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Chance and Abby went on a date and shared a kiss. Theo accused Kyle of sabotaging him at Jabot. Phyllis became incensed when Adam suggested that she seduce Nick. Adam dreamed about reuniting with Chelsea. Amanda revealed that she was an orphan.
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Chance and Abby went on a date and shared a kiss
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Devon digs into Amanda's past Devon digs into Amanda's past
Monday, December 16, 2019

At Society, Abby bought Nate a beer and asked him if they were still friends. Abby took sole responsibility for their failed relationship and said she was eager to set a course for their future as honest friends. Abby recalled how much she'd admired Nate for his honesty, integrity, intelligence, sense of humor, and elegance. Nate chuckled and replied, "I really am a catch, huh?" Abby smiled and nodded.

Abby told Nate she had hoped that being with him might allow his best quality, his decency, to rub off on her. Nate acknowledged that the plan to fake Victor's death hadn't been her idea. Abby admitted that she could have chosen to keep her distance, not taken a shortcut, and handled the matter the right way. Abby said she was grateful to have Nate as her friend again. Nate replied, "So am I."

At a bar, Billy and Amanda chatted about their pasts, both citing the pressures they'd endured to remain successful in their respective careers. Billy, noting he'd always felt as if he'd lived in a fishbowl, told Amanda that they were kindred spirits. Amanda opened up and told Billy that she'd been orphaned and had lived in a number of foster homes. Billy expressed sympathy for Amanda, who claimed she'd never attempted to find out what had happened to her parents. Billy seemed interested to know more.

Amanda claimed she'd been free to set her own goals and achieve success professionally. Amanda admitted that her personal life was another story. Billy hinted that he wanted to hear more. Amanda told Billy that people often displayed their best traits upon first meeting others. Amanda added that after getting to know someone, they felt free to let their masks slowly slip away, revealing the monsters lurking beneath.

Amanda added that she'd kept others at arm's distance to avoid getting hurt. Billy told Amanda that she was cutting herself off from what might be her life's greatest adventure. Billy added that someone had evidently hurt Amanda in the past. Billy pressed Amanda for more information, but he had to step away to take a call from Victoria. Billy dissuaded Victoria from meeting up with him, informed her that he'd left a surprise, and promised to meet her at home soon. While Billy was on the phone, Amanda left. Billy seemed disappointed.

In Kyle's office at Jabot, Summer was disappointed to find the coffeepot empty after she and Kyle had toiled for hours to create a marketing plan. Summer lamented that her busy work schedule had impacted her sleep and her appetite. Kyle suggested that Summer take a break. Summer said she thought exercise might help to get her blood flowing, so she punched the air as if her fists were making contact with a punching bag. Kyle sat on the edge of his desk, held his open palms toward Summer, and allowed her to land her punches into his hands. Summer became energized and told Kyle he should also try her method to get his brain working. Summer admitted that she no longer had anything exciting to do with her nights, so she focused her attention on work instead.

At Society, Lola noticed Theo sitting at a table with a stack of files in front of him. Lola approached and asked Theo why he wasn't at his office, availing himself of his own space fitted with phones, computers, and assistants. Theo mentioned that Lola's good food and the atmosphere outside the office were helping inspire him to create emojis to promote the company on social media. Theo added that his "Jabot-jis" would be phenomenal. Theo noted that Lola likely found inspiration from many sources when creating new dishes, much like he did by working alone, away from the restrictions of his office environment. Lola said, "I guess so." Theo replied, "See. We have more in common than you think."

When Lola saw Theo's "Jabot-jis," she was impressed. Theo admitted he'd spent a number of late nights working on his designs and his multi-platform rollout. Lola proclaimed that Theo was all work and no play. Theo noted that Lola had utilized her ambition to transition from a food truck to the hottest restaurant in town while relying on her carefree nature to retain her sanity while doing so, much like he'd done with his work. Lola mentioned Theo's decision to turn down an excellent opportunity in Paris. Theo explained that his objective was to take a simple concept, light it on fire, and emerge not looking like a loser. Theo added that in doing so, he hoped to prove to someone that they'd been wrong about him. Lola replied, "Anyone I know?"

Kyle, still toiling away at Jabot, grew weary and stuffed half-empty food containers into a wastebasket. Summer suggested he go home and enjoy a meal cooked by his own private chef. Kyle explained that Lola was working, and he reminded Summer that he'd promised to help her. Summer took Kyle's phone and set up a video call to Lola. Lola was surprised to see Summer's face on her screen. Summer aimed the camera toward Kyle and told Lola she should convince her husband to go home.

After Summer walked away from view, Kyle told Lola that Summer was punch-drunk and didn't know what she was saying. Kyle added that Summer had thought Lola might leave early and meet him at home if she saw how tired he looked. Summer chimed in while spinning in Kyle's chair and said, "Take him home, Lola! He's spoiling all my fun." Lola aimed her camera toward the crowded dining room and explained that she was short-staffed. Kyle noticed Theo working at a table. Kyle told Lola he'd see her at home later.

Kyle pocketed his phone and told Summer he would prevent her from making another prank call. Summer noticed Kyle's change in demeanor and asked if anything was wrong. Kyle said he was hungry and told Summer to order pizza. Later, Kyle read over Summer's marketing proposal and was impressed. Summer apologized for making the call to Lola, promised to keep her nose out of other people's business, and vowed to keep her focus on her work. Kyle assured Summer that she wouldn't be alone forever and added that being alone was better than being in bad company.

Kyle mentioned having seen Kyle at Society. Kyle asked Summer if she was curious about why Theo was there. Summer replied, "No. Not at all." Summer said it was best if Theo worked elsewhere because he'd been a workplace distraction. After Kyle said he admired Summer's ways of getting what she wanted, she said she was glad to have a friend in a high place. Kyle grew serious and told Summer that she was invaluable and meant more to Jabot than she realized.

Theo was still concentrating on his project when Lola set down a new dish she'd created and asked him to try it. Theo quickly set aside his papers and said, "This is a dream come true." Theo was so impressed after taking one bite, he cried, "You should call it Theo's delight." Lola recalled their earlier conversation and asked if he'd been trying to prove himself to Kyle. Theo said he could excel at making Jabot a household name and still wouldn't measure up in Kyle's eyes. Lola promised to put in a good word about Theo to Kyle.

Lola mentioned that she had a few other dishes she'd like Theo to try. Theo replied, "Bring it on." Theo was impressed with the samples he tasted and said he hoped he might do half as well with his "Jabot-jis." After Lola suggested she might replace her spinach empanadas with one of the new creations, Theo protested. Lola was flattered and offered to make any of her new offerings just for Theo at his request. Lola grinned from ear-to-ear when Theo agreed to the deal.

Devon returned home and greeted Elena. Noticing a stack of papers Devon was holding, Elena asked Devon if he was working on a new project. Devon said the papers contained information about Tucker's company and were nothing important. Elena, clad in scrubs, explained that she'd been called back after her shift had ended. Elena was anxious to leave, but Devon took her by the hand and asked her to stay for a couple of minutes.

Devon apologized to Elena for being difficult and thanked her for supporting him after he'd lost Neil and Hilary. Devon also acknowledged that Amanda had added to his stress. Devon vowed to change his ways and never again do anything to push Elena away. Elena mentioned her recent sit-down with Amanda. Devon said he understood that Elena was trying to clear the air with Amanda. Elena told Devon that she needed to know everything about him for their relationship to work. Devon agreed to be honest and open. Elena stood close to Devon and said, "Seal it with a kiss?" After Devon kissed Elena, he saw her off and said they'd talk more after she returned from work.

After Elena left, Devon picked up a thick file folder marked "Amanda Sinclair." Devon, talking on the phone with his private investigator, read aloud Amanda's educational and work background, stating that she'd graduated from Yale School of Law, had established a successful practice in Madison, and had been lauded for her community service. Devon was intrigued when he read that Amanda had once been engaged and had filed a restraining order against her fiancé, Ripley Turner. Another entry noted that Turner had also filed a restraining order against Amanda. Devon read further and learned that Amanda had taken Chance on as a client soon after closing her practice, ultimately ending up in Genoa City. Devon thanked his investigator before hanging up.

Elena met with Nate at Crimson Lights, showed him a patient file, and admitted she'd initially misdiagnosed her patient. Nate praised Elena for catching her mistake and prescribing the correct treatment. Elena remained distressed about the possibility of having caused a poor outcome. Nate asked Elena why she was concerned about a hypothetical scenario. Elena admitted that she wanted to be perfect in giving her patients the best care. Nate advised Elena not to let issues in her personal life shake her confidence. Elena refused to blame Devon for her lack of focus. Nate encouraged Elena to do her job to the best of her abilities and do what she could to support Devon and trust him.

Devon stopped by the Grand Phoenix, claiming he was checking out the competition. Abby noted that their establishments had different vibes. Devon agreed. Devon asked Abby if Amanda was still a registered guest. Abby said she was and added that at least Devon might not have to worry about running into Amanda at his restaurant. Devon agreed and said he imagined that Amanda often met with new clients at the bar or in the lounge. Abby said she didn't know much about Amanda and couldn't help Devon. After Abby walked away, Devon typed Ripley Turner's name into a search engine. Across town at Society, Amanda became distressed after receiving a mysterious call from someone who said nothing.

After Victoria returned home from a late night at work, she found a bag of bath salts, lotions, chocolate, and wine. An enclosed note from Billy instructed Victoria to pamper herself until he returned home. Billy explained that the children were in the care of others. Victoria poured herself a second glass of wine and stretched out on the sofa. She turned on the television to keep herself company during Billy's prolonged absence.

Billy remained at the bar and noticed a nearby table, where a group of men were playing poker. The dealer said, "Five-card stud. You in?" Billy declined, stating that he needed to be somewhere. The man suggested Billy join them another time. Billy politely agreed. Billy, talking silently to himself, said, "You did it -- turned them down. See, it's not a problem anymore. Pat yourself on the back."

When Billy walked in the door, Victoria rushed toward him and kissed him. Victoria thanked Billy for the wine, the chocolate, and the time to herself. Victoria added that she'd had everything she'd needed except him. Billy said he knew Victoria needed time to unwind. Victoria praised Billy for being everything a perfect non-husband should be. Billy insisted that no one was perfect. Victoria told Billy that he was perfect for her. Victoria was eager to show Billy how happy he made her, and she praised him for having made a positive change in his life. Victoria added, "I was right. I was. With a little hard work, I knew that, eventually, we'd uncover the real you." Victoria's words seemed to distress Billy.

Adam suggests that Phyllis seduce Nick Adam suggests that Phyllis seduce Nick
Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Adam and Connor arrived at the ranch, and Adam thanked Nikki for letting them drop by. Nikki stressed that Connor was always welcome to visit, and he asked to see the horses. Nikki sent Connor to visit Hank in the stables, and she observed that the boy seemed to be doing well. Adam remarked that it had been a good day, and she sympathized that it was a rough time. Nikki swore that she and Victor were always there for Connor, and Adam assured her that his son knew that.

Adam inquired whether his father would be there soon, and Nikki questioned whether Adam was hoping to see Victor or avoid him. Nikki demanded to know the real reason for the visit, and Adam claimed that he wanted Connor to have fun. Adam added that he and Chelsea were trying to figure out what to do, and Nikki ordered him to tell her exactly what was going on. Adam revealed that he and Chelsea had attended a second meeting with Connor's principal, and the school's administration had requested that Connor not return after winter break.

Nikki was shocked that Walnut Grove had suggested that as the only option, since the Newmans had been very generous with the school. Adam declined to accept any special treatment, but he admitted that it killed him because they'd been working very hard with Connor. Adam shared that they'd had good moments together after Chelsea had moved in, and he'd seen the same sweet, happy kid that Connor had been before. Adam bemoaned that it had been a kick in the gut for the school to tell them that their efforts hadn't been good enough. Adam opted to clear his head before discussing it with Chelsea further. Nikki said Connor was welcome to stay there while Adam took as much time as he needed, and Adam headed out.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon comped Amanda a cup of coffee to thank her for helping with the community Thanksgiving dinner, and Amanda gushed that she'd loved being part of it. Chelsea interrupted and apologetically asked if she could talk to Sharon alone, and Amanda stepped aside. Sharon worried that something had happened to Connor, and Chelsea lamented that things had gone from bad to worse. Chelsea insisted that her son needed the stability and structure that going to school provided, but the principal had said it would benefit Connor for him to leave.

Sharon understood that Chelsea was upset, but she didn't believe the principal had made the suggestion lightly. Sharon pointed out that the school had mentioned it as a possibility before. Chelsea whined that it was like punishing Connor for being in pain, and she wanted to figure out how to proceed before she broke the news to Connor. Chelsea intended to see if she had any legal options to fight the request. Sharon recognized that she wasn't the right person to help, but she knew someone who might be.

Sharon introduced Chelsea to Amanda, and the women recognized one another from the Grand Phoenix. Sharon explained that Amanda was an attorney and that Chelsea had some legal questions, and Amanda assured Chelsea that anything said between them would be confidential. Amanda confirmed that she was free at that moment, and Chelsea divulged that there was an issue at her son's school. Sharon stepped away, and Chelsea complained that she and her son's father believed the school was being grossly unfair.

Rey arrived at the coffeehouse and asked if Sharon could cut out early, but she told him that she had things to handle. She informed him that Chelsea was there, and Rey guessed that Chelsea had sought out Sharon for more help with Connor. Sharon hoped she'd steered Chelsea in the right direction.

Sharon presented Rey with a sandwich to hold him over until they got back to her place. She cooed that she was wearing something festive, skimpy, and red under her work clothes, and he insisted that they get out of there. She promised that she wouldn't make him wait too long, and she kissed him. Mariah walked in and marveled that the couple was so caught up in the holiday spirit that they didn't even need mistletoe.

Mariah mentioned that she'd been talking to Faith, who would be back from boarding school soon. Mariah was sure Faith would be glad to see how happy Sharon and Rey were, and she rambled about how great Christmas would be that year, doing everything together. Sharon and Rey squirmed, and Mariah assumed that she'd put her foot in her mouth because they hadn't planned on spending Christmas together. Sharon stammered that she and Rey hadn't gotten around to making plans, but she would love to spend time with him during the holidays. Rey confirmed that he felt the same way.

After hearing Chelsea out, Amanda admired Chelsea's determination to do what was best for Connor, even if it ruffled prep school feathers. Chelsea considered it outrageous that Walnut Grove was refusing to accommodate a traumatized child who wanted to stay in a familiar environment. Amanda pointed out that the principal had expressed concern about Connor's interactions with classmates and the fact that he'd missed a great deal of school. Amanda thought it sounded like Connor was frustrated and struggling, and he'd acted up in class more frequently as a result.

Amanda advised that private schools operated under contract law, and the school's rules stated that behavior disrupting the learning environment could result in suspension and expulsion. She continued that the school hadn't taken it that far, which indicated that the administration felt Walnut Grove wasn't the right environment for Connor anymore. Amanda recommended that Chelsea consider other schools or home-schooling before deciding to proceed with an expensive, time-consuming legal battle, and she urged Chelsea and Adam to ask themselves whether it was possible that it was just time for a change. A tearful Chelsea said Amanda had given her a lot to think about.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby left one of her employees in charge and instructed her not to call unless the place blew up. Abby turned around and faced Chance, who noted that it sounded like she had big plans. She announced that she had a date, and she didn't want anything getting in the way because she'd been looking forward to it all day. He replied that he had, too.

Nick ran into Phyllis at the bar at Society. She guessed that they were both drinking alone again -- unless Chelsea was meeting him. Nick chided Phyllis for always pushing that button with him, and she offered to try to suppress the urge. He wondered why she was hanging out at Abby's restaurant when Phyllis was furious with Abby for firing her. Phyllis claimed that she liked the food and that the drink she was having was her new obsession. Nick recognized the drink as "red hot revenge," and he doubted that it was a coincidence, since she would find it amusing to hatch a plan while hiding in plain sight.

Phyllis insisted that she wasn't there to tangle with Abby or sabotage the restaurant, but she just liked that particular drink. Nick advised Phyllis to stop fuming about losing her job, since she would benefit from the profits, whether she worked at the hotel or not. He was sure that she'd find something else that interested her, but she scoffed at the thought of handing out résumés or perusing the want ads when she didn't need a job. Nick pointed out that she always landed on her feet and that she could do it without resorting to dirty tricks. He added that she was talented, smart, and ambitious, and he had faith that she would find something amazing out there.

Phyllis thanked Nick for the pep talk, and she was glad they could be like that after everything they'd been through. She assured him that he'd find a way to take care of whatever was going on with Chelsea, Adam, and Connor while doing good for the community with New Hope. Phyllis teased that she'd find Nick annoying if she didn't like him as much as she did. Adam entered the restaurant and spotted Phyllis and Nick talking, and he ducked back out. Adam typed a text message, and Phyllis' phone pinged with a request to meet Adam at his place without telling anyone. She claimed that she'd booked a massage, but she hesitated to leave Nick alone. Nick encouraged her to go.

Abby and Chance arrived at Society, and he voiced surprise that she'd chosen to go there for their date. Abby explained that her favorite hostess knew Abby was off duty, so no one would bug them, and the sous chef had made a special menu for them. Abby exchanged pleasantries with Nick as she led Chance to a table. Nikki called Nick and summoned him to the ranch to discuss the enlightening conversation she'd had with Adam.

Later, Abby asked how Chance had liked the first course, and he remarked that it was hard to get good ceviche in the Midwest. She hadn't been sure how he'd feel about her choosing the menu on their first date, and he replied that he liked a woman who knew what she wanted. He admired that she'd grown from a fluffy socialite into a successful entrepreneur, and he'd seen how far she'd go to protect her investment. Abby worried that he'd never let her live down him busting her for the jewel heist she hadn't actually committed. Chance refused to forget it, since it had led them to that moment.

Chance recognized that there were a lot of expectations with being a Chancellor, a Newman, or an Abbott, and Abby pictured Katherine beaming down proudly at him. Abby knew that Chance was ready for a change, and she imagined something less intense than being a superhero but challenging enough to satisfy his inner adrenalin junkie. He admitted that he had no clue what he'd do next, but he was confident that he would figure it out. He mused that he was happy to live in the moment with great company and a wonderful meal.

Chance was sure that Abby had made plans for dessert, but he had another idea. She chirped that spontaneity was her middle name. Chance described a little club in Lake Geneva that had just opened a few weeks earlier, and he proposed that they go that night. He added that he'd been thinking about what it would be like to kiss her, and he preferred not to wait for another date to find out. They kissed.

At the ranch, Nick thanked Nikki for filling him in about Connor's status at Walnut Grove. Nick hoped to hang out with Connor, and Nikki pointed him to the media room. Nick promised not to say anything about what Connor's parents were grappling with. Nikki shared that Adam had said something else that she expected Nick to find disconcerting. Nikki recalled that the way Adam had gone on and on about Chelsea and their family had sounded more intimate than co-parenting. Nick theorized that Adam had told Nikki that because he'd expected her to go to Nick with it.

Nikki sensed that Adam had been sincere about his yearning to reunite his family permanently. Nick grumbled that Nikki wasn't telling him anything he didn't already know, since he'd warned Chelsea that Adam wanted more. Nick confided that he'd told Chelsea that he didn't know how much longer he could deal with her living with Adam. Nikki recognized that she had issues with Chelsea, but she understood how Nick felt, and she urged him to do something fast if he wanted to fix things. Chelsea called out from the foyer and was surprised to find Nick there. They awkwardly greeted one another.

Nikki explained that she'd asked Nick over to discuss a family matter, and she hoped Chelsea didn't mind that Nikki had told him about Walnut Grove. Nick and Nikki both offered to help however they could, but Chelsea insisted on talking to Adam first. Nick suggested that he and Chelsea spend some time together. Nikki started to leave to give them privacy, but Chelsea opted to get Connor home after a long day. Nick hoped to watch some cartoons with Connor before they left.

Adam thanked Phyllis when she showed up at his penthouse. She admitted that she hadn't been able to resist such an intriguing invitation, even if it had been more like a command. He offered her a drink, but she informed him that she'd just enjoyed happy hour. She'd expected him to be busy with Connor and Chelsea, and Adam flatly replied that they were both out. Phyllis wondered why Adam had urgently needed to meet and why she'd had to keep it a secret. He proclaimed that he had a proposition for her that would guarantee they both got what they wanted.

Adam asserted that he needed Chelsea to be more focused on their family. He had a feeling that things were starting to happen between them, but Chelsea was torn by the idea of living there. Phyllis guessed that it was because of Nick, and Adam argued that the stress on Chelsea wasn't good for her or Connor. Adam suggested that Phyllis pursue her heart's desires -- Nick. Phyllis was aghast that Adam was asking her to seduce her ex-husband for him, but Adam preferred to think of it as her acknowledging her own impulses and going after what she wanted. Phyllis told him to "go to hell."

Phyllis admonished Adam for talking to her with such little respect, and she became more incensed when he told her to calm down. Adam accused her of blowing it out of proportion, and Phyllis ordered him not to talk to her like she was a hysterical female. Adam didn't understand why she was fighting it, since he was trying to get them both happiness. Phyllis shot back that it would be at Chelsea and Nick's expense. Adam contended that his time with Chelsea had shown him that they belonged together and should be a family again in every sense of the word.

Adam was sure that Phyllis had longed to have Nick back ever since they'd split up, but Phyllis snapped that Adam knew nothing about her. Adam implored her to put her wounded ego aside and admit that she wanted Nick and that she'd contemplated how and when to make it happen. He figured that he was only asking her to step up the timeline, but she countered that it was about him and only him. Adam revealed that he'd seen Nick and Phyllis together at Society earlier, and she'd practically had hearts in her eyes. He dared her to drop the pretense, and he questioned whether the real problem was that she was afraid Nick would turn her down. "You're the real problem," Phyllis spat.

Adam didn't understand why Phyllis was upset, since they were partners in crime. Phyllis felt silly for thinking they were friends when he didn't have the faintest idea of what a friend was. Adam accused her of hating that he knew her so well, but she retorted that he didn't know anything. She argued that there was a difference between taking Victor down and having sex with her ex to serve Adam's agenda.

Adam pointed out that it would serve Phyllis' agenda, too. Phyllis ranted that it was about respect and not treating people as pawns. Adam insisted that he respected Phyllis, but she snarled that if he did, he never would have made the request and should be trying to make amends for doing so. He remained silent, and she assumed that she was right. She hissed that he'd just made a really big mistake that he would regret.

Later, Chelsea and Connor returned home, and he was excited to find Adam there. Connor relayed how Nikki had let him see the horses and watch cartoons on a giant TV in the media room. Chelsea sent Connor upstairs to get ready for bed. Chelsea asked if Adam needed more time to think about what they should do. He said he wanted to hear her thoughts because she had more parenting experience than he did, and his head was all over the place.

Chelsea admitted that she'd gone into battle mode and followed Sharon's suggestion to talk to a lawyer. Chelsea continued that Amanda had made her adjust her perspective, and she contemplated whether withdrawing Connor from Walnut Grove wouldn't be the worst idea in the world. She quickly added that nothing was off the table, and she was open to considering all the options over the holidays. She believed that if they acted out of love instead of fear, they'd get through it and figure out what was best for their son. Adam agreed that they could and would do it -- together.

Nick returned to Society after he'd realized that he'd left his credit card at the bar. Phyllis entered and told the hostess that she didn't need a table. Phyllis babbled about how she had to tell the man at the bar about his brother. She said it would blow things up, but Phyllis would get something she wanted out of the deal. The confused hostess looked on speechlessly as Phyllis decided to take the high road -- "for now." Nick turned around and spotted Phyllis leaving the restaurant.

PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTION: The Young and the Restless did not air
Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Due to CBS News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, December 19. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Theo accuses Kyle of sabotage Theo accuses Kyle of sabotage
Thursday, December 19, 2019

At Jabot, Theo pitched an idea to Jack and Summer about a social media campaign for Valentine's Day. Jack considered the concept fun, but he encouraged Theo to keep his eye on sure things, like their partnership with Searcy. Theo bragged that he'd been cultivating a relationship with the CEO, and Jack reminded Theo that closing the deal was his first big test. Theo mentioned that he had a meeting with Tim the next day. Kyle overheard as he walked in, and he clarified that the meeting had been scheduled earlier that day, so Theo had already missed it.

Kyle warned that Tim wasn't happy that Theo had stood him up. Kyle said he had talked Tim down, and they were having drinks later that night. Theo protested that it was his guy and his deal, and he immediately called Tim and fell on his sword for the scheduling mishap. Theo offered to make up for it with VIP tickets to a show that night, and he suggested that they have dinner beforehand to talk about the deal. Theo felt victorious when Tim accepted, and he declared that all was good. Jack complimented the save, and Theo crowed that business was all about building relationships.

Summer provided a marketing update, and Kyle commended her for making a decision that had paid off more than they'd anticipated. Summer called it a team effort, since she'd just run with the concept she and Kyle had already been working on. Jack looked forward to hearing about the Searcy meeting, and Theo insisted that the deal would blow Jack away. Jack and Summer exited, and Theo demanded to know if Kyle had set him up. Theo recounted that he'd confirmed the meeting with Tim's assistant himself.

Kyle suggested that they call to find out what had happened, but Theo argued that it would make them both look like idiots. Theo suggested that Kyle act like a CEO, and Kyle admonished Theo for not being able to admit that he'd made a mistake. Kyle thought Theo should thank him for cleaning up the mess, and Theo snapped that Kyle could thank him once Theo closed the deal. Kyle mocked Theo's words that the deal would be epic, and he hoped it worked out because he was in charge. Kyle scoffed at the thought that he'd sabotage Theo at the expense of the company when he expected Theo to screw up on his own.

In the hallway, Summer complained that it was exhausting playing referee. Jack lectured that it wasn't her job, and he recognized that corporate culture was new to Theo. Summer indicated that Theo was trying hard to fit in, and Jack thought Theo was doing the same with their family, but Kyle wasn't making it easy on either front. Jack understood that it wasn't easy for Kyle to have Theo around, but he considered it an opportunity for Kyle to find his management style by dealing with a complex situation. Summer wondered if it was a test.

Jack swore that he had faith in Kyle, or he wouldn't have named his son co-CEO. Jack considered it a chance for Kyle to learn, since Kyle had issues with Theo, but Kyle also had the company's best interests at heart. Jack advised Summer to take a step back. As Summer headed back to work, she ran into Theo and suggested that they meet, but he preferred to focus on the Searcy deal. Theo hurried off, and Kyle emerged from his office and complained that Theo had accused of him of sabotage. Summer said they needed to talk, and she led Kyle out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle griped that Theo's mistake had nearly cost the company a major deal, yet Theo was treating it like they were two punks pranking one another. Summer remained silent, and Kyle asked if she thought he'd switched the meeting time. She proclaimed that she was Switzerland with him and Theo, since saying anything would complicate the situation even more. Kyle pointed out that he was her superior, and he was asking her opinion on her employee. He saw no problem with two friends talking, and he encouraged her to speak her mind.

Summer swore that she didn't think Kyle had tried to sabotage Theo, but she thought Kyle had jumped on the mistake like he'd been waiting for something to use against Theo. Kyle argued that Theo had been lucky that Kyle had been there to "save his ass," but Summer clucked that it hadn't been the most constructive way to deal with an employee. Kyle groused that it was a constant battle to cut through Theo's spin, but Summer cautioned that Kyle couldn't let his personal feelings get in the way of how he managed Theo. Summer advised Kyle not to be pulled into Theo's game and to stay above it.

Theo entered Jack's office, and Jack told him to close the door. Jack inquired whether Theo was ready for the meeting, and Theo exclaimed that he was 100 percent prepared. Theo added that he had no idea how the dates had gotten mixed up, but there was no point in dwelling on it. Jack agreed that it was in the past; however, Jack stressed that in that building, Theo was a marketing executive and not his nephew, and the job required Theo's full attention. Theo pledged to put his all into it, and he promised that such a mistake would never happen again.

At home, Victoria wrapped up a business call as Billy presented her with a cup of coffee. He noted that she'd been at it 24/7, and she replied that work didn't stop, so she had to keep up. He informed her that breakfast was ready, and she thanked him for everything. He remarked that he liked taking care of things around there. Inside his head, Billy told himself to keep smiling every second, and his grin faded when Victoria retreated to the kitchen. "And ... scene," Billy thought, noting that he was a terrible actor. "Fake it until you make it, Billy," he coached himself.

Over breakfast, Billy informed Victoria that he'd landed a consulting job in Chicago. She was surprised that he'd found something that quickly, and he promised to try to keep his travel away from home to a minimum. She recognized that he'd been putting in more than his fair share for their family, and he looked forward to getting back in the game someplace other than his family's company. He added that he would miss her when he was on the road, but he'd think about her every minute he was gone. Victoria anticipated that their time together at home would be more special. He suggested that they go upstairs and celebrate, but she rushed off to work.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria finished a call as Victor appeared in the doorway. He mused that he'd made the right decision by putting her in charge, and she teased him for turning a compliment about her into a means of patting himself on the back. She asked how he was doing, and he recalled that he'd won a race with his sailing crew over the weekend. Victor contemplated buying a bigger yacht, and Victoria assured him that it was okay to say he missed working there. He wondered if it was that obvious.

Victor stressed that he'd poured his heart and soul into Newman for most of his adult life, but it didn't mean he regretted stepping back. He questioned whether the place made Victoria as happy as it had made him, and she gushed that she was living her dream. Victor inquired how it sat with "Billy Boy," and Victoria marveled that they couldn't be happier. Victor said he might be retired, but he'd always make sure Billy treated Victoria right.

Victoria assured Victor that he had nothing to worry about with Billy, who'd been amazing since they'd gotten back together. She raved about everything Billy had been doing to help around the house, and Victor questioned whether she wanted a househusband when she wasn't even married. Victoria asserted that she appreciated a man who shared responsibilities at home, and she suggested that Victor try it sometime. Victor mused that she might be a powerful CEO, but to him, she'd always be his little girl. She thanked him with a hug.

At his penthouse, Devon flipped through the file about Amanda. Elena called out from upstairs, and Devon quickly hid the file in a cabinet. Elena appeared and suggested that they grab a bite, but he said he had to get to a meeting. She hoped he wasn't avoiding her, and he reiterated his promise to keep it real with her. He added that he thought it was great that she and Amanda had cleared the air, but they should probably keep their distance because they didn't really know anything about Amanda.

Devon rambled that they had no idea about Amanda's background or what she was capable of, and Elena asked if he thought Amanda was a threat to them. Devon didn't want to find out, and he thought it would be smart for them to both stay away from her. He proposed that he and Elena be a team on it, and they kissed. After he headed out, Elena retrieved the file from the cabinet and looked dismayed by its contents.

Devon approached Amanda at the Grand Phoenix bar, and she braced for another confrontation with him. He announced that his attorney had advised him to take legal action against her, and she invited him to throw away his money because he had no grounds for a suit. He pointed out that he had proof that he'd been defrauded. She countered that Colin had been the one to defraud him, and all she'd ever wanted had been the truth. Devon stressed that he wanted the whole truth, and he wouldn't get answers until Colin was found.

Devon implied that Amanda didn't want to help, even though she had the skills and information to do so. He accused her of not caring about finding out the truth because she was only concerned with her perfect track record staying intact. Amanda asserted that she'd earned her perfect record, but Devon pointed out that all he had to go on was her word unless he dug through records to find out how honest she'd been. He imagined that her involvement in the will situation might bother potential clients who might want to hire her, and she incredulously asked if he was threatening her. Devon doubted that someone as skilled as she was had been tricked because she'd failed to do her basic due diligence.

Amanda reiterated that she was disgusted that she'd played a small part in what had happened with Devon's inheritance; she wanted to put it behind her, but he wouldn't let it happen. Devon insisted that he couldn't until he got answers, and he still had the resources to find them. Amanda offered him some free legal advice, and she argued that she wasn't liable for his decision to give away his money. He questioned why she was still in town when her job was over, and she replied that she liked it there. She added that his opinion hadn't affected her ability to land clients, and she left for a meeting.

Elena joined Nate on the Crimson Lights patio, and he informed her that he'd just discharged the woman they'd talked about earlier. Elena regretted misdiagnosing the patient, but Nate assured her that the woman was fine. Elena thanked him for talking her down, and she called him a good friend. Nate admired how she and Devon were working through things, and he figured that it had helped to acknowledge that Amanda had been a victim, too. Elena questioned whether Amanda had really been a victim or if Nate had been the one who'd been wrong about Amanda the whole time.

Nate couldn't believe that they were back to square one again, and he worried that Elena was becoming obsessed. Elena admitted that it had been a struggle to deal with Hilary and Amanda, who were intertwined in her head. Elena groaned that it had been hard enough to deal with the memory of Devon's wife everywhere, and he'd finally been moving on when Amanda had shown up. Elena was sure that Nate's talk had had an impact on Devon, but it hadn't fixed everything, since both Elena and Devon still had questions about Amanda.

Nate wondered why Elena and Devon suddenly had questions about Amanda. Elena contended that they didn't know a lot about Amanda, and she bet that Nate didn't, either. Elena pointed out that he'd just gone through a breakup, but Nate defended that it had nothing to do with Amanda and that they were just friends. Elena sensed that Nate needed someone to fill the empty emotional space, but Nate urged her to consider why she and Devon couldn't let it go. He theorized that Devon was looking for an excuse not to.

Nate voiced concern that Elena was focusing on Amanda, allowing Devon to stay fixated on something that was unhealthy instead of encouraging him to let it go. Elena imagined what would happen if someone else dug up information on Amanda. Nate asked who, but he decided that he didn't want to get involved. Elena recognized that Nate was worried about them, but she was also worried about him. Elena warned that Amanda was a complicated woman with a lot of secrets, and it led her to believe Amanda could be dangerous.

Devon returned home and stared at the cabinet where he'd left the file. He looked at the location of the file suspiciously before heading out.

Billy entered Crimson Lights and locked eyes with Amanda. After a moment, Billy awkwardly greeted Amanda and stated that he was just having coffee. She noted that it was a coffeehouse, and he figured that it would have been weird not to say hi. She invited him to sit and asked how he was doing, and he revealed that he'd gotten a new consulting job. She congratulated him, and he confided that since it was his first job after leaving the family company, he felt like a kid who had graduated from middle school and was getting buff over the summer before high school started.

Amanda reasoned that Billy was handsome, successful, and moderately charming, so it was probably okay to just be himself. Billy joked that she'd only met his representative, and the real him was a froglike creature covered in warts. Amanda protested that she didn't need to see his warts, since they weren't that kind of friends. He questioned whether they were friends, and she thought they were, based on the number of conversations they'd had and how much they had in common.

Amanda confided that she was exhausted from spending the whole day acting like she was unbreakable. Billy empathized that it was hard to pretend to be someone one wasn't around everyone else. Billy guaranteed that if she shared her mistakes, he'd match them blow for blow. She replied that they weren't that kind of friends -- yet. He smiled.

Amanda flatly asked if Billy was looking to have an affair, and a stunned Billy wondered why she'd ask that. She pointed out that he was a man in a committed relationship who kept striking up a conversation with her, and they bantered about whether men and women could just be friends. Amanda noted that he was always trying to charm her into telling him more about herself, and every man who had ever chatted her up like that had been working up the nerve to ask her out. Billy chalked it up to his "natural flirtiness." He insisted that he wasn't trying to sleep with her, and he asked if she was trying to sleep with him. She confirmed that she wasn't, but she'd wanted to get the topic out of the way.

Amanda inquired about whether things were good at home. Billy replied that some might say they were perfect, but he'd always been nervous of perfect. He shared that he'd always been more comfortable with messy, and he'd been known to be reckless and unpredictable. Amanda grumbled that she hated wild, since there was no comfort in losing control. Billy thought that was the point. She thought it was different for her because she was single, whereas he had someone to get wild and crazy with. She thought it made him a lucky man.

Victoria returned home and called out for Billy. He entered the room and announced that the two of them would be going to Chicago for one night, and he'd already arranged for Hannah to watch the kids. He figured that his future trips to Chicago would be about work, but that night, they would shake it up and have some fun. Victoria wondered what had gotten into him, and Billy referred to how they'd talked about being ships in the night.

Billy expected things to get busy soon, and he thought it would be fun to spend the night together. Victoria said it was tempting, but she couldn't that night. Billy argued that there was nothing that couldn't be done the next day. She whined that it would make the next day that much harder, and it wasn't where they were. Billy silently questioned where that was, and he steeled himself to be convincing. He insisted that it was okay, and he offered to order dinner.

Later, Billy sat at the kitchen table, sipping a drink. He sent a text message to Amanda with the definition of a friend -- a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Amanda read the message and smiled. She wrote back to thank him for the vocabulary lesson, and he grinned.

Adam dreams about reuniting with Chelsea Adam dreams about reuniting with Chelsea
Friday, December 20, 2019

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nate complained that Elena was still focusing on Amanda instead of helping Devon. Elena insisted that she needed answers to put it to rest, and she argued that they knew nothing about Amanda. Elena pushed Nate to talk to Amanda to find out what she was hiding, but he refused out of respect for Amanda's privacy. He groused that Devon and Elena's conspiracy theories were based on how Amanda looked and who her client had been, even though she'd thought she'd been working for Chance and not Colin. Devon interrupted and led Elena into the coffeehouse to talk.

Devon revealed that he knew Elena had seen the P.I. file on Amanda, and he wanted to explain. He swore that he hadn't hired the investigator and that Victor had given him the information. Elena agreed with Devon's decision to act on it, since it was obvious that Amanda had been hiding a lot, and Elena was sorry she hadn't realized it in the first place. Devon was surprised by her supportive reaction, and he admitted that the file had raised questions that he didn't know how to handle. Elena was determined to find closure by figuring out how and why the woman had dropped into their lives.

Elena relayed that she'd just been telling Nate that someone had given Devon some information that indicated Amanda was bad news, but Nate hadn't seemed to care. Elena doubted Nate's claim that he didn't have a thing for Amanda. Devon commended Elena for being a rock for him through everything, and he admitted that she'd been right to worry about him because seeing Amanda had been messing with his head by stirring up memories of Hilary. Devon stressed that Amanda was nothing like Hilary, and all he cared about was Elena because she was his future. They kissed.

Nate walked up as Elena contemplated what to do with the P.I.'s report. Nate was appalled that the couple had had Amanda investigated, but Devon explained that Victor had provided them with the information. Nate declared that he wasn't interested, but Elena argued that they had information that proved they weren't crazy to be suspicious of Amanda. Nate agreed to listen, and Devon divulged that Amanda had hired a company to erase her presence from the Internet. Elena questioned what Amanda was hiding, but Nate maintained that it was none of their business.

Devon divulged that Amanda had filed a restraining order against a guy who had also filed one against her, but Nate pointed out that they didn't know what the circumstances had been. Nate contended that their so-called evidence would be laughed out of court, and he wondered why they were wasting their time and energy going down the rabbit hole again. Devon griped that Nate had claimed to be worried about him, but he thought Nate was more concerned about Amanda. Nate huffed that he'd pretend Devon hadn't just said that, and he stalked off.

Devon and Elena returned home, and she wondered what would happen if Nate tipped Amanda off. Devon expected that Nate would consider it a point of honor not to blab to anyone, and he hoped they'd finally opened Nate's eyes. Elena requested that they not have any more secrets, since she would always be by Devon's side if he stopped pushing her away. They exchanged words of love and kissed.

At Society, Phyllis thanked the bartender for refreshing her drink. Jack ordered a scotch and sat down next to her, and she asked how he was doing. He wondered if she really wanted to hear, and she replied that he "used to be funnier." He suggested that they start over, and he observed that she seemed down that night. He offered to help, and she requested that he talk sense into his entitled niece to convince her not to fire Phyllis, since it had been unfair and probably illegal.

Phyllis questioned whether it was so shocking to think that Abby was wrong and that Phyllis was the one who'd gotten screwed, and Jack flatly replied that it was. Phyllis wondered if his lack of compassion extended to Adam, and Jack asked what Adam had done. Phyllis slurred that it was nothing she should have expected after having Adam's back and being his only friend in town. Jack knew he'd regret it, but he asked what had happened.

Phyllis ranted that she'd stood by Adam when no one else had, and he'd repaid her by saying the most insulting thing anyone had ever said to her. Jack pushed for details, but Phyllis would only tell him that Adam had asked her to do something degrading and disgusting. Phyllis raged that Adam wasn't capable of human emotion and that he didn't see people as people but as cogs and tools that he could use and abandon. Jack wondered what she'd expected, and she became incensed that his response was just to shrug his shoulders. "Hell hath no fury," he quoted, but she growled that she wasn't a woman scorned. Jack stepped away.

Phyllis followed Jack and demanded to know if it was "offend Phyllis month." She asserted that she'd never had a romantic relationship with Adam. Her voice broke as she confided that she'd needed a friend or an ally, but she'd gotten "a hell of a lot less." She swore that Adam would regret it because the people who crossed her usually did. Jack advised Phyllis not to wage a war on someone who had inherited his love of vendettas from Victor, but she snarled that she knew how to hit Adam where it hurt.

Jack encouraged Phyllis to go home and sober up, and she'd realize that it was a dumb idea. She accused him of protecting Adam, but Jack insisted that he was looking out for her. He urged her to focus on her family and career and to build her life again instead of tearing someone else's down. She scoffed at taking advice from the man who'd pushed her out of Jabot, and she griped that it had been why she'd gone to Adam in the first place. Jack reminded her that many people had told her not to, but she somehow kept getting in her own way. Jack recommended that she start asking herself what and where it had gotten her.

At the Grand Phoenix, Jack left a voicemail for Billy and suggested that they catch up over a nightcap. Abby overheard and asked if Billy was okay, since Victoria had mentioned that she and Billy hadn't been spending much time together, and Abby sensed that it wasn't just about work. Jack said Billy hadn't been talking about what he'd been dealing with since he'd left Jabot, but he encouraged Abby to always tell him about things like that so they could deal with them as a family. Abby asked if Jack ever got tired of carrying their family on his shoulders.

Jack envisioned the Abbott family growing and building by taking his accomplishments and moving them forward, just like Abby was doing by making her dream a reality. He imagined that it would be her family's legacy, and he compared it to how John had taught him to set the bar high and expect the next generation to exceed it. Jack declared that it was what Abby was doing, and he couldn't be any prouder. She threw her arms around him.

Adam ran into Chelsea as she was leaving the hotel, and he informed her that Connor was at a session with Sharon. He suggested that he and Chelsea grab a quick dinner, but she had shopping to do. He figured that they could pick out stuff for Connor together, but she revealed that she was going shopping for Nick. Chelsea added that they definitely had to talk about what to get Connor, but she had to run. She rushed off.

At Nick's house, Summer held up a homemade costume and asked Nick how it looked. He asked what it was, and she informed him that it was a wise man outfit. He scrutinized it carefully, and she wondered if he really couldn't tell. He began to laugh and teased that the look on her face had been priceless. Nick called the costume amazing, and Summer planned to have Christian try it on the next day. She thought a fashion designer like Chelsea would have done a better job, and she wondered what was going on with Nick and Chelsea.

Nick compared the situation to when Phyllis had taken Summer to Switzerland for medical treatment. Nick had been reluctant to let Summer go, but he'd stepped back when he'd seen how committed Phyllis had been to getting her well, and it had been the right thing to do. Summer argued that there was a huge difference with Chelsea, since Phyllis hadn't been living with another guy. Nick clarified that Chelsea wasn't living with Adam but just staying there until Connor got better. Summer expected Adam to fight dirty to get what he wanted, and she wondered what Nick was going to do about it.

Nick presented Summer with a sandwich to thank her for working on the costume. She was touched that he'd cut off the crust like he had when she'd been little, and he stressed that she would always be his little girl. She complimented his efforts to avoid her question about him and Chelsea. He figured that his relationship with Chelsea had had its ups and downs, and they were clearly in a "down" phase. Summer questioned when they'd last had an "up" one, since it had been one crisis after another since Chelsea had returned to town.

Nick defended that it wasn't Chelsea's fault that Connor needed both parents. Summer understood that Connor had been traumatized, but she contended that if Chelsea had been honest before the hotel hostage situation had happened, things might have ended differently. Nick pointed out that he'd kept secrets, too, but Summer argued that Nick had lied about Victor's death to get justice, whereas Chelsea's reasons had been less noble. Nick recognized that Summer had thought it had been a bad idea for him and Chelsea to get back together. Summer swore that she'd tried to be supportive, but she hated seeing him unhappy and wondered why Chelsea wasn't trying to do anything about it. "Merry Christmas," Chelsea defeatedly greeted from the doorway, bearing an armload of gifts.

Summer received a text message and made an excuse to go see Phyllis. Summer pointedly stated that it had been nice to see Chelsea there, and she departed. Nick commented that it was funny that when kids got old enough, they were as overprotective of their parents as their parents had been of them. Chelsea figured that she had that to look forward to, and she couldn't blame Summer for thinking Nick was crazy for putting up with Chelsea. Chelsea wailed that none of it had been fair to him, yet he'd put her and Connor first. She begged him to hold on a little longer and promised that it would be worth it.

Chelsea babbled about how she'd missed Nick the night before, but he silenced her with a kiss. They began to undress. After having sex, Chelsea and Nick cuddled under a blanket on the couch. He asked if she really had a present for him or if it had just been an excuse. She retrieved his gift and insisted that he open it right away. He pulled out a framed photo of a house and recognized it as their dream home. She murmured that it would be when he built it, and she explained that she'd found the photo in a closet.

Nick loved the gift, and Chelsea gushed that it meant a lot that he'd kept the property for their dream home even when he hadn't thought she'd return to Genoa City. She thought it showed he had believed in them and hadn't wanted to give up, and the photo was a reminder that he'd been right to believe. Nick swore that he still hadn't given up and that he still believed in them.

Summer joined Phyllis at Society, and Phyllis surmised that Jack had told her to stop by. Summer replied that she'd been happy to have an excuse to get out of the house. Phyllis hoped Summer wasn't pining away for her ex, but Summer maintained that it had been the right decision for her and Theo to break up, though they were still friends. Summer noted that her mother had taught her to stay close to her exes, and she was touched that Jack had contacted her because he hadn't wanted Phyllis to be alone.

Phyllis suggested that Summer get out there and meet some great guys, but Summer countered that she didn't have time for dating complications. Phyllis groaned that an uncomplicated life sounded boring, but Summer refused to date just to say she was in a relationship. Phyllis agreed that Summer shouldn't settle, since the lucky guy who won her heart should make her skin tingle, her heart melt, and her mind be alive. Phyllis called it the trifecta that was worth the wait, but Summer declared that the lucky guy would have to wait because she was hungry.

Summer showed Phyllis photos of the costume she'd made. Phyllis imagined that Nick had loved it, since he always made Christmas special for his kids. Summer recalled one year when her father had kept hiding the Christmas elf, and she'd gotten mad because she'd thought Santa wouldn't show up if the elf wasn't on the tree. Summer remembered finding the elf on Christmas Day in a toy sportscar that she'd wanted very badly, and she wondered if Nick would do the same thing with Christian that year. Phyllis wondered if Chelsea and Connor would be spending the holidays with them, and Summer cited how things had been weird between Chelsea and Nick. Phyllis looked thoughtful.

At Adam's penthouse, Sharon gently confronted Connor about the lies he'd told about their last conversation. He shared that he'd gotten into trouble, and his parents had taken away his video games for a month and told him to apologize. Sharon asked why he'd done it, and Connor reluctantly admitted that he'd thought it would make his parents be together. He recognized that telling the truth was better, but he still wanted them all together because it made him happy.

Later, Adam returned home, and Sharon reported that Connor had been calm and in good spirits. She showed Adam a drawing Connor had made, and she pointed out that it depicted a smaller, less threatening monster than his prior drawings, as well as three people fighting the monster together. Sharon found it encouraging that Connor recognized that his parents had made an effort on his behalf, but she was concerned that Connor might be getting other unintended messages. Sharon cautioned that it would backfire in a big way if they didn't correct it.

Adam thought it was no surprise that a young boy wanted his parents back together, but Sharon warned that it was more serious than that. Sharon recounted that Adam and Chelsea had told Connor that they'd defeat the monster if they were all together, and Connor had had a meltdown when he'd thought Chelsea was leaving for good because he wanted the situation to continue indefinitely. Sharon guessed that Adam and Chelsea would live separate lives again at some point, and she expected it to confuse Connor and undo all the work that had been done. Adam recalled that Chelsea had voiced the same concern, and Sharon suggested that they be honest with Connor as soon as possible.

Adam planned to tell Connor eventually, but he reasoned that with the holidays approaching and Connor going to a different school soon, the youngster needed stability. Sharon left the decision up to Adam, who realized that Sharon didn't agree with him. She recommended that they gently steer the conversation toward how the love parents had for their child never went away, even if they weren't living together. Sharon sternly stated that it was the truth, and letting Connor believe his parents had reconciled was not.

Later, Connor handed Adam a drawing that he'd made for Chelsea, and he asked where she'd gone. Adam mentioned that she was Christmas shopping, and Connor hoped she bought something for him. Connor enthused about wanting a skateboard, but his mom had told him it might be too dangerous. Adam lectured that Chelsea was usually right about those things, and Connor asked Adam to talk to her about it. Adam promised that they would figure it out together.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and asked where Connor was. Adam reported that the boy was asleep upstairs, and Chelsea panicked that she didn't want Connor to see her like that. She blurted out that she couldn't live a lie with Nick anymore, since she loved Adam. She insisted that she'd tried to resist it, but she belonged there with him and Connor. She added that she understood if Adam didn't feel the same way. "This is how I feel," he replied before planting a kiss on her. He proclaimed that he wanted nothing more than their family to be together again, and he knew they could be happy. Adam suddenly awakened on the couch.

Chelsea entered the penthouse and asked where Connor was. Adam told her the boy was asleep, and he offered to fix her something to eat. She informed him that she'd had a sandwich at Nick's, and she inquired about Connor's session with Sharon. Adam indicated that Sharon had shared some interesting insights about what was going on with Connor. Chelsea asked if they could wait to talk about it until the next day, since she was beat. A disappointed Adam wished her a good night.

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