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Nate and Elena had sex at the clinic and agreed to never mention it again. Chloe gave birth to a baby boy. Sharon underwent a second surgery. Victoria bought Phyllis' debt. Kyle and Summer informed their families via email that they were eloping.
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Nate and Elena had sex, and Chloe gave birth to a baby boy
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Kevin and Chloe await a special delivery Kevin and Chloe await a special delivery
Monday, October 5, 2020

At the clinic, Elena and Nate submitted to their strong mutual attraction. In an exam room, a passionate kiss led to disrobing. The couple made love atop an exam table. The couple's pent-up emotions were expressed through tender stroking and quickly revved up to Elena inadvertently knocking over a floor lamp as Nate pressed his body against hers. The crash of the lamp yanked Elena back to reality. She covered her naked body with her lab coat and quickly exited the room in tears. Elena returned to pick up her clothes.

As Elena dressed, she cried, "What did we just do? It was a huge mistake. It should've never happened. I love Devon." Nate shook his head and quietly uttered, "Things happen." Excuses poured out of Elena as she attempted to reconcile what had transpired. Elena blamed the rushes of adrenaline they'd experienced while saving Jared's life. Elena convinced herself that had she and Nate been in their right minds, they wouldn't have been so uninhibited. Nate agreed when Elena insisted it would never happen again. Elena mentioned Devon and Amanda and made Nate swear not to mention what had happened. Nate replied, "I promise."

After Elena rushed out of the exam room, Nate, still shirtless, paced anxiously. Nick entered through the front door as Nate stepped out into the waiting area, buttoning his shirt. Nick asked Nate if everything was all right. Nate replied, "Of course. Why?" Nick said, "Well, the way Elena ran by me, I was worried the place might be on fire." Nate explained that he and Elena had had a rough night, saving the life of a patient who'd overdosed. Nate added that he and Elena had become emotionally involved with their patient, as well, which had made the situation all the more difficult.

Nick acknowledged that Elena had seemed overwhelmed as she'd rushed past him. Nick explained that he'd dropped by to deliver supplies that had ended up at New Hope. Nate offered to help unload the supplies. Nick invited Nate to join him for a drink to talk about what had happened. Nate paused for a second, nodded, and said, "The kid." Nate declined the drink, explaining that he needed time alone to decompress. Nick nodded that he understood.

At the Grand Phoenix, Devon and Amanda had drinks at the bar. Amanda lifted her glass and made a toast. Devon lifted his glass, and Amanda said, "To Hilary, and the path that led me to her." Devon sipped his drink, smiled at Amanda, and made his own toast. Devon said, "To taking chances, and letting new people into your life because you never know what's going to happen." Amanda was amused when Devon disclosed that Hilary had harbored a fear of cows. Amanda admitted she would have teased her sister, and she noted that she and Hilary were both relentlessly ambitious and shared a love for spicy food and watching The Price is Right.

Devon disagreed and said he thought Amanda and Hilary were as different as night and day. Devon noted that Amanda was grounded and logical while Hilary had been imaginative and creative. Amanda acknowledged the stark differences and jested that she'd never star in her own television show, nor was she ready for a baby. Amanda noticed the change in Devon's demeanor and immediately apologized, acknowledging his loss of Hilary and their baby. Devon set Amanda at ease, insisting she need not apologize. Devon told Amanda that Hilary had rarely offered apologies.

Devon suggested that personality differences between Amanda and Hilary likely explained why they had different aspirations. Amanda mused about how her life might have differed had she and Hilary been raised together. Amanda said she was proud of the person she'd become, as Hilary and Rose might also have been. Devon admitted it had taken him years to learn that the family who loved him, even those not related by blood, would never disown him over misspoken words. Amanda replied, "Is that what we are? Family?" Devon described Amanda as his "sister-in-law once removed at birth." Amanda chuckled and suggested they just refer to each other as friends. Devon agreed.

Elena entered the penthouse and called out to Devon. He wasn't home. Elena sobbed. Elena prepared a cup of tea and had mostly regained control of her emotions before Devon arrived. Devon said he couldn't wait to tell her about his night. Elena became emotional and fought back tears. Devon said, "Are you all right? Did something happen at the clinic tonight?" Elena claimed she was just tired.

Devon praised Elena and Nate's work. Elena quickly changed the subject and asked Devon about his evening. Devon said he'd had drinks with Amanda at the Grand Phoenix, where they'd engaged in a cathartic discussion about Hilary. Elena replied, "So, it took half the night for you and little orphan Amanda to walk down memory lane again?" Devon assured Elena that there was nothing going on between him and Amanda, who was nothing like Hilary. Devon added that he considered Amanda to be family like Nate. Elena slightly turned her face away when Devon told her he loved her and the life they were building together.

Devon noticed something was wrong and pleaded with Elena to tell him what it was. Elena claimed that a high volume of patients had taken a toll on her. Devon replied, "That's it?" Elena nodded. Devon said he was glad Nate had been able to help. Devon praised Elena for giving back to others and expressed gratitude that she was his. Elena grabbed Devon and cried, "I'm so sorry, Devon." Devon said there was nothing to be sorry about. Elena claimed she needed sleep and would drop off immediately. Devon kissed Elena and said he loved her before she headed upstairs.

Nate went to the bar at Society to have a drink. He was struggling with his emotions. Amanda phoned, but Nate hesitated to answer. Back at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda seemed puzzled when her call to Nate went unanswered. Nate picked up his phone and again hesitated before setting the ringing phone back down on the bar. Nate finished his drink and seemed mired in despair.

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe gently eased her body into a comfy chair while supporting her abdomen with her hand. Chloe said, "Oh, my beautiful boy. It is your mommy." Chloe rattled off a list of toys she thought might prompt her baby to exit her womb. Kevin, hiding behind the sofa, spoke on behalf of his unborn son and replied, "Throw in a convertible with a driver, and you got a deal." Chloe laughed and remarked that she was impressed that someone so young could be such an adept negotiator. Again voicing the baby's response, Kevin pleaded for Chloe to go easy on Daddy because he loved her a lot. Chloe acknowledged that Kevin had tolerated her crankiness due to her chronic discomfort and back pain.

Kevin emerged from behind the sofa and praised Chloe for doing all the heavy lifting during her pregnancy, noting, too, that they were a "hell of a team." Kevin suggested that he and Chloe work together to get their little guy ready to be born. Chloe recalled that it was her third pregnancy, so the third time should be easier. Kevin again had a mock conversation with his unborn son and tempted him to come out, so he could see his mother and sister and enjoy meeting his entire family.

Kevin summoned Esther to comfort Chloe, who complained that she'd been unable to sleep for long periods due to discomfort. Esther commiserated and reminded Chloe that babies making dramatic entrances were a family tradition. Esther recalled the night that Katherine Tina Valentine had made her entrance on the stairs on a stormy night. Esther pointed to the staircase near the entryway. Esther became overcome with emotion as she recalled how Mrs. C had helped guide Chloe into the world as a loud wind seemed ready to rip the world apart. Esther beamed as she remembered the moment her perfect little baby had arrived to change her life in every way. Esther told Chloe that Chloe's son would do the same for her.

Chloe massaged her belly and told her son he had the best grandma he should hurry up to meet. After Chloe went upstairs, Kevin returned to the living room and paced, lamenting to Esther that he didn't know what to do. Esther reminded Kevin that he loved Chloe and should be ready when she cursed the day they met. Kevin looked puzzled. Suddenly, Chloe called out loudly to Kevin. Esther said, "Are you ready?" Chloe screamed Kevin's name louder. Kevin cried, "We're having a baby," as he followed Chloe out the front door. Esther turned to admire Katherine's portrait hanging above the mantel. Esther said, "Oh, Mrs. C."

At Crimson Lights, Mariah swept the floor as she prepared to close for the night while the forlorn Faith sat at a nearby table. Mariah mused about convincing Tessa to return as a singing barista and noticed that Faith was distracted by her phone. Mariah said she was aware that Faith was reading posts from trolls commenting on the article published about Adam. Faith sighed, acknowledged the online bullies, and asked what she should do. Mariah advised Faith to stay off the Internet and focus on those who had her back. Mariah recalled that she, too, had once been a stolen baby, and she noted that she'd drawn from the past to build her character.

Faith admitted she shouldn't be focused on her own problems with Sharon facing surgery. Mariah set Faith at ease and reminded her that their mother would encourage Faith to live her life. Mariah admitted she was worried, but she remained hopeful that by the next year, Sharon would get a clean bill of health. Mariah added that one day, they'd all forget how crappy this part of their lives had been. Mariah assured Faith that they could survive anything as long as they did it together. Faith seemed unable to embrace an uncertain future. Mariah offered to distract Faith with gooey brownies, but Faith was anxious to do her history homework.

Mariah stepped away and sent a text message to summon Nick's help. When Nick arrived, Faith immediately guessed Mariah had sought his counsel. Faith called out to her sister and thanked her for caring. Mariah smiled at Faith through the window in the door leading into the kitchen. Mariah gave Nick and Faith time alone to talk.

Faith assured her father that she was fine. Nick said, "You never should've been in that article about Adam." Faith rhetorically asked who didn't enjoy a story about a baby being switched at birth. Faith called Adam a monster and said she couldn't understand why people still talked to him. Nick replied, "To some, he is family." Faith likened Adam to a cancer that should be cut out. Nick explained that it wasn't so easy, just like it wasn't easy for her to ignore what people were saying about her online. Faith said Mariah had told her that haters would hate and should be ignored.

Nick mentioned Sharon's surgery. Again, Faith echoed Mariah's words and said she looked forward to the day when her mom would be cancer free, so their lives would return to normal. Faith entreated Nick to promise her that the second surgery would remove every trace of cancer. After Faith stepped away, Mariah asked Nick if Faith hated her for asking him to do the one thing Faith had feared she'd do. Nick assured Mariah that Faith wouldn't hold a grudge. Nick told Mariah that Faith had been unprepared to face what she'd been forced to deal with. Mariah admitted she was also scared to face Sharon's illness. When Faith returned, she thanked Mariah and said she was looking forward to better days.

At Sharon's ranch house, Sharon lugged her travel bag downstairs and set it down. Sharon told Rey that her last surgery had taught her not to overpack. Rey replied, "We're definitely not newbies anymore." Sharon responded by recalling how she'd naively believed that one time under the knife would have removed all the cancer. Rey encouraged Sharon to muster the grace and courage to handle whatever came their way.

Rey told Sharon he'd tucked a surprise into her bag for her to find later. Rey noticed that Sharon seemed lost in thought, and he suggested an interrogation might be in order to drag out whatever it was she wanted to ask him. Sharon prefaced her request by taking full responsibility for having messed things up. Sharon expressed appreciation that she and Rey had both benefited from her mistake that had strengthened their relationship. Sharon invited Rey to move back in with her. Sharon told Rey that Faith missed him, too, though Sharon understood she was asking him to make a big commitment. Rey replied, "I'd love to move back in with you again."

Rey told Sharon he wanted to wake up every morning and see her beautiful face, fall asleep with her in his arms, and help her fight her battle. Rey promised to love Sharon the way she deserved to be loved. Rey promised Sharon they'd have two things to celebrate after her surgery. Sharon asked Rey how he'd feel about her scars and the missing parts of her body. Rey said he loved Sharon's scars because they proved she was a fighter. Rey acknowledged there were unknowns, but he assured Sharon that he loved all of her.

Rey went to the kitchen to get Sharon the last thing she could have by mouth ahead of her surgery. Faith approached the front door and peered through the window. Faith saw Sharon sitting at the desk, sobbing. Faith ran the other direction as Rey returned with a cup of tea for Sharon. Sharon quickly dried her eyes and attempted to hide her emotions.

Jack shares a surprising connection with Lauren Jack shares a surprising connection with Lauren
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

At Chancellor Communications, Billy spoke with Amanda on the phone. He asked her what had happened in court, and he smirked when he found out. He crowed that he'd known he could count on her.

At the Hamilton penthouse, Lily mentioned that she'd been trying to call Devon because she'd been worried about him. He assured her that he was the last thing she needed to worry about, especially when she'd been swamped with work after the exposť had been published. Lily demanded to know why she'd heard from Billy that Amanda was Hilary's sister. Devon explained that he hadn't told Lily about the DNA test right away because she'd been out of town, and it would have been a waste of time if the test had turned out negative.

Lily griped that when she'd heard the news, her first thought had been that Devon hadn't thought to call her. She reiterated how much it weighed on her that she'd been responsible for Hilary's death, and it had been jarring to find out that she was working with Hilary's twin sister. Devon figured that his only excuse was that he'd been caught up in his own feelings, deciding how much to help Amanda when he was living with Elena. He swore that he hadn't meant to hurt Lily or leave her out.

Lily imagined that dealing with Amanda had made Devon's memories of Hilary flood back, and she'd been worried the revelation would consume him the way his grief had when Hilary had died. He insisted that he'd been in a good place recently, and she implored him to focus on that. She answered a call from Billy, who informed her that the lawsuit had been thrown out, thanks to Amanda. Lily sighed in relief, and Billy suggested that they talk about taking the next step toward world domination. She informed him that she'd be in the office soon.

Lily arrived at Chancellor Communications, and Billy asked where she'd been all morning. She informed him that she'd been with Devon, since she hadn't spoken to her brother since she'd found out the news about Amanda and Hilary. Billy inquired how both Devon and Lily were doing, but she preferred to focus on business. Billy shared that their viewership was through the roof because of the exposť, and he wanted to keep the momentum going with a sequel.

Lily clucked that they'd dodged a bullet on the original piece, but things could have gone the other way. She thought they should count their blessings and walk away, but Billy argued that Adam was a "bottomless pit of sin." Lily admitted that she didn't trust Billy to proceed in a methodical way. She firmly told him no as his partner, and he suggested that they revel in their bona fide hit and discuss it again in 24 hours. He proclaimed that he had one more request that he thought she'd be more agreeable to.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Lily that their success deserved Champagne, but lattes would have to do at that time of day. He wanted to share ideas about integrating their platforms, but she was adamant that they clear the air about the exposť first. He conceded that he shouldn't have published the article without consulting with her, but he contended that it had been the right thing to do. She lectured that he couldn't make unilateral decisions, and she was worried that he'd do it again because he'd gotten away with it once. Lily reiterated that they were partners who had to make decisions together.

Billy promised full transparency from then on, and he recognized that it wasn't easy to be partners with him. He added that besides his kids, his partnership and friendship with Lily were the most important things in his life, and he wouldn't screw them up. Lily swore that they were good -- as long as he kept his word and bought her a chocolate scone. He offered to buy her all of them because she deserved it for having to deal with him. He approached the counter and ordered 17 chocolate scones. Lily was clearly touched.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam informed Chelsea that the judge had dismissed his lawsuit against ChanceComm. Chelsea reasoned that claims were hard to prove when everything was off the record. Adam vowed to find another way to deal with Billy, but Chelsea warned that the worst thing Adam could do was lash out, because it would give Billy exactly what he wanted -- to prove that Adam was the guy depicted in the article. Chelsea added that it would be bad for Adam and for her, too. Adam asked if something else had happened.

Chelsea reluctantly revealed that after the article had been released, her advertisers and influencers had all backed out of the launch of her new company. Adam growled that people were cowards, since the article hadn't had anything to do with her, yet she'd been condemned by association. She accepted that she'd worked hard on the fashion line for nothing, but she blamed only Billy. Adam questioned why she hadn't told him about it earlier, and she claimed that she hadn't wanted to overwhelm him. He recognized that she was comforting him when he should be comforting her. Adam bemoaned that their lives were "going to hell," and it was all his fault.

Adam assumed that Chelsea was thinking that if she wasn't with him, she'd have a thriving business, and her son would be at home. Chelsea resolved to figure out what to do with her fashion line, and she contended that Connor was fine because the boy knew they loved him. Adam wondered if the school would expel Connor if word spread, and he couldn't stand the thought of Connor being bullied because of something Adam had done. Adam refused to let Billy do more damage to their family. He snarled that if Billy was going to paint him like a monster, Billy was going to get a monster.

Chelsea reminded Adam that they'd decided to proceed with caution. He clarified that she'd decided, but he'd never agreed. He declared that it was time for action. Chelsea barked that he didn't get to do what he wanted without telling her what he had planned, and she worried that he was about to do irreparable damage. Adam accused her of not trusting that he'd do what was best for her and Connor. She insisted that they go at it as a team. He told her to do what she had to do, and he'd do the same. He stormed upstairs.

At Crimson Lights, Jack lamented to Traci that Billy's article hadn't just affected Adam. Jack relayed that he'd talked to Ashley, and it hadn't bothered her because Billy had told the truth. Jack figured that they'd all get past it eventually, and he turned the topic to an update he had about the mystery of Dina's necklace. He announced that they were one big step closer to tracking it down because someone had pointed him in the right direction. Traci was stunned to learn that it had been Victor.

Jack thought it made sense that Victor had wanted something John had once owned, since their family rivalry went back a long time. Jack revealed that when the necklace had resurfaced after being stolen, Victor had tried to buy it, but he'd lost out to a shell company called Bohdi International. Jack continued that he was looking into it to find out the identity of the buyer, and he expected to have an answer very soon. He wanted to believe the necklace had something to do with the enduring power of love, and he thought it would be worth it if it gave Dina just one more moment of real happiness.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told someone over the phone that she had no comment about the lawsuit being dismissed. She received a text message from Phyllis, asking to meet that day. Victoria ignored it, but Phyllis sent another message, stressing that it was important. Victoria typed back that she didn't have time.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis threw down her phone in exasperation. Nick approached, and Phyllis noted that it was a big day. He reported that Sharon was being prepped for surgery, but she'd sounded strong and positive when he'd spoken to her before she'd left for the hospital. He wondered why Phyllis had seemed annoyed when he'd walked in, and she eventually confessed that Victoria had blown her off. Phyllis shared that she had an amazing idea for a joint business venture, but she didn't want to tell him more because she didn't want to jinx it.

Later, Nick stopped by the Newman ranch, and Nikki inquired about how Sharon was doing. He mentioned that Rey would call when Sharon was out of surgery, and Nikki prayed it went smoothly. Nick noted that his mother had sounded upset on the phone, and she referred to the stress the exposť was causing Victor, especially after the lawsuit had been thrown out. Nikki reported that Victor had stormed out to take out his anger on a heavy bag, and he'd been devastated about Victoria's involvement. Nick pointed out that Victoria and Victor always reconciled, but Nikki wasn't sure if they would that time.

Nick expected that Victor would end up without any scratches like he always did. Nick was more concerned about how the article was impacting Faith, and he pledged to do everything he could to protect her. He wanted to do the same thing for Nikki, and he suggested talking to Victoria. Nikki shared that she already had -- and it hadn't gone well.

Victoria groaned when Phyllis entered her office. Phyllis was determined to pitch a collaboration between the Grand Phoenix and Newman Enterprises, and Victoria begrudgingly agreed to hear her out if she left immediately afterward. Phyllis swore that Victoria wouldn't want her to leave after hearing the pitch, and she proposed that the Grand Phoenix be the exclusive destination for all of Newman's clients and associates in exchange for discounted rates, with a block of rooms paid for in advance.

Victoria cited the long-term agreement Newman had with the Athletic Club, but Phyllis questioned why Victoria would want to put her clients up someplace dark and dingy rather than at a sophisticated hotel with all the perks, including access to the Escape Club for the women. Victoria conceded that it was a good idea, depending on the price. Phyllis insisted that she'd be flexible, but she needed an advance deposit to block off the rooms. Victoria asserted that she had one issue that wasn't negotiable -- she wasn't interested in having any business agreement with Phyllis.

Phyllis urged Victoria not to turn down an amazing business opportunity just because Victoria had an issue with her. Victoria countered that business was about relationships, and it wasn't a relationship she was interested in having. Phyllis suggested that Victoria take some time to think about it as Nikki walked in. Phyllis hoped Nikki would help Victoria see the light, and Victoria ordered Phyllis out. After Phyllis left, Victoria voiced surprise to see Nikki after the way her mother had walked out earlier. The women both admitted that they could have handled things better.

Nikki recognized that Victoria hadn't intended for Victor or Faith to be caught in the crossfire of Billy's article, but she thought Victoria had to take responsibility for her involvement. Victoria admitted that she'd been so focused on Adam being punished that she hadn't considered the fallout, but Victor refused to see that she'd been fighting for herself and the company against Adam, who continued to be a threat. Nikki urged Victoria to concentrate on repairing things with her father. Victoria thanked Nikki for always being there for her, and Nikki pledged that she always would be. Nikki inquired whether Victoria was definitely passing on Phyllis' pitch. Victoria huffed that nothing was worthwhile when Phyllis was involved, but it would be an entirely different proposition if Abby still owned the hotel.

In a Chicago hotel room, Summer gushed that Chicago was her favorite city -- or she just loved it because she was there with Kyle. Kyle suggested that it was the thrill of sneaking away to get married, and he planned to pick up a marriage license that afternoon. Kyle told Summer to prepare to be his ball and chain until one of them kicked the bucket, and she asked if he intended to say that in his vows. He wished he could marry her that second, since he'd waited his whole life for their new beginning. She said there was no going back.

Later, Summer stared out the window, and Kyle asked what she was thinking about. She admitted that she was having second thoughts -- not about them getting married, but about them eloping. She swore that she'd been having fun, and she was happy they'd decided to do it, but their parents believed they were away on a business trip. Kyle acknowledged that it didn't feel right to keep the news from the most important people in their lives.

Summer imagined going back and telling their parents they'd eloped, and she anticipated that their parents' feelings would be hurt. Kyle suspected that their folks would use the fact that he and Summer had gotten married behind their backs as proof that they didn't know what they were doing. Summer balked at having to justify their actions rather than celebrate. Kyle declared that he knew what they needed to do.

As Summer and Kyle prepared to email their parents about their plans, she wondered if they were chickening out by not calling instead. Kyle figured that they'd be honest and straightforward in their notes before turning off their phones before they saw any responses. Summer read her email to Nick and Phyllis aloud. In it, she insisted that she was happier than she'd ever been because she and Kyle were going to elope the next day. She confirmed that she knew her mom wanted the best for her and that her dad wanted to protect her, and she hoped they would give her their blessing and share in her joy when she got home.

Kyle recited his message to Jack, stressing that he and Summer weren't running away from Jack's concerns but toward each other and their future together. Kyle and Summer counted to three and simultaneously sent their emails. She asked if he was ready to get their license, but he revealed that he had one more present for her. He stepped out to retrieve it from his shaving kit, and his phone chimed. Summer checked it and discovered that he'd exchanged text messages with Lola to express concern about her.

Kyle returned and set a small gift on the bed between him and Summer. He reminded her to turn her phone off, since they didn't want anything ruining the moment. He explained that the present was just a little something to let her know how excited he was about the adventure ahead of them. She replied that she loved it, but he pointed out that she hadn't opened it yet. Summer cooed that it didn't matter, since it would be perfect -- just like their lives together. They pledged their love.

At Society, Jack thanked Lauren for agreeing to see him on short notice. She announced that Chloe had gone into labor the night before, and Jack was glad to hear the good news. Lauren admitted that the last thing she'd expected had been a call from him about a stolen necklace. Jack voiced surprise that the trail had led to her father, since Neil Fenmore had owned the company that had bought the necklace. Lauren didn't remember seeing the piece, but she'd inherited a large collection of jewelry that she'd put into storage. She offered to go through it.

Jack stressed that there was some urgency to the situation. Lauren understood that it was for Dina, and she wished she could have done something like that for her father before he'd passed away. She promised she would get back to Jack soon. Jack sympathized that it had been a difficult journey for Dina since she'd been diagnosed, but he still held out hope for a moment or two of a real connection. Lauren received a text message and exclaimed that Chloe had delivered a healthy baby boy. Lauren rushed off to meet her new nephew. Jack checked his phone and groaned, "Oh, Kyle."

Nick returned to the Grand Phoenix, where Phyllis reported that things hadn't gone well with Victoria. He asked if Phyllis had checked her email, since Summer and Kyle were eloping. Phyllis recalled not believing Summer's story about going on a business trip, and Nick informed her that the couple was planning on getting married the next day. "What?! Good God, no!" Phyllis cried.

Nick tried to call Summer, but she didn't pick up. Phyllis recounted that Summer hadn't been acting like herself, and she realized that their daughter had been looking for approval because she hadn't felt supported. Phyllis remembered Summer saying it was hard because Nick wasn't on board, and he asked if Phyllis was blaming him. She pointed out that it was a factor, and he countered that he was doing the best he could to deal with everything. Phyllis snapped that he could deal with Sharon and Faith, and she'd take care of Summer herself.

Jack left a message for Kyle, encouraging him to take a breath and return home so they could discuss things. Jack switched over to an incoming call from Phyllis. She ranted that the "impulsive millennials" were making a huge mistake, and she asked what she and Jack were going to do about it.

Billy finds Chelsea unconscious Billy finds Chelsea unconscious
Wednesday, October 7, 2020
by Nel

Chelsea rushed into ChanceComm and berated Billy about the article. She told him how it had hurt her family and Connor in particular. Billy reminded her of the listening device she'd planted behind the lamp. Chelsea claimed she didn't know anything about it. Billy said he was shocked that Chelsea wasn't upset about the lives Adam had destroyed.

Billy claimed Chelsea was angry because Adam's actions had been publicized. Chelsea demanded that Billy retract the article, but Billy told her that once it was on the Internet, there was no turning back. Chelsea accused Billy of having an unhealthy focus on vengeance. She said he'd put the entire company in jeopardy, and he was being reckless.

Billy told Chelsea that being reckless was his thing. Chelsea claimed that Victor and Adam would destroy him, but Billy asked if she'd heard that Adam and Victor's lawsuit had been dismissed. Billy asked if Chelsea believed that Adam would fight as hard for her as she was fighting for Adam, and he added that Adam was a monster. Chelsea accused Billy of being a hypocrite. She said that Adam had changed, but Billy wouldn't give Adam a chance because he kept dredging up Adam's past. Billy said that Chelsea the con artist had been conned.

Chelsea told Billy that Adam had changed, and together, they had built a stable family for Connor; however, because of Billy's article, they'd had to put Connor into boarding school to keep him safe. Billy said that Connor was a great kid, and Chelsea should have kept him away from Adam. Upset, Chelsea stated that Connor would eventually read about Adam. Billy said Connor needed to know about Adam, because Connor's father only cared about himself. Chelsea stated that Delia's death had motivated Billy to publish that story. She stated that had she known how vicious he and Victoria would become, she wouldn't have allowed them to adopt Johnny. She stormed out.

Lily entered the office and asked Billy if that had been Chelsea she'd bumped into at the elevator. Billy said it had been. At that moment, the lights went out. Lily and Billy had their flashlights on, and Billy was on his hands and knees. Lily asked what he was doing. Billy told her about Chelsea planting the listening device the last time she'd been in the office. He asked Lily to search for any bugs Chelsea might have planted, and he described what to look for.

In the meantime, when the power failed, Chelsea became stuck in the elevator and had no phone reception. She yelled for help, but no one responded. She looked for a way out and thought she could get out through a panel in the ceiling. She stood on the handrails and tried to pry off the panel, but she lost her balance, fell, and landed unconscious on the elevator floor.

Billy told Lily he was certain that Adam had turned off the lights. He said Adam probably figured that with the lights off, Billy and Lily would go home, and Adam would be free to enter the office and try to kill the story. Billy said he was one step ahead of Adam. He was going to stay in the office all night if he needed to. Lily asked if a second exposť would put that much fear into Adam. Billy said he had a ten-pound bag of information in a safe location. Billy said he was happy with the way Lily had handled the situation, in spite the outside pressure.

Lily told Billy that Nikki had confronted her prior to the release of the story and had said that Neil would be terribly disappointed in her. Lily said she'd told Nikki not to bring Neil's name into the conversation and that Nikki didn't scare her. Billy said that people always tried to manipulate others by bringing up the names of loved ones they'd lost, but he and Lily needed to ignore it. He said that Neil would have been very proud of Lily.

Chance arrived at the penthouse, and he asked Adam how things were going. Adam said all was well and that they had sent Connor to boarding school to keep him safe. Chance had thought Adam had planned to stop Billy from publishing the story. Adam said he'd tried, but their lawsuit had been dismissed. Chance said he'd spoken briefly to Paul, and he'd admitted to Paul that he'd been the agent in the story. Chance said the job offer was up in the air. He told Adam that he wanted the job, and he couldn't be involved in Adam's plans. Adam promised to have Chance's back, the same way he had in Vegas.

At that moment, Chance received a text message from Paul that Paul wanted to meet with him. Before leaving, Chance wished Adam good luck. Adam wished the same for Chance, but Adam stated that he made his own luck.

After Chance left, Adam made a call and told them it was time to get into position. Adam was told that Billy was in a meeting with someone, but Adam said he didn't care who Billy was meeting with. He instructed the person to let him know when they were in position, and Adam would give the signal. A short time later, Adam received a text message from his accomplice that they were in position. Adam told them to go ahead, and Adam rushed out the door.

At Society, Abby hoped that Mariah would relax, since Sharon's surgery was over. Mariah said that it appeared they'd gotten all the cancer that time, but Sharon still had to go through radiation therapy. Abby told Mariah that Ashley had gone through cancer treatment, and she'd always been tired. Abby and Mariah were concerned about Faith because she was hiding her emotions and because the other kids had been giving her a hard time over the article. Mariah said Faith was struggling and needed love. Abby wanted in on that and suggested a girls' night out for the three of them. Mariah agreed.

Mariah received a call from Sharon informing her that Rey was driving Faith to Crimson Lights. Mariah told Abby she had to leave and invited Abby to join her, but Abby said she was worried about Chance. Paul had read the article and knew that Chance had been the agent referred to in that article. Mariah asked if Paul would rescind his job offer, but Abby had no idea. She said that if Chance didn't get the job, she didn't think Chance would stay in Genoa City, looking for another opportunity. Mariah reminded Abby about the conversation she and Chance had had about the future. Abby said that the conversation about the future had been hypothetical. Mariah told her not to talk herself out of a future with Chance, and Mariah left.

Sharon arrived home from the hospital after her surgery and was in obvious pain. Faith entered the room and asked if Sharon would like a cup of tea. When Sharon said she would love one, Faith practically ran into the kitchen. Sharon commented to Rey that is seemed as if Faith had been trying to get away from her. Rey said that Faith loved her, and it was hard for kids to see their parents in pain. He said that Faith seemed to be okay and that she'd reached out to her friends. Faith had also given him the thumbs-up when he'd told her he would be moving back in. He said that Sharon needed time alone with Faith, and he left.

When Faith returned with Sharon's tea, Sharon asked Faith if anyone had brought up the article to her. Faith admitted that a few kids had mentioned it, but she knew it would blow over. Sharon told Faith to stop fretting about her. She wanted Faith to be a normal teenager. She told Faith to go out and have fun. Faith told Sharonn that Mariah had invited Faith to the coffeehouse to spend some time with her. Sharon encouraged her to go.

A short time later, Nick arrived at Sharon's, and she told him that Faith was with Mariah. Nick expressed his concern about Faith. He said she was a perfectionist and didn't want to let her parents down. He was upset that the article about Adam had made reference to Faith's kidnapping, and he asked Sharon not to take Adam's side. Sharon said she blamed Billy. Nick admitted he'd known that the article would be published, and he should have stopped it. He said that Chelsea hadn't asked for his help, but he'd previously warned her that Adam wasn't a good role model for Connor.

Sharon told Nick that Adam loved that little boy and that Adam and Chelsea would bring Connor up well, just as she and Nick had brought up Faith. Nick claimed that neither he nor Sharon was a psychopath. He said it was hard bringing up kids. Faith was strong and mature for her age, and they both agreed that Faith had been through a lot. Sharon informed Nick that Rey was moving back in with her, and Nick was happy. He said they would make sure that Faith got all the help she needed, and he left.

Adam arrived the Grand Phoenix and entered Billy's suite. He began searching for something, but after checking dresser drawers, night tables, and the cupboard, it appeared the search was fruitless.

Chance arrived at Society. Surprised, Abby stated that the meeting had to have been very short. Chance explained that Paul had been called away on an emergency, and he was certain that Paul would reach out to him later. He said Paul needed to know he could trust the people who worked for him, and Chance had neglected to tell Paul about Vegas. Abby stated that, unlike Adam, Chance had integrity. She asked Chance to denounce Adam, but Chance claimed he couldn't do that because Adam had saved his life. Abby claimed that Chance had repaid Adam many times over for that. She reminded him that Adam would cause more unrest. She said Adam was her brother, but she begged Chance to cut ties with him because he was a magnet for trouble.

Chance said that if Adam was a magnet for trouble, that was all the more reason to stick close and keep Adam on the straight and narrow. Abby said Adam wasn't worth it, and he might have cost Chance his job with the police department. Abby asked what Chance would do if that was the case. Chance didn't know because he'd already sold his security business. He said he would have to move at least two hundred miles away from Genoa City because of a non-compete clause. He said he could go back to DC, where he had contacts, or Sacramento -- but that wasn't going to happen because Abby was in Genoa City, and it wasn't worth leaving. Abby suggested they have another talk to see if they were on the same page, but Chance told her he'd fallen in love with her.

Chance claimed that if he could create the perfect woman, Abby would be her. He wondered how he'd become so lucky. He asked how Abby felt. Abby smiled and said she wanted to go back to his suite so they could plan their future all night long.

Over hot chocolate at Crimson Lights, Mariah and Faith joked that Sharon wanted Faith to be a normal teen, and Sharon would be ecstatic if Faith went for cheerleading. Faith said it was hard to be normal with everything going on. She confessed that she'd pretended to be asleep when Sharon had left for the hospital because she hadn't been able to face Sharon after she'd seen her crying the previous night. Mariah told Faith that things got rough for everyone, and Faith didn't need to keep things to herself.

Faith told Mariah that she didn't want to bother Sharon, but Mariah said that she'd cried on Sharon's shoulder more times than she could count. Mariah said that it happened to the best of them, but when things became overwhelming for Faith, she needed to reach out to Mariah, Lola, Abby, Nick, or Rey and talk to them. Faith thanked Mariah. Mariah said she would do anything for Faith and reassured Faith she would always be there for her.

Rey arrived to take Faith home, and he asked Mariah how things had progressed. Mariah said that Faith was the typical teen. Rey informed Mariah that he was moving back in with Sharon. Mariah was thrilled. She asked Rey to tell her when Sharon or Faith needed help. Rey made a deal with Mariah that he would inform her if they needed help, provided Mariah told him when she needed help. He said he knew it wasn't easy for her to open up, either.

Billy and Lily had been gazing out the window, and Billy said no one would have guessed that he and Lily would wind up working together as co-CEOs. It was crazy, but he was glad she was there because he couldn't have done it without her.

When the power had been restored, Billy told Lily he was heading home. He bid her goodnight and went to the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, Billy found Chelsea unconscious on the elevator floor. He yelled to Lily that he needed help and that he was calling 9-1-1.

Adam causes problems between Victor and Nikki Adam causes problems between Victor and Nikki
Thursday, October 8, 2020
by Nel

In the park, Victor said he knew why Nikki had brought him there. It was to distract him. He told Nikki that Billy was the problem, not Adam. Nikki said that Billy wasn't the cause. Victor claimed that Billy had turned Victoria against him. Nikki reminded him that he'd treated Victoria badly when he'd allowed Adam to take over as CEO. Victor claimed that Victoria hadn't apologized to him for the hit job about Adam. He told Nikki that he'd warned Victoria that if she did damage to his company, he would have her removed.

Nikki told Victor that Adam was the problem, and Victor needed to convince Adam to leave town. Victor asked if she would ask him to do the same thing if it had been Nick or Victoria. She said if they'd caused that much trouble, she might. Very angry, Victor walked away. Nikki sent a text message to someone.

Lily arrived at Billy's suite. Billy told her things weren't right. He showed her a video of Adam searching his room. He pointed to the camera he'd installed in the ceiling. He said that Adam hadn't found anything, but if Adam had been looking for the information, Adam was about to get some.

At the penthouse, while Chelsea was on the sofa with an ice pack on her head, she told Adam how she'd tried to get out of the elevator at ChanceComm through a panel in the ceiling and had fallen. She said she'd been there because she'd been trying to protect her family. Adam told her she needed to stay out of it because he was handling the situation. Chelsea said she thought they were a team, and she asked why he kept pushing her away. Adam said the article had been about him, and it was up to him to fix it. He wished she hadn't been at ChanceComm the previous evening.

Chelsea realized that Adam had been responsible for the power outage. Adam said he'd wanted to keep Billy busy so he could search Billy's room, because Billy planned to put out more trash about him. He said he'd wanted to find the documents, but he hadn't found anything. He said he had to do it alone, and he hated that Chelsea had gotten hurt. Chelsea didn't like him keeping things from her, and she accused him of sounding like Victor. She said Adam was trying to push her away during a crisis, but Adam stated that Billy had caused the crisis. Adam left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick left Summer another message to call him or Phyllis. He told Phyllis he couldn't believe that Summer and Kyle had eloped. Phyllis received a call from her accountant. She walked away for a private chat. Phyllis told her accountant she was worried about the tax man showing up in her hotel. She told him to fix it.

After Phyllis had completed her call, Nick asked if she was okay, and she said she was. He called her a liar because he felt there was a bigger problem, and he would hate to see her jeopardize her hotel if she needed help. She said she needed to formulate a genius idea and told him not to worry. Nick received a text message from Nikki asking him to meet her. Phyllis told Nick to go and help Nikki.

Nick met Nikki in the park. She was worried about what Victor would do next, and she wanted Nick to talk to him. She said that getting Adam out of town would solve "so many" problems. She told Nick that Victor felt guilty about Adam's upbringing, and he would always try to make things right for Adam. Nick said that Victor never listened to him, but it was time to take matters into his own hands. Nick said he had an idea how to handle Adam.

Phyllis' accountant told her that her loan had been bought by a company called Ponse Vettio. Phyllis hit the roof when she recognized the name. Nick returned at that moment and told her that Nikki wanted him to help her with the Adam situation. He stopped and said that Phyllis looked shaken. She said she had to put out another fire with a beverage supplier, and she left.

Chance was in bed in his suite. While Abby was in the bathroom, he told her he felt lonely. He also wondered why it had taken him so long to figure out he'd been falling in love with her. Abby entered the room and dropped her robe. After the loving, Chance said he'd been very lucky to have met her. It had to have been destiny. He was happy Abby was playing hooky, but Abby said being a Newman and an Abbott, she felt guilty if she wasn't working by noon.

At Newman, Victoria finished her call with Katie as Nikki entered. Victoria told Nikki that Phyllis had been doing an in-run with the high-level partners in an attempt to lure them to the Grand Phoenix, but Newman already had a deal with the Athletic Club. She said Phyllis didn't care about damaging the Newman partnership as long as she was able to book rooms at her hotel. Victoria said she needed to take action.

Nikki asked if Victoria was going to do battle with Phyllis out of frustration with Victor, Adam, and Billy. Victoria stated that she was protecting the company and that Phyllis was another Adam waiting to happen. She asked if Nikki recalled how Phyllis had kept pushing Abby in an attempt to take over the Grand Phoenix. In order to do that, Phyllis had needed to take out different lines of credit. She had then consolidated those loans with an investment bank. Victoria said that Phyllis was stretched very thin and was about to lose her financing.

Annoyed, Nikki told Victoria that she didn't care about Phyllis. She wanted to see Victoria repair her relationship with Victor. Victoria said the situation had nothing to do with Victor; it was business, and Victor needed to fix things between them. Victoria said that she'd spoken to Victor, and she'd admitted she'd been wrong to have Billy publish the exposť. However, Adam had done "so much worse," and Victor had always forgiven him. She refused to reach out to Victor and ask for forgiveness.

Nikki told Victoria there was a wrinkle because Nick and Phyllis had reunited. If Victoria went after Phyllis, Nick would be hurt. Victoria said she wasn't going after Phyllis; she was going after an asset. Victoria dismissed Nikki and said she would let Nikki know how things progressed.

Sometime later, Phyllis stormed into Victoria's office, yelling, "Ponse Vettio." She said she'd recognized the name because she'd been to Florence, Italy. She accused Victoria of creating a holding company for the sole purpose of buying Phyllis' loan from the bank. Victoria smiled and said Newman owned 75% of the Grand Phoenix. It had been a great business opportunity, and Phyllis had left herself exposed. Phyllis claimed that Victoria was trying to punish her.

Victoria asked if Phyllis had admitted that she'd tried to go behind her back in an attempt to lure Newman clients to her hotel. Phyllis warned Victoria about blaming it on her. Phyllis claimed that Victoria still held a grudge because Phillis had pulled all that J.T. stuff. Victoria said Phyllis should have considered that before she crossed Victoria. Phyllis yelled that Victoria didn't want the hotel. Phyllis said the hotel belonged to her. Phyllis couldn't wait until Nick heard about it. Victoria said she would cross that bridge when she got there.

Phyllis warned Victoria that she was on shaky ground with Nick because of the article. Victoria said she knew that Nick would be ticked for a while, but it was only a matter of time before Phyllis and Nick would break up again. Victoria said he would appreciate the savvy deal she'd made after the breakup. In the meantime, Victoria wanted to know Phyllis' price for her 25% of the hotel. Phyllis spat that there was "no way in hell" she would sell it. It was her hotel, and the situation wasn't over. Phyllis stormed out.

Billy walked into Society and tossed his key card onto the bar next to Adam. He said the next time Adam wanted to break into his room, he should use the key card. Adam claimed he had no idea what Billy was accusing him of doing. Billy said Adam had worn a baseball cap and rummaged through Billy's room, but there had been nothing to find. Billy said it was a joyous moment when Adam had shown him how scared he was, wondering what information Billy had.

Adam told Billy that Chelsea was fine. He said that Billy had walked into the restaurant, full of accusations, and he'd never asked about Chelsea. Billy said that while Adam had been breaking into Billy's room, Billy had stayed with Chelsea until the ambulance had arrived. Billy said that if Adam and Chelsea had discussed his plan beforehand, Chelsea would have taken the stairs. Adam claimed that Billy had exposed his hand, and he had nothing.

Billy said Adam's statement came from a man who'd been caught red-handed. Adam accused Billy of bluffing. He wouldn't sit by and watch Billy spread lies about him. Billy said the article hadn't printed lies. All he'd done had been to pull the bandage off a festering sore, and he'd forced Adam to look at his life. Adam claimed Billy would regret it if he went after Adam again. Billy said that Adam had given him a plethora of information for his next article. He thanked Adam and left.

Chance and Abby arrived at Chancellor Park. She stated that they were between the Newman and Abbot buildings, and she'd always felt she'd been pulled in both directions. She felt that had been the reason for her failed relationships with Daniel, Tyler, Stitch, Nate, and Arturo. She told Chance that fate had drawn her and Chance together. She asked Chance if it had been difficult for him growing up as a Chancellor. He said he'd known about the money, but he'd had no idea how it had affected his relationships. It was possible that he had subconsciously used being a Chancellor to avoid relationships -- until Abby.

Chance and Abby visited with the animals at the park. Chance groaned that they'd spent too much time with the swans and not enough with the tigers. Abby explained that her interest in the swans was that swans mated for life. He asked Abby if they should give it a try. Abby said the night Chance had told her he'd been falling in love with her, she hadn't responded -- not because she hadn't been falling in love with him, but because she'd already been there. Chance admitted he loved her.

Nick arrived at the penthouse, and, after he saw the ice pack and pills, he asked if Chelsea was okay. He asked if she'd heard from Connor. She informed Nick that she heard from Connor twice a day. She admitted it had been tough putting Connor into boarding school. Nick stated that if Connor hadn't needed protecting, they wouldn't have sent him to boarding school. Chelsea said she wouldn't have if Billy hadn't published that article. Nick said that article was about all the horrible things Adam had done. Chelsea claimed the information had been exaggerated and out of context, but Nick stated it had been straight-up reporting about everything Adam had done.

Nick said that Chelsea had sent Connor away and asked what they would do next, wondering if they would bring him back when things calmed down. He said that Chelsea knew Adam would retaliate. It would never end. Chelsea asked if Nick had stopped by to tell her how good he was and how terrible Adam was. She asked if Nick expected Adam to apologize to everyone in Genoa City, or if Nick expected her to ground him. Nick said he wanted her and Adam to leave town before things turned into a full-scale Newman family war.

Chelsea asked if Nick had ever considered what it had been like to grow up with Adam's perspective and the things he'd had to endure from Victor. Nick said he knew because Victor was his father, too. Chelsea said Adam had grown up under different circumstances. He'd recently found out that he'd killed a man while protecting his mother. She said he'd been affected by that. Nick suggested that it would be best if they moved away from Genoa City. Chelsea asked Nick to leave.

When Adam returned, Chelsea showed him some real estate listings close to Connor's school. She said that after Connor finished school, they could find a new town in live in. They needed to get out of Genoa City as soon as possible. Adam didn't understand her sudden desire to leave Genoa City. Chelsea said she missed her child.

Adam reminded Chelsea that they'd both made the decision to put Connor into a boarding school, but Chelsea said Connor wasn't there because of anything he'd done. They had put him in that situation. Adam claimed it was Billy who had put Connor in that situation. She said the situation wasn't getting any better, and things were going to get messy. It was time to let it go. She said that Adam didn't have a plan, and he'd been playing everything by ear. She said their family needed a fresh start.

At ChanceComm, Billy gloated to Lily that Adam was shaking with fear. Billy wanted to do the exposť and get under Adam's skin, but Lily wanted to know what was next for ChanceComm. She said Billy talked about Adam, but she was talking about ChanceComm's future goals. She said she hadn't signed on to be on the character assassination team. Lily wanted to take over the media space. They had the media's attention, and she asked if Billy cared what was next.

Billy took Lily to Society so they could brainstorm uninterrupted. Lily suggested they do a series on jury tampering or corruption behind the bidding process of infrastructure projects. Billy was mildly interested until Lily mentioned a ring of jewel thieves in Europe who made large heists, and then they made huge donations to the local youth groups. She said the authorities believed the thieves were women.

Billy's interest was piqued, and he liked the idea of sexy women jewel thieves giving back to children. That had some pop. Lily suggested doing a profile and possibly a podcast, and they could shop for movie rights or do some streaming themselves. Billy loved the idea. He looked up and saw Victor standing at the entrance with a menacing demeanor.

Elena struggles with a painful decision Elena struggles with a painful decision
Friday, October 9, 2020

At Society, Billy and Victor exchanged barbs. Billy stepped aside to take a call, and Victor revealed that Lily was the one he wanted to talk to. Victor remarked that Lily had become quite a formidable businesswoman, and he saw her father shining through her. He questioned how she could get up in the morning and go to work with a misfit, but she asserted that Billy was her partner.

Victor groused that Billy was a gambler and an adrenalin junkie, but Lily found it refreshing that Billy was passionate about everything he did. Victor called Billy a liability, pointing out that Billy had rolled the dice on the future of Chancellor Communications. Lily conceded that she'd had her doubts in the beginning, but everything had worked out like Billy had said it would. Victor warned that she was sorely mistaken if she thought the battle had been won, but he believed she could still emerge victorious if she showed Billy the door to protect her employees, her company, and her job.

Lily informed Victor that Jill did the hiring and firing, and she doubted Jill would oust her own son. Victor urged Lily not to allow Billy to ruin the company the way he had ruined Restless Style, Brash & Sassy, and Jabot. Victor refused to allow Billy to use ChanceComm to go after the Newman family, and he anticipated that Billy would crush Lily's chance to create a respectable company. Lily defended that Billy was good at what he did, and the story they'd run on Adam had been a public service and a huge success.

Lily told Victor to let his wife know that his pressure tactics hadn't worked any more than Nikki's guilt trip had. Victor huffed that he had no intention of letting Lily or Billy use Newman Media to attack his family, but Lily argued that it was no longer Newman Media because Victoria had sold the division to ChanceComm. Victor ominously reminded Lily that he had a way of righting a wrong, and he departed.

Billy and Lily completed their brainstorming session, and he prepared to go back to the office to write up their ideas. She decided to pack it in for the night, and he volunteered to walk her back to the Grand Phoenix. He asked how her conversation with Victor had gone. She claimed that Victor had told her to force Billy out of the company, and she'd agreed to think about it. Lily laughed and revealed she was kidding.

Lily recounted that she'd told Victor that Billy was very good at what he did. Billy guessed that Victor had told her that Billy was a liability to the company, and he found it ironic that the job was the one thing keeping him from going off the rails. Billy thanked Lily for sticking up for him, and she noted that she'd also made a mess of her life by causing the accident that had killed Hilary. She considered them both to be works in progress.

Phyllis was on the phone in her hotel suite, demanding to know what she was paying her money guy for. Phyllis was appalled when her advisor suggested that she turn to Nick for help, and she ordered him to do his job and hung up. She answered a knock at her door and found Nick there, and she sighed and turned away. Nick called it the worst welcome ever, and he implored her to tell him what had her tied up in knots. Phyllis expected that if she told him, he would move heaven and earth to fix it, and it would fit right into "her" narrative.

Nick guessed that Nikki or Chelsea was the thorn in Phyllis' side. Phyllis admitted that it was Victoria, but she refused to let him get involved. He contended that he was already involved if there was a problem with his sister. Nick wanted to help fix it, but Phyllis didn't want to be a hypocrite by telling him to stay out of his family's drama and then giving him a front-row seat. He implored her to at least tell him what she was going to do, and she declared her intent to go up against Victoria. Phyllis mused that she needed someone shrewd without skin in the game, and she had the perfect non-Newman in mind to help her.

Nick burst into Victoria's office and said they needed to talk. Victoria haughtily stated that it hadn't taken long for Phyllis to turn to him to rescue her, but Nick replied that he was only there to hear Victoria's side of the story. Victoria griped that Phyllis had crossed the line by lying to Newman's associates to convince them to stay at the Grand Phoenix. Nick chided Victoria for going on the attack when Phyllis was just trying to run a business.

Victoria crowed that Phyllis was up to her eyeballs in debt, and Victoria had used the situation to her advantage. Nick realized that Victoria had bought the debt, and Victoria guessed that Phyllis had left that detail out. Victoria revealed that Phyllis had put up 75 percent of the hotel as collateral, which had been the move of a desperate woman. Nick questioned why Victoria was getting involved in something that trivial, and Victoria accused Phyllis of committing fraud. Nick considered the debt purchase to be equivalent to a hostile takeover.

Victoria condemned Nick for always forgiving Phyllis, no matter what she'd done. Victoria insisted that it was just business, and Nick compared it to listening to their dad. Victoria asserted that she'd learned to be ruthless from the very best. Nick suspected that Victor wouldn't have handled it that way, but Adam would have. Nick equated Victoria's actions to the scheme Adam had concocted to get Nick out of Dark Horse.

Nick blasted Victoria for giving a journalist secrets about their family. He quipped that he needed a flowchart to keep track of her shifting loyalties. Victoria was adamant that Adam had needed to pay for what he'd done, but Nick argued that innocent people like Faith were also paying. Victoria inquired how her niece was doing, and Nick flatly stated that the world had just found out that his daughter had been switched at birth.

Nick lectured that it was their job as parents to shield their children from the mistakes their family had made, but he felt like he needed to protect Faith from Victoria. Nick pointed out that Victoria could have warned them, but she'd been "hellbent on revenge" because she'd had to prove herself to their father. He spat to tell him again why she thought she didn't like Adam, and he stormed out.

At Crimson Lights, Nate sipped coffee and flashed back to having sex with Elena at the clinic. He looked up and spotted Amanda, who noted that he hadn't called or written. He apologized, and she wondered if she'd bored him to tears by going on about her newfound family. She recognized that she was going through something messy and complicated, and she understood if he'd hit his limit.

Nate reiterated that he couldn't be happier for Amanda. She pointed out that he'd shown it by ghosting her, and he claimed that he'd had no time to call between his duties at the clinic and the hospital. She argued that he could have sent a text message, and he conceded that he could have done more. She jokingly cautioned to never debate an attorney, and he wondered how he could make it up to her. Amanda offered to let him take her out to dinner that night.

Nate requested the night to get his head together and get some rest so he could give Amanda all the attention she was worthy of. She noted that she'd never been turned down that eloquently, and she looked forward to one night free from the chaos at Chancellor Communications. He asked what he'd missed, and she realized that he really had been out of touch. She asked if he was sure there was nothing else going on, and he responded that it was nothing he couldn't handle. They planned to stay in touch. She headed out, but she looked back at him suspiciously.

Later, Nate returned to Crimson Lights to pick up the keys that he'd left behind. Nick invited him to pull up a chair, but Nate figured that he didn't need any more caffeine, since he was already forgetting things and having problems sleeping. Nick chalked it up to all work and no play, and Nate regretted that he hadn't made enough time for Amanda lately. Nate mentioned that he'd just read the exposť about Adam, and he couldn't fathom having someone that damaged in his own family. Nick stated that some betrayals resulted in losing the right to call oneself family.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena stopped folding laundry and stared into space. Devon called to her and observed that she seemed a million miles away. He assumed that she was thinking about what had happened at the clinic the other day, but she remained silent. He assured her that she was an incredible doctor, but she had to put herself first sometimes. Elena insisted that she was fine, and Devon called her the most selfless person he knew. She guiltily asked him not to say things like that, but he swore that she was the personification of goodness.

Elena lamented that she made mistakes and had faults like everyone else. Devon pressed to know what was wrong, since there was obviously something going on with her. He figured that people who were always helping others were usually the last ones to reach out when they needed to be saved, but she replied that she didn't need saving. Elena admitted that she'd been struggling with a few things, but they were nothing she couldn't handle herself. Devon questioned whether it had anything to do with him being out late with Amanda.

Elena insisted that she was fine with Devon and Amanda hanging out, although it sometimes made her feel insecure. He insisted that there was nothing be insecure about, and she regretted how she'd handled things because he deserved better. Devon swore that she was everything he could want, and he amorously offered to remind her. Elena winced as he started kissing her neck. His phone rang, and she encouraged him to take the call. She told him that she'd wait for him upstairs.

Later, Elena returned downstairs and wondered why Devon hadn't met her upstairs after his call. He informed her that he had, but she'd been sleeping, and he hadn't wanted to wake her because she'd looked more peaceful than he'd seen her in a long time. He invited her to go to Society, but she opted to just stay home. He offered to see what they had in the kitchen, and he insisted that she stay off her feet because he wanted to pamper her that night.

Elena stared forlornly at a photo of her and Devon. She received a text message from Nate, who checked in to see if she was okay. She typed back, "I can't keep doing this. It isn't fair to him." Nate requested that she not do anything until they talked. Devon returned and reported that their only dinner option was to order in. Elena quickly wrote back to Nate to tell him they'd talk the next day.

Devon asked if everything was all right, and Elena fibbed that Nate had just been making sure she could cover a shift the next day. Devon proposed that Nate find someone else to cover, so Devon and Elena could do something fun instead. Elena pointed out that she'd already agreed to work, and Devon applauded her for not going back on her commitments. She proposed that they make the best of the time they had then, and she kissed him. They began to undress.

Elena fought back tears while making love with Devon on the couch. He asked if he'd done something wrong, and she tearfully asked if he'd ever wished they could just stop time to try to make the moment last forever. She pledged her love, and he responded that he loved her more.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis updated Amanda about her battle with Victoria. "I'm gonna burn Victoria Newman. I'm gonna burn her so bad she will never, ever underestimate me again," Phyllis vowed. Amanda recommended that Phyllis get a good lawyer, and she suggested Christine. Phyllis vehemently opposed the idea, and she hoped Amanda would help her instead. Amanda cited her exclusive contract with ChanceComm, and she offered some friendly advice to be careful. Phyllis scoffed at the thought of following the rules.

Amanda pointed out that Phyllis would be going head to head with a powerful family all by herself. Phyllis proclaimed that it wasn't the first time she'd fought the Newmans, and she knew she'd have to fight dirty. Amanda questioned how it might affect Phyllis' relationship with Nick, and Phyllis intended to keep him out of it. Amanda anticipated that he would find out what was going on, and she inquired whether Phyllis was willing to risk losing him. Phyllis reasoned that Nick wasn't like the rest of the Newmans, and they'd always worked their way through their divided loyalties. Amanda advised her to only bet what she was willing to lose.

Later, Nick returned to the Grand Phoenix and informed Phyllis that he'd gone to see Victoria. He expected Phyllis to rip him a new smile, but she swore that she liked his smile. She called him her savior for loving her and wanting to do anything for her, and she assured him she was lucky, not mad. She maintained that she didn't want him to get involved, but he informed her that the visit hadn't been about her. Nick shared that Victoria had trusted Billy to do the right thing with the article, and everyone was rightfully upset with her because she hadn't stopped to think about the repercussions for Faith. Nick advised Phyllis to stay under Victoria's radar.

Nick told Phyllis that he had to go home to make dinner for Christian, but he offered to let her beat him at video games after he put his son to bed. Phyllis knew he was trying to take her mind off launching a counterattack on Victoria, but he insisted that sweeping her off her feet was part of the evening. She joked that she couldn't leave because her manager was the worst, and he proposed that he let her beat him at pool instead. They headed over to the pool table.

Across the lobby, Lily thanked Billy for making sure she got home safely. He remarked that in the world of Adam, they could never be too safe. He suggested that they grab a nightcap before he headed back to work, but Lily received a text message from Mattie, who wanted to talk. Billy requested a rain check, and Lily headed to the elevator. He watched her go.

Victor stopped by Newman and hoped Victoria wasn't too busy for a visit with her father. She curtly replied that it depended on why he was there. He announced that he wanted to make peace. Victor mentioned that he'd had an interesting conversation with Nikki, who was upset over what was happening with their family. He believed the distance between him and Victoria had gotten out of hand, but she suspected that he meant she'd gotten out of hand, and he was upset that he could no longer control her. Victor declared that he adored her and missed her, and he asked if there was a way to get over it.

Victor suggested that he and Victoria go back to the way things had been before. Victoria referred to him making unilateral decisions, choosing Adam over her, and ignoring her opinions. She barked that she wasn't interested in revisiting that time. Victor thought they could make amends and move forward by taking Newman Media back from Billy, who had used the division to go after their family. Victoria stressed that she hadn't known Billy would go that far, and she hadn't seen the article before he'd published it.

Victor urged Victoria to redeem herself by making herself good in the eyes of those she'd damaged with her choices. Victoria shot back that he should give the article another read if he thought she was the one in need of redemption. She questioned why Victor's focus was on what she and Billy had done wrong, but she knew her father always held Adam to a different standard. Victoria huffed that she had to go to a meeting and run a business, and she walked out.

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