The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 28, 2020 on Y&R
Nate and Elena shared a passionate kiss. Kyle and Summer decided to elope. Victor learned that Victoria and Billy had been working together. Billy impulsively released the scathing exposé about Adam's misdeeds. Jack learned that John had purchased Dina's necklace on the black market.
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Billy impulsively released the scathing exposé about Adam and Nate and Elena shared a passionate kiss
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Amanda quizzes Hilary's friends Amanda quizzes Hilary's friends
Monday, September 28, 2020

While working at Crimson Lights, Mariah noticed Amanda viewing old clips of GC Buzz. Mariah expressed her displeasure and asked Amanda why she was interested in the gossip show Hilary had hosted. Amanda replied, "Well, it turns out that Hilary is my twin sister." Mariah took a deep breath and noted that she, too, had learned she'd had a deceased twin. Amanda explained that she'd been asking those who'd known Hilary all about her, adding that Devon had been a big help. Mariah asked how Devon was holding up. Amanda seemed uncertain, but she insisted that the process might be good for Devon.

Amanda invited Mariah to talk about working with Hilary. Mariah recalled how Hilary had verbally abused her by warning that any measure of self-doubt would lead to a disaster, even predicting that Mariah would indeed fail. Amanda replied, "I thought you two were friends?" Mariah also recalled the day Hilary had set her up to fall on her face during a live broadcast and the time Hilary had attempted to tear off a dress she'd given to Mariah.

Mariah noted that even though Hilary had tested Mariah's limits, Mariah had eventually earned Hilary's respect by never backing down. Mariah added that once she'd gotten to know Hilary, she'd found her to be a great person. Mariah described her last moments in the hospital with Hilary, when she'd assured Mariah she could carry on with the show. Mariah cried that she missed Hilary.

Mariah listened intently as Amanda explained how she and Hilary had been separated, recalling that their mother had left her at a fire station soon after birth. Mariah said she'd also been the twin who'd not been part of her family and had later discovered that Cassie had died at age fourteen. Amanda acknowledged feeling intensely sad about never having met Hilary. Mariah suggested Amanda give Devon a break and offered to talk whenever Amanda needed someone to lend support. Mariah also suggested that Amanda discuss Hilary with Jack, the man who'd given Hilary her big break.

Elena met Devon at Chancellor Park for a surprise picnic. Elena asked Devon if the picnic had anything to do with him feeling guilty about Amanda. Devon admitted he'd been spending a lot of time with Amanda since she'd learned she was Hilary's sister. Devon added that he'd planned an outing for them to enjoy without discussing Amanda or Hilary. After Devon and Elena ate, she talked about expanding the clinic.

Devon smiled and said he loved watching Elena talk about her work because her face always lit up, her eyes twinkled, and she couldn't resist flashing a smile he found to be sexy. Elena replied, "Well, I feel the same about you when you talk about New Hope or Hamilton-Winters." Devon kissed Elena and said, "I think I'd like to go home now." After Devon and Elena returned home, Devon put on an album, undressed Elena, and began making love to her.

At Jabot, Summer told Kyle she hoped her mother might help convince Jack that their engagement was a good idea. Summer recalled that Jack had always been supportive, and she asked Kyle when he wanted to break the news to his dad. Summer was taken aback when Kyle replied, "I don't think we should tell him." Kyle clarified that he should approach his dad first. Summer agreed to give Kyle the space he needed to handle things with his dad.

Jack overhead and asked Kyle and Summer what they'd been discussing. Summer fibbed and mentioned a business deal. Jack said he had a feeling Kyle and Summer were buttering him up for something. Kyle changed the subject, said he was due at a meeting, and requested to meet with his dad at a later time to discuss something big.

After Kyle rushed off, Jack told Summer she seemed happy and looked radiant. Summer replied, "Thanks. Mom said the exact same thing the other day." Summer acknowledged that she felt lighter than air whenever she thought about Kyle and their future together. Summer suggested that Jack venture into dating, adding that there were hundreds of attractive and available women in Genoa City who'd kill to go on a date with him. Jack reminded Summer that he was invested both in his work and in caring for Dina. Summer told Jack she wanted to see him as happy as he'd always been whenever he'd been in a relationship. Jack lamented that it was hard to find the right woman. Summer replied, "I think she's out there."

Amanda met with Jack in his office at Jabot to discuss Hilary, acknowledging that her request was unusual, given that they'd never actually spoken to each other. Jack set Amanda at ease and said, "No, we haven't, but I can tell you this: I think your sister would want me to talk to you, and I'd do anything for Hilary." Jack recalled that he'd met Hilary when she'd grown frustrated with Genoa City, and he had convinced her to stay. Jack explained that Neil had asked him to give Hilary a fresh start. Amanda was taken aback to learn that Neil had recommended Hilary for a job after she'd spent weeks gaslighting him. Jack explained that Neil had had a gift for seeing others' points of view and had discerned that Hilary was a good person.

Jack told Amanda that he'd actually hired Hilary because she'd been talented, driven, and very eager to prove herself, adding that all were traits with which he identified. Amanda asked Jack if he and Hilary had been strictly employer and employee. Jack acknowledged that he and Hilary had maintained a professional relationship, though they'd grown closer and had eventually become friends and confidants. Jack added that Hilary had been solid, controlled, professional, and tough on the outside, yet still vulnerable. Amanda thanked Jack for sharing his insights. Jack said, "I still miss her." Amanda nodded as if she understood.

Amanda visited with Phyllis at the Grand Phoenix. Amanda said she'd been singularly focused on finding out more about her sister. Phyllis replied, "Your sister? Hilary?" Amanda nodded. Phyllis clutched her chest and exclaimed, "Oh, my God. I want to know everything." Amanda agreed to share what she knew and said she'd need something from Phyllis. Amanda admitted she felt overwhelmed and wanted Phyllis to tell her more about who Hilary had been. Phyllis became emotional when she recalled how she'd grown closer to Hilary than she'd ever been to her own sister.

Amanda was spellbound as Phyllis recalled how she and Hilary had bonded right away because they'd been kindred spirits, both being outsiders and troublemakers. Phyllis acknowledged that though she'd lived in Genoa City forever, she still didn't fit in. Amanda found it slightly amusing to learn that Phyllis and Hilary had bonded mostly because they tended to make enemies instead of friends by going after whatever they desired. Amanda was overcome with emotion as Phyllis began talking about the ease of her friendship with Hilary. Phyllis grew concerned about Amanda's deep emotional response.

Phyllis paused her talk about Hilary and asked Amanda how she was doing. Amanda said her head was spinning after listening to others talk about her sister. Amanda cried that she felt a sense of sadness for not having had an opportunity to meet the person she'd heard so much about. Amanda discerned that despite Hilary's toughness and bravado, she'd been in a lot of pain and had been dealing with sadness. Amanda cried that had she known her sister, she could have helped her.

Phyllis consoled Amanda and cautioned her not to question the "what ifs" or compare herself to Hilary. Phyllis, recalling her difficult sisterly relationship, explained that Amanda shouldn't consider herself to be one half of a whole because she was incredible and should focus on moving forward. Amanda promised she would.

In the kitchen at Society, Lola experienced a flashback of the day she'd visited the park and overheard Summer and Kyle talking about their engagement. Lola summoned Mariah to the restaurant to talk. Lola told Mariah she'd dumped Theo. Mariah replied, "Did he cry? Oh, please, please tell me his pompous ass cried when you broke his heart. Did you record it?" Lola said none of what Mariah had hoped for had happened. Lola explained that she and Theo just hadn't been working as a couple because they had a totally different approach to relationships. Lola added that she wanted a clean slate as she awaited delivery of her divorce papers.

Lola admitted she couldn't help but wonder what could have been had her marriage to Kyle not failed. Mariah asked Lola if she still had feelings for Kyle. Lola replied, "He's with Summer now -- really with Summer now." Mariah asked Lola what she meant, but Lola didn't say, other than to insist she wanted to leave both Kyle and Theo behind. Mariah replied, "Perfect. Leave them in the dust." Mariah applauded Lola's plan to move forward.

After Mariah visited Lola in the kitchen, she took a break for lunch at the bar. Kyle entered the restaurant and asked Mariah if she'd stopped by to see Lola or to eat lunch. Kyle headed toward the kitchen after Mariah indicated she'd seen Lola. Mariah told Kyle that Lola had stepped out to shop at the farmer's market. Kyle told Mariah that he and Lola were expecting to receive their divorce papers soon. Mariah said she'd already heard. Kyle replied, "I'm glad she has a support system to help her through this -- you, Rey, Theo."

Mariah let it slip that Theo and Lola had broken up. Kyle said he hoped Lola wasn't too upset. Mariah replied, "Do you care?" Kyle replied, "You know, just because we're not together anymore doesn't mean I don't worry about her. I'll always be protective of Lola. I'll always care about her." Mariah said she knew that and would tell Lola he'd stopped by.

After Kyle left, Lola stepped out of the kitchen. Mariah told Lola she'd just missed Kyle. Lola admitted that she'd seen Kyle but had made sure he hadn't seen her. Mariah said Kyle had mentioned divorce papers. Lola said she was sure Kyle wanted them signed as soon as possible because he was ready to move on. Mariah, hoping to cheer up her friend, said, "I know what you need -- girls' night out." Lola agreed and said she needed some fun.

After Kyle returned to Jabot, he met with Jack. Kyle recalled Jack's earlier comment about suspecting that he and Summer had been trying to butter him up. Jack asked if something was going on. Kyle replied, "Summer and I -- we're so much in love that we got engaged." Jack was surprised by the announcement and cried, "I don't know what to say." Kyle replied, "How about 'congratulations?'"

Jack remained speechless. Kyle broke the silence and said he thought Jack had supported Kyle's relationship with Summer. Jack said he did, though he didn't understand the rush down the aisle, given that Kyle was still married to Lola. Kyle replied, "That is a small obstacle." Jack suggested Kyle ask his attorney if it was a small obstacle.

After Jack asked if Nick and Phyllis knew, Kyle said that they did, explaining that it was a fluid situation. Jack replied, "I have a feeling I know what that means." Jack demanded to know why Kyle and Summer were in a rush. Kyle said they were ready and were moving in together. Jack noted that moving in didn't require a wedding, so Kyle should conduct himself like an adult and show restraint and patience. Kyle had no ready response when Jack asked why Kyle couldn't wait a little longer.

Kyle and Lola's divorce becomes final Kyle and Lola's divorce becomes final
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

At Jabot, Summer noted that Kyle hadn't said anything about his conversation with Jack regarding their engagement. Kyle requested a minute to read an email from his attorney, and he reported that the divorce papers had been signed and sealed. She squealed that she'd never thought that day would arrive, and she inquired whether it was too early for Champagne. Kyle looked forlorn, and Summer reminded him that it was what he'd been waiting for. She wondered why he wasn't dancing on tables, and he pointed out that there was one more person in the equation who might be taking the news differently.

Summer envisioned Lola serving up food on the house at Society to celebrate her freedom. Kyle doubted it, but Summer argued that Lola was more resilient than he was giving her credit for -- unless he wanted an ego boost by thinking she was an emotional wreck because no woman could possibly get over him. Kyle sympathized that Lola had never been through anything like that before, and he imagined it hurt. Summer pointed out that she knew how it felt, but Kyle countered that Lola wasn't like them because she was still innocent in many ways.

Summer gave Kyle 30 seconds to get over his guilty conscience. She lectured that he wouldn't want his fiancée thinking he was more concerned about his ex than his future wife. Kyle recognized what he'd put Summer through when they'd split up, and he swore that he didn't want to do that to anyone else. He insisted that she was the only one he wanted in his life and that the divorce had been the right thing to do, but it didn't mean it didn't hurt. He pointed out that he had her, whereas Lola was alone.

Summer figured that Lola wouldn't be alone forever, and they'd all learned from the experience and moved on. Summer cooed that the lesson in it was that she and Kyle were made for one another. She revealed that she had a bottle of Champagne she'd been saving for that day, and he agreed that they should celebrate. She mentioned that she had a meeting to tend to first, and he offered to meet her after he attended an off-site meeting of his own. He headed out, and she looked suspicious.

At Society, Theo called Lola his favorite chef and announced that he had a special request. She barely looked up from her phone and told him to ask the waiter. Theo sensed that something was wrong, and Lola testily inquired whether he'd forgotten about their breakup. He recalled that he'd been her guinea pig for new recipes before they'd gotten involved, and she had been his best and only friend when Kyle had done everything he could to undermine Theo. Lola snapped that it was the worst day she'd had in forever, and she could use a friend to listen to her without judgment and put her first, but it was too bad it wasn't him.

Theo thought he and Lola could still be friends, but she spat that he didn't have friends -- just rivals and pawns. She accused him of having a calculator where his heart should be, doing the math of how a person could add value to his life. Theo contended that a friend knew when someone was having a bad day and acting out of anger and frustration, and he told her to lay it on him. Lola shared that she'd just found out her divorce was final, and she didn't know how to feel or act. She barked that he'd gotten what he'd wanted, and she told him to go. He stalked off.

Kyle arrived at Society and looked around. Theo watched as Kyle headed into the kitchen. Lola and Kyle awkwardly greeted one another, and he mentioned the email he'd received from his lawyer. She claimed that she'd been so busy that she hadn't had time to think about it, but she noted they were officially exes. Kyle explained that he'd just wanted to see how she was doing.

Kyle recognized that he and Lola had been through a lot together, and he offered an ear if she wanted to talk. Lola replied that she had to prep the kitchen for that night, and Kyle said he was glad she was doing okay. He started to head out, but she stopped him. She acknowledged that they'd both wanted the divorce, and she wondered if it was insane to say it still really sucked. Kyle admitted that he felt the same way.

Summer entered the restaurant, and Theo called to her. She sourly asked if he had a job, but he said he always made time to help the people he cared about, including her. He guessed she was there to look for Kyle, and he pointed her to the kitchen. Summer peered through the window of the kitchen door and saw Kyle and Lola talking.

Summer returned to the dining room and hissed that Theo was a special kind of troll, since he'd known exactly what she'd see when she looked into the kitchen. Theo taunted that the heart wanted what it wanted, and she asked if it was payback for his firing, Kyle leaving him in the dust, or Lola dumping him. Theo flippantly inquired why it couldn't be for all three, and Summer assumed he was always alone because people couldn't run away fast enough once they got a peek at the real him. She added that it wasn't worth the time to pity him, and she walked away. Theo saw Kyle and Lola exit the kitchen together.

Later, Theo cornered Lola in the kitchen and apologized for pushing her to tell him what was wrong. He pledged to give her space if that was what she wanted, but he also wanted to make sure everything was all right after he'd seen Kyle there earlier. Lola informed him that Kyle had just been there to check in on her, which she considered to be a nice gesture. Theo grumbled that Kyle could be very nice when he wanted to be, and she asked what he was trying to say. Theo advised her not to let the opportunity pass by to take Kyle away from Summer, since they both knew Lola still wanted Kyle.

Lola asked if Theo was out of his mind to think she'd go through a gut-wrenching divorce for fun. She resented the "hell" out of him for twisting things around, but he insisted that he'd been trying to help. She ranted that she wasn't interested in his help or in him at all, and she regretted letting him walk into her restaurant. She growled that she'd had enough, and she ordered him to go and stay gone. He left.

In the park, Kyle commended Summer for suggesting they meet there, since they could grab a snack at a nearby food truck. Summer snapped that if he wanted to rekindle his memories of Lola, he could go back to Society. Summer revealed that she'd seen him at the restaurant earlier, since she'd figured out that had been his sudden off-site meeting. Summer recalled the days when Kyle had run away every chance he could to see Lola, and she'd seen the way he still looked at his ex.

Kyle reiterated that Summer was the only one for him. Summer whimpered that she knew in her heart that he was hers, but it had still really hurt. Kyle apologetically explained that he'd only gone to see if Lola was okay, but Summer chided him for not telling her about his plans. Kyle swore that he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but she called it a major fail. He urged her to trust that he loved her with all his heart, but she admitted that she was scared something would send them off track. He gave his word that nothing would keep them from having the life they deserved.

Kyle admitted that he should have told Summer where he'd been going, and she surmised that he'd thought she'd go haywire. Kyle swore that he'd wanted to smooth things over proactively, since they had enough roadblocks. He shared that Jack also had reservations about their engagement, but he refused to let backseat drivers tell them what to do. Kyle adamantly proclaimed that the wedding would happen, and everyone could either join in on the festivities or get out of the way.

Phyllis entered Crimson Lights, and Billy declared that it was perfect timing because he was just leaving. She teased him for rushing off, and he asked if she'd forgotten that he had a job. She contemplated whether he would topple Jack off the throne of being the most successful Abbott man ever. Billy asserted that it wasn't a competition, and Phyllis agreed because he was working for his mommy. She advised him to pay attention to his company and not get distracted, and he compared it to when she'd slept with Nick when she and Billy had been together. They continued to exchange barbs, and she suggested that they talk for real.

Phyllis recounted that Billy had once used Restless Style to get back at every enemy he'd had. She claimed that she didn't want to see him crash and burn after he'd worked so hard for everything. He swore that he was using his power as a media mogul for good those days, but she saw the gleam in his eye and pressed to know who he was thinking of roasting. He readily divulged that it was Adam, although he also considered it perfectly fine if Victor ended up being collateral damage in the process. Phyllis recognized that it could put Billy's company on top, but she advised him to kill the story before it saw the light of day.

Billy surmised that Phyllis was scared that Nick would be pulled back into the Newman fold. Phyllis expected Victor to destroy Billy's company, but Billy questioned why she wanted him to pull back in spite of her unshakeable hatred for Victor. Phyllis confirmed that she hated Victor more than anyone, but she became choked up when she confessed that she was finally happy. She confided that she no longer desired to destroy someone else's life to feel good, and she felt optimistic about the future. She worried that Billy's plan might make it all go up in smoke, but he figured that it was her modus operandi to find a guy and have it all fall apart. Billy urged her to be realistic about how long it would really last with Nick.

Nick found Nikki deep in thought in Chancellor Park. He asked if everything was okay, since she looked serious. She mentioned that Victoria had said something about Adam that had left Nikki with more questions than answers. Nick grumbled that he didn't care about anything involving Adam. Nikki wasn't sure what Adam would do or when, but she was afraid it would devastate Victor -- and whatever happened to Victor happened to all of them.

Nick asked what Nikki wanted him to do, but she didn't believe he wanted to help. He insisted that he would do anything for her, and she wondered if he felt the same way about his father. Nick remained quiet, and she questioned how long it would take for him to say yes. She realized that she was wasting her breath, and he wished things were different. She advised him not to offer to help if his heart wasn't in it, and she walked away.

Victoria arrived at the Newman ranch and called out for her parents. She spotted a folder on the table, and Victor greeted her and asked if she'd taken a look at it. He explained that the file was about Adam's childhood friend whose father Adam had accidentally killed, and the woman had become a journalist who was on a dangerous beat. Victoria asked who it would be dangerous for, and Victor replied that it would be for everyone, which was why he was having Alyssa followed to find out who she was working with.

Victor informed Victoria that his investigator had confirmed that Alyssa was working with Billy, which meant Billy was a threat. Victor inquired whether Billy had said anything to Victoria in passing, since the investigator had seen her walk into Chancellor Communications. Victoria reasoned that she and Billy were co-parents who sometimes needed to discuss their kids, but she didn't know everything about Billy's professional life. Victor worried that the ramifications could affect all of them, as well as Newman Enterprises.

Victoria muttered that Adam was always a threat, but she was sure Victor would rescue him before he did anything dangerous or deadly. Victor recognized that Billy wanted nothing more than to destroy Victor and his company, but Victoria scoffed at the idea of her dad giving Billy that much credit. Victor contended that Billy had serious ammunition in his hands, and he implied that it would be a pity if someone could stop it all from unraveling but instead stood by and watched it all go up in flames.

Victor understood that he had to deal with the repercussions of a choice he'd made years earlier to save his son. He questioned what parent wouldn't understand that, but Victoria huffed that Victor had made decisions time and time again, leaving the rest of them to deal with the fallout. Victor vowed to do everything in his power to stop things from snowballing into disaster, and he asked Victoria to find out what Billy knew and what he intended to do with that knowledge. Victor added that what happened to their entire family from then on was in her hands. Victoria promised that she would pass along anything she learned that might be damaging to people who didn't deserve it.

After Victoria left, Nick stopped by the ranch and told Victor that he didn't have a lot of time because he had to get home to Christian. Victor mentioned that he'd talked with Victoria earlier, and Nick guessed that it had been about Adam. Victor described the situation as rather dire, and he expected it to affect everyone at Newman Enterprises if it became worse. Nick referred to the company as Victor's favorite child, but Victor pointed out that it had afforded them a "hell of a lifestyle" for decades.

Victor explained that he'd called Nick there because the company stood to be destroyed if things kept unraveling. Nick warned that leading with gloomy predictions for Newman was the least persuasive way to get him to help, but he didn't want Christian or Nikki to be caught in the crossfire. Victor accepted that he and Nick had had their battles, but he'd always known that Nick would have his back. Nick mentioned that he'd seen his mom earlier, and the weight of it was killing her. Victor insisted that it was why he was doing everything in his power to stop it from happening. Nick agreed with Victor's priority to always put family first, and he proclaimed that if Victor wanted his help, he had it.

Phyllis returned to her hotel suite and found Nick there. She said she'd been trying to reach him all day, and he informed her that he'd been with his dad. He swore that he wouldn't have responded to Victor's summons if he hadn't run into his mom, but there was something going on with Adam that was really getting to Nikki. Phyllis relayed that Billy was about to publish something explosive about Adam. Phyllis begged Nick not to get sucked into it, but Nick argued that it was his family. She doubted that it would break his heart if something completely annihilated Adam. Nick envisioned Adam having to pay the consequences for what he'd done, and he thought that he could get behind it.

Nikki returned to the ranch and noted that Victor seemed to be in a better mood. He informed her that he'd discussed current events with Nick and Victoria, and they'd agreed to help. Victor knew that Victoria was the closest source to Chancellor Communications that they had, but he wondered if she knew more than she'd let on. Nikki asked how Victoria had reacted when Victor had told her what Billy planned to do. Victor confirmed that Victoria had been surprised, and Nikki warned that she didn't think Victoria had been honest with him.

Nikki recounted that Victoria had been vague about what she knew, but it had been clear that Victoria knew something big was about to happen with Adam. Nikki continued that she'd heard Victoria on the phone with Billy, and Lily couldn't have been more evasive when Nikki had approached her about it. Victor realized that Victoria had been putting on an act, but she'd really been teaming up with Billy to go after their family by exposing all of Adam's past misdeeds. Victor recited a line from Shakespeare about it being sharper than a serpent's tooth to have a thankless daughter, but Nikki thought Victoria was just upset and hurt. Victor expected that Victoria's liaison with Billy could possibly destroy the company and their family.

Victoria was glad to find Billy at Crimson Lights. She divulged that her dad had someone tailing Alyssa and that Victor thought the reporter needed to be stopped for the sake of the company and their family. Victoria also reported that Victor had been trying to figure out if she was involved -- and she'd lied. Billy crowed that it was too late for Victor to stop the story, and Victoria wondered how much could blow back on Victor and the rest of her family. Billy reminded her that she'd said she didn't care about what happened to Victor, and she questioned why she would. Billy departed, leaving Victoria looking like she might be having second thoughts.

Billy gets major pushback from Victor Billy gets major pushback from Victor
Wednesday, September 30, 2020
by Nel

At the penthouse, Chelsea and Adam listened in on what was happening at ChanceComm. They heard Billy say, "We hit the jackpot." Chelsea hoped that cooler heads would prevail and stop the publication. Adam stated that Billy was itching for a fight. He said that he had to bite the bullet and bring in the cavalry; since phase one hadn't worked, it was time for phase two.

At ChanceComm, Billy had been working on his laptop when he received a text message asking if he'd checked his email. Lily arrived at that moment and asked Billy what was going on. Billy gleefully asked if she was ready for "The Making of a Monster," because they had him. He told Lily they needed to give the information to all the platforms, and they needed to be pushed to make the most impact.

Amanda had been working at the bar at the Grand Phoenix when she received a text message from Billy: "'The Making of a Monster' is here and ready to go."

Back at ChanceComm, Lily told Billy to take what he had to the legal department first. Billy said he'd sent it to Amanda, and when Amanda gave him the go-ahead, they needed to be ready. Lily looked over the information and said that Amanda wouldn't approve it because they needed more evidence to substantiate the information. Billy assured Lily the information was true, and they couldn't back down from printing the story. Lily stated that there was a difference between backing down and risking a libel suit.

Billy told Lily that she was being too cautious. He called Amanda, and with the phone on speaker, Billy asked Amanda to tell him they weren't in danger of any blowback, but Amanda said she couldn't do that. Billy claimed the story was solid, but Amanda disagreed. He was adamant that they had to stop the Newman lie machine in its tracks and that Victor and Adam deserved to suffer the consequences of their actions. Amanda questioned Billy's motives because it sounded personal, but Billy retorted that he was offended by the travesty of injustice. He stated his motives were irrelevant, but ChanceComm's goal was to expose the truth.

Amanda told Billy they needed to be legally safe. Billy told her to look at her and Hilary's situation. He knew it was difficult, but he asked Amanda to clarify that she was happier knowing the truth. Lily asked what they were talking about. After a moment of awkward silence Amanda told Lily that Hilary was her twin sister. Lily was shocked. She asked how long Amanda had known Hilary was her twin. Amanda explained that she'd only recently found out after she'd taken a DNA test. Lily asked if Devon knew. Amanda confirmed that he did.

Amanda told Lily and Billy she needed to take time to sort out any legal landmines the article might contain. Billy asked her not to take too long. Lily told him to be patient. After they ended the call with Amanda, Billy apologized to Lily about how she'd learned that Amanda and Hilary were twins. Lily said she was worried about Devon and how he was handling the news.

A short time later, Billy received a call from Chelsea. She said they needed to talk about the article Billy was about to publish, because she was concerned how it would affect Connor's life. Billy said that Chelsea always seemed to use Connor as leverage when it was convenient for her. While continuing to speak with Chelsea, he began searching the office. He found Chelsea's listening device at the back of the lamp and destroyed it with the heel of his shoe. He told Chelsea he'd been suspicious about her visit and her claim she'd been at ChanceComm about her fashion line. He said that Adam brought out the worst in her; Billy suggested that she needed to keep Connor away from Adam.

At the penthouse, after Chelsea ended her call with Billy, she tried to listen to what was going on at ChanceComm, but she discovered that the signal had been lost.

Amanda arrived at ChanceComm, and Billy apologized for the slip about Hilary. Amanda said it was okay because so many people already knew. She said she was messed up at that moment because she was desperate to know her sister. She said she'd watched the GC Buzz clips, but she hadn't been able to look into Hilary's eyes or to hold her hand. Many people had told her about Hilary but nothing about Hilary's life. She said she felt a profound sense of loss, and she felt cheated. Amanda realized how different she and Hilary were.

Amanda told Billy that her foster parents had done their best, but she'd known that foster homes were temporary; she'd had to be respectful and she'd had to be the best at everything she did. She wondered whether, if she'd had the freedom that Hilary had had, she would be the same person she was. Billy said there was nothing wrong with Amanda the way she was. Amanda said she'd tried to understand how a mother could choose to keep one child and give away the other. She wondered if Rose hadn't been the biological mother but possibly helping another woman by taking one of the babies.

Amanda told Billy that she'd done some digging into birth records, and she couldn't find a record of Hilary's birth. She wondered if they had been born outside a hospital, and Hilary had wound up with Rose while Amanda had been taken to Madison. She thanked Billy for listening to her, but she had to get back to the article. She asked if Billy was ready to face a lawsuit over the article.

At Crimson Lights, Jack asked Traci about her trip to New York and if she'd made any discoveries. Traci said she'd found out about Dina's mysterious necklace. Traci showed Jack a painting of a princess wearing the necklace. The necklace had been very important to the princess because it had been given to her by her first true love, and it had been stolen together with a lot of her other jewelry. Her jewelry had eventually been returned, but not the necklace. It had been missing for centuries. Over time, it had been sighted in Morocco, Salzburg, and Tokyo, but none of those sightings could be confirmed. It had later been sold on the black market to a millionaire's son from Chicago, and he'd given it to his girlfriend before he'd left for the Pacific.

Jack asked Traci to tell him that Dina hadn't been that girlfriend. Traci assured him that she'd done the math, and Dina couldn't have been the girlfriend because she would have been too young. Jack wondered if John had given it to Dina. Traci asked where the necklace was if that had been the case. Jack wondered why Dina had wanted them to see the movie. Traci had no idea, but she said it had been fun hunting down the history of the "Teardrop of Love," the name the necklace. Jack wanted to know what had happened to the necklace and if Dina was part of it.

At Society, Abby had been working at the bar when Chance sneaked up behind her. Abby said she'd been checking to make sure his name hadn't appeared anywhere with Adam's. Chance said that he might be under investigation for a crime. Chance asked Abby if he'd scared her during their conversation about the future and having kids. Abby said she'd been surprised, and she didn't understand his urge for kids. Chance said he always focused on happier things in times of stress. He knew it was strange for him to be talking about having kids, but at that point in his life, that was what he wanted -- and it was all because of Abby.

Abby told Chance that she'd had a miscarriage, and it had hurt her psychologically and emotionally. She thought if she became pregnant again, it would bury the pain. She didn't think about it often, but talking about kids had brought it all back. He asked if the marriage hadn't worked because of the baby. Abby said only partly. She said that Stitch had been a wonderful man; just like Chance, he'd been in the service. Chance assured her they would get through everything together. Abby felt uncomfortable and said she had work to do. She rushed out.

After Abby left, Chance received a call from Adam. The news wasn't good.

Mariah had been sitting at the bar, and she watched as Abby appeared to be searching for someone. Mariah asked if Abby was okay. Abby asked Mariah if they were friends. Mariah said she didn't know. Abby told Mariah that she'd had a difficult conversation with Chance earlier about their future. She wondered if she was ready to be a mom. Abby told Mariah that losing her baby had been heart-wrenching, and the thought of losing another baby scared her. She said she didn't want fear to stop her, and she wondered if she'd be a good mom.

Mariah said that Abby was good at anything she did. She stated that she hadn't had any experience as a parent, but there was an inherent instinct for parenthood. She said that Abby shouldn't stop herself from doing something because of fear. Abby said that a life with Chance made her extremely happy, and the thought of little ones running around also made her very happy. Mariah said that nothing should hold her back. Chance arrived at that moment, and Abby beamed at him.

Abby told Chance she wanted to set the record straight. She said she loved kids and wanted to have them with Chance, but she had some fears. At that moment, all she could give him was a maybe. Chance smiled and said he accepted that.

Later, Chance and Adam met at the Grand Phoenix. Adam told Chance that Alyssa was alive and well, and she'd written a damning article about him. He said there was a paragraph or two about Chance. Chance said that according to his sources, there were more than a couple of paragraphs. He stated that Alyssa had arrived in Las Vegas with a lot of questions. His sources had managed to keep people from talking to her, but she'd been able to gather enough information for an educated guess.

Adam asked if Chance's buddies could block the article, but Chance said he wouldn't ask them to do anything illegal. He said they needed to fix whatever was about to happen. Adam began to walk away, stopped, and told Chance that if they had to do it all over again, he wouldn't change a thing.

Nick was at the ranch. Victor wanted to discuss the Adam situation because there had been a new development. Nick said he wasn't willing to help Victor protect Adam. Victor said that he'd covered up A.J. Montalvo's murder, and as a result, he was open to prosecution. At that moment, Victor received a call from Adam, who told him that Billy was ready to drop the bomb. Adam told Victor to do whatever he needed to do in order to keep them from going to prison.

Victor said he wanted Nick to help him stop Billy from publishing the article. Nick said that if the article was ready to go, there was nothing he could do. Victor claimed he would do everything in his power to stop the article from being published, and he'd do it on his own if he had to. He said Billy wouldn't get away with it.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix. Nick told Phyllis that Victor believed Victoria was working with Billy. Phyllis was impressed with Victoria. Nick said the article could blow up any minute, and he needed to decide what he was going to do. He said that Victoria had already made up her mind if she'd been working with Billy.

Phyllis said that Nick wasn't rushing out to attack Billy. She asked if Nick was plotting anything because she knew that he was happy that Adam's crimes would be exposed and out in the open. Nick said it couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Victor arrived at ChanceComm. He told Bill that his smear job wouldn't be published and that Billy's suffering would be long and harsh. Victor threatened to wipe the smug smile off Billy's face. He said that Billy had a lot of flaws, like climbing up peoples' butts, but Billy retorted that it was a perfect description of Victor. He said that Victor had done it to himself and his family when he'd protected his monster son from murder charges. Victor claimed that was what parents did, protect their children, unlike Billy, who had failed in that department. Infuriated, Billy yelled at Victor to get out. Victor went nose to nose with Billy and said that Billy would rue that day for the rest of his life, and Victor left.

After Victor left, Billy was so infuriated that he reached for his phone and pushed send. Lily rushed in holding her phone and accusingly asked Billy what he'd done.

Adam returned to the penthouse, and Chelsea informed him that she hadn't been able to get an injunction to stop Billy or ChanceComm from publishing the article. Adam said they needed to brace themselves for the worst because it was all going to come out. He said that not even Victor could stop that train. Adam was worried about Connor. He said there was nothing they could do short of kidnapping Billy and Lily. Chelsea suggested that he get the rope, and she would bring the chloroform.

Adam and Chelsea were shocked when they received a text and began reading it.

Billy faces the fallout Billy faces the fallout
Thursday, October 1, 2020
by Nel

At ChanceComm, Billy told Lily that he'd published the story because it would put them on the map. Furious, Lily accused him of publishing it without her knowledge. She reminded him that they ran ChanceComm together, and Billy had put them in a horrible position. They could lose everything because Billy had chosen to ignore any advice, and he'd gone rogue, "damn the consequences."

Billy told Lily it was dangerous to allow Victor and Adam to strike first, and ChanceComm had stopped them from coming up with any lies or cover-ups. He claimed Lily would eventually thank him for publishing the story. Lily asked if he'd published the story to start a fight with Victor and Adam. Billy denied it. Lily said that she'd signed on with ChanceComm because she'd wanted to do something meaningful, but Billy's thirst for payback could rob them of everything they'd worked so hard to build, because Billy wanted to get back at the Newmans with no regard for who got caught in the crossfire.

Lily claimed that Billy had put everything they'd built at risk. She'd wanted Amanda to vet the piece to make sure they had legal cover, but Billy had needed to do it his way -- and he'd put a huge target on ChanceComm's back. Billy claimed he'd been proactive because Victor probably had his lawyers doing everything they could to stop them from publishing the story, but it was too late because thousands had already read it. Lily said she couldn't be near him, and she left.

Later, Amanda arrived and asked if Billy was crazy. Billy assured her the time had been right, and nothing would happen to ChanceComm. Amanda asked if he was confident that the article would pass legal muster. Billy claimed they had the best lawyer, who would do everything she could to make certain the lights stayed on at ChanceComm. Amanda stated that Billy got to make the mess, and it was her job was to clean it up.

Billy assured Amanda they hadn't crossed any slanderous lines. He said the reporter had made sure of that. Amanda said she should quit and let him deal with the hole he'd dug because her experience and talent counted for nothing if he undermined her -- and in the process, he might learn how much damage he'd done.

Amanda said she might be able to tie Victor and Adam up in court long enough to sort the matter out. She said she wouldn't quit if Billy stopped feeding her his line of bull. She claimed that what he'd done had been personal for him. She asked if he was proud of using the company and the employees in servicing his vendetta.

At the ranch, Nikki phoned Victoria and said she hoped Victoria was proud of herself. Victoria said she'd warned Nikki that Billy would run the story. Victor entered and asked how bad the story was. Nikki said it was worse than expected. Victor said he would crush "that bastard." Nikki wanted Victor to calm down because stress wasn't good for him, but he refused. He stated that the story claimed that Adam had committed murder and that Victor had pulled strings to cover it up. Victor asked if they expected him to do nothing. He said Adam had been an eleven-year-old boy.

Nikki wanted Victor's lawyers to take care of it, but he wanted to crush Billy. Victor received a call from his lawyer. He yelled into the phone that they knew what he wanted done, and it had to do with the story.

Rey arrived, and Nikki told him they were in the midst of a crisis. Rey said he was there on official business and that Paul had been on the phone with the Kansas authorities. They'd asked the Genoa City Police Department for interagency cooperation. Nikki left. Rey wanted answers to things mentioned in the article. Victor claimed it was nothing but half-truths, and there was nothing to pin an investigation on. Rey said he'd done his due diligence. He said a man in Kansas was dead, and there was no statute of limitation on murder.

Victor claimed that Rey needed to arrest Billy for maligning and harassing his family. Rey said if Billy broke the law, he would be investigated, but Rey was there about a different crime. Victor growled "alleged crime." Rey asked Victor what part he'd played in the Kansas incident. Victor said he'd had zero involvement. Rey said the caretaker, George, who had worked at the farm and was the person who could back up Victor's story, had vanished. Rey said it seemed convenient under the circumstances. Victor said that George was old and had probably retired.

Rey stated that since Victor owned the farm, he'd had ample opportunity to destroy any evidence of the crime. He said a woman had been threatened by a man, the woman's son had intervened, the man had ended up dead, and the boy's father, a wealthy and powerful man, had covered it up. Angry, Victor told Rey to talk to his lawyer and to show himself out.

A short time after Victoria had read the article, Nikki stormed into her office and asked if Victoria was happy that she'd gotten what she'd wanted. She said that Victoria had assured her the article would be about Adam and that Victor wouldn't be the focus, but Victor had already been questioned by the police. She asked if Victoria had lied to her. Victoria assured her she hadn't lied. She'd known the piece would be published, but she hadn't been privy to all the details. She was confident that Newman Enterprises could handle the fallout. Furious, Nikki said she' been talking about Victor, not the company. He'd been maliciously defamed, and the only thing he'd been guilty of had been protecting an eleven-year-old boy.

Victoria told Nikki that the piece was supposed to have been all about Adam. Victoria had known Victor would be part of it, but not to that extent. Nikki asked if Victoria had really believed that Billy, who hated Victor, would resist the urge to go after Victor. Victoria stated that everything in the article was true. Nikki said she wasn't there to defend Victor, who certainly wasn't a perfect man, but Billy was the last person on earth who should point that out. Victoria said that Victor could handle negative publicity. Nikki said not like that.

Nikki told Victoria that when she'd left the ranch, Rey had been questioning Victor about the article. The police would be investigating what had happened in Kansas. Victoria said it had been decades earlier, and Victor hadn't been there at the time. They had nothing to charge him with. Nikki said Victoria had been wrong about the article, and she wondered how Victoria knew what the police were going to do. Nikki said the real crime rested with Victoria for destroying the family from within, and she'd given Adam what he'd always wanted. Furious, Nikki stormed out. Victoria saw an incoming call from Victor, ignored it, and left.

At the penthouse, Adam said the article began with the incident in Kansas, and it went from there, with no extenuating circumstances mentioned -- only one monstrous deed after another. Adam said Billy believed he had everything on Adam, but he would be updating that story soon because he was going to kill Billy.

Adam and Chelsea had been bombarded with calls from reporters. Angry, Adam asked Chelsea what the reporters expected him to say --that yes, he was the monster Billy had portrayed in the article. Chelsea said not everyone would believe the story, but they needed to figure out what to do next. Chelsea was worried that Connor would see the article. They needed to plan a way to explain the situation to him. She'd spoken to the principal, who had informed her that Internet access was limited, and Connor wouldn't see it. Adam asked how he was going to sound credible after he'd told Connor it wasn't true. They'd assumed the article would be about Kansas and Vegas, but Billy had printed everything, including almost killing Connor's grandfather.

Adam told Chelsea that Billy couldn't resist calling him a cold-blooded murderer. Adam said just when he'd thought he'd be able to put everything behind him, the article had reminded him of what he'd done in Kansas. He said he was going to tear Billy apart. He was about to leave when Chelsea said he was too upset and wouldn't be able to control his emotions. Adam said he didn't want to control his emotions because he wanted Billy to know that he'd made a terrible mistake. He stormed out.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis was shocked as she read the article. Nick said Billy had gone right for the throat. Phyllis wanted to know why Nick was angry. Nick said it made his dad look bad, and Victor wouldn't be the only one going down as collateral damage. Nick saw something that stunned him, and he said he had to go. He called Sharon and said they had to talk. After Nick left, Phyllis muttered that Billy had gone too far.

Phyllis received a call from her accountant, Rick. She told him she had a cash flow problem because she'd paid Abby off. She was stunned when Rick told her that her taxes were due the following month. Panicked, Phyllis said she'd thought she'd had until the beginning of the next year. She said her coffers were empty, and she couldn't make the payment.

At Sharon's, Faith had seen the story. She quickly wiped her tears away when Sharon entered the room. Nick entered seconds later and said they needed to talk about the article. Sharon said that a story had been published about Victor and Adam. Nick said that part of the story was about Faith when she'd been a baby.

Faith acknowledged she'd known some of her history about being kidnaped and passed off as another woman's baby while Sharon had believed her child had died, but she hadn't known that Adam had been the one who'd stolen her or that she'd lived with Ashley. She said the article hadn't mentioned her name, but people would figure out it was about her. She said thinking about it scared her because she could have gone through life differently because of Adam.

Nick told Faith that something viral would be published the following day, and that article would blow over quickly. Faith agreed and went into the kitchen. While in the kitchen, she received a text message from someone: "Hey, Switcheroo. Who's your real mom? Be careful... Your uncle might snatch you again." Upset, Faith told Nick and Sharon she was leaving to meet up with a friend and that her friend's mother would pick her up. Faith told Nick and Sharon she was fine, and she wanted to get her homework done and get home to help Sharon get ready for her surgery the next day.

On the porch, Faith received another text message: "Bet your mom wants to switch you back." Faith put on her jacket and left.

Nick returned to Phyllis' suite and told her that Faith was more upset than she'd let on. He and Sharon had tried to talk to her, but she'd been in a hurry to get away from them. Phyllis said that Billy had no business printing anything about Faith. Nick said he hoped Billy realized what he'd gotten himself into. He said that Adam might feel he had nothing to lose.

Victoria met Billy in the park. He apologized because he hadn't given her the heads-up. Victoria said her father had been portrayed horribly in the article. Billy countered that it was because he'd done horrible things. He reminded Victoria that she'd known the potential for blowback toward Victor, and she'd said she would handle whatever grief came her way.

Victoria said the article was much more than she'd bargained for. Billy said he'd been up-front with her from the beginning. He'd said the article would be about Adam, all his deeds would be controversial, and Victor probably wouldn't look good. Victoria had thought Adam would be the target, but Victor looked just as bad.

Billy reminded Victoria that was what she'd wanted. He told her not to be angry with him for making it happen. She admitted that she'd wanted it, and she might have been in denial on how bad it would be; that was on her, but seeing it in writing had made her stomach drop. She questioned what she'd done to her family, and she wondered how much worse it would become.

Amanda entered Lily's office and told Lily they'd been served, and they wanted Adam's story retracted. It was the first of many legal actions. Amanda mentioned Hilary, but they both agreed to table that conversation for later. Lily told Amanda the advertisers were scared. They wondered if the article would have a negative impact on them, and the numbers weren't available yet. Amanda said they needed to do damage control.

Amanda told Lily that every time she thought she had Billy figured out, he did something unexpected. However, he kept things interesting, and that wasn't a bad thing. Lily wished she could jump inside his head to know what was coming. Amanda smiled and left.

A short time later, Billy returned, and he asked if Lily had the firing squad ready. She replied that she would have had it ready a short time before, but she'd seen the numbers -- the readership was off the charts. She said the advertisers had been ready to pull out, but they were delighted with the number of people seeing their ads. She said Amanda needed to fend off the legal challenges, but Billy's impulsiveness had worked out. However, Adam and Victor would still come at them with everything they had. Billy said to let them come, because between him, Lily, and Amanda, Adam and Victor didn't stand a chance.

Lily told Billy that things had worked out "this time." She reminded him that he had a partner, and his partner didn't want to be blindsided again. Lily left the office.

Billy was ecstatic looking at the numbers, and he smiled. Adam stormed in and said, "Don't you look happy, Billy? Well, let me change that for you."

Victoria returned to the office and found Victor sitting behind her desk. He said since she'd avoided his calls, he'd decided to tell her in person what he had to say.

Nate and Elena cross the line Nate and Elena cross the line
Friday, October 2, 2020

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria found Victor in her office and looked forward to clearing the air between them. He repeated her claim that she'd gone to Chancellor Communications to see Billy, and she maintained that they'd talked about the kids. Victor accused her of going there to see someone else -- the reporter from Kansas. Victor surmised that Victoria had urged Billy to have Alyssa write the hatchet job about Victor, and he noted that Victoria wasn't denying it. He demanded to know if she was the one who'd betrayed him.

Victoria asserted that Adam had needed to be dealt with before he'd done their family more harm, but Victor scolded that it hadn't been her place. Victoria condemned Victor for forgiving Adam for everything, including murder. She considered it a fantasy of Victor's to be able to save Adam, and she suspected that her father had covered up Adam's mistake out of guilt because Hope had taken Adam away. Victoria swore that she'd had no idea how badly the article would blow back on Victor, but Victor thought she'd done exactly what she'd wanted to do -- punish him by pushing Billy to publish the piece of trash.

Victor barked that the article had affected the rest of the family, including Faith. Victoria admitted that she'd had no idea things would go that far, and she was disturbed that Faith had been part of it. Victoria wasn't surprised that Victor was angry about having to answer for the role he'd played in Kansas. He asked if she'd considered the massive hit the company would take.

Victoria anticipated that Newman Enterprises wouldn't suffer because she was in charge, and the company would never fall into Adam's hands again because he'd been exposed for the menace he was. Victor huffed that she was very lucky that she was his daughter and that he loved her. He questioned what would happen if the company failed, but she swore it wouldn't happen. Victor added that when it did, Victoria would not only be demoted, but he would strip her of everything. He walked out.

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Ashley that he was appalled that Billy had dragged Faith into the article about Adam, dredging up pain for Ashley and Sharon. Jack groused that Billy had only thought about the damage he could do to Adam and Victor and not how it would affect his own family. Ashley pointed out that everything Billy had published was the truth, and the cruelty Adam had inflicted on everyone showed he was impervious to any human suffering except his own. Ashley was sorry if Faith had been hurt or if Victor suffered any blowback; however, she reasoned that Billy had only pulled back the curtain on a vile human being, and Adam deserved whatever happened to him.

Ashley and Jack agreed that Victor shouldn't be punished for trying to protect his child. Jack changed the subject to the home movie of Dina and John taking him home from the hospital as a baby. Jack mentioned that Traci had noticed the necklace Dina had been wearing, and he showed Ashley a still shot from the film on his phone. Ashley didn't recognize the necklace.

Jack shared that Traci was convinced it was a famous Renaissance piece that had been made for an Italian princess. Ashley remembered a piece of jewelry called the Teardrop of Love that Victor had mentioned years earlier, but she couldn't recall anything specific. Jack thought Dina was trying to tell them something, and he was determined to find out what it was while she was still with them.

Jack arrived at the Newman ranch, and Victor hoped he wasn't there to defend his useless brother. Jack contended that Adam was his friend, and he swore that he'd tried to intervene when he'd found out what Billy had been up to. Jack added that he wouldn't be there if he didn't have to be, but it was about Dina. Jack cited her rare and brief moments of lucidity, and he didn't know how much longer she had. Victor expressed his sympathy. Jack mentioned that Dina had communicated something that seemed to be a mystery to unravel, and he inquired whether Victor knew about a necklace called the Teardrop of Love. Victor thought it seemed familiar.

Victor remembered having drinks with John, who'd told a story about buying the necklace on the black market for Dina when she'd been pregnant with Jack. Victor recalled that Dina had worn it for years -- until it had been stolen around the time she'd moved to Paris. Victor recalled that he'd taken an interest in the gem because he'd wanted to buy it for Nikki, and he'd spent a lot of money tracking down "the damn thing." Jack inquired if Victor knew where it was then.

Victor revealed that soon after the gem had been lost, he'd discovered that it had been purchased through a private transaction with a phantom holding company, Bohdi. Jack thanked him, especially considering everything Victor was dealing with. Jack added that he thought Victor had done the right thing by protecting Adam. Jack regretted that the well had gotten poisoned somewhere, and Adam had paid the price.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy smugly declared that his smile was there to stay, although he welcomed Adam to try to wipe it off his face. Adam blasted Billy for publishing a story filled with unnamed sources and unsubstantiated claims to make Adam look like a monster. Billy crowed that the headline said it perfectly, and he thought it captured the essence of Adam's relationship with Victor. Adam argued that he hadn't been much older than Johnny when Adam had been his protecting his blind mother from a predator.

Adam recounted that A.J. had been intimidating Hope, demanding money she hadn't had, and she'd been terrified that he would do something worse. Adam admitted that he'd wanted to help her by making A.J. stop, and that was what Billy had told the whole world about. Billy taunted that Adam had gone to the dark place in his soul by letting loose and killing A.J., but Adam argued that he'd been a child who hadn't known what he'd been doing. Billy chided Adam for thinking that absolved him of all responsibility, and he spat that Victor had covered up Adam's felonies for years.

Billy snarled that Adam had run over Billy's daughter like a dog, and Victor had used the information against Adam to keep him in line. Billy called Victor a "cold-blooded bastard," and he didn't care if Victor and Adam "burned in hell" together. Adam warned that Billy had no clue what he'd unleashed, since Billy hadn't just crossed him but Victor, too. Adam threatened to force a retraction and sue Billy, Chancellor Communications, and Chancellor Industries into oblivion, leaving Billy in rags by the time Adam was through. Billy dared Adam to try, since the list of crimes Adam had committed against humanity was a well that would never run dry, and Billy was already working on part two of the exposé.

Later, Ashley stopped by ChanceComm and remarked that Billy had let the tiger out of its cage. Billy assumed that someone had sent her there to talk sense into him. She had hoped his new venture would be a healthy outlet, but she worried that he'd traded one addiction for another.

Rey arrived at the cottage and informed Sharon that there had already been repercussions to the article about Adam. Rey revealed that the authorities in Kansas had contacted Paul to have the local police look into the allegations, but the main focus was on Victor. Rey realized that Sharon had known that Adam had killed someone when he'd been a boy and that she'd been helping him deal with it. Sharon reiterated that she couldn't talk about it, but Rey pointed out that the malicious things Adam had done and gotten away with were out in the open. Rey thought Adam should be in prison a dozen times over, but he assumed that she didn't see it that way.

Sharon defended that Rey had read an article by a man who hated Adam and Victor. She conceded that Adam had done terrible things, and she'd never forget the agony of thinking her daughter had died, but what Adam had gone through as a boy had been the catalyst for all of it. Rey objected to people blaming their past as an excuse for their cruelty, since a lot of people had gone through bad things as kids and hadn't done what Adam had done. Sharon reasoned that Adam hadn't had the chance to get help to face his trauma.

Sharon believed that the cover-up had enabled Adam to bury the memories, resulting in a profoundly damaging effect on him that had made him do unconscionable things. A skeptical Rey asked if she believed Adam could be redeemed after all that time, and Sharon firmly stated that she believed Adam had good in him. Rey admired her capacity for forgiveness even after everything Adam had done to her and Faith, but he worried that it would end up haunting her. Sharon maintained that everyone deserved compassion.

Sharon met Adam at Crimson Lights and assured him that Faith wouldn't be there. Adam asked if the girl was okay, and Sharon worried how the fallout would affect her daughter. She wanted to talk about what would happen next. Sharon urged Adam to forget about Billy and focus on himself. She implored him to find a professional to help him navigate the situation. Adam was amazed she was even willing to talk to him.

Sharon insisted that she knew Adam and knew his heart, and he replied that she had no idea how much it meant that she would do that for him. Sharon clarified that she wouldn't be his therapist because she was having more surgery and needed time to recover. Adam added that it wouldn't be fair to Rey. Sharon firmly agreed, but she assured Adam that he could still count on her as a friend.

In Kyle and Summer's hotel suite, Kyle and Summer contemplated whether she should wear her engagement ring on her finger, since there was no longer a reason they couldn't go public. He proclaimed that he couldn't wait to tell the world and plan the wedding of her dreams, but she insisted that she didn't need a big wedding. Kyle wanted to give her a special day with all the trimmings, but she reasoned that it should be about him and her, whereas a ceremony would be a formality for everyone else. Kyle suggested that they elope, but Summer balked at the idea of running away like it was something they were ashamed of.

Kyle envisioned having a nice getaway with no roadblocks, noting that their folks hadn't been thrilled about their engagement. Summer wondered if he was also trying to be sensitive to Lola, since their divorce had just been finalized. Kyle swore that Lola had never even crossed his mind. Summer didn't want their families getting in the way, and she guessed there was no reason to wait if it was what they both wanted. Kyle said there were some things he needed to do before they took off, and she brightly told him to surprise her with the destination. She headed out, but once out of sight, she looked uncertain.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis instructed someone on the phone to sell everything in her stock portfolio immediately to cover her unexpected tax bill. Summer approached, and Phyllis quickly ended the call. Summer announced that she and Kyle were going on a trip and that she wasn't sure how long they would be gone. Phyllis pressed for details and became suspicious when Summer's replies were vague. Phyllis questioned why her daughter was acting weird.

Summer claimed that she was a little off because she was still upset about her parents' reaction to her engagement. She considered the moment she and Kyle had given one another rings to be the happiest day of her life, but she felt like she needed to be ashamed of it. She didn't want to hide her joy. Phyllis argued that Summer didn't know what it was like to worry about a child, and she wanted to make sure the next step Summer took was the right one. Summer lectured that Phyllis and Nick should make sure they were taking the right one for them, given how many times they'd broken up.

Phyllis confessed that she wasn't sure Kyle had it in him to love Summer the way she should be loved. Summer asserted that she was sure, or she wouldn't be doing it. Phyllis acknowledged that Summer was an adult who could make her own decisions, and she offered to help plan the wedding when the time was right. Summer hid her discomfort and started to leave, but Phyllis called after her and suggested that Summer contact her dad to tell him she loved him. Summer departed.

Kyle met Summer on the coffeehouse patio and asked if she was ready. "I am so ready," she squealed, adding that they'd be a happily married couple the next time they saw Genoa City. They left together.

In her hotel suite, Phyllis groused to herself about how Abby hadn't been able to just walk away easily because she hadn't wanted to be upstaged by Phyllis' brilliance. Phyllis imagined that it would be Abby's greatest dream to watch her fail, but she bellowed that the word wasn't in her vocabulary because she never failed. She became emotional as she thought about how much she loved the hotel. She made a call and asked Victoria to meet with her to go over something extraordinary.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena snoozed on the couch. She heard Devon say she was so beautiful that it took his breath away, and she awakened with a smile. She was horrified to see Devon gazing up at Amanda, who descended the stairs. Devon gushed that he was proud of Amanda for landing a new client and building her career, and she cooed that they were building a life together. Devon responded that it was the life he'd longed for, but Elena protested that she and Devon had just made love and talked about their life together. Devon told Amanda that he'd wanted her from the second he'd seen her, and she'd never left his mind, dreams, or heart.

Devon shook Elena awake and asked if she was okay, and she realized that it had just been a dream. Devon wondered if something was bothering her, but she swore that she was fine. She answered a call from Nate, who requested her help at the clinic. She promised that she would be right there, and she apologized to Devon for leaving abruptly. Devon understood how important her work was, and he remarked that it was all part of building their life together. Elena stammered that she didn't know how late she would be, and Devon figured that he'd find something to amuse himself. They kissed goodbye and exchanged words of love, but she was clearly shaken.

At Society, Devon approached Amanda at the bar. They both admitted that their minds had been working overtime, and she regretted that finding out she was Hilary's twin sister had stirred up unwanted emotions for him. He insisted that she didn't need to apologize. Devon understood why Amanda wanted to know where she was from because he'd been there himself. He confirmed that it had dredged up memories and feelings for him, but it didn't change the present.

At the clinic, Nate took advantage of a break between patients to thank Elena for pitching in on her day off. She confided that she was glad she was there, since it kept her from thinking about Amanda or Devon's preoccupation with Amanda. Elena started to open up about how the thoughts were intruding on her time alone with Devon, but she and Nate heard the clinic door open. They found Jared sprawled on the floor.

Elena and Nate worked to revive an unconscious Jared. She pleaded with Jared to tell them what drugs he'd taken and how much. Jared awakened, and Nate remarked that the young man had gotten there in the nick of time. Jared whimpered that he hadn't wanted them to see him like that after everything they'd done for him, but things had been tough since his grandpa had died. He said he needed help. Elena promised he would get it.

Later, over beers, Nate assured Elena that he knew the ambulance driver, and Jared was in good hands. Elena expected the hospital to keep Jared overnight, and Nate wanted him to be clear-headed when he checked into rehab. Elena admitted that she'd been scared Jared would die, but Nate firmly stated that they hadn't let that happen. Nate looked forward to the kid having a chance at a new start.

Elena pointedly murmured that Jared had gone there because he'd known he'd be taken care of by someone he could trust. Nate and Elena locked eyes for a moment, and she retreated to an exam room. He followed her and hovered in the doorway. He asked if she'd rather be alone, and he started to walk away. She called his name, and he moved in closer. They stared into one another's eyes and leaned in for a passionate kiss.

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