The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 10, 2020 on Y&R
Sharon began chemotherapy. Lola kissed Theo. Phyllis bugged Adam and Chance's conversation and heard Adam making plans to keep himself out of prison. Amanda threatened to send Ripley to jail unless he left town. Billy crashed his new sportscar. Ashley returned.
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Kyle moved on with Summer, Lola kissed Theo, and Victoria and Billy told the kids of their breakup
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Kyle and Lola begin a new chapter Kyle and Lola begin a new chapter
Monday, February 10, 2020

At Jabot, Jack greeted Theo, who said he had an update for Summer. Jack said he hadn't seen Summer or Kyle. Theo suggested Kyle's absence could mean that he was with Lola, dealing with their problems. Jack asked Theo if he was speaking as Lola's friend. Theo noted that he'd heeded Jack's advice and was staying out of the situation and wanted both Lola and Kyle to be happy.

At Society, Lola talked to her mother over the phone. Expressing concern, Lola begged her mother to take care of her injured ankle. Perhaps detecting a note of sadness in Lola's voice, Lola responded to her mother's questions and assured her that everything was fine because she was living her dream. After Lola hung up, she busied herself in the kitchen, checking on deliveries of food for the day. Finally taking a moment to catch her breath, Lola appeared ready to burst into tears.

In a suite at the Grand Phoenix, Summer awoke in bed with Kyle. Kyle said he shouldn't be as happy as he was. Summer replied, "I know it's complicated, but still, if you weren't happy, then that would mean that everything was a mistake." Kyle assured Summer that the breakup and his decision to spend the night with her weren't mistakes. Summer suggested they keep quiet about their relationship. Kyle warned Summer that some would assume she'd broken up his marriage. Kyle explained that he'd made mistakes, which had led to the inevitable. Summer snuggled close to Kyle and said being with him was enough, so they'd figure out the rest later.

Summer stepped off the elevator at Jabot and spotted Theo. Summer approached Theo and insisted she approve all videos posted from one particular social media influencer who'd recently stepped over the line. After Summer walked away, Kyle arrived. Theo said he was aware that something had happened the previous evening. Theo asked Kyle if he was doing okay. Kyle said his personal life was none of Theo's business. Jack stepped out of his office and summoned Kyle to join him.

When Summer returned, Theo told her he was aware that she'd spent the night with Kyle and had purposely staged her arrival before Kyle's. Theo added that Summer and Kyle should acknowledge what had been clear to him and Lola for weeks. Summer told Theo he was a blatant opportunist and manipulator, ready to pounce on his unsuspecting prey. Theo said Summer should thank him for having brought things to a head sooner. Theo smugly noted that he'd left Lola alone. Summer warned Theo to stay away from Lola because she was too good for him.

In Jack's office, Kyle was emotionally fragile. Kyle said he and Lola weren't meant to be together. Jack said he'd stopped by Society the previous evening and had found Theo consoling Lola. Jack said he'd warned Theo not to take advantage of Kyle and Lola's problems. Kyle cried that he'd realized that the problems with his marriage had little to do with Theo. Jack was puzzled and asked Kyle to explain. Kyle said that Theo worming his way into their lives had made him and Lola finally face the truth.

Jack told Kyle that marriage was about patience, commitment, and compromise. Kyle insisted it was too late because he and Lola would be getting a divorce. Jack insisted that Kyle and Lola's relationship was based on real feelings. Kyle replied, "It felt real as long as I tuned out that little voice inside that kept telling me something was off." Kyle added that he'd begun his relationship with Lola for all the wrong reasons, having never gotten Summer out of his system. Kyle explained that he'd long refused to acknowledge his devotion to Summer because he'd been unable to see a way forward for them. Jack replied, "And now you do?"

Kyle recalled that after Summer had returned to town, he'd been determined not to get involved with her again, especially after meeting Lola, who was completely different from Summer. Kyle credited Lola with helping him explore things about himself that he'd never known. Kyle cried that he'd struggled to be the man Lola expected him to be, but the tension of holding back was always beneath the surface. Kyle admitted that both he and Lola were always aware of Summer's presence.

Jack acknowledged that being in love with two women was painful. Kyle broke down in tears and cried that after Lola had recovered from her medical crisis and transplant surgery and they'd settled into a routine, the truth had become clear. Kyle was adamant that he couldn't be the type of husband Lola deserved. Jack looked pained when Kyle admitted he was the one who'd screwed up and would be the villain no matter what. Jack advised Kyle not to jump into anything new because it would make a bad situation worse.

Jack admitted he'd broken a lot of hearts during his younger years and felt ashamed for having been reckless with other people's feelings. Kyle admitted he'd always regret what he'd done to Lola. Kyle expressed regret for having hurt Summer, too. Kyle promised to move forward without causing more agony than he already had. Jack nodded in agreement, though he seemed worried.

At home, Sharon prepared to undergo her first round of chemotherapy, and Rey and Mariah hovered over her. Mariah and Rey made certain Sharon had provisions, such as snacks and items to keep her occupied. Rey gave Sharon a protein bar and an apple. Mariah helped Sharon with her coat and promised to stay with her mom. Sharon told her daughter there was no need for her to give up her entire morning. Mariah hugged her mom and assured her that they'd support her during her treatments.

When Sharon arrived at the hospital, she stood face to face with her infusion pump. While Sharon waited for her blood to be tested, she insisted that Rey and Mariah not wait around for her. Mariah said she'd get something to drink and send out a few résumés before returning to entertain Sharon by completing personality quizzes. After Sharon told Rey he should check in at the station, he explained that he'd handed off his cases to other detectives. Sharon, taken aback, said, "You did what?" Sharon reminded Rey that she'd asked her family to keep everything as normal as possible. Rey explained that what was more important was supporting the woman he loved and standing by her.

While Sharon waited for her infusion to begin, she asked for a moment alone to gather her thoughts. After Rey left, a nurse checked Sharon's blood pressure and concluded that a slight elevation was due to white-coat syndrome. Sharon had no questions and said she was ready to get started. Mariah returned to sit with Sharon. During the infusion, Mariah quizzed Sharon about movie trivia. Sharon became distracted and nervously checked the tubing carrying the chemo drug from the I.V. bag to her port.

In the kitchen at Society, Lola was prepping for lunch when Rey entered the room. Rey told Lola that their mother had sent him to check on her because Celeste felt something was wrong. Lola struggled to contain her emotions before embracing Rey and sobbing. When Lola said her marriage was over, Rey said he couldn't believe it. Rey threatened to wring Kyle's neck and said he'd always known that Kyle was a lying, spoiled jerk.

Lola defended Kyle and said their relationship hadn't worked out because there was too much history to overcome. Lola added that as much as it hurt, it was better for her that she and Kyle had made a clean break. Rey took Lola's hand and said she was much more fair and kind than Kyle deserved and would someday find a man worthy of her. Rey offered to arrest and jail Kyle for being a monumental jackass. Rey's remark brought levity to a sad situation. Before he left, Rey hugged his little sister and told her he loved her.

Theo arrived just after Rey left and went to the kitchen. Theo told Lola that she deserved to be treated better. Lola acknowledged that Theo had found out that she and Kyle had ended their marriage. Theo didn't miss a beat and told Lola that Kyle had slept with Summer. Lola asked Theo how he knew. Theo said it didn't matter how he'd found out, but he could verify that it was true. Lola mumbled that Summer was the one Kyle had wanted all along, though he hadn't been able to admit it.

Lola set down her cleaver, pressed Theo against the refrigerator door, and began kissing him passionately. Lola told Theo to get her out of the restaurant because she didn't want to think about work or anything else. Theo planted his feet and replied, "No. If we do this now, you'll wish we hadn't." Lola disagreed, but Theo explained that though he wanted her, it would kill him knowing that she'd later have regrets. Lola replied, "You're right." After Lola walked away, Theo hit his head against the refrigerator in frustration.

After Sharon completed her infusion of chemo drugs, Mariah and Rey accompanied her to Crimson Lights. Rey and Mariah insisted that Sharon go home and take it easy. Sharon picked up a rag and began wiping tables. Rey was worried and asked Sharon if she felt tired or nauseated. Sharon insisted that she felt fine, both physically and emotionally, though what she'd been through had been scary at times.

Sharon admitted that she and her team had a long road ahead of them because dealing with cancer had been unsettling, strange, and terrifying. Sharon explained that the effects of chemo were cumulative, so she was prepared for what might come. Rey and Mariah seemed unable to relax, though they were uncertain how to attend to Sharon's needs. Sharon expressed gratitude for her family's support. Sharon put Rey and Mariah at ease and invited them to have lunch and dessert with her while she still had the desire to enjoy food.

Phyllis plots to follow Chance to Las Vegas Phyllis plots to follow Chance to Las Vegas
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

At home, Chelsea informed Adam that Connor had fallen asleep the second his head had hit the pillow. She admitted that she was tired and a little sad, since she missed Paris already. Adam recalled that their plan had been to return long enough to settle things before moving to France permanently, but Chelsea accepted that they had to let go of that dream and move on. She swore that she was okay with it, since it didn't matter where they lived as long as the three of them were together. They kissed.

Adam contended that Connor had loved Paris, but Chelsea joked that their son had loved it about as much as he loved beets. Adam understood that it had been too much change for the boy, with the different language and culture, but Adam still thought Paris could be a fresh start for them. Chelsea argued that it was up to them to make sure Connor was happy and comfortable -- in Genoa City. Adam wondered if she was disappointed, but she maintained that home was wherever they were.

Adam remembered the excited look on Chelsea's face when they'd stepped off the plane in Paris, and he hated to see her lose that sparkle in her eye. She fondly recalled the years she'd spent working in the fashion industry, and he suggested that she design from Genoa City. Chelsea insisted that she enjoyed her job at the hotel, and she was ready to get back to business. Adam pointed out that it meant dealing with his family, and he considered attending the Newman anniversary gala. A surprised Chelsea asked whether he thought that was a good idea.

Chelsea encouraged Adam to think of the gala as a party on steroids to celebrate 50 years of Victor's accomplishments, complete with speeches, toasts, and everything except a life-size statue. Adam quipped that he wouldn't rule the statue out, but Chelsea doubted that he could live through the event painlessly. He swore that he could sit through anything with her by his side, and she believed him. She yawned and invited him to join her for a nap, but he opted to power through the jet lag and take care of a few things. She kissed him and headed upstairs. He received a text message from Riza, who warned that "she" wasn't just asking questions but had started talking to the cops.

Chance was surprised to find Adam at his hotel room door. Adam reported that the situation in Las Vegas had taken an unexpected turn, and Chance panicked when Adam relayed Riza's message. Adam revealed his plan to fly to Vegas, since it was his problem. Chance clarified that it was their problem, and he refused to let Adam run around without backup. Adam insisted that he could handle it himself, but Chance reminded Adam that the episode with his father hadn't turned out so well. Chance insisted on tagging along -- just in case.

Adam returned home and found Chelsea awake. She reported that she'd slept for a little while, and he claimed that he'd gone out to run a few errands. She asked if everything was okay, and he informed her that he had to leave town. She questioned why he suddenly had to leave when they'd just gotten home. Adam stated that it was one of those times it was best if Chelsea didn't know all the details.

Chelsea wanted to know if the trip had something to do with a conversation she'd overheard before they'd left for Paris. Chelsea recalled that Adam had been on the phone, talking about a woman who'd started to ask questions. He confirmed that it did, and he promised to tell her everything when the time was right. Chelsea swore that she trusted him, and they kissed. Adam assured her that he wouldn't be gone long, and she wondered if she had to tell him to be careful.

At Society, Abby showed Nick to a table and remarked that the Newman Enterprises anniversary party had taken on a life of its own. Abby asked what Nikki was doing in London, but Nick indicated that his mother had refused to tell him. Abby wondered if there was anything else she could do, especially with Victoria. Abby lamented that Victoria and Billy had split up, and she couldn't believe he'd let Victoria down again. Nick sympathized that it was tough, but so was Victoria; their sister knew they'd be there for her. Abby hoped Victor wasn't giving Victoria the "I told you so" speech.

Nick sent a text message to Sharon to ask how her first treatment had gone. She responded that she was doing well at home and had Mariah, Faith, and Rey with her, so there was no need to worry. Phyllis entered the restaurant, and Abby sourly pointed her to Nick. Phyllis questioned why Abby had an attitude, since Phyllis was no longer competition for "Captain Fantastic." Abby huffed that Phyllis had never been competition for Chance, but Phyllis warned Abby not to underestimate her. Abby advised her not to keep Nick waiting, since he was one of the few people in town who could stand Phyllis' company.

Phyllis joined Nick and announced that she wanted to talk to him about their daughter. Phyllis told Nick that Lola and Kyle had broken up the night before, and Nick's expression darkened. He mentioned that Summer hadn't slept in her bed the night before, and Phyllis surmised that Summer had been with Kyle. Phyllis shared that she'd spoken with Summer on the phone that morning, and she'd heard hope in their daughter's voice. Nick groaned that it had disaster written all over it.

Phyllis explained that Summer had never gotten over Kyle and that Summer had sensed he'd felt the same way about her. Nick recognized that Summer was a grown woman who would make her own mistakes, but he couldn't stand the idea of her being a consolation prize. Phyllis wasn't sure how it would end, but she intended to support Summer either way. Nick planned to talk to Summer, but he made no promises about keeping his opinions to himself because he had many reservations about Kyle. Phyllis remarked that they were on the same page, and they clinked their beers together.

Chance approached Abby at the bar, and they kissed. She cooed that she'd just been thinking about their date, and he mused that he couldn't begin to count the highlights. She suggested that they try to top it, and she asked what night was good for him. He informed her that he had to fly to Vegas to wrap up some unfinished business. Phyllis eavesdropped.

Abby assumed that the trip was top secret, and Chance joked that he'd have to kidnap her if he told her. She chirped that she could live with that, but he swore that he'd be back before she knew it. He looked forward to a candlelit dinner for two, overlooking the lake, and she asked what time his plane left. He replied that it was in a couple of hours, and she amorously proposed that they make the most of the time they had. She grabbed his hand, and they happily exited as Phyllis watched.

Phyllis returned to the table and fibbed that there had been a long line at the ladies' room. Nick flatly asked if she'd happened to pick up some exciting gossip while she'd been listening to Chance and Abby. He recalled that she'd said she was done chasing after Chance. Phyllis clarified that she was done flirting with him but not done pursuing him, since there was something big going on with Chance and Adam. She intended to find out what it was.

Nick hoped Phyllis was wrong, since he'd just hired Chance. She suspected that Nick was curious, too, and he asked her to keep him in the loop. He suddenly reconsidered and told her not to worry about it, since he had more important things to worry about than what Adam was up to. Nick wondered what Phyllis would do if she uncovered a deep, dark secret, and he advised her to ask herself if it was worth the trouble.

Phyllis asserted that a girl had to do what she had to do, and she thought Nick loved that she followed her instincts and didn't back down from a challenge. Nick contended that he liked the Phyllis who had her priorities in order, and she asserted that she could be both Phyllises. Nick thanked her for the beer and headed out. She made a call to cancel an appointment the next day, since she was going out of town to Vegas -- and she planned to hit the jackpot.

Abby and Chance entered his hotel room and began peeling off their clothes. He carried her to the bed, where they proceeded to make love.

At the ranch, Victoria hugged Victor good morning as he prepared to leave. She informed him that she'd invited Billy over, knowing Victor wouldn't be there. She recognized that Victor had made it clear that he didn't want Billy there, but she thought it was the best place to speak to the kids. Victor figured that she'd be in control in case Billy tried anything, but he worried that perhaps there was some regret on her part. Victoria adamantly stated that her relationship with Billy was over, and Victor headed out. Victor stopped in the foyer and looked back in on her with concern.

Billy arrived, and Victoria reported that the kids were playing upstairs. Billy asked if she'd told them he'd be stopping by, and she replied that they were excited to see him. He didn't understand why they couldn't have spoken with the children at the house, and she reasoned that the distractions at the ranch were good for the kids. She anticipated that it would be hard for the kids to be at home without their dad there, and he realized that it made it feel real. Victoria confirmed that there was no going back.

Johnny and Katie ran into Billy's arms. Johnny chirped that they'd gone sledding every day, and Katie suggested that they all go right then. Billy admitted that it sounded like a blast, but he and their mommy had to talk to them about something. He led them to sit on the couch, and he stressed that both he and Victoria loved them very much. Victoria added that nothing would ever change that. Billy revealed that they'd been talking and thought it was best if they lived in separate places like they had before.

Katie protested that she didn't want that to happen, and Johnny questioned why Billy would leave them. Billy assured them that he'd see them every day and be there for them no matter what. Victoria chimed in that they'd go to recitals and games together, but they'd just be living in different houses. Johnny asked if his parents didn't love one another anymore, and Billy and Victoria exchanged a glance.

Victoria swore that she and Billy still loved one another, and he explained that it was a different kind of love. Katie cried that she would miss her daddy, and Billy repeated that he would always be there for them and see them enough that they'd probably get sick of him. Johnny insisted that would never happen, but Billy imagined that they'd get tired of tickle time. The children laughed as he tickled them, and he kissed them both on the forehead and promised that they would always be a family.

Later, Victoria praised Billy for being good with the kids. He returned the compliment, but he thought they had to keep reassuring the children. Victoria clucked that it wasn't like they hadn't been through it before, but Billy believed the kids were strong. Victoria argued that they shouldn't have to be, since children should be happy and carefree. Billy surmised that she was blaming it on him, but she recognized that they'd both made choices over the years that had impacted their kids.

Victoria considered it a waste of time to keep score, and she preferred to move on with her life the same way Billy had. Billy proposed that they talk logistics for visitation, and he refused to go days without seeing his kids because of Victor. Victoria suggested that they continue co-parenting as they had been, with one condition -- Billy had to keep the kids away from Amanda. Victoria expected that it would upset and confuse the kids to see Billy with another woman, and he was insulted that she thought he'd do anything to hurt their children.

Victoria pointed out that Billy had put himself first a lot. Billy argued that it was about an affair that hadn't happened, but Victoria griped that she was tired of having the same argument. Billy guessed that Victor had put the idea about the affair in her head, and he reminded her of the many underhanded things her father had done to interfere with their relationship. Billy suspected that Victor wanted an insurance policy to guarantee that they wouldn't get back together, but Victoria snarled that there was no danger of that.

Billy chided Victoria for not trusting him or giving him the benefit of the doubt, and he scoffed at the idea that Victor was perfect. Billy figured that it was just like every other time she'd chosen Victor over him, and Victoria retorted that she wouldn't have had to if Billy was half the man her father was. Billy growled that she didn't get to choose when or where he saw his kids or who he spent his time with, and he stormed off.

Over the phone, Victoria sternly ordered someone to strip a recent acquisition of its parts and sell its assets for maximum profit. Victor hovered in the foyer as Victoria insisted that she wanted what was best for Newman and nothing less. Victor seemed impressed.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda watched the GPS tracker on her phone. Ripley approached her from behind and observed that the tracker said he was in Madison, but she couldn't have expected him to leave the device in his car. Amanda retorted that she'd expected him to go home, but he replied that he couldn't do that until they talked about everything that had happened, which was why he'd reached out to her. She huffed that he'd done it by breaking into her room and following her there, but he swore that he just wanted to talk. She snapped that she didn't want to talk to him ever again, and she demanded to know what would make him go away.

Ripley maintained that he wanted to make amends and say he was sorry, and he questioned whether that was too much to ask. Amanda asserted that she didn't want or need Ripley's apologies, but he sat down at her table, anyway, and pleaded for a chance. She covertly sent a text message and told him to make it quick. He recognized that it had unnerved her when he'd shown up in her suite, so he'd wanted to meet her in public so she would be comfortable while they put everything on the table.

Ripley reached for Amanda's hand and insisted that there was still a lot to say, but she pulled her hand away and reiterated that there was nothing left to say. Amanda flatly stated that she didn't want him and that whatever they'd had was long gone. She added that nothing he said or did would ever change that. Ripley admitted that everything Amanda had said about him was true, but he wanted her to know that he wasn't that man anymore. She didn't care who he'd become because it was irrelevant to her, but he hoped she could find a way to forgive him so they could find peace and closure.

Ripley recalled that he and Amanda had once been really close, and she countered that he'd destroyed that. She asserted that she'd moved on, and he should, too. He acknowledged that she'd built a new life for herself there, with a new practice and perhaps a new relationship. He assumed that the man who'd shown up at the hotel was who she'd been referring to when she'd said she'd moved on, but she spat that her life there was none of his business. Ripley apologized if he'd overstepped, and he wished Amanda nothing but the best. Rey approached and asked if everything was all right. "It is now," Amanda replied, and Rey placed Ripley under arrest for violating an order of protection.

Ripley noted that he'd risked being arrested to be there, but it had been worth it just to see Amanda again. He regretted that she didn't think his apology was sincere or believe that he just wanted to be her friend. She called him a sociopath who would do or say whatever he thought the other person wanted to hear. Amanda asserted that he didn't scare her anymore, and whatever control he'd had over her was gone. She ordered him to live his life as long as it didn't involve being anywhere near her, and she declared that they were done. Rey led Ripley away.

Later, Billy boarded the elevator at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda yelled to hold the door, and she was surprised to face Billy. They awkwardly greeted one another and locked eyes.

Kyle closes the door on his marriage Kyle closes the door on his marriage
Wednesday, February 12, 2020
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Billy kept the elevator door open for Amanda. After what appeared to be an awkward moment, she told Billy that Ripley had confronted her at Crimson Lights. She said that she had secretly sent a text message to Rey. Rey had arrived at the coffeehouse and arrested Ripley for violating the restraining order. She said it would be the first time in a long time that she would sleep well.

Billy suggested that he and Amanda needed to celebrate, and Amanda agreed. Billy took Amanda to the rooftop of the hotel, and he talked her into joining him on the ledge. Amanda thought it was a crazy idea, but she joined him, reluctantly. Once on the ledge, Amanda smiled and told Billy she felt alive.

While sitting on the ledge, Billy told Amanda that he and Victoria had told the kids about their breakup. He felt it had been the right thing to do. He said he'd felt strangled while living with Victoria's expectations. He said he felt free, and he wanted to shout at the top of his lungs as a declaration of that freedom. He wanted Amanda to do the same, but Amanda wasn't prepared to do that. Billy talked her into it, and together, they screamed at the top of their lungs and then laughed. They agreed that it had been fun, but it was time to go.

After Billy and Amanda left the ledge and were on safer ground, Amanda checked her phone and looked a little concerned. She thanked Billy and told him she had to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Summer received a phone call from Phyllis. Phyllis said she was concerned because she knew that Kyle and Lola had broken up. She asked Summer where she'd slept the previous night. Phyllis wanted assurance that Summer and Kyle weren't back together. Summer raised her head and looked at Kyle, who sat across from her. Summer assured Phyllis she knew what she was doing, but Phyllis was concerned that Kyle would break Summer's heart again.

Phyllis told Summer she was leaving for Las Vegas, but she would cancel her trip because Summer was more important. Summer told Phyllis to go because she was fine. After Summer ended her call with Phyllis, Kyle said he knew that Phyllis wasn't thrilled. He told Summer that he had to go upstairs and say goodbye to his marriage, and he couldn't put it off any longer. Summer said that his marriage to Lola had been a mistake, and she believed in them. Kyle claimed he was mad at himself for refusing to see what had been in front of him all along -- Summer. Nick arrived and saw Kyle kiss Summer's hand.

After Kyle left, Nick joined Summer, and he commented that Summer had never returned home the night before. Summer told Nick that it was over for Kyle and Lola and that she and Kyle had talked and agreed they wanted to be together. Nick reminded her that Kyle and Lola were still married, but Summer said she and Kyle wanted to keep it quiet because she didn't believe that Lola knew that she and Kyle were back together yet. She told Nick that Kyle had gone upstairs to get his things.

Nick asked Summer if she wasn't concerned about Kyle being with his wife. Summer claimed she wasn't. Nick reminded her that Kyle was known to waffle and leave broken hearts in his wake. Summer said that she and Kyle had had a messy history -- he'd broken her heart, and she had broken his. She said they were a lot alike, and their union was going to happen. Nick told Summer he loved her, and he wouldn't try to stop her from being with Kyle. He wanted her to promise to be careful with her heart. She promised, and he left.

At home, Lola was busy packing Kyle's things into boxes when Rey arrived. He thought she could use a helping hand with packing up Kyle's things. Lola claimed she had a system going, and it was working well for her. Rey asked if Kyle should be packing his own things, but Lola said it gave her some closure. Rey reminded Lola that she couldn't pack her marriage into a box and send it away. Lola said she knew, but she was embarrassed, angry, and hurt. She said she was attempting to move forward. She hoped to wake up the next morning, hurting less. She said there were worse things in life than divorce.

Rey assured Lola that things would get easier. He joked that if Arturo had remained in town, he and Arturo would be all over Kyle. Lola laughed and told Rey she'd been thinking of going to Miami to visit with their mother. She suggested that she and Rey go together. Rey claimed he had too many important cases, but he believed the trip to Miami was what Lola needed.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Kyle put on his coat and was about to leave when Rey walked through the door and glared at him. Kyle told Rey he didn't want to fight with Rey. Rey said he wished he could say the same thing to Kyle.

Rey said that Kyle had toyed with Lola; he'd lied to her. He accused Kyle of pining over someone while he was married to Lola. Rey said that Kyle had only wanted Lola because she was a good and decent person, but Kyle wasn't. He said he'd known that Kyle wasn't good enough for Lola because he was a selfish, manipulative, and entitled dirt bag. Rey wanted Kyle to stay out of his way and out of Lola's life.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis ran into Billy in the hotel lobby. Billy asked what she was up to. Phyllis told him it was none of his business. Billy sensed that Phyllis had her eye on a prize, and he wished her luck. Phyllis asked Billy what kind of chaos he was planning. He claimed he was enjoying life like he hadn't in a long time. Phyllis said that she'd heard it before and referred to his gambling away the Jabot yacht. She also pointed out that she'd seen him at his most destructive, and she could see that gleam in his eye again.

Billy told Phyllis that he was at his prime, and he'd hit his peak. Phyllis asked him to inform her when he planned on doing something, but she asked him to wait until she returned from her trip so she could have some popcorn ready for the show.

As Phyllis was about to walk out the door, Nick arrived. He informed Phyllis that he'd spoken to Summer and that she was in love. When he saw Phyllis' suitcase, he was disheartened that in spite of his warning, she was going to follow Adam and Chance to Las Vegas. He asked her not to do it because it would be a giant waste of time. He said that in spite of Phyllis being a gambler, she would lose.

Nick warned Phyllis that she could wind up in trouble with criminals the likes of Simon Black, and he said she remembered what had happened with him. Phyllis claimed she could handle any situation and Adam and Chance. She had no intention of getting burned. Nick left after he told Phyllis he wasn't happy that she'd chosen to go to Vegas.

Rey and Ripley arrived at Crimson Lights. Ripley asked Rey why he'd taken Riley back to the coffeehouse. Rey said it had been Amanda's idea. Amanda entered from the patio and sat down at a table with Ripley. Rey sat at the counter to keep an eye on Ripley.

Ripley asked Amanda if she'd come to her senses. Amanda said not in the way he thought. She said the tables had turned, and Ripley's future was in her hands. Ripley claimed he liked seeing the strong woman he'd fallen in love with, but Amanda told him she was smarter, wiser, and better, in spite of him.

Amanda told Ripley that she'd stopped Rey from filing the paperwork for Ripley's violation of the restraining order, but the restraining order remained in effect. She told Ripley that he would leave Genoa City, return to Madison, and forget she existed. If he was ever tempted to test her generosity, one of the officers from the Genoa City Police Department would haul his ass off to jail so fast he wouldn't know what had hit him. He would be watched like a hawk.

Ripley told Amanda that the police had already provided him with that information. He wanted to know why she had requested a face-to-face meeting. Amanda said that Ripley no longer threatened or scared her. She'd had him taken to her because she wanted to watch his face when he realized that the control he'd held over her had disappeared. She wanted to see the gleam in his eyes as the blood rushed from his face and the smug smile disappeared. She claimed she had all the power, and he had nothing.

Amanda told Ripley that if he ever went near her again, his life would be over. She wanted to make sure that he understood what she'd said -- he would leave town that day and never look back. She asked him to repeat that, or he'd go back to jail. Ripley complied with her request, and he repeated what she'd said. He told Amanda that he realized it had been a mistake to try to talk to her. Amanda handed Ripley an envelope. She told him it was a bus ticket back to Madison, and she left.

Rey told Ripley that Amanda had done him a huge favor. Under his breath, Ripley claimed that Amanda wasn't as strong as she thought she was.

Kyle arrived at Lola's apartment and knocked on the door. When Lola opened the door, he said it felt strange knocking. Kyle told Lola that he'd seen Rey, who had had some choice words for him. Kyle admitted he couldn't argue with anything Rey had said.

Lola told Kyle she'd packed all his things and that she'd labeled the boxes. Kyle stated that looking at all the boxes, it felt very final. Lola said it was. Kyle loaded the boxes into his car, and when he returned for the last box, he asked Lola if she would be all right. She said she would be, eventually. She said that people had thought they could get past their issues, but there had always only been one issue. She said that all hope had died for them the previous evening. Kyle attempted to make things easier, and he told her they would get a quick divorce. He offered to sit and talk if she wanted, but Lola said she just wanted it over.

Lola asked Kyle if any of it had ever been real. Kyle said it had, just not forever. Kyle picked up the last box and left. Lola sat in a chair and recalled some of the good memories between her and Kyle. She began to sob.

At Jabot, Kyle exited the elevator and bumped into Summer. She asked if he was okay. Kyle said he wasn't sure because he felt responsible. He stated that everything Rey had said about him was true -- Rey had accused him of being manipulative and selfish. Kyle couldn't disagree. He said he'd hurt Lola. He admitted he hadn't thought of anyone else except himself and what he'd wanted.

Summer disagreed and claimed Kyle was confused because she and Kyle had found themselves in a complex situation. Summer claimed they'd caused each other a lot of pain, but all those years had led them to that point. She said it was their time, and Kyle smiled.

Ashley returned and visited Victor Ashley returned and visited Victor
Thursday, February 13, 2020

Jack stopped by Newman Enterprises, and Victoria greeted him with a hug. He said he was sorry about Billy moving out, and he stressed that the Abbotts wanted to be there for her and the kids. Jack recalled that he'd known something had been off when Billy hadn't responded to his calls or text messages. Victoria figured that she and Jack were alike in that they both had finely honed radar where Billy was concerned after he'd hurt them time and time again. Jack admitted that he'd had no idea Billy had been considering anything that drastic, and Victoria took some solace in knowing she hadn't been the only one not to see it happening.

Jack assumed that Victor had foreseen Billy and Victoria's breakup before anyone else had, and he hoped Victor hadn't been gloating. Victoria reported that her father had given Billy every opportunity to prove him wrong. She contemplated whether their relationship would have lasted longer if Victor had thrown obstacles in their way, since Billy always needed a challenge or a crisis to stay focused, and he got restless without the rush of living on the edge. Victoria bemoaned that having a happy family hadn't been enough to get his juices flowing, and Jack anticipated that Billy would eventually realize the colossal mistake he'd made and regret it like he had in the past. Victoria responded that it wouldn't matter, since they were done.

Victoria indicated that Johnny and Katie had taken the news as well as could have been expected, with no tears or acting out. She confided that it killed her that she and Billy had discussed the scenario before they'd reunited, and she'd told him that she never wanted to put their kids through it again. Jack imagined that Billy had sworn on his life that it would never happen, and Victoria lamented that it had turned out that Billy couldn't handle being happy -- at least not with her. Victoria huffed that if Billy had an epiphany in the future, he could keep it to himself, since she wasn't opening her heart up to him ever again. Jack was pained to hear it, but he understood.

Victoria couldn't help but worry about Billy, even though it wasn't her job to protect him. Jack was concerned that Billy was pushing away everyone who cared about him, claiming it was freedom. Victoria thought that if Billy was determined to live his life on his own terms, they had no choice but to let him. Jack swore that Victoria would always have his support, since she was still part of their family. Nick arrived, and Jack looked forward to seeing them at Victor's party.

After Jack departed, Victoria asked Nick how Faith was adjusting, and she felt terrible for not spending time with her niece. Nick reported that the girl had a lot going on with her school and her friends. Victoria suggested that she and Faith do something together after Victor's party. Victoria said she had something to show Nick, and she retrieved a gift for their dad from them both. She explained that it was a miniature replica of the make and model of the car Victor had driven around in when he'd sold industrial soap out of his trunk. Nick anticipated that Victor would love it.

Amanda met Billy at the Grand Phoenix bar and observed that he looked feisty that morning. She wondered if his smile meant he'd been back up to the rooftop to flirt with disaster, but he crowed that he'd just had a new racecar delivered. He rattled off its specifications, and she asked if it was street legal. He invited her to join him in taking it for a spin, but she balked.

Billy revealed that he liked driving fast and that he'd always wanted a racecar, but Victoria hadn't approved. Amanda didn't approve, either, and she warned that it was the middle of winter with black ice everywhere. He bragged about the car's impressive safety features and claimed that he knew the back streets with no traffic. She thanked him for the offer but passed because she had plans. He headed out, and she called after him to suggest he update his insurance.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Michael exchanged text messages with Fen, who expressed appreciation for the housewarming gifts his parents had sent. Michael noted that Fen seemed to be settling into his new place nicely, and he marveled that their kid was happy and healthy after the year he'd had. Esther joined them and inquired whether she'd missed anything. Lauren reported that Kevin and Chloe hadn't shown up yet, and Esther hoped that nothing had been wrong with the ultrasound.

Kevin and Chloe entered the coffeehouse and shared hugs with their family. Michael pressed to hear about the appointment, and Esther expressed relief that the couple had shown up because she'd been convinced there had been a problem at the hospital. Chloe teased that they were only three minutes late, and Kevin swore that there was nothing to be concerned about. Chloe shared that there had been no issues with the ultrasound, and their baby was beautiful and healthy. Kevin implored Chloe to show everyone the photo, and Lauren, Michael, and Esther gathered around to fawn over it. Lauren asked if the baby was a boy or a girl.

Chloe revealed that she and Kevin had decided not to find out their baby's gender, though Kevin admitted that they'd been tempted. Lauren recalled that she and Michael had waited to be surprised with Fen. A suspicious Michael asked if Kevin wasn't the least bit curious, and Kevin reiterated that Chloe wanted to wait. Michael noted that Kevin usually wasn't that patient, and he pointed out that sometimes one didn't need an ultrasound to identify a baby's sex.

Michael envisioned Kevin talking to the technician on the sly when Chloe had stepped out of the room, but she stated that she hadn't left the room. Esther believed Kevin, but Michael speculated that a curious person might purposely leave something behind to have an excuse to go back into the room and talk. Chloe gasped, but Kevin defended that he'd left his jacket behind by accident. Chloe realized he knew the sex of their baby. Kevin chided Michael for putting him on the spot. Michael boasted that his prosecutor instinct had kicked in when he'd seen the guilty look in Kevin's eyes.

Kevin claimed that he'd looked for the technician but hadn't been able to find him. Lauren referred to Michael as a human polygraph, and Michael called Kevin the worst liar ever. Chloe demanded to know if Kevin was lying, and Kevin blurted out that he was a terrible person for going back to find out. He promised not to spoil the surprise, but Chloe argued that it wasn't fair if only he knew. Kevin and Chloe bickered, and she expected that the entire town would eventually know what she was having -- except her. Kevin agreed to tell her, and everyone leaned in. "It's a boy!" Kevin announced.

Esther couldn't wait to hear what Bella said when she found out she would have a little brother. Chloe admitted that she'd thought she wanted a daughter, but she was thrilled to be having a little Kevin. Kevin became uncomfortable, and Lauren asked if anyone had offered to throw a baby shower. Esther proposed that she and Lauren do it together, and the women stepped away to get refills. Michael gushed that he couldn't be more excited for Kevin and Chloe. Michael hugged Kevin, who still seemed unnerved.

Once alone, Kevin thanked Chloe for not being mad, and she figured that she would have been furious if she hadn't been overjoyed. She was surprised that he didn't seem more excited, and he worried that he wouldn't be good at it. She pointed out that he'd been a terrific father for years, but he was concerned that things might be different with a little boy. Kevin recalled that he wasn't raised by a good man or to be a good man, and he wondered how he could stop himself from passing on the legacy of Terrible Tom. Chloe had faith that he would be an amazing father, and she cited how much he'd protected her and Bella over the years. She placed his hand on her stomach and swore that their little guy would feel safe and loved and have everything they hadn't. They embraced, but Kevin remained plagued with doubts.

On the patio, Nate sympathized with Amanda about the stress she'd been under, worrying over whether a stalker would follow her to Genoa City. He applauded her for reclaiming her power by having Ripley arrested, and she recognized that all people like her ex understood was who they could push around and who they couldn't. She asserted that she'd made sure Ripley knew that if she saw his face again, he'd serve time. Nate observed that she was radiating strength, and he appreciated her opening up to him because he felt like he knew her a lot better. He added that he was proud of her, and she responded that she was proud of herself.

Amanda recalled that she'd been furious and terrified when she'd found Ripley in her hotel suite, and she didn't know what might have happened if Billy hadn't shown up. Nate was glad Billy had decided to ignore his advice, and he divulged that he'd told Billy not to drag Amanda into his breakup. Nate apologized if he'd overstepped, but Amanda understood that he'd had good intentions. Amanda muttered that taking advice wasn't Billy's strong suit.

Billy approached, and Amanda was surprised that he wasn't out driving his new racecar. Billy called it an amazing machine, and Nate inquired whether the car was there. Billy imagined that it was in the shop by then, since he'd hit black ice and slid off the road into a tree. He insisted that there wasn't a scratch on him, thanks to the car's safety features.

After Billy stepped to the counter, Amanda asked if Nate was worried because Billy hadn't let the paramedics check him out. Nate offered to feel out whether Billy had a concussion, and he noted that she seemed more upset than Billy did. Amanda relayed Billy's desire to live on the edge, but she'd thought he'd meant on occasion and not a way of life. Billy returned, and Nate invited him to join them while Nate made sure Billy didn't have a concussion.

Nate asked Billy how many fingers he was holding up, and Billy responded correctly. Nate inquired whether Billy had experienced unconsciousness, headache, or vertigo, and Billy replied that he hadn't. Nate found no signs of a concussion, but he advised Billy to keep an eye out for dizziness, nausea, or confusion and to head straight to the emergency room if anything seemed out of the ordinary. Nate determined that Billy's pulse was racing long after the accident, and he cautioned that thrill-seeking was an addiction like any other. Billy was sure that Nate got a rush from surgery and saving lives, yet no one asked him to go to rehab. Nate argued that Billy had slammed a sportscar into a tree, which indicated that Billy had a problem. Billy curtly thanked Nate and opted to get a second opinion.

After Billy left, Amanda thought back to how upset Victoria had been the first time she'd sought Amanda out. Amanda recalled that Victoria had accused her of enabling Billy and encouraging him to engage in risky behavior. Amanda swore that she hadn't done it on purpose, and she wondered how serious Nate had been when he'd suggested Billy might be addicted to thrill-seeking. Nate recognized that he wasn't a psychiatrist, but he thought it was a possibility.

At the ranch, Victor warmly greeted Ashley and called her visit a wonderful surprise. He mentioned that he'd just finished riding, and he hoped she hadn't been waiting long. She revealed that she'd just arrived in town and had headed straight there. Victor guessed that Ashley was there to talk about Abby, and Ashley was grateful that she could say their daughter was doing beautifully. Victor was pleased that Abby had "come into her own," and she obviously had that in common with her mother, though he was sorry Ashley had needed to move to another continent to do it.

Ashley contended that it had worked out for the best, since starting her own company had given her leverage when Jack had returned to the table. Victor admired that she refused to take less than she deserved. She confessed that she hadn't thought his retirement would actually take, and he replied that she wasn't the only one. She pointed out that it had been months, and he was about to celebrate the 50-year span of his career, so it looked like his retirement was really happening. Victor voiced surprise that she'd made the trip to ask about him, and Ashley insisted that she would always care how he was doing.

Victor wondered what Ashley had expected to find when she'd gotten there, and she shared that she'd been pleasantly surprised to find the picture of health and relaxation. Victor confirmed that retirement was agreeing with him, and she considered all the things he'd accomplished in his life. She called him a legend and said she'd thought he'd never be satisfied. She sensed that something had changed, since he seemed content. She hoped she was right, since he deserved to be happy. She took his hand and pointed out that she could have waited until the party; however, he'd be surrounded by everyone who loved him there, and she'd wanted a moment alone with him.

Later, Jack stopped by the ranch to talk to Victor. Jack mentioned that he'd checked on Victoria after her breakup, and Victor suggested that Jack straighten Billy out if he wanted to help. Jack remarked that Victor made it sound like that was possible, and Victor ranted that "Billy Boy" would never change. Jack was sure Victor felt vindicated, but he considered it heartbreaking news for both of their families, and he requested that Victor not trash Billy in front of Victoria and the kids. Victor ordered Jack to refrain from telling him how to run his family. Jack warned that keeping Billy from seeing his kids would be a mistake.

Jack urged Victor to focus on what was best for Victoria and the kids. Victor questioned whether Jack had been thinking about that when he'd encouraged Billy to pursue her again. Victor recounted that Billy had slept with Jack's wife and embezzled funds from Jabot, yet Jack had thought Billy would be a loyal, respectful partner to Victoria. Jack argued that Billy had sought help for his addiction and had been there for Victoria during Nikki's illness and the ordeal with J.T. Jack thought Victor should understand, since Victor had forgiven Adam for far worse than what Billy had done.

Victor revealed that Adam had tampered with his medication because Adam had believed Victor had tried to kill him on a dark night on the road, but Adam had been mistaken, since Billy had been the one who'd attempted to kill Adam. Victor shared that he'd forgiven Billy for that because he'd wanted Billy and Victoria to have a nice, quiet life, but Billy had repaid him by leaving Victoria and breaking the children's hearts. Jack looked stricken.

Jack defended that Billy hadn't been consciously aware of his actions. Jack lectured that relapse was part of recovery, but Victor spat that Billy's family had spoiled him since he'd been born. Victor continued that when the Abbotts hadn't been around, Billy had turned to the women in his life, and he'd eventually tired of Victoria, leaving her devastated. Victor imagined that Billy would fall flat on his face without Victoria in his life, and he hoped Billy failed spectacularly so he'd finally face himself and start becoming a man instead of an overgrown child. Victor suspected that Jack had no more faith in Billy than he did, but Jack retorted that it was a lie. Victor dared Jack to let Billy fail.

Billy joined Ashley at the Grand Phoenix bar. He asked about her flight and assumed that she was there to see Abby. Ashley mentioned that she knew he was living at the hotel, but she had no interest in giving him a lecture, since she wasn't one to judge after what she'd put Jack through. She continued that she'd done what she'd had to do to get the life she wanted, and Billy was glad that someone understood. He hoped Victoria and his kids also understood at some point, but Ashley warned that she wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon.

Billy asked if Ashley had any regrets, and she replied that she did, but she tried not to dwell on them. She proclaimed that it had taken her a lifetime to give herself permission to go for what she wanted, partly because it was what her mother had done. Ashley admitted that she'd resented Dina for a long time for abandoning her children, but she recognized that Dina had also blazed a trail for her. Billy pointed out that his dad had always been his role model, but he'd lost his desire to follow in John's footsteps.

Billy clarified that he'd loved and respected his dad, but it wasn't who Billy was or the life he wanted. Ashley assured him that nobody was forcing him to emulate their father, and she urged him to find his passion. Billy believed that ending things with Victoria had minimized the damage he could do in the long run. Ashley was sad for him, Victoria, and the kids, but she thought he needed to live his truth.

Phyllis bugs Adam and Chance's conversation Phyllis bugs Adam and Chance's conversation
Friday, February 14, 2020

Chance joined Adam in a casino bar in Las Vegas. Chance observed that Adam didn't seem happy to see him, and Adam huffed that he'd told Chance to stay out of it. Adam warned that the wrong people could see them together, and he insisted on meeting "her" alone. Adam added that Chance's hands were clean because he hadn't been there, and he pushed Chance to walk away with his Boy Scout reputation intact. Chance asserted that Boy Scouts didn't walk away from a fire, and Adam knew "damn well" why Chance couldn't do it.

A waitress requested a drink from the bartender. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a listening device. Meanwhile, Adam maintained that he'd created the problem, but Chance argued that Adam had "save[d] [his] ass," so it was his problem, too. The waitress approached and asked if she could get the men something as she covertly planted the device at their table.

Nick was surprised when Phyllis showed up at his house in response to his text message. She announced that she'd put everything on hold because he needed advice. He recalled that she'd been rushing off to catch a flight to Vegas the last time they'd talked, so he'd expected to get a reply from the Strip. She blamed her change in plans on the grief he'd given her for going and said she'd heeded his advice. He asked what part of the story she was leaving out.

Phyllis figured that she should stay in town to be there for Summer, who'd gone running back to Kyle. Nick groused that it had taken months for Summer to put herself back together after Kyle had broken her heart, and he wondered if they should stage an intervention or hire a deprogrammer to remove Kyle from their daughter's brain. Phyllis suggested that they wait for Summer to ask for help. She imagined that Nick had reached out to talk about his other little girl.

Nick confided that it had been a struggle to help Faith through some life-changing stuff, and she'd sent a slew of messages from school that day to ask about Sharon. Phyllis assumed Nick had told Faith that everything would be okay, but he recognized that Faith had gotten the unvarnished truth online. Phyllis longed for the days when they'd been able to lie to their children, and Nick lamented that he felt like he was failing because he couldn't make things better. He continued that he couldn't go to Sharon because she had enough on her plate, and she expected him to handle things.

Phyllis contended that Nick just needed someone who was in the loop about Sharon's situation to listen to him without judgment. She implored him to scream, yell, and tell bad jokes, and then he'd go back to being the rockstar dad he'd always been to Faith. Nick worried that Faith was freaking out, and Phyllis encouraged him to accept that teenagers always freaked out about something. Phyllis firmly stated that Faith was freaking out about the world being a scary, unpredictable place, but one thing would make everything all right -- him.

Phyllis urged Nick to talk to Faith and pull her back down to earth, just like Phyllis had just done with him. Nick realized that Phyllis had, and he thanked her. Phyllis noted that she'd just helped him the way he'd helped her when he'd talked her out of chasing Chance and Adam. Nick called it the best decision she'd ever made. Her phone chimed, and she saw a message from an unknown sender. "It's all set," the message read. "And I'm a genius," Phyllis mused.

Meanwhile, Adam recounted that the whole thing had gone down before he'd gotten his memory back, so Spider had been the one in the mess. Chance argued that it was more reason for Chance to stay involved, since Spider had shown a level of restraint that Adam lacked. Riza joined them and greeted Spider, and Adam corrected her. She chalked it up to old habits, and she remarked that things hadn't been the same around there without him. Adam bet that no one was making her as much money as he had. Chance announced that they were there to find out what was going on with the situation, and he demanded to know what "she" had been saying.

Riza reported that the woman had started to ask questions about her husband because she no longer believed he was in Witness Protection. Riza shared that there had been no love lost between the spouses, and the wife's affection was only for her husband's money. Riza continued that the woman believed the cash had been stashed away before he'd disappeared, and she would stop at nothing to find it. Chance worried that it was bigger than they'd thought, and he was adamant that they end the woman's questions. Phyllis listened with interest from the bug.

Adam prepared to transfer enough money to get the woman to stop asking questions about her missing husband. He told Riza that she knew what she had to do, and she stepped away. Chance groaned that if his cover hadn't been blown, none of it would be happening, and Adam wouldn't have to pay a fortune to keep people quiet. Adam vowed to do whatever it took to make it go away and keep himself out of prison. Chance refused to let Adam go to jail.

Adam reiterated that Chance hadn't been involved and that Chance no longer worked for the government, so he couldn't protect Adam. Chance recognized that he would have been killed in the line of duty if it hadn't been for Adam, and he didn't understand why Adam had gotten involved in the first place. Adam appreciated that Chance had been one of Spider's only friends and hadn't told Victor that Adam was alive.

Adam insisted that he'd done what he'd needed to do when he'd realized Chance had been in danger, but things had gotten out of control. Adam had never imagined that the guy would go after him like that, and Chance swore it had been an accident. Adam worried that no one would see it that way -- especially not the people Chance had worked for. "Boom," Phyllis muttered to herself.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon saw Rey out of the corner of her eye and asked if she was supposed to pretend that she didn't see him in the doorway. She wondered if he was there to spy, but he swore that he was just there for one of the delicious brownies. She insisted that she was feeling fine after the chemo, and she informed him that she hadn't experienced any nausea or fatigue. Rey worried that there might be a delayed reaction, and Sharon hoped she was one of the lucky ones who got through that portion of the treatment unscathed. He told her not to feel like a failure if she wasn't.

Rey questioned whether he couldn't drop by for a sugar fix without being accused of spying. Sharon discouraged him from hiding his true intentions the next time. Rey contended that they made good a couple because they could tell what going on in each other's heads and hearts when they couldn't find the words. She sensed that he didn't want her to know how scared he was, but he wasn't doing a very good job of covering. Rey pulled her to him, but Sharon protested that she had customers. He thought that they'd see what she saw when she looked in his eyes -- how much he loved her. They kissed.

Nick entered the coffeehouse, and Sharon informed him that Rey had already filled the hovering position. Nick swore that he was only there for coffee, and Rey compared it to how he was there for the brownies. Sharon appreciated the attention and the business, but she reiterated that she was perfectly fine and could take care of herself. Sharon suggested that the men talk to one another instead of focusing on her, and she grabbed her purse and told Rey she'd see him at home. After Sharon headed out, the men broached the topic of Nick's daughter and Rey's sister's husband.

Rey griped that one shouldn't just marry someone only to toss them aside like a shirt that had gone out of style. He continued that Kyle had never deserved Lola, and they shouldn't have trusted him because marriage meant something to her and to Rey. Nick hated that his daughter had been involved, and he wasn't proud of what she'd done. Rey figured that Summer was as much a victim as Lola, and he'd never forget that Summer had saved his sister's life. Rey barked that Kyle had gone too far on his name and looks, thinking he could skate through life with no consequences for his lack of integrity or empathy.

Nick refused to make excuses for Kyle or Summer, and he felt terrible for Lola because he knew what it was like to be left behind, only to run into the happy couple every time he turned around. Rey was grateful that Arturo and Mia had moved a thousand miles away, since time and distance had made life easier. Rey didn't want Kyle and Summer rubbing it in Lola's face while Lola was nursing a broken heart. Nick was glad they'd talked because they saw eye to eye, and he referred to another subject they should talk about.

Nick pointed out that only a few people knew that Sharon was going through treatment, so they had to lean on one another, share information, and do everything they could to keep Sharon's spirits up. Nick thought that Rey and Sharon needed support from all of them, but Rey stressed that Sharon did. Nick recognized that Rey was in love with a woman who'd been diagnosed with cancer, so he was facing the fears and unknowns, too. Nick understood that Rey was Sharon's rock, but there would be times when Rey couldn't shoulder it alone. Nick offered to be there to talk or hang out if things ever seemed like too much. Rey said he might take Nick up on it. The men fist-bumped, and Rey departed.

Later, Phyllis ran into Nick at the coffeehouse and noted that he looked serious. He mentioned that he'd received a text message from Faith, who'd hit him up for cash to go to the movies. Phyllis was glad to hear that it sounded like things were back to normal, and she thought he looked better. He credited her for talking and getting him on the right track again. He was glad she'd stuck around.

Sharon returned home but suddenly reeled and felt nauseous. Rey entered the cottage and joked about her thinking he'd followed her, but he noticed her state and rushed to her side. He instructed her to focus, look in his eyes, and take deep breaths. A short time later, Rey observed that Sharon was looking like herself again. She recounted that she'd been feeling fine until it had suddenly felt like a wave that had been pulling her under. She admitted that it hadn't been as bad as she'd expected, and she swore that she could do it. He replied that he'd never doubted her for a minute.

At Jabot, Kyle wrapped up a call as Summer entered his office. She showed him the latest designs for the summer line, pointing out the soft and sensuous swimwear colors as she leaned in close to him. He asked if she was wearing perfume, since she smelled like the beach. She inquired whether he was paying attention, and he replied that he was doing so more closely than he ever had before. Summer thought they should probably get back to work, and Kyle swore that they would -- eventually. He amorously questioned how she expected to work when it was so tempting not to.

Summer guessed that she had to be the levelheaded one, and she asked if it was hot in there. Kyle told her to get used to it, since it felt like the temperature rose five degrees when they were together. Kyle reflected back on the bet they'd made about Summer and Billy, in which she'd agreed to sleep with Kyle if he won. Kyle reminded her that she'd lost and that he'd never collected on the bet. She recalled that he'd pretended to be passed out. He acknowledged that she hadn't been interested, and he'd been too much of a gentleman to press the issue.

Summer was glad that she and Kyle hadn't settled the bet, since she hadn't been ready to be that vulnerable with anyone, and sleeping with him would have meant too much to her. Summer swore that she hadn't wanted a one-night thing because she wanted a forever kind of love with him, and Kyle held her close. She gushed that she'd never been that happy, but she imagined that the bubble would eventually burst when they had to go back to real life. She wondered how long they had to walk on eggshells before they could admit to the world that they were together.

Kyle shared that Lola had told him to pick up the rest of his stuff from the apartment while she was in Miami with her mom. Summer intended to find a way to be happy without flaunting their happiness in public, and she pointed out that the door was open for Lola to find someone, too. Kyle doubted that Lola would be interested, since all she'd ever wanted was her work. Summer advised Kyle to be prepared to see Lola start a life with someone else, and Kyle said Lola deserved everything he hadn't been able to give her.

Summer expected people to take sides and be very open about what they thought, and Kyle recounted that Rey had already chewed him up and spit him out. Summer relayed that her dad had warned that Kyle would break her heart again, and Kyle replied that Jack had said the same thing. Kyle wondered if their fathers were right, and Summer asked if he was telling her to dump him. He swore it was the last thing he wanted, but he anticipated that a few friends, family, and strangers would suggest it after everything he'd put her through.

Kyle expected people to question how Summer could ever trust him again or how she knew he wouldn't hurt her. Summer insisted that he was part of her and always had been, and she'd once imagined that they'd been together in a past life and that a higher power was trying to keep them apart. She swore that nothing could keep them apart, and she was going into it with no fears or worries because they were meant for one another. They kissed as the door opened. "So much for taking my advice," Jack grumbled.

Jack recounted that he'd had a front-row seat the last time, and it hadn't been pretty. He didn't want to see Summer get hurt again, but she swore it was different that time. Jack suggested that Summer and Kyle slow things down, but she argued that they weren't rushing because they'd known one another their entire lives. She added that she'd loved Kyle even before she'd really known what the word meant, and that moment had been in the making since the day they'd met. Summer contended that Kyle knew her scars, triumphs, and failures, and she knew his.

Jack reminded the couple of their prior divorce and Kyle's recent marriage to Lola, and he questioned whether it was how they wanted to live their lives. Kyle said they were trying to live in the most truthful way they could and that Jack hadn't told him anything he hadn't already thought. Kyle admitted that he wasn't proud of the way he'd handled things, and his and Summer's path had never been smooth or easy, but what they had hadn't ever disappeared and couldn't be ignored. Kyle recognized that Summer had always been a constant in his life, but they'd kept missing one another -- until then.

Jack noted that Kyle had professed his undying devotion to Lola just months before. Jack suggested that both Kyle and Summer be ready for people's reactions to how they'd leaped before they'd looked. Jack warned that others would think Kyle had no sense of loyalty and would use his past against him as evidence that he couldn't be trusted. Kyle swore that the most important thing to him was what Jack thought. Jack offered his support, but he urged them to do the right thing and learn from his mistakes. He told them to be good to one another and to try to live lives of honesty and kindness. Summer promised they would.

Jack urged Kyle and Summer to study his life and do the opposite. Kyle understood how lucky they'd been to be given a second chance to do things right, and Jack ordered them to do right by Lola. Summer regretted that Lola was suffering because of their mistakes, and Kyle promised to take Jack's advice to heart. Jack told them to prove they were worthy of a second chance and to look at one another like lovesick fools somewhere else. Summer hugged Jack, and Kyle shook his father's hand.

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