that it didn't matter, since all that mattered was her, him, the big house, and making up for lost time. They kissed.

Kyle marveled at the sound of hearing nobody else as he and Lola cuddled on the couch. He inquired whether Celeste was really doing okay at the hotel, and Lola was sure her mom was complaining to anyone who would listen. Lola recognized that her mom didn't want her baby girl to grow up, but it had already happened, and Celeste had to accept it. Lola promised that she'd call her mom the next day to smooth things over, but she wanted to take advantage of having the place to themselves that night.

Kyle and Lola kissed, but there was pounding at the front door. They tried to ignore it, but the noise continued. Kyle answered it. Theo bear-hugged him and invited a crowd of people in, and he dramatically introduced Don-Don. Kyle grumbled that the next night would have been better, but Theo reasoned that Kyle and Lola had bailed on the party, so he'd taken it to them. Theo swore that they wouldn't stay long, and Summer sauntered in and proclaimed that they couldn't start the party without her.

Kyle told Lola that a pop-up party hadn't been on the agenda, and he offered to kick everyone out. Lola insisted that she was fine with hanging out with his friends, and Theo pointed out that Kyle's old buddy was only in town for one night. Theo remarked that Don-Don was dying to meet the woman who'd bagged Kyle, and Kyle introduced Lola as his fiancée. Kyle mentioned that Lola was the chef at the hottest spot in the city, and Don-Don bragged that he owned a restaurant in Brooklyn. Summer interrupted and suggested that they go skinny-dipping. The partygoers enthusiastically began whipping off their clothes.

Later, as the group toweled off, Lola pulled Kyle aside and told him she was going to head home because she was tired. He prepared to clear everyone out so he could go with her, but she implored him to stay with his friends. She figured that she'd get to see him every night, and that night was a one-time thing. Lola departed, and Theo asked where she'd gone. Kyle said it wasn't her scene, but Theo recalled that it had been Kyle's, and he suggested that they crank it up a notch. Theo turned up the music, and Kyle heard a crash. Kyle declared that the party was over.

Theo apologized for causing problems with Lola, and Summer guessed that Lola had left because of her. Summer scoffed at the idea that Kyle was ending the party because something had been broken, but Kyle insisted on calling it a night. Summer ridiculed Kyle for losing all capacity to have fun, and she remarked that he was turning into his grandfather, who had only cared about business and making his wife happy -- to no avail. Kyle ordered them to take the party someplace else. Summer kissed Theo and told him to get her out of there, since it felt like a stuffy library, and Kyle had some reading to do. Kyle threw them out.

Later, Kyle sent a text message to Lola to ask if he could make it up to her by picking up where they'd left off. Lola replied that she liked the thought, but she was about to go to sleep. There was a knock at her apartment door, and she found Kyle there. "Get in here," she happily ordered, and she pulled him into a kiss.

Kyle groaned that the longer he'd been around everyone, the more he'd felt like an alien on another planet. "A planet of pretentiousness," Lola commented, and he asked if he was turning into his grandfather. Lola pointed out that she'd never met John, but all she saw was her devastatingly hot fiancé. He pulled off his shirt, and they kissed passionately. There was a knock at the door, and Kyle threatened to kick Theo's "drunk ass" to the curb if it was him. Celeste called out to ask if she and Lola could talk.

The knocking continued, and Kyle suggested that Lola talk to her mother. Celeste hoped that Lola wasn't so upset that she wasn't speaking to her mom, and Lola replied through the door to give her a minute because she'd been asleep. Lola pleaded with Kyle to hide, and he grabbed his clothes and scurried out. Lola opened the door and proposed that they clear the air the next day because she was tired. Celeste agreed, and they exchanged words of love. Celeste loudly wished Kyle a good night, and he echoed the sentiment from the bedroom. Lola laughed.

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Paul that she wished there was more to tell, but nothing unusual had happened on the night of Calvin's death. She recalled that they'd eaten the same meal at the Athletic Club and that everything had been normal. Paul asked if her husband had had any enemies. Chelsea replied that Calvin had occasionally mentioned things from his past that he hadn't been proud of, but she hadn't thought anything of it. She pointedly added that they'd all done a few bad things they regretted.

Nick asked how long the investigation would take, and Paul indicated that the results of the additional tests should be back soon. Paul understood how difficult it was for Chelsea, but he insisted that she stay in Genoa City until then. She stressed that she wanted answers more than anyone, and Nick showed Paul out. Chelsea panicked that Paul was treating her like a suspect, but Nick assured her that the toxicology tests would prove that Calvin had died of natural causes. Chelsea figured that she shouldn't be surprised that Paul suspected her, given her history. Nick swore that it had been a different time in her life, and he reminded her that she'd committed not to run anymore.

At Crimson Lights, Nick approached Paul, who questioned whether it was a coincidence that they were both there. Nick explained that he'd wanted to talk without Chelsea around, since Paul's questions had freaked her out. Nick hoped that Paul wasn't seriously looking at her as a suspect, and Paul swore that it was a routine investigation, so he wasn't jumping to conclusions or ruling out any possible scenarios. Paul added that Nick tracking him down seemed like a red flag, and he wondered why Chelsea was worried if she'd had nothing to do with Calvin's death. Paul referenced the unscrupulous things she'd done in the past, but Nick asserted that they paled in comparison to the things Adam had done.

Nick continued that no one had had a bigger motive than Adam to want Calvin dead. Nick explained that Adam wanted Chelsea back, and Calvin had been the biggest obstacle. Paul countered that another possible story was that Calvin had been a wealthy older man who might have left Chelsea a lot of money. Nick defended that Chelsea wasn't a killer, and he strongly recommended that Paul look at Adam. Paul told Nick to let him do his job, and he pointed out that there was no proof that Calvin's death had been anything but natural.

Later, Rey met Nick at the coffeehouse. Nick wanted an update on what had happened in Las Vegas, but he first wanted to find out if Sharon was okay, since she'd sounded off when he'd called her to offer to pick Faith up from camp. Rey confided that things had gotten tense while they'd been away, and Nick surmised it had been because of Adam. Rey had hoped to make part of the trip a romantic getaway, but it had been a mistake, since Adam was always in her head.

Nick offered to hire someone else, but Rey insisted that he would dig up dirt on Adam even if Nick wasn't paying him. Rey refused to let Adam get his hooks deeper into Sharon, and he revealed that he might have found something. Rey confirmed that most of what Adam had said about his time in Vegas was true, but Adam had failed to mention that he'd hung out with someone from Genoa City -- Phillip Chancellor IV. Nick called Chance a great guy, but Rey guessed that Chance had changed, since he'd been arrested for assault. Rey added that Adam had bailed Chance out, and Chance had fallen off the grid when people had started asking questions about "Spider." Rey sensed that there had been more to it.

Jill was surprised when Nick stopped by the Chancellor mansion, and he informed her that Victoria had told him Jill was back in town. He recognized that it might seem odd, but he had some questions about Chance, who might be his best shot at stopping Adam from stealing Nick's son. Nick contended that he was Christian's father in every way but one, and he had to use everything he could to win the custody suit. Jill hissed that Adam was a snake, but she didn't see what any of it had to do with Chance. Nick informed her that he'd hired someone to look into Adam's past, and he'd discovered that Adam and Chance might be friends.

Jill insisted that it wasn't possible, since her honest, decent grandson would never hang out with Adam. Nick asked if she'd heard from Chance lately, and Jill confirmed that she hadn't and that Phillip and Nina hadn't, either. Jill mentioned that Chance had quit his job in the defense department, and she'd assumed that he'd taken time off to figure out what do with his life. Jill added that Chance liked to travel, and it wasn't unusual for him to be incommunicado, but it wouldn't be like him to be in Vegas with Adam. Nick relayed that his source had confirmed that Chance had been in Vegas for most of the past year. Jill thought it didn't make any sense at all.

After Nick left, Jill left a message for Chance, imploring him to call her right away to let her know he was all right. She gazed up at Katherine's portrait and huffed, "Don't look at me like that, you old bat." Jill vowed not to fail her grandson.

At Nick's house, Chelsea paced anxiously before sitting down in front of a laptop. She performed an Internet search. Later, Nick returned home, and Chelsea rambled about the horrible scenarios that had been running through her head if Calvin hadn't died of natural causes. Nick divulged that he'd told Paul that if it looked like foul play, Paul should follow the breadcrumbs to Adam. Chelsea was aghast that Nick thought Adam might have had something to do with it.

Nick bet that Adam had blackmailed Calvin into siding with Adam about Connor. Nick imagined that stress could have caused a heart attack, and Chelsea wailed that it was all her fault. She cried that returning to town had been a huge mistake, and he asked if she regretted being there. Nick assured Chelsea that whatever doubts or fears she had, he was right there, and she could lean on him. He took her into his arms.

Billy is haunted by the past Billy is haunted by the past
Friday, July 12, 2019

At the police station, Adam thanked Paul for fitting him in, and Paul admitted that curiosity had gotten the better of him. Adam claimed that he was trying to be a helpful citizen, since his near-death experiences had made him reevaluate his life and make better choices. Adam mentioned that he'd heard Calvin's death was being investigated as a possible homicide, and he had information that might be relevant to the case. Paul revealed that another concerned citizen had suggested that Adam might be involved in Calvin's death.

Adam was disappointed because the "old Paul" never would have given credence to what a con like Chelsea had said. Paul wondered why Adam thought she'd been the person who'd implicated him, and Adam reasoned that the wife was the most obvious choice, so she'd needed to deflect suspicion. Adam figured that Chelsea had been the only person with her husband that night, and she stood to benefit financially from his death and had been furious with Calvin. Paul asked how Adam had known that, and Adam shared that she'd told him. Paul hesitated to believe it, and Adam set down a thumb drive with a recording of the conversation.

Adam recounted that Chelsea had been upset because Calvin had agreed to let Adam raise Connor, and he claimed that he'd been protecting himself by recording the conversation. Paul was skeptical that Adam had felt that he needed protection from the mother of his child. Adam quipped that his motto was to trust no one, but Paul pointed out that it was an entirely different thing to accuse someone of murder. "The bitch turned on me. Why should I be loyal to her?" Adam questioned.

At Crimson Lights, Billy read a text message from Chloe, who asked him to check on Kevin because she was worried about him. Phyllis approached and surmised from Billy's expression that there was trouble at home. She questioned whether he'd put too much starch in the boss's pants, and he snapped that jealousy didn't look good on her. He walked away.

Phyllis called to "Cricket" and offered to buy her a cup of coffee to celebrate the end of Christine's sick desire to prosecute innocent people. Christine passed, and Phyllis wondered if she was worried that Phyllis would poison her. Christine retorted that it would be more subtle than running her over with a car, and Phyllis admitted that she'd love to watch Christine spend the rest of her life in pain and humiliation. Phyllis taunted that no one bought Christine's sweet, innocent act, and she bellowed that the good girl of Genoa City had crashed and burned in a spectacular flameout. Phyllis found it ironic that Victor had been the one to expose Christine's hypocrisy. "The bug is finally squashed!" Phyllis cried.

Phyllis insisted on buying Christine coffee, but Christine refused to accept a gift from a murder suspect who'd flipped on her friends. Phyllis accused Christine of screwing her over to get convictions, only to have the verdicts thrown out. Christine was sorry that she wouldn't be the one to throw Phyllis in jail the next time Phyllis broke the law. Phyllis understood it was difficult for Christine to accept that Phyllis had become a pillar of respect in the community when Christine was drowning in humiliation and misery. Christine huffed that Phyllis was delusional if she thought teaming up with Adam made her respectable, and she departed.

On the patio, Lola wondered how Mariah had made her look so good in the cooking video. Mariah thought her best move had been involving Kyle, who had gotten Lola to relax. Mariah declared the video ready to be released, but Lola objected. Mariah recognized that Lola had a lot on her plate between the restaurant and the wedding, and Lola also mentioned her mom. Mariah reluctantly promised not to upload the video until after the wedding.

Mariah wondered what was going on with Celeste. Lola said she loved her mother, and Mariah compared it to loving chocolate cake but feeling nauseous if she ate too much. Lola confided that she and Kyle had had their fill of her mom, since they'd thought they'd had the apartment to themselves after Celeste had moved into a hotel, but Celeste had shown up at the worst possible time. Lola suspected that her mom had known exactly what she was doing, and Mariah asked where they'd left things. Lola shared that they were meeting for lunch that day.

Lola didn't want to be on bad terms, but she also couldn't let her mother run her life. She wished she could get Kyle out of the lunch date, but she'd already told her mom that he would be joining them. Mariah volunteered to show up a few minutes into the lunch and make up an emergency that she had to talk to Kyle about. Lola thought it would give her enough time to smooth things over, and she said she owed Mariah one.

Across the coffeehouse, Paul shared Adam's insinuations about Chelsea with Christine, noting that Chelsea hadn't told him about her argument with Adam. Paul showed Christine the medical examiner's report, and she reviewed it and thought it was clear what his next step should be.

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion and was surprised to see that Esther was back. He claimed that he was there to see his mom, and Esther informed him that neither Jill nor Kevin was there. Billy and Esther compared notes about how Chloe wanted them to check on Kevin. Billy resolved to figure out what Kevin was up to, and Esther reported that Kevin had been in and out at all hours and that he wouldn't tell her when he could go be with Chloe and Bella.

Billy asked Esther to let him know when Kevin got back, but he became distracted when he spotted a doll on the floor. He recognized it as Delia's and wondered what it was doing there, and Esther had no idea, since she'd packed up Delia's things long before. Esther theorized that Kevin had shown it to Bella during a video chat, but Billy seemed unconvinced.

Nick returned home and announced that he had something that would put a smile on Chelsea's face. She spotted a bag of takeout from the Athletic Club, and he explained that he'd taken the restaurant to her because she hadn't felt like going out. She smelled the food and fondly remembered Connor making a mess of his favorite pasta dish at the club. Nick suggested that they take Connor back to the real thing, adding that Christian and Faith would love to see him. Chelsea cited Adam's reaction when he'd found out she'd taken Nick to see Connor, but Nick clucked that they couldn't let Adam dictate their decisions or stop them from raising their boys the way they wanted.

Chelsea thought it would be too much to tell Connor that Adam was alive while the boy was reeling from Calvin's death, and she was sure that Adam would want to see his son if Connor were in town. Nick contended that Adam didn't have to know. Chelsea was sure that Adam would find out, and she didn't want to put Connor through staying hidden. Nick admitted that he'd gotten caught up in the idea of their kids being together, and Chelsea recalled looking at the boys and thinking at the time that it would have made Adam happy to know that Nick was raising both of his sons. Chelsea hated to think of how far Adam would go to get custody.

Chelsea worried about what would happen to Connor if Paul arrested her for Calvin's death, but Nick argued that there was no reason to think she'd killed her husband. Nick reiterated that she'd agreed not to run, but Chelsea felt like the walls were closing in, and her one job was to protect Connor. Nick warned that it would make things worse if she took Connor on the run, and she wished that she'd never gotten in Adam's face. Nick pledged to be there to hold her up if it was what she wanted, and she wondered why he was being so good to her after everything she'd done. He admitted that he'd been sad and angry when she'd left, adding, "But I never..." The doorbell interrupted them.

Paul informed Chelsea and Nick that Calvin had suffered a heart attack -- specifically, a complete blockage of the artery called the widow maker. Paul declared the case closed, and he instructed Chelsea to have the funeral director call to arrange the release of Calvin's body. Paul expressed condolences for her loss, and he headed to the door. Paul stopped and warned her to watch out for Adam, who Paul thought didn't have her best interests at heart.

Nick called it good news, and Chelsea cried tears of relief. She recognized that Adam was no longer the man she'd fallen in love with, but she really hadn't wanted to believe that he'd killed Calvin. Nick was surprised to hear that she'd been worried about Adam, and Chelsea claimed that she was glad for Connor's sake that his father hadn't murdered his stepfather. Nick noted that he'd thought she'd been worried about Paul arresting her. Nick took her hand and swore that he wouldn't let Adam hurt her. He declared that there would be no more living in fear, and she could live the life she wanted.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki stopped by to see Victoria before heading to a doctor's appointment and then lunch with Victor. Nikki clarified that it was just a routine checkup, and Victoria inquired about the side effects of Victor's new treatment. Nikki wrote them off as nothing to be concerned about, although she conceded that Victor sometimes forgot minor things. Victoria imagined that it was upsetting for him, since he'd always been sharp and in control. Nikki expected that they could handle it, but Victoria wondered what would happen if the side effects got worse. Nikki prayed that wouldn't be the case.

At Society, Kyle held out Celeste's chair for her, and she called him a gentleman. He attributed it to learning how to treat a woman while being raised by a single mom, and he noted that she was early. Celeste imagined that they were both anxious to clear the air, and he stated that he and Lola hadn't been expecting company the night before. Celeste defended that she'd expected Lola to be alone at that hour, and Kyle voiced surprise that Celeste had dropped by that late. Celeste explained that she'd really wanted to talk to Lola because things had been tense, and they had once been really close. Kyle insisted that Lola loved and respected her, and Celeste swore that all she wanted was for her daughter to be happy.

Celeste didn't want to have to worry about having a repeat of the prior evening, and she reasoned that Kyle and Lola had time to be together after the wedding. Lola joined them and asked if she'd missed anything. Kyle claimed that he and Celeste had been talking about his and Lola's future, but there were some things they didn't see eye to eye on. Celeste complained that everything was happening so fast, and she requested that they slow down a little bit. Kyle drew the line at putting off the wedding. Mariah interrupted and pulled Kyle away to discuss an emergency.

Kyle and Mariah tried to peer over at what Lola was showing Celeste on her phone. Mariah observed that it looked like they'd called a truce, but Kyle was still worried. Meanwhile, Lola realized her mom was crying, and Celeste marveled that Lola looked all grown up in her cooking video. Celeste confessed that she was afraid Lola wouldn't need her anymore, but Lola swore that she would always need her mother. Celeste requested that Lola tell her if she was giving too much advice or criticism so she could back off, and Lola good-naturedly replied that they both knew that would never happen. Celeste agreed to try harder.

Lola apologized if she'd made Celeste feel like she'd been intruding, since she wanted them to be close like they had always been. Celeste declared that those were the words she'd been dying to hear, and she planned to go back to the Athletic Club to pack before meeting Lola at her place. Lola tried to stop her, but Celeste hurried out. Kyle and Mariah returned to the table, and Lola groaned that something had been lost in translation, since her mom had assumed that she'd invited Celeste to move back into the apartment.

Mariah left, and Lola imagined that Kyle hated her for screwing up. He figured that they had the next 70 years to be together, but it was the last chance her mom had to live with her. Kyle pointed out that it obviously meant a lot to Celeste, and he thought they should give that time to her. Lola voiced concern that being apart would drive them insane, but he anticipated that sneaking around to find places to hook up could be hot.

Billy met Victoria at Society and recounted the weird feeling he'd had when he'd seen Delia's doll. He explained that it had felt like Delia had been there with them for a second, and he called it crazy. Victoria thought that Billy had been dealing with too much with Adam, Kevin, and visiting Delia's gravesite. Billy remarked that it wouldn't be too much as long as he had Victoria.

At the bar, the bartender informed Victor that they didn't carry the tequila brand he'd ordered, and he offered to get Victor something else. Victor barked that he wanted the drink he always ordered, and he demanded to know where Abby was. Victor accused the bartender of refusing to serve him when he'd ordered the same drink for years. Victoria intervened and gently suggested that her father order a different brand. Victor insisted on talking to Nikki and stalked off.

Victoria escorted Victor to Newman, and Nikki said she'd take it from there. Nikki consoled Victor, who was worried that people would start talking if he continued to experience incidents like the one at the bar. Nikki suggested that they stay close to the ranch, but he recognized that he couldn't ignore what was happening to him anymore. She swore that they would get through it, and he wondered what he would do without her. Nikki promised to be there with him, and they hugged.

Later, Victoria told Nikki that she'd seen Victor by the elevator, and she asked if he was okay. Nikki explained that it was hard for him to accept that he had to rely on others, but Victoria stressed that the side effects were just temporary. Nikki confirmed that it was what Nate had said, but she didn't know if Victor could handle it if he ended up being that way for the rest of his life. Victoria suggested that they trust the experts, and Nikki headed out. Victoria sadly gazed up at Victor's portrait.

Billy hovered outside the Chancellor mansion, struggling with emotion. He rang the doorbell, and Esther answered and told him that Kevin still wasn't there. Billy said he was there to get the doll, and Esther informed him that it was right where he'd left it. He heard Delia's laughter in his head as he picked it up. Esther asked if he was okay, and Billy replied that he was fine.

At Dark Horse, Adam walked in as Phyllis wrapped up a call about how to impress influencers at their new hotel. After she hung up, she anticipated that the hotel would put her on magazine covers and make them rich, but Adam informed her that he was there to discuss the interesting talk he'd had with Victoria. Adam relayed that Victoria thought he shouldn't trust Phyllis to run Dark Horse, but Phyllis insisted that she could handle Victoria. Adam mentioned Chelsea, and Phyllis asked if he was mooning over his cheating, lying, possibly murdering ex. He divulged that he'd felt confident enough about Chelsea's guilt to give Paul evidence that Chelsea had had motive to kill her husband. Adam snarled that Chelsea was keeping his son from him, and she was about to find out what a mistake that was.

Later, Adam returned to Phyllis' office after seeing an impressive video walkthrough of the new hotel. She crowed that Nick had worked on it for almost a year, and they got to reap the benefits of his hard work. Adam sarcastically noted that he could see she felt bad, and she replied that she felt as bad as he did for implicating Chelsea in a murder.

Adam referred to how it would have looked if he'd withheld evidence, and Phyllis was sure Christine would be happy that he'd fulfilled his civic duty. Adam thought he had to focus on who would replace Christine, since a generous donation to the right candidate could create the future. Phyllis chided him for thinking he could buy anything. Adam replied that everyone had a price -- and she was proof of it.

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