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Victoria took back the reins from Nick at Newman. Phyllis and Nick agreed to give their relationship another shot. Adam confronted Victor with the evidence Alyssa had dug up. Sharon was devastated when she learned that the chemo hadn't been as effective as she'd hoped.
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Phyllis and Nick agreed to give their relationship another shot
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Theo pressures Kendra to dig up dirt on Kyle Theo pressures Kendra to dig up dirt on Kyle
Monday, March 30, 2020

At the hospital, Victoria learned that she'd experienced angina and hadn't suffered a heart attack. Nikki held her daughter's hand while Nick looked on. Nate entered and explained that low blood flow to Victoria's heart had resulted in the pain she'd felt. Nick said he was relieved and promised to phone Victoria later because he had to leave. Nikki prepared to take Victoria back to the ranch to continue her recovery.

Nick walked past the waiting area and spotted Billy. Nick confronted Billy and said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Billy said he'd stopped by to visit the mother of his children after learning from Nikki that Victoria had suffered chest pains. Nick said his mom had called only because Victoria's setback could have involved Johnnie and Kate. Nick added that because nothing was seriously wrong, Billy should leave because Victoria didn't want to see him. Nick recalled how miserably Billy had let Victoria down and warned him to stay away from her. Billy said all that mattered was that Victoria was okay, and he agreed to leave. Billy warned Nick that one day, he'd fall from his high horse.

At the ranch, Nikki helped Victoria get settled. Victoria said she hoped she hadn't worried her mother too much. Victoria asked about her father. Nikki said Victor had traveled to Kansas after Adam had claimed that Hope's farm had fallen into disrepair. Victoria said she hadn't known her father still cared about the place. Nikki said she was certain Victor would return after hearing about what had happened. Victoria wasn't in favor of Victor canceling his plans. Nikki embraced Victoria and said nothing was more important than she was.

At Society, Jack invited Jill to join him for drinks. Jill admitted she'd tired of running interference between Lily and Billy. Jack asked Jill if she was ready to admit that her idea to pair Billy and Lily to run the company hadn't been a great plan. Jill explained that her plan was working because a constant battle of ideas produced varied perspectives. Jack asked Jill if she preferred gladiators instead of CEOs. Jill explained that she'd ensure Lily and Billy would work together competitively without being combative, comparing her role to Jack's in maintaining peace between Kyle and Theo.

Jill recalled having told Jack that Theo was a go-getter with a fire in his belly. Jill warned Jack that Theo's traits would be advantageous only if Jack could control him to avoid trouble. Jack said he'd made it clear to Theo that if he wanted a future at Jabot, he'd have to find a way to get along with Kyle. Jill agreed. Jack added that he hadn't the time or inclination to babysit his nephew.

Jill asked Jack about having Dina back home. Jack cried that Dina no longer seemed like his mother, other than infrequent, brief glimmers of recognition. Jill told Jack that he, Traci, and Ashley should take comfort in knowing that they were doing the right thing. Jill cried that she regretted not having made her mother a priority during her last years. Tears welled in Jack's eyes when Jill said he wouldn't have regrets when he looked back on his difficult days. Jack told Jill he'd read what Dina had written about her life before the disease had taken its toll and learned that his mother had lived with more regret than he'd ever realized.

Jill asked Jack if it had helped him knowing that Dina had regretted abandoning him. Jack explained that Dina had made the only choice she could have at the time. Jill reminded Jack that they'd had their painful moments in the past, so it was nice that they could still be friends. Jill recalled that Colin Atkinson was by far her worst partner and might have turned her off men for all time. Jack said he hoped Jill was kidding about being done with men. Jill said romantic relationships might not be worth the hassle and thought Jack might agree, given his own unfortunate experiences. Jill explained to Jack that she had a full life with her family, good friends, and trips to wonderful places. Jack invited Jill to join him for evenings out more often. Jill said she'd like to.

At Crimson Lights, Theo met with Kendra. Theo looked over the material Kendra had gathered and told her it wasn't quite what he was after. Kendra replied, "Those are private emails that Kyle wouldn't want out there." Theo explained that the email exchanges were too tame and said he needed something really big. Theo said Kyle's ego would eventually lead to sloppiness and mistakes, so Kendra should continue digging and let him know when she found something he could use.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle worked on advertising pitches. Kyle suggested they grab takeout and continue working from his hotel suite. Summer told Kyle they'd likely get no work done there. Kyle promised they would. Summer agreed to meet Kyle after she stopped by her dad's house to pick up a change of clothes. Kyle mentioned how inconvenient it was for him to be living out of a suitcase and living apart from Summer. Kyle suggested he and Summer find a place of their own. Summer said she wasn't certain they should add the stress of moving to their already heavy workload. Kyle reminded Summer that they could hire movers to do the work.

Summer told Kyle that moving in together might involve a bigger conversation than they had time for. Kyle picked up on Summer's reluctance and said, "Message received." Summer explained that being with Kyle at the hotel was kind of like being on vacation and provided a welcome respite from their crazy schedule. Kyle was taken aback when Summer suggested he get his own place. Summer assured Kyle she wanted all the things he wanted but felt no need to rush.

Kyle mentioned Nick and Phyllis' relationship and asked Summer if she was concerned. After Summer cried that her mother's fling with Nick would blow up in their faces, Kyle suggested the same might happen to them. Summer insisted that Kyle was wrong, noting that Nick and Phyllis were completely incompatible. When Kyle pressed Summer to give a reason why she was hesitant to take the next step, she said, "Because you're still married, Kyle."

Summer said she understood why Kyle hadn't yet filed for divorce. Kyle admitted he felt bad about hurting Lola. Kyle told Summer he feared filing for divorce so quickly would add insult to injury. Kyle said he hoped Lola might handle the divorce and would talk to her soon about why she hadn't. Summer told Kyle she wouldn't pressure him and was content with the way things were.

Theo stopped by Society and told Lola he missed her. Lola said she was busy. Theo said he couldn't wait to tell Lola that he'd secured reservations to the Crowing Rooster in New York City, which would include a private tour of the restaurant's kitchen. Lola was impressed. Theo rattled off an itinerary that included shopping and tours of museums. He added that they'd barely have time to sleep. Lola inquired about accommodations and sleeping arrangements. Theo said he'd booked a suite with two bedrooms because he wanted to honor Lola's request to take things slow. Theo said Lola deserved to have an uncomplicated, good time after all she'd been through.

Kyle approached and said he'd overheard Lola and Theo talking about a trip to New York. Theo said, "Lola could use a little break." A waitress handed Kyle his takeout order. Lola was aloof and told Kyle to enjoy his meal. After Kyle walked away, Theo told Lola to forget Kyle had ever been there. After Lola returned to the kitchen, Kendra phoned Theo. As Theo watched Kyle walk past the windows, he told Kendra he was certain she'd find something to take down Kyle.

Aboard a private jet, Mariah told Tessa she enjoyed chilling out with her after a show. Mariah said seeing Tessa perform had given her an adrenaline rush, especially when she watched people in the audience sing along to a song Tessa had written about her. Tessa said it was as if others had put a piece of Tessa and Mariah's love story into their own hearts. Tessa asked Mariah how it felt to have their love story declared before hundreds of people. Mariah seemed overwhelmed. The couple kissed and later toasted their reunion with Champagne.

Mariah expressed appreciation for Tanner's support and for allowing them to use the private jet all by themselves. After the couple made love, they were snuggled together in a blanket when Mariah received a phone call from Faith. After Mariah hung up, she told Tessa that Sharon was scheduled to undergo a scan to determine whether the tumor had shrunk. Mariah told Tessa that Faith was really scared. Tessa insisted that Mariah return home. Tessa said they'd talk every day, and she made Mariah promise to be open and honest. Mariah promised to rely on the people that loved her and said she wouldn't pretend to be tough all the time.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told her guests that Society was only a decent restaurant at best. Phyllis suggested the couple dine instead at a nearby steak house. After the guests left, Nick stopped by. Nick told Phyllis about Victoria's health scare and about running Billy off before Billy had gone to visit Victoria. Nick said the setback had convinced him that Victoria needed time to recover, so he planned to hold down the fort at Newman Enterprises for as long as needed. Nick added that other priorities would have to take a backseat, as well.

Phyllis leaned in close and suggested Nick had much to offer the ladies of Genoa City. Summer entered and saw her parents engaged in foreplay. Summer muttered to herself, "Oh, God. Get a room." Summer faked a nonchalant demeanor when she approached Phyllis and Nick and asked her dad if he'd stopped by looking for her. Nick explained that he'd stopped by to talk to Phyllis. Phyllis said Nick had wanted her to know about Victoria. Summer said she was relieved to hear that Victoria's condition wasn't as serious as first believed.

Summer noted that it was close to Christian's bedtime, so Nick should probably head home. Nick replied, "Actually, Christian is at a sleepover." After Summer turned down an offer to have cocktails with her parents, she went upstairs. Phyllis invited Nick to her suite. After Nick and Phyllis entered her suite, she offered to make drinks. Nick began disrobing Phyllis, and they hopped on the bed to make love.

Alyssa gives Adam evidence against Victor Alyssa gives Adam evidence against Victor
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A "do not disturb" sign hung outside Phyllis' hotel room door. Inside the room, a fully clothed Phyllis traced Nick's body with a red rose until he awakened. "Here we are," he remarked with a grin. "Again," she replied, and they agreed that the night before had been unforgettable.

Nick observed that Phyllis had a lot of clothes on, and she planned to go downstairs to see if the coast was clear and send him a text message to tell him when it was okay to leave. Phyllis added that they didn't want anyone getting the wrong impression -- especially their daughter. She wished Nick luck finding his clothes, since she'd thrown them everywhere when she'd undressed him during the "crazy good" evening they'd had. She placed the rose between her teeth and headed out.

Phyllis stepped off the elevator in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Summer entered the hotel, and Phyllis moved to hug her. Summer pulled back and huffed that she wanted to talk about what her mother was up to. Phyllis feigned ignorance, and Summer sourly asked if she had to paint a picture of what was clearly going on between her parents.

At Newman Enterprises, a distracted Nick checked his phone and hesitated before calling Phyllis. He got voicemail and opted not to leave a message. Meanwhile, Summer snatched Phyllis' phone away and refused to let the subject of their conversation interrupt them. Phyllis argued that she and Nick were doing business together, and Summer shuddered at the thought of what kind of business it was. Phyllis objected to Summer taking on a parental role with her, and she warned Summer not to think she could scream at Phyllis for doing something.

Summer flatly stated that it was about her parents getting back together, since she had eyes, and she knew something had been going on for a while. Phyllis contended that something might be obvious to Summer, but it wasn't obvious to Phyllis. Summer became frustrated at not getting any answers. She insisted that she loved her mom and her dad, but she didn't love the two of them together because they'd shown what a disaster it could be. Summer conceded that she'd be psyched by their reunion if she were a little kid, but she wasn't one anymore, and she'd seen the heartache they'd caused one another.

Summer appealed to Phyllis not to put them all through the cycle again. Phyllis encouraged her to look in the mirror and think about what stage of the cycle Summer and Kyle were on. Summer accused her of changing the subject, but Phyllis countered that she was talking truthfully to Summer as an adult. Phyllis reasoned that she couldn't give answers that she didn't have, but she promised to provide them the minute she did. Summer stalked off.

Later, Nick received an incoming call from Phyllis as Summer burst into his office. Summer informed him that it was her mom calling to warn him, since she'd just talked to Phyllis and wanted to talk to him. Nick played dumb, but Summer ordered him not to talk around the subject of him and Phyllis getting back together. Nick countered that he and Phyllis hadn't been pleased with Summer's reunion with Kyle, and if Summer didn't want them judging her relationship, she should extend them the same courtesy. Summer huffed that at least Nick had acknowledged that he and Phyllis had a relationship. He firmly stated that Summer could have an opinion, but she didn't get a vote. Nick excused himself to return a call, and a surly Summer sauntered out.

Phyllis entered Nick's office and asked if Summer had left the building. Phyllis assumed that he'd gotten "the talk," and Nick referred to the one about it being a disaster if they got back together. Phyllis argued that they weren't together, so Summer was overreacting. Nick pondered whether that was the case, and Phyllis countered that having sex didn't mean they were back together. Phyllis wondered what Nick had told Summer, and he responded that he'd neither confirmed nor denied anything. Phyllis imagined that finding new ways to keep Summer guessing would be fun. Nick figured that they could keep playing games -- or he and Phyllis could get serious with one another.

Phyllis asked what Nick meant by serious. He replied that it was one thing to keep talking in circles around Summer, but they shouldn't do it with one another. He noted that encounters like the one the night before had kept happening, and they'd been fun, but he and Phyllis had been avoiding the follow-up. She pointed out that it could just be great sex, but he countered that it could also mean something more. Nick thought they had to get real and figure it out, and he stepped in close and asked, "What is it you want, Phyllis?"

Jack thanked Theo for stopping by the Abbott mansion, and Theo inquired about Dina. Jack lamented that she wasn't doing well, since she was mostly unaware other than some brief moments of clarity. Theo expressed his condolences, and he wondered if Dina was up for company. Jack indicated that she was resting, but it would give them time to talk. Jack demanded that the tension between Theo and Kyle end, starting immediately.

Theo recalled his promise to try to get along with Kyle, and he swore that he'd tried, but it hadn't always worked. Theo admitted that the little green monster Jack had warned him about was a tough one, and he pledged to keep trying, though some days were tougher than others. Jack clarified that he wasn't absolving Kyle. Theo appreciated it, but he still felt like the odd man out in the family. Theo claimed that he didn't want to be the guy who'd shown up out of nowhere and caused trouble, and he accepted that he had to be the one to put in the effort if the perception was ever to change. Theo vowed to get there, and Jack replied that it was all he'd wanted to hear.

Later, Theo babbled to an unresponsive Dina about how the corporate world was new to him. He hoped that someday he'd accomplish what she had by running his own successful company and making her proud of him. He apologized for rambling on, and he confided that the truth was that he was nervous because of a girl who he really wanted things to work out with. Jack listened intently as Theo elaborated that he was afraid to push too hard because he might scare her away, and he didn't know whether to keep taking things slowly or if she was waiting for him to make a move. Dina suddenly turned toward Theo, smiled, and patted his hand. "Don't worry, you're a good catch," she advised before her expression turned blank again.

Jack thanked Theo for dropping by, and he noted that Theo had made a real connection with Dina that hadn't been happening often. Theo applauded the Abbotts for doing the right thing by having Dina return home, and he wished he'd had more time with his own folks. Jack welcomed him to drop by anytime he liked, and he showed Theo out. Outside, Theo received a text message from Kendra, who asked if he still wanted her help with his Kyle problem. Theo instructed her to hold off because he needed to think about it.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle awkwardly greeted Lola and told her he was glad she'd been able to make it. She admitted that she'd thought about not showing up because she knew exactly what it was about, and she had zero interest in him rehashing his tired complaints about Theo. Kyle explained that he hadn't meant to eavesdrop the day before, and he was sorry, since keeping tabs on them was the last thing he'd do. Lola scoffed at Kyle being reasonable and honorable, and she ordered him to get to the real reason he'd wanted to see her. She waited for him to talk her out of going to New York with Theo, and she warned that it wouldn't work.

Lola ignored Kyle's attempt to explain and demanded that he sit there and listen. She ranted that even though they were still married, he had no say in what she did and who she did it with. She groaned that she'd heard him go on and on about Theo, and she was sick of it. Lola was surprised when Kyle said he didn't blame her. He confirmed that he didn't like her hanging out with Theo, but it was none of his business, and it wasn't why he'd asked her to meet him. He acknowledged that he'd lost his right to influence how she lived her life long before then.

Lola asked if Kyle was playing with her head, since what he was saying was the opposite of what he'd been saying for months about Theo. Kyle conceded that while he hadn't changed his opinion of Theo, he'd realized that he shouldn't have tried to make her see things like he did, since she was more than capable of figuring out who was right for her and who wasn't. He added that he'd probably never trust the guy, but he trusted her, and that should be enough.

Lola recognized that Kyle deserved the same courtesy he was giving her, and it was his choice to be with Summer. He anticipated that things would get easier for both of them, and she imagined that they would with time and distance. She assured him that she wasn't in a rush to figure out if she wanted to be with Theo, and Kyle stressed that he just wanted her to feel like she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted. Lola pointed out that something was still tying them together -- they were still married.

Kyle hesitated to discuss the divorce if Lola wasn't ready to. She tearfully understood that they had to talk about it, not because of her trip with Theo or Kyle's relationship with Summer, but just because it was time. Kyle begged her not to cry, and she smiled and said she could say the same thing to him. "So, this is it," she softly said, and he whimpered that he was sorry he'd hurt her. She sensed that they'd taken time to get there so they could part ways without any anger, and they agreed that wasn't a bad thing. Lola confessed that she'd thought she'd been all cried out, but she might have one more in her. Kyle reached for her hands. They slowly drew apart, and he wiped away a tear.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam answered a call from Chelsea, who reported that she was at the ranch to drop off Connor for a playdate with Johnny and Katie. She hoped to make a clean getaway, and he mentioned that he had some ideas to speed things up with their plan against Victor. She declared that she was all in, and they exchanged words of love before hanging up. Victor overheard and remarked that the conversation had sounded mysterious, and he wondered what she was "all in" on. Chelsea nonchalantly replied that it was nothing that concerned him, and she headed for the door. Victor stopped her and asked to talk for a moment about his son.

Victor contended that he cared deeply about Adam, and it was why he'd flown out to Kansas to visit Hope's farm and make sure everything was cared for. Victor added that he'd returned because of Victoria's health scare. Chelsea guessed that he expected her to go behind Adam's back and tell Victor what was going on. Victor maintained that he just wanted to know how Adam was doing. Chelsea offered to tell him, but she doubted he'd like the answer.

Chelsea questioned how Victor would feel if someone snatched the rug out from under him the way he'd done to Adam. She scolded him for dangling a carrot in front of Adam when Victor hadn't had any intention of keeping his promise, despite knowing how much Adam had wanted to step up for the family in a crisis. Victor swore that it hadn't been his intention to snatch the opportunity away, and he pointed out that Adam had turned down his previous attempts to hand over the keys to the kingdom. Victor asserted that it was in the past, but Chelsea cautioned that it was a dangerous attitude to have. He asked what she meant.

Chelsea swore that there was nothing to read into, but it had been her experience that it could be dangerous to ignore the past. Victor thought they'd gotten off track, since he'd just wanted to ask about Adam. She stressed that Adam would be fine after being passed over, since he wouldn't let a setback get him down, and he'd rise above it all. Victor remarked that Adam was very lucky to have a passionate advocate in his corner, and he was happy to hear Adam wasn't dwelling on it. Chelsea assured him that Adam saw the big picture, and she headed out.

Alyssa arrived at the penthouse and excitedly informed Adam that she'd driven all night to get there. She revealed that she'd found everything they'd been looking for, and she had the goods on his father. Alyssa revealed that she'd gotten the coroner in Kansas to spill everything he knew, and he'd confirmed part of what Adam had suspected. She divulged that Cliff's death had truly been an accident, so her father hadn't turned out to be a killer, after all. She explained that A.J. hadn't been completely innocent, since he'd set things in motion, but he'd only hired a goon to scare Cliff and not to kill him. Alyssa announced that while her father hadn't been a killer, Adam's dad definitely was one.

Adam prompted Alyssa to walk through every detail. Alyssa referred to Cliff's known money problems and the fact that her father had been a loan shark. She relayed that A.J. had fronted Cliff money at an astronomical rate and threatened to take over the farm when Cliff hadn't been able to pay it back. She continued that doing so would have raised too many red flags, and A.J. had only cared about the money, so he'd pressured Cliff to sell the farm. Alyssa explained that A.J. had hired someone to run Cliff off the road to scare him and get him to pay up, but the guy he'd hired had been a drunk who'd ended up slamming into Cliff, killing them both.

Adam understood why the accident had been written off as a DUI. He noted that while A.J. hadn't been prosecuted for his involvement, he'd gone to prison, anyway, for tax evasion. Alyssa shared that upon his release, a broke and desperate A.J. had tried to collect on Cliff's debt from Hope, and that was when Victor had entered the picture. Alyssa had found a record of a phone call from Hope to Victor the day A.J. had died, and she divulged that the coroner had confessed that A.J.'s body had been moved post-mortem. Alyssa believed the evidence proved that her father's death clearly hadn't been an accident and that Victor had waved his checkbook to get the coroner to doctor the death certificate and have A.J.'s body cremated. Adam marveled that his father really had done it.

Alyssa empathized that it wasn't easy for Adam to find out the truth about his father, but at least they finally knew what had really happened. Adam argued that they couldn't just take the coroner's word for it. Alyssa disclosed that the coroner had kept records of the autopsy reports, the blood tests of the man who'd run Cliff down, and personal notes from the coroner's conversations with Victor. Alyssa added that she had a recording of the coroner admitting to falsifying the death certificates, as well as bank records proving that Victor had paid off the coroner through one of his shell companies.

Alyssa bemoaned that she'd cried for a long time when she'd gotten home, since it had all been senseless, and she was sorry. Adam focused on what to do next, and he asked if she'd written the story. She mentioned that it was almost done, and he requested the story and all the evidence she had to back it up. Alyssa balked at the idea of just handing it over to him, since she'd never given up her notes before. Adam reasoned that it wasn't a typical story, since it accused a powerful man of murder, and he needed the documents to protect them.

Adam expected the editor of the magazine he owned a stake in to request verification to back up the story. He claimed that he also needed to know that they weren't going too far by accusing a possibly innocent man of murder, especially when the man happened to be his father. Alyssa promised that Victor wasn't innocent, but Adam was adamant about holding the evidence in his hands. She grappled with her thoughts for a moment before heading out to retrieve the evidence from the trunk of her car.

Later, Chelsea returned home, yammering about her conversation with Victor. She noticed that Adam seemed preoccupied, and she followed his gaze to a file box. She asked what it was, and he replied, "Everything." He told her that Alyssa had been there. "We got him, Chelsea," Adam declared.

Victoria ends her relationship with Billy Victoria ends her relationship with Billy
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
by Nel

In the Jabot boardroom, Summer was agitated over Phyllis and Nick, and she ranted to Kyle about them. She stated she was through with them and that her parents needed to grow up. Kyle asked if Summer had spoken to her parents. Summer said she had, and they had both been infuriating. Summer said she should have two parents who had settled down, moved on, and actually put the past in the past, but with those two, when they said the past was dead and buried, it resurrected itself. Kyle asked if her parents were happy. Summer said they were, for the moment, but whenever her parents were caught smooching, everything went up in flames.

Tired of ranting about her parents, Summer asked Kyle what he'd wanted to tell her. Kyle said he'd spoken to Lola about the divorce. Summer said that was a huge step, and she recalled her talk with Austin about their divorce. Summer asked about Lola's reaction. Kyle said Lola had dealt with it quietly. He grimaced and said it felt weird discussing his divorce from Lola with the woman he'd recently divorced. Talk turned to their living arrangements. Kyle said they needed to get an apartment, but Summer stated she wanted a big house with all the amenities. She asked what Kyle wanted. Kyle simply stated he wanted her.

At Crimson Lights, Billy received a call from Victoria, asking him to meet her at the ranch. Billy said it was good to hear her voice and that he would be there shortly.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Phyllis discussed Summer's anger. Phyllis asked Nick how he felt about their relationship. Nick told Phyllis that he felt they were on the same page, but Phyllis wanted to know if they were at the beginning or the middle of their book -- or perhaps it was a whole new story. Nick claimed they were friends, and they shared a beautiful daughter -- at least, that was what he kept telling himself. Nick stated that he and Phyllis had a long history, and he wanted more; however, what they wanted and what they should do weren't necessarily the same thing. Phyllis agreed that they couldn't dive into the deep end of the pool again. They needed to think things through.

Nick suggested that he and Phyllis create a list of pros and cons about whether or not they should be together. Phyllis sat on the edge of the desk in front of Nick, and she asked him to start with the pros. She said that once he was done, she would give him a few dozen more reasons why they should be together. After Nick named a couple of reasons, Phyllis added that they belonged together because they always had great sex, no one made Nick laugh the way she did, they brought out the best in each other, they were good friends, they always told each other the truth, and they made a good team. At that point, Nick wanted to make a list of all the cons.

Nick told Phyllis their number one con was Summer. Phyllis made a face and said that Summer was a buzzkill. Nick pointed out that he and Phyllis had broken each other's hearts, but Phyllis felt they'd made amends. Nick caressed Phyllis' knee. Phyllis got up and locked the office door. They kissed and began undressing.

After the loving, Phyllis said there were many reasons to stay together, and she didn't want to walk away. Nick kissed her hand and said he wanted to see where things were heading. They kissed again.

At Sharon's, Rey offered to get Sharon some tea or a book. She snapped at him to stop, but then she apologized. She confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about the scan she would have the next day and the results of her chemotherapy. At that moment, Mariah arrived, and Sharon was overjoyed to see her. Mariah asked if she'd arrived at a bad time, but Sharon said she hadn't. Sharon suddenly realized that Mariah had cut her trip with Tessa short for her. Rey chose that moment to leave Sharon and Mariah alone to chat, and he left.

Mariah told Sharon it was where she needed to be. Sharon said she was happy Mariah was home. Mariah said she was home, but Sharon continued to shut her out. She begged Sharon to let her in. Sharon's first instinct had been to deny it. Mariah said Sharon didn't want anyone to help her, but not talking about it wouldn't make it go away.

Sharon cried and told Mariah that she'd been trying very hard to stay positive, but she wanted to know what would happen if the chemo wasn't working. She also wondered what might happen if the tumor had grown and she needed surgery, followed by a mastectomy. Sharon admitted she was terrified, and she wasn't as strong as everyone believed she was. She said she was scared of living, and she was scared of dying from the cancer and/or surgery. Sharon said other women went on with their lives in spite of the cancer, and she questioned why she couldn't.

Mariah told Sharon that they were all scared, but no matter what happened the next day, they would be there for her. Mariah said that Sharon had handled her situation with a lot of grace, and she wished Sharon could see herself through Mariah's eyes. Mariah said Sharon was brave, and Mariah loved her. She reminded Sharon that no matter what happened, Sharon would make it through.

Billy arrived at the ranch. He told Victoria how upset he'd been after he'd been informed that she'd been rushed to the hospital. He told her that when he'd arrived at the hospital, Nick had stopped him from seeing her and had told him she didn't want to see him.

Sitting on the sofa, Victoria told Billy that she'd been trying to figure out why she couldn't stand on her own two feet. She said she'd realized it had been because of the trauma of being stabbed by a stranger and the trauma of her and Billy's relationship that had ended so abruptly. She had thought their love could endure anything, but people grew apart. Losing him was what had kept her down. She'd realized what she needed to do in order to move forward.

Billy told Victoria that he understood because the last time they'd talked, he'd been less than honorable, he hadn't respected their relationship, and he'd been selfish. He said he didn't know how to apologize for all of that, but he was there because he wanted to help her with everything she was going through. Billy claimed that there was a way for them to move forward, but they needed to figure out what that was. Victoria told Billy she was no longer angry with him, but other than co-parenting, there was no "we." He asked if she needed time to figure it out, but Victoria stated that she could take all the time in the world, but she would still arrive at the same conclusion.

Victoria told Billy things weren't the way they had been when they'd been able to press the reset button and somehow become friends again. Victoria said Billy wasn't her friend. She said Billy had killed that part of her that would have always loved him, no matter what. She said they were over for good. She said she had to put herself first, because no one else would. She was done allowing herself to be Billy's collateral damage.

Billy claimed that Victoria couldn't erase them from her heart, and they couldn't just stop feeling because of everything they'd been through. Victoria said that she'd given him so much of herself, like time and energy, and she couldn't do that anymore. She said she finally had clarity.

Changing the subject, Victoria asked Billy about his new job. She said Nick had informed her that Billy was leading Chancellor's media division, and she was happy for him. She said it was the perfect fit for him. She stated that his personal life with Amanda was his own. Billy assured her that it had been a nonstarter, and it wasn't going to happen. Victoria said it didn't matter because she wouldn't make any noise about it. She said who he spent his time with was his own business -- his life was his own, and so was hers. As Billy was about to leave, looking dejected, he paused when Victoria said, "Goodbye, Billy."

At Society, Theo was sitting at the bar when Lola approached him. He told Lola about his meeting with Dina and how it had given him perspective about how he wanted to spend his time and who he wanted to spend it with. Theo asked Lola what Kyle had had to say about their trip to New York. Lola said that Kyle hadn't made a big deal out of it, but they had discussed their divorce. Lola said she had to start the divorce proceedings, and she had to think of all the things she needed to do in that regard. Theo said he would be there to support her.

Rey arrived at the restaurant and asked to speak to Lola alone. Theo left. Rey questioned Lola's choice of being with Theo. Lola asked Rey to trust her and said that Theo wasn't a bad guy. Rey asked her to keep her eyes open around Theo, and he wanted her to promise she wouldn't rush into anything. Lola promised. She told Rey that she and Kyle had decided it was time to move forward, and they had talked about divorce. Rey asked if she was okay. Lola assured him she was. Rey said it was the right thing to do, but it took the heart a little time to catch up. Lola said Rey had moved on from his divorce, and it gave her hope.

Rey told Lola that he'd never known a woman like Sharon, and he didn't know what he would do without her. Lola asked if Sharon was going somewhere or if they were breaking up. Rey told Lola about Sharon's cancer. Lola was taken aback, but she immediately offered to help in any capacity that Rey or Sharon needed. Rey said that Lola had already helped -- the day he'd taken Faith into the kitchen at Society.

Rey told Lola that they were holding their breath, waiting to hear the results of Sharon's tests, and it was proving to be a struggle. Lola said she could make dinners every night, she could hang out with Faith more, and she would run errands. She told Rey to let her know what he needed, and she would do it. He said he'd get back to her, but just talking to her helped a lot. Lola said that whenever Rey needed her, she would be there for him.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Theo spoke to a buddy on the phone. He asked him to work his magic and get two tickets for a Broadway show. He said he would be taking someone with him to New York, and he wanted the trip to be special for her.

A short time later, Theo walked into the kitchen at Society. Lola said she needed to talk to him about the trip. Theo told her to ask him anything about it. Lola gave Theo his favorite empanadas and said it was to cushion the blow. Lola told him they had to postpose their New York trip. Theo asked if Rey had talked her out of it. Lola explained that she hadn't told Rey about their trip; however, Rey had a lot going on in his life, and she wanted to stay in town to be there for him in case he needed her.

Theo told Lola that the reverse was also true -- Rey would be there for her while she went through with the divorce. Theo said she was lucky that she and Rey were so tight. She asked if they could reschedule when everything settled down. Theo claimed that the reason he'd dropped by was because he'd also had second thoughts about the trip. He felt they should put the trip on hold because of her job, her life, and his workload. He said that when she was ready, they would do it right. Lola thanked him, and Theo left.

Outside the kitchen, and looking extremely disappointed, Theo sent his buddy a text message asking him to cancel the Broadway tickets.

Rey returned to Sharon's house, and he asked Mariah if she and Sharon had had a good chat. Mariah said they had. Sharon entered the room and informed Mariah and Rey that she wanted to go alone to hear about her test results. She said that Mariah and Rey had given her the strength to face it, but she had to do it alone. She assured Rey and Mariah that they would be in her heart, but whether it was good news or bad, she needed to hear it alone. Sharon said she needed privacy to allow her to react in her own way.

Rey assured Sharon that he and Mariah would be waiting for her when she returned. Sharon sat on the sofa between Rey and Mariah, and they held hands.

Sharon receives her latest scan results Sharon receives her latest scan results
Thursday, April 2, 2020

At Newman Enterprises, Nick tossed a file on his desk and flashed back to having sex with Phyllis. Meanwhile, Phyllis daydreamed about the same thing at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda spotted Phyllis and teased that there was only one thing that made her smile like that. Over drinks, Amanda doubted Phyllis' claim that scoring a new client for the hotel had put the sparkle in her eye. Amanda questioned whether the client happened to be the same guy Phyllis had composed the flirty text to earlier.

Amanda was thrown when Phyllis finally revealed that the man was Nick. Phyllis recognized that both she and Nick had thought nothing would happen because of their history and baggage. Amanda reasoned that everyone had baggage, and Phyllis cited the chemistry between her and Nick and the crazy fun they had as consenting adults. Phyllis added that they'd just had a very real conversation about what had been happening and where they both wanted it to go, and it seemed like they had the same place in mind.

Phyllis confirmed that she and Nick were doing it again for real, and Amanda said she was happy for Phyllis. Phyllis asked about what was going on with Amanda, and Amanda described how she'd been helping a teenage boy who was going through a rough time. Amanda mentioned that she was on her way to a meeting with Devon and Nate, and Phyllis pointedly asked how the handsome, sexy doctor was. Amanda maintained that she wasn't looking to get into anything, but Phyllis advised that it happened when one least expected it.

Phyllis promised to stop playing matchmaker, but she'd seen how Amanda glowed around Nate. Amanda ordered her to stop it, but Phyllis pointed out that Amanda wasn't being stalked anymore, so she could live her life. Phyllis encouraged Amanda to stop being a spectator and seize the day, and Amanda agreed to take it under advisement. Amanda thanked Phyllis for the drinks and pep talk, and she headed out.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki wished Victoria would reconsider something, noting that Victoria had just had a scare with chest pains. Victoria replied that it had turned out to be nothing, but Nikki warned that the cardiologist had told Victoria not to do too much. Nikki wondered what had made her daughter suddenly decide to go back to work, and Victoria explained that she'd asked Billy over to talk. Victoria continued that she'd told him that they would be only co-parents going forward, and she hadn't realized how badly she'd wanted him out of her life until she'd said the words.

Victoria stressed that she'd meant it when she'd said goodbye, and she felt completely liberated. She added that a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, and she'd slept better than she had in weeks. Victoria intended to celebrate by heading back to the office, but Nikki advised her to take it easy and only put in a couple of hours before committing to more. Victoria promised to think about it, and she headed out. Nikki looked worried.

Over the phone, Nick reprimanded an employee and demanded that a report be in his hands by the end of the day. He slammed the phone down and realized that he'd sounded just like his dad. The door opened, and Victoria cheerfully declared that the boss lady was back. He was shocked that she intended to take back the reins that day, and she suggested that he start debriefing her. She swore that she was fine physically and that she was in much better shape emotionally than the last time they'd spoken.

Victoria acknowledged that she'd been stuck in a trap of her own making, but she hadn't seen it at the time. She figured that misery had a way of producing clarity, and she'd had some big realizations, mostly about Billy. She accepted that they were completely wrong for one another and that it was time for her to move on, and Nick said he couldn't be happier for her. They hugged, and she apologized for taking so long to snap out of it. She proclaimed that it was time to get back to business.

Victoria peppered Nick with questions about the latest deal he'd put a bid on, but he suggested that they take a short break. She realized that he'd had his entire day scheduled before she'd sprung everything on him, but he insisted that it was fine, since he had no secret desire to keep the job. He relayed that someone had recently accused him of turning into their dad. He'd wondered if it was true when he'd listened to himself on the phone earlier, but Victoria had walked in like an answer to his prayers. He offered to stick around to help with the transition, but she declared that her first act as returning CEO was giving him the rest of the day off. Nick welcomed her back.

Once alone, Victoria looked around the office and sighed contentedly. She sat down at the desk and grimaced when she found remnants of Nick's breakfast, which she threw in the trash. She placed her hands on two stacks of files, looked up at Victor's portrait, and firmly stated, "Yep, I'm back."

Nick entered the Grand Phoenix and ran into Nikki, who was surprised to see him there in the middle of the day. Nick announced that the boss had given him the boot, and Nikki fretted that she'd only been comfortable with Victoria going to the office because he would be there. Phyllis watched as Nick insisted that Victoria was fine, but Nikki wasn't convinced that Victoria was ready to run a giant corporation again. Nick pointed out that Victoria had never been shy about asking for his help if she needed it, and he vowed to be there for her.

Nikki wondered what Nick would do with all the extra time he had, and he looked over at Phyllis and mused that he had plenty to keep him busy. He absentmindedly rambled on about some projects at New Hope, but Nikki could tell that he was distracted. She asked if he was there to meet someone, and she followed his gaze to Phyllis. Nikki begged Nick to tell her that he wasn't taking up with "that woman" again.

Nick joked that his mama had raised him not to lie. Nikki scolded that he had amnesia where Phyllis was concerned, since Phyllis had given him nothing but grief. Nick pointed out that he could say the same thing about his parents, and Nikki stressed that she was warning him because she cared about him. She expected that he'd soon be wishing that he'd listened to her. Nick joined Phyllis at the bar, and she guessed that he'd been weighing the pros and cons of their reunion with his mom.

Nick reported that Nikki had reacted as they'd predicted when he and Phyllis had put together the list. He argued that they were two adults who enjoyed each other and clicked, and they didn't feel the need to hide it anymore. Phyllis admitted that she kind of liked watching people's heads explode, so she put that in the pro column. They kissed.

At Society, Devon and Abby hugged. She groaned that she was jet-lagged after flying in the night before, but she hadn't been able to wait to tell him the news -- Colin had been caught. She explained that she'd gone to Europe with Chance to follow a lead, and he'd put together a team and set up a trap that Colin had walked right into. Abby reported that Colin was in police custody and would be extradited in a few days, and she gushed that it had been a rush to watch Chance in action and see Colin hauled away in handcuffs after everything he'd put Devon through.

Abby asked what Devon had been up to, and he shared that it was the official opening day of the free medical clinic. Devon added that he'd also been working with a young man who'd lost his grandfather, and he wanted to make sure the teen didn't fall through the cracks. He shared that Amanda had been a big help, both legally and with building an emotional bridge with the kid, and Abby marveled that it was the first time he'd said Amanda's name without steam shooting out of his ears. He confirmed that he and Amanda were in a better place, and Abby asked how Elena felt about that. Devon replied that Elena was great with it.

Over the phone, Devon updated Jill about Colin. After he hung up, he told Abby that he had to get back to the clinic. She planned to visit Dina at the Abbott mansion to share as many remaining flashes of memory that her grandmother had left as she could. Devon conveyed that the Abbott family was in his prayers, and they hugged goodbye.

Across the restaurant, Victor voiced surprise that Adam had called. Adam explained that he'd wanted to reiterate that the way they treated one another was the true test of their relationship, and it was their deeds and not their words that mattered. Victor wondered what had caused Adam's change in attitude, and Adam chalked it up to seeing the farm again. Adam added that seeing it through Connor's eyes had given him a new perspective, and he felt a contentment that he hadn't experienced in a while. Victor was skeptical that it was all because of a trip back to Adam's boyhood home. Adam questioned what else it would be.

Adam pointed out that things had been going his way for a change, since he and Chelsea were happy, and Connor was enjoying his new school. Adam admitted that he'd found himself thinking about the special bond he and Victor had once shared, and Victor pointed out that it had been because of Hope. Adam clarified that it was because of them, and he confided that he'd idolized Victor long before he'd known Victor was his father. Adam referred to the way Victor had of letting him know when Adam had pleased him, and Adam had been searching for that feeling his entire life.

Adam explained that it was why he'd seized control of Newman when Victor had been presumed dead and why he'd joined forces with Jack to take Victor down. Adam believed Victor loved it when Adam went to those lengths, since it was exactly what Victor would do, and Victor had always wanted Adam to be exactly like him. "Be careful what you wish for," Adam cautioned.

Adam noted that even as Victor had been stepping back from the company, he hadn't allowed himself to give Adam control for a minute. Adam confessed that it had nagged him that Victor had always summarily rejected him. Victor countered that Adam was distorting history, since Victor had welcomed Adam with open arms upon his graduation from Harvard and again when Adam had returned from Las Vegas. Adam conceded that Victor had told him everything he'd wanted to hear, but it had only been to get him back in the fold and under Victor's control.

Adam added that Victor had yanked everything out from under him and installed Nick as CEO, even though Nick hadn't even wanted the job. Victor thought Adam had "come to terms" with it, and Adam claimed that he had -- only they were his terms. Adam pulled out an envelope marked "confidential" and implored Victor to read its contents. Adam divulged that he owned an online news magazine, and he'd commissioned the article from a reporter friend who'd laid out evidence that A.J. Montalvo hadn't died from a fall from a barn loft and that his death hadn't been an accident.

Adam crowed that he'd decide whether the article saw the light of day, but he thought it would be a shame to waste the kitschy title, "Victor Newman, Murder Magnate." Adam hissed that he'd needed to force Victor's hand to get what he deserved, but he imagined that Victor had wanted him to do it all along in order to gain his father's respect. Adam prompted Victor to say how proud he was that Adam was just like him. Victor perused the article, smiled, and called it interesting reading, but he declared that it was full of bull, since Adam had no proof. Adam haughtily replied that there was enough to bury Victor.

Adam thought all that mattered was what Victor was going to do to stop it. Victor folded his arms across his chest and smirked. Adam taunted that he had the evidence locked away, ready to turn over to the police when he published the article. He asserted that he had proof that Victor had killed a man and bribed the coroner to claim it had been an accident. Adam anticipated that Victor would go to prison for the rest of his life, but he imagined they'd treat Victor like an elder statesman. Victor leaned in and asked what the terms were.

At the clinic, Nate prescribed medication to a patient and requested to see her back there in a week. Elena showed the patient out, and she couldn't believe how many patients they'd had in only a couple of hours. She thought that word was starting to spread, and it felt like they were part of the community. Elena excitedly recalled hearing their patients' stories and being able to give them hope. Nate smiled admiringly at her.

Later, Devon arrived and appreciated Elena and Nate handling everything. Nate contended that it wouldn't have been anything more than a nice idea if Devon hadn't put in the money and used his connections to cut through the red tape. Elena teased that an older female patient had offered to make Nate a homemade tart, and she suggested that Nate use his charm in his personal life. Nate claimed that he was too busy with work, but Elena suspected that the right person was right under his nose. Amanda walked in and exchanged a smile with Nate.

Amanda called Devon, Elena, and Nate angels for the help they'd given Jared. Devon swore that Amanda wouldn't recognize Jared if she saw him again, and Amanda imagined that Jared had seen that he had prospects and a future. Devon requested information on how many patients they'd seen that day, and Elena led him away to show him their records database. Nate suggested that he and Amanda sit down with Jared to coach him on how to look for a job, since his grandfather's store was closing. Amanda said she'd like that a lot, and Nate told her to consider it a date. She preferred to think about having a real date.

At the doctor's office, a nurse told Sharon that the radiologist would be in soon to explain the results of her ultrasound. Sharon waited alone in the room, anxiously flipping through magazines and staring at the clock as the minutes crawled by. The radiologist eventually appeared and announced that she had Sharon's results, and she compared Sharon's latest scan with the last one. The doctor's words became muffled in Sharon's head as she struggled to absorb the news.

Later, Sharon entered Crimson Lights and solemnly hung up her coat. She numbly lingered at the counter until she noticed that the condiments were a mess. She began furiously straightening things up and refilling the containers, but she snapped when she accidentally spilled sugar everywhere. She smashed the glass sugar container on the ground as Rey entered the coffeehouse, and worried patrons stared at her.

At the cottage, Sharon sent a text message to Mariah to ask her to stop by later. Rey handed Sharon a cup of tea, and she wailed that she felt "so stupid." Rey assured her that no one was worried about what had happened at Crimson Lights, and he wished he'd been at the doctor's appointment with her. Sharon recalled that she'd wanted to do it alone because she'd been determined to be strong, and he reiterated that she was one of the strongest people he knew. She reflected back on all the drugs that had been pumped into her and thinking that the chemo would be worth it because it would shrink the tumor, but it hadn't worked as well as they'd hoped.

Sharon cried that she had an appointment with Dr. Blakeley in a couple of days to discuss options, but she only had one option -- she was going to lose her breast. Rey calmly stated that she didn't know that, and he urged her to breathe. Sharon sobbed that she hadn't been able to hear anything the radiologist had said, but she'd seen on the scan that the cancer was refusing to go away. Rey pulled her into his arms.

Sharon resolved to not fall apart or let anyone else see her like that. She prepared to tell Nick to pick up Faith from school, since she didn't want her daughter to know what had happened at Crimson Lights or how everything had gotten to Sharon. Rey insisted that Sharon didn't need to be brave for them and that it was okay to freak out. He encouraged her not to keep things bottled up, and he urged her to scream, cry, and lean on them.

Sharon yelled that she didn't want it inside of her anymore. Rey reasoned that she'd known there was going to be surgery, so it was just the next step, and there was a lot the doctors could do for her. She whimpered that she wanted it gone, and he held her close and comforted her.

CLASSIC EPISODE: Victor and Nikki's first wedding (1984) CLASSIC EPISODE: Victor and Nikki's first wedding (1984)
Friday, April 3, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Young and the Restless opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of Victor and Nikki's first wedding, April 13, 1984. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps for The Young and the Restless dating back to the show's first episode in 1973.

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