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Kyle punched Theo, causing a rift between Kyle and Lola. Tessa made a surprise visit home. Victoria demanded that Billy get help if he wanted to save their relationship. Chance informed Adam that ''she'' was missing. Adam learned that Chloe had saved his life, and they formed a tentative truce.
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Chance informed Adam that ''she'' was missing
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Jill warns Jack that Theo is dangerous Jill warns Jack that Theo is dangerous
Monday, January 20, 2020

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby entered the lobby, looking stunning in a pink gown covered with sequins. Phyllis approached and said, "Wow, a little overdressed, aren't you?" Abby explained that she had a date with Chance. Phyllis angered Abby by claiming her attire resembled the costume of a rich kid. Abby accused Phyllis of trailing Chance like a little puppy. Each woman accused the other of being insecure. When Chance appeared, Phyllis said, "You two look like you should be on top of a cake."

After Phyllis rushed off, Abby declined to waste her time by sharing details about her unfortunate encounter with Phyllis. Chance and Abby exited the lobby arm in arm after he shared a detailed itinerary of the romantic evening he'd planned. Phyllis, lurking just out of sight, overheard it all and rolled her eyes. Chance and Abby returned to the Grand Phoenix earlier than expected. An ever-present Phyllis noted that the couple's date evidently hadn't worked out. Abby replied, "On the contrary."

Chance explained to Phyllis that, somehow, his and Abby's restaurant reservation had been canceled. Summer gazed into Chance's eyes and insisted that their date was more about the company and not the restaurant. Chance told Phyllis that he and Abby had stopped by for a quick drink before heading to a club to enjoy live music. Abby glared at Phyllis as she exited through the lobby doors. Chance noticed that Abby seemed miffed, but she blew it off as nothing and told Chance she was looking forward the rest of their evening.

Abby and Chance were forced to change their plans again and ended up at Crimson Lights. Both lamented that the lead singer of the band they'd hoped to hear had canceled due to laryngitis. Chance said, "Do you think the dating gods are trying to tell us something?" Abby insisted she was having a wonderful time despite everything. Chance dropped coins into the jukebox and selected a song he said would have to suffice in lieu of the live music he'd planned. Abby, recalling the hostage incident at the Grand Phoenix, told Chance she was amazed that he'd dropped into her life from the ceiling after living away for years. Chance quipped that he'd gone to great lengths to impress a dynamic woman.

Abby and Chance both said that though they'd lived away from Genoa City for a time, their hometown always drew them back. Chance took Abby by the hand, and the couple danced as he held her close. After Chance escorted Abby back to the Grand Phoenix, he invited her to join him in his suite for a nightcap. As Abby and Chance entered the elevator, Phyllis hurried into the lobby and saw the couple together. Minutes later, firefighters showed up at the hotel as the alarm sounded. Chance told a worried Abby that there was no proof of an actual fire. Abby cried that it might be a malfunction.

Phyllis, as if on cue, entered the lobby from the stairwell, clad in a robe. Phyllis claimed that she couldn't seem to get away from Chance and Abby. Abby replied, "Looks like pulling the alarm might have been someone's idea of a juvenile prank." Phyllis, gloating, said that had Abby not dismantled her amazing security system, the culprit would have been easy to identify. After Abby stepped away to consult with a firefighter, Chance told Phyllis that with his new and improved security system, a guilty party tampering with the alarm would be covered with blue dye.

Without prompting, Phyllis displayed her clean hands before partially holding open her robe and inviting Chance to inspect. Phyllis said, "The look on your face almost makes it worth leaving my warm bed for this nonsense." Chance insisted he didn't get "looks" as Phyllis evidently did. Phyllis claimed she knew looks when she saw them and hoped Chance's night with Abby hadn't been spoiled. Abby returned and complained that an idiot had pulled the alarm.

Phyllis invited Chance and Abby to join her for a nightcap. After getting cold shoulders from both Abby and Chance, Phyllis said, "Okay. I'll take that as a 'no.'" Phyllis watched from the bar as Abby ended her date early and kissed Chance. Chance headed up to his room. Abby glared at Phyllis as she passed by the bar. After Abby was out of sight, Phyllis dug into her pocket, pulled out a handkerchief stained with blue dye, and grinned before shoving the evidence back into her pocket.

At Society, Summer consulted with Lola about the private party to be held for Jabot's marketing team. Summer asked for assurance that the venue would host the best party Jabot had every thrown. Lola seemed confident she and her staff were up to the task. The interaction between Summer and Lola became tense when Summer began barking orders. Theo's entrance distracted the women before the increasingly strained encounter got out of hand.

Theo noted that with two strong women, such as Lola and Summer, in charge of the evening, he felt lucky to be a Jabot employee. Summer quipped that Theo was laying it on a little thick. Lola teasingly added, "Like hollandaise." Jack and Kyle entered and noticed Lola's jovial response to Theo's flirtation. After Lola went to the kitchen, Kyle noted that Summer had been cracking the whip to ensure that the marketing department enjoyed a pleasant evening.

Jack drafted Kyle to address the employees later in the evening. Kyle made eye contact with Theo and assured Jack he'd let everyone know exactly how he felt about their work. Lola stepped out of the kitchen and quietly told Summer that the building had only emergency electricity due to issues needing repair. Summer panicked when she learned that the restaurant's ovens were inoperable until repairs could be made. Frantic, Summer proposed cooking the food elsewhere, but Lola proposed using her food truck. Summer quickly came up with a plan to serve desserts al fresco around a heat lamp, labeling the outdoor event "La Vida Lola's Dessert Lounge," which she excitedly noted would draw attention on social media.

In the dining room, Jabot's marketing teams gathered, drinks in hand. Kyle remained businesslike and invited his associates to enjoy what he stressed was a brief respite from their usual grindstone routine. Theo approached and animatedly greeted the employees as equals, slapping high-fives and encouraging them to make the most of their night on Jabot's tab. Kyle berated Theo's interaction. Kyle noted that he was the boss, not his employees' buddy, just as Theo was.

Theo readily admitted that he and Kyle had a different approach to management. Jill entered and greeted Jack. Jack introduced Theo to Jill, explaining that Theo was Stuart's grandson. Jill hugged Theo and recalled that she'd been quite fond of his grandfather. Jill added that she knew many stories about Stuart Brooks, though none quite as scandalous as Theo's existence. Jill escorted Theo to a quiet area to visit.

Kyle, annoyed, complained that Jack and Jill were coddling Theo as if he were the darling of the family. Jack replied, "Theo is family. He has a deep and meaningful connection to our past. I thought you had accepted this. If you haven't, it's high time." Jack was impressed when Kyle later explained how Lola had averted letting down her customers by utilizing her food truck. Jack proclaimed that Lola had saved the day. Theo, picking up a drink at the bar, added, "Lola is very talented and resourceful."

After Theo walked away, Kyle turned to confront him. Jack stopped his son, admonished him, and ordered him to make an effort to get along just as Theo was. Kyle scoffed that he'd try to match Theo's level of sincerity. Jack replied, "Try to match mine." Kyle clenched his jaw as he returned to his assigned duty to entertain. Jill reconnected with Jack. She told Jack that Theo was trouble, noting that he was young, hungry, self-assured, and overly charming. Jack defended Theo. Jill reiterated that Theo, though dangerous, would make quite an interesting addition to the family.

Lola and Summer later congratulated each other for having saved what could have been a disastrous evening. Summer praised Lola and said her food was perfection. Lola seemed somewhat surprised that Summer had sincerely complimented her efforts. Lola checked her phone and noted that Society had been tagged in numerous photos praising the food. Summer checked her phone and was pleased that users on social media had also tagged Jabot. Lola said, "It was a really good idea, Summer." Summer gave Lola the credit and said, "It's official. You are a badass."

Jack garnered center attention and introduced Kyle. Kyle praised the new strategies deployed by those gathered and reported that sales had risen again. Kyle praised Summer for leading the marketing department and raising the bar. Kyle singled out the new head of social media, Theo. Summer appeared apprehensive as Kyle added that Theo had made quite an impression and was expected to show the company his capabilities.

After a toast, Jack complimented Kyle on his address to employees. Kyle suddenly noticed that Lola and Theo had left the dining area. Kyle entered the kitchen and overheard Theo praising Lola's work. Kyle was already primed for battle. When he overheard Theo tell Lola she was an amazing woman, Kyle rushed toward Theo and punched him in the face. Theo landed against a refrigerator and slumped to the floor. Lola glared at Kyle and said, "What is wrong with you?"

After Theo left, Lola told Kyle that his actions could have ruined his big night, especially if Theo had told Jack about Kyle's assault. Kyle wasn't concerned and said Theo's ego was too big for him to admit that he'd been knocked down. Lola warned that Kyle had reacted exactly as Theo had planned because he knew he could get inside Kyle's head. Kyle, frustrated, noted that Lola failed to see that Theo also enjoyed manipulating her while playing a poor, misunderstood guy. Lola insisted that Theo was misunderstood and that Kyle chose to see the worst in him on purpose.

Frustrated, Kyle didn't back down and said he saw Theo exactly as he was and that Lola should, too. Lola brought up the differences between Kyle and Theo's upbringings and said, "He has a point of view that you could never see." Still seething, Kyle replied, "But you can?" Lola compared Summer's flirtation with Kyle to Theo's flirtation with her, insisting that she didn't blame Kyle for Summer's actions. Kyle told Lola she couldn't compare Theo and Summer because Theo was playing her, though she did nothing to discourage him. Lola's refusal to agree annoyed Kyle, and he left the kitchen abruptly.

Theo returned to the dining area, neatening his disheveled clothing. Summer asked Theo what had happened. Theo said, "Kyle lost it for no reason again." Summer asked Theo if he'd been flirting with Lola. Theo defended himself and said he and Lola were friends. Summer noted that Theo's actions didn't match his words. Summer asked Theo how far he intended to push the boundaries after he insisted he hadn't crossed any. Theo didn't respond and made a quick exit after shaking hands with Jack and Jill.

At Sharon's, Rey popped a heaping bowl of popcorn, joined Sharon on the sofa, and asked her to choose a genre of movie. Sharon said she was glad to be with Rey and to not have think about anything else. Rey suggested playing cards to engage and distract Sharon. Sharon playfully gloated after she won. More relaxed, Sharon settled into Rey's arms. Sharon thanked Rey for making her laugh.

Reality soon caught up to Sharon, and she told Rey she felt she shouldn't drag him through her ordeal. Rey assured Sharon they would fight her illness together. Sharon seemed exhausted, but she remained too anxious to relax. Rey surprised Sharon by inviting Faith over to join them. Sharon held Faith in her arms and seemed far distanced, at least temporarily, from her health crisis as she leaned on Faith and Rey for moral support.

At Mariah's apartment, Mariah had left unanswered messages for Tessa and was eager to talk to her. Tessa sent a text message explaining that she'd sent something that Mariah would have to sign for. Seconds later, Tessa knocked on the door. Mariah opened the door and grabbed Tessa, embracing her tightly. Mariah said she felt like Tessa had been away for an eternity, though it had only been a few days.

Tessa sadly noted that she only had two hours, so the couple began kissing and said they'd make the most of their time. Tessa sensed that Mariah was struggling to deal with an issue that distressed her, but Mariah declined to talk about it. Mariah admitted that she feared Tessa would decide she enjoyed touring too much to return home. Mariah added, "People change. People leave." Tessa insisted she loved Mariah too much to abandon their relationship.

After Mariah fetched some food from the fridge, Tessa described life on the road as challenging but pleasant. She noted that the band and the support staff were pretty much a family. Mariah's fears seemed to resurface when Tessa received a message from Tanner. After Tessa read the message, she sadly announced that it was time to depart. Mariah said she couldn't wait to attend a show and be an adoring fan. Tessa and Mariah shared a kiss before Tessa departed.

The Young and the Restless did not air The Young and the Restless did not air
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule.†

The Young and the Restless did not air The Young and the Restless did not air
Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule.†

Victoria demands that Billy seek help Victoria demands that Billy seek help
Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rey stopped by the cottage and wished Sharon a good morning. She pointed out that he was supposed to be at work, and he explained that he'd changed his schedule after she'd informed him that Mariah was taking Faith to breakfast. Rey presented Sharon with her favorite chocolate croissants, but she protested that he hadn't needed to go out of his way. He swore that it wasn't a big deal, but he sensed that she had something else on her mind. Sharon confided that she hated the reason why Faith had chosen to return home from boarding school.

Sharon conceded that part of her was thrilled that Faith would be staying home, but she also knew the girl loved her new school, her friends, and her independence, and she regretted that Faith had to give those things up because of her. Rey insisted that Faith wasn't returning home out of obligation but because she wanted to support Sharon like the rest of them. Sharon applauded everyone for rallying around her, but she also found it a little overwhelming. She felt like her life had been divided into two different parts -- one before she'd gotten the biopsy results and one after.

Sharon lamented that everything seemed to revolve around her having a disease. Rey looked at it as all the love she'd put out there over the years circling back to her, and everyone wanted her to lean on them. He swore that she was his top priority, and nothing and no one was more important. His phone rang, and Sharon joked that someone hadn't gotten the memo. She added that it was the universe's way of telling them that life went on.

Over the phone, Rey reluctantly agreed to take care of something even though he was supposed to have the morning off. After he hung up, he resolved to turn his phone off the next time. Sharon lectured that there might be days when he'd need to take time off for her, but that wasn't one of them. She chirped that she'd get to eat his croissant, too, and he promised to be back after his shift. He proposed that they go for a walk and look at the stars later, and she kissed him and told him he was too wonderful. "Right back at you, beautiful," he replied.

Faith and Mariah arrived at Nick's house, and Mariah noted that they'd headed over as soon as she'd gotten Nick's message. Nick reported that he'd called the headmaster at Faith's school to tell him that Faith wouldn't be returning, and he'd also notified Walnut Grove that she'd be transferring back in. He announced that she could start when the next semester began, and Faith thanked him, since she hadn't been able to stand the thought of being away when her mom was sick. Nick and Mariah assured Faith that she was making the right call. Faith said she had to go back to her old school to say goodbye and get her stuff, and Nick offered to take her that day.

Mariah proposed that she take Faith back to boarding school, since Nick had Christian to look after, and Mariah had time on her hands without Tessa there. Mariah envisioned packing up Faith's room, taking Faith and her friends out to dinner, and spending the night at a fancy hotel before they returned in the morning. Nick figured that he didn't qualify for a girls' trip, and Faith chimed in that she'd rather he be there for her mom and Christian. Nick agreed to work out the details.

At the ranch, Nikki ordered Victor to put down whatever he was reading, since what she had to say was far more important. She proclaimed that she had news about him and Newman Enterprises that she thought would make him very happy, and she boasted about the arrangements she'd made for Newman's 50th anniversary celebration. She understood that he wanted to focus on the company's success, but she preferred that the attention be on him because he was more than a legendary business leader. She called him a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, and she planned to pay tribute to the man who'd created the legacy, although his greatest achievement was the family who adored him. They kissed.

Nick and Mariah dropped by the ranch and announced that Faith had decided to transfer to Walnut Grove. Nikki was surprised that Faith hadn't mentioned it before, and Nick claimed that Faith wanted to be closer to family. Nick shared that Faith's old school was expecting her to pick up her things that day, and Victor offered them the use of the Newman jet. Nikki gushed that she'd love to go along, but Mariah piped up that she was going to take Faith, since Faith's friends knew Mariah from her GC Buzz days and wanted to meet her. Victor questioned why that precluded Nikki from going, and Mariah hoped Nikki wasn't offended that she and Faith wanted to make it a sister trip. Nikki was just happy Faith would be home, and Nick agreed that it was where Faith needed to be.

Faith returned to the cottage to pack an overnight bag, but she wanted to talk to Sharon first. Faith apologized for going away to school, since Sharon had been getting sick while Faith had been away. Faith added that she was sorry for all the times she'd waited to call her mother back and the stupid things she'd said when she'd been frustrated. Sharon firmly stated that Faith didn't have to be sorry about living her life and being a regular teenage girl. Sharon vowed to fight the cancer with everything in her for her kids, since being a mom had made her a lot stronger. She didn't know what the journey ahead would look like, but she knew they would find their way together. They hugged.

Nick and Mariah arrived, and Faith and Mariah promised to turn their phones on as soon as they landed in case Sharon needed anything. Sharon assured them that nothing would go wrong between then and the next day, and she told them to have a good time. Sharon and Nick hugged Faith goodbye, and Mariah and Faith headed out. Nick sensed that he'd walked in on an emotional moment between Sharon and Faith. Sharon admitted that it had been hard to see Faith trying to take care of her when a mother was supposed to take care of a child -- not the other way around.

Nick pointed out that he and Sharon had raised their daughter to put family first, and it was what Faith was doing. Sharon was frustrated that she couldn't control any of it, and she wondered if Faith had talked about how she was feeling. Nick reported that Faith was scared and that she couldn't get cancer out of her head, but he pledged to help her deal with whatever happened. Nick added that Faith was tough like her mother and that she was determined to help Sharon through it. He cited some proof across the room, and Sharon spotted a gift box on the table. She opened it and found a heart necklace with a "hope, love, and faith" theme.

Nick divulged that Faith had asked him to take her shopping for something that would remind Sharon never to give up because Faith would never give up on her. They marveled that their little girl was something else, and Sharon wondered why Faith hadn't given her the gift in person. Nick imagined that Faith had wanted it to help while she was away, even if she was only gone for a little while. Nick asked if there was anything he could do before he took off, and Sharon murmured that she had everything she needed.

Meanwhile, Victor finished a call and informed Nikki that Mariah and Faith's flight was about to take off. He wished Nikki had gone with them, but she figured that she'd get to spend plenty of time with Nick and Faith. She suspected that Nick was feeling at loose ends without Chelsea, but having Faith, Christian, and New Hope to focus on had to be a blessing for him. Nikki wistfully stated that she'd hoped the year would get off to a good start for their kids, and Victor wondered what she wasn't telling him about Victoria.

Nikki confided that Victoria and Billy had been having issues, and Victor huffed that he'd known things had been too good to last. Victor said he'd smelled trouble when Billy had left Jabot, and he guessed that all the nonsense about everything finally going well for Billy had been a cover. Nikki clucked that there was no need to jump to a worst-case scenario. Victor barked that Billy was nothing but trouble for Victoria, and it was nothing new that Billy was continuing to hurt her.

At Crimson Lights, Elena thanked Nate for meeting her before her shift. She wanted to pick his brain, since it would be a while before the medical clinic for New Hope was up and running, and she suggested having a mobile medical unit for routine care and common injuries and illnesses. He thought it was an outstanding idea, and she prepared to do more research and write a formal proposal. He wondered where she'd gotten the idea, and she divulged that she did her brainstorming in the shower. He revealed that it was where he did his, too.

Amanda approached and apologized for interrupting, but she'd just wanted to say hi. Elena invited her to join them. "Seriously?" Amanda incredulously asked. Elena reasoned that Nate and Amanda were friends, and she'd told Amanda that she wanted to be cordial, so the choice was Amanda's. Over coffee, Elena praised Devon for throwing himself into his work for New Hope while running a corporation. Amanda admired the character Devon had shown, and Elena left to run some errands before her hospital shift.

Amanda requested to know more about how everyone in Nate's family was related to everyone else. Nate briefly explained his and Devon's family tree, and Amanda remarked that every family in town seemed complicated. Amanda inquired whether Nate and Elena went way back, and Nate mentioned that they'd met a year earlier. Amanda assumed that they'd dated based on how they acted with one another, but Nate informed her that she was wrong. "If you say so," she muttered.

Nate recognized that he and Elena were colleagues and good friends, and they both cared deeply about Devon, but they didn't have the kind of history that Amanda was insinuating. Amanda imagined that even if Nate was interested in Elena, he would never go there because he and Devon were family. Nate adamantly declared that he would never pursue anyone already in a relationship because it wasn't who he was. Amanda thought he made it sound like a rule he'd decided to follow, but people couldn't help who they were attracted to. Nate asserted that people could control their actions, and anyone with a moral code knew better than to cross the line. Amanda squirmed.

At Society, Elena remarked to Rey that her takeout order had been taking a long time. Rey blamed himself for persuading the whole police station to order from there, and she hoped she was on time for her shift at the hospital. He imagined that she'd seen everything in the emergency room, from pneumonia to broken bones to cancer. She confirmed that she'd sometimes seen all three within the span of an hour. Rey inquired how one would know whether a cancer patient would be among the percentage who were expected to survive. Elena noted that when someone asked about a medical problem, the issue was likely affecting them or someone they cared about.

Rey admitted that he knew someone who had been recently diagnosed with cancer, and his friend was determined to beat it, even if nothing guaranteed the difference between the people who made it and those who didn't. Elena indicated that one's prior medical history could make a difference, but there was usually no way to explain why one patient responded to treatment and another didn't. Rey questioned whether following doctor's orders and having a positive attitude mattered, and Elena opined that in her experience, an optimistic patient with a strong support system had an advantage. He wanted to do whatever he could to help, and she told him that even something as simple as running an errand could go a long way. Elena picked up her takeout order and encouraged Rey to remember that his friend was the same person they had been before, since they were more than their diagnosis. "So much more," Rey mused.

Billy found Victoria in their living room, getting ready to leave for work. He observed that she'd had a late night and was back at it first thing in the morning. She coolly replied that she'd helped the kids get out the door, but she had a lot to do. Billy recalled that Victoria had said she wasn't sure he loved her, but he knew she'd been angry and upset. He offered to say he loved her as many times as she needed to hear it. He added that if he didn't love her, he wouldn't be there, fighting for them and doing anything he could to make it right.

Victoria snapped that she had a meeting, but Billy begged her not to go, since what they were going through should take precedence. He questioned whether she thought burying herself in work would help anything, and she threw down her coat and demanded that they get it all out in the open. Victoria recognized that Billy wasn't having an affair, but hearing that he'd confided in Amanda instead of her had hurt more than she could put into words, since it had opened all the old wounds. Billy contended that there was nothing physical or romantic with Amanda, but Victoria countered that intimacy was more than sex. Victoria thought meeting in secret with a woman for weeks seemed like an ominous sign of a disconnect between them.

Victoria suspected that Billy had gotten a thrill out of having a secret relationship because he wasn't content with a stable life and had needed to create drama. Victoria thought he needed to get help if he wanted to fight for them, and Billy translated her statement to mean that he was broken and needed to be fixed. She suggested that he find a different counselor, go to Gamblers Anonymous, or do something else to get himself back on track. Billy argued that he wasn't off track; he kept trying to explain that, but it wasn't sinking in. He stressed that what he needed most was for her to believe in him, and if she did, she would see that there was nothing to be afraid of. He asked if she could give him the chance to prove it.

Victoria refused to take that leap of faith again, since she'd done it too many times and always ended up getting crushed. Billy assumed that she expected him to go to the place where he was consumed with revenge against Adam, but he'd told her that part of his life was done. He contended that he was the same man she'd fallen in love with, and she'd once loved that he was spontaneous and unpredictable because it balanced her out. Victoria argued that she hadn't known then what it would lead to -- him drinking when things didn't go his way, crashing his car, and having a gambling problem so severe that it had gotten her kidnapped. She still remembered how scared she'd been when she'd thought her captors would kill her.

Victoria recalled that Billy had broken her heart many times before Adam had reentered their lives, and she'd forgiven Billy, not realizing that he had no way of stopping his self-destructive behavior. She noted the profound shift she'd seen in him when she'd been going through the crisis with J.T. and questioning everything about herself. She had considered Billy her rock, and she'd fallen in love with and committed herself to that person. She acknowledged that neither of them was perfect. However, she tried every day to be a better person, yet all she heard from him was talk about going backward.

Billy groused that Victoria was twisting his words, but she swore that she was just trying to put them into context. He complained that she wanted things her way, and he didn't get a say. He insisted that he didn't want to repeat the same mistakes, and all he was looking for was a level of acceptance, like the one she'd given her father. He asked if it was too much for her to give him the same consideration.

Billy recognized that he'd pulled stunts, but nothing like Victor had -- and Victoria had accepted her father for who he was. Victoria claimed that it was different because Billy was her partner, and they had to rely on one another. She ranted that they were going around in circles, and it wasn't a discussion but an exercise in frustration. She declared that she was done with it, and she headed out.

Billy stopped Victoria and asked what he had to do to prove that he didn't have a dangerous internal battle raging inside him. He accepted that he was a flawed human, but they'd be okay if she had faith in him. Victoria flatly stated that she'd told him what he needed to do, and she guaranteed that they wouldn't make it if he didn't get help. She walked out.

Adam discovers that Chloe saved his life Adam discovers that Chloe saved his life
Friday, January 24, 2020
by Nel

Chelsea arrived at the Grand Phoenix and saw Adam sitting in one of the chairs with his laptop. She mused that she was not aware that it was "bring your significant other to work day." Adam told her he was planning their future and that he'd bought a company that specialized in video games. He thought Connor could be their game tester. Adam claimed that the company would do until something better came along. Chelsea asked why Adam was at the hotel. Adam said it was Connor's first day at school, and he wanted to be close, just in case. Adam and Chelsea hoped they wouldn't have to worry about Connor anymore.

At that moment, Phyllis arrived, and she saw Chelsea and Adam talking. When Chance walked in, Phyllis immediately waylaid him and asked if he was there to see the luscious Abby. Chance said no, and he informed her that Abby was busy. Phyllis saw her opportunity. She told Chance she was available. Chance asked if Phyllis was asking him out on a date with her. Phyllis said it didn't have to be a date; it could just be dinner. She asked if perhaps his thoughts of Abby were stopping him.

Phyllis reminded Chance that Abby had told him to satisfy his curiosity if he was so inclined. Without waiting for a response from him, Phyllis asked Chance to pick her up at 7 p.m. the following evening. Chance thought about it and told her to make it 8 p.m. Phyllis agreed, and with a smile, she left.

In the meantime, Chelsea told Adam she had to go and pick up Connor. As Chelsea kissed Adam, Chloe arrived and grimaced in disgust when she saw them.

On her way out, Chelsea greeted Chloe. Chloe asked if she could say something to her friend. She told Chelsea that it wasn't a good idea to be back with Adam. Frustrated, Chelsea said she didn't want to talk or hear anything negative about Adam. She said she was on her way to pick up Connor and invited Chloe to join her.

After Phyllis left him, Chance approached Adam and said that they had a major problem. He said "she" was missing and that she had completely fallen off the radar. At the door, Chelsea saw the intense exchange between Chance and Adam.

Adam hissed that Chance should take it down a notch. He said that she might be missing but she wasn't lost because she'd cashed the check he'd sent her every month. Chance was very nervous. He claimed that Adam should have told him about the checks. Adam stated he wasn't concerned about her whereabouts because she would surface to cash her next check. Adam informed Chance that he paid her every month in order to keep tabs on her. Chance said that not knowing where she was concerned him and that Adam had better be right about her resurfacing to cash the next check.

At Jabot, Theo eavesdropped at the office door as Jack, Summer, and Kyle discussed a potential new acquisition. Theo appeared chagrined when he heard Jack compliment Summer and Kyle, and he claimed that he'd picked the right team for the business trip. He added that he was very proud of them. After Summer embraced Jack, she and Kyle left.

Theo pretended he'd just arrived at the reception area when Kyle and Summer exited Jack's office. Kyle informed Theo that he and Summer were heading out on their business trip to San Francisco. Theo wish them luck, and he assured Kyle that that he would hold down the fort in their absence. Kyle smiled, shook Theo's hand, and said he was counting on Theo to do just that. Summer was stunned by Kyle's attitude. She wondered what was going on with the friendly act.

Theo told Kyle it was nice to have Kyle's assurance that Theo could handle things while Kyle and Summer were gone. Kyle said he was certain that Theo would meet every expectation, and he thanked Theo for his support.

At the elevator, Summer questioned Kyle about his attitude. He told Summer he intended to kill Theo with kindness until it drove Theo crazy. He said he intended to take everyone's advice and drop the antagonism with Theo. He knew it would drive Theo nuts. As they entered the elevator, Summer smiled and said she liked the new Kyle.

A short time later, Jack called Theo into his office. He told Theo he was pleased with his performance, but he'd noticed the friction between Theo and Kyle. Jack informed Theo that he'd spoken to Kyle about it, as well. Theo stated that they played things differently and that it was merely a clash of styles. Jack warned Theo about the friction. He warned Theo to stop goading Kyle and to cease poking people with a sharp stick. Jack said he didn't want to have that discussion again. Theo assured him it wouldn't happen again.

Devon and Fen arrived at Society. Devon said he was happy that Fen had returned. Fen apologized for his screwup and claimed he would make it up to Devon. Devon said that Fen didn't need to beat himself up over his addiction. Fen had already paid him back when he'd checked himself into a rehab clinic and received the help he'd needed. Devon said that when Fen went on tour again, Devon would make certain that Fen had all the support staff he would need. Fen thanked Devon, but he said he would pass on the tour because he wanted to protect his sobriety. Devon said he was proud of Fen, and Fen would be missed. Devon assured Fen that he would always have a place at LP and that they hadn't heard the last of Fen Baldwin.

Lauren and Michael arrived. As Lauren embraced Fen, Devon said he would give them space and left. Fen told his parents that he wouldn't be going on tour again. Michael felt that Fen had made the right call, and Michael was selfishly pleased that Fen would be close by so that he and Lauren could check up on him. Fen informed them that he was moving to Nashville. He said he would move in with some sober friends and that he had a job already set up at a recording studio. He said he needed a change, and the move would be good for him.

Lauren told Fen she wanted to help him with his move to Nashville. Fen welcomed the idea of his parents helping him settle in. Teary-eyed, Lauren said she was sad to say goodbye again. Fen told Lauren and Michael that he loved them.

At the bar, Devon asked if Lola was okay. Lola explained that she and Kyle had had a really bad fight. She admitted that it had scared her. Devon said all married couples fought and that she and Kyle would get past it. Devon advised Lola to make up with Kyle. When Devon spotted Kyle, he left.

Kyle approached Lola and asked her if they could talk prior to him leaving on his business trip. Lola agreed. Kyle asked why it was so difficult for them to move on. He said he hated leaving while things were so unsettled. Lola assured him they would talk when he returned from his trip. They kissed. Kyle said he would call her when he arrived in San Francisco, and he walked away. Hurt, Lola said, "I love you," under her breath.

A short time later, Theo arrived. He saw Lola, but he decided to leave well enough alone and left the restaurant.

Chelsea and Connor arrived at Crimson Lights and joined Chloe and Bella on the patio. She suggested that the kids go and pick a song on the jukebox. Connor and Bella walked away holding hands. Chelsea and Chloe smiled and gushed about the kids. Jokingly, they wondered when they should start planning their kids' wedding. Chloe said she was hoping to have another little girl, a sister for Bella.

Chloe asked Chelsea if Connor knew about his eyes. Chelsea said they had been putting it off, but they always told Connor he had magic eyes. Chloe thought it was very special that Connor saw Bella through Delia's eyes. When Adam arrived, Chelsea assured Chloe that it hadn't been planned. Adam claimed he was there because he wanted to have hot chocolate with Connor. After giving Adam a dirty look, Chloe introduced Bella to him and offered to help Adam get the hot chocolate.

At the counter, Chloe told Adam that Chelsea might have fallen for his act, but she hadn't. Chloe called him a "heartless bastard" who brought pain to everyone he touched. She said she should have left him to die in the street. Adam claimed she'd left him to die in a few other places. He asked what she'd meant by her comment about leaving him to die in the street. It suddenly dawned on him that Chloe had been the one who'd pushed him out of the way when Billy had tried to run him down. Chloe admitted she'd saved his sorry ass and that Adam owed her one.

Adam told Chloe he had a problem wrapping his head around the fact that she had saved his life, but Chloe countered that she'd saved Billy's life, not Adam's. She warned Adam not to hurt Chelsea again. Adam said he wouldn't, and he only wanted to make Chelsea and Connor happy. Adam saw the kids playing together. He told Chloe they would always be connected because of Delia's eyes. Chloe grimaced and told Adam to stop trying to pretend that he was human. She grabbed her and Bella's hot chocolate and told Adam to carry his own hot chocolate as she walked away.

After Chloe took the hot chocolate onto the patio, Chelsea joined Adam at the counter. She asked what had happened between him and Chloe. Adam claimed that he and Chloe had reached a tentative understanding. Chelsea said she had no idea what that meant. Changing the subject, Chelsea said she'd seen him talking to Chance at the Grand Phoenix. She asked if there was anything Adam needed to tell her. He said there was nothing she needed to know. He said if there was, he would tell her. He kissed her.

On the patio, Bella complained that Connor had one marshmallow more than she did. Being a gentleman, Connor gave Bella one of his. Chloe thanked him and said that they would be friends for a very long time, so they had better get along.

Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix to inform Phyllis she was about to leave on her business trip with Kyle and that she was taking her lucky necklace with her. Summer told Phyllis that the acquisition was a big deal for Kyle. Phyllis wanted to know more about the deal. Reluctantly, Summer told Phyllis she couldn't tell a soul and explained that she and Kyle were in negotiations to buy a new cosmetics company. She said Kyle was about to close the deal.

Phyllis said she hoped that Summer wasn't going after Kyle, even if she could have him back in a split second. She said that love could be foolish, but if Summer decided to go after Kyle, she knew how Summer could do it. Summer claimed she wasn't after Kyle, but out of curiosity, she asked Phyllis to explain how could she get Kyle back.

Phyllis said she was certain that Kyle had loved Summer for years, but Lola had happened along, a woman who was the complete opposite of Summer, and Kyle had tried to convince himself that he loved her. Summer said that Kyle had chosen Lola, so she would move on. Phyllis claimed that Summer was ten times the woman Lola ever was or would be and that Kyle knew that. Phyllis warned Summer never to settle for second best, and she knew that Summer was still in love with Kyle.

Summer thanked Phyllis for her advice. Phyllis reiterated that Summer should never settle for being the second choice, especially with Kyle. At that moment, Kyle arrived to pick up Summer for their road trip to San Francisco. Summer said goodbye to Phyllis, and she and Kyle left. Phyllis appeared deeply concerned.

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