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Mariah encouraged Tessa to go on tour with Tanner, and Tessa left town. Sharon underwent a mammogram and ultrasound and scheduled a biopsy. Sharon hid her medical concerns from Rey. Chelsea and Adam reunited and made love. Amanda confided in Billy about her controlling ex-fiancÚ.
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Sharon was told she needed a biopsy, but hid her medical concerns from her loved ones
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Mariah struggles with Tessa's past Mariah struggles with Tessa's past
Monday, January 6, 2020

At Tessa and Mariah's apartment, a sudden revelation about Tessa's secretive marriage to singer Tanner Watts had left Mariah stunned. Tessa apologized, but Mariah was hurt and expressed anguish over Tessa having failed to share details of her past relationship, especially after they'd became a couple and had moved in together. Mariah pointed out that Tanner's invitation to Tessa to join him on tour had taken on a different connation, knowing the two had once been husband and wife. The color drained from Tessa's face when Mariah cried that Tessa had deliberately lied to her. Mariah noted that Tessa hadn't merely forgotten to mention an old coworker, because Tanner had been someone she'd been in love with. Tessa immediately replied that she and Tanner had never been in love. Mariah looked confused.

Tessa shared how she and Tanner, both having endured emotional distress, family estrangement, and struggles to survive without financial resources, had connected while performing together at bars and clubs. Tessa added that they'd shared a passion for music more than anything else. Mariah listened without commenting as Tessa explained that she and Tanner had ended up "pretty buzzed" at the conclusion of a show in Reno and had foolishly gotten married at an all-night chapel that performed weddings for $25. Tessa insisted that she and Tanner had never been in love. Mariah seemed unable to understand how Tessa could have married someone she didn't love.

Tessa, desperate to explain, recalled the struggles she and Mariah had endured to forge a relationship based on real love. Mariah asked what had happened to Tessa's marriage. Tessa said she and Tanner had awakened the morning after their sudden wedding, shocked at what they'd done. Mariah couldn't understand why Tessa and Tanner hadn't taken steps to annul the union immediately and insisted there had to be another reason why they'd stayed together. Tessa replied, "We were having fun -- hanging out with each other, escaping our pasts, chasing our dreams." Mariah, angry, said, "That sounds like a real relationship. In fact, it sounds a lot like our relationship."

Tessa disagreed and cried that she had never been able to let down and be herself with Tanner like she could with Mariah. Tessa added that because she and Tanner hadn't been in a loving union, their emotional wounds had never healed, fame had never arrived, and they'd eventually stopped having fun. Mariah asked which one had made the decision to end the marriage. Tessa replied, "It was mutual." Tessa explained that both she and Tanner had looked at each other one day and known they had no business being together. Tessa added that she and Tanner had each chipped in and paid for a divorce, which had ended up being much more expensive than their wedding.

Tessa said after her marriage had been over, she'd returned home and forgotten about the three months she'd been married to a rock star. Mariah, still miffed, cried, "Yeah, acted like it never happened. Kept it from everyone you know, including me." Mariah cried that Tessa didn't trust her. Tessa broke down in tears and told Mariah she loved Mariah because Mariah meant everything to her.

Tessa pleaded with Mariah to tell her that her pledge of true love was enough to earn forgiveness. Mariah said she understood Tessa's need to bury her past. Mariah cried that immediately after Tanner had called, Tessa should have told her about the marriage. Tessa claimed she'd panicked and hadn't wanted to admit she'd married someone she hadn't loved. Mariah said she felt like a fool for having given Tessa pep talks about how to proceed with her big break.

Tessa said she'd phone Tanner immediately and turn down his offer. Mariah implored Tessa to wait and not make a drastic decision. Mariah said she needed to get out for a while to think. After Mariah left, Tanner stopped by. Tessa seemed shocked to see him standing at her front door.

At Crimson Lights, Rey noticed Sharon's frenzied haste to clean tables and teased that she might opt to switch to decaffeinated coffee because she seemed nervous. Sharon explained that she wasn't nervous and had a lot to do. Rey offered to help, but Sharon said that she had issues she'd have to handle on her own. Walking away quickly, Sharon paused at an already-clean table to catch her breath. Rey hoped to give Sharon a break from work and invited her to accompany him to court, where he was set to testify as a witness, and later for lunch. Sharon declined and claimed she had an appointment to meet with a coffee distributor. Rey was disappointed, so Sharon made plans for them to enjoy dinner together.

After Rey left, Sharon received a text message from Dr. Norris reminding Sharon about her appointment. Rey returned to Crimson Lights after he left the courthouse earlier than expected and couldn't find Sharon. He sent her a text message asking where she was. After Sharon returned to Crimson Lights, she was lost in thought and surprised to see Rey. He explained that the accused man had accepted a plea bargain.

Rey asked about Sharon's meeting, which he thought had been set up at the coffeehouse. Sharon claimed she'd instead met the broker at his office and would need time to consider everything discussed before making a decision. Rey suggested they take a break and enjoy an early lunch. Sharon tightly embraced Rey and said, her voice breaking, "I would love that very much." Rey recalled that Sharon had seemed stressed earlier about all the work she had to do. Sharon insisted that work could wait, and she told Rey to grab a table for them.

Sharon stepped into the kitchen, slumped against the wall, and struggled to contain her emotions. After Rey and Sharon sat down to enjoy their meal, Rey told Sharon about buying a pair of shoes for a young man who'd attempted to shoplift. Rey noted that he'd strongly warned the kid that what he'd done had been wrong. Sharon commended Rey for never passing up an opportunity to help someone in need. Sharon pressed her hand on Rey's chest near his heart and said, "It's what's in here that I love the most." Rey received a message that he was needed at the station and apologized for having to cut short their lunch. Sharon kissed Rey before he left.

Sharon stepped out on the patio and phoned the imaging center to schedule a mammogram and ultrasound. The receptionist booked an appointment for Tuesday morning. No sooner had Sharon hung up than a distraught Mariah walked up and asked if it was a good time to talk. Mariah poured out her problems and admitted she'd blown everything out of proportion as she always did. Mariah cried that she was afraid that everything might change. Sharon reached across the table and held her daughter's hand.

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria learned from Nick that he and Chelsea had ended their relationship. Nick said the sudden breakup had confused Christian, though he'd promised that Christian would still see Connor often. Victoria asked if Nick had stopped by just to tell her his news. Nick said he'd thought it would be better if she heard the news directly from him. Victoria speculated that Chelsea had reconnected with Adam. Victoria offered to tell their parents about Nick's breakup with Chelsea, so he wouldn't have to repeat his painful conversation. Nikki entered and overheard Victoria.

Nikki refused to let the matter drop after she'd overheard part of the conversation between Nick and Victoria. Nick blurted out that he and Chelsea had broken up. Nikki asked Nick how he and Christian were adjusting. Nick said Christian would miss Connor and Chelsea, though the two had spent much of their time at Adam's. Nikki asked to speak to Nick alone. Victoria left for her business trip to Singapore.

Nikki compared Nick's strong capacity to resolve issues and move on to Victor's and noted how similar they were. Nick replied, "Definitely not a compliment." Nikki told Nick she admired the strength he'd demonstrated to bury his pain, and she invited him to open up and talk things over. Nick admitted he'd ended his relationship after realizing Chelsea hadn't been fully committed. Nick added that the breakup would have been easier had Adam not been involved.

Nikki commended Nick for putting Connor's needs above his own. Nikki wondered aloud if Adam had done the same. Nikki asked Nick if he thought Adam had used Connor's problems to manipulate Chelsea. Nick said Adam had, though his concern for Connor was real because both Adam and Chelsea really loved their son. Nick said that with Adam and Chelsea spending time together helping Connor, there had been nothing he could have done to stop the inevitable.

Nick insisted that he would live his life, focus on Christian, and put all his energies into New Hope and outreach programs for its residents. Nikki said she had every confidence that Nick would be fine. Nikki added, "Just do me a favor. Stay away from Sharon, please." Nick laughed and said that was exactly what Sharon had predicted Nikki would say. Nick embraced his mother and said, "Don't ever change, Mom." Nikki said she couldn't if she tried.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea returned with Connor's favorite doughnut after driving across town to get it. Adam repositioned chairs around a dining table and said he might purchase and move the bakery across the street from their building, since Chelsea and Connor were living with him permanently. Chelsea admitted that she was nervous about breaking the news to Connor after their child had had to adjust to a number of changes in his life. Adam said, "And this is going to be the last one, right?" Chelsea timidly replied, "No pressure."

After Connor joined his parents for breakfast and noticed the doughnuts, he feared he was about to receive bad news because his unexpected treat hadn't been served on a special occasion, such as his birthday. Chelsea announced that she'd be staying permanently with Connor and his dad and wouldn't be returning to Nick's. Connor, so relieved that Chelsea had ended her romance with Nick and committed to building a strong relationship with Adam, broke down in tears. Adam was concerned, but Chelsea noted that Connor was crying happy tears, as was she.

Later, Chelsea overheard Adam's phone conversation with a child therapist Sharon had recommended. Adam shared details of Connor's issues and seemed eager and deeply committed to seek help as soon as possible. After Adam hung up, Chelsea said she hadn't meant to eavesdrop. Adam said he and Chelsea were a team. Chelsea said they always had been when it involved Connor. Adam replied, "It's true now more than ever."

Chelsea told Adam that hearing him on the phone call, explaining his deep desire to help his son, had reminded her of how he could love so deeply that it made the other person involved feel like nothing else mattered. Adam replied, "It's not a problem, is it?" Chelsea said, "Watching that kind of love is incredible. Being the object of it is terrifying." Adam agreed that he could be a little intense. Chelsea explained that Adam's passionate love brought with it pressure and expectation. Adam insisted he wasn't pressuring Chelsea. Chelsea quipped that the last time she'd turned him down, he'd tried to have her arrested. Adam insisted that he regretted what he'd done in order to get back what he'd believed had been stolen from him.

Adam told Chelsea that he'd since learned that he wasn't entitled to anything and had to prove to her and everyone else that he deserved a second chance. Chelsea said she knew Adam was trying hard, though he still couldn't prove their relationship would work out. Chelsea was surprised to hear that Adam was scared. Adam explained that he was willing to wait until Chelsea was ready to move on before he could realize his dreams of rebuilding their relationship. Getting it right, he added, scared the hell out of him because he was terrified it might all slip through his fingers. Chelsea acknowledged that she would need time. Adam agreed to give her all the time she needed.

Mariah encourages Tessa to go on tour Mariah encourages Tessa to go on tour
Tuesday, January 7, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Sharon was shocked when Mariah informed her that rock star Tanner Watts wanted Tessa to go on tour with him as his opening act. Sharon exclaimed that it was the kind of break a musician dreamed about, but Mariah seemed torn. Sharon understood that Mariah was worried about being apart from Tessa, but she figured that it had been the point of the PR campaign to get Tessa's name out there. Mariah muttered that it had succeeded, and Sharon guessed that Tanner had seen Tessa's music videos online. Mariah confirmed that he had, but she also disclosed that Tessa and Tanner had met before -- and that they'd been married.

Mariah confided that she and Tessa had been up all night to try to hash things out, but Mariah couldn't get over that Tessa had never mentioned Tanner to her. Mariah understood that the marriage had been over years earlier and that it had only lasted a few months, and the secret hadn't even been in the same league as others Tessa had kept. Sharon lectured that a lie of omission was still a lie, and an ex-husband was a significant piece of information to leave out. Sharon recounted that there had been things she hadn't told Nick about her past when they'd gotten together, and it had caused problems in their relationship.

Mariah reasoned that Tessa had eloped with Tanner to get out of a crappy home life; however, she'd just swapped one set of problems for another, and Mariah knew what that was like. Sharon noted that it sounded like Mariah wanted to give Tessa a pass, but she thought Tessa should have told Mariah the truth the minute she'd received the message from Tanner. Mariah admitted that it really bothered her that Tessa hadn't.

Sharon pointed out that Mariah and Tessa's relationship had survived intense challenges before, and Mariah asked if Sharon was telling her to trust Tessa. Sharon insisted that she trusted Mariah to protect herself while remaining loving and understanding with Tessa, and she couldn't be prouder of her daughter. They hugged, and Mariah mused that she didn't know what she'd do if she didn't have Sharon to talk to. Sharon struggled against tears.

At Mariah and Tessa's apartment, Tanner told Tessa that the tour was an opportunity of a lifetime that would allow her career to take off. Tessa argued that he couldn't guarantee it would happen, but he enthused about seeing much of North America while doing 27 shows in 21 cities over the next few months. He swore that she'd have the time of her life, and he encouraged her to join him on the road. Tessa requested time to process all of it, and Tanner wondered if her girlfriend was holding her back.

An irked Tessa asserted that she would have given up music if it hadn't been for Mariah. Tanner explained that he was just trying to find out where Tessa's head was, and he swore that he had no issue with her girlfriend. Tanner was sure that it had been strange to have a conversation about going on the road with her ex, and Tessa shared that it had been especially odd because Mariah hadn't known Tessa had one. Tanner incredulously asked if Tessa had erased him from her history.

Tessa defended that she hadn't exactly been excited to tell her girlfriend how she'd messed up her first marriage. Tanner contended that he had a girlfriend who knew all about Tessa, and Tessa wailed that everyone was more evolved than she was. Tanner assured her that they had no reason to be ashamed of their past, since they'd just been dumb kids making dumb decisions, and misspent youth made great material for songwriting. Tessa realized that certain songs of Tanner's were about her. He apologized if his popping up had caused tension with her girlfriend, and he offered to explain things to Mariah. Tessa vehemently objected.

Tessa insisted on working it out on her own, and Tanner warned that he needed to know as soon as possible whether she intended to sign on as his opening act. Tessa figured that there were plenty of fabulous singers who deserved a chance as much as she did, and she sensed that the offer was about something else. Tanner said there weren't many people in his life who had known him before he'd hit it big, but Tessa had believed in him; he never would have made it to that point without her support. He considered it an opportunity for him to repay the favor, and he hoped she let him. Mariah returned home, and Tanner awkwardly introduced himself. Mariah wordlessly shut the door behind her.

Tanner mentioned that he'd dropped by to give Tessa more information about the tour, and he thanked Mariah for encouraging Tessa to stick with music. Tessa insisted that she and Mariah discuss things alone, and she imagined that Tanner and his girlfriend knew how the traveling could be disruptive to a personal life. Tanner understood, but he urged Tessa to decide soon, or he'd have to make the decision for her. After Tanner headed out, Tessa apologized for his unexpected appearance, but Mariah recognized that it was his way of underscoring how much he wanted Tessa to go on tour with him. Tessa only cared about what Mariah thought about it. Mariah replied that she thought Tessa should do it.

Mariah swore that she'd made up her mind before she'd walked in the door and seen Tanner there. She explained that she'd realized that Tessa had lied to her because she'd been scared that Mariah wouldn't understand, and any decision Tessa made out of fear would be the wrong one. Mariah insisted that going on tour was what Tessa had been born to do, and Tessa couldn't pass it up. Tessa conceded that singing for a living was her dream; however, it didn't have to happen right then, and she would have other opportunities that didn't include leaving for months.

Mariah said she would miss Tessa like crazy, and she knew Tessa would miss her. She didn't want to be the reason Tessa passed up the opportunity and regretted it later. Tessa promised that she would own up to the decision and not hold anyone else responsible, but that meant she needed to make it by herself. Mariah swore that she would support whatever Tessa decided, and they embraced.

At home, Billy informed Victoria that her luggage was in the car for her trip to Singapore, and he wondered why Hannah hadn't gotten home with the kids to say goodbye. Victoria revealed that she'd dropped by the ranch on her way home from work and arranged for the children to spend the night with her parents in order to give Billy some peace and quiet. She considered it her way of thanking him for the wonderful surprise he'd given her the prior week, and he jokingly asked where his fluffy robe and cabernet were.

Victoria left it up to Billy to decide what he wanted to do or if he preferred to just ponder his thoughts, since inspiration sometimes floated to the top when he did. She recognized that he'd been struggling with what to do with his life since he'd left Jabot, but she didn't want to put any pressure on him. Billy declared that a night off from the world was exactly what he needed, and they kissed and hugged. Later, Billy searched online for advice about what to do when one felt like they were living someone else's life. He was unimpressed with the suggestions he found, and he slammed his computer shut and paced the room. He sent a text message to Amanda and asked if she was up for some coffee.

Billy arrived at Crimson Lights and joined Amanda on the patio, where she was already settled in with a cup of coffee. She hoped that he didn't mind that she'd started without him, and he grinned. Amanda asked if Billy had been at the gym, and he explained that he'd walked over briskly to use up energy, but he wasn't sure why he had it. She admitted that she was feeling antsy, too, but she knew exactly why -- she was in desperate need of a new challenge. Billy proclaimed that he had one that was "complicated as hell," and he hoped she could help him out with it. "You and me. What is this?" Billy wanted to know.

Amanda stated that she was joining a friend for coffee, and Billy questioned why they'd clicked. He noted that most friends had common ground, but he and Amanda had nothing in common. He pointed out that he and Victoria were very different people, but they'd both been born in Genoa City, suffered through a troubled adolescence, and attended boarding schools. Billy wondered why Amanda seemed to understand what he was thinking half the time before he even expressed it, and she confirmed that she felt a comfort level with him that she didn't share with many people.

Billy marveled that it felt like he and Amanda had known one another for years, even though they'd just met. They compared notes and found that they were different in every possible way, and she wondered if their only shared experience had been being at the same place at the same time when the lights had gone out in Genoa City. Billy doubted it, and he expected that they would figure it out at some point. She suggested that they stop analyzing it to death and enjoy one another's company.

Billy considered it ridiculous that he'd been climbing the walls after five minutes of peace and quiet when he'd complained about having no time alone. Amanda reasoned that he was an extrovert who had to talk things through with someone else, and Billy guessed that she was an introvert who preferred to spend time alone. She confirmed it was true, but she was trying to be more social by making new friends and putting roots down in Genoa City. She mentioned staying in touch with Nate and getting to know Phyllis. Billy admitted that he and Phyllis had a history, but he wasn't surprised that the women were friends because Phyllis was cool, smart, and independent.

Sharon entered the patio and voiced surprise that Billy and Amanda knew one another. Billy stammered that Victoria and her family were thankful to Amanda for representing Nate in his case with the medical board and helping him to keep his license. After Sharon excused herself, Amanda awkwardly said she had to get going, and Billy appreciated her letting him bend her ear. She wished him a good night and left. Billy watched her go, and he contemplated why he'd felt like he'd needed to hide his encounter with Amanda.

Summer approached Theo at the Grand Phoenix bar. He asked if she was there to celebrate Kyle's birthday, and he swore that he wasn't crashing because he'd had no idea the party would be there. Summer informed him that she was there for a drink, and she wondered how he'd known about Kyle's birthday. Theo recalled that during their partying days, they'd still be recovering from their New Year's hangovers when they'd broken out the cake. Theo assumed that Kyle had been vague about his plans because there was a family thing Theo hadn't been invited to.

Summer divulged that Kyle had been vague because he didn't know the plan -- Lola was surprising him. Theo imagined that Lola was planning a ski trip in Aspen or a night of clubbing in New York, but Summer clucked that he was way off base. Theo realized that Lola wasn't into the kind of big, flashy gestures Summer would have made if Summer and Kyle had stayed together. Theo told Summer not to deny that she still thought about it because he knew her too well.

Theo refused to let Summer change the subject until she told him what she'd gotten Kyle for his birthday. Summer claimed that she hadn't gotten anything, and she ordered Theo to let it go. Theo didn't blame her for holding out hope that there was still something between her and Kyle, since Kyle would eventually get bored with his "walk on the mild side." Summer taunted that Theo's exciting plans for the evening were hanging out at a hotel bar, giving her a hard time. She questioned whether he'd forgotten how to have fun, and he invited her to join him upstairs and see for herself.

Summer asked how long Theo was going to pretend to be a wild child compared to Kyle when all Theo wanted to do was emulate him. Summer pointed out that Theo had chosen to work in the same office as Kyle, even after Ashley had offered Theo a job in Paris that any normal, unattached guy would have jumped at. Theo countered that he wanted to get to know his family, but Summer shot back that Theo didn't attend Abbott family gatherings. She knew the real reason Theo was sticking around town, but unfortunately for him, that reason was happily married.

Theo surmised that Summer hadn't shared her theory about his interest in Lola with Kyle. He suspected that Summer either didn't really believe it or believed it and hoped he succeeded in breaking the couple up. Summer protested that it was a terrible thing to say, and Theo asserted that she hadn't denied it. She snapped that everyone would have been better off if he'd gone to Paris, and he muttered that it would be the perfect birthday gift for Kyle if Theo resigned to take a job on another continent. Theo pledged to stay put, since there was too much he wanted to accomplish there, and he refused to tell her what he meant by that.

Lola led a blindfolded Kyle to Society's door and implored him to trust her. She removed the blindfold, and he faced a sign that indicated the restaurant was closed for a private party. Upon entering, he discovered a table set for two, and he realized that she'd closed the restaurant down for the evening. He protested that she would lose business, but she reasoned that the staff had been grateful for the night off. Lola explained that she'd considered throwing him a bash, but Kyle insisted that she'd made the right choice, since he'd get her all to himself all night, which was the best gift ever. They kissed.

Lola presented Kyle with the sandwich that had led to their introduction. She recalled that she'd ignored his special requests when he'd first ordered it at her food truck and made it her way instead, but since that day was his birthday, she'd made everything the way he wanted it. He was surprised that she'd remembered all of his substitutions, and she called it the moment that had changed her life forever. Kyle considered it a perfect metaphor, since his version of the sandwich and his old life had been fine, but he'd had no idea how good either could be until he'd found Lola. He reached for her hand and begged her not to make him eat the sandwich because her version was a million times better. They laughed.

Later, Lola returned with dinner plates and found Kyle mixing drinks at the bar. He revealed that he was making some special nonalcoholic mocktails from a secret family recipe that he'd blatantly stolen, since it hadn't been his family's. He rechristened the drink January Birthday in honor of the occasion, and he added the ingredients to a shaker. Lola wondered if he'd learned to make drinks while barhopping with Theo. Kyle countered that he and Theo had only done shots, whereas Kyle's concoction was artistry.

Kyle confessed that he'd bartended in the Hamptons for a hedge fund manager who'd thrown epic parties, but Lola pointed out that the drinks didn't have any liquor. Kyle explained that booze had a ton of calories, and the last thing supermodels had wanted was alcohol bloat, so they'd loved his mocktails. He handed Lola a glass, and she clinked it against his. She marveled at how different their lives had been back then and how hers looked at that moment.

Kyle recounted the fantasy date he'd put together at the Athletic Club, and Lola remembered that he had told her that for the first time, he'd known what it meant to be in love. Kyle recalled that he'd known they'd have a future together, but he hadn't imagined being married and working their dream jobs within a year. He was excited to think about what would happen next, but she had the nagging feeling that when things seemed too perfect, they wouldn't last. Lola bemoaned that she'd miss their honeymoon phase if it was gone, and Kyle vowed to keep it going.

Lola lamented that no one in their families had been able to do that. Kyle asserted that they both knew how to work hard and sacrifice for the things they wanted -- and he'd never wanted anything more than a happy life with her. Kyle promised that they were going to have that together, since they could get through anything. He connected his phone to the lighting and sound systems and turned on some music. He pulled Lola into his arms, and they happily swayed.

Chelsea's reunion with Adam angers Chloe Chelsea's reunion with Adam angers Chloe
Wednesday, January 8, 2020
by Nel

At Jabot, Jack, Kyle, and Summer concluded their meeting. Kyle noticed that Summer and Jack were acting oddly, and he questioned their strange behavior. He wondered if Theo had screwed things up. At that moment, Lola arrived with a birthday cake for Kyle, and Jack and Summer yelled, "Surprise!" Summer gifted Kyle with a photo of him and her as children. Lola appeared uncomfortable but said they looked cute together and that she appreciated the photo because they didn't have many photos of Kyle as a child.

Jack told Kyle that his gift would be delivered. Kyle asked if it was going to be a sports car, but Jack said that as CEO, sports cars were out. Kyle asked for a hint. Jack said it might or might not include Kyle's favorite sport, and it might or might not include an autograph. Lola cheerfully shouted that it was more hockey stuff. Kyle was overwhelmed, and he thanked everyone.

Summer suggested that Kyle make a wish over his cake, since no one had thought to bring candles. As Kyle was about to make a wish, Theo arrived and asked if they were having a party without him. Kyle wasn't pleased to see him. Theo remarked that Kyle was the king of birthdays. He shook Kyle's hand and said he had a gift for Kyle, as well. He showed Kyle the latest social media numbers and stated that they were through the roof. Jack was very pleased, but Kyle looked chagrined.

Lola told Kyle she had to leave, and Kyle walked her to the elevators. Kyle commented that Theo had always deliberately pushed his buttons. Lola stated that it had worked every time. She asked Kyle what he thought she'd felt when Summer had presented him with the photo of him and Summer as kids. Kyle said it hadn't seemed to bother her. Lola said that was because she wouldn't let it. She said she could have had a very different reaction to the very personal gift given to her husband by his ex-wife, but she'd chosen to let it go. She suggested that Kyle do the same with Theo.

Kyle kissed Lola and asked what he'd done to deserve her. She smiled and entered the elevator.

Inside the office, Jack told Theo he felt terrible because he hadn't included Theo in Kyle's birthday celebration. He asked Theo when his birthday was. Theo said his birthday was on April 20. Kyle returned to the office just as Theo was commenting on the photo of Kyle and Summer as children. He said that the cute little guy in the photo had become a CEO. His comment made for a very awkward moment.

Chloe met Billy at the Grand Phoenix. They joked about her saving Adam's life. She said she was happy to spend time with the Billy they knew and loved. The thought running through Billy's head was "Which Billy is that? Which Billy do you want me to be this time?"

Billy questioned if Chloe had asked to see him because she'd been worried about him, but Chloe denied it. She told him she wanted to meet him because she wanted to share her good news with him. She told him that she was pregnant. Billy appeared delighted. He hugged and congratulated her. He stated that it had been a long road since Delia.

Chloe said she wished there was a magic way that would make the pain go away. She told Billy she sometimes cried herself to sleep. She said she dreamed of Delia, who was always the same age but older and wiser in her thought process, and that Delia always gave her good advice. She believed Delia was her and Billy's guardian angel who made sure they weren't messing up.

Chloe told Billy she was grateful that Kevin had accepted her, flaws and all. She asked if everything was okay with Billy. He informed her he had his anger in check, and everything else was a work in progress. When Chloe spotted Chelsea, she told Billy that she wanted to give Chelsea her good news. She gave Billy a peck on the cheek and joined Chelsea at the counter.

Chloe told Chelsea she was pregnant. Chelsea was very excited for her, and after gushing over baby things, Chelsea said she had big news, as well. Chloe mistakenly guessed that Chelsea and Nick were getting married, but Chelsea said that she and Nick had broken up but would remain friends. Chloe was very excited. She wanted to set Chelsea up on a dating app and get her into the dating pool as soon as possible to find her dream man, but Chelsea said she already had her dream man. She informed Chloe that she and Adam were going to give it another try.

Chloe was stunned and objected strongly. She claimed that in the long history of bad ideas, that had to be the worst. Chelsea claimed she was following her heart, but Chloe reminded her that Adam had broken Chelsea's heart more than once. Chelsea assured Chloe that Adam had changed, but Chloe disagreed. She reminded Chelsea that Adam had blackmailed Kevin into doing his bidding, that Michael had done his best to protect Kevin by covering things up, and that Adam had tried to kill his own father.

Chelsea told Chloe that Adam's attempt to kill Victor had completely transformed him. Adam had turned his life around, and he wanted to do everything he could to help Connor. Chloe warned Chelsea not to fall for it because it was all an act. Chelsea assured Chloe that Adam's love was deep-seated for her and Connor. Chloe warned Chelsea that Adam was a sociopath, and sociopaths never changed. They made a person think they were who the person wanted them to be.

Chloe dragged Chelsea to where Billy was sitting. She told Billy that Chelsea was back with Adam. She asked Billy to stop Chelsea from reuniting with Adam and said that Chelsea was in complete denial. Chloe claimed that Chelsea was making her very angry. Billy asked to speak to Chelsea alone.

After Chloe left, Billy asked Chelsea what she wanted. Chelsea said that she and Adam were only exploring the possibilities of getting back together, and they were taking it one day at a time. She admitted she couldn't deny the feelings she had for Adam. She said she didn't know whether they stemmed from nostalgia or their history. Billy said that history was very powerful. He reminded Chelsea that she and Adam had experienced some very dark chapters. Chelsea agreed, but she claimed there was a pull between her and Adam, but she wouldn't act on it if it didn't exist or if she feared what would happen down the road. Billy said that it was her life, and she got to choose how she lived it.

After Chelsea left, Chloe approached Billy and asked if he'd been successful in talking some sense into Chelsea. Billy said he hoped so. He told Chloe that it was Chelsea's life, and she got to live it the way she wanted to. He added that Chelsea wouldn't listen to his advice, anyway, so there was no point. Angry, Chloe said she'd been trying to look after her best friend. Billy stated that Chloe needed to realize that her friend knew what was best for her, and people needed to live in their own truths. Chloe asked if Chelsea's truth was insanely wrong, but Billy stated that sanity was overrated. He gave Chloe a peck on the cheek, and he left.

At Society, Abby greeted Elena and informed her that her takeout lunch order had been canceled. Abby suggested that Elena speak to the person who had canceled it. Elena turned the corner and saw that Devon had had a table set up for a lunch for them. He said it was time they had a date, and after their meal, he would take her to the new jazz club. He said they deserved it because they had both been working very hard lately. Elena was overjoyed.

Elena and Devon held hands and talked about Sasha and Joy settling into their apartment, thanks to New Hope. Elena told Devon that she had an idea for New Hope, but she didn't want to overstep. Devon encouraged her to share because he and Nick had been wondering how they could help people even more. Elena suggested that Devon put a clinic inside the building for the residents. Devon loved the idea. Elena was concerned that Devon had a lot on his plate, but the one thing he could remove was Amanda. No sooner had she spoken the words than Elena regretted them and apologized to Devon.

Devon told Elena that he couldn't take his eye off Amanda. Elena claimed that Amanda was a walking mystery, and she assured Devon she had his back. Devon wanted to make a toast. With glasses raised, Devon said, "Here's to New Hope becoming More Hope." He said the clinic would be a real game-changer.

When Elena had to walk away to take a call from the hospital, Abby joined Devon. She asked him how he would rate his date with Elena. Devon said he would rate it as an eleven, but everything else remained the same. He told Abby he didn't know where Colin was and why Amanda was still in town. Abby said she'd been keeping a close eye on Amanda, and there hadn't been anything untoward. She questioned whether Cane should be investigating his father, but Devon assured her that he had the Feds and Interpol involved.

Abby told Devon she was happy that Chance no longer worked for the government. She told him that they were dating, but there was nothing serious because Chance was still settling in and was starting his own security firm. Devon's interest was piqued.

When Elena returned, Abby left. She asked Devon what she'd missed. Devon said he had another great idea. He called Chance and said he wanted to hire Chance to keep tabs on Amanda Sinclair, the woman who had claimed Chance had been her client.

At the ranch, Victor told Adam he was disappointed that Adam hadn't taken Connor with him for a visit. Adam said what they had to discuss wasn't for Connor's ears. Victor asked if it was about Nick and Chelsea's breakup. Adam confirmed that he and Chelsea had reconnected and that he had his family back. Victor congratulated Adam for being Chelsea's backup plan. Adam claimed he wasn't.

Victor reminded Adam that Calvin's body hadn't even been cold when Chelsea had moved in with Nick, and then she was with Adam. Adam claimed that Chelsea had chosen him a long time before and that the golden boy had lost. He said it was too bad, but Nick would get over it. Victor remarked that there was still an absence of humility in Adam, but Adam claimed his only concern was Connor, and that was the reason he was there. Victor made it very clear that he wouldn't be cut out of Connor's life.

Adam told Victor that he wanted Connor involved with all the Newmans because it would make Connor more confident and secure. Victor claimed that he had tried to be a good role model for Connor, but like Connor's parents, they hadn't always set the best example. Offended, Adam warned Victor never to bad-mouth Chelsea to Connor. Adam mentioned holiday celebrations. Victor assured him that Connor would always be welcome, but Adam stated that Connor's family would also have to be welcome, and he wanted to make sure that he and Chelsea wouldn't be excluded from family celebrations because Nick didn't want them there. Victor agreed that Adam and Chelsea would be included.

Adam claimed to know all of Victor's tricks, but Victor laughed and said Adam wasn't old enough to know all his tricks. Adam stated he'd been surprised when Nikki had informed him that Connor had been accepted back at Walnut Grove. Victor pointed out that the Newman name carried a lot of weight. Adam said he and Chelsea weren't sure it had been the right call. He said that he and Chelsea were looking at other options.

Victor asked if Adam could trust Chelsea. Adam claimed Chelsea was a wonderful mother, and she provided Connor with unconditional love. Adam noted that Nikki's past was far more colorful than Chelsea's, but Victor told Adam that was no comparison. He pointed out that Chelsea was a con artist, a liar, and a thief. Adam stopped him and said that was enough trash talk about Chelsea. Victor said that Chelsea was who she was, and she would always do what she'd always done.

As Adam prepared to leave, Victor stated that Adam tended to be cocky. He asked if Adam intended to go forward without breaking any rules or controlling people and situations. Adam claimed he would be controlling and breaking every rule in the book for the well-being of his family. As Adam was leaving, Victor smirked and said, "Good luck, my boy."

Chelsea arrived at the penthouse. Adam told her that Connor was out with the nanny. Chelsea asked how his meeting with Victor had gone. Adam told her that Victor was open to the idea of including them at all family events. Chelsea was happy. Adam positioned himself to kiss her, but Chelsea backed away. Adam looked disappointed.

Sharon learns that she needs a biopsy Sharon learns that she needs a biopsy
Thursday, January 9, 2020

At Society, Nick and Devon met about their plans for New Hope. Devon mentioned Elena's idea of opening a free medical clinic, and Nick enthusiastically offered to start putting numbers together. Nick thought the project would be good for them both, and Devon sensed that something was going on with him. Nick bragged about Christian setting up a hot chocolate stand to raise money for basketball uniforms. Devon was happy that Nick, Chelsea, and the kids had formed their little family despite the circumstances. Nick sighed and confided that he was single again. Phyllis overheard and assumed Chelsea had dumped him.

Devon made an excuse to leave and headed out. Phyllis plopped down at Nick's table, and Nick teased her for scaring Devon away. Phyllis implored Nick to tell her what had happened, since she'd find out anyway. He confirmed that he and Chelsea had broken up, and Phyllis surmised that Chelsea was with Adam. Phyllis chided Chelsea for not even trying to put up a fight, but Nick informed her that he hadn't given Chelsea a choice. Phyllis realized that he'd been the one to end things, and she stated that she applauded him for taking the initiative and not letting Chelsea jerk him around anymore.

Phyllis swore that the breakup hadn't been her goal when she'd told Nick about Adam's plan, but she expected Chelsea to think it had been. Nick pointed out that regardless of the reason Phyllis had done it, it had forced him and Chelsea to have a conversation that they'd been putting off for a long time. He figured that it made sense for Adam and Chelsea to rekindle their feelings when they were raising their son together as a family. "Wow, Adam wins again," Phyllis muttered.

Nick preferred not to look at it as who'd won or lost. Phyllis declared that Chelsea hadn't won, since Adam wasn't the coveted teddy bear at the fair but one of the booby prizes that no one wanted. Nick imagined that Chelsea had probably been relieved in the moment, but it would eventually sink in that she had a long and bumpy road ahead with Adam that likely wouldn't end well. Phyllis called Adam manipulative and calculating, and she thought someone had to be either na´ve or in denial not to see it. Phyllis tipped her hat to Nick for seeing Adam for who he was, and she wished Adam and Chelsea well because they were perfect for one another.

Phyllis added that Chelsea deserved Adam and not a great guy like Nick. Phyllis considered Nick to be a terrific partner, and she cited partnering with him during their incredible time at Restless Style. She praised him for being a good role model for their daughter and all his children, and he grew silent. Phyllis asked if she'd said something wrong, and Nick explained that it had reminded him that the next day was Cassie's birthday. Phyllis apologized, but Nick insisted that he wanted to remember Cassie and keep her alive in his mind. Phyllis recalled how Cassie had adored him, and she admired that he'd become a father figure to Mariah, too.

Nick couldn't believe how long it had been since he'd lost Cassie, and Phyllis sympathized that a loss like that was timeless. Nick thanked her for talking about Cassie with him, since there weren't many people he could do that with. He returned the favor by asking how things were with her, and she drew a blank at first because no one ever wanted to know about her. Nick inquired about the work front, and she proclaimed that she wanted the Grand Phoenix and was going to get it. Nick figured that nothing had changed, but Phyllis asserted that it had because she'd learned from her mistakes.

Phyllis resolved not to drive the people she loved out of her life in order to get what she wanted, and she didn't want to be repulsive to their daughter. After some joking, Nick assured her that she wasn't repulsive, since he thought she was smart, beautiful, and fun. Phyllis pledged to have more fun, and Nick warned that "really fun Phyllis" was dangerous. "Exactly," Phyllis replied. Phyllis took it as a compliment that someone still found her dangerous, since everyone thought she'd gone soft. Nick knew better, and she considered it the nicest thing anyone had said to her in a long time.

Chelsea wheeled a suitcase into Adam's penthouse. She told Adam that she'd arranged to pick up her things when Nick hadn't been home, and she inquired about Connor. Adam reported that Connor had been excited to go to the ranch, and the boy hadn't even wanted him to stick around. Chelsea remarked that it was a relief to see their son acting like a normal little boy, and Adam imagined that a big weight had been lifted off Connor's shoulders as well as theirs. Adam hoped it had erased any doubts Chelsea had harbored about living there.

Adam answered a call from the principal of Walnut Grove. He thanked her for returning his call and appreciated her reconsidering allowing Connor to return to school. Chelsea listened as Adam stressed that Connor was having issues, so he wanted to make sure the school was a right fit before he considered putting his son back in that environment. Adam scheduled a time to meet in person, and he hung up. Chelsea was stunned that Adam had called the principal, and Adam explained that he didn't want to throw Connor back in the same situation if it wasn't the best option. Adam planned to find another school if it wasn't the right fit, and Chelsea threw her arms around him.

Chelsea said she and Connor were lucky to have Adam in their lives and in their corner. Adam thought he was the lucky one, and he vowed not to let Connor down because he loved his son with all his heart. Chelsea felt terrible about having doubts, and she wondered if Adam wouldn't have felt the need to rush back to Las Vegas if she had let him spend time with Connor. Adam considered it to be one of the biggest mistakes of his life, and he promised that it would never happen again. She believed him and admired how fiercely he protected the people he loved and how fiercely he loved them.

Chelsea gently touched Adam's face and marveled that he was the man she'd fallen in love with, and she said she'd missed him. He replied that he'd missed her, too. Chelsea abruptly pulled away and rambled about how she'd been holding everything inside since the day she'd found out he was alive. She hadn't allowed herself to feel the same feelings because it had been too scary and painful, and she hadn't been able to trust that he was really back or that they could ever have what they'd once had. Adam insisted that they could, but Chelsea whimpered that she and Connor couldn't go through that kind of suffering again. She asked Adam to swear to her that she'd never lose him again.

Chelsea cautioned Adam against making a promise he couldn't keep, since it wouldn't be fair to them or to Connor. Adam cupped her face in his hands and swore that he'd never been happier than he had been with her before their lives had blown up, but he hadn't known how to handle it when he'd gotten his memory back. She recalled that he'd asked her to move in, and he figured that his first instinct had been right. Adam understood why she'd shut down because he'd done the same thing, but he'd hoped for that very moment. Chelsea warned him not to underestimate it because the stakes had never been higher.

Adam vowed to protect Chelsea with everything he had and said they'd build a life they'd never thought was possible. Adam promised that they could do it, and they tenderly kissed. They stopped and looked at one another for a moment, then kissed more passionately. They began to undress and make love.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon mumbled to herself as she meticulously organized the coffee condiments. Rey called to her, and she jumped. He noted that she'd been having a pretty interesting conversation with herself, and she joked that sometimes she was her own best friend. He wondered what she'd been talking to herself about. Sharon babbled about how she'd been making a mental list of the mundane things she needed to do that day.

Sharon asked how Rey's cases were going, and he indicated that he was closer to wrapping up a big one. He apologized for not being around as much as usual, but he expected that things would soon be back to normal. Sharon understood his job was important, and she loved how dedicated he was. Rey promised that he would make it up to her and pecked her on the lips. She kissed him more deeply, and he asked if she was okay. She claimed that she was happy to be there with him, and she wished she could freeze that moment in time.

Sharon added that the kiss had been her way of telling Rey what he had to look forward to that night, and he intended to be there early. Rey ran into Mariah on his way out and mentioned that he thought her mom could use her company. Mariah approached Sharon, who asked about the latest on Tessa and Tanner. Mariah revealed that she'd met her girlfriend's rock star ex in the flesh when he'd shown up at their apartment to convince Tessa to go on tour.

Mariah was surprised that the news about Tanner's stay in Genoa City hadn't hit the gossip sites, since a pre-celebrity marriage was the kind of story Hilary would have loved. Mariah cringed to think about the "personal crap" they'd covered on GC Buzz, but she became flustered when she realized Devon was behind her. Mariah rambled about how she'd been grateful for the job and how much she'd loved Hilary, and Devon conceded that they could have done things differently. He led Mariah to a table for their meeting. Sharon told the barista that she had to go out and would be back later that afternoon.

Devon informed Mariah that Tanner's people had reached out to talk to him about the tour, but it didn't mean anything unless Tessa wanted to do it. Mariah wasn't sure whether Tessa wanted to commit to going on tour with Tanner, and Devon pushed to get an answer soon. Mariah insisted on giving Tessa space to decide what to do, and Devon wondered if it was too big a sacrifice to be apart. Mariah contended that as a manager, she'd tell Tessa that it shouldn't be a factor, but as a girlfriend, it was more complicated. Devon recognized that the distance would be hard, but it wouldn't be forever.

Devon thought Mariah and Tessa were solid, so Mariah didn't have to worry about Tessa doing something crazy. "Like when she married Tanner?" Mariah asked, rendering Devon speechless. Mariah explained that Tessa and Tanner had been two fledgling artists who'd ended up getting hitched at a drunken popup wedding. Mariah wailed that her past life and Tessa's kept crashing into that one, but she apologized for yammering on when she knew Devon was busy. Devon assured her that she and Tessa had something special, so Mariah shouldn't worry about anything.

Mariah was surprised when Rey returned to the coffeehouse, and he mentioned that his meeting had been shorter than expected. He hoped to check in with Sharon, but Mariah reported that her mother had left a few minutes earlier. Rey inquired whether Sharon had seemed okay, and Mariah thought everything was fine. Rey regretted that he had been swamped at work, so he and Sharon hadn't been able to spend much time together, but he wanted to make sure Sharon knew that he was there for her. Mariah called him a good guy for taking care of her mom and putting in the work, and he figured that it was what a person did if they cared about someone.

At home, over the phone, Tessa groaned to Tanner that he didn't have to tell her what an incredible opportunity he was offering her, since going on tour would be a dream under normal circumstances. She swore that her hesitation wasn't about Mariah being threatened, because Mariah had nothing to feel threatened about. Tessa vehemently objected to the idea of Tanner stopping by the apartment again.

Later, Mariah returned home and found a candlelit table set for two. Tessa appeared, and Mariah mused that she looked beautiful. Tessa revealed that she'd gotten Mariah's favorite wine and sesame noodles, and Mariah asked what they were celebrating. Tessa wondered if Mariah had forgotten about her own birthday the next day, and Mariah realized that she hadn't thought about it with everything else going on. Tessa suggested that they start celebrating that night, but Mariah thought it felt like they were avoiding talking about the tour. Tessa remained silent, and Mariah guessed that Tessa was going on tour with Tanner.

Tessa confirmed that she'd decided to go on tour. She said she'd only made the decision because of the strength of her relationship with Mariah, and she wouldn't go if she thought it would break them. Tessa acknowledged that she'd hurt Mariah by not telling her about Tanner, but she reiterated that he'd been nothing but a blip on her journey to Mariah. Tessa knew that she'd never been in love with him because she hadn't known what love was until she'd found Mariah. Tessa stressed that it was Mariah's decision, too, and she needed to know everything would be okay before she made it official.

Tessa begged Mariah to say something, and Mariah replied that she wanted nothing but the best for Tessa. Tessa needed to know Mariah believed everything Tessa had said about them, or she wouldn't be able to sing. Mariah understood that it was a chance for Tessa to make her dreams a reality, so she was okay with it. Tessa still didn't believe her, and Mariah adamantly stated that as much as Tessa wanted it, Mariah wanted it for her. Mariah accepted that they'd be separated for a while, but she wasn't worried about it because she had a feeling that they shared a heart. Tessa murmured that one of them was nothing without the other, and they kissed passionately.

After making love, Tessa bemoaned that the next day would be hard enough without Mariah making it even harder. Tessa questioned who left the sexiest woman on the planet on her birthday, but Mariah swore that it was all the celebration she needed. Tessa declared that it wasn't over yet, but Mariah insisted that she had everything she wanted. Tessa reasoned that she could wait to give Mariah her present until her next birthday or the following Christmas, but Mariah playfully demanded it then. Tessa handed over a gift, and Mariah discovered a diary. Mariah wondered if it was to write about how sad she'd be when Tessa left, but she gasped when she saw that it was Tessa's diary.

Tessa admitted that taking Mariah's journal had been one of worst things she'd ever done, but Mariah firmly stated that they were past that. Tessa recognized that it had been a violation because she hadn't earned the right to know Mariah's deepest thoughts, and to see her soul was an extraordinary gift. Mariah realized that Tessa was giving her that gift then, and Tessa explained that she wanted Mariah to know her like no one else had -- everything she had to offer and everything she'd hoped no one would know.

Mariah didn't know if it was possible to love Tessa more, but she did. Mariah gushed that she felt like she was transported when Tessa sang, and the song Tessa had sung on New Year's Eve had made her feel like they had been floating above everyone else. Tessa promised that every time she sang that song, she would think of them on New Year's Eve. "And in this moment," Mariah added, and they kissed.

Sharon sat in a doctor's office, clad in a hospital gown. She nervously watched the clock as the seconds ticked by. A staff member informed her that her mammogram had been inconclusive, so they had to conduct an ultrasound to see if she had a cyst or a tumor. Sharon anxiously lay on the exam table as a technician performed an ultrasound. When it was complete, the technician told Sharon that the radiologist would be in soon. A terrified Sharon stared up at the image of a mass on the screen.

Sharon received a text message from Rey, who hoped she was having a good day. She sighed deeply as Dr. Fletcher entered, and Sharon thanked him for getting her in right away. He explained that when a mammogram was inconclusive, they performed an ultrasound as soon as possible. She verified that she'd been diligent about getting mammograms and doing regular self-exams, and he stated that they were crucial to early detection.

Sharon was anxious to find out if it had been a false alarm or if there was something that needed to be addressed. Dr. Fletcher explained that four out of five times, it was good news, and an ultrasound determined whether the mass was solid or fluid. He continued that a solid mass meant a tumor, but many were benign. Sharon reeled when he informed her that the mass in her breast appeared to be solid, and he recommended a biopsy and a consultation with an oncologist.

Sharon returned to Crimson Lights and stood outside, clutching paperwork about undergoing a core needle biopsy.

Amanda tells Billy about her ex Amanda tells Billy about her ex
Friday, January 10, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Nick and Elena entered after running into one another outside, and they greeted Devon and Nate. Devon appreciated Nick meeting on what he knew was a tough day, and Nick insisted that he was happy to make time for a good cause. Elena chirped that good things happened when Devon and Nick got together, and Nate asked what he was missing. Devon teased that he'd wanted to wait until they could all get together to apply the pressure, and he invited Nate to have a seat.

Devon and Nick pitched the idea of a clinic for anyone in need of low-cost medical care, not just for residents of New Hope, but for the entire community. Devon invited Nate to assume a role overseeing the medical protocol for people in recovery who turned to them. Devon acknowledged that it was a big responsibility in addition to Nate's duties at Memorial, but Nate swore that it would be an honor.

Over the phone, Billy told someone that it had been a great merger, and he looked forward to his next project. He stressed that there was no job too big or too small, but he was clearly disappointed by the response. He said he understood and that he had plenty to keep him busy, and he despondently hung up. Billy grappled with his conscience for a moment before he sent a text message to Amanda to ask if she was free, since he could use a friendly ear and owed her an apology.

Over lunch at Society, Phyllis asked if Amanda was still looking for a wing woman, and she offered to list her strong points. Phyllis stated that she was brilliant and that she knew everyone in town, and she could do whatever she wanted whenever she wanted because she didn't have a boyfriend or a husband. Phyllis added that she was great-looking. Amanda pointed out that when she patted herself on the back, it was usually for her professional achievements.

Phyllis was impressed that Amanda had never lost a case, and she'd heard that the lawyer was pretty diabolical against her opponents in the courtroom. Phyllis wondered how far Amanda would go to get what she wanted outside of work. Amanda knew from the digging she'd done that Phyllis wasn't one to be deterred when she set her sights on something. Phyllis replied that she wanted what she wanted, and it was usually the beginning of a wild adventure.

Across the restaurant, Abby was glad Chance had found time in his busy schedule to squeeze her in. He swore that he could always find time for her, and Phyllis spotted them kissing. Abby and Chance approached Phyllis and Amanda's table, and Abby theorized that Phyllis had hacked into her calendar to stalk her. Phyllis huffed that stalking Abby was the last thing she wanted to do with her free time, and Abby dragged Chance away. Amanda surmised that the issues that had led to Phyllis' firing hadn't been resolved.

Phyllis cracked that Amanda should see how people treated her when they actually had reason to shun her. Amanda speculated that Phyllis didn't need a friend but a lawyer, and Phyllis suggested that Amanda be both. Phyllis promised that things would never be boring around her, and she encouraged Amanda to get noticed by taking on a high-profile client. Phyllis suspected that the Newmans and the Abbotts would be looking for someone to represent them after Michael had ended his private practice to become D.A.

Amanda noted that several powerhouse families in town seemed to be intertwined with complicated histories, and Phyllis shared that she'd married into both the Abbott and Newman families. Phyllis mentioned that her daughter was a Newman, and she considered some of Genoa City's elite to be lovely and worthwhile, like Nick, Jack, and Billy. Amanda tried to disguise her reaction to Billy's name, and Phyllis admitted that she'd been involved with all three men at one time or another. Phyllis shared that they'd been able to move on from all the damage they'd done to one another, and she thought they were very good men at their core. Amanda considered it food for thought.

Meanwhile, Abby was impressed to hear that Chance had already landed his first job, but he conceded that it had fallen into his lap. She inquired whether it was something that would get the blood flowing. He replied that he had no idea where it would lead him, but that was the exciting part. She toasted to new adventures, and he eyed Amanda and Phyllis.

Amanda received Billy's message and made an excuse about needing to get to an appointment. Phyllis offered to pick up the tab, and Amanda said she'd get it next time. Chance watched Amanda leave. Amanda ran into Nate and Elena on her way out, and she assured them that she was just leaving and told them to enjoy their lunch. Meanwhile, Phyllis listened to Chance and Abby laughing, and she made a call to ask someone to return a favor.

Abby received a message from the hotel, and Chance guessed that it was something she should take care of herself. She admitted that it was, and she requested a rain check. They agreed to get together soon, and she departed. Phyllis slinked over and purred that her friend had bailed on her, too. She insisted on buying Chance a drink to show there were no hard feelings. He warned that he saw right through her, though he conceded that she kept things interesting. She considered that a compliment, and he figured that he had time to kill.

Amanda entered the dive bar and joined Billy at a table. She awaited his apology, and he said he was sorry for the way he'd handled the moment with Sharon at Crimson Lights. Amanda wondered why he hadn't just told Sharon that they were friends, and she inquired whether he was ashamed of her. Billy swore that he wasn't, and Amanda accepted his apology and questioned whether he'd been climbing the walls again. He reported that Victoria was out of town, and the kids were at school, so he had nothing to keep him busy.

Amanda asked what Billy was trying to escape, and he replied that it was himself, since he was his own worst enemy. He confided that he loved his family, but he couldn't shake the feeling that they were waiting for him to screw up again. He hated that Victoria felt she had to fix him, and the way she'd said it had implied he wasn't good enough for her, even though he'd spent years fitting into the mold of what she wanted him to be when it wasn't who he was. Amanda asked who he was.

Billy wanted to be accepted and to have people have faith in who he was then, so he'd have a chance to breathe. Amanda recognized that she hadn't known him long; however, he seemed like a pretty good guy, and everyone needed someone to believe in them. She thought he was just trying to find balance and be happy, and she didn't think it was too much to ask. He thanked her.

Billy declared that it was Amanda's turn, but she claimed that there wasn't much to say about her life. He referred to her comment about making bad choices that stopped her from getting close to anyone, and she joked that it was just her luck that she'd found the one guy in the entire world who listened. Billy swore that he wasn't trying to pry or judge, but he wanted to get to know her better. Amanda recalled being in foster care as a troublemaker who had always gotten into fights, defending the defenseless. She recounted when a friend of hers had been mugged, and when the perpetrator had gone unpunished, Amanda had realized she'd needed to do better.

Amanda had cleaned herself up and put herself through law school, and everything had been going the way she'd envisioned it when she'd met "him" -- her soul mate, or so she'd thought. She shared that after they'd gotten engaged, she'd started noticing subtle changes in him, like how controlling he was, how he never wanted her to see her friends, and how he had to know where she was every minute of every day. Amanda continued that their relationship had deteriorated to the point where she'd put out an order of protection against him, and he'd done the same against her.

Billy found the man's actions ridiculous, but Amanda asserted that the ridiculous thing was that she was a careful, insightful, educated woman who had picked the worst man in the world for herself. She added that it had made her question everything about herself as well as other people's motives. Billy asked if she didn't trust herself, and Amanda replied that she didn't trust anyone. He remarked that it was a hard way to live.

Billy was impressed that Amanda had become the force of nature sitting in front of him after everything she'd endured. She hoped he better understood why a fresh start in Genoa City had been appealing and why getting involved with anyone was the last thing she wanted. She admitted that she was enjoying getting to know people, and he reasoned that she didn't have to worry about what they shared becoming more than friendship because he was already spoken for. She toasted to a long and meaningful friendship. Billy asked himself why it felt like he was crossing the line.

Mariah arrived at the cottage and proclaimed that the birthday girl was there. Faith hugged her and asked how old she was, and Mariah quipped that she was old enough to know better than to answer the question. Sharon wished Mariah a happy birthday and referred to Mariah's text message about Tessa. Sharon asked if Mariah was okay. Mariah replied that she was "perfectly not okay," but she would be fine.

Faith took photos of herself with Mariah and Sharon, and she thought they deserved to be posted online. Faith gushed that she'd told everyone how lucky she was to have a big, crazy family, and Sharon agreed that they were fortunate to have one another. Sharon figured that even if she did nothing else with her life, she'd had amazing children. Mariah surmised that her mother was thinking about Cassie, and Sharon wished that Mariah and Cassie had gotten to know one another. Sharon sensed that Cassie was watching and was very happy that they had one another.

Mariah recalled the first birthday she'd shared with them after she'd found out she was Sharon's daughter, and she marveled at how far they'd progressed since then. Sharon recounted that Mariah had thought they were celebrating Cassie but not her, but Mariah had since realized that they loved her for who she was. Faith shared the story of how Cassie had predicted that Sharon and Nick would have another daughter, and everyone had assumed Cassie had meant Faith, but Cassie might have sensed that she'd had a twin out there who would one day find her way home with a lot of love waiting for her.

Faith asked what Mariah's favorite present was, and Mariah cited being able to hang out with them and not having to share them with anyone. Mariah thanked Faith for her birthday tiara, and she promised that she would cherish it always. Sharon reminded Faith that Victor was waiting for her at the stables, and Faith ran upstairs to get ready. Sharon inquired about how soon Tessa would go on tour, and Mariah lamented that it was too soon. Sharon wondered if Mariah had made peace with the fact that Tessa was going on the road with her ex-husband.

Mariah insisted that she trusted Tessa implicitly, and she figured that Tessa wouldn't be gone forever. Sharon asked when Mariah had become so strong, and Mariah guessed it ran in the family. Sharon proposed that they make lemonade out of lemons by using Mariah's free time to spend mother-daughter time together and make memories that would last forever. They hugged, and Sharon battled against tears.

Later, Sharon found Nick at her door, and he asked if she was busy. She swore that she was never too busy for him, and he brokenly stated that he missed their girl. Sharon softly responded that she missed Cassie, too, and they embraced. Nick and Sharon looked at old photos of them with Cassie. Nick remarked that they'd been babies themselves in the picture, and he couldn't believe it had been 15 years. Sharon mentioned that it had been nice to be able to celebrate with Mariah, but she hadn't been able to help but look at the empty chair and think that Cassie should be there with them.

Sharon resolved not to cry because Cassie would have wanted only happy memories that day. She offered Nick a cupcake in Cassie's honor, and he requested to take it with him because he and Devon were jumpstarting a new venture as part of New Hope that he wanted to get moving on. She couldn't wait to hear all about it, and she imagined it was nice to have something to look forward to. "I just hope tomorrow is better than yesterday," Sharon said.

Later, Sharon answered a call and confirmed that she would be there for her core needle biopsy the next day. She struggled to regain her composure when Rey walked in. She informed him that she'd saved him a cupcake, and she mentioned that she hadn't been expecting him until later. He explained that he'd decided to take off work early to spend time with her, and he inquired about the party. She reported that Mariah had loved the book Rey had gotten for her, and she offered to get him some leftover lasagna or pastries.

Rey preferred to do something for Sharon after she'd been running around all day, but she assured him that she had everything she needed. He admitted that he'd been worried because she'd been acting distracted and overwhelmed lately, and he reminded her that they'd promised to always be honest with one another. He stressed that she could tell him anything, and he wanted to know if something was going on.

Sharon recognized that her emotions had been all over the place, and Rey assumed that it had to do with Cassie. Rey swore that he wanted to help with whatever was going on with Sharon, and he implored her not to shut him out. Sharon explained that she'd been getting reminders from every corner of the universe about how precious time was, and she loved him, her life, and the time they spent together. She was grateful they'd found one another again, and he said she'd made his day. She proposed a way that he could make hers, and she led him upstairs.

At home, Tessa received a text message from Tanner, who hoped she was packed because he was sending a car. He asked if she could believe she was going on tour, and she wrote back to acknowledge that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Devon stopped by to see Tessa. He imagined that it had been a tough decision to leave Mariah for that long, but he believed Tessa was making the right decision for her career. Tessa earnestly stated that it meant a lot to hear that from him, since things hadn't always gone smoothly between them. She added that Genoa City was the first place that had ever felt like home, and it had made her who she was. Devon contended that she'd get to show the world who she was, and he knew that she would be great because he'd always believed in her and her talent.

Devon expected Tanner's people to take good care of Tessa, and he asked if she needed anything. She worried that someone as independent as Mariah would never admit when she was lonely. Devon promised to check in on Mariah, and Tessa begged him not to tell Mariah that she'd asked. Mariah arrived home, and Devon wished her a happy birthday and handed her a gift. After he headed out, Mariah bemoaned that she'd gotten a party and presents, but it was still the worst birthday ever.

Mariah presented Tessa with the birthday tiara Faith had given Mariah. Tessa proclaimed that she wanted to give Mariah the world because it was what Mariah had given to her. Mariah replied that she didn't need the world, since she had Tessa. Tessa swore that no matter where she was or where she was going, Mariah would be in her heart. Mariah promised that Tessa would always be in hers, and Tessa pledged that nothing would change while she was away. Tessa's phone chimed to notify her that the car was there. Tessa whimpered that she wasn't ready to go.

Tessa yelled to the driver that she'd be down in a minute. She turned back to Mariah and stammered that she couldn't do it, but Mariah insisted that she had to. Mariah took her hands and firmly stated that it wasn't a goodbye, but Tessa was leaving the biggest hole in her heart. Mariah continued that Tessa wasn't allowed to return until she was a superstar to everybody else because she already was one to Mariah.

Tessa wailed that it was all Mariah's fault for encouraging her and believing in her when she hadn't believed in herself. They kissed and held one another, and Mariah prompted Tessa to go because fame, fortune, and a driver were waiting for her right outside the door. They exchanged words of love, and Mariah told Tessa to go. Tessa stopped in the doorway, and they blew one another kisses before Tessa left. Mariah watched Tessa go, then closed the door behind her and sobbed.

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