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Adam and Chelsea suspected Victor's possible involvement in A.J.'s death. Victoria admitted that she needed help. Tessa rejected Mariah's apologies. Chance suspected that Colin had laundered Devon's money before returning it. The Abbotts prepared to have Dina return home.
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Billy and Lily bonded, Victoria admitted to needing help, and the Abbotts prepared to have Dina return home
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Tessa rebuffs Mariah's apology Tessa rebuffs Mariah's apology
Monday, March 16, 2020

At the ranch, Sharon stopped by to visit Victoria. Victoria thanked Sharon for taking care of Johnny and Katie while she'd been in the hospital. Sharon offered to send Faith over to babysit if Victoria desired a little private time. Victoria, sounding somewhat melancholy, replied, "I have to be honest. I kind of like having them running around here wild. It reminds me that no matter what we've been through, that they can just put all of that aside and just be kids and play."

Victoria lamented that her recovery would take time. Sharon admitted to Victoria that she'd stopped by because Nikki was concerned. Victoria insisted she just needed rest and not counseling. Victoria acknowledged that her life during recovery was vastly different. Sharon asked about Billy. Victoria sighed and replied, "He's off being Billy."

Sharon asked Victoria if having almost no responsibilities was in reality not as idyllic as it seemed it might have been. Victoria replied, "You have no idea." Sharon said, "Actually, I do. I have cancer." Sharon explained that though her support team had been wonderful, she sometimes didn't feel like she was herself anymore because she was no longer free to live her life as she had before her diagnosis.

Victoria lightened the mood by recalling that Victor had engaged her in boxing lessons to blow off steam. Sharon laughed and said perhaps she should have done the same instead of pursuing an advanced counseling degree. Sharon said life had taught her that anything could happen. Victoria reflected on her troubles with Billy. Victoria said she thought she and Billy had gotten to the point where nothing could come between them until she'd had no choice but to let go. Sharon recalled the stages of her relationship with Nick. Victoria acknowledged that she, too, would someday get to the other side. Victoria thanked Sharon for the visit and wished her luck with everything.

At Sharon's house, Faith came downstairs in her pajamas and told Rey she was glad to have a day out of school. Rey explained that Sharon had made all of Faith's favorites for breakfast before she'd headed out. Rey told Faith that after breakfast, they should discuss what Faith had been up to lately at school. After Faith finished breakfast, Rey asked her about the classes she'd been skipping. Rey said Nick had spoken to Faith's guidance counselor, who'd expressed concern, especially after Faith had acted disrespectful when confronted.

Faith told Rey she'd been honest when she'd told the counselor that the history teacher's class was "an egregious waste of time." Faith explained that though she'd passed her tests, her local school wasn't as challenging as boarding school. Faith asked why Rey and not her mom was delivering a lecture. Rey explained that both he and Nick had chosen not to worry Sharon. Faith was relieved that Sharon didn't know and said she'd turn things around if given a second chance. Rey ordered Faith to get dressed, so he could take her "to get schooled."

At Society, Rey led Faith by the hand and said she'd bus tables, wash dishes, and take out the trash, so she could learn that everyone had to do things they didn't want to. Lola stepped out and said she'd heard that Faith was eager to learn what went on behind the scenes. After Faith went the kitchen to begin her various tasks, Lola asked Rey what was going on. Rey told Lola that Faith had been skipping classes. Lola recalled the lessons Rey had taught her while she'd been growing up and acknowledged that some had been more difficult than others.

Sharon was home when Rey returned. He asked Sharon about her visit with Victoria. Sharon said the visit had been fine, though Victoria had made it clear she didn't feel therapy was necessary. After Rey told Sharon he'd dropped Faith off to spend time with Lola, he admitted that Faith had been skipping classes at school and had been disrespectful to her teachers. Sharon wasn't happy to learn that both Nick and Rey had been keeping Faith's misbehavior a secret.

Rey said he'd tried to handle things so Sharon could recover from exhaustion. Sharon became irritated and replied, "Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I'm incapable of parenting my child." Rey agreed not to interfere again and offered to fetch Faith and bring her home. Sharon declined and instead said she'd rather spend an intimate morning in the bedroom with Rey.

In the kitchen at Society, Lola chatted with Faith as she kneaded dough. Lola asked about school. Faith said school was no longer challenging because it wasn't the same as it had been before she'd left to attend boarding school. Lola asked why. Faith replied, "I'm not the same. The semester I spent away, everything was different. I had more independence. My classes were amazing."

Faith cried that she felt as though she'd taken a step backward. Lola replied, "So you feel like you don't fit in anymore?" Lola encouraged Faith to seek good friends and stay true to herself. Faith admitted she hadn't confided in her mom because she didn't want to be forced to leave home. Lola advised Faith to be honest, take responsibility, and handle things better the next time.

At the farmhouse, Adam entered the front door after going for a run and greeted Chelsea with a kiss. Adam took a deep breath and credited the fresh air for his feeling of exhilaration. Adam said he'd run into an old friend, a woman named Alyssa. Chelsea was eager to meet Alyssa and said she'd enjoy learning more about Adam. Adam reminded Chelsea that the stories Alyssa would share had happened long before.

Alyssa, a petite woman with curly dark hair, entered and congratulated Chelsea on her engagement. Alyssa said she was a reporter, mostly handling local crimes. Chelsea asked Alyssa why she'd chosen to focus on crime. Alyssa said crime had chosen her. Adam asked his old friend if she recalled the killings at the Chambers' farm. Chelsea's interest was piqued until she learned that Adam had alluded to the story of a coyote killing farm animals.

Alyssa recalled a local man named Cliff Wilson, killed by a drunk driver. Adam, having been raised by Cliff, said Cliff had had a big heart. Alyssa noted that Cliff had been quite different from her father, Mr. Montalvo. Adam added, "He went away for a while after Cliff died." Alyssa said Adam had nicely stated that her father had actually served prison time for tax evasion. Alyssa credited Hope for showing her great kindness. Adam recalled that Alyssa's father had died soon after his release. Alyssa explained that her father had fallen from a barn loft and hit his head.

Alyssa acknowledged that town gossip had been unsettling to her mother. Chelsea seemed sympathetic when she learned that Alyssa's mom had become known as the woman who'd stayed loyal during her husband's imprisonment only to lose him after he'd served his sentence. Adam said he hadn't recalled the unfortunate gossip at the funeral. Alyssa told Adam that he and Hope hadn't attended, though Hope had sent a peach pie. Alyssa added, "Funny what you remember."

Connor entered the room and met Alyssa. Alyssa told Connor he looked just like his father had as a child, adding that Adam had been her very best friend during a time when she'd needed him. Connor replied, "My dad's the best." Adam was saddened to learn that Alyssa's mother had passed away. Alyssa explained that losing her mom had meant losing the last link to her father. Alyssa lamented that nothing drove a journalist crazier than a story with so many holes that it couldn't be told. Alyssa forgot and called Adam "Vic" as she headed toward the door and told Adam to keep in touch.

After Alyssa left, Chelsea said it was sad that Alyssa's mother had never spoken about her husband to their daughter. Adam shook his head and said, "Makes perfect sense to me. I mean, you would have to know her father." Adam explained that Alyssa's father, A.J., had served time only for tax evasion due to lack of evidence that the man had been a loan shark who'd threatened to destroy the livelihoods of farmers unable to repay short-term loans. Adam added that few had been remorseful when A.J. had died.

Chelsea asked why Adam and Hope hadn't attended A.J.'s funeral. Adam recalled that Victor had visited, as he'd done occasionally. Adam said he'd always believed that Victor had been his mother's old friend. Chelsea said it was odd that the man Adam hadn't known was his father had shown up when Alyssa's father had died. Adam, lost in thought, replied, "Yeah."

Aboard a private jet, Tanner told Tessa that she had a visitor. Tessa indicated she wasn't in the mood to chat and only wanted to leave Genoa City as soon as possible. When Mariah entered, Tessa ordered her to turn around and walk out. Tanner told Tessa she deserved an apology. Mariah acknowledged that she was there to apologize. Tessa bristled and seemed unwilling to hear Mariah's apology.

After Tanner stepped out, Mariah told Tessa she felt like an idiot. Mariah explained that she'd struggled after Tessa had left and that the separation and lack of opportunities to make contact had intensified her loneliness. Sobbing, Mariah admitted she'd misconstrued the reasons Tanner had often responded to text messages. Tessa added that she'd begun to feel like she'd no longer mattered when she'd viewed photos of Tessa taken during performances. Tessa shook her head as if Mariah's claims made no sense.

Tessa asked why Mariah hadn't just talked to her. Mariah explained that when she'd tried, she'd seen Tanner appear shirtless in Tessa's dressing room. Tessa cried that Mariah had concocted an affair out of nothing. Tessa reminded Mariah that Mariah had been the one who'd loved her even when she hadn't feel she'd deserved it. Tessa cried that Mariah was the last person she'd thought would ever break her heart. Mariah said she hadn't seen or spoken to Lindsay since the night Tessa had walked in the apartment. Mariah pleaded with Tessa to work things out.

Mariah broke down and admitted she'd been dealing with devastating life events, including the loss of her job after Devon had shut down Power Communications. Tessa was stunned when Mariah said that Sharon had breast cancer. Mariah said she'd honored Sharon's wishes to keep quiet and hadn't intended to hurt Tessa or dampen her enjoyment of being on tour. Tessa was deeply hurt to learn that Mariah had confided in Lindsay. Tessa cried that she'd trusted Mariah with her life, her dreams, and her heart.

Mariah tearfully apologized and promised to never again put anyone or anything above Tessa. Tessa cried that she was unable to forgive because their relationship had ended the second Mariah had betrayed her. Tessa asked Mariah to leave. Mariah sobbed pitifully and said she didn't know how to say goodbye to a love that was supposed to last forever. Mariah told Tessa she loved her and that she would always carry Tessa in her heart. After Mariah left, Tessa looked devastated.

Chance suspects Colin of money laundering Chance suspects Colin of money laundering
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy shared his ideas about how to move forward with the media division. He believed they could dominate the market if it was done right, and Lily halfheartedly replied that it sounded exciting. He asked if that was all she had for him, and she questioned where they'd get their content. She pointed out that they'd have to assemble a staff to work on all his projects, and she warned that ideas were nothing without follow-through.

Billy bristled at Lily's insinuation that he was "all sizzle and no steak," and he reminded her that he'd hired her to be the face of Brash & Sassy. She accused him of mentioning her modeling days to put her in her place, and she argued that she had more media experience than he did. She pointed out that they could talk about his brilliant tenure at Jabot, but she considered it to be ancient history. Lily suggested that they start working as a team.

Billy asked what sort of advertising revenue Lily expected. She envisioned it being eight figures in a couple of years, but she preferred not to think only about the bottom line. She elaborated about her plan to focus on cause-based marketing, and he was surprised to learn that she knew what she was talking about. Lily asserted that she wasn't there to dabble, and Billy assumed that she meant he was flying by the seat of his pants. He informed her that he hadn't left Jabot or Victoria on a whim, and he wasn't just there to pass the time.

Lily called a truce, and Billy countered that they hadn't been fighting. She swore that she would never insinuate that his breakup with Victoria had been anything but heartbreaking for both of them, and she wasn't in a place to judge anyone's relationship. Billy understood that his mother had offered him the job to stop him from running off a cliff, but he complained that Jill didn't realize that he'd already come to his senses. He asserted that he was stepping out of the shadow of his family's expectations. He added that he wasn't burning down his life, but he intended to live it. "Good for you. It's about time," Lily responded.

Billy thanked Lily for getting it and for getting him. She cautioned that Jill wasn't there yet, so he had to show his mother that he had a strategy and business plan, not just ideas. Billy thought that Lily had to stop thinking small, but she denied that she was. He suggested that they order Chinese food, and they were pleasantly surprised when they agreed on what to order. Over takeout, Lily assured Billy that she had no problem with his suggestions for the division. They excitedly looked forward to where their ideas would go.

At Jabot, Summer peered over Kyle's shoulder as he reviewed some numbers on his computer. He marveled that they couldn't possibly be the sales figures for their new line, and he called her a marketing genius. He thanked her for making him look good, and she cooed that he always looked good -- even with clothes on. They kissed. Theo entered and cracked that it was really inspiring to see his bosses working so hard.

Theo said he was kidding, and he recognized that as the guy in charge, Kyle got to do whatever he wanted around there. Jack appeared and sarcastically stated that he was glad they'd taken his advice and found a way to get along. Theo claimed that they'd just been tossing around the idea of Kyle reviving the Birthday Suit campaign. Kyle snapped that they weren't considering it, and Summer showed Jack the numbers for the new product line. Jack exclaimed that they hadn't had a launch like that in years.

Kyle mentioned that he and Summer had a few details to iron out before they gave their report. They exited, but Jack stopped Theo from leaving. Theo shared that he'd walked in on Kyle and Summer fooling around, so he'd busted their chops a little, but it had been no big deal. Jack intended to talk to the couple later, but he wanted to know why he and Theo were still having the conversation about Theo using every opportunity to goad Kyle. Theo maintained that he'd just been kidding around, but Kyle had taken it personally.

Jack lectured that if Theo was doing it out of jealousy, it would imply that Theo wanted something Kyle had, and Jack was sure it wasn't Summer. Jack sensed that Theo's behavior indicated something far more dangerous and destructive than jealousy -- resentment. Jack suspected that Theo wanted to see someone else fail and lose what they had, and he dared Theo to convince him that he was wrong.

Theo insisted that he didn't hate Kyle, but he thought Kyle was full of himself. Theo contended that if his kidding around was the worst thing to ever happen to Kyle, then Kyle had lived a charmed life. Jack conceded that Kyle had had certain advantages, but it didn't mean that Kyle hadn't had setbacks and disappointments like everyone else. Jack urged Theo to stop focusing on what Kyle had or didn't have and focus on his own goals.

In Society's kitchen, Abby greeted Lola and announced that she had sold her shares of the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis and was building a new hotel across the street. Lola wondered what it meant for Society, and Abby revealed that she wanted to use Society as a template for other restaurants she intended to open once the hotel was finished. Abby wanted Lola to consult, but she recognized that Lola had a lot on her plate with her own place in Miami. Lola blurted out that she'd be thrilled to do it, and they hugged.

Abby understood if spending more time in Genoa City wasn't what Lola wanted to do, but Lola promised to make it work. Lola pointed out that Abby also had a busy schedule, between running an empire and making time for Chance, and she assumed things were going well. Abby reported that she and Chance were having fun and enjoying their time together, and she thought he'd restored her faith in relationships after she'd doubted her judgment about picking the right guy. Lola inquired whether Chance was the right one.

Abby didn't want to overanalyze her relationship with Chance, and Lola encouraged her to just enjoy it. Lola acknowledged that she shouldn't be one to give advice, and Abby imagined it was hard for her to see Kyle and Summer together. Lola admitted that she still had moments of thinking about what could have been, but she accepted that Kyle and Summer belonged together. Lola indicated that things were getting easier, and she'd even given them shelter when she and Theo had ridden out the storm with them.

Abby quipped that she would have bought a ticket to see that. Lola figured that it had been the universe testing her to see if she could handle it, but they'd all survived. Abby called Lola a better person than she was, since she would have made Kyle and Summer sit in the freezing rain. Abby imagined that it had been easier with Theo around. Lola admitted that it was nice to have someone to share things with, but she didn't need a man in her life right then. Lola vowed never to rush into anything ever again.

Later, Theo burst into the kitchen and told Lola that he'd been thinking about their first date. He planned to take her to New York to show her all the places the locals knew that tourists had never heard of. Lola envisioned something more like dinner and a movie, but Theo wanted to give her a chance to turn her wild and dangerous side loose. She called it a date, and he proposed that they spontaneously leave right then. She protested that she had a restaurant to run and that he had a job.

Lola noted that most people wouldn't expect her to even consider the possibility of dropping everything and running away, since she'd always been known as the girl who followed the rules. Theo remarked that there was nothing wrong with that, since it had led to her dream career. She recognized that she might seem uptight, but he applauded her for being herself, no matter what people thought. He believed that not being pressured into doing something she didn't want to do made her strong, and she liked that he saw her differently than other people did. She sensed that he hadn't rushed over to talk about their first date, and she pressed to know what was really going on.

Theo recounted his talk with Jack about why Theo always tried to get under Kyle's skin. Theo continued that when he was with Lola, all the old stuff with Kyle went out the window, and nothing else mattered but her. He realized that she saw him differently than anyone else, too, and it made him want to try harder to be better. He confided that he'd never had anyone like that in his life before, and he'd wanted her to know that. He headed out, smiling on his way to the door.

Kyle and Summer entered the Crimson Lights patio, and he figured that they needed to tone it down at work. They stepped inside the coffeehouse and spotted a distraught Mariah, and Kyle asked how things had gone with Tessa. Mariah remained silent, and Summer hoped they'd been able to work everything out. Mariah was appalled that Kyle had told Summer what had happened, but Summer swore that they were both rooting for Mariah. Kyle asked what Tessa had said when Mariah had apologized.

Mariah recounted that Tessa had stated that there had been a time in her life when she would have deserved to be cheated on, but Tessa had become stronger and surer of herself. Mariah explained that Tessa couldn't forgive her because of her, so she was her own worst enemy once again. Kyle stammered that he was sorry, and Mariah figured that it had been a long shot, anyway. Summer recognized that she and Mariah weren't close, but she noted that Mariah had friends and family to support her through it. Mariah ordered them not to tell her to buck up and move on, since that would mean it really was hopeless.

Mariah blasted Kyle for giving her a big pep talk about talking to Tessa when he hadn't thought it would make any difference. Kyle asserted that Tessa had deserved an apology and that Mariah had known there were no guarantees. Mariah barked that she could live without that kind of support, and there was nothing left to say, since she'd screwed up by tossing a grenade into the most beautiful thing in her life. Mariah demanded that Kyle and Summer stop looking at her with pity, since she didn't need sympathy. Mariah sobbed that she didn't need anybody, and she grabbed her coat and rushed out.

In a hotel suite, Summer curled up in Kyle's arms and thought about where they were then compared to where they had been. She mused that it didn't seem possible sometimes, and they kissed. Kyle replied that he loved where they were, and he loved her. They fell into a passionate embrace.

On a private jet, Tanner asked Tessa if she was okay, but he realized it was a dumb question. She ranted that Mariah had thought an apology would fix everything, but he truly believed Mariah was sorry. Tessa snapped that it was too late for that, since Mariah had just wanted an excuse to sleep with someone else, so she'd convinced herself that Tessa and Tanner were together. Tanner pointed out that the photos posted online had made that seem like a possibility, but Tessa countered that it hadn't been real. Tanner implied that it was real -- at least for him.

Tessa was taken aback that Tanner had wanted Mariah to think something had been going on between them. Tanner claimed that it had worked out even better than he'd hoped, and Tessa questioned whether the online photos and interrupted phone calls had been part of his master plan. Tanner reasoned that he and Tessa had always had chemistry, but she clucked that he had been a better liar before. He warned that she was blowing it, but she retorted that she hadn't been the one who'd slept with someone else. Tanner insisted that Tessa and Mariah were the real deal, and while Mariah had messed up, she was trying to make it right. He stressed that they'd all done that.

Tanner confided that he had wondered if he and Tessa might reconnect when he'd first considered touring together, and he'd fantasized about making music and maybe having a life together. He acknowledged that he had a great girlfriend, but old dreams died hard. Tessa said that one had never stood a chance. Tanner was adamant that Tessa and Mariah belonged together. He understood that Tessa was in pain, but he assured her that she could get past it. Tessa flatly stated that she couldn't, and she didn't think she ever would.

At the cottage, Rey asked how Sharon was feeling, and she replied that she felt like herself. She was grateful that he wasn't treating her like she was some frail thing and that he loved her for exactly who she was. Rey couldn't believe he was the lucky guy who got to look at Sharon's beautiful face very day. She felt pretty lucky, too, and he swore that his desiring her and wanting her in his arms would never change. They kissed as a visibly upset Mariah entered. Rey headed out to drop by the station, and Sharon hugged Mariah.

Mariah whimpered that she'd really messed up. Sharon empathized because she'd cried the same tears many times after doing things she'd regretted, but she promised that Mariah's mistake wouldn't define her. Mariah wailed that it had been worse than a mistake, since she'd messed up the most precious thing in her life. Sharon was confident that Mariah would find happiness again, but Mariah felt she didn't deserve it. Sharon was sure that Mariah would learn and grow from her mistake, and Mariah sobbed that she missed Tessa.

Mariah had thought maybe Tessa would forgive her, and Sharon suggested that they both needed time to heal. Mariah steeled herself to accept that it was over, and she needed to move on. Mariah received a text message, and she revealed that Devon had hooked her up with a hotshot entrepreneur who had offered her a job. Sharon congratulated her and asked what she'd be doing, but Mariah replied that she wasn't taking it because it wasn't the right fit. Sharon suspected that there was another reason Mariah was turning it down.

Mariah mentioned that the job required that she relocate to Chicago, and she couldn't do that. Sharon assumed that Mariah wouldn't go because of her, but Mariah replied that there were a ton of reasons. Sharon refused to let Mariah postpone her life because of Sharon's condition, and she implored Mariah to consider the offer if it was a good job. Sharon swore that she'd be fine, and she thought the decision should be about Mariah.

Later, Mariah was surprised when Tanner called. He asked if she knew where his and Tessa's next gig was, and Mariah glumly replied that Tessa had made her feelings clear. Tanner contended that Tessa was too emotional to make good decisions and that Mariah struck him as someone who didn't give up easily. Tanner invited Mariah to his next concert, and he expected her to be there. "The only thing at stake is the rest of your life," he said.

Jill met Chance at the Grand Phoenix, and she wondered if he'd figured out why Colin had given back Devon's inheritance, since it hadn't been out of the goodness of his heart. Chance divulged that the money hadn't been sent from Colin's own account but that it had been moved by some of his colleagues. Chance concluded that Colin had never planned to keep the funds in the first place, and Colin's real plan had been what he'd done with the money in between -- he'd laundered it.

Chance regretted that he had no proof that Colin had laundered dirty money, but it all fit, based on Colin's actions. Chance inquired whether Colin had ever had access to Chancellor's bank accounts, and Jill imagined that Colin could have figured out how to hack into them. She blamed herself for going back to Colin when she'd known who he was, and she asked how bad it was. Chance informed her that a very large amount of money had passed through the Chancellor business accounts. He believed that she hadn't had knowledge of it, but he worried that the authorities might not see it that way.

Chance suggested that Jill contact her attorneys and accountants to get in front of it, and he assured her that the only person going to prison would be Colin. Jill pointed out that they'd have to catch Colin first, and Chance told her to leave that to him.

Chance tracked down Abby at Society and informed her that he had to leave town. He explained that he'd found out what Colin had been doing with Devon's money, and he had to head off before Jill was implicated. Abby insisted on going with him.

Adam wants to uncover Victor and Hope's secret Adam wants to uncover Victor and Hope's secret
Wednesday, March 18, 2020
by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle and Summer woke up in bed together. Summer told Kyle that she'd made plans for them to meet with her parents.

In the meantime, Abby entered the lobby of the hotel, and when she spotted Phyllis, with a smile, Abby said she knew how much it bothered Phyllis to see her there. Abby needled Phyllis further about not having the means to buy Abby out in cash.

At that moment, Chloe arrived and handed Phyllis an envelope. It contained Chloe's resignation. Phyllis said she'd waive Chloe's requisite two-week notice because Chloe was redundant, and she claimed she was a better at marketing than Chloe. Abby smiled and stated that Phyllis' other employees would soon leave, as well, and that Phyllis would be cleaning the rooms herself. Chloe felt that that was her cue to leave.

Not to be outdone, Phyllis taunted Abby about there only being the pile of dirt across the street and no hotel. Abby reminded Phyllis that once she had the plans from the architect, construction would begin. Abby said that while she was waiting, she was going on an adventure with Chance. Phyllis warned Abby that Chance would disappoint her. Abby retorted that she, at least, had a man, and all Phyllis had was the hotel to keep her warm at night. Phyllis hinted that she wasn't alone, but Abby didn't believe her. At that moment, Kyle and Summer arrived, and Abby warned Kyle to watch his back when dealing with Summer and Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Amanda he didn't know how much more they could have done in their attempt to find Jared. Nate felt that they needed to back off for fear of losing Jared altogether. Amanda was concerned because Jared had no idea how the system worked nor did he know how to get around it. Nate asked her how bad it had been for her growing up in the system. Amanda explained that the worst part had been all the uncertainty. She informed Nate that the reason she'd become a lawyer was because she'd seen a lot of people being taken advantage of.

Amanda told Nate she had tried to integrate into a family, but she'd never been able to connect emotionally with her foster parents. She explained that that part of her life had always been missing. In a gesture of comforting Amanda, Nate covered her hand with his. Nate then made a call and asked the party at the other end to call him if Jared showed up. Amanda said she admired Nate for his persistence in trying to locate Jared. Nate asked Amanda if she'd ever looked into finding her biological roots, but Amanda said she hadn't because it was a minefield she wanted to avoid.

At the penthouse, Chelsea warned Adam that Chloe would be stopping by to discuss business with her. Adam changed the subject and began talking about Kansas and Alyssa. Adam found it very strange that he and Hope hadn't gone to Alyssa's father's funeral and that Victor had arrived at the farm the very same day. Chelsea claimed that Victor's timing had been interesting, and she wondered why Hope hadn't gone to the funeral. Chelsea wondered if Victor had had something to do with the man's death.

Adam admitted to Chelsea that he'd found Hope's behavior rather puzzling. Chelsea told Adam that she would have his back. Adam said he wanted to do a little reconnaissance, and he left.

At the ranch, Nick and Victor discussed business. Nick informed Victor that he wouldn't be at Newman Enterprises the next morning because he had other business to take care of. Victor felt that Nick, as CEO, was spreading himself too thin. Nick corrected him and said temporary CEO then assured Victor that he was able to work at New Hope as well as Newman Enterprises. Nick had no intention of letting things slip at New Hope.

Adam arrived, and Nick stated sarcastically that he was certain that Adam had heard enough to know they had been talking about business. Nikki warned Adam not to upset anyone. She said Victoria was upstairs, resting, and she didn't want Victoria upset. Adam claimed he wasn't there about Newman Enterprises but about a more troubling matter.

Adam told Victor that he wanted to hear about Hope. He informed Victor that he and Chelsea had visited the farm in Kansas, and the farm was in sad shape. He said the caretaker, George, was getting on in years and unable to keep up with the maintenance. He told Victor that he, Connor, and Chelsea hadn't been able to stay at the farm because the furnace had broken down. Victor assured Adam the farm would be taken care of properly. Before leaving, Adam commended Nick on doing a fine job at Newman Enterprises. Everyone became suspicious.

Adam assured Victor, Nikki, and Nick that he was there for the family; if they needed him, all they had to do was let him know, and he would be there. Nikki made a sarcastic comment that it had to have been quite a trip to change Adam's perspective. Adam admitted it was always an emotional journey when he went home. He told Victor that he'd run into an old friend, Alyssa Montalvo. He asked if Victor remembered that family, but Victor claimed it didn't ring a bell. Adam wished everyone a pleasant evening, and he left.

Nick asked Victor what that had been about. Nikki claimed Adam was playing games again. Victor stated that Adam was lucky he wasn't in prison for trying to kill Victor. Nick said that Adam lived to cause trouble. Victor claimed that Nick was no match for Adam, but Nick said he could handle Adam.

After Nick left, Victor told Nikki that Adam was up to something, but it was anyone's guess what he was planning. Nikki commented that people had said the same thing about Victor in the past. After a few moments, Nikki noticed that Victor was brooding, and she asked if he'd been thinking about Adam. Victor admitted he had and that he should have been there as role model for Adam. Nikki reminded him that Hope had wanted it that way. She stated that Adam had had a fantastic upbringing in an idyllic setting, but Victor claimed he should have been more of a father to Adam. Victor told Nikki about the farm and how peaceful he'd found it there.

Chloe arrived at the penthouse, and she asked how long it would be before Chelsea opened her business. She had handed Phyllis her resignation, and Phyllis had waived the two weeks' notice, so she was out of a job. Chelsea and Chloe agreed they had been happy to leave the hotel behind.

Chelsea told Chloe that they'd had a great time at the farm and that Connor had loved it. Chelsea said that after the trip to the farm, she felt more committed to Adam. She said they were really solid together, and she was excited about her future with Adam. Chloe promised she wouldn't get in Chelsea's way. They were both very happy to be friends once again.

At a rehearsal on stage, Tessa was tuning her guitar when Tanner asked if she'd heard from Mariah. Tessa admitted that she hadn't and that she was off her game.

Later, after Tessa finished her opening set, she introduced Tanner to the audience. Tanner informed the audience that they had a special guest, but the guest didn't sing. Tanner began to play the song Tessa had written for Mariah. Tessa stared in shock when she saw Mariah.

Mariah joined Tessa on stage, and in front of the audience, Mariah said that she'd been horrified by what she'd done. She said her apology came from deep within her heart, and it was honest and true. She stated that she utterly and absolutely loved Tessa with every atom of her being, and she was sorry for her behavior. She promised that if Tessa forgave her, she would never betray Tessa again. She said she'd made her statement in front of the audience so she would always be held accountable, and she would do anything to get Tessa back. Appearing horrified, Tessa ran off the stage.

At the Grand Phoenix, Abby said that Phyllis hadn't given up the name of the guy who Phyllis spent time with. Phyllis claimed she didn't define herself by whether or not she had a man in her life. She said she was happy either way. At that moment, Summer and Kyle arrived. Abby warned them to watch their backs, and she left.

Phyllis was curious to know why Summer had called a meeting. Nick arrived. He sat down with them and stated that Kyle and Summer had better not be making an announcement. Summer claimed they had only wanted to hang out. Nick and Phyllis realized that Kyle and Summer had reunited, and Nick stated that Summer and Kyle couldn't expect him and Phyllis to be on board. Kyle claimed that it was the first time they really felt that they were meant to be together.

Nick reminded Kyle and Summer that their multiple unions hadn't worked out before. He felt that they weren't right for each other. Summer said that she and Kyle had been with other people, but they always kept returning to each other. Phyllis took offense at Nick's comments and said that perhaps this time, things would work out, and she called him out for judging people by the moral standards that he couldn't meet himself.

Kyle congratulated Nick on the CEO position at Newman. Phyllis claimed she'd been the one to convince Nick to take the position. She told Kyle to always give Summer credit for what she did. Kyle confirmed he always gave her credit. Nick said he hoped so, in case things didn't work out between them again. Phyllis asked Nick to believe in them, and perhaps this time, things would work out -- if they took it slow.

Nick asked if Phyllis was going to make it a competition about who Summer liked more. Phyllis asked Nick if he was going to twist her words. She claimed that if it were a competition, Nick would lose. Nick agreed because Phyllis would manipulate and scheme her way into victory like she had with the hotel. He said that Phyllis had had to steal it away from Abby and Chelsea. Phyllis asked if he was serious about her stealing the hotel. Nick said, "If the devil's horn fits!" Summer and Kyle sat with their mouths open in shock. Summer and Kyle agreed that Nick and Phyllis were sleeping together again.

Abby arrived at Crimson Lights and immediately saw Nate and Amanda talking on the patio. Adam saw Abby's look of sadness and said that she was too good for Nate. He told Abby that the people at the bottom of Victor's pecking order needed to stick together. Abby retorted that Adam owned the bottom all by himself. Adam said that they both knew that Victor had his favorites, and that was the reason neither one of them was running Newman Enterprises.

Abby informed Adam that the reason she wasn't running Newman Enterprises was because she'd wanted to strike out on her own and build her own empire. Adam claimed he'd made peace with Victor's decision to choose Nick for the position. Abby told Adam that he wouldn't get her to take his side against Victor. Adam warned Abby to be careful because Victor was capable of going to some very dark places.

Adam returned to the penthouse, and Chelsea asked him how things had gone with Victor. Adam said he'd asked Victor if he remembered the Montalvo family. Victor had denied knowing them, but Adam said he'd seen the flicker in Victor's eyes and known that Victor was holding something back. He said that he was going to find out what that was.

Victoria admits that she needs help Victoria admits that she needs help
Thursday, March 19, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Lily complained that she and Billy were starting to sound like ten-year-olds who disagreed about everything. Jill walked in and sarcastically stated that it warmed her heart to hear her top executives working so well together, and Lily flatly informed her that it was them getting along. Billy griped that it wasn't the best working environment with everyone who lived in the mansion passing through. Lily insisted that they needed their own offices, and she thought they should be near Chancellor, Jabot, and Newman to establish themselves as a powerful organization. Billy preferred to be stationed in a young, hip neighborhood by the university. Jill declared that she had a solution, but she had to see if she could make it happen.

Billy retrieved some snacks and headed upstairs to drop some off for Bella. Lily answered the door to Devon, who welcomed her home. He shared that he had another motive for being there, since it was the first time he'd been in Katherine's house since he'd gotten his inheritance back, and he wanted to make sure Katherine knew her final wishes were being honored. Lily confided that she'd been having the same thoughts about their dad. She wondered if she was betraying Neil's memory by accepting a job at Chancellor instead of returning to their family's company.

Devon said he'd love to convince Lily to return to work at Hamilton-Winters, but Lily was looking forward to the opportunity to build something new. Devon understood and believed Neil would have, too, since the job sounded like it would allow her to fulfill her potential. Devon was happy to see her excited again, adding that he'd almost forgotten what that was like. He mentioned that he'd started reevaluating things after his money had gone missing, and she surmised that it had made him see what was important in life. She asked if he was happy, and he replied that he was very happy and excited for his next adventure. They hugged goodbye.

At Newman, Jill thanked Nick for seeing her on short notice. He asked how she'd been coping, and she assumed he was referring to the horrendous scam Colin had pulled on Devon. Nick pointed out that at least Devon had gotten his money back, but Jill grumbled that it had been after Colin had used the funds to launder other people's money. Jill advised Nick to never go back to an ex, no matter how exciting the prospect seemed and to instead think about why they'd broken up in the first place. He agreed to keep that in mind.

Jill remarked that she'd never expected to see Nick behind the desk. He insisted that it was temporary until Victoria got back, and Jill inquired about Victoria's recovery. Nick recognized that no one had expected Victoria to bounce back right away, but she was struggling emotionally and physically. Nick clucked that none of it would have happened if it hadn't been for Billy. Jill refused to excuse Billy's behavior, but she intended to do everything she could to help straighten his life out. Nick doubted she was there to catch up, and Jill proclaimed that she wanted to make a deal with him.

Jill noted that Nick still owned the building that had once housed the Dark Horse offices and that the entire floor that Dark Horse had used was vacant. Nick confirmed that it had been empty since Adam had shut the company down, and Jill suggested that they help one another out because she was in the market for office space. Nick indicated interest, and Jill proposed that they talk numbers.

Meanwhile, Billy emailed Lily a list of acquisitions he wanted to consider, and he suggested that they compare it to her own list at the end of the day to decide what to focus on. She realized that he was really fired up, and he said he had a lot to prove to a lot of people. Billy shared that Jack still thought he was nuts, so it would be nice to reassure his brother that he wasn't, but Victoria was more complicated. Lily gently pressed to find out what had happened between them, and Billy confided that he hadn't stopped loving Victoria, even though he'd realized that they shouldn't be together. Lily knew what he meant.

Billy admitted that he felt responsible for setting in motion the chain of events that had almost cost Victoria her life. Billy wondered if his kids would forgive him once they were old enough to process what had happened, and Lily was certain that they would because they loved him. She asked if Victoria had forgiven him, and he explained that Victoria didn't blame him for the attack but that she wanted nothing to do with him besides co-parenting their kids. Lily interpreted that to mean that Victoria still recognized him as a good father and a good man.

Lily believed that it spoke volumes that Victoria wasn't trying to keep Billy's kids from him, but he divulged that Victor was trying to make it impossible for him to see his children. It galled Billy that Victor was judging him after everything Victor had done, and Victor was happy as a clam to have Victoria and the kids under his roof. Lily assured Billy that he had plenty of people in his corner, and he asked if present company was included.

Jill returned to the mansion and considered it a good sign that there was no blood on the floor. Lily reported that she and Billy hadn't argued for ten minutes, and Jill proclaimed that they could argue in their new office from then on, since the old Dark Horse offices had become Chancellor Media. Billy was surprised that Jill had taken care of it that fast, and she clucked not to underestimate his mother. Jill invited them to check out their new digs, and Lily thanked her with a hug. Billy kissed Jill's cheek and grabbed the key.

Billy and Lily arrived at the old Dark Horse office, and he suggested that they sage the place to get rid of the ghosts of Adam and Phyllis. As they toured the space, Lily sensed an argument about to happen over who got the larger office with the view and who got the smaller one next door. He proposed that they flip a coin, and she squealed in delight when she won. She offered to go for the best two of three, but he told her to enjoy the office. She imagined it was fitting because she'd end up doing all the heavy lifting, and he good-naturedly replied that they'd see about that.

Jack burst into the Jabot conference room, where Kyle, Summer, and Theo were in the middle of a marketing meeting. Jack announced that he would be spending less time at Jabot because of Dina. He revealed that after his last visits with her, he'd realized that he had to make her more of a priority because he didn't want to look back and wish that he'd spent less time behind a desk and more with his mother during what was probably the last chapter of her life. Kyle offered to step up and take care of Jabot, and Theo assured Jack that Dina somehow knew that Jack was doing a good thing for her. Jack wished Theo had known her earlier. Theo said he was happy that he'd met her at all, and he owed it to Jack. Jack thanked them.

Later, Kyle arranged to handle a meeting for Jack that afternoon, and Theo assumed Kyle was out of there. Kyle clarified that they would finish their marketing meeting, but they wouldn't be able to cover every item on the agenda that day. Kyle addressed an issue with an employee named Kendra, who he'd just put on notice for calling in sick when she'd really gone skiing. Kyle dictated that Kendra would be out if she screwed up again.

Summer proposed having a photo shoot in an exotic location, and Theo enthused that it sounded like fun. Kyle snapped that it wouldn't be a vacation, and he inquired whether Theo had any ideas to contribute. Theo pitched reviving the Birthday Suit campaign with a model other than Kyle. Kyle passed, and Theo griped that he should have expected rejection because Kyle shot down every idea he had. Kyle contended that the original campaign had launched less than two years earlier, so it would look like a lazy retread.

Theo vowed to brainstorm something new, but he hoped Kyle would give his next idea a fair shot. Summer concluded the meeting, and Theo headed out, pointedly offering to close the door to give the two a private moment. Once alone, Kyle hissed that he wanted to punch Theo. Summer understood that Theo deliberately pushed Kyle's buttons, but she implored Kyle not to give Theo the satisfaction of dragging Kyle down to his level. Kyle wrapped his arms around her and pledged to think of her instead. They kissed.

Summer ran into Theo at Crimson Lights, and he asked if she was following him. She told him not to flatter himself, and she warned him to stop messing with Kyle. Theo found it admirable that she was standing by her man, but Summer threatened to make it her mission to make Theo's life unpleasant if he didn't stop. He teased that he loved her spark, but she cautioned that sparks could turn into flames; she recommended against playing with fire.

Later, Kyle wrapped up a phone call at Jabot, and Kendra asked if there was anything else he needed. He told her to go, and she closed the door behind her and sighed deeply. Theo approached and asked how her day was going, and she replied that she'd had better. He mentioned that he'd heard Kyle had been hard on her, and he urged her not to let it get to her. Kendra bemoaned that she didn't know what Kyle wanted sometimes. Theo suggested grabbing a drink after work to cheer her up, and she happily accepted. Theo ominously peered through the window at Kyle.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci regretted that Jack had needed to leave early. Ashley figured that there would be more time for breakfasts together with them all back home, and Traci intended to invite Billy to have a full set of Abbott siblings the next time. Ashley pointed out that they'd pulled together for Dina's sake. Traci admitted that it was what she'd needed, too, and they hugged.

Traci admitted that she was feeling uncharacteristically emotional. Ashley guessed that it was because of Dina, and Traci mentioned that she'd been visiting their mother every day. Traci recounted that she'd talked to Dina, told her family stories, and played her favorite music, and Ashley imagined that Traci had been looking for any sign of recognition. Traci knew in her mind that it would probably never happen again, but it hurt her heart to sit next to Dina when she might as well be a million miles away. Traci contemplated whether the last visit would be the next day, week, or month.

Traci continued that she could usually dive into her writing to escape, but she couldn't even open her laptop. Traci apologized for making it all about herself, but she wasn't handling it well. Ashley shared that she'd been throwing herself into work since she'd heard about Dina's decline. Traci wished she could find solace in hers, but she'd been experiencing the worst writer's block of her life. Ashley sobbed that Traci was a better person than she was, since Jack, Traci, and Abby had done the heavy lifting with Dina while Ashley had been living it up in Paris.

Ashley felt like the worst daughter in the world for not being there for her own mother. Traci pointed out that Ashley was there for Dina then, but Ashley apologized for running away when she should have done more to help bear the burden. Traci refused to let Ashley beat herself up, since all that mattered was that they were there together. Traci conceded that Ashley was a wreck, but at least they could be wrecks together. The women laughed through their tears.

Jack returned home and relayed that Kyle and the executive team were on board with Jack stepping away from Jabot for a while. Jack mused that he'd been thinking about something, but it would mean taking on a lot. Traci and Ashley realized that it was time for their mother to return home. Jack revealed that the doctors at the memory care facility had determined that Dina was no longer a threat to herself, but she'd require a wheelchair and full-time assistance. Ashley insisted that their mother belonged with them. Jack paused to gaze forlornly at a family photo before making the call.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki prepared to go out to run errands, and Victoria insisted that she'd be fine. Nikki peered at what Victoria was reading, and Victoria explained that Nick had sent over a daily brief about what was going on at the office. Victoria added that it made her feel like herself again, and she promised not to overdo it. Nikki headed out, and Victoria appeared to zone out until she heard Sharon enter the foyer. Victoria assumed that Nikki had talked Sharon into it, and she stressed that her answer about counseling was still no.

Sharon presented Victoria with a gift bag filled with bottled lotions and essential oils. Sharon mentioned that those things made her feel better when she was stressed or burned out. Victoria said she could use all those things, but she asked Sharon not to tell her parents because they'd set up daily deliveries. Victoria groaned that she was tired of feeling like she was living under a microscope. Sharon imagined that Victoria wanted to scream out loud that she loved her family, but they needed to back off because she was actually okay. Victoria replied that it was exactly what she wanted to say, but it wasn't the truth.

Victoria revealed that she wasn't just tired but bone-weary, like she wanted to spend the entire day in bed and not deal with anyone or anything. Sharon thought that was normal, but Victoria protested that it wasn't normal for her. Sharon reasoned that Victoria had just been through a rough trauma and needed time to heal, but Victoria argued that she wasn't the kind of person who got into bed and shut out the rest of the world. Victoria thought she should be out there fighting the way Sharon was, and she commended Sharon for fighting cancer and still finding time to go to work and be a good mother and friend. Victoria decided that she wanted and needed to do that for herself.

Victoria surmised that sitting around the house had made her more sluggish and tired, so she needed to get back to the office. She expected that it would give her a reason to get out of bed and prove to her family that they didn't have to worry about her every second of the day. Sharon warned that Victoria's body hadn't healed yet, and Victoria planned to only put in a handful of hours until she was back to full strength.

Sharon admired Victoria's desire to reclaim her life, but she reminded Victoria that she'd just complained of exhaustion. Victoria chalked it up to being there doing nothing, but Sharon cautioned that pushing too hard might put off Victoria's recovery. Victoria opted to stay home and indulge in the nice things Sharon had given her. Victoria thanked Sharon for the pep talk, and Sharon suggested that Victoria give her one the next time.

Sharon arrived at Crimson Lights and answered a call from Nikki, who asked if Victoria was with Sharon. Sharon mentioned that she'd left Victoria at the ranch, but she had an idea about where Victoria might be.

Victoria entered the CEO's office at Newman and stared at the desk. She sat down in the chair and organized some paperwork, but she slammed her fists down in frustration. A short time later, Nick was surprised to find Victoria at the office, and he asked what he'd missed. She huffed that he hadn't missed anything, and he wondered if she was okay. Nikki and Sharon entered, and Nikki stated that Sharon had told her Victoria might be there. Victoria spat that they hadn't needed to track her down like a lost child. Nikki, Nick, and Sharon took turns voicing concern, and Victoria bellowed for them to stop.

Victoria explained that she was there to see if she was up for the challenge, but she obviously wasn't ready yet. She asserted that she'd reached the realization on her own, and she didn't need them running after her, worried that she didn't understand her own limitations. Victoria stated that she needed something from all of them -- they had to talk to her and really listen, since she would ask if she needed something.

Victoria requested that Nick hold down the fort while she was away, and he promised to do it for as long as she needed. Victoria agreed to work with Sharon because she valued Sharon's guidance and insight. Victoria invited Nikki to continue supporting her, but she begged her mother to have faith that she wouldn't break. Nikki swore that she'd always had faith in Victoria. Victoria thanked them all because she couldn't do it alone, and she needed their help. Nikki hugged her.

The Young and the Restless was preempted The Young and the Restless was preempted
Friday, March 20, 2020

Due to CBS News coverage of the Coronavirus crisis, The Young and the Restless was preempted in many markets. As a result, CBS announced that the episode that was to have aired on Friday, March 20, would be rebroadcast on Monday, March 23, in its entirety in all time zones.

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