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Abby revealed that she'd staged the jewel thefts. Chance asked Abby out on a date. Elena forged a truce with Amanda. Victor provided Devon with a file on Amanda. Connor told lies about Sharon. Kyle convinced Jack to make him co-CEO of Jabot.
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Victor provided Devon with a file on Amanda showing that she'd hired a firm to erase her online presence
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PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air
Monday, December 9, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Tuesday, December 10. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Elena and Amanda declare a truce Elena and Amanda declare a truce
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby and Chance stood over the jewels that had spilled out of her bag. She swore that it wasn't what it looked like, and he noted that anyone who saw them would assume that she'd been caught red-handed as the mastermind behind the heists in the hotel. Abby denied that she was a thief. She placed the jewels on the hotel bar and smashed them to dust to prove that they were fake. She revealed that every jewel and every victim had been a sham, since the only thing that had been real had been her plan to get rid of Phyllis -- and it had worked.

Abby confessed that she'd spared no expense to hire actors to make the robberies look authentic, and she hadn't been able to refuse when Chance had offered to help. She recognized that involving him had been a gamble, but it had paid off when he'd discovered proof that Phyllis had tampered with the security system. Abby reasoned that Phyllis was history, so there was no need for any more fakery -- unless Chance planned on arresting her for her clever subterfuge.

Chance reminded Abby that filing a false police report was a felony. Abby admitted that she'd lied about the police never getting back to her, since the truth was that she'd never called them. Chance realized that she hadn't attempted to profit from the ruse, and she called it a victimless crime to everyone except Phyllis. Abby regretted that she'd needed to lie to Chelsea to make the crimes look legitimate, and Chance surmised that she felt bad about lying to her friend but not to him. Abby swore that lying to Chance had hurt most of all.

Abby wanted to make it up to Chance if he'd let her. He asked if she was flirting with a federal agent, and she replied that it depended on whether it was working. Chance admired the nerve she'd had by trying to pull one over on someone who figured things out for a living. Abby leaned in close and purred that the most exciting part had been beating him at his own game. Chance informed her that he'd seen right through her from the start.

Chance claimed that he'd returned earlier than expected for their date to give Abby a chance to slip up, and it had been exactly what she'd done. He advised her not to contemplate life as a criminal, but she argued that he hadn't known exactly what she'd been doing and why. She proposed that they call it even, and he questioned why she needed to be a criminal mastermind on top of owning a hotel and a restaurant. Abby proclaimed that she was bad at failure, and she jokingly threatened to try harder on her next fake robbing spree unless he confirmed that she'd done a good job.

Chance teased that Abby had the makings of a true outlaw, and she suggested that they pop the cork on some bubbly and toast to them making a great team. Chance admitted that it had been the most fun he'd ever had working a case, and she recommended that he get a new job. She offered to make him the hotel's new head of security. Abby gushed that Chance would be a perfect fit and a huge improvement over his predecessor. Abby added that she'd sleep well at night, knowing her baby was in good hands.

Abby imagined that it would be nice for Chance to take a break from saving the world and focus on one corner of it. He was flattered, and she promised that she'd make it worth his while. He had a feeling that she wasn't just talking about his salary, and she called him a fast learner. He agreed to think about it, and she figured that no one could say no over Champagne. Chance noted that she drove a hard bargain, and Abby replied that he had no idea.

Mariah arrived at Jabot and didn't hide her disdain when she ran into Summer. Mariah asked if Kyle was there, since she was there to drop off a gift to celebrate his new position. Summer offered to deliver the gift and reached for the bag in Mariah's hand, but Mariah preferred to do it herself. Mariah added that she didn't want to bother Summer, who likely had other things to do, like posting selfies of her and her boyfriend sucking face. Summer huffed that it was none of Mariah's business, but she and Theo had broken up. Mariah worried about Kyle and quipped that a single Summer was a dangerous Summer.

Summer declared that she was done with Mariah's immature and ridiculous insinuations, since Summer and Kyle were friends who were in a good place, and he was married. Mariah insisted that she was just looking out for her pal, and Summer complained that Mariah was insulting not only her but to Kyle, too. Mariah questioned whether Summer and Theo had ever even been serious or if their relationship had just been a way for Summer to make Kyle jealous while figuring out a scheme to get him back. Summer recognized that Mariah was cynical and jaded. She contended that the people Mariah didn't like had actual feelings, and none of them were living their lives for Mariah's amusement.

At Society, Amanda watched the movement of a GPS tracker on a map on her laptop. Devon peered over her shoulder and asked if it was a map to where his money had ended up. She quickly slammed her computer shut and scolded that he should know better than to sneak up on people. He contemplated stalking her or hiring an investigator, since she was obviously hiding something. Amanda ordered Devon to stop jumping to conclusions, since her clients relied on her discretion.

Amanda wondered if there was a reason Devon was there, and he huffed that he'd made it clear that he wanted his money. Amanda countered that she'd made it clear that she didn't have it, since they'd both been played. Devon retorted that she'd scammed him by playing on his emotions, and he considered her too smart and talented not to have been in on it. Amanda refused to waste her time with trying to change Devon's mind, but she anticipated settling for the inevitable apology when the truth was out. She excused herself to prepare for a meeting. Elena walked in and spied them talking, and she immediately headed out. Devon followed her.

Phyllis joined Amanda and assumed that the lawyer had received her email with a copy of her Grand Phoenix employment contract and a description of Abby's bogus reason for firing her. Amanda confirmed that she'd reviewed the documents, and Phyllis asked where they should start. Amanda warned that it might not be as simple as it might seem, since it would be an uphill battle if Phyllis chose to pursue a wrongful termination suit, which could take years. Phyllis insisted that it was about doing the right thing.

Phyllis contended that her partners didn't like her and never had, and her firing had been their way of trying to get rid of her. Amanda gave Phyllis 50-50 odds if she was looking for vindication, but she declined to take the case. Phyllis rambled about how she really wanted Amanda to represent her, and she assured Amanda that she had the money. Amanda clarified that she wasn't worried about that -- she was worried about Phyllis.

Phyllis didn't understand how she was the problem. Amanda explained that a stressful, high-profile case had landed her in town, and she didn't want more of the same. Amanda considered Phyllis to be a "lightning rod for trouble and controversy," and she balked at taking a case with a client who had a reputation. A crestfallen Phyllis stammered that people made mistakes, and Amanda lectured that the choices people made could follow them around for the rest of their lives, whether they deserved it or not. Amanda offered to compile a list of attorneys, but Phyllis opted to leave before her bad reputation tainted Amanda's. Phyllis resolved to take care of it on her own.

Devon chased Elena to the Crimson Lights patio. He wondered why she hadn't slowed down when he'd called out to her, and she replied that she'd needed time and space to figure out what she wanted to say to him. She inquired whether he and Amanda had ended up at the restaurant together by chance or by choice. Devon explained that he'd seen Amanda there and decided to confront her. He scoffed at the idea that he'd invited Amanda there, but Elena recalled that he'd said he'd be at work all day, yet he'd been at Society with Amanda.

Elena groused that Devon talked about little else but losing his inheritance, and he defended that he'd lost trust in just about everyone in his life. Elena argued that she was part of that life, and she was still there. Devon reiterated that Colin hadn't just taken the money from him but also from the people whose lives Devon could have changed. Elena pointed out that Devon could always find ways to help people, but he'd been focused on Amanda. Devon ranted that Amanda seemed to be everywhere and that Nate had started hanging out with her, too.

Elena clucked that Nate was a big boy who could make his own choices, and Devon compared it to the choice he'd made to give up his money -- with Amanda's help. Elena shared that Nate had convinced her that she'd been too hard on Amanda, and she pushed Devon to admit whether he was attracted to Amanda. Devon spat that he didn't trust one word out of Amanda's mouth, and he couldn't wait until she left town and disappeared. Elena fretted that if he wasn't attracted to Amanda, he had to be obsessed.

Devon insisted that Amanda's appearance hadn't had anything to do with why he'd been upset that day. He wondered if Elena was saying those things because she wanted out of their relationship, but she countered that he was the one pulling away from her. Elena contended that she'd seen their future together as being happy and in love, and Devon insisted that it was exactly what they were. Elena questioned whether he wanted her or if he preferred to stay in the past with his anger, and she implored him to decide what was most important. She stood up to leave, and he incredulously asked if she was giving him an ultimatum. She specified that she was giving him a wake-up call, and she walked out.

Later, Mariah joined Devon and observed that he seemed to be a million miles away. He wondered what being tricked into giving up his money said about him, and she interpreted it to mean that Katherine Chancellor's grandson was a very generous man. Devon appreciated her saying that, but he wished that he'd never signed his money away to Cane. Mariah asserted that Devon had been trying to do the right thing by honoring his grandmother, and he hadn't done anything wrong. Devon lamented that one of the people who'd scammed him had Hilary's face, and it was all he could think about. He griped that Amanda had cost him his fortune, and he feared that she'd also cost him his future.

Devon relayed that Elena thought he was stuck and that he needed to stop focusing on Amanda. Mariah recognized that Amanda knew how to get under his skin, and she believed the sooner Amanda was gone, the better. Devon couldn't wait until Amanda left town so he could make things right with Elena. Mariah urged Devon to talk to Elena about how much she meant to him and how he wanted her by his side to build a new life together. Mariah recalled that she'd turned to Devon for advice recently, and he'd immediately known the right thing to do. She questioned where the problem solver she knew and loved had gone, and he thanked her and headed out.

Meanwhile, at Society, Amanda scrutinized the map on her computer and made a call. "Where is he?" she anxiously inquired. She understood that the technology could lose the signal sometimes, but she worried that "he" had found the tracker and destroyed it. She told the person on the other end of the call to figure it out and get back to her. Elena approached and asked if Amanda had a minute. Amanda recounted that Devon had just told her what a monster she was, and she expected that Elena was there to sing the same song. Elena insisted that she wanted things to change.

Elena explained that she hadn't been herself around Amanda, since she wasn't usually unkind, unforgiving, or defensive. Elena defined herself as someone who stood by her partner for better or for worse, and it had become clear to her that maybe she'd been unfair to Amanda. Amanda understood what it was like to lose perspective after getting swept up in a situation, and she was willing to give Elena the benefit of the doubt. Elena pointed out that there was no proof that Amanda had lied about Katherine's will, so Elena was willing to believe that Amanda had been blindsided. Elena hoped they could put aside the way she'd treated Amanda and start fresh. Amanda accepted the olive branch.

Elena noted that Amanda had seemed upset when she'd been looking at her computer earlier, and she inquired whether everything was okay. Amanda claimed that she'd been dealing with a couple of loose ends from back home, and they said they'd see one another around. Elena ran into Devon on her way out, and he nervously asked what the women had been doing. Elena curtly reported that they'd been having a civil conversation, and she suggested that he try it sometime. She stalked out, and Devon stared at Amanda for a moment before he followed Elena. Amanda answered a call and voiced relief that the tracking signal was back where it should be.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot as Summer was singing Kyle's praises to someone over the phone. Summer ended her call when she spied her mother, and she asked what Phyllis was doing there. Phyllis confided that she'd wanted to see someone who didn't make her feel ten inches tall, since she'd been fired then turned down by a lawyer because of her bad reputation. Phyllis understood that Abby hated her, but she was unnerved by Amanda's perception of her.

Phyllis protested that people should get to know her and admire her before being shocked by the things she'd done, and Summer figured that Amanda had done an online search about Phyllis' "greatest hits." Summer jokingly suggested that they build an exclusive database for Phyllis' future frenemies, but Phyllis glumly accepted what everyone thought of her. Summer sympathized that it was one thing for people who knew Phyllis to judge, but she sensed that Amanda's reaction had broken Phyllis a little bit. Phyllis pledged to find another lawyer who would be honored to represent the force of nature she was.

Summer warned that Phyllis' reputation would continue to precede her, and Phyllis whined that Summer was supposed to be on her side. Summer insisted that she loved her "badass mom" who took no prisoners, but people didn't trust Phyllis because they thought she was always on the make. Phyllis barked that they weren't all lucky enough to be born a Newman or an Abbott, and some of them had to work hard for what they had. Phyllis refused to apologize for that, but Summer implied that it was never too late to change.

Phyllis adamantly stated that she didn't need to change, since she just played the cards she was dealt. Summer gently suggested that if things hadn't been working out the way Phyllis had been doing them, perhaps it was time to make different choices. Phyllis wondered if Summer was really her child, and Summer realized that her mother intended to double down. Phyllis vowed to always go with what she knew.

Phyllis sensed that Summer was upset that she hadn't been able to talk Phyllis out of her scandalous ways. Summer reiterated that she loved her mother, but Phyllis suspected that Summer would love her more if Phyllis acted like someone else. Summer groaned that she hated seeing her mom unhappy, but Phyllis insisted that she was on top of the world after talking through things. Phyllis thought that Summer was the one who needed a life change, citing the hero worship over Kyle she'd overheard when she'd walked in.

Phyllis mentioned that she'd received Summer's text message about Theo, and she didn't want Summer to backslide. Phyllis pushed to know whether Summer was still in love with Kyle, but Summer stressed that she was over Kyle and that she was only interested in a working relationship with him. They hugged, and Phyllis departed.

Connor lies and says Sharon threatened him Connor lies and says Sharon threatened him
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
by Nel

Over lunch at Society, Victoria told Billy she could put out feelers for a job for Billy, but he wanted to do it on his own and to find the right fit. He said he wanted something fun to look forward to when he woke up. Victoria suggested that he take his time to find the perfect fit. Billy stated he would resume his search in the new year because no one was hiring over the holidays.

Victoria suggested that she, Billy, and the kids go away for Christmas. Billy claimed it would be the perfect cure for what ailed him. Victoria said she had a surprise for Billy. She said she'd arranged for them to go to Telluride on the Newman jet on Christmas Eve and that Reed would meet them in Colorado. She said everything would be completely private. Billy didn't look excited. When Victoria questioned him, he said it sounded great, but she'd caught him off guard.

Billy told Victoria he'd thought they would plan a vacation together. He said he would have preferred a vacation at a beach with surf and sand, where they would be around people. He said he wanted to spend Christmas at home because his mother would be in town, and they could leave on December 27. Disheartened, Victoria said it created a scheduling problem for her, and she suggested they table the discussion for the time being. Billy agreed and claimed that whatever they decided, it would be amazing.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea and Adam were playing cards with Connor. Adam commented that Chelsea was the only one who could bring them together. When Sharon arrived, Connor appeared glum. Sharon suggested that she and Connor play cards, but Connor wanted his parents to play, as well. Chelsea said she had to meet Nick, and Adam said he had some work to do upstairs. Chelsea and Adam left.

Alone with Sharon, Connor reminded her that she didn't need to see him anymore. He asked why she was there. Sharon asked if he'd had a bad day. Sharon said she enjoyed their talks, and with Faith away at school, she didn't have anyone to play games with. Connor claimed he'd been having a good day until Sharon had shown up. Sharon began to deal the cards, but in a fit of temper, Connor swiped the cards onto the floor.

When Adam returned, Connor had walked away from Sharon. He asked Connor where he was going. Connor said he was going to his room. Adam thanked Sharon, and after she left, Connor returned and told Adam that he didn't like Sharon anymore. He said that Sharon had said mean things to him. He claimed Sharon had told him that if he wasn't a good boy, he would be sent away the same way she'd sent her little girl away, and the monster would return, and there wasn't anything anyone could do to stop it.

At the ranch, Nick thanked his parents for watching Christian in order to give him and Chelsea some time together. Victor bluntly asked what Nick planned to do, since Chelsea had ruined his political career. Nick bristled and claimed he'd chosen to quit the campaign so that he could spend time with his family after the hostage taking. Victor pointed out that two of the people he'd sacrificed his political ambitions for were living with Adam. On that note, Victor left the room.

Nikki told Nick that Victor meant well and said that Victor wasn't wrong. Nick said he'd viewed politics as a way of helping New Hope expand their assistance to the people who needed it. He said that if Simon Black hadn't terrorized Chelsea, he would have had a pretty good chance of winning. Nikki agreed, but she wondered if Chelsea understood how her choices after Calvin's death had affected Nick. Nick said Chelsea understood and was mortified.

Nick told Nikki that Chelsea was living with Adam for Connor's sake. Nikki claimed that Chelsea had made it hard for people to trust her. Nick said he didn't care what people thought because he knew where he and Chelsea stood.

After Nick left, Victor asked Nikki how her conversation with Nick had gone. Victor said that he was upset that Chelsea had moved in with Adam, but Nikki claimed that Nick had been trying to be understanding for Connor's sake. Victor claimed that Nick and Chelsea were not meant for each other. Nikki agreed but said that people changed, and she liked the "new" Victor. She also pointed out Billy's efforts to address his issues.

Chelsea arrived at Nick's. She told him she couldn't spend the night with him because she had to get back to Connor. Nick suggested dinner and wine. Chelsea said it sounded perfect.

Nick and Chelsea arrived at Society and saw Victoria sitting alone. She explained that Billy had just left.

Nick and Chelsea chose another table. Nick asked about Connor. Chelsea explained that Connor had started acting like his old self and that he was okay when he was with her, but then he would withdraw. She asked for Nick's opinion.

Reluctantly, Nick asked if Chelsea didn't see that playing house with Adam would make things worse for Connor. Offended, Chelsea remarked that the comment came from the world's greatest dad whose parenting strategies included letting his daughter think her grandfather was dead. Nick said he knew how much Chelsea loved Connor, but allowing her eight-year-old son to determine how she chose to live her life was a mistake.

Chelsea told Nick that Connor was suffering, and she wouldn't apologize for putting Connor's wants and needs first. Nick said he had tried to be supportive and respect every decision she'd made, but her living with Adam to keep Connor from acting out wasn't normal. Chelsea wanted to know what was normal about the traumatizing things that had happened to Connor over the past few months. She admitted that unusual tactics had been applied to help solve Connor's problems.

Nick asked Chelsea what would happen when Connor got his hopes up again, only to have them dashed when he eventually figured out that his parents weren't going to be together. Nick asked if she intended to live with Adam until Connor went to college. Chelsea claimed the only signs she saw of the happy little boy he'd been were when Connor was with her and Adam. She was sorry if it upset Nick, but it was no picnic for her living under Adam's roof.

Nick told Chelsea that the thing Adam had wanted most when he'd returned to Genoa City had been to get Chelsea and Connor back, and it had happened. Adam had gotten everything he'd wanted. Chelsea claimed Nick was off base because Adam hated seeing Connor suffer as much as she did. She'd seen the pain in Adam's eyes every time Connor had woken up from a nightmare. She said Adam had never taken advantage of her since she'd been staying with him. She said she was with Adam solely out of desperation to save Connor.

Chelsea received a text message from Adam informing her that something had happened during Connor's session with Sharon. Chelsea apologized to Nick and said she wished things were different, and she left.

After Chelsea had gone, Victoria joined Nick. Over sundaes, Victoria asked Nick why Chelsea had left. Nick said Chelsea would sacrifice everything for Connor, and he would be okay with it if Adam wasn't involved. He admitted the situation had been getting to him. Victoria claimed that Chelsea had left him high and dry -- she was either with Nick or with Adam, but she couldn't have it both ways. Nick claimed that Billy had left her high and dry to finish her coffee and to pay the bill. Victoria said Billy had needed to go to the gym because he'd blown it off for a few days. Nick claimed it was more than that. Victoria wondered if walking away from Jabot had affected Billy more than he cared to admit.

Billy entered the dive bar. He thought the bar smelled like wet rags, but it was a safe place. He felt relieved because he didn't have to be perfect, nor did he have to answer to anyone. He ordered a shot of bourbon and a beer, figuring it would get him a little bit of peace. He decided to send Victoria a text message that read "Sorry about before. Telluride sounds perfect. When you're happy, I'm happy. Let's do this."

Billy promptly became involved in a poker game with a couple of guys. He thought the guys only wanted his money, which was okay, but he wondered why it didn't feel better.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon he'd finally gotten his pitch in about his community training series, first aid, and rapid response. Rey noticed that Sharon appeared distracted. He asked what had happened in her session with Connor. He thought that Adam might have gotten into her head.

Sharon told Rey she was concerned about Connor. She was afraid he didn't trust her, and she had to tread lightly with him. Rey advised her to trust her instincts. Adam arrived at that moment and said that Sharon had been right. Connor was going down a far darker path than anyone had realized. He informed Sharon that Connor had claimed that she had warned him the monster would return and that there would be no way to stop it. Adam knew Connor had made that up. Sharon told Adam that it was not acceptable for Connor to make up stories to get what he wanted. Adam said he was open to any suggestions.

Sharon told Adam that he and Chelsea needed to tell Connor they wouldn't tolerate his lies or manipulation. Adam agreed. He said that he and Chelsea would lay down the ground rules, and he would keep Sharon apprised. After Adam left, Rey told Sharon she'd been right. Sharon said she'd give anything to have been wrong.

While closing up the coffee shop, Sharon told Rey that she'd gone over her conversations with Connor. She wondered if anything she'd said had done him any good. Rey reminded her that therapy took time before any result could be seen, and there were no guarantees. Sharon said she felt like she was on shaky ground. Rey understood; however, he reminded her that Connor's struggles weren't her fault, and she should consider who Connor's parents were. He said Sharon was Connor's best hope.

At the penthouse, Adam explained what had transpired between Sharon and Connor. Chelsea said they had been counting on Sharon's help to deal with Connor's problems, but that seemed unlikely if Connor was rejecting Sharon. Adam agreed it had been a step back, but they couldn't give up.

Chelsea told Adam that she should return to Nick's because pretending to act like a family again hadn't been the right decision. She said Connor had been acting out before she'd moved in, and he would act out in order for her to stay. Adam stated that Connor had hoped he would believe Connor's lie. Chelsea stated that Connor would eventually figure out that they were not the perfect nuclear family. In the end, he would be disappointed. They had to consider the potential long-term impact their arrangement would have on Connor, and no one had been able to provide them with guidance.

Adam told Chelsea she needed to do what she thought was best. He said he wouldn't stand in her way, but he reminded her that the only time Connor had made any progress had been when the three of them had been together. Chelsea claimed she'd felt it, too. Adam told her to trust her instincts. Chelsea said she'd been trying, but the incident between Connor and Sharon had her questioning everything. She wondered if they should find someone who could better relate to Connor.

Adam told Chelsea that Connor had related well to Sharon until their last session. They had to find out what had changed rather than making Connor jump through hoops each time he became upset about something. They were his parents, and they needed to make the call and show Connor that he couldn't manipulate them, especially where Sharon was concerned.

At the ranch, Nikki informed Victor that Nick's dinner with Chelsea had ended early because things hadn't gone well. Nikki suggested that she have a word with Chelsea. Victor jokingly reminded Nikki that she'd been the one who had always told him not to interfere in their children's lives. Nikki smiled and said he was right, and they embraced. Nick arrived. After Victor left to get Christian, Nick told Nikki he knew what he had to do.

At home, Billy lied to Victoria and said he'd had a great workout at the gym, and he needed a shower. Victoria offered to scrub his back. Billy grinned and said it was a great idea.

Kyle convinces Jack to make him Jabot's co-CEO Kyle convinces Jack to make him Jabot's co-CEO
Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nate ran into Elena at Crimson Lights and observed from her shopping bags that she'd been getting ready for the holidays. She chirped that she'd picked up some rare blues records for Jett, and Nate asked where Devon was. Elena shared that she was giving Devon some space, and she assumed that Amanda had told Nate about their sit-down to break the ice. Elena credited Nate with making her realize that she'd been blaming Amanda for things that Amanda hadn't been responsible for.

Nate commented that Devon was lucky to have Elena in his corner, and he hoped the couple's recent lunch date had been an indication that Devon was making his relationship with Elena a priority. Elena confirmed that she and Devon had enjoyed a lovely time, but he'd gone back to lashing out at Amanda the following day. Nate guessed that it would take more time for Devon to work out his anger about the will. Elena suspected that the problem was that Devon wasn't over Hilary, and she wasn't sure he ever would be.

Nate imagined that it would mess with his head if someone who looked like his dead fiancée showed up, especially if the woman turned out to be part of a scheme to defraud him. Elena worried that she'd prompted Devon to bury his feelings by pushing him away, and she didn't know how to handle it. She compared it to dealing with another woman, but she realized that perhaps she was the other woman. Nate insisted that Devon loved her, and Elena unconvincingly stated that she was sure everything would be fine.

At Devon's penthouse, Mariah updated Devon about how everything was going at Power Communications. She pressed to know whether he and Elena had reached an understanding about Amanda, and he admitted that they hadn't. He recounted that when he'd tracked down Elena, he'd found her making peace with Amanda. Devon groused that it had been Nate's brilliant idea, since it hadn't taken much for Amanda to win Nate over by handling one legal issue. Mariah wondered if Nate and Amanda were dating, and Devon relayed that Nate had sworn they weren't, but Nate had changed his tune overnight.

Mariah figured that Nate had just been trying to alleviate the tension, but Devon snapped that it hadn't been Nate's place to do that. Devon rambled about how Elena had wanted to talk, but she hadn't liked what he'd had to say. Mariah considered it a good thing that Elena was trying to be there for him, but Devon wished that Elena would take a step back and let him figure things out his own way. Mariah advised him to be careful, or he'd end up with more time on his hands than he'd like.

Later, Nate showed up at Devon's door, and Devon expected him to defend Amanda after Devon had confronted her again. Nate denied that he'd spoken to her, and he declared that he was there because he was worried about Devon. Devon insisted that he was fine, but he was sure Nate didn't believe him. Nate confided that he'd been thinking about how he'd acted after Carolyn had died, and he remembered saying the same things that Devon had been saying. Nate recalled that everyone had bought it -- except Neil.

Nate recounted that Neil had known what he'd been going through because Neil had lost Dru. Nate compared the way Neil had seen through him to the way Nate saw through Devon. Devon shared that Elena thought he was drawn to Amanda because she looked like Hilary, but he swore it wasn't true. Nate understood that Devon didn't want to talk to Elena about his grief because he loved her and didn't want to hurt her, but Nate warned that there was no point in hiding it because she already knew.

Nate offered to be there if Devon wanted to talk about Hilary. Devon recounted that they'd already had the conversation when he'd gotten rid of Hilary's things and moved on with his life. Nate agreed that Devon had -- until Amanda had walked through the door. Nate was sure that every time Devon saw Amanda's face, Devon thought it was Hilary for a moment before his brain sent a message to his heart. Devon stressed that he knew Amanda wasn't Hilary, but Nate questioned why Devon kept seeking Amanda out. Devon refused to talk about it.

Nate lectured that Devon had to talk to someone, since it was crushing him. Devon confessed that things had been tougher than he'd let on. Devon confided that whenever he looked into Amanda's eyes, he got flashes of being at Hilary's bedside in the hospital. He considered them the worst days of his life, but they were also the last moments he'd spent with his wife. Nate remembered how hard both of them had fought to hold on, and he thought it sounded like part of Devon was still fighting to do that.

Devon lamented that it had been over a year, and he felt that he shouldn't still be dealing with it. Nate advised that there was no timetable on grief, so Devon couldn't beat himself up for feeling that way. Devon didn't want Elena to feel like she was competing with a ghost, and Nate believed it was more reason for Devon to get help from a psychiatrist or grief counselor. Devon decided that his first step had to be to stay away from Amanda to avoid torturing himself with the memories.

Later, Nate thanked Elena for returning to Crimson Lights. She surmised that he'd talked to Devon. Nate hesitated to go into details about what they'd discussed, but he confirmed that Devon was taking steps to handle the situation. Elena insisted that it was all she wanted, and she thanked Nate with a hug.

At the ranch, Victor answered a phone call, expecting an update about Amanda. He seemed intrigued by what he heard.

At Jabot, Summer passed by Jack's office and spied Theo rifling through some paperwork on the desk. She informed Theo that Jack wouldn't be back for a while, and Theo mentioned that he'd run into Jack, who'd been leaving for a meeting with Kyle. Summer questioned what Theo was doing in Jack's office, and Theo replied that he was looking for some notes Jack had left for him. Theo wondered if Jack and Kyle's meeting was something he should know about, and Summer cryptically responded that it depended on how well it went.

Theo sensed that Summer knew the purpose of the meeting but didn't want to tell him. Summer asserted that it wasn't her place to say, and Theo wondered if they'd started keeping secrets from one another. She echoed the question, and he surmised that she didn't believe he was there to pick up his notes. She referred to his history of making Kyle's life difficult, and she voiced concern that falling into old patterns might ruin Theo's opportunity there. Theo swore that it was the last thing he'd ever do.

Later, Victor arrived at Jabot and found Summer in Jack's office. They hugged, and he said he'd missed her. She mentioned that she'd been spending a lot of time at work after getting a big promotion. He confirmed that he'd heard, so he was there to congratulate her. Victor understood that Theo had been hired in the social media department, and Summer noted that her grandfather had heard a lot. Victor inquired whether she and Theo had been getting closer, and she remarked that Victor hadn't heard everything, since she and Theo had broken up.

Victor admitted that he was happy about the breakup, since he had done some investigating and had some concerns about Theo. Summer figured that it didn't matter because their relationship was over. Victor urged her not to settle for less than the best, which was what she deserved. He added that the right person was out there, waiting for her -- and perhaps it was someone she already knew. Summer questioned why Victor was suddenly interested in her love life.

Victor claimed that he was looking out for Summer like he always had. She scoffed, and he conceded that it had been a terrible shock for her to think he'd died. He argued that telling her the truth would have put her in the horrible position of either betraying his confidence or lying to her mother. Summer huffed that either option would have been better than believing he was dead, but he reiterated that he'd been trying to protect himself and save his son. Victor asserted that it was history, and he was there to ask her to forgive him. He asked if she could do it, and she whimpered that she was trying. They embraced.

Jack and Kyle met at Society for dinner. Kyle offered to get Jack a drink, but Jack preferred to get straight to what Kyle wanted to talk about. Kyle announced that he had a business proposal -- he wanted Jack to reinstate him as CEO. Kyle clarified that he wasn't suggesting that Jack step down, since Kyle was glad his father was back, and he loved working together. Kyle proposed that he and Jack share the position, just like Kyle and Billy had, but without the constant battles and mistrust.

Jack appreciated the amazing job Kyle had done while Jack had been away, but he pointed out that Kyle could continue doing all the same things as COO. Jack added that it was understood within the company that Kyle was his designated successor. Kyle countered that it wasn't a guarantee, and he didn't want to wait indefinitely for something that might not happen. Jack volunteered to have documents drawn up that named Kyle as his chosen successor, but Kyle responded that it wasn't good enough. Kyle contended that he was ready for the job, and if Jack wasn't willing to promote him, perhaps it was time for Kyle to move on.

Jack stammered that he hadn't been expecting that from Kyle. Kyle explained that he didn't mean to sound harsh or force Jack's hand, but he was being honest about where he was in his career and what he needed. Kyle continued that he was ready to test his wings and see what he could accomplish. He wanted it to happen at Jabot, but he was willing to search for something else with no hard feelings if Jack felt different. Jack was shocked that Kyle could see himself walking away from the family company, and Kyle confirmed that he would if it wasn't the right fit at the right time.

Jack mused that Kyle had given him a lot to think about, and Kyle encouraged Jack to take his time. Kyle thanked Jack for meeting him and started to leave, but Jack stopped him and proclaimed that he didn't need more time. Jack extended his hand and congratulated Kyle, specifying that they'd try being co-CEOs for a month to see how it went. Jack marveled that if Kyle negotiated Jabot's contracts like he'd negotiated just then, the company would be in good hands.

Mariah entered Society and caught Lola staring across the room. Lola shared that Kyle was asking his dad something, and she promised to fill Mariah in when it was over. Mariah proclaimed that she had news, and she revealed that Summer and Theo had broken up. Lola chalked it up to the couple having an on-again, off-again thing, but Mariah thought it was off for good that time. Mariah griped that Summer had only been keeping Theo around to give Kyle heartburn, and Lola felt sorry for Theo if that had been the case. Mariah warned Lola to watch out for Summer.

Lola asked if Mariah was worried Kyle would cheat with Summer. Mariah explained that she didn't doubt Kyle, who was completely devoted to Lola, but he had a blind spot for Summer and her trickery. Kyle gestured for Lola to join him and Jack, and Jack announced that she was looking at Jabot's new co-CEO. Lola hugged both men. Meanwhile, Theo arrived and asked Mariah what was going on, and she observed that the trio looked happy. Theo's expression darkened.

Lola informed Mariah and Theo that Kyle was about to become CEO again, and Mariah congratulated Kyle. Theo offered to buy drinks to celebrate. However, Kyle opted to get back to work, and Jack wanted to let Lauren know about the change of plans. Mariah walked out with Jack, and Theo remarked that it was everyone's loss and headed to the bar. Lola gushed that she was excited for Kyle, and she suggested that he think about what he wanted to do to celebrate that night. He amorously replied that he had a few ideas, and they kissed passionately as Theo looked on.

Later, Lola approached Theo at the bar and asked if it was a lonely barstool for one. He joked that he was his own best company. She wondered if he was okay with Kyle's promotion, noting that her husband had worked hard for it. Lola inquired how Theo liked his new job, and she pushed to know how everything else was going. Theo prompted her just to say what she wanted to say, and Lola blurted out that she'd heard that he'd broken up with Summer. Lola queried whether the breakup had had anything to do with Kyle and Summer.

Theo claimed that he and Summer had ended things because they were focused on their careers and had little time for anything else. Lola recounted how her working day and night to prepare for Society's opening had been an issue between her and Kyle. Theo reasoned that people had to make sacrifices on their way up, but it would all be worth it once they got to where they wanted to be. Lola wasn't sure that she was where she wanted to be yet, but she liked where she was. She dreamed about having a house and a dog one day, and he asked about kids. She hoped for them someday, and he praised that she was going to be a great mom.

Kyle returned to Jabot, where Summer excitedly hugged him when she heard his news. She retrieved a bottle of Champagne, but he protested that he had to get work done. She was sure that they could be productive while sipping bubbly. He figured "what the hell," since it wasn't a normal day, and he popped open the bottle. Summer toasted to Kyle having the guts to go after what he wanted and to Jack for buying Kyle's bluff. Kyle swore that he hadn't been bluffing, and he claimed that he'd been inspired by the way Summer had walked away from Newman to find success on her own terms.

Kyle was happy to be staying at Jabot, but he vowed not to let up because the job was still temporary. Summer expected it to become permanent, and she believed everyone there was behind him with the possible exception of Theo. Kyle was suspicious that Theo hadn't made any jabs at him, and he wondered if Summer knew something he didn't. She mentioned that she'd seen Theo going through papers on Jack's desk earlier to supposedly find notes Jack had left him, but something had seemed off.

Summer advised Kyle to keep one eye open, and he questioned whether it was right for her to report to him about her boyfriend. She reported that she and Theo had broken up, and she ordered Kyle not to give her any fake sympathy because they both knew she was better off without Theo. Kyle thought that deserved another toast, and they looked forward to moving up and moving on.

Kyle went home and found Lola waiting in a flimsy robe. She presented him with a bottle of Champagne, but he suggested that they save it for New Year's Eve because he'd already had some at the office. She assumed that Jack had picked some up, but Kyle revealed that Summer had. Lola called the gesture thoughtful, and she recommended that they get right to another surprise that she'd been saving for a special occasion. She handed him the sash to her robe, and he pulled it and found sexy lingerie underneath. He called it a really good day, and she cooed that it was about to get even better. They kissed.

Victor stopped by Devon's penthouse and apologized for showing up unannounced, but there was something he wanted to discuss in person. Victor expressed dismay that Devon had been swindled, and he said he'd loved and respected Katherine. Devon groused that it made him sick, but he planned to find Colin and make him face justice. Victor declared that he wanted to help Devon do that, and it was one of the reasons he was there. Victor added that another reason was to show Devon information regarding the lawyer who had helped Colin in the scam.

Victor explained that Amanda had impressed him when she'd defended Nate, so he'd looked more into her background, but he hadn't found anything. Devon mentioned that he'd encountered the same thing, and Victor divulged that Amanda had hired a company that specialized in erasing someone's online history. Victor doubted it was a coincidence that she'd hired the company around the same time Colin had started his scheme.

Devon ranted that everyone in his life had been trying to get him to believe that Amanda had been involved by accident, but he'd known better the whole time, and he pledged not to fall for it again. Victor handed over the information his investigators had compiled and hoped it helped. Victor reiterated that he'd been very fond of Katherine, and the scam had really "pissed [him] off." Victor vowed to get the guy and his lawyer accomplice.

Phyllis confronts Chance about Las Vegas Phyllis confronts Chance about Las Vegas
Friday, December 13, 2019

Phyllis entered Crimson Lights and spotted Nick with his head in his hands. She hesitated to approach him and slinked over to the jukebox instead. She made a scene by smacking the machine repeatedly and yelling at it, and he asked why she was talking to the jukebox. Phyllis ranted that all it had ever done was give her grief, and she hit it again. Nick pointed out that the only thing the jukebox could give her was a tune, and she groaned that it wouldn't even give her that. He was clearly amused.

Phyllis blamed Sharon for not upgrading her equipment, and she cracked that the jukebox probably still had Danny Romalotti's greatest hits in it. Phyllis waited for Nick to lecture her on Sharon's many fine qualities, even though there weren't any. Nick observed that Phyllis was on attack that day, and he figured that she'd eventually get to what was really upsetting her. He assumed that she hadn't gotten her job back, and he continued to side with Abby until Phyllis told him why she'd been fired. Phyllis was surprised that he hadn't talked to Abby about it.

Nick confirmed that he'd had other things to worry about, and Phyllis commented that Abby didn't deserve to be on the top of anyone's list, anyway. Nick ordered Phyllis to stop insulting the people he cared about, or he'd insult her. He hoped martial arts wasn't her next career move, since her assault on the jukebox had been embarrassing. Phyllis retorted that his attempt to insult her was embarrassing. He jokingly threatened to get brutal by talking about her divorces or the times she'd been arrested.

Phyllis preferred to talk about why Nick was sitting there alone, and she assumed that it meant Chelsea was still living with Adam. Nick reminded Phyllis that she'd already provided her take on Chelsea, and he didn't want to talk about it anymore. Phyllis agreed, since she could only detest one person at a time, and Abby had won. Nick remarked that Phyllis wasn't giving herself enough credit, since he'd seen her juggle grudges better than anyone.

Phyllis inquired whether Nick had been following the City Council race. Phyllis mentioned that the chicken coop candidate was ahead in the polls, and she was sure that Nick would have won by a landslide if he'd dumped a certain someone instead of pulling out of the race. She contemplated throwing her hat in the ring, but she realized that she had too many skeletons in her closet. Nick prepared to leave to check on Christian, and he called Phyllis out on not putting any money in the jukebox. He recognized that she'd staged the whole thing to get him out of his funk, which had worked. He handed her a five-dollar bill and suggested that she play some real songs.

Chelsea arrived at Adam's penthouse and inquired about Connor. Adam informed her that the boy was playing a game upstairs, doing as well as he had been when Chelsea had video chatted with him an hour earlier. She refused to apologize for being anxious about her son. Adam clarified that Connor was their son and that Adam wasn't asking her to apologize. Chelsea snapped that it felt like he was, and Adam wondered why she was worked up. She bemoaned that it had just been a long day, and she'd been thinking about how to help Connor get better.

Adam cautioned that they couldn't overreact to everything Connor said and did, and Chelsea referred to Connor's lies about Sharon. Adam recognized that they had to find a way to call Connor out on it without making him feel threatened, and he admitted that he'd considered making something up to show Connor that what he'd done had been wrong. Chelsea was adamant that they couldn't lie to Connor, and Adam questioned whether they had been. She griped that they might as well be, given the situation with her living there.

Adam suggested that Chelsea chip in for utilities if it would make her feel more comfortable, but she stressed that the fantasy that Connor had of his parents getting back together wasn't true. Chelsea couldn't stop thinking about eventually breaking Connor's heart when they had that conversation, and Adam reminded her that they'd agreed to be a united front as two parents fighting for their son. Chelsea argued that she and Adam weren't a couple, and she didn't want Connor to get the wrong idea about their relationship. She suggested that they subtly let Connor know that their living arrangement wouldn't be forever. Adam became livid that she wanted to tell Connor that the one place where he felt safe and secure wasn't real.

Adam questioned why they suddenly weren't on the same page, and he surmised that Nick had tried to convince Chelsea that moving in there had been a bad idea. Chelsea griped that Adam always made it about Nick, but other people had shown concern that Connor was getting the wrong idea about them, including Sharon. Adam pointed out that Sharon had also said Connor was getting better because he felt safe when they were together in that house, and he noted that Chelsea had felt the same way until just then. Adam accused Nick of doing or saying anything to get Chelsea to move back, even if meant hurting Connor.

Chelsea defended that Nick had been understanding, and she chided Adam for being so consumed with hatred that he questioned everything Nick did. Adam huffed that he did so with good reason, and their argument continued to escalate. Adam scoffed at the idea of upending Connor's world again, and Chelsea intended to talk to their son when Adam could deal with it calmly and rationally. She headed out to pick up some of her things, and Adam spat that it would give Nick the chance to spew more poison. Connor ran in and begged Chelsea not to go.

Connor freaked out because his parents had been fighting. Connor blamed Sharon, but Adam firmly replied that it wasn't her fault. Connor wailed that Sharon didn't want the three of them together, and the monster wanted one of his parents to leave. Adam told Connor that they were together and not going anywhere. Chelsea echoed that she and Adam were both there, but Connor wondered about later. Chelsea tried to comfort Connor with a hug, but he accused her of thinking there was something wrong with him. He pleaded with her to swear she would return home, and she promised she would.

Later, Connor woke up on the couch next to Adam, who soothingly said Chelsea would be right back. Adam added that he would always be there for Connor, and the boy fell back asleep. Adam's phone vibrated with an incoming call from Victor, and Adam ignored it.

Nick was surprised when Chelsea showed up at his house. She lamented that Connor had lost it again that day, and she'd had to hold him until he'd fallen back asleep. She mentioned that she was there to get clothes and go back before he woke up again, and Nick understood. Chelsea was sure Nick was getting sick of it, and Nick stated that it was hard for everyone. He shared that Christian had had tears in his eyes when Nick had put him to bed, and the boy had asked if Chelsea and Connor would ever return home. Nick added that he hadn't answered because he honestly didn't know.

Chelsea cried that she was trying her best, but it didn't seem to be working for anybody. Nick owned the fact that he hadn't done a very good job of providing stability for Christian, and Chelsea realized it had been because Nick had chosen her. Chelsea acknowledged that she hadn't been able to help provide that stability because she'd had to put someone else first. Chelsea felt like Connor's house was on fire and like she and Adam needed to put out that fire. Nick heard her and understood, but he didn't know if he could keep doing it.

At home, Billy attempted to assemble a dollhouse and told himself he could do it, since it had to be the perfect dollhouse for the perfect family. He contemplated the saying, "Perfect is the enemy of good." Billy stared at a male doll and noted that the guy seemed confident and put together, like he had all the answers. Billy guessed that the figurine had never had a gambling problem or broken his wife's heart, but the doll also couldn't bend his arms or legs or say much. Billy considered it a tradeoff.

Victoria entered and asked what was going on. Billy explained that it was supposed to be a dollhouse for Katie, but every time he did something, he ended up with extra pieces. Victoria was sure that a guy with his creativity and talent knew how to follow directions, and she thought Katie would love it. "Anything for my girls," Billy mused. Victoria worried that Katie would see the gift before Christmas, but Billy revealed that the girl was at a sleepover, so he had time to hide it before she got home.

Victoria marveled that Billy had thought of everything, but he thought he should finish setting the dollhouse up before she congratulated him. She remarked that it was a work in progress, and he pointedly agreed that he was. She clarified that she'd meant the dollhouse, and he claimed that he'd been kidding. Victoria commended everything he'd been doing, but she voiced concern that they'd been missing one another lately. Billy replied that he always missed her.

Victoria suggested that she and Billy take time to talk and catch up, since it seemed like they hadn't seen one another much that week. She noted that he'd often still been asleep when she'd needed to leave for work, and he countered that he'd been busy looking for a job, taking care of the kids, seeing his therapist, and working out. Victoria swore that she wasn't trying to put him on the spot, but she missed him. She feared that he was avoiding her, and she wondered if everything was okay with them.

Billy insisted that he was just figuring things out, and Victoria wanted to help him however she could. She understood that it was a transitional time for him, and she didn't want to put any pressure on him. He assured her that he felt her support, and he knew that she'd be by his side once he got to the end of whatever it was. He swore that she was his priority, and she declared that she was behind him 1,000 percent. Her phone chimed, and as she stepped away to answer a call, she promised that it wouldn't take long. Billy thought to himself that he'd had his chance, and he wondered why he kept holding back from telling Victoria the truth.

Billy told himself that things would never change unless he made them change, and he steeled himself to tell Victoria what he had twisted up inside. Victoria returned, and he asked her to put her phone down and sit with him. She worried that he looked serious, and she assured him that he could tell her anything. He caressed her face and kissed her. "I need you," he firmly stated, and they kissed again and began to undress.

After having sex with Billy, Victoria apologized for having to spoil the moment by leaving. Billy understood that it was the next day in Australia, so she had to make a call. Inside his head, Billy willed himself to tell her to blow off the call and stay, but instead, he told her that the sooner she finished the call, the sooner she'd be back. She headed out, and he told himself to calm down and work off some energy. He started to pen a note.

At the Grand Phoenix, Chance received a text message from Abby with a Champagne emoji and a question mark. He wrote back to suggest that they get together that night, and she grinned excitedly when she received his response.

Victoria picked up takeout from Society and told Abby that she was preparing for a late night at the office. Abby noted that Victoria seemed cheerful for someone who was about to pull an all-nighter, and Victoria gushed about the time she'd spent with Billy that night. Victoria hoped the rest of the year made up for everything their family had been through in 2019, and she wondered what or who was behind the gleam in Abby's eye. Abby didn't want to jinx it, but she promised to let Victoria know if there was anything to tell.

Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix, sauntered over to Chance, and slammed his computer shut. "Are you ready for this? I know I am," she bellowed, and he ordered her to attach a subject to the question. Phyllis assumed that Abby had run to him to gloat about firing her, and she knew Chance had been partially responsible. Chance confirmed that Abby had asked him to find out who'd messed with the security system, and all roads had led to Phyllis. He clucked that crooks didn't get to complain when the Feds busted them for the crimes they'd committed.

Phyllis turned the topic to Las Vegas, since Chance still hadn't explained what he and Adam had been doing in Sin City together. Chance advised her to stop bluffing with an empty hand, and she referred to a piece of the puzzle that involved a duffel bag and a gun. Chance called Phyllis' obsession with his time in Vegas as baffling as it was irritating. He pointed out that he worked undercover, so it wasn't unusual for him to sometimes carry a duffel bag or a gun. Phyllis countered that he hadn't been the one carrying them -- a sleazy little guy with a bad suit had.

Phyllis demanded to know what had been in the bag. Chance argued that without a subpoena, he wasn't required to tell her anything. He imagined that she was trying to get leverage on him or Adam; however, he had better things to do, and he recommended that she get a job to keep herself busy. Phyllis dared him to try to brush her off, but he wouldn't get rid of her because she knew she'd seen something big going down in Vegas. She vowed to find out what it had been.

Chance waited for Phyllis to run out of hot air, and he remarked that he could learn to like her if she wasn't such a "pain in the ass." She accused him of wanting everyone to think he was a Boy Scout, but she knew better because he was friends with Adam. She suggested that he take his bull and sling it at someone stupid enough to buy it, since she didn't. Chance encouraged her to stop and ask herself if her life was so empty that she had to spend it digging up dirt on other people.

Later, Abby joined Chance and hoped he hadn't started without her. He informed her that he'd almost had to, since Phyllis had chosen him as her target of the day when Abby hadn't been available. Abby figured that surviving Phyllis meant he was qualified to be head of security, and she asked if he was accepting her offer. Chance appreciated Abby's generosity, and she cut him off and said he didn't need to finish.

Abby understood that the job wouldn't be as important as keeping the world safe. Chance confided that he was thinking about handing that responsibility over to someone else, since he'd decided to stay in Genoa City for a while. She wondered if the place would be exciting enough for him, and he replied that it definitely had its charms. Chance wasn't sure what he'd do yet, but he wanted to take his time and see what happened. She proposed a toast to the future, and he invited her out on a date.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria sent a text message to Billy to say she loved him and their life. Meanwhile, Billy went to the dive bar and spotted Amanda sitting alone. She smiled and invited him to have a seat. Amanda asked Billy what was wrong. He insisted that nothing was wrong, since everything was perfect -- everything but him. Amanda said she knew a little about that, but she was starting over with a brand-new slate, leaving all her baggage behind. She declared that there was just that moment with no before or after, and she couldn't help thinking that it would be nice if it stayed that way.

Billy realized that he didn't know a "damn thing" about Amanda other than that she was an attorney who looked like Hilary. She called it an unfortunate coincidence, and he mentioned that he'd liked Hilary. Amanda stressed that she wasn't Hilary, and Billy asked who she was. She called herself someone who found it hard to trust people. She'd thought she'd been getting better at it, but she murmured that she apparently had a long way to go.

Billy shared with Amanda that he was the other side of the coin, since he wasn't sure he could trust himself with anything. She joked that they were quite the pair, and he said he should be getting home. She remarked that he had a life -- a perfect life. "That I do," he replied.

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