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A forensic expert determined that the pages naming Cane as Katherine's main beneficiary were authentic. Devon decided to turn over most of his fortune to Cane. Jill became suspicious that Colin had conned Devon. Chelsea caved to Connor's insistence that he live with Adam.
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An expert determined which of Katherine's wills was authentic, but Jill became suspicious
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Devon gains the upper hand on Amanda Devon gains the upper hand on Amanda
Monday, October 21, 2019

At Society, Nate told Abby he'd had a change of heart and had been too hasty to assume they weren't suited for each other. After Nate asked Abby if she would give their relationship another shot, she led him to a quiet spot. Nate said he was certain that their issues had nothing to do with what had happened to Victor. Nate recalled that he'd once lost someone dear and had perhaps acted hastily when he'd feared Abby was about to end their relationship. Abby reminded Nate that he'd broken up with her.

Abby reminded Nate that he'd expected her to feel the same way about his involvement in Victor's plan and couldn't accept that she'd had her own feelings about the matter. Nate admitted that he'd been put off by Abby's callous treatment of Summer, who'd been expected to "quickly get over" a betrayal based on a lie. Nate added that though he'd been reluctantly dragged into Victor's deviousness, he'd later felt regret. Abby, Nate recalled, had also expected him to get over it. Abby stood firm and said she'd always remain loyal to her family and didn't want to feel pressured to pass a moral purity test. Nate replied that he shouldn't be expected to throw away his conscience. Failing to work out their differences, Nate left.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jill told Devon that Cane was on his way back from Las Vegas with the original pages from Katherine's will. Devon asked if Chance was accompanying Cane. Jill replied, "No, Devon. Cane says he's coming alone, and he will explain everything once he gets here." Devon noted that the original pages from the will had magically fallen into Cane's hands after he'd supposedly been named the heir to Katherine's estate. Jill insisted that Cane hadn't been deceitful.

Jill was suspicious because Tucker couldn't be contacted, but Devon defended Tucker and explained that he was away on a spiritual retreat. Devon stood his ground and claimed that Chance and Cane were using Tucker's absence to create doubt in hopes of getting their hands on Katherine's money. Devon glanced through the patio doors to the main dining area and added, "And by 'they,' I mean her." Jill was unable to hold Devon back from confronting Amanda.

Devon approached Amanda and announced that he'd already been told that Cane had acquired the original pages of the will. Devon, angry, asked Amanda if she planned to release the pages to the press in an attempt to force him to honor what he termed was nonsense. Devon insisted that Amanda had nothing valid to challenge the will. Amanda suggested that if Devon was so certain, he'd have no reason to be upset and wouldn't have offered a bribe for her to leave town. Devon became increasingly annoyed.

Devon explained that he was upset because Amanda was undermining his credibility and attempting to stop all the good he'd been doing. Amanda argued that Devon was upset because she looked like his deceased wife. Devon insisted that Amanda had gotten involved only to collect millions in legal fees. Amanda became frustrated and said she was sick of Devon, Jill, and everyone else in town. After Amanda stormed out, Devon turned to Jill and said, "Well, that's it. It's done." Jill told Devon that the pages Cane had found might be real portions of the will.

At the Grand Phoenix, Rey entered the lobby and stopped in his tracks when he spotted his father, sporting a black eye, talking to a blonde woman at the bar. Adrian claimed that his injury had been the result of having approached the wrong people about a real-estate deal. Adrian left the bar and greeted Rey. Rey accused his father of hustling wealthy women to foot his bills. Adrian admitted that he'd had a few financial setbacks.

Around the corner, Theo overheard Adrian tell Rey that his new son-in-law had come through for him in his time of need. Theo stayed nearby to eavesdrop while Rey and Adrian argued. Rey reminded Adrian that he was a stranger to Lola. Adrian insisted he was trying to change his ways. Rey said he was certain Adrian would soon create another mess from which he'd have to flee. As Rey was leaving, he warned Adrian not to break any laws while he tarried in Genoa City.

After Rey left, Adrian planted himself in the lounge near the fireplace. Across the room, Theo received a call from Summer. She asked Theo if he was staying out of trouble. Theo replied, "I'm a new man." Summer asked Theo to join her on a date, but Theo said he had business to take care of first. After Summer inquired about Theo's business, he glanced toward Adrian and replied, "Oh, just an unexpected opportunity."

Theo approached Adrian, introduced himself as Kyle's friend, and offered to buy drinks to get to know Lola's father better. Adrian claimed that he'd been unable to see his beloved children as much as he would have like to, though he'd kept in touch with his children through relatives' accounts of their lives. Theo asked about Lola's life when she'd been younger. Adrian said that Lola had been headstrong and independent, choosing martial arts over dance lessons. Adrian then questioned Theo. He admitted that he and Kyle had grown up in different worlds. Adrian seemed intrigued when Theo explained that Kyle hadn't always been close to his father.

At Lola and Kyle's apartment, the couple discussed their busy work schedules. The conversation was interrupted when Rey phoned Lola and told her that Adrian was still in town and hanging out at the Grand Phoenix. Lola suggested their father might have pulled off a heist to be able to afford staying at the posh hotel. Lola looked like someone had punched her in the stomach when Rey mentioned that Kyle had given Adrian money. Lola drew a deep breath and appeared dismayed by her brother's unwelcome news.

After Lola hung up, she asked Kyle if he'd given money to her deadbeat father. Kyle said he'd thought giving Adrian money would be the best way to keep peace in the family. Lola, frustrated, said her father hadn't left town and was living it up at the Grand Phoenix. Lola added that Kyle shouldn't have given her father a wad of cash and expected him to do the right thing. Kyle admitted his family had also encountered their share of unfortunate drama when his aunt had rigged a paternity test to steal the family company. Kyle assured Lola that her father wouldn't get between them.

After Lola arrived at Society, she noticed that Abby seemed down. Abby explained that she and Nate had broken off their relationship. Abby explained that Nate couldn't get past Victor's fake death. Abby added that she couldn't change who she was, though Nate had pressured her to acknowledge that she'd been wrong. Abby said she'd been put off by Nate's suggestion that she adhere to his moral code of conduct. Lola listened sympathetically. Abby was frustrated with herself for having let down her guard, and she said she needed to choose someone who'd accept her for who she was.

Nate ran into Cane at Society. Nate told Cane that he and Abby had parted ways. Nate asked Cane if he'd found Chance. Cane replied, "Well, he actually kind of found me in a way." Nate thought it was good that Cane had met up with Chance. Cane seemed torn and said he wasn't sure how he felt about it. After Nate left, Amanda showed up and met with Cane. Cane admitted he hadn't met directly with Chance, though the pages he'd received proved Amanda's case.

Cane seemed frustrated when Amanda told Cane that the papers had arrived too late because Devon had dug in his heels. Amanda added that Devon was refusing to even look at the papers. Amanda explained to Cane that the statute of limitations to challenge the will had run out. Amanda added that she suspected she was being used because of her looks and for reasons she didn't want to know. Amanda advised Cane to let the matter go.

At Jabot, Kyle complained that Billy had made a publicity appearance without having consulted with his partner. Summer reminded Kyle that he'd successfully run the company on his own when Jack and Billy had been away. Kyle replied, "The numbers don't lie, right?" Summer assured Kyle that if he bided his time, he'd wind up on top. Kyle seemed confident that Summer was right.

Summer noticed real-estate listings displayed on Kyle's laptop screen. She nosily asked Kyle if he and Lola were searching for a new place. Kyle nodded and said his focus was on neighborhoods in good school districts. Summer replied, "Meaning kids?" Kyle said, "Yeah."

Summer asked Kyle if he and Lola were trying for a baby immediately. Kyle said they were making plans for later. Summer perused the listings and fondly recalled how she and Kyle had once toured homes. Summer suggested one particular home on a corner with a chef's kitchen that they'd both favored. Kyle requested that Summer add it to his list.

Theo stopped by Society and visited Lola in the kitchen. Lola asked Theo why he'd stopped by. Theo teased that Lola enjoyed his company, persistence, and indomitable spirit. Lola immediately recognized the terms as tenets of tae kwon do. Lola demanded to know the real reason for Theo's visit.

Theo claimed he wanted to fix things with Kyle. Lola warned Theo that she wasn't gullible and didn't like for people to play head games with her, so he was attempting reconciliation the wrong way. Theo said he'd been down lately, and talking to Lola made him feel better. Summer showed up, and before Theo joined her, he asked Lola if they could remain on good terms. Lola said they could.

Kyle stopped by the Grand Phoenix in search of Adrian. Angry, Kyle explained that the money he'd given to Adrian was only a stopgap to help him figure out his next move. Adrian assured Kyle he'd pay him back after getting things on track. Kyle replied, "On track in Miami?" Adrian explained that he'd wanted to reconnect with Lola. Kyle noted that Adrian's presence was hurting Lola, though Adrian didn't seem to care what she wanted. Adrian said he, like Kyle's father, had made mistakes and hadn't always been on the best terms with their children. Adrian insisted his goal was to heal the rift with Lola.

Over drinks, Theo and Summer chatted about influencers. Summer bragged about Kyle, but she insisted she was over him and just wanted him to receive the recognition he deserved. Summer mentioned that Kyle and Lola were searching for a house with the intention of having kids. Summer asked Theo if he was okay with her working with Kyle. Theo said that if Lola didn't mind Kyle working with Summer, then he shouldn't mind, and he hoped the four of them could all be friends. Summer was relieved to hear that Theo no longer had a chip on his shoulder. Theo said he intended to take things in a new direction.

Back at their apartment, Kyle showed Lola his list of properties for sale. Lola expressed interest in a craftsman style home. Kyle directed Lola's attention to another home near a park with a big yard and a chef's kitchen. Lola considered it to be too formal. Kyle replied, "Summer and I thought you'd like it."

Lola was taken aback and said she could understand why Summer and Kyle would favor the same home because they'd both grown up in big houses. Kyle defended himself and said his family had worked hard for what they had. Lola said the house didn't suit her. Kyle assured Lola that they'd find the perfect place.

An expert determines which will is authentic An expert determines which will is authentic
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea called for Connor, and he sullenly shuffled into the room. She informed him that they were going to visit his grandpa that day, and he could see for himself that Victor was doing all right. Chelsea asked how that sounded, and Connor shrugged. She sent him to grab his jacket, and she sent a text message to Nick to ask if he'd found Adam. Nick replied that he was at Adam's door, and he promised to keep her posted.

At the Newman ranch, Victor warmly greeted Connor and said he'd missed his grandson. Connor replied that he'd missed Victor, too, and Chelsea reiterated that Victor was doing well. Victor was sure it had been very scary and confusing when Connor had heard that his grandfather had died, and he apologized for that. Victor explained that he had been sick, but he was doing okay then.

Connor whimpered that he'd been sad when he'd thought Victor was gone, and his dad had been, too. Victor said he was sorry about the pain it had caused, and he pledged to make it up to Connor. Connor whined that both his dad and Victor were supposed to have been dead, but it had all been a lie. Victor recognized that Connor and Chelsea had been through quite an ordeal; however, both he and Adam were all right, and he was happy to be with the family he loved. Victor hugged Connor.

Victor presented Connor with a soccer ball that hovered in the air. Connor recalled that one of his friends in Baton Rouge had gotten one for Christmas, and Victor mentioned that it lit up at night to play in the dark. Chelsea prompted Connor to thank Victor, and she sent the boy to grab a snack in the kitchen. She suggested that they stop at the park on the way home, and Connor unenthusiastically replied, "Okay, whatever." After Connor exited the room, Victor observed that Connor didn't seem like himself. Chelsea questioned how he could after everything Adam and Victor had put him through.

Chelsea lamented that Connor had suffered too much loss for a child his age, and it had broken her heart to console him when they'd thought Victor had died. Chelsea groused that she'd let Adam tell Connor that Victor was gone because Victor and Nick hadn't trusted her with the truth, and her son was paying the price for the ongoing insanity between Victor and Adam. Victor wished that Adam had stayed in town so they could have started over, and their family's wounds could have healed. Victor was certain that Adam wouldn't return, but Chelsea feared that Connor would never accept that. Victor vowed to do whatever he could to help Connor get over it, even if it meant he had to admit he'd been wrong.

Chelsea appreciated the offer, but she informed Victor that she'd already made it her goal to get Adam to return home as soon as possible. Victor figured that everyone had wanted to see Adam gone, and he had assumed Chelsea felt the same way. She confirmed that she'd been concerned that Adam's presence would make her life harder if he tried to sue for full custody or turn Connor against her, but Adam had kept his word by being a good dad to Connor. Victor imagined that Adam had shown the boy a side of himself that he had never allowed anyone else to see.

Chelsea bemoaned that it had broken Connor when Adam had left, since Connor thought his father didn't love him anymore. Victor advised her to repeat to Connor over and over that his father did love him, but Chelsea wailed that her son was in agony and wouldn't listen to her. She was convinced that the only thing that would heal the wound would be for Connor to have his dad back in his life. Connor returned and requested to go to the park, and Chelsea led Connor out.

In Las Vegas, Adam scowled when he found Nick at his hotel room door. Adam surmised that Phyllis had told Nick where to find him, and he snapped that she shouldn't have done that because he didn't want to talk to Nick. Nick huffed that it was too bad because he had a lot to say to Adam. Adam declared that he was done with Genoa City and was not looking to cause trouble for anyone; he just wanted to live his life. Adam clarified that his life didn't include anyone else named Newman, so it wasn't necessary for Nick to warn him not to show his face again.

Nick swore that he wasn't there to threaten Adam, and he ordered Adam to shut up and listen. Nick revealed that he was there because Connor was in trouble, so Adam needed to go home. Adam reiterated that he couldn't be the father Connor needed, but Nick taunted that perhaps Adam had just been too busy trying to murder his son's grandfather. Adam suspected that Nick and everyone else had wanted him to banish himself, and he ordered Nick not to act like he was on moral high ground when he'd let an innocent kid believe Victor was dead. Nick countered that Victor might have ended up dead if Adam hadn't been caught.

Adam regretted that Connor was hurting. He reasoned that he only would have disappointed his son more if he'd stayed, and Connor deserved better than that. Adam dared Nick to admit that he'd been thrilled when Adam had taken off, leaving his sons in Nick's capable hands. Nick conceded that he was glad he didn't have to worry about Adam hurting his family anymore; however, Connor was the one in real pain, and Chelsea believed Adam was the only one who could help him. Adam imagined that it had been a blow to Nick's ego, and he guessed that Nick had volunteered to persuade Adam to return to town to score points with Chelsea. Adam assumed that Nick was hoping Adam would turn him down.

Nick admitted that he would have been happy to never see face Adam's face again, but Connor loved and missed his father. Nick wished he could be the man to fill the void Adam had left in Connor's life, but he hadn't been able to do it. Nick implored Adam to think about how hard it was for him to beg Adam to go back when it was the last thing Nick wanted personally. Nick stressed that it wasn't about himself or Adam -- it was about Connor. Nick thought Adam would understand why he didn't have a choice when he heard what Connor had been doing.

Nick recounted the incident with the broken lamp, and Adam reasoned that little kids broke things. Nick mentioned the troubles Connor had been having at school, including unprovoked violence against another child. Nick described the night Connor had locked Christian in a dark garage and lied about it, and Adam protested that it didn't sound like Connor. Nick snarled that it was Adam, and he cited Chelsea's fear that her son would turn into his father. Adam insisted that it was why he'd walked away, but Nick argued that Adam couldn't expect a kid to understand that.

Nick contended that Connor had opened his heart to the father he'd thought he'd lost, and it was Adam's fault that Connor was angry and confused. Adam considered it more reason to stay away, since his mistake had been reentering Connor's life to begin with. Nick barked that the damage had been done, and it was Adam's responsibility to fix it. Adam doubted that Connor wanted to see him, but Nick indicated that Adam was all Connor talked about. Nick added that all the text messages and calls Adam had been receiving from Chelsea's phone had been from Connor, who felt rejected every time Adam ignored them. Adam was upset to hear about that, but he continued to refuse to go back to Genoa City.

Adam remarked that kids were resilient, and he was sure Chelsea would get Connor the help he needed. Adam accepted that he'd failed Connor as a father, and if he did it again, Connor would be in even worse shape than he was then. Nick shared Chelsea's expectation that Connor's anger and resentment would grow if Adam stayed away, and history would repeat itself. Nick referred to how Adam had been scarred when he'd found out his dad had stayed away because his mother had asked him to. Adam bellowed that it was enough, and he stressed that he was doing what he thought was best for Connor. He ordered Nick to "get the hell out."

Nick warned that Adam would regret forsaking Connor. Adam told Nick to go home to his cozy existence of raising Adam's sons with the love of Adam's life. Nick answered a call from a panicked Chelsea, who informed him that she was at the hospital. She recounted that Connor had climbed to the top of the jungle gym in the park and announced that he was invincible before jumping. She sobbed that he'd hit the ground hard, and he'd been screaming in pain with a broken arm.

Nick asked if Chelsea had any idea why Connor had done that, and she mentioned that they'd just seen Victor. She speculated that Connor thought his father and grandfather could survive anything, so Connor had figured he could, too. She was terrified to think about what would happen next, and Nick promised to get home as fast as he could. She inquired about Adam, and Nick said he would let her know. After Nick hung up, Nick informed Adam about Connor's injury. "You still think you don't need to come home?" Nick spat.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack announced that he'd picked up Dina's favorite tea and macarons in preparation for her home visit. Traci observed that he seemed anxious, and he explained that he was just eager to know more about the letter Dina had written to Stuart Brooks. Jack realized that Dina might not be able to remember or articulate an answer, and Traci urged him to focus on spending time with Dina and only broach the subject if she was having a good day. Jack intended to stop the questions if Dina became upset, but he thought it would be wonderful if they could open another window into her past.

Later, Jack led Dina into the mansion, and she marveled that the room was lovely and tasteful. She felt as if she'd been in the house before, and Traci confirmed that Dina had been. Jack offered to pour Dina some hibiscus tea with a splash of milk, and she imagined that he'd poured her tea before on the very same china. Traci complimented Dina's good eye, and Jack implored Dina to relax and let them take care of her. He added that they had some things they'd like to show her if she was feeling up to it.

Jack showed Dina a yearbook, and she asked if she knew the people pictured. Jack explained that they were old friends that she hadn't seen in a long time, and she recognized a photo of herself in high school. Traci mentioned the letter that Dina had written to Stuart Brooks just after graduation, and she read the letter aloud, ending with the quote from Shakespeare. Dina dazedly remarked that it had been a wonderful and terrible night.

Traci pointed out that the letter didn't say anything about a particular night, and she asked if Dina remembered what night it had been. Dina replied that she didn't know, and Jack inquired whether she'd been close with Stuart. Dina became nonresponsive, and Traci swore that it didn't matter. Dina demanded to go home right away, and Jack went to get her coat.

After Jack returned from taking Dina back to the memory care facility, he reported that she'd still been very quiet when she'd gotten settled in. He wasn't sure that she'd remembered the visit at all by the time he'd left. Jack regretted that he'd pushed things too far, but Traci pointed out that they could never predict how Dina would react. Traci thought they needed to be grateful for the time they'd spent together that day, and Jack thanked her for saying all the right things to make him feel better.

Jack noticed that Traci had reopened the boxes of family memorabilia, and she showed him an invitation to a senior prom afterparty at the Abbott house. He noted that the date had been from Dina's senior year. Traci pointed to a handwritten note on the back: "D, Come tonight, please. I promise I'll change your mind. S." Jack guessed that Stuart had given the invitation to Dina and that it had been the wonderful, terrible night Dina had mentioned. Traci suspected that whatever had happened had been at a party in their house.

At Crimson Lights, Jill encouraged Cane to help her eat a scone. Esther appeared and shared that she'd overheard them planning to meet, so she'd decided to join them. Jill grumbled that Esther should have just asked, since they were all stressed about the situation. Jill explained that no one could legally contest Katherine's will, so Devon had washed his hands of the whole thing, and the lawyer wouldn't take another step until she consulted with her client. Jill added that Chance had been hard to get in touch with, so they'd been at a stalemate.

Cane chimed in that he and Jill had decided to find out the truth themselves, so he'd gone to Las Vegas to find Chance, and he'd returned with the original pages of Katherine's will. Jill revealed that she'd hired a certified forensic document examiner named Amy Nelson to compare the newly found pages with the pages that had been read six years earlier to tell them which ones were authentic. Cane prepared to find out whether Katherine had intended for Devon to inherit the bulk of her estate -- or if Cane should have.

Esther didn't understand how Cane had gotten the pages from Chance. Jill noted that Cane had been vague about it, and he said he hadn't wanted Jill to worry. He recounted that he'd received a text message from Chance, inviting him to meet Chance in a specific place, but someone had knocked Cane out from behind. Cane continued that he'd woken up in a random room with an envelope that had contained the pages of the will and a note from Chance with apologies for needing to stay off the radar because he was deep undercover. Jill thought it explained why Chance had been out of contact, but Cane's story didn't fill in all the gaps.

Esther wondered why Chance hadn't just mailed the pages. Cane looked forward to meeting the expert so they could move on. Jill mused that it would be over if it had all been a hoax, but they'd have another set of problems on their hands if the pages were real. Jill wondered where the expert was, since the time of their appointment had passed. A woman entered the coffeehouse, and Jill signaled to her. Jill introduced Amy to Cane and Esther and thanked her for her discretion. Amy proclaimed that she was prepared to definitively answer any questions they had.

Amy reported that the portion of will specifying Devon's large inheritance had been printed on slightly different bond paper than the rest of the original version of the will, but the pages bequeathing the fortune to Cane had perfectly matched the rest of the will. Amy also confirmed that the initials on the recently found pages of the will were authentic, and the initials on the will that had been read years earlier had been forged. Esther, Jill, and Cane were stunned that Katherine had left all that money to Cane.

After Amy left, Cane wondered why Katherine had given him billions of dollars when he hadn't been family. Esther pointed out that Katherine had loved him, but Cane figured that Katherine had loved a lot of people, including blood relatives. Jill asserted that Katherine had seen something special in Cane and had believed in him, and the bequest had been emotional as well as financial. Cane recognized that the inheritance was very personal to Devon.

Jill knew that Devon considered the inheritance to be a sign that Katherine had believed he'd do good things with it to do right by her legacy. Jill imagined how awful it would be for Devon to not only have that belief shaken but also to find out that Tucker had perpetrated the fraud. Jill thought Cane had a right to be furious at Tucker, and Esther suggested that they hire a private investigator to find Tucker. Cane reasoned that it wouldn't change anything, and all they could do was move forward. Esther thought they all knew what they needed to do next.

Esther recognized that there was no legal way to make sure the terms of Katherine's authentic will were honored, but she didn't think that had to be the end. She added that she didn't want to see Devon hurt, but the revelation was bigger than him. Cane felt for Devon, but he doubted that Katherine would have wanted her final wishes brushed aside over an arbitrary deadline. Jill thought that Devon deserved to know the truth, and she anticipated that once the initial shock passed, they'd find out how he felt about respecting his grandmother's wishes.

Jill and Cane prove the will was falsified Jill and Cane prove the will was falsified
Wednesday, October 23, 2019
by Nel

At Adam's penthouse, Phyllis sat in front of her laptop, spying on her partners at the Grand Phoenix. She muttered that privacy wasn't "what it used to be."

At Nick's, Chelsea broke down in tears as she greeted Nick and Adam. She thanked Adam for returning to help their son and said that the doctor had reassured her that Connor was okay. When Adam wanted to see Connor, Chelsea said they had to get a few things straight first. Adam wanted to know why Chelsea had asked him to return if she wouldn't allow him to see Connor. Chelsea said that Adam was the only person who could help Connor, and that was the only reason she had asked him to return.

Adam found Connor asleep on the couch. He stroked Connor's head, and Connor woke up. Connor was shocked to see that his dad had returned. Connor asked if Adam hated him. Adam told Connor that he loved Connor very much, but he'd left because he'd thought Connor would be better off without him. Connor claimed that Adam had only returned because he'd broken his arm. Adam denied that had been the reason. Connor asked why he should believe that Adam would stay. Adam said he didn't blame Connor for being skeptical, but he promised he would stay and be the father Connor deserved.

When Connor accused Adam of lying, Adam assured Connor he would stay. Adam said that Connor had to stop believing he was invincible. Connor reminded Adam that Adam had said Victor was invincible. Adam admitted he'd been wrong to say that because Victor could be hurt like everyone else. Adam said the last thing he wanted was for Connor to be hurt. He promised his son that he would be there for him, and he would attend every game that Connor participated in. Connor stated that if that was true, then he wanted to live with Adam. Chelsea and Nick had watched the reunion, and they were stunned by Connor's suggestion.

Adam told Connor that it was up to Chelsea. Connor begged Chelsea to allow him to live with Adam. Nick said they needed to talk about it, but Chelsea countered that Nick hadn't been at the park when Connor had fallen. She said she couldn't get the image out of her mind. Nick admitted that Connor had gone through a rough time, but he assured Chelsea that what had happened in the park hadn't been her fault.

Adam told Nick and Chelsea that Connor staying with him would prove to Connor that Adam was committed to being his father and that he would remain in Genoa City. Chelsea agreed, and she reminded Adam that it was only a temporary situation. She said Adam wouldn't get permanent custody of Connor. Adam said he understood. He told Chelsea he would go to the penthouse and get things ready for Connor to give Chelsea and Nick time to say goodbye.

After Adam left, Chelsea said she couldn't believe what had happened. She thanked Nick for getting Adam to return, and she admitted she'd known how hard it would be for Nick to do that. Nick said that in spite of the fact that Adam had only wanted to scare Victor, Victor had almost died. He was concerned about Connor living with Adam because Adam hurt everyone he touched. Chelsea assured him that Adam wouldn't hurt Connor. She said that Connor was in pain, and it had to stop. Nick said he would support any decision Chelsea made. Chelsea said that she and Connor would go to Adam's alone.

When Chelsea and Connor were ready to leave, Nick reminded Connor that Nick and Chelsea would see him all the time, but Connor didn't seem interested because he was anxious to be with Adam. Nick told Connor he could call them anytime if he ever needed them. Connor said, "Sure." He and Chelsea left.

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights and bragged to Sharon about a person she had signed. She said that person would be as big as the Kardashians. Mariah was very excited. Sharon commented that Mariah looked extremely happy. Mariah wished her happiness was contagious.

Sharon told Mariah that she'd been to see Faith. Mariah was curious how Faith was dealing with Victor's death and return from the dead. Sharon said Faith was a real trouper, and Faith had claimed that it hadn't been the craziest thing that Victor had done. Mariah inquired how things were between Sharon and Rey. Sharon said she hadn't heard from Rey in quite a while, and she was reluctant to call him. At that moment, Rey arrived and joined Sharon and Mariah. Mariah tried to make an excuse about why she needed to leave, and after stuttering and looking for an appropriate excuse, she said she was going for her cardio boxing session and left.

Alone with Rey, Sharon asked if he had changed his mind about a second date. Rey said he'd been busy. He informed her that his father was back in town, and it had created a whole new set of problems. Rey asked if Sharon was available later that day for their second date. Sharon said she was. When Rey received a call, he looked for a private spot to talk and noticed that Mariah was standing at the patio doors. Before walking off to take his call, he gave Sharon the heads-up and walked away.

When Mariah saw that Sharon was alone, she approached Sharon and asked how things had gone with Rey. Sharon informed her that they were going on a second date later. Mariah was delighted. Sharon said she thought that she and Rey had a good shot at something. She commented that Mariah's cardio boxing session seemed very brief. Mariah claimed she'd pulled a muscle.

Cane and Jill were at the Grand Phoenix. Jill said they had to be the ones to tell Devon about the new pages to the will. At that moment, Amanda walked by. Cane suggested they inform Amanda about their findings. Jill was adamant that they not say anything to Amanda because Amanda had tried to smear the family name, and it was none of her business. Cane agreed with Jill, and it was up to them to tell Devon that the actual will was a fake.

Jill called Devon. When Devon answered, he told Jill he had no intention of discussing the will. Jill told him she had proof that Katherine's will had been falsified. When Devon didn't respond, Jill realized that Devon had hung up on her. She told Cane that Katherine would have wanted the matter settled, and Devon needed to read the forensic report. Cane said Devon wasn't under any legal obligation because of the new pages. Jill asked about Devon's moral obligations. Cane wondered if moral obligations would be enough to give up a fortune. Jill felt that Devon's conscience would tell him to do the right thing.

At home, Devon was working when he received a call from Jill. He told Jill that if she was calling about the will, he had no intention of discussing it. Jill informed him that she had proof that Katherine's will had been falsified. Devon ended the call and stood there stupefied. Moments later, Devon sent Jill and Cane a text message asking them to meet him at his penthouse.

Jill and Cane arrived at Devon's penthouse, and Amanda arrived moments later. Jill wanted to know why Amanda was there. Devon said that he had invited Amanda because she represented Chance. Jill refused to say anything in front of Amanda, because she didn't believe that Amanda worked for Chance. Devon ignored Jill's refusal. He demanded to see the irrefutable proof that the will pages had been forged, or he was done.

Cane provided Devon with the forensic and the handwriting expert's reports regarding the new pages. Amanda demanded an apology from Jill for calling her a liar earlier, which Jill ignored. Jill and Cane assured Devon that Katherine had loved him, and the new pages didn't diminish that love. Jill and Cane knew Devon had a moral decision to make, and they all left.

Elena arrived at Crimson Lights and joined Nate. Nate told Elena he was concerned about the long hours she'd been working. Elena admitted that she had been avoiding being at home because of the will situation and being shut out by Devon. Nate didn't believe that Devon had shut her out. Elena said she felt helpless, and she had decided to work where she could be helpful.

Nate told Elena that he and Abby had broken up. Elena said she was sorry because she had believed that he and Abby were solid. She teased that she could hook him up with a cute resident. Nate smiled and declined. At that moment, Elena's happy mood changed when she received a text message from Devon telling her there had been a new development with the will, and he needed her. Nate and Elena left.

Adam arrived at his penthouse and scared Phyllis, who had been spying on her partners at the Grand Phoenix. Adam told her she had to leave. She asked Adam where she was supposed to go. Adam reminded her she was part owner of a hotel. He informed her that Connor was moving in with him. Phyllis immediately thought Adam had kidnapped Connor, but Adam told her that Chelsea was packing Connor up as they spoke. Phyllis couldn't believe that Chelsea would approve of Connor moving in with him. Adam informed Phyllis that Chelsea knew how much Connor needed to be with him.

With her suitcase packed, ready to leave, Phyllis reminded Adam that she was the only friend he had in Genoa City. She said Connor was a lucky kid. She said kids bounced back as long as they had someone in their corner who loved them. Adam told Phyllis that Summer hadn't turned out too bad. At that moment, Chelsea and Connor arrived. Chelsea asked why Phyllis was there. Adam assured her Phyllis was leaving.

After Phyllis left, Chelsea tried to talk to Connor, but he ignored her completely and ran off to his room. Adam promised Chelsea that he would be the father that Connor deserved. Chelsea said that Connor couldn't be exposed to any more trauma. Adam assured her there wouldn't be any more. Chelsea left, and outside Adam's door, she cried.

Inside the penthouse, Connor told Adam that when Adam had left Genoa City, Connor had been afraid that Adam would never return. Adam admitted that he'd screwed up big time, but he assured Connor that he had never stopped loving Connor. Adam stated that he never wanted Connor to think he didn't love him. Connor claimed that as long as he lived with Adam, he would never forget that. He asked Adam to be the first to sign his cast. Adam wrote, "You and me kid." Connor said he had missed Adam. Adam assured Connor that he had missed Connor, as well, but from then on, they would be inseparable.

At Crimson Lights, Cane told Jill that he hated hurting Devon. Jill asked what Cane thought Devon would do and if Cane would let things go if Devon did nothing.

Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda immediately ended her call when she saw Phyllis. Phyllis said Amanda didn't need to end the call on her account, and if Amanda was staying at the Grand Phoenix, she needed to get used to seeing Phyllis. She told Amanda to say hello to her new neighbor.

Chelsea arrived at home and cried in Nick's arms that she wanted her sweet boy back. Nick tried to console her. He reminded her it was a temporary situation. Chelsea said if she hadn't allowed Connor to go to Adam, she would have lost Connor forever. She said she couldn't allow that to happen. Nick promised it wouldn't happen. He embraced Chelsea.

At the penthouse, Devon told Elena and Nate that Katherine hadn't bequeathed the money to him. Devon said he would understand if Katherine had left the money to a relative like Tucker or Mackenzie, but she'd picked an indecent person like Cane, who had broken Lily's heart over and over again. Elena asked how Devon had left things with Jill and Cane. Devon said he hadn't given them an answer.

Devon told Elena and Nate that the money had changed his life, and he had to return all of it. He said he'd had no idea why Katherine had left him the inheritance, but he had finally allowed himself to believe it had been a sign of her faith in him. He'd begun giving some of the money to charity, but he'd grown to feel it had appeared as one big lie. Elena assured Devon that every dollar he'd given to charity had been done in good faith. Nate added that Devon hadn't known someone had messed with the will. Devon said that since he'd learned, he didn't know what to do about it. Nate asked Devon what Neil would he have told Devon to do if he were still alive.

Elena leaves town to help Jett Elena leaves town to help Jett
Thursday, October 24, 2019

At Devon's penthouse, Devon stared at some documents. Elena informed him that she'd made lunch, and she worried that he hadn't eaten anything since Jill had confirmed that Katherine's will had been altered. Devon bemoaned that things had been simpler when he'd thought the new pages were fake, and there hadn't been any moral ambiguity or doubts about what to do or who he was. Elena contended that his inheritance hadn't made him who he was.

Devon noted that he'd purchased the penthouse and founded his company with the inheritance, so it was a big part of who he was. Elena insisted that it wasn't the part she loved, but he imagined that he'd be a different person if he hadn't gotten billions of dollars six years earlier. He struggled to make the right decision, and she asked if it was why he was reading the forged copy of the will. He clarified that it wasn't what he'd been looking at. Elena stepped out to take a call from Jett.

Devon answered the door and invited Nate in. Devon mentioned that he'd been thinking about Nate's advice to do what Neil would have wanted him to do, and Nate asked if it had helped Devon decide. Devon recalled that Cane had repeatedly let Neil down, but Neil had also had a lot of respect for Katherine and might have wanted to see her wishes carried out. A shaken Elena returned to the room and divulged that Jett had a lesion on his vocal cord that could be cancerous, so he had to get a biopsy. Devon guessed that she wanted to go be there in person.

Devon prepared to take care of the travel arrangements, since Jett needed the best care possible, and Devon knew Elena would make sure Jett got it. They embraced. Devon stepped out, and Nate asked if Jett had provided more details about his condition. Elena rambled that she'd been able to tell that her uncle was terrified, and not just about his health, since he was also worried about his career. Nate assumed that Jett had been given a clean bill of health before he'd gone on tour, so the cancer had to be in the early stages.

Elena fretted that the doctors could have missed something, and Nate assured her that Jett couldn't be better taken care of with her by his side. Elena hated leaving Devon when he'd just gotten horrible news and both of his sisters were out of town. Nate promised to be there for Devon, and he was sure everything would turn out just fine. They hugged, and Nate watched her walk upstairs before he headed out.

Later, Devon told Elena that he'd emailed confirmations for her car and hotel, and she urged him not to feel like he couldn't call. He swore that he needed her too much to shut her out. He recognized that he had to make a decision that would affect a lot of lives, including their own. Elena trusted that he would find something he felt good about that he could live with, but Devon didn't know if a solution like that existed. He noted that she hadn't said a word about what he should do, and she was determined to stay neutral because it was his decision. Devon wanted to know what she would do in his shoes.

Elena didn't think she had a right to weigh in, but Devon argued that the decision would affect her, too. He expected that their lives would change if he gave his money away, but she pointed out that he got to decide how much to give Cane, if anything. Devon thought it had to be all or nothing from a moral standpoint, and he contemplated whether it would include everything he'd spent the money on, like Hamilton-Winters. Elena asserted that the company was a success because of the work Devon and Neil had put in, and she urged Devon not to give it away.

Devon groaned that it was complicated, since money solved problems, like being able to send Elena to take care of Jett on short notice. She reasoned that she could have paid for her own ticket, and she was sure that he'd be able to pay his bills, no matter what. Devon wondered if Cane would view having the money the same way he did, using it in a way that would have made Katherine proud. Devon recounted Cane's long history of getting in trouble and lying to cover it up, and he believed that Katherine would have been disappointed in a guy like Cane. Elena suggested that Devon talk to someone who'd known Cane and Katherine better than anyone else. Devon immediately thought of Lily.

Devon left a message for Lily. Elena hated having to leave him, but he suspected that she'd feel worse if she wasn't there for Jett when he needed her. She requested that Devon check on Nate, who was hurting after his breakup with Abby. Devon assumed that Elena had also asked Nate to check up on him, but he didn't mind. Devon commended Elena for knowing exactly what he needed by giving him the idea to call Lily. Elena couldn't wait for the weight to be off his shoulders and to see him happy again. Devon murmured hat he'd be happy when she returned home, and they kissed.

Over the phone, Devon told Lily that he had to make a big decision, and he wanted to talk with her about it in person. He offered to go to her, but he appreciated it when she agreed to meet him in Genoa City. He added that the sooner she could get there, the better.

At Newman Enterprises, Billy entered Victoria's office with a shopping bag. They hugged, and he explained that he'd returned from L.A. early because he hadn't wanted to be away from her any longer. He suggested that they celebrate at home, but she declined because of an important business meeting. She inquired about what was in the bag, and he pulled out Halloween costumes for the kids. He anticipated that Johnny and Katie would be the "most badass zombies" on the planet.

Victoria thought Johnny would approve but that their little princess would have another idea, and Billy suggested that Katie be a princess zombie. Victoria agreed to see how the idea went over with the children that night. Billy asked what he'd missed while he'd been gone, and Victoria said she needed to tell him something he wouldn't love -- Adam was back. Victoria told Billy that it had taken Connor's accident for Adam to do the right thing for his son. She worried about the possible repercussions of Adam's return, and Billy surmised that she was wondering if it would push him over the edge again.

Billy insisted that what he'd gone through hadn't been entirely about Adam. Billy recognized that he had a lot of unresolved issues about Delia's death that he had to face, and Victoria hoped the therapy was helping. Billy mentioned that he'd had a video session while he'd been in L.A., and he assured her that he'd regularly been checking in with himself to ensure he stayed on the right track. He understood that he had lot to do, but he swore that there was no need to worry about it. Victoria threw her arms around him and said he had no idea how much she'd needed to hear him say that.

Billy asked about Victor's reaction to Adam being back in town, and Victoria replied that they hadn't discussed it. She expected her father to have a glimmer of hope in his eye, and it would break her heart when she saw it, but she was focused on making sure her family and Newman Enterprises were safe. Billy proclaimed that there was no one better to keep Adam's hands off the company than her. Victoria supposed that Adam might have learned his lesson, but she was prepared to fend off an attack at any moment.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle discussed what to highlight in their marketing materials. He offered to put in more hours over the next few days, since Lola was visiting Arturo in Miami. Summer assumed that the couple's house-hunting was on hold, and she asked if Kyle had shown Lola the house he and Summer had talked about. Kyle shared that Lola hadn't been into it because she wanted something warm and cozy. Summer recalled that he'd planned his entire wedding without asking what Lola had wanted, and she teased that he'd lost his touch.

Summer warned that Kyle and Lola would be stuck in their tiny apartment forever if they didn't get in sync, but he protested that they'd had many good times there. He quipped that it was better to be in the wrong place with right person than a dream house with the wrong one, quickly adding that he wasn't talking about the house Summer's dad had intended to give them. Summer assured him that the past was no longer an issue for her, and she was happy with the way things were between them. He was glad they worked well together, and he suggested they get back to it.

Summer wondered how much longer it would be until Billy got there, since she was late for another appointment. Billy arrived and explained that he'd stopped by to see Victoria on his way from the airport. Summer and Kyle rattled off a list of their accomplishments during Billy's absence, including a bump in sales due to their influencer presence at fashion week and an agreement to provide Jabot accessories for the cast of a TV show filmed in Atlanta, with Summer assisting on set. Summer praised Kyle for negotiating a deal with a new factory to produce their sunscreen.

Billy acknowledged that the sales numbers were better than expected, but he stressed that they couldn't let up if they wanted to keep the momentum going. Kyle referred to all the progress they'd just mentioned, and he wondered where Billy had gotten the impression they were letting up. After Summer headed out, Billy flatly stated that he had a different management style from Jack's, and he hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Kyle pointed out that Billy wasn't his manager and that they were equal partners running the company together. Kyle hoped that wouldn't be an issue for Billy, and he walked out.

Later, Kyle informed Billy that Ashley had told research and development to run with one of Kyle's ideas. Billy ordered Kyle to leave the report on his desk, and Kyle noted Billy's bad mood. Billy barked that he had more work to do, since his experience had taught him not to take his eye off the ball for one second. Kyle reminded Billy that Jack wanted them to get along, and Billy bellowed that he'd been having a fine day until Kyle had entered with an attitude. Billy ordered Kyle to fix it if he wanted the arrangement to work.

Billy recalled that when he'd been Kyle's age, Jack had sent Billy to Hong Kong for a fresh start as a polite way of exiling the black sheep of the family. Billy contended that he'd learned the business from the ground up, but his family still hadn't trusted him, so he'd started his own business. Kyle recognized that Billy had earned his success, but Kyle pointed out that he'd also worked his tail off for years. Kyle questioned why he had to keep proving himself to Billy, and he got the vibe that Billy was waiting for him to fall on his face. "Maybe I am," Billy retorted.

Billy imagined that anyone in a high-pressure job was bound to stumble -- especially someone as green as Kyle. Kyle conceded that he'd made mistakes, but he'd owned them and worked hard to put them behind him. Kyle invited Billy to call him out if he did something wrong, but he lectured that there was a difference between holding someone accountable and rooting for one's partner to fail. Billy opined that Jack had given Kyle too much power too soon, and it was Billy's responsibility to keep an eye on the situation. Kyle maintained that he was more than ready to take on the role. "We'll see about that," Billy huffed.

Abby approached Theo at Society's bar and observed that he was becoming quite the regular. He declared that he could eat the fritters three times a day, and he gave his compliments to the chef. He inquired whether Lola was around that day, and Abby replied that Lola wasn't, so there was no reason for him to stick around if that was why he was there. Theo asked if Abby blamed him for the Grand Phoenix opening. She insisted that she'd gotten over it long before, but she probably wouldn't hire him to promote future events.

Theo pushed to know whether it was work or if Abby just didn't like him. Abby called him tolerable, but she thought he had a reputation for stirring up trouble. He grumbled that she'd been listening to Kyle, but she informed him that her staff had told her that he'd been hanging out there to get Lola's attention while she'd been working. Abby cautioned that she'd make life very difficult for Theo if he was causing problems between Kyle and Lola.

Theo stated that he liked Lola's cooking and Lola herself, and he swore that there was no hidden agenda. Abby questioned why he'd given Kyle a hard time about marrying Lola, and Theo admitted that it had been unfair of him to blame Lola for Kyle becoming boring. He figured that there was no going back, and he had a bright future ahead of him. Abby inquired whether he'd gotten a new consulting gig after Devon had let him go, and Theo vaguely referred to some good prospects. Abby guessed that the professional setback had been why Theo had tried to get her to hire him to promote her events.

Theo turned the topic to why Lola wasn't there, and Abby informed him that Lola had gone to Miami to meet her brother's new baby. Theo assumed the baby's father was a fourth Rosales sibling, but he realized that Abby's former fiancée and the baby's dad were the same guy. Theo found it impressive that Abby had managed to stay close with Lola under the circumstances, and Abby commented that true friends always managed to work things out. Theo translated that to mean there was hope for him and Kyle, but Abby doubted how true the men's friendship had been.

Later, Summer joined Theo, and he suggested that she give Abby a wave so that Abby wouldn't have him arrested for loitering. Meanwhile, Abby led Victoria to a table, and Victoria voiced surprise that Summer and Theo were still together. Victoria wondered why Newman women always went for the bad boys, although she thought Nate was a keeper. Abby revealed that they'd broken up because he had regrets about going along with Victor's plan to convince the world he was dead. Abby confided that Nate was upset because Abby thought Victor had done the right thing.

Victoria thought Abby deserved to have someone in her life who wasn't so judgmental, and Abby asked what Billy thought of Victoria's new CEO position. Victoria shared that he was thrilled, and Abby remarked that she'd been surprised that their dad had retired. Victoria mused that it had been time for Victor -- and for her. Victoria was stunned when Abby agreed.

Abby admitted that her heart hadn't been in corporate life, and she preferred being an entrepreneur in a business she loved. Abby was sorry that she hadn't realized sooner that Victoria was the perfect person to take over for their dad, and she was proud of her sister. Abby requested that Victoria help her out by booking all her Newman events at one of Abby's venues. Victoria confirmed that she'd do it not only because Abby was her sister but also because Abby was the best in the hospitality business.

Summer and Theo approached Victoria, and he congratulated Victoria on being appointed permanent CEO. Victoria remarked that his reputation preceded him, and Theo insisted that the drugging at the Grand Phoenix opening hadn't been his fault. Victoria mentioned that Billy had said good things about Theo's influencers, and Theo suggested that they explore ways he could help Newman. Victoria excused herself to meet her lunch companion.

Theo and Summer returned to the bar, and he exclaimed that he'd love to work for Newman. He wondered if Summer had ever considered going back, but she scoffed at the idea of rejoining Newman after her family had lied to her about Victor's death. Theo thought she held the keys to the kingdom, and she was only hurting herself by not using them. Summer thought her job at Jabot was a better fit, and she raved about how energized she'd felt at her brainstorming session with Kyle earlier.

Summer anticipated that Atlanta would be fun, and Theo thought making entertainment connections could lead to a lot of opportunities for her. She mentioned that the TV show had been Kyle's idea, and Theo muttered, "Of course,g it was." She reminded him that they'd agreed it was okay for her to talk about her ex, and Theo sarcastically replied that he lived for news about Kyle.

Summer changed the subject to why Abby had been giving Theo a hard time. Theo theorized that Abby was overprotective of her niece, but Summer laughed at the notion, given that Abby had slept with Summer's husband. As Summer obliviously rambled about Abby's poor life choices, Theo pulled out his phone and typed a text message to Lola. "Hope Miami's fun. Society misses you," he wrote.

Jill suspects Colin is scamming Devon Jill suspects Colin is scamming Devon
Friday, October 25, 2019

At Nick's house, Chelsea told someone over the phone that she'd be in shortly. She asked Nick if Christian was excited about his field trip, and Nick remarked that nothing made Christian happier than seeing dinosaur bones. Chelsea imagined that Christian was confused without his best buddy living there anymore, but Nick assured her that it wouldn't be forever. She forlornly picked up one of Connor's toys from the sofa and admitted that it hurt. She whimpered that she'd only agreed to the arrangement because she was scared for Connor and was willing to do whatever it took to make sure he was okay, but it felt like everything was out of control. Nick held her.

Nick believed that Connor's recent behavior had been a cry for help, and he felt partly to blame for that. He thought he'd pushed too hard for their blended family to work, but Chelsea was certain that Adam's departure had broken Connor. Nick admitted that it was why he'd bitten the bullet and gone to Las Vegas to get Adam to return home. Chelsea praised Nick for doing what was best for Connor, and Nick hoped she was right. She trusted her instincts to do what was best for her son, and she hoped Adam was doing the same thing.

Chelsea informed Nick that she was going to stop by Adam's to figure out a visitation schedule. She couldn't believe that she was nervous to see her own son, and Nick urged her to relax because she was the best mom he knew. Chelsea wasn't sure what Connor knew anymore, but Nick pointed out that she'd been the one constant in the boy's life. He applauded her for making tough choices, and he implored her to remind Connor how much love there was between them. They hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon's jaw dropped when she looked up from her laptop and saw Adam. She stammered that she hadn't known he was back, and he explained that Nick had tracked him down because Connor had been getting into trouble. Adam added that he'd let go of all his grievances with the Newmans, since Connor had been through enough upheaval. Adam admitted that he'd been wrong to think Connor was better off without him.

Sharon mentioned that Chelsea had asked her to talk to Connor while Adam had been away, and Adam informed her that it was why he was there. He announced that Connor had moved in with him, and he needed her to help him help his son. Adam acknowledged that things were rocky between him and Sharon, but he was hoping she could rise above it and think about a little boy who needed all the help he could get. Rey spied them together.

Adam insisted that Connor liked and respected Sharon, and he didn't want Connor to lose the connection with someone who had been helping him make sense of the confusion. Sharon offered to provide a referral to a good therapist, but Adam firmly stated that he wanted her. Sharon balked, and he guessed it was because she didn't trust him. Sharon didn't want to risk Adam trying to manipulate her again.

Adam swore that all he wanted was for Connor to be happy and feel safe, and he knew she could help. Adam didn't see the point of jumping from shrink to shrink to find the right fit when a perfectly good counselor was sitting across from him. He accepted that Sharon hated him, but he urged her not to take it out on a kid who had enough to handle by having him as a father. Adam thought Sharon could make all the difference in Connor's life.

Rey asked if he was interrupting, but Adam said he was on his way out. Adam hoped to hear from Sharon soon, and he exited. Sharon divulged that Adam had asked her to do a favor for someone he cared about, but it wasn't important. Rey observed that it had looked important, but he didn't want to pry. Sharon reminded Rey that she'd been lending a hand to Nick and Chelsea to help a struggling Connor, who had been acting out. She continued that she and Connor had talked a few times, and he'd started to trust her.

Rey thought it was huge that Sharon had gotten Connor to respond to her, and he imagined that Adam wanted her to continue helping the boy. Sharon explained that she'd declined because she would never do anything that would put her in regular contact with Adam. Rey wondered if there was anything he could say to make her change her mind. Sharon feared she and Rey had failed to communicate, but he assured her that he'd heard her loud and clear and thought she should reconsider Adam's request. Sharon was taken aback by Rey's stance after all the trouble Adam had caused.

Rey stressed that Sharon wouldn't be helping Adam -- she'd be helping Connor. Rey noted that she'd made progress with a kid who been abandoned by many people, and he believed she could make a big difference in Connor's life. Rey added that he wasn't worried that she'd be drawn back into Adam's orbit, but he wondered if she was. Sharon had expected Rey to try to convince her to avoid Adam like the plague. Rey thought Sharon had already separated herself from Adam's issues, and the question was whether she wanted to help Connor.

Sharon admitted that she was worried about Connor, but she'd told Adam no because she'd have to work with both parents. She believed what Adam had said about wanting the best for Connor, but she wondered when the "real Adam" would be back again. Rey encouraged her to help Connor if it was important to her, and he expressed confidence that she'd be able to handle anything that Adam threw at her. She thanked him, and they hugged.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's penthouse and saw Connor's toys strewn across the couch. Adam reported that he'd told Connor that he was having a meeting, so the boy was in his room. Chelsea realized that Connor didn't know she was there, and she asked how he'd been doing. Adam enthused that Connor loved it there. Adam mentioned having a burping contest that morning, and Connor had won because he'd learned from her. Chelsea thought it sounded like the boy was having the time of his life. Adam implied that Connor could be if their son knew for sure that he wouldn't be ripped away at any minute.

Adam claimed that Connor had a look in his eyes like he expected it wouldn't last. Chelsea pointed out that losing Adam three times in Connor's short life had been three times too many, and it would take time for Connor to trust that his father was sticking around. Adam swore that he was back for good, thanks to her and Nick, and he'd never realized how much Connor needed him. Chelsea clarified that their son needed both of them.

Adam offered to let Chelsea see Connor anytime she wanted and to adjust his schedule to make it work. She thanked him and asked to see Connor. Adam requested that she not mention anything to Connor about going back to her place, since he didn't want Connor to think he would get yanked around again. Chelsea agreed, as long as Adam understood that nothing and no one would get between her and her son.

Later, Chelsea returned home, and Nick asked if she was okay. She recounted that she and Adam had figured out a visitation schedule, but when she'd gone to tell Connor how much they loved him, all he'd done had been to beg her not to make him go back to Nick's house. Nick snarled that Adam had brainwashed Connor, and Chelsea wailed that it had killed her not to tell her son that she hadn't been the one who'd walked out and left him brokenhearted. Chelsea cried that she hadn't been able to say any of it because Connor needed to know that no one was taking Adam away from him, so she'd promised Connor that he didn't need to go home with her. Chelsea wondered what she was supposed to do without her little boy, and Nick held her close.

Meanwhile, Sharon called Adam and told him that she'd given the issue a lot of consideration. He assumed that Rey had had some strong opinions. She revealed that Rey had actually encouraged her to work with Connor, but she had doubts if Adam was going to talk to her with disdain and anger. Adam swore that he hadn't meant it, and Sharon agreed to the same terms that she'd had with Chelsea -- Sharon would do what she could; however, she wasn't a licensed therapist, and she'd refer them to someone else if Connor needed more help than she could provide. She made it clear that she was only doing it for Connor. "Anything for Connor," Adam replied.

At Society, Jill jumped when Cane greeted her, and she shared that she was on pins and needles while waiting to hear from Devon. Jill contended that there was irrefutable proof that Katherine had intended Cane to be the beneficiary of her estate, so handing over the money to Cane was the only possible way to make things right. Cane questioned why Devon would give him $2.5 billion when no law required him to do so, and Jill thought Devon would do it out of love for Katherine. Cane had a hard time buying into the fairy tale.

Lily arrived on Devon's doorstep, and she and Devon warmly embraced. She gushed about how much she'd missed him, and he thanked her for getting there so fast. He referred to everything that had been going on with the will and Cane being named the main beneficiary, but she thought the statute of limitations had run out years earlier. Devon shared that there was more to the story. Meanwhile, Amanda spoke on the phone as she left the Grand Phoenix. "One way or another, this all ends today," she declared.

Lily asked why Katherine would have left the money to Cane. Devon informed her that it wasn't the strangest part of the whole thing, since the attorney Chance had hired looked like Hilary's twin, and Devon suspected that someone had sent her there to throw him off his game. Lily questioned whether Devon didn't believe Katherine had left the bulk of her money to Cane or if Devon believed it but thought Cane didn't deserve it.

Devon griped that Cane had been scamming people since he'd arrived in town. Lily understood that Devon didn't like Cane, but she sensed that something else was bothering Devon. Devon confided that he'd thought Katherine had given him the money because she'd seen something special in him, and he'd wanted to be worthy of the money and the responsibility that went along with it. He enjoyed being able to help other people, and he hesitated to give away the cash to someone with no morals. Lily advised him to follow his heart.

Devon relayed Nate's advice that he should ask himself what Neil would have done, but Lily pointed out that it was ultimately Devon's decision. She pledged her support, no matter what he chose. Jill and Cane arrived and exchanged pleasant greetings with Lily. Lily suddenly dropped her glass when Amanda walked in. Devon tried to calm a shaken Lily, who was stunned that Amanda bore more than just a resemblance to Hilary. Lily apologized to Amanda for her reaction. Amanda regretted that her face was a painful reminder to people, but she anticipated that her work there was almost done. Devon proclaimed that it was, since he'd gotten some clarity, and he knew what he needed to do.

Devon shared that he'd been going over Neil's will, and he wanted to read a bit of it aloud so everyone would understand how he'd reached his decision. Devon read Neil's words that one of life's greatest gifts was having the power to give people opportunities, and Katherine had changed Devon's life forever with the money she'd left him. Neil had written that he'd had his share of benefactors, and it had been his sincere wish that Devon would pay it forward and make him proud. Devon declared that it was the life he'd been trying to live, and he saw two options -- give Cane the money and enrich Cane's life, or give the money to charity and enrich the lives of thousands of people.

Jill protested that Katherine had never stipulated that the money go to charity. Amanda advised that Devon could do whatever he pleased, since it was legally his money. Jill demanded that Devon do what was right. Devon recalled that when he'd inherited the money, he'd quickly realized what a burden it would be, and he'd struggled with what to do with it. He'd eventually decided to start donating, and it had felt great, so he'd started Hamilton-Winters with Neil to have even more of a purpose. Devon expected Hamilton-Winters to stand on its own, but he intended to give the rest to Cane to honor Katherine's wishes.

Devon believed that the forensic expert's report was legitimate, and he asked Amanda to draw up whatever he needed to sign to make it official. Amanda considered the matter closed, and she departed. Jill was sure that Katherine would have been proud of Devon, and he coolly noted that Jill had gotten what she'd wanted, so he hoped she was happy. Cane requested a moment alone with Devon, and Jill and Lily stepped out. Cane thanked Devon, but Devon told him to thank Katherine, since Devon had no idea why she'd wanted Cane to have the money. Cane vowed to do everything he could to honor Katherine's legacy, and he left. After a moment, Devon headed out, as well.

Devon approached Amanda at the Grand Phoenix bar and said she'd left before he could thank her. She hadn't wanted to inflict herself on him any longer than necessary, and he asked how it felt to close the whole thing. She figured that she'd get another case, and the process would start all over again. She clucked that it didn't pay to get emotionally involved, and she asked if he had any regrets. Devon recognized that things had gotten contentious, and Amanda admitted that she'd tried not to take it personally.

Devon took back the unkind things he'd said about Amanda and swore that he wasn't a rude person. She remarked that he was the kind of man who gave away his fortune because it was the right thing to do. "You're definitely one in a couple billion, Mr. Hamilton," she mused. Amanda recalled that she'd grown up thinking that she was one of a kind before she'd found out there had been someone out there who'd looked exactly like her. Devon was impressed by how she'd stayed focused on her job in spite of everything.

Amanda confessed that she'd told a white lie earlier when she'd made the case sound like any other job, since she'd never met anyone like Devon. She added that he'd go down in the books as the man who gave away his fortune, and she was sure his next chapter would be just as amazing as the last. Amanda apologized for any trouble and heartache she'd caused him, and they shook hands. She started to leave, but she stopped and reflected back on the words that Neil had written. Amanda thought Devon had given his father a lot to be proud of.

Cane joined Lily at Society and was glad she had time to see him. He understood that Devon had every reason to distrust him for not doing right by her, but she suggested that they stay in the present. Cane recognized that everyone expected him to screw it up, but he was a different man then, and he promised her that their kids would want for nothing. Lily pointed out that their children hadn't wanted for anything even before the strange turn of events. Cane found it hard to believe it was real, and he asked if she would think about sticking around for a bit to help him navigate his way through it.

Cane reasoned that Devon would love to have Lily there, but she thought her brother was doing just fine with an amazing woman by his side. Lily added that she had to get back to her job, but Cane implied that she could always find a job there. She said there were people she'd miss if she stayed, and he guessed there was no one she missed in Genoa City. "I didn't say that," she replied, and she stood to leave. He wished her luck with everything, and she told him to take care of himself. She exited.

Cane answered a call from Jill and groaned that he didn't feel like popping open a bottle of Champagne. Jill fretted that something wasn't right, since she'd taken another look at the pages Chance had left for them, and there was an emblem on the flap of the envelope from a hotel in the Maldives. She recalled that she and Colin had intended to spend time there before she'd decided to bail on their endless globetrotting. Jill contemplated the possibility that Chance had never been involved with the will pages at all, and Cane wondered if she thought his dad was behind it. Jill called it exactly the kind of con Colin would try to run, and she vowed to find Colin and get answers.

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