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Adam seethed when Nick became Newman's interim CEO. Nick and Phyllis had sex on his desk. Billy and Amanda kissed. Abby posed as Phyllis to access Phyllis' safe deposit box. Sharon's ailing health forced her to skip a chemo session. Billy and Lily agreed to run Chancellor's media division together.
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Nick and Phyllis had sex, Billy and Amanda kissed... and Billy later agreed to run Chancellor's media division with Lily
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Adam vows revenge with Chelsea's help Adam vows revenge with Chelsea's help
Monday, March 9, 2020

At Nick's house, Nick and Phyllis greeted each other awkwardly after a night of lovemaking. Phyllis said, "I was just looking for shelter from the storm, and I got a lot more." Phyllis and Nick were kissing when Christian awoke and entered the living room. Phyllis brought up the storm, but Christian was more concerned about eating breakfast. Phyllis told Christian his dad would prepare breakfast because she had to leave.

Nick followed Phyllis to the hallway and asked her why she was running off. Phyllis said Christian might have seen them do what they'd done. Nick replied, "He didn't see anything." Nick said they'd eventually have to talk about it. Phyllis tried to downplay their passion and said they'd gotten caught up in the past on a stormy night. Phyllis added that Nick had a lot going on with his dad and Newman Enterprises. Nick insisted he didn't want any part of running Newman Enterprises while Victoria recovered.

Phyllis warned Nick that Victor would tap Adam as the CEO and wondered aloud if Nick could live with that. Phyllis said she was certain Victor wanted Nick and wasn't just attempting to draw him in to exert control over his life. Phyllis again asked Nick if he would be okay with Adam running Newman Enterprises. Nick said his father had options. Phyllis replied, "Victor is all about the Newman legacy. You know that. He will never change, ever."

Phyllis told Nick he should consider Victoria and the horrible circumstances preventing her from running the company. Phyllis warned that after Victoria regained her strength, it was doubtful that Adam would magnanimously relinquish his position. Phyllis pleaded with Nick to prevent what could turn into a bloodbath.

At Society, where Kyle, Summer, Theo, and Lola had taken refuge from the storm, Kyle and Summer awoke after having fallen asleep on a lounge sofa. Summer mentioned that Lola hadn't likely been too happy about having seen her and Kyle snuggled together. Kyle noticed that Theo and Lola had fallen asleep across the room. Theo's arm was around Lola's neck. Kyle seemed transfixed by the sight of his wife in Theo's arms. Summer called out to Kyle twice before he looked away.

After Kyle and Summer left, Lola and Theo roused, having pretended to be asleep when they'd realized Summer and Kyle had seen them. Theo said he'd thought Kyle's head might explode when he'd seen Theo with Lola. Lola claimed she hadn't noticed. Theo replied, "You noticed, and you loved it." Theo continued to talk about Kyle and Summer flaunting themselves in front of Lola. Lola said she thought it had bothered Theo more than it had bothered her.

Theo moved in to kiss Lola, but she backed away and said, "No, Theo. I'm sorry. I can't." Theo asked if he'd done something wrong. Lola said things for her had moved too fast. Theo mentioned their kiss and having fallen asleep next to each other. Lola explained that she had to be certain she was moving on for the right reasons and not just because her marriage had ended or that Kyle had run to Summer so quickly. Lola reminded Theo that she wasn't yet divorced. Theo told Lola she was worth the wait.

In Amanda's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Billy awoke next to Amanda. He'd slept atop the covers. Amanda thanked Billy for staying with her so she could rest. Billy placed an order for food to be brought to the room after Amanda said she was starving. After Amanda showered, she stepped out of the bathroom, clad in a robe, and noted that Billy had ordered everything on the menu. Amanda sipped coffee and told Billy that she finally felt free of Ripley and the dark shadow he'd cast on her life. Amanda looked out the window and said, "The storm has finally lifted."

Billy grew quiet, and Amanda asked him what he was thinking. Billy said he was thinking about Amanda embracing her chance to start over. Billy said he felt the same when he was with her. Amanda reminded Billy that their relationship was complicated. Billy said it was worth taking a chance because there was a reason they were drawn to each other and that Amanda had felt safe with him. Billy kissed Amanda, and she kissed him back. Billy sensed that Amanda was reluctant to take their relationship to the next level after she didn't respond to him sliding her robe off her shoulder. Billy said he should leave, and Amanda agreed.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki told Victor that Victoria hadn't gotten any sleep and suggested that her daughter should have stayed in the hospital. Victor noted that Nikki hadn't slept because she'd been worried about Victoria. Chelsea and Adam entered and told Nikki and Victor they'd be leaving as soon as a fallen tree was cleared from the driveway. Victor asked to speak privately with Adam. Nikki and Chelsea left to check on the children, who'd been watching the tree-clearing efforts.

Victor told Adam they should talk about what had happened the night before. Adam replied, "You mean when you told my son to toughen up?" Victor defended himself and said he'd been trying to help the boy. Adam reminded Victor that Connor had been through enough. Victor agreed that Adam had a right to protect his family. Adam said nothing meant more to him than his family. Adam admitted he felt more comfortable talking to his dad because he felt like he was being heard. Victor agreed that he and Adam had made progress, which was a good sign of things to come.

Adam asked if Victor was alluding to Adam filling in at Newman. Adam assured Victor that they could work together and promised to work day and night to prove himself capable. Victor replied, "Until Victoria returns." Adam promised he'd run the company until Victoria recovered. The conversation was interrupted when Victor received a phone call.

After a brief phone conversation, Victor and Adam resumed talking. Adam said, "Who was that?" Victor explained that Nick had phoned and said he would take over as CEO of Newman while Victoria was recovering. Adam could barely contain his rage as he insisted that Nick didn't deserved to be CEO after having walked away from Newman years before, claiming he was done with the company forever. Victor replied, "These are special circumstances."

Adam cried that Nick had taken the job, so he couldn't. Victor said he'd offered the job to Nick first, so his decision was final. Adam accused Victor of having played him. Adam was ranting when Chelsea and Nikki returned and overheard him declare that Victor didn't trust him. Chelsea, hinting that they should leave immediately, told Adam that the driveway was clear.

Adam accused Victor of dangling a carrot to see how he'd react. Adam also suggested it had been Victor's plan all along to tell Nick he'd summoned his brother, hoping that Nick would change his mind and take the job. Victor replied, "You're wrong." Chelsea, becoming anxious, entreated Adam to leave. Before Adam left, he warned that he and Victor might never come back from the conflict.

Nikki, still reeling from the verbal exchange, told Victor she thought he and Adam had been trying to patch up their relationship. Victor said his decision about Newman wasn't what Adam had expected. Nikki asked Victor if he had ever really intended to give the position to Adam. Victor replied, "Yeah. I did. I was ready to install him as CEO of Newman, but Nicholas was always my first choice." Nikki said Nick was the best choice for the company and for the family. Nikki added that Adam was still jealous because all the old wounds and resentment were still present. Victor replied, "And boy, do they run deep."

Summer returned home. Nick asked where she'd stayed. Summer said she'd stayed with Kyle, Lola, and Theo because they'd all been stuck at Society during the storm. Summer said that she'd gotten along with Lola surprisingly well. Summer asked where Phyllis had gone. Nick said Phyllis had left after they'd spent the night eating and hanging out. Summer said she was glad her parents could be friends without benefits. Nick replied, "Yep." Nick announced that he'd decided to fill in at Newman for Victoria while she was recovering. Summer was elated. Nick and Summer agreed that Adam would have to deal with it.

At Jabot, Kyle was seated as his desk when Theo entered. Kyle said, "What can I do for you, Theo?" Theo said he had ideas about a new social media campaign. As Kyle looked over the proposal, Theo asked if Kyle was upset. Kyle insisted that everything with him was good. After Kyle looked over Theo's suggestions, he said, "The ideas are solid, but I don't think any of them will have Jabot trending." Theo disagreed, but Kyle was adamant that the ideas weren't strong enough.

Theo took Kyle's criticism personally and reminded Kyle that Kyle and Summer had left Society without thanking Lola for her hospitality. Theo, referring to Lola sleeping in his arms, asked Kyle if he'd seen something he hadn't liked. Kyle insisted that Lola was free to do whatever she wanted, even it was being with Theo. Theo said he intended to be all the things for Lola that Kyle wasn't. Kyle became combative and said that if Theo was getting close to Lola just to annoy him, then Theo was a bigger bastard than he'd originally thought. Theo replied, "I do think Lola is pretty special. Pissing you off is just a bonus."

Summer later returned to Society after it reopened. Summer told Lola she'd left her scarf behind. Summer thanked Lola for allowing her and Kyle to crash at the restaurant. Lola sensed Summer had more to say and asked why she'd stopped by. Summer thanked Lola for going out of her way to be friendly and kind. Summer advised Lola to be careful with Theo because, while charming, he could be a user. Lola said she hadn't asked for advice about Theo. Summer explained that Theo seemed to be a better version of himself with Lola, and she credited Lola for bringing out Theo's better qualities.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis was sipping coffee when she saw Chelsea rush in to order breakfast. Phyllis approached and said, "You seem a little frazzled. Rough start to your day, Chelsea?" Chelsea turned to face Phyllis and noticed that she appeared unkempt and was wearing athletic-type attire. Chelsea said she supposed that running the hotel had taken its toll. Phyllis explained that she was wearing Summer's clothing, which she'd borrowed after having spent the night at Nick's. Chelsea replied, "Because of the storm?" Phyllis suggestively said, "Uh, yeah. The storm. The storm."

Chelsea understood Phyllis' subtext and replied, "Okay. Interesting timing. How long ago did you leave?" Phyllis said it was none of Chelsea's business, just as the Grand Phoenix was none of her business. Chelsea said the hotel was all Phyllis had to keep her warm at night. Phyllis said she had lots of options to keep herself warm at night. Phyllis claimed that Chelsea was mad because she'd been outplayed. Phyllis gloated that she'd gotten back what was rightfully hers. Phyllis added, "I win, and you lose." Chelsea was visibly frustrated as she paid for her order.

Phyllis returned to her suite at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis took off her coat and noticed a robe lying on the floor. Realizing that someone had been in her room, Phyllis checked her hiding place and was shocked to learn that her USB stick with the recording of Chase and Adam was missing. Phyllis rushed to check her laptop and found it sitting in a puddle of water. Phyllis exclaimed, "Damn it! Oh, you think you've won. Oh, you think again."

Victor was standing in his former office at Newman Enterprises when Nick arrived. Victor told Nick he was glad Nick had stopped by. Victor said, "What changed your mind?" Nick replied, "The fact that it's temporary and that it's in the family's best interests, especially Victoria's." Nick asked if Adam knew. Victor said Adam knew. Victor offered to help Nick get familiar with what was going on at Newman. Nick sighed as if he'd taken on a heavy burden.

At their penthouse, Chelsea asked Adam how Connor was doing. Adam, brooding, said Connor was playing in his room. Chelsea asked Adam what he was thinking. Adam replied, "I'm thinking we need to get the hell out of this town." Chelsea agreed. Adam said they should stay at his mother's farm and give themselves a chance to breathe. Chelsea agreed that they could relax, regroup, and figure out how to get Adam what he wanted.

Adam said he no longer knew what he wanted. Chelsea replied, "I think you've always been sure when it comes to your father. You want respect, trust, unconditional love." Adam replied, "Strike one, two, and three, okay? I am out." Chelsea asked Adam if he planned to pay Victor back. Adam replied, "Yes, but I have a feeling that you wouldn't be on board for that." Chelsea assured Adam that she would be with him all the way and would help him win.

Sharon opens up to Nikki about her fears Sharon opens up to Nikki about her fears
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

At the new medical clinic, Elena gushed that Devon had made her idea a reality by putting up the money to buy the building. He couldn't wait until the facility was up and running to provide care to New Hope tenants. They prepared to stop by Jared's house to drop off a new winter coat and some blankets, but Jared suddenly entered and begged Elena to help him with an emergency.

At Crimson Lights, Amanda told Nate that everything had changed when she'd heard that Ripley had been arrested. Nate said he'd intended to stop by to see how she'd been doing, but the storm had had other ideas. She thought it was best that he hadn't visited her, since she'd needed to close her eyes and shut out the world. He imagined that she'd gotten some good rest with the wind howling outside. She smiled and confirmed that she had.

Amanda mentioned that Ripley still had to stand trial, and she expected to have to testify, but she also planned on going to his arraignment to look him in the eye and show him that he hadn't broken her. Nate encouraged her to do what felt right to her, but he warned that showing up at the arraignment might make Ripley feel like he had power over her. Nate realized that he was overstepping, but Amanda knew he was just trying to be a good friend. He was glad that she'd have time to relax, and he looked forward to getting to know her better -- if she wasn't heading back to Madison.

Amanda informed Nate that she was staying put, but she had to find a few new clients. Nate noted that Devon had connections and that he wanted to make up for having misjudged Amanda's intentions. She hoped they could coexist without tension and weirdness. Nate mentioned that Devon and Elena were opening a low-cost medical clinic near the New Hope development and that they'd just treated a young man who'd sliced his arm while trying to stop a robbery. He received a text message and groaned, "Oh, no."

Elena and Devon prepared to set the clinic's alarm and take Jared to visit his grandfather in the hospital. Devon reported that Nate was waiting at the hospital for the ambulance to arrive. Jared stammered that he didn't know what had happened, but he'd found his grandfather passed out on the floor and thought he was dead at first. Devon assured Jared that he'd done the right thing by calling the EMTs, and they left to find out what was going on.

Later, Devon and Elena took Jared to Crimson Lights, and Jared asked how soon the hospital would call. Devon promised that they'd stay on top of it, but they had to get some food in Jared. Amanda approached and introduced herself to Jared as a friend of Nate's. Elena explained that they were waiting on lab results, and Devon suggested that they grab a table while he ordered some food. Elena asked Jared if they could contact anyone else in his family, but Jared reported that there was no one else to call.

Amanda asked if Jared went to school near his home. He replied that he didn't go to school, and Amanda inquired whether he had a job. Jared referred to helping at his grandfather's shop, and Amanda wondered how old he was. Jared claimed he was 18, and he warned her against contacting child and family services. Amanda thought it sounded like he had experience with the foster care system, and Jared confessed that he'd been in the system before he'd gone to live with his grandfather. Jared stressed that he was an adult, and he could take care of himself.

Later, Nate entered the coffeehouse and reported that Jared's grandfather was stable, but the test results weren't back yet. Nate suggested that he take Jared back to the hospital for a visit and to check out his arm. Elena piped up that Jared needed a tetanus shot, and Jared thanked Devon and Elena for the sandwich and everything else. Amanda handed Jared some cash to get a pastry for the road on her.

Amanda privately told Nate that talking to Jared had put things in perspective for her, and she'd realized that she wanted to spend her time and energy focused on good people and not waste another second on Ripley. She decided not to attend the arraignment, and Nate teased that she'd realized he'd been right. She told him not to let it go to his head.

Once alone, Elena sympathized that Jared had no one in the world aside from his grandfather. Devon pointed out that Jared had them, and Elena marveled that they were already making a difference in people's lives. Devon recognized that there was a lot of need in the community, and he was finally back in a position to do something about it. He was glad that he didn't have to worry about fundraising or red tape and could just get to work. He suggested that he and Elena get out there and change the world together, and they kissed.

At the cottage, Mariah inquired whether Sharon wanted a magazine or just her tablet during her upcoming treatment. Sharon doubted it mattered, since she expected the doctor to take one look at her and not give her a drop of chemo. Sharon maintained that she wanted to do the chemo, no matter how bad it made her feel, since it was her only weapon against the cancer. Rey arrived, and Sharon prepared to leave early because she didn't want to risk missing her appointment. Rey surmised from Mariah's expression that it had been a rough night.

Later, Sharon and Rey returned to the cottage, and she was surprised to see Mariah was still there. Mariah shared that Rey had sent a text message to inform her that the doctor had refused to approve the infusion. Sharon explained that her white blood cell count was low, and the doctor hadn't wanted to risk infection, so treatment had been delayed until her cell count was back up. Rey added that Sharon had gotten an injection to help with that. Mariah asked when the chemo would be rescheduled.

Sharon glumly responded that it would happen when her body decided to start cooperating, and Rey proposed that he take the day off to cheer her up. Sharon protested that Rey shouldn't take advantage of Paul's willingness to grant him a lighter workload unless it was a true emergency, and it wasn't. Rey assured her that it was just a speed bump and nothing more, and they'd eventually get to the same destination. He departed.

Mariah presented Sharon with tea and a snack, since Sharon had been too keyed up to eat earlier. Sharon apologized if she'd been scratchy, but she'd had a premonition that her infusion would be canceled, and it was exactly what had happened. Sharon changed the topic to whether Mariah had talked to Tessa. Mariah lamented that Tessa still wasn't responding, and Mariah didn't blame her. Mariah recognized that if Tanner had been looking for an opportunity to get with Tessa, Mariah had handed it to him on a silver platter.

Sharon lectured that it wasn't enough to simply wait for Tessa to return Mariah's call, and she encouraged Mariah to find Tessa and apologize. Sharon guessed that Mariah would have joined Tessa on tour long before if Sharon hadn't gotten sick. Sharon hated that the disease had not only taken over her life but that it was also causing Mariah not to do things she should be doing. Mariah swore that everything would be okay, and they hugged.

Mariah stepped off the elevator at Jabot. Her phone pinged with a message from Rey, who asked how Sharon was doing. Mariah replied that her mother hadn't wanted her to stay, but she was sure that Sharon was having a rough time. Mariah entered Kyle's office, and he remarked that it had been awhile. She mentioned that she'd heard he and Summer were attached at the hip those days, and she wasn't too excited to bear witness to that. Kyle prompted Mariah to unload her feelings on the subject. She responded that they'd all made mistakes, and she wasn't sitting in judgment because she needed her friends right then.

Mariah groaned that her life was basically a disaster, since she had lost her job and had been dealing with some health issues. She preferred not to get into the details, but she shared that it had meant a lot of anxiety and sleepless nights. Kyle bet Tessa wished she were there to help, but Mariah confided that she hadn't told Tessa about any of it. Mariah admitted that it had been a huge mistake that had led to miscommunication and misunderstandings. She lamented that her main talent in life was making things worse, and he asked how much worse.

Mariah recounted that she'd accused Tessa of cheating with Tanner, and when Tessa had rushed home to set her straight, Tessa had found her with "company." Kyle stared at her in disbelief, and Mariah knew she'd really messed up if a serial heartbreaker like him was looking at her that way. Kyle advised Mariah to go to Tessa and beg for forgiveness. Mariah protested that it wouldn't be that easy, and Kyle asked if Mariah still loved Tessa. Mariah confirmed that she did, and he wondered what was holding her back.

Mariah contemplated what she'd do if Tessa told her to "go to hell" or refused her apology, and Kyle compared Mariah and Tessa to him and Summer. Kyle knew what people thought about him breaking up with a seemingly perfect woman to be with someone who'd devastated him in the past, but he knew Summer was the right woman for him. Mariah questioned whether he thought the same thing about her and Tessa, and he asked how many times he had to say it before she believed him. Mariah thought the question was whether Tessa would believe it, and Kyle pointed out that there was only one way to find out.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki indicated to Victoria that Victor was at Newman to turn things over to Nick, who'd agreed to take over until Victoria was ready to resume work. Victoria was relieved to not have to stress out about who was in charge while she was getting better, and Nikki cautioned her against stressing about anything. Nikki bristled when she saw an incoming call from Billy, who wanted to see Victoria. Nikki snapped that Victoria didn't want to see him.

Victoria gestured to hand over the phone, and Billy thanked her for picking up. He asked how she was feeling, and she invited him over to see for himself. He replied that he was on his way, and they hung up. Nikki recalled that Victoria had been adamant about Billy not going near her, and she wondered what had happened to change Victoria's mind.

Billy arrived at the ranch, and Nikki sternly told him that she didn't want Victoria upset. Nikki stepped out, and Billy sat down next to Victoria on the couch and thanked her for letting him see her. He admitted that it had been driving him nuts to not be able to talk to her after everything that had happened, but she avoided his gaze and remained silent. He said he was sorry she was going through it, and he wished it were him instead. Victoria believed him, coldly adding, "It changes nothing."

Billy figured that he should let Victoria get some rest, but she stopped him from leaving. She huffed that he didn't get to blurt out how lousy the situation made him feel as if it absolved him of everything, since he'd hurt her. Victoria spat that he was acting as if it had been a tragic accident, but she'd opened her heart to him again, despite all the warning signs, because she'd trusted him. She considered where it had led her, and she implored him to really look at her. She revealed that the only reason she'd asked him there had been for him to see her and understand that she was broken -- and that was on him.

Billy swore that he was there for Victoria, and she mocked how noble he was in a time of crisis. He acknowledged that it was partially his fault, and she scoffed at him only accepting partial responsibility. He invited her to rip into him, but he begged her to let him try to make it up to her. Victoria flatly stated that they were done, and there was nothing between them except the kids. She added that, unlike him, she'd learned from her mistakes, and she wasn't changing her mind.

Victoria expected Billy to be thrilled because he'd wanted a fresh start, and there was a whole world out there full of people he hadn't burned yet who didn't know how toxic he was. She encouraged him to go for it and leave her "the hell alone." Victoria thought he should go, and she turned away. Billy looked back at her from the doorway before leaving. She struggled against tears as she heard the door close behind him.

Nikki found Victoria asleep on the couch and covered her with a blanket. She retreated to the foyer to take a call, and Rey asked if it was a bad time. Nikki informed him that she'd been working at home to look after Victoria. Rey hoped Nikki could do him a favor.

Billy sat down next to Rey at the Grand Phoenix bar and guessed that he was there to see Amanda. Rey recalled that she'd been shaken up when he'd told her that Ripley had been arrested, but she hadn't been in her room. Billy mentioned that he'd seen her that morning, and he thought she was looking forward to moving on with her life. Rey revealed that Nikki had informed him that Victoria was recovering at the ranch, and Billy confirmed that he'd just been with Victoria. Rey assumed there had been a thaw if Billy had been allowed in for a visit.

Billy accepted that he was persona non grata with everyone except his kids. Rey understood that victims of violent crimes often lashed out in anger, and Victoria's anger had apparently found a place to go. Billy recognized that he'd broken her heart before the attack, but he sensed that the breakup and the attack were intertwined for her. Rey thought it made sense because she'd been arguing with Billy when a man who she'd never seen had tried to kill her, so she was associating the pain and terror with Billy instead of her attacker. Billy hated seeing someone in that much pain and not being able to do a "damn thing" about it.

Sharon was surprised when Nikki stopped by. Nikki haughtily requested that Sharon help her understand why Sharon was pushing away the people who cared about her when she needed them the most. Nikki divulged that a concerned Rey had told her about how Sharon had shooed Rey and Mariah away. Sharon defended that cancer patients were entitled to private time, too, and Nikki asked how chemo was going. Sharon revealed that she'd been scheduled for her fourth treatment that day. However, it had been canceled because her immune system had taken a beating, and her oncologist had forced her to take a break.

Nikki inquired how it would affect the rest of the treatment, and Sharon called it a temporary setback. Nikki understood why Sharon didn't feel free to be completely open about her darkest fears with Rey or her children, but she was certain that Sharon had no qualms about upsetting her. Nikki argued that Sharon didn't have to hold back with her, and she urged Sharon to let out the terrifying thoughts in her head.

Sharon confided that she sometimes woke up with an overwhelming feeling of dread, and she lied by telling Rey she was fine. Nikki urged her to let him comfort her, but Sharon insisted that her disease was her burden to bear. Nikki recommended that Sharon lean on the people who loved her, and she noted that anxiety was a side effect of chemo. Sharon stated that she'd been feeling the turmoil even before the infusions had started, and she also had the added fear of not knowing whether her treatment could continue. Sharon contemplated what would happen if her next treatment was also delayed or if she had to stop entirely.

Sharon applauded Rey and Mariah for being great supporters, so she felt no pressure to slap a smile on, but she was putting the pressure on herself. Sharon refused to entertain the worst-case scenario with her loved ones or to tell them about her fears of letting them down. Sharon remarked that she'd basically been living in a constant state of terror. Nikki asserted that the one thing she'd learned over the years was that Sharon never gave up, even when Nikki had begged and bullied her to back off. Nikki was confident that Sharon would fight the illness with everything in her, and that was all anyone could ask of her.

Sharon surmised that Nikki wanted her to fight the cancer the way she'd always fought Nikki, but she pointed out that Nikki was still standing. Nikki firmly stated that she was tougher than cancer, adding, "And so are you." Sharon doubted anyone would believe that they'd shared such a poignant moment, and Nikki replied that it was a good thing that nobody would ever know. Nikki wrapped her arms around Sharon.

Abby plans to impersonate Phyllis Abby plans to impersonate Phyllis
Wednesday, March 11, 2020
by Nel

At the penthouse, Adam told Chelsea that Victor would expect him to make a move for the CEO position. Chelsea said Nick had never wanted the CEO position, but Adam said Nick had taken the position to make sure that the Adam didn't get it. Chelsea said she'd known that Nick would rise to the occasion. Adam wondered whether Nick would appreciate Victor watching his every move. Chelsea realized that Adam was spinning all the possibilities that would drive Nick insane. Adam claimed things would get ugly. Chelsea suggested they wait and watch before Adam made his move. At that moment, Adam received a call from Chance asking Adam to meet him.

Nick arrived at the ranch to see Victoria. She told Nick that she was getting stronger every day. Nick asked her to get better and return to Newman Enterprises before he screwed things up. Victoria was adamant that Nick had to be absolutely sure he was ready to take on the position of CEO. She said he had to dedicate all of his time to keep everything on track and asked if he was ready for that. Nick explained that he didn't want the CEO position, but he would do his best until her return. He asked Victoria if she was okay about him taking over as CEO temporarily. Victoria said there was no other choice.

Victoria lamented that the staff had just gotten used to her being in control. She said becoming CEO of the company was what she'd wanted since she'd been a child, but fate had taken that away from her. She said that Nick had to be a leader. Nick assured her he could handle running a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Victoria cautioned that if Nick's head wasn't in it, she didn't want him to take on the position. She proceeded to tell him all the pitfalls of filling that position. Victoria abruptly ended the conversation by telling Nick she was very tired and wanted to sleep. She lay down, covered herself, and drifted off to sleep.

Nick and Nikki were both extremely concerned about Victoria. Nikki said that some people took longer to recover, but Nick countered that his discussion with Victoria had been different than any he'd ever had with her, and it concerned him. He said Victoria wasn't on a timetable, so she needed to recuperate, and it was important for him to take on the CEO position. Nikki assured Nick that Victoria would be fine.

A short time later, Nate arrived at the ranch to check on Victoria's condition. He asked Victoria if she'd been keeping busy. Victoria claimed she hadn't been aware she needed to keep busy. Nate said he felt that if she kept busy, she could get back to work sooner. Victoria said she wanted to talk about it later because she was tired. She covered herself with a blanket and went to sleep. Nate and Nikki exchanged a concerned look.

Nikki explained to Nate that the behavior was very unlike Victoria and that Nick had observed the same thing. Nate reminded Nikki that Victoria was suffering from PTSD. He said that Victoria had suffered abuse at J.T.'s hands, and she'd witnessed his "death." Those incidents had taken a toll on her, but she was strong. Nikki stated that Nate had helped Victoria with the J.T. situation. Nate said that all the symptoms had returned after she'd been stabbed. He claimed the stabbing had made her feel hopeless and helpless. Nikki said she wanted her daughter back and asked Nate what she needed to do.

Nate advised Nikki to keep an eye on Victoria, to let her talk when she was ready, and to not push her. He suggested that at no time should they minimize what Victoria had gone through. He said that Nikki needed to give it time and to hope for the best. Nate left.

Billy arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis asked him to go to the furthest corner, because she didn't want her clientele to see the likes of him. Billy scoffed and asked if she didn't mean she was part owner of the hotel, but Phyllis informed him that she was the sole owner. She said that Chelsea had only invested in the hotel because she'd wanted to hide her ex-husband's money, and Abby had stolen the hotel from under her with Victor's help. She finally had what was rightfully hers.

Phyllis accused Billy of pulling Amanda into his drama-filled life. She said that both Amanda and Victoria deserved better. She said that because of him, Victoria had wound up being stabbed. Billy was about to walk away when Phyllis apologized. Phyllis said she felt bad for Amanda and Victoria. Billy also apologized and congratulated Phyllis for gaining something of her own, especially since she'd lost the top job at Jabot. Phyllis told Billy she hoped he would get the fresh start he'd been looking for. Billy left.

A short time later, Phyllis spotted Abby at the counter. She told Abby she would have someone escort Abby out and deposit her next to the trash. Abby laughed. She told Phyllis that if it hadn't been for the work she'd put into the hotel, the hotel wouldn't have survived. She also reminded Phyllis that she still had a small fortune invested in the hotel, and it would take Phyllis a lifetime to repay. Abby said she wanted to keep her office at the hotel because it was a great place to oversee the progress of her new hotel across the street and a great place to meet with her contractor to discuss the height of her new hotel.

Phyllis told Abby she wasn't afraid of competition and to bring it on. Phyllis told Abby that she'd been a victim of a burglary. Abby feigned shock. Phyllis cautioned Abby about her playdates with her adrenaline-junkie boyfriend because she knew the things that Chance had done. She also claimed that she'd installed the hotel security system, and she'd done the same in her personal life. Phyllis told Abby that she'd had a back-up plan and that she'd made a copy of the thumb drive. Phyllis claimed that nothing was safer than a safe deposit box. With a smile, Abby said it was over. Phyllis told Abby to bring it.

Adam met Chance at Society. Chance informed Adam that all physical evidence of the recordings that Phyllis had hidden had been destroyed, and they didn't need to worry about Phyllis anymore. Chance still felt he owed Adam, and he said that he needed to tie up a few loose ends before the situation was completely over.

Chance asked Adam about the new plans and if his plans had something to do with Nick. Chance showed Adam the press release naming Nick as temporary CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam smirked.

Chance arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Abby told Chance that she'd discovered an interesting tidbit of information from Phyllis who had claimed she'd been too smart not to make a copy of the thumb drive and that she had it locked in a safe deposit box. Chance said they needed to figure out where Phyllis had it, and they needed to destroy it. Abby claimed she had the perfect plan.

Abby slipped into her Phyllis impersonation and said, "Big idea, big boy -- only thing hotter than my figure is my superior intelligence. My dangerously sharp nails come in handy when I'm clawing my way out of the lower depths and I'm stabbing my multitude of enemies in the back. No one has ever handed me anything. I have had to fight for everything I have in this life. Did you see that phoenix when you walked through the doors of my hotel? You're looking at her rising from the flames of all the bridges that I have burned, and you can all kiss my ash."

Chance was astounded by the impersonation, and he claimed it was so good, it was scary. He asked if impersonating Phyllis would give them access to Phyllis' safe deposit box. Abby said, "Heaven help anyone who tries to stop her."

Billy arrived at Jabot and met with Ashley. He told Ashley to get the tongue-lashing over with, but instead, Ashley asked Billy how he was doing after everything that had happened. Billy said she'd been the first person to ask him that, and they embraced.

Talk turned to Victoria and the stabbing. Ashley said that since Ripley had confessed to stabbing Victoria, there wouldn't be a trial, and Billy wouldn't have the chance to tell his side of the story.

Ashley asked Billy why he had crashed the party. Billy said it was the hypocrisy of it all, especially with all the lives Victor had destroyed. He said that while Victoria had been trying to convince him to leave the gala, someone had bumped into her and stabbed her. When he'd arrived at the hospital, the Newmans had ganged up on him and blocked him from seeing Victoria. He told Ashley he'd managed to sneak into her room later to see her, and before he had departed, he'd left her with a couple of photos of their kids.

Billy told Ashley he'd visited with Victoria at the ranch, and he'd seen the hate in her eyes. Ashley claimed that Victoria would never hate him. She said Victoria would have to come to terms with what had happened.

Talk turned to work. and Ashley urged Billy to take Jill's offer at Chancellor Industries. He said he'd already turned her down. Ashley yelled at Billy that it was the greatest gamble of his life, and he had walked away from the table without playing a single card. Billy said it had been an interesting choice of words. He said that just because he was paranoid, it didn't mean that people weren't out to get him. He promised he would talk to Jill and see what happened.

Billy asked Ashley how she felt about Dina's decline. Ashley said that thankfully, they had the money to keep her comfortable, but inch by inch, Dina was leaving them. She said they couldn't grieve over her because Dina was still with them, but Dina didn't know where she was or who she was. Ashley said that her relationship with Dina had always been complicated. She said that much of her life had been spent resenting and hating Dina, but Dina was her mother. She said that Dina had held her and taught her how to walk and talk, and then one day, Dina had left. In doing that, Dina had taught her how to let go. Ashley said she didn't know how to say goodbye to someone who'd had such a huge impact on her life.

Chelsea met Chloe at Crimson Lights and remarked that Chloe looked beautiful and was glowing. Chloe claimed that Chelsea could look like that. Chelsea said no, but she had good news. She told Chloe that she and Adam were engaged. Chloe asked what the good news was. Chloe said she wished she could be happy for Chelsea, but it was Adam they were talking about. Chelsea told Chloe that Adam was the man she loved, but Chloe countered that Chelsea and Adam hadn't ever been able to make it work.

Chelsea told Chloe that Adam had made some horrible mistakes in the past, but he owned them. She admitted that she was worried about some of Adam's choices, but she and Adam were done judging each other. Chelsea said that after Victor had found Adam in Vegas, it had given them a second chance. She said that Adam adored her and was an amazing father to Connor. Neither one of them was perfect, but they were perfect for each other. Chloe conceded that if Adam made Chelsea happy, then she was happy for Chelsea, but she warned that Adam better take good care of Chelsea.

Nick arrived at Newman Enterprises. Victor informed Nick that the news was out that Nick had taken over as CEO. Nick hoped that Victor had mentioned that it was temporary. He wanted to make sure that Victor still saw Victoria as the best person to run Newman. Victor agreed and added that they needed to tell the world they were going full steam ahead.

Nick reminded Victor that Adam had believed he would have the position and added that an angry Adam was a dangerous Adam. Nick was aware that Adam would be gunning for Newman Enterprises and the CEO position. They needed to be prepared. Victor confirmed that they were prepared. He understood Nick's concerns, but he also knew that after Adam had licked his wounds, he would come at them with everything he had. Victor assured Nick that Adam would fail. Victor said that Adam had a pattern -- he would spew his venom against Victor, and then he would try to get back into Victor's good graces again.

Nick reminded Victor that the last time Adam had played that game, Victor could have been killed. Victor agreed, but he said that Adam had felt remorse. Victor said he would forgive, but he would never forget. Victor said he had to focus on protecting his legacy, and that was why he'd chosen Nick as the temporary CEO. Nick claimed that Adam wouldn't see it that way, but Victor didn't "give a damn" how Adam saw it. He said, "What's done is done."

Adam arrived at home, and Chelsea said she had a surprise. She showed Adam that she'd bought three tickets to Kansas. Chelsea thought it would be a good idea to do some pre-wedding scouting for a venue, a florist, and a bakery. Adam said he loved her. Chelsea said they needed it, and she promised that he would get everything he wanted. They sealed it with a kiss.

Jill introduces Billy to his new partner Jill introduces Billy to his new partner
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Chelsea, Adam, and Connor arrived at a bed and breakfast in Kansas, and Adam proclaimed that it was good to be home. Chelsea explained to Connor that it was a special place for them, since it was where she and Adam had stayed when they'd gotten married. Adam gushed that it had been the day when Chelsea had made him the happiest man on earth, but Connor wished they were staying on the farm where his father had grown up. Adam wished that, too, but he figured that they had to make the best of it.

Later, Chelsea reported that Connor was down for the count. Adam wasn't surprised, since they had been up early for the flight and had hiked up the sledding hill 50 times. Chelsea thought she'd only been sledding twice as a kid, since Anita hadn't been big on wholesome family activities. She curled up next to him and prompted him to talk about what was bothering him. Adam mentioned his mom's house, and Chelsea noted that it had become run down since the last time they'd seen it.

Adam hoped Connor hadn't seen how shocked he'd been by the house's condition, and Chelsea asked if he'd gotten in touch with George. Adam responded that he'd left a voicemail, and he recognized that the farm was a lot to look after, especially for someone getting on in years. Adam wished Connor had seen the farm at its best to experience it the way Adam had. Adam pictured reading Connor stories and watching the boy drift off in Adam's old bedroom. Adam marveled that he could see his mother in every corner of the house, and he wished that Connor could have known his grandmother. Chelsea took Adam's hand and snuggled up close.

Adam recalled that Hope had had a big heart and that she'd been strong and brave. He thought she'd been everything a person should aspire to be, and he'd lived to make her proud back then. He knew that he'd done a lot of things that she wouldn't have been proud of, and he couldn't help but wonder what his life would have been like if Hope were still alive and he'd never learned Victor was his dad. Adam contemplated whether he would have been content with his success on Wall Street and become a better man, or if he'd have ended up the same kind of person he'd actually become, with a darker side that Victor had passed down to him.

Chelsea called Adam the man she and Connor loved and the son Victor didn't appreciate enough. She hated the fact that Adam had reached out to Victor in good faith to help Victoria, yet Victor had strung him along and ultimately rejected him. She firmly stated that Victor didn't get to jerk Adam around anymore, and she vowed to do whatever it took to get Adam the CEO chair if that was what he wanted.

Chance opened his hotel room door to Abby, who bustled in with bags full of everything she needed for her starring role in "operation faux Phyllis." He asked if she was sure she wanted to go through with it, since they were talking felony fraud if a bank employee recognized her. Abby acknowledged that they both had a lot at stake, but she believed they could get away with it, and she was sick of Phyllis gloating and tossing around threats. Abby firmly stated that Phyllis had to be stopped, and she pledged to be the one to do it.

Abby rambled that she'd bought the perfect dress, shoes, accessories, and wig. Chance indicated that his contacts had tracked down the bank where Phyllis had rented her safe deposit box, and he presented Abby with an impressive forged passport. Abby figured that passport photos weren't glamour shots, so no one would doubt her identity once she had on her makeup and provocative outfit. Chance was sure that her impersonation would be spot-on, but he worried about her signature. She bragged that she'd been up half the night, practicing it, and he decided that it was time to role-play.

Abby donned sunglasses and pretended to be Phyllis while Chance assumed the role of a bank clerk. Abby lamented that she had to get into her safe deposit box, but she'd lost the key. She provided the box number and introduced herself as Phyllis. Chance informed her that there would be a fee to drill the box open, and he requested identification. She handed over the fake passport and expressed her gratitude. She offered to pay cash, and he guided her to where to sign the necessary documents. She leaned in close and cooed that he'd been a big help.

Chance and Abby walked through the process again, and he pointed out that she'd hesitated when the banker had asked for identification. She complained that his latest portrayal of the teller had been testier than the others, but he reasoned that she might get someone who was having a bad day or a branch manager who might instruct her to return once the bank hired a locksmith. Chance was adamant that Abby avoid having the bank contact Phyllis at all costs. He thought she was as ready as she'd ever be, and she prepared to put on her costume and become Phyllis just long enough to get the last thumb drive out of Phyllis' possession. They kissed.

From the bathroom, Abby announced that she was ready, and Chance reiterated that she really had to sell it so they both didn't go to prison. She sashayed in, wearing a slinky dress and red wig, and declared that she wasn't too worried about it. "Wow," Chance breathlessly said.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis walked in while Nick was on a business call, but he gestured for her not to leave. After he hung up, she noted that he'd taken her amazing advice. He recognized that he should have told her himself, since she'd been the one to convince him to step in as interim CEO. Phyllis perched on Nick's desk and wondered if she should have picked up Champagne, but he reminded her that it was temporary. She applauded him for protecting Victoria's position and stopping Adam from worming his way in, and she assured him that it had been the right call. He halfheartedly agreed, and she told him say it again like he meant it.

Nick affirmed his commitment to the company until his sister returned, but Phyllis warned that it wouldn't happen in five minutes, and he'd be at the top of Adam's hit list in the meantime. Nick hoped Adam tried something because Nick would be ready. Phyllis promised not to tell if Nick admitted that he wasn't excited about the job. He questioned why she'd lobbied so hard for him to take it if she was convinced it would make him unhappy, and she argued that it was for the greater good, since she shuddered at the idea of Adam running the company.

Nick teased that thwarting Adam meant more to Phyllis than Nick's well-being. Phyllis contended that she'd known Nick was noble enough to make the sacrifice and that it was important to him to protect his family's company, even if it made him crazy for a short time. He envisioned working at midnight while warring with his dad over a deal, and he assumed that he could call her to vent and that she wouldn't tell anyone. Phyllis purred that she loved a good secret, and Nick took her response as a yes.

Over the phone, Nick ordered an employee to find budget cuts somewhere else. He hung up and stopped Phyllis from running out again without talking about what had happened before Christian had interrupted them. Phyllis thought she'd explained herself, but Nick suspected that what had happened had taken them out of the friend zone. She admitted that the night had been spectacular, but she doubted that it would have happened if she hadn't been stuck at his house during an ice storm. He scoffed at blaming it on the weather, but she argued that it had been a good way to keep warm. Phyllis figured that it was over, and they could go back to being buddies. "Is it not that simple for you, Nick?" she asked.

Nick was amused because nothing about Phyllis was ever simple, and she asked if he'd changed his mind. He pointed out that what had happened wasn't easy to ignore, and she agreed that it had been very memorable. Nick recalled how they'd barely made it out of the den into the bedroom, and Phyllis guessed that they were both having a hard time with the concept of leaving it behind them. She seductively leaned across the desk and asked how he wanted to resolve that. He pushed a button to close the office door.

Phyllis sauntered over to Nick's side of the desk. He explained that Victoria had installed the button, and he claimed that he'd accidentally hit it. Phyllis figured that accidents happened, but she found the timing interesting. He stepped closer, and she imagined that the universe was telling them not to overthink everything but to throw caution to the wind one more time to get it out of their systems. They kissed passionately and had sex on the desk.

Later, Nick helped Phyllis zip up her boots. He joked that he was crushing the job, and she anticipated that they would go back to being friends the way they had been before. She inquired whether they'd completely gotten it out of their systems. "Completely," he responded, but their longing stare indicated otherwise.

Jill arrived to see Jack at Jabot, and he told her to make it quick, since he had an important meeting. She questioned what was more important than his brother, and he asked what Billy had done. Jill complained that the problem was that Billy had done nothing, even though she'd offered him a job at Chancellor. Jack remembered Billy talking about her putting on a big show about how she needed him when she really didn't, but Jill insisted that she wanted to get her media division off the ground and that Billy was the perfect person to do it. She hoped it would give Billy a sense of purpose to get his life straightened out, and she refused to give up on him.

Jack vehemently denied that he'd given up on Billy, and he asserted that the entire family had Billy's back. Jill believed him, but she asked if Billy had listened or reached out. Jack conceded that the conversations had been too few and far between. Jill was determined to move forward with her plan to get Billy to accept the job at Chancellor, and Jack wondered what she had up her sleeve. She chuckled.

After Jill filled Jack in on her plan, he was impressed by her idea, but he cautioned that a lot of things still had to fall into place. Jill requested that Jack use his powers of persuasion to get Billy to agree should Billy turn to Jack for advice. Jack confirmed that he would, and she crowed that another reason it would give her such satisfaction was because she knew how much Jack hated placing second. She implored him to accept that she'd be the one to get Billy to channel his energy into a positive place. Jack promised he'd gladly sing her praises if she pulled it off. She headed out to put phase two of her plan into action.

Amanda ran into Billy in the Grand Phoenix lobby, and they made some awkward small talk. She mentioned that she had just been heading out, but he requested that she wait because there was something he needed to know. Amanda thought she and Billy had reached an understanding, and he swore he wouldn't mention the "R" word. She referred to a relationship, and he hoped that when she had said she was okay that she hadn't just been politely trying to get rid of him. She swore that she was holding her own after waking up from another great night's sleep, and she felt hopeful about the future.

Amanda added that she'd also received the great news that Ripley had pleaded guilty at his arraignment, so she didn't have to worry about testifying or him being acquitted. She shared that she'd planned to go to the arraignment; however, a friend had helped her realize that spending more time or energy on Ripley would be a win for him, and she wouldn't give him the satisfaction. Billy was glad that she had someone to talk to, and she remarked that being truly free would take some time to get used to. She inquired whether he'd seen Victoria, and he confirmed that he had but that she was understandably upset with him. Amanda hoped Victoria got stronger every day, and Billy called Victoria a fighter who wasn't one to look back. Amanda wondered what he saw ahead for himself.

Billy announced that he'd taken a long, hard look in the mirror when he'd woken up that morning, and he'd had an epiphany about what he was supposed to do next. He told Amanda not to worry, since he'd be fine, and he'd taken up enough of her time. Amanda started to leave, but she hesitated and turned back. She stressed that they couldn't go back to where they'd been, but his friendship meant a lot to her. She asked how he felt about grabbing a cup of coffee sometime -- as friends. Billy replied that it would be great, and they wished one another a good day.

At Crimson Lights, Nate asked Jared how it was going, and Jared replied that things weren't so great. Nate mentioned that a nurse had told him that Jared had spent the night outside the ICU, and Jared admitted that he was worried about his grandfather, who was very weak. Nate confirmed that Jared's grandfather's condition was tenuous, but he promised that the hospital staff was doing everything they could. Nate invited the teen to join him for breakfast, but Jared insisted on buying his own food. Nate asked Jared to sit with him so they could talk more, but Jared pointed out that he wasn't Nate's patient. Nate pressed to understand Jared's situation better.

Nate revealed that Elena had told him that Jared was no longer in school, and Jared explained that he'd dropped out at 16, when his grandfather had gotten him out of foster care. Jared maintained that he was 18 and that he worked in his grandfather's store, and Nate asked if their family owned the storefront. Jared regretted that they couldn't afford it. Amanda observed as Nate inquired whether Jared had a car, but Jared didn't get the point of Nate's questions because Nate was a rich doctor who wouldn't understand. Amanda approached and assured Jared that she understood because she'd grown up as a foster kid in the system, too. A shocked Nate realized he still had lot to learn about her.

Amanda empathized with what it was like to feel as if the ground was always shifting under her feet. She recounted that even if she'd ended up with a family who'd cared, she'd never known how long she'd be staying. Jared said it was best not to get attached, and Amanda remembered sometimes having to leave in the middle of the school year, losing any friends she'd made and having to start over with a bunch of people she didn't trust. She understood what it was like to put up walls and that it took a long time for those walls to fall down.

Jared shared that he'd been grateful when his grandfather had agreed to take him in, since he'd finally had actual family to rely on. Amanda recognized that she, Nate, Devon, and Elena were all strangers to Jared at that point, but she promised that Jared could trust them because they wanted to help him and his grandfather any way they could. Nate answered a call and said they needed to get to the hospital right away.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion and informed Jill that he'd planned to be there even before she'd reached out. She knew she'd caught him off guard during their last conversation, but she begged him to reconsider. He told her to save her breath because he'd already decided to accept her offer. Jill hugged Billy and squealed that she couldn't be more thrilled. She asked what had made him change his mind, and he revealed that he'd had a nice conversation with Ashley, who'd gotten him to see the opportunity from a different angle.

Billy declared that he'd realized exactly what he wanted -- a true creative outlet where he could put his own stamp on something new. Jill welcomed him aboard, and Billy asked when he could get started. She loved his enthusiasm, but she warned that he wasn't the only one to have a say in it. Billy asked if he'd still be running the division.

Jill recognized that Billy was a smart, creative businessman and natural-born salesman, and his go-big-or-go-home attitude could lead to tremendous success. She continued that leadership also demanded that he weigh all options before making decisions, and he had to know when to take a risk and when to pull back, so she wanted him to work alongside someone. Billy asked who, and the front door opened. Jill told him to meet his new partner -- Lily.

Billy and Lily agree to work together Billy and Lily agree to work together
Friday, March 13, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill opined that Billy and Lily would make a formidable team to lead Chancellor's media division. Billy argued that Lily didn't live there, but Jill claimed that Lily was willing to return. Lily clarified that she hadn't agreed to anything yet, since she still needed a lot more information. Jill explained that Billy and Lily would be equal in every way, and she'd leave it up to them to divvy up the workload. Billy voiced concern that it could get complicated, but Jill pointed out that Jabot had thrived with Jack and Kyle as co-CEOs.

Jill figured that Billy and Lily would have an advantage because they would be starting from scratch. Lily worried that she'd be the odd one out because Jill and Billy were family. Billy countered that Lily wouldn't be there if Jill intended to play favorites, and Jill contended that Billy and Lily each had their unique strengths. Billy and Lily both had doubts about whether they could work together. Jill asserted that they were either both in or both out. She ordered them not to take too long to decide.

After Jill stepped out, Billy imagined that Jill had twisted Lily's arm, since Lily had a job upstate that she loved. Lily confirmed that her work with prison inmates meant a lot to her, but she could manage it from Genoa City. She added that she had ideas for Chancellor to open new avenues for former inmates, and she also missed Genoa City. Billy surmised that she wanted the gig. Lily said she did, and she offered to tell Jill if he wasn't interested.

Billy and Lily reflected back on how they'd known one another since their days at Walnut Grove, and he noted that there had been a lot of water under the bridge. Lily maintained that she loved her nonprofit work, but she was ready for a change. She suspected that he felt like a kid on the playground who'd been told he had to share all his marbles. Billy shared that he'd been trying to figure out what was next for him, and he'd started to envision being his own boss and spreading his wings. Lily admitted that she felt the same way, and she had a lot of ideas about spreading the word about prison reform.

Lily asserted that she was more than qualified for the job. She asked what Billy thought it would take to make it work, but he didn't know. She thought that starting a division meant getting all the essential pieces in place. He preferred to keep things loose and let the company grow organically, but she called that a recipe for disaster. Billy wondered why his mom had thought they'd be good partners, and Lily had no idea.

Traci arrived to see Jack at Jabot, and he called her a sight for sore eyes, since he hadn't been expecting her until the next day. She explained that she'd taken an earlier flight, and he asked if she'd connected with Ashley. Traci indicated that Ashley hadn't been at the house, but she hoped they could all go see Dina together. Jack warned that their mother hadn't been very responsive lately, and Traci thanked him for keeping her posted while she'd been gone, even if the news hadn't been good. Jack reported that he might have good news about Billy.

Traci was surprised when Jack relayed Jill's plan to have Billy and Lily work together. Jack hoped that things went well, but Traci couldn't see Billy agreeing to partner with Lily. Jack received a text message from Billy, who wanted to talk. Traci read a similar message from Lily.

Lily met Traci at Society. Lily expressed that not being able to see Traci was one of her biggest regrets about not living nearby, but she shared that her living situation might change because of an opportunity that had suddenly popped up. Traci mentioned that Jack had told her about Jill's offer, and she thought it sounded great, especially if it got Lily back home. Lily bemoaned that it had a lot of cons, and Traci guessed that Billy was one of them.

Lily called Billy a good friend, but she'd worked with him before, and he'd been partly to blame for what had gone wrong at Brash & Sassy because of his desire to take risks. Traci defended that some of Billy's crazy ideas had been wildly successful, and she believed Lily had the ability to keep things on an even keel because Billy trusted her and respected her. Lily thought he did as a friend but not as a business partner, and she considered staying where she was to be safe. Traci advised that it was that kind of thinking that stopped great ideas in their tracks.

Traci loved the idea of Lily and Billy working together, and she couldn't imagine how much it would have meant to Colleen. Lily was hesitant because she and Billy were very different people with very different philosophies, but Traci thought it sounded like the perfect balance, since Lily and Billy each had something the other lacked. Traci believed that Lily was the just the kind of person Billy needed in his life, and it would be good for Lily to be challenged in a different way. Traci recognized that she was often too optimistic, but she wished Lily would stop focusing on the negative and start thinking about the possibilities.

Billy tracked down Jack at Jabot, and Jack revealed that he knew about Jill's offer and the partnership with Lily. Jack assumed that Billy had decided to turn the job down. Billy asserted that he'd wanted to talk to Jack because it was a big decision; he wasn't sure it was the right fit, but he grumbled that Jack had already made up his mind. Jack noted that the ground had shifted since Jill had first pitched the job, and he suggested that Billy walk away while he could.

Jack recalled that Billy had quit Jabot and Victoria because he wanted autonomy, and he encouraged Billy to let the opportunity go unless it was 100 percent what he wanted. Billy reasoned that no one ever got 100 percent of what they wanted, and he testily sensed that Jack was using reverse psychology. Jack implored Billy to make the choice on his own rather than using Jack as a shield.

Billy returned to the Chancellor mansion and found Lily there. He remarked that at least they were in sync on something, and Jill entered and asked about the verdict. Lily admitted that she had reservations, but she thought she and Billy were smart and mature enough to make a partnership work. Billy complained that a forced partnership wasn't the best way to start a new venture. He accepted that he and Lily wouldn't agree on everything, but he didn't mind a good battle as long as they stayed on the same side. He compared starting a division to going to war, and he couldn't think of anyone he'd rather be in the trenches with than Lily. Jill beamed.

In his hotel room, Chance marveled that a costumed Abby was a dead ringer for Phyllis. Abby hesitantly thanked him, and she hoped he didn't like her dressed up that way. He swore that he didn't, and she wanted to get her visit to the bank over with before Phyllis' karma started rubbing off on her. Phyllis suddenly pounded on the door and threatened to use her owner's key if Chance didn't let her in. Abby hid, and Phyllis let herself in and found Chance alone in the room.

Chance barked that Phyllis had some nerve, and she informed him that management had the right to enter rooms for maintenance. Phyllis accused him of breaking into her room to ruin her laptop and steal something from her nightstand, but she preferred not to talk about what he and Abby had done in the shower. Phyllis looked around Chance's room, but she didn't see Abby. Chance reminded Phyllis that she'd recorded his conversation, which was also a violation. She shot back that the difference was that she'd gotten what she'd wanted, whereas he hadn't. She questioned what was stopping her from making the incriminating recording public.

Chance reasoned that Phyllis wouldn't tell him first if she truly intended to release the recording. She admitted that she'd wanted to see him squirm, and he assumed that she wanted to torture him and Abby. As Abby listened, Chance ordered Phyllis to leave Abby out of it. Phyllis lectured that he could do better, clarifying that she wasn't talking about herself. Phyllis expected that Abby would take Chance down, and she advised him to dump Abby and find someone worthy of him.

Chance called Abby smart and beautiful, and he pointed out that she didn't get out of bed, obsessing about revenge. Phyllis taunted that Abby got out of bed, worrying about whether people liked her. Phyllis intended to leave him wondering if he'd open the paper the next day and see a headline about a hero investigator being caught in a cover-up scam. She opened the door to leave, but he told her to wait.

Chance theorized that Phyllis wouldn't go public because she wouldn't get anything out of it other than sadistic satisfaction. She stated that it was sometimes enough, but he pointed out that she always wanted more. He doubted that she'd gone through all the trouble of gathering evidence to blackmail him and Adam, only to use it without getting anything in return. She suspected that he was using a counterintuitive tactic to save himself, and she promised she would keep the nugget she had in the palm of her hand because she liked him.

Phyllis stressed that she'd meant what she'd said about Abby, and she encouraged Chance to get someone who deserved him. Phyllis departed, and Abby emerged from hiding and ranted that Phyllis had been beyond obnoxious. Chance asked if Abby was ready to proceed with their plan, and she replied that if she hadn't been before, she "sure as hell" was then.

Later, Abby and Chance returned to his room, exhilarated that they'd pulled off the scam. She happily ditched the wig and declared that blondes really did have more fun. They kissed, and he thanked her for going out on a limb for him. She amorously referred to a way he could make it up to her, and they started tearing off their clothes.

At Crimson Lights, Devon greeted Elena with a kiss and set down a wrapped gift in front of her. She pulled out a roll of mints, and he explained that it was to replenish the ones they'd eaten when they'd been stuck in the storm. He asked if she'd heard anything from Nate about Jared's grandfather. Elena answered a call and looked crestfallen.

Later, Nate and Amanda entered the coffeehouse with a stricken Jared. Elena hugged Jared and offered her condolences, and Jared wailed that his grandpa was gone. Devon recognized that there was nothing to say to make Jared feel better, but he knew what Jared was going through. Devon urged Jared to remember that he wasn't alone, and Amanda led a tearful Jared to sit down at a table.

Amanda asked Jared to tell her a little about his grandfather, and Jared recalled that his grandpa had been awesome at dominoes. Jared was amazed that his grandfather had never lost, and he recalled teasing his grandpa for cheating. Jared added that his grandfather had advised him to pay attention so that maybe he'd learn something. Amanda recognized that there was a lot of skill and strategy involved in dominoes, but she joked that if Jared's grandfather had never lost, he'd definitely been cheating.

Jared recounted that he'd always felt like someone had his back with his grandpa around. Nate approached and made it clear that he was there to help in any way he could, and Devon suggested that they talk about next steps. Nate assumed that Jared needed a place to live, but Jared said he'd been living above the store. Devon doubted that Jared had the money to keep paying for it. Jared reiterated that he was 18, and he'd figure out a way to pay the rent and keep the store going.

Nate offered to let Jared crash at his place, but Jared snapped that he didn't need to stay with someone he barely knew. Devon stressed that Jared needed help, but Amanda ordered the men to give Jared time. Amanda pulled Nate and Devon onto the patio and reprimanded them for being tone-deaf. She understood it was their instinct to make a checklist and solve problems, but she urged them to understand Jared's point of view. Amanda cautioned that they were all strangers to Jared, so pressuring him to trust them wouldn't work.

Amanda pointed out that Devon had grown up like Jared, so Devon should understand what it was like not to trust anyone. Devon wondered how she'd known he'd been in the foster system, and she replied that game recognized game. Devon felt dumb that he hadn't seen the signs, and Amanda told him to remember that he'd once been that kid. Elena joined the trio and asked them to go back inside. Devon thought they still needed to talk to Jared, since if people had given up on Devon when he'd pushed them away, he didn't know where he would have ended up. They reentered the coffeehouse, but Jared was nowhere to be found.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki lectured that it had probably been a mistake for Victoria to take Reed to the airport, but Victoria insisted that she'd wanted her son to see that she was doing better and feel okay about leaving. Nikki wondered if Victoria really was better, and Victoria replied that it had been reassuring to have all her kids under one roof, knowing they were safe. Nikki knew exactly how Victoria felt, since she wanted Victoria to feel safe. Victoria imagined that she'd get there eventually.

Nikki offered to get Victoria something to eat or drink, but Victoria insisted that she was fine. Nikki suggested that they watch a movie, but Victoria groaned that she wasn't up for it after the airport trip. Nikki figured that some quiet time would be good, and she prepared to leave to run errands. Nikki looked back from the foyer and watched Victoria sink despondently into the couch.

At the cottage, Sharon packed a bag and wanted to get to chemo early after being forced to skip the last session. Nick arrived, and Sharon was surprised that he wasn't chained to his desk at Newman. Nick joked that he was playing hooky already, and he presented Sharon with her old MP3 player to take with her to chemo. She thanked him with a hug, and she recalled how much time she'd spent putting together the perfect playlists for any occasion. She called the player a touchstone and a lifesaver rolled into one, and she cheerfully said it was time to go.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick informed Victor that he'd met with all the department heads to assure them that everything was under control, but he was looking forward to when Victoria returned. Nikki stopped by to see how things were going, and Victor indicated that it was working out better than he'd hoped. Nikki expressed concern about Victoria's mindset, since she seemed emotionally as well as physically exhausted. Nikki sensed that Victoria needed more than they could give her.

Nikki suggested that Victoria share everything with someone objective who had the skills to help her cope, and Nick supported the idea. Nikki thought that person could be Sharon, but Victor vehemently protested. Nikki argued that Sharon had the credentials and had done a great job helping Connor, but Victor countered that they could get the best doctors money could buy. Nikki imagined that Victoria would rather talk to Sharon than a stranger.

Nikki reminded Victor that he'd used Sharon to jog Adam's memory. Nick was concerned about Sharon overextending herself, but he agreed that it made sense to ask her to do it. Victor remained against it, but Nikki declared herself the tiebreaker. Victor remarked that she hadn't won yet, since they didn't know what Victoria would think about it.

Sharon and Rey returned home from the hospital. She was glad she hadn't been turned away a second time, but she was very tired. Rey was impressed by what it had taken for her to go there and let them pump nasty stuff into her, but Sharon considered it entirely selfish because she wanted to stick around for a while. Nikki appeared in the doorway and asked if it was a bad time. Rey asked her to return later, but Nikki insisted that it was important. Nikki told Sharon that Victoria needed her.

Sharon wasn't sure that her counseling Victoria was a good idea, since Victoria might benefit from seeing someone with more experience. Nikki anticipated that Victoria would prefer to work with someone she had a level of comfort with. Nikki recognized that the women weren't best friends, but they'd been through a lot together, and it gave them a foundation. Sharon balked because her plate was pretty full, but she agreed to think about it. Rey walked Nikki out. Sharon wondered what Rey thought, and he imagined that it would be a godsend to have something to take her mind off the cancer. Sharon called him a godsend, and they hugged.

Sharon headed upstairs to think about what to do about Victoria. Nick called Rey, who informed him that Sharon had just turned in for a nap. Nick revealed that he had to go to Chicago on business, but there was a problem with Faith that he didn't want to bother Sharon with. Nick asked for Rey's help.

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