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Jack was intrigued by a Shakespearean quote in an old letter from Dina to Stuart Brooks. Connor locked Christian in the garage. Nick agreed to track down Adam in Las Vegas. Nate broke up with Abby. Lola and Kyle had a pregnancy scare. Cane discovered pages from Katherine's real will.
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Nate broke up with Abby, and Lola and Kyle had a pregnancy scare
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Delia's family fondly remember her Delia's family fondly remember her
Monday, October 14, 2019

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon that he was officially an uncle. Rey explained that Arturo and Mia had a newborn son. Sharon viewed and admired a photo of the baby on Rey's phone. Sharon acknowledged that Rey likely had mixed feelings about the situation. Rey admitted it had been difficult because he'd always wanted to be a dad. Rey added that thinking back, he realized that he'd done things a dad would have for Arturo and Lola.

Rey recalled how he'd experienced all the emotions of a parent by loving his younger siblings and worrying about them whenever they experienced difficulties. Rey changed the subject and said he'd stopped by to ask Sharon out on a date. Sharon declined and recalled all the mistakes she'd made. Sharon admitted that her interactions with Adam had deeply hurt Rey. Sharon added that she still had deep concerns about Faith, though she was away at boarding school. Rey seemed unwilling to give up and suggested they keep their options open.

At Nick's, Chelsea searched online for advice about how to help a child in emotional distress. Nick said that though he wasn't a parenting expert, he would lend support to Chelsea and to Connor. Nick vowed to do anything possible to help both of their boys feel happy, safe, and healthy. Chelsea apologized to Nick for having kept him at arm's length. Nick admitted that he should have told Chelsea about his dad and knew he'd have to regain her trust.

Chelsea was more focused on Connor. Chelsea, torn, said she was considering taking Connor out of school for a while. Chelsea believed Connor might benefit from time away from school to deal with many changes in his life. Nick didn't agree and explained that a set routine provided stability. Chelsea agreed with Nick to once again enlist Sharon's help.

Nick entered Crimson Lights and encountered a resident from New Hope who thanked him profusely. Nick seemed touched by the woman's testimony. Tammy Diamond, a council member, approached and suggested Nick run for a council position that was being vacated. Sharon overheard and said, "You've got my vote." Tammy gave Nick her business card and told him to think it over because he could do a lot of good.

After Tammy left, Sharon approached Nick. Sharon wholeheartedly agreed with what Tammy had said. Nick seemed hesitant to commit. He told Sharon that Connor was still having difficulties. Nick asked Sharon to have a talk with Connor after school. Sharon agreed to talk to Connor. After Nick left, Sharon told Rey she was helping Nick and Chelsea. Rey told Sharon he'd call her later about going on a date.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Traci dug into a box of memorabilia while writing a book about their family's history. Jack was mostly focused on Jabot and asked Traci if she could remember their father's first product. Traci replied, "Yes. Umm, Vivre Riche." Jack agreed and listed lines released afterward, which were Glo by Jabot and the Tuvia line. Traci excitedly added that Hex, a so-called love potion, was still her favorite. Traci added that during its history, Jabot had had nearly as many CEOs as product lines, as well as numerous successful endeavors and failures.

After Jack and Traci remembered that it was the anniversary of Delia's death, he asked if their collaborative memoir should focus on business or family. Traci said they could write whatever they wished because there was no editor breathing down their necks. Traci suggested they begin with the story of John and Dina meeting in high school and falling in love. As Jack was rifling through memorabilia, he received a call from Dina's caregiver. Jack immediately left after learning that Dina had been injured.

Jack picked up Dina from the memory-care center and took her to Society. Jack began talking about the past, specifically Dina's relationship with John. Dina began describing John. Jack relished hearing about his father's attributes. Jack was taken aback when Dina affectionately mentioned a man named Stewart. Dina became agitated and asked where she was and what had happened to her arm. Jack explained that she fallen and injured her arm. Dina begged to return home. Jack agreed to take Dina back to the care center.

After Jack got Dina settled, he returned home and updated Traci. Jack told Traci about Dina having mentioned a newspaperman named Stewart. Traci assumed Dina meant Stewart Brooks. Traci told Jack that it would be interesting to know if there was a connection between Dina and Stewart. Traci found an old photo of her parents and their friends taken at the Genoa City County Club. Traci was determined to find the connection between Stewart and Dina.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Billy ran into Chloe. Billy admitted that it was a little weird whenever he ran into her. Both agreed that it wasn't a coincidence that they'd run into each other on the anniversary of the day they'd said goodbye to Delia. Both agreed that the day wouldn't be a normal one. Chloe said playing with Bella made things feel normal. Billy replied that he was grateful to have Johnny and Katie.

Chloe and Billy discussed their ongoing therapy sessions. Chloe quipped that she'd learned how to suppress her murderous impulses. Billy said he'd learned that he could mourn Delia without thinking about Adam. Chloe told Billy that they could honor their little girl by making the most of their lives. Billy replied, "We've been through hell, but we survived."

Chelsea was working at the Grand Phoenix when she heard Kevin whisper, "The washing machine is working its magic." Chelsea realized that Kevin was talking about laundering the money she'd gotten from Calvin. Kevin warned Chelsea to keep their noses clean, so neither would wind up behind bars. Kevin advised Chelsea to leave the bulk of the money in an offshore account and withdraw a minimum only when needed. Kevin added that he'd already taken his cut of the money. Chelsea asked Kevin about Chloe just as she entered.

Chloe and Chelsea sat by the fireplace and talked about Delia. Chloe said she thought about Delia whenever she looked into Connor's eyes. Chelsea said that someday, they'd explain to Connor that Delia had given him an amazing gift of sight. Chelsea began sobbing and told Chloe that Connor's spirit had been broken by the upheaval of people supposedly dying and coming back. Chelsea cried that she wanted Connor to see joy through Delia's eyes. Chloe promised Chelsea that Connor would see joy.

After Sharon arrived at Nick's, she asked if Connor had been more communicative. Nick replied, "Not really." Sharon said she'd brought some building blocks for Connor to play with in hopes he might relax and open up. Nick phoned Chelsea and asked if they should start without her. Chelsea said they should. Nick seemed apprehensive.

Connor entered the room and began playing with the blocks. Connor talked about Victor and Adam. Sharon told Connor that Adam had never meant to hurt him by leaving. Connor cried that everyone had lied to him. Chelsea returned and told Connor she wanted to help him. Connor called Chelsea a liar and abruptly left the room.

Sharon suggested that Chelsea enlist the help of a licensed therapist. After Sharon left, Chelsea told Nick that recently, she'd looked into Connor's eyes and had seen nothing except Adam. Nick assured Chelsea that Connor had inherited her strength and bravery. Chelsea said she wished she could be as confident at Nick. Suddenly, Connor screamed out from his bedroom. Chelsea and Nick rushed to check on him.

In his office at Jabot, Billy was taken aback when Victor sent a message asking him about the night he'd tried to kill Adam. Billy left his office and went to the park. As Billy walked toward Delia's memorial, he heard his phone alert him about another message. Billy sighed. Billy checked his phone and found a message from Jill explaining that she'd had to leave town. Jill added that she'd left something for Delia.

Billy approached Delia's memorial and found Chloe, Kevin, and Esther gathered around the tree planted in Delia's honor. Jill had tied a pink bow around the tree. Delia's name had been painted on one of the streamers. Chloe said it felt right for all of them to gather together. Esther said she hoped Delia was smiling down on them. Billy recalled that Delia had had a smile that could light up the world.

Chloe placed a bouquet at the foot of the tree. Jack and Traci arrived with a bouquet. Billy and Chloe welcomed Jack and Traci. Together, they all honored Delia. Jack admired the tree and proclaimed that Delia had left a gift of love that resided inside them all. Delia's family formed a circle and held hands while they fondly remembered their departed loved one.

Kyle and Lola argue about Theo Kyle and Lola argue about Theo
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea apologized for keeping Nick awake by tossing and turning the night before. She regretted that she hadn't held back when Sharon had gotten Connor to open up, and she expressed relief that the crash in Connor's room had only been a broken lamp. Nick wanted to believe that Connor had been telling the truth about it being an accident, and Chelsea hated to think that her son had been so angry that he'd deliberately broken something and lied about it. She bemoaned that she felt like a failure as a mother. Summer walked in and insisted that none of it was Chelsea's fault.

Summer reasoned that parents couldn't protect their kids from other people's bad choices, and Chelsea thanked her for trying to talk to Connor. Chelsea prepared to take Connor to school and explain to the teacher why he'd been acting out. Nick offered to join her, but Chelsea preferred to spend some time alone with her son. After Chelsea left, Nick recognized that he had to keep working to make things right. He asked how Summer was doing, and she reported that her mom had fallen off the radar and that she and Theo spent half the time fighting. Summer considered Jabot to be the only place she didn't feel useless.

Elena returned home from work and inquired about Devon's meeting with Tucker's assistant. Devon explained that the assistant had worked for Tucker for a long time and had seen a lot of things, and she'd indicated that things had recently erupted into a full-blown crisis. Devon shared that Tucker had supposedly gone off on a spiritual journey in the Far East after acting erratically and ranting about the adverse effects of technology. Elena suspected that it could be a phobia called electromagnetic sensitivity that had gotten out of hand and become psychosomatic. Devon mentioned that Tucker had just taken off with no instructions and hardly any contact since.

Devon continued that the assistant had said Tucker hadn't mentioned Katherine's will or Chance at all, but the company hadn't been doing well since word had gotten out about the chairman going AWOL. Devon thought that, as Tucker's son, he should have known about those things, but no one had told him. Elena hesitantly mentioned that she'd planned something fun that day to take his mind off things, but it seemed like bad timing. Devon figured that things couldn't get worse, so it was a great time. He prepared to head out for a meeting with Nick, but he asked Elena to let him know when and where to meet her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Phyllis posed as Cane's assistant on a phone call, and she learned that he'd checked out of his hotel room. Phyllis made another call, changing her voice and pretending to be Cane's wife with a family emergency, but she had no success finding out where he'd gone. She placed a third call, using a sultry tone and identifying herself as Cane's girlfriend. She requested to talk to the bellhop who'd helped Cane check out, fibbing that she'd left some belongings in his suitcase and needed to get in touch with him before his wife found out. Sharon overheard.

Phyllis made another call and gruffly identified herself as Jill. She checked on Cane's flight plan and found out that he hadn't filed one yet. She slammed the phone down and contemplated what had happened to Cane. Sharon heard Phyllis talking to herself and asked if everything was okay.

Phyllis ordered Sharon not to sneak up on her, but Sharon countered that Phyllis was in a public space that Sharon owned. Sharon added that she was just doing her job by asking if Phyllis wanted something, and she had no interest in whatever Phyllis was scheming. Phyllis thought Sharon would feel otherwise if it involved Adam, and Sharon assumed what Phyllis' order was and walked away. "Thought so," Phyllis muttered.

Inside the coffeehouse, Nick and Devon discussed the need for even more affordable housing. Nick recounted that a new tenant had approached him with tears in her eyes, grateful to have her mother and children under one roof because of New Hope. Devon thought back to living in group homes where there had been no hope at all, and it made him want to think bigger. Devon considered doubling his investment, but Nick wondered if Devon was ready for that kind of commitment.

Devon referred to the uncertainty of Katherine's will, and he revealed that the statute of limitations had run out for anyone to contest it. Nick was glad to hear it, and he enthused about how an influx of capital would allow them to continue the work they'd been doing. Nikki and Sharon hovered nearby, and Sharon remarked that she'd vote for Nick. Nick told her to keep dreaming, and Nikki asked if he was running for office. Nick vehemently said no, but Devon and Nikki exchanged a glance.

Sharon mentioned that someone had recommended that Nick run for city council, and she urged him to think about how much good work he could do on the inside. Devon recalled that he'd previously suggested that Nick run for office, but Nick had laughed it off. Nick argued that he didn't have the temperament for the job, but Devon countered that Nick had the desire to make a difference in people's lives. Nikki encouraged Nick to run, and she remembered how exhilarating it had been to run for Senate. Nick pointed out that Nikki and Jack had spent that time pulling dirty tricks on one another.

Nikki believed Nick had a chance to succeed where she'd fallen short, and he had the name recognition. Nick wasn't sure that was a good thing, but Devon contended that Nick wouldn't have to use his money and status to make change for the better because he was already doing that. Nick preferred to focus on New Hope, but Devon advised him to keep an open mind and think about being able to get things done on a larger scale.

Nick protested that he didn't know anything about politics, but Nikki called him a natural leader who was more qualified than he realized. She recognized that he'd been born into wealth, but he was a grounded person who had resisted his father's efforts to mold him, and he was passionate, loving, and family-oriented. She implored him to seize the opportunity to get in on the decision-making process. Nick worried that they were still dealing with the fallout of their family's latest scandal, but Nikki pressed him to consider what good he could do for his hometown. Chelsea called Nick and begged him to get home right away.

Nick returned home, and Chelsea rambled that she'd picked Connor up after the school had called to inform her that he'd been in a fight. Nick surmised that someone had picked on Connor, but Chelsea revealed that Connor had aggressively gone after another boy for no apparent reason. Nick prompted Connor to tell him what had happened at school, but Connor spat that he didn't have to talk to Nick and that Nick wasn't his dad. Nick contended that he cared about Connor and wanted to make sure he was okay.

Connor raged that he didn't have to listen to Nick, and he barked to leave him alone. Chelsea understood that Connor was upset, but she thought he knew that he'd been wrong to hurt a boy who hadn't done anything to him. Connor ranted that they'd all lied, and he asked why she'd made his dad leave. Chelsea swore that she hadn't. Connor wailed that it wasn't fair and that he wanted his dad.

Meanwhile, Sharon dropped off a refill to Phyllis, who asked how Sharon had been doing with Adam gone. Sharon asserted that it made no difference to her, since she and Adam hadn't been that close. Phyllis pointed out that Sharon had convinced him to return to Genoa City and had helped him regain his memory. Phyllis continued that Sharon's relationship with Rey had exploded because Sharon hadn't been able to keep away from Adam, and Sharon snapped that Phyllis didn't know "a damn thing" about what had happened between her and Rey.

Phyllis knew that Adam harbored thoughts of Sharon as the perfect woman, and she imagined that it was nice to have someone crave her approval like that. Sharon argued that Adam would have done things differently if he'd wanted her support, and Phyllis taunted that it had to be hard to let go of the fantasy that Adam would change for Sharon. Sharon accused Phyllis of projecting as a way of dealing with her own feelings about Adam leaving, since Phyllis had finally had a friend who hadn't judged her, but Phyllis had gone back to feeling like a pariah after Adam's departure.

Phyllis barked that she didn't need to be analyzed. Sharon noted that Adam had been alienated from his entire family, and she imagined that it had resonated with Phyllis, who had been alienated from pretty much everyone. Sharon guessed that Adam had been the one person who'd made Phyllis feel understood and validated. Phyllis spat that she didn't need to get self-confidence from the praise of men, unlike Sharon. Sharon shot back that Phyllis had driven away every man in her life, and it had to make Phyllis feel abandoned.

Phyllis blurted out that Adam hadn't abandoned her, since she'd just seen him. Phyllis exclaimed that he was doing great and was happy to be away from the people who'd treated him "like crap." Sharon's phone rang, and Chelsea was grateful when Sharon picked up. Chelsea panicked that Connor had gotten worse, and he needed his dad. Chelsea asked if Sharon knew how to reach Adam, and Sharon replied that she knew someone who did. Sharon handed the phone to Phyllis.

Later, Sharon lamented that Connor had been going through a hard time, and she thanked Phyllis for giving Adam's number to Chelsea. Phyllis remarked that it had been difficult for Adam to walk away from his son, and Sharon questioned why Phyllis hadn't stayed in Las Vegas with him. Phyllis mused that she wasn't done with Genoa City by a long shot. Sharon asked if Adam was.

Adam sat alone at the poker table in his hotel room, shuffling a deck of cards. His phone rang, and he grappled with whether to answer the call. Chelsea left a voicemail, pleading that his son needed him. Adam called Riza and informed her that he was back in town and needed her to get him back into the action. He declared his intent to stay that time, adding, "There is nothing for me back there."

Devon arrived at a suite in the Grand Phoenix, and Elena greeted him in a sexy dress. She handed him a beer, and he observed how amazing she looked. She recalled that he'd been looking forward to a jazz festival the week before, but he hadn't been able to attend with everything that had been going on, so she'd recreated the festival for him. She turned on some music and mentioned that she'd found a recording of the entire thing, so they could pretend it was live, even though it wasn't the same as being there in person. Devon cooed that it was much better, and they kissed.

Theo tracked down Summer at Jabot. She objected to him being there, since she didn't want to fight at her workplace. She ranted that her job was the one thing in her life that was going well, and she refused to let him or anyone else mess it up for her. Theo admitted that he'd been a jerk, and he was there to say he was sorry.

In the CEO office, Theo acknowledged that he'd gone off on Summer because things had been "going to hell" for him, and he'd been looking for support. She thought he'd expected her to mindlessly agree with him about it being everyone else's fault but his, and he'd taken her reaction as an insult. Theo conceded that she'd spoken the truth, and he'd been wrong to dump on her. He claimed that it had hit him hard not to get his "Summer fix," and Summer wondered if he thought she'd been punishing him by ignoring his calls. She huffed that she'd have to care to do that, and Kyle had helped her realize that she deserved better.

Theo admitted that he'd been trying too hard, and he had to stop acting like he had something to prove all the time. Summer swore that she wasn't trying to change him, but she cautioned that blaming the rest of the world for his shortcomings wasn't working for him. Theo accepted that he'd messed up a lot of things in a short amount of time, and he hoped their relationship wasn't one of them. Summer conceded that he had a way of making life interesting, and he looked around and proclaimed that they were in the seat of power. Theo bet that Billy had beat Kyle to the desk by the window, and he asked if Kyle was keeping up. Summer grumbled that Theo's change in attitude hadn't lasted long.

Theo anticipated that it would take time for him to adjust, but Summer had no interest in being his conscience. She lectured that he had to really want to do things differently. Theo reminded her that he'd had to scrap and fight for everything he had, and he'd done whatever it had taken to get in the door, so he had more reason to stay. She suggested that he not turn the few friends he had into enemies, and she didn't understand why he'd gone out of his way to antagonize Kyle. Theo thought the competition had always been there, but he and Kyle had never talked about it. He claimed that he wanted to change his ways.

At their apartment, Kyle and Lola fawned over photos of her adorable baby nephew, Mateo. Kyle marveled that the tot had a ton of hair, and Lola remarked that Mateo looked exactly like Arturo's baby pictures. Kyle wondered what their kid would look like, and Lola chirped that there was an app for that. She snapped photos of herself and Kyle and uploaded them into the app. Kyle hoped their baby had her eyes and little ears, and she wished that their kid ended up with his cute butt and nose.

Kyle and Lola gasped at the results, and Lola questioned whether the app showed everyone's children as hideous. Kyle figured that they knew what they had to look forward to, and he wondered if she was looking forward to it. He pointed out that they'd decided that they wanted to enjoy that time together, since they had many things they wanted to do before they started a family. He added that their careers were just taking off, and he knew how quickly the opportunity could be yanked out from under him. Lola assured him that Jack had put his faith in Kyle, but Kyle groaned that she didn't know what it was like for him to have to prove himself over and over again to his own family.

Lola warned that she might have to work late, but she noticed that Kyle was preoccupied. He admitted that something had been bugging him, and he referenced when he'd picked her up at work while a half-wasted Theo had been there. Kyle recounted that Lola had defended Theo, and Lola reasoned that she hadn't wanted the men to get into an argument. Kyle repeated Theo's words that he had gotten to know Lola better -- especially her evil side. Kyle wondered what Theo had meant.

Lola explained that Theo had been having a rotten day because Devon had just fired him, and Theo had wandered into the kitchen, looking for company and maybe sympathy. She described how she'd splattered ketchup on her hand and pretended that she'd cut herself, knowing how Theo would react. Kyle questioned how she'd known. She divulged that she actually had cut herself a week earlier, and Theo had passed out cold at the sight of blood. Kyle demanded to know why he was just hearing about it then.

Lola recounted that Theo had begged her not to tell anyone because he was afraid people would laugh at him, but Kyle was sure that Theo had been working her. Kyle warned that she didn't know Theo like Kyle did. Lola pointed out that Kyle knew her, and she asked if he thought she was stupid or gullible. Kyle believed that Theo was highly skilled at manipulating people. Lola compared her talk with Theo to the way Kyle and Summer talked, and she thought the goal had been for all of them to get along. Lola realized that if she didn't know any better, she'd say Kyle didn't trust her.

Kyle insisted that it was Theo he didn't trust, and he thought Theo had taken advantage of a good person like Lola. Lola maintained that Theo had passed out, but Kyle was skeptical because he'd never seen Theo get queasy at the sight of blood in all the time they'd spent together. Kyle surmised that Lola had thought she'd pranked Theo, but Theo had pranked her first. Lola argued that she had street smarts, and while she didn't consider Theo trustworthy, it had been the closest thing they'd ever had to a real conversation.

Lola believed Theo was sincere about wanting to have a friendship with Kyle again. Kyle was certain about what Theo was doing, and he refused to let Theo do it. Kyle understood that Lola wanted to think the best of people, but she couldn't do that with Theo. Kyle ordered her to stay away from Theo, and he stormed out.

Kyle and Lola realize that Lola might be pregnant Kyle and Lola realize that Lola might be pregnant
Wednesday, October 16, 2019
by Nel

Nikki arrived at Victoria's office and congratulated Victoria on her permanent CEO position. Victoria admitted that it felt different running the company since she was officially CEO and that she also felt validated. She claimed it was a new beginning for her. Nikki gifted Victoria with what she called a "power handbag." She claimed it was her way of thanking Victoria for convincing Victor to step down as CEO. Nikki knew it hadn't been easy for Victoria, but the stress of being CEO would have had a negative effect on Victor because of the medication he was taking.

Nikki assured Victoria that Victor's medication was working as it should. Victoria asked how Nikki had been holding up. Nikki assured Victoria that her MS was under control, and she felt well. Nikki commented that things were much easier since Adam had left Genoa City. Victoria stated that Adam remained a threat to the family, and it was difficult to focus on anything else. Nikki agreed, but she claimed Adam couldn't touch them if they didn't let him.

Billy arrived at the ranch at Victor's request. Victor offered Billy a drink, but Billy declined. Victor stated that he'd been accused of attempting to run Adam down with a car. Victor told Billy that he hadn't told Adam who he thought it might have been. Billy didn't deny it and said he regretted what he'd done. Victor stated that as a result of Billy's actions, Adam had been motivated to alter Victor's medication. Billy confessed that he hadn't known what he'd been doing that night.

Billy told Victor that Adam's return had reminded him of the night Delia had died. He described his frame of mind that night, his loss of control, and said that he had blacked out. Billy explained that he'd been shocked when Victoria had made him realize what he'd done because he wasn't that person. Billy was grateful he hadn't hurt Adam because that would have ruined more lives. He explained that after he'd learned Adam had messed with Victor's medication, he had immediately made Victoria and their kids his priority to protect them. Billy assured Victor he had let go of the past once Victoria had explained what he'd done.

Victor asked Billy if he was cured. Billy said his therapist wouldn't say that, but he was getting better; with continued therapy, he would continue to improve. Victor acknowledged that Billy would never stop hating Adam, and Billy confirmed Victor's assessment. He assured Victor he wouldn't act on his feelings, and he acknowledged that his word wouldn't be good enough for Victor. He asked what Victor planned to do because he noted that Victor hadn't called the police. Billy admitted that he was solely to blame for what had happened with Adam.

Billy told Victor that Victoria knew the whole story, and he stated that he wouldn't allow something like that to happen again. He assured Victor that this time, things would be different between him and Victoria. Victor said he was surprised that Billy had opened up to him. He said he would never forget how Billy had hurt Victoria in the past. Billy stated that he'd changed.

Victor asked Billy if he wanted everyone to absolved him of all his sins, but Billy claimed he only had to prove himself to Victoria. Victor told Billy that he had given Adam a second chance after all he'd done, and he was prepared to do the same for Billy. Stunned, Billy breathed a sigh of relief and said he'd have that drink Victor had offered earlier.

In their suite at the Grand Phoenix, Devon told Elena that everything about her was sexy. They undressed and made love. After the loving, Elena received a call from the hospital advising her they were short-handed because someone had called in sick. Elena told Devon she had time before she needed to leave for the hospital, and they proceeded to make love again.

Theo arrived at Society and asked Abby how she was doing. Annoyed, Abby stated she wasn't interested in discussing her personal affairs with him. Theo claimed he only wanted to be friendly. Abby told him to enjoy his meal and walked away.

Abby entered the kitchen and noticed that Lola didn't look well. Lola claimed she was lightheaded. Abby offered Lola some food, but Lola claimed the smell of food made her nauseous. Abby smiled and asked if Lola could be pregnant, but Lola said it wasn't possible because she and Kyle had been very careful. Lola said she didn't know what was going on, but it couldn't be a pregnancy. Abby suggested that Lola go home, but Lola assured Abby she was fine.

Abby confided in Lola that she and Nate needed to talk after their argument the other day, but up to that moment, they had only exchanged text messages. Abby claimed that dating someone meant that their families would be part of the package. Abby said she had to leave to meet with Nate. Lola and Abby walked out of the kitchen together. Abby said she was on her way to discuss where things stood between her and Nate. Lola wished Abby luck.

After Abby left, Lola saw Theo, and she asked him how he was enjoying his meal. He complimented her on her special. He asked Lola to sit with him, but she refused. She said she had other customers to attend to. As she began to walk away, she almost fainted. Theo caught her and helped her to a chair. He immediately called Kyle and told him that Lola needed him. Kyle thanked Theo for calling him.

A short time later, Kyle arrived at Society, and Theo explained that Lola had almost passed out. Kyle said he would take Lola home. Lola left them to gather her things.

Alone with Kyle, Theo confessed he'd been an ass. He admitted that he missed Kyle's friendship. He told Kyle that Summer had shown him a few truths about himself. Kyle said that Summer had deserved better than the way Theo had treated her. Theo agreed, and he admitted that the crap he'd pulled on Kyle had been messed up. Theo said he wanted to be friends with Kyle again. Kyle warned him that things would never be the same between them, but perhaps they could grab a beer sometime. Delighted, Theo agreed.

Outside Society, Lola informed Kyle that they needed to stop at a pharmacy.

At home, Lola told Kyle how strange it was that earlier that day, they had been talking about what their child would look like, and a short time later, they were taking a pregnancy test. Kyle said they would roll with it, but as he hugged Lola, he appeared worried.

When the timer went off, Lola checked the results of the pregnancy test. She informed Kyle the test was negative. She claimed she was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Kyle said he felt the same way. While he hugged Lola, Kyle received a text message advising him that Jabot's new cream, scheduled for introduction at their outlets the next day, had been held up at customs. Kyle said he had to leave to take care of the crisis. Lola assured him she would be fine and added that she probably had the flu.

After Kyle left, Lola sighed when she looked at the pregnancy test again. At that moment, her thoughts were interrupted by a text message from Theo asking if she was okay. By return text message, Lola assured Theo she was fine. She received a second text message from him telling her to look outside her door. Lola opened the door and picked up the paper bag. After she closed the door, she opened the paper bag and took out a large container with chicken soup. Smiling, she sent Theo a text message thanking him.

Billy arrived at Newman Enterprises, and he informed Victoria that he'd had a drink with Victor. He said that Victoria might need a drink, as well, because Victor had let him off the hook. Victoria was shocked. She claimed Billy's hard work had paid off, but Billy said they had done it together. He claimed there would only be good days ahead and that they were stronger together. Happy, Billy and Victoria kissed.

At Crimson Lights, Elena was getting coffee when Amanda walked in. Elena asked why Amanda was still in town. Amanda informed Elena that she wasn't going anywhere until her business had been completed. Elena remarked that Devon was a good man, and what Amanda had been doing to him was disgusting. It was obvious that Amanda didn't care. Amanda claimed it wasn't her fault there was a second will or that she looked like Devon's former wife. She claimed she couldn't wait for the case to be over. Devon arrived in time to hear Amanda tell Elena she shouldn't have allowed that old jerk to put her into the position she was in.

Devon jumped right in and asked Amanda what old jerk she had spoken to. He said it was obvious that she hadn't spoken to Chance. Devon demanded that Amanda tell him who the old jerk was that she had referred to. Amanda covered by saying that he had sounded like an old jerk on the phone; that was all she'd meant. She excused herself and walked out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate and Amanda bumped into each other. She advised Nate to stop stalking her. Nate informed her that he was there to meet with Abby. Amanda said she hoped that Nate understood why she felt the way she did. She claimed that since her arrival in Genoa City, she'd been the object of suspicion, curiosity, and other things, as well. She said that she was over it, and all she wanted was to relax and enjoy herself. Nate offered to keep her company, since he had some free time before Abby arrived. Amanda agreed, with the proviso that they wouldn't talk about Devon. Nate agreed.

Nate told Amanda a bit about himself while they played pool. When Nate asked about her background, she looked at him suspiciously and said she'd gone to law school at Yale. Nate said that Amanda hadn't mentioned where she was from, and he also noted that the information online was very limited. Amanda stated that she wasn't ready to give out any of her information other than the fact that her real life had begun when she'd entered college. When Nate asked for more information, she became even more suspicious, and she accused Nate of spying for Devon.

Nate told Amanda that he wasn't spying for anyone, but she had to understand that everyone was curious about her. Amanda said that because she didn't advertise anything about herself, it didn't mean she was hiding anything. Abby arrived and said she was surprised to see Nate with Amanda. Amanda said she was just leaving and walked away. Nate told Abby that he'd tried to get some background information from Amanda, but Amanda thought he'd been spying for Devon. Nate told Abby that they had a lot to talk about, and Abby agreed.

Abby apologized to Nate for her rudeness and her attitude the other day. Nate also apologized to Abby, but he added that his issues were very real. Abby asked where she and Nate stood. Nate told her that he felt like crap because he had compromised his ethics, he'd lied to his colleagues and to the people he cared about, and for all his efforts, Victor had allowed Adam to go free. He had done all that for nothing. Abby said that Victor and Adam's relationship was very complicated. Nate was astounded. He commented that Victor's actions didn't appear to phase her in the least.

Abby explained to Nate that Victor faking his death wasn't a normal situation, but growing up a Newman was unique and challenging. Abby assured Nate that she had always remained true to herself. Nate stated that Abby was smart, talented and beautiful, but they had different perspectives and that they were too far apart. Abby asked if that was Nate's way of saying things were over between them. Nate confirmed it was. Abby said she was sorry and thanked him for his honesty. Nate told Abby to take care of herself, and he left.

Dina's mysterious letter stymies Jack Dina's mysterious letter stymies Jack
Thursday, October 17, 2019

At Nick's house, Nick offered Chelsea some coffee, but she groaned that it was the last thing she needed. He asked what he could do, and she replied that he could find Adam, who hadn't responded to her calls or text messages. Nick questioned whether she was sure it would help Connor, and Chelsea figured that Connor had never acted out until Adam had bolted. Nick was skeptical about whether Adam would be a good influence on his son. Chelsea testily stated that she'd tried all of Nick's other ideas, but nothing was helping. She resolved to take every risk necessary to save her son.

Chelsea swore that she wasn't trying to shut Nick out, but she wasn't used to having help. Nick argued that he wasn't the enemy, and Chelsea countered that Adam wasn't, either. Nick pointed out that Adam had shown no interest in returning home, and Connor had been abandoned by every father figure he'd had. Nick added that Connor had him and Chelsea, and they could help Connor understand why he'd started the fight and how his dad being gone had nothing to do with him. Nick reasoned that having backup to hammer it home couldn't possibly hurt.

Later, Chelsea told Connor that she knew the day before had been very upsetting and confusing for everyone, and she prompted him to tell his side of the story about his fight at school. Connor was reluctant, but she assured him that she really wanted to understand. Connor confided that a kid had said some mean things about his dad, and he'd felt the need to do something, so he'd hit the boy. Connor insisted that he hadn't had a choice.

Nick lectured that hitting someone was never the right option, and Chelsea recalled that Connor had once been the peacemaker among his friends. Nick understood the need to protect and defend one's family, but he warned that the second Connor had raised his hand against someone else, he'd become the bad guy. Nick advised that it took a bigger man to take a breath and walk away. Connor whined that he wanted to talk to his dad, and Chelsea said she'd been trying to reach Adam. Connor grabbed her phone, and she scolded him for taking it without asking for permission. Connor found Adam's number and was determined to reach him.

Connor was disappointed when he repeatedly got Adam's voicemail. Chelsea gently took the phone away, and a devastated Connor questioned how long it took a father to forget his kid. Chelsea swore that Adam could never forget him, but Connor cried that his dad didn't care about him anymore. Chelsea assured him that it would be okay, since he had her and Nick, and they loved him more than anything and would never leave him or stop loving him, no matter what. Nick added that they were a team, and that meant they loved, protected, and supported one another through good times and bad.

After Nick stepped out, Chelsea cradled Connor in her arms and listed the many people who loved him. She insisted that all those people cared about him and wanted the best for him, and that made him a lucky boy. She added that his friends and family had missed him when he'd been gone, and they were happy to have him back in their lives. Chelsea suggested that they focus on that instead of what they'd lost, and Connor agreed.

Nick and Christian entered with bowls of popcorn, and Nick announced that pizza rolls were heating up in the oven. Nick recognized that it wouldn't take away all the sad stuff, but junk food and games would help. The boys balked at Nick's lame suggestions of what they should play, and Nick threw a handful of popcorn at Chelsea and declared that they should see who could get the most popcorn in their mouths. Connor proposed that they play superhero charades, and he picked Christian to be on his team. Connor proclaimed that the winners got ice cream, and Nick and Chelsea smiled and high-fived.

Connor and Christian cheered when they won, and Connor teased that Nick and Chelsea didn't know much about superheroes. Nick suggested a movie marathon for their next family night, and Chelsea sent the boys to the kitchen to grab popsicles. Chelsea excitedly asked if Connor was really turning a corner, since he'd seemed genuinely happy. Nick remarked that they'd gotten killed in charades, but it felt like they were winners. Nick anticipated that all Connor needed was more time and understanding, and he pledged to get through it as a team. He pulled her onto his lap, and they agreed that it was them against the world. They kissed.

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Lola removed a baking sheet from the oven. Kyle emerged from the bedroom and commented that he loved that she baked when she was stressed, and she announced that she'd made triple chocolate chip. She figured that it was better than tossing and turning all night, and they swapped stories about their baby-related dreams. Kyle thought she sounded disappointed that she wasn't pregnant, and he wondered if she wished she was carrying their baby.

Lola confessed that she'd love to have a baby, but it wasn't the right time. Kyle pondered what they would have done if the pregnancy test had been positive, and she expected that they would have made it work. He thought that when they eventually had a baby, the tot would be lucky to have that much love. They hugged, and she offered to make something more nutritious for breakfast. He suggested that she make a doctor appointment, and she promised that she would call if her symptoms got worse.

Kyle insisted that Lola stay off her feet and take the day off work, and he led her to the couch. She clucked that he was worried over nothing, and he dared her to prove it by wrapping herself up in a blanket and getting comfortable. She agreed to stay home and finish their thank-you notes from their wedding, and he said he would check on her later. He moved in to kiss her, but she protested that she might be contagious. He kissed her anyway, noting that marriage meant share and share alike, and he headed out.

At Crimson Lights, a man in sunglasses read an article on his phone about the torch passing at Jabot. He zoomed in on a picture of Kyle. The man saw Kyle leave.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Traci rifled through old boxes of family memorabilia. Jack mused that he was blown away every time he turned a page, and he mentioned that Genoa City had once been called Genoa Junction. He added that he hadn't found any record of Stuart, but the way Dina had talked about him had indicated that he'd been important. Traci revealed that she'd done some investigating into Stuart herself, and she'd found some living, breathing resources that might have the answers they wanted.

Jack noted that Stuart had been dead for ages, but Traci stated that Stuart had daughters who were very much alive. She named Lorie, Leslie, and Chris, and Jack remembered Peggy. Traci reported that Peggy had said hello and sent her best, and Jack was glad Peggy hadn't held a grudge. Traci indicated that Chris and Peggy hadn't remembered much about Dina, but she was expecting to hear from Lorie and Leslie later that day. Jack opened an old yearbook, and Traci gasped at a photo of their parents in their teens. Traci answered a call from Leslie and asked if she had good news.

Traci hung up and reported that Leslie and Lorie had catalogued their father's records and correspondence, and they'd remembered finding a letter from Dina to Stuart from decades earlier. Traci continued that the Brooks sisters would scan and email it to her if they found it, but she recognized that it could be nothing. Jack hoped it might explain what Dina had been saying, and Traci reasoned that Stuart wouldn't have kept the letter that long unless it had been important.

Kyle walked in and was taken aback by the many boxes of mementos that cluttered the living room. Jack recalled that Kyle had spent a lot of time listening to Dina's stories, and he inquired whether she'd ever mentioned Stuart. Kyle didn't remember her doing so, and he asked if it was important. Traci replied that they didn't know yet, and she stepped into the kitchen to fetch some coffee. Kyle remarked that it would be good to have their family's history for future generations, and he wondered how Jack would feel about becoming a grandfather.

Jack joked that he wasn't old enough to be a grandfather, and he asked when Lola was due. Kyle clarified that she wasn't yet but that they'd had a false alarm. Kyle thought his father looked disappointed, and Jack expressed confidence that he'd bounce a baby on his knee one day -- if Kyle and Lola wanted a child. Kyle admitted that the possibility had surprised them, and Jack questioned whether Kyle needed a refresher course on the birds and the bees.

Kyle swore that his child's conception would be much different than his own, and he and Lola were planning to do it once they were in a good place in their careers and lives. Jack warned that things never went as expected. Kyle asked if Mrs. Martinez had a particular kind of crackers that Lola liked, and Jack directed Kyle to see the housekeeper in the kitchen. Traci returned and handed Jack a mug of coffee with a grin on her face. She divulged that Leslie had found the letter and was emailing it to her. Jack hurried over to Traci's computer.

Jack and Traci read Dina's letter, in which Dina had told Stuart that her summer vacation at the lake had been what she'd needed after graduation. Dina had written that she missed the old gang, and she'd wondered if Stuart had run into anyone. Dina had apologized for not being in touch since graduation, and she'd hoped that he would forgive her if he didn't hear from her much as she settled into college. Jack considered it a low-key way of ending the friendship. Dina had finished her letter with a Shakespeare quote: "I must be cruel only to be kind; thus, bad begins and worse remains behind."

Jack thought the quote had to mean something, but Traci countered that their mother might have just enjoyed Shakespeare. Jack recounted that Dina had kept an old picture from the country club in a safe deposit box for years and that Stuart had kept the letter for even longer. Traci theorized that Dina and Stuart had dated, and Jack asked what Traci did when she ran into a brick wall while writing a novel. Traci replied that she took a step back and thought about something else for a while, and she resolved to do just that. Jack stopped her from leaving and pointed to some unusual smudges on Dina's letter. Traci thought they looked like stains from teardrops, and she imagined that Dina had been crying when she'd written the note.

Once alone, Jack stared at Dina's letter on the computer screen and reread the quote aloud. He asked himself if Dina had been cruel and if the worst had been behind her.

Meanwhile, Lola wrote her letters, and there was a buzz at the door. She assumed Kyle had forgotten his keys, and she buzzed him up. A moment later, the door opened, and Lola was shocked when she faced her father, Adrian. Adrian admired Lola's home, and Lola demanded to know what he wanted. He apologized that things had gotten awkward at her wedding, and she coolly recalled that he'd shown up uninvited, just like he was doing then.

Lola observed that Adrian hadn't taken off his shades, and she asked what the deal was. He marveled that she was a lot like her mother -- always a step ahead. He sat down and removed his hat and sunglasses, revealing a black eye. Lola snapped that she didn't want Adrian's problems in her home. He pleaded that he was family, but she flatly stated that he'd abandoned them, so he didn't get to turn to them when he was in trouble.

Lola suspected that a woman was involved, citing Adrian's history with her mom and the way he looked at anything in a dress. He admitted that there had been a woman, but he questioned how he was supposed to have known she was married. Adrian added that the woman's husband was looking for him, and Lola chided him for turning to the daughter he barely knew for help. She ranted that he didn't know the slightest thing about women or how to treat people with respect. She added that she didn't have time, and she told him goodbye and wished him luck.

Adrian conceded that all he had were words, but he was sorry for that day and all the days stretching back to when Lola had been born. He acknowledged that he hadn't been man enough to do the right thing, and he had no right to ask for even the smallest favor. Lola agreed to hear him out, and he claimed that he'd gone to Los Angeles to clear his mind after her wedding. He continued that he'd met a singer with the voice of an angel, but she'd ended up being married to a piece of garbage with a "hell of a right hook." Adrian figured that he hadn't been able to go to Miami, and Lola dryly suggested that he ask Rey for help or leave the country. Adrian implied that he didn't have the cash to take off.

Kyle walked in and asked what Adrian was doing there, and Lola warned that her father was about to ask for money. Lola implored Kyle to say no, and she ordered Adrian to clean up his own mess. Adrian apologized for showing up like that, but he needed a place to stay while he figured out his next move. Lola barked that his next move was out of her apartment, and she told Kyle to make sure her father was gone by the time she got back. She walked out, and Adrian bet that Lola had told Kyle all kinds of things about him. Adrian recognized that he'd made mistakes; however, Lola wasn't one of them, and he loved her very much.

Adrian added that he was happy that Lola had found a good man to take care of her and love her, and he wished she could forgive him. Kyle advised that it would be best for everyone if Adrian left. Adrian accepted that his daughter wanted him gone, but he imagined that she'd be the one to take it the hardest if anything happened to him; he didn't want to break her heart again. Kyle felt that he was being played, but he wrote out a check to cash and specified that it was a one-time thing. Kyle warned Adrian not to make him regret it, since Adrian would regret it if he hurt Lola again.

Later, Kyle knocked on the bathroom door and asked if he could enter, but Lola protested that the honeymoon would be over if he saw her like that. He offered to hold her hand or her hair, and he promised that nothing he saw or heard would make him love her any less. She urged him to go to work, but he recounted that he'd pledged before God that he'd stand by her side in sickness and in health, so he wasn't budging. He threw a pillow next to the door, plopped down on it, and vowed not to go anywhere.

Lola curled up on the couch and called Kyle the best husband ever for fetching her favorite crackers and ginger ale. He felt her forehead and reported no fever, and she said good riddance to the bug and to her father. Kyle thought part of her was disappointed that Adrian was gone, and Lola begrudgingly admitted that she couldn't help but worry about her father. She contended that Adrian couldn't take care of himself, and she wondered what he'd been thinking when he'd had children.

Kyle figured that some people weren't meant to be parents, and Lola intended to go all out if they ever had children by showing their kids that they'd always be there for them. Kyle declared his commitment to have a family with her, and he imagined that it would be the most amazing journey. They professed their love, and she called him a better man than her father was or ever could be. They embraced.

Traci entered the Grand Phoenix and ordered a drink at the bar as Adrian looked on. Adrian said he felt like he'd seen her before, and he realized that she'd been at Kyle and Lola's wedding. She mentioned that Kyle was her nephew, and she guessed that Adrian was Lola's father. He sensed that his reputation had preceded him, and she imagined that his shiner had quite a story. He offered to buy her a drink to prove that he wasn't all bad.

As Traci and Adrian talked, she noted that he had had an interesting life, and he replied that she didn't know the half of it. He was excited to be talking to a published author, and she called him a flatterer. He wondered if he'd find himself in one of her novels one day, and he guaranteed that it would be a best seller, since truth was stranger than fiction. She toasted to that, and they laughed.

Cane finds pages from Katherine's will Cane finds pages from Katherine's will
Friday, October 18, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis stopped Abby from leaving and insisted that they discuss the security system. Abby groaned that it had been a monster of a day, and she preferred not to do it. Phyllis complained that she'd been waiting for Abby all day, and Abby rambled about how she'd been in meetings to plan for conferences and weddings the hotel would be hosting. Phyllis sarcastically pictured what a beautiful memory the hotel's first wedding would be when the bride walked into her suite and found that all her gifts had been stolen. Phyllis imagined that the story would get more hits than the Grand Phoenix opening, and Abby relented.

Phyllis showed Abby that the new security system would include installing sensors all over the hotel, but Abby protested that it would cost much more than what they were paying then. Phyllis argued that they'd easily recover the cost by requiring less manpower and having fewer insurance claims. Phyllis pitched that they use the new system as PR to assure guests that they had the latest technology to protect them. Abby conceded that it sounded good, and Phyllis grumbled that convincing her had been almost as hard as childbirth.

Abby questioned who would be securing the security company, pointedly noting that an unscrupulous person might get ahold of footage to extort someone else. Phyllis suggested that Abby work on her paranoia, since no one else would have authorization to access the system. Abby insisted on having an independent security company verify everything Phyllis had told her, but she halfheartedly agreed to move forward.

Later, Phyllis downloaded some information through the security program. She mused that poor Abby was busy working and dealing with her miserable life, so she had no idea what Phyllis was really up to.

At Nick's house, Nick handed Chelsea a glass of wine and marveled at how fun the night had been. Chelsea loved seeing their sons together and hearing Connor laugh at Nick's corny jokes, and Nick feigned being offended. She hoped that things were back on track, and he noted that it had felt like they were a normal family again. Chelsea hardly remembered what that was like, and Nick told her to get used to it, since the other shoe didn't have to drop.

Chelsea credited Nick for being amazing to her and Connor, especially since her son needed a man to look up to. Nick thought Connor deserved it after everything the boy had been through, and he pledged to pull together as a family to help Connor through it. Nick anticipated that there might be rough times ahead, but there was nothing they couldn't get past. Chelsea clarified that when she'd said she hoped they were back on track, she hadn't just been talking about Connor but also the two of them.

Nick recognized that one great night wouldn't solve all their problems, and Chelsea thought she was the only one who could do that. He argued that she wasn't the one who'd screwed up, but she countered that it was up to her to decide whether she was ready to forgive him. She understood that he hadn't told her and Connor that Victor was alive in order to protect them, but she'd done worse, and Nick had given her a second chance.

Nick recalled that he hadn't given "a damn" about the past when Chelsea had returned to town because he'd wanted her. Chelsea admitted that she was tired of keeping him at arm's length when all she wanted was to feel his arms around her. He cupped her face in his hands but refused to kiss her because, if he did, he wouldn't stop. He suggested that he get the kids into bed so he and Chelsea wouldn't be interrupted. She cooed to hurry back, since they had a long night ahead of them.

Nick returned to the living room and asked if Christian was there. Chelsea thought Christian was with Connor, but Nick relayed that Connor had said he hadn't seen Christian in a while. They searched for Christian. Nick asked Connor if he'd noticed when Christian had left the room, and Connor replied that he had been playing a video game and not paying attention. Chelsea assured Connor that he didn't have to worry, and she guessed that Christian was just playing hide-and-seek.

Connor mentioned that Christian might be in the back yard, but Nick doubted his son would go out in the dark alone. Nick grabbed a flashlight and headed outside. Chelsea recalled a time when Connor had hidden in a clothing rack while she'd been shopping, and she'd been scared. Connor recounted that she'd also been mad, and Chelsea explained that she loved him and would never want anything bad to happen to him. She was sure that Christian was just teasing them, and she bet that Connor could help find him. She took Connor's hand and asked that he show her Christian's favorite hiding spots.

Nick returned with Christian, who ran into Chelsea's arms. She asked why the boy was crying, and Nick sternly addressed Connor. Nick asked if Connor had locked Christian in the garage, and Chelsea stared at her son in horror and ordered him to answer the question. He said no, and Nick explained that he'd heard noises and found Christian. Christian whimpered that it had been really dark, and Chelsea demanded the truth from Connor. Connor complained that Christian had been whiny, and a stunned Chelsea realized that Connor had done it.

Connor asked if Chelsea was going to send him away like she'd done to his dad. Chelsea firmly stated that she wasn't sending anyone away and that she hadn't sent Adam away, either. Chelsea reiterated that she loved Connor, and that would never change, but he'd made a really bad mistake. She sent him to his room to think about what he'd done. Nick stopped Connor and prompted him to apologize to Christian. "Sorry," Connor muttered, and he stomped off. Chelsea knelt next to Christian and promised it would never happen again. Nick carried Christian off to bed.

Chelsea cursed when she got Adam's voicemail yet again. Nick didn't think it was a bad thing, since Adam wasn't the role model Connor needed. Chelsea compared Connor acting out because he'd felt rejected to what had happened to Adam with Victor. Nick warned that she was forgetting how dangerous Adam was, but Chelsea wailed that they were already in trouble. She added that poor Christian didn't understand why Connor was taking out his anger on him, and she worried that Christian would start blaming himself. She asserted that Adam was the one who'd caused all of it, so he was the only person who could fix it.

Phyllis showed up at Nick's house, surprised that Nick had summoned her. Chelsea explained that she'd asked Nick to call, since Adam wasn't returning Chelsea's messages. Phyllis pointed out that Adam's family had set him up and run him out of town, and Chelsea pleaded that it was about a little boy needing his father. Chelsea thought Adam would want to be there if he understood how unhappy Connor was. Phyllis divulged that she'd already tried to use Connor to convince Adam to return to town, but he'd told her in Las Vegas that Connor was better off without him.

Chelsea insisted that Phyllis try again, but Phyllis suspected that it was a trick to lure Adam back to town, using Connor as bait. Nick swore that he'd never use Connor that way, but Phyllis accused him of convincing his own kids that their grandfather was dead to set Adam up. Chelsea pointed out that she hadn't been part of that plan, and all her efforts to help her son had failed. She cried that Connor felt abandoned and unwanted, and she knew Phyllis would do whatever it took if she were in Chelsea's shoes.

Chelsea begged Phyllis to help them, and Nick noted that there wasn't enough evidence to indict Adam and that Victor wouldn't cooperate if there was. Nick contended that they were just trying to give Adam a chance to do the right thing for the first time in his life. Phyllis sent a text message to Nick with information about Adam's location in Vegas, but she indicated that it was up to Nick and Chelsea to get Adam back there.

After Phyllis left, Chelsea fretted that she couldn't take Connor to Vegas, but she couldn't leave him with Nick, either. She contemplated asking Sharon to watch him, but Nick declared that Chelsea wasn't talking to Sharon or going to Vegas. He offered to go to Vegas and get Adam. Chelsea threw herself into Nick's arms and thanked him.

At his penthouse, Devon was on the phone, barking that he didn't have time to hold someone's hand to ensure a project was completed. He ordered the other party to figure it out, or he'd find someone else to do the job. Elena was taken aback when she overheard, and Devon realized that he might have been a little harsh. He planned to call the person back to make sure everything was okay. Elena pointed out that she'd planned their impromptu jazz festival to take his mind off things, and Devon gushed that he'd had an amazing time.

Elena worried that Devon had been snapping at people, pacing the floor, and staring at his laptop all day. She knew that he hadn't slept all night, and she expected that it would eat him alive. Devon explained that the more time that went on with no answers, the more his head spun about who was behind the fake will, and he was concerned that Tucker had dropped off the face of the planet. She inquired whether he was preoccupied with what might have happened to Tucker or what Tucker might have done on Devon's behalf. Devon replied both.

Devon wished he could track Tucker down himself to find out what was going on. He regretted that he'd taken his frustration out on other people, including Elena, and he was sorry. Elena stated that they were a team, so whenever he was hurt or worried, so was she. She wished there was something she could do to make it easier, and he swore that she was doing it by talking to him. Elena opined that the will situation was a scam, and she referred to what Amanda had said about the "old jerk" getting her involved.

Elena thought they couldn't believe a word out of Amanda's mouth, and she speculated that Amanda had lied about Tucker, too. Elena reasoned that whoever the "old jerk" was might have known Tucker was out of reach, so the guy had planted a phony story, knowing Tucker couldn't deny it. Devon worried that Tucker might be in real trouble, especially since Tucker, Chance, and Cane were all missing. Devon mentioned that Cane had gone to Las Vegas to look for Chance, but Cane had fallen out of contact with Jill. He found it tough to believe that the disappearance of three people was a coincidence, but Elena urged him not to assume the worst.

Later, Nate entered Crimson Lights and spotted Elena, who'd been hoping he'd be there after his shift to chat. He guessed that it had something to do with Devon and the phony will pages, and she bemoaned that things had gotten worse. She confirmed that Nate's instincts had been right about Devon being more concerned about Tucker's involvement than the money, and she shared that Devon hadn't been able to get in touch with Tucker and that Cane had gone missing, too. Elena recalled that she'd bumped into Amanda the night before, and it had taken everything in her not to tell the lawyer off. Nate didn't think Amanda was the real problem, and he thought they hadn't been completely fair to her.

Elena testily questioned when Nate had become friends with Amanda. Nate defended that he barely knew Amanda, but they'd had a couple of conversations, and he had trouble believing she was involved in a scam. Elena spat that everything Amanda had said had been a lie, and she was surprised Nate was falling for it. Nate didn't believe in rushing to judgment about a person they didn't even know, and Elena guessed it was because Amanda was easy on the eyes. Nate denied that Amanda's appearance had anything to do with it, and Elena apologized, noting that Abby was the only woman he was interested in. Nate confided that he and Abby had split up.

Nate explained that the breakup had mostly been over how the Newmans had rationalized Victor's charade to set a trap for Adam. Nate grumbled that the rules didn't apply to the Newmans, but Elena thought Abby hadn't had a choice but to go along with it. Nate indicated that Abby had acted like the aftermath was the cost of doing business, and he'd told her they were on different pages. Elena voiced surprise that they hadn't tried to find some common ground, but Nate figured that Abby had had one foot out the door since they'd started dating.

Elena thought it was obvious that Abby was into Nate, but Abby had just broken off an engagement and had tried to take things slowly. Elena asked whether Nate really wanted it to be over, and Nate anticipated that the conversation might have gone differently if Abby wanted to work on things. Elena encouraged him to go to Abby and give her a chance to open up, since it would be a shame to throw away something special without putting up a fight. Meanwhile, at Society, Abby contemplated calling Nate.

Devon tracked down Amanda at the Grand Phoenix with an idea about how to help her. She huffed that he'd been incredibly rude when she'd asked for help locating Chance, and he apologized. He sensed that she was starting to feel uncomfortable about the situation, too, and he speculated that the "old jerk" had hung her out to dry. Devon bet that she wouldn't get paid, but Amanda informed him that she'd received a retainer up front. He assumed that she'd taken the case on contingency, and her big payday would happen once she convinced him to give up his inheritance. Devon vowed that it wouldn't happen, and Amanda surmised that he was there to bribe her.

Devon pointed out that a bribe would be unethical, but he imagined that Amanda had taken the case to make money in the end, and there was nothing to be made. He offered to make some introductions and provide a letter of recommendation to allow her to go home to her life and her career, but she questioned why he was so anxious to get rid of her if the case was really a lost cause. Devon explained that he needed to know who was behind the fake will, since there were people missing who could be in danger. Amanda suspected that the real reason he wanted her gone was because she looked like his dead wife. He gave her two options -- drop the whole thing and go home, or go down in flames with whoever had hired her. He walked away.

Later, Nate entered the hotel, and Amanda looked up from her drink and guessed he was the good cop. She revealed that Devon had just been there, threatening to pull out the torches and pitchforks if she didn't leave town. Nate informed her that he was there to see someone else, and she turned back to her drink. He asked why she was putting herself through all of it, and she cryptically replied, "Now, that is a very good question."

Amanda shared that she'd never given up on a client or lost a case. Nate clucked that there had been a time that he'd never lost a patient -- until he had, and it had been sad and humbling. He recalled that he'd needed to learn to adjust his expectations, since doctors weren't all-powerful but just people trying to do the best they could, and sometimes it wasn't enough. Amanda figured that she would have had the case wrapped up within days if her client had cooperated, and Nate suggested that it was time to move on or hand off the case to someone else in her office.

Nate inquired whether Amanda had a partner, and she confided that she had had one, but he'd died. Nate expressed his condolences, and Amanda said it had been the nicest thing anyone had said to her since she'd set foot in town. He guessed she was homesick, and she asked if he was prescribing a ride home. He thought it might be the best thing for her, and he prepared to find Abby. Amanda wished him luck, and he sincerely wished her the same.

Cane lay unconscious on the floor of a room in an undisclosed location. Someone closed the door, leaving Cane in the dark. Cane slowly stirred and staggered to his feet. He fumbled for a light switch and found the room empty, other than a folding table and an envelope. He opened the envelope and discovered signed pages from Katherine's last will and testament.

Cane exited the room with the envelope. He called Jill and apologized for not being in touch, but he planned to head home. He added that she wouldn't believe what he had with him -- the original pages from Katherine's will.

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