The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 3, 2020 on Y&R
Victor told Victoria that Billy and Amanda had frequented a motel together. Amanda discovered Ripley in her hotel room. Kyle and Lola decided to end their marriage. Summer and Kyle had sex. Abby and Chance made love. Sharon dreamed about Cassie and finally accepted help from her loved ones.
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Kyle and Lola decided to end their marriag, and Sharon had a terrifying dream ahead of her first chemo treatment
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Summer and Kyle make confessions Summer and Kyle make confessions
Monday, February 3, 2020

Nikki stopped by Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was upset to learn that Billy had gotten into a bar fight. Nikki told Victoria that Billy's attorney, Amanda, had bailed him out of jail. Nikki explained that Victor had assigned a detective to follow Billy, which was how they'd learned about the fight and the arrest. Nikki reluctantly showed Victoria a photo the detective had taken of Billy and Amanda at the bar. Victoria studied the photo, and after learning that Billy had stayed at the Grand Phoenix, noted that Amanda was also staying there.

Nikki suggested that Billy had sought out Amanda to validate his poor choices. Victoria mentioned that Amanda had been involved in a scam that had wiped out Devon's inheritance, and she likely knew exactly what she was doing to Billy. Nikki urged Victoria to look after her family, herself, and the company instead of worrying about Billy. Victoria promised she would and encouraged Nikki to take her trip and not worry. After Nikki left, Victoria picked up the photo of Billy sitting close to Amanda. Victoria appeared despondent.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Amanda met with Billy and told him she'd quietly settled with the people involved in the barroom brawl. Amanda added that Michael Baldwin had agreed not to file a criminal complaint. Billy asked Amanda if the bar owner had banned him. Amanda smiled and suggested Billy wait until the owner had had time to repair damages. When Amanda got up to leave, Billy begged her to stay five minutes. Billy asked Amanda if he'd screwed up their friendship. Amanda assured Billy that their friendship was on good terms.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda seemed apprehensive as she stepped off the elevator and joined Victoria in the lobby. Victoria said she was aware that Amanda and Billy had been having secret rendezvous. Amanda explained that she and Billy had met by chance. Victoria sarcastically noted that the Empty Glass Lounge was quite a classy establishment. Amanda recalled that she and Billy had first met the night of the power outage, which Victoria remembered had occurred the first part of December.

Amanda said she and Billy had begun chatting while they'd waited for the lights to come back on. Amanda assured Victoria that she and Billy were just normal friends, who'd meet for coffee or drinks and catch up on each other's lives. Victoria replied, "And it progressed from there?" Amanda said she wasn't certain what Victoria meant by "progressed." Victoria accused Amanda of convincing Billy to embrace his addictions and weaknesses. Amanda was puzzled and asked Victoria what she meant about Billy's addictions.

Victoria explained that Billy had dealt with a gambling problem, which had impacted his career and his relationships. Victoria added that in addition to losing vast sums of money, Billy had also once lost the company yacht in a poker game and could have been charged with embezzlement. Victoria said she thought Amanda had been the one person Billy could bare his soul to, yet she didn't know. Amanda insisted she'd never set out to be Billy's therapist and was only a friend and a good listener. Victoria accused Amanda of being an enabler. Amanda defended herself and said she'd encouraged Billy to have conversations with Victoria. Victoria scoffed and noted that Billy had turned to Amanda when he'd landed in trouble.

Amanda assured Victoria that she'd acted solely as Billy's lawyer. Victoria replied, "Frankly, I have my doubts." Amanda explained that she'd intended her interaction to be strictly professional and hadn't learned about Billy's breakup with Victoria until after she'd bailed him out of jail. Victoria replied, "So, you spent time together after your legal work had concluded." Amanda insisted she had no romantic feelings for Billy and hoped he and Victoria could work things out because he loved her and the kids very much. Victoria cried that Billy had a funny way of showing his love. Victoria said that Billy had permanently damaged their relationship, so they wouldn't be reconciling.

At Kyle and Lola's apartment, Lola was surprised to find Kyle working from home. Lola said she'd also decided to work from home and suggested she and Kyle take a break before she commenced cooking. Kyle explained that he should look over his contract, so he could get the notes to his dad by the end of the day. Lola was disappointed and said she'd try not to take it personally. Lola teased that Kyle had never turned her down except the first time, before he'd broken up with Summer.

Lola paused and said she shouldn't have mentioned Summer after she noticed that Kyle had bristled at the mention of her name. Lola said she was tired and needed a nap. After Lola rested, she told Kyle she was heading back to work. Lola reminded Kyle that he'd wanted to talk to her after he'd returned from his trip, and she asked him what he'd planned to tell her. Lola cried that it seemed as if something had been weighing on him. Kyle seemed at a loss for words.

Lola begged Kyle to tell her what had happened between him and Summer. Kyle initially cried that he and Summer hadn't made love before he admitted, "There was a kiss. Just a kiss. That's all." Kyle assured Lola that he'd stopped the kiss right away, telling Summer that he was committed to working things out with his wife. Kyle added that Summer, embarrassed, had abruptly left and returned to her hotel room.

Lola asked Kyle if Summer had pressured him to keep quiet. Kyle took sole responsibility and said he hadn't wanted to make things worse. Lola, hurt, cried, "This doesn't make any sense." Lola recalled the night at the Grand Phoenix when Summer had kissed him. Kyle recalled that Summer had been drugged by the spiked punch and had had no idea what she'd been doing. Lola reminded Kyle that she'd witnessed that kiss and hadn't flipped out. Lola told Kyle he would have told her upon his return if all that had happened had been the kiss and him stopping it.

Lola begged Kyle to tell her what he was holding back. Kyle said he was relieved Lola knew, and he promised to talk more in depth later. Lola said she could ask Summer. Kyle begged Lola not to approach Summer because it would be best to leave the incident in the past. Lola accused Kyle of doing nothing to stop Summer's continued advances. Lola asked Kyle why he hadn't fired Summer, moved her to another floor, or considered sending her to the office in London.

Kyle accused Lola of sounding like Theo. Kyle added that Theo was attempting to cause problems between them. Kyle cried, "Why can't you admit that he's in your head as much as Summer's in mine?" Lola was stunned. She said nothing and turned to leave as Kyle apologized for his outburst. Kyle seemed despondent after Lola left.

At Jabot, Summer panicked when one of their social-media influencers posted an "unboxing" video from a cemetery. Summer told Theo to contact the influencer and demand that the video be immediately removed. Theo worked feverishly and seemed relieved after the video was removed. Summer suggested Theo do a better job of vetting his influencers instead of investing so much time mooning over Lola. Theo brought up Summer's trip with Kyle and said, "I know what happened in San Francisco." Summer replied, "What are you babbling about now, Theo?" Theo taunted Summer and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. What 'didn't' happen in San Francisco. That is the official story, right?"

After Theo went to lunch at Society, Summer hurriedly followed him and demanded to know if he'd been spreading rumors about her and Kyle. Theo assured Summer that her dirty little secret would be safe with him. Summer replied, "I don't have a secret, dirty or otherwise." Theo explained that he'd overheard Summer and Kyle say that Lola should never find out what had happened in San Francisco. Summer explained that she and Kyle had engaged in a conversation about what they wanted out of life. Summer added that Kyle feared Lola might not understand his close friendship with her, given that the couple had been struggling lately.

Theo refused to believe Summer. Unable to hide her emotions, Summer admitted she'd kissed Kyle and that he'd stopped it right away. Summer warned Theo to keep his mouth shut. Theo insisted that Summer wanted him to "blow the whole thing wide open" because she wanted Kyle. Summer warned Theo to keep silent. Theo said Kyle would eventually slip up because he'd been walking a tightrope. Theo cried that Lola was the one who'd be hurt the worst from Summer's ploy to attract Kyle. Summer said it was evident that Theo had feelings for Lola.

Theo was sitting alone at the bar, drinking, when Lola entered Society. Lola asked Theo if he knew what had happened between Summer and Kyle in San Francisco. Theo struggled to sound sincere and mentioned acquisition of the cosmetics company. Lola told Theo he was a terrible liar and said it would be best if they didn't discuss it. After Lola left, Theo finished his drink.

Billy stopped by Jack's office at Jabot. Jack was taken aback to see Billy's bruised eye and jaw. Billy explained that he'd been directing his life on his own terms, so he could express himself authentically instead of following in his father's footsteps or striving to maintain an impossible ideal. Jack seemed confused and told Billy that his quest sounded exhausting. Billy disagreed and said he had more freedom and more possibilities, and he felt more energetic. Jack replied, "I assume Victoria's behind you."

Billy told Jack that his and Victoria's values differed, so he'd moved out. Jack recalled that the previous summer, the family had cheered for Billy and Victoria as they'd pledged vows of undying love. Billy said he'd always love his family but wouldn't apologize for who he was. Jack suggested that Billy get help after he admitted dabbling in gambling, but Billy refused and asked Jack to try to understand. Jack asked Billy if his new life involved recklessness, chaos, and thrill-seeking. Billy explained that he intended to live in the moment and find out who he was. Jack told Billy he hoped it would work out and added that he'd be there for Billy when things didn't work out. Replying in a sarcastic tone, Billy thanked Jack for his show of faith.

After Kyle went to the office, Summer entered and said she thought he might still be working from home. Kyle said he'd been going over the proposed contract. Summer took a seat and asked Kyle if he had discovered any surprises. Kyle expressed concern about the language in the contract possibly causing conflicts down the road, so they had to be careful. Summer replied that there was such a thing as being too careful if it meant missing out on a deal of a lifetime. Kyle said, "Good point." Summer told Kyle that they knew everything about the deal and should move forward because it was the only choice.

Devon shuts down Power, leaving Mariah jobless Devon shuts down Power, leaving Mariah jobless
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Billy arrived at the ranch and announced that he was there to see Victoria and the kids, but Victor retorted that it wouldn't happen. Billy called out for Victoria, but Victor barked to save his breath because she wasn't there. Victor revealed that security had only let Billy in because Victor had told them to, but it would be the last time Billy set foot on the property. Billy asserted that the kids were his children, but Victor maintained that if Billy saw them, it wouldn't be in Victor's home. Billy argued that it was between him and Victoria.

Victor growled that the only solace he took in Billy breaking Victoria's heart again was that she didn't have to divorce him that time around, since she'd been smart enough to know that he wouldn't meet her or her children's expectations. Victor observed that it looked like Billy had been in a fight, and he was happy to oblige if Billy was there for some more. Billy reiterated that Johnny and Katie were his kids, and he would always be their father and in their lives, so "Grandpa Victor" would have to deal with it. Victor demanded that Billy show himself out and never show up there again.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick made some outrageous suggestions for Newman's 50th anniversary celebration to get Victoria's attention. He reminded her that they'd been talking about the gala, but he noted that she was obviously thinking about other things. She bemoaned that they were things she could do nothing about, and she pledged to focus on the party plans. Nick pointed out that he was probably the perfect person to talk to, since he knew what the pain of a breakup looked like.

Nick empathized that it hurt right then, but things had to get better. Victoria inquired whether he was trying to convince her or himself, and he admitted that it had been hard watching Adam and Chelsea parade around town as a couple. Nick was grateful to have a reprieve while they were in Paris, and he shared that their RSVP had indicated that they might not make it back in time for the gala. He added that the couple was considering moving abroad permanently, and he pondered whether Billy's wild side would take him someplace far away, too.

Victoria confided that she lacked enthusiasm for the anniversary gala, and Nick urged her not to let Billy rob her of the positive things in life. Nick insisted that they had to cherish every moment because they never knew what life had in store, and he was tired of wasting time and energy on things that didn't matter in the end. Billy appeared in the doorway and stated that he was there to see Victoria. Nick volunteered to stay, but Victoria assured him it was okay. Nick put Billy on notice, and Billy told him to get in line behind his old man. Nick departed.

Victoria observed the cuts and bruises on Billy's face, and she questioned whether it was part of the new life he'd been so anxious to live. He reasoned that the upside to breaking up was that she didn't have to worry about him anymore. Victoria sourly pointed out that he had Amanda to pick up the pieces and bail him out of bar fights, and he surmised that Victor had had him followed. Victoria assumed that Amanda had told Billy about the women's little talk, and she huffed that Amanda had put up a good front for a wannabe homewrecker. Billy contended that Amanda hadn't wrecked their home, and he insisted on seeing the kids.

Billy warned Victoria not to use Johnny and Katie to punish him, and Victoria resented that he thought she'd use their children. She shared that she hadn't decided how to handle things yet, and she wondered why he was being defensive. Billy relayed that Victor had told him that he wasn't allowed to see his own children, and Victoria asserted that her father had been trying to protect them. Billy insisted on seeing them, but Victoria questioned whether it was a good idea with his black eye. He agreed to wait until it had healed, but he argued that he had a right to see his kids. Victoria said she'd call him to hash it out the following week, and she instructed him not to stop by her office again.

Victoria returned to the ranch, and Victor informed her that the kids had been at a riding lesson while she'd been gone. She was glad the children had had some fun before she had to break the news to them, and Victor offered to help do it. She considered putting it off, but he encouraged her not to. He hoped she wasn't having second thoughts, but she requested that they table it for a while. Victor shared that he had something he had to tell Victoria, since what Billy had done had gone beyond what she thought.

Victor claimed that he'd uncovered something about Billy that he'd been hoping to spare Victoria. She swore that she didn't want protection, and she preferred to know everything. Victor alleged that Billy and Amanda had not only met at the bar but had also repeatedly visited a motel, and Victor had the receipts to prove it. Victoria admitted that she'd suspected it, but she'd wanted to believe Billy when he'd sworn up and down that there had been no affair. Victoria assumed that she'd just been in denial, and Victor held her close and said he was sorry.

Later, Billy returned to his hotel suite. Victoria called and conceded that she shouldn't have put off talking about the kids. She thought they should meet right away.

At the penthouse, Devon was on the phone with Elena, asking why she hadn't woken him up before she'd left. He amorously recognized that he probably would have made her late for work, but it would have been worth it. He hoped she was having a better day than he expected to have, since he was about to head to a Hamilton-Winters board meeting. Devon confided that certain divisions had been underwater, and he had to make some tough decisions that day.

At Society, Mariah chatted over video with Tessa, who enthusiastically recounted the prior night's performance, including a sea of phones pointed at her during her encore with Tanner. Tessa asked how everything was in Mariah's world, and Mariah replied that it was "the same old, same old." Tessa noted that Mariah never used that phrase, and she pushed to know what was really going on. Mariah swore that she was fine, but she just missed Tessa. Tessa hated not being there in person, and she offered to fly home if Mariah needed her.

Tanner popped onto Mariah's screen and was sure that Tessa had been telling Mariah all about how she'd killed it the night before. He added that Tessa missed "the hell" out of Mariah, but he realized that he'd intruded on a private call and stepped away. Mariah regretted that she had to end the call to attend a meeting, but she promised call Tessa later that night. They exchanged words of love and hung up. Tanner asked Tessa if everything was all right, and she lamented that being far away for so long was hard. Tanner acknowledged that it was the downside about being on tour, but he thought he might have something to cheer Tessa up.

Tanner pressed Tessa to meet with his people, but she insisted that she was happy with everything in her career. He understood that she was loyal to the people who'd gotten her there, and she stressed that one of those people was her girlfriend. Tanner opined that it was sometimes difficult to mix business with pleasure, and separating them might take the pressure off. Tanner confessed that his reps had been clamoring for him to set up a meeting with Tessa because they wanted the opportunity to represent her. Tessa reiterated that she was grateful for everything Tanner had done for her, but she wanted to make sure he wasn't hoping they would reconnect.

Tanner adamantly stated that he wasn't trying to rekindle his past with Tessa in any way, and he respected their friendship and her relationship with Mariah. Tessa felt that things were one-sided after everything he'd done for her, but Tanner noted that he'd had the benefit of her talent and advice. He reiterated that he appreciated someone who knew him as just Tanner and not the famous Tanner Watts. He anticipated that it wouldn't be long before everyone knew her name, too. Tessa maintained that she would never fire Mariah and Devon, but she agreed to hear Tanner's people out.

Meanwhile, at Society's bar, Lindsay sensed that Mariah could use a drink. Mariah groaned that she missed Tessa and that not being able to talk about her "friend" was getting harder and harder. Lindsay presented Mariah with a beverage, but Mariah passed because she was meeting her boss. Lindsay informed her that the drink was nonalcoholic, and Mariah tried it and was impressed. Lindsay complimented Mariah's smile and suggested that she show it more often. Lindsay offered to be there if Mariah ever needed anyone to confide in, since it was in the job description as a bartender.

Devon arrived, and he and Mariah retreated to a table. Mariah was excited to update him on the great things that had been going on at Power Communications, but he sadly informed her that he was shutting the company down. A stunned Mariah had thought Power had been doing well. Devon confirmed that she'd done a wonderful job, but the company wasn't generating enough revenue to sustain itself. He'd hoped to move money around between divisions, but the numbers hadn't worked out. Mariah realized that it had been fun while it had lasted, but it was time to move on.

Devon pledged to do everything he could to help Mariah get another job, and she thanked him for being crazy enough for giving her the opportunity in the first place. He swore that he believed in her, and she contemplated whether there was a reason behind it all, since the timing couldn't have been better in some ways. Devon appreciated her understanding and assured her that he'd be there for her. Devon departed, and Mariah returned to the bar and decided to have a stuff drink, after all.

Chance approached Abby at the Grand Phoenix and said he'd been thinking about her. She asked if he'd had nice or naughty thoughts, and he replied that they'd been a little of both. He wanted to plan their next date, and he mentioned that he was free the next few evenings. She didn't think she could wait that long, and she proposed that they have a date right then. Chance figured that he was his own boss, but it was too early for dinner or a jazz bar. Abby suggested that they go ice-skating, but she wondered if he had to check with Phyllis first. "Phyllis who?" he queried.

Later, Chance and Abby returned to his hotel room, and she wished that they'd checked the wind chill factor before they'd decided to go skating. He wrapped her in a blanket and remarked that the upside was that they'd get to warm one another up, and he wished he had a fireplace. She cooed that they didn't need one when they had one another, and she noted that he was cold. He mused that he was warming up by the second, and they kissed. They began to disrobe and tumbled onto the bed.

After making love with Chance, Abby called her staff and fibbed that she was at an emergency dentist appointment. After she hung up, she teased Chance for being a bad influence on her, but he pointed out that she was the one hiding out at her workplace. He called her a terrible criminal, and he wondered what a scar on her knee was from. She recalled that she'd gotten it while hiding out in a car trunk after faking her own kidnapping. Chance showed her a scar on his side and mentioned that he'd gotten it while preventing a kidnapping. She murmured that it was like they'd lived parallel lives, and they kissed.

Abby checked in with her staff again and claimed that her dentist appointment was taking longer than expected. Chance prompted her to tell him about her most embarrassing moments, since those were what showed a person's true character. He referred to her riding naked on a horse, but she refused to apologize for standing up for a cause she believed in. Chance found it sexy that she stuck to her principles, but he joked that the thought of her riding naked on a horse didn't hurt, either. There was a knock at the door, and he mentioned that he'd ordered room service while she'd been in the bathroom. Abby hid under the covers.

A moment later, Chance confirmed that the coast was clear, but he reported that they'd been busted because Abby's staff had dropped off not only dinner but also a bottle of Champagne and a toothbrush. He remarked that it meant they were both terrible criminals, and she asked if she should be embarrassed -- because she wasn't. Chance saw why Abby's employees adored her, since it was hard not to. They kissed, and she asked if he was hungry. He replied that he had been, but the food could wait.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis cheerfully greeted Sharon and ordered some coffee. Phyllis gushed that it smelled amazing, and she inquired whether it was the dark roast she'd tried the day before. Sharon nonchalantly replied that it could be, and Phyllis rambled about how the holidays were good for business. Phyllis imagined that it gave Sharon peace of mind to know that business was consistent, and Sharon warned that the polite small talk had better not be pity. Phyllis questioned why she'd pity Sharon, and Sharon snapped that Phyllis knew she had breast cancer. Sharon realized from Phyllis' stricken reaction that Phyllis hadn't known.

Phyllis shared that she'd known something was going on, but she hadn't known what it was until just then. Sharon swore Phyllis to secrecy. Phyllis recognized that they'd had their differences, but she promised that she would never tell anyone because it was none of her business. Sharon ordered her not to say a word about it, and Phyllis readily agreed to do whatever Sharon wanted. Sharon requested that Phyllis treat her normally, and Phyllis chattered about Faith being back in town and how Sharon was a great mother. Sharon groused that it was exactly what she didn't want.

Phyllis demanded a latte, adding that it wasn't rocket science. Phyllis complained that she could get a better, faster cup of coffee at a gas station, and she'd have to pick another coffeehouse if Sharon wasn't careful. "Promise?" Sharon asked with a grin. Phyllis imagined that Sharon would miss her if she was gone, since life would be boring without her. Sharon replied that she'd be happy to test that theory.

Phyllis stopped by Nick's house to drop off something for Summer, but Nick reported that their daughter was at work. Nick asked about the real reason Phyllis was there, and she admitted that she knew the truth about Sharon. Nick stressed that Sharon didn't want it getting out, and he wondered if Phyllis had made things worse for Sharon. Phyllis recognized that she and Sharon had a complicated relationship, but she sympathized that it had to be incredibly scary for Sharon and everyone who loved her. Phyllis vowed to respect Sharon's situation and honor her wishes.

Phyllis remarked that it had been her job to be a thorn in Sharon's side and vice versa, but it all seemed very small and petty then. Phyllis was glad that Sharon had support, and Nick expressed surprise to hear compassion in her voice. Phyllis refused to kick a woman when she was down, and she considered it a wake-up call that had put things in perspective. She recognized that she'd been at a crossroads in her life when she'd gone after Chance, but she'd only done it to get under Abby's skin. Phyllis figured that it had been a way to distract herself to avoid looking at her own life.

Phyllis reflected back on being in a coma for a year, and she wondered if Sharon would beat her cancer. Nick insisted that Sharon had great doctors and a positive attitude, and they'd caught the cancer relatively early, so they had to take things one step at a time. Phyllis looked forward to the day she could be a thorn in Sharon's side again, and she promised to keep her mouth shut. Phyllis apologized for barging in, and Nick teased that he'd gotten used to it. He added that times like that reminded them of who their true friends really were.

At the cottage, Sharon answered a call and learned that she'd forgotten about a hair appointment. She fondled her hair and considered rescheduling, but she gazed down at her cancer treatment records. Later, Sharon tied her hair back and covered her head with a scarf. She stared at her reflection in the mirror.

Kyle and Lola tearfully end their marriage Kyle and Lola tearfully end their marriage
Wednesday, February 5, 2020
by Nel

At Jabot, Kyle informed his staff that Jabot owned Bay Street Cosmetics. Slightly distracted, he told the employees that the point person would be "Lola." He apologized, corrected himself, and said the point person would be Summer. After the employees left, Kyle called someone and asked to have Theo sent to his office. He was informed that Theo had left for the day. Kyle said he knew where Theo was. Kyle grabbed his coat and stormed out of his office.

Theo arrived at Society and waved at Lola. She told him she had time to spare before the dinner rush, and she invited him to sit down at a table. Summer and Phyllis arrived and saw Theo and Lola together. Summer informed Phyllis that with Theo and Lola constantly together, she felt it was okay to tell Kyle how she felt. Summer admitted she'd told Theo that she and Kyle had kissed in San Francisco. She'd believed that Theo would be tempted to tell Lola, but it appeared he hadn't. Dismayed, Phyllis told Summer that she was trying to rush things because she wanted Kyle so badly, but Summer should let the show come to her.

In the meantime, at their table, Theo regaled Lola with a funny childhood story. Lola thanked him for making her laugh. Theo noticed that Lola kept glancing over at Summer and Phyllis. He offered to block them from Lola's view, but Lola said she should confront Summer. Theo told her it wasn't a good idea because there would be too many angry words and accusations, and Lola would be the one who would be hurt.

At the bar, Lindsay admired Mariah's editing of Tessa's music video. Mariah had told Lindsay that she'd lost her job. Lindsay stated that Mariah had run a PR outfit, and she guaranteed that Mariah wouldn't be out of work for long. Mariah kept watching Summer and Lola, and she saw Phyllis leave. She told Lindsay she was afraid that World War III would break out between Lola and Summer. When Mariah saw Summer stand up, about to approach Lola's table, Mariah intercepted her and told her it wasn't a good idea.

Kyle arrived and took in the scene. He told Lola they needed to talk, and she agreed. When Lola and Kyle left for the kitchen, Mariah suggested that Summer and Theo leave. After Theo and Summer left, Mariah returned to the bar, grabbed her purse and coat, and left.

In the kitchen, Lola said she understood that Kyle had felt betrayed because she'd chosen Theo as a friend, but she pointed out that Kyle appeared to be under the impression that he and Summer could do as they pleased. Kyle said he wanted some ground rules because it appeared that he couldn't say anything about Summer, but Lola could talk about Theo. Confused, Lola stated that she didn't know where she and Kyle stood.

Victoria met Billy at Crimson Lights and immediately called him a liar. He asked what he'd done. Amanda and Nate arrive as Victoria said, "It's not what you've done; it's who you've done." Amanda attempted to defend herself, but Victoria said that Billy and Amanda wouldn't fool her anymore. Shocked, Billy maintained that nothing had happened between him and Amanda, but Victoria told him she had proof. She stormed out.

Billy asked to speak to Amanda privately on the patio. Amanda was upset when she asked Billy why Victoria thought they had slept together. Billy said he was certain it had been Victor's doing. Billy was sorry Amanda had been caught in the middle of his and Victoria's situation. Very upset, Amanda claimed they hadn't done anything wrong. Billy agreed and maintained they had only been friends. He told Amanda that if any of the Newmans harassed her, she should let him know, and he would take care of it. Amanda claimed she could take care of herself. Billy left.

Nate joined Amanda on the patio, and he asked her if everything was okay. Still agitated, Amanda said it wasn't. She told Nate that she'd arrived in Genoa City to do a job, but she'd been seen as the evil doppelgänger who had broken up Victoria and Billy's union. Nate said that whatever she'd done or hadn't done, Billy had needed a friend, and she'd been there for him. Amanda said she couldn't believe that Nate was still single because he was gorgeous, funny, and nonjudgmental.

Amanda told Nate about her ex-fiancé, Ripley, and how she'd taken out a restraining order against him and that Ripley had taken one out against her. She told Nate that it hadn't become physical, but Ripley had been stalking her on social media and text messages. Amanda said Ripley was in Madison, and she had needed to move in order to get a fresh start. Nate encouraged her not to run anymore.

Summer arrived at Crimson Lights and joined Theo. She stated that they were both waiting for the same thing: Kyle and Lola's breakup. Theo became angry when Summer suggested that his interest in Lola was all about the chase. Summer stated that if it was more about Lola than it was about taking Kyle's wife, then she had misjudged him.

Theo asked if Summer thought she and Kyle would do the happily ever after thing. Summer countered by asking if Theo thought he would be with Lola. Theo stated that Summer didn't know him. Summer retorted that Theo didn't know her, either. She said she didn't know what would happen with Lola and Kyle; however, she loved Kyle, and she wondered if Kyle really loved Lola.

Victoria returned to the ranch. She told Victor that it hadn't been easy, but she'd confronted Billy. Victor asked Victoria to follow him to his exercise room. When he put some boxing gloves on her, she agreed to humor him, but she assured him she had other methods of venting and staying in shape.

Victor managed to get Victoria laughing. He told her to never be afraid of being afraid. She would always need to know how to deal with that fear. Victoria assured Victor she would never let her guard down nor would she ever allow anyone to hurt her again. Their conversation ended with a hug between father and daughter.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis saw Billy enter, and she confronted him about Amanda. She told him that if he was going to have a fight with Victoria, he should not do it in a public place like Crimson Lights. She said she'd heard it through the grapevine that he had cheated with Amanda. She warned Billy that if he was going to blow up his life, he was not to take her friend Amanda down with him. Billy asked who Phyllis was to decide what needed to be done for Amanda. Phyllis claimed she was trying to protect Amanda from getting mixed up in his life. She told Billy to get his act together. Billy stated he had his life together, and he left.

Moments later, Amanda arrived, and Phyllis asked if she was okay. Amanda claimed she appreciated Phyllis' protectiveness, but she would handle her own situation. She left to go to her suite.

In the kitchen at Society, Kyle told Lola that they were married, and he reminded her that they'd pushed through many obstacles to get where they were. He told Lola that he was fighting for their marriage, but Lola wanted to know exactly what Kyle had meant when he'd said that Summer was in his head. Kyle said he'd known Summer a long time, and he'd been in love with her. Lola stated that Summer believed it was okay to kiss Kyle. She said that Theo had never tried to kiss her, but if Theo had tried to kiss her, she would have shut him down. Kyle stated adamantly that he had shut Summer down, but Lola claimed that in spite of it, Kyle couldn't stop thinking about Summer. She told Kyle not to make it about Theo. Kyle assured her he was trying to be honest.

Lola asked why Kyle couldn't tell her the truth. She asked him to describe how he felt. Kyle said he loved Lola "so much" -- she was different, smart, and beautiful. He said that Summer had said things to him that he hadn't wanted to hear. Summer had asked him why Theo was such a threat to him and if Theo was the reason Kyle had been trying to bring more passion into his and Lola's relationship. Lola asked if Summer had been right about her questions and the reason he couldn't answer them.

Kyle finally admitted to Lola that Summer wasn't just in his head, but she was in his heart, as well. He'd thought he'd gotten over her, and he'd truly believed he had, but he no longer felt that way. In tears, Lola turned away. Kyle asked what she was thinking. Lola said she'd been thinking about her mother and how her mother had to have felt when she'd discovered her husband hadn't loved her. Lola said she'd promised herself that something like that would never happen to her, but Kyle had made a liar out of her. Kyle said he hated that he'd hurt her.

Lola reminded Kyle that he had claimed that Summer knew him. Lola said that Theo knew her, but she had only opened the door to Theo for a friendship. She told Kyle their marriage was over. She said she'd convinced herself their differences had made their love special; however, she'd never had all of Kyle, and he'd never had all of her. Kyle said he'd go to a hotel, and Lola agreed that it was a good idea. Kyle briefly held her hands, and he left.

Theo returned to Society, peeked into the kitchen window, and saw that Kyle and Lola were still talking. He chose to sit at one of the tables and wait. A short time later, Theo watched as Kyle stormed out of the restaurant. Lola walked out, and with tears flowing freely, she looked at Theo. He asked if there was anything he could do for her. Lola told him her marriage was over, and she asked Theo to help her. She told him that she'd just left a marriage that could have used a little more truth, but at that moment, she only needed a friend. She put her head on Theo's shoulder.

At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda entered her suite, turned, and was shocked to see her ex-fiancé, Ripley, standing by the window. He said, "Hello, Amanda. It's been awhile."

In the meantime, Kyle entered the Grand Phoenix and sat at the bar. Summer had followed him, and she sat down beside him. No words were spoken. Summer reached for his hand, and she saw the pain in Kyle's face.

Kyle and Summer have sex Kyle and Summer have sex
Thursday, February 6, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Billy approached Nate and inquired whether Amanda had taken off. Nate confirmed that she had, and Billy assumed she was all right after their earlier encounter with Victoria. Nate accused Billy of putting Amanda in the line of fire, and he asserted that she deserved better. Billy defended that he'd tried to make sure Amanda knew none of it had been her fault, and he wondered if she thought otherwise.

Nate refused to reveal what Amanda had said in confidence, but he wouldn't let Billy think everything was fine after she'd been ambushed. Billy maintained that someone had been lying to Victoria, and he reached for his phone to check on Amanda. Nate warned that it would just dredge everything up again, and he urged Billy to put her needs ahead of his own for once. Nate added that if Billy cared about Amanda, he wouldn't drag her down with him.

In Amanda's hotel room at the Grand Phoenix, Ripley commented that Amanda looked good. She coolly thanked him and said he looked "the same." He noted that it had been awhile, and she reminded him that there was a reason for that. He referred to the restraining orders they had out on one another, but he clucked that two wrongs didn't make a right. Ripley suggested that they take a time-out and forget everything that had happened back in Madison for a few minutes.

Ripley said he missed Amanda and stepped toward her, and she ordered him to leave. She threatened to call the police, but he begged her to wait because he wasn't there to cause trouble. He assured "Mandy" that he would never hurt her. She acknowledged that he'd never hit her, but she pointed out that he'd broken into her hotel room. He reasoned that it had been the only way to get her to talk to him, and he asked for ten minutes.

Amanda demanded to know how Ripley had gotten in, and he informed her that housekeeping had let him in when he'd told them Amanda had forgotten her scarf, which he held in his hands. He contended that it had worked because he knew her so well, like how she liked her coffee and how she was always cold, even in the summertime. Amanda cut him off and told him to get to the point, and Ripley questioned how they'd gotten to that place when they'd once been so in love. She suspected that he knew but didn't want to admit it.

Ripley asked why Amanda had felt the need to leave town to get away from him. He wondered why she'd put a GPS tracker on his car, and he swore that he wasn't mad, just sad. He insisted that he wanted to know her side of the story, but she expected him to play victim if she read him the riot act. She complained that he would only pretend to listen, and he could read the restraining order if he wanted to know things from her perspective. Ripley protested that he hadn't recognized the man she'd described, but Amanda argued that he'd done everything in the report, including stalking her like he was doing then.

Ripley understood that his being there made Amanda angry, but he figured that she still had to care if she was that upset. He wrapped the scarf around her neck, and she explained that she was upset because he'd invaded her privacy and broken the law. He apologized for going to extremes, but he believed it would be helpful for them to talk through their unfinished business. Amanda declared that she'd been done with it and with him for a very long time. Ripley moved in close and asked, "Then why haven't you dialed that phone?"

Ripley acknowledged that Amanda had felt the need to disappear because he'd been overbearing and controlling. He admitted that he'd responded badly when she'd started to pull away, and it had made him even more desperate to communicate with her. He knew that they could fix whatever was broken if they talked, and he suggested that they peel away the tension and anger and get back to the way things had been when they'd fallen in love. He recalled when they'd bought the scarf in Chicago on their first trip away together. Amanda conceded that things had been good when they'd first gotten together, but they couldn't erase everything that had happened afterward.

Ripley clarified that he didn't want to go back, but he wanted Amanda to know he'd changed. He swore that the restraining order had been a wake-up call for him, and he claimed that he'd been taking anger management classes and going to therapy because he hated the person he'd been back then. Amanda whimpered that she didn't know what he wanted her to say, and Ripley gushed that the fact that she'd heard him out had given him hope. She tearfully asked what he was hoping for. Billy knocked on Amanda's door and called out her name, and Ripley pleaded with her to not answer. Amanda rushed to the door and begged Billy not to go.

Amanda insisted that Ripley had said his piece and could leave. Ripley argued that he'd thought they'd been getting somewhere, but Amanda again ordered him out. Billy echoed that it was time to go, and Ripley obliged, glancing back at Amanda before he walked away. Billy bolted the door and asked a shaken Amanda who the man was, and she tearfully revealed that he was the ex who wasn't supposed to be anywhere near her. She cried that she'd walked into what she'd thought was an empty hotel room and found Ripley there. She begged Billy to stay with her, and he comforted her.

Amanda admitted that Ripley was a charmer. She knew what was on the other side of that charm, yet it all faded away when she got in a room with him, and she wanted to believe in him. She recalled that he'd been loving and attentive when they'd first gotten together, but she'd eventually realized that the all-encompassing love he'd had for her was like a drug, and she'd liked it. Amanda recognized that it wasn't healthy, but she hadn't been able to resist it, and it had allowed him to take more and more control. She was ashamed of how tolerant she'd been, but Billy insisted that Ripley's behavior wasn't her fault.

Amanda cited the little things Ripley had done, like borrowing her cell phone to allegedly check something when he'd really been reading her text messages. She recalled that before she'd known it, she hadn't been able to do anything without him because he'd always wanted to be with her. When she'd broken things off, it had been the beginning of a new phase for him, including hundreds of calls and text messages a day, full of anger, begging, and crying. Amanda shared that Ripley had broken into her place, supposedly to get back the ring he'd bought her, and that was when she'd obtained the restraining order.

Amanda thought she should have called the police when she'd found Ripley in her room that night. She'd had the phone in her hand, but she hadn't been able to do anything. She fought against tears as she contemplated how he could still get to her after everything he'd done. Billy advised that beating herself up wouldn't help, and she jokingly considered beating someone else up in a barfight. Billy felt terrible because she'd been listening to his problems while dealing with her own the whole time. Amanda pointed out that she'd downplayed everything that had happened with Ripley because she hadn't wanted to talk about it, but it was too late for that. Billy noted that it wasn't too late to have Ripley arrested.

Rey arrived in response to Amanda's call to the police. He observed that there was no sign of forced entry, and Amanda explained how Ripley had gotten access to her room. Rey figured that the security footage and housekeepers would corroborate Amanda's story, so they'd pick Ripley up as soon as possible. Rey left, and Billy locked the door behind him.

Billy encouraged Amanda to get some rest, and she explained that she was tired but also wound up. He urged her to try to relax, and she sat down on the bed and asked if he was leaving. Billy offered to stay if she wanted him to, and she worried that Ripley might return. Billy intended to keep one eye on her and one eye on the door, and Amanda thanked him. Later, Billy made himself comfortable in a chair and watched Amanda sleep.

At Society, Theo offered to get Lola something to drink, but she couldn't think about eating or drinking anything. He offered to talk, but she preferred to just sit there a little longer. Jack peered in from outside and saw Lola resting her head on Theo's shoulder. Later, Lola thanked Theo for the shoulder and bemoaned that she hadn't anticipated walking into work and leaving as a single woman. She accepted that she had to think about a life without Kyle, starting by going home to an empty apartment. Theo volunteered to give her a ride home, but she declined because her car was out back. She wished him a good night, kissed his cheek, and thanked him for being a great friend.

After Lola left, Jack confronted Theo, who defended that he'd literally only given Lola a shoulder to cry on after a conversation between her and Kyle hadn't gone well. Jack ordered him not to pretend that he hadn't taken advantage of the opportunity. Theo questioned whether he should have walked out on her while she'd been hurting, and he realized that Jack was convinced that he had ulterior motives. Jack confessed that 30 years earlier, he'd been much like Theo, when he'd worked angles and set goals without regard to who might be in the way.

Jack advised Theo to be careful, since Jack knew from experience that taking advantage seemed like the right move at the time, but it always did more harm than good in the long run, and he had the scars to prove it. Jack counseled Theo to stay on the sidelines, since inserting himself into Lola and Kyle's troubles would only make things worse. Jack pledged to always look out for Kyle, but he also felt a connection with Theo and wanted things to work out for him. After Theo departed, Jack left a voicemail for Kyle, cautioning him not to make any mistakes he couldn't undo.

Theo entered the darkened Jabot office. He sat behind the CEO's desk and picked up a photo of Kyle and Lola.

Mariah approached Lola on the coffeehouse patio and asked what she was doing there alone. Lola numbly explained that she'd been on her way upstairs, but she hadn't quite made it. Mariah inquired whether Kyle was there, and Lola reported that he'd said he would get a room somewhere. "It's done. We're done," Lola sadly stated. Lola didn't know if she could go home, and Mariah promised to be next to her every step of the way. Mariah recognized that Lola thought she was all alone that night, but nothing was further from the truth.

Mariah took Lola's hand and led her upstairs. Lola wailed that she'd been so desperate to believe that she and Kyle were soul mates that she'd completely ignored the reality that Summer meant more to him than Lola did. Mariah pondered whether the couple would have had any of their issues if Summer hadn't been around. Lola thought it didn't matter because Summer was there and wasn't going away, and she honestly thought Kyle loved Summer. Lola conceded that Kyle hadn't said it and that she'd had to push him to admit his feelings because he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but they'd eventually gotten to the truth.

Mariah had believed that Kyle and Lola were meant to be. Lola replied that they'd wanted to believe it, too, so they'd pretended until it had no longer worked. Lola reflected back on how her mom hadn't been able to admit that Adrian had been bad for her, and it had caused Celeste pain when she'd stayed with him. Lola refused to love someone who couldn't love her back 100 percent. Lola recounted that her talk with Kyle had been one of the most difficult conversations she'd ever had, but she was relieved that there would be no more fighting or accusations, and they could all move on.

Mariah suggested that Lola stay with her that night and look for a new apartment the next day. Lola noted that it had been Rey's place before it had become hers, and too much had changed in her life already, so she wanted to stay. Lola pointed out that Mariah could still help her pack stuff, and Mariah guessed it would be Kyle's stuff. Mariah figured that while things wouldn't be painless when he picked his things up, at least it would be fast. They hugged.

Mariah picked up a snow globe and wondered what Lola wanted to do with it. Lola suggested burning it, and she noticed that Mariah's phone showed a missed call from Tessa. Mariah decided to call her girlfriend back later, and Lola offered to make dinner to thank Mariah for everything she'd done. Mariah announced that she had something to say first, and she adamantly stated that Lola could never be with Theo. Lola laughed, but Mariah warned that she was serious because she knew his type, and he was manipulative and conniving.

Lola accepted that Theo had his faults, but he'd also shown her a different side of himself. Mariah cautioned that Theo was using Lola to get to Kyle, and Lola replied that it was Kyle's problem for letting Theo get to him. Lola asserted that she'd been faithful to her husband and hadn't let Theo kiss her while on a business trip. Mariah was taken aback, but she argued that it didn't make Theo any better. Lola knew there was a little bad in him, but she kind of liked it. Mariah groaned that Lola had bad boy syndrome, so she was doomed.

Lola prepared to make something to eat, but Mariah instructed her to sit down and relax after an insane day. Lola declared that she was done with the day, but she confided that she missed Kyle. She thought if he were there, she'd still put her arms around him. Mariah wondered if Lola missed him or just the thought of what they could have been, and Lola didn't know.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Summer joined Kyle and asked if he felt like talking. She suggested that he start with what had happened between him and Lola. Kyle mentioned that he was there to get a room, and Summer imagined it had been some fight. He confirmed that it hadn't been a fight but a breakup and eventually a divorce. Kyle recalled that he and Lola had laid everything out about what they were thinking and feeling, and they both knew the truth -- they didn't belong together because there was someone else who he'd never gotten over.

Kyle recounted that Lola had known where things had been headed before he'd admitted it to himself. He shared that he'd tried not to listen when Summer had said those things to him in San Francisco, but he couldn't stay in denial anymore. He refused to let Theo off the hook, but in the end, it was about his own feelings and where his heart was. Summer was sure the kiss hadn't helped things, but Kyle believed that Lola had known all along that he had never gotten over Summer. Summer asked what she could do to make it easier for him. He noted that it was getting late, and he headed to the front desk to book a room.

Kyle settled into his hotel room and flipped on the television. There was a knock at the door, followed by a woman identifying herself as room service. Kyle yelled that she had the wrong room, but there was another knock. Kyle opened the door to Summer, who promised to give him space, but she insisted on dropping off a few things because she'd noticed he'd shown up with no luggage.

Summer presented Kyle with a bag of socks, candy bars, and small bottles of booze. She stressed that he wasn't alone that night, and he replied that he didn't feel alone. She hated that he was miserable, and she couldn't help feeling guilty because she'd wanted Kyle and Lola to break up. She insisted that she liked Lola, but she'd be lying if she said she'd ever thought Kyle belonged with Lola. Summer was sorry that Lola had been hurt, but she refused to apologize for wanting what she wanted. Summer repeated that she respected that Kyle wanted his space, but she also wanted to be honest about how she really felt about him.

Kyle admitted that Summer had been in his heart the whole time. She imagined that he was probably vulnerable, and she didn't want to take advantage of that. She swore that she'd only stopped by to give him the stuff, and she started to leave. He grabbed her hand and thanked her. He kissed her cheek, and they hugged. She asked if he was okay, and he mused, "I will be." They shared a tender kiss that became more passionate, and they began to disrobe and fell onto the bed.

Sharon dreams of Cassie and accepts help Sharon dreams of Cassie and accepts help
Friday, February 7, 2020

At the cottage, Rey asked what Sharon was cooking, since it smelled spectacular. She mentioned that she'd made chicken soup, macaroni and cheese, and lasagna, and he noted that she had enough food to feed the whole town. She explained that she didn't know if she'd feel like cooking once she started chemotherapy, so she'd wanted to be sure no one starved. Rey reminded her that she had him, Nick, and Mariah, but Sharon protested that they had their own lives. She added that cooking had been the perfect distraction to keep her mind from going into overdrive, and she rambled about the dietary advice she'd gotten from the ladies in her online support group. Sharon regretted that she'd run out of time to do more research, and she became choked up. Rey pulled her into his arms.

Sharon's phone began pinging, and she revealed that the women from her support group had been sending their best wishes because they knew the following day was her big day. Sharon read some of their words of encouragement aloud, and she mentioned that many of the women had been through the procedures already. She continued that the ladies had shared their experiences and tips, and some had said chemo wasn't as bad as they'd imagined. Sharon recognized that no one was saying it was fun, but the side effects could be managed. Rey assured her that she had it covered between her real-life family and her online one.

Over ice cream, Sharon inquired about what was going on at the police station, but Rey indicated that there wasn't much. She cited a case he'd been working on, and he referred to someone who was struggling with a simple situation that had turned into something complicated and serious. Sharon sarcastically stated that she had no idea what that felt like, but she insisted that she wanted to hear about something other than herself. Rey wanted to know what was in her heart, but Sharon hesitated to respond.

Rey warned that Sharon's feelings would all spill out one day, and it wouldn't be pretty. She replied that some things hurt too much to talk about, and she was afraid that if she opened her mouth, she'd scream and wouldn't be able to stop. She acknowledged that she had the best doctors and good insurance, and she was grateful that they'd caught the tumor early, but it was the kind of thing that happened to someone else. She confided that she kept expecting someone to call and tell her that it had been a big mistake, since she felt fine.

Sharon swore that she was the same person she'd been a month earlier, but she wondered what would have happened if the thing growing inside her hadn't been caught early. She knew everyone expected her to be strong, and she fought against tears as Rey reached out to comfort her. Sharon pulled away and recognized that Rey was trying to be her rock, but if he touched her, she'd fall apart. He pledged to do whatever she wanted, and he wished he could make it go away. She accepted that the only way out was through, and the first step was to finish packing.

Sharon rattled off a list of things she planned to take with her to the hospital to keep comfortable and occupied. She compared it to packing a bag to go to the hospital to have a baby, with a little life growing inside her that would change her life in unexpected ways, but the opposite was happening, since she was going to the hospital to kill the thing inside her that would change her life in ways she'd never wanted. She lamented that her body wasn't something she recognized or understood anymore, and she wished she could freeze other moments of her life in time so she could go back and do them all over again without taking anything for granted.

Sharon gave Rey the chance to bail, but he clucked that her attempt to push him away wasn't working. He recalled that she had said she wanted to be alone that night, but he hoped she was having second thoughts. She argued that he would have a much more restful night at his place. He imagined that her mind was going to dark places, and she needed to know she wasn't alone. He asked if she would let him sleep on the couch, and she laughed and pointed out that it would feel like they were fighting. He insisted that it was where he needed to be, and she wondered what she'd done to deserve him. He considered himself the lucky one, and he thought she would agree if she saw herself the way he saw her. He asked her to agree to one last thing.

Upstairs, Sharon couldn't remember the last time someone had tucked her into bed. Rey reserved it for special occasions, since he intended to be there by her side the rest of the time. She regretted that it wasn't the romance he'd signed up for, but he clarified that he'd signed up for her. He added that her cancer was just part of their story, and it didn't define them. He kissed her cheek and left her phone on the nightstand. He promised to be there as fast as lightning if she needed anything in the middle of the night, and they exchanged words of love.

After Rey stepped out, Sharon shut off the light and tried to sleep. She tossed and turned and tried reading as the hours ticked by, and she finally drifted off. "Mom, you must be so tired," a voice called, and Sharon wondered what Mariah was doing there. "No, it's me," the voice replied, and Sharon found Cassie standing at the foot of her bed. Sharon murmured that she'd been thinking about her a lot, since Cassie always showed up when Sharon needed her. "And now I need you to come with me," Cassie beckoned.

Sharon took Cassie's hand and asked why she was there. Cassie replied that she was there for Sharon, who pulled her hand away and thought it was a mistake. Cassie assured her that there was nothing to be afraid of, but Sharon protested that her children needed her, especially Faith. Cassie asserted that both Faith and Sharon were stronger than Sharon thought, and she implored Sharon to let Cassie show her. Cassie extended her hand again and insisted that Sharon listen to her, but Sharon told her to go away because she wasn't ready for it. Cassie vanished.

Sharon rushed downstairs and called out for Rey, and she panicked when she discovered that he wasn't there. The front door blew open, and she stepped into the howling wind, calling Rey's name. Still dreaming, Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights, where Mariah lectured that Sharon should be at home, resting for the next day. Sharon mentioned that she'd been in bed while Rey had been sleeping on the couch, and she wondered where he'd gone after he'd said he wanted to look after her every step of the way. Mariah clucked that when someone wanted something to be true so badly, they dreamed it up, but the reality was that Rey was gone.

Mariah cheerfully offered Sharon a cup of coffee as she revealed that Rey had moved back to Miami, just as she'd predicted. Sharon argued that his life was there with her then. Phyllis suddenly appeared and taunted that "poor Sharon" was living in the past, since Rey was gone. Sharon bellowed that it was a lie, but Phyllis stated that the truth was that no man wanted to be with Sharon. Phyllis continued that no man wanted to be with a woman riddled with cancer, and Rey hadn't been about to stand there and hold Sharon's hair back while she puked up her guts.

Sharon insisted that Rey loved her, and Phyllis confirmed that he'd loved the old Sharon. Sharon cried that he'd never leave without saying goodbye, and she took solace in knowing she wasn't alone because she had Mariah. Mariah proclaimed that she was going on tour with Tessa, since her mom had been pushing her away ever since Sharon had been diagnosed, and she thought Sharon would be happy for her. Sharon begged Mariah to stay. Mariah flippantly responded that she'd say she'd call, but she had her whole life ahead of her. Mariah headed out over Sharon's protests.

Phyllis remarked that she didn't want to be the last one at the funeral, and she planned to get ready for her hot date and a great future in a hot body that would never betray her. Phyllis pushed Sharon back into a chair as Cassie, dressed as a nurse, wheeled in chemo supplies. Sharon freaked out at the prospect of having her treatment administered there. Nick entered, clad in a tuxedo. Sharon pleaded with Nick to tell them not to do it, but Nick ignored her and told Phyllis that she looked incredible.

Nick asked if Phyllis was ready for their night on the town, but Sharon begged him to wait. Nick finally noticed Sharon, who asked him to stay because everyone was leaving her. Nick flatly stated that she didn't need him, since he'd probably move a mountain or go overboard, and that was the last thing she wanted. Nick prepared to give Phyllis the night of her dreams. Sharon admitted that she hadn't meant it, since she couldn't go through it alone. Cassie told Sharon that she didn't have to be afraid because she'd never be alone. Sharon awakened with a start.

Downstairs, Rey settled in on the couch. Mariah entered and yelled that she had pepper spray. He flipped on the light and noted that he'd taught her how to use it, and she apologized. She asked what he was doing on the couch, and she wondered if he and her mom were fighting. Rey indicated that it had been Sharon's choice, and Mariah was surprised that Sharon would opt to be alone that night of all nights. Rey mentioned that Sharon was afraid she'd keep him awake, but he couldn't sleep if he tried. Mariah inquired how Sharon was doing, and Rey reported that he hadn't seen her since he'd tucked her into bed. Mariah hoped her mother was fast asleep and having the best dreams ever.

In another dream, Sharon heard the beeping of a hospital monitor. She descended the stairs and found doctors performing surgery in her living room. She questioned what was happening, and Mariah appeared as if hosting a talk show. Mariah announced that it was the picture of a woman who'd had everything in the world until Sharon Newman's life had changed forever. Mariah contemplated how anyone could have guessed that it would go so terribly wrong, and Sharon realized that she was on the operating table. Sharon objected because she hadn't been scheduled for surgery yet, and a soundtrack of canned applause sounded.

Mariah sat down with the people who had known Sharon best -- Nick, Phyllis, and Rey. Sharon wondered why they were talking in past tense, and Mariah called the operation the dividing line in Sharon's life. Phyllis scolded that Sharon should have known after all the time she'd spent online with strangers, but it had been Sharon's own choice to let the doctors butcher her body like that. Sharon argued that it had been surgery or death, and she hadn't wanted to die. Sharon wailed that there were still things she wanted to do and people who needed her, and she questioned what other choice she'd had.

Mariah sympathized that Rey had needed to make the difficult decision to leave Sharon, but Phyllis considered it understandable, given the scars left on Sharon's body. Rey complained that Sharon had been different after the surgery, since she hadn't wanted to be touched and had stopped taking care of herself. Rey continued that it hadn't just been the physical changes, since Sharon had gone from being playful and independent to insecure and sad. Nick was sure Rey had done what he could, but Sharon hadn't given any of them the chance to help, so they'd all suffered.

Mariah prompted Nick to tell the audience the story about Sharon's first health challenge. Nick explained that Sharon's bipolar diagnosis had been different because her treatment had made her optimistic about the future, whereas her cancer treatment had changed her into someone he hadn't recognized anymore. Nick bemoaned that it had hit their kids the hardest, and he hoped Faith had good memories of who her mother had been because they didn't talk much about Sharon anymore. Mariah pointed out that Sharon had sounded like a good mom, and Nick confirmed that she had been -- "before."

Phyllis griped that she didn't know why Sharon had chosen to put her family and herself through it for a little extra time, and Sharon asked how much time she had. Nick shared that Faith was in therapy, but he had his fingers crossed that it would all work out for the best. Rey and Nick agreed that if they'd only known what they knew then, they would have made a different choice. Sharon demanded to know how she could change things.

Phyllis considered it a lesson to them all, and Mariah praised Phyllis' wonderful words of wisdom. Mariah wished her guests luck closing the chapter of the story on failure and defeat and going on with their lives. The monitor flatlined, and Sharon rushed over and stared at the body on the table. She begged the doctors to save her and yelled at herself to fight, since she needed more time to do things differently. Sharon stirred in her sleep.

Sharon dreamed that she arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis welcomed her and asked how she could be of service. Sharon wasn't sure why she was there, and Phyllis informed her that she had an appointment for radiation therapy. Phyllis led Sharon to a chair and turned a bright light on in her eyes. Sharon objected that it wasn't how radiation worked, and she didn't need it because she was healthy and strong. Rey handed Sharon some pain pills, but she insisted that she wasn't in pain.

Mariah approached with a cane for Sharon, since the chemo would make Sharon's bones brittle. Sharon wondered why they were treating her like she was on death's door, and Mariah handed her a mirror. Sharon stared at her haggard reflection with her head covered in a scarf. Faith ran in and sobbed that she loved Sharon, who told her not to cry because everything would be fine, but Faith didn't believe her.

Nick pulled Faith away, and Mariah told Sharon it was time. Sharon protested that she was supposed to win, since she'd been told she could beat it and that she was stronger than anything trying to kill her. Cassie kneeled next to Sharon and told her it was time to go home, but not to be afraid because she wasn't alone, and they were all there for her. "Come see," Cassie implored, and Sharon got out of bed and cautiously opened the bedroom door.

Downstairs, Mariah couldn't imagine what Sharon was going through, but she applauded Sharon for handling herself with such grace. Rey called Sharon a strong woman, but Mariah wished that her mom would stop shutting them out. "Wish granted," Sharon declared from the top of the stairs. Sharon reported that she'd had the strangest dream, and Rey and Mariah had been there, along with Nick, Faith, and Cassie. Mariah pressed to know what Cassie had looked like, and Sharon recalled that Cassie had been beautiful -- exactly like Mariah.

Sharon recounted that Cassie had been there to take her home, and Mariah paled and noted that it didn't sound reassuring. Sharon clarified that home had meant right there with Mariah, Rey, and everyone Sharon loved, and she was glad Rey had stayed. He teased that she couldn't get rid of him if she tried, and Mariah recognized that Sharon had asked her to stay away. Sharon was happy that Mariah had ignored her, and she wished she hadn't told Nick to take Faith.

Sharon confided that her cancer had made her feel isolated from everyone, since her life had become filled with scans, biopsies, and chemo while everyone else's lives had gone on without her. Rey reminded her that they were "Team Sharon" and would be with her every step of the way. Rey and Mariah sat on either side of Sharon and hugged her.

Rey instructed Sharon to practice asking for what she wanted, but Sharon warned that once she started, she might not stop. Mariah cited all the work Sharon had done for everyone else, and Rey swore that the more Sharon asked for, the happier they would be. Sharon said she was kind of hungry, and Rey and Mariah leaped into action. A short time later, there was a huge breakfast spread on the dining room table, and Sharon observed that they'd set the table for five. Nick and Faith entered, still wearing their pajamas.

Everyone sat down at the table and joined hands. Sharon recognized that she might not know what would happen, but she knew for sure that she was the luckiest woman in the world. They happily enjoyed breakfast together. Afterward, Mariah pointed out that there were still a few hours before Sharon had to be at the hospital. Rey suggested that Sharon catch a few winks, but she thought she needed the right ingredients. Later, Sharon slept peacefully in her bed with Faith and Mariah on either side of her as Cassie lovingly gazed down at them.

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