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Jill reunited with Colin in the Maldives. Abby threatened to fire Phyllis. Billy resigned from Jabot, and Jack returned as CEO. Kyle reeled when he learned Jack had hired Theo. The medical board reinstated Nate's medical license.
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Billy resigned from Jabot, and Jack returned as CEO
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Devon threatens to punch Cane Devon threatens to punch Cane
Monday, November 18, 2019
by Nel

Kyle arrived at Jabot and overheard Billy on the phone, ending his call with someone from Italy. Kyle asked if Billy and Victoria had planned a trip to Italy, and he told Billy to take as much time as he needed. Billy said he'd closed on a new Jaboutique in Milan. Kyle accused Billy of making a unilateral decision without consulting him or anyone else. Kyle said that Billy had railed at him for the same thing, but Billy claimed it was different. Kyle agreed it had been different because Europe was Ashley's territory, and she wouldn't appreciate Billy encroaching on it.

Billy told Kyle he would talk to Ashley. He said Ashley wanted what was best for the company as much as he did. Kyle said they all wanted what was best for the company, but he wanted to know what was going on with Billy. Kyle noted it wasn't about him or any competition between him and Billy. Kyle wanted to know where Billy's huge power trip was coming from.

Billy told Kyle that an opportunity had arisen, and he'd made a decision. Kyle accused him of making a decision without due diligence. Billy shouted that his due diligence had been honed for a long time, and Kyle hadn't earned his spot at the table. Kyle reminded Billy they were equal partners.

Billy claimed that Kyle couldn't micromanage. Kyle shouted at Billy not to shut him out. They were supposed to work together instead of being on Billy's express roller coaster. Billy claimed he'd made a judgment call, but Kyle said it had been reckless and not well thought out. He said Billy had gone out of bounds to prove something. He asked if it was about Billy's ego, and he stormed out.

Chance surprised Devon when he arrived at the penthouse. Chance hadn't thought Devon would see him if he'd called ahead. Devon agreed. Elena introduced herself and said she knew who Chance was because he was all over the news. Devon grumbled that it had been an interesting way to find out that Chance was back in town. Chance said he was sorry about the way things had worked out, but it had been complicated. Devon asked if things had been so complicated that Chance hadn't been able to return any of his urgent calls or text messages sent over the past few months.

Chance told Devon that he'd been working undercover on a major operation, but he wanted to tell Devon everything he knew. Devon asked Chance to start by telling him why he'd hired someone who looked like his dead wife and sent her to talk to him instead of doing it himself. Chance said he hadn't hired Amanda Sinclair. Likewise, he hadn't knocked Cane out in Las Vegas or given Cane the will pages. He admitted that he had punched Cane in the jaw when he'd encountered him in Genoa City.

Devon asked Chance if it had been a scam. He said he'd made a life-altering decision that he couldn't take back, all based on a lie. Devon claimed that one text message from Chance could have stopped him from giving away all his money. Chance stated that he hadn't been able to reach out because his assignment had been far too dangerous, and he had refused to risk other people's lives.

Elena asked Chance how Cane had gotten his hands on those pages and if Cane and Amanda were working together. Chance said it raised questions about both of them because of how those pages had gotten to Genoa City. Devon said that by giving all his money to Cane, he had thought he was honoring Katherine's wishes. He wondered why anyone would pretend to be Chance if it hadn't been a scam. Chance said he wanted to help Devon, but Devon said he would take the lead on the situation.

Cane arrived at Devon's request. Devon said he would give Cane a chance to come clean before he punched him. Cane said he thought Chance had knocked him unconscious, but if it hadn't been Chance, then he wondered who it might have been. Devon didn't believe him. Cane stated that nothing changed the fact that the pages were genuine. Devon said those pages called everything into question, and since Cane was the beneficiary, the scam pointed to Cane. Cane asked why he'd make up such a crazy story as being knocked unconscious. Devon claimed he had two billion reasons.

Chance told Devon they needed to gather the facts to find out what had happened. Cane claimed he wanted the truth as much as Devon. Devon claimed it was what everyone said, but he was the one who kept getting screwed. Cane offered to hire the best investigators he could find, but Devon declined because they would be Cane's investigators. Cane told Devon that he had loved Katherine as much as Devon had. Devon spat that knew what a good a liar Cane was. Cane resented the implication.

Cane received a call from Jill. When the call ended, he told Devon that Jill had tracked Colin down in the Maldives, and he was hiding on a secluded island, Kumandoo. Chance booked a flight to the Maldives. Cane told Chance it was a mistake for him to go because Jill hadn't asked for his help, and she didn't need it. Devon told Cane that Chance was going. He wanted someone with authority to get Colin back to the U.S. and have him locked up.

Cane told Devon they didn't know what Colin had done. Devon shouted that he was tired of listening to Cane, who had attempted to stall, justify, and explain everything away. Chance said he'd be on a flight the next afternoon. Cane claimed that Chance didn't need to do that, but Chance said it was done.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon had been studying when Victoria approached her and asked if Sharon had seen the headline that Nick had dropped out of the campaign. Victoria felt that Nick had dropped his campaign because of Chelsea. Victoria said she'd wanted to give Chelsea the benefit of the doubt when Chelsea had returned to Genoa City, but after what had happened at the Grand Phoenix, Nick had to pay the price.

At Nick's, Chelsea greeted Chloe. Chloe asked if Chelsea had seen the headlines. Chloe said that Nick could still help people but in a different capacity. Chelsea acknowledged that Nick had dropped out because of her. She said he'd found the perfect job, but her ugly past had reared its ugly head. Chloe countered that the money had fallen into Chelsea's lap, but Chelsea admitted she'd chosen to launder it.

Choe told Chelsea that Kevin felt terrible because he'd put the money into a bank that had been seized by the Feds. Chelsea didn't blame him. She'd known it would be risky, and she should have handed the money over to the police after Calvin's lawyer had shown up. Chelsea said they weren't bad people, but they sometimes made poor choices. Nick eavesdropped from the hallway.

Chelsea told Chloe she was certain that Simon would want revenge. She said she had put her son in danger, and she couldn't make that mistake again. She wondered if Simon had dangerous friends on the outside. She wondered how she could defend everyone from them. Nick emerged, and Chloe left.

Nick asked Chelsea about Connor. She said Adam had taken him to a trauma specialist, but Connor was still frightened. Nick said he'd overheard her and Chloe talking. Chelsea stated that Simon would make her look complicit in the money laundering, but she was more concerned that he could send people after her. Nick said he'd hire more security. To make Connor feel loved and secure, Nick suggested they bring him home.

Chelsea told Nick she'd love to, but Connor saw Adam as his hero, and she couldn't rip him away from his dad and wind up in a custody battle. Nick said he was concerned about Connor spending so much time alone with Adam. He said Adam was doing and saying all the right things, but he wondered how long it would be before Adam did something to hurt Connor or Chelsea. Chelsea said that Adam would always be Connor's father, and she left for work.

Adam and Connor returned to the penthouse. Connor asked why he needed to talk to a stranger. Adam explained that the man specialized in helping kids who'd gone through what Connor had. Adam assured Connor that he wouldn't have to see the man again. Connor said he'd feel better if Adam and Chelsea got back together. Adam said that he and Chelsea loved Connor very much, even though they weren't living together. He promised they would always be there for him. Adam offered to invite a friend of Connor's to visit, and Connor agreed.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Victoria that he'd had a rough morning and confessed how Kyle got under his skin. He said he didn't try to get into it with Kyle, but it just happened. Kyle pushed his buttons. Victoria stated that the conflicts were less intense than they had been for Adam. At that moment, Adam arrived with Connor. Billy and Victoria just stared at him.

Adam invited Sharon to join him and Connor at his penthouse, and Sharon agreed to join them.

Victoria complimented Billy on keeping his cool with Adam. Billy said he'd surprised himself. He wondered if he'd been transferring his anger onto Kyle instead. He said he needed to figure out the root cause of his anger, and he'd booked an appointment with Dr. Clay later that day. Victoria was delighted. Billy told Victoria that she'd been the reason he had gotten as far as he had. He wanted to make sure he controlled his emotions because the last thing he wanted was to end up in a war with Kyle, since it would divide the family.

On the patio, Elena informed Nate that Chance had informed Devon that he didn't know anything about Katherine's will and that he hadn't hired Amanda Sinclair. She said Devon had given up his entire inheritance because of her. Nate claimed they didn't know if Amanda was to blame. Elena said she had a strong suspicion about Amanda, and she advised Nate to fire her before she ruined his life, too.

Nate told Elena that he was going before the medical board the next day, and Amanda might be his best hope of keeping his license. Elena said that any lawyer would be better than the barracuda that had ripped Devon off. She wished Nate luck and left.

At Adam's penthouse, Sharon and Connor played with building blocks. Sharon asked Connor what he was building. Connor said he'd built a wall to protect him and his mom and dad. Adam assured Connor they were safe. Connor left to play in his room.

Adam told Sharon it was hard to figure out how Connor felt. Sharon asked about Chelsea. Adam said that Chelsea felt it would be better to give Connor space after she'd put Connor in danger. Sharon said that it wasn't a good idea because Connor needed his mom. Adam informed Sharon that Connor wanted him and Chelsea together again. Sharon said it was normal for kids that age to want their parents together, especially after a trauma such as Connor had gone through.

Adam told Sharon the hostage situation was only part of a long list of things for Connor -- Calvin's death, Victor's "death," and then being abandoned by Adam. He said Connor felt like the rug had been pulled out from under him. Sharon stated that having his parents back together would give Connor a sense of security. Adam and Chelsea needed to help Connor get though it together. She said that developmentally, it was an important time in Connor's life, and it didn't matter what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. They both needed to give Connor the stability he craved.

Adam called Chelsea and asked her to visit with Connor.

At Nick's, Victoria suggested that Nick put a little distance between him and Chelsea. She also suggested that he continue with his campaign, but Nick remained firm in his decision. He said Chelsea needed him. Victoria claimed she wasn't judging his relationship, but she wanted him to know she was in his corner. She'd decided to keep her "Pick Nick" button just in case he ran for office at a later time. Nick hugged her.

At the therapist's office, Billy stated he'd been trying to figure out why he felt the way he did and if it was still related to Delia. He didn't think there was anything else to be angry about. Dr. Clay asked him to look at the bigger picture. She said Billy had spoken about the past when he felt that he'd let his family down or screwed up in different ways. He'd gone through periods of gambling, multiple affairs, and sleeping with his girlfriend's daughter. Everything was relevant because many of those incidents had happened before he'd lost Delia. Billy asked if he was sabotaging himself.

Billy returned to Jabot and apologized to Kyle. He promised to listen and give all Kyle's ideas his full consideration. Kyle was skeptical. Billy said he'd give the shapewear another thought, and he said Kyle had been right. He'd done his research, and the risk was worth taking. Kyle said he didn't know where Billy was coming from. Billy said he was no longer coming from a place of grief, anger, insecurity, or ego. The family legacy could get into one's head, and he admitted he hadn't dealt well with it. Billy promised to be better.

At the Grand Phoenix, while doing damage control with Chloe, Chelsea received a call from Adam inviting her to visit with Connor. Chelsea agreed and said she'd be there shortly.

At home, Nick called Michael and said he needed to see Simon Black as soon as possible.

Nate's medical license is reinstated Nate's medical license is reinstated
Tuesday, November 19, 2019

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis spotted Chance, who was anxiously surveying the room. She informed him that the police had already gotten to Chelsea to question her about her connection to Simon Black. Chance mentioned that he was looking for Abby. Phyllis offered to help him instead, but he opted to wait. He stepped aside to take a call, and Phyllis eavesdropped as he learned that his flight to the Maldives had been delayed.

Across the lobby, Abby eyed Chance as Nate approached her. Abby remembered that Nate's hearing with the medical board was that day, and he inquired whether Victor was still planning to speak on his behalf. Abby confirmed that her father intended to do whatever he could to make sure Nate didn't lose his license, and she offered to tell the judge that Nate had been acting on Victor's behalf. Nate shared that his attorney had advised him to keep Abby's name out of it to avoid the implication that his feelings for her had affected his judgment. Amanda interrupted, and Abby wished Nate luck. Chance observed as Abby watched Amanda lead Nate away.

Amanda acknowledged that Nate felt like his entire career was on the line. He bemoaned that if he lost his license to practice in the state, he'd have to leave his home, friends, and family, and people would ask why he was relocating. Amanda reminded him that she'd never lost a case, but he replied that there was always a first time. She admired his suit and assured him that he looked like someone she could trust her life with. She presented him with a copy of what he planned to say to the board, and she wanted to make a few tweaks. Amanda noticed a distracted Nate watching Abby, and she ordered him to follow her. Abby saw them exit.

Chance gestured for Abby to join him at the bar. Phyllis joined Chance and mused that his trip to the Maldives sounded interesting. He bet that her cameras and microphones were recording every sound and movement in the lobby, and she contemplated what criminal activity she would have uncovered if she'd had the same setup in Las Vegas when she'd seen Chance talking to Adam. Phyllis questioned whether Chance's connection to Adam had anything to do with Chelsea, Simon, or Chance's trip to the Maldives. Chance demanded to know what Phyllis' endgame was.

Later, Abby asked if Phyllis had seen Chance, since Abby hoped to get an update on the investigation. Phyllis informed her that Chance wasn't working on the case because he was leaving for the Maldives. Abby remarked that it was a good place to hide money, and Phyllis relayed that Chance had clammed up when she'd inquired whether his trip had anything to do with Simon. Abby wondered if they should ask Chelsea if Calvin had done business in the Maldives before he'd died. Phyllis doubted that they could believe anything Chelsea told them.

Abby was surprised to see Chance a short time later, and he guessed that Phyllis had told her that he was leaving town. Abby was sorry they hadn't had the chance to get reacquainted, and she hoped his dedication meant no future visits from Simon's business associates. Chance divulged that he had a team watching the hotel until he tracked down the other major players in the organization, and he intended to return to make sure Simon paid for what he'd done. Abby welcomed Chance to stay at the hotel, free of charge, and she asked what he'd wanted to talk about earlier. He announced that he wanted to make her an offer.

At Society, Mariah voiced surprise that Lola wasn't there, and Kyle revealed that his wife had the day off. He requested Mariah's opinion about the way Billy had been treating him at Jabot. Kyle complained that Billy criticized every move he made, and Mariah asked why Kyle wasn't talking to Lola about it. Kyle reported that Lola had been supportive, but she hadn't been through "that kind of crap" at work, since everyone valued her contribution. Mariah empathized because she'd had to deal with Kyle's lying, backstabbing cousin, and he sarcastically thanked her for mentioning Theo. Mariah thought Kyle had finally accepted being related, and Kyle grumbled that he had no choice, since Theo wasn't going anywhere.

Kyle explained that Billy had claimed that he wanted to run Jabot together, but Billy had been all over the map. Mariah advised Kyle to give Billy the benefit of the doubt, since they'd worked well together before. Kyle conceded that he and Billy made a pretty good team when they weren't at each other's throats because they had a lot in common. Mariah called the men former party boys who'd been tainted by the love of a good woman, and Kyle cited that they also didn't kid themselves about people's dark sides. Kyle considered Billy to be the only other one in their family who saw Theo for who he was.

Kyle recognized that he'd promised to keep an open mind, but Billy had reminded him not to trust Theo, and Summer had agreed. Mariah was taken aback that Summer had been trash-talking her own boyfriend. Kyle reasoned that even though Summer liked Theo, it also bothered her that Theo had caused problems for Kyle. Mariah accused Kyle of being so obsessed with his cousin that he wasn't seeing what was happening right in front of him. Mariah warned that one day, Kyle might wake up and find that a sweet, innocent snowflake had ruined his marriage.

Kyle swore that he and Lola were solid, but Mariah noted that the couple had vastly different views on Theo. Kyle conceded that he might have overreacted, but he was surprised that Mariah was standing up for Theo after Theo had tried to screw her over. Mariah proclaimed that she believed in second chances, since she'd gotten one after doing worse things than Theo had ever done. She wondered if there was something she didn't know about Theo, and Kyle chalked it up to a gut feeling that he couldn't trust Theo. Mariah agreed that Kyle and Billy were a lot alike, since Billy was treating Kyle the same way Kyle was treating Theo.

At Crimson Lights, Theo told Summer that he'd received a job offer, and she assumed it had been from a contact she'd put him in touch with at Newman. He vaguely stated that someone had approached him because of his reputation, and "she" had offered him a top-level spot after he'd shared his thoughts about influencer marketing. Summer wondered what the catch was, and Theo divulged that he'd have to move halfway around the world to accept the job. Summer was stunned to find out that Theo had been considering jobs outside the country, but he stressed that he hadn't been until Ashley had asked him to work for her in Paris.

Theo resolved not to let his connection to the Abbotts influence his decision, since there were a lot of other things to consider. Summer clucked that Genoa City would be more boring without him, but she didn't want to hold him back. He called it a great opportunity, and she gushed that Ashley could put him in contact with major players. Summer imagined that he would be so busy that he'd forget about Genoa City and everyone there, but he pointedly replied, "Not everybody."

Summer figured that she and Theo could visit one another, and the thrill of seeing each other after not being together for a while could be fun. He asked if she was saying he should go, and she assured him that they could make it work. He darkly noted that it was one vote for "hasta la vista, Theo." Summer scoffed at the idea that Theo had expected her to break down in tears, but he countered that she could at least pretend to miss him. She insisted that she would, but she recalled that he'd been nice about her going to Atlanta, so she'd wanted to return the favor.

Summer reasoned that Theo wouldn't be in Paris forever, noting that almost everyone in her family had worked abroad, and it was like a rite of passage for the Abbotts to do the same thing. She called it no big deal, and he recognized that it wasn't -- to people like her. Summer pointed out that he was an Abbott and that Ashley was offering him an amazing opportunity. Theo felt like it was a test to prove himself, and he questioned why he should do that if it might change who he was. Summer considered that to be a good thing, since he could become the person who he'd been pretending to be all along.

Theo huffed that it was good to know that Summer thought he was a big phony. She explained that she knew he liked living the good life, and he'd worked his tail off to keep up with the rich crowd. He assumed that she expected the Abbotts to pay his way, but she clarified that they could help him pay his own way by providing a good paycheck. Summer anticipated that Theo could relax and enjoy life if he took the job, and he wouldn't have to be so hungry.

Theo contended that being hungry gave him his edge, and he liked his edge and had a feeling Summer did, too. He imagined that a perk of accepting the job would be that she could throw him a farewell party, and she envisioned renting out Society or the Grand Phoenix. He preferred a smaller, more intimate affair with just the two of them, and she declared the idea perfect. She prepared to leave to meet her mom, and she told him that he had her support, no matter what he decided.

Nate followed Amanda to Crimson Lights, where she thought the energy was much better for practicing what he was going to say to the board. Lola greeted Nate, who introduced her to Amanda. Nate explained that Amanda was representing him at his medical board hearing, and Lola gushed that he was the best doctor in the state and maybe the world for saving her life. She added that she'd married the man of her dreams thanks to him, and she couldn't be happier.

On the patio, Amanda rehearsed her argument not to take away Nate's medical license because it would deprive the community of a dedicated, caring physician who had devoted his life to saving others. Amanda contended that Nate had put his patients first, above all else, including himself. Nate was thankful that he'd convinced her to take his case, and she advised him to use his power of persuasion when he spoke to the board. He was reluctant to practice presenting his statement, but she cautioned that it was only a matter of hours before he had to do it for real.

Nate recited his prepared plea to the medical board to let him do what he did best in the place he loved most, since it would otherwise affect every person who he didn't get the chance to save. Amanda was pleased with his words, but she encouraged him to use a more bragging tone. Nate asserted that it was important for him to be himself, and Amanda urged him to think about how he'd felt when he'd run into a happy, healthy Lola. Amanda stressed that he had to make clear to the board that they had to let him keep helping others. She coached him to practice his statement with some passion.

Inside the coffeehouse, Lola spotted Theo and jokingly asked if he was stalking her. He reasoned that he'd be at Society if that was the case, and she informed him that she'd spent her day off at the spa. He confided that he'd just heard from someone he hadn't talked to in ages, and he'd thought he'd just been catching up with an old friend until the guy had requested money for a new startup. Theo surmised that word had gotten out that he was related to the Abbotts, and he pictured all the people who'd blown him off suddenly wanting to be his friend.

Lola empathized because her own father hadn't had any interest in her until she'd married Kyle, and her dad had only shown up because he'd wanted money. Lola recalled that the Abbotts had welcomed her into the family, just like they had with Theo. Theo thought it was like a door had opened up, but he was afraid of what would happen if he went through it and what he would miss out on if he didn't. He wondered if people would think he was trying to take advantage, and he asked what she would think of him if he decided to walk through the door.

Lola recounted how she and Kyle had clashed when he'd bought her expensive gifts, but she'd realized that she'd overreacted because she'd thought he'd wanted her to become something she wasn't. She considered herself living proof that she didn't have to become a different person to fit in, and she advised Theo to enjoy the advantages of his new economic status. He inquired how she'd kept the opportunities from changing her, and she counseled him to hold onto his strong sense of self. He mused that she'd said exactly what he'd needed to hear.

Once alone, Theo called Ashley and announced that he'd made a decision about her offer. "I'm in," he firmly stated.

Nate and Amanda returned to the coffeehouse after his hearing. She was convinced that the board would rule in his favor, but he credited Victor for delivering like he'd promised. Nate insisted on thanking Amanda before he knew the board's decision, since even if he lost, he wanted her to know he appreciated how hard she'd fought for him. She replied that it was easy when she believed in her client. Nate answered a call and thanked someone for telling him the news personally. Amanda knowingly smiled and congratulated him, and he hugged her.

At home, Lola cried out when Kyle tried to rub her shoulders. She revealed that the masseuse had been a no-show at the spa, and he suspected that she might need a professional to get rid of the huge knots in her shoulders. She chalked it up to having lots of pressure at the job she loved, but he sensed that his issues with Theo had added to her stress. He promised to stop being so paranoid, and he admitted that waiting for Theo to screw up hadn't been fair.

Kyle recognized that carrying around his anger had hurt their marriage more than Theo ever could, and it hadn't helped Kyle's relationship with his dad, either. Kyle declared that he was done being a jerk, and he decided to give Theo a chance to prove he could be the guy he claimed he wanted to be. Lola cooed that Kyle sometimes "impressed the hell" out of her, and he amorously replied that it was about to be one of those times. They kissed and scrambled to the bedroom.

Summer entered the Grand Phoenix and observed that it was dead. Phyllis considered calling Theo to infuse life into the place, but Summer warned that he might not be available because of the opportunities the Abbotts had offered him. Phyllis assumed that Theo thought he'd won the lottery, but Summer reported that he'd seemed more overwhelmed than overjoyed by Ashley's job offer in Paris. Phyllis suspected that Ashley had done Summer a huge favor by forcing Summer to put her relationship with Theo on hold.

Summer expected that Phyllis wanted Theo to take the job because Phyllis had never thought Theo was right for Summer. Phyllis suspected that Summer would eventually want to move on, but Summer insisted that she wasn't trying to get rid of him. Summer thought it was a great opportunity and a chance for Theo to get away from everything that had gone down with Kyle. Phyllis wished Kyle was the one going to Paris, but Summer questioned why Kyle should need to give up his life in Genoa City. Phyllis asked why Summer continued to support and defend Kyle after he'd done horrible things to her. Summer sauntered off over her mother's protests.

Meanwhile, Chance performed a diagnostic check on the hotel's security system, and he explained that two major incidents occurring within two months had caught his attention. Abby questioned why he was talking to her and not the head of security, and he said his instinct told him that Abby would be more receptive to the idea. The computer chimed with the results, and he lamented that it was too late.

Chance revealed that the software had been reinstalled overnight, so all the information from the original installation had been wiped. Abby wondered what they would have found if they'd logged on the day before, and Chance informed her that the worst case would be if someone had installed a back door into the hotel's Wi-Fi system that had allowed remote access to any device that was connected. Abby was horrified at the idea that anyone who had logged on might have been hacked, and she wanted to strangle whoever had done it. She glared at Phyllis.

Chance wished Abby luck, but he had a feeling she wasn't the one who was going to need it. Abby hoped to see him again soon, and he departed. Abby examined something on her laptop, and Phyllis slinked over and asked if Abby had found out anything new about Chelsea or Simon. Abby confirmed that she hadn't, adding, "But I did find out something very interesting about you."

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air
Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, November 21. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Billy resigns and Phyllis is fired Billy resigns and Phyllis is fired
Thursday, November 21, 2019
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis questioned Abby about the juicy tidbits Abby had on her. Chelsea arrived and asked what was going on. Abby told Chelsea about the security system having backdoor access and that Phyllis had reset the system. It appeared that Phyllis' software upgrade had some special features, such as backdoor access to everyone's personal devices, including hers and Chelsea's. Abby stated that when Phyllis had realized she'd been caught, she had wiped the system to cover her tracks. Chelsea claimed nothing was beneath Phyllis.

Phyllis told Abby she'd reset the system as part of the routine maintenance, but no one believed her. Phyllis claimed she didn't care what was on their devices, but Abby said it was laughable how transparent Phyllis was. Phyllis would do anything to gain sole control of the hotel. Phyllis needed to spy and exploit their personal information in order for her scheme to work. Phyllis denied she would ever use the technology she'd installed for personal gain. Chelsea claimed that what Phyllis said and what she did were two vastly different things.

Phyllis claimed that Abby had lost her mind, and instead of condemning Phyllis, they should have praised her for what she'd done. Phyllis pointed out that her technology had saved the day. She'd communicated with the police and Chance, called up the blueprints, and monitored all the cameras. Unlike Abby, she hadn't had a meltdown. Abby shouted that her meltdown had been part of the plan because she'd also been communicating with Chance.

Phyllis pointed her finger at Chelsea and said that because of Chelsea's dirty dealings with Simon Black, they'd been put into a hostage situation, and Abby had given Chelsea a free pass. Abby pointed out that she'd known something had been off with Chelsea. She questioned why Chelsea hadn't turned to her or Nick when she'd known things had become too dangerous. Chelsea said she owed everyone an apology. She had believed she could handle Simon Black on her own and that Simon would be on his way before things had gotten out of hand. Phyllis piped in and said that never happened.

Through gritted teeth, Chelsea warned Phyllis not to start on her because Connor had been traumatized because of what had happened, and she had tried to protect him. Chelsea stated that she wasn't happy about the fallout for the hotel or Nick's campaign, but unlike Phyllis, she owned what she'd done. Abby thanked Chelsea, and she suggested that Chelsea take the rest of the day off to decompress. After Chelsea left, Phyllis claimed she had a lot going on, and she, too, was about to leave. Abby said she wasn't through with Phyllis yet.

Phyllis apologized to Abby for having been so defensive. Abby claimed that Phyllis was always defensive. Phyllis suggested they push the reset button and start fresh, but Abby claimed it wasn't that simple because she didn't believe Phyllis' sincerity. She said Chelsea had apologized for the harm her actions had caused, but Phyllis had apologized for her less-than stellar personality. Phyllis spat that Chelsea's staggering lack of judgment had put the hotel and its guests in mortal danger. Phyllis wanted Abby to tell her what she'd done that was so unforgivable.

Abby told Phyllis that Chelsea had inadvertently made a mistake with terrible consequences, but Phyllis had made a calculated move to sabotage her and Chelsea regarding the hotel. The hotel had a major liability problem because of Phyllis' software. Phyllis denied she would ever do that. Abby stated that even after Phyllis' treachery had been exposed, she still couldn't trust her because Phyllis continued to lie to her. Abby told Phyllis she was fired.

Phyllis claimed Abby couldn't fire her because she and Abby had a contract. She threatened to sue Abby. Phyllis warned Abby not to push her. She claimed that Abby had no proof that Phyllis had customized the software or that she'd reset the security system for any nefarious reason. Abby had no just cause for terminating her. Abby countered that Phyllis would wish she'd left while she'd had the chance. Phyllis spat that she would leave because she couldn't stomach looking at Abby's face, but she warned Abby she'd be back.

After Phyllis left, Abby called Chance and left him a message thanking him for saving her hotel.

At home, Nick called Michael and thanked him for arranging a visit with Simon Black. It appeared Michael had questions, but Nick said that the less Michael knew about his visit with Simon, the better. He assured Michael he wouldn't interfere with his investigation.

At the prison, Nick told Simon he knew Simon's negotiations with Chelsea hadn't gone as planned. He told Simon that the unfinished business with Chelsea was over. He said Simon had made a mistake going after Chelsea and that no one went after the people he cared about without consequences. He said Simon would have to answer to him if he went after Chelsea or Connor. Simon assured Nick he wouldn't mess with anyone.

Nick acknowledged that Simon had eyes, ears, and people on the outside that did Simon's bidding. He warned Simon that the grey car parked down the street from his house had better be gone -- permanently -- by the time Nick got home.

Nick told Simon he wouldn't go to the police about the money Simon claimed Chelsea owed him. He said that Simon's conflict had been with Calvin Boudreau, and it had ended when Calvin had died. Nick warned Simon not to mess with anyone in his family. He said he was a Newman, and as such, he had a lot of resources at hand to deal with Simon. Simon swore that once Nick walked out the door, Nick would never see or hear from him again.

After Nick left, a guard brought Simon a phone. Simon asked his lawyer to set up a meeting with the Feds because he had some useful information about Colin Atkinson.

At Newman, Billy told Victoria he'd done a lot of soul-searching, and he'd had an epiphany. He knew what he needed to do. After Billy explained his intentions, Victoria commented that it was a bold plan. She asked if Billy had any doubts. Billy claimed it felt right, and he asked her to wish him luck. Billy left.

At the Abbotts', Jack was delighted with the progress Traci had made on the memoir. Traci told Jack it would be finished in a few days. She said that Dina and John's early life; their childhood; Jack, Traci, and Ashley graduating from college; and the siblings starting their careers had been completed, and the rest would go quickly because there was very little research involved. Jack wanted to celebrate, but Traci said they could celebrate once the project was complete.

Traci asked Jack about his future plans. Jack claimed he had no idea. Traci was stunned because she had always believed that Jabot was his life. Jack admitted that Jabot would remain part of his life, but he'd shown his confidence in Kyle and Billy when he'd put them in charge at Jabot. Traci mentioned that Kyle and Billy weren't getting along because of an apparent power struggle. That couldn't be good. Jack hoped they would get past it.

Traci greeted Billy warmly when he arrived. He said he needed to speak with Jack. Traci asked Billy to put time aside for her because she wanted to talk about his past, like his boarding school days, for the memoir. Billy said he would be happy to as long as she included his legendary gambling exploits and his banishment to Hong Kong. He kissed Traci on the cheek, and she left.

Billy told Jack that he'd had an epiphany, and being CEO of a fashion company wasn't what he wanted in his life. He said effective immediately, he was resigning from Jabot. Jack was floored. He asked if Billy's decision had anything to do with Kyle, but Billy claimed that Kyle had kept the business afloat. His decision was about himself. Billy said he'd taken a deep dive into his behavior and the reason he'd treated Kyle so badly.

Billy told Jack that he'd convinced himself that he wanted to sit in the big chair because of the way he'd screwed up the last time he'd been in that chair. He had needed to prove himself to Victoria, Jack, and family, but mostly to himself. In spite of his success, he didn't feel fulfilled, and he'd made Kyle's life miserable. He said it had nothing to with Jack or Adam. It was about himself and not being satisfied with his life. Carrying the family legacy wasn't for him. He admitted he'd put some heavy pressure on himself to prove his worth. Jack said he understood where Billy was coming from because he'd been reflecting on his own life lately.

Jack acknowledged that Billy had been in a very dark place, but he'd found his way back. Billy had rededicated himself to Victoria, his kids, and his own well-being. Jack said he couldn't be prouder and claimed that John would have been just as proud. Billy said he loved the company, and he was invested in its success -- but not in the same way as Jack and Ashley. Billy said he would keep his seat on the board. Jack wished Billy well and said he would inform the family and the executive team. They hugged, and Billy left.

When Traci returned, Jack told her about Billy's resignation from Jabot. She was shocked at first, but after being informed of Billy's reasons, she was happy for him. Traci said she was the only Abbott who had found a career outside of Jabot. Jack noted she'd made a mammoth success of it. Traci picked up her notepad and began making notes. She told Jack that Billy's chapter had a lot more material to work with. She asked how Jack felt about it all. Jack said he didn't know, but he wanted Billy to be happy. Traci understood that Jack was trying to process how it would affect Jabot.

Jack became upset after he received a text message from Ashley. He told Traci that Ashley had offered Theo a job working with her in Paris. He read the text to Traci: "Making arrangements for Theo in Paris. He told you, right?" Jack was angry that Theo had accepted the job in Paris without telling him. Traci suggested that perhaps Theo had meant to tell Jack, but Ashley had beaten him to it. She wondered if Theo had no idea how to tell Jack because of how it would appear.

Jack told Traci he'd thought they would have had an opportunity to get to know their nephew. Traci said Theo wasn't gone yet, and she asked Jack what he intended to do, since Jack never shied away from a challenge.

At home, Nick assured Chelsea that Simon would no longer be a threat to her. He told her that he'd paid Simon a visit and warned him not to go after anyone in his family, or he would regret it. Chelsea was shocked when Nick told her about the car that had been posted down the street. He assured her it was gone.

Chelsea told Nick she was sorry she'd dragged him into her mess, but Nick said he'd done it for them and their kids. They no longer had to sleep with one eye open. Chelsea felt terrible because she'd let Nick down. Nick said they were in it together, and he hugged her.

Nick told Chelsea they needed to take a hard look at what was going on with them. They needed to deal with everything head-on. Chelsea said that Nick had handled the situation very well, and she was certain he was angry, hurt, and frustrated. Nick admitted he was, but he also admitted he was scared and confused. He was grateful that Chelsea, Connor, and everyone else in the hotel were safe. He said he was in love with her; however, they had a lot of problems, and it all came down to trust.

Nick told Chelsea they'd both kept a secret, he about Victor's fake death, and she about the dirty money. Chelsea said she was mortified, and she had no defense. Nick felt they had fallen into an unhealthy pattern. Chelsea acknowledged that they had rationalized that they were being protective, but they had always wound up blindsiding each other. She said she loved him and the family they'd created, but they needed to be transparent, committed, and honest with each other -- good or bad.

At that moment, Chelsea received a phone call from Connor. He told her he'd had a nightmare. Nick told Chelsea to go to Connor. They kissed, and she left.

Billy returned to Newman and told Victoria that he felt like a weight had been lifted from him. He told her that Jack was supportive. Victoria asked him what was next, but Billy said he had no idea, only that he no longer wanted to be in big business. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with her then he and Jack would make Kyle the happiest guy alive.

At Society, Nick joined Phyllis at the bar. Phyllis said the drinks were on her.

Jill reunites with Colin -- and he has a lot to say Jill reunites with Colin -- and he has a lot to say
Friday, November 22, 2019

At his penthouse, Devon instructed someone on the phone to reschedule everything. He threw the phone down as Elena returned home, and she was surprised to see him there because she'd thought he had back-to-back meetings that day. He informed her that he'd canceled them, and she encouraged him to talk to her. Devon bemoaned that he didn't know how things had gotten so messed up, and he regretted that he'd accused Tucker of doing something he probably hadn't done. Devon lamented that rather than honoring his grandmother's wishes, he'd insulted her instead.

Elena urged Devon not to assume that someone was trying to con him out of his money. Devon ranted that it wouldn't be easy to find Colin or get him to tell the truth, since Colin was a criminal, and Colin's son was just as corrupt. Devon continued that Cane could be anywhere in the world with the billions of dollars Devon had handed over, but Elena reasoned that Cane wouldn't leave his kids. Devon figured that the twins were in college and that Cane could afford around-the-clock nannies for Sam. Devon didn't know who to trust anymore, and Elena reminded him that there was one person he knew he could trust -- her. They kissed.

Elena suggested that she and Devon get an early start on Thanksgiving by counting their blessings. She pointed out that he obviously had an incredible girlfriend, and they lived in a beautiful home. She continued that they were highly respected professionals with fantastic careers, Hamilton-Winters had never been stronger, and New Hope was changing lives. Elena cited that Lily was doing well and that Jett was on the road to recovery, and Nate wasn't going to lose his medical license, after all.

Elena implored Devon to be grateful for what he had and let the other stuff go, and he asked if she thought Amanda had been part of the whole scam. Elena replied that she wouldn't put it past anyone involved, but she believed in karma, and she expected Amanda to get what she deserved. Elena imagined that they no longer had to worry about Amanda, who would likely leave Genoa City because Nate's case was over.

Elena flipped through a stack of albums and admired Neil's taste in music. Devon wished that Neil was there because he'd know what to do. Elena wished she'd known Neil, and Devon thought his father would have loved her. Elena imagined that Neil would have been proud of Devon and the decisions he'd made, since few men would give up that kind of money without being forced to. Devon muttered that he didn't feel proud of the decisions he'd made lately. Elena assured him that he was still the same man she'd fallen in love with, and nothing and no one could change that.

In a hotel room in the Maldives, Jill yelled for Colin to show himself because she knew he was there. She added that she hadn't gone halfway around the world to track him down just to be ignored. Colin appeared, holding a bottle of Champagne and some glasses, and asked what had taken her so long. He apologized that the accommodations weren't up to what she'd expected, but since she was there, they should make the most of it. She realized that he'd lured her there, and he proclaimed that her brilliant mind had deduced it from the clues that he'd left as a love letter to her.

Colin pointed out that the Champagne was Jill's favorite vintage and that it was cold to the touch. She compared it to her heart, but he argued that he'd been patient and totally devoted to her. Jill begrudgingly accepted a glass because she didn't like to see good Champagne go to waste. She informed him that Devon had turned his entire inheritance over to Cane, and Colin noted that it had been up to Devon to do the right thing. Jill questioned whether it had been the right thing, and she demanded to know who was supposed to be the primary heir to Katherine's estate.

Jill wanted to hear every sordid detail of Colin's sleazy scheme, but he insisted that he'd simply tried to right a wrong so he should be judged a hero. He contended that the pages from the will were the real deal, and she confirmed that they'd been authenticated. Jill inquired about Tucker's involvement, and Colin claimed that Tucker and David Sherman had been involved in fraud. Jill asked how Colin had found out, but he refused to name names. She chided him for turning everyone's lives upside down.

Colin remembered a time when Jill had liked that, but she cautioned him about what would happen if Chance ever got his hands on Colin. Colin defended that no one would have believed him if he'd turned up in Genoa City with the pages himself. Jill muttered that it was the truest thing he'd said that day. Colin confessed that he'd used Chance as a cover, and he repeated that he'd only been trying to right a wrong. "In the most Colin way possible," she replied.

Colin figured that everything had been settled, so he and Jill could have a little fun. Jill protested that nothing had been settled, since Chance had denied hiring an attorney or producing any will pages, and it had cast doubt on everything Colin had set into motion. She lamented that Devon had reason to question his grandmother's love for him, and he'd also been questioning Cane's integrity. Colin asserted that the important thing was that Katherine's wishes had been honored, and he pulled Jill to him and suggested that they concentrate on something even more important -- "you and I."

Jill huffed that she wasn't there for that. Colin reminded her that the Maldives was on their bucket list of the most exotic places they wanted to make love, but she grumbled that she had a new bucket list. Colin wondered what had gone wrong between them, and Jill snapped that she'd needed to interrogate him about another con he'd pulled. He defended that it hadn't been a crime if no one had been hurt, but she argued that he'd knocked his son unconscious.

Colin figured that it had probably knocked some sense into Cane, and he pointed out that both he and Jill had pulled off some dodgy schemes in the day. He urged her to look at it as him proving his love for her and Cane, and he noted that leaving her the smallest possible detail had led her there. He thought it proved that they were meant to be together. Jill smacked him across the face for all the people he'd hurt. "And this is for how crazy you make me," she breathlessly stated, and she kissed him passionately.

At Society, Nick noticed Phyllis looking around the restaurant. She explained that his sister had a special kind of radar that sensed if Nick and Phyllis were closer than five feet from one another, and she expected Abby to swoop in to wag a finger at her. Nick mentioned that the hostess had confirmed that Abby wasn't working that night, and Phyllis purred that it meant they could do whatever they wanted as two consenting adults. She clinked her glass against his.

Nick wondered what Phyllis was doing there when she had a bar in her own hotel to hang out in. She confided that she and her partners didn't see eye to eye, and she was sure his favorite con artist would fill him in on the details. She requested that he tell her when Chelsea arrived so she could duck and cover, but Nick flatly replied that Chelsea wouldn't be there. Phyllis realized that Chelsea had them both drowning in their sorrows, and he declared the topic off-limits. They banned his family, politics, sex, religion, and sports from the list of things they could discuss. Nick mentioned that Thanksgiving was approaching, and he asked if Phyllis had any plans to scorch a turkey that year.

Phyllis countered that Nick's family had a way of turning every Thanksgiving into a nightmare with their infighting and drama without burning a single platter. She said she'd heard she was a bad guest, and they chuckled. She was glad to make him laugh, and he acknowledged that they knew how to jolt one another when needed. Phyllis reflected back on their unforgettable times, and Nick thought he could use a good jolt. "Do you wanna?" she asked, and he expressed shock at doing it there. He teased her for being bad, and she replied that she was so bad she was good. She asked if he wanted a reminder.

Across the restaurant, Amanda met Nate for dinner. He called her a sight to behold -- the perfect combination of brains and passion with a sense of humor. She said she'd accuse him of flattery, but every word was true. He voiced surprise that she wasn't seeing someone, and she admitted that she'd been thinking the same thing about him. Amanda explained that she had no time for anyone or anything other than work.

Nate referred to studies that had shown single people were happier and healthier than those in relationships, and he invited Amanda to feast her eyes on the happiest, healthiest man in town. She guessed that Abby had soured him on romance, and he pledged to listen if someone said they weren't in the market for a relationship. Nate wondered why Amanda was smiling, and she contemplated what would happen if they weren't such responsible adults who had their priorities straight. She imagined the look on Devon's face if he found out Nate was dating a woman who was the spitting image of Devon's dead wife.

Later, Amanda gushed that dinner had been perfection, and Nate asked where she was going next. She explained that she usually went wherever her next case took her, but there was something about Genoa City that was different than anyplace she'd ever been. He guessed that there were plenty of people in need of legal assistance, and he encouraged her to give it a shot. She agreed to consider it. They were distracted when Nick and Phyllis began cheering as they played a video game on their phones.

Nick celebrated his comeback, and Phyllis called him a cheater. He apologized to some nearby patrons, noting that she got loud when she lost. She vowed to take him down the next time, and she wanted a rematch. Nick suggested that she practice first, and Phyllis said she'd forgotten what a bad winner he was. Nick called it a night, and Phyllis promised to let him win again the next time. They agreed that they'd had a good time, and he headed out.

Nick returned home and called out for Chelsea, but he received no response. He sent a text message to say he missed her, and he asked if she'd be home that night. She wrote back to inform him that she was staying at Adam's in case Connor had another rough night. Nick glowered.

Nate walked Amanda to the Grand Phoenix elevator and thanked her for dinner and for handling his case. She jokingly told him to wait until he saw the bill, and she remarked that it had been refreshing not to worry about whether they would or wouldn't kiss. Nate insisted that men and women could be just friends. Amanda chirped that she liked the friend zone because it wasn't confusing or complicated. He hugged her goodbye and departed, but she hesitated to board the elevator. Later, at a bar, Amanda played a song on the jukebox and looked deep in thought.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Summer enthused about Theo's decision to accept Ashley's job offer in France. Summer asked how he felt about leaving everything. Theo conceded that he would miss home, but he couldn't say no to the opportunity. Summer thought he'd be a fool to do so, and she was confident that he could adapt to any situation with lightning speed. He hesitated to answer a call from Jack because he was sure Jack wasn't happy that Theo hadn't told him about Ashley's offer. Theo answered the call and guessed that Jack had heard the news about Paris. Jack requested that Theo stop by the Abbott house to have a talk.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Theo that he hadn't known that Ashley had intended to offer Theo a job, and he wanted to make sure that Theo knew it wasn't an effort to run him out of town. Theo swore that he'd never thought of it as anything other than a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Jack questioned whether Theo was leaving town because he was trying to get away from the family ties he'd recently discovered. Theo recognized that it would take awhile for everyone to adjust, and he considered it a good time to start fresh somewhere else. Jack argued that Theo had friends and a new family in Genoa City, and he wondered what it would take to get Theo to stay.

Jack reiterated that he didn't want Theo to take the job as a kneejerk reaction to finding out he was an Abbott, and he suggested that Theo stay in town and maybe get his feet wet at Jabot. Jack inquired where Theo could see himself if he could have any job there, and Theo envisioned doing something in the social media department. Jack questioned how Theo would feel about working under Kyle. Theo stated that he wouldn't have a problem with it, but he was afraid Kyle might. Jack encouraged Theo not to buy a plane ticket until Jack talked to a few people, and he stepped aside to make a call.

At Jabot, Summer found Kyle at work in his office. She hinted that she had big news about Theo, but Kyle doubted that it was appropriate for her to report it to him. Kyle shared that he'd decided to be the bigger man by giving his new cousin the benefit of the doubt. Summer was impressed, but she informed him that he wouldn't be able to show off his "bigger man muscles" because Theo had accepted Ashley's job offer in Paris. Kyle was stunned that Ashley had wanted to hire Theo, but he was pleased that Theo had opted to take the job.

Billy and Jack ran into one another in the corridor, and Billy shared that he was there to give Kyle the good news. Kyle appeared, and Jack announced that he and Billy had news. Billy crowed that his was like an early Christmas present, and Jack suggested that they continue the conversation in the office. Kyle cautiously asked if it had to do with Theo, and Jack vaguely replied that they had a number of issues to discuss. Jack led the way to the office.

Billy divulged that he was leaving Jabot by stepping down as co-CEO because it was the right thing to do. Jack confirmed that it had been entirely Billy's decision, and Billy hoped there were no hard feelings between him and Kyle because he knew Kyle would knock it out of the park. Kyle stammered that they'd just been finding their footing as partners, but he promised to make the company his priority and swore they were leaving it in good hands. Kyle planned to issue a press release, but Jack clarified that Billy stepping away didn't mean Kyle would be in charge.

Kyle surmised that the catch was that Billy was stepping down under the proviso that Kyle couldn't be the only CEO. Billy said he was stepping away free and clear, and Kyle realized it was Jack's idea. Kyle recalled everything he'd done to make the company viable after they'd lost their patents, and he pointed out that he'd run Jabot on his own when Billy and Jack had taken off without giving any notice. Kyle was appalled that his father didn't value or trust him, but Jack insisted that he was proud of Kyle. Jack revealed that he'd decided to return as CEO, especially with the additional changes he intended to implement.

Jack recognized that Lauren had been spread too thin, and he named Kyle and Lauren as joint COOs of the company. Jack mentioned that he hadn't told Lauren yet, but he expected her to be thrilled. Jack hoped Kyle wasn't disappointed, since it was an excellent position for his experience and background. Jack also decided to promote Summer to head of marketing, and Kyle realized that they'd have to find someone to run the social media department. Jack shared that he had Theo in mind.

Jack promised to keep a close eye on Theo, but he thought it was time to pull together as a family and remember that they were all on the same team. Kyle affirmed that he was all in, and he told Jack to go for it if he thought Theo was a good fit. Billy assured Kyle that it would be easy because Kyle knew the ropes and would outrank Theo. Jack looked forward to an exciting and profitable era for Jabot, but Kyle looked concerned.

Summer ran into Theo in the hall, and he informed her that he'd had a change of heart about going to Paris. She was shocked when he announced that he'd decided to stay there, since Jack had offered him a job at Jabot. Summer hoped he wasn't taking the job to get back at Kyle, and Theo insisted that he wasn't. Summer worried about Kyle and Theo being at one another's throats day and night. Theo preferred to celebrate that he and Summer were working together side by side. Summer forced a smile.

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