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Adam and Chelsea learned that she had a brain aneurysm. An eyewitness to Chance's shooting stepped forward. Billy fired Amanda as his attorney. Theo declined the Abbotts' offer to settle his lawsuit. Phyllis begrudgingly accepted money from Nick to buy out Victoria's share of the Grand Phoenix.
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Theo declined the Abbotts' offer to settle his lawsuit, and an eyewitness to Chance's shooting stepped forward
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Amanda catches Billy in a condemning lie Amanda catches Billy in a condemning lie
Monday, December 7, 2020

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Michael joined Rey for a private discussion about Billy. Michael thanked Rey for meeting him outside the police station to lessen the chance of Billy's anonymous sources overhearing and reporting back. Rey assured Michael he trusted every cop on his team and that no one had tipped Billy off regarding his impending arrest. Michael asked Rey if the identity of the eyewitness had been withheld. Rey replied that the eyewitness was in a secured location.

Michael expressed misgivings about the case and pointed out that the accused assailant, a grieving father, couldn't be a more sympathetic figure. Michael added that Billy had at his disposal a major media division to amplify his version of events. On the other hand, Michael explained, the intended victim, Adam, was a locked-up sociopath, a criminal, and a killer. Rey told Michael that Adam had been discharged from the psychiatric unit. Michael replied, "So the grieving, sympathetic father is behind bars, and the sociopath is on the loose, ready to wreak even more havoc."

In Lily's office at Chancellor Communications, Jill and Lily learned from Amanda that Billy was in jail. Jill demanded to know why Amanda hadn't arranged for Billy's release. Amanda explained that she intended to take a leave of absence, so she could focus on Billy's case. Amanda stunned Lily when she explained that police had a witness that could place him near the scene of the crime when it had occurred. Lily was skeptical about the witness having waited weeks after the shooting before coming forward. Amanda said she wasn't sure when the witness had come forward or why the police had just made the information known.

Jill angrily insisted the witness was either someone with a vendetta or perhaps the real shooter who needed a scapegoat. Amanda explained that Paul had considered the witness' story sufficiently credible to issue an arrest warrant. Lily suggested Amanda check the building's security footage to prove Billy had been at the office when the shooting had taken place. Lily explained that Billy had planned to check the security footage himself, but he'd been arrested before he'd had a chance to do so. Jill became more convinced that the whole case against Billy hinged on a "miraculous" eyewitness. Jill expressed certainty that Billy hadn't been involved. Jill stormed out and said she was headed to the police station.

Amanda enlisted Lily's help in establishing a timeline for Billy's whereabouts on the day of the shooting. Lily checked the calendar app on her phone and said Billy had been present at a finance meeting at 10 a.m. Amanda said she recalled seeing Lily with Billy after that meeting. Lily also recalled that Billy had been in a good mood and had said nothing whatsoever about Adam. Lily thought for a moment and recalled she'd left for a time and had returned after Billy had summoned her about the shooting to seek her input about covering the story. Lily admitted that a good deal of time had elapsed between the time she'd left Billy and later returned, but she insisted that Billy seemed satisfied with trying Adam in the court of public opinion.

Victoria entered Lily's office and said, "Billy couldn't have done this." Amanda confirmed Victoria's assumption that she would be representing Billy. Amanda said she was headed to the courthouse to arrange for Billy's release. Victoria replied, "Not for the first time."

After Amanda left, Lily asked Victoria why she'd said that Amanda had previously represented Billy. Victoria explained that Billy had been involved in a bar fight after he'd moved out of their home. Lily said it made sense that Billy would reach out to Amanda because they'd been close during that time. Victoria said she was well aware of Billy and Amanda's affair. Lily said she'd believed Billy and Amanda's claims that they hadn't crossed the line. Victoria said she'd been told the same but had learned from Victor that one of his investigators had told a different story.

Lily asked Victoria if Victor had obtained proof, expressing doubts that Victor would be truthful, given his hatred of Billy. Victoria changed the subject and told Lily to assure Billy she'd do whatever she could to help him. Victoria also asked Lily to tell Billy that a deal had been struck with Adam, so he'd be leaving town by nightfall. Lily was surprised to learn of Adam's release. Victoria explained that Adam had somehow convinced the doctors that nothing was wrong. Lily asked Victoria if she thought Adam would really leave. Victoria said that with a killer out to get him, it would be best for Adam to get out of town.

After Faith completed her tasks at Crimson Lights, Sharon suggested her daughter take a break. Faith told her mom that helping out allowed Sharon more time to plan her wedding. Sharon noted that Faith still had assignments to make up. Faith assured her mom she'd taken care of it. After Sharon walked away, Faith received notification of a text thread sent by a group of friends. Various texts referenced Adam's stay at a psychiatric hospital and warned Faith that her uncle might attempt to give her away again. A respondent replied, "Who would want her?"

Faith put away her phone and sighed, later confirming the details she'd gleaned from the kids at school with Sharon. Sharon explained that Victor had become concerned and had requested that a judge order a mental evaluation of Adam. Sharon admitted that she'd signed Victor's request for a mental evaluation.

Faith expressed frustration because she hadn't been informed, though she said Adam should be locked up forever. Sharon explained that the order had expired after 72 hours, so Adam had been discharged. Faith cried that Adam had killed someone when he'd been eleven years old, so he'd always been screwed up. Faith asked Sharon why she couldn't see that Adam was evil and beyond help. Sharon expressed concern about Faith's anger toward Adam and said they should talk about it. Faith evaded her mom's invitation to talk and said she should instead clean the grease traps.

At Adam's penthouse, Adam served Chelsea a glass of water and expressed concern about her health after having discovered her passed out on the stairs. Chelsea explained that she'd fainted because she'd been under a lot of stress. Chelsea added that her doctor had blamed dehydration. Adam insisted Chelsea rest until her test results determined what was going on. Rey stopped by. Adam played the beleaguered victim, noting he wasn't surprised that Sharon had informed Rey that he'd been released from the psychiatric unit.

Rey reminded Adam he'd been the intended target of the shooting and should know that an arrest had been made. Adam replied, "Billy Abbott, I presume." Rey confirmed Adam's presumption and added that Billy would be formally charged later in the day. Chelsea asked if Billy would be released. Rey cited a number of reasons why Billy would qualify for release. Adam said Billy's arrest should confirm that Chelsea hadn't been involved, so she shouldn't be harassed by the police after they left town together. Rey told Adam and Chelsea they were free to travel as long as Chelsea remained available for questioning. Adam assured Rey he'd cooperate because Billy was a public menace.

After Rey left, Chelsea was elated that they were free to leave town. Adam said he'd been set to leave after clearing the plan with Victor, but he was reluctant to do so after finding Chelsea unconscious. Chelsea insisted she was fine, though she admitted to suffering from increasingly painful migraine headaches. Adam asked Chelsea when the headaches had begun. Chelsea said she'd suffered the first headache after she'd fallen inside the elevator at Chancellor Communications. Adam admitted he was also to blame for the fall because he'd cut the power, causing her to become trapped in the elevator.

Chelsea suggested she might deal with stressful matters better if Adam was open and honest, and she asked about Adam's meeting with Victor. Adam said he'd met with Victoria, too, because they'd had some unfinished business. Adam explained that Victoria had taken him at his word about renouncing his family connection, so she'd drafted documents for him to sign away all present and future claims to Newman Enterprises and Victor's estate. Chelsea replied, "Well, I hope you didn't sign it." Adam said he'd ripped it up in front of Victoria's face. Adam admitted Victoria's comment afterward had been haunting him.

Victoria, Adam explained, had recalled that on the day of the shooting, when he'd been scheduled to meet with his father, Victoria, Nikki, Nick, and Abby had been in the office, too. Adam cried that had he gone through with his plan, Christian would have lost the only father he'd ever known, Victoria's kids would have lost their mother, and Chance would have lost Abby. Chelsea said she didn't believe Adam would have gone through with his plan. Adam told Chelsea he thought it best to cut ties and had agreed to sign the document if his inheritance would be given to Connor. Adam cried that he'd taken the final step and had washed his hands of his entire family.

Chelsea was eager to leave and noted that she hadn't experienced headaches while she'd been away visiting Connor. Chelsea expressed concern about Billy's continued attacks and cried that she couldn't take much more. Chelsea begged Adam to get her out of Genoa City. Adam said he'd rather wait for Chelsea's test results because she and Connor were all he had. Chelsea reminded Adam that he hadn't been concerned about her health when he'd had her drugged and kidnapped. Adam replied, "Point taken."

Chelsea was eager to hear from her doctor and told Adam he should finish packing upstairs. After Adam went upstairs, Chelsea used the browser on her phone to research harmless conditions that caused one to faint. Chelsea also left a message for Chloe, informing her that she and Adam were leaving and asking to meet with her. When Adam returned, Chelsea lied that she'd been speaking to her doctor, who'd diagnosed syncope, a common ailment treated with increased fluids and salt intake. Chelsea added that she could pick up her prescription at any pharmacy in any city. Adam said he would book the flights so they could leave.

Rey stopped by Crimson Lights and told Sharon he had a hot tip for her. Sharon was intrigued. Rey said he'd been given a recommendation for a baker who specialized in wedding cakes. Rey asked about Faith. Sharon said Faith was cleaning the grease traps so she could avoid having a difficult conversation about Adam. Sharon explained that Faith had learned about Adam being held in a psychiatric ward and had become upset after hearing he'd been released.

Rey said he'd spoken to Adam and learned he was leaving town. Sharon seemed taken aback when Rey announced that Billy had been arrested for the shooting. Rey said Billy was insisting he'd been framed. Rey was surprised Sharon seemed concerned about Billy, especially after he'd released the article about Adam, which had mentioned Faith. Sharon said she realized Billy was still seeking justice for his own daughter and hadn't intended to harm Faith. Rey wondered aloud how far Billy was willing to go to get that justice. Sharon asked Rey if he had lingering doubts about Billy being the one who'd fired the gun.

After Faith finished cleaning in the kitchen, she received a text message from Jordan. Jordan asked Faith if their plans were still on. Faith responded that she was helping her mother and trying to get on her good side after getting in trouble. Jordan encouraged Faith to make up a story. Faith said her mother wouldn't buy it and was watching her every move.

Rey and Sharon had moved to the patio to continue their discussion. Rey admitted that until the witness came forward, there hadn't been enough evidence to arrest Billy. Sharon said it was a coincidence that the evidence had surfaced about the same time as Adam's release. Rey replied that anything was possible. Sharon assured Rey she was ready to move on and put Adam out of her life. Sharon added that she and Rey should finalize their wedding plans.

Sharon paused and noted that Rey would be still be involved with the shooting, which had targeted Adam. Sharon discerned that Rey seemed to doubt that Billy had been the shooter. Rey admitted he couldn't be certain. Sharon cried, "That means that the shooter is still out there."

Lily met with Jill at Society and asked what had happened at the police station. Jill said Paul had refused to hear her out because he was convinced that the case against Billy was solid. Jill continued to insist that the evidence was bogus and circumstantial, though she feared a jury wouldn't see it the same way. Jill asked Lily to convince Billy to board the company jet and leave the country.

Jill suggested Billy travel to Samoa, where there was no extradition treaty with the United States. Lily told Jill that Billy wouldn't leave Johnny and Katie or any other of his family members, including his mother. Jill sipped her drink and admitted she'd had a momentary lapse of judgment. Lily assured Jill that Amanda was a capable attorney.

After Amanda arranged for Billy's release, they went to Chancellor Communications. Billy was disappointed to discover that Lily had left. Billy thanked Amanda for everything she'd done. Billy asked Amanda to leave, so he could make some phone calls. Instead, Amanda closed the door and said, "That can wait because there are a few things that I think we need to get settled." Amanda told Billy that he was on record, telling the police he'd been at Chancellor Communications when Chance had been shot.

Amanda asked Billy why an eyewitness had placed him at the scene of the crime when it had happened. Billy insisted that the mysterious witness was lying, so the case would fall apart. Amanda explained that the police were concerned about retaliation from the would-be killer. Amanda asked Billy why he'd planned to check the security footage to prove his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. Amanda said she suspected Billy had left the building during the time Chance had been shot. Billy admitted he'd left after learning that Chelsea had been missing, suspecting Adam had been involved.

Billy said he'd tracked Adam until he'd stopped a few miles away, but he insisted he hadn't been present when the shooting had taken place. Billy recalled seeing Adam enter a side door that had locked behind him. Billy said while attempting to find an unlocked door, he'd spotted Chelsea walking in the other direction. Billy recalled that Chelsea had seemed fine and hadn't seen him, so he'd figured that his tipster had been mistaken.

Billy assured Amanda that he'd left the scene before the shooting. Billy added that he hadn't been forthcoming to the police because he didn't want to place himself at the scene of a crime before it had happened, he was unaware that his gun had been stolen, and he had no reason to suspect that anyone had seen him. Amanda berated Billy for lying to the police and for lying to his lawyer. Amanda, frustrated, told Billy he'd made her job ten times harder. Billy appeared worried about the situation he'd placed himself in.

Chelsea learns she has a brain aneurysm Chelsea learns she has a brain aneurysm
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe fretted to Kevin about Chelsea leaving with Adam that night. Chloe wanted to see Chelsea, but she didn't think she could pretend to be happy for her friend. Kevin advised that the women's friendship was too important to end over a text message, and he encouraged Chloe to do everything she could to convince Chelsea she was making a mistake -- or at least have a decent goodbye.

At home, Adam called out to Chelsea that he'd booked two tickets on the last flight out that night. From upstairs, she yelled back that she'd be right down. Adam saw an incoming call from Dr. Bradley on Chelsea's phone. A short time later, Adam hung up as Chelsea descended the stairs. She wondered why he'd been on her phone, and he informed her that her doctor had called.

Adam reminded Chelsea that she'd authorized her doctor to share information with him, and Dr. Bradley had revealed that he hadn't spoken to her about her test results yet. Adam questioned why she'd lied about it, and Chelsea reiterated that she felt fine and that all that mattered was getting out of town. Adam announced that she was far from fine, since her CT scan had revealed a small cerebral aneurysm. Chelsea adamantly replied that it wasn't possible.

Adam figured that the aneurysm either hadn't been there when Chelsea had undergone her last exam or it had been so small that the machine hadn't picked it up. Chelsea panicked that it had grown, and Adam cautioned that a clot of any size could potentially be dangerous. He continued that the doctor suspected the fall in the elevator had caused it and that her fainting spell had really been a seizure. Adam sympathized that it was hard to hear, but he knew they could handle it together.

Adam told Chelsea that Dr. Bradley had referred them to a specialist to talk about treatment options, and they had to take care of it right away. Chelsea figured that they could find a specialist near Connor, but Adam worried about her aneurysm bursting in the air, and he wasn't willing to take the risk. She protested that they had plane tickets and that Connor was expecting them, but Adam firmly stated that he and Connor needed her healthy and alive. He maintained that they were where they needed to be right then, since nothing was more important than her.

Chelsea anxiously waited on hold over the phone, and Adam figured that the doctor's office was hoping they'd hang up and go away. Chelsea bemoaned that the staff had already said there were no appointments until after the new year. A staff member joined the call, and Adam introduced himself as Chelsea's fiancÚ, Adam Newman. The staff person asked if he was any relation to Victor Newman, and Adam confirmed that he was Victor's son. Adam politely requested a personal favor to check the doctor's calendar one more time, and the employee asked if Chelsea could be there first thing the next day.

After they hung up, Adam guessed his last name was still good for something, and he was glad they wouldn't have it hanging over their heads so they could enjoy the holidays. Chelsea looked forward to leaving town once she was given a clean bill of health. She received a text message from Chloe, who wanted to talk. Adam thought Chelsea should stay there, but she reasoned that it wouldn't kill her to spend a few minutes with her best friend. Adam insisted on driving her, and he joked about covering her in bubble wrap. Chelsea laughed, but her smile faded when he looked away.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor entered Victoria's office, and she refused to talk about anything but business. Victor mentioned an article on Chancellor Communications' site that had praised her leadership, and he believed that every word in it was true. He recognized that she'd been preparing for the job since she'd been a child, and he couldn't be prouder of her. Victoria perused the article and promised that it wouldn't go to her head. Victor commended her for taking over the company without a hiccup and expanding its boundaries beyond anything he'd imagined.

Victoria sensed there was more to Victor's visit, and he chuckled and remarked that she knew him too well. Victor stressed that Adam would never diminish her power, and all Victor wanted was for Adam to get the help he desperately needed. He assured Victoria that Adam was no threat to her, especially since Adam had cut ties with their family. Victoria huffed that they'd see how long it lasted. She explained that she didn't want her father to mistake her disgust for Adam as jealousy or insecurity, but she was frustrated because Adam couldn't be saved, yet Victor saw the situation differently.

Victor lamented that he sometimes thought he'd failed his children, since he'd never taught them that the real meaning of family was to protect their own when one of them was in need. Victoria recognized that Adam was Victor's son, but she didn't consider Adam to be one of her own. Victor recalled that she'd implored him to be more compassionate and understanding, and he urged her to do the same thing. He left.

Adam entered Society and spotted Victoria. She asked if he was there for one last meal before hitting the road, but he informed her that he and Chelsea had unfinished business to take care of, so they wouldn't be leaving immediately, after all. Victoria pressed to know the reason behind Adam's sudden change of plans, but he stated that he had no intention of sharing. He told her to tell the rest of the family not to be nervous, since he hoped to be on the road soon. Victoria haughtily replied that she'd known he'd pull a stunt to avoid leaving town.

Adam swore that he'd like nothing more than to leave Genoa City. Victoria barked that Adam was toxic to everyone around him, including Connor, and she worried about how much her nephew had suffered just by virtue of being Adam's child. Adam contended that he and Chelsea would be a real family with Connor, but Victoria questioned how long it would last. She recognized that Adam had protected Connor financially, but the boy's emotional well-being would always be in question as long as Adam was in his life.

Meanwhile, Chelsea stopped by the Chancellor mansion and exchanged awkward pleasantries with Chloe. Chloe blurted out that she had a lot to say, but she thought they should have a mediator to take the pressure off. Chelsea assumed Chloe meant Kevin, but Chloe opted for someone less opinionated who would put a smile on Chelsea's face -- Miles. Chelsea conceded that she could use a little bit of sunshine.

Chelsea fawned over Miles and said seeing someone so innocent and precious made her optimistic, no matter what happened. Chloe observed that it had looked like Chelsea had needed something to cheer her up. Chelsea shared that her headaches had turned out to be a small cerebral aneurysm, and she was seeing a specialist the next day. Chloe brightly asked if it meant Chelsea was staying, and she figured that Adam could leave by himself. Chelsea begged her not to start on Adam because Chelsea loved him and needed him, and she was scared and couldn't face it alone. Chloe pleaded with Chelsea to stay in Genoa City so Chloe could help care for her.

Chelsea returned home and reported that she'd had a nice visit, but she was all talked out. She requested food and a conversation about anything other than medical care, and Adam informed her that he'd already picked up takeout from Society. He suggested that they talk about their Christmas lists and how they'd spoil Connor. She thanked him for reminding her of what a good team they were, and she was confident that everything would be okay.

At the Grand Phoenix, Sally ordered Theo to make it quick. Theo revealed that he was about to attend a meeting with the Abbotts about his lawsuit, and he pushed to know what Sally had learned about his family's plan of attack. Sally recounted that she'd overheard Jack and Kyle talking about not budging because they didn't think Theo had "a chance in hell" of winning the lawsuit. "Game on," Theo declared. Sally demanded the dirt on Summer that Theo had promised her.

Theo argued that Sally hadn't given him anything that he hadn't already assumed, but she warned him against shortchanging her. He admitted that he had no dirt on Summer, but he had something better -- a weapon. Sally clarified that she wanted Summer gone from JCV but not dead, and Theo disclosed that Summer's Achilles' heel was Kyle. Sally pointed out that she already knew Summer and Kyle had gotten back together. Theo explained that Summer's jealousy was her weakness, and it would be easy to throw her off her game if she felt threatened about losing Kyle.

Later, Brittany asked if Theo was ready for battle, and he glumly replied that he wasn't as ready as he'd hoped. She counseled him to lose the scowl because he needed to exude confidence, and the opposition would exploit it if he looked like he expected to lose. Theo explained that he'd thought he had a source that could give him some intel about the Abbotts' counterattack, but it hadn't worked out. Brittany reminded him that he was paying her to win his case, and he plastered on a confident smile.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren toasted with coffee to the Jabot Collective sale going through and to Summer taking over as its president. Summer babbled that she had a million ideas that she couldn't wait to share. Lauren was impressed because she'd thought it would take Summer time to blossom after she'd been hesitant to take the job. Summer swore that it had solely been about her personal situation and not the opportunity itself, but things were good with her and Kyle. She felt everything was falling into place.

Summer was entertaining the idea of JCV doing a retro-inspired collection just as Sally arrived with apologies for being late. Lauren lectured that punctuality was important, and Sally rattled off a list of things she'd been taking care of. Lauren realized that she'd been meaning to ask Sally to do those things but had forgotten, and she thanked her assistant for taking the initiative. Sally replied that it was what she was paid for.

Lauren instructed Sally to get Summer connected with the managers of the West Coast stores and to tell public relations to do a major press release about Summer's appointment. Lauren insisted on staying in sync, and Sally offered to set up a schedule for weekly discussions. Sally implored Summer not to hesitate to ask if she needed anything, and Sally hoped she wasn't being overbearing. Summer understood that Sally was just passionate about her work, and Sally claimed that the opportunity meant the world to her. Lauren felt fortunate to have such talented women on her team.

Sally imagined that Summer was overflowing with ideas, and she invited Summer to run some of them past her, given Sally's years of experience. Summer preferred to keep them in her head, and Sally offered to use her connections in L.A. for the good of the team. Summer expected that she'd have her own assistant soon and that Lauren had plenty of errands and administrative work to keep Sally busy. Sally volunteered to be a go-between for Lauren and Summer, comparing it to how she served as a liaison between Lauren and Jack -- and Kyle. Summer bristled.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack thanked Ashley, Traci, and Kyle for meeting with him. Traci inquired whether there had been any news about Billy, and Jack reported that their brother had hired an excellent attorney to prove his innocence. Jack referred to their own legal situation, and Ashley grumbled about Theo's appalling lawsuit. Jack indicated that their lawyer would be there soon to discuss their approach.

Traci revealed that Jack had suggested making a preemptive offer as a token to keep the matter from turning into a court battle. Kyle barked that Theo deserved nothing, and Ashley was offended that Theo had gone for the throat instead of approaching them directly. Kyle ranted that offering Theo anything would blow up in their faces, and he insisted that they shut Theo down -- fast, hard, and forever. Traci thought Theo couldn't possibly believe he deserved what he was asking for.

Ashley muttered that making a gesture would be more than Theo deserved, but Jack countered that it would show they respected Theo's position. Ashley maintained that they shouldn't give Theo a thing as a matter of principle. Traci considered Jack's recommendation to be solid. Ashley insisted that they make a unanimous decision, noting that Abby had said she'd go along with whatever they agreed on. Traci proposed a vote to make the lawsuit go away.

Later, the Abbotts' attorney joined them. Traci announced that the vote was unanimous, and Ashley mentioned that there had been something that none of them had been specifically designated to inherit. Kyle reasoned that it wouldn't be a sacrifice to them, but it should be enough to appease Theo. The lawyer hoped to settle out of court, if possible. The doorbell rang, and Jack invited Brittany and Theo in.

Theo hoped Abby's wedding had been everything Ashley had wanted it to be, and Ashley pointedly replied that it had been, since it had been drama-free and family only. Theo extended his best wishes to the happy couple. The Abbotts' attorney announced that the family was willing to make Theo an attractive offer -- ownership of a boutique company Dina had acquired in Paris that generated a substantial annual profit. Theo coldly responded that it was a start.

Jack clarified that the offer wasn't the first step in a negotiation, and it was the only offer Theo would receive. Brittany declared it unacceptable, since the Abbotts had established wealth, and Theo had been denied any financial benefit, despite his father being Dina's first-born son. Brittany continued that Dina had clearly cared about Eric Vanderway, and there was no denying Theo had a legitimate claim on the estate. Kyle erupted, citing that Dina had barely known Theo and that she'd had more meaningful relationships with her nurses.

The Abbotts' lawyer maintained that his side's only concession was the company in Paris, and they could otherwise let a judge decide what was acceptable. "I guess we'll see you in court," Brittany responded. Jack requested to speak with Theo alone, and both lawyers advised against it. Theo agreed to spare a few minutes for his uncle, and Ashley warned Jack not to even think about giving in. Traci clucked that Theo was making a terrible mistake, and he snapped that he'd thought she was the nice one. She confirmed that she was -- but only to people who deserved it.

Once alone, Jack ordered Theo to "cut the crap," since the Abbotts had made a very generous offer, and the company was more than profitable enough to keep Theo financially secure. Theo spat that Dina hadn't mentioned it in her will because it hadn't mattered to her, and it obviously didn't matter to Jack, or he wouldn't have been so quick to give it away. "What the hell are you trying to prove?" Jack angrily asked. Theo raged that the entire family had treated him like a pariah ever since they'd found out he was Dina's grandchild.

Jack recalled that he'd been the one to tell Theo that Theo was part of Dina's family, and he'd tried to draw Theo into the fold. Jack added that he'd given Theo a job, but Theo complained that Jack had taken it away. Jack countered that Theo had lied and cheated, but Theo defended that the family had kept him at arm's length, so he'd done stupid things to prove he belonged. Theo whined that they'd shunned him, never taking the time to understand him or what had pushed him to do something that desperate. Theo thought Dina would have taken his side if she'd been healthy.

Jack growled not to presume how Dina would have reacted, since she'd barely known Theo, and she would have been disgusted by what Theo was doing. Jack regretted the many times he'd given Theo the benefit of the doubt and ignored the warning signs because he'd thought they'd had a connection. He called Theo an opportunist with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and no respect for Dina's legacy or the fact her family was still grieving. Theo cited his own grief, but Jack bellowed that Theo had spat on Dina's grave by going from the reading of the will to hiring an attorney.

Theo reasoned that he just wanted what the Abbotts had always had. Jack acknowledged that they'd been fortunate to be born into money, but they'd also worked hard to get where they were, whereas Theo was trying to swoop in and take something Dina had spent a lifetime building. Theo accused Jack of pawning off scraps on him, but Jack threatened that the offer would be off the table at 4:00 p.m. the next day.

Jack continued that his lawyer was the tip of the iceberg, since there were ten more attorneys behind him, just as hungry and brilliant, who would eviscerate Theo's case. Jack taunted that they'd only found out about Theo's link to the Abbott family a few months earlier, and Theo had spent barely any time with Dina. Theo warned not to count him out yet, but Jack urged him to think long and hard about his next move, since he expected Theo to look back on it as the moment he'd lost everything.

Victoria makes plans to sell the Grand Phoenix Victoria makes plans to sell the Grand Phoenix
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
by Nel

In her suite, Phyllis had been reading the article about Victoria when Nick arrived. He asked if she'd been reading the ChanceComm piece about "the greatest businesswoman of the century." Phyllis gagged. Nick claimed the information was accurate, and Victoria had accomplished a lot. Phyllis noted that they'd failed to mention that Victoria was the ex-wife of the publisher and the mother of his children. Nick said he thought that she and Victoria had patched things up. Phyllis was certain it wouldn't last long because one of them had to go. Phyllis said she wasn't going anywhere.

Phyllis knew Nick would love it if she and Victoria could work things out and get along, but Phyllis reminded him that Victoria owned 75% of her hotel, just to make her miserable. She said that Victoria was micromanaging the hotel, and it was insulting. Victoria was being a nuisance. Nick offered to talk to Victoria, but Phyllis didn't want to put Nick in the middle and create waves with his family. Nick said that Victoria knew he would always side with Phyllis.

Phyllis told Nick she wasn't sure about the stability of their relationship after she'd told Sharon about Faith's drinking. She hadn't meant to put Nick in hot water. Nick assured Phyllis that they were in a good place, and the issue had been resolved. Phyllis apologized because Faith believed Nick had informed Sharon about her drinking. Nick said that he and Phyllis were good. He commented that he'd never seen Phyllis so insecure. Phyllis said she didn't want to jeopardize their relationship, especially since the hotel was on shaky ground.

Nick offered to help Phyllis straighten things out with Victoria, but Phyllis said she would do it herself. Nick informed Phyllis there was a possibility she might lose the hotel. Phyllis claimed that would never happen. Nick said he would talk to Victoria. Phyllis agreed that if Nick was her last hope, then she would let him help. He said they were in it together. He would talk to Victoria.

At Newman, Victoria was on the phone when Victor arrived. Victoria told Victor about the reporter she'd spoken to. Victor warned her to be careful what she said to reporters because her words might come back to bite her and the company if Billy was found guilty. Victoria said she stood by her words. She wished that Victor wasn't so gleeful. Victor claimed he was concerned about her. He asked how Victoria intended to explain to Johnny and Katie why daddy was in prison.

Victoria told Victor that her children were her first priority. If Billy was convicted, then whoever had framed Billy had done a great job. She could think of only one person who would do that. Victor told her not to blame him because even if he couldn't stand Billy, framing Billy wasn't his mode of retribution. She told him she was 100% certain that Billy wasn't the shooter. He reminded her that Adam was her brother and that he'd left town.

Victoria told Victor that Adam had no intention of leaving Genoa City anytime soon. She told Victor that she'd seen him at Society earlier that day, and Adam had informed her that he was delaying his departure. Before Victor left, he said that no matter what happened, he would be there for Victoria and the children.

Jill arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and when she saw Billy, she called him an idiot. She qualified her outburst by stating that she knew Billy would love to put Adam in a deep, dark hole, but she also knew that Billy hadn't tried to shoot Adam. Jill said she'd told Lily she wanted Billy to be flown to Samoa. Billy said it was a good choice, since there was no extradition treaty with the United States in Samoa. Billy told Jill that he would remain in Genoa City and fight.

Jill said she couldn't stay and fight with Billy because Phillip had developed an infection after his surgery, and she needed to be with him in Australia. Billy understood and assured Jill that Phillip would be okay. Jill told Billy not to screw up, not to be cocky, and not to piss anyone off. When Amanda arrived, Jill told Billy to listen to Amanda. Jill departed after she told Billy she loved him.

Billy acknowledged that Amanda wasn't happy with him. Amanda said he'd lied to her, and there was a witness who could place him at the scene of the shooting. Billy said it didn't matter because he hadn't done it. Amanda stated that she had to work with the facts, and if Billy wasn't truthful, she couldn't be his lawyer. She said she was putting Billy on probation. Billy claimed he needed a lawyer and a friend who believed in him. Amanda said that perhaps being friends had helped in her defense of him. She acknowledged that Billy had had no malicious intent when he'd kept the truth from her, and that was the only reason she wasn't dropping him as a client.

Amanda said that, as friends, perhaps Billy tended to compartmentalize things and keep things from her. That would explain why he hadn't been forthcoming as to why he'd followed Adam the day of the shooting. She proposed they no longer remain friends, at least until the trial was over. Billy agreed. Amanda said they could be friends after the case was done, but that would be up to Billy.

In bed and still on their honeymoon, Abby complimented Chance on how quickly he'd been able to get them their dream honeymoon after only a few calls. Chance said the perfect honeymoon had to come to an end. Abby asked where they would live once they returned to Genoa City. Chance suggested they live at the Chancellor estate. Abby gasped and asked if he wanted to live with Kevin, Chloe, and Esther. Chance informed her that Kevin and Chloe had found a house. They would be moving, and Esther was going to go with them. Abby agreed to move into the Chancellor estate.

Abby told Chance there was a question about her last name. He didn't care because he loved her. Abby said she was the product of two families, and she loved them both. She claimed her strength and smarts came from Victor, she'd bonded with Victoria and Nick, her independence was from Ashley, and the support and unconditional love came from the Abbotts. She decided her name would be Newman-Abbott-Chancellor. Chance was flattered. Abby hoped for a baby in nine months, and she invited Chance back to bed.

Much later, when Chance and Abby had returned from their swim, Abby said their honeymoon would be over in eight hours, and she suggested they stay up all night and watch the sunrise. Chance said he had names for their child. He wanted to name the girl Agatha and the boy Dashiell. Abby laughed. Chance said that Agatha Christie and Dashiell Hammett were the greatest mystery writers of all time. They had invented the modern detective.

Abby told Chance that she couldn't inflict the name Agatha on a girl, but Dash could be cute for the boy if they only called him by his nickname. Chance asked Abby for alternative names. Abby suggested Cary, with a "y" like Cary Grant, for the boy, and Diana, the one true princess, for the girl. Chance agreed and said those were solid names.

At Lola's, Lola complimented Elena's new dress. Elena felt the dress was too much for a date, but Lola said it was perfect for a Nate date. Elena said she didn't want it to appear she was trying to rush things. Lola said that Nate would flip when he saw Elena. Elena lamented that she'd hurt Devon, but she hoped Devon would eventually forgive her. Lola told her to table that for the time being and leave for her date.

At the penthouse, Lily told Devon she'd put together a budget for their streaming venture. Devon was surprised that she wanted to go ahead with that in spite of Billy's situation. Lily stated that Billy was innocent. Devon claimed that people didn't get arrested for attempted murder without evidence, but Lily retorted that sometimes they were wrong.

Lily asked Devon if he'd spoken to Nate since Thanksgiving. Devon admitted he hadn't and that a Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't fix things. Lily claimed that eventually, Devon and Nate would forgive each other.

Lily told Devon that Billy was his own worst enemy. Amanda had quite the mountain to climb in order to keep Billy out of prison, especially since Billy was innocent. Devon felt her judgment had been clouded because Billy was Lily's business partner. He said she should cut ties with Billy before Billy dragged her down with him. He was worried the situation could get out of control and leave her in a position where she was left with no wiggle room. He saw Lily was angered by his comments and stated that he was supporting his sister. Angry at Devon's suggestion, Lily left.

Elena met Nate at Society. They felt nervous and awkward, which was silly because they'd spent so much time together. They sat at a table, and while they chatted, Devon arrived. He appeared hurt when he saw Nate and Elena. He ignored them, picked up his take-out order, and left. Elena admitted that she had panicked when she'd seen Devon arrive. She said she'd told herself that it might happen, but she shouldn't use it as an excuse not to have another date with Nate. She said she'd had fun and would like another Nate date. Nate said he would like that, too. When he went to pay the bill, Lola, who had been behind the bar, gave Elena a thumbs-up.

At another table, Victoria told Nick that Adam wouldn't be leaving town and that Victor had given her a hard time about Billy's arrest. She had no doubt that Billy would be acquitted. Nick offered his support if Billy went to prison. He wasn't saying Billy was guilty, but innocent people got convicted, and he was proof of that. Nick said he was only concerned about her and the kids.

Nick asked Victoria how to get Phyllis out from under her thumb. Victoria couldn't believe Phyllis had put Nick up to talking to her. Nick said it had been his idea, and Phyllis had protested. He wanted to put an end to things before they got worse. Victoria asked if Phyllis had agreed to sell her 25% stake in the hotel. Nick said it wouldn't happen because it was Phyllis' hotel. Victoria reminded him that she had the majority stake. Nick told her that the Grand Phoenix was successful because of Phyllis. She'd made a lot of changes and had put her stamp on the hotel.

Victoria told Nick the hotel could do better. Nick stated that Victoria had no interest in the hospitality field. Victoria agreed, but she was interested in the building. It was in a great location, the property was worth a lot, and it was underutilized. Nick said that Victoria had told him how stressful things had become, and getting rid of the hotel would remove one thing from Victoria's plate. Also, she wouldn't have to deal with Phyllis anymore. He wanted a solution that benefitted everyone. Victoria said there might be a way to fix it.

As Lily arrived at ChanceComm, she received a text message from Jill: "On my way to Oz, look after our Billy." Lily entered her office. She saw Billy sitting on the couch. He told Lily that he'd been brushed off by Jill, and he'd received an ultimatum from Amanda. He said he'd left something for Lily on her desk. Lily picked up a red rose. Billy stated it was a beautiful rose for a beautiful woman. Lily was surprised Billy had thought of the rose with everything else going on in his life. He said nothing was as important as that.

Billy told Lily that Amanda was very angry with him for keeping the truth from her. Lily said that Amanda was doing her best to keep Billy out of prison. He couldn't hide information from her because that was counterproductive. He said he'd already been chastised, and he knew Amanda meant business.

Lily said that since Billy had been arrested, the police would consider the case closed. They wouldn't try to figure out who the real shooter had been. Billy assumed Amanda had hired an investigator for that, but Lily said that a P.I. wouldn't try to find out who the shooter had been. She said they had the tools at ChanceComm, and she felt they should continue the investigation on their own. Billy asked if Lily wanted to find the person who had framed him. Lily said they had to find the shooter before Billy's case went to trial. Billy said he was in.

Nick returned to Phyllis' suite and told her that Victoria had some interesting things to say about the hotel. He said Victoria appeared to be open to the idea of letting Phyllis run the hotel, but the details hadn't been ironed out. Phyllis was delighted.

At Newman, Victoria was on the phone and stated that Phyllis was more trouble than she was worth and that being in business with Phyllis hadn't been a long-term goal. She wanted to find a way to push Phyllis out and sell the building at a premium price.

Devon arrived at home with his take-out order. He called Amanda and told her he'd brought home his take-out order, but he'd been given too much. He invited Amanda to help him eat it. Amanda agreed and said she would be there shortly. As she was about to leave, she received a text message from Michael: "I would like to meet with you and your client tomorrow." Amanda wrote back, "Name the time and place. We're there."

Lily and Billy make plans to prove his innocence Lily and Billy make plans to prove his innocence
Thursday, December 10, 2020
by Nel

At home, Adam told Chelsea he'd sent her photos of Connor to her phone. Chelsea said that she was nervous about the doctor's appointment. Adam told her the doctor was the best in the country, and he would make sure she received what she needed. They wouldn't give up on their dream of leaving Genoa City until they had answers about Chelsea's health.

Adam told Chelsea he was happy he'd answered the doctor's call and learned how serious her condition was. He blamed himself because he hadn't told her his plans that had prompted her to help him. As a result, she'd fallen in the elevator, and it had resulted in the aneurysm. He promised he wouldn't keep her in the dark again, and she had to promise she wouldn't keep anything from him. Chelsea was also worried about Connor because he'd been through so much. Adam assured her they would keep Connor safe. He acknowledged that Chelsea had always taken care of him and Connor, and it was his turn to take care of things.

Adam told Chelsea it was time to leave for the doctor's appointment.

Lily entered Society and she saw Victor sitting at the bar. Lily told Victor that her co-CEO had taken a leave of absence to deal with a legal issue. Victor said good riddance. He stated that Lily was capable of running ChanceComm without Billy's help. Lily said it made no sense for Billy to shoot Adam because he was the heart and soul of the company, and he was thriving. She said the evidence pointed directly in Billy's direction, almost as if it had been manufactured. She asked if Victor had had a hand in it. She recalled that Victor had framed Adam for murder in the past. Everyone knew how upset Victor had been about the exposÚ.

Victor told Lily that Billy had been arrested on a preponderance of evidence. Lily said it was evidence that conveniently pointed to Billy. She believed Billy was innocent. Victor said that Billy didn't deserve Lily's loyalty, but Lily said he most certainly did. He said the wheels of justice were turning. Lily said it wasn't justice if Billy was innocent. Victor said that one way or another, Billy would get his. If Michael didn't prove it, then he would. Victor offered to help Lily run ChanceComm, and he left.

Amanda and Billy were waiting for Michael to arrive at the police station. When Michael arrived, he suggested that Billy avoid the expense and embarrassment of a public trial by pleading guilty to attempted second degree intentional homicide. Amanda claimed Billy was innocent. Michael informed her that he'd been a defense attorney and a prosecutor. He wanted to make sure Billy understood how things would evolve.

Michael told Amanda and Billy that there was a mountain of evidence against Billy, including an eyewitness. Amanda said the evidence was circumstantial, and the eyewitness had seen Billy at the scene but hadn't seen Billy pull the trigger. Billy stated that if the witness claimed they'd seen him pull the trigger, they were lying. Michael said the only person lying was Billy.

Michael told Billy it was a good offer. He said that when Amanda put Billy on the stand, Billy would have to explain why he'd lied to the police about his whereabouts at the time of the shooting. His only option was not to testify, leaving the jury to make their decision based solely on the eyewitness statement, the DNA, the gun registered in Billy's name that had been found in the Dumpster outside Billy's place of business, as well as Billy's very strong motive. The evidence was airtight.

Amanda found it interesting that Michael had followed the crumbs that had been left for him, and they'd led straight to Billy. Michael said he knew the history between Billy and Adam. He knew how much Adam had taken from Billy. Michael urged Billy not to let Adam take another ten to fifteen years of Billy's life, if Billy was convicted of attempted murder. He said that with his offer, Billy would serve five years in prison. Billy said that Michael was asking him to do five years in prison for a crime he hadn't committed.

Billy claimed that Michael had known him for years. He asked Michael to look him in the eyes and tell him he believed Billy had been the shooter. Michael couldn't. Billy said that Michael knew that Victor and Adam would do anything to frame him. Billy claimed he wasn't afraid to fight when the truth was on his side. Michael stood up and stated the offer became void at 5:00 p.m., and he left.

Chance carried Abby over the threshold of the Chancellor mansion. They were greeted by Chloe and a crying baby. Chloe informed Chance and Abby that they had closed on the house they'd wanted the previous day, and they would be moving soon, so Abby and Chance wouldn't have to listen to a screaming baby. Chance smiled and said it wouldn't be for long because they were hoping to have one of their own soon. When Chloe asked about their honeymoon, Abby gushed about how wonderful it had been, even if it hadn't started off that way. She explained about the shack on their first night.

Chloe told Abby and Chance she hadn't realized the time, and she had to meet Kevin. She asked if they could take care of Miles for a bit. They agreed. As soon as Chloe left, Miles began to cry. While in Abby's arms, Miles spit up. Chance took over, and by the smell, he realized Miles needed a diaper change. Abby arrived with a bottle and offered Chance a trash can for the soiled diaper. They settled into the couch with Miles, and Abby said it already felt like home.

At Society, Theo told Sally that the Abbotts had offered him a boutique in Paris that had been owned by Dina, but he'd told them to forget it. He said it had been an insult because it hadn't been left to anyone. He said the Abbotts were more nervous than they had let on, which meant he had a shot at winning in court. They had tried to lowball him, and it hadn't worked. He asked Sally to provide him with more information about the Abbotts, but Sally said her spying days were over. Theo asked about their deal. He said he'd helped her out with Summer. Sally said he'd told her that Summer was very territorial and jealous about Kyle, something she would have figured out herself. He'd merely given her a head start.

Sally told Theo to take the Abbotts' offer and move to Paris. Theo told Sally she couldn't take on Victor's granddaughter without his help. He told Sally to take her best shot, but Summer would provide her with a one-way ticket back to Los Angeles.

At Crimson Lights, Summer had gone over the basics of her job with Mariah. When the meeting was over, Mariah asked Summer what was going on with her and Kyle. Summer wouldn't discuss her personal life, but Mariah reminded Summer that she and Kyle were friends. Summer said that she and Kyle were working things out. They had realized they belonged together, and they wouldn't allow anyone to come between them again.

At Jabot, Sally gave Jack some documents for his signature. Jack asked how things were going. Sally said it had been an adjustment because she was used to running her own company. Sally told Jack that she'd told Theo to accept the Abbotts' offer because he would have the freedom and the money to run his own business. Jack assumed Theo wasn't interested. Kyle entered. Jack thanked Sally for the heads-up about Theo, and he left.

Kyle asked Sally about Theo. Sally said that Theo had been disappointed with the Abbotts' offer. Kyle said Theo had been that way when they had been partying in New York. Sally was surprised that Kyle and Theo had a history. Sally admitted she had used Theo. There wasn't any point in hiding it because it would come out eventually. Sally admitted she wanted a foot into the pulse of Genoa City, and Theo had worked with a lot of key players. She admitted Theo had been a means to an end for her.

Sally told Kyle she was grateful to Lauren, and she'd been up-front about wanting to move up, but to achieve that goal she had to be articulate. Sally said she knew that Summer was leaving, and there was a marketing position available -- a position that she was perfect for. Kyle admired her drive, but the position had been filled. She asked by whom. Mariah stood in the doorway and said, "By me." Kyle introduced Mariah to Sally. Sally recognized Mariah as the co-host of GC Buzz and said that Mariah had been a natural in front of the camera. Sally said that Jabot was lucky to have Mariah. Kyle said he and Mariah had things to do. After Sally left the office, her smile died.

At Crimson Lights, Summer saw Theo sitting at a table on the patio. She asked why he wasn't jumping with glee for all the pain he'd caused the Abbotts. She asked how he could do that while they were grieving for Dina. Theo barked that he was also grieving, but he guessed his feelings didn't count because the Abbotts didn't see him as family. Summer said that Jack had gone out of his way to make Theo welcome. Theo bit back that Jack had made an extra effort not to invite him to say goodbye to Dina or to tell him that Dina had died. Jack had gone out of his way not to give him a piece of the Teardrop of Love. Summer asked if Theo was going after Dina's estate because he didn't get to add to his man jewelry collection.

Theo told Summer that as part of the family, he wasn't going to be bribed to leave town. He was as much Dina's grandson as Kyle and Abby, yet they had received a huge inheritance on top of what they already had. All he'd gotten was a pen. Summer pointed out that he was going after the entire estate, not just a piece of the pie. Theo said if he'd been raised as Dina's grandchild, he would have been wealthy his entire life. He said he had a legitimate claim, and he wanted to fight for what was his. Summer said he hadn't thought about the ramifications of taking family to court. Theo said knowing how to manage all the money he would win would be complicated, but luckily, he could hire an accountant.

Summer told Theo it wasn't worth it. She'd watched Nick sue Victor because Abby had believed that Victor had been mishandling their trust funds. Abby had convinced Victoria and Nick to join her in a lawsuit. Theo was floored. He said Ashley had clutched her pearls and looked at him like he was the scum of the earth, when her daughter had done the same thing. Summer said Nick, Victoria, and Abby had won. Nick had received a ton of cash, but he'd been left with so much regret that, eventually, he'd given his trust fund away.

Theo told Summer that being rich would bring him nothing but joy. What Summer had shown him was that he could win a lawsuit against the "titans" of Genoa City. He thanked Summer for the confidence boost, and he left.

Adam and Chelsea were about to leave for Chelsea's appointment when Victor arrived. Victor said he'd heard that Adam had delayed his departure, and he'd wanted to say goodbye. Adam told Chelsea they needed to leave. Victor asked if everything was okay. Adam said it was none of Victor's business, and he didn't owe Victor an explanation about anything they did. They were no longer a part of the Newman clan. As Victor was about to leave, he said that his decision to tell Adam what had happened when he'd been a boy had come from a deep sense of concern and caring. Victor hoped that one day, Adam would understand that, and he left.

After Chelsea's appointment, Adam and Chelsea returned to the penthouse. Chelsea wasn't thrilled that they had to wait until after the holidays to have the aneurysm treated. Adam said that at least they would spend Christmas with Connor. When they returned, he would take care of her, and then they would leave for good. Chelsea asked if Adam was sure he could walk away. Adam assured her he had no doubts. He wanted to get away from Genoa City and everything it represented once Chelsea's health had been dealt with.

Jack arrived at Crimson Lights, and he asked Lauren if she'd received the contracts. She hadn't. She said Sally had to have gotten hung up. Lauren was pleased with Sally because she was bright and picked up on things quickly, but she noted Sally was overqualified for that position. Jack said that Sally wouldn't be content being someone's assistant for too long. Lauren knew that because Sally had pitched herself for the job Lauren had given to Summer. She said ambition didn't bother her as long as Sally didn't step over someone to get what she wanted.

At that moment, Michael arrived. He told Jack he took no joy in prosecuting Billy. Angry, Jack told him to drop the charges, and he left. Michael told Lauren that Billy's case would be going to trial. Billy hadn't accepted the plea. Billy insisted he'd been set up. Billy had asked him to look Billy in the eye and tell him he believed Billy was the shooter, but he hadn't been able to because he couldn't allow his personal feelings to enter into the situation. He had to follow the facts, wherever they led.

Amanda and Billy arrived at Society. Amanda said that Michael had offered Billy a five-year prison term, but she would reduce it to a two-year prison term. Billy was incensed. He snapped back that he wouldn't take the deal. He refused to plead guilty to something he hadn't done. Amanda reiterated that if they went to trial and he lost, he faced a ten to fifteen-year prison term. Billy said they might have an eyewitness, but that witness couldn't say he'd pulled the trigger. It had never happened.

Amanda told Billy to look at the reality of his situation, but Billy maintained that he'd been framed. Amanda said all they had were the facts; Billy had been at the crime scene at the time of the shooting, he'd lied to the cops, his gun had been found outside his office, and his animosity toward Adam was well known. Amanda suggested it was the only option for him. Billy said he had another option, and he fired Amanda. He said he needed a lawyer that would keep him out of prison. Clearly, she wasn't that person. She said he needed to reconsider. Billy said it was his life and his decision. Amanda left.

A short time later, Lily arrived and told Billy he was overreacting. He said he'd fired Amanda because she was willing to send him to prison for a crime he hadn't committed. Lily claimed Amanda was doing her job, and she'd given him all his options. Billy said he wouldn't take the deal. He needed to fight it. If he admitted to shooting Adam, it would stay with him for the rest of his life, and his kids would grow up thinking he was a murderer.

Lily told Billy to stop making assumptions. She'd been in prison, and she knew how it worked. She believed with her whole heart that he was innocent, and she was willing to do whatever she could for him. Amanda had presented him with the facts and the way the jury would hear them. Billy said they needed to handle the situation on their own. He said he'd spoken to someone who had previously worked at the Genoa City Police Department, and they knew where the eyewitness was staying. He said that if that eyewitness had seen Billy at the crime scene, they likely saw who had done it and who was framing him. Lily said they couldn't waste any time. They had to figure out a plan.

Phyllis strikes a bittersweet deal with Victoria Phyllis strikes a bittersweet deal with Victoria
Friday, December 11, 2020

At Crimson Lights, Chance wished he could spend the entire day with Abby, but he had to meet with Paul, Rey, and Michael. Chance expected to be called as a witness for the prosecution. Abby was appalled that they wanted him to help put Billy away, and she pointed out that Chance had never seen the shooter. Chance assumed that Michael just wanted him to verify parts of the timeline and confirm that Adam had been the actual target.

Abby asked if Chance thought Billy was guilty. Chance admitted that he didn't know, so all he could do was tell the truth. He changed the topic to moving into a new house the next day, and he invited her to redecorate any way she wanted. Abby insisted that she liked the Chancellor mansion the way it was, but she intended to start some of their own traditions. Chance couldn't wait to make the house their family home.

Later, at the police station, Chance told Rey that, based on what Paul and Michael had said, there was a solid case against Billy. Chance sensed that Rey had lingering doubts. Rey recognized that Billy had had means, motive, and opportunity, but he thought the timing made no sense. Rey pointed out that Billy had harbored a grudge against Adam for years, but he questioned why Billy would risk throwing away everything he'd accomplished with no provocation. Chance pointed out that Adam had been the one who'd been provoked, since Billy had scored a major hit with the exposÚ.

Rey referred to the dark period Billy had gone through a few months earlier, and he wondered why Billy hadn't enacted his revenge then. Chance contemplated who might have framed Billy, and Rey relayed that Billy thought Adam had been behind it. Chance and Rey doubted that Adam had been deranged enough to arrange to have himself shot just to set Billy up. Chance suggested Victor, but Rey couldn't fathom that Victor had hired someone to shoot his own son. They grappled with who else could be a possible suspect.

Rey fretted that with nothing exculpatory on the security footage found near the building where Chance had been shot, all the evidence pointed to Billy. Chance hoped it hadn't been Billy because that would hurt Abby and kill his grandmother, but they had to go with the facts, and every single one was pointing to Billy.

At Society, Billy informed Lily that his contact on the police force was a clerical employee who had told him that the witness in his case was booked under the name Celeste Rosales at one of three hotels in town. Lily realized that it was Rey and Lola's mother's name, and she wondered if her favorite chef could help them out. Lily figured that the room might have been booked under an alias, but there was also a possibility that Celeste was actually staying at a local hotel. Lily wanted to make sure that wasn't the case before she and Billy did anything.

Lola stopped by Billy and Lily's table to inquire about their meal, and the couple raved about the food. Billy recalled that one of Lola's dishes had been inspired by her mother, and he asked how Celeste was doing. Lola replied that her mom was good, and she started to walk away. Lily mentioned that she'd made her mother's recipes on Thanksgiving, and she marveled that there was something about the memories of cooking with one's mom. Lola remarked that she missed her mother, since Celeste was overdue for a visit. Lily and Billy exchanged a knowing look.

Lily made calls to the three possible hotels and learned that only the Grand Phoenix had a reservation under Celeste's name. Billy praised the way Lily had handled Lola, whose reaction had indicated that Celeste wasn't actually in town. Billy intended to pay a visit to the star witness, but Lily cautioned that it was too dangerous because he'd be in violation of his bail. She asserted that she was willing to do whatever it took to help him, but he didn't want her to get into trouble. Lily replied that she didn't mind a little trouble, and she shared that she might have made some earlier that day when she'd had an intense conversation with Victor.

Lily wished that she'd gotten Victor to admit more, but he'd only told her what she'd already known -- that he hated Billy. Billy protested that just because Victor was his enemy didn't mean Victor had to be hers. Lily insisted that she wasn't scared of Victor, and she was prepared to deal with the fallout of confronting the mystery witness. She was determined to find out if the witness could provide any information that might lead them to the real shooter, and she promised to call Billy afterward. Billy refused to let her go without backup.

In the kitchen, Abby popped in to see Lola. Lola observed that her friend still had a honeymoon glow, and she was sorry she'd missed the wedding. Abby recognized that Lola had been cooking to cater the event, and she gushed about the ceremony and her dress. Abby confided that she'd had a bout with nerves. It had been a team effort to get her to the altar, but the vows had gone off without a hitch. Abby squealed that she'd had the perfect wedding to the perfect man, and she was ridiculously happy.

Abby recounted that her dream honeymoon had started out as a nightmare. She and Chance had made the best of it, and it had turned out to be magical. Lola remembered her tropical honeymoon with Kyle, but she sadly added that the magic hadn't lasted very long into their marriage. Abby recalled going through her own divorce, and she considered it one of the reasons she'd been nervous about going through with the wedding. Abby mused that, when she'd looked into Chance's eyes, she'd known things would be different.

Abby expected that she and Chance would face challenges, starting with Billy being charged with shooting her husband. Lola mentioned that Billy had been there earlier and hadn't seemed that worried. Abby recognized that it was like Billy to put up a cocky fašade to protect himself. She didn't want to believe he'd been the shooter; however, she knew his hatred for Adam ran deep, and she wasn't sure whether she'd be able to forgive him if he had done it. She hoped for everyone's sake that the shooter didn't have one of her three last names.

Later, Rey sipped a beer at the restaurant bar. Lola offered to make him some empanadas, but his distracted response led her to believe he was worried about a case. He bemoaned that he had a hunch he couldn't back up, and she assured him that she had complete faith that he would find a way. She suggested that they take his mind off it by talking about their Christmas plans, and he confirmed that he and Sharon would be hosting a full house. Lola volunteered to make holiday flan and her famous shortbread cookies.

Rey seemed unenthused, and Lola reminded him that he loved her cookies. He claimed that they were a little tart, so he'd only pretended to like them. Lola protested that he'd eaten them by the handful, but he countered that he'd stuffed them in his napkin. She was offended that he'd lied to her all those years, and he deadpanned that he was glad it was out in the open. He burst into laughter and teased that he'd had her going, since he loved her cookies. He wished her a merry Christmas.

Nina greeted Victoria in the Grand Phoenix lobby, and she explained that she'd decided to stick around town to see Chance and Abby one last time over dinner that evening. Nina mentioned that she'd fallen in love with the hotel when she'd met up with Christine and Lauren there, and Victoria revealed that she owned the place. Nina questioned whether being CEO of Newman didn't keep Victoria busy enough, and Victoria conceded that she had a co-owner who managed the hotel -- for then. Nina recalled that Victoria had always been an overachiever, and she called Victoria her father's daughter.

Victoria noted that people said that a lot, but it wasn't always meant as a compliment. Victoria credited Nina with helping mold her into the woman she was that day, since Victoria had confided in Nina about the problems in her marriage to Ryan, only to find out Nina had been sleeping with him. Nina swore that she looked back on those days with embarrassment and shame. Victoria haughtily stated that she'd learned to sense when people were trying to play her, so she could put an end to it and make sure they never crossed her again.

Nina recalled that Victoria had always been a formidable rival, and she would hate to get on Victoria's bad side. Victoria suggested that they make a pact to never fall for the same man again, and Nina agreed. Victoria wished Phyllis had the same common sense, and she shared that Phyllis was a minority stakeholder in the hotel, although they didn't see eye to eye. Nina admitted that Phyllis wasn't her favorite person after everything Phyllis had done to Christine, but she figured it was time to let go of her grudge.

Victoria complained that too many people had forgiven Phyllis for too many things, and she disclosed that she was in the process of resolving their business dispute. Nina hoped it worked out, and Victoria prepared to head back to the office. Nina planned to stay at the Grand Phoenix the next time she was in Genoa City, and Victoria offered to give her a friends-and-family discount. Nina's smile faded to a look of concern as Victoria walked away.

Lily and Billy arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and she mentioned that the front desk clerk had refused to give her the room number over the phone. Billy noted that the clerk was on break, and Lily chirped that she knew hotel reservation systems inside and out from her work at the Athletic Club. Billy offered to watch out for the clerk while Lily got the information, and she hurried over to the computer terminal and obtained the room number. Billy preferred to go to the room with her, even if it meant risking his bail. Lily was adamant about going alone, and she headed to the elevator.

Abby and Chance entered the lobby, and Billy hoped their honeymoon had been everything they'd dreamed it would be. Abby awkwardly responded that it had been, and Billy repeated his offer to take them out to celebrate. Abby apologized for not being able to ignore that Billy had been charged with Chance's shooting. Billy was taken aback that she thought he was guilty, too.

Billy figured that he had to wait for a jury to acquit him for everyone to believe he was innocent, but he anticipated that it wouldn't be difficult to convince his peers that he wouldn't risk everything he had in his life on a dirt bag like Adam. Abby recognized that he wouldn't do anything to hurt his children, but Billy groused that it wasn't a ringing endorsement. Billy understood that everyone knew he loathed Adam for causing Delia's death, but he hadn't thought it would be that easy for his family to write him off as a would-be killer.

Abby and Chance packed their belongings in their hotel suite. He said he was sorry if Billy had upset her, but she refused to dwell on it. She joked that her biggest concern was how many socks Chance had, and he expected to have his own sock drawer at the mansion. Abby thought she'd miss their suite, since they'd made a lot of memories there. Chance suggested that they say goodbye to it in a fitting manner, and they began to undress.

Lily found the room number of the witness and listened at the door. She paused for a moment before knocking.

Nick entered Phyllis' hotel suite. An incensed Phyllis was on the phone, ordering someone to get the lawyers on it to keep someone from getting away with something. Nick felt sorry for whoever had been on the receiving end, but Phyllis muttered that it had only been the messenger. Nick asked what Victoria had done that time, and Phyllis ranted that his sister was playing very dirty. Phyllis asserted that she'd been the nice guy for long enough, but she intended to go back to her old ways to show just how ruthless she could be.

Phyllis explained that her business manager had informed her that Victoria was exercising a clause in the fine print of the Ponte Vecchio contract, causing a forced buyout of Phyllis' ownership by citing negligence. Nick realized that Victoria hadn't been honest when she'd made it sound like the conflict would go away, and he swore that he was on Phyllis' side. Nick advised Phyllis to think everything through rather than rush things, but she groaned that she didn't have any ideas. He urged her to let him talk to Victoria. Phyllis reluctantly agreed, but she insisted on going with him.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis stormed into Victoria's office and demanded that they talk. Nick joined them, and Victoria dryly assumed it wasn't about the kids' Christmas gifts. Phyllis bellowed that the preposterous accusations against her for negligence wouldn't fly, but Victoria cited the ample documentation of the hotel's scandals under Phyllis' watch. Phyllis argued that Victoria hadn't been involved in the hotel when the events had taken place, but Victoria announced that the negligence clause was retroactive, and Ponte Vecchio had the right to buy out Phyllis' shares and terminate her position.

Phyllis hissed that Victoria wouldn't get away with it, but Victoria crowed that she already had, since the funds had been wired into Phyllis' account. Victoria gave Phyllis one week to vacate the hotel. Phyllis threatened to strangle her, and Victoria looked forward to adding assault to the long list of Phyllis' unwise moves. Phyllis sauntered out, and Nick chided Victoria for making him believe that her solution would be kind and decent. He barked that it had been his mistake -- and it was one he wouldn't make again. He walked out.

At Society, Nick told Phyllis that they'd done the right thing by leaving, but Phyllis grumbled that slapping Victoria would have been better. Nick recognized that Victoria had crossed the line, and Phyllis griped that his sister had loved lording power over her. Nick remarked that Victoria had taken over Victor's ruthlessness as well as his company. Phyllis steeled herself to go to war, but she wondered if it was too late. Nick refused to let her lose something that meant that much to her.

Nick advised against a court battle, and Phyllis lamented that she could do nothing but abstain from the nefarious things she wanted to do -- but only because of him. Nick pushed her to swallow her pride and finally accept his offer of financial assistance. Phyllis maintained that she didn't want to take money from him. He admired her desire to do it on her own, but he argued that she needed money to fight the weight and power of Newman Enterprises.

Phyllis reiterated that the Grand Phoenix was her crowning achievement, but it was just a number on a piece of paper to Victoria. Nick contended that taking the cash was Phyllis' best chance of keeping the hotel, but she didn't want them to end up resenting one another. Nick anticipated that it would only make them stronger, and it would prove to Victoria and everyone else that they were back together for good. Phyllis relented, but she intended to pay back every penny.

Phyllis returned to Victoria's office with an appraisal of the hotel's value, which had gone up since Phyllis had taken over, and projections for its annual growth. Victoria huffed that her decision was final, but Phyllis warned that the projections didn't consider future disasters or competition. Phyllis offered to buy Victoria's shares for 30 percent over market value, noting that it would otherwise take years for Newman to achieve that kind of return.

Phyllis urged Victoria to take the deal as the intelligent businesswoman they all knew she was. Victoria pondered where Phyllis had gotten that much cash to make such an offer, and she surmised that Phyllis had rolled over and let Nick give it to her. Phyllis clarified that it was a loan. Victoria accepted the deal, but she taunted that it was her victory and not Phyllis', since Phyllis never could have pulled it off without Nick's help.

Phyllis returned to Society and reported that Victoria had accepted the offer. Nick wondered why Phyllis didn't look happy, and she replied that she felt worse than she had before. He acknowledged that it hadn't been easy to accept his help, but she'd saved her hotel. Phyllis retorted that she'd done nothing, and Victoria had loved throwing it in her face that she hadn't been able to do it on her own. Nick reasoned that entrepreneurs got capital from different sources all the time, and it was just a loan.

Nick continued that Victoria hadn't been forced to accept Phyllis' offer, so it was a win for Phyllis. Phyllis expressed her gratitude to him for saving her hotel, but she considered herself a failure. He objected, but she insisted on being alone. She headed out. Meanwhile, Victoria picked up her phone and contemplated contacting Nick, but she opted against it and returned to work.

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