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Jordan pressured Faith to steal a bottle of liquor. Kevin and Chloe found Gloria's thumb drive and discovered that someone was embezzling money from Newman Enterprises. Amanda tracked down her birth mother, Naya, but became bitter when she saw a young woman greet Naya as ''Mom.''
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Amanda tracked down her birth mother, and Kevin and Chloe discovered someone was embezzling money from Newman Enterprises
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Jordan challenges Faith to commit theft Jordan challenges Faith to commit theft
Monday, December 21, 2020

Lily was surprised to find Billy already at work when she entered her office at Chancellor Communications. Billy thanked Lily for her role in making it possible for a judge to dismiss all the charges against him. Lily said she wasn't about to let Billy be framed for a crime he hadn't committed. Billy said that although Michael had forbidden contact, he'd wanted to confront Alyssa and ask her how she could have allowed him to be imprisoned and separated from his children. Billy suggested he and Lily celebrate over dinner. Victoria phoned and summoned Billy to her office, where Johnny and Katie were waiting to greet their dad. As Billy headed out to reunite with his kids, Lily told him to have fun.

Johnny and Katie cheered Billy when he entered Victoria's office. Billy set his children at ease about his recent troubles and said they were about to celebrate Christmas together at their house. Billy gave the kids each a candy cane, and they shuffled off to another area to enjoy their treats. Billy told Victoria about the dream he'd had while in jail. Billy said he'd envisioned what an unpleasant future their children would have suffered had he been locked up for a long time. Billy added that in his dream, Victoria had claimed that he was a terrible parent. Victoria was taken aback, and she proclaimed that Billy was a wonderful father.

Victoria asked Billy if he planned to stop by on Christmas morning. Billy replied that he absolutely would, so he could watch his children open presents. Victoria mentioned the children's holiday schedules, so they could coordinate, and was surprised when Billy said he'd be out of town for the night on a personal matter, assuring her he'd return the next day. Victoria asked Billy if the personal matter involved his co-CEO. Victoria said she couldn't help but notice the growing connection between Lily and Billy, especially after Lily had been determined to prove his innocence. Billy sighed and explained that had Lily not found the gloves, he didn't know what might have happened, so he felt he owed her.

Billy told Victoria that Lily had believed in him when there had been no reason to. Billy asked Victoria if his growing closer to Lily bothered her. Victoria acknowledged that she had no say to approve or disapprove, but she noted that Billy seemed to fare better with someone around to ground him. Billy admitted that Lily had already stopped him from making bad decisions, and he credited her with preventing ChanceComm from becoming an epic failure. Victoria told Billy he should take his relationship with Lily slowly because she might not be prepared to handle his quirks. Billy assured Victoria that Lily had the strength to handle herself. Billy added that he and Lily had similar tastes and shared the same passions.

Sally ran into Jack on the patio at Crimson Lights. Sally bragged that she was handling all the tasks she could during the busy holiday rush, so Lauren could spend more time with her family. Jack said he assumed Sally had carved out time for herself to return home to Los Angeles to see family, including her Aunt Sally. Sally explained that her Aunt Sally resided in the tropics, and her sister, Coco, also lived outside the country. Sally insisted she didn't mind the sacrifice in order to prove herself.

Jack, referring to his recent loss, reminded Sally that family was also important. He advised Sally to take his words to heart, lest she have regrets later on. Without missing a beat, Sally said she'd already told her family she'd committed to working. Jack invited Sally to stop by his house to enjoy holiday cheer on Christmas Eve and join in on an Abbott Christmas tradition.

Rey picked up gifts from Sharon's to be delivered and brought them to Crimson Lights. Sharon thanked Rey for helping her, which Rey said he was happy to have free time do, since a suspect in his case was behind bars. Sharon said she looked forward to their wedding and was feeling well after completing her radiation treatments. Rey said he wanted "this Christmas" to be a special one. Sharon said that spending the holidays with her family and the man she loved was the greatest gift in the world.

After Rey stepped away, Faith stopped by. Sharon said she thought Faith would be meeting her friends to go skating. Faith said the plans had actually been set for later. Sharon offered to take a break so they could catch up, but Faith opted to grab a brownie and listen to music instead. Sharon later approached Faith and suggested she ask Mariah and Tessa to take her skating. Faith reminded her mom that she and her friends would be going later.

Jordan entered the coffeehouse and spoke to Faith. Sharon greeted Jordan and asked if her family would be around for the holidays. Jordan, chipper, explained that relatives from out of town would be joining them. Sharon told Jordan to wish her family happy holidays. After Sharon stepped away, Faith told Jordan she'd thought she was being ghosted.

Jordan apologized to Faith for the radio silence, explaining that she'd thought things might be easier for Faith if she kept her distance. Faith asked how so. Jordan honestly admitted she had hoped to make things easier for herself after the mean girls had targeted her for being friends with Faith. Jordan added that she'd decided to choose Faith over the losers. As Faith and Jordan headed out, Faith told Sharon they planned to have lunch at Society. Sharon offered to pay and instructed Faith to tell her server that she and Rey would stop by later to pay when they consulted with Lola about food for the wedding.

After Faith and Jordan left, Sally rushed to the patio to pick up her forgotten scarf. Sally entered the main dining room and asked Sharon if she owned the coffeehouse. Sharon said she did. Sally introduced herself and said that, just after her arrival, Jack Abbott had recommended Crimson Lights to her as the place with the best coffee. Sally complimented Sharon for her establishment's great coffee and cozy atmosphere that felt like a little bit of home. Sharon was flattered. Sally said she hoped they could get to know each other better. Sharon explained that she'd be busy because she was about to get married.

Sally returned to the patio and phoned her sister, Coco. Leaving a lengthy message, Sally apologized for not joining her sister for the holidays and expressed disappointment that things weren't progressing as quickly as she'd hoped. Sally explained that though Summer had marked her territory, Sally was prepared to fight while also handling Summer's hot boyfriend. Sally noted that Lauren had been supportive to some extent, and she mentioned that Jack, though genuinely nice, wasn't someone she wanted to cross, for more than one reason.

Summer was catching up on work, and Kyle was responding to emails in his hotel suite. Summer noticed that Kyle's dress shirt, only partially fastened, hadn't been buttoned correctly. Kyle glanced down and said Summer was wrong. Nonchalantly, Summer replied, "Oh, well, gosh. I guess I just wanted to see you undo it and do it all over again." Summer reflected on the perfect ending to a wonderful birthday celebration and thanked Kyle for arranging a beautiful dinner.

Kyle fiddled with his shirt and said, "So, am I buttoning or unbuttoning?" Summer said they should get to work. As Kyle neatened his tie, Summer noticed he wasn't wearing the tie clip bearing the jewel from Dina's necklace. Summer searched for the clip in a drawer. Kyle explained that he'd taken it to a jeweler for cleaning. Summer expressed her desire that the clip would be polished and returned before Christmas.

Rey delivered a gift to Lola, explaining it was something he wanted her to have before she joined their mom in Miami. Rey admired Lola's Christmas tree. Lola said that Elena and Nate had decorated it. Lola gave her brother a gift and reminded him of his strict rule never to open gifts before Christmas. Lola and Rey reminisced about their shared experiences, and Rey gave himself credit for creating unique traditions for his family. Lola said she was looking forward to a visit from Arturo to celebrate Rey and Sharon's wedding on New Year's Eve. Rey said he'd be glad to have Arturo present as long as he didn't cause drama, and he hoped inviting his brother to the wedding might help them draw closer. Lola agreed to run interference if signs of discord seemed imminent.

Lola cautioned Rey to be ready for their mother's "massive" party when he traveled to Miami for the honeymoon. Lola asked Rey if he was nervous. Rey, recalling the stress of dealing with Sharon's illness, said he was thankful she was well and didn't want to waste time before getting married. Rey acknowledged Lola's difficult journey with romance. Lola replied, "You know, it hasn't been that bad, actually. This whole experience has just made me stronger, and it's just taught me not to get ahead of myself." Rey assured Lola that when the right person came around, Lola would find happiness just like he had.

At Jabot, Kyle and Jack concluded their work and called an end to another year. Kyle said, "Some gains. Some losses." Jack expressed happiness that Kyle and Summer were in a better place, and he asked if Kyle had chosen a significant gift for Summer. Kyle said he had, though he was keeping it under wraps. Kyle fell silent when Summer entered. Jack claimed he and Kyle had been discussing ideas for Jack's secret Santa gift. Summer noted that Kyle chose great gifts.

After Jack left, Kyle offered to take the infinity necklace Phyllis had given Summer to the jeweler to have it cleaned. Summer explained that she'd lost the special necklace. Kyle asked Summer why she hadn't mentioned losing her necklace. Summer stammered before quickly excusing herself to finish her work.

Summer later returned to Kyle's office and explained that she'd stopped by the jewelry store to select a gift for her mom and had seen his tie clip there with the emerald missing. Troubled, Summer said the jeweler had explained that he couldn't discuss it. Kyle said the stone had fallen out, but he hadn't wanted to tell her or anyone about having it replaced. Summer cried that it wouldn't be the same emerald from Dina's necklace, which held her last wish for Kyle to find true love. Summer was upset, but Kyle could barely conceal a sheepish grin.

Faith and Jordan were waiting to order when Lola arrived. Faith introduced Jordan. Lola introduced herself as Faith's soon-to-be aunt. Faith joked that she'd never call her Auntie Lola. After Jordan learned that Lola was Society's chef, she heaped praise on her good food. After Lola went to the kitchen, Jordan said she was impressed that one aunt owned the restaurant and another was the chef. Jordan claimed that the girls at school were "seriously jealous" of Faith. Faith said she didn't think that was the reason, inferring that she was so much younger.

Jordan hatched a plan for Faith to prove her bravery. Jordan explained that she'd distract Lola while Faith, making sure the bartender was away, stole a bottle of vodka and slipped it into her purse. Faith cried that she'd be stealing. Jordan downplayed the theft and said Faith would prove to the mean girls that they were losers. Afterward, Jordan said, she and Faith could celebrate their Christmas break in style.

After Jordan went to the kitchen, Faith became distressed. When the bartender went to serve a drink, Faith walked behind the bar and spied a bottle of Clarity vodka. Minutes later, Faith clutched her handbag close to her body as she exited the rear of the bar, returned to her seat, and hung her purse on the back of her chair. Sharon and Rey walked in, explaining that they'd arrived earlier than expected.

Jordan emerged from the kitchen and told Sharon and Rey she'd been talking to Lola about her career as a chef. Faith was nervous as Rey talked about Lola's day beginning early as she visited markets to select fresh food. After Rey and Sharon walked away, Jordan said, "I told you it would be easy." Faith admitted she hadn't been able to do it and said she hoped Jordan wouldn't be mad.

Across the dining room, Sharon told Rey she'd been worried about Faith and was glad she had a friend to cheer her up. Rey replied, "Jordan seems like a nice kid. She looks you in the eye, you know? Not every teenager does that." Sharon told Rey that she and Faith were lucky to have him. Rey replied, "Back at ya." Rey noted that it would be their last Christmas as single people because they'd be husband and wife when they celebrated their next Christmas. Sharon said they'd have many years and many holidays to celebrate as a happy married couple. Lola called out and reminded her brother and Sharon that they had a menu to plan.

Jack returned home from work. Jack admired the Christmas decorations and recalled a memory of his mother. Jack remembered admiring the first Christmas ornament he'd ever made and showing it off to Dina while recalling the mess he'd made with his crafting supplies. Jack had told Dina she and Mamie had made jokes about how many months it would take to remove glitter from the carpet. Dina had inspected the ornament and noted that Jack had misspelled his nickname, Jacky, with an "ie" and not a "y." Jack said the point was that he and his mom had made something together.

Jack then remembered having shown his mother Ashley's first ornament and the little bird ornament that Dina had always insisted on hanging herself. Dina, her memories fading, hadn't remembered the ornament, but Jack instructed her to hang the bird figurine so they'd remember that they'd decorated the tree together. Jack looked forlorn as he admired the treasured ornaments hanging on the tree. Jack seemed to feel the pain of Dina's loss as he recalled memories of Christmases with his late mother.

After Billy returned to the office, he paused in the lobby, made a phone call to make sure the company jet would be ready for the night, and instructed the pilot to expect two passengers. Billy stepped into Lily's office and told Lily her chariot awaited. Billy announced that he and Lily would be flying to New Orleans for dinner. Lily was taken aback. Billy said he wanted to repay Lily for not only finding evidence to exonerate him, but for also believing in him from the very beginning. Billy added that being with Lily felt different.

Lily accepted Billy's invitation. Victoria phoned and told Billy that Johnny had overheard his father talking about going out of town and feared Billy wouldn't be returning before Christmas. Billy asked Victoria to put Johnny on the phone. Billy promised Johnny he'd be with Johnny and Katie on Christmas Day and would play in the snow with them. After Billy hung up, Lily said, "There is no way that we're going anywhere."

Kevin and Chloe stumble upon Gloria's secret Kevin and Chloe stumble upon Gloria's secret
Tuesday, December 22, 2020

At Chancellor Communications, Lily balked at the idea of going to New Orleans with Billy because she didn't want to take the chance that he'd disappoint Johnny and Katie by missing Christmas. Billy was confident that they'd be back after one night, but Lily contemplated the things that could go wrong. He reasoned that they'd be on a private jet with experienced pilots, but she firmly maintained that he couldn't risk breaking his kids' hearts.

Billy thanked Lily for being considerate of his children's feelings. He figured that they could go to New Orleans after Christmas or do something even more special, since he was a "fountain of creativity" with romance. Billy continued that if it hadn't been for Lily, he'd still be locked up, unable to spend Christmas with his kids for the next ten years. He pledged to follow her lead and listen to her instincts from then on, and he abruptly announced that he had something to do. He stated that it was a surprise, and he instructed her to keep her schedule open. He blew her a kiss on his way out.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance chuckled as Abby walked in. He held up a fertility idol and explained that an agent buddy had sent it to him as a wedding gift. Abby told Chance not to knock it, since they might need it. She bemoaned that she'd been hoping to surprise him on Christmas morning by telling him he was going to be a daddy, but it wouldn't be happening that month. Chance assured her that it was normal, since they'd just started trying.

Abby whined that it would have been a great way to end the year, but Chance insisted that he didn't mind having her all to himself that Christmas. He looked forward to having a Champagne toast to the amazing adventures they'd have in the new year, amorously adding that the best part of her not being pregnant yet was that they'd get to "try, try again." Abby's phone rang, and Billy was glad when she picked up. Abby gushed that she was happy and relieved that Billy had been exonerated, since she'd started to get scared when the evidence against him had piled up.

Billy declared that he was moving on by appreciating the blessings in his life, and that was why he'd called Abby. He mentioned that he was at Society, and he filled her in about his plans. Abby thought it sounded very romantic, but she wasn't sure it was possible on short notice. She offered to talk to Lola, and they hung up. Abby enthused to Chance that the first thing Billy was doing with his newfound freedom was to sweep a woman off her feet, and she thought it sounded like Billy was really into Lily. Chance recognized that Lily had practically solved the case to clear Billy's name, and he remarked that one should hold onto a woman like that.

Kevin and Chloe arrived at the mansion and marveled at the festive tree. Chloe lamented that they'd been slow on decorating, unless cardboard boxes counted. She rambled on about their new place and how newborns were a lot of work. Kevin added that they hadn't wanted their kids to get used to living in a mansion. He noticed that Abby looked uncomfortable, and he quickly clarified that while mansion life wasn't for them, he was sure Chance and Abby's kids would love it there. Abby abruptly said she had to run to Society, and she rushed out. Chloe wondered if they'd said something to upset her, and Chance claimed that Abby was just having an off day. Chance left to follow Abby.

Kevin and Chloe searched the mansion for anything they'd left behind. Chloe gushed about the memories there that she'd cherish forever, and he referred to spending the previous Christmas there, when they'd no longer been on the run. Chloe recalled him walking up and down the halls, trying to get Miles to sleep. Kevin voiced surprise that she was feeling nostalgic, since she was usually a "pack stuff up and burn the place down sort of gal." Chloe conceded that she was sentimental about the place, noting that she'd been born on the stairs there. He wondered if she was having second thoughts about moving.

Chloe denied that she was having second thoughts, and she felt that their new home was made for them. She affirmed that she loved their family and their life, and she was perfectly happy. Kevin replied that he never got tired of hearing it. They looked around the living room for more of their belongings, and she picked up the fertility idol. Kevin remarked that it definitely wasn't theirs.

Kevin discovered the thumb drive that Gloria had hidden weeks earlier. Chloe speculated that it contained Chance's files on criminal activity or that it was Chelsea's from when she'd lived there. Kevin theorized that Jill had stashed corporate secrets on it, and he imagined that accessing it would be like opening a digital can of worms. Chloe hesitantly told him to put it back.

Billy entered Society's kitchen, and Lola chirped that it was good to see him out and about after Rey had been able to find the actual shooter. Billy admitted that he hadn't been a fan of her brother's when Rey had arrested him, but he acknowledged that Rey had gone above and beyond to make sure justice had been done. Billy hoped it ran in the family and that she'd go above and beyond for a different reason.

Over the phone, Billy arranged to make something happen within the next hour. Lola applauded Billy's idea, but she regretted that she wouldn't have time to make a personal menu for him while tending to a full house. Billy divulged that he'd rented the entire restaurant, so it would be just him and Lily. Lola prepared to get to work, and she expected it to be a fun evening. Billy phoned Lily and told her to meet him at Society in an hour. She asked what she should wear, but he didn't want to give anything away.

In the Grand Phoenix lobby, Amanda greeted Lily and inquired about Billy's first day back at the office. Lily reported that it had been great, adding that he'd made plans for them later that day, but she didn't know what they were. Lily admitted to being a little nervous, but Amanda pointed out that Lily and Billy spent more time together than married couples did. Lily insisted that it was different, and Amanda realized that a real date would be public acknowledgement that they were a real thing. Lily hoped she and Billy were becoming more serious, and Amanda was happy for her. Lily requested a favor, and she led Amanda to the elevator.

In Lily's suite, Amanda couldn't believe that a former fashion model was asking her for advice. Lily explained that she wanted a second pair of eyes for confirmation, and Amanda recalled that Lily had helped her pick out the perfect shoes for Devon's benefit. Amanda sipped wine as Lily tried on outfit after outfit. After turning up her nose at several options, Amanda declared that a sleek metallic dress was the one. Amanda expected Billy to forget his name when he saw Lily in it, and Lily thanked her and said she could take it from there. Amanda told her to have lots of fun that night, and she headed out. In the corridor, Amanda answered a call. "No, that can't be," she protested.

Abby arrived at Society as Billy set up the dining area for a romantic, New Orleans-themed evening. She claimed that she was there to make sure there were no last-minute snags. Abby loved seeing Billy smiling and free, and he admitted that she'd been one of the people he'd been most worried about disappointing. He referred to the dream he'd had while he'd been locked up, in which she'd been convinced he'd shot Chance. Abby apologized if she'd made Billy feel that she thought he was guilty, and she asserted that she'd always known he hadn't been the shooter. Billy was glad the truth was out because he didn't want anything to ruin their bond, and she promised that would never happen.

Chance arrived and commented that it was good to see Billy out in the world. Billy reiterated that he owed the couple a dinner, since he hadn't been able to celebrate their wedding with them. Chance hoped Billy hadn't gone to the trouble that evening, and Billy clarified that the elaborate setup was for the woman who'd believed in him from the beginning. Billy stepped out to finish the preparations.

Abby surmised that Chance was there to check on her, and she admitted that she'd been sensitive about the talk about babies. She figured that it would happen for them soon, and she wouldn't even remember the minor setbacks. Chance proclaimed that Billy had inspired him, and he encouraged Abby to do some Christmas shopping while he set up a surprise for her at home. They both headed out.

Later, a suit-clad Billy prepared some drinks behind the bar. Lily arrived and asked what a girl had to do to get a drink around there. Billy eyed her slinky outfit and replied that she didn't have to do anything when she was dressed like that. She admired the decorations and the music, and he informed her that Lola was cooking a feast for them. Billy handed Lily a specialty drink and toasted to her, to freedom, and to having just as much fun as they would have had in New Orleans. "Or maybe even more fun," she purred, and they clinked their glasses and sipped their drinks.

After dinner, Billy considered a fantastic meal and authentic New Orleans cocktails to be the right way to celebrate his good fortune. He teased Lily for moaning in ecstasy over the dessert, and she conceded that she hadn't been able to resist it. He flirtatiously responded that she shouldn't resist what was right in front of her, and she asked what else he thought she couldn't resist. Billy confided that there was something he wanted to do right then that he'd been fantasizing about for a long time.

Lily incredulously wondered where Billy expected to fulfill his fantasy, and he asked why she thought he'd rented out the whole place. He pointed out that they had lots of room, and he promised that she wouldn't regret it. He feigned being taken aback when she suggested they go back to the hotel instead, and he reminded her that "The Big Easy" was about New Orleans and not him personally. He extended his hand and asked her to do the honor of dancing with him.

A short time later, Billy thanked Lily for dancing with him, and she cooed that it had been her pleasure. He thanked her for everything she'd done, since he'd still be locked up if it hadn't been for her, and he'd never forget it. Lola appeared and asked how everything had been, and Lily replied that it was a night she'd never forget. Billy complimented the chef, and Lola was honored that they'd chosen Society for their special evening. Billy told Lola to have a great time in Miami, and he wished her and her family a merry Christmas. Billy and Lily left together as Lola locked up.

Chance returned to the Chancellor mansion, and Kevin mentioned that Chloe was upstairs, picking up a few things in Bella's room. Kevin inquired about Abby, and Chance indicated that seeing Billy had lifted her spirits. Kevin held up the thumb drive and asked if it was Chance's or Abby's. Chance guessed that it was probably Jill's, and he offered to pass it along to her. Chloe returned to the room and claimed that Esther had left the drive behind in the chaos of the move. Chance wished them a merry Christmas and stepped aside to make a call to order a delivery as soon as possible.

Later, Abby entered the mansion with a few shopping bags and found the living room decorated in a tropical theme. Chance reminded her of his promise that their honeymoon would last the rest of their lives, but she joked that the air mattress was missing. He revealed that he'd gotten her something a whole year early, and he handed her a gift. She found a baby ornament inside, and he resolved that it was what they'd be celebrating the following year.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nate told Elena that he'd never seen himself as the teaching type, but he liked spending time with the first-year residents who worked hard and wanted to do good in the world. Elena remarked that the residents were young enough to have not made real mistakes yet. The tension mounted when Devon walked in.

Devon noted that he, Nate, and Elena all lived in the same town and went to the same places, so they'd continue running into one another, and he hoped they could just move on. Devon inquired about Nate's hand, and Nate revealed that he'd probably never perform surgery again. Devon reiterated that he hadn't intended for that to happen, and Nate figured that the situation was what it was. Nate pointedly added that how a person dealt with setbacks was a test of their true character. An unnerved Elena excused herself and stepped out. Nate advised Devon against thinking it had been easy on her because it hadn't been. Devon guessed that was true all around, and he walked away.

Devon picked up some coffee at the counter. Elena returned to the patio and stared at Devon. She envisioned happily walking into the coffeehouse with Devon and making plans to take the holiday trip they'd had to cancel the year before. They gazed up at some mistletoe and kissed. Elena snapped out of her daydream when Nate told her not to worry about Devon. Elena sensed that Devon was covering up his pain, but Nate believed there was truth in what Devon had said -- it was time they all moved on with their lives.

Devon glanced at Elena and flashed back to the first time they'd professed their love to one another. He then remembered her tearfully confessing that she'd slept with Nate. Elena sadly watched as Devon left. Elena opted not to invite Nate upstairs because she was exhausted, and he admitted that he had been trying to finagle an invitation. She hoped he understood, and he sympathized that it had been hard to see Devon and not feel guilty about how she and Nate had first gotten together. He stressed that they should move on with their lives, but he was determined not to push her. He had an idea about what might make her feel better.

Nate recommended that he and Elena get out of town for a few days, but he didn't want to pressure her. He reasoned that she could use a break from Devon and the places that reminded her of him, and he could use time away from thinking about the things he was no longer able to do. Elena didn't think she was ready, but she agreed to think about it. Nate said he'd wait to hear from her, and they left separately.

Kevin and Chloe arrived at the coffeehouse, and she was adamant that they needed some excitement in their lives. She squealed that they had to seize the opportunity when something fell into their laps, and she pondered what treasure might be living on the thumb drive. Kevin plugged the drive into his laptop, and a horrified look crossed his face when he realized whose drive it was. He turned around his computer, which displayed a photo of Gloria. Chloe questioned why Gloria would have a picture of herself on a thumb drive, and Kevin quipped that his mother had a picture of herself next to her mirror.

Kevin discovered that the files were password-protected, but he was quickly able to access them because Gloria always used the same password -- her birthday plus ten years. Kevin was stunned that the files had something to do with Newman Enterprises, and Chloe gasped when she saw a wire transfer of $2.3 million dollars from a California bank to an account in the Cayman Islands. Kevin realized that someone from Newman's L.A. office had been siphoning funds through a third party, and he wondered what Gloria was going to do with the information.

A shaken Amanda stopped by Devon's penthouse. She informed Devon that she'd just received a call from her private investigator, who thought he'd found her birth mother.

Amanda decides she wants to meet her mother Amanda decides she wants to meet her mother
Wednesday, December 23, 2020
by Nel

At Sharon's, Rey walked in the door, and Sharon came out of the kitchen, wearing a food-splattered apron. She told Rey that she'd been speaking with Celeste, getting to know the family she would be marrying into and their traditions. Sharon wanted to start their own traditions. She told him she had his mother's recipe for tamales. Rey said he was madly in love with her. Sharon put the plate of tamales in front of Rey and encouraged him to taste the tamales. He wanted her to get her plate. When Sharon entered the kitchen, Rey tried the tamale and looked for a place to spit it out.

Sharon returned and asked Rey how he liked the tamales. He said they were fine and immediately suggested they watch the movie Sharon had wanted to see. Sharon took a bite of her tamale and, like Rey, she looked for a place to spit it out. She laughed and told Rey they were awful. She asked why he hadn't told her. He said that she was a great cook, but tamales were tricky. He said he would help her with them the next time.

At the Abbotts', Nick asked Jack for advice about Phyllis. He told Jack that he'd bailed the hotel out for Phyllis and that he'd devised a payment plan for her. He said Phyllis saw herself as a warrior who could fight any battle by herself. Nick needed advice because the loan was eating away at Phyllis. Jack said he wasn't surprised. Phyllis had single-handedly willed the hotel into the best thing since the opening of Society. Nick asked why Phyllis couldn't see that and take pride in what she'd achieved, but Phyllis felt she'd missed the mark.

Jack told Nick that Phyllis was extremely independent, and she ran her life by instinct. Nick said he was concerned because the last time he'd spoken to her, Phyllis had been extremely frustrated and had said that she needed to stop doing things by the book. Nick felt Phyllis was planning something.

When Kyle arrived, Jack asked him how things had gone with Sally. Jack knew that Sally had asked Kyle about the dressing room app. Kyle said he'd given Sally a few ideas. Jack asked Kyle for his take on Sally. Kyle said she was ambitious, smart, and savvy. At that moment, Nick entered the room and said he hoped Kyle was talking about Summer. Kyle explained that they had been talking about Lauren's executive assistant, Sally. Nick received a phone call and left the room.

Kyle told Jack that he wanted to have the emerald in his tie clip split and put into Summer's necklace as part of her gift, but she'd apparently lost the necklace. Jack told him not to give up.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis wanted Summer to open a gift from Phyllis. Summer noticed that Phyllis appeared out of sorts and questioned her. Phyllis said she loved her hotel, and it should have been her triumph. She said Victoria had tried to steal the hotel out from under her, but Nick had rescued her hotel, so the hotel was hers; however, she'd had a hard time navigating while under Victoria's thumb and then making the adjustment to paying Nick back. She said the hotel was supposed to be her crowning achievement.

Phyllis told Summer that she wished she'd been tougher. Summer asked what Phyllis had meant by that. Phyllis claimed that if others wouldn't play by the rules, she saw no reason why she should. Summer told her not to go overboard. Summer asked if having the hotel wasn't the most important thing. Phyllis asked how Summer would have felt if all the promotions Summer had received at Jabot were as a result of Kyle putting in a good word for her and putting in a good word with Lauren for the JCV position. Summer said she would have hated it, and she would probably resent Kyle for it. Phyllis said that even if Kyle had done it out of love, he was saying he didn't believe in her.

Phyllis told Summer she didn't like feeling the way she did. She stated that she would be paying Nick off until her dying day, and she wasn't happy that a Newman owned her and the hotel. She wanted to get rid of that feeling in order to feel like she controlled her life again.

Phyllis asked if Summer had the Christmas spirit. Summer said she was getting there gradually. She told Phyllis that things might turn the corner after the holidays. In a panic and fearing the worst, Phyllis wanted to know what that meant. Summer said she'd wanted to make a special gift for Kyle, but she'd hit a snag.

Awhile later, Phyllis and Summer arrived at the Abbotts'. Jack told everyone that he remembered when Dina had taken them skating. It had been freezing, and all Ashley had done had been to complain that her skates had been too tight. He said it had felt like they'd been a real family then. Kyle suggested they all go skating in memory of Dina. Everyone thought it was a great idea and headed out. Jack and Phyllis hung back.

Alone, Jack told Phyllis that Kyle had been working on a special gift for Summer, but he'd hit a roadblock. Phyllis told Jack that Summer had told her that she'd been working on a special gift for Kyle. Summer wanted to put the diamonds from her necklace into Kyle's tie clip. Jack said that Kyle wanted to put part of his emerald into Summer's necklace. Phyllis told Jack they had to fix it because the situation was just too adorable and romantic. Nick interrupted them and asked if they were ready to go skating, but Jack and Phyllis claimed they had to do something first. They both rushed out.

Nikki entered Crimson Lights, and when she saw Victor, she smiled and said she was always swept away by how handsome he was and how wonderful it was that after all those years, she still felt the same way. Nikki sat down and reminded him that he needed to make a decision about their trip to London. She said it was important because the last few months had been stressful. The trip would be restorative, and when they returned home, they would be ready to face the new year.

Nikki became angry when Victor hesitated. She abruptly stood and told him she was going to the ranch, but Victor said that when he looked into her beautiful blue eyes, he couldn't refuse her anything. He said they would be going to London. He told Nikki that he loved her. Nikki was overjoyed.

Elsewhere in the coffeehouse, just as Summer told Nick she wanted him to be in her and Kyle's corner, Phyllis arrived. Nick asked where she and Jack had run off to. Jokingly, Phyllis said they'd gone to Paris, but it had been too cold, so they'd returned home.

Kyle received a text message from Jack asking Kyle to join him on the patio. Jack gave Summer's finished necklace to Kyle. Kyle asked how, but Jack told him it wasn't important. He said the necklace had been found, and he told Kyle to consider it a Christmas wish granted.

Elsewhere in the coffeehouse, Phyllis gave Kyle's finished tie clip to Summer and told Summer to consider it a Christmas wish granted.

Amanda arrived at Devon's. Devon said he couldn't imagine the emotions Amanda was going through. Amanda said that her mother was still alive and that she was Rose's cousin. She said she was going to see Naya immediately. Her P.I. had delved into Rose's background, and he'd discovered that Rose had had a young cousin named Naya. When Naya had been in college, she'd taken a sabbatical. Rose's neighbor, Nadine, remembered seeing a younger girl who'd spent time with Rose. Amanda showed Devon a picture of Naya.

Amanda told Devon that if the P.I.'s information had been right, Naya had had twins. Rose had taken Hilary. Amanda had gone into the system. Amanda asked why Rose hadn't taken both of them. She wondered if Naya knew that Hilary had died. Amanda said Naya's family had the resources to find her, but Naya hadn't bothered to search for her. Amanda wondered why. She told Devon that the P.I. had left Naya several messages, but she hadn't responded. Amanda said she wanted to go and see Naya herself, but she didn't want to go alone and was at a loss as to how to handle the situation.

Devon suggested that Amanda follow her instincts because there were no blueprints on how to handle the situation. He said he was aware of all the uncertainties. Her body instincts told her what not to do, but Devon told her she needed to ignore those instincts. Amanda asked how to approach Naya. She was afraid that meeting Naya could turn out to be worse than being given up at birth.

Devon told Amanda that he'd been resentful when he'd discovered that Katherine Chancellor was his grandmother and Tucker McCall was his father. It had been after he'd been adopted by the Winters family that Katherine had hired a P.I. to look for Tucker's son. If Katherine hadn't done that, he would have missed out on so much from those relationships and wouldn't be the man he was.

Amanda told Devon that at least Katherine had hired someone to look for him, but Naya hadn't bothered to search for her. Amanda said that since she'd discovered she was Hilary's twin, it had opened Pandora's box. Devon said she wouldn't know how things would turn out with Naya until Amanda contacted her. Amanda claimed she was too overwhelmed to make a decision. She asked Devon if that made her a coward. Devon said that things would become clear, and it would be at that point that Amanda would know exactly what she needed to do. Amanda thanked him for not pushing her, and she left.

Alone, Devon recalled a time when he'd read Hillary a letter from Annie to Santa, and Annie had only wanted things for her mother and nothing for herself. It had brought Hilary to tears, and she'd told Devon that as an adult, she'd understood how Annie had felt. Devon told Hilary that their childhood wishes never went away.

Amanda arrived in her suite at the Grand Phoenix. She looked at Naya's photo again and sent the P.I. a text message: "You said Naya lived near Chicago. What city?" He responded, "Wilmette, Ill." Amanda went online to search and requested travel time from Genoa City to Wilmette. She called Devon and told him she'd decided to go and see her mother. She told Devon that Naya was in Wilmette, and she didn't want to go alone. Devon asked if Amanda wanted him to drop everything and go with her. Amanda said she did. Devon told her to make up the playlist, and he would pick her up the next morning.

Alone, Jack had been looking nostalgically at all the decorations when he received a text message from Sally: "Just checking in to see if your offer to stop by for Christmas was still on." Jack smiled and wrote back, "We'll be glad to have you here."

Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix and sent a text message to Kyle, asking where he was. Kyle walked up behind her and said he would never tell. She asked if Kyle was keeping secrets. Kyle said it was two nights before Christmas, and if he couldn't sneak away without explaining himself, then she needed a refresher course on how Christmas worked. Summer claimed she was familiar with the concept. She asked if there were any more surprises. Kyle said there might be one or two.

Summer told Kyle that she'd had a lot of fun skating, but she was still freezing. Kyle said he was, also. He asked if they should go to her place or his. Summer said that someday soon, it would be their place.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis told Nick that Summer had wanted to give Kyle the diamonds from her necklace and have them put into Kyle's tie clip. In the meantime, Kyle had wanted to have the emerald in his tie clip split and put into Summer's necklace. She asked Nick how cute that had been.

Nick told Phyllis that he'd asked Summer about her relationship with Kyle. Phyllis understood that he was afraid that history would catch up to Summer and Kyle. She said that was what people said about her and Nick's relationship. She claimed that love conquered all. Nick asked if Phyllis was still upset about Victoria's comment to her. Phyllis said she hadn't mentioned Victoria but assumed he was referring to Victoria saying that Phyllis was a needy woman who only depended on the kindness of strangers. Nick claimed that wasn't exactly what Victoria had said, but he hoped Phyllis could forget everything through the holidays. Phyllis asked how much liquor he had.

Nick asked Phyllis to table her grievance until the New Year. He wanted to make Christmas special for Christian, and he needed her help. He said he had the cookies for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer. Phyllis agreed to be an elf to Nick's Santa, and she wouldn't mention Victoria until 2021. Nick asked if there was anything he was forgetting. Phyllis walked to the doorway, grabbed the mistletoe, and suggested that Nick put mistletoe in every doorway of his house.

 Jack receives a surprise guest on Christmas Eve Jack receives a surprise guest on Christmas Eve
Thursday, December 24, 2020
by Nel

Nikki arrived in Victoria's office and tried to convince Victoria to leave work early, but Victoria said she wanted to finish up a few things before she left to join Billy for a fun day with the kids. Nikki informed Victoria that she and Victor would be spending time in London, and it would do Victor a world of good. Victoria couldn't resist commenting how much good it would do all them without all the Adam drama. With Adam gone and Billy exonerated, it would be a very merry Christmas.

In Lily's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Lily and Billy had spent a night together. Billy remained in bed while Lily finished getting dressed. Billy said he couldn't recall a time when he'd felt that close to anyone. Lily teased that Billy was a sucker for anyone who saved him, but Billy claimed she was the only one. Lily said she understood how much it meant for him to say that, because normally, he would make a joke in that situation. Lily smiled and agreed to explore each other's psyches and see how things progressed. Billy asked if Lily wanted things to progress. She said she was in favor of progressing, but it had to be cautiously.

Lily reminded Billy that he wasn't the only one with baggage. Billy had always known how her marriage to Cane had been, and going to prison changed people. She explained that taking things slowly had nothing to do with Billy -- it was all about her and what she'd been through. Billy said he understood. He said he'd meant it when he'd said his relationship with her was different, because when he was with her, he could be himself and be the man he wanted to be for her. Billy said that for the rest of the holiday, the conversation would be kept light. Lily agreed.

Billy asked Lily what was on her itinerary. Lily said she had a few errands to run, then she would meet with Devon after his road trip with Amanda, and then she had a late flight to New York to meet with Mattie and Charlie. Billy said that was great because that meant they had time to have dinner together later. Billy asked if he could use her shower or if she wanted him to go to his own suite. Lily offered to get his clothes from his suite. Billy said his key was in his wallet. When Lily took the key from his wallet, she noticed a gift-wrapped box behind his pillow. She pulled it out. Billy poked his head out of the bathroom and told her to open it.

While Billy was showering, Lily opened her gift and found a beautiful pearl bracelet with a card that read: "Nothing seems appropriate for you saving my life, but I will keep trying." Lily smiled but then the smile faded. She grabbed her coat and purse and left abruptly.

When Lily returned a short time later, Billy was sitting on the bed in his robe. Lily said she hated receiving gifts without giving one in return. She told Billy the bracelet was really beautiful, and she wanted to show him how much she liked it -- she began to undress. After they had made love, she asked if Billy understood how much she loved his gift. She asked him to open his gift. Inside was a lovely scarf for him. Billy claimed their romance was off to a wonderful start.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle was on the phone with Jack. He was worried that Summer's gift wouldn't be ready in time for Christmas. In the meantime, Summer was on the patio, on the phone with Phyllis, sharing similar concerns over Kyle's gift. Kyle and Summer were told separately to go to the Grand Phoenix and wait for the messenger.

Unaware they were both at the coffeehouse at the same time, Summer and Kyle were shocked to see each other when Summer entered from the patio. After an awkward moment, Kyle said he had things to do, and Summer said she was going to her room. They both scurried out separate doors.

At home, Jack tenderly held the ornament that he'd made with Dina's help, and he had a flashback. Dina told Jack that she remembered helping him make the ornament, and she'd told him to spell Jackie with a "y" not an "ie." She said she was aware that her memory came and went, but when she couldn't remember anymore, she wanted him to remember she loved him then and always.

Ashley entered the room and said the tree and the ornament brought up a lot of memories and emotions. Jack said he missed Dina. So did Ashley. She couldn't believe Dina was gone. Jack said that he liked what they were doing for Christmas, gifting all the nurses who'd cared for Dina in the nursing facility and at home. Ashley informed Jack that Traci would be there in time for dinner. Jack was overjoyed that Billy had been exonerated. So was Ashley.

Ashley told Jack that things were great. She and Jack were good, Traci's book was well under way, and Abby and Chance were celebrating their first Christmas together as a married couple, which gave her a lot of joy. Jack said he was happy for Summer and Kyle. They were in a good place, but they had a lot of growing up to do. He said that Ashley would see their big smiles at the morning brunch -- if their gifts arrived in time.

In Amanda's suite, Devon told Amanda he was happy she'd asked him to go with her to meet Naya. He also wanted to know why Naya had given up the twins -- one child given to Rose and the other child left to the system. Amanda said she, too, had a lot of questions. Amanda tried to decide how to approach Naya. Devon was concerned that Naya might be out of town, and he didn't want Amanda to be disappointed. Amanda said the P.I. had informed her that Naya was in town. Amanda was nervous about getting the answers she wanted.

Amanda told Devon that she was trying to figure out how to approach Naya. Devon said they should go to Naya's. Once they were in front of her house, they would call Naya, and Amanda could tell her she was from out of town and would like to meet Naya wherever she was comfortable. Devon said that Naya might be happy to connect with Amanda. When he saw Amanda hesitating, he said it was still early, and she had time to change her mind.

Amanda told Devon that perhaps they should wait until after the holidays, but Devon pointed out that Naya was going to react how she was going to react, no matter when they went. He said people were more accepting during the holidays. Amanda admitted that if she waited, she would play out scenarios in her head. She decided they should go.

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle paced. Summer arrived, and she kept checking the time. Summer and Kyle were surprised when they bumped into each other. They each admitted they were expecting a delivery. Kyle was nervous and said that his delivery wasn't going to arrive in time. Summer told Kyle she was disappointed because she'd had a diamond taken out of her necklace and put into his tie clip. Kyle laughed and said he'd had the emerald in his tie clip split so it could be put into her necklace. He said that Jack and Phyllis had tried to help. Kyle told Summer that it was the thought that counted.

A hotel employee approached Kyle and Summer and informed them they both had a delivery. They were elated. They decided to open their gifts simultaneously -- and each claimed their gift was stunning. Kyle told Summer he wanted her to have a piece of Dina's legacy from the Teardrop of Love. Summer said she wanted the diamond from her infinity necklace added to his tie clip, signifying their life forever.

Nikki arrived at the Abbotts' with gifts. Jack invited Nikki to stay for tea. Sally arrived moments later, and Jack welcomed her. He was happy she'd taken him up on his offer to join the Abbotts for Christmas. He introduced Sally to Ashley and Nikki. Jack explained that Sally was new in town, and he'd invited her to stop by. Nikki told Jack and Ashley that it hadn't been an easy sell to get Victor to take a trip to London. Jack asked Nikki to say hello to Noah, but Nikki suggested that Jack hop on a plane and do it himself. Nikki said that Jack and Ashley needed a break. Ashley asked how long Noah's show would run. Nikki said until the end of February.

Ashley told Jack and Nikki that once her new fragrance launched, she would be able to take a few days off. Sally gushed that she'd read the brief on Ashley's fragrance and couldn't wait for it to come out. She couldn't believe she was in the same room with Ashley and Nikki, two women she admired. Jack told Ashley and Nikki that Sally was Lauren's executive assistant. Ashley said that Lauren had a great eye for talent, and she was sure Sally would work out with Lauren. Ashley and Nikki disappeared into the kitchen to get some hors d'oeuvres.

Sally asked Jack if Kyle and Summer would be stopping by. Jack said they would be stopping in the next day. He asked if that was the reason she had stopped by. He reminded her that Kyle and Summer were a real couple. Sally claimed it had only been a question. Sally told Jack a story about her childhood and how she'd felt she should have been chosen for the lead in a school play. Her stunt had been an epic failure, and that was when she'd realized she hadn't been meant to be an actress.

At that moment, Summer and Kyle arrived, and they were shocked to see Sally. Summer said they were making their rounds. She said they had thanked Phyllis for helping make their Christmas wish come true, and it was Jack's turn. They showed Jack both Kyle's tie clip with Summer's diamond inset and Summer's necklace with Kyle's emerald. Sally asked to see them, and they obliged. Summer said they couldn't stay because she had to get ready, but Jack convinced them to stay for hot chocolate.

Over hot chocolate, Kyle asked if Summer remembered drinking hot chocolate at Christmas as kids. She said she did. Kyle wondered who would have thought they would be in the same house and drinking hot chocolate together as adults. Completely ignored by Kyle and Summer, Sally focused on guzzling her wine. After Kyle and Summer left, Jack, Ashley, and Sally made a toast around the Christmas tree.

Devon and Amanda sat in their car in front of Naya's house, and all they could say was "Wow!" Amanda said the house was incredible. Naya was obviously wealthy. She said it had suddenly hit her that her mother was in that house. She was "so close." Devon asked if Amanda was ready to "do this." Amanda said she would take Devon's advice and call Naya first and tell Naya that she was outside and wanted to meet with her. When Amanda called, the call went to voicemail, and she felt it was futile to leave a message. It was possible Naya wasn't answering because she didn't recognize the number.

Amanda told Devon that she was going to go and ring the doorbell. If they let her in, she would signal him. Amanda got out of the car, but before she could proceed, she told Devon that someone had arrived. A young woman stood outside the door and yelled for her mother to open the door because she was freezing. Naya opened the door, and the young woman walked in.

Distraught, Amanda got back into the car. She told Devon that the young woman was Naya's daughter, the one Naya had raised, loved, and wanted. Devon was sorry. Amanda said she wanted to go home.

At Society, Billy told Lily he was starving. Lily admitted that they'd had quite the workout. At that moment, Victoria arrived. She walked over to Billy and Lily and wished them a merry Christmas. She told them that she'd needed to get out of the office for a bit and thought she could get a bit of work done at Society. Billy and Lily invited her to join them, and she accepted.

Victoria commented on Billy's scarf. Billy informed her that Lily had gifted it to him. Victoria also noticed Lily's bracelet and said that judging by the looks exchanged between Billy and Lily, things had progressed beyond friendship. She said she wasn't surprised, but she hadn't realized they'd wanted to go public. Victoria didn't look happy, but she claimed she was thrilled for them.

Billy offered to get drinks for Lily and Victoria. Victoria pulled out her phone and claimed there was a problem at Newman, and because it was only a skeleton staff, she had to handle it. She told Billy she would see him and the kids later. After Victoria left, Lily commented that Victoria didn't appear to be happy about them being together. Billy said that was Victoria's problem. He loved that he and Lily were together.

Back at the Grand Phoenix, outside their suite, Summer complained to Kyle about Sally being at the Abbotts'. She'd wanted one day when she didn't have to deal with Sally's conniving. She asked if Kyle knew why Jack had invited Sally. Kyle said that it was because Jack had a big heart and took in strays.

Summer opened the door to her suite, and she was shocked to see an ice bucket containing a bottle of Champagne. She asked when Kyle had done that. Kyle confessed he'd arranged it when she'd left to get the car just before they'd gone to Jack's. Over a glass of Champagne, Kyle told Summer that she took his breath away. They toasted.

Victoria was back at Newman and on the phone with Nikki. Nikki told Victoria that she, Victor, and the kids were going on a sleigh ride. Later, Victor and the kids were going to feed the horses. Nikki asked Victoria to leave early, but Victoria said she had a couple of things to finish and would be there later. Victoria was working at her desk when she looked at a photo of her kids and decided it was time to spend time with them.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Nick extends surprising Christmas invitations (2019) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Nick extends surprising Christmas invitations (2019)
Friday, December 25, 2020

Due to the Christmas holiday, The Young and the Restless opted to rebroadcast a classic Christmas episode. The episode, which originally aired on December 24, 2019, focused on Nick extending some surprising Christmas invitations. You can read the entire recap of that episode here.

This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, December 28, and picked up where the Thursday, December 24, episode concluded.

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