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Adam started therapy with Sharon to try to recover his childhood memories. Billy hired Theo. Victoria publicly announced her intention to sell Newman Cosmetics to Jabot and Newman's media division to Chancellor Communications. Nikki became Newman's COO.
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Victoria announced her intention to sell Newman Cosmetics to Jabot and Newman's media division to Chancellor Communications
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Victor and Chelsea strategize to help Adam Victor and Chelsea strategize to help Adam
Monday, August 17, 2020

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea, concerned about Adam's depressed mood, assured him that there was nothing they couldn't handle together. Adam nodded after Chelsea encouraged him to have a little faith in himself and their family. Adam inquired about Chelsea's plans for the day. Chelsea offered to spend some time alone with Adam while the sitter, Jeni, took Connor to see a movie. Adam said he wanted to gather his thoughts before he headed out to take care of something. Chelsea left to pick up Connor at the Newman ranch.

Victor invited Chelsea to sit and visit after she arrived at the Newman ranch. Victor told Chelsea that Connor had gone to the stables to meet a new foal, which, Victor noted, fascinated the young boy. Victor asked Chelsea how Adam was handling everything. Chelsea told Victor that Adam wasn't sleeping well and seemed to still be in shock. She added that Adam needed time to himself because the revelations had been overwhelming. Victor asked Chelsea to tell Adam that his father was thinking about him.

Victor recalled how he and Hope had done their best to shield Adam from the truth about what had happened. Chelsea praised Victor for doing the best he could. Victor told Chelsea he was glad they were on the same side, despite his family's misgivings about his handling of the situation. Victor admitted how much he regretted that Adam had grown up without a father in his life because he'd given in to Hope's desire to raise Adam on the farm in Kansas. Chelsea and Victor agreed that Adam should leave the past behind and not reexamine all the mistakes he'd made.

Adam went to Sharon's and knocked on the door. Rey answered and coldly asked Adam what he wanted. Sharon told Rey to allow Adam inside. Adam told Rey that Sharon had told him it was okay to stop by. Sharon explained to Rey that when Adam had stopped by earlier, Nick had practically thrown him out, so she'd agreed to hear Adam out. Before Rey left, he told Adam not to overstay his welcome.

Sharon apologized to Adam for Nick's earlier hostile reaction, but Adam interrupted and said he'd stopped by to check on her. Adam apologized for not being more sensitive and realizing that she wasn't feeling well. Adam admitted to Sharon that Nick had told him about her cancer and her surgery. Sharon explained that the lesion had been removed, and she would undergo chemotherapy and radiation in about a month. Adam said he wished he'd known, but he'd been too wrapped up in himself. Sharon said she'd initially only told a few people, but she had grown to feel more comfortable including others. Sharon assured Adam that she would beat the cancer.

Sharon asked Adam why he'd reached out to her. Sharon told Adam she could see that he was really struggling after learning he'd killed a man. Sharon encouraged Adam to begin by sharing why the discovery had led him to question everything about his life. Adam said Victor and George, a farmhand, had told him that he'd acted to protect his mother. Adam admitted he was curious to know if his motive had been to get A.J. away from his mother or if he'd purposely attempted to inflict as much pain as possible to ensure A.J. would die and be gone forever.

Sharon asked Adam what he recalled that had seemed unusual at the time. Adam said he'd always wondered why he and his mom hadn't attended Mr. Montalvo's funeral, given that he'd been one of Alyssa's closest friends. Adam said he'd always believed it had been because Victor had been in town for a visit, though he finally understood that his father had been present for a completely different reason. Adam said he wanted to know the whole truth, though Chelsea thought it was best that he not remember the details. Adam leaned forward and asked Sharon if she agreed with Chelsea. Sharon said she didn't and added that Adam should find out everything that happened the night A.J. was killed because, otherwise, it would continue to eat away at him.

Adam asked Sharon if she was willing to help him. Sharon agreed to engage Adam in a few sessions to determine if she could put her training and experience to work. Adam admitted he was concerned about impacting Sharon's health. Adam requested that Sharon be discreet and not mention anything to Chelsea. Sharon reminded Adam that, ethically speaking, there was a lot of history between her, Adam, and Chelsea, so she wasn't comfortable with Chelsea and Rey not knowing. Adam told Sharon he'd consider her conditions. Before Adam left, he encouraged Sharon to rest.

Rey met up with Nick at Crimson Lights and told him that Adam had stopped by Sharon's again. Nick replied, "I told him to stay the hell away from her." Rey explained that Sharon had told him that Adam needed her help with something. Rey said he'd hoped that Adam was out of their lives for good, adding that Sharon had barely mentioned Adam's name since she'd ended her sessions with Connor. Nick noted that Adam always returned.

Rey expressed concern that Sharon might sacrifice her own well-being to help Adam. Nick recalled that Adam had once been a big part of Sharon's life, and it was in her nature to help others. Nick added that he hoped Sharon would consider what she was asking of herself and of Rey. Rey seemed apprehensive and said he hoped he'd be set at ease after Sharon was ready to discuss her role in helping Adam.

After Rey returned to Sharon's, she was resting on the sofa. Rey offered to help her upstairs. Sharon seemed wide awake and said she didn't need to sleep. Sharon asked Rey if he was ready to know what had happened with Adam. Rey held back his emotions and said he could wait until Sharon was ready. Sharon replied, "I'm ready now. We need to talk about my conversation with Adam."

After Chelsea returned home, she found Adam sitting on the sofa, lost in thought. Chelsea told Adam that she'd dropped Connor off at the sitter's house. Chelsea told Adam that Victor was worried about him. Adam said he already knew from listening to Victor's messages. Chelsea explained that she'd informed Victor not to expect a response.

Adam told Chelsea he'd gone to see Sharon and had asked her to work with him as a therapist in hopes that he might recover his memories. Adam told Chelsea he hoped she would understand. Chelsea angrily replied, "I understand that pursing this would be one of the biggest mistakes you have ever made."

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gloated to Abby about how serene and peaceful it was in the hotel lobby without the "loathsome noise pollution." Abby said she was aware that Phyllis had turned the construction site next door into an archaeological dig. Abby warned that Phyllis' victory wouldn't last long, despite the discovery of mastodon bones. Abby warned that she'd soon swoop in and take over the hotel after Phyllis failed at managing the property. Phyllis assured Abby she'd pay off her debts before they were due, thanks to her new venture. Abby replied, "What venture is that?" Phyllis told Abby that she and the rest of the world would know when Phyllis was ready to announce it. Phyllis spotted Chance and told Abby to join him.

Abby approached Chance and realized he seemed preoccupied. Chance admitted he had a lot on his mind. Chance asked Abby why Adam was out and Victoria was back in as CEO at Newman Enterprises. Abby told Chance not to say he was worried about Adam. Chance replied, "You said not to say it." Chance and Abby went to her suite to continue their conversation.

Chance checked his phone and told Abby he'd sent several unanswered text messages to Adam. Abby claimed it wouldn't be the worst thing if Chance never again heard back from Adam. Chance acknowledged that Adam wasn't her favorite person. Chance admitted to Abby that he wished his association with Adam wasn't such an issue between them. Abby apologized and said they should be able to talk about anything.

Chance recalled the way Adam had been in Las Vegas, sharing that Adam had saved his life. Chance said he felt he owed Adam his friendship, at least. Abby warned that Adam had been a different person and had since reverted back to his old ways after he'd regained his true identity. Abby added that the person Chance had known in Las Vegas no longer existed, so Chance should accept it for his own sake. Chance said he'd wait to see if Adam responded and take it from there.

Nick stopped by the Grand Phoenix to see Phyllis. Phyllis brainstormed with Nick and asked what he thought might be the perfect "escape day" for a woman. Nick contorted his face and asked, "Is this a test?" Phyllis said it wasn't a test, though the query related to an important project she was working on. Phyllis asked Nick to share any ideas that came to mind. Nick replied, "I think I can do way better than that." Phyllis begged Nick to share his words of wisdom. Nick said he'd rather show Phyllis his plan for the perfect escape. Nick added, "Why don't you come up to your suite a little later and prepare to have your mind blown?" Phyllis seemed intrigued.

Jack stopped by Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises after she summoned him. Jack immediately noticed that Victor's portrait was missing from its place above the mantel. Victoria explained that Adam had moved her father's portrait to the boardroom. Jack noted that Victoria had evidently been quite busy because she had not made time to restore the photograph to its place of honor. Victoria admitted there had been more pressing problems to address.

Jack mentioned the flood of announcements released informing the public that Victoria had recovered more quickly than anticipated, so Adam had graciously stepped down. Jack said he didn't believe for a minute that Adam had graciously stepped down after only a few days in power. Victoria explained that the truth about the abrupt change was on a need-to-know basis. Jack promised to let the matter go, but he warned that instability could take a toll on a family business.

Victoria agreed with Jack that the public needed assurance that Newman was back on solid ground. Victoria added that she planned to guide Newman into the next decade with a very strong vision. Jack was excited about the plans Victoria shared with him and said he'd be crazy to turn down a mutually beneficial arrangement. Victoria replied, "Then I will proceed as planned." Jack said, "Exciting time ahead." Victoria told Jack he had no idea how much she was looking forward to it.

Nick inspires Phyllis' new venture at the Grand Phoenix Nick inspires Phyllis' new venture at the Grand Phoenix
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Kyle arrived at Society and approached Lola at the bar. He awkwardly stated that he hadn't realized she was back from Miami, and he assumed that her new venture was already up and running. She looked away, and he softly welcomed her home, noting that the place hadn't been the same without her.

Kyle asked if everything was okay with Celeste, Arturo, and the baby. Lola enthused about how cute her nephew was, and Kyle inquired about the plans for the restaurant. She vaguely replied that there was always something to deal with when opening a new business, and he recalled how chaotic and exhilarating it had been when she'd been getting ready to open Society. Lola confided that Miami hadn't been fun, and Kyle offered a fresh take if Lola wanted to run anything by him.

In the corridor, Theo made plans over the phone to impress someone. He promised to take care of the person on the other end of the call if they helped him pull it off. Mariah approached and surmised that he was causing trouble, as usual. She reminded him of their talk about Lola, and he swore that the words had been burned into his brain. Mariah informed him that Lola was back in town, and she tried to convince him to let Lola get settled in before she had to deal with him. Theo crossed the room and welcomed Lola home.

A short time later, Mariah sat down at a table with Kyle, who was clearly distracted. She imagined it was driving him crazy that Lola and Theo were in the kitchen together, and Kyle admitted that he had mixed feelings. Mariah mentioned that she'd heard Kyle had gotten Theo fired, and Kyle replied that it wasn't like he'd thrown a party afterward. Kyle swore that he hadn't been trying to embarrass Theo, and he hadn't meant for word to spread all over town.

Mariah divulged that Theo had told her about it himself in an oddly real conversation, and she'd seen the other side of him that Lola was always talking about. Kyle conceded that he'd also seen that side before Theo had made it his life's mission to mess with Kyle. Kyle figured that things would be better with some distance between him and Theo, and he said he meant Theo no harm. Kyle added that if Theo made Lola happy, it was all Kyle wanted for her.

Mariah told Kyle how Tessa had turned down the opportunity to play at a huge music festival to stay there with her during Sharon's surgery. Kyle took credit for the two getting together, and Mariah scoffed at the idea that it had had nothing to do with the hard work she and Tessa had put in. "Speaking of work, how's Summer?" Mariah inquired. Kyle insisted that his relationship was going great, both personally and professionally. Mariah conceded that Summer had been incredible with Faith, and she'd actually been happy to have Summer around sometimes. Kyle referred to his thaw with Theo, and he supposed there was hope for Mariah and Summer, too.

In the kitchen, Theo told Lola about how he'd had a crisis of confidence, so he'd taken someone else's idea and pitched it, not knowing it had been Jack's presentation from years earlier. He shared that Kyle and Summer had set the trap, but he had fallen right into it. Lola was sorry that she hadn't been there for Theo, and he mentioned that he'd had a surprisingly good talk with Mariah about it. Theo shared that he'd also used his firing to figure some other things out, since when Jabot's door had closed, another window had opened.

Theo gave Lola partial credit because he'd heard her voice in his head, nudging him in the right direction. He said he'd missed her, and she admitted that she'd missed him, too. He inquired about her trip, and she called it a total disaster. Lola informed him that she'd realized that she had to cut her losses with the new restaurant, since the obstacles had become insurmountable. She pointedly added that it would never be what she'd dreamed it could be, and she wasn't going to chase something that wasn't working. Theo said he was sorry, but Lola insisted that she wasn't, since making the decision with that kind of clarity had been really freeing. She mused that she'd had to let the dream go to chase a new one, and she wanted to focus on her life there and dream new dreams.

Theo returned to the dining room and sent a text message to Billy, hoping to meet to run something by him. Kyle approached and inquired whether Theo had a minute. Theo cautiously replied that it depended, and Kyle promised that there would be no drama. Kyle said he didn't feel right with the way they'd left things, and Theo invited Kyle to gloat. Kyle recalled that they'd been good friends once. He didn't know how things had gotten messed up, but he wanted to own his part in it.

Kyle recognized that he should have handled things better, and he hoped he and Theo could put aside the hostility that had built up at Jabot and move forward. Kyle sensed that Theo hadn't really been happy there, anyway, and Theo agreed that it had been a mistake to accept the job. Kyle stressed that he'd meant it when he'd wished Theo good luck and said they were still family. Kyle recited Jack's words that family was forever, and he walked away. Lola joined Theo and asked what the men's conversation had been about.

Theo guessed that it had been Kyle's way of apologizing. Theo thought Kyle had been sincere, but he'd spent too much time worrying about what Kyle thought. He received a reply from Billy, who had some time to meet right away. Lola surmised from Theo's grin that it was good news, and Theo announced that he'd just set up a meeting with his prospective boss. Lola encouraged him to give them something to celebrate.

Kyle watched Theo and Lola together, and Mariah sensed that Kyle still had feelings for Lola. Kyle explained that he would always care about his ex, but he was relieved to see her getting over their breakup.

Phyllis knocked on her hotel suite door and called out to ask if Nick was ready for her. He let her in, and she heard the shower running. He reported that he was getting the bath to the temperature she liked, and she teased him for trying to get her out of her clothes already. She recognized a familiar smell, and she wondered if he'd put Pepe's Roadhouse in a bottle. He disclosed that it was a combination of essential oils scented with cactus flowers and eucalyptus. He announced that he was trying to provide her perfect escape, complete with her favorite bath salts and a hard-to-find honeysuckle candle. She marveled that he was off to a great start.

Later, Phyllis emerged from the bathroom in a robe and gushed that the hot bath had melted her stress away. Nick wanted her rested and relaxed for what was next, and he told her to check her phone. She discovered a message with a link to a paleontology-themed video game. Phyllis wondered if the game included an Easter egg that would unlock the ability to stop construction on Abby's hotel. Nick remarked that there was only one way to find out.

Nick and Phyllis playfully bantered as they battled against one another in the video game. She protested when he achieved a seemingly impossible goal, and she accused him of playing the game before. Nick figured that he'd had to try it out to make sure it worked on her perfect day. Phyllis committed to wiping the smug look off his face, and she declared victory when she won.

Phyllis couldn't believe that Nick had talked the chef into putting extra chili peppers on her chicken, and he asked how the dessert had been. She replied that it had been better than sex, quickly adding, "With someone else." She confirmed that he'd helped to prove that her idea about hosting the perfect fantasy had merit. Phyllis intended to start the Grand Phoenix Escape Club just for women, so every woman could feel like she did at that moment.

Phyllis thought she had the resources to tailor each experience to the individual woman, and she anticipated that people would pay a lot of money for it. Nick loved seeing her passionate and confident, since it was "sexy as hell." She thanked him for his help with the concept. He offered his assistance anytime he could make her feel that way.

At the cottage, Rey asked if Adam had upset Sharon, and she replied that it had been a heavy conversation. Rey revealed that he knew Nick had told Adam about her cancer, and he was livid that Adam had shown up there again. Sharon explained that she'd invited Adam over because he'd just found out about a traumatic childhood experience that he couldn't remember. Rey guessed that Adam wanted her to help him work through it, and he ranted that Adam was a "black hole of selfishness" for thinking his own problems took precedence over Sharon's health. Rey realized from Sharon's silence that she'd already told Adam she'd help.

Rey recognized that it was Sharon's natural instinct to help, but he argued that there were other therapists. Sharon countered that Adam was a very private person, and he would be too guarded to open up to a stranger. She added that she would have referred Adam to someone else if he was simply looking for self-improvement, but she couldn't share the details of his situation. Rey surmised that Adam had convinced her that she was the only one who could help. Sharon considered herself to be in a unique position to help Adam.

Rey worried that Sharon was still recovering from surgery and awaiting radiation. He contended that if Adam was really her friend, Adam would know she had to devote her energy to her own fight. Sharon relayed that Adam had offered to stop working together if it impeded her recovery. She swore that she wouldn't jeopardize her health because she knew what she had to lose. Rey was concerned that Adam would use her generosity against her and that she'd let Adam place his needs above hers.

Sharon felt lucky to have Rey looking out for her, and she understood his hesitation after she'd allowed her relationship with Adam to get between them in the past. Rey insisted that it wasn't jealousy talking, and he didn't think anything romantic was going on. Sharon sympathized that it hadn't been easy for Adam to turn to her, and he'd done it out of pain and not selfishness. Rey was more worried about her pain than Adam's, and he pledged his loyalty to her because he loved her. Sharon urged him to show it by trusting her to protect herself.

Sharon asserted that being a therapist was part of who she was, like being a mother or a business owner. Rey understood that helping Adam might take her out of her own head and the unknowns she was facing with her treatment, and he knew she got satisfaction from helping people. Sharon loved Rey for listening and really hearing her, even when it wasn't easy. He admitted that he'd had a kneejerk reaction, but he was trying to see things from her point of view. He hoped that she'd also see them from his, since Adam wasn't a random person who had turned to her for help.

Rey warned that Adam had no regard for other people's limits or boundaries, and he guaranteed that Adam hadn't considered the toll it would take on Sharon. Rey encouraged Sharon to think about the sacrifice she'd be making and to ask herself whether it was worth it. Sharon stated that she'd weighed the pros and cons, and she knew how to avoid the pitfalls of dealing with Adam's narcissistic tendencies. She asserted that it was a professional endeavor, and she'd have a head start on understanding Adam's psyche that other therapists wouldn't have.

Rey promised not to fight Sharon on whatever she decided. Sharon loved that she could talk to Rey about anything, and she loved the man he was and his faith in her. Rey anticipated that unearthing Adam's memories would be difficult for her, too, and he prompted her to lean on him if she needed someone to talk to. She promised that she would.

At the penthouse, Chelsea was stunned when Adam informed her that he wanted to work with Sharon to recover his memories. Chelsea spat that she'd poured her heart out to him and asked him to trust that they would get through it together, yet he'd turned to Sharon. He insisted that he needed help, and Chelsea retorted, "Only the type of help Sharon can give you." Adam pointed out that Sharon was a professional, but Chelsea argued that there were professionals with more experience. Chelsea suspected that it hadn't been the only reason he'd gone to Sharon.

Adam reasoned that it would take a lot more work to uncover his memories with a random stranger, whereas Sharon already knew his history. Chelsea bristled at the implication that Sharon had always understood him better than anyone else. Adam asserted that he felt comfortable with Sharon, and he would need to dig into his darkest thoughts and fears to remember what had happened. Chelsea questioned why he'd gone behind her back to seek out Sharon's help.

Adam pointed out that Sharon might not have been willing to consider it, and he hadn't wanted to mention it to Chelsea unless it was a possibility. Chelsea realized that Sharon had already agreed to help, and she groused that Sharon was ready to swoop in to save the day again. Chelsea complained that Adam needed Sharon, and Sharon loved to be needed. She was sure that it would be a mistake.

Adam insisted that he only needed Chelsea, since she was the mother of his child and the woman he loved. He continued that Sharon had found happiness with Rey, but Chelsea noted that Sharon's relationship with Adam had been the reason Sharon and Rey had recently broken up. Adam revealed that Sharon had refused to consider working with him unless it was all out in the open. Chelsea assumed that Adam wouldn't have told her about it if Sharon hadn't insisted.

Chelsea testily stated that she'd been nothing but understanding since she'd found out Adam had killed A.J., but Adam reminded her that she'd pushed him to accept it and move on when that wasn't an option. He swore that he was trying to do what was best for their family, and he had to get to the bottom of it so he could be the best husband and father he could be. Adam recalled that Chelsea had trusted Sharon's skill and patience with Connor, but Chelsea shot back that the situation was entirely different. Adam believed that Sharon was his best chance at getting to the truth, and he hoped Chelsea could support him.

Chelsea thought Victor had made it clear that Adam had been protecting his mom when he'd accidentally killed A.J. Adam argued that they didn't know that for sure, since they only had Victor's word. Chelsea was certain that Adam hadn't deliberately murdered someone because she knew him better than anyone -- even Sharon. Chelsea was adamant that he didn't need to retrieve his memories to be a better father or husband. She recognized that he thought remembering would give him peace, but she feared it would do just the opposite.

Chelsea understood that Adam was in a vulnerable spot, and she wished Hope was still alive so they'd have someone they could trust to confirm what had happened. Adam bemoaned that he'd do anything to have just a few minutes with his mother to ask her why she'd kept the truth from him. Chelsea was certain that his mom had wanted him to be free to live his life without any guilt because he had nothing to feel guilty for. Chelsea implored Adam to stay on the path Hope had put him on to be happy.

Adam didn't know if he could be happy when he'd be reminded of what he'd done every time he looked in Victor's eyes. Chelsea suggested that they start over someplace else, like they had in Paris. Adam recalled that Paris hadn't been right for them or for Connor, and he didn't think running away was the answer. Chelsea grumbled that Adam was going to do what he wanted to do, no matter what she said. Adam proclaimed that she was his future and his heart, so if she didn't want him to pursue therapy with Sharon, he wouldn't.

Taken aback by Adam's sudden change of heart, Chelsea thanked him for considering her opinion and trusting her. She figured that he was overwhelmed, and she was seeing things more clearly. She reiterated that there was nothing good that could happen from Adam delving into his past with Sharon, and it wasn't what he needed. Adam looked unsure.

Victor is furious with Victoria's bombshell Victor is furious with Victoria's bombshell
Wednesday, August 19, 2020
by Nel

Chelsea arrived at Sharon's to say that Sharon wouldn't be helping Adam because the memories would be too painful for him. Sharon asked why Chelsea was telling her and not Adam. Chelsea warned Sharon not to read anything into that. She said it had been a mutual decision and the best choice for their family, and Sharon needed to respect that. Chelsea said that if Adam remembered what had happened, she had no idea what those memories would do to him. Sharon suggested that with professional guidance and support, Adam might find the revelation healing.

Chelsea told Sharon that Adam wasn't going to be a test case in Sharon's textbook nor was he going to be Sharon's opportunity to showcase her expertise. Chelsea said that when it came to Adam, she alone was the expert because she saw how Adam suffered daily. She said Adam needed a break, and he needed to leave the past in the past. She said that Adam remembering what he'd done to A.J. would destroy him. She stated that Adam needed to focus on what was good in his life.

Sharon asked Chelsea what would happen if Adam's memories came rushing back one day when he least expected it. She said that it had happened before, when Adam had returned from Vegas; he'd spoken with Billy and Victoria and learned about some of the things he'd done. Chelsea claimed his memory had returned after he'd been shot. Sharon said that Adam had begun remembering bits and pieces prior to the shooting, but he still hadn't remembered anything about A.J. Montalvo's death.

Sharon asked Chelsea if Adam would be better off if he had someone to help him remember, but Chelsea claimed that Adam was on the edge and couldn't take any more pressure. At that moment, Chelsea received a call from Adam warning her that Victoria was about to hold a press conference. He suggested that she be prepared for Victoria because he thought she would expose him for killing A.J. Montalvo.

Chelsea was suddenly in a panic. She told Sharon about Victoria's press conference and that Victoria might expose Adam. She said she had to pick up Connor and head home before Victoria exposed Adam. While Chelsea rambled, Sharon found the livestream to Victoria's press conference. They both watched. Chelsea prayed that Victoria wouldn't expose Adam.

The doorbell rang at the penthouse. Adam checked to see who was at his door, and he hesitated before he reluctantly opened the door to Victor. Victor asked how Adam was doing. Adam claimed there was no simple answer. Victor said he knew George had confirmed everything he'd told Adam about the night of A.J.'s death. Adam said he still didn't remember anything. Victor said that was good because his brain was protecting him -- it was a coping mechanism, and Victor felt that it was the best thing for Adam.

Adam told Victor that he couldn't move on because Nick and Victoria knew that he'd killed A.J., but Victor told him not to worry because he would take care of Nick and Victoria. Adam said that Nick and Victoria couldn't be happy that Victor had hidden that secret about him from them for all that time.

At that moment, Victor received a call from Nikki informing him about Victoria's press conference. Victor asked Nikki to contact Victoria to make sure Victoria didn't expose Adam. Adam found the livestream of the press conference. Adam and Victor watched it together.

At the Abbotts', Traci told Jack that she had to find the old movies because she wanted to give Dina back some of her past and something to hold onto. She just wanted to give Dina some of her life back. Jack claimed he'd searched the house and hadn't been able to find anything. Talk turned to the Newmans. Traci said she hoped that with Adam out of Newman Enterprises and Victoria back as CEO, the family could finally come together. Jack said that Victoria was about to make a move that would solidify her position.

Jack had just mentioned Victoria when he received a call from her. She assured Jack that everything was on track, but she had a few more things she needed to do. Jack told her he was ready, and she knew where to reach him. After he ended the call with Victoria, Jack told Traci he needed to go for a walk.

After Jack left, Abby arrived. Traci told Abby that Dina had remembered John's old camera and explained that Dina had written Bixby on a note pad. Traci told Abby about the home movies and that she and Jack had been searching the house for them, to no avail. She asked if Abby wanted to help her check upstairs again, and if the movies weren't there, then they were stuck. Abby smiled and said "Not necessarily."

Abby told Traci that when she'd lived with Dina in Paris, she had seen some old boxes containing family photo albums and some of John's things. Traci made a phone call and spoke to a friend in Paris. She asked them to have the boxes sent to the Abbott address. After she ended the call, she told Abby that the movies might not be there, but they had to check. Traci and Abby were excited and optimistic.

Victoria entered Chancellor Media, and Billy greeted her. He congratulated her on being reinstated as CEO of Newman. He hoped she'd given herself a big raise. He said that Victoria had every right to be angry with Victor. First, she had been removed as CEO and Adam had been put in, and a short time later, Adam had been out as CEO and she'd been back in. Victoria said that things had changed since then, and she asked Billy to close the door. She explained why she was there. Billy commented that she was taking a huge risk with her proposal. Victoria suggested that he discuss it with Lily, but she knew they would say yes.

Billy called Amanda and told her what Victoria had planned. Amanda had reservations, and she asked Billy to request more time to discuss the plan in detail, but Billy said that Victoria had to have an answer within the hour. Billy understood that such an opportunity wouldn't come up again. He was strongly in favor of proceeding with Victoria's plan, but he needed Amanda's advice. He acknowledged that it would bring on a Newman war.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Nick arrived pushing a hotel cart filled with all of Phyllis' breakfast favorites. Nick said he wanted to create the perfect escape for her, and when she launched her new project, he didn't want to be included. Nick received a call from a reporter. Annoyed, he told the reporter he had no idea what the reporter was talking about and disconnected the call. Phyllis suggested that Nick stay with her all day. Nick said he should take her advice, but he had to know what was going on. He left.

At Newman, Nikki entered Victoria's office and questioned her about the press conference. She warned Victoria about revealing personal family business. She said that Victoria needed to think it through before she revealed any personal family issues. Nikki said if Victoria did, it would cause Victor terrible legal problems and ruin the Newman reputation. Victoria said she had to meet with her guests. Nikki begged Victoria to postpone the press conference and to discuss it with the family first, but Victoria said she was running Newman and would do what was best for the company and the family. She told Nikki that she wouldn't change her mind.

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Nick met with Nikki. Nikki asked him if he had any idea what Victoria's press conference was about. She hoped it wouldn't be about Adam. Nick asked if Victor had roped Nikki into protecting Adam, as well. Nikki said no, and she wondered if Victoria would take out her revenge against Adam at the press conference. Nick said that Victoria had all the leverage, but he didn't believe she would take out her revenge at the press conference. They both watched the press conference on their phones.

The residents of Genoa City watched as Victoria began her press conference from the Newman office. She announced that she was officially the CEO of Newman and that she was proud to head up such an incredible executive team. She said that Victor had taught her about leadership, that it meant accountability and asking the tough questions that were necessary when they strayed too far from core values. She introduced Jack Abbott, CEO of Jabot, and Billy Abbot of Chancellor Media. She said she wanted to streamline Newman operations. She said that Jabot would purchase Newman Cosmetics, and Chancellor Media would acquire Newman Media. Similar divestments were in the works, and the details would be made public as soon as they were finalized.

In the lobby of the Grand Phoenix, Nikki told Nick they knew why Victoria had been so secretive. Nick said Victoria knew that Victor would furious over it.

At Sharon's, Chelsea and Sharon watched Victoria's press conference. Chelsea was relieved that Victoria hadn't mentioned Adam. Sharon stood and held the side of her breast. Chelsea asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon informed Chelsea that she'd recently had breast cancer surgery, and the incision was tender.

Chelsea was shocked. She said she was sorry to hear about Sharon's cancer and that she was stunned that under the circumstances, Sharon would take on Adam's issues. Sharon said she knew how important it was to Adam. She said that Adam had approached her because she knew him and because he knew he had to face his situation head on. Sharon said that should have been an indication to Chelsea of how important it was for Adam to have support with his decision to regain his memory of that night.

At the penthouse, Adam told Victor that Victoria was going to expose him. However, as the press conference went on, Adam and Victor realized he wasn't going to be mentioned. Adam told Victor that Victoria was calling the shots, and there wasn't a damned thing they could do about it. Victor smirked and said, "We'll see about that."

A short time later, Victor arrived in the Newman office and asked Victoria what she was doing selling off pieces of his company and why she'd sold them to, of all people, Jack and Billy Abbott. He asked if it was Victoria's way of paying him back. He suggested that she get over it. Victoria said they would be receiving top dollar for those divisions, and they were worth more to Jack and Billy than to Newman. She told Victor to take care of Adam, and she would take care of the company.

Victor reminded Victoria that he was still chairman, and he warned her that she was playing with fire. He asked which other divisions she had on the block. Victoria claimed it was premature to discuss it. Nikki arrived and said there was a reporter waiting for Victoria. Victoria said she'd better not keep the press waiting, and she left.

Nikki told Victor she'd been able to hear him and Victoria arguing as she'd exited the elevator. Victor said he didn't care who heard them because he was furious. Nikki said she was happy that Victoria hadn't exposed Adam.

Nick returned to Phyllis' suite. Phyllis told Nick that she would have given anything to have seen Victor's face. Phyllis asked Nick how Victoria had found her way back to the big chair and suggested Victoria had to have had a secret weapon to have gotten away with what she'd done. Nick said he wouldn't get into details with Phyllis, but he stated that Victoria had learned that she would never earn Victor's respect.

Chelsea returned to the penthouse and apologized to Adam for not being with him during Victoria's press conference. Adam told Chelsea that he's watched it with Victor. Adam realized that Victor had always been protective of him. Adam said he'd been thinking a lot about Hope, and he realized that he'd probably missed a lot of signs that Hope had displayed. Chelsea told Adam that she'd been to see Sharon, and she'd changed her mind. She said if it was important for Adam to recover his memory, she was all for it. If he was brave enough to face it, she could, as well.

Adam begins his therapy sessions with Sharon Adam begins his therapy sessions with Sharon
Thursday, August 20, 2020
by Nel

At home, Sharon had been looking out the window and appeared to be deep in thought when Rey entered the room and asked how she'd slept. Sharon said that rather than stress about her pathology report, she'd decided to get up. She told Rey that Adam would arrive soon. Rey said he knew that Sharon would be successful with Adam, but he would have preferred for Adam to go to one of the many other professionals in Genoa City to help him. Rey assured Sharon he was okay with her helping Adam, but her sessions with him would be intense. Rey was worried that they might be more taxing on her than she realized.

Sharon assured Rey that she would protect herself. Rey wanted her to be sure to put her health needs before Adam's. He didn't want her to sacrifice her health. Sharon assured him she knew her limitations. Rey wasn't happy when he left for work.

At the penthouse, Chelsea asked how Adam felt. He said he was anxious, but he needed to know about the day of A.J. Montalvo's death and why he'd killed him. He hoped he would get some answers later that day. Chelsea warned him not to put undue pressure on himself and not to expect immediate results. Adam said he'd be fine, but he couldn't do it without Chelsea and her support.

At the Abbotts', Traci had been looking through the boxes sent from Paris when Jack entered the room. Traci told Jack that a friend of hers in Paris had sent the boxes to her, and she was hoping to find the movie reel. Jack said he wanted to know why that movie was so important to Dina. Traci invited Jack to help her look through the boxes, but Jack stated he had a breakfast meeting.

Jack and Traci discussed Victoria's press conference and Jabot purchasing Newman Cosmetics. Jack was thrilled, and he believed that Ashley was as thrilled as he was. Traci suggested that they celebrate later.

Traci continued to search the boxes, and she assured Jack that she wouldn't get her hopes up about finding the movie reel. Jack felt that Dina might not know what she was watching. Traci stated that something in that home movie mattered to Dina, and perhaps watching it might give Dina some peace. A short time after Jack left, Traci found the movie reel.

At the ranch, Nikki greeted Victor with a cheery good morning, but Victor grumbled about Victoria's press conference being the headline in the paper -- and to add insult to injury, there was a photo of Jack and Billy shaking hands. Nikki tried to smooth out his ruffled feathers by telling him that Victoria would take all that money from selling the two divisions and put it into the core company. Victor wasn't going to be appeased. He continued to gripe and stated that Victoria should never have sold those divisions, and he should have been consulted. He felt it was payback for the way he'd handled the Adam situation.

Nikki told Victor that what had been done was done, and he had to remember that they were a family. Agitated, Victor said he was going for a ride. Nikki thought it was a great idea. After Victor left, Nikki received a call from Victoria asking Nikki to meet her at Newman to discuss some unfinished business.

Chance and Abby arrived at the park, and they discussed Victoria's big announcement. Abby told him she didn't want to get caught in the middle of whatever was brewing between Victoria, Victor, and Adam. She said she would talk to Jack and find out what was going on because she didn't want to go to the source and poke the bear.

Chance said that he was concerned about Adam. Abby said that Adam had changed after he'd returned from Vegas and that chaos followed him wherever he went. Chance disagreed and stated that he didn't buy that the man he'd befriended in Vegas no longer existed. He said that Adam had had his back and that Adam had saved his life. He didn't believe that those traits had vanished because of circumstances.

Abby said that Chance and Adam's experience had brought them together as friends. She said that Chance was the expert at meeting people, and she got why he wanted to reach out to Adam. She respected that. She smiled and said that she and Chance had a good thing going, and she had no intention of damaging that.

Adam arrived at Sharon's, and he asked how she was feeling. Sharon thanked him for asking and said she was fine. They sat down, and Sharon said they would only start with having a conversation. She began with an overview of the situation. She stated that at the age of eleven, Adam had had an incident that he didn't remember.

Sharon asked Adam what time of the year it had been. Adam responded that it had been springtime. She asked what he remembered about the farm in springtime. Adam described that it had been his favorite time of the year because it was a time of rebirth, when everything began to bloom. He mentioned the crocus was the first flower to bloom and that Hope had loved the tulips because the petals felt like velvet.

Sharon asked Adam to describe a typical day at the farm. He said he'd fed the animals and pitched hay, and they'd had chickens and he'd collected the eggs. He said that even then, he'd known that he'd wanted a different life from farming. Sharon asked how he'd gotten to school. Adam said he'd walked the long road to the bus stop alone. He said times had been different then, and he'd been safe. He said school had been easy, he'd liked his teachers, and he'd loved sports; however, he'd always counted the minutes until he could be out of school and with his friends.

Adam told Sharon that he when he'd returned home from school, Hope would be right there as soon as the door closed behind him. She would make him a snack and ask about his day. He said he'd done his homework while Hope had prepared their dinner. Hope had liked routine. Sharon asked if there had been a break in their routine on the day of A.J.'s death. Adam said everything had been normal. He couldn't recall anything about A.J.'s death, but he'd been really sad for Alyssa, A.J.'s daughter, because her dad had died. Alyssa had missed school, but he'd never missed a day.

Adam told Sharon that Hope had baked a pie and that she'd sent it to the Montalvo home on the day of A.J.'s funeral. He recalled sitting at the kitchen table and the smell of the pie. He recalled thinking how nice it was of Hope to do that. He hadn't had a sense that anything had been wrong. Slightly agitated, Adam stood up and asked how that was possible. He'd killed a man. There had to be something to open the door to his memory. Sharon assured him it would happen when his mind was ready. Adam claimed he was ready.

Adam told Sharon that, at home, there hadn't been anything unusual about A.J.'s death. Adam felt he was doing something wrong, and he asked Sharon if there was anything that they could use to jog his memory. Sharon assured him it would happen. Sharon told Adam that they'd done enough for that session. Adam apologized for taxing her. Sharon told him they would have another session soon. Adam said he was more grateful for Sharon's help than he could say, and he left.

A short time later, Rey arrived home and was happy when he found Sharon fast asleep on the sofa.

Nikki arrived at the Newman office and advised Victoria not to sell the real estate division. Victoria said she had no intention of selling it, but she wanted to discuss her vision for Newman with Nikki. She told Nikki that she needed a COO, someone who could step into that role immediately, and someone who didn't need any training. She asked Nikki to step into the role of COO. Victoria said that Nikki would have a much bigger voice. Nikki asked if Victor would also have a bigger voice, but Victoria said it wasn't his concern.

Nikki chastised Victoria for selling off pieces of the company without warning and without consultation with Victor. Victoria said she was in charge, she believed that Nikki would be great in that position, and she had great respect for Nikki. She said that Victor would claim that she'd invited Nikki into the inner circle to get back at him, but she knew that Nikki would make her own decisions. Victoria said that Newman would have two strong women running the company, and she asked if Nikki was in or out.

Chance arrived at the penthouse and told Chelsea he was there to see Adam because he was concerned about him. He said he'd left several messages for Adam, but Adam hadn't responded to any of them. Chance said he hadn't forgotten who his friends were. He mentioned that it had to have been difficult for Adam when he'd been CEO of Newman and then been out almost as quickly as he'd assumed the role. He asked Chelsea how bad things had become with Adam. Chelsea said she wouldn't discuss Adam's personal business with Chance.

Chance told Chelsea that when he'd found Adam in Vegas, he'd made the choice to keep quiet about Adam's identity. He said that Adam had been happy, and Chance had made the choice to live and let live. He said that he and Adam had looked out for each other. He said he wouldn't be standing there if it hadn't been for Adam because Adam had saved his life. Chance said he didn't know what was going on with Adam, and he didn't want to pry, but if Adam needed a friend that he could trust and rely on, Chance would be there for him.

At Society, Abby spotted Jack, and they briefly spoke about Victoria's press conference. Abby was convinced that Victoria was getting back at Victor. Jack agreed, but he said that Victoria appeared to be fired up about being in charge and making a statement. At that moment, Jack received a text from Traci. He smiled and asked Abby to go home with him.

When Jack and Abby arrived at the Abbotts', Traci said she'd found the movie reel, and she had everything set up for them to watch. Jack suggested they view it before Dina to see why it was so important to her.

The movie appeared to be about the day that Dina had arrived home from the hospital after Jack had been born. Jack appeared to be extremely touched, and Traci just smiled.

After Dina had seen the home movie, Jack entered the living room, and Abby asked how Dina was. Jack said that she was resting. Traci commented on how connected Dina had been with the movie. Jack agreed, but he was disappointed that Dina had shut down as soon as it had ended. He stated that he'd been moved when he'd seen the movie. Traci said that John had been very proud, but she wondered why Dina had wanted to see it.

Jack told Traci that Dina hadn't wanted them to see the movie but to hear John's words of wisdom -- that love and family were all that really mattered -- and Dina wanted to make sure that they all remembered that.

Nikki returned to the ranch and asked Victor about his ride. He said he felt better, but it hadn't changed a thing. He said that betrayal was still betrayal. He asked where Nikki had been. She told Victor that she'd been to see Victoria, who had asked her to be COO of Newman, and that she had accepted.

Victor congratulated Nikki and said that she would make a great COO. He considered it good news, because with Nikki working alongside Victoria, he would always know what was going on. Nikki said he wouldn't because she had no intention of being his eyes and ears. She said she would do her job, but she wouldn't take sides. Victor said that the time would come when she would have to choose a side.

Adam returned home and told Chelsea that he'd had great expectations, but he still had no memory of the event. Chelsea understood that he was disappointed, but he needed time. She suggested that perhaps he shouldn't be in therapy. Adam was adamant that he was going to regroup and continue with the sessions because he wanted the whole ugly truth.

Billy makes a hiring decision about Theo Billy makes a hiring decision about Theo
Friday, August 21, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Nick asked Kyle if he'd talked to Summer about how her trip to Chicago was going. Kyle confirmed that he had spoken with her earlier and that she had everything handled. Nick voiced surprise that Kyle hadn't gone with her to check out the nightlife, since he knew Kyle loved to mix business with pleasure. Kyle explained that he was busy at work between the Newman Cosmetics acquisition and the sale of the Jabot Collective to Fenmore's.

Nick pointedly commented that there was no rest for the wicked, and Kyle prepared to get back to the office. Nick figured that Kyle was the boss, so he could make his team wait. Nick noted that he and Kyle hadn't had a chance to talk since Kyle and Summer had started dating again, and he offered to buy Kyle a brownie. Kyle declined, and Nick firmly ordered him to sit down because it wasn't a request.

Kyle nervously agreed to stay a while. Nick chuckled and teased Kyle for thinking he was serious. Nick crowed that he still had the "angry dad" thing, and Kyle admitted that Nick had had him going. Nick pointed out that Kyle was dating Nick's daughter again after divorcing her to be with someone else, so Nick had to do his job to ensure Kyle's head was on straight. Kyle insisted that nothing was more important to him than Summer.

Kyle expected Nick to ask him what would stop him from going down the same road as he had before. Kyle announced that he and Summer had devised a plan to keep things exciting and to strengthen their commitment to one another -- they intended to keep things open. Nick assumed that Kyle meant open communication, but Kyle clarified that he and Summer had decided to have an open relationship in which they were free to pursue all types of connections with friends or strangers. Kyle looked forward to a love life with unlimited possibilities as Nick steamed.

Nick sternly asked if Kyle was saying his plan was to have an open relationship with Nick's little girl. Kyle asserted that Summer knew a free Kyle was a happy Kyle, so he'd go home to his girl after his dates with no strings or broken hearts. Nick threatened to put him through a wall. "Gotcha!" Kyle exclaimed, adding that payback was rewarding. Nick admitted that he'd probably deserved it.

Kyle hoped he hadn't given Nick a heart attack, and he swore that the last thing he wanted was an open relationship. Kyle insisted that he'd just wanted to lighten the mood, and he understood that Nick just wanted to protect Summer. Nick stated that he didn't put everything that had happened on Kyle's shoulders, since he knew Kyle and Summer had hurt one another. Kyle considered himself to be a different guy since his breakup with Lola, and Nick remarked that divorce had a way of doing that.

Kyle called Lola a great person, and he hated that she'd remember her first serious relationship as a failure because of him. Kyle confided that he'd had feelings for Summer the whole time, and he'd tried hiding them because he hadn't wanted to hurt Lola, but dragging things out had only hurt her more. Kyle vowed not to do anything like that ever again, since he knew that he and Summer belonged together.

Nick recognized that Summer could be challenging, and Kyle replied that he loved how she could be pushy sometimes. Kyle understood that Summer felt things deeply when she was hurt, so she lashed out. He recognized that he'd walked away in the past when that had happened, but he wouldn't that time because no one had ever loved him the way she did. He thought they'd been waiting their whole lives for the right time to be together, and that was it.

Nick recalled that Kyle had recently sworn up and down that Lola was the love of his life, and he needed to know if things were truly over between them or if Kyle was just trying to convince himself of it. Kyle reiterated that there was only one woman in his heart, and it was Summer. Kyle pledged not to blow his second chance at making it work.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told someone over the phone that she needed something to go off without a hitch, and she was depending on them. She made a point of writing down an important detail as Abby watched from a distance. Phyllis hung up and walked off, and Abby approached the bar and examined the pad of paper Phyllis had just used. "Stop snooping, Abby," the note read. Abby looked up, and Phyllis waved to her with a smile.

Phyllis suggested that Abby just ask her what was going on instead of spying. Abby doubted that Phyllis would tell her the truth, and she suspected that Phyllis was up to something financially disastrous. Abby anticipated that Phyllis would dig herself into a hole that Abby would need to dig her out of, and the hotel's ownership would revert back to Abby. Phyllis claimed that she'd wanted advice about something really big, but since Abby had no faith in her, she'd wait to tell Abby when everyone else found out. Abby offered her help, but Phyllis declared that she wouldn't take it in a million years.

Phyllis admired that Abby was ambitious, but she thought Abby would never get anywhere if she hid behind her money and didn't deal with the world on its terms. Phyllis bragged that when the battle lines were drawn and the stakes were high, she wanted to win so badly she could taste it, whereas Abby's solution was to throw a bunch of money at any situation that needed to be rectified. Phyllis proclaimed that she'd never been given anything in her life, and she was a winner because she'd had to work for every single thing. Abby called it the most obnoxious, myopic nonsense she'd ever heard.

Abby thought Phyllis knew her better than that, but Phyllis argued that business was just an ego massage for Abby because she didn't need the money, and she had two rich families to bail her out if necessary. Abby pointed out that it had never happened, since Society and the Grand Phoenix were successful because of her. Phyllis invited her to go on rewriting history. Abby spat that she hadn't left her family business because of money -- she'd done it because the Newmans had never taken her seriously, and she'd been crushing it on her own ever since. She dared Phyllis to keep underestimating and doubting her, since all it did was feed her fire.

Abby bristled at the thought of Phyllis lecturing her on how to make it, and Phyllis sweetly insisted that she'd just been trying to help. Abby snapped that she didn't need or want Phyllis' help, and she stormed past Nick on her way out. He guessed that Phyllis had been making Abby crazy with curiosity. Nick asserted that he deserved to know the secret after the other night. Phyllis said she'd been on the fence about telling him what was going on, but she had an assignment for him. "If you're up for it," she purred.

Amanda tracked down Billy in his office and informed him that his phone had run out of power. She told him that she'd received a text message from Lily, who'd loved the recording of Theo's presentation and wanted to hire him. Amanda assumed that she should draw up a contract, but Billy wanted her to hold off because he was back to being undecided. He conceded that Theo had great ideas, and she wondered what was holding him back from hiring Theo. Billy admitted that Theo reminded him of himself, and he thought they could agree that one Billy was already enough.

Amanda suggested that the company keep Theo if they could only have one Billy. Billy realized that she hadn't been kidding when she'd gone on about Theo's charisma, but she recognized that it wasn't her call to make. Amanda didn't understand why Billy thought Theo was just another version of himself, and even if Theo was, why it was a bad thing. Billy grumbled that Theo made his own rules, smiled too much, had too much hair, and hadn't met a rule he couldn't wait to break. Amanda lectured that Billy was making the hiring decision all about himself and his so-called failings, and she questioned whether he ever gave himself a break.

Billy requested that Amanda not turn it into a therapy session, but she replied that she was being his friend. He insisted that he liked himself, but he saw red flags with Theo. She questioned whether they were significant enough to turn Theo down. Billy turned the topic to her, and he mentioned that he'd read that Ripley's sentencing hearing would happen soon. Amanda shared that part of her was relieved that Ripley would get what he deserved, but she anticipated the day when he'd be released, and she'd have to look over her shoulder again.

Amanda added that she'd always considered herself a fighter, and she knew Victoria was no weeping willow, but it changed one's world view after being attacked and traumatized. Amanda regretted that she'd never apologized to Victoria for what had happened, since Victoria never would have been hurt if it hadn't been for Amanda. Billy thought if anyone were to blame, it was him, since he was the reason the women had been connected in the first place.

Billy recounted that he'd been going through something when he'd met Amanda at the bar, and she'd been the only one who'd listened and hadn't judged him. He felt that he'd taken advantage of her friendship when he'd been trying to figure out his feelings, but she assured him that she'd wanted to be there and enjoyed their friendship. Her phone pinged, and he encouraged her to take it. Amanda noted that it was a message from Nate, and Billy urged her to respond.

Later, Amanda told Billy that his time was up, and she requested his answer. He remained silent, and she implored him to take more time because hiring the right person was a big deal. He asked what she would do, and she advised him to consider whether the chemistry was right and if Theo could take Chancellor Communications to new heights. Amanda asked that he call her once he decided, and she started to head out. Billy stopped her and thanked her for the talk. He thought he knew what he should do about Theo.

At Society, Lola asked if Theo was ready for a tasting menu with all his favorites. His eyes remained fixed on his phone, and she suggested that he get a microwaved burger the next time he was hungry. He apologized, and she guessed that he was waiting to hear back from Chancellor Communications. She instructed him to set his phone on the table and stare at it very hard, which would make it ring very soon. She swore that she did it all the time when boiling water, and she told him to watch and learn.

Lola plopped down and stared intently at Theo's phone, and Theo asked if there was anything she could do to speed up time, since the waiting was killing him. Lola recalled that he'd seemed nonchalant about it the day before. He knew everything would be fine no matter what, but he'd thought he'd finally figured out what he wanted to do with his life. He considered representing influencers to be mindless consumerism, but he welcomed the idea of giving a platform to a team of talented writers with something to say. She thought he'd be great at anything he did.

Theo thought the best part of getting the job would be knowing he'd done it on his own, without having to pass a DNA test. He was sure his presentation had blown everyone at Chancellor Communications away, and he wondered if they planned to take his idea and leave him behind. Theo envisioned doing it one day somewhere with someone, since he wanted to do something with his life that mattered.

Lola recounted that she'd felt unstoppable ever since she'd had her food truck, and she'd believed the Miami restaurant had been the perfect next step -- at first. She thought she'd kept talking herself into believing it had been part of her grand design, but it had just been a detour from what she really wanted to do -- make a name and a life for herself there in Genoa City, where she belonged. Theo was quiet, and she asked if she'd said something wrong. He confessed that he wanted the job at Chancellor Communications so badly that he'd dreamed of it, and all he needed was one call to turn it all around.

Lola thought Theo was putting too much pressure on himself, but he muttered that there were fewer than zero other options to do what he was good at in Genoa City. Lola incredulously asked if he was saying he would move. Theo pointed out that he hadn't even heard about the job yet. Lola questioned whether he'd just move to greener pastures if they said no.

Theo admitted that he was a jerk for trying to find an easy way out after Lola had been more supportive than anyone. She called him a party pooper, and he asked if she could forgive him. She declared that she wouldn't have to because once he got the job, he'd shower her with apologies, and she'd remind him of all the times she'd been right all along. Theo realized it was what it felt like when someone had faith in him. She told him not to go anywhere, and she stepped into the kitchen.

Kyle entered the restaurant and asked Theo when he started at Chancellor Communications. Theo replied that he was still waiting to hear, and Kyle hoped it worked out. Kyle figured that they were no longer competing for anything, so they didn't have to be at one another's throats and might even get back to being friends one day. Kyle added that Theo wasn't without talent, but he preferred that Theo wield it somewhere else. Theo almost considered that a compliment, and he thought they were both on a brand-new path. Kyle offered to put in a good word with Billy, but he imagined that Theo wanted to get the job without outside influence. Theo cracked that Kyle was smarter than he looked.

Theo answered a call, and Billy asked if he had a minute. Kyle stepped away and ran into Lola. Kyle mentioned that he'd talked to the lawyers, and their divorce would be finalized soon. He wished her luck with everything. "Even with Theo?" she asked. Kyle hoped that Theo didn't end up hurting her like Kyle had.

Lola was certain that no one would hurt her like that ever again because she wouldn't let them. She added that she wasn't the same girl she'd been when Kyle had met her, and she wasn't careless with her heart anymore. Kyle hoped it all worked out, and he left. Lola approached Theo, who appeared to be numb. She told him to say something, and he revealed that he was in. She grinned.

Theo wanted to take back everything he'd said about the possibility of leaving town. Lola inquired whether he'd made peace with being stuck in Genoa City. He swore that he was where he wanted to be and doing what he wanted to do. She pointed out that his dream had become a reality, so he had to find a new dream.

Theo considered wishing for extra hours in the day, since he expected long nights of work ahead. Lola sympathized, and he proposed that they put off their New York trip for a few months. She suggested that they just not go, since she'd rather he take her on a simple date to celebrate his new job. Theo didn't want their night out to be about him, since it should be about how fortunate it was for the world that two such talented people had found one another, and there was no telling what they could create together.

Meanwhile, Amanda planned to draft an employment contract. Billy questioned whether she had pushed him to make the hire to give him a chance to be a good example or if it really had been all about Theo's smile and charisma. She insisted that it had been the latter. Billy stated that he wouldn't be reachable for the rest of the day, so Amanda was in charge. She asked if he had a hot date, and he replied that he'd be partying all night long. She opted not to hear details, and he divulged that his date was with his kids. She wished him luck.

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