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Lily sneaked into Alyssa's room and found evidence implicating Alyssa. Billy was released when forensics proved that Alyssa had been the shooter. Victoria's jealousy flared when Billy credited Lily for standing by him. Theo accepted the Abbotts' offer in Paris. Nate learned he'd likely never perform surgery again.
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Forensics showed Alyssa was the shooter, Theo accepted the Abbotts' offer, and Victoria's jealousy flared
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Theo warns Summer about Sally Theo warns Summer about Sally
Monday, December 14, 2020

In the lobby at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda approached Billy and asked him if he'd found a new attorney. In a sarcastic tone, Billy replied, "I'm working on it. I've narrowed my list down to people who actually believe I'm innocent and that are willing to fight to keep me out of prison." Amanda said she was aware that Billy was angry with her. Billy said he was disappointed more than angry. Billy assured Amanda that other people had his back.

Upstairs at the hotel, Lily knocked on the door of the suite occupied by the mysterious witness. Lily first identified herself as a colleague of Detective Rosales and claimed she had paperwork to be signed. After the person failed to respond, Lily heard footsteps and admitted she wasn't from the police department. Lily said, "If you move forward with testifying without talking to me first, then there's going to be horrible consequences for the person that you identified to the police because he's innocent." Lily became increasingly desperate to convey her message and insisted that the witness didn't know the whole story.

After Lily's brief encounter with the witness, Lily stepped off the elevator and insisted she speak to Billy alone. Amanda took a seat near the fireplace. Lily told Billy that the witness was Alyssa Montalvo. Billy, anxious, suggested that if Alyssa would forget what she'd seen, the case would get thrown out. Billy also contemplated that Alyssa might be working undercover to investigate how police were handling the matter. Lily replied, "Alyssa is not here to help you."

Lily confirmed to Billy that Alyssa had been present during the shooting and had seen him there. Lily reminded Billy that because he'd lied to the police, Alyssa's testimony would be particularly damning. Billy couldn't believe that Alyssa would betray him. Lily said she'd pleaded with Alyssa not to send Billy to prison for many years. Billy was upset to learn that Alyssa had shut the door in Lily's face. Billy said he should talk to Alyssa himself, but Lily was adamant that he stay away, lest he violate his bail.

As Lily was pleading with Billy to consider how bad an idea it was for him to approach Alyssa, Devon strolled past and joined Amanda. Amanda told Devon that whatever Billy and Lily were doing, it appeared to be a real mess. Amanda added that she speculated Lily was attempting to dissuade Billy from seriously hurting his case. Devon noted that Billy had already done so by firing Amanda. Amanda, speaking hypothetically, explained that sometimes clients had to consider making a deal to minimize their risks. Devon replied, "So, in other words, go to prison?"

Amanda reminded Devon they were speaking hypothetically, but she cautioned that even an innocent party had no guarantees once a trial was underway. Devon praised Amanda and said she was the one defense attorney who could blow any prosecutor's case out of the water. Amanda said she would have welcomed taking on Billy's case in the courtroom but cautioned that sometimes it was best to make a deal with her client's best interests in mind. Amanda noted that Billy was no longer her responsibility. Devon replied that with Amanda having free time, he would enjoy having dinner with her. Amanda said she'd like to have dinner.

Billy's anxiousness intensified while Lily calmly explained that there had to be a simple explanation. Lily said that perhaps Alyssa had seen Billy at the scene, had heard about the case, and had been driven by her conscience to contact the police. Billy doubted that Alyssa's presence at the scene of the shooting could be a coincidence. Lily said it was the only scenario that made sense. Billy disagreed and said he was aware of what Alyssa was doing. Billy headed toward the elevator. Lily quickly joined Billy before the doors closed.

At Jabot, Kyle and Jack discussed employee bonuses before Kyle transitioned to Theo. Kyle, clearly frustrated, said all he wanted for Christmas was for Theo to turn down their offer. Kyle was certain that Theo was too greedy to accept Jack's offer. Jack replied, "You really want to go through with this lawsuit?" Kyle said he wanted Theo to walk out of the courtroom with nothing because that was what he deserved.

At Society, Theo phoned Brittany and left a terse message for her to meet with him ahead of the deadline Jack had set. After Theo hung up, Summer entered and approached him. Noting that Theo seemed to have lost the confidence he'd displayed during a previous encounter, Summer asked Theo if he was getting cold feet about his lawsuit. Theo sarcastically asked Summer if Kyle had sent her on a reconnaissance mission. Summer reminded Theo that she'd advised him earlier not to go through with the lawsuit.

Summer told Theo she'd never known him to be stupid, and she hoped he wasn't determined to prove her wrong. Summer suggested Theo consider accepting Jack's offer because it would offer him a ready-made fashion career in Paris. Summer reminded Theo that Dina hadn't been of sound mind when she'd met him and had never indicated she'd wanted to leave him anything in her will. Summer didn't mince words and scolded Theo for acting out of greed.

After Summer stepped away, Brittany showed up. Theo asked Brittany what she thought his chances of success might be if he took his case to court. Brittany said she believed winning the lawsuit would be a long shot, though not impossible. Brittany explained that it would likely be an all-or-nothing case, so turning down the Paris offer would mean that Theo could walk away with nothing. Brittany cautioned that it would be a steep price to pay for an attempt to stick it to the Abbotts.

After Brittany left, Theo thanked Summer for inspiring him to see himself objectively and consider becoming a better person. Theo offered to return the favor. Theo warned Summer to watch out for Sally. Summer shrugged, seemingly unafraid of Lauren's "perky" assistant. Theo insisted that Summer not underestimate Sally because she was a shark. Theo added that Summer had the job Sally had wanted, which made Summer the enemy. Summer was stunned when Theo warned that Sally would use everything, including Kyle, to throw her off her game.

While Jack and Kyle waited for Theo to respond before the deadline, Theo sent Jack a message requesting a meeting. Kyle said he was certain Theo was playing games with them. Sally stopped by and asked to discuss an idea with Kyle. Jack left and told Kyle they'd get back to their matter later. Sally offered to revamp Fenmore's Virtual Dressing Room app. Kyle suggested that Sally upgrade the software and study sales demographics to determine which age group to target. Sally praised Kyle, telling him he was amazing. Sally flirtatiously thanked Kyle for backing her idea and gushed that he was really good at his job.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon met with Rey and Lola. Stressed and nervous as her wedding date approached, Sharon second-guessed her decision to get married during the busy holidays. Lola suggested Rey take care of planning the honeymoon. After Rey jokingly recalled the island Chance and Abby had chosen, Sharon said she wasn't in favor of sleeping on an air mattress. Rey stepped aside to take a phone call.

Rey's phone call was from Alyssa, explaining that the alias name she'd registered with hadn't worked. Alyssa explained that Lily had shown up, asking a million questions. Alyssa cried, "They know I'm here and plan to testify." Rey asked if Billy had accompanied Lily. Alyssa said he hadn't, though Lily had pressured her to give an on-the-record statement, which, Alyssa noted, she'd refused to do. Alyssa, distraught, reminded Rey that he'd promised to protect her. Rey instructed Alyssa to calm down, stay put, and not to talk to anyone else. Rey assured Alyssa he'd handle matters. After Rey hung up, he told Sharon and Lola that he had to leave, but he couldn't discuss anything related to his case.

After Rey left, Sharon told Lola that Rey hated everything about the case. Sharon noted that while Rey wasn't allowed to discuss details of his cases, she could tell he had doubts about Billy's guilt. Lola agreed and said she'd noticed the look on Rey's face after his phone call. Sharon acknowledged that Adam's involvement with the case didn't make it any easier on Rey. Sharon said she was worried, but Lola assured her that Rey would work things out. Lola credited Sharon for being by Rey's side, explaining that her brother was a lucky man to have her.

Elena and Nate entered Crimson Lights and discussed their recent first date, which had been followed by a long and stressful shift in the emergency room. Nate said he couldn't wait for their second date. Elena asked Nate if he'd spoken to his doctor. After Nate stepped aside to get coffee, Lola approached Elena and asked if she'd had a fun night. Elena explained that after their date, she and Nate had been called to the hospital to treat injured patients from a multi-car accident. Lola rejoiced with Elena after she indicated that her date had been everything she'd hoped for. After Elena left, Nate received a phone call from his doctor.

In Lola's apartment, Elena disclosed that Devon had happened to show up during her date with Nate. Lola asked Elena what Devon had said. Elena said that though Devon had said nothing. she could tell he'd been hurt by seeing her with Nate and had struggled to put on a brave face to hide his feelings. Lola assured Elena that things would get easier with time. Elena noted that she and Nate had been so busy, she hadn't had a chance to discuss it with him.

Elena added that the night had been difficult for Nate because she knew he'd yearned to return to the operating room to help patients. Elena expressed concern that Nate's hand injury might prevent him from performing surgery. Nate showed up, and Lola left. Nate said he'd heard from his doctor. Elena seemed apprehensive, steeling herself to hear bad news. Nate said Dr. Frasier believed the nerve injuries might be successfully repaired by a second surgery. Elena was elated for Nate. Nate thanked Elena for her support.

Outside Alyssa's door, Billy told Lily that Alyssa was either working with Adam or Victor to frame him and ensure he ended up behind bars. Lily told Billy his assumptions didn't make sense because Alyssa hated Adam and had no reason to want Billy to be punished. Billy was determined to find out, but Lily pleaded with him not to knock on Alyssa's door. Billy said he wouldn't leave without talking to Alyssa.

Before Alyssa responded to Billy's knocks, Rey showed up and asked, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Lily insisted it wasn't a big deal because nothing had happened. Rey warned Billy that he'd violated his bail. Lily swore that she and Billy had been leaving when Rey had shown up. Lily claimed that as a member of the media, she'd hoped to ask Alyssa a few questions. Rey let Billy know it wasn't a game, and he threatened to take Billy to the police station.

Billy cried that he'd been trying to find out from Alyssa who'd framed him. Billy said Rey knew he was innocent. Rey replied that it didn't matter what he thought, and he insisted Billy be taken in. As Rey was escorting Billy out, Amanda approached and said, "You need representation more than ever, Billy, so please don't push me away again. I know how to help you."

Theo met with Jack and Kyle and immediately announced that he would drop the lawsuit in return for accepting the Paris offer. Kyle checked the time on his phone and took pleasure in announcing that the offer had been expired for 45 minutes. Theo turned to Jack and asked what the adult in the room had to say about him being too late. Jack asked to speak to Theo alone. Kyle reluctantly stepped out.

After Kyle left, Jack berated Theo for being a user who'd challenged Jack's mother's will while Jack and his siblings were in grief. Jack acknowledged that he'd also seen a compassionate side to Theo and hoped Theo might learn from his past behavior. Jack gave Theo the boutiques, explaining that had Dina known him before her decline, she would have likely put him in her will. Theo humbly thanked Jack and asked if he could be part of the family. Jack suggested Theo reach out to members of the Abbott family whenever they visited Paris. Jack implored Theo to run the businesses successfully. Before Theo left, he told Jack he was looking forward to running the companies.

Lily's suspicions grow after she searches Alyssa's room Lily's suspicions grow after she searches Alyssa's room
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Billy sat in an interrogation room at the police station. Amanda appeared in the doorway and announced that his lawyer was there. He thanked her and admitted that pushing her away had been a mistake. Billy recognized that he could use his real friends right then, and he considered her to be one of them on a very short list. Amanda promised to always be his friend, but she insisted that they agree on a few terms if he wanted her to be his attorney again.

Amanda demanded that Billy not lie to her, interfere with any aspect of the case, or speak to the cops without her present. She added that he needed to consider her advice, and he called it a deal. Billy revealed that Alyssa was the witness who had placed him at the scene of the crime, and he speculated that she'd been part of the setup. Billy recalled that Alyssa hadn't wanted to return to Genoa City, and he found it too random that she'd been at the location at the exact time of the shooting. Amanda thought it didn't make sense that Alyssa had been part of a plot to frame him, and she suspected that something else was motivating Alyssa.

Billy recalled that Alyssa had been grateful for the opportunity to write the article, but she hadn't wanted to return to town to write a second exposé. He questioned why Alyssa hadn't been in contact if she'd been in Genoa City the whole time, and he theorized that Adam had found a way to manipulate her into helping him frame Billy. Billy guessed that Amanda thought it was a dead end, but she encouraged him to keep talking to see if they could find another angle.

At the Grand Phoenix, Lily rapped on a hotel room door and called out that she knew Alyssa was inside. Lily continued to pound on the door and begged Alyssa to talk because it was a matter of life and death. Alyssa opened the door and barked that Lily had five minutes. Alyssa accused Lily of exaggerating, since Billy could afford great lawyers who would get his sentence reduced to a couple of years, at most. Lily lectured that any prison time was too much when a person was innocent, and she referred to the effect it would have on Billy's kids.

Lily contended that the actual shooter was still out there, and they were all in danger until the culprit was found. She proclaimed that she was 100 percent certain that Billy hadn't shot Chance. Alyssa asserted that she'd seen what she'd seen, and she'd had to step forward because a policeman had been shot. She continued that all she'd told the police was that she'd seen Billy there, and he'd been the one who'd lied about his whereabouts. Alyssa pointed out that her testimony wasn't the only piece of evidence against Billy, but Lily asserted that he was being framed. Lily demanded to know why Alyssa had returned to Genoa City.

Alyssa claimed that she'd been reconsidering Billy's offer to write the follow-up story. Lily testily questioned whether Alyssa had repaid Billy for her big break by putting him behind bars, and she snapped that Alyssa hadn't explained why she'd been at the crime scene. Alyssa understood why Lily wanted to believe in Billy's innocence, but she called it a lost cause. Lily vowed to get to the bottom of it, but Alyssa announced that Lily's five minutes were up. Lily walked out. A moment later, Rey arrived and informed Alyssa that they had a problem. Lily listened from the hallway.

Rey told Alyssa that the D.A. needed to talk to her about everything Billy and Lily had said to her, and he'd send someone to pack Alyssa's things because the location had been compromised. Alyssa offered to pack her own things, but Rey insisted that they leave right away. Alyssa and Rey departed, and Lily covertly caught the hotel room door before it closed. Lily sneaked inside and put on a pair of gloves. She searched the room and found a pair of black gloves in a drawer. She picked up a photo on the nightstand and looked perplexed.

Amanda returned to the Grand Phoenix as Lily stepped off the elevator. Amanda reported that Billy was working hard to keep it together but was a mess deep down. Lily was glad Billy had Amanda back. Amanda clarified that he'd always had her, but she suspected that it wouldn't be the last time he fired her. Amanda shared that she was ready to stand up for Billy, but he had no idea who was after him, and no one wanted to fight someone they couldn't see.

Amanda indicated that Billy was convinced that Alyssa was up to something, and Lily felt the same way. Lily divulged that she'd gone back to talk to Alyssa, who had never explained what she'd been doing in town in the first place. Lily continued that she'd sneaked into the room after Alyssa had left with Rey, and she'd found a framed photo of Alyssa's dad, which she found a little odd. Amanda reasoned that Alyssa and A.J. had been close, but Lily countered that she'd been close with Neil, yet she didn't carry around a framed photo of him wherever she went.

Lily performed an online search for A.J. Montalvo on her phone, and she found a few articles and a photo of him holding a trophy. She recognized the gloves he was wearing in the photo as the same kind of gloves that Alyssa had had in her room, but Amanda remarked that it was nothing to build a defense around. Lily clarified that they weren't exactly the same gloves, but they were the same type. She looked back at the photo and discovered that the trophy had been for marksmanship. Amanda was hopeful that she could build something around that, and Lily insisted on telling Billy. Meanwhile, Rey escorted Billy back to his cell.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina marveled at the beautiful bare Christmas tree. Abby squealed that it was her and Chance's first tree together, and she was excited to decorate. She considered starting that night, but she hesitated to put Nina to work on her last night in town. Abby insisted that they have dinner and talk about their honeymoon instead of decorating. Nina pulled out a gift and implied that it was something that might change Abby's mind.

Abby and Chance recounted that they'd been exhausted after babysitting Miles. Nina assured them that they'd get used to the energy it took to raise a child, and Abby mused that she could see them raising a family there. Chance imagined that they might be hanging a stocking for baby Agatha the following year, and Nina winced. Abby crowed that Nina was on her side about the name, and Nina asked if Abby was pregnant. Abby shared that she wasn't, but she and Chance were eager to start trying, since they'd been talking about it even before they'd gotten engaged.

Abby looked forward to starting their own holiday traditions, and Nina encouraged them to open her gift because it might help. Abby opened the present and found an angel inside, and Chance flashed back to Katherine presenting it to him when he'd been a young boy. As Nina and Ryan had looked on, Chance had told "Grandma Kay" that she'd made it a great Christmas. Chance thanked his mom and couldn't believe she'd held onto it all those years. Nina murmured that the angel belonged there with them in Katherine's house, and Abby enthused that it was their own special Christmas angel.

Abby placed the angel on the mantel and gushed that they had their first holiday tradition. Abby revealed that they had something for Nina, and Nina gasped when she opened the gift and found a photo of the three of them at the couple's wedding. Nina called it the perfect memento of a perfect day, and Abby explained that they planned to hang the same photo in their house. Nina prepared to leave because she had an early flight in the morning, and Chance insisted on picking her up to drive her to the airport. Nina proclaimed that a piece of her heart would remain with them until she was back, but she thought she was leaving them in good hands. They all gazed up at Katherine's portrait.

After Nina left, Abby sorted through holiday decorations and wished her mother-in-law had been able to stay for Christmas. Chance figured that his mom would stay the following year, once they had kids. Abby loved his optimism, but she recounted her nightmare about having triplets. She found a pair of antlers that reminded her of ones she and Noah had put on Zapata at the ranch while pretending the dog was a reindeer. She asked if Chance had memories of the holidays as a kid, and he referred to the angel as one of his fondest.

Chance mentioned that spending the holidays in L.A. hadn't been much fun because he hadn't had family there, but he expected his and Abby's kids to love Christmases at the mansion. Chance looked forward to getting a dog to put antlers on once their kids were old enough to believe in Santa, and he asked how Abby felt about the tradition of an early gift. Abby exclaimed that she was pro-gift at any time, and he told her to check under the tree. She found a shell from their honeymoon beach. He lovingly told her that it was a reminder that their honeymoon would last the rest of their lives.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Phyllis pounded on her tablet in frustration, and Nick asked what the computer had done to her. She grumbled that she'd been calculating when she could pay him back, and it looked like it would be "January of never." Nick assured her that she didn't have to pay him back, and she asked if he was trying to make her feel worse. Phyllis loved him for helping her out, but she stressed that she didn't want to be rescued because she'd always prided herself on being strong and independent. She reflected back on wrestling Abby and then Victoria for ownership, and she complained that yet another Newman had a piece of her hotel.

Nick pointed out that he didn't own a stake in the hotel and that Phyllis didn't owe him anything because he'd given her the money as a gift. She preferred not to have a dime of debt, and she questioned what kind of role model she'd be to their daughter if her boyfriend constantly bailed her out. Nick argued that everyone flocked to the hotel because Phyllis' hard work had made it amazing, and she had set the perfect example by taking the high road. Phyllis resolved to figure out a way to pay him back in a timely manner, even if it wasn't completely aboveboard.

Nick wondered how low Phyllis was thinking about going, and he pictured her breaking into a bank vault. He urged her not to do anything risky or illegal to repay the money, and he swore that he hadn't meant for her to doubt herself. He reiterated that he'd given her the money because they were a team, and people in a committed relationship relied on one another. Phyllis kept hearing Victoria's taunts in her head about how Phyllis hadn't been able to do it on her own, and she wished she'd worked harder to show that she could be as ruthless as Victoria.

Nick praised Phyllis for the changes she'd made to get past her bad choices and build an incredible place on the up and up. Phyllis confided that it was a big issue for her because there always seemed to be someone who wanted to push her down while she was fighting with one hand tied behind her back. She pondered where following the rules had gotten her, and she bemoaned that she was tired of losing. Nick didn't understand how she could view getting her hotel back as a loss. Phyllis countered that if she didn't stand on her own two feet, it meant Victoria had been right about everything.

Sharon and Faith put up decorations at Crimson Lights, and Sharon gushed that it was her favorite time of year. Faith seemed unenthusiastic, but she claimed that she was just tired. Faith received a text message with photos of her and a clown, with a note stating that they'd been switched at birth. Sharon sensed something was wrong, and Faith fibbed that the basketball team had lost a big game. Faith hurriedly retreated to the patio to hide her tears. Lola entered, saw Faith's stricken look, and asked what was going on.

Sharon called out to Faith, who pleaded with Lola not to let her mother see her like that, since Sharon would make a huge deal out of it. Faith wiped away tears as Lola distracted Sharon by admiring the decorations. Lola requested to steal Faith for a few minutes to try out a new dish on her, and Sharon granted her permission. Lola returned to the patio and ushered Faith out.

In Lola's apartment, Lola gently pushed Faith to tell her the truth about what was going on. Faith showed Lola the text message, and she confirmed that kids had been tormenting her since the article about Adam had been published. Lola condemned the bullies for picking on people because they were unhappy with themselves, and she swore that it had nothing to do with Faith. Faith felt otherwise, and Lola counseled her to ignore the bullies and rely on her friends.

Faith lamented that her one close friend had ghosted her, and Lola pointed out that it wasn't the sign of a true friend. Faith compared Lola's words to her mom's, and she shared that Sharon was worried about her all the time. Lola reasoned that it was part of a mother's job, but Faith complained that it was driving her nuts. Lola thought back to her rebellious days when she'd been Faith's age, but she didn't want to bore Faith with the stories. Faith insisted on hearing about it.

Faith remembered that Lola had said she'd been a nerd who'd always been cooking. Lola clarified that she hadn't been a loner, and she'd relied on her friends when things had gotten tough. Lola shared that while she loved her mom, Celeste had driven her crazy because moms didn't get kids the way friends did. Lola recalled hanging out with her friends as much as she'd been able to, since they hadn't judged her about her obsession with cooking. Lola added that they'd helped her survive high school, just like Faith would because she was far too smart not to.

Faith thanked Lola for letting her spend time there and for giving her some cookies as a cover story. Lola sympathized, since Rey had been the man of the house when they'd been young, and he'd always acted like a cop. Lola expected Rey to be an incredible stepdad, and Faith realized that Lola would become her aunt when Sharon and Rey got married. Lola urged her to call "Auntie Lola" whenever Faith felt down, but Faith remarked that the name didn't fit because Lola was way too cool.

Nick arrived at Crimson Lights and complimented Sharon on what she'd done with the place during the holidays. Sharon sensed that Nick had something on his mind, and she ordered him to grab some tinsel and help decorate while he talked about what was troubling him. Nick confirmed that it was about Phyllis, and Sharon wasn't surprised. He acknowledged that it was a sore subject. She assured him that a lot of time had passed, and going through chemotherapy had changed her perspective on everything.

Nick lamented how his plan to go out on a limb for Phyllis had totally backfired, since she wasn't happy that he'd put up the money to buy out Victoria. He was taken aback when Sharon didn't immediately take his side. Sharon doubted her opinion would carry any weight with Phyllis, but she saw Phyllis' point of view. Sharon pointed out that Nick knew that Phyllis was independent and wanted to do things her way, yet he'd swooped in like a knight in shining armor. Sharon noted that Nick was a rescuer, but Phyllis didn't want to be rescued; he had to figure out a way to accept Phyllis for who she was and not who he thought she should be.

Later, Faith returned to the coffeehouse, and Sharon noted that the girl had missed the last of the decorating. Faith promised to do double the work the following year, and Sharon observed that her daughter was in a better mood. Faith chirped that Lola really got her.

Nick entered Phyllis' hotel suite and told her he'd been thinking. She responded that she had been, too, and she wasn't backing down because she was right. He recognized that the situation had been disheartening for her, but he stressed that he'd only given her the money to help and not for her to question her abilities. Nick asserted that she was an unstoppable force of nature, and he wouldn't apologize for wanting to help, but he also didn't want to disregard her concerns.

Nick suggested that he and Phyllis implement a payment plan for her to pay him back when she was able, but 100 percent of the hotel would be hers. Phyllis admitted that she was frustrated with the situation, but she loved that he wanted to help her. She was glad they were a team. He stepped out to wash up for dinner, and her smile quickly faded.

Billy suffers a prison nightmare Billy suffers a prison nightmare
Wednesday, December 16, 2020
by Nel

While in prison, Billy had nightmares. In a dream, he heard someone accuse him of trying to shoot Adam, Lily telling him to step away from ChanceComm, Victor accusing him of being the shooter, Rey telling him he was being arrested, and Amanda telling him the length of his sentence. Billy sat up yelling that he hadn't done it.

Suddenly, Adam was there. He told Billy they all had to pay for their sins, one way or another. Billy told Adam not to feel safe because the shooter was still loose. Adam said the world was a much safer place because Billy was behind bars. Billy claimed that with all the lives Adam had destroyed, they both knew that Adam should be in the one locked up.

Adam asked where Billy was going to project all his loathing and self-inadequacy, since he'd been Billy's best scapegoat. Adam pointed out that he and Billy were both single-minded, but Billy denied he was anything like Adam. Adam claimed that Billy had had a pattern of falling for women who were too good for him and who wanted to fix him. Billy claimed that was Adam's life, not his. There was nothing good or redeemable about Adam. People despised him, and the world would be a better place without Adam.

Adam wanted Billy to admit that Billy was a loathsome, heartless, bottom feeder, but Billy refused. Adam pulled Billy's cell door open and left. Billy stood there for a moment, pushed the door open, and walked out.

Billy was suddenly at the Abbott home, but no one could see or hear him. Jack, Lily, and Amanda were there. Amanda claimed she'd never lost a case before, but she believed they still had a chance on appeal. Jack told Amanda not to blame herself. She'd done everything she could, but the eyewitness had sealed Billy's fate. Lily said Billy had been gutted when he'd heard the verdict. Jack had been certain the jury would acquit Billy. Amanda said she would show Billy in a different light on appeal. Michael had painted Billy as a cruel and vindictive scion of a wealthy, privileged family, who had taken his many blessings for granted. He'd rejected everything good in his life and had devoted himself to a single-minded pursuit -- vengeance.

Lily told Jack and Amanda it had been hard not to stand up and scream that Billy was innocent and that he'd fought very hard to turn his life around. Amanda said she would call Jack and Lily as character witnesses at the sentencing. Jack admitted that Michael's characterization of Billy had been accurate. Jack asked how long Billy's sentence would be. Amanda replied that it was considered a violent crime, and his sentence might be 15 to 25 years. After Amanda left, Lily told Jack she wanted to make sure Billy never felt abandoned. Jack said that no one, especially Billy, expected her to put her life on hold.

Billy heard Abby calling him. He opened his eyes. He was at Crimson Lights. Billy asked if Abby could see him. Angry, Abby admitted she could see him. She accused him of pretending to know what she'd been going through after he'd shot the man she loved. She claimed she was still terrified after being so close to losing Chance. Billy claimed he hadn't shot Chance. Abby said she'd heard him lie to the police, and she begged Billy to tell the truth.

Billy told Abby he'd told the truth. He said he would never shoot his nephew and then show up at the hospital, pretending he'd had nothing to do with it. Abby felt that she and Billy had been the most alike. They had lived their lives on the edge, and they'd been rule breakers. She'd grown out of that phase, but Billy hadn't because he liked that way of life. Billy claimed it had taken him longer to get his life in order, and he had everything going for him. His life was in a good place.

Abby claimed Billy's life was falling apart. Jill had thrown him a lifeline. Together with Lily, Jill had made them co-CEOs of ChanceComm. Abby asked what Billy had done with that opportunity. Billy said he'd told the truth about Adam in his article. Abby hated how self-righteous he was about the article. Billy said he hated to see Adam hurt the people he loved. Abby stated there was nothing heroic about what he'd done with the article. He'd taken people's personal moments and exploited them for profit. Billy said it hadn't been for money; it had been for revenge.

Abby told Billy that, in his article, he'd brought up Ashley and what she'd gone through. Billy said when he'd spoken to Ashley, she'd been okay with it. Abby asked about Faith. Billy said Faith would bounce back. She claimed Billy had exposed Chance about the incident in Las Vegas and nearly ruined his reputation. Billy had published the article because he'd wanted to, and he hadn't cared who got hurt. She accused him of not being able to live a peaceful life and said he was just like Adam. She got up abruptly and left while Billy yelled that he wasn't anything like Adam.

Billy was suddenly in the Newman office with Victoria, Johnny, and Katie. Johnny and Katie wanted to know where their daddy was and when they would see him again because they missed him. Victoria said she missed him, too. Billy said he would be home for Christmas, but the kids couldn't hear or see him.

Victoria explained that people had accused Billy of something he hadn't done. Katie asked why Daddy hadn't told everyone what had happened. Victoria explained that the jury hadn't believed Daddy because of things Daddy had done in the past, and he needed to be punished. Katie asked if Victoria trusted Billy.

Billy told Victoria to tell the kids that she trusted him. Victoria turned and told Billy to stop because things were very difficult without him. Billy maintained that he'd been framed, and his only crime had been publishing the article. It had made him the perfect target, and he was paying the price. Billy reminded her that she'd wanted him to publish the article. Victoria claimed it had been a business decision to ensure that Adam never got the CEO chair.

Billy told Victoria that he'd been protecting everyone from Adam. Victoria asked who was better off from his protection. Billy asked her not to say things like that in front of the kids. She told Billy that the kids were gone because they were afraid of him. Billy asked Victoria for another chance. He tried to move toward Victoria, but his ankles were shackled, and he couldn't reach her. He said he couldn't lose his kids, but Victoria was already gone. He looked down, and the shackles had fallen off.

Billy was back in prison. Victor sat outside Billy's cell. He asked if Billy was surprised to be in prison. Billy accused Victor of setting him up as payback for his article. Victor said that Billy was where he deserved to be. He knew Billy had tried to kill Adam with his car, but Billy said he hadn't been himself at the time. Victor accused Billy of attempted murder and said Billy was where he should be. Billy claimed that Adam belonged in the cell, not him. Victor said it wouldn't happen. He claimed that Billy was toxic, and he didn't want Billy around his grandchildren.

Billy told Victor that he would clear his name, but Victor informed Billy he'd hired a reporter and would publish an exposé about Billy. He said that everything Billy held dear would be gone. Billy stated that even if that were true, he was still a better father than Victor. He hadn't pitted his kids against each other or manipulated them, nor had he played favorites. Victor claimed that Billy was jealous because John had preferred Jack over Billy. He said that Billy Boy Abbott was a child's name, and that was what Billy was -- and a screw-up.

Before Victor left, he said that Billy wouldn't get out of prison because he couldn't go to Victoria or his family to rescue him as he'd done in the past. This was his future -- blank walls. Victor called Billy an SOB because he'd done so much damage to Victoria and the kids. He wanted Billy to rot in prison.

Billy was suddenly at the Chancellor mansion with Delia. He said she was beautiful. He said that he was aware it was only a dream, but when he woke up, his heart would be ripped out again. Delia accused him of always getting into trouble. Billy promised he would fix it. He said he had a good lawyer who would figure something out. Delia reminded him that the last time they'd spoken, he'd said things would change. Billy claimed he'd changed. He admitted that his anger toward Adam had consumed him. Delia said that if he'd lived an honorable life, no one would have believed he'd committed a crime.

Billy told Delia it had only been an article about Adam. He claimed it had been his way of taking care of his family. Delia said he couldn't protect Katie and Johnny any more than he'd been able to protect her. Billy said that if he could take back any day, it would be the day she'd died. Delia says she had to go. Billy asked her to stay and promised he would do better, but Delia was gone.

Billy next found himself at ChanceComm. Lily was on the phone, demanding that someone help her or get out of her way. The person gave her the name she'd been looking for. She said that an innocent man was in prison, and she wanted to prove his innocence. Billy couldn't believe that Lily had continued trying to prove his innocence.

Victoria arrived and said she needed to see Amanda. She asked why Lily was still trying to prove Billy's innocence after he'd been in prison for so many years. Lily claimed she wouldn't stop until Billy was exonerated. She asked why Victoria wanted to see Amanda. Victoria said it was Johnny. Someone was targeting him, and she didn't know how much more she could take.

Billy said he was going to find out who was targeting Johnny, and he left.

Billy found himself in the interrogation room at the police station. Johnny was sitting at the table when Rey arrived and said he was really sick of seeing Johnny's face in the police station. He said Jack was going to press charges. Johnny smirked and said that Jack could wave his hand and make it all go away. Rey said Jack wouldn't because he was worried about Johnny. Johnny asked if that was the reason Jack had had him locked up with a bunch of juvenile criminals.

Billy asked what had happened to Johnny. He'd been such a sweet kid.

Rey asked if Johnny had been trying to impress his Uncle Adam. He said that Johnny was 18 years old, and it was the third time he'd been in front of a judge. Rey said a lot of money had disappeared from Jabot's accounts. He said that Johnny would be tried as an adult. He said that embezzlement was a serious charge. Johnny claimed it wouldn't happen. Rey said that if Adam had put him up to it, Adam should take responsibility. The D.A. would give Johnny a break. Johnny claimed it had been his idea, not Adam's.

Billy begged Johnny to tell the truth because Adam had been messing with him, but Johnny couldn't see or hear him.

Rey said it hadn't been easy for Johnny without a dad, but it wasn't too late to turn things around.

Billy told Johnny that Rey was giving him a way out. He begged Johnny to take the offer.

Johnny told Rey he wasn't about to rat Adam out. Adam had been the only person who'd given a damn about him. Rey told Johnny not to let Adam win and that Adam had been lying to him. Johnny said Rey was wasting his breath. Johnny was sent back to his cell.

Billy was back in his cell. Adam asked what Billy thought about his protégé. He said he had Johnny right under his thumb because Johnny had been starving for attention. He said that Johnny was smart and had potential and that Johnny belonged to him, not Billy. Billy threatened to kill Adam. Adam called Billy a "rage-aholic." He claimed that Billy had developed anger issues, judging by all the fights Billy had had with the inmates and the guards. It appeared that Billy had added decades to his sentence and would probably die in prison.

Adam told Billy he would get Johnny the best lawyer money could buy and get Johnny's sentence reduced. Johnny would then be willing to do anything for him. Billy called Adam a sick and sadistic bastard. Unmoved, Adam said Johnny would be a real force to be reckoned with after Johnny learned everything from him. Billy said if he wasn't able to stop Adam, Johnny's mother would. Adam claimed that Chelsea adored Johnny, but Billy said he'd been referring to Victoria. He said Victoria despised Adam. Adam stated that Victoria despised him almost as much as she hated Billy. Adam said no one would stop Johnny.

Billy asked Adam not to do that because Adam had already taken one child from him. He asked Adam to let Johnny go. Adam claimed he couldn't walk away from his and Billy's feud any more than Billy could. Adam left.

Billy found himself at Society with his eyes closed. He was dressed in formal attire. Lily told him to open his eyes. Billy was confused. He asked what was going on. Lily said she'd never given up on him. She'd used the power of the press for good. ChanceComm had covered his story extensively and brought new attention to Billy's case. She'd put a new journalist on the job, and a new witness had come forward with proof that Billy had been telling the truth. Billy's conviction had been overturned on appeal. She toasted to Billy's brilliant attorney.

Billy turned to Amanda and said that he had no idea how he could ever thank her. Amanda said she was sorry she hadn't been able to make it happen sooner.

Suddenly, Jack was sitting at another table. He told Billy he was sorry he'd let his doubts get the better of him. He was very proud of Billy for his resilience and determination throughout the ordeal, and he prayed that Billy had learned his lesson. Billy promised he had.

Victor suddenly appeared and claimed that Billy Boy Abbott was a disaster waiting to happen. He said that Billy's life was circling closer and closer to the drain.

Victoria also appeared and said she hoped Victor was wrong, for Johnny's sake. Johnny needed his father to come through for him and be the dad Johnny could look up to and be proud of. Billy claimed that protecting his kids was the most important thing in the world to him.

Billy thanked Lily for her time and energy and for everything she'd done for his freedom. He wanted to spend the rest of his life proving to her that it hadn't been a mistake. Lily said he didn't need to prove anything to her. He could always count on her.

Billy woke up in his cell. He said he'd known he could count on Lily, and together, they wouldn't allow any of that to happen.

Rey finds evidence pointing to Alyssa Rey finds evidence pointing to Alyssa
Thursday, December 17, 2020
by Nel

Amanda arrived in the interrogation room to meet with Billy. She told him that she and Lily had discovered that Alyssa had stated she'd returned to Kansas the night of the shooting. She had bought a ticket but hadn't boarded the flight. Amanda said that A.J. Montalvo had been an accomplished marksman, and Lily had found a pair of shooting gloves in Alyssa's drawer -- the same as A.J. had worn. Alyssa was a competitive shooter, and she'd won many awards. She handled guns at the expert level. Billy asked if Alyssa had tried to kill Adam and frame him for it.

Billy told Amanda that Alyssa hated Adam. She'd known exactly how to frame someone and how to get away with it. He said they needed to go to the D.A. with that information, but Amanda stopped him and said the evidence they had was circumstantial, at best. The police had Billy's DNA, and ballistics had his gun, which had been ditched outside his office. Amanda said they needed concrete evidence, but Billy felt the police needed to question Alyssa about the new information.

Billy told Amanda that the D.A. needed to be informed. Amanda said that if she brought it up to Michael, and he questioned Alyssa, it would alert her to their suspicions. Amanda said that Billy had to be patient and to trust her. Frustrated, Billy said he would go back to his cell and live the nightmare that he might never see his kids again. There had to be some evidence that Michael and Paul couldn't ignore.

Amanda called Lily and asked Lily to reach out to someone. She said that, as a lawyer, Amanda would look suspicious, but as a reporter, Lily could pull it off. Lily agreed.

Billy waited impatiently to hear from Lily. Amanda told Billy that Lily had put herself out there for him. Billy claimed that she was a strong, independent woman who'd been through a lot. They'd been friends forever, and recently, they had become closer. Lily was everything and more. Amanda said she hoped that Billy would find a way to repay Lily.

At ChanceComm, Lily was on the phone with someone named Leonard. She asked him for information about Alyssa. She wanted to capture Alyssa's essence for the readers. Leonard informed her that Alyssa had a very bad temper. Lily ended her call when she saw Victoria had arrived. Victoria asked if the judge had revoked Billy's bail.

Lily told Victoria that Billy had not been allowed to have any contact with anyone on the case, but they'd discovered who the eyewitness was. Victoria stated that Billy had no self-control, and she guessed he had needed to confront the witness. Lily said she'd spent the morning getting background on Alyssa. Victoria wondered why Alyssa had been at the site. Lily said Billy felt she might have been following him. They'd just discovered Alyssa was in town. Victoria said Alyssa was an angry person who held grudges, and she wondered why Alyssa would frame Billy. Alyssa was an investigative reporter, so it was surprising she wasn't looking for the shooter.

Victoria told Lily she was going to the police station to talk to Billy. Lily told her that Amanda was with him. Victoria didn't want to interrupt a meeting between Billy and his lawyer. Lily stated that with Billy and Theo gone, she had a lot of work to catch up on. Victoria knew the pressures of running a company, but sometimes, they had to make time for what was really important. Victoria asked what Lily's feelings were about Billy's case. Lily said she wasn't comfortable sharing anything because they were in the early stages of their investigation. She promised to share with Victoria when she had something concrete. Victoria left.

At Society, Nikki told Victor she was worried about Billy. She asked if Victor really wanted Billy to go to prison. Victor said he wanted Adam's shooter behind bars, and if it was Billy, "so be it." Nikki asked if Victor had heard from Adam. Victor said he'd been tracking Adam, and Adam and Chelsea had rented a house in Minnesota near Connor's school. They would spend the holidays there and then return to Genoa City.

Nikki said she knew how hurt Victor was because Adam had severed all ties to the Newmans, but Victor needed to move on. Victor said that when he'd seen Adam to say goodbye, he'd had a strange feeling something had been going on between Adam and Chelsea, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Something was off. They'd seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere, and Adam had told him it was none of his business. She reminded Victor that Adam had chosen to cut all ties. Victor told her to not tell him how to act around his son. He was tired of the family telling him how to feel about Adam. He said that Adam was broken and damaged, but Adam would always have Victor's support and love.

Victor apologized for being short. Nikki stated that the stress was eating at him, and he needed a distraction. She suggested they fly to London after Christmas, open their flat in South Kensington, and have a fabulous New Year's Eve there. Victor said it sounded interesting, but Billy's trial would start soon. Nikki doubted it would start between Christmas and New Year's. He said he would think about it.

At the Grand Phoenix, Summer happily told Kyle about her new job, but Kyle was a million miles away. Summer noticed and asked what was wrong. Kyle said he couldn't believe that Jack had given Theo the boutiques in Paris. He'd wanted Theo to go to court and walk out of the court with nothing.

At Jabot, Sally told Jack that Lauren would have the contracts back to him shortly. Jack asked her to tell Kyle because he was in a hurry to get to a meeting. Undaunted, Sally told Jack about a conversation she'd had with Kyle about the idea she'd wanted to pitch to Lauren, Kyle had been very helpful. She understood why Jack and Kyle worked so well together. She said that when Lauren had taken Summer away from them, he and Kyle hadn't seemed bothered. She gave him kudos for not begrudging Summer her big break, or perhaps they hadn't wanted to have the on-again, off-again romantic tension in the office.

Jack told Sally that Summer and Kyle were extremely happy together. Sally claimed her main interest was in Kyle and what qualities Jack had seen in Kyle that had allowed Kyle to get so far at such a young age, besides being Jack's son. Jack said hard work, patience, creativity, and a growing understanding that he would have to work hard. He and Kyle had had their share of conflicts, but over time, Kyle had realized there were no shortcuts. Sally guessed the last remark had been aimed at her.

Jack told Sally he realized she was ambitious. He suggested that she let Lauren guide her, and over time, Lauren could become the mentor Sally needed. She would provide Sally with great opportunities when Sally was ready. Sally said she would take his advice, and she appreciated that he was looking out for her.

Later, Sally ended a call with Lauren when Summer arrived. Sally said she had some spare time and could help Summer, but Summer interrupted her and said she knew that Sally wanted to steal her job. Summer said she'd legitimately worked too hard to get to where she was, and she wouldn't let someone like Sally waltz in and try to take JCV away from her.

Sally asked Summer to tell her about legitimately becoming head of marketing and that it had nothing to do with her relationship with Kyle. Summer claimed she'd proven herself worthy of that position, which was more than Sally could say. Sally admitted that Summer had talent, but it would only get her so far. She knew about Summer's spotty work history, bouncing back and forth between Newman and Jabot. She suggested they not pretend that nepotism hadn't played a role in her rise. Sally claimed that Summer hadn't had to claw her way up for recognition the way Sally had. She said that Summer was a lightweight, and Sally was the pro. She said they would see who ended up on top, and Sally left.

Rey met with Lily at Crimson Lights. Lily said she knew that Rey had doubts that Billy had been the shooter but that Rey had to follow the evidence. She told him that Alyssa hated Adam because he'd killed her father. She had motive, and it was a well-known fact that Billy hated Adam. Billy was the perfect person to pin the shooting on. She suggested that Alyssa had gone gunning for Adam.

Lily asked if Rey was aware that Alyssa was a champion sharpshooter and that she'd won statewide competitions in Kansas. Lily said she'd found shooting gloves in Alyssa's hotel room, and she believed they would tie Alyssa to the shooting. Rey said Lily had no business taking matters into her own hands, but Lily countered that what she'd found was compelling. Rey admitted that Alyssa had seemed anxious when he'd told her that someone would pack her things and take them to the new location. Rey felt it was a leap that Alyssa had tried to kill Adam and frame Billy.

Lily told Rey she wouldn't have realized that if she hadn't looked into his witness. She believed Alyssa was sitting on evidence that would justify Lily's suspicions. Rey said that Lily believed in Billy's innocence, and perhaps subconsciously, she was trying to connect Alyssa to the shooting. Lily countered that she wouldn't accuse anyone of a crime they hadn't committed. If she was right, then an innocent man would be free, and they would have the actual shooter. If she was wrong, there would be no harm done.

Once Rey was alone, he called Officer Munroe and asked if he'd moved Alyssa to the new location. He told Officer Munroe not to do anything until he heard from Rey.

At the Grand Phoenix, Lauren thanked Sally for bringing the proposals she needed for her meeting. Lauren said she'd spoken to Jack. Sally admitted she'd spoken to Jack, and he'd suggested that she dial back her ambition. Lauren claimed she didn't mind ambition as long as Sally's goal didn't hurt a colleague. Sally said she knew she had a reputation and didn't always play fair, but she asked Lauren not to blame her after what she'd been through and had had to face.

Lauren didn't blame Sally. She said that Sally was smart and driven, and she had an eye for what was on the horizon. She had everything she needed to succeed and needed to trust herself to put in the hard work. She would get to where she wanted to go. Lauren told her to concentrate on what she was doing and how she did it.

At Jabot, Jack and Kyle finished up with business. Kyle suggested that Jack take the day off and go shopping, but Jack said his shopping was done. He said he hadn't realized how much time he had on his hands since Dina's passing. Kyle said it was hard to believe Dina was gone. Jack said that Dina had left a giant void. Summer arrived, and Jack left.

Kyle explained to Summer that they had been talking about Dina. Summer warned Kyle to steer away from Sally because she would use him to get what she wanted -- to run JCV. She said that it was all a façade with Sally, and when she'd confronted Sally, Sally had bared her claws. Sally knew that Summer was onto her, but it wouldn't stop her. Summer knew Kyle could handle Sally, but Sally wasn't the type to back off. Sally barged into the boardroom at that moment and said that Lauren had a meeting with the PR team and had asked Sally to book the room. Kyle said that he and his fiancée needed to be somewhere, and they left.

When Lauren arrived, Sally asked if she could pitch an idea. Lauren agreed. Sally wanted to revamp their app on the visual and user interface, and she would be happy to write up a proposal. Lauren agreed. Sally said she appreciated that Lauren had given her the opportunity, and she admitted that sometimes her ideas were off the wall. Lauren said Sally had hit the mark. Lauren said Sally needed to find the need and fill it better than anyone else. That was how Sally would work her way up the ladder at Fenmore's. Lauren said Sally had a ton of spirit and was a passionate woman who refused to settle. She said she'd look after Sally and told Sally not to make her sorry she did.

Victoria arrived in the interrogation room. Amanda said that Billy had a lot of people fighting for him, and she left. Victoria said she was sorry that Billy's bail had been revoked and for everything he was going through. She said that Amanda and Lily were doing everything they could to get him out. Victoria was aware that Alyssa was the prosecution's star witness, but Lily hadn't been forthcoming with any further information.

Victoria said Lily had been trying to find out what she could about Alyssa. She said it appeared that Billy's business partner was very invested in his defense. He said Lily was a good friend. Victoria felt it went beyond friendship. Billy was grateful to everyone on his side. Victoria said she would do what she could to support him.

Billy asked Victoria about Katie and Johnny and how they felt about him. Victoria said they were unaware of his situation. She said if they heard anything and asked her about it, she would tell them it had been a misunderstanding and that she believed in Daddy completely. He thanked her for her faith in him. He was sorry the burden had fallen on her shoulders. He asked Victoria to tell the kids he loved them and would see them soon. She asked if that was true. Billy said he needed it to be.

Summer and Kyle were on the patio at Crimson Lights. Summer told Kyle that Sally had been looking at him like he was the biggest and best confection she'd ever seen. Kyle said Sally could scheme all she wanted, but he loved Summer. She asked if his undying devotion had anything to do with him referring to her as his fiancée. Kyle said he'd done it to get under Sally's skin. He knew they weren't ready for anything yet. Summer was happy they were on the same page.

At ChanceComm, Amanda said that it sounded like Lily's meeting with Rey had gone well. Lily said she was starting to get discouraged and wondered what more they could do. Amanda said there was nothing, but she hoped that Rey would take the bait.

Rey entered Alyssa's hotel suite and started searching her room. After searching her suitcase and a few drawers, he opened one of the lower drawers, where he found the shooting gloves and placed them into an evidence bag.

Victoria's jealousy flares when Billy and Lily reunite Victoria's jealousy flares when Billy and Lily reunite
Friday, December 18, 2020

Billy waited anxiously in his holding cell. He flashed back to Amanda telling him about the possible evidence implicating Alyssa in the shooting.

In the interrogation room, Michael hesitantly answered a call from Victor. Victor recognized that Michael couldn't discuss the details of the case, but he wanted to find out when it might go to trial to ensure he was there to support Adam. Michael indicated that the judge hadn't set a trial date yet, but he expected that it would be several weeks before it was on the docket. Victor ordered Michael to make sure Billy paid for it, since Billy had been getting away with too much for too long. Michael asserted that his job was to see justice done. Victor commanded him to see that he did.

Rey entered the room and thanked Michael for meeting with him. Rey revealed that he'd gotten a tip that had led to finding potential evidence in Alyssa's possession -- shooting gloves that were being checked for gunpowder and secondary DNA. Rey mentioned that it had turned out that Alyssa was a skilled markswoman with a motive, since the man Adam had killed as a boy had been her father. Michael was taken aback at the prospect that the secret witness who they'd built their entire case around had been lying to them to cover up her own crime. Rey figured that they'd see what the evidence said and take it from there.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance marveled that the Christmas tree looked perfect, and he couldn't believe the number of presents underneath it. Abby clucked that there could always be more, and he inquired whether marriage meant he'd always be wrong. She offered to throw him a bone once in a while, and she chirped that it was her favorite time of year. Chance echoed the sentiment, although he recognized that it hadn't been when he'd been undercover overseas. Abby cooed that he was home then, and he firmly stated that they both were.

Chance asked if some of the presents were for him, and Abby remarked that he was easy to shop for because he didn't have a lot of stuff. He wondered if he'd be getting any socks, but she teased that it was the one thing he had an ungodly amount of. He refused to tell her why, since a little mystery in a marriage was a good thing.

Rey stopped by to ask Chance to try to remember more details from the day of the shooting. Chance questioned why Rey was following up then, and Rey inquired whether Chance knew Alyssa. Chance recalled that he'd spoken to the reporter a few times, and he knew that Adam had convinced her to look into her father's death. Rey clarified that he wasn't talking to Chance as a colleague but was interviewing him as a witness to the crime. Abby listened from around the corner.

Chance recounted that Alyssa had shown up twice to ask him questions about Adam, and she'd played up her role as a small-town reporter who'd been checking up on an old friend. Chance continued that Alyssa had pressed to know about Adam's part in what had gone down in Las Vegas, and her interest had seemed personal. Chance remembered walking in on a confrontation between Alyssa and Chelsea after Alyssa had learned that Adam hadn't had any intention of publishing her article but that he had planned to use it to blackmail Victor. Chance added that Alyssa had later learned that Adam had been the one who'd killed her father, and the combination of those things had made her furious. Rey pondered whether she'd been furious enough to want revenge.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily contemplated calling Rey again, but Amanda urged her to give him time to follow up. Lily worried that he hadn't taken her seriously, but Amanda doubted that he'd ignore potential evidence. Lily hoped Rey was just being thorough, since she believed the evidence was the key to proving Billy's innocence.

Amanda remarked that Billy was lucky to have Lily in his corner, since what Lily had done had been gutsy. Lily chalked it up to being old friends and business partners. "And?" Amanda questioned, citing the sparks that had been flying between the two. Amanda inquired whether things had been getting more serious between them, and Lily reasoned that trying to get Billy out of jail was serious. Amanda pushed to know whether Lily had ever considered the possibility that he might be guilty, but Lily flatly replied that she hadn't for a second. Amanda reminded her that Billy had lied about being at the scene when the shooting had happened.

Lily conceded that Billy had made a mistake when he'd lied about his whereabouts, but he'd had reason to be wary. Lily maintained that she'd known Billy for a long time, and she knew what he was capable of and what he wasn't. Amanda warned that Billy had no limits when Adam was involved, and Billy's hatred had led to violence in the past. Lily insisted that Billy had changed, but Amanda wondered if Lily was only seeing the best parts of him. Lily truly believed he was innocent.

Amanda sensed that Lily wasn't just talking about a friend or a colleague she shared a few sparks with, and Lily jokingly asked why it felt like she was being cross-examined. Amanda pointed out that she'd observed them, and if she was right, she was happy for Lily. Lily confided that there was more between her and Billy than just sparks and banter, but she might never find out how much more because of a cruel cosmic joke. Amanda remarked that it was surprising how much could be overcome with the will to do it, and Lily replied that she had a strong will. Amanda noted that Lily also had a strong attachment to Billy that was growing by the day. Lily blushed as Victoria appeared in the doorway.

Victoria asked if Amanda and Lily had learned anything more about Alyssa that might help Billy, and Amanda informed her that they were still waiting for news. Victoria recognized that Billy had put his faith in Amanda and Lily, and she hoped they didn't disappoint him. Lily guessed that Victoria had visited Billy, and Victoria explained that she'd been worried about her children, so she'd wanted to get a better sense of where things stood. Victoria mentioned that Johnny had been asking questions after overhearing a friend's parents talking about his dad, and she had a feeling it was only the beginning.

Lily hoped they were closer to the end, and Amanda's phone rang. Michael requested that Amanda meet him at the police station, but he refused to disclose any details until she got there. Amanda was confident that the development was significant, and she promised to let Lily and Victoria know as soon as she heard anything. After Amanda left, Lily offered to call Victoria with any update, but Victoria curtly said she'd wait.

Alyssa paced in her hotel room. She grabbed her coat and headed out, but she found a cop stationed outside her room. She abruptly ducked back into her room.

A police officer escorted Billy out of his cell, and Billy asked what was going on. The cop replied that he had no idea, and he was just following orders. Billy found Michael in the interrogation room and grumbled that his day kept getting better. Billy refused to be bullied into taking another deal, but Michael swore that he just wanted to talk. Billy declined without his lawyer present, and he requested to make a call. Michael informed him that it wouldn't be necessary. Amanda joined them and asked what the meeting was about.

Michael explained that the police had arrested Billy because they'd been acting on the evidence they'd had at the time, and he apologized for what Billy had gone through. Billy incredulously asked if the charges were being dropped, and Michael confirmed that they would be, pending a formal court hearing. Amanda declared that Billy was free to go, and Billy grinned victoriously.

Rey entered Alyssa's room, and she nervously asked what was going on. He placed her under arrest for attempted murder.

Later, Rey told Michael that the gunpowder traces on the weapon had matched Alyssa's gloves, and secondary DNA matching Billy's had also been found on the gloves, presumably from the gun that had been used at the shooting. Rey relayed that Alyssa had been remorseful and that she'd requested an attorney. Michael commended him for doing a good job. Rey recalled that he'd felt something had been off when he'd arrested Billy, but he'd needed the time to prove it. Rey added that he couldn't have done it without Billy's business partner.

Lily and Victoria waited at Society. Amanda and Billy entered the restaurant, and she announced that the man of the hour had arrived. Victoria asked if it was really over, and Amanda shared that someone else had been arrested for the crime. Lily inquired whether Billy was okay, and he replied that he was -- thanks to her. Amanda informed Victoria that Lily had sneaked into Alyssa's room to find a key piece of evidence, and Victoria surmised that the three of them had been working together. Amanda clarified that Billy and Lily had done it on their own, since an attorney wouldn't have approved of the stunt. Lily proclaimed that she hadn't been able to let Billy sit in prison for something he hadn't done.

Billy guessed that Alyssa's anger had run deeper than anyone had thought, and she'd framed the only other person who hated Adam as much as she did. Amanda assumed that Alyssa had figured that Billy had the money and resources to get himself off the hook, but Billy gazed at Lily and gave credit to his secret weapon. Victoria piped up that she couldn't wait for the kids to see him, and Billy intended to spend as much time as possible with them. He thanked all of them for their support, and he asked to steal Lily for a second. Amanda eyed Victoria's jealous expression as Billy and Lily stepped away to speak privately.

Billy told Lily that he didn't know what to say to express how thankful he was, and he was rarely at a loss for words. She teased that she knew that better than anyone, and she recalled that she'd said she would do whatever it took to prove his innocence. He lauded her guts, tenacity, and loyalty, and he wouldn't have blamed her if she'd cut her losses and given up on him. Lily assured him that she never would. Victoria glowered as she watched them.

Michael summoned Victor to Crimson Lights to tell him personally that the shooter had been arrested and charged. Victor haughtily stated that he'd thought they'd already arrested that person, and Michael revealed that the culprit had been Alyssa, not Billy. Michael acknowledged that Victor had wanted Billy to go down for the crime, but he pointed out that as contentious as things were between the men, Billy was still the father of Victor's grandchildren. Michael doubted that Victor had wanted Billy to go to prison for a crime he hadn't committed, since he knew there was a sense of fair play under Victor's rough exterior. Michael added that Victor loved his family, and the outcome had not only spared Katie and Johnny but also meant Adam was safe.

Meanwhile, at the Chancellor mansion, Abby inquired whether there had been any word from Rey. Chance received a text message and announced that Billy had been released, since forensics had backed up the evidence implicating Alyssa. Abby feigned surprise that Alyssa had been involved, but Chance called her out on not being shocked at all, since he'd known she'd been eavesdropping earlier. Chance attributed it to a lifetime of watching his own back, but Abby countered that he had her to help him watch it then. He prepared to pass on the news to someone else.

Over video chat, Chance informed Jill that the charges against Billy had been dropped. Jill crowed that she'd always known her son was innocent. She reported that Phillip was on the road to a full recovery, and she asked about Chance and Abby's honeymoon. The couple laughed, and Chance called it memorable, but not in the way Jill was thinking. He explained that it hadn't been the luxurious getaway they'd been expecting, but he wouldn't have changed anything. Jill noted that he seemed happy, and she was thrilled that Chance and Abby had decided to start their new life together at the mansion. Chance declared that he felt like the luckiest man in the world. After he hung up, Abby's expression darkened.

Abby realized how scared she'd been that Billy had been the one who'd shot Chance, but Chance pointed out that they didn't have to worry about it anymore. She pondered what it would have done to their families if Billy had been tried and convicted of something he hadn't done. Chance assured her that they'd gotten through the shooting, and he swore that they would get through everything life threw at them. He pledged his unconditional love and support.

Nate entered the coffeehouse, sporting a bandage on his hand. Elena anxiously informed him that she'd tried calling him many times, and he replied that he'd still been out of it from the anesthesia and medication. She asked if Dr. Frazier thought Nate would regain full function in his hand. Nate forlornly reported that the severe damage to the nerves made a full recovery unlikely, so the chances of him performing surgery again were almost nonexistent.

Elena encouraged Nate to get a second opinion or explore alternative therapy, but Nate accepted that his odds were slim to none. She asked if there was anything she could do, but he felt like he needed to be alone for a while to figure out where he went from there. Elena figured that it would take a while to sink in, but she didn't think he should be alone. Nate lamented that for the first time in his life, he didn't know what to do. She declared that she did, and she prompted him to follow her.

Elena took Nate to her apartment and offered to let him sample one of Lola's new recipes while they watched one of the dumb slapstick comedies he liked. He told her that she didn't need to go to the trouble, and she imagined that he couldn't help but think about his hand. Nate regretted subjecting her to his anxiety, and he thought he should follow his first instinct to deal with it on his own for a few days. Elena objected to him stewing alone, and she encouraged him to say whatever he was feeling as if no one was there to judge him -- because it was true.

Nate noted that Elena was hard to say no to -- in a good way. He looked down at his hand and bemoaned that it didn't feel quite real, since he'd seen himself as a doctor even before he'd become one. He continued that he'd always wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps to make her proud, since he'd been driven to succeed and excel after his dad had died, and he'd channeled all of his ambition into being the best surgeon he could be. Nate stressed that it was a passion for him, but everything that had been his life was almost certainly gone after that "one godawful moment" at the gala. He questioned who he was if he wasn't a surgeon, and he figured that he would just be a guy who had once been good at something.

Elena lamented that Nate couldn't operate because of her and their night at the clinic, and she wished she could change it. She told him not to talk like his medical career was over when he was still a brilliant doctor with the same drive and knowledge he'd had before the accident. She contended that he could do more with one-and-a-half hands than most doctors could do with two, and he contemplated using that in a commercial for his new practice. She recognized that everything seemed grim right then; however, it was the season to be hopeful, and Christmas was about miracles. They agreed that science and faith could coexist.

Nate wondered if his miracle would be to find a new path to somewhere even better, and Elena offered to help him find it. He invited her to go with him to take his first step forward, and they headed out together. Later, Nate used his good hand to set up a Christmas tree in Elena's living room, but he observed that it looked a little bare. Elena mentioned that she and Lola hadn't picked up any ornaments yet, and he insisted on taking care of it.

Nate arranged for a courier to deliver some decorations, and he promised to pick up some more the next day. He noticed Elena staring at him, and she mused that it was nice to see him smile. He murmured that it felt like a Christmas miracle, and he thanked her.

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