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Simon took Chelsea, Adam, Connor, and Abby hostage in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Chance, Phyllis, and Abby worked together to take Simon down. Ashley offered Theo a job in Paris. Abby and Chance flirted. Nick decided to drop out of the election.
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Simon took Chelsea, Adam, Connor, and Abby hostage at the Grand Phoenix
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Simon makes his move and takes hostages Simon makes his move and takes hostages
Monday, November 11, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick met with Nikki and updated her about the successful launch of his campaign. Nikki said she'd heard that Nick had connected well with voters. Nikki advised Nick to meet with Victor and let Victor know he was running for office. Nick said his father likely already knew, but after Nikki insisted, he agreed to talk to Victor. Nick added that he'd simply state his position and wouldn't ask Victor to vote for him. Nikki told Nick not underestimate Victor and reminded her son that they were lucky Victor was still alive.

In the lobby at the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea hesitantly stepped from behind the bar and scanned the lounge area. Abby approached Chelsea to update her about needed plumbing repairs. Noticing that Chelsea was distracted, Abby asked if she was searching for the handsome hotel guest, Mr. Black. Chelsea replied, "Have you seen him?" Abby said she hadn't and asked Chelsea why she was obsessed with the man. Chelsea insisted she wasn't.

Chelsea suddenly noticed Nick and Nikki and nervously asked Abby why Nick had stopped by. Abby seemed annoyed by Chelsea's question and noted that Nick's girlfriend and sister were co-owners of the hotel. Chelsea composed herself and said she didn't mind if Nick met with his mom at the hotel. Chelsea suddenly remembered a meeting she'd scheduled across town and left abruptly. Abby seemed suspicious about Chelsea's odd behavior.

After Chelsea stepped out, she secretly retreated to an empty hallway in the hotel and phoned her mother. Chelsea pleaded with Anita to gather $5 million. Chelsea added that she didn't want to mention the names of those Anita should approach, though she recalled one person in particular that owed them for the job they'd done for him. Almost breathless, Chelsea cried that she had a hard deadline to meet. Chelsea added that both she and Connor were in real danger if she didn't pay off a man she owed. Chelsea also asked Anita to wire the million she'd given her in hopes of buying time.

In Amanda Sinclair's hotel room, Cane and Chance argued after Chance punched Cane in the jaw. Cane demanded to know why Chance was pissed off. Chance replied, "I don't know -- theft, lies, the biggest scam I've ever seen. Does any of that ring a bell?" Cane played dumb. Chance accused Cane of screwing Devon out of 2.5 billion dollars. Chance noted that Cane, who mistakenly believed that Chance had hired Amanda Sinclair, was the one standing in her room.

Chance demanded Cane explain why he was in the room of a woman who'd made him a billionaire. Cane said Chance didn't have all the facts. Chance explained that when he'd attempted to question Jill, her reluctance to engage had convinced him she was hiding something. Chance demanded Cane confess what he and Jill knew about the scam. Cane said Devon had received a letter from Amanda Sinclair explaining that someone had challenged Katherine's will.

After Amanda had shown up, Cane continued, she'd claimed that Chance was the one who'd filed the challenge. Cane added that later, Amanda had produced copies of pages from the will that Chance had supposedly given her. Cane noted that Chance had never returned Devon's and Jill's phone calls. Chance replied that he'd been busy. Cane, frustrated, said he'd even traveled to Las Vegas to search for Chance, been knocked unconscious, and later awakened to find the original pages, which had been removed from the will and replaced with forgeries stating the Devon was to inherit the bulk of Katherine's estate.

Chance was taken aback when Cane explained that he'd also found a letter that Chance had supposedly left claiming that he couldn't meet with Cane directly because he was working undercover. Chance said Devon should know he hadn't challenged Katherine's will. Cane said Jill believed Colin was the culprit and had gone to look for him to determine whether her hunch was correct. Chance recalled that Colin was a career criminal. Cane asked Chance why he'd refused to turn up months earlier to clear up the matter. Chance replied that he couldn't allow his work to be interrupted.

Cane noted that the person who'd hired Amanda had a legitimate claim to Katherine's will. Chance interrupted and said he was in town to solve a case. Chance received a text message and said he was about to complete a multi-agency mission that required his full attention. Chance read a text message from Agent Smith, stationed in the lobby, letting him know that the subject was inside the hotel. Chance replied, "I want eyes on him at all times. Stay discreet. We'll grab him as soon as he exits the building."

Downstairs at the bar, Agent Smith read Chance's message. Nearby, Nick and Abby discussed Nick's campaign. Phyllis interrupted and told Nick that she'd heard he would be running against two of Genoa City's finest leaders. Abby insisted that the opponents were no match for Nick. Phyllis teased that she'd support the candidate who'd allow residents to keep more than four chickens.

Nick invited Phyllis to attend his debate and mention her concerns. Abby changed the subject and asked Phyllis to show her the hotel's high-tech security system. Phyllis agreed and said the equipment was set up in her room. Abby became annoyed when Phyllis left a smear of lipstick on Nick's cheek when she kissed him goodbye. Abby hastily fetched a cocktail napkin and wiped away Phyllis' lipstick.

At the Newman ranch, Adam met with his dad. Adam said he wanted to take a trip to Hope's farm in Kansas and hoped Victor would allow the visit. After Adam explained that he wanted to show Connor the place where his father had grown up, Victor asked Adam if he'd cleared the trip with Chelsea. Adam replied that the trip had been Chelsea's idea. Victor asked Adam if Chelsea would accompany Adam and Connor. Adam explained that Chelsea was too busy with her work and with Nick's campaign.

Victor said he was amazed that Chelsea would allow Adam to take Connor to another state. Adam explained that he and Chelsea had worked through their trust issues and had joined together to help Connor. Victor agreed that a visit to the farm would be good for Connor. Connor rushed into the room and learned that Adam had been telling Victor about the road trip. Victor told Connor to look for an old elm tree near the farmhouse.

Adam told Connor that, when he'd been Connor's age, he had climbed the elm tree Victor had mentioned. Victor added that he'd carved his initials in the tree with a knife. Connor said he wanted to carve his initials next to Victor's. Victor offered to let Connor borrow the knife to carve his initials beneath his father's and grandfather's initials. Connor begged his father to ask Chelsea to accompany them.

While Nick stood in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Simon Black approached and asked directions to Chancellor Park. Nick gave directions and agreed that it was one of the most beautiful places in Genoa City. Nick asked Simon if he was visiting on business or for pleasure. Simon said that if plans worked out, it could be both. Simon said he recognized Nick as a candidate running for City Council. Nick said he was and wished Simon well before he departed.

Nick visited Victor at the ranch and discussed his campaign. Victor admitted he'd hoped his son might have higher aspirations. Nick asked Victor if he would have preferred being consulted first because Nick's running involved the Newman name. Victor asked Nick if he was ashamed of being a Newman. Nick said he was proud of who he was and wanted Victor to be proud of him. Victor promised to not donate a penny to Nick's competition. Nick said he considered Victor's promise a victory. Before Nick left, Victor told him Chelsea had approved Adam's trip away with Connor.

Phyllis opened the door to her hotel room and began telling Abby about the security system and software. Phyllis insisted that their customers were protected against any kind of attack and added that there was a silent alarm installed behind the check-in desk. Abby requested to inspect Phyllis' laptop, but Phyllis resisted. Phyllis explained that she'd have to help Abby understand the complicated interface. Phyllis explained that the system would lock down automatically if it detected a breach. Phyllis accused Abby of faking interest in the security system to keep her away from Nick. Abby replied, "Cross the line, Phyllis; see what happens."

After Phyllis left her room, she ran into Amanda outside her room. Phyllis chitchatted about Nate's case and agreed to be a character witness. When Amanda opened her door, she was surprised to see Cane and Chance. Phyllis was intrigued, too, and entered behind Amanda. Phyllis greeted Chance and stared at him in disbelief. Without elaborating, Chance gruffly noted that he was using Amanda's room as "ground zero for a federal sting operation." Phyllis expressed concern for her guests. Chance viewed a photo of Simon sent by Agent Smith and assured Phyllis that he knew what he was doing. After Phyllis said she had access to the hotel's surveillance equipment, Chance asked to see it.

Chelsea later returned to the lobby and nervously plumped pillows as she scanned the room. Abby, standing near the bar area where Agent Smith was seated, waved to Chelsea. Chelsea waved back and continued fluffing throw pillows on the sofa and chairs. Chelsea reacted fearfully when she heard Connor greet her. Chelsea seemed stunned and asked Adam why he and Connor had stopped by. Connor piped up, asking Chelsea to accompany them on their trip. Chelsea said she couldn't and strongly implored Adam to leave immediately.

Adam asked Connor to wait nearby. After Connor seated himself a short distance away, Adam questioned Chelsea about what was going on. Before Chelsea responded, Adam noticed Simon standing behind him. Simon approached and asked to speak to Chelsea. As Adam pulled Chelsea away, he told Simon that he'd have to wait because they were in the middle of a discussion.

Simon noticed Agent Smith and became suspicious. Simon approached Chelsea again and said he'd run out of patience. Adam demanded to know who Simon was and what he wanted. Simon glanced at Connor, seated nearby, and told Chelsea he had never realized that the boy was such a handsome kid. Simon grabbed Chelsea by the arm and said they should talk in private. Adam reacted, shoved Simon, and said, "You get the hell away from her!"

Abby ran to toward Chelsea and Adam as Simon opened his jacket and revealed that he was carrying a gun in a holster. Simon said, "You and those legit agents out there have given me no choice." Simon ordered everyone except Abby, Chelsea, and Connor to leave the hotel. Adam replied that Simon would have to shoot him because he wouldn't leave without his family. Simon let Adam know he was willing to carry out his threat. Connor cowered in his chair and covered his eyes with his hand.

Abby quickly escorted all the guests out and locked the front door as Simon instructed. Abby positioned herself near the bar and registration desk. Without attracting attention, Abby stretched her arm across the counter and reached blindly for the silent-alarm button. Simon announced that he'd gone to town to collect something that belonged to him, and he planned to do so without landing in jail. Simon backed up to get a view of the entire space, nervously glanced around the room, and said, "Now we just got to figure out a way to resolve this."

Chance drops in to take Simon down Chance drops in to take Simon down
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Adam stared at Simon's gun as Connor huddled in fear behind Chelsea. Abby stood in front of the bar, contemplating whether to press the panic button. Abby approached Simon and offered to give him everything inside the hotel safe. Simon snarled that it was no longer an option, since there were too many Feds outside, and whatever was in the safe wouldn't be enough. He glared at Chelsea, who promised Connor that everything would be okay. Simon mocked that everything would be just fine if he got everything he wanted.

Phyllis led Chance to her hotel suite, and he locked the door behind them. She inquired whether he was locking them in or the bad guys out, and he replied both. She thought he was going a little overboard for a simple money launderer, and he brusquely asked that they check the security system. Phyllis requested that he be low-key about it, since she didn't want her hotel to be known as a crime den. He huffed that the hotel's reputation wasn't his top concern.

Phyllis asserted that perception was reality, and she pointed out that someone had been working hard to make it look like Chance had contested Katherine's will, but he insisted that he hadn't hired Amanda. Phyllis asked if he knew who had, and he vaguely stated that he had a theory. He testily inquired whether he could check the system without her or if there was a magical button that he could push to make her stop talking. Chance answered a call and reported that the agent in the hotel was no longer inside, so he needed to see the lobby. Phyllis pulled up the video surveillance and gasped.

Chance observed that there were four hostages and a gun. Phyllis surmised it was why the agent hadn't done anything while he'd been in the lobby, and Chance confirmed that it would have been too dangerous. Phyllis fretted that Adam had already been shot that year and that Connor had seen too much in his young life. Chance prepared to call for reinforcements.

Simon ordered the building to be placed on full lockdown, keeping any staff or guests on the upper floors trapped there. Abby said she could do it from the front desk computer. Simon thought it would be for everyone's own good to have fewer people involved to increase the odds that no one got hurt. Abby stepped behind the desk, and Adam and Chelsea locked eyes.

Abby suggested that the one foolproof way to make sure no one got hurt was to let them go. She recommended that they let everyone out instead of locking them in. Meanwhile, Chelsea sensed that Adam was about to make a move, and she warned that Simon was armed while Adam wasn't. Adam hissed that he didn't "give a damn" whether he was shot, but she argued that she cared, and so did their son. Chelsea glanced over at Simon and thought she might have a better way to handle it.

Chelsea told Connor not to worry, since they'd give the man what he wanted, and then they could go home. Simon demanded to know what they were whispering about, and Adam told Simon to back off. Simon growled that Adam was in no position to be barking orders, and Adam reasoned that Chelsea was just worried about her frightened little boy. Simon insisted that Chelsea keep the boy in line, and Connor whimpered that he was scared. Chelsea implored him to use his "magic eyes" to see happy things, but Connor whined that he couldn't. She calmed him down by talking about his favorite amusement park ride.

Chelsea swore that she could get Simon what he wanted, but he didn't believe her. Chelsea revealed that her mother had wired a million dollars to her earlier, and she offered to give it to him as a gesture of good faith. Simon objected that he'd heard it before, but she pointed out that she'd seen what he was capable of, so she wouldn't double-cross him. Simon recognized that he'd lose his leverage once he walked out the door, and he'd learned not to trust criminals because they lied.

Chelsea argued that she wasn't a criminal, and Simon spat that it was another lie. Simon confiscated Chelsea and Adam's cell phones, but Abby claimed that she'd left hers in the office. Simon doubted that she was the one person in America who wasn't addicted to her phone, and she shot back that she hadn't expected to find a hostage situation in the lobby. Chelsea pleaded with Simon to take a step back, since no one had been hurt, and he could still salvage things. Simon bellowed that he'd given her all the time in the world, but she'd refused to comply, so her time was up. Abby pressed the panic button.

An alarm sounded on Phyllis' computer, and Chance realized that Abby had pressed the silent alarm. Chance noted that Abby hadn't handed her phone over to Simon, and he wondered if Phyllis could send Abby a text message that wouldn't give them away. Phyllis typed an overly affectionate message about going to happy hour, and she imagined that Abby would know something was up.

At Crimson Lights, Jack mentioned to Nick that he'd seen the setup outside for the debate. Jack recommended which podium Nick should stand at to feature his good side, and Nick felt lucky to have Jack in his corner. Jack admitted that being back in politics had gotten his juices flowing, although he thought he made a better advisor than candidate. Jack noticed Nick surveying the room and assumed he was looking for Nikki, but Nick explained that he'd told her to stay away to avoid any Newman family optics. Jack guessed that Nick had been looking for Chelsea, and Nick's expression darkened.

Nick griped that Chelsea should be there, and Jack turned the topic to debate strategy against Nick's primary opponents -- a small businessman interested in tax cuts and a lady pushing the chicken coop ordinance. Nick continued to worry about Chelsea, who knew the event was important to him. Jack assured Nick that he had everything he needed to win it, and Nick thanked him. Jack coached Nick to stick to the talking points, and Nick declared that he was ready.

The cops swarmed in, and Paul announced that the debate had been canceled because they needed to clear the space for an active situation at the Grand Phoenix. Nick panicked, and Paul instructed Rey to set up a command post on the patio. Paul indicated that there was a hostage situation, and he had people around the perimeter. Over the phone, Paul offered to get Chance whatever he needed, and Chance griped that the Feds hadn't given him enough manpower. Chance shared that four Newmans were being held as hostages and that Phyllis was there with him to help get a beat on things. Chance suggested that Paul talk to the hostage taker as long as he could while they found out what they were dealing with.

Nick left a voicemail for Chelsea, begging to know whether she was okay. Rey approached and divulged that Chelsea, Abby, Connor, and Adam were being held against their will. Nick made a beeline for the door, but Rey warned that he'd get everyone killed. Nick complained that he couldn't sit there and do nothing. Jack urged Nick to let law enforcement take care of it, and Nick felt guilty for not trusting Chelsea. He swore that he'd never doubt her again, and he hoped he got the chance to tell her that.

Amanda became increasingly nervous in her hotel room. Cane reported that the elevators weren't moving and that the stairwells had been locked. Her eyes widened as she realized they were trapped. She worried that they were ten stories up with nowhere to run, and she griped that Chance got to be a hero while they had targets on their backs. Cane offered to get her something from the minibar, but Amanda preferred to be able to run out of there. Cane wondered when she'd been locked up and who had put her there.

Amanda chugged from a miniature liquor bottle, and Cane asked if it was helping. She retorted that it wasn't hurting, and he regretted if he'd overstepped. She snapped that no one had said they needed to talk while they were there, and he suggested that they just stand there. An awkward silence followed, and she grumbled that their business should have ended hours before. She prepared to drink another tiny bottle of booze and told him to mind his business.

Amanda stared out the window and observed that the cops were out there at a safe distance. Cane figured it meant things were under control, but she argued that they'd be able to leave if that was the case. She expected media trucks to pull up out front, waiting for a statement from everyone within a five-mile radius. Cane realized that she didn't want anyone to know she was there, and he recalled that Devon's online search about her hadn't turned up anything. Cane reflected back on when he'd arrived in Genoa City to start over with a new name and new life, but his old one had caught up with him. Amanda reiterated that not talking was much better, and all she wanted was to get out of it alive.

Meanwhile, Chelsea reminded Simon that she'd warned him about the Feds, and Abby accused Chelsea of working with him. Chelsea denied it, but Abby recalled that Chelsea had been fixated on Simon for days. The lobby phone rang, and Simon ordered Abby to answer it. Abby handed the phone to Simon and mentioned that it was the chief of police. Simon was pleased to speak with someone who might be able to meet his demands.

Chance wished he and Phyllis had someone in the lobby to help them, but they hadn't heard back from Abby. Phyllis thought Adam would be more than willing, but Chance considered him untrustworthy, and he inquired about Chelsea. Phyllis huffed that Chelsea was the least trustworthy of them all, and she wouldn't be shocked if Chelsea had been in on it, since she'd seen Chelsea and Simon engaged in a shady conversation earlier. Chance thought Chelsea's body language looked like she was truly scared for her son.

Phyllis insisted that they stick with Abby. Phyllis sent another text message, and Abby spotted her phone light up behind the bar. Abby slowly made her way over to it, and Chance and Phyllis watched her read the message. Chance instructed Phyllis to let Abby know they could see her and that they had a plan. Phyllis sent a message to ask if Abby was willing to help, and Abby looked up at the security camera and nodded.

Paul hoped the incident ended without a shootout, and Simon implied that it would if his demands were met. Paul insisted on knowing that everyone was safe, and Simon put the call on speakerphone and instructed his hostages to say what a lovely time they were having. Paul was relieved to hear that everyone was okay, and he encouraged Simon to surrender calmly, which would help him cut a deal. Simon refused to go out that easy, and he lunged for Connor, but Adam intervened. Adam reasoned that he was a more valuable hostage, but Simon snatched Connor away over Chelsea's cries. Simon demanded five million dollars and a private jet with enough room for two.

Privately, Chelsea apologized to Adam for putting him and Connor in danger because of her lies. She confessed that it was about Calvin's money, and she'd thought she could handle it. Adam assured her that he didn't blame her, and he understood that it wasn't possible to tell the truth all the time. He added that she wasn't responsible for what the lunatic had done. Adam vowed to get Chelsea and Connor out of there, whatever it took. Simon told Paul to stop stalling, and he allowed 30 minutes for the authorities to arrange everything, or people would start dying -- starting with the adorable little boy in front of him.

Paul relayed that Simon wanted a car to take him to an airstrip with a private jet waiting, but they couldn't let him get that far. Nick threatened to stop Simon if Paul didn't, but Rey cautioned that overreacting would just make things worse. Paul stressed that he'd dealt with similar situations, and he ordered Nick to let them do their jobs.

Meanwhile, Chance requested the elevator override key, and Phyllis handed it over. He said he needed her to be his eyes, since she'd be the only one who could see the lobby, and he'd call when he needed her. He instructed her not to call him, leave the room, or do anything stupid. He exited, boarded the elevator, and made his way into the air ducts of the building.

Simon anticipated that the authorities were working out the details of his departure, and it wouldn't be long. Chelsea requested that Simon let Connor wait with her, but Simon taunted that he'd grown fond of the boy. Adam calmly requested that he and Simon talk, and Simon granted one minute. Adam said he wanted to remove his son from the situation, but Simon argued that Connor was the best leverage he had. Adam countered that taking a child was a bigger risk, and there would only be one outcome if Simon harmed a single hair on Connor's head. Simon confirmed that harming a child would be the worst-case scenario.

Adam appealed to Simon to take him instead, since Adam was higher profile, had unlimited resources, and knew how to get away with a crime. Adam bragged that he could get things the police couldn't imagine, since they were just small-minded civil servants. Adam presented himself as a multimillionaire with questionable ethics and connections on both sides of the law who sometimes wore the white hat and sometimes the black. Adam contended that it made him an expert at eluding the authorities, and he'd be happy to pass those skills along to Simon. Adam envisioned walking out of there with a gun at his side and giving Simon a new life with more money, freedom, and adventure than he'd ever thought possible. Simon snickered.

Phyllis jumped when her phone rang, and she asked Chance if he was okay. He requested to know exactly where everyone was, and she informed him that Adam and Simon were talking by the fireplace, with Chelsea and Connor sitting a few feet away, while Abby was behind the bar.

Rey informed Nick that the authorities were moving in, and Nick contemplated what would happen if something went wrong. Paul maintained that Nick had to trust them. Nick ignored Jack's pleas and followed the cops out.

Chance made his way through the air duct and told Phyllis to instruct Abby to get ready. Simon conceded that Adam painted a pretty picture, and he called Adam a better liar than Chelsea. Adam insisted that there were many people who could vouch for him, and Abby confirmed that Adam could pull off everything he was claiming. Simon clucked that the timing was unfortunate, since there was no way he'd make it past the Feds and cops outside. Simon stuck with his plan to have the authorities deliver him and Connor to the plane.

Adam offered ten times the money if Simon didn't take his son. Simon flatly declared that they were done talking, but Adam retorted that they weren't through. Abby suddenly raced over, screaming that she couldn't take it anymore. She ranted that Connor was just a little boy and pleaded with Simon to let him go. "Now!" Phyllis yelled to Chance, who dropped through the ceiling and slugged Simon.

Chance reported that all was clear, and the police rushed in. Nick ran to Chelsea and Connor and hugged them, but Connor broke free to dart into Adam's arms. Rey read Simon his rights, and Paul commended Chance for the bust. Chance thanked Paul for his help, noting that he'd been chasing Simon for months. Paul teased that it had taken an investigation to get Chance back to town, but it was good to see him.

Jack checked in on Abby, who thought she was okay. Chance praised Abby for playing a pivotal role in the standoff, but Abby thought pitiful was a better description, since she'd faked a nervous breakdown as a distraction. She quipped that she'd known being a drama queen would be handy someday. Phyllis appeared and haughtily stated that the real work had been done behind the scenes.

Nick softly said he didn't know what he would have done if things had turned out differently. He questioned who Simon was and whether Chelsea had been a target. She promised to explain everything later, but she couldn't right then because she had to be with her son. Chelsea joined Adam and Connor in a family hug on the couch as a disheartened Nick looked on.

Upstairs, Amanda paced in her room. Cane reentered and announced that the lockdown had been lifted. He invited her to walk out, but she insisted that she was fine with staying, knowing she could leave. Cane volunteered to go see what had happened, and he asked if she was sure she was okay. She said she was positive and coolly thanked him. He departed, and she breathed a deep sigh of relief.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, November 14. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Ashley offers Theo a job in Paris Ashley offers Theo a job in Paris
Thursday, November 14, 2019
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Phyllis tried to do damage control without success. All their guests had checked out. Abby tried to convince patrons that the hotel was 100% secure and that the perpetrator had been arrested and was behind bars. She claimed that everything was under control, to no avail.

On a phone call, Abby informed someone that she would release a statement soon. After she ended the call, Phyllis told Abby that everyone had checked out, and they didn't have any new reservations. Abby said they needed to do something, or they might not recover.

Chance met with Amanda at Crimson Lights. He asked her who had contacted her about Katherine's will and when the contact had been made. Amanda asked if Chance thought that Simon Black and the will were linked. Chance wanted to know how she was involved. Amanda told him she'd been contacted via email by someone who had claimed to be Chance, and she'd been put on retainer. She admitted that Devon had warned her that she was being played, but she hadn't believed him because she'd always relied on her experience and her instincts.

Amanda told Chance the original pages of Katherine's will had been authenticated by an expert, and she wondered about the subterfuge. Chance said he intended to find out. He told Amanda not to blame herself because things like that also happened to highly trained professionals. Amanda said she would forward the pages of the original will to him. Chance informed her that he'd seen photos of Hilary. He felt that she'd been chosen for the case because of her likeness to Hilary and that it would be used as a distraction to everyone involved.

Before Chance left, Amanda informed him that she'd had one phone conversation with Chance. She said he'd seemed older than she'd expected. Chance thanked her, and as he left, Nate entered through the patio doors and expressed his concern for her. He wanted to discuss his case with her, but only after she'd recovered from the events at the Grand Phoenix.

At Adam's penthouse, Connor asked Chelsea if the bad guy was in jail. Chelsea assured him that Simon was in jail and would remain there for a very long time. Connor was unsettled, and he refused to go to bed without his blanket. Chelsea told Adam that Connor hadn't wanted that blanket in years. She said it was at Nick's. After Adam left, Chelsea assured Connor that everything would be okay.

Kyle greeted Summer when she arrived at Jabot with her luggage in tow. She asked Kyle how he'd been dealing with Theo being a relative. Kyle said Jack had thrown Theo a party, and Theo had met with Dina. Kyle said DNA didn't change a person. He said that Theo had gone from a suspicious "hanger-on" to a long-lost cousin. He said that Theo was also sucking up to Lola. Summer found that weird. Kyle lamented that if Theo buddied up to everyone in his circle and they continued to ignore his warnings, he would look like the bad guy with a grudge. He asked Summer what he should do. Summer said she wanted to remain neutral, since Kyle was her boss and Theo was her boyfriend.

Kyle told Summer he'd tested the new skincare line. Summer noted that Kyle's skin looked very hydrated. She touched his face as Lola entered the office with lunch for Kyle. Summer left. Kyle tried to explain to Lola about the skincare line, but Lola kissed him instead. Billy arrived, and Lola left.

Irritated, Billy asked Kyle for an explanation about why Kyle had allocated more resources to Jabot Collective than they had originally discussed. Kyle explained that the product line had been ready to launch and that the tests had been off the charts, and if they moved fast, they would catch the fire. Billy said it hadn't been Kyle's call to make.

Billy told Kyle that dozens of companies were waiting to launch their product. Kyle stated their product was better. He said that he trusted his instincts. Billy said he didn't, not with something that risky. Kyle wanted to know how his decision had been riskier than Billy gambling away Jabot.

Jack walked in at that moment and yelled that their argument was inappropriate and unacceptable. Billy accused Kyle of throwing Billy's addiction in his face to validate his bad decision. Kyle stated that he hadn't consulted Billy because he had wanted to avoid Billy's condescending attitude. Billy claimed that Kyle didn't have the experience.

Kyle opened his laptop and showed Billy the research and the numbers. Kyle said it was the reason JCV made Jabot relevant again. Jack told Billy they couldn't forget that Kyle had been at the helm when he and Billy had needed to step away. Jack also told Kyle not to let his ambition get the better of him. Billy claimed that Kyle didn't have enough perspective, but Kyle countered that he wasn't the new guy. Jack agreed with Kyle, but he added that Kyle still had to earn his seat at the table. Jack said he'd left them both in charge because he trusted them. He told them to figure things out together, and he left.

Billy told Kyle they needed to reset the button on Kyle's marketing plan, and they didn't have time to argue about it. He said he needed to clean up Kyle's mess. Furious, Kyle picked up his files and laptop and walked out.

Ashley greeted Theo when he arrived at the Abbott mansion. Theo asked Ashley about Stuart and Dina. Ashley said that she and Theo had a lot in common, and she understood what Theo was going through. She told him she was his half-aunt. She informed Theo that the man she'd thought had been her father while she'd been growing up hadn't been.

Ashley told Theo she'd felt like an outsider for the longest time. Ashley thought it was strange that Theo and Kyle had been in each other's orbit in New York long before it had been discovered that they'd had a deeper connection. Theo admitted that he and Kyle had once been tight. Ashley understood that Kyle wasn't thrilled. Theo said Kyle saw him as edgy, not afraid to get his hands dirty, and always ready for a good time.

Ashley told Theo she saw him as a renaissance man. She said he'd drawn Devon's attention because of his involvement in the music industry, and he'd recognized the marketing values of influencers long before people had known what that meant. Theo said people had thought it was a fad, but it actually gave power back to the people who wanted to see the products used by the people they believed in and those they could reach out to and whose lives were exciting and dynamic. Theo felt it was time to target the consumer individually, make it personal, and anticipate what their needs would be.

Impressed, Ashley said that Theo had a great understanding of the current landscape, and she offered him a job working for her in Paris and doing things his own way. Theo was thunderstruck. He didn't know how to respond. Ashley told him to take his time to think about it and get back to her.

Jack arrived at Nick's. He asked Nick how Connor was doing after the insanity at the Grand Phoenix. Nick said he was doing okay. Jack said the police had done a preliminary investigation, and they'd discovered that Simon Black had been involved with Calvin Boudreau somehow. He asked Nick if Chelsea had mentioned anything to him. Nick said no, but Chelsea had said she would explain everything later. Her priority was Connor. Jack hoped it would be before it stained Nick's campaign. Nick said the campaign was the last thing he was worried about. He wanted to know why Simon had put everyone's lives in danger.

Jack told Nick that they needed to know how it would affect Nick's campaign. He suggested that Nick talk to Chelsea and find out her connection to Simon Black before the press found out. As Jack was leaving, Adam arrived. Nick told Adam he needed to know everything. Adam told Nick to get the information from Chelsea, but he had to get back to Connor, who had been traumatized as Simon's hostage. Adam said he needed to help Connor recover from that trauma. Adam took the blanket and left.

Chance arrived at the Grand Phoenix as Abby and Phyllis had convinced a couple to stay at the hotel by offering them free drinks and a spa visit. Abby asked if Chance had good news for her. Chance said that Simon Black would remain behind bars for a very long time. He thanked Phyllis and Abby for their help in apprehending Simon. He assured Abby that he would release an official statement containing all the facts, including the fact that the hotel had been in lockdown, and the incident had been contained.

Summer arrived and greeted Phyllis as Chance told Abby it was really great to see her again. Abby wanted to thank Chance somehow, and she offered him a martini. Chance said he wanted to interview a witness while the events of the incident were still fresh. At that moment, Nate arrived to check on Abby. Rather than an introduction, Abby said she recalled that Nate had been a surgeon when Chance had donated a portion of his liver. She thanked Nate for stopping by. As Nate walked off, Chance asked Abby to join him for a drink later, and Abby agreed.

Lola arrived, and she saw Abby talking to some handsome guy. After Chance left, Abby told Lola who he was and that they'd known each other from years back. She said that after Chance had left the military, he'd gone into law enforcement. Lola asked if they had ever dated. Abby said Chance hadn't given her the time of day. Lola chirped that it was a new day.

Abby heard Summer when she greeted Phyllis. Abby told Lola she wasn't thrilled that Summer had returned. Lola said that she'd run into Summer at Jabot and that Summer had returned from her trip and gone directly to Jabot with all her luggage.

When Theo arrived at the Grand Phoenix, Summer greeted him as Mr. Vanderway. She asked if perhaps she should call him Mr. Mergeron or if he would prefer Mr. Abbott. Theo said nothing had changed, and he was still the same guy. Summer said that Theo had grown up with a family of blue-collar workers, but he was actually a blue blood.

Summer told Theo that she'd received some interesting text messages from a guy who had said he needed her. She wanted to know if the messages were from Theo Vanderway or the new guy. Theo claimed they'd been sent by the guy who liked her, needed her, missed her, and wanted her. They went to a suite, hung a "Do not disturb" sign on the door, and proceeded to have sex.

Adam returned to his penthouse. Connor was asleep on Chelsea's lap. Adam picked him up and put him to bed. When he returned, he acknowledged that Simon had been the reason Chelsea had wanted him and Connor to leave town. Adam accused Chelsea of not trusting him enough to tell him the truth because she thought he would use it against her. He said that as a result, Connor had suffered. Adam asked if Simon had threatened her and Connor. Chelsea admitted he had, but she'd thought she could handle Simon on her own. Adam said he was sorry Chelsea felt she had to protect herself from him, but he assured her he wasn't her enemy.

Adam told Chelsea they had to trust each other. He assured her he wouldn't judge her or use any ammunition against her. Nothing meant more to him than Connor. He said Connor loved them both, and they had to work together and give him the best help they could. Chelsea tearfully agreed. Adam suggested that she tell Nick immediately what had transpired because Nick needed answers, and she needed to tell him the truth.

Nick drops out of the political race Nick drops out of the political race
Friday, November 15, 2019
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby complained to Rey about all the cancellations. Rey said they were wrapping up the investigation, and he would send his report to her insurance company. Abby debated with Rey whether Phyllis and her security system had helped. She asked Rey how she could ensure that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Rey said he understood that Abby wanted to hang the situation on Phyllis, but he reminded her that Simon Black had been a step ahead of everyone. Abby said it was just her luck that Chelsea had hooked up with a guy like Simon. She told Rey she needed to get Phyllis out of her hotel. Rey said his hands were tied because they were still building their case against Simon Black and his coconspirators. He said Chance had provided him with all the information he had gathered.

When Kevin arrived, Rey said that Abby had some technical questions about her security system, and Rey believed Kevin could help her. After Rey left, Kevin looked around. It appeared he was searching for someone. He informed Abby he would write something up for her about her security system, and if she had any questions, she could ask him.

Kevin asked if Chelsea was around. Abby said Chelsea had booked the day off. Abby asked why Kevin was so concerned about Chelsea. Kevin explained that Chloe and Chelsea were best friends, so he didn't understand why Abby would find it strange that he was asking about her. Abby said any time Chelsea's name was mentioned, Kevin looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Abby told Kevin she had the right to be suspicious because the previous day, she'd been held hostage in her own hotel. She said Chelsea had known that Simon Black was trouble, but Abby hadn't known how much trouble he could cause. Kevin said neither had Chelsea. Abby asked if Kevin had known the situation could get out of control. Kevin said he worked for the police department, and if he'd known that something could happen, he would have warned her. He said he'd get the material to her that they'd spoken about, and he left.

At Adam's penthouse, Phyllis poured herself a glass of wine, despite the fact that Adam had asked her to leave. She said she wanted to talk to Chance. Chance asked if she'd followed him. Phyllis told him to get over himself. She'd seen him arrive and thought she'd head up and say hello. Adam asked her to leave because he needed to check on Connor, but Phyllis said she had a couple of questions for them.

Phyllis reminded Chance that they had teamed up to take Simon Black down, and she was all about saving her hotel. As head of security, she had to be watchful of threats from without and within. Chance wanted to know what threats she was talking about. Phyllis chirped that there were major props to Chance for taking Simon Black down, but since Simon had been arrested, she wanted to know if that was the end of the investigation or if there was more to the story. Impatient, Adam said she needed to get to the point, or she needed to leave.

Phyllis told Adam she was hesitant to put anything on the table because of his relationship with Chelsea. Adam told her that his relationship with Chelsea was none of her business. He said their focus was on Connor. Phyllis told Chance that Chelsea was her business partner, and she wanted him to fill her in on any information because she knew there was a connection between Simon Black and Chelsea's late husband, Calvin. She wanted to know if there was more to the story. Chance said that wasn't how investigative work was done. He said they gathered evidence, and they turned in their report.

Phyllis surmised the investigation was ongoing. Chance said that wasn't what he'd said. Phyllis reminded Chance that she'd helped him take Simon down, and she'd figured that Chance would provide her with some information. She said she'd seen Chance and Adam in Las Vegas. She wondered if Chelsea had been in Las Vegas and if there was any reason to believe that Chelsea had met with Simon before he had arrived in town. Adam told her to ask Chelsea, but Phyllis claimed Chelsea would lie to her.

Adam told Phyllis it was time for her to leave. When Phyllis said she had a few more questions, Adam said "no" and he handed her coat to her. Phyllis said that Adam had tried to convince everyone that he was a changed man, but he didn't fool her. She knew him and his tricks. She'd seen things, and because of that, she knew he hadn't changed at all. Adam opened the door, and, smiling, Phyllis left.

After Phyllis was gone, Adam thanked Chance for what he'd done at the Grand Phoenix. He said it could have ended badly, but it hadn't, thanks to Chance. Chance said he was sure that Adam had picked up on what Phyllis had said about seeing them in Las Vegas. Adam assured him that Phyllis knew nothing. She'd seen them in a room together, and she'd let her imagination take it from there. She was fishing. Adam said he would handle Phyllis, and he'd seen her act before. Chance said Phyllis was Adam's problem, but he'd better make sure she didn't become "their" problem.

Victoria entered her office and found Billy sitting in her chair. Billy said he was done with work for the day, but Victoria said she still had a conference call to deal with. As Billy stood up, unbeknownst to him, he hit a button on the inside of the desk. Surprised, he watched the office door close. Victoria told him that she'd had it installed for privacy. Billy moved around the desk, and he and Victoria kissed. He said he was turned on by her business talk, and Victoria decided they needed to mix it up a little. She locked the office door.

After the lovemaking, Billy asked Victoria if it was okay for him to surprise her from time to time. Victoria said she loved him, and she wanted him to keep surprising her. She said he was exciting and unpredictable, and he was the love of her life. Billy said she made him sound like a mix of James Dean and Prince Charming. They kissed again.

After Victoria finished her conference call, Billy said he was impressed because she'd had them eating from the palm of her hand. He added that she'd made a good deal for Newman Enterprises. He said people would forget that Victor had started the company. Victoria giggled, and they became romantic once again.

On the phone at home and annoyed, Nick told a reporter he had no comment, but he would release a statement within the next few days. After he completed his call, he told Chelsea that things were out of control. He said the emails, text messages, and phone calls would increase, and the questions would get tougher. The press had its focus on Simon Black and Calvin Boudreau -- and the laws they might have broken. Chelsea stated that the press wanted to know about her as well.

Nick told Chelsea that it wasn't only the press. The police would also want to know. If the police found out she'd tried to move dirty money, she would end up in jail. Chelsea apologized and admitted it was her fault. Nick said it wasn't the time to point fingers, and they would get through it. Chelsea said Nick was being extremely generous. Nick thought the hardest questions he would have to answer were about J.T. and going after Victor, but he was certain the press had forgotten all that.

Chelsea told Nick that they needed time to think and come up with something to make sure that her stupid mistakes wouldn't hurt Nick any more than they already had. Chelsea said she'd screwed up, and she needed to be in the hot seat, not Nick. She decided that she needed to tell everyone the truth. Nick asked if she intended to confess to the press. Chelsea said she would make it clear that Nick hadn't known about Simon Black, and she would take the heat so that Nick could carry on with his campaign.

Nick said she would go to jail, and it would open the door for more questions that would be just as difficult to answer. He would be asked how could he have been so blind, not knowing what was going on in his own home. He asked what that would say about his judgment -- living with a known criminal and an impressionable child. If he couldn't control his own life, the people of Genoa City would wonder how they could trust him to serve them. Chelsea wanted to make things right. Nick said they were in it together.

Chelsea said she knew that Nick was considering stepping down because he wanted to protect the family and her. She knew Nick was trying to make her feel less guilty because he was a kind and decent man, the kind of man the city would be lucky to have. She asked Nick not to give up on his dream because the person he loved had let him down.

After Nick had put Christian to bed, he told Chelsea that when he'd looked into Christian's eyes, he'd realized there was only one thing to do.

At the ranch, Nikki and Jack discussed Chelsea and Connor. Victor said he'd tried to get in touch with Adam and Nick, but they hadn't returned his calls. Jack offered to get in touch with them, but Victor declined.

Jack and Nikki turned their attention to Nick's campaign. Jack said there were practical considerations to think about. Chelsea's connection with Simon Black would be difficult to explain because it was in the news and social media. Victor remarked that Jack and Nikki had their work cut out for them. Nikki read the negative comments about Nick on social media. Jack said that Simon Black had put Chelsea through hell.

Nikki asked Jack how Chelsea could do that to Nick without a thought of how it would affect him. It could destroy Nick's campaign. Jack hoped they could ride it out. Victor piped in, claiming they should be more concerned about the damage it would do to Nick and his reputation. That would stick with him for years.

After Victor left, Jack asked Nikki if Victor was against Nick running for office. She said Victor felt it was beneath Nick, but he would be a very proud father when Nick won. Jack said they needed to keep Nick in the race. Nikki suggested that Nick should stand up and answer any question the reporters asked, and he should be completely honest and hide nothing. Jack said that people would question Nick's judgment and wonder why he hadn't known Chelsea was involved with criminals.

Nikki then suggested that Nick should stonewall the press and claim it was his private life. Jack said that Nick would come off as aloof and an elitist. When Victor returned, Nikki informed him they hadn't found an answer yet, but they were still searching for one. Victor said he was concerned about his grandsons' well-being. At that moment, Jack received a call from Nick. Victor asked that the call be put on speaker. Nick informed them that he and Chelsea had made a decision. He said he would step down from the campaign and focus on his family.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kevin was about to leave when Phyllis walked through the doors and waylaid him. She said she'd seen a tape of him and Chloe dressed as federal agents. Phyllis said there was more to the story about Simon Black and his connection to Chelsea and Chance. She wanted information about it. Kevin told Phyllis to talk to Chelsea.

Kevin told Phyllis that he and Chloe had been at a costume party, and they had stopped in to see Chelsea. Phyllis said that after many years, Kevin continued to underestimate her. She said she'd seen and heard them on her security system. Kevin and Chloe had tried to scare Simon Black, but it hadn't worked. Phyllis thought Chelsea had known trouble was brewing, and she'd thrown Chance into the mix.

Kevin said if Phyllis had seen all that on her security system, then she'd known something had been brewing, as well, yet she'd kept quiet -- and he had a good idea why. He said that all she cared about was getting full ownership of the Grand Phoenix, and she would do whatever it took to make that happen. Phyllis claimed it was a bold accusation. Kevin asked her to convince him otherwise. Phyllis said Kevin was in the wrong business -- he should have been a science fiction writer. She walked away.

Later, Phyllis approached Abby and said she had received an alert that Abby had accessed the security system. Abby explained that she'd spoken to Rey about how they could have been better prepared for what had happened. Phyllis asked if Abby thought she'd find the answers in the security software Phyllis had installed. Phyllis reminded Abby that the security system and monitors had saved Abby's butt because they'd had eyes on Simon Black. Abby said she wanted to look at it and figure out what they could have done differently.

Abby said she felt that Phyllis was up to something because she'd pushed so hard for that particular security system, and Abby felt it was a good place to start. Phyllis stated that, as usual, Abby went down the wrong road. Abby countered that if Phyllis had nothing to hide, she had nothing to worry about. Phyllis said she was happy their hotel was still in one piece, and it was no thanks to Chelsea. Phyllis walked off in a huff.

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