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Victor agreed to Victoria's ultimatum to permanently reinstate her as Newman's CEO. Adam evaded questions about his connection to Chance. Victor called off his surveillance of Adam. Cane arrived to meet Chance, but someone knocked Cane out and dragged him off. Devon fired Theo.
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Victoria issued an ultimatum to Victor: Reinstate her as CEO, or lose her as a daughter
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An announcement devastates Victoria An announcement devastates Victoria
Monday, October 7, 2019

In her office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria spoke on the phone with a concerned business partner and assured the caller that she was running the company smoothly despite the confusion over Victor's fake death. Billy entered as the call concluded. Victoria expressed relief after the caller had agreed to continue doing business with Newman Enterprises. Billy shared Victoria's happiness after she announced that she'd saved a contract with one of the company's property developers.

Victoria sadly noted that Victor's news conference had triggered the loss of several big contracts, though she seemed more determined than ever to succeed. Billy kissed Victoria after she proclaimed, "I still got it." Billy assured Victoria that Victor was lucky to have her in charge.

At the Newman ranch, Victor assured Nikki that he'd been improving since he'd resumed taking the proper dose of medication. Victor attributed the slight strain she noticed on his face to the turmoil his family had faced. Nikki reminded Victor that their children and grandchildren were struggling with the way they'd handled things. Victor explained that he'd just had another physical to ensure he was strong enough to resume his role as his company's CEO.

Nikki, taken aback, cried, "What about Victoria?" Victor reminded Nikki that Victoria would once again be a valued member of his team. Nikki, frustrated, replied, "She was arrested to keep your secret from Adam, and now you're going to take her job?" Victor insisted he'd never handed over the company to Victoria, who'd serve as COO.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon was eager to hear from Cane about his search for Chance. Elena reminded Devon that though resolving the issue with Katherine's will was his top priority, he should instead focus on the ribbon-cutting ceremony for New Hope. Devon expressed frustration after failing to convince Amanda that her client might not be on the up and up. Elena again urged Devon to refocus his energies and ease his mind. Devon kissed Elena and agreed that they both could use a break from stress.

At Nick's house, Chelsea told Nick that she wouldn't be attending the New Hope building dedication. Chelsea explained that she would instead keep Connor home from school because he was hurt and angry, and he would barely speak to her. Nick agreed it was the right thing for Chelsea to do, and he offered to skip the event, too. Chelsea urged Nick to attend and celebrate his accomplishment. Nick assumed most of the responsibility for Connor's distress and suggested he stay away from home as much as possible. Chelsea agreed it would be best and said it was her place to comfort her son.

Nick suggested to Chelsea that, though it might be awkward and uncomfortable, Sharon might be of help because she had experience working with troubled children. Chelsea declined Nick's offer, citing Sharon's complicated history with Adam, who was the core of Connor's issues. After Nick left, Chelsea whispered to herself, "There's got to be someone else." Chelsea, desperate, summoned Sharon for help. Sharon agreed that working with Chelsea would take getting used to, but she wanted to help Connor.

Chelsea explained to Sharon that Calvin's death had dealt a huge blow to Connor, which had been quickly followed by Adam leaving, and then Connor discovering that Victor was alive after believing he was dead. Sharon agreed that it was a lot to handle, especially for a young child. Chelsea was frustrated because Connor had shut her out and refused to talk to her. Sharon suggested that in the midst of chaos, Connor was attempting to gain control of the situation, even by cutting off communication. Chelsea said she could see how it made sense because so many had abandoned him. Sharon offered to speak to Connor in hopes of getting him to open up. Sharon assured Chelsea that enlisting help didn't make her less of a parent and instead proved she was willing to try anything to help her son.

After Sharon spent time with Connor, she told Chelsea that Connor had talked a little about baseball before shutting down when she'd mentioned Adam. Chelsea panicked and said she didn't know what to do. Sharon suggested they be patient. Chelsea blamed Adam for torching everything. Chelsea said she was considering taking Connor and leaving town for good. Sharon explained that Nick was a solid father figure for Connor. Sharon encouraged Chelsea to stay because Nick loved her and Connor.

In the lobby at the Grand Phoenix, Devon and Elena greeted Victoria and Billy. Billy praised Devon and Nick's project. Devon noted that Nick was the driving force in making New Hope relevant again. Nick arrived and took Victoria aside for a private conversation. Nick asked Victoria how she was doing after their family meeting. Victoria said she'd wanted to ask Nick the same question, and she inquired about Chelsea and Connor.

Nick admitted that things could be better. Victoria expressed relief that Adam was out of their lives. Nick said that though he was relieved, he was questioning their methods. Nikki arrived and greeted Nick and Victoria, noting that Victoria had left work to be present. Victoria said she'd never miss Nick's big day.

Nikki took Victoria aside for a private conversation. Victoria noticed one of Newman Enterprises' disgruntled partners and rushed off to talk to him. After Victoria returned to Billy's side, he explained that he was needed at the office. Victoria said she understood better than anyone how Billy had to deal with every problem at Jabot in Jack's absence. Billy admitted that it felt good to be back in charge again. Victoria nodded in agreement.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack thanked Traci for agreeing to help him write a book about their family's history. Their work was interrupted by a knock at the door. Jack opened the door and greeted a distraught Summer, who was seeking support after being misled and believing she'd suffered the loss of her grandfather. Traci expressed her sorrow for Summer's grief and left the room. Summer's pent-up frustrations spilled out as she cried that she had been hurt by Victor, was angry because Adam had attempted to kill her grandfather, and found it bizarre that her mother had taken up residence in Adam's penthouse.

Summer, stifling tears, recalled that her entire family, including her father, had been in on Victor's faked death except her. Summer expressed her feelings of pain from having believed she'd have to face life without her grandfather and couldn't, as her family expected, suddenly act as if everything had gone back to normal. Jack agreed that it was wrong to mess with people's emotions. Victor showed up at Jack's in search of Summer. Summer said she wasn't sure she was ready to speak to Victor.

Victor was eager to set things right. Summer unleashed her frustrations and told Victor that Jack had been supportive and cared about her feelings. Summer began sobbing and poured out her heart, describing the deep, intense pain she'd felt after believing Victor had died. Summer added that finding out it was all a lie had hurt her more. Summer told Victor she'd decided to trust him less and love him less, so she wouldn't be as badly hurt the next time he betrayed her.

After Summer left abruptly, Jack told Victor he'd bungled it. Victor agreed and requested that Jack spare his judgment because he didn't know the whole story. Jack refused to butt out because, he explained, Summer had sought his support. Jack added that even he had mourned Victor's supposed death and had ordered a shot of tequila at Society in his honor. Victor replied, "Well, I'll be damned. You want me to reimburse you for the drink?" Jack wasn't amused and noted that Victor's charade had triggered real emotions for people. Jack said he'd even felt suckered after learning Victor was alive, and he understood why Summer was angry.

Victor told Jack that he'd been protecting his family, including Summer, and didn't have the luxury of worrying about people's feelings. Jack berated Victor for having approached the issue like a general determined to win at any cost and charge on without concern for collateral damage. Jack added that there could have been easier ways to deal with the son he hated. Victor replied, "The problem, Jack, is that I don't hate Adam. I really don't. If that had been the case, this would've been solved a long time ago." Jack seemed taken aback when Victor explained that he'd been protecting his family and wouldn't explain because what he'd done was no one's business, especially not Jack's.

Victor arrived at the Grand Phoenix and greeted Nick, glanced at the architectural rendering, and noted that it appeared to be an impressive project. Nick said he was happy to provide Genoa City with additional low-cost housing. Victor replied, "How about the funds in your coffers?" Nick said he was okay, though he'd talk to Victoria about additional funding after Victor offered. Victoria hurriedly approached and told Victor that she'd been asked to comment on a rumor that he planned to return to the company as CEO.

Nikki joined Victor before he responded to Victoria's question about what she believed to be a rumor. Nick read his father's face and bit his lip. Victoria, devastated, cried, "This isn't happening. It's true? It' not a rumor?" Victor replied, "No. It's not." Nikki looked down at her feet. Victoria appeared stunned. Victor told Victoria he hadn't intended for the news to get out before he'd talked to her.

Victoria cried that she'd been humiliated, especially knowing that he'd spoken to others about his plans without talking to her first. Victoria expressed concern about Victor suffering a relapse because running Newman Enterprises was very stressful. Victor insisted he knew what he was capable of. Holding back sobs, Victoria replied, "We all know what you're capable of."

Victoria pointed out all she'd done, stressing that she'd been the picture of loyalty. Victoria cried that she didn't deserve to be demoted on a whim. Victoria added, "You only put Adam in charge so that you could rub his nose in it. And now he's gone, so I'm out because I serve no purpose to you anymore. Is that what it is?"

Victor denied Victoria's accusations. Victoria insisted that Adam wasn't worth his father's time and love because all he ever did was hurt Victor in the end. Victoria angrily berated Victor for using her and letting her down. Victoria left abruptly. Victor insisted to Nikki and Nick that Victoria would get over it. Nick replied, "I wouldn't. It's not right." Nikki angrily told Victor it was time for him to pull the family together instead of pushing them farther apart.

After Devon finished his press conference, Elena told him he shouldn't downplay his involvement. Devon admitted he'd only served as an advisor and added that he was glad to honor Neil's wishes while doing something good for the community. Devon explained that Nick had saved the ribbon-cutting by navigating last-minute issues with city permits. Elena and Devon both suggested that Nick could be a natural-born politician. Nick joined Devon, and together, they conducted a press conference, explaining that New Hope would help provide housing for low-income families. Devon praised Nick as photographers snapped photos.

Victoria returned to Newman Enterprises. She slammed the door and slung her purse into the CEO's chair. Victoria, distraught, paced. She appeared to be struggling with the blow Victor had dealt. Victoria stood near Victor's desk and glared at his bigger-than-life portrait hanging above the fireplace. Victoria picked up a letter opener and threw it like a dagger. The pointed end of the opener stuck into the portrait, barely missing Victor's face. Victoria said, "You're not getting away with it this time, Dad."

After Victor left Jack's home, Traci tiptoed back into the living room and said, "Uh, we rarely get a visit from Victor. Is everything okay?" Jack admitted it hadn't been a pleasant visit, though he hoped the things he'd told Victor had gotten through his thick head. Traci admitted it was a comfort to know that they weren't the only family with challenges. Jack replied, "Thank God we're not the Newmans." Jack suggested his statement might be a good title for their book. Traci laughed and suggested they find a more uplifting title.

Jack and Traci sat together on the sofa and talked about what should and shouldn't be included. Jack mentioned Dina and said he'd been too judgmental and had treated their mother unfairly. Jack added that he'd blamed Dina for a lot of things, though he'd come to realize they were a lot more alike than he'd wanted to admit. Traci told Jack that if he meant strong-willed and defiant, she would agree. Jack admitted that he, like Dina, had been a searcher, always looking for something else that was bigger, brighter, and more exciting.

Jack expressed regret for the ones he'd hurt during his chase for the next shiny thing. Traci replied, "Are you talking about paramours?" Jack admitted there were similarities between Dina's affairs and his romantic history. Traci nodded and said she'd never put any of what Jack had just admitted together before that moment. Jack said he doubted that Dina had ever meant to hurt their dad. Jack added that Dina had struggled not to feel limited or confined.

Traci said she wished Jack could share his feelings with Dina. Jack replied, "In my heart, I want to think she knows." After Traci began writing, Jack begged her to read what she'd put down. Jack was touched and tears welled in his eyes as Traci recalled the details of their family's close bonds.

Billy and Kyle clash over hiring Victoria Billy and Kyle clash over hiring Victoria
Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Victoria tracked Billy down at Jabot, and he apologized for needing to leave Nick's event. Victoria rambled that no one had worked as hard or been as loyal to Newman Enterprises as she'd been, so she'd assumed that Victor would discuss his return to the company with her first. Billy guessed that Victor was returning as CEO, and Victoria groused that she'd found out when a reporter had asked her to comment on the rumor. Billy was sure that once she had a chance to think, she'd reach the same conclusion he had -- she should resign from Newman and work for Jabot.

Summer checked her phone in the corridor. She called Theo, who declined to answer when he saw her name appear on his phone. Summer started to type a text message to Theo to ask if he was busy, but she opted not to send it. Jack and Kyle arrived, and Kyle asked how things were going. Summer quipped that it was Victor's world, and they were just living in it. Jack stepped aside to take a call, and Kyle suggested that he and Summer meet at the Grand Phoenix later to grab a drink and catch up. She agreed, and she encouraged him to show that he deserved to be running the place for real.

Meanwhile, Victoria hesitated to make any rash decisions, but Billy insisted that his gut was telling him that she didn't need to be at Newman anymore. Victoria scolded that his gut had gotten him into big jams before. Jack and Kyle walked in, prepared to meet about the collective. Billy announced that he had a new agenda, since he intended to convince Victoria to join the executive team at Jabot. Kyle forced a smile.

Jack recalled when he'd spoken with Victor before the Adam nightmare, and Victor had sounded like a man at peace with where he was in life, content to turn things over to the next generation. Victoria conceded that she'd always expected Victor to return once his health stabilized, but she'd thought he'd consult her first. Billy huffed that Victor couldn't accept that anyone else could run his company the same way or better than him, but Kyle imagined that Victoria would want to be there to help Victor in case his condition took a turn for the worse. Billy argued that Victoria didn't owe Victor anything, and he was certain that Victor wasn't going to retire.

Jack sided with Billy, and he questioned why Victoria should spend the best years of her career in a holding pattern. Billy anticipated that Newman's loss would be a great gain for Jabot. Jack abstained from weighing in on any staffing changes and had no objection to anyone Billy and Kyle wanted to hire. After Jack headed out, Victoria reiterated that she wasn't ready to make an impulsive move. Billy thought Victor would never respect her the way she deserved, but she maintained that she wasn't ready to talk about it then. After Victoria left, Billy called hiring Victoria a game-changer, but Kyle countered that it wasn't Billy's call to make.

Billy questioned why they wouldn't hire someone of Victoria's caliber, given that she'd run a multinational company that was ten times Jabot's size. Kyle pointed out that Billy wasn't his boss and didn't get to make unilateral decisions, since they were equals. Billy argued that there wasn't a company out there that wouldn't hire Victoria, so they had to act fast. Kyle countered that Victoria wasn't ready, but Billy envisioned her making big changes in their corporate direction. Kyle protested that he was working to keep Jabot relevant, and he ordered Billy not to marginalize his contribution.

Billy figured that Kyle was learning the ropes, but Billy had been addressing the big picture for much longer. Kyle scoffed at the few months Billy had spent as CEO until he'd embezzled from the company to cover his gambling losses, and he objected to Billy pulling rank. Kyle was offended when Billy called him an up-and-comer and a kid. Billy answered a call and told Kyle to close the door on the way out.

At Society, Theo approached Devon, who wanted to discuss Power Communications. Devon admitted that he hadn't been as hands-on as he'd like to be, and Theo bragged that he'd been making connections to pull in a new level of clientele. Theo noted that a big part of his role was to help Mariah succeed, and while they'd worked out a lot of early kinks, he was concerned because Mariah had ignored his advice and ticked off some key people. Theo contended that getting the right people on their roster took a lot of courting and finessing, and he'd tried to make that clear to Mariah. Devon surmised that they needed to take steps to make sure that didn't happen again.

Theo remarked that things happened fast in the business, but Mariah didn't have the instincts to keep up. Devon recalled that he'd kept Theo around for his talent, but he'd previously warned that he wouldn't stand for Theo trying to stab Mariah in the back. Theo swore that he wanted to see Power grow and thrive. Devon asserted that he was satisfied with the way Mariah had been running the business, and he wanted her to focus, knowing that people were behind her. Devon proclaimed that Theo was out.

Theo protested that he and Mariah pushed one another through friendly competition and that they had the kind of energy that made stuff happen. Theo surmised that the decision was up to her as the head of Power. Devon pointed out that he owned the company, and he was sure that Mariah would agree with his decision. Theo assumed that Devon wanted to give Mariah the chance to sink or swim on her own, so it would give him more time to focus on his work with LP. Devon clarified that while Theo had an interesting skill set and good experience, his ego and ambition had become serious liabilities. Devon flatly stated that Theo no longer worked for Hamilton-Winters in any capacity.

Theo entered Society's kitchen and bellowed, "Guess who's back?" Lola jumped and scolded him for sneaking up on her. She teasingly wondered if it was safe for him to be back at the scene, since she'd never seen anyone hit the deck that hard over the sight of a little blood. Theo reminded her that she'd agreed to keep his secret, and Lola commented that social media had been made to take pleasure in someone else's misfortune. Theo was thankful that she was a good person who had refrained from posting something humiliating, like him fainting dead away.

Theo looked around the kitchen and imagined that the image would have gone viral in no time. Meanwhile, Lola doused her hand with ketchup and pretended that she'd cut herself again. Theo became queasy when he glanced over, but he quickly realized the ruse and joined her in having a good laugh. He recognized that he was good at pretending that he had it all together, but it clearly wasn't the case. He called it another one of his secrets, and Lola asked how he kept his secrets straight.

Theo explained that he'd spent time building a brand and maintaining an image, but he never just hung out like that and laughed. He joked that he knew a secret of Lola's, too, since she'd shown her evil streak by pranking him. Theo wished that he'd met her before Kyle had, and Lola became incensed when she realized that he'd been working her. She stressed that she'd told him she'd help him with Kyle when the moment was right, but Theo had pushed things too far. He retorted that it wasn't easy to be as perfect as she was, and she walked off.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis pressed Abby to upgrade the hotel's security software. Abby argued that the hotel had just launched with brand-new software, and she questioned why Phyllis was already talking about enhancing security. Phyllis warned that the threats were rising, so they had to be a step ahead of the bad guys. Abby admitted that she couldn't take anything Phyllis said at face value, and she wasn't comfortable with any of it. Phyllis taunted that she was comfortable with Abby being uncomfortable. Abby seethed.

Phyllis bristled at the implication that she was getting a kickback for installing the new software. Abby grumbled that it wouldn't be the first time Phyllis had played her, but Phyllis recounted that she'd saved Abby's "entitled butt" by avoiding a PR disaster for the hotel. Phyllis figured that it was too bad if Abby didn't like her, but Abby had to suck it up and deal with her. "Just you, or you and Adam?" Abby inquired.

Phyllis asked what Adam had to do with her being head of security. Abby pointed out that he'd gotten away with trying to kill her father, and she imagined that Adam was still plotting ways to go after her and her family. Abby added that Phyllis was living in Adam's penthouse, and she refused to let the two of them screw her over. Phyllis argued that if she wanted to do that, Abby would never foresee it. Abby took that as a threat, and she warned Phyllis not to underestimate her.

Phyllis wished that Abby was enough of a challenge to justify having the conversation, but Phyllis and Adam dealt on a different level. Phyllis compared it to playing 3D chess while lightweights like Abby played checkers. Abby suggested that Phyllis follow Adam out of town. Phyllis decided to tell her security team that they were moving ahead with her plans.

Phyllis greeted Amanda at the elevator and introduced herself as one of the hotel's owners. Phyllis inquired about Amanda's stay, and Amanda reported that it had been lovely. Amanda complimented the dedicated makeup area in the dressing room, and she could tell the suites had been designed by a woman. Phyllis took credit for the idea, and Amanda applauded her. Phyllis mentioned that she'd heard Amanda was working with Chance.

Amanda feigned ignorance, and Phyllis remarked that word traveled in a small town. Phyllis claimed that she'd been friends with Chance and wanted to get in touch with him. Amanda imagined that Phyllis had more personal avenues to get his contact information, and she argued that she couldn't be too careful. Phyllis agreed.

Summer arrived at the hotel, and Abby barked that it would have been nice if Summer had stopped by the ranch the night before. Summer retorted that she'd needed a moment to get over being lied to. Abby defended that it had been for Victor's protection, and she suggested that Summer be happy that he was alive. Summer insisted that she was happy, but she thought her family needed to stop acting like she just needed get over it. Summer imagined that Abby would have whined for months about being the last to know, and she stalked off.

Abby greeted Devon with a hug and acknowledged that she and her family owed him an apology. Devon swore that he wasn't mad at her; he figured that he'd get past it in time. He spotted Amanda talking to Phyllis. After Phyllis walked away, Devon approached Amanda, who groaned that she wasn't up for another argument. Devon swore that he'd just wanted to have a civil conversation the other day, and Amanda demanded to know what he'd expected from it.

Devon claimed that he'd just been trying to let Amanda know what she'd gotten herself into, but Amanda suspected that he'd shared stories about his wonderful wife to get her to let her guard down. Devon pointed out that Amanda had no actual legal documentation and that she'd never even seen her client, so he was trying to find out what she was after. Nate watched as Amanda accused Devon of wanting to hold onto the money. Devon barked that he was a reasonable man, but he had limits. He stormed off.

Phyllis walked by, and Amanda apologized for not being more helpful earlier. Amanda thanked Phyllis for not going on about her resemblance to Hilary the way everyone else had, and Phyllis replied that she preferred to do the last thing anyone expected. Nate eavesdropped.

Theo entered the Grand Phoenix and asked Abby if she'd seen Summer. Abby reported that Summer had left a while earlier, and Theo wondered how Summer had seemed. Abby described Summer as being her usual snarky self, and she excused herself to take a call. Theo tried to call Summer but got voicemail, and he hung up. Nate ran into Abby, and she threw her arms around him and was glad to see a friendly face after everyone had been hostile toward her. Nate bemoaned that his day had been troubling, too.

Abby complained that people kept dumping on her because her father was alive, but Nate understood why people were upset. He pointed out that he'd gone against his ethics to save his patient's life because Victor had convinced him to play along, but it had just been a game to Victor and Adam. Nate contended that he had principles, and Abby was irritated at the implication that she didn't. She spat that she didn't want to compromise his principles any further, and she suggested that he leave before she dragged him down even more. Abby stepped to the bar, and Theo suggested that he and Abby grab a drink while he listened to her vent. She huffed that he was the last person she'd want to do that with, and she stalked off.

Nate approached Amanda at the elevator and inquired whether Yale had taught her how to stick it to the opposition by making things personal. Amanda defended that Devon had made it personal by approaching her, and she asserted that one of the first things she'd learned was that her job wasn't a popularity contest. She taunted that it was Nate's job to heal people, but he'd thrown his reputation out the window by lying to the public. She called him out on what it was like to have someone draw their own conclusions and then go on attack.

At Crimson Lights, Summer whined to Kyle about her earlier encounter with Abby. Kyle shared that Victor was back as Newman's CEO and that Victoria had learned the news from a reporter. Summer recognized that she wasn't happy with Victoria, but she'd never wish that on her aunt. Kyle confided that Billy had immediately tried to hire Victoria away from Newman, and Summer protested that Billy couldn't do that because he and Kyle ran Jabot together. Kyle relayed that Victoria wasn't ready to make a decision about her future, but Billy considered Kyle a neophyte and wanted to give Kyle's job to Victoria.

Summer was sure that Jack wouldn't let Billy push Kyle out, but Kyle griped that Billy had been acting snide and superior. Kyle wasn't sure what it would mean for him or Summer if Victoria left Newman, and Summer encouraged Kyle to remind his dad of everything he'd done for the company. Kyle snarled that Billy had messed up royally when he'd been in charge, and it angered him that Jack still thought Billy was a better executive than Kyle was. Summer expected Jack to realize that Kyle was just as capable as Billy but without the issues. Kyle lamented that it might never happen, and Summer compared it to her feeling like an outsider because her family didn't trust her. Kyle put his hand over hers and said she deserved better, and she replied that he did, too.

Summer insisted that Kyle had nothing to be insecure about, since he was very gifted. He returned the compliment, but he wondered if they'd ever dazzle the business world before they were old and decrepit. She hoped Billy succeeded in getting Victoria to Jabot, since they'd see how indispensable Kyle was when they fell on their faces. Kyle and Summer agreed that they made a great team, and they thanked one another for the talk. Kyle departed, and Summer contemplated calling Theo. She picked up a napkin that Kyle had doodled the collective's logo on and looked thoughtful.

Kyle entered the kitchen at Society, and Lola called it perfect timing because she was about to wrap up. She inquired about his day, and he mused that whatever happened with his job or anything else, he could handle it. "As long as I have this," he added, and they kissed.

Billy and Victoria entered the Crimson Lights patio, and he apologized for putting her on the spot with Jack. He said he'd love to work with her again, but he had a feeling she didn't feel the same way. Victoria explained that hearing about her dad returning to the company from someone else had dredged up old stuff about Victor not valuing her as much as her brothers, and she admitted that Billy had made working at Jabot sound very attractive. She loved his enthusiasm, but she couldn't get caught up in it. Billy assumed that she wasn't in the right headspace to make a life-altering decision, and he agreed to support and love her, no matter what decision she made. They kissed and hugged.

In Las Vegas, Adam raked in the poker chips. "Deal me in," Phyllis commanded as she sat down at the table with a sly wink.

Victoria provides Victor with an ultimatum Victoria provides Victor with an ultimatum
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
by Nel

Kyle and Lola had been searching online for a house, but they couldn't find one they really liked. Kyle wanted them to have what they deserved. Lola realized that Kyle was referring to Jabot and not a house. Kyle explained that he'd encountered problems with Billy. Lola reminded Kyle that Jack had been excited about him and Billy sharing the CEO position. She suggested that Kyle and Billy sit down and establish boundaries. Kyle admitted that hiring Victoria would be an asset, and if he tried to keep her out, it would appear as if he'd been putting his ego ahead of the company.

Lola told Kyle that Billy had shown his true colors, and Kyle needed to use that to his advantage. She said if Billy tried to push Kyle out, it would backfire on Billy, and Jack wouldn't be happy. She believed that if Kyle made a stand, he would end up smelling like a rose.

At Society, Victoria admitted to Billy she'd only had two hours of sleep because she'd tried to imagine her future without Victor and his precious legacy. Billy asked if that meant she would work with him at Jabot, because the timing was perfect. He said Jabot would soar with her on board. Victoria admitted that it would be fun. Victoria stated she needed to stand her ground with Victor, and if Victor thought he'd have the last word, she wanted to show him it wasn't over until she said it was.

At Crimson Lights, Theo informed Mariah that he'd decided to leave Power Communications. Mariah asked why he'd quit. Theo claimed it hadn't been a good fit. He said his client list had grown, and his association with the Grand Phoenix and Jabot had him spread too thin. Mariah told him to stop with the bull. Theo claimed he'd wanted to tell her before Devon did because he wanted to say goodbye on good terms. Mariah said Theo had omitted the part where Devon had fired him because he'd tried to throw her under the bus. Theo claimed that Devon had overreacted, because he hadn't attacked or undermined her position.

Mariah told Theo that she had once been exactly like him. She'd lied and picked fights when she'd known she'd been wrong, but one day, she'd stopped and taken a good look at herself. She'd found that her life had been lonely. She advised Theo to take a good look at himself because the people he dealt with would see right through him, and he needed to get out of his own way. Theo claimed that in the end, he always found a way to win. Mariah said she felt sorry for him if that was what he believed winning looked like, and she left.

In Las Vegas, Phyllis teased Adam about his name, "Spider." Adam said he was tired and wanted her to leave, but Phyllis claimed they had important things to discuss. Phyllis wanted answers because the last time they'd spoken, they had both believed that Victor had died, but he'd risen from the dead. She wanted to know what Adam had planned. Adam informed her that he hadn't planned anything. He said he liked living in Las Vegas and making plenty of cash. Phyllis said he could make a bigger pile of money.

Phyllis told Adam that it was very enticing to disappear because she'd done it, but she reminded him that he wasn't "Spider"; he was Adam Newman, and he couldn't ignore who he was. Phyllis told him to pack his bags because they had unfinished business. Adam said that wasn't what he wanted, and she had some nerve barging in and telling him what he needed to do. He said he didn't want to return to Genoa City. When Adam asked what she would gain, Phyllis spat, "Revenge." She said they had the Newmans running. Adam reminded her there was a jail cell waiting for him. Phyllis assured him that Victor would never allow Michael to press charges, and no one would ever know that he'd switched the medication.

Adam told Phyllis he had no desire to be involved with anyone unless they had a deck of cards. Phyllis tossed a deck of cards at Adam and proposed one game of five-card draw. She said if Adam won, she would leave, but if she won, Adam would have to answer all her questions. Adam agreed, and he added that she was out of her league. As Phyllis dealt the cards, Adam suggested that she move to Las Vegas. He offered to teach her some tricks so they could stay in Las Vegas and live the high life.

Phyllis reminded Adam that she had a child in Genoa City. She mentioned that Connor was a good reason for Adam to return there. Adam claimed that using Connor to distract him wouldn't throw him off his game. He said Connor was better off without him. Adam threw in all his chips. He asked if Phyllis was going to call or fold. She called -- Adam turned over his cards, showing a full house. He bid Phyllis farewell and told her to have a safe trip home. Phyllis said, "Not so fast." She turned over her cards, showing she had four of a kind, which beat Adam's full house.

Phyllis said she wanted Adam to tell her everything and to start with Victor. Adam said he'd figured out that Victor was still alive, and he'd gone to see him. He described the confrontation he'd had with Victor before he'd left town. Phyllis thought it was genius that Adam had played on Victor's sympathies. She said that Victor's defenses were down, and Adam could swoop in and destroy Newman Enterprises. She said she was behind that plan, and she'd help in any way she could.

Adam informed Phyllis that he was out of the revenge business, and he didn't care about Victor's business. Phyllis asked if it didn't bother Adam that Victor had faked his death and later held a press conference announcing he was alive. Adam repeated that he didn't want revenge. He was aware that Phyllis still wanted revenge. There was a knock at the door, and when Phyllis opened the door, there was Cane. Phyllis thought the situation had become interesting.

At Society, Theo informed Summer that Devon had fired him from Power Communications and LP. He said Devon hadn't appreciated his attempt to put himself above Mariah, and Devon had further stated that Theo's talent revolved around his ego. Theo said that without Power and LP, the sky was the limit. He would push his other projects and set up meetings with major companies. He didn't need to deal with "small-town crap."

Summer told Theo that Devon was one of the good guys. If Theo couldn't work for Devon, he couldn't work for anyone, and he needed to get over himself. She said he was smart enough to get people to do what he wanted them to without pushing their buttons or manipulating them. Theo accused Summer of making a lot of assumptions about him. Summer said she was trying to help him. She said that life wasn't about a reality show or social media feeds. Theo said he found what Summer had said ironic because she'd jumped at the chance to be an influencer, and she loved being the center of attention.

Stunned, Summer told Theo that after everything that had gone on with her family, she'd taken a hard look at herself. She'd figured out what she needed and what she wanted. She'd realized that she needed to hold herself to higher standards. Theo asked if she was suggesting that he do the same. Summer claimed she'd seen the other side of him -- a sweet and caring guy under that party boy façade. She asked why he hadn't allowed people to see that side of him.

Theo thanked Summer for her insight. He said he didn't know what he'd enjoyed more, the insults or the condescension. Summer claimed he'd misinterpreted what she'd said. Theo claimed he had a pretty good handle on it. He said he wasn't as evolved as Summer, and he didn't measure up to the new and improved Summer. Theo said she reminded him of Kyle, and he pointed out that it wasn't meant as a compliment. Theo left.

As Summer was about to leave, she bumped into Kyle and Lola at the entrance of Society. Summer said she was on her way to Jabot, and Kyle offered to go with her. Lola told Summer that Kyle would take control at work, and before Kyle and Summer left, she offered to make them a sandwich to go. While Summer and Kyle waited, Summer noted that Kyle had made a complete turnaround. Kyle said he knew what he wanted, but it might not be as easy as Lola thought. When Lola returned, Kyle kissed her, and he and Summer left.

At Jabot, Summer told Kyle to find his dream home with Lola. She warned him not to get too caught up in work the way she had. She admitted how she'd regretted doing that.

Victor entered his office at Newman. He was horrified to see the letter opener stuck in his portrait. Victoria arrived. She said they needed to talk. Victor showed her the letter opener. He said she'd made quite a statement. Victoria asked if Victor was waiting for an apology. Victor said he was. Victoria began by stating she'd heard from a reporter that Victor had pushed her out of the CEO position. Victor agreed that had been unfortunate, but what she'd done had been childish and petty. Victoria said that Victor had assumed she would apologize and move back into her old office as COO. She stated that it wasn't going to happen.

Victor told Victoria they'd always made a good team, but Victoria retorted that Victor had expected her to fall in line. She said she deserved better from him. Victor asked if they were about to enter into negotiations, but Victoria said no; she was going to tell him what she wanted. She started by acknowledging that Victor had built the company, he'd sustained it through many challenges, and he'd brought it back from the brink on countless occasions. She said she'd watched and learned from him. She admitted she'd tried to emulate him. He was her hero, but even heroes reached a point in their lives and careers when they needed to take a step back and hand things over to the next generation.

Victoria told Victor that he'd given her everything except the one thing that mattered most to her -- the chair. Victor said he wasn't ready to give it up, but Victoria claimed she'd been ready to be the permanent CEO for a long time. Victoria said she'd poured her heart and soul into Victor and the company. She reminded him that she'd gone to jail to protect his plan, and he'd rewarded her by shunting her aside without any warning, believing she'd behave like the good and adoring daughter she'd always been.

Victoria stated that Victor had made the wrong call for himself and the company. His health should have been his first priority because he'd been suffering from a serious illness. She was aware that he'd made peace with Adam, but Adam's betrayal had taken a toll on him. She said everyone but Victor had seen the toll Adam's betrayal had taken. She stated that she should be the one to lead Newman into the future, and if he refused to acknowledge that, then Victor needed to consider their relationship over.

Victoria told Victor that if she walked out the door empty-handed, she would focus all her energy on starting her own business. She said she wouldn't steal Victor's business from the shadows the way Nick had with Dark Horse -- she would come after Victor with everything she had. She said she'd inherited Victor's drive and determination, and perhaps a little of his ruthlessness. She promised him that he would spend every day fighting her, and he would lose. Those were her terms -- he could take them or leave them.

Victor realized his quandary -- he either accepted her terms, or he would lose her. Victoria said that unless she received the respect she'd earned and deserved, they had nothing more to say to each other. Victor pondered Victoria's ultimatum. He said she was his daughter, and he was very proud of her. He placed his hand on the chair and told her the chair was hers.

Visibly shaken, Victoria asked if Victor meant it. Victor said he did with all of his heart. They embraced, and Victoria thanked him for entrusting her with his legacy. She promised to seek his advice whenever it was required. Tearing up, Victor said she was his daughter, and he loved and trusted her. He handed the reins of the company to Victoria, and they embraced again.

Adam evades questions about Chance Adam evades questions about Chance
Thursday, October 10, 2019

In his Las Vegas hotel room, Adam wondered if there were specials on flights from Genoa City when Cane showed up at his door. Cane assumed that Phyllis had failed to mention that he'd been looking for Adam, and Adam surmised that Phyllis had told Cane where to find him. Phyllis revealed that Cane had been the one to tip her off, since she'd overheard him making travel plans. Phyllis announced that Cane was looking for Chance. Adam looked suspicious.

Adam dryly asked if Chance was lost, and Cane explained that Jill was worried about Chance because he hadn't returned her calls. Phyllis scoffed at the idea that Cane had dropped everything to look for a soldier and federal agent because Chance's grandmother was worried. Cane hoped that Adam could help him. Adam curtly stated that he knew nothing, and he told them to show themselves out. After Adam left, Phyllis informed Cane that she was very interested in why he was looking for Phillip IV.

Phyllis didn't buy the story about Jill being concerned, since Jill didn't care about anyone but herself. Cane marveled that Phyllis could say those words without the slightest trace of irony, and she ordered him to lay his cards on the table. He insisted that ladies go first, and she divulged that she'd met a mutual acquaintance of Chance and Adam's in Las Vegas a few months earlier. Cane named Riza, and Phyllis shared that she'd seen Riza and Chance talking, but they'd been gone by the time she'd gotten to the other side of the casino to confront them.

Phyllis swore that she didn't know where Chance was, but she had tracked down Riza, who hadn't been chatty. Cane pointed out that Phyllis could have told him that back in Genoa City, but instead, she'd rushed to Adam's side the moment she'd thought he was in trouble. Phyllis firmly stated that she was nobody's lackey. Adam returned to the room and huffed that he'd left Genoa City to get away from them. He suggested that Phyllis and Cane go home and flip a coin to determine which one of them could take his title as the most hated person in town.

Cane refused to leave until he found Chance, and Adam theorized that Chance didn't want to be found. Cane mentioned that Chance had dropped a bombshell on his family before he'd disappeared, and he pointed out that Adam had been the last person to see Chance. Cane speculated that people would start wondering about Adam and Chance's connection if Adam didn't point him in the right direction, and he had a feeling that was the last thing Adam wanted. Cane thought the cops would be interested if it suddenly became a missing person case, and Adam declared that he was officially bored. Cane said he'd be staying on the floor below, and he left. Phyllis refused to go because she had more questions for Adam.

Adam pointedly mentioned that he had a big game in a few hours. Phyllis offered to disappear after he answered her questions, and she inquired whether he'd been in touch with Chance. Adam propped his feet up and requested that she grab him a bottle of water, and she obliged. She asked if Adam knew about the bombshell Chance had dropped on his family, and Adam savored the water and asked if she was sure that she'd never been a girl Friday.

Phyllis questioned whether Adam had been part of Chance's scheme. Adam claimed that he had no idea why Chance had blown up his family, and he had no interest in finding out. Adam proclaimed that he was done with Genoa City and that his life was there in Vegas. Phyllis demanded to know if Chance was a part of it, and she wouldn't let it go. Adam reiterated that she was wasting her time. "We'll see," she replied.

Chelsea returned home with Connor and insisted that they talk about what had happened, but she prompted Connor to eat something first. He grumbled that he wasn't hungry and that he didn't want to eat or talk. He grabbed a gaming console, and she ordered him not to play video games. Nick entered and wondered what Connor was doing home from school, and Connor stomped off. Chelsea explained that the school had called because Connor had been disruptive in class. She groaned that things just kept getting worse, and Nick consoled her.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon answered a call from Chelsea, who wondered if Sharon had time to talk with Connor again. Sharon mused that she'd thought a lot about him while she'd been visiting Faith, who was struggling to accept that her dad had lied about Victor's death. Chelsea hoped that Sharon could also help Connor, and she shared that there had been an incident at school. Sharon protested that she wasn't a licensed therapist. Chelsea contended that Connor needed to talk to someone he trusted, and he was still shutting Chelsea out. Sharon agreed to head over.

Chelsea hung up and thanked Nick for suggesting that she call Sharon. He felt partly responsible for how Connor was acting, but Chelsea blamed herself for letting Adam back into their lives. She was scared that the hurt and disappointment in her son's eyes wouldn't go away. Later, Chelsea fretted to Sharon that it was out of character for Connor to have problems at school. Sharon advised that acting out wasn't unusual for a child who'd suffered a big loss.

Chelsea recalled that Connor had been quiet at home, but he hadn't lashed out at them like he had at school. Sharon suspected that Connor didn't want to risk losing anyone else. Chelsea panicked that Connor was afraid she'd abandon him, and it wasn't good for him to keep his feelings inside. Nick hoped that Connor would open up to Sharon, since the psychological stakes were lower. Chelsea and Nick prepared to take off to give Sharon time to speak to Connor alone. Connor overheard and asked what Sharon wanted to talk to him about.

Once alone, Sharon hoped that Connor didn't mind that she'd dropped by again, and he replied that he liked her. She thanked him and said she liked him, too. She mentioned that she'd just gotten back from visiting Faith, who was confused about what had happened with her grandfather. Connor asked if people had lied to Faith, too, and Sharon explained that it was why she'd gone to talk to her daughter. Sharon added that she'd thought about Connor during her visit because Victor was his grandpa, too, and she thought he might have some of the same questions Faith had had.

Sharon reported that Faith had been embarrassed when some of her friends had found out what had happened, and Faith had also been upset that people she'd loved and trusted had lied to her. Sharon was sure that Connor understood, and she assured him that it was okay to feel angry. Connor insisted that he didn't, since what had happened hadn't been a big deal. He headed to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Chelsea wailed that it broke her heart that Connor couldn't share his feelings with her when she'd been the one person he'd been able to count on since the day he'd been born. She recalled that she'd devoted her entire life to making sure he felt safe and protected, and Nick commended her for doing an amazing job. Chelsea worried that they'd lost that special connection, but Nick chalked it up to kids needing to test their parents' love when they felt hurt or angry. Nick swore that it would get better in time and that Connor would eventually appreciate her more than he ever had. Chelsea hoped he was right.

Chelsea and Nick returned home. Sharon reported that Connor had gone to his room, but he'd been more receptive than he'd been the last time. Sharon continued that they'd talked about Faith going through some of the same things Connor was experiencing, but he still wasn't admitting that he was angry about Victor faking his own death. Chelsea wondered if they'd discussed Adam deserting him, but Sharon hadn't wanted to overwhelm the boy. Sharon recounted that Connor had been polite and calm, but there was a difference between controlling his emotions and suppressing them.

Sharon voiced concern that too much pain and anger would lead to bitterness and resentment, and Chelsea compared it to Adam's feelings about Victor. Sharon thought that Connor was reacting like a lot of children did to emotions they didn't know how to process, and she assured Chelsea that Connor wasn't destined to walk in Adam's footsteps. Sharon advised Chelsea to let Connor know he'd always be loved, and Chelsea jumped up to tell him that right away. Sharon encouraged Chelsea to do more listening than talking. After Chelsea stepped out, Nick appreciated that Sharon was trying to help. Sharon empathized with what it felt like to think her mistakes had caused permanent damage to her child.

After Sharon left, Chelsea returned downstairs and relayed that Connor had claimed that they'd all overreacted. Nick figured that at least the boy was talking to her, but Chelsea hated that she'd had to ask someone else for help with her son. Nick thought doing so had proven what a great mom she was. Chelsea lamented that in the past, Connor had leaned on her to get through things, but he was pushing her away every time she made a move.

Nick urged Chelsea to take Sharon's advice and just love and be there for Connor. Chelsea bemoaned that Adam had made that promise to Connor, yet she was picking up the pieces of her son's life. Nick promised that they'd get through it together, but Chelsea anticipated that Connor would need more help than Sharon could provide. Nick vowed to do whatever it took to help Connor.

At Jabot, Kyle instructed Summer to get her influencers to create a buzz about Ashley's reformulated night cream. She asked if she should run it by Billy, but Kyle told her not to. He admitted that she and Lola had been right, and he intended to focus on doing what was best for the company instead of fighting with Billy. Summer called it a first that someone had taken her advice, since she couldn't say the same for Theo. Kyle muttered that Theo never listened to anything.

Summer explained that she'd tried to offer constructive criticism to Theo, but he'd considered it harsh. She figured that it was easier to take advice when one's career was on fire, and Kyle surmised that Theo's wasn't because he'd taken on too many projects. Summer revealed that Devon had fired Theo, and a pleased Kyle wondered if Theo would head back to New York. Summer didn't know because Theo wasn't speaking to her, even though she'd only been trying to help him learn from the experience. Kyle assured Summer that she had a good heart, but he warned that she'd be disappointed if she thought Theo would change.

Later, Summer updated Kyle with her marketing efforts, and she thought they should celebrate over coffee. He declined because he had plans with Lola, but he encouraged Summer to take a break from everything. Summer confided that she'd thought she was starting to get to know the real Theo behind the act he put on. Kyle cautioned that Theo was playing her by making her believe he wanted to take things to the next level, since he'd seen Theo do it with lots of women. Summer felt like an idiot for falling for Theo's act, and Kyle believed that she deserved more.

At the bar at Society, Theo perched in front of his laptop and closed a social media deal over the phone. He crowed that he'd scored again, and Lola scolded that it wasn't his office. Theo proclaimed that the world was his office and his playground, and she called it nice work if he could get it. Theo bragged that he had gotten it, and he expected to get a whole lot more.

Lola lectured that winners conducted business from behind a desk, and she imagined that Mariah could provide him one at Power Communications. Theo doubted that would happen after Devon had fired him. Lola expressed sympathy, and Theo cited creative differences. She imagined it had hurt to lose a job, but he planned to use the firing as motivation. He suspected that she knew what he was talking about.

Theo bet that Lola had done everything from wash dishes to wait tables before she'd landed her sweet gig there. He guessed that she'd put up with haters who'd thought she'd never amount to anything and that each one had made her more determined to reach her goal. Theo suspected that every time someone had told her she was dreaming too big, she'd grabbed the next rung of the ladder and pulled herself up. He asserted that success happened while proving people wrong.

Theo chugged back a drink and admitted fault for getting canned, since he'd forgotten rule number one -- it wasn't who one knew but what one knew. He tipsily realized that it was the other way around, and Lola theorized that too many drinks had contributed to his memory loss. Theo acknowledged that he hadn't read the room right, since Mariah and Devon were friends, so Devon would side with her even though she had no clue what she was doing. Lola asserted that Mariah was her friend and amazing at her job. Theo was sure Mariah was a "kickass friend," but she was hardly qualified to run a major PR company.

Theo figured that Mariah was buddies with the boss, so she'd ended up on top -- for then. Lola asked what he meant, and Theo boasted that Mariah wasn't the only one who knew how to schmooze the brass, since it was his superpower to get inside people's heads and make it work for him. Lola translated that to mean he knew how to manipulate people, but he clarified that he inspired them and won them over. She dryly suggested that he start a cult.

Theo realized that Lola considered him a dumb party boy, so she was one more person he'd need to prove wrong. Lola called him talented, charming, and too charismatic for his own good. Theo told her not to be surprised once he climbed out of the hole that he'd dug for himself. She doubted that he'd be able to resist digging the next one, since it seemed to be his thing.

Later, Theo informed Lola that he'd taken her advice by switching to coffee. Theo anticipated that his misunderstanding with Devon would have zero impact on his career, and his firing had just been an obstacle that life had thrown at him. Lola asked why Theo had thrown more obstacles at himself, citing the trouble he'd caused by inviting Zoe to town. He questioned how he was supposed to have known Zoe was crazy, and Lola referred to how he supposedly read people. She was sure that he'd known exactly what he'd been doing, just like he'd known he'd tick off Devon by trying to undermine Mariah.

Lola added that Theo had crossed the line when he'd wished he'd met her before Kyle had, and Theo claimed that he'd just been messing with her. Lola didn't buy it, and she suspected that he wanted to tank his life for some reason. She compared him to Arturo, who had wrecked his engagement to Abby by cheating because he'd thought he hadn't deserved her. Theo remarked that Lola was a great chef but that she sucked as a shrink. She clucked that he wasn't the only one who could read people.

Lola greeted Kyle at Society's entrance, prepared to leave. He wondered if she was anxious to spend time with him or to get out of there, and he heard Theo talking boisterously on the phone. Kyle confronted Theo, and Lola indicated that she'd already called Theo a cab. Theo invited Kyle to have a drink to celebrate him signing a new client, and he wondered where Summer was, since she and Kyle were usually connected at the hip. Kyle threatened to throw Theo out, but Lola defended that Theo had been having a rough day.

Theo thanked Lola for feeling his pain, and he babbled that it had been great getting to know her better over the past couple of days -- especially her evil side. Theo stepped out, and Lola groaned that she'd thought he'd never leave. Kyle noted how she'd jumped to Theo's defense, but she wanted Kyle to pay attention to her, not Theo. They kissed as Theo watched jealously through the window. A short time later, Summer ignored a call from Theo.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle and Lola discussed Theo's firing. She believed that Theo knew that he'd messed up and was using it as motivation. Kyle doubted it, but Lola thought it might have been the wakeup call Theo had needed to grow up. Kyle couldn't fathom how Theo convinced people that he just needed one more chance, and Lola insisted that she knew when she was being played.

Kyle admitted that Theo had fooled him for a while. Lola was sure that Theo had been sincere, and she would be happy if he got his act together. She suggested that they talk about something else, and Kyle turned the topic to potential Halloween costumes. Lola preferred to finish the conversation they'd been having that morning, and she looked at him seductively. They raced to the stairs to continue their talk in private.

Cane goes to meet Chance and is knocked out Cane goes to meet Chance and is knocked out
Friday, October 11, 2019

Billy joined Victoria on the Crimson Lights patio. She inquired about his therapy session, and he indicated that it had been good. He guessed that Victor hadn't budged when she'd confronted him, and he reiterated that she deserved better. Victoria blurted out that Victor had reinstated her permanently as CEO of Newman. Billy was surprised that she wasn't dancing on the table, and she admitted that she felt a little guilty celebrating.

Victoria recalled that when her father had pulled out the chair and offered it to her, it had been like watching part of him disappear. Billy assured her that her dad wasn't going anywhere, since Victor would still check up on her. Billy thought Victoria should revel in the fact that Victor had chosen her, and she credited Billy for encouraging her and believing in her. He doubted that she'd needed his help, but she insisted that she would always need him, and they hugged. Victoria gushed that it would be a day she'd remember for the rest of her life -- the day she'd gotten what she'd wanted ever since she'd been a child. She wondered if Billy was happy for her.

Billy exclaimed that he was over the moon that Victoria had risen to the top of her family's corporation on her own, and he envisioned her taking it higher than her father had ever imagined. She knew that he meant every word, but she could tell that something else was on his mind. Billy conceded that he'd been excited about the possibility of her working with him at Jabot. He accepted that some dreams weren't meant to happen, and he wondered if he shouldn't have said anything. Victoria pulled out her phone, stood up to leave, and declared that he was going with her.

Victoria led Billy to Chancellor Park and pointed to Johnny and Katie, revealing that she'd asked Hannah to take the kids there. Billy marveled that if swinging was an Olympic sport, they'd have a gold medal on their hands. Victoria recognized that Billy was disappointed that they wouldn't be partners at work, but they were partners in a more important project -- their life. She mused that their little family was getting more and more perfect every day, and while they were lucky to have great jobs they loved, they needed to remember the stuff that counted and mattered. They headed off to play with their "junior partners."

In a hotel suite, Billy and Victoria shared a Champagne toast to partners in perpetuity. He thought they should sneak off more often for some "teambuilding," and she imagined that it would be hard to find the time. He insisted that it was important that they did, and she proposed that they make it part of their mission statement. They toasted to themselves and their wildest fantasies, and they kissed and began to make love.

At the Newman ranch, Victor discovered Nate meeting with Nikki and wondered if he'd forgotten about an appointment. Nate explained that Nikki had questions about Victor's last exam, and Victor hoped she didn't think he'd pressured Nate into giving him a positive prognosis so he could go back to work. Nate swore that he'd never let anyone pressure him into doing something detrimental to his patient's health, and Victor called Nate the one man in the universe who couldn't be bought. Victor announced that there was no longer any reason to worry about his stress level, since he'd walked away from his role as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Nikki's jaw dropped.

Victor indicated that his people had a press release ready to announce the change, and Nate called it the end of an era. Victor proclaimed that it was the beginning of a new one, since Victoria would be a formidable CEO. Nikki enthused that he'd made the best possible choice for both him and their daughter, and Nate agreed because a more relaxed schedule would be better for Victor's health. Victor was amazed by how many people he'd made happy with a simple choice, and Nikki thanked Nate for stopping by. Nate showed himself out.

Nikki told Victor how proud she was of him, but she knew him well enough to know if he was genuinely thrilled or if part of it was just a masquerade. He admitted that he loathed the idea of retirement, and he described Newman as the embodiment of all his missions and dreams. Victor stressed that he had no qualms about handing over the reins to his very capable daughter, but he'd always thought he'd be leaving feet-first on his last working day. He grappled with the idea that the company he'd built from the ground up was moving forward without him. Nikki anticipated that it would continue to thrive because of all the efforts and sacrifices that he'd made.

Victor pondered what to do with the time on his hands. He felt like he saw a stranger in the mirror with no problems to solve, deadlines to meet, or people to have arguments with. Nikki suggested that she take a step back from the real estate division to spend more time with him. He inquired whether running the division gave her joy, and she replied that it did. He insisted that she stay on.

Nikki remembered that Victor had once told her that a businessman was never afraid of change because change created opportunity, and she considered the change to be another chance for him to shine. She couldn't wait to see what he was up to next, and he accepted change as long as he had one constant by his side. "Always," she cooed, and they held one another close. "Do I have to play golf now?" he jokingly asked.

Victor wrapped up a call and divulged that his PR team had just released the announcement. Nikki expected that he'd be inundated with congratulations, but Victor didn't want to take a victory lap. She commented that he was always planning his next move, and he regretted almost making the dreadful mistake of handing the reins of the company over to Adam. Nikki pointed out that Victor would never have to ask himself "what if" where Adam was concerned ever again.

Later, Nikki enticed Victor with an apple, and she suggested that they take a walk to the stables to feed the horses. He promised to join her in a minute, and he mentioned that he had a surprise for her. After Nikki headed out, Victor made a call and ordered someone to call off the surveillance of Adam and just let him go, since Victor expected that Adam would never be back.

In Las Vegas, Cane spoke with Jill over the phone and reported that Adam hadn't wanted to share anything. Cane said Jill wouldn't believe who Adam was with, and he paused to read a text message from Phyllis, who asked if they could talk. Cane informed Jill that Phyllis was there, probably working some angle. Jill replied that there was just one thing for Cane to do -- use Phyllis.

Elena returned home and found Devon staring at his computer screen. She observed that he hadn't moved since she'd left, but he pointed out that he'd made coffee. She peered over his shoulder and saw that he'd been researching Amanda Sinclair. Devon indicated that he hadn't found anything useful yet, and he still didn't know if Amanda was the one playing him or if someone was using her to get to him. He reasoned that the more he knew about Amanda, the better off he was.

Elena suggested that Devon hire someone to do the legwork for him, but he preferred not to put it on anyone else. Devon mentioned that he'd learned that the statute of limitations on contesting the will had already run out, so any claim couldn't be enforced. Elena implored him to ignore the fake will insanity because it wasn't a real threat, but Devon replied that he couldn't. He shared that he'd found confirmation that Amanda had started practicing law in 2011, but his search hadn't turned up any other pictures or Internet presence.

Elena joked that she'd think Devon was stalking Amanda if she didn't know better, and Devon insisted that he was just researching the opposition. Elena spotted a slip of paper and inquired whether he was going on a business trip. Devon revealed that it was flight information for Tucker's assistant, who he'd arranged to fly out to refute the claim that Tucker had paid off David Sherman to alter the will. Elena clucked that all work and no play made Devon a dull boyfriend. He swore that he didn't mean to obsess over it, but he just wanted to find out what was going on.

Elena questioned why Devon was bothering if the statute of limitations was up. He was determined to find out if Katherine had really wanted her money to go to someone else. Elena realized that he was willing to go along with the revised will pages, even if he wasn't obligated to, and Devon confided that he felt morally obligated to honor his grandmother's wishes. Elena asked if he was willing to give up all his money, but Devon hesitated to make any decisions until he got definitive answers.

Elena had to get going, and Devon promised that he would get some fresh air after he locked down some information. After Elena departed, Jill stopped by with an update about Cane's efforts in Vegas. Jill reported that Cane hadn't located Chance yet but that he was willing to keep trying. She understood why Devon couldn't trust Cane's motives, and Devon referred to the sketchy things Cane had done over the years. Devon was skeptical about what Cane would do if he discovered that the new pages of the will had been faked, and he doubted that Cane would rush back with the information.

Jill struggled not to take offense at Devon's attitude, and she urged him to put Cane's history aside for a moment and address the questions that needed to be answered. She contemplated what would happen if it wasn't a scam, and the revised pages really had been Katherine's final wishes. Devon surmised that Jill wanted to be sure there were no hard feelings if Cane became a billionaire, and he noted that Jill seemed quick to believe Amanda's stories. Jill pointed out that she had no skin in the game, but Devon barked that Cane sure did. Jill retorted that she was doing it for Katherine, not Cane, and finding the truth didn't have to be that acrimonious.

Jill headed to the door and ran into Amanda on her way out, and she wished Amanda luck. Amanda wondered if Devon had located Chance. Devon ranted that her arrival in town had upended his whole world, yet she expected him to track down her disappearing client. She insisted that finding Chance was the key to getting answers to everyone's questions. Devon suspected that she thought they were both getting played, and he dared her to tell him he was wrong.

Amanda declared her intent to protect her client's interests to the best of her abilities, and that would only change if new information became available. Devon saw something going on in her eyes, and he sensed that she was wondering "what the hell" she'd gotten herself into. She retorted that he had no idea what she was thinking, but he implored her to tell the truth. She huffed that they'd said everything that needed to be said, and she headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Elena complained to Nate that Devon had been home all day, scouring the Internet. She worried that whatever Devon found would never be enough, and it was like he'd let everything else go to focus on the one thing he couldn't control. Elena wondered if it was because Amanda looked like Hilary, and Nate guessed that it had been hard on Elena, as well. She inquired whether she was insecure or crazy to be stressed out about the exact doppelgänger of her boyfriend's dead wife. Nate swore that Devon was wild about Elena.

Nate advised that it was easy to sanctify the dead by remembering the good things about them, but Hilary hadn't been perfect. Nate added that Hilary hadn't always inspired the best in Devon, but Elena did, and Devon knew that. Elena wondered what Nate thought was getting under Devon's skin, and Nate sensed that it had something to do with the possibility that Tucker hadn't had enough faith that Devon would make it on his own, so Tucker had arranged for Devon to inherit the money. Nate urged Elena not to let the situation drive her crazy.

Nate figured that no one knew which pages of the will were legitimate, so there was nothing to do but wait. Elena recalled that she'd felt like she'd won the lottery when she'd fallen for Devon, but it hadn't had anything to do with his money. Elena recounted that Devon had grown up with nothing, but he'd done nothing but good with his grandmother's money by paying it forward the way Neil had wanted. Elena worried about Devon and all the people he was helping with the money, and she bemoaned that the not knowing had him stuck. Nate expected that it would all be settled soon, and their lives could go back to normal.

Cane found Phyllis at his hotel room door. She chided him for not responding to her text message, and he replied that he hadn't felt like answering it. She told him not to play hard to get because it wasn't his style, and she sauntered in and fixed herself a drink. Phyllis admired the five-star setup, but she commented that it wasn't as nice as her place in Genoa City. She offered to make Cane a drink, too, noting that every hour was happy hour in Vegas. He declined, and she assumed that he had to stay sharp because he hadn't found Chance yet, so he had to keep his guard up.

Cane scoffed at the idea that he'd get Phyllis up to speed on Chance's whereabouts when she'd given Cane nothing to help him find Adam. She acknowledged that they'd both been holding back, but she believed they could help one another. Cane claimed that he'd been honest when he'd mentioned Jill was worried about Chance, but Phyllis pointed out that Cane had also said Chance had dropped a bomb on his family. Phyllis offered to help Cane with his search if he clued her in, but he questioned why she cared if he found Chance.

Phyllis reasoned that Chance was a friend of Adam's, and any friend of Adam's was a friend of hers. Cane chuckled and warned that she'd have to do better than that. He ordered her to tell him why she was interested in Chance, or she could go straight back out the door. Phyllis asserted that she wanted Adam to return to Genoa City to help her with some unsettled debts, but he didn't want to go back. Cane figured that it was probably because everyone in Genoa City was happy Adam was gone, but Phyllis argued that Adam's son wasn't. Cane questioned whether Connor wasn't enough reason for Adam to go back home.

Phyllis explained that Adam believed his son was better off without him. Phyllis hoped to use Adam's association with Chance as leverage to get Adam to go home. Cane received a text message and claimed that Jill wanted an update, and he told Phyllis to see herself out. Phyllis protested that she'd given him what he'd wanted, and she expected quid pro quo. Cane countered that the idea of Adam going back to wreak havoc made Cane less willing to help her than before, but Phyllis insisted that Cane needed her help more than he knew. He said he'd see her later, and she glared at him as she walked out.

Cane read a message from Chance, saying he couldn't talk in public, but he'd drop a place and time to meet. Chance also instructed Cane to show up alone. Cane informed Jill that he'd received a tip from Chance, and she was relieved to hear that her grandson was all right. Cane planned to meet with Chance soon and get concrete answers, for better or for worse. Jill reported that her latest encounter with Devon hadn't gone great, and she sympathized with how the man was supposed to react to the strong possibility that he'd been living a lie.

Jill asserted that the bottom line was that they had to respect Katherine's wishes, and she hoped Devon agreed with that. Cane remarked that life would go one either way, and he couldn't wait until it was over. Jill warned that if the new will pages were the real deal, Cane would have to decide whether to cross that bridge or burn it down. Cane checked his watch and said he had to go. He hung up and headed out.

Cane arrived at a warehouse facility and called out for Chance. As Cane checked his phone, someone approached him from behind and knocked him unconscious. The assailant grabbed Cane's phone and dragged Cane away.

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