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Adam expressed remorse to Victor and left town. The revelation that Victor was alive created personal and professional rifts for the Newmans. Amanda claimed that Katherine had named Cane as her primary beneficiary. Jack asked Billy and Kyle to run Jabot together. Kevin agreed to launder Chelsea's money
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Katherine's will shocks her family Katherine's will shocks her family
Monday, September 30, 2019

At Nick's house, Nick told Chelsea that Victor's funeral would be a small service for family and a few close friends. Nick added that he planned to invite Adam. Chelsea told Nick that Adam was leaving town. Nick replied, "So, he's running because he doesn't want to face what he's done." Chelsea expressed concern about how Adam's decision to separate himself from Connor would affect their son. Chelsea added that she was certain that Adam loved Connor with all his heart. Nick noted that Adam had based his decision on saving himself from incarceration.

Nick told Chelsea he'd settle for Adam being out of their lives for good in lieu of paying for what he'd done. Chelsea said Adam believed it would be best for him to stay away from Connor, though she disagreed. Chelsea said she hoped Adam might turn his life around for his son's sake. Nick replied, "I can't believe you'd say that after some of the things he's done." Chelsea brought up Victor and reminded Nick that he was mourning the loss of someone who'd done terrible things to his family. Chelsea added that the father-and-son bond could never be entirely broken.

Nick insisted that there was no coming back after Adam had tampered with Victor's medication. Chelsea defended Adam and said that perhaps he would show remorse. After Chelsea repeatedly blamed Nick's refusal to see Adam's side due to his grief over Victor, Nick stunned her by admitting that Victor was alive. Nick explained that Adam had doubled the dosage of Victor's pills, which could have killed him. Nick added that Victor had wanted Adam to believe he'd succeeded, so Adam would either attempt to cover his tracks or admit what he'd done.

Chelsea asked Nick why he'd let her believe Victor was dead. Nick said he'd been trying to protect her. Chelsea grew irate and cried that she'd allowed Adam to tell Connor that Victor was dead. Chelsea added that Nick had watched her and Connor suffer to satisfy his sick need to exact revenge on his brother. Nick apologized for having kept Chelsea in the dark and noted that Adam was dangerous. Chelsea insisted that Nick couldn't be certain that altering Victor's medication would have killed him. Nick noted that Victor had been given a powerful experimental drug. Chelsea angrily said that Nick was calling Adam a murderer without knowing if he'd intended to kill Victor. Chelsea cried that her son had paid for Nick's fixation on seeking revenge on Adam.

In the living room at the Newman ranch, Adam saw for himself that Victor was alive. Adam said he'd decided to leave town permanently, a decision he'd made before he'd learned that Victor was alive. Victor said he knew that Adam had changed his medication. Victor asked Adam if the thought of accidentally killing his father had been too much, or if he'd actually planned to kill his father. Victor said he'd hoped Adam might discover a sliver of humanity inside himself.

Adam asked who'd been in on Victor's faked death. Victor said Adam's siblings had known about the plan and had supported him all the way. Victor said when he'd set out to help Adam regain his memory and to move Adam back to Genoa City, he'd hoped they might work through their difficulties together. Victor added that instead, Adam had decided to wage war against his family and cross the line. Adam became defensive and accused Victor of having pushed him into doing what he'd done by exploiting the memory of his mother and sending someone to run him down in the road like a dog.

Victor told Adam that he hadn't sent anyone to kill him. Adam didn't believe Victor hadn't been involved and sarcastically noted that it had been a nice touch for his father to have lured him to the place where he'd hit Delia, further twisting the knife and wrenching the maximum guilt and pain. Adam demanded to know if Victor had intended for the driver to kill or just send a message. Victor replied, "I never ordered anyone to run you down." Victor added that he didn't hate Adam and would never forget that Adam had taken a bullet for him. Adam cried that it had always been just a matter of time before their relationship soured again.

Adam admitted that after he'd watched Victor die, he'd realized that he'd reached his limit, and that it had been too much to come back from. Adam headed toward the door to leave. Victor asked Adam where he was going. Adam suggested that Victor was planning to track him down and exact revenge. Victor said he wasn't interested in revenge. Adam replied, "There is nothing that you could do to me that would make me feel worse than I already do."

Victor urged Adam to stay in town and find his way back by starting over again. Adam cried that it was too late. Victor told Adam he was willing to forgive him. Adam replied, "The rest of the family won't." Victor told Adam that he would have to convince them that he was a different person. Victor added that Adam was in control of his own behavior. Adam admitted that old grudges and grievances had gotten the better of him. Adam added that all he'd wanted had been to get his sons back, but he admitted he'd gone about it wrong because he'd made it all about winning. Adam cried that he'd even frightened Christian by blurting out that he was the boy's father, just to hurt Nick.

Victor explained that he, too, had done bad things, and he acknowledged that Adam had done the right thing for Christian in the end. Adam mentioned the pills and cried that he'd looked in the mirror and realized he didn't like who he'd become. Adam said he'd failed Victor's test and should live in exile and isolation. Victor asked Adam how he could walk away from Connor. Adam said that even Chelsea was aware that he was a bad influence on Connor. Victor told Adam to become a better person for Connor's sake instead of giving up on his boy.

Victor reminded Adam that his mother's blood flowed in his veins. Adam began sobbing and said all he'd wanted more than Victor's love was his respect. Adam added that though it wasn't an excuse for what he'd done, he was sorry. Victor, tears welling in his eyes, replied, "I know." Adam said he hoped that someday his dad could forgive him. Nikki rushed into the room and told Victor that Michael was on his way. Victor replied, "Oh, yeah? Okay." After Nikki exited, Victor drew a deep breath and turned his head toward the other side of the room, where Adam had been. No one was there. Victor was in the room all alone. Victor sighed and seemed to fall into deep despair.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon told Elena that he'd hired Brittany to represent him, so he wouldn't have to interact directly with Amanda Sinclair. Elena told Devon that Amanda was despicable for using her appearance to unnerve him. Devon seemed confident that the issue would be resolved soon if Amanda couldn't provide proof to back up her empty threats. Elena said she was certain that Amanda was a grifter pulling a scam. Devon agreed. Elena cried that the thought of someone trying to hurt Devon infuriated her. Devon assured Elena he'd be okay.

At Crimson Lights, Jill told Cane that she'd been trying to contact Tucker because someone had contested Katherine's will. Cane asked on what grounds the will was being contested. Jill replied that supposedly, a section of the original will had been forged by attorney David Sherman on orders given by Tucker. Jill added that attorney Amanda Sinclair claimed she'd provide pages from the original will as proof. Cane replied, "This is unbelievable." Jill was adamant that no one under her watch would malign Katherine's memory or dishonor her final wishes. Jill said she refused to believe that Amanda was working with Chance, who'd claimed to have found the real will. Cane offered to accompany Jill to the meeting and lend moral support.

At Society, Nate confronted Amanda. Nate asked Amanda why she'd chosen out of many the one case involving Devon. Amanda insisted she'd had no idea she resembled Devon's deceased wife. Nate replied, "Someone knew." Amanda defended herself, explaining that her client had hired her because she was a Yale graduate who was good at what she did. Nate said he assumed that Phillip Chancellor IV had hired her. Nate added that Amanda was using a man's grief to swindle him out of his inheritance. Amanda shot back that Nate's failure to save Victor's life after prescribing an experimental protocol was all over the news. Nate replied, "That's the kind of deflection someone uses when the questions get a little too close for comfort."

Elena had lunch with Nate at Crimson Lights and expressed concern for Devon. Elena admitted she'd told Devon she'd wanted to slap Amanda Sinclair's face. Nate said he'd run into Adam earlier at Society and had told her off. Elena asked how Amanda had reacted. Nate replied, "Nothing really seems to fluster her." Elena said that Devon had been doing well until the Hilary doppelgänger had shown up. Nate said that hopefully the meeting would resolve the issue and put things to bed.

Brittany arrived early to consult with Devon at his penthouse. Brittany asked if there was anything he was aware of that the attorney might use to cast doubt on the will. Devon replied, "No. Nothing at all." Brittany advised Devon to relax because she felt good about everything, though they shouldn't take anything for granted. Devon remained uneasy and said he was reminded of the reading of Neil's will. Devon added that if Neil could be with him, he'd tell Devon to be strong and stand up for himself.

After Amanda arrived, Jill and Cane did, also, and were shocked when they saw Amanda. Amanda seemed to take pleasure in their stunned reactions to her appearance. Jill cried, "Is this some kind of a joke?" Amanda said she thought Jill would want Katherine's will executed the way she'd intended, given Jill's long history with her. Jill angrily said she'd tell Amanda what Katherine would think of her and her efforts to contest the will. Amanda insisted that her appearance was irrelevant to the proceedings. Brittany replied that a judge might think otherwise because it brought Amanda's motives and her absent client's motives into question.

Amanda grabbed the envelope and claimed that Chance had sent her the real will. Jill insisted that the real will had been read six years earlier. Brittany added that she'd had no time to check the authenticity of the documents. Jill angrily insisted that Katherine had intended for Devon to have half her fortune. Amanda, correcting Jill, said that Devon's biological father had wanted Devon to have the money.

Amanda opened the sealed envelope and began reading. Amanda said, "To my other son, Brock Reynolds; my granddaughter Mackenzie Hellstrom; my grandson Devon Hamilton; as well as Phillip Chancellor III; Phillip Chancellor IV; and Nina Webster, you are to divide a quarter of my estate evenly between you." Devon replied, "That still leaves half the estate." Amanda continued, "I leave the rest of my fortune, amounting to $2,475,000,000, to Cane Ashby." Jill's jaw dropped. Cane appeared not to believe what he'd heard. Devon looked stunned.

Summer learns Victor's death was staged Summer learns Victor's death was staged
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

At the Newman ranch, Nikki urged Victor to get upstairs, since Michael would be there any second. Victor calmly insisted that it was all right, and he called out to inform an arriving Michael where they were. Michael stopped in his tracks when he entered the room, floored to see that Victor was alive. Michael stammered that Victor was really okay, and he threw his arms around Victor. Nikki recognized that there was a great deal they needed to explain.

Victor contended that the deceit had been necessary. Michael guessed that while Victor's death had been fake, the tampering with Victor's medication had been real, and it had all been an elaborate plot to smoke Adam out. Victor confirmed that when he'd realized what Adam had done, he'd known what he'd had to do. Victor flashed back to when Nick, Abby, and Nate had gathered for their family meeting at Victor's request.

Victor announced that his latest blood tests had indicated that the medication in his blood had unexpectedly doubled, and Nick surmised that it was why the side effects had gotten worse. Nick assumed that Adam had tampered with Victor's medication as part of his war on their dad. Victor recalled that Adam had recently been there to call a truce, and Nikki added that it had been Adam's way of getting in the door to switch the pill bottles. Victor declared that it had been Adam's intention to kill him, and he wanted Adam to believe he'd succeeded. Nikki stressed that it was their job to make the plan as believable as possible. Victor revealed his scheme to let the world think that someone had caused his demise by messing with his meds.

Nick realized that Victor wanted to make Adam think he'd killed Victor. Nikki explained that they were setting a trap to make Adam pay for his crimes, including those he might commit to cover up his misdeeds. Nick imagined that it would be a test to see if there was any hope for Adam by seeing if Adam expressed any regrets about what he'd done. Victor admitted that he was hoping that there was something to salvage in Adam, but Nick warned that Victor would be disappointed in the end. Nikki asserted that it was how Victor wanted to handle it, and Victor pointed out that it would only work with his family's support.

Nikki thought that they needed someone on the inside of the investigation, and Victor instructed her to make a call, assuming they were all on board. Abby and Nick agreed to participate. Nate balked because it would be a serious ethical breach, but he relented because he couldn't allow Adam to get away with it. Victor didn't want Summer to know because she might go to Phyllis. Nick hated the idea of letting Summer think Victor was dead, but he reluctantly promised to keep the plan from both Summer and Chelsea. Summer and Adam's arrivals interrupted the discussion.

Michael marveled at the risks the Newmans had taken, and Victor asserted that he'd had no other options at the time. Michael doubted that setting Victoria up had been part of the calculus, and he noted that it wasn't often that someone put one over on Victor. Michael questioned why Victor had revealed himself at that stage of the game, and Victor promised to explain everything once the others got there.

At Nick's house, Chelsea prepared to leave to get some air. Nick preferred to talk, but she coldly replied that he'd covered all the bases -- he'd lied to her about Victor, so Connor thought his grandfather was dead, and her son was devastated because his father was leaving town. Chelsea spat that all Nick's family cared about was their stupid plan to take Adam down. Nick wanted to explain, but she refused to listen because he'd chosen to break her trust. She added that her son was in pain, and there was nothing Nick could say or do to change that.

Nick understood that Chelsea was upset, and she clarified that she was livid. He asked her to try to see it from his perspective. He received a text message from Nikki, who needed to see him at the ranch right away. Nick swore that he would be back as fast as he could, but Chelsea told him not to bother. He said she had no idea how sorry he was, but she cautioned him against keeping his family waiting, sourly adding that "family first" was what Victor always said. Chelsea glowered at Nick as he exited.

Victoria, Nick, Abby, and Paul showed up at the ranch. Michael commended their performances, especially Paul's. Paul revealed that the pharmacist had been apprehended while trying to leave the country, and she'd admitted that Adam had bought the pills and paid her to incriminate Victoria. Nick relayed that Chelsea had said Adam was leaving town, and Victor anticipated that the police wouldn't find Adam. Victor divulged that Adam had paid him a visit, and Adam had been a changed man who'd apologized for everything he'd done. Paul asked where Adam was then, and Victor announced that he'd let Adam go.

Victor explained that he'd gotten what he'd wanted when Adam had shown up to see him. Victor swore that he'd seen a change in Adam, and he didn't think his son was beyond redemption. Michael protested that Victor had let Adam get a head start on the authorities, knowing Adam would be wanted for questioning. Victor defended that Adam had slipped out when his back had been turned. Victor hoped that Adam started a new life.

Paul argued that he'd only agreed to the scheme to see justice served. Victor appreciated everything Paul had done, but he refused to cooperate if the police pursued Adam. Paul warned that Victor was wrong because Adam hadn't changed, and he guaranteed that Victor would regret it. Paul stalked out, and Victor had one thing to request of Michael.

Phyllis entered the Grand Phoenix and thanked Summer for meeting her. Summer apologized for not being in touch, but she'd been a mess over Victor's death. Summer was sure Phyllis would say good riddance, and she grumbled that she hadn't been able to handle Phyllis trying to force mother-daughter time on her. Phyllis conceded that it hadn't been the best approach, but she'd been worried about Summer and just wanted to help. Phyllis offered to go to the memorial to support Summer, but Summer suspected that there was another reason why her mother wanted to go that had nothing to do with her.

Summer understood that Phyllis had hated Victor for good reason, and she wanted to know her mother's intentions before inviting her to his private memorial service. Summer wondered if Phyllis would be there to comfort Adam, too, since he'd been invited. Phyllis couldn't fathom why the Newmans would want him there, and Summer explained that the family had thought Victor would have wanted them to make the gesture. Phyllis bet that they had their fingers crossed that Adam wouldn't go, and she revealed that he'd left town -- possibly for good.

Summer was appalled that Adam just got to leave town after he might have killed her grandfather. Phyllis compared Adam to Victor in that he was a very complicated man who'd done unforgivable things, but, like Summer had seen the good in Victor, Phyllis saw the good in Adam. Summer didn't want to hear it, and she was happy that, one way or another, Adam would be out of their lives.

Phyllis greeted Chelsea, who noted that Summer had left early that morning. Summer glumly stated that she had a lot going on, and Chelsea coolly asked what Phyllis needed. Phyllis surmised that Chelsea's attitude was the result of Adam leaving town, and she imagined that it had been upsetting for Connor. Chelsea snapped that it had been painful, and she didn't care to discuss it further. Chelsea excused herself, and Summer scolded Phyllis for upsetting Chelsea. Phyllis suggested that they not talk about Adam anymore, and she rambled about taking a spa day. Summer didn't notice an incoming call from Nick.

Chelsea called to Phyllis and Summer to check something out. They watched a press conference that Michael had called to make a major announcement about the Victor Newman case. Michael proclaimed that the charges against Victoria had been dropped because there had been no murder, and Victor appeared next to him. "Grandpa?" Summer incredulously cried. Victor explained that the threat to his life had been real, and that had been why he and his family had spun the story that he'd died. Victor indicated that he'd been touched by the overwhelming concern and support that people had shown for his family, but he requested respect for his family's privacy and declined to answer any questions.

Summer whimpered that Victor was alive, and she wondered why no one had told her. Phyllis assumed that Nick had told Chelsea, who shared that she'd only found out an hour earlier. Phyllis admonished Chelsea for not telling them, but Chelsea retorted that things were hard enough as it was. Phyllis bellowed that things were about to get harder and uglier for certain people. Phyllis rushed out, and Summer insisted on going with her.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon was stunned when Amanda claimed that Katherine had intended for Cane to inherit the bulk of her estate. Cane called the idea crazy, and Jill believed that as much as Katherine had loved Cane, Katherine hadn't meant for Cane to be her primary beneficiary. Cane insisted that he was only there for moral support, and Brittany demanded to see the evidence that supported the outrageous claim. Amanda handed over the paperwork, and Brittany protested that it was a photocopy.

Brittany huffed that Amanda was wasting their time without pages to authenticate. Amanda expected to receive them from her client soon, and she claimed that she'd kept the meeting so Devon wouldn't have to wait to learn the truth about the details of the situation -- that Chance wanted Katherine's wishes to be realized and Tucker to be exposed for altering the will to benefit Devon. Devon growled that Amanda made it sound like a noble cause, but she'd been the only person her client had been in contact with. He guessed that Chance hadn't sent the real will because it wasn't real.

Jill ranted that Amanda hadn't known Katherine, and she couldn't trust a word out of Amanda's mouth, since Chance would never dirty his hands by contesting the will. Amanda said she'd be in touch about having the original will authenticated, and Brittany intended to have her own expert ready to do the analysis. Devon figured that Amanda was just trying to make a buck or that she had her own agenda, but he urged her to think long and hard before she pursued the matter further.

Amanda asked if Devon was threatening her. He clarified that he was trying to understand why she was attacking the status of his inheritance and accusing Tucker of fraud. Amanda speculated that an important man like Tucker suddenly going off the grid was the behavior of a guilty man who knew he'd been found out. Devon countered that her own client had gone AWOL, but Amanda contended that Chance had nothing to gain. Cane showed Amanda out.

Brittany asked Devon and Jill to let her know if they heard from Chance or Tucker. Brittany liked their odds if Amanda kept pushing "half-assed" documents, and Devon hoped there were no more surprises. Brittany opined that the whole thing seemed bogus, since Cane wasn't even a blood relative. Brittany departed, and Devon, Jill, and Cane's phones simultaneously beeped with breaking news.

Jill considered it to be "typical Victor" to just pop back up like nothing had happened. Devon was glad that Victor was alive and well, but he was focused on his own situation. Jill maintained that Chance wasn't capable of doing anything underhanded, and she pointed out that there was no proof that Chance had hired Amanda. Devon theorized that Chance had been the victim of a scam, and someone else had convinced him to hire the attorney. Devon wondered who stood to gain something, and he pointed out that Cane would benefit the most from the other version of the will.

Jill adamantly stated that Cane would never do such a terrible thing, but Devon recalled that Cane had once pretended to be a Chancellor. Cane acknowledged that he'd done underhanded things in the past, but he swore that he'd never abuse Katherine's legacy after she'd been so kind to him. Devon apologized because the whole thing was messing with his head, and Jill remained frustrated that she couldn't reach Chance. Cane volunteered to take a leave of absence to find Chance himself. Devon mentioned that Chance's last known location had been in Las Vegas -- with Adam.

At Crimson Lights, Rey approached Sharon at the counter and hoped that she could help him with Adam. Rey asked if Sharon had heard from Adam since she'd last seen him, but she hadn't. Rey revealed that there had been a development in the investigation into Victor's death, and he needed to speak with Adam but hadn't been able to locate him. Sharon recalled that Adam had told her goodbye at the end of their last conversation, and she'd thought it had meant the end of their relationship, but it could have meant that he'd been planning to leave Genoa City.

Later, Sharon and Rey watched Michael's press conference and realized that Victor's death had all been a cover. Sharon inquired whether Rey had had any idea. He replied that he hadn't, and Paul appeared behind him. "Did you?" Rey asked Paul. Rey was aghast that he'd been working on a phony murder case. Paul noted that the attempted murder had been real, and Victor had hoped to force Adam into a confession, but Victor had allowed Adam to slip away after a huge, cathartic conversation.

Sharon stepped aside to call Nick. Rey confronted Paul about not keeping him in the loop, and Paul instructed Rey to meet him at the station. Over the phone, an irked Sharon chided Nick for thinking she couldn't keep a secret, and he reasoned that the fewer people who had known, the better. She worried about how the news would impact their kids, and Nick shared that he'd told Noah some time before. Sharon recounted that Faith had been heartbroken over Victor's death. Nick mentioned that he'd tried calling Faith before the press conference, but she hadn't answered. Sharon snapped that she would handle it.

Later, Sharon hung up after speaking with Faith. Sharon informed Rey that Faith was thrilled that Victor was alive, but the girl had tons of questions. Sharon bitterly added that Faith could ask Nick, and Rey was sorry that both Sharon and Faith had been kept in the dark. Sharon sympathized that Rey had been trying to do a job in good faith, and she imagined that he felt betrayed. Rey groused that he would never get used to the way the Newman family operated.

At the ranch, Victor thanked Michael for his help. Michael figured that he hadn't been able to prosecute Victoria for a crime she hadn't committed, but the person who should have been charged had been allowed to vanish into thin air. Michael wondered if he should check the Newman jet, and Victor confirmed that it had been in the hangar all day and would remain there. Victor contended that it had been Adam's decision to flee, and Victor had neither helped nor encouraged him.

Summer rushed into the ranch, intent on seeing that Victor was really there. Victor said he was sorry, and Nick informed Summer that he'd tried to call her so that she wouldn't be blindsided. Phyllis burst in and raged that it was too little, too late. She continued that she couldn't stand to look at their faces because it made her sick, and she questioned how they'd dared to do that to her daughter. Summer didn't understand why they'd lied to her, and Victor kissed her cheek and said it was the way it had needed to be.

Phyllis assumed that they hadn't told Summer because they hadn't wanted her blabbing to Phyllis, and Abby admitted that the thought had occurred to them. Nick defended that they'd had a better chance of pulling it off if by keeping the secret contained. Summer wailed that they'd lied to her and let her grieve, and Nick asked what he could do to make it up to her. Phyllis excoriated Nick for putting his daughter in that position to get rid of Adam, and she sarcastically congratulated him and bet he felt great. Phyllis took Summer's hand and led her out.

Nick headed after the women, but Victoria suggested that he give Summer space. Victor was thankful that it was over with, but Nick questioned whether the pain and suffering was ever really over where Adam was concerned. "I certainly hope so, son," Victor replied. Meanwhile, Adam sat at a poker table. Someone asked if "Spider" was in, and Adam confidently made his next move.

Jack takes a step back from Jabot Jack takes a step back from Jabot
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
by Nel

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle provided Billy with information on business during his absence. Kyle informed him the merger had been completed, and it had gone smoothly. Billy assured Kyle and Summer that he was much stronger and wouldn't return to gambling. Jack arrived and said he was happy Billy was back. Jack touched on the Victor situation with Summer and teased that Victor wasn't the only one pulling off a surprise. Kyle noticed Summer's discomfort at the mention of Victor's name. He used the excuse that they had some work to catch up on, and he and Summer left.

Outside Jack's office, Kyle urged Summer to get Victor's death off her chest. Summer said she was a complete mess, thanks to Victor's resurrection. Summer was grateful that Kyle had been there for her after Victor had died and that he continued to be there for her. She claimed he was the only one she could count on. Kyle asked her about Theo. Summer said that Theo didn't know Victor as well as Kyle did. Kyle guessed that Theo's attempt to help Summer had fallen short.

In Jack's office, Billy assured Jack that he was fine. Jack stated that Adam had to have brought up some painful issues after Adam had tried to kill Victor. It was likely the reason for Billy returning to his gambling addiction. Billy said he hadn't gambled.

Billy told Jack that he'd had a break with reality. He said he'd been in a lot of pain and rage he hadn't been able to control. He said it had created an alter ego that had wanted to do things that Billy wouldn't have done. The alter ego had taken control of his life. He admitted that he'd almost killed Adam, but Adam didn't know that he had tried to run him down.

Billy told Jack that Victoria had saved him. She'd gotten him out of the bad place, and the alter ego had been vanquished. Billy said he was in therapy and felt good. He had a lot to live for, and it made no difference whether Adam remained in Genoa City or not. He said he was getting better, and he felt better than he had in a long time. Jack was delighted and exclaimed that the old Billy was back. Jack and Billy hugged. Billy left.

A short time later Billy and Kyle returned to Jack's office. Jack said he wanted to talk about management. Kyle said he was looking forward to being Jack's right-hand man. Jack announced that he was going to step back from the company. Billy asked if Jack was okay. Jack said he felt better than he had in a long time. Billy wanted to know why Jack was stepping down. Jack corrected him and said that he was stepping back, not down. He said he would function in an advisory capacity. Billy commented that Jack's timing was odd, since the merger had just been completed.

Jack told Billy and Kyle that he was proud of where the company and his family were at that moment. He said he wanted to immortalize John and Dina's lives, and with Traci's help, they would tell John and Dina's story from the beginning. It would include the good, the bad, and the ugly. Jack wanted to give his full attention to that project.

Jack stated that he wanted Kyle and Billy to run the company together. He wanted to have the next generation move Jabot forward. He said Kyle and Billy needed to be committed because they would be the face of Jabot. Kyle and Billy agreed to get along. When Jack left, Billy asked who would get Jack's office.

At the ranch, Victor complained to Nikki about the effect his plan had had on the family. He claimed that Adam was no longer a threat to their lives. Nikki handed Victor his medication. She reminded him that he was still facing a very serious health threat. Victor told Nikki that he was worried because he hadn't heard from Summer. He stated he needed to get through to her.

Victor left Summer a voicemail message asking her to call him. Nikki suggested that he give her time and space. She asked if Victor intended to reach out to Adam. Victor stated that Adam had made his choice, and leaving Genoa City had been the right thing to do. He hoped Adam would make a good life for himself elsewhere.

Victor told Nikki that the decision he'd made had paid off. Paul arrived at that moment and said he disagreed. Irate, Paul told Victor that he had staked his reputation on Victor's word that Adam would be arrested. Victor claimed that Victoria's arrest hadn't been part of the plan. Paul retorted that neither was allowing Adam to walk away. He told Victor that there wouldn't be any more deals or favors, but he was very happy that Victor was still with them.

After Paul left, Victor said that even though he hadn't heard from Summer, he felt that things had turned out well, but he remained concerned about the rift between him and Summer. Nikki assured him that the family wouldn't fall apart. She said she wanted a family get-together to allow everyone to air their thoughts and clear the air. Victor liked the idea, and he claimed that the family would realize that a united family was stronger. Victor told Nikki that he loved her and that she'd always been his rock. Nikki stated that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do for him because he was the love of her life. They kissed.

Rey met Paul in Chancellor Park. Rey felt that Paul owed him an explanation with regard to bending the rules. Rey reminded him that he'd ripped Rey apart for having done the same thing in the J.T. case. Paul said it had been his prerogative, and he'd done his best under the circumstances. He said he didn't owe Rey an explanation. Rey mentioned that Paul had said that going rogue wouldn't be tolerated. Paul claimed it had been an undercover operation, and he'd gone along with Victor's plan.

Rey said that a lot of people had mourned Victor's death. Paul stated that he'd weighed the pros and cons, and Victor's plan had been their best shot at nailing Adam. In the end, however, Adam was gone, and Victor's life was no longer in danger. Rey stated that the dirt bag would return, and Rey walked away.

At Nick's, Chelsea was still very angry because she needed to explain to Connor that his grandfather hadn't died. She said that Nick could have given her a heads-up before Victor was about to appear on television. Nick offered to help in any way he could, but Chelsea claimed she couldn't trust him. She didn't understand how he could have done that to Connor. Nick said he had hoped that Adam would have confessed before they said anything to Connor, but Adam hadn't. Nick informed Chelsea that Adam had confessed to Victor before he'd left town.

Nick told Chelsea he hadn't wanted to let Adam get away after Adam had tried to kill Victor. Chelsea pointed out that Adam had gotten away and that Nick had put all the kids through a horrible ordeal. Nick admitted he'd screwed up. He reminded Chelsea that Adam had tried to kill Victor and walked out on Connor. He said he was ready to do whatever it took to make things right. Chelsea stated that Connor would be hurt when he found out they'd lied about Victor's death. Nick said he'd do everything he could to help, but she said that wasn't what she wanted. Nick begged her not to give up on them. Chelsea said she wouldn't give up, but she needed some time alone. Nick left.

A short time later, Chelsea told Connor that Victor was alive. Connor claimed she'd lied because that was impossible. Chelsea showed Connor the tablet with the headline stating that Victor was alive. Connor wanted to tell Adam. He claimed that the day Adam had been there to say goodbye, Adam had been very sad, and it was because Victor had died. Connor said Victor's death had been the reason Adam had left. He demanded to be taken to Adam so he could tell him that Victor was alive and to convince him to return home.

Chelsea informed Connor that she couldn't take him to see Adam because she didn't know where Adam was. Connor didn't believe her. Chelsea said that Adam had known that Victor was alive before he'd left. Connor shouted that he wished everyone would stop lying to him. Chelsea assured him she wasn't lying. Connor wanted Chelsea to convince Adam to return home. Exasperated, Chelsea claimed that if Adam wanted to be with them, he would be. Connor cried that she didn't care how he felt, and he ran to his room. Summer had arrived at the end of Chelsea and Connor's argument. She offered to talk to Connor.

After spending some time with Connor, Summer returned. She told Chelsea that Connor hadn't been very talkative. She admitted that she and Connor had agreed on one thing -- that it sucked to be deceived by the people who were supposed to love them. Nick arrived and heard what Summer had said.

Chelsea asked Summer how she could help Connor. Summer suggested that Chelsea needed to respect Connor's feelings. He was entitled to feeling angry for the time being. Nick said that Summer was entitled to that, as well. Summer wanted to leave, but Nick stopped her. He wanted to apologize. Summer said that an apology wouldn't fix the problem. Nick wanted to know what would. Summer didn't know if anything would.

Nick explained to Summer that Adam had been a real threat to Victor and everyone in the family. Summer reminded him that she was part of that family, and she should have been told. She shouted that Abby, Victoria, and Noah had been told, but she'd been treated like an outsider. She didn't know whether she would ever forgive that, and she stormed out.

Nick asked Chelsea to tell him that he hadn't wrecked everything. Chelsea remained silent. Nick stated that her silence spoke volumes. Chelsea said that he'd played with people's emotions, and his kids had grieved unnecessarily. Nick claimed that Adam needed to be exposed, but he was gone. Chelsea needed to fix things, but she needed time alone. She said that Summer had been right -- the situation sucked.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah inquired about Faith. Sharon said that Faith was happy she was at boarding school. Faith believed the Newman drama had driven Noah away. Sharon didn't know if Faith was angry that Victor had died or that he had appeared on live television. Rey entered the coffee shop, and Sharon gave him a sideways glance.

Mariah asked if Sharon and Rey had had a falling-out, and she wanted assurance that Sharon wasn't hung up on Adam. Sharon claimed she'd never been hung up on Adam but had only wanted to help him. She said Rey had convinced her she'd been wrong. Mariah told Sharon she wanted Sharon and Rey to have a fresh start. Mariah called Rey over to their booth, claimed she had a meeting to attend, and left.

Rey told Sharon that he was really angry that he had been investigating a bogus case, and he didn't understand how Victor could have allowed Adam to walk away. Sharon agreed that Rey had every right to be angry. Rey asked her if she knew where Adam was. Sharon claimed she didn't. Rey assured her that she wasn't responsible for Adam's actions. Sharon stated that Adam hadn't been held accountable for any of his actions. She admitted that she had defended him until she'd realized that Adam would cross any line to get what he wanted.

Rey assured Sharon that Adam was solely responsible for his actions. Sharon said it was a good thing that Adam was gone. Rey said he hoped Adam would stay away. Sharon told Rey she was happy she had him to talk to. Nick arrived and asked to speak to Sharon privately on the patio.

Nick apologized to Sharon. He informed her that Faith had no intention of talking to him. Sharon said that Faith had developed coping mechanisms, but Sharon would try to find out how Faith really felt. Nick stated that Faith was lucky to have Sharon. Sharon assured Nick that he was a good father, but he'd screwed up. Nick said he was trying to focus on the good things: Victor was alive, and Adam was gone.

A short time later, Sharon ended a call with Faith after she'd convinced Faith to call Nick when she was ready. Mariah returned and asked how things had gone between Sharon and Rey. Sharon said that things had been fine until Nick had shown up. Frustrated, Mariah asked if all the Newman men wanted Sharon to be unhappy. She encouraged Sharon to go and fight for her happiness. Sharon left the patio to join Rey, but Rey was gone.

Kevin agrees to launder Chelsea's dirty money Kevin agrees to launder Chelsea's dirty money
Thursday, October 3, 2019

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was on the phone, attempting to reassure a business colleague that she had a firm handle on the situation. Nikki walked in as the other party hung up on Victoria. Victoria figured that at least the person had returned her call, since many people hadn't even done that. Nikki had known that Victor's reappearance would cause problems for the company, but she hadn't realized it would be that bad. Victoria didn't expect they'd be able to dig themselves out anytime soon.

Victoria groaned that deals she'd had in place had been canceled, and meetings for new business had been postponed. Nikki expected it to blow over in time, but Victoria worried that people weren't convinced that the threat against Victor's life was over. Nikki voiced concern that he was still a very sick man who needed to rest to regain his strength, but he didn't see things that way. Nikki stressed that it was their job to make sure he didn't take on the world before he was ready. They agreed that Nikki would take care of things on the home front while Victoria protected the company.

Nikki admired the way her daughter was handling things, especially since the plan had taken its biggest toll on Victoria. Victoria thought it had been worth it to get Adam out of their lives, even though she'd expected him to end up behind bars. Nikki clucked that Victor had thought he'd done the right thing by letting Adam go, and Victoria disagreed with her father's decision. Nikki hoped that having everyone over that night would be a fresh start, but Victoria cautioned that it wouldn't be that simple. Nikki reasoned that if everyone couldn't get over their hurt feelings, then Adam's plan to destroy their family had succeeded, and she couldn't allow that to happen.

Later, Billy arrived at Newman and joked that he was there to check up on his enemy. He quickly added that he'd wanted to see the beautiful woman he was lucky to be with. Victoria was flattered, but she imagined that he was swamped at Jabot with Jack stepping away. Billy figured that Jabot would still be there when he returned in an hour, just like Newman would be there when she got back. She was surprised that he expected her to leave, and he insisted that it was important.

Victoria and Billy enjoyed a picnic in the park, and she teased him for tricking her into thinking there had been an emergency. He maintained that it had been very important, and he observed that she wasn't complaining. He thought she'd needed the break with the long hours she'd been working, and he admitted that he'd needed it just as much as she had -- maybe even more.

Billy found it nice to be in the sun again after being in a dark hole for weeks. He credited Victoria with saving him, and he thought being in therapy and doing the work felt good. Victoria recognized that it hadn't been easy for him, but she was proud of him. He regretted not being there for her and the kids, but she assured him that all that mattered was that their family was together. They kissed.

At Nick's house, Nick asked Chelsea how Connor was doing, and she reported that her son had barely said two words at breakfast. Nick encouraged her to give the boy time, but she huffed that time didn't heal everything. Nick offered to take Connor to see his grandpa, but Chelsea thought it was too soon. Nick swore that he didn't want to pressure her, but he was willing to do whatever it took to make things right between them. He begged her to tell him what he could do, but she opted to focus on getting Connor to school.

Chelsea suggested that they talk that night, but Nick mentioned that his parents were having a family get-together. He invited her to join him, but she testily stated that she wasn't in the mood for a Newman gathering, and she hurried out to check on Connor. Chelsea reminded Connor that they'd talked about how some kids might say things about his grandfather, and he spat that he didn't care. Chelsea recognized that he'd been hit with two big changes in a row, and Connor wished that he'd never seen Adam again in the first place. Chelsea understood that Connor felt that way then, but she assured him that they would get through it together. Connor sullenly walked out.

Nick stopped by Devon's penthouse, and Devon said they had a lot to go over before the opening of their new building. Nick suspected that Devon was angry about being kept in the dark about Victor. Devon surmised that he hadn't been the only one, and Nick acknowledged that a lot of people were upset with him. Devon shared that he felt foolish for offering his condolences and mourning a man that wasn't dead, but it wasn't what was really bothering him.

Devon recalled that he'd been sad when he'd thought Victor had passed away, but he'd also imagined Victor and Neil being together with Katherine, Hilary, and everyone else Devon had loved and lost in his life. Devon mused that it had given him some comfort, but then he'd found out none of it was real. Devon admitted that it made him jealous that Nick still had Victor because Devon wasn't getting anyone back, and it made him feel like he was losing them all over again.

Nick swore that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone and that there had been a very credible threat against Victor. Nick added that Adam had been behind it, but they didn't have to worry anymore because Adam had left town. Devon was glad to hear the plan had worked, but Nick confided that it had caused stress in his relationships with Chelsea and Summer. Nick recalled that he'd begged Chelsea to tell him what he could do to fix it, but she'd practically run out of the house. Devon recommended that Nick take action to show her how he felt.

Devon remarked that it was a lot easier to tell people what to do with their lives than to figure it out on his own. Devon relayed that Amanda had claimed that the part of Katherine's will with his inheritance had been forged, and Cane was looking into who'd been behind all of it. Devon grumbled that he just wanted it to be over, and he never wanted to see Amanda's face ever again because she looked exactly like Hilary. Devon believed that it wasn't a coincidence, and whoever had hired her had done so to unnerve him. Nick implored Devon not to let it get to him, and Devon turned the topic to getting ready for the opening of their building.

Devon assumed that Nick had taken care of the final building inspection. Nick realized that he hadn't, but he made a call and arranged for an old contact from Crimson Lights and the Underground to perform the inspection later that day. Devon was impressed that Nick had been able to take care of it that quickly, and Nick chalked it up to having connections from living in Genoa City his whole life. Devon contemplated whether a "Newman and everyman" like Nick should run for office, but Nick balked at the idea. Devon offered to handle business there while Nick took care of business at home. Nick implied that he had a plan -- he just hoped it worked.

Once alone, Devon pulled out Amanda's business card and stared at it. He dialed her number and requested to meet her at the Grand Phoenix.

In Chancellor Park, Phyllis wondered how Summer was really doing. Summer explained that she was happy her grandpa was alive, but she was also hurt that the Newmans had considered her an afterthought. Summer complained that everyone had been trusted with the secret except her, and Phyllis was sure that the Newmans had been worried Summer would tell her. Phyllis inquired whether Summer had talked to Nick. Summer relayed that he'd apologized, but it wouldn't fix what he'd done. Phyllis imagined that it would be a long time before Summer accepted his apology, but Summer refused to let Phyllis use the situation to gloss over their own problems.

Phyllis questioned whether it was okay for her to be mad at Nick. Summer contended that she had other people to talk to, like Kyle and Theo. Phyllis scoffed at the thought of Theo being supportive, but Summer insisted that he'd been a good friend to her. Phyllis was happy that Summer had people who loved her, but she pointed out that she was Summer's mother. Phyllis added that she knew what it felt like to be betrayed by people who she'd thought loved her, and Summer appreciated that she could lean on her mom.

Phyllis recalled that she and Summer had been talking about doing something fun together before they'd heard about Victor's resurrection, and she proposed that they have a girls' night that night. Summer revealed that her grandparents had invited the family over, but she didn't have any intention of going. Phyllis guaranteed that she and Summer would have much more fun than whatever was going on with the Newmans, and Summer called it a date. They hugged.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kevin toasted to not-so-fond farewells, and Chloe looked forward to peace and harmony. They said goodbye and good riddance to Adam, and Chloe wondered where he'd gone. Kevin quipped that "hell" would be his first choice, but he'd be happy if it was nowhere near there. They clammed up when Chelsea approached. Chloe asked how Connor was handling Adam's departure, and Chelsea lamented that her son was angry and too young to process it.

Kevin couldn't pretend to be upset that Adam was gone, but he sympathized that Chelsea had to watch her child suffer. Chloe chirped that she had a lot of free time, and she offered to help however she could. Chelsea offered Chloe a job as the hotel's marketing director, and Chloe squealed that it would be a dream gig for her. Chloe thanked Chelsea profusely and gushed about how much it meant to her to be friends again. Chelsea intended to surround herself with people who had her back, since she needed that more than ever.

Chloe prepared to go shopping for clothes for her new job, but Kevin and Chelsea both passed on joining her. Chelsea mentioned that she had to talk to Kevin about something she needed help with. Chloe headed out, and Chelsea insisted that what she was about to tell Kevin had to stay between them. Kevin refused to keep anything from Chloe, and Chelsea agreed but stressed the need for confidentiality, since Nick didn't even know about it.

Chelsea revealed that Calvin had left her a sizable inheritance of approximately ten million dollars, and Kevin gasped. Chelsea shared that she'd invested half the money in the hotel and given another portion to her mother, but she still had suitcases of cash that she couldn't touch because Calvin had been involved in questionable business dealings that she hadn't known about until after he'd passed. Chelsea said the money couldn't go anywhere until it had a good wash, and Kevin was the only person she trusted to handle it properly. She asked if he'd do it for her.

Kevin was surprised that Chelsea wouldn't do it herself, since she had a history of conning people out of money. Chelsea worried that laundering millions of dollars was out of her league. Kevin voiced concern that he and Chloe finally had a chance at a normal life, and he had a lot to lose if things went south. Chelsea recognized that it was a big ask, but she needed the money to provide security. Chelsea referred to what Adam had done to Victor and to the Newmans telling lies, and she considered that a reminder that nothing was certain in life.

Kevin understood about wanting to provide for a child, and Chelsea offered him a ten percent cut of everything he laundered to make things easier for his family. He agreed to do it, and she asked him to do it quickly. He advised against moving too fast out of fear of raising red flags, but he promised to do it at a safe speed. Chelsea hugged Kevin and said she'd never forget it.

Later, Phyllis and Summer sat down with Chelsea about doing another collaboration with Jabot Collective. Phyllis proposed that the hotel make phoenix-inspired jewelry pieces of their own, and Chelsea muttered that it sounded good. Phyllis pitched the idea of acquiring some groundbreaking security software, but Chelsea clearly wasn't listening. Phyllis dryly suggested that they put a bowling alley and a zoo on the seventh floor. Chelsea barely reacted, and Phyllis ordered her to get her head in the game.

Chelsea snapped that she had a lot going on, and Phyllis pointed out that Summer had also been a victim of Newman family values. Phyllis argued that the difference was that Summer had been born into it, whereas Chelsea had chosen to live with Nick and work with Abby. Abby hovered nearby and eavesdropped as Phyllis questioned whether Victor really wanted what was best for his grandchildren when he'd thrown them under the bus when they hadn't fit into his plan.

Abby confronted Phyllis about who she was to judge anyone, and she argued that her father could have died. Abby considered Adam's departure a win in her book, and Chelsea said she had to get out of there. Chelsea told Abby that she'd hired Chloe for the marketing position, and she headed out. Summer followed Chelsea, and Phyllis huffed that Abby's hypocrisy was off the charts. Abby stopped Phyllis from leaving and barked that she wasn't finished with her yet.

Abby asked Phyllis how Adam was, since she suspected Phyllis had been in touch with him. Phyllis snarled that she didn't owe Abby any answers, but she hadn't spoken to him since he'd left. Abby wondered if Phyllis expected to hear from him, since Phyllis had been the closest thing he'd had to a friend in town. Abby theorized that Phyllis was helping Adam plot his strategic return just when everyone thought he was gone for good. Phyllis retorted that even if it was on her agenda to get Adam back in town, she wouldn't be stupid enough to tell Abby, and she stalked off.

Chloe met Kevin on the Crimson Lights patio, grateful that he'd sent a text message because she'd spent too much on fall fashions. He informed her that he'd ordered a double caramel latte for her, and she remarked that it had to be serious. He divulged that Chelsea had asked him for a big favor, and he'd agreed to do it. Chloe figured that they owed Chelsea for giving Chloe an amazing job, but Kevin suspected that Chloe might not feel that way once he told her what he'd signed on for.

After Kevin filled Chloe in, she approved of the arrangement, since the money would give Chelsea future options. Chloe was also pleased that Chelsea trusted Kevin, and she asked how much money was involved. Kevin disclosed that it was millions, and Chloe reveled in the prospect of getting ten percent of it. She thought it was a win-win, but she felt bad for Chelsea because Chelsea and Nick had been keeping secrets from one another. Chloe figured that the couple would make it work if they loved one another enough, but otherwise, Chelsea would have some serious getaway money.

Phyllis greeted Kevin and Chloe and welcomed Chloe to the Grand Phoenix team, commending the job Chloe had done when they'd worked together at Restless Style. Phyllis turned to Kevin with a question about when he'd worked for Adam, but Kevin clarified that Adam had blackmailed him into doing Adam's dirty work. Phyllis queried whether Adam had mentioned what he might do if he left Genoa City, but Kevin responded that Adam had never said a word. Phyllis claimed that she and Adam had become friends, but Kevin protested that Adam didn't have friends but only used people. Kevin urged Phyllis not to spend any more time thinking about Adam, since he was sure that Adam wasn't thinking about her.

Phyllis retreated to Adam's penthouse. She left a voicemail for Adam, not surprised that he hadn't picked up. She informed him that he had a lot of people up in arms over his leaving, but she guessed that he'd expected that. She told him to call her back because they needed to talk.

Chelsea returned home and called out that she'd gotten Nick's message. She entered the living room and found Nick, who presented her with a huge bouquet of flowers. He said he'd hated the way they'd left things that morning, and the distance between them was killing him. He accepted that it was all his fault. He didn't expect her to forgive him anytime soon, but he'd do anything to get back to where they'd been because he loved her. He hoped that she'd give him another chance.

Chelsea thanked Nick for the flowers, and he told her that she didn't have to say or do anything. He just wanted her to be there in that moment, and he referred to the incredible massage she'd given him a couple of weeks earlier. He volunteered to return the favor, and he began to rub her shoulders. He pulled her hair back from her neck and moved in to kiss her, but she bristled and told him she wasn't ready. She warned that it wasn't going to be that easy.

Phyllis overhears Cane make plans to find Adam Phyllis overhears Cane make plans to find Adam
Friday, October 4, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Elena hated that Devon had needed to cancel his appointments to meet with Amanda. Elena thought Devon should blow the meeting off, and she suggested that he hire a team of lawyers to show Amanda what she stood to lose if she continued the scam. Devon remarked that Elena should have been a lawyer herself, and she commented that there wouldn't be any problems if people didn't start them. Devon was determined to get answers, and he pointed out that Amanda was the only one who had them.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby fawned over Nate, who asked where she wanted to go that night. She informed him that they'd been invited to a party at her father's house, and she suggested that they stop by the ranch for drinks before going out to do whatever Nate wanted. He seemed nonplussed. Nick approached and asked if they'd seen Summer, and Abby reported that Summer had been there earlier. They planned to meet at the ranch later.

Cane greeted Nick and wondered if he'd heard about the lawyer Chance had supposedly hired who looked like Hilary's double. Cane referred to the link between Chance and Adam, and Nick considered it worth investigating. Cane mentioned that he'd heard Adam had left town, and he hoped that if he found Adam, he'd find Chance. Nick groused that Adam was the last person he wanted to talk about, but he wished Cane luck.

Cane ran into Amanda at the bar and made it clear that he wasn't on board with what she was trying to pull. He warned that whoever was behind it would destroy her reputation in the process, but she huffed that she didn't need to take advice from him or anyone else. Devon joined them, and Cane contended that it would be in Amanda's best interests to drop the case. After Cane stepped away, Devon apologized and swore that he'd had nothing to do with Cane's statement, since if Devon had something to say, he'd say it himself.

Devon acknowledged that he and Amanda had started off on the wrong foot when she'd shown up at his apartment, looking like Hilary and talking about Katherine's will. He explained that they had been parts of his life that he'd thought were dead and buried, and he'd been unfair to assume Amanda was out to scam him. He added that he'd need more proof before he believed the claim was legitimate, but he was willing to consider the possibility that she was working in good faith. He proposed that they work together to get answers to their questions.

Devon handed Amanda a drink, and she remarked that it was a much nicer way of doing business than how they'd started. He thought she'd enjoyed trying to put him in his place, and she admitted that she hadn't appreciated his automatic suspicion and ugly accusations. Devon sympathized that it couldn't have been easy to have people look at her like she was a ghost, and Amanda thought it was clear that Hilary had been a very special person who many people had cared about. Devon offered to tell Amanda more about Hilary, and Amanda replied that she would like that very much.

Devon told Amanda about how Hilary had touched a lot of lives in a short amount of time, and he hoped it helped Amanda to see that it would be vicious to exploit Hilary's memory. Amanda couldn't imagine Chance doing something like that, citing his stellar record as a soldier and public servant. Devon doubted that Amanda was really working for Chance, and Amanda accused him of grasping at straws to avoid facing the truth. She urged him to face that he was living off a fortune that belonged to someone else, and she sauntered off.

At the Newman ranch, Michael observed that Nikki looked fantastic, and he inquired whether Nikki and Victor were going out that night. She indicated that they were staying in to host a family get-together to relax after the pressure they'd been under. Michael apologized for adding to the stress by arresting Victoria, but he regretted that he'd had no choice with the evidence they'd found against her. Nikki clarified that the evidence had been planted, and Michael asked if Victor had any second thoughts about letting Adam go. Victor firmly replied that he didn't, and Michael hoped Victor was keeping tabs on Adam's whereabouts. Victor asserted that he'd handle it his way.

Victoria and Billy arrived. Billy imagined that Michael's workload would be lighter without Adam in town, and Victoria politely inquired about Kevin and Chloe. Nikki invited Michael to stay, but he said his goodbyes and headed out to go home to Lauren. Billy sarcastically congratulated Victor on his brilliant plan to drive Adam to his knees, and Victor accepted that it would take time to resolve things. Billy warned Victor to watch his back, and Victor cited Billy's own attempt to put his life back together. Victor dryly hoped that nothing happened to shatter Billy's illusions.

Abby and Nate walked in. Victor spotted Nate's medical bag and asked if there was a bottle of tequila inside, since it was a party. Nate preferred to use the occasion to provide a checkup, and Abby promised that they'd be there when the men got back. Victor and Nate stepped out, and Nick asked what Abby had done to Nate, who had looked like he was going to a funeral. Abby shared that Nate hated that they'd gone to extremes to protect Victor from Adam, and Nick remarked that Nate could join the club. Abby stressed that it was their club, but Nate wasn't used to the drama and games.

Victor returned with Nate and reported a clean bill of health. Nikki inquired whether Nick had heard from Summer, and he indicated that Summer was with Phyllis and that Chelsea hadn't wanted to leave Connor, who was upset that his dad had left town. Victor thought the boy should know that he was surrounded by a big, loving family, but Nick defended that it had been Chelsea's call to make. Abby suggested that Chelsea address her problems directly with Victor instead of using her son to make a point. Victor invited all of them to say what they had to say to clear the air. The group exchanged uncomfortable glances.

Victoria blurted out that she was completely frustrated by the situation. She recognized that Victor was relieved that Adam had grown a conscience and begged for forgiveness, but the consequences had included her being arrested and put in jail. Victor said she'd been cleared, but she clarified that she hadn't been cleared in the court of public opinion. She recalled that while picking up the kids from school, a fellow mom had congratulated her on getting out of jail again.

Victor didn't "give a damn" about what other people said, but Victoria wondered how she was supposed to tell her children about their family's reputation. Nick piped up that Faith had been coping because she was away at boarding school; however, Summer was angry, and Connor was confused and heartbroken. Victor scoffed at the idea that Connor would be better off with his father in prison, and Nick barked that it wasn't the point. Billy testily pointed out that Victor's scheme had hurt everyone but Adam. Victor thought Billy couldn't be more wrong.

Victor believed that Adam had paid more of a price than any of them by being humiliated and cut off from his family. Victor imagined that Adam would probably never see them again, and Nick snapped that it was what happened when a criminal went on the run. Abby opined that no one had forced them to make the choices they'd made, and she thought Victor had done what any of them would do to protect their child.

Abby continued that what mattered was that they'd saved Victor's life, so they should feel good about the decision they'd made together. Over Nikki's protests, Nick prepared to leave to check on Christian, and Victoria and Billy opted to go home to relieve Hannah. Abby suggested that she and Nate stay for dinner, but he requested a rain check. Abby looked dismayed, but Victor appreciated what she'd said.

Once alone, Nikki tried to convince Victor not to be discouraged, since it would take their family time to recover. Victor wished he could be as optimistic, and Nikki referenced how far their children had been willing to go to protect him from Adam. She questioned how their kids were supposed to feel when everything Victor had done had been for Adam's sake. Victor recognized that Adam had always been bitter because Victor hadn't raised him, and he felt that Adam deserved more from him than the children he'd been there for since birth. Nikki believed that all of Victor's children needed him.

At the bar at Society, Lola asked Rey what she could get her favorite detective. He requested justice for all, no matter how much money anybody had in their bank account. She recognized that the situation with Victor was driving Rey crazy, and Rey griped that his boss had given him grief about J.T.'s case and Mia's attack, yet Paul had been roped into the "Newman murder-mystery dinner theater." Rey referred to one of the stars basking in the spotlight, and he glanced over at Summer taking selfies with another patron.

Lola argued that Summer had been just as much a victim as anyone else, since Summer had believed her grandfather had died and her aunt had been arrested. Lola urged Rey to think about how Summer felt, knowing her family had lied to her day after day. Lola spotted Sharon and encouraged Rey to go say hi, but he assumed that Sharon was waiting for someone. Lola pushed him to test his theory.

Lola approached Summer and asked how she was doing. Summer quipped that the Newmans always had someone returning from the dead, so she should be used to it, but the lying had gotten to her. Summer groaned that she had to deal with everyone trying to make it better, and Lola offered an ear if Summer wanted to talk, scream, or eat her feelings.

Mariah entered the restaurant and asked Lola for the best table for two. Lola protested that Mariah couldn't be there, since Sharon and Rey were there, too. Mariah said she couldn't flake on her mom, but Lola countered that Mariah wouldn't be flaking if she got kicked out, and Lola had the right to refuse service to anyone. Lola started to lead Mariah to exit through the kitchen so that no one saw her, but Mariah received a text message from Sharon, who'd seen what they'd been up to and agreed to forgive Mariah. Mariah told Lola to work her magic.

Rey stared at Sharon, and Lola wondered if he was waiting for an engraved invitation. Lola expected him to thank her when he and Sharon were back together. Cane interrupted and introduced himself to Rey. Cane explained that he was trying to find the connection between Chance and Adam, and he knew that Rey had done some investigating on the matter for Nick. Rey reported that the trail had gone cold, but he'd last spoken with Riza Thompson, a mutual friend of Adam and Chance's in Las Vegas. Rey added that she hadn't been forthcoming, and he wished Cane luck.

Rey approached Sharon and noted that it looked like she was waiting for someone. She replied that she'd been stood up, and he called it the other person's loss. He asked if he could join her, and she teased that she wouldn't want to disappoint the chef, who'd been cooking something up all night. Rey sat down, and Lola looked victorious.

Sharon was glad that Rey was back on the force, but he lamented that it wasn't the same without her. He inquired whether she'd considered taking another job outside the coffeehouse, but she enjoyed having the free time for travel. He asked if she'd be taking a trip to see the fall foliage, since a couple of places were hitting their peak colors. Sharon was impressed, considering that he'd been a novice the year before. Rey noted that he'd had a good teacher, and he mused that seeing the leaves change made him think of her.

Later, Sharon protested when Rey paid the bill, but he insisted that a gentleman should pay for a date. She inquired whether it was a date, and he replied that it was for her to judge. She said it depended, and he offered to walk her to her car. They left holding hands.

Summer met Phyllis at Adam's penthouse and found it creepy that her mother had been living there. Phyllis suggested that they drink expensive wine, pig out on junk food, and watch trashy TV shows. Phyllis offered to call someone over to give them facials and foot massages, and she joked that it was probably exactly what the Newmans were doing at their party. Phyllis thanked Summer for choosing to be with her that night, despite the Newmans putting pressure on Summer to be with them.

Phyllis rambled about how the Newmans had shattered Summer's heart by lying to her and then trying to wipe away the hard feelings by throwing a party. Phyllis ranted that they made up their own rules, only to break them, and Summer complained that it wasn't why she was there. Phyllis apologized, and she insisted that she just wanted to validate Summer's decision to stand up for herself. Phyllis promised not to talk about the Newmans anymore, but Summer was still unnerved by being in Adam's lair. Summer pointed out that Phyllis had praised her for taking a strong moral stand, but she questioned why Phyllis was housesitting for a criminal.

Phyllis didn't see how she could have said no to first-class amenities and a gorgeous view, but Summer flatly replied that it would have been one syllable. Phyllis insisted that her staying there didn't mean anything, and she figured that Adam had owed her one. Summer was appalled that it didn't bother Phyllis that Adam had tried to kill Victor. Phyllis pointed out that there was no proof and that it had all been a hoax. Summer cried that Adam had done horrible, unforgivable things, yet Phyllis was making excuses for him, just like Abby and Nick made excuses for Victor. Summer griped that everyone was living in a grey area with no right from wrong -- just what people could get away with.

Phyllis countered that Summer had dipped her toe into the grey area, too, and Summer noted that Phyllis was even making excuses for her. Phyllis asserted that mothers made excuses for their children, and Summer imagined that she would have been a better person if Phyllis' expectations and standards had been higher. There was a knock at the door, and Phyllis cautioned that they weren't done talking. Phyllis found Cane at the door and told him that it wasn't a great time. He requested a couple of minutes to talk about Adam, and Summer seized the chance to duck out.

Phyllis informed Cane that she'd last heard from Adam when he'd given her the keys to his place. Cane wondered if Adam had mentioned where he was going, since Cane was trying to find someone, and he thought Adam could point him in the right direction. Phyllis suggested that Cane tell her what he was after, but he simply requested that she let him know if she heard from Adam. Cane headed out. A suspicious Phyllis waited for a moment before following him.

Summer returned to Society and had a drink at the bar. She contemplated calling Kyle, but she looked at Lola telling some customers about the specials, and she set her phone down.

Phyllis trailed Cane to Crimson Lights. She attempted to call Adam, and a phone rang at a nearby table. She approached the man sitting at the table and was stunned to see Michael. She asked what he was doing with Adam's phone, and Michael demanded to know why Phyllis had been calling Adam. He wondered if she wanted to find out what happened when one aided and abetted a fugitive.

Phyllis claimed that she was housesitting for Adam but couldn't figure out some of the kitchen appliances. Michael revealed that Adam had sent the phone to him via courier, along with the access code. Michael explained that the phone had contained Adam's arsenal of every incriminating photo and text message that he'd accumulated since the day he'd arrived, and Phyllis asked if Adam had dirt on Michael or someone he loved. "Not anymore," Michael replied, adding that the phone had been wiped clean. Phyllis imagined that it had once contained a treasure trove of dirty secrets.

Across the coffeehouse, Cane pressed Nate about whether Victor had said anything about Adam's whereabouts. Nate sourly suggested that Cane go to the source. Nate sat down with Elena and asked if he needed to prescribe something for a case of chronic cold shoulder. She coolly replied that he'd lied to her about Victor, and Nate apologetically explained that he'd wanted to help because Victor had been in danger. Elena argued that Nate and his reputation mattered just as much. Nate shared that the Newmans had a way of making everything life or death with a million different ways to rationalize it -- and he hated it.

After Michael headed out, Phyllis eavesdropped as Cane made a call to request that the Chancellor jet fly him to Vegas that night.

TWO SCOOPS: Hello, dolly!
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