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Chloe told Kevin she was pregnant. Billy lied to Victoria in order to spend time with Amanda. Nick ended his relationship with Chelsea, who turned to Adam. Tessa informed Mariah that Tanner was her ex-husband. Sharon found a lump in her breast.
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Nick ended his relationship with Chelsea, who then turned to Adam
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Chloe shares exciting news with Kevin Chloe shares exciting news with Kevin
Monday, December 30, 2019

At Society, Mariah and Tessa stopped by to pick up an order of tamales before heading to Sharon's. As they walked toward the bar, they noticed a huge bag stuffed with wrapped gifts. Tessa said that perhaps the gifts belonged to someone who was still in the restaurant. After Tessa went to search for the owner, Theo entered and asked Mariah if the gifts belonged to her. Tessa returned and explained that no one she'd spoken to knew anything about the forgotten gifts.

Mariah and Tessa decided to do whatever was necessary to locate the owners. Theo proclaimed that Mariah and Tessa had appointed themselves as Christmas Day elves. Tessa quickly shot down Mariah's idea to dust the gifts for fingerprints and have the police department check the fingerprint database. Theo suggested checking the gift tags for clues, but after he peered into the bag, he reported that gift tags weren't attached. Mariah told Theo they didn't need his help, just as he hoisted the bag up to his shoulders and displayed an embroidered patch affixed to the bottom.

Mariah and Tessa noted that the patch identified the bag as belonging to Newman Enterprises. Theo set down the bag and said, "Looks like Victor is missing a few gifts under the tree." Mariah and Tessa doubted that the gifts belonged to Victor, but Tessa recalled that Newman Enterprises had held their Christmas party at Society. Theo said perhaps the forgotten items were corporate swag. Mariah and Tessa were disappointed because they'd been certain the gifts were toys destined for children waiting excitedly to receive them.

Theo shook one small gift box and said it might contain a pricey watch. Mariah snatched the gift away and put it back in the bag. Tessa convinced Mariah to deliver the gifts to the Newman ranch. After Theo went to the bar, Tessa expressed concern that Theo was alone on Christmas. Mariah invited Theo to accompany them. Theo insisted that he already had plans. After Tessa and Mariah left with the bag filled with gifts, Theo seemed forlorn as he sat alone, sipping a drink.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea and Adam became concerned about Connor after he'd insisted on bringing home an unconscious kitten he'd found abandoned in the park. Connor cried, "He's almost frozen. We have to warm him up." Chelsea and Adam vowed to do everything possible after Connor pleaded with his parents to help save the kitten. Chelsea brought Connor a warm blanket for the kitty. Connor told Adam that he'd almost walked past the kitten before he'd spotted it beneath a bush.

Chelsea became apprehensive when Connor asked for her help to determine whether or not the kitten was still breathing, as she'd done before they'd left the park. Using the mirror inside Chelsea's compact, Connor held it beneath the kitten's nose before announcing that the feline was still alive. Chelsea breathed a sigh of relief. Connor named the kitten Oliver and declined Adam's offer to immediately take the foundling to the vet, citing that it was too cold outside. Adam offered to provide a saucer of milk for Oliver after the kitty awoke.

Chelsea and Adam stepped away briefly and quietly expressed concern that the kitten might not awaken. Connor, keeping watch over the animal cradled in a box, coaxed the kitten to open its eyes. Chelsea praised Connor for helping the kitten, and she explained that the kitten might not wake up. Connor remained confident that the feline would recover and was elated when the kitten began crying. Connor lifted the kitten and cradled it close to his chest. Adam told Connor the kitten was strong enough to visit a vet.

Connor insisted on taking his allowance with him as they headed out with the kitten to visit a vet. Connor was eager to donate his earnings to a charity that helped sick kittens like Oliver. After Connor left the room, Chelsea told Adam that Connor had turned a corner and wasn't the same boy who'd locked Christian in a garage. Adam agreed and credited Chelsea with Connor's turnaround. Chelsea admitted that she needed to be with Connor. Before the family left to take Oliver to the vet, Adam agreed to let Connor keep the kitten.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Kevin stopped by to warm up after enjoying ice-skating with Bella. Chloe told Kevin that Esther had sent a text message letting them know that their sometimes-stubborn, tenacious child had finally agreed to take a nap. As Kevin and Chloe were about to kiss, an older gentleman with a gray beard ambled past them. The man was dressed in a Santa suit, and he sighed heavily as he took a seat at a nearby table. Chloe and Kevin took a seat at Santa's table and offered to help him with whatever was making him sad.

Santa explained to Kevin and Chloe that his annual preparations for Christmas had failed to bring him joy. Kevin and Chloe sympathized as Santa cried that the day after Christmas always left him feeling down. After Kevin stepped outside, Santa told Chloe that Mrs. Claus had left him. Chloe asked Santa what he did the rest of the year to make a living. Santa said he was an accountant, though he preferred his seasonal job because he loved children and had never had any of his own to give him joy.

Kevin returned with a group of children who rushed to Santa, offering hugs and professions of love for the jolly fellow. One little boy began rattling off a list of toys he wanted. Santa interrupted the child and asked him if he'd been naughty or nice. Kevin and Chloe smiled as they watched Santa's depressed mood turn to boundless joy. Santa stepped away from the children briefly and thanked Kevin and Chloe. Kevin suggested that Santa volunteer at the children's care center, where low-income families dropped off their children to be looked after. Before Santa left, he whispered that his real name was Frank. Kevin smiled and told Frank goodbye.

Kevin was ready to rush home to Bella, but Chloe said she had a gift for Kevin and wanted to be alone with him for a few minutes on the patio. Chloe seemed nervous as she presented a wrapped box to Kevin. Inside was a tiny pair of shoes. Kevin was elated when he realized that Chloe was pregnant. Kevin excitedly showed off the diminutive booties to the customers gathered in the dining area and said, "Guess what, people? We're having a baby!" Chloe was beaming, as was Kevin when he shared their wonderful news.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki rushed in from outside, calling out frantically for Victor, who was tending the fire in the fireplace. Nikki was carrying a large basket by the handles. Victor peered into the basket, pulled back a pink blanket, and said, "Wait a minute. What in the world? Oh, my God." Nikki explained that she'd discovered the basket sitting on a bale of hay after she'd returned from a ride. Nikki cried that it broke her heart to imagine someone abandoning their baby girl on Christmas. Nikki added that it was fortunate that the stables were heated. Nikki hesitated to summon an ambulance because the authorities would be required to contact Child Protective Services. Victor phoned Nate to enlist his help.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Elena told Nate she was about to leave after her shift. Elena admitted that their conversation about Amanda had made things awkward between them. Elena added that she was doubtful that picking up their discussion again would do any good. Nate asked Elena if she'd changed her mind about Amanda. Elena said she was still certain Amanda couldn't be trusted. Nate replied, "I think you and Devon are wrong." Nate received a call from Victor seeking help. Elena agreed to accompany Nate to the Newman ranch.

After Nate and Elena arrived at the Newman ranch, Elena checked the baby's vital signs. The child began crying, and Elena concluded that the infant hadn't been neglected. Nikki stepped away from the baby and told Victor she couldn't imagine why the baby's parents would have left their child. Nikki said she hoped she might find the mother. Victor received a call from his security team letting him know that a woman had been located on the ranch property. Victor asked that the woman be brought inside immediately.

A young woman, escorted by Victor's security guard, rushed toward the infant, crying, "Joy, I'm here." Elena was cradling the baby and gently placed the girl in the distressed woman's arms. The young woman said her name was Sasha. Nikki immediately set the mother at ease and assured her that no one was judging her. Sasha explained that the baby's father was no longer part of their lives and that she'd experienced health issues and hadn't been able to work.

Nikki expressed sorrow after Sasha added that she and her baby had been kicked out of their apartment, forcing them to live in an abandoned car. Sasha explained that she'd become distraught and had hoped that someone with more resources could help Joy have a better life. Nikki reminded Sasha that the most important thing she'd given her baby was love. Nikki had sympathy when she learned that Sasha had changed her mind and returned to get Joy. Nikki and Victor told Sasha that she'd gone to the right place to seek help.

Elena and Nate offered to help Sasha and her baby with the child's medical needs, free of charge. Sasha cried that her faith had been renewed to discover that there were good people eager to help those in need. As Nate and Elena were about to leave, she told Nate she'd rather they not argue about Amanda. Nate agreed. Elena and Nate seemed more at ease with other after they vowed not to quarrel about Amanda.

Victor met Tessa and Mariah at the front door of the ranch when they delivered the misplaced bag of presents. Victor explained that the gifts were supposed to be delivered to the children in the hospital's pediatric wing. Victor added that someone had screwed up by not following his specific instructions. Tessa and Mariah offered to deliver the gifts on Victor's behalf. After Victor stepped away, Tessa told Mariah they should invite Theo to help them give the gifts to the children. Mariah reminded Tessa that Theo had told them that he already had plans.

After Victor sent Tessa and Mariah on their way, Nikki told Victor that though she'd rather not leave him home alone on Christmas, she would have to leave briefly to drive Sasha and Joy to New Hope. Victor insisted that taking care of the baby and her mother was more important. Victor and Nikki told each other they were blessed to have healthy children and grandchildren. Victor took Nikki in his arms and held her close. The couple kissed and shared a tender moment before wishing each other a merry Christmas.

Chelsea blasts Adam for his seduction plot Chelsea blasts Adam for his seduction plot
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

At Society, Phyllis wished Jack a happy New Year. He admitted that her invitation had surprised him, and she questioned whether she needed an excuse to toast with one of her favorite exes. He marveled at how 2020 was possible, and she assured him that he hadn't changed at all because he looked fantastic. He asked if she was hitting on him, and she explained that she was just happy to kick the old year to the curb and start new. Jack recalled that she'd been waging war on Adam the last time they'd spoken, and he wondered if things had calmed down. Phyllis spotted Adam across the dining room and glared at him, and Jack guessed that he had his answer.

Adam approached and exchanged pleasantries with Jack. Adam proclaimed that his Christmas had been one of the best he'd ever had, and Phyllis sourly asked if Santa had given Adam everything he'd wanted. Adam replied that it hadn't happened, but anything was possible in the new year. Adam stepped away, and Jack congratulated Phyllis on showing restraint. Phyllis huffed that Adam knew she had his number, but Jack noted that Adam hadn't seemed concerned. "Trust me, he will be," Phyllis muttered.

Jack guessed that Phyllis hadn't taken his advice to forget seeking revenge against Adam. Jack pushed to know what Adam had done to her, but Phyllis claimed that it didn't matter because it was water under the bridge. She added that she wouldn't sprinkle water on Adam if he was on fire, but she had taken Jack's advice to not let revenge and anger consume her. She intended to build a new life, and it was one of the reasons she'd wanted to get together with Jack. Phyllis recognized that she'd burned a lot of bridges, and she wanted to try to rebuild the ones that mattered. She shared that her friendship with Jack mattered a lot to her.

Jack reflected back on everything he and Phyllis had been to one another through the years, yet they were still breaking bread together. Phyllis thought about how horrible she'd been to him, and she wondered if she'd ever really told him that she was sorry for cheating on him with Billy. Jack found it amazing how the heart could heal, and it felt good to put the pain behind him. He added that he was evolving, and she wondered if she might be able to catch up to him. Jack felt blessed, and Phyllis asked what lucky woman would get to share in that happiness. Jack replied that he hadn't found her yet, but he was sure she was out there somewhere, just like someone was out there for Phyllis.

Phyllis swore off men, but Jack warned that they couldn't let their children fulfill their lives. Jack noted that Phyllis had broken ties with Adam and that her professional life with Abby was over, and he knew how Phyllis got when she was at loose ends. He warned her to be careful, since he wanted the same things for her that she wanted for him -- a rewarding job, a partnership with someone who embraced her spirit yet kept her grounded, and good friends she could rely on, like him. Phyllis tearfully stammered that it meant a lot to her that he'd said that, and she promised that she would be okay because she knew what she needed in order to be happy and how to get it.

Chelsea showed up at Nick's house and apologized for being late because Connor had wanted to buy some toys for his new cat. Chelsea explained that rescuing the kitten had been why they hadn't been able to spend time with Nick and Christian on Christmas Day, but she hoped to make up for it by hanging out then. Nick informed her that there was something she should know about how far Adam was willing to go to blow up their relationship. He flatly stated that Adam had tried to get Phyllis to seduce Nick in order to get Chelsea to dump him.

Chelsea was astounded that Nick had believed Phyllis. Nick recounted that he'd had to drag it out of Phyllis and that she'd been outraged that Adam had basically asked her to prostitute herself for his benefit. Nick suspected that Adam wanted Chelsea and Connor to live with him permanently and that Adam was willing to do anything to make that happen. Chelsea asked when Nick had found out, and she was irritated that he hadn't told her right away. Nick defended that he'd hoped that she'd see for herself that Adam had slowly been manipulating his way back into her life.

Chelsea prepared to go tell Adam what she thought of him, and she insisted on doing it alone. Nick proposed that they do it together to prove they were still a team. She understood that Nick had been the target of the plan, but she worried that he looked angry enough to do something that would only make the situation worse. Nick cautioned her not to let her emotions get the best of her. Chelsea asserted that she knew exactly what she was going to say to Adam.

At Jabot, Summer and Theo met with Kyle to pitch Theo's marketing campaign idea. Kyle coolly asked why Theo was in the meeting, and Theo replied that he'd wanted to be present because Kyle seemed to have a negative opinion of all of Theo's ideas. Kyle acknowledged that Theo had good ideas, but the details got in Theo's way, and Kyle had questions about when and how they'd launch the campaign. Summer offered to have a timeline on Kyle's desk within the hour, and Kyle voiced surprise that she was already on board.

Summer shared Theo's enthusiasm, and Kyle declared it a go. Theo bet approving the campaign had been painful for Kyle, who reasoned that what was good for the company was good for all of them. Kyle added that he appreciated Summer and Theo working together, even after their situation had changed, and Theo asserted that they could still find their rhythm even if they weren't dating. Lola popped in with food and asked who was hungry. Kyle was irked when Theo asked if Lola had made his fritters. Lola explained that Theo had taste-tested some new recipes for her, so she owed him for helping her out.

Later, Summer and Theo looked through the office window as Kyle and Lola kissed, and Theo commented that true love was inspiring. Summer wondered what he knew about it, and Theo joked that if Summer stared at Kyle and Lola any harder, they might break. Summer referred to the fritters and teased Theo for being Lola's pet in her personal tasting kitchen. Lola announced that she was taking off, and Summer offered to walk her out. The women departed, and Theo dryly inquired whether he was dismissed, too. Kyle replied that they had unfinished business.

Theo groused about Kyle's "minor" adjustments to his marketing plan. Theo imagined the feedback would have been different if Summer had turned it in without his name on it, and he accused Kyle of feeling "threatened as hell." Kyle insisted that he was making an effort because Theo was family, so it was important to Jack, Lola, and Summer that they figure out a way to get along. Kyle added that it was business, and projects got criticized. Theo complained that he was tired of Kyle rubbing his nose in every mistake Kyle thought Theo made.

Theo recalled a time when Kyle had trusted him with everything, but Kyle testily refused to talk about New York ever again. Jack entered and asked what he'd just walked in on. Theo mentioned that he and Kyle had been discussing a marketing pitch, and Kyle claimed that they'd worked it out. Jack lectured that they needed to put work first, and he asked to speak with Kyle. Kyle and Theo glared at one another as Theo left.

At home, Devon answered a call from Jill, who announced that she was back in town and asked if she could stop by. After Jill hung up, she spied Chance strolling through the Grand Phoenix lobby with a suitcase. They hugged, and she inquired whether the Chancellor estate hadn't been accommodating enough. Chance swore that Esther, Kevin, and Chloe had been great, but he was used to having his own place. Jill cracked that Esther alone could ruin the peace and quiet, and she asked about Chance's visit with Nina over Christmas.

Chance reported that his trip had been terrific, and he was surprised to see Jill back that soon. He asked if she'd heard from Cane, and she lamented that Cane hadn't had any luck finding Colin yet. Chance figured that Cane wasn't a professional, and Jill pointed out that Chance's team had been the ones to let Colin get away. Chance indicated that it wasn't his team anymore, since he'd handed in his badge and gone into the private sector to stay in Genoa City. "What the hell are you thinking?" Jill blurted out.

Chance revealed that he'd been thinking about making a change for a while, and he'd decided to open his own P.I. and security firm in town. Jill was grateful that he would no longer be dodging bullets, but she wondered if it would be enough for him. Abby cheerfully greeted them and asked if she could steal Chance for a moment to help her put out a fire. Chance watched Abby walk away, and Jill chuckled and remarked that she was beginning to understand why he was sticking around. Chance denied that he was staying in town because of Abby.

Jill pointed out that Abby was very pretty, and she sensed that something was going on between Chance and Abby. Chance admitted that he and Abby were dating, but there was no relationship or commitment, and they were just having fun. Jill remarked that she was happy if he was happy, and he insisted that he was. Jill warned that Chance would be seeing more of her and that she'd be meddling in his personal life, and he expected nothing less. She asked if he was absolutely sure that staying in town was what he wanted, and he swore that it was. They hugged.

Abby reveled in finally having a free moment, and Chance quipped that it was why she made the big bucks. She wished she could trade the money for rest and relaxation, and she offered him an adult beverage at the bar. He inquired whether there were strings attached, and she replied that there was one little thing that wouldn't qualify as a favor. He was intrigued, but she received a text message and hurried off as he begged for a hint.

Later, Abby joined Chance at the bar and proclaimed that she was all his. He contemplated what it was that she wanted from him, and he wondered if there was another jewel thief in the building. Abby informed him that she was planning on throwing a New Year's Eve party and inviting both sides of her family. Chance surmised that she wanted him to work security to keep the peace, and he suggested having backup. Abby clarified that she wanted to ask him to join her if he didn't have other plans, and Chance accepted. She called it a date, but he considered it two dates, since they'd be together during the last of that year and the beginning of the next one.

Jill arrived at Devon's penthouse and explained that she'd had to see for herself that Devon was fine. Devon assured her that he was okay, given the circumstances, but she sympathized that his first Christmas without Neil had been rough on him. Devon confided that he'd half-expected Neil to walk through door with a smile on his face, carrying gifts. Devon didn't think Christmas would ever be the same without Neil, and Jill asked if Elena had been with Devon over the holidays. Devon mentioned that Elena had needed to work, but she'd been a rock for him, and he didn't know how he would have gotten through any of it without her.

Devon shared that he and Elena were leaving for London that night, and they wouldn't be discussing the will or money while they were gone. Devon griped that 2019 hadn't been his year, and he couldn't wait for it to be done. Jill regretted letting Colin drag her into his evil orbit again, and she promised that Devon would get his money back, since the authorities and Cane were out looking for Colin. Devon wasn't convinced that Cane was on their side, but he imagined that they'd find out sooner or later whether Cane was innocent. Devon vowed that whoever was involved in violating Katherine's wishes would pay for it.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis considered it a lucky coincidence to run into Nick right after she'd met with Jack. She guessed the universe was trying to tell her something because she'd seen two of her exes in one day, but Nick figured that they just lived in a small town. He revealed that he was hanging out there because it beat waiting at home for Chelsea after he'd told her what Adam had tried to do. Nick was sure that an outraged Chelsea was laying into Adam, but he expected Adam to do or say anything to minimize the damage and keep Chelsea close. Phyllis realized that Nick was afraid that Chelsea would buy it.

Nick worried that Adam wasn't above using Connor to his advantage, but he preferred not to talk about Chelsea. Phyllis turned the topic to her conversation with Jack, since they'd talked about friendship and valuing the people who were good to them while weeding out the others. Phyllis considered Adam to be a weed because he'd treated her like garbage, but Nick had left the door open so that they could still be friends. Summer stumbled upon their close moment and asked what was going on.

Nick claimed that he and Phyllis had been talking about Christian's new set of drums. Nick recalled how the boy's face had lit up, and Summer groaned that her ears had almost exploded. Nick decided that the set was going in the basement, and Phyllis applauded the job Nick had done if Christian was happy. Nick headed out to handle some New Hope business, and Summer confronted Phyllis about the way she'd been staring at Nick. Phyllis swore that she and Nick were simply friends who were in a good place, and she didn't want complications because Nick's life was complicated enough.

Chelsea burst into Adam's penthouse and demanded to know if Connor was still out with the sitter. Adam wondered what was wrong, and she spat that he'd asked Phyllis to sleep with Nick. Adam admitted that it had been a cheap move that he regretted, and he wished he could take it back. Adam acknowledged that Chelsea had every right to be angry, but he reasoned that he'd made the indecent request on the same day they'd found out that Connor couldn't go back to school. Adam recalled that he'd been upset, worried, and desperate to fix things, and he'd thought things would be better if the three of them were there together.

Chelsea was appalled that Adam had thought Nick would just jump into bed with Phyllis. Adam shared that he'd never thought Chelsea and Nick would last, and he'd hoped the move would just accelerate their inevitable breakup. Chelsea blasted Adam for deciding that her relationship with Nick wasn't real, and she wondered if Adam had decided anything else about her future. Adam theorized that Chelsea felt conflicted about living there because she'd felt what was happening between them, too. Adam reiterated that he had never stopped loving her and that every second she was away from him to be with Nick was like a knife in his heart.

Chelsea barked that she shouldn't be surprised that Adam had stooped to something like that. Adam urged Chelsea to open her heart and accept that he loved her, but she questioned whether it was just another manipulation in his battle with Nick. Adam insisted that it was about him, Chelsea, and their possible future together, but she maintained that he was confused. He reminded her of when they'd been ready to leave Genoa City to start over, and all they'd needed had been the three of them together. He thought it was even more true then, since they'd been given a second chance, and he couldn't bear to let it pass by without a fight. He questioned whether she could.

Adam guessed that Chelsea was afraid of getting what she wanted and losing it again, so she was holding back. She ordered him to stop chasing the past, but he thought they both knew that what was between them was real. Chelsea snapped that she didn't know if she could trust him, and Adam pleaded that no one knew him the way she did. He believed that she knew deep down that he meant everything he'd just said. Adam recognized that she cared about Nick and that Nick made her feel safe, but he argued that he was the one who made her feel whole.

Adam claims Chelsea still loves him Adam claims Chelsea still loves him
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
by Nel

At home, Nick heard a noise. He called out to Monique and Christian. When no one responded, he picked up a baseball bat and entered the living room. Chelsea surprised him with muffins and wished him a happy birthday. They kissed. Nick opened his birthday gift from Chelsea. It was a framed photo of him and Chelsea with Connor and Christian. There was also another empty frame. Chelsea explained that it was for photos of things yet to come in their future.

Chelsea lit the candle in the muffin and told Nick to make a wish and blow it out. She asked him what he had wished for, but Nick claimed it wouldn't come true if he told her. Chelsea guessed that he wanted Adam out of their lives. Nick said they needed to talk about her situation with Adam. He said that after he'd told her that Adam had asked Phyllis to break him and Chelsea up, she'd left loaded for bear to confront Adam. He had expected her to pack up Connor and move back in with him. Chelsea admitted she'd been furious.

Chelsea told Nick that Adam had tried to apologize, but what was important to her was that Adam was helping Connor. Nick claimed that Adam wanted her back, and she had been trying to convince herself otherwise. At first, Chelsea denied it, but then she admitted that Nick was right and that Adam still loved her. Chelsea assured Nick that she wanted him, not Adam. Nick stated that she seemed fine with her living arrangements because she wasn't returning home to him. Chelsea told him that she stayed with Adam only for Connor's sake.

Nick told Chelsea that Adam was counting on her to stay for Connor, and he would use that to chip away at her resolve. Chelsea claimed she could handle Adam, but Nick countered that Adam was winning at keeping them apart. Chelsea assured Nick that he grounded her and that she was staying at Adam's only for Connor's sake. She had no idea what she would do without Nick's constant love and understanding. They kissed.

Nick told Chelsea he had to leave to meet with Faith and Summer at Crimson Lights for his birthday. Chelsea wished him a happy birthday and said that she would see him later at Abby's New Year's Eve party. She left. Nick stared sadly at the photo of him, Chelsea, and the boys.

Adam arrived at the Grand Phoenix. He asked Phyllis if she was curious why he was smiling and why he had that extra pep in his step. Phyllis claimed she couldn't care less because he turned her stomach. Adam accused her of having a big mouth. She couldn't keep a secret, the one where she followed her heart to her true love. He knew she'd told Nick about his suggestion that she sleep with Nick. He said he was happy she'd done that because that had upset Nick, who had informed Chelsea.

Sarcastically, Phyllis told Adam that it had to have made Chelsea putty in his hands. She stated that Chelsea was an obsession with Adam, and he didn't really love her. He just didn't want Nick to win. Adam claimed he didn't "give a damn" about how Nick felt. Phyllis asked if Adam would have been as determined to win Chelsea back if Calvin hadn't died and if Chelsea was still married to Calvin's money. Without hesitation, Adam said he would.

Phyllis told Adam that Chelsea knew he'd tried to ruin her relationship with Nick. She said that Adam's brand of love made Chelsea miserable and vulnerable to Adam's manipulations. Adam said he didn't see it that way. He said everything was coming together, and he thanked Phyllis for her help. He said that in spite of the fact that Chelsea knew everything, she hadn't moved out of his penthouse. Phyllis chirped that the only reason Chelsea hadn't left was because Adam was the father of her poor, traumatized child. Adam warned Phyllis to be careful.

Phyllis told Adam that she'd been his only friend, and he had treated her like crap. Adam claimed he'd only given her a nudge in the direction she'd already been heading. Phyllis said Adam had no idea about her relationship with Nick. She stated that she wasn't interested in Nick, and they were only friends. Adam stated that Nick would never love Phyllis the way she loved Nick, and it was easier for Phyllis to give up than to fail. Phyllis called Adam delusional. Adam claimed he only loved one woman, but Phyllis said he only loved one woman at a time -- first it was Sharon, then it was Chelsea, and back to Sharon. Phyllis said 2020 would be her year, and everything would change. She walked away.

At Devon's, Elena thanked Devon for canceling their London trip. Devon said he hadn't canceled it; he'd only postponed it. At that moment, Elena received a text message from Nikki informing her that New Hope had an apartment for Sasha and her baby. Devon said he was very proud of Elena because she always tried to make the holidays special for people. Elena countered that Devon and Nick gave people a chance to succeed through New Hope.

After Elena left for the hospital, Chance arrived. He told Devon that he was a free agent. He had decided he didn't want to work for the Feds any longer, and it put him in a better position to find Colin. Devon was delighted. A text message arrived on Elena's phone, which she'd forgotten to take when she'd left for work. Devon read the text message from Sasha stating that her baby was in trouble. Devon and Chance left to help Sasha.

At home, Victoria talked excitedly to Billy about Abby's party. Billy informed her that she would have to ring in the New Year without him because he had to work. Billy said he would try to get to the party before midnight to ring in the New Year with her. Victoria reminded him that it was also the anniversary of the night she'd found Billy plastered and sitting on the sidewalk and how she'd saved him. Billy wanted to forget that night because he'd been so drunk. Victoria said she would save him again any time, any place. Billy thought, "If only she didn't see me as a man who needed to be saved."

Victoria acknowledged that Billy had turned a corner and that he'd come a long way. Billy said he felt the therapy wouldn't fix anything. Victoria asked if there was something he wanted to tell her, perhaps about gambling. Billy said it was much bigger than that. She asked if Billy needed another program. Billy said he needed more, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He felt that he needed more freedom, excitement, and happiness. Concerned, Victoria asked if he wasn't happy. Billy claimed he needed to come to terms with certain truths about himself, things he couldn't change.

Victoria told Billy that there was nothing broken within him that couldn't be fixed. She said she was there for him and wanted him to tell her what he needed. Billy thanked her and said she was exactly what he'd needed. They hugged. Victoria said she loved him. Billy informed her that he had to leave. He thanked her for letting him talk to her about his feelings. He said he didn't know what he would do without her.

After Victoria left the room, Billy sent Amanda a text message: "Got any time to talk?"

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Faith and Summer greeted Nick with a tray full of muffins, and they wished him a happy birthday. Phyllis arrived, and she was invited to join them. Phyllis praised the girls for celebrating Nick's birthday during the busy holiday season. Nick told Phyllis that he would be attending Abby's New Year's Eve party later. Summer invited Phyllis to go to the party as her plus one, but Phyllis declined. She said she needed to be in an Abby-free zone.

When Summer and Faith left to get hot chocolate refills, Phyllis gave Nick two tickets to the Brewers opening day. Nick loved her gift. He said he was happy they were friends again because he had missed her. She agreed. When Faith and Summer returned with a plate full of cookies, Phyllis said it was her cue to leave. She told Summer she would ring in the New Year by curling up at home and watching a movie marathon.

After Phyllis left, Nick told Summer and Faith their presents were the best. He asked Faith if he'd told her how much he'd missed her when she'd been at boarding school. Faith said he had a million times, but it was almost time to go back. Nick claimed he didn't want to talk about that. Faith asked Nick to tell them about Chelsea's gift. Nick told them about the picture of him, Chelsea, and the boys and about the empty frame for things yet to come for him and Chelsea. Summer saw the look on Nick's face and asked Faith to kindly get her a glass of water. Alone with Nick, Summer asked what was going on with him and Chelsea. Nick claimed there was nothing going on. Summer offered him a hug.

After Phyllis left Nick and the girls, she ventured inside, where she saw Chance at the counter. She wished him a happy New Year. Chance asked if her New Year's resolution would be to stop harassing him about Vegas. Phyllis said she wouldn't stop searching for his deep and dark secret. Phyllis tried to guess what Chance's New Year's resolutions might be, but he said he never made any. He said he would be attending Abby's New Year's Eve party. Phyllis said she would see him there. Chance said he was surprised, given the way Abby felt about her. He claimed it should be fun.

Devon found Sasha at the hospital and introduced himself. Sasha said she shouldn't be there because she didn't have any insurance, but Devon assured her the medical bills would be taken care of. She told Devon that Joy had been burning up and screaming. She said it was her punishment for abandoning the child.

Devon said he knew Sasha had been struggling, but she didn't need to struggle anymore because she had friends who would help her. Elena joined them, and she told Sasha that Joy had an ear infection, which was very common in infants. Joy would be put on a course of antibiotics, and she would be fine. Sasha hugged Elena and thanked Devon for keeping his cool when she'd been losing hers. Elena took Sasha to see Joy.

When Chelsea walked into Adam's penthouse, he asked if he had gone overboard. He showed her the things he'd bought for Oliver. Adam showed her Connor's latest drawing of him, Chelsea, Connor, and Oliver. After Chelsea saw the picture, she said they needed to talk about their living situation. She said that living there was giving Adam and Connor false hopes. Angry, Adam asked if Chelsea had been at Nick's, because she was always different in a bad way whenever she returned after seeing him. He said it always boiled down to what Nick thought about her living with him.

Chelsea denied it. Adam asked if Nick had made her forget about all the fun they'd had at Christmas in their perfect cocoon, being together as a family and finding the kitten. Chelsea stated that being together as a family hadn't brought Oliver back to life. Adam said that it wasn't how Connor had seen it. Connor had a friend who would listen to him and give him unconditional love, and Oliver would save Connor. Adam claimed they belonged together because they worked, and they had fun. He claimed there was nothing between Chelsea and Nick.

Miffed, Chelsea told Adam he didn't have any idea about how she and Nick felt about each other, but Adam claimed that Chelsea was afraid of breaking Nick's heart and afraid of being happy with Adam. Chelsea refused to argue with him. Adam claimed that she'd been arguing with herself, the part of herself that felt she didn't deserve to be happy and the part that was so tightly wound since the day she had believed she'd lost him. She was afraid to let go. Chelsea said that Adam was very full of himself.

Adam said that Chelsea wasn't denying anything he'd said, and she couldn't tell him that she felt complete with him. She couldn't look him in the eye and say that she still loved him and that they weren't done. Adam kissed her. Chelsea pushed him away and asked him what he thought he was doing. She claimed she had to leave, but Adam said they needed to talk about things.

Chelsea told Adam that she had to get ready for Abby's party and warned him not to crash the party. Adam said he didn't need to crash the party because he'd been invited. He said they would ring in the New Year together. As Chelsea was leaving, Adam said he would see her later that evening. Outside Adam's door, Chelsea looked very uncertain.

Nick dumps Chelsea, who turns to Adam Nick dumps Chelsea, who turns to Adam
Thursday, January 2, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Rey if she'd bought enough hats and noisemakers, and he was sure they had it covered. She plopped a party hat on his head as Mariah and Tessa arrived, and Rey wondered if the ladies were ready to party. Sharon thanked the women for giving up their New Year's Eve, but Mariah expected it to be a blast, since she'd heard the entertainment was going to rock.

Mariah and Tessa showed off the Christmas gifts they'd given one another. Rey explained to some patrons that the coffeehouse would be staying open late to provide a place to regroup after a night of partying so people could find a safe way home. Sharon invited her customers to stick around to watch the show, and Rey admired the wonderful thing she was doing for the community. Sharon insisted that it was more than a public service, since it was also a nice way to ring in the new year with the people she cared about the most.

Sharon stepped to the microphone and asked if everyone was having a good time. She requested that her patrons give a warm welcome to Tessa, who declared her excitement to be performing for them. Tessa led a round of applause for Sharon, who had the biggest heart of anyone she'd ever met. Tessa began to play as Mariah beamed at her adoringly.

Later, Rey prepared to count down to midnight, and Mariah asked Tessa if they should have a practice kiss. Tessa obliged, but a ping on Tessa's phone interrupted them. Mariah wondered who would be contacting Tessa at midnight on New Year's Eve, and Tessa checked her phone and revealed that it was Tanner Watts. Mariah incredulously asked if Tessa meant the platinum recording artist, and Tessa was stunned that he wanted to meet.

At Society, Abby put bottles of Champagne on ice in preparation for her New Year's Eve bash. Victor and Nikki arrived, and Abby excitedly wished them a happy New Year. Victor considered it an accomplishment to get the Abbotts and the Newmans in the same room, but Abby stressed that it was neutral territory for both of her families to say adios to 2019 together. Kyle greeted the group but quickly made a beeline to the kitchen to find the chef.

Jack hugged Abby and called Nikki a vision, and he remarked that Victor was looking pretty good himself. Victor inquired whether Santa had been nice to Jack, who reported that his family had shared a lovely Christmas together. Jack asked whether Victor had made any resolutions. Victor deadpanned that he'd resolved to be nice to Jack, quickly adding that he was kidding. Everyone laughed.

Chelsea met Nick near the coat check. They ran into Chance and entered the party together. Nikki and Victor wished Nick a happy birthday, and Nikki pointedly stated that she was glad Chelsea and Nick were ringing in the year together. Abby felt blessed to be hosting a party for the people she loved, and Jack thanked her for making it happen. Abby grinned at Chance and said it would be nice to have someone there to keep the peace if necessary. Adam arrived alone.

Kyle bumped into Lola as she exited the kitchen, and she announced that her crew was ready, so she was his for the night. He hoped she was his for a lot longer than that. Theo walked in and spotted Summer laughing with Victor.

Nick and Chelsea bristled at the sight of Adam, and Abby tried to defuse the tension by explaining that she'd invited all of the Abbotts and Newmans with the intention of starting 2020 with a clean slate. Adam approved of the sentiment and stepped aside to grab a drink. Nick crossed the room to join Phyllis, noting that he'd thought she'd rather jump in front of a train than be there. She informed him that she'd changed her mind, and she led Chelsea away to talk privately. Abby worried that she'd gone too far by inviting Adam, since she didn't want to make Nick feel uncomfortable on his birthday. Nick doubted that she'd had much choice. Victoria arrived and asked what she'd missed.

Phyllis griped that the bookings for special events at the Grand Phoenix had been abysmal. Chelsea asked if she was serious, and Phyllis admitted that she'd been trying to save Chelsea from an awkward situation with Adam. Chelsea snapped that she didn't need Phyllis to do her any favors. Phyllis assumed that things had been tense after Chelsea had learned that Adam had asked Phyllis to make a play for Nick, and Chelsea dryly thanked Phyllis for not knifing her in the back. Phyllis contended that she'd never let anyone use her like that, but she warned that Adam was obviously reverting to his old ways.

Phyllis implied that most women would know that they were better off without Adam. Chelsea surmised that Phyllis saw her as a fool because she wanted to help her son by having both parents under the same roof. Phyllis conceded that Chelsea knew when someone was manipulating her because Chelsea was a master manipulator herself. Phyllis guessed that Chelsea was intentionally stringing Nick along, since Chelsea hadn't done anything to discourage Adam. Chelsea defended that she'd confronted Adam and told him that his behavior had been repulsive, but Phyllis indicated that Adam was more hopeful than ever.

Phyllis ordered Chelsea to change the numbers at the Grand Phoenix, or Phyllis would do it for her. Summer intervened and begged her mother not to start anything with anyone that night. Phyllis insisted that she just wanted to be part of the celebration, but Summer wondered if Phyllis was going after Nick. Phyllis denied it, since she didn't intend to start the new year by reviving any stale relationships. Summer questioned whether Phyllis was interested in someone new. Phyllis swore that she had no desire to get involved with anyone, but she shot a sideways glance at Chance.

Theo approached Kyle at the bar, and Kyle remarked that the event didn't seem like Theo's type of thing. Theo reminded Kyle that Theo was part of the tribe, adding that he'd even made it into the book about the Abbott family's history. Theo reached past Kyle to grab a glass of Champagne, and he toasted to the future and walked away.

Nick asked Chelsea why Phyllis had dragged her off, and Chelsea griped that Phyllis had needed to insert herself, as always. Nick wondered whether he shouldn't have mentioned that Adam was trying to break him and Chelsea up. Chelsea asserted that she was there with Nick because she'd chosen to be.

At the bar, Victor remarked that Adam had decided to make an appearance. Adam voiced his surprise at being invited to a family event, and he inquired whether Victor planned to make any resolutions. Victor pledged to keep better track of his medications, and he chuckled. Victor figured that people could think what they wanted, but he was still walking upright and was ornerier than ever, so he considered being there to celebrate the new year a win.

Nikki asked if Victoria had received word from Billy, and Victoria groaned that it was like Christmas Eve all over again. Victoria couldn't fault him for wanting to succeed in his new role, but she'd picked up on his restlessness. Nikki wondered if Billy was battling the urge to gamble again, but Victoria speculated that his new job wasn't as challenging as what he'd been doing before. Nikki recognized that Billy had been dealing with major issues, and she recommended that Victoria encourage him to go to a meeting. Victoria hoped he didn't backslide after all the progress he'd made.

Phyllis watched Chance and Abby dance. Abby stepped to the bar, and Phyllis joined Chance and commented that it was a great party. He grumbled that it had been up until then, and she questioned whether Abby knew what had happened in Las Vegas. Chance remained silent, and Phyllis suspected that he didn't want Abby to see him as dangerous because it might scare her away. Phyllis purred that she wasn't like Abby, and he didn't scare her. Phyllis added that she could keep a secret -- when she wanted to.

Adam expressed his appreciation to Nikki for everything she and Victor had done to help Connor through a difficult time. Nikki swore that she'd do anything for her grandchild, and Adam mentioned that he and Chelsea had to figure out where to send Connor for school. Nikki revealed that she'd called Walnut Grove and persuaded the principal to change her mind about removing Connor from school.

Jack joined a sullen Nick and asked if everything was okay. Nick confided that the writing had been on the wall that he was losing Chelsea ever since she'd moved in with Adam, but Nick hadn't wanted to see it. Nick had thought they'd had something real, but he'd felt less and less sure about it as time had gone on. He was starting to think they were together for the wrong reasons. Nick sensed that Chelsea was with him because he was safe and dependable, and it hurt "like hell" that she was with him out of obligation. Jack pointed out that only Nick could decide whether to wait it out or to walk away.

Victor called for everyone's attention and proclaimed that it was time for a toast. Victor acknowledged that he hadn't often made toasts to Jack, but it was nice to know that many of their family members were together that night. Victor thanked Abby for her generous hospitality, and he encouraged everyone to take a moment to reflect upon the year they were about to say farewell to before they embarked on a new one. Victor recognized that both the Abbotts and the Newmans had been through lots of ups and downs, but they had survived them all and were stronger than ever.

Jack toasted to the new chapters of their story, and he recognized that the date was also one of Victor and Nikki's many anniversaries. Jack called the couple a symbol of how relationships could change and grow and how obstacles could be overcome when two people were truly committed. Nikki declared that love was the most powerful force on earth, and when two people were meant to be together like she and Victor were, nothing could stand in their way. The crowd cheered as Victor and Nikki kissed.

At a dive bar, Billy shelled peanuts and apologized to Amanda for not being more talkative. She assured him that she could sit in silence, and she found it nice to just be with a friend with no expectations. Billy admitted that he felt relieved when he sat there with her, like he could breathe and be himself. Amanda replied that he made her feel the same way.

Amanda recalled a time in college when she and a friend had driven around in a beater car to go to shows while Rihanna had been on her first world tour. Amanda looked back fondly at loving the music, staying at cheap motels, and eating out of vending machines. Billy imagined the freedom she'd felt. Amanda recalled that when September had rolled around, she'd returned to school, worked her tail off, and made all the right choices. "Yay, me," Amanda cheerlessly mused.

Billy understood the feeling of doing everything that people expected while waiting for a pat on the back. He thought that leaving the family company had been the best thing he'd ever done, and Amanda implored him to tell her why he'd say that about a gig as sweet as being CEO of Jabot. He leaned in close and looked her in the eye. "Because I feel alive for the first time in a long time," he shared.

Billy recognized how lucky and privileged he'd been to have had opportunities that few people had. He added that people spent their lives trying to create a picture that was perfect on the outside, and he'd tried to do that himself. He wanted to say it had been for his kids, and Amanda said it was obvious he loved them. Billy thought his children had intuition, and they knew when someone was trying to pull the wool over their eyes. He continued that he'd tried to figure it out with his therapist, who was trying to heal him, but he felt like he was living two different lives and was constantly in conflict with himself. Amanda guessed that he just wanted to feel like one whole, complicated person.

Billy contemplated how he could feel what he felt and be who he was while embracing both sides of himself. Billy jokingly congratulated Amanda for becoming his new shrink, but she couldn't fathom helping someone to be normal when she wasn't. He commended her for being a strong, independent woman who hadn't let powerful people throw false accusations at her or run her out of town. He observed that it seemed like she had things under control, but she clarified that "seemed" was the operative word. She wished she could let go of her need to be in control.

Amanda swore that the bar was the only place where she felt like she wasn't putting on an act. Billy was glad she felt comfortable with him instead of waiting for him to implode like everyone else did. Amanda remarked that some people were too self-absorbed to notice when something was going on with someone else, and Billy suddenly said he had to go. He offered to walk her to her car, but she insisted on staying where she was. He warned that it could get rowdy out there, but she assured him that she could take care of herself. He reminded her that she had his number if she needed anything, and he wished her a happy New Year.

Back at Society, Chelsea found Nick on the sidelines of the party and brightly asked if he was having a good time. She observed that he seemed preoccupied, and he requested a moment alone with her before the new year. He recalled that no one had been more surprised than him when she'd reentered his life, and it had felt right to have another chance after their first time around had been cut short. Chelsea acknowledged that she'd thrown a grenade into their lives when she'd left town with Connor, and it had been one of the worst mistakes she'd ever made.

Chelsea thought she would have deserved it if Nick had told her to get lost, but Nick insisted that she deserved to be happy. She recognized that things had been complicated, but she was grateful for him. Nick swore that he was glad that she'd been in his life and in Christian's, but it had become clear to him that she should be with Adam. She looked shell-shocked.

Nick realized that he had to get past his feelings for Adam and accept that Adam loved Chelsea in his own way. Nick refused to continue denying that Chelsea and Adam had a connection that went deeper than sharing a child. Chelsea tearfully insisted that they could get through it because she and Nick cared about one another. Nick swore that they always would, but he had to be honest with her and with himself, since it was the right thing to do. Chelsea protested that he didn't get to decide that for her.

Nick wanted Chelsea to have the life she'd planned to have before the cabin had blown up. Nick was adamant that he had to let her go, and he asked if she could do the same for him. Chelsea thanked him for everything he'd done for her and Connor, and she whimpered that he was a wonderful man. Nick swore that he didn't regret a minute of it, but he felt that she had to follow her heart and live her life. They tenderly shared one last kiss as Adam looked on.

Theo caught Lola tending to the food and applauded her for being a perfectionist on her night off. He appreciated that she'd made his favorite dish -- the spinach empanadas -- and she teased him for throwing a tantrum when she'd considered eliminating them from the menu. Theo invited her to dance, but Summer swooped in and quickly led Theo to the dance floor. Summer scolded Theo for whatever he'd been trying to do, but he asserted that his goal for the new year was to get rid of whatever was standing in his way.

Abby announced that it was almost midnight. Billy arrived and stared at Victoria as Abby cried that it was out with the old and in with the new. Abby raced over to Chance as the guests counted down the seconds until midnight. Billy approached Victoria from behind, and she was happily surprised that he'd made it. He replied that he wouldn't have missed it, and he pulled her into a kiss. Meanwhile, Amanda rang in the new year alone at the dive bar.

Theo watched Kyle and Lola kissing, and he looked over at Summer, who sat alone. Nick joined Summer and cheered her up by calling her by various pet names. She said she loved him for being a total goofball, and she vowed that 2020 would be their best year yet. They hugged.

Adam sat at home alone. The door opened, and Chelsea appeared. They stared at one another, and she silently walked toward him and took his hands in hers. They gazed at one another longingly as fireworks began to pop outside. They stepped to the window, and Adam put his arm around Chelsea as they watched the display together.

Sharon finds a lump in her breast Sharon finds a lump in her breast
Friday, January 3, 2020

At home, Summer wished a sullen Nick a happy New Year. She surmised that he'd had too much Champagne the night before, and she asked if coffee would help. Nick admitted that he hadn't consumed much alcohol because he hadn't been celebrating, and Summer was surprised because she'd assumed that he and Chelsea had left the party to ring in the year alone. Nick mentioned that Chelsea might be by later to get her things, and Summer ranted about Chelsea bouncing between Nick's place and Adam's. Summer huffed that Chelsea should do Nick a favor and move in with Adam already, but she quickly realized it was exactly what Chelsea was doing.

Nick recounted that his breakup with Chelsea hadn't been nasty, but they had known that their relationship hadn't been working. Summer chided him for breaking things off on New Year's Eve, of all nights, but Nick reasoned that it had been an appropriate night to put the previous year behind them and start fresh. Summer wondered if Chelsea wanted to start fresh with Adam, and Nick resolved to stop pretending that Adam wasn't the one Chelsea wanted to be with. Summer hated seeing Nick hurt, but she'd never felt that he and Chelsea would last. Summer added that she just wanted her father to find someone who appreciated him, but Nick planned to stay single.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea descended the stairs and found Adam looking out the window. She wished him a happy New Year, and he confirmed that it was so far. He reported that he'd taken Connor to the ranch to show Oliver to Victor and Nikki. Adam added that he'd gone to check on Chelsea, but her door had been closed, so he'd let her sleep. She announced that she was rested and ready to face whatever the future held, and he suggested something simple, like coffee. Chelsea insisted on apologizing for letting her emotions get the best of her the night before.

Adam sympathized that breakups were never easy, and Chelsea added that talking about them was hard, too. She thought he deserved an explanation, but he swore that holding her in his arms the night before had been all he'd needed. Adam confessed that he'd seen Chelsea having an intense conversation with Nick at the party, but he'd completely misunderstood what had been going on between them. Chelsea realized that it had been why Adam had left.

Adam shared that he'd assumed Nick and Chelsea had been renewing the promises they'd made to one another about their future together. Chelsea confirmed that Adam had witnessed a goodbye without anger or bitterness, and she owed it all to Nick for having the courage to face the truth. Adam called his brother a self-righteous jerk, but he gave Nick credit for doing the right thing and accepting that Adam and Chelsea belonged together. Chelsea clarified that just because things were over between her and Nick didn't mean that she was ready to be with Adam.

Chelsea explained that she needed time to sort everything out, since the past few months had been an emotional roller coaster. She shared that she'd poured her heart and soul into her relationship with Nick, and it broke her heart to think she'd hurt him again. Adam wondered if it was definitely over, and Chelsea replied that she was looking at the reason why. She recognized that she and Adam had unfinished business, but he stressed that they had a future.

Chelsea refused to rush things because she had to heal her heart before she could consider opening it up again. Adam understood, but he hoped that slowing down didn't mean completely stopping. He suggested that they have a date, but she felt it was too soon to be seen together. Adam proposed that they have a New Year's Day date at the penthouse, but he needed time to put something together. He urged her to go for a walk and think about all the possibilities for the new year, and he'd have everything ready when she returned. She agreed.

Later, Chelsea rang the penthouse doorbell, and Adam wondered why she hadn't used her key. She scoffed at just barging in when she'd been asked on a date. He presented her with a table set for a brunch for two, and he explained that he wanted the moment to be low-key but one she'd remember. Adam promised that there would be no fanfare or screaming from the rooftop, and Chelsea recognized that it wasn't the date he'd originally envisioned. Adam mused that he was with her, and it was all that mattered.

Chelsea was shocked by how good the eggs Adam had cooked were, and he reminded her that he'd grown up on a farm. She couldn't remember him ever cooking like that before, and he said he'd had time to practice when he'd been in Las Vegas. He figured that a lot of memories had stuck with him, waiting to resurface, while he'd been finding his way back. He swore that he remembered everything about her, from the way she looked across the bed when she woke up in the morning to the way she covered her face during scary movies.

Adam murmured that he knew Chelsea's every look and every move, and he saw all her imperfections. Chelsea asked if he could love her in spite of them, and Adam firmly stated that he loved her because of them. He thought she felt the same way about him, and he didn't mind waiting for her to take the time to realize that. He held up his glass of Champagne and declared, "To you and me and what can be."

Mariah arrived at Crimson Lights and placed her usual order, and Sharon inquired whether she wanted a second drink for Tessa. Mariah replied that she wouldn't be seeing Tessa that morning, but Sharon told her to turn around. Mariah joined Tessa on the patio and asked what she was doing there when she was supposed to be getting ready for her meeting with Tanner Watts. Mariah fretted that Tessa didn't want to be late to meet a big star, and she guessed that Tessa was nervous. Mariah offered to go with Tessa, but Tessa insisted that there was nothing to worry about.

Mariah fussed over whether Tessa was ready for her meeting with a superstar, and Tessa figured that there was time for one more cup of coffee because she didn't want to seem too eager. Mariah reasoned that Tessa and Tanner were both talented, dedicated artists who spoke the same language, and she encouraged Tessa to think about how much they had in common. Tessa greeted Rey and Faith as she rushed out, and Faith asked Mariah what was up. Mariah explained that Tessa was anxious about a big meeting, but she didn't want to say more until she knew what it was about.

Rey told Sharon that he'd had a good time ice-skating with Faith that morning before his shift. Sharon indicated that things had been crazy at the coffeehouse, since she'd served more black coffee that day than she had in the past six months. Faith wrapped her arms around Sharon from behind and asked if she'd told her mother how much she loved her. Sharon joked that Faith had said it 500 times since Sharon had permitted her to go on a ski trip with her friend's family, although Sharon was dismayed that Faith would be leaving again already. Faith chirped that it would only be a few days, but Sharon bemoaned that any time without her was too much.

Sharon and Rey overheard Mariah and Faith discussing Tessa's mysterious meeting, but Mariah swore that her lips were sealed until Tessa returned. Mariah headed out for a meeting with Devon, but Faith stopped her. Faith mentioned that she'd noticed things she hadn't seen before, like how great things were between Mariah and Tessa, who seemed happier than ever. Mariah teased that Faith wasn't such a "squirt" anymore, and Faith declared that the new, grown-up her was very happy that Mariah was happy. They hugged.

Nick and Summer arrived at the coffeehouse and exchanged pleasantries with Rey. Faith insisted on talking to Summer, who asked if "he" was going on the ski trip. The young ladies retreated to the patio, and Nick freaked out at the prospect that Faith liked a boy. Sharon explained that Faith would only confide in her big sisters, but the crush had happened fast. Rey prepared to go to work, but he urged Nick not to worry because Faith was a good kid. Sharon seemed confused when Rey said he'd pick her up that evening, and he reminded her about having dinner at Kyle and Lola's.

After Rey left, Nick remarked that he liked seeing Sharon happy. She observed that Nick hardly looked thrilled, and he shared that he'd ended things with Chelsea. He confided that he felt relieved that he no longer had to spend all his time worrying about Adam, and Sharon wondered if it meant Chelsea and Adam had reunited. Nick stated that he didn't know, but he was staying out of it. Nick swore off all relationships entirely, and Sharon understood that sometimes it was good to be single because it made life less complicated.

Nick relayed that Summer had tried to convince him to jump back into the dating pool, and he suspected that she wouldn't be the last one to get involved in his love life. Sharon could practically hear Nikki asking him to promise not to take up with Sharon again, but Nick thought Phyllis might be Nikki's worst nightmare. Nick worried that his best days were behind him, but Sharon hoped that wasn't true for either one of them. He noticed that she seemed distracted, and she chalked it up to it being a busy day. Nick offered to tell his mom not to worry because Sharon was happy with a great guy, and he believed Sharon and Rey had a great future ahead of them.

Sharon insisted on getting another hug before Faith left, and she expected many more hugs in the future, starting with that one. Faith groaned that she couldn't breathe, and she pointed out that her mother was acting like they'd never see one another again. Sharon commented that Faith would understand one day. Nick, Summer, and Faith departed, and Sharon stepped out to the patio and made a call. She asked to make an appointment with her doctor, since she'd found a lump in her breast that morning.

At Society, a nervous Kevin admitted to Chloe that he was terrified. She assured him that they were just sharing some amazing news with the family they loved, and she asked if he was happy. He declared that he was ecstatic -- but terrified. He panicked when he spotted Michael and Lauren outside the restaurant, and he realized that the minute they announced the news, it would be amazingly, terrifyingly real.

Chloe reminded Kevin that her pregnancy test had been positive, so there was no going back. He swore that he didn't want to and that he was beyond thrilled to be having another kid. Chloe was sure that his brother and her mom would be, too, and she looked forward to sharing the experience with the people she loved after going through it alone with Bella. Kevin worried that it was too soon to tell everyone, but Chloe cited Bella's enthusiastic reaction and thought they had no choice.

Kevin argued that if something went wrong, he and Chloe would have to share that news, too. She anticipated that everyone would be there for them, and she wanted to share the whole incredible, scary ride with their loved ones, who would be as happy and excited as they were. Michael and Lauren joined them, and Michael testily asked if they could get it over with. Lauren apologetically explained that Michael had indulged in too much "Auld Lang Syne" the night before.

Lauren finished a call and indicated that Fen was on his way. Chloe reported that her mom would be there with Bella soon, and Michael groaned that he didn't know how much longer he could hold his head up. Lauren encouraged Michael to go home and lie down, but Chloe protested that it was their last chance to spend the holidays together. Michael snapped to tell everyone else to hurry.

Fen arrived with apologies for being late. Esther commended him for bravely making it through rehab, and Fen proclaimed that he was ready to move on to the next step of his recovery. Michael complained of a killer headache, and Lauren volunteered to drive him home. Chloe insisted that they not lose out on the chance to start the new year by sharing good news, and Michael requested that they keep the conversation to a dull roar.

Esther announced that she'd signed up for a dating app. Lauren referred to something Michael didn't even know yet -- that Fenmore's would be going global by opening stores in Tokyo and Seoul. Michael felt like he should participate to avoid being a party pooper, and he considered surviving New Year's Eve to be an achievement. Kevin started to reveal his big news, but Bella suddenly blurted out that she was going to be a big sister. Lauren realized that it had been why Kevin and Chloe had invited them there. Michael cried to screw the headache, since the occasion called for Champagne. Chloe and Kevin kissed.

Across the dining room, Devon complimented Mariah's eye for talent and the job she'd done managing Tessa's career. Mariah disclosed that Tessa had received a text message from Tanner Watts, who had wanted to meet. An impressed Devon asked what Tanner wanted, and Mariah imagined that it had to be something good, or else he wouldn't have reached out. Mariah added that the meeting was happening at that moment.

Devon contemplated how to score Tanner as a client. Mariah clucked that Tanner wasn't the only superstar in their midst, since Tessa's new songs had the potential to be big hits, and there was no reason Tessa couldn't be as big as Tanner was. Mariah speculated that the meeting with Tanner could be Tessa's big break, and she felt like anything was possible because they'd had more than their share of heartbreak and disappointment.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, a man touched Tessa's arm, and she turned to face him. Tanner suggested that they start their meeting with a hug, and they embraced. He noted that it had been awhile, and he observed that she looked good. She said the same thing about him and marveled at how his career had taken off. Tanner admitted that he'd never seen it happening when he'd been living out of his van, and Tessa said she'd always known he had something special. He commented that she'd had more faith in him than he'd ever had.

Tanner recalled that even his mom hadn't expected him to make it, but Tessa had never stopped believing in him, and he would have given up if it hadn't been for her. She figured that music was in his blood, and it had just been a matter of time before everyone had seen how talented he was. He praised her latest songs and thought she'd found her voice and passion, but he believed there was a lot more she could do. Tanner revealed that he'd been on tour with a great band, but they'd gotten a gig headlining in Europe, so he was short one opening act. He asked her to join him on tour.

Tanner swore that it was a legitimate offer with no hidden agendas. Tessa was skeptical that he'd randomly selected her as his opening act, but he insisted that it was about her talent and not "other stuff." He asserted that they'd been reckless, immature, and passionate kids back in the day; it had been great while it had lasted, but they'd grown up and moved on. Tessa questioned why he'd called her, and Tanner maintained that he needed an opening act and that she was "damn good." She asked if that was it, and he implored her not to let the past hold her back from a win-win for both of them.

Later, Mariah raced into the Grand Phoenix and asked Tessa what had happened with Tanner. Tessa revealed that it hadn't been what she'd expected, since Tanner wanted her to be his opening act. Mariah was blown away that Tanner wanted Tessa to go on tour with him, and she started making plans to call people and order a new wardrobe. Tessa told her to slow down.

Mariah promised that she and Devon would negotiate a deal for enough money. Tessa confided that part of her thought she should turn Tanner down. Mariah assured Tessa that they wouldn't let being apart for months get between them. Tessa stammered that she should have told Mariah before the meeting that it hadn't been the first time that she'd met Tanner Watts. Tessa revealed that Tanner was her ex -- and that they had been married.

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