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Victor handed over Newman Enterprises to Adam. Alyssa confronted Adam about not publishing her story. Sharon was relieved when her doctor recommended a lumpectomy. Phyllis arranged for Abby's hotel construction to be halted. Jack assigned Kyle and Theo a competing task.
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Victor handed over Newman Enterprises to Adam, and Alyssa confronted Adam about not publishing her story.
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Sharon receives bad news Sharon receives bad news
Monday, April 6, 2020

At Society, Chloe and Chelsea discussed the name for their new fashion company. Chloe suggested the name Chelsea 3.0, but Chelsea said she'd rather choose a name to reflect her current life situation. Chelsea had mentioned finding out by the end of the day that her life might change. Chloe mistakenly thought that Chelsea might be pregnant. Chelsea explained that Adam was working on a business deal, which could change their lives. Chloe replied, "Well, is it legal?" Chelsea wouldn't elaborate, but Chloe wouldn't give up trying to draw out the mystery. Chloe said she hoped Adam appreciated Chelsea's support. Chelsea said she and Adam were a team because they wanted good things for each other and refused to allow anyone or anything get in their way.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor stopped by to discuss an issue with Victoria. Before Victor could explain, Adam entered. Victor gave Victoria an envelope and said the contents would explain Adam's presence. Adam said he'd expected to see Nick, though it didn't matter. Victoria scanned the top page of the documents in the envelope and said, "What is this? What are you up to now?" Adam explained that his stepfather, Cliff, had died in an accident years before, though recent discoveries had made him doubt it was an accident.

Victor sat silent. Victoria glared at her brother. Adam added, "Cliff got himself into debt with a local loan shark, and an attempt to scare him away spiraled out of control, and he ended up dead. A few years later, the man responsible came after my mother, and Victor found out, and he had the man killed, and then he covered it up." Victoria replied, "And we're supposed to believe all this, coming from you, of all people?" Adam gloated that the dead man's daughter had written a story about the incident, and she was ready to publish it unless Adam was named CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor interrupted and told Victoria that Adam was trying to blackmail him.

Victor reminded Adam he'd been willing to hand over Newman to Adam when he'd first returned to Genoa City. Adam insisted that Victor would have never given him complete control of the company. Adam claimed that the only way to get what he wanted was to control his own destiny. Victor told Adam that the flimsy story wouldn't hold up. Victor stepped close to Adam and said, "You accused me of being a killer before by having some writer come up with a cockamamie story. It didn't work then -- ain't going to work now."

Adam told Victor and Victoria that Alyssa Montalvo had had a vested interest in finding out the truth and hadn't known where the facts would lead her until she'd spoken to the coroner. Adam said the coroner had finally admitted having accepted money from Victor to change the cause of death. Victoria didn't believe Adam's story. Adam explained that Victor could have bought off the man or purchased Hope another farm had she lost it. Adam grew cockier, and Victoria became even more angry.

Adam cried that Victor had had the man erased like something someone might scrape off the bottom of their shoe. Victoria replied, "You disgust me, you sick son of a bitch." Victoria told Adam he was trying to take down a man he'd never amount to in a million years. Victoria said she felt sorry for Adam and even more sorry for his child. Adam warned Victoria that if the story was published, Victor would end up in prison. Victoria told Adam he deserved nothing. Adam cried, "This isn't revenge. It's family justice!" Victoria replied, "Oh, poor Adam. Were you overlooked again? Were your little feelings hurt?"

Victoria taunted Adam and said he lashed out every time someone bruised his massive ego. Victoria turned to Victor and said he should have laughed Adam out of the room because Adam was pulling a sick joke. Adam replied, "Victor's not saying anything because he knows how serious this is." Adam looked at Victor and said, "So, do we have a deal?" Adam said he'd give Victor time to think, but he warned that he wouldn't wait forever. After Adam left, Victoria told her father he should have just ended it. When Victoria asked her dad if the story was based on lies, Victor replied, "I've got to tell you something."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nick told Summer that Sharon was battling cancer. Nick explained that Sharon had been receiving chemo for several weeks and would have to undergo surgery. Summer was devastated and asked if Faith knew. Nick said Faith knew, and he asked Summer to be supportive. Phyllis arrived. Summer was surprised to learn that Phyllis knew. Phyllis asked Nick about Sharon's scan. Nick explained that the chemo hadn't been as effective as the doctor had hoped, so Sharon would undergo surgery sooner than expected. Nick added, "This is a setback. It's not the end by a long shot."

Summer was surprised by Phyllis' strong reaction and said Sharon was lucky to have her support. Summer offered to help in any way she could. Phyllis told Summer to be available to Faith and be a safe place for her sister. Before Summer left, she apologized to Phyllis for assuming her mother wasn't sympathetic to Sharon. Summer praised her mom for being a good person.

After Summer left, Nick told Phyllis that he realized how important it was to tell the people he cared about how he felt, and he referred to the talk he and Phyllis had had recently. Phyllis was taken aback and said, "We don't have to define our relationship, do we?" Nick asked Phyllis to clarify, adding that he thought they'd defined their relationship.

Phyllis confused Nick when she asked him if he'd rather run away than bear the responsibility to taking care of her if she were to fall ill like Sharon. Nick replied, "That is exactly what I want -- is to have someone I care so much about that I will do anything for them." Nick asked Phyllis if she wanted the same. Phyllis replied, "Of course, I want us to be there for each other." Nick asked Phyllis why she was reacting as she was. Phyllis claimed she was late for a meeting and abruptly left.

At Sharon's house, Mariah and Faith learned from Sharon that the chemo hadn't shrunk her tumor, so her surgery would be more invasive. Mariah asked Sharon whether she would undergo a lumpectomy or something more. Sobbing, Sharon said she honestly didn't know. Faith expressed deep disappointment and suggested the surgery was a better option because the surgeon could see the cancer and remove it all. Sharon thanked Faith for being her cheerleader.

After Mariah and Faith went to the store, Tessa stopped by. Sharon thanked Tessa for forgiving Mariah. Tessa said there were more important things to worry about. Sharon admitted she was uncertain about her future, so it meant everything to her to know Mariah had someone to lean on. Tessa and Sharon were locked in a warm embrace when Mariah and Faith returned.

Mariah took Tessa aside and told her that Sharon's chemo wasn't working, so she would have to undergo surgery, though she didn't know how extensive the surgery might be. Tessa assured Mariah that both she and Sharon would make it. After Sharon and Faith brought out snacks from the kitchen, Tessa reminisced about her concert tour. Summer stopped by and joined the others to hear about Tessa's experiences. Summer suggested Faith accompany her to see a movie. Sharon insisted they all enjoy the move while she rested. After the others left, Sharon let down her fašade and slumped against the door.

Chelsea returned home seconds before Adam. Adam said that after he'd spoken with Victor, they'd both gone to the Neman building. Chelsea asked if Nick had been there. Adam said Victoria had returned as CEO and had become angry, insulted him, and accused him of lashing out to get revenge. Victor, Adam added, had been a different story, keeping his cards close to his vest, though he'd accused Adam of peddling lies. Victor phoned and said, "I'm giving you what you want. Newman Enterprises is yours." Chelsea was elated. Adam seemed somewhat surprised.

Victor refuses to confide in his family Victor refuses to confide in his family
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

At the penthouse, Adam hung up the phone and numbly turned to face Chelsea, who asked if it had really just happened. He couldn't believe that Victor had surrendered, making Adam the official CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam realized that there was no longer any doubt about what had happened in Kansas years earlier, and Chelsea noted that Victor wouldn't have given in otherwise. Adam imagined that Victor would have gone after Adam with everything he had if he had the truth on his side.

Chelsea asked if Adam was okay. He replied that it was a shock, but he would deal with it. She was glad that it hadn't been a long battle, and she applauded Adam for taking a risk and having it work out the way they'd planned. She thought they had to focus on moving forward, and he wished it was that simple. Adam recognized that his dad had folded because Victor hadn't had a hand to play, but he didn't expect the servants to follow suit, so he couldn't let his guard down.

Chelsea imagined that Victoria was beside herself with rage, and Adam thought that might work in his favor, since it would cloud his sister's thinking. Chelsea warned that Abby was very protective of Victor, and Adam considered Nick to be the wild card. Chelsea anticipated that the Newmans would accuse Adam of being greedy and power-hungry, but she knew it was about much more to him, since he'd had to force Victor to give him respect in order to find peace. Adam mused that sometimes he thought she was the only person who got him, and they kissed.

Chelsea returned downstairs after checking on Connor. Adam reflected back on how Simon Black had traumatized their son and the lengths to which Adam had been willing to go to remove the threat. Chelsea guessed that he was comparing it to Victor protecting Adam and Hope, and she asked if Adam was having second thoughts. Adam felt like a hypocrite because he might have made the same choice if he'd been in Victor's shoes, but he also knew that Victor would have leveraged the information the same way Adam had. Adam believed the rest of the family would never understand Victor the way Adam did, since they were exactly the same in many ways.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria ordered Victor to call Adam back to rescind the offer, since Adam had obviously paid someone to lie. Victor thanked her for her faith in him, but he cautioned that a lot of people would believe what they heard on the news. Victoria argued that the public would know the truth once they exposed the story as a fraud. Victor refused, noting that it would take a long time to recover if the story was leaked. Victoria noted that it wasn't like her father to back down from a fight -- especially one he could win. She demanded to know what was going on.

Victor urged Victoria to take a step back, since he was playing the long game. Victoria worried that a blackmailer wouldn't be content with one win, and she questioned what was to stop Adam from asking for more. She implored Victor to chase Adam back to Las Vegas with his tail between his legs. Victor advised her not to show emotion, but she wondered why he wasn't furious. Victor calmly stated that he had a plan, and he warned that displaying rage would be counterproductive.

Victoria huffed that she'd be hung out to dry and publicly humiliated, but Victor assured her that he adored her and would protect her. He figured that they'd just tell everyone that she hadn't yet recovered from her injuries, but she fretted that Adam would spread the word that she wasn't competent or stable enough to return as CEO. She testily assumed that Victor probably wouldn't fight Adam on that lie, either.

Victor encouraged Victoria to think about what was best for the company, and Victoria countered that they had no idea whether Adam intended to dismantle it. Victoria considered Victor's decision a betrayal of both her and Nick, and she pressed to know the real reason Victor wasn't fighting Adam on it. She wondered if Victor would rather see Adam sitting in the CEO chair instead of her because Adam was as ruthless as Victor was, and some part of Victor had been impressed with how Adam had bested him. Victor contended that Adam thought he was as ruthless as Victor was, but Adam wasn't even close.

Victor promised Victoria that she would be sitting behind the desk again before she knew it, but he asked that she abide by his wishes in the meantime. She preferred to fight side by side, and she accused Victor of treating it like a bizarre game of chess where he'd sacrificed the queen, yet he expected her to be ready for the next round. Victor confirmed that he was depending on Victoria's loyalty, but she thought he was confusing loyalty with something else. She added that it ended that night, and she stalked off.

Victoria entered the ranch and called out for Johnny and Katie. Nikki informed her that the kids were getting ready for bed, and she noted that it had been a long first day back at work. Victoria grumbled that it had turned out to be her last day. Victoria wanted the kids to stay there to avoid disrupting their schedule, but she refused to spend one more night in that house. Nikki was stunned to learn that Adam was trying to frame Victor for murder. Victoria revealed that Victor had ousted her and appointed Adam as CEO instead.

Nikki was appalled that Adam had betrayed Victor again, but Victoria had no sympathy because Victor could have sent Adam to prison after Adam had tried to frame her for attempted murder. Victoria ranted that Adam got whatever he wanted, leaving her out in the cold because loyalty meant nothing, and she couldn't take it anymore. Nikki begged her to stay to talk to Victor when he got home. Victoria huffed that her father could have worked with her to prove Adam was lying, but Nikki wondered if perhaps that wasn't possible. Victoria was aghast that her mother thought the ridiculous story might be true.

Nikki believed Victor, but she worried that the sordid accusation would stick in people's minds if it got out. Victoria countered that they'd survived scandal before. Nikki asked what Nick thought, and Victoria replied that Victor hadn't yet told him. Nikki bemoaned that it had taken years for Victor and Nick to finally be close again, and Victoria theorized that Adam had launched the attack to divide them. Victoria prepared to leave, but Nikki protested that Victoria's wounds had barely healed. Victoria agreed to stay at the tack house, but she swore that she wouldn't let it slide. She recounted that she'd made it clear to Billy that she wouldn't let people hurt her anymore, and that included her father.

Later, Nikki told Victor that Victoria had been angry and upset by what Adam was forcing Victor to do. Victor noted that Adam had Chelsea, a son, a beautiful home, and money, but it wasn't enough. Nikki wondered how much Adam's claims could hurt their family. Victor acknowledged that Adam had done his homework, and the reporter had written a "damn good" article about the incongruities of the investigation at the time, but none of it was true. Victor denied that he'd had anything to do with A.J.'s death.

Nikki asked how Victor intended to defend himself and take back control. He insisted that there was no need to worry, since he would take care of it. Nikki contended that it was bad enough that he wouldn't confide in their daughter, and she refused to let him push her aside, too. Victor appealed to her to trust him, since he didn't want to involve the rest of the family more than he had to. Nikki argued that they were already involved, and she shared that Victoria had moved to the tack house because she couldn't look at him.

Nikki questioned why Victor was caving in to Adam's demands, and Victor vowed to protect his family at any cost. Nikki found it ironic that he wanted his family to trust him when he didn't trust them enough to tell them the whole story. She stressed that he knew he could count on her to be there for him, no matter what mistakes he might have made. He reiterated that some things were better left unsaid. Nikki stormed out.

At Newman, Victoria packed up her office. She paused to glare at Victor's portrait.

At Society, Abby informed Chance that Devon had been blown away upon hearing that Colin was behind bars. She hoped Devon could put the ugliness behind him and focus on the medical clinic he was starting with Nate and Elena. Chance prepared to go see Jill to give her an update, and he asked if Abby would be at Society later. Abby planned to check in at the Grand Phoenix to see if Phyllis was coping -- or not. Chance wondered what Abby was up to, and she grinned mischievously.

After Abby revealed her plan, Chance chuckled and called her a bad, bad girl. She told him to have a nice visit with his grandma, and he inquired about hers. Abby lamented that Dina was a little down while adjusting to being back home. Chance understood if Abby had to cancel their plans that night to spend time with Dina, but Abby indicated that her grandmother had another social engagement that evening.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was on the phone with a hotel guest, who was irate because of the horrendous noise. Phyllis apologized for the dust and fumes, but she defended that there had been no way for her to know that construction had been starting across the street that night. She offered to discount the room and upgrade the patron to the other side of the hotel. The noise intensified, and she realized the customer had hung up. She slammed the phone down.

Phyllis apologized to a customer as he left with his suitcase. Abby snickered as she walked into the hotel, and Phyllis yelled over the construction noise that it was interesting that Abby had shown up that night of all nights. Phyllis reasoned that she'd never wanted to be a sleepy, quiet hotel but a party hotel for young people. Abby anticipated a problem when the party types were sleeping in and the construction began again at 5:00 a.m. Phyllis argued that there were city ordinances against performing construction work that early.

Abby sweetly announced that she'd arranged for a waiver of the restrictions after she'd informed the city council about how many jobs she'd be creating. Abby hoped Phyllis was ready for the competition, and she added that she'd told the construction foreman that his crew was welcome to use the restrooms at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis lectured that Abby was undermining her own interests by pushing people out of the hotel she co-owned.

Abby bragged that the impact of the construction on the bookings of the Grand Phoenix didn't concern her, since she was independently wealthy and could take a hit. She continued that she'd never expected Phyllis to make a success of the place, so she'd structured the deal so ownership would revert to her if Phyllis stopped making payments. Abby looked forward to knocking the whole place down to build a fitness center for her hotel guests, and Phyllis called her an entitled, self-centered brat. Abby claimed that she couldn't hear anything over the noise, and she walked out.

Over the phone, Phyllis called someone who had been very helpful when she'd been running Dark Horse. She swore that everything was going great, but the whirr of a saw drowned her out. She conceded that she had one slightly annoying problem, and she hoped the person might be of assistance.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill was happy to see that Chance was safe and sound. Chance assured her that Colin wouldn't escape that time, and he divulged that Colin had admitted to using her bank account as well as Chancellor's without her consent or knowledge. Jill cracked that maybe romance wasn't dead, and Chance hated what Colin had done to her. Jill confessed that it had been stressful not to know if Chance was safe, but it was also satisfying that her grandson had ended Colin's crime spree. She remarked that her husband had messed with the wrong family.

Jill pushed to know if Chance and Abby had had any fun in Europe when he hadn't been apprehending Colin, and Chance reminded her that he'd been trained to resist interrogation. Jill said he didn't have to answer, since she saw from his face that he was happy. He inquired whether Jill was seeing anyone, and she pointed out that she was still married to Colin. Jill added that she wasn't interested in getting involved with anyone, since she loved her life the way it was. Chance insisted that she deserved to be happy.

Abby had a drink waiting for Chance when they regrouped at Society. He had sensed that Jill had mixed feelings about Colin going back to prison, and Abby understood because she'd once had a soft spot for bad boys herself. Abby recalled that she'd then been with someone too decent, and it had been hard to live up to those standards. She felt like she had the best of both worlds with Chance, since he had values and integrity, but he was also the most thrilling man she'd ever been with. He hoped she wasn't expecting him to take her on an international manhunt every week, and she purred that their most exciting dates had been when they'd stayed in. They kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Theo gently reminded Dina that he was her grandson, and he proposed that they chat about books, movies, or the fascinating life she'd lived. He mentioned that he'd reread the section of Traci's book that talked about what Dina had done when she'd left town, and he admired that Dina had known what she'd been born to do and hadn't let anything hold her back. The doorbell rang, and Theo let Lola in. Lola greeted Dina, who looked at her blankly. Lola presented Dina with some flan.

Theo revealed that Lola was the girl he'd mentioned who had caught his eye. He thought he could use more of Dina's advice because he was planning on taking Lola on a trip to New York, and he envisioned staying at the Plaza or the Pierre. Dina perked up upon hearing the name of the latter, and Lola recalled that Traci had written about Dina staying at the Pierre. Theo crowed that the CEO of Mergeron had known it was the place to be, and Lola couldn't begin to imagine living such a glamorous life. Theo added that Dina had done more than imagine it, since she'd made it happen for herself. Lola saw where Theo got his ambition from, and Theo anticipated having a toast in Dina's honor at Pierre's bar.

Theo fed Dina a spoonful of flan, and Lola observed that it looked like a hit. Lola offered to teach Theo how to make it, but he warned that she was overestimating his kitchen abilities. Kyle quietly entered the mansion as Lola recalled that she'd seen Theo in action, and she suggested that he make Dina his pierogies. Lola teased Theo for using the recipe to impress women, and he bragged that he also made a mean PB&J and that he could grill a frozen burger. Kyle squirmed as he watched them flirt.

Lola spotted Kyle, who observed that it looked like a party. Theo invited Kyle to grab a spoon and join them, but Kyle didn't want his grandmother to feel overwhelmed by too many visitors. Lola offered to go, but Theo pointed out that they'd been enjoying their evening. Theo suggested that they send a text message to Kyle when they were leaving, and Kyle sternly requested a word with Theo. The men stepped aside.

Kyle argued that he was close with Dina, and he was asking politely for Theo not to be a jerk about it. Theo questioned who was being a jerk, since he and Dina had been having a nice time. Kyle barked that it was bad enough that Theo got in his face every day at work, but Theo was disgusting for using a sick woman to score points with Lola. Theo took offense at Kyle accusing him of using people after the way Kyle had treated Summer and Lola. Dina cried for "John" and "Stuart" to stop. Jack walked in and asked "what the hell" they were doing.

Theo walked Lola to the door, and she suggested that he leave with her and apologize to Jack in the morning. Theo protested that he'd feel like a coward if he left, and he expected Kyle to spin things to make him look bad. Lola left alone, and Theo faced off with Kyle. Jack returned to the room and griped that he'd had a "hell of a time" getting Dina to calm down, thanks to them. Jack lectured that he'd made it clear to them that he wanted Dina to live in peace and comfort.

Kyle and Theo both admitted that they should have walked away. Jack declared that he'd had it with them fighting in the office and in public, and he drew the line at them letting the garbage into his home. "Enough!" Jack bellowed, and he ordered them both to leave. He added that they would pick things up the next day at Jabot to put it to an end to it once and for all.

Jack presents Kyle and Theo with a challenge Jack presents Kyle and Theo with a challenge
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
by Nel

Traci arrived at Chancellor Media with a gift of things for the office. Traci appeared a bit stressed when she asked Lily how things were between Lily and Billy because she knew that Billy could be a challenge. Lily saw that something was troubling Traci, and she asked what Traci needed. Traci said that it was a difficult situation with Dina. In tears, Traci said that Dina didn't recognize them or her home. She wished someone had warned her what to expect. She said the clock was ticking, and the days were flying by. Traci said there wasn't enough time because so much had been left unsaid, and she wanted to know how to make peace with it.

Lily urged Traci to lean on Jack and Ashley -- or to write a book. Traci claimed her publisher had been pressuring her, but she couldn't focus on writing a book about fictional characters. She thanked Lily for listening. Billy arrived and asked Traci what was wrong. Traci said she'd needed a good cry over Dina. Billy and Traci hugged. Traci invited Billy for dinner, and he accepted.

When Traci had to take a phone call from her publisher, Billy asked Lily if he should be worried. Lily assured him there was nothing to worry about because Traci was strong. Lily felt it was the perfect time to bring Traci on board.

When Traci returned, Lily and Billy told Traci about their plans to serialize fiction online. Lily said they would release bite-sized chapters that targeted mystery, sci-fi, and romance. Traci asked if they wanted her to write the stuff, but Billy said he and Lily wanted her to run the whole thing. Lily said they would also love to publish Traci's next bestseller, and Traci could reach a whole new audience on that platform. Traci said she'd never done anything like that. She asked why Billy and Lily wanted her. Billy said that Traci knew good writing and good talent.

Traci told Billy and Lily that she didn't think the timing was good because she wanted to spend as much time with Dina as possible. Lily said they understood Traci's situation. She said that Traci could work from home and make her own hours, and it would be an outlet where she could channel her creativity and emotions.

Lily explained to Traci that they didn't want to make Chancellor Media feel corporate but more like it had a soul and a heart. Billy stated that no one had a bigger heart than Traci. Lily wanted Traci to focus on the possibilities and not the negatives. Traci said she had to think about it because there was so much to consider, but no matter what she decided, she thanked them for making her feel so good.

After Traci left, Lily asked Billy for his input. Billy said he'd never known Traci to make a bad decision. He said he felt good about it because he'd seen the light in Traci's eyes. Lily said that once Traci saw that the idea wouldn't take her away from Dina, she would realize what a great idea it was. Lily was happy that Billy was as excited about Traci being on board with their fiction division as Traci was. Billy claimed Lily had great ideas, and he had to admit that they were in total agreement.

At Jabot, Kyle told Summer that Jack felt betrayed by him. He said that he and Theo would be meeting with Jack shortly. Summer claimed that Jack would see that Theo had been trying to score points with Dina, and he wouldn't blame Kyle. Kyle stated that was no excuse for his part in upsetting Dina.

Lola arrived at Crimson Lights and sat down with Theo. He told Lola that he'd let Jack down, and he admitted that he should have left the Abbotts' when Lola had suggested it. He said he would keep his distance from Kyle while he waited to hear from Jack. Lola agreed that Theo had screwed up, but she was certain that Jack would be able to forgive him. She told him not to give up. Theo received a text message from Jack, and he left for Jabot.

Theo arrived at Jabot and told Kyle that Jack was on his way, and they would soon find out if he and Kyle had pushed Jack too far. When Jack arrived, Kyle and Theo tried to apologize, but Jack was angry and didn't want to hear it. He said that Kyle and Theo were family, and their routine had grown old. Jack said he wouldn't allow Kyle and Theo's toxicity to bring the family or the company down. Kyle claimed he cared about the family and the company, but Jack told Kyle to grow up and walk away before he made the situation worse. Jack stated that grown men didn't put their grandmothers in the line of fire, and he was happy that he'd arrived when he had.

Jack told Kyle and Theo that their actions had consequences. He told them to get ready to face theirs. Kyle and Theo agreed they'd screwed up. Theo claimed he and Kyle would work something out, and he promised that they would get along. Jack snorted and said that Theo had already promised that he and Kyle would make every effort to get along. Jack stated that Theo wasn't a man of his word, and he wanted to know why he would believe Theo a second time.

Jack turned to Kyle and said that his aggression and pettiness were beneath him, and he questioned whether Kyle was worthy of his position in the company. Kyle admitted that he'd shown poor judgment, and he should have thought of Dina and her well-being instead of his issues with Theo. Kyle stated that those issues had nothing to do with the running of the company. Kyle promised he would do better and focus on the company. Theo agreed with Kyle.

Jack told Kyle and Theo that Jabot would be going through a major transition. He said Jabot would be going back to the beginning and the reason John Abbott had created the company. He stated that it had become smothered by branching out and overextending. John had created a dynasty under one premise: elegance, beauty, and self-confidence, all of which could be achieved through cosmetics. Jack explained that expanding the fashion line had made sense when Ashley had left Jabot with her formulas because they'd needed to fill the void, but since Jabot had merged with My Beauty, the fashion line was getting in the way.

Kyle told Jack that the fashion line had taken off and was doing great, but Theo interrupted and said that it made sense to focus their energy on the line that had made them what they were, otherwise they were spreading themselves too thin. Jack said that Ashley was on board, and it was only a matter of making an announcement about it. Kyle felt it would be a PR disaster, and he couldn't imagine how marketing would handle it. Jack announced that marketing wouldn't be responsible -- Kyle and Theo would. Jack said that Kyle and Theo had seven days to come up with their own rebrand, and he wanted to see who would come out on top.

Kyle told Jack he was in. Theo claimed he had a couple of ideas to work with. Jack warned them he didn't want to be disappointed again. Theo claimed he wouldn't take that opportunity for granted, and he left. Alone with Jack, Kyle told Jack he wouldn't let Jack down, but Jack told him to focus on the task because everything else would be a distraction. Kyle asked if Jack was still angry with him. Without answering his question, Jack wished Kyle good luck and left.

Summer arrived as soon as Jack left and asked Kyle what Jack had said. Kyle said it wasn't about the job but about his father's respect. Kyle wondered when his father would believe in him. Kyle knew that Theo would do something underhanded, but Summer said that Kyle needed to fight fire with fire. She said that no matter what Theo did, it wouldn't be enough because Theo had to contend with her and Kyle. She said there was nothing they couldn't do together. She claimed she was Kyle's secret weapon.

Amanda arrived at Society and joined Jill and Devon at their table. Devon informed Amanda that Colin had been arrested, and Devon's money had been returned. Amanda congratulated Devon, and they exchanged a quick hug. Jill marveled at their closeness. She stated that previously, they hadn't been able to stand each other, but they seemed to be best friends. Devon warned Jill that it wasn't the time, but Jill claimed she had something to say. Jill said she wanted to erase Colin from her life and hoped that Amanda would accept her apology. Stunned, Amanda accepted the apology and added that it wouldn't be easy to erase Colin. Jill claimed she could get over anything, and she left.

Devon told Amanda he'd wanted to see her because he wanted her to work as his legal counsel for New Hope. Amanda said she would think about it. She told Devon about her date with Nate, and Devon encouraged her to enjoy herself. As Amanda was leaving, Devon looked thoughtful.

At Society, Lola received a text message from Theo asking if she was at work. She wrote back and asked if he needed to talk. When Theo arrived, he told Lola that he'd brought everything on himself, but Lola claimed that Kyle had been just as much to blame. Theo said that Jack deserved better, and he didn't want to disappoint Jack again.

Theo told Lola that he loved his job, but he was afraid he would be "tossed out on [his] ass." Lola didn't believe Theo's job was on the line. Theo claimed that if he didn't come up with an undeniable impact, Jack would have even less respect for him. He said the challenge was a test to see if he could be a leader, but he wondered how long it would be before he got the "this might not be the best fit for you" speech. He would wind up on the outside, looking in -- not just at work but with his family, as well.

Lola encourage Theo to use his motivation and come up with a great idea. Theo felt it might not be enough because the deck had been stacked against him. He said that Kyle was Jack's coveted son and the co-CEO. Kyle was the one that Jack had been grooming to be his successor. Lola stated that Jack was a fair man and would judge on the merits, but Theo said it would be impossible to beat Kyle. Lola told Theo to dig deeper because Theo was just as smart as Kyle, and Theo had it in him to be amazing. He needed to believe in his abilities. Theo said Lola had given him one hell of a talk, and he left.

Sometime later, Lola entered the main dining room with a take-out order for Summer, who'd been waiting at the bar. Summer commented that Lola didn't need to bring the order out personally. Lola asked if Summer had hoped they wouldn't cross paths. Summer denied it and asked why she would do that. Lola informed Summer that Theo had told her about the challenge.

Summer suggested that Lola talk some sense into Theo before he embarrassed himself, and perhaps Lola could persuade him to bow out gracefully. Summer claimed it was just a little friendly advice, since Theo listened to Lola. Lola said that Theo was ready to show Jack how good he really was. Lola said she would support Theo the same way that Summer supported Kyle. Summer picked up her order and left.

Jill rushed into Crimson Lights behind Jack. Breathless, she asked why Jack had been ignoring her. She claimed she'd been calling to him for about half a block. Jack apologized and said he had a lot on his mind. Jill informed Jack that Colin was in jail, and she'd filed for divorce. Jack offered his congratulations and told Jill that he was dealing with a situation between Kyle and Theo, and he couldn't have Dina exposed to that.

Jill informed Jack that she was going to St. Tropez, and she asked Jack to accompany her. Jack felt he couldn't leave Dina and that he had to keep an eye on Kyle and Theo. Jack said that when Jill returned from St. Tropez, the drinks would be on him. Jill rushed out for an appointment.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate and Amanda admired each other's attire before leaving on their date.

Kyle returned to the Jabot boardroom and discovered Theo working there. Kyle claimed he'd forgotten his sunglasses, but Theo asked if Kyle was certain he wasn't there to see what Theo had been working on. Theo claimed he had some great ideas. Kyle said he didn't need to spy on Theo because he had everything nailed down tight. He said that Theo might be blood, but he wasn't part of the family history, and Theo didn't understand what Jabot really was.

Theo said he had a fresh vision and could see what Jabot could be in the future, and that was what counted in the end. Kyle claimed they would find out what counted soon enough, and he left. Outside the boardroom door, Kyle appeared to be concerned.

Devon arrived at the clinic with lunch for Elena. Elena tried to tell him about Nate and Amanda, but Devon said he already knew. Devon closed the blinds, and they began to kiss.

Phyllis has Abby's hotel construction halted Phyllis has Abby's hotel construction halted
Thursday, April 9, 2020

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon informed him that she'd been about to close early, but she invited him to take a seat. He joined Rey at a table and asked if there had been any news from the doctor. Rey reported that there had been nothing yet, but he and Sharon were trying to stay positive until her scheduled appointment. Sharon decided that she should just call Dr. Blakeley, since the waiting was driving her crazy. She phoned the doctor's office and agreed to hold.

Sharon waited impatiently, and she wished that someone would just tell her what she was up against. She insisted that she needed to know if she needed a mastectomy, and she wondered why someone couldn't just click on a button and read the results. Sharon composed herself when someone picked up the call. She rambled that she knew it wasn't how things were normally done, but she didn't need to hear the news in person. She swore that she was more comfortable hearing it while she was surrounded by people she cared about in a familiar place, and she was ready for whatever was next. Her eyes widened, and she gripped Rey's arm.

Sharon relayed that the doctor wanted to stick to the original plan -- a lumpectomy with a lymph node biopsy to make sure the cancer hadn't spread. She was relieved that it hadn't been the worst-case scenario, and she felt that she could finally focus on what would happen next. Sharon continued that her doctor planned to email a pre-surgery prep list, and she had to arrange to take a week off. As Faith, Mariah, and Tessa entered the coffeehouse, Rey assured her that they had her covered. Sharon raced over to hug them.

Rey proposed that Sharon schedule coverage for two weeks off to ensure she bounced back strong. Nick offered to handle the business end of the coffeehouse, and Tessa and Mariah volunteered to shuttle Faith to and from school. Rey was sure that Lola would cook, and he intended to be the cleanup hitter to do anything the "coach" wanted him to do. Faith planned to take out the trash and clean, but she warned that her services had an expiration date -- as soon as Sharon was back on her feet. Mariah started a group chat on her phone to make sure "Team Sharon" went into full effect on the date of the surgery, including Rey as "Mr. Everything." Sharon lovingly remarked that it was what he was, and they kissed.

Nick led Rey to the patio and reminded him that he was there if Rey needed to talk. Rey confided that he and Sharon had put on brave faces, but he knew she was scared, and he was terrified, too. He continued that he tried to stay positive when they talked about the future, but the truth was that they had no clue what it held. Nick wondered if Rey was worried for Sharon or for himself. Rey assumed that Nick was pushing to know if Rey was thinking about leaving her.

Rey stressed that Sharon was more than the sum of her parts, and he called her goodness personified. He added that she made him want to be a better man, and he wasn't going anywhere without her. Nick observed the strength that Sharon got from one look from Rey, and he sympathized that it was hard on everyone. Nick reiterated that Rey should send a signal if he needed anything. Rey admitted that he'd been hesitant to take Nick up on it at first, but he intended to the next time. Nick mentioned that he had something to do, but it was best if Sharon didn't know what it was. Nick headed out.

Tessa recalled that she'd become somewhat of a goddess with the cranky cappuccino maker when she'd been a barista, but Sharon recounted that it hadn't all been smooth sailing. Tessa proclaimed that surrounding oneself with good people led to good things happening. Faith pulled Sharon aside to share some cookies, and Mariah gushed about how amazing Tessa was being. Mariah considered how close she'd been to losing Tessa, but Tessa firmly stated that the only thing that mattered was the present.

Mariah worried that Sharon was acting like everything was fine, but she knew her mother was terrified inside. Tessa observed that Mariah seemed to be managing well on the outside, but Mariah confided that she was privately thinking about every dark outcome. Tessa found one thing consistent in every possible scenario -- that she would be there in every single one of them, and it was the one thing Mariah could always count on. Mariah mused that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to her. Tessa started to propose a way that would make it even nicer, but Mariah cut her off by kissing her.

Tessa protested that she hadn't finished her thought. Mariah explained that she couldn't wrap her head around anything else until Sharon was better, but she wanted to talk about it when things were more grounded. Tessa pledged to sweep Mariah off her feet, and Mariah replied that Tessa already had. Faith returned to share her cookies.

Rey asked what was going on behind Sharon's pretty eyes. She shared that she'd never been more terrified or overwhelmed in her life, but she looked around and saw a lot of good things happening. Rey considered every minute they got to spend together a gift, and Sharon refused to take one second for granted. He decided to take more time off after the surgery, and he imagined taking a long drive along the lake, spending the day on a boat, and looking up at the stars. He warned her not to fight him on it. Sharon intended to save her fight for one thing -- and one thing only.

Abby entered the Grand Phoenix with a smug grin. She checked her reflection in a compact mirror as a man entered and looked around. She asked if she could help him, and he replied that she could do so by playing by the rules. He introduced himself as a code enforcement officer from the city, and he announced that he was shutting the construction down. An amused Phyllis looked on while sipping a martini.

Abby proposed that she and the officer discuss the issues and decide what to do. He coldly stated that she was missing work permits, but she argued that her lawyers and contractors had assured her that everything was in order. He brusquely wished her luck and headed out. Abby stormed across the lobby and accused Phyllis of trying to derail her plans. Phyllis feigned ignorance, and Abby vowed to build her hotel whether Phyllis liked it or not.

Phyllis marveled that she'd forgotten how quiet it was without all the noisy construction going on. Abby accused her of making a bogus report to the city, and Phyllis claimed that she was trying to help and not hurt Abby, since it had seemed like some workers were trying to cut corners. Phyllis advised Abby to make sure all her permits were in order, since the last thing Abby wanted was to be caught in a lengthy court battle. Phyllis sweetly suggested that Abby stay on top of it, since another inspection could delay construction for months. "You're welcome," Phyllis added with a smirk, and Abby stalked out.

Later, Abby returned to the Grand Phoenix with blueprints for her new hotel. Phyllis insinuated that she'd already seen the plans for the monstrosity, and she inquired whether Abby was building the hotel for the living because it had all the charm of a haunted mansion. Phyllis encouraged Abby to build a hotel that sparked joy instead of terror, but Abby retorted that she would never take Phyllis' advice. Nick walked in, and Phyllis suggested that he be the tiebreaker. Abby expected him to side with his sister over his ex, and Nick and Phyllis exchanged a glance. Abby begged them to tell her that they weren't back together.

Abby was appalled that Nick and Phyllis were really giving it another go. Nick argued that he didn't have to justify his actions. Abby wished she could stay to talk sense into him, but she had to deal with his girlfriend's sabotage. Abby added that it was nothing she couldn't handle, and she hoped she could say the same for Nick. Abby sauntered out, and Phyllis claimed that Abby had just been being dramatic to get his sympathy. Phyllis surmised that Nick wasn't there to talk about Abby, and she suggested that they go somewhere private. She led him to the elevator, where they began kissing passionately.

Victoria sipped a drink at Society's bar. Adam approached and suggested that she buy her new boss a drink, but she snapped that he wasn't and wouldn't ever be her boss. He compared it to how he'd never thought he'd be CEO of Newman again, but he'd kept the dream alive, and there he was. He clucked that it was a lesson to her to never say never, and he said he'd love to talk about her working for him if she changed her mind. She asked the bartender for the check.

Adam wished that Victoria would stay on, since he could find a position more suitable for her skill set. Victoria spat that she didn't want to be there when he tanked the company, but he expected to lead Newman to record profits. She told him that she'd already cleaned out her desk, and he was glad, since he intended to obliterate everything she'd done there. She shuddered to think what would happen with someone devoid of ethics in charge. He recognized that she was disappointed, but he thought she had to admit that he was their dad's true heir apparent.

Adam recognized that Victoria believed she was Victor's rightful heir, but he called himself "the true Victor." She countered that he'd chosen to call himself Adam, insulting their father and his legacy. Victoria considered Adam to be unstable, unreliable, and treacherous, and he countered that he was more like their father than any of his siblings. Victoria huffed that no one believed Adam except him.

Adam claimed that he was touched by the way Victoria had stood by Victor, despite all the evidence against their father. Adam added that Victor was lucky to have her blind devotion, no matter how many times she went down. Victoria declared that Adam had misjudged her, since she was never going down again, and she stalked off. Outside the restaurant, she answered a call, sighed deeply, and said she would handle it.

Billy wrapped up a call at Chancellor Media as Victoria arrived. She asked what part of their last discussion had made him feel that he could pull something like that. Billy insisted that he could recite their last conversation verbatim and had kept his distance, and he implored her to tell him what she thought he'd done. Victoria complained that Hannah had called her because Billy had been too busy to take the kids that day, and she lectured that he couldn't just cancel at the last minute. Billy defended that he had a lot going on at work, and he'd called Hannah instead of her because he knew Victoria had a lot on her plate with going back to Newman. Victoria revealed that she was out of the job she'd prepared for her entire life, and Adam was in, effective immediately.

Victoria ranted that Adam had lain low until he'd shown his true evil colors to get what he wanted. Billy questioned why Victor had let Adam get away with it, and Victoria implied that her father hadn't had a choice. Billy contended that there was always a choice, and he pushed to know how Adam had gotten Victor to betray her like that after she'd worked "damn hard" to get the job. Billy urged Victoria not to let Victor and Adam play with her life like that, and he proclaimed that it was time for payback. Victoria barked that it was her fight and not his, and she would make the calls.

Billy thought he and Victoria were on the same page. She countered that she didn't need his opinion or righteous indignation, and she reiterated that she wanted him out of her life. Billy assured her that he'd heard her, but it took time to adjust because he was accustomed to fighting with her, side by side. Victoria ordered him to break the habit, since she'd realized that she didn't need to rely on anyone but herself, and she could fight the battle and win it on her own. She stormed out.

Adam closed the door to Newman's CEO office and looked up at Victor's portrait. He crossed the room, removed the portrait from the wall, and set it on the floor. He sat behind the desk and victoriously propped his feet up on it.

At the penthouse, Chelsea was reviewing some sketches when Alyssa dropped by to see Adam. Chelsea politely informed her that he wasn't there, and Alyssa demanded to know where he was and why he was letting his father get away with murder. Alyssa pointed out that Adam had promised to publish her exposÚ. Chelsea reasoned that it was difficult to break a story about such a powerful man, so they'd needed to make sure it was bulletproof. Alyssa stood by the evidence she'd collected, and Chelsea contended that it just had to be run through a neutral party to exercise an abundance of caution. Alyssa was skeptical.

Alyssa wailed about what it had been like for her to live with her father's secrets until she'd finally shed light on them by finding proof of Victor's involvement in A.J.'s death. She felt that Adam was shoving everything back into the dark, and she questioned why he was doing that to her. Chelsea empathized with what it was like to have a father like Alyssa's, since her own dad hadn't had a problem breaking the law if it suited him, and he'd lied to her more times than she could count. Chelsea urged Alyssa to focus on moving forward and finding new things that gave her joy, like her next big project.

Alyssa couldn't fathom abandoning all the work she'd done and pretending nothing had happened, since it was her job to seek the truth, not shy away from it. Chelsea chirped that she and Adam had a lot of contacts, and she offered to introduce Alyssa to people. Chelsea insinuated that they could help if Alyssa needed money, and Alyssa incredulously asked if Chelsea was trying to bribe her. Chelsea swore that she was just trying to help.

Alyssa pointed out that she hadn't written the story for money or fame, and the truth was important to her. She added that she'd written it at great emotional cost, and she'd possibly put a target on her own back by calling a mogul a murderer. Adam returned home and was surprised to see Alyssa, and he asked if everything was all right. Alyssa grumbled that it was far from it, and he reminded her that they were friends and suggested that they get to the bottom of it. Chelsea explained that Alyssa had misinterpreted her efforts to help.

Adam laughed at the idea that Chelsea had been trying to bribe Alyssa. Alyssa countered that she'd worked like a dog on the article, yet she sensed Adam was trying to kill it before it hit the press. Chelsea told Adam that she'd mentioned the fact-checking to keep Victor's minions from pulling the story apart. Alyssa asserted that she knew when she was getting the runaround, and she wanted the truth. Adam admitted that he had no intention of keeping his word.

Alyssa assumed that Adam was protecting Victor, but Adam insisted that he couldn't publish the article online because the piece deserved a bigger platform with a wider audience. He thought it should be in a major national magazine, and she was shocked by the possibility that it could happen. He claimed that he'd just been meeting with some connections that morning, but he hadn't said anything before because he hadn't wanted to jinx it. Alyssa dreamily envisioned her byline in a well-known magazine, and she was adamant that there be no more secrets. Adam gave his word that the article would get everything it deserved, and he walked her to the door.

Once alone, Chelsea doubted that any of what Adam had said was true, and she warned that Alyssa would never let it go. Adam was glad that Chelsea had kept Alyssa in line, but Chelsea couldn't shake the feeling that she'd done something wrong. Chelsea anticipated that Alyssa would keep asking questions and pushing for publication. Adam remarked that his friend had become a liability, but he hoped that dangling money and fame would be the way out. He crowed that they had everything they wanted at the top of the food chain, and nothing was going to stop them.

Over wine, Chelsea recognized that they should be celebrating, but she remained on edge. Adam's phone chimed with a text message, and Adam learned that Victor wanted to meet at the office. Chelsea guessed that it was time for the passing of the torch. "Quite possibly," Adam replied, but he looked unsure.

At the Grand Phoenix bar, Victoria tapped Alyssa's shoulder and apologized for bothering her, but she thought they had people in common. Alyssa voiced surprise that she knew friends of Victoria's. Victoria replied that Alyssa might know them, but she cautioned that they weren't Alyssa's friends.

CLASSIC EPISODE: Neil and Drucilla celebrate their honeymoon in paradise (1993) CLASSIC EPISODE: Neil and Drucilla celebrate their honeymoon in paradise (1993)
Friday, April 10, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, The Young and the Restless opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode originally aired March 9, 1993. In the episode Nikki was torn between Victor and Jack; John was floored when Jill shared news of her unexpected pregnancy; and while Neil and Drucilla Winters enjoyed their romantic Caribbean honeymoon, Brad and Ashley (then played by Brenda Epperson) planned a surprise for the newlyweds. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps for The Young and the Restless dating back to the show's first episode in 1973.

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