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Jordan shunned Faith, who responded by swiping alcohol to impress her friend. Adam lurked outside Society as Sharon and Rey wed. Chelsea's aneurysm ruptured, and she was rushed into surgery. Devon dreamed about kissing Elena, but his partner morphed into Amanda.
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Sharon and Rey were married, and Devon dreamed about both Elena and Amanda
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Devon challenges Amanda to seek answers Devon challenges Amanda to seek answers
Monday, December 28, 2020

Adam and Chelsea returned to their penthouse after traveling to spend Christmas with Connor at his boarding school. Chelsea proudly showed Adam the decorated photo frame Connor had made for her. Concerned about her son, Chelsea asked Adam how he thought Connor had handled the news about her surgery. Adam agreed that Chelsea's simple explanation had been the best way to tell Connor. Chelsea, seemingly struggling to quell her own fears, replied, "Yeah, the less he knows, the better it's going to be for him."

Chelsea told Adam she'd simply show up at the hospital, be put to sleep, and later awaken to hear that everything was perfectly fine and back to normal. Adam assured Chelsea she would be okay. Adam expressed relief that Connor was far enough way to be sheltered from hearing about the traumas his parents had weathered, including the recent shooting. Adam blamed his parents for having sheltered him and aiding in blocking the memory of what he'd done to protect his mother.

At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon pored over their wedding checklists. Mariah and Tessa listened and chimed in that they'd handled some tasks, including Tessa's promise to write a personalized song. Sharon thanked Tessa and noted that the songstress could have opted to be somewhere exciting, performing before an audience. Tessa said there was nothing more exciting than Sharon and Rey tying the knot.

After Rey and Sharon left, Tessa confessed that she'd barely begun to compose the lyrics for the wedding song. Mariah offered suggestions for Tessa to overcome her writer's block. Tessa said she'd already tried yoga and watching romance movies and still remained clueless. Mariah was certain she could help by reminding Tessa about how true love had changed everything for them.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gave Nick a check to pay the first installment on the loan he'd given her to purchase Victoria's share of the hotel. Eager to settle her debt, Phyllis explained that she'd be paying weekly installments. Moments after Phyllis joked about her desire to meet Victoria in a boxing ring, Victoria entered the lobby. Phyllis promised to ignore Victoria's presence. Nick said he was impressed, though he seemed doubtful Phyllis could avoid his sister.

After Phyllis walked away, Nick approached Victoria and asked her why she was conducting business at a hotel she'd attempted to steal from Phyllis. Victoria noted that she'd accepted Nick's money to buy her out, so they should move on. Nick replied, "It's not so simple. I don't know how to forgive you." Nick accused Victoria of taking her vendetta too far by sandbagging Phyllis, whose desire was to proudly run her business honestly and fairly. Victoria blamed Phyllis for her attempts to lure Newman's clients to stay at her hotel.

Victoria criticized Phyllis for taking the high road after sabotaging Abby's plans to build across the street by planting phony dinosaur bones. Victoria added that she had no reason to be nice to Phyllis just because Phyllis and Nick had once again rekindled their relationship. Victoria walked away rather than engage in an ugly argument with her brother. Later, while Nick was at the bar, working on his tablet, Victoria happened by and asked if he'd waited to pick up their discussion and engage in an ugly argument in the hotel lobby. Nick said he was doing some work for New Hope, which wouldn't interest Victoria because he was in the business of helping people while she, on the other hand, just took things.

Nick likened Victoria's tactics toward Phyllis to their father's dirty moves and condescension. Nick expressed disappointment, citing the negative changes he'd seen in his sister. Nick acknowledged that Billy had been a good influence on her. Nick told Victoria she'd lost her sense of humor, her ability to bounce back, and her sense of compassion.

At Devon's penthouse, Amanda stopped by to discuss what had transpired during her visit to Wilmette the previous day. Devon said he understood how crushing it had felt for Amanda to witness her birth mother embrace her grown daughter. Amanda shared additional news about Naya Benedict's background, uncovered by a private investigator. Amanda explained that her biological family's history in politics had likely prompted them to keep personal matters close to the vest. The private investigator had reported that Imani, the daughter seen embracing her mother, had been born years after Naya had given birth to Amanda and her twin, Hilary.

Amanda conjectured that her half-sister Imani had lived a life of luxury, never having to struggle for anything. Devon told Amanda she shouldn't draw conclusions from a brief observation and should instead take time to let everything sink in before making decisions about how to proceed. Amanda claimed she'd be just fine after having lived her life without her mother being part of it. Amanda speculated that while Naya was in college, she'd hooked up with a guy who'd dumped her after impregnating her with twins she'd given up and forgotten because being an unwed mother would have sullied her family's political careers.

Growing increasingly angry and resentful, Amanda expressed disdain for Naya for deliberately turning her back and not relying on the many resources available to her to keep and raise her daughters. Devon told Amanda that she hadn't considered other possible scenarios. Devon challenged Amanda to seek answers to help settle the mystery. Amanda noted that Naya seemed capable of being a loving mother, but chose not to be one to her and Hilary. Devon seemed hesitant to speak on behalf of Hilary in hopes of convincing Amanda she might consider learning the truth.

Devon explained that knowing Hilary, he was certain she wouldn't have settled for a drive-by sighting of her birth mom. Devon said Hilary would have eagerly sought the full truth, including uncovering every detail of every decision Naya had made from the birth of her twins up until the present time. Amanda cried that she couldn't envision a happily ever after based on the evidence she'd seen. Amanda admitted she felt bitter toward Imari because her half-sister had lived the life that she and Hilary had wanted. Amanda added that Imari likely knew nothing about her twin sisters. Devon told Amanda that she had even more reasons to seek answers from Naya.

At Society, Billy approached Adam at the bar and noted that his list of enemies was longer than anyone had imagined. Billy claimed that Adam could have been charged as an accessory to his own attempted murder for having driven his childhood friend over the edge. Adam blamed Billy for aiding and abetting Alyssa by hiring her to write story full of vitriol. Billy pointed out that many had been interested in reading the story about the "making of a monster." Billy added that the monster in any story could only cheat death so many times. Adam told Billy he wouldn't have gone through the trauma of being arrested had Billy not been so obsessed with him. Billy noted that he'd been framed by Alyssa.

Adam took credit for Billy's successful launch of ChanceComm and requested a thank-you. Billy replied that it would be "a cold day in hell" before he'd give it consideration. Billy insisted that the fine folks of Genoa City wouldn't miss Adam's presence. As Adam was leaving, he ran into Sharon. Billy cautioned Sharon to stay as far away from Adam as possible because there was no way to tell how many of his enemies were still gunning for him.

After Billy walked away, Sharon told Adam she was relieved to hear that authorities had caught the woman who'd tried to shoot him. Adam cried that evidently his list of enemies was endless because the one person he'd considered a friend had turned on him and had him committed. Sharon explained that she'd signed the papers because she'd been worried about him. Adam told Sharon she shouldn't be concerned about him anymore and should focus on her wedding. Adam added that he was happy for Sharon and wished her the best of everything.

Adam seemed sincere when he expressed sorrow to Sharon about Faith having been included in the article Billy had published. Sharon said she wished they could all go back and undo some of the things they'd done. Adam announced that he and Chelsea planned to begin a new life elsewhere with Connor. Sharon replied, "I hope it brings you some peace." Adam thanked Sharon for still "giving a damn" despite everything. Rey, standing behind Sharon, seemed uneasy as he watching his bride-to-be engaging in an intimate conversation with Adam.

When Rey stepped forward, Adam thanked him for arresting the shooter. Rey noted that both Billy and Adam had been innocent victims. Adam refused to accept that Billy could be considered completely innocent and added that he'd slept better when his nemesis had been in jail. Sharon interrupted the awkward encounter and suggested Adam head home before his take-out order got cold. After Adam left, Rey asked Sharon if she was okay. Sharon, responding in a perky tone, insisted she was just imagining the dining room decked out like the most romantic spot on earth for them to hold their wedding and exchange vows, and for her to become Mrs. Rey Rosales.

In the main dining area of Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Chloe caught up after Chelsea's trip. Chelsea beamed that Connor was doing fantastic and bragged about having had the best Christmas ever. Chelsea said she was doing okay except for occasional headaches, though she was terrified about undergoing surgery. Chloe promised to pamper Chelsea in the hospital to make her feel better. Chelsea thanked Chloe for being supportive and listening to her, admitting it was still hard to be honest about her feelings when talking to Adam because he still felt guilty.

Chloe was initially confused, recalling that Chelsea's problems had begun after the fall in the elevator. Chloe paused and said, "Wait, what are you not telling me? Did he have something to do with that?" Chelsea didn't want to argue with Chloe about Adam and insisted they'd never been happier. Chelsea said she looked forward to leaving their baggage behind and starting over after her recovery.

Chloe joked that she didn't know how to feel about being considered baggage. Chelsea replied, "I'm referring to Adam's past. His father, his siblings, and Sharon." Chloe asked Chelsea if she'd given more thought to Bella Milconno. Chelsea replied, "The business or the name?" Chloe was enamored with coining the name of a fashion brand from the names of Bella, Miles, and Connor while envisioning the possibilities of a new venture. Chelsea reminded Chloe that after her doctor cleared her to do so, she and Adam would be moving away. Chloe suggested a long-distance partnership. Chelsea agreed to give it a try, noting that their friendship and business were too important to lose.

From the patio at the coffeehouse, Kevin phoned Michael to leave a message. Phyllis was passing through when she overheard Kevin cry that he needed his brother's help with a situation involving their mother, Victoria Newman, and Newman Enterprises. Phyllis' curiosity was piqued. Phyllis approached Kevin on the pretense of asking about Kevin's little bundle of love. Kevin replied, "Miles is great." Kevin explained that Michael had stood him up. Phyllis took a seat and offered to take Michael's place, so she and Kevin could catch up.

Phyllis fawned over the photo of Miles that Kevin showed her on his phone. Phyllis apologized for not having kept in touch. Kevin said they weren't the kind to keep in touch and were usually just partners in crime. Phyllis added, "Two people who trust each other with our deepest, darkest secrets, right?" Phyllis casually mentioned hiding a dead body. Kevin quickly shushed Phyllis and said he'd rather forget the incident involving Phyllis' ex and former shrink. Phyllis said she'd rather forget, too, though some in Genoa City would never let them forget about it.

Kevin noted that he and Phyllis each held respectable jobs, his at the Genoa City Police Department and Phyllis' at her swanky hotel. Phyllis cried that Victoria had tried to steal the swanky hotel out from under her because she viewed Phyllis as an inferior outsider. Kevin assured Phyllis that she wasn't inferior to anyone. Phyllis reminded Kevin that after all his misadventures and hijinks, there were still people in town who'd never respect him. Phyllis added that they'd supported each other, no matter what.

Phyllis brought up Gloria, claiming she'd get it because she'd also been involved with a rich man whose family had looked down on her and held her to a higher standard. Phyllis asked about Gloria. Kevin replied that she was, as always, a handful. Phyllis said she hoped everything was okay. Kevin lowered his voice and said he feared Gloria might be mixed up in something that would send her to jail. Phyllis waited to hear details, but Chloe entered and told Kevin that Miles needed them. Phyllis asked Kevin to meet and talk again soon.

Sharon and Rey returned to Crimson Lights before Chelsea left. Sharon said she hoped Chelsea had had a merry Christmas. Chelsea said it had been a wonderful holiday with Connor. Sharon mentioned that she'd seen Adam at Society. Chelsea wished Rey and Sharon good luck on their upcoming wedding. Sharon noted it would be a small, intimate gathering on New Year's Eve. Chelsea explained that she had a medical procedure scheduled on New Year's Day that would require all her attention. Sharon said she hoped it was nothing serious. After Chelsea hurriedly left, Sharon seemed anxious to know more.

After Mariah took Tessa on a walk through the park, Tessa said she'd been inspired. Tessa recalled her days of busking in the park, which had stirred memories of her vow to never give up on finding the person she was meant to be with, even when circumstances seemed impossible. Tessa mused aloud that home could be another person before abruptly telling Mariah she had to retreat to the fire escape with her guitar. Mariah warned Tessa that she'd freeze on the fire escape. Tessa said writing the best love song that had ever been written would keep her warm. Sharon noticed Tessa's quick exit and said she was looking forward to hearing her wedding song. Mariah sensed that Sharon seemed nervous about the countdown to the ceremony.

In Phyllis' suite at the Grand Phoenix, Nick angrily complained that Victoria had become everything she'd hated about their father. Phyllis calmly agreed that Victoria was a piece of work. Nick noticed that Phyllis was in a much better mood than she'd been in when she'd encountered Victoria in the lobby. Phyllis explained that she expected new opportunities to come her way. Nick said he was glad Phyllis was feeling upbeat. Phyllis suggested that while Nick was fired up, they should take advantage of his pent-up energy. Phyllis began undressing.

After Amanda returned to her suite, she dialed Naya's phone number. Amanda was surprised to hear Naya answer. Amanda didn't respond, and Naya asked if anyone was there. Amanda moved her mouth, but no words came out. Amanda panicked and hung up.

Later at their penthouse, Adam asked Chelsea how she was. Chelsea said she was fine considering that she had a time bomb in her brain. Chelsea asked about Adam's trip to Society. Adam said he'd run into Billy, Sharon, and Rey. Adam noted that Billy had been a jerk and that he'd thanked Rey for finding the shooter. Chelsea asked about Sharon, explaining that she, too, had run into Rey and Sharon while they'd been finalizing their wedding details. Adam said they probably didn't want him to know about the ceremony.

Chelsea told Adam the ceremony would take place on New Year's Eve while she was sleeping before facing surgery. Adam asked Chelsea if she'd mentioned her surgery to Sharon. Chelsea said she had, though she hadn't offered details about having brain surgery to address a condition that could take her life at any moment. Adam assured Chelsea she'd be fine and that afterward, they'd live the best part of their lives. Tears welled in Chelsea's eyes as she nodded in agreement with Adam's confident assurance.

Faith swipes liquor to impress Jordan Faith swipes liquor to impress Jordan
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance thanked Rey for providing an update. Rey expected to be on his honeymoon by the time Chance returned to work. Chance remarked that a lot had happened between his first and second days of the job, citing two weddings and a major arrest. Rey confided that he couldn't help but feel sorry for Alyssa, who hadn't been the first person Adam had pushed to the breaking point. Chance lamented that the guy he'd been friends with no longer existed, and any loyalty he'd had to Adam was long gone.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah requested Faith's help with picking out earrings to wear for the wedding the next day. Mariah forwarded some photos, and Faith selected a pair that would look amazing with Mariah's dress. Mariah asked what Faith was going to do with the rest of her day, and Faith planned to just try to stay out of everyone's way. Mariah wondered if her sister would hang out with friends, but Faith replied that everyone was out of town. Jordan entered the coffeehouse and made a beeline for the patio, completely ignoring Faith.

Faith identified the girl who'd just walked in as Jordan, and Mariah pointed out that Faith had said her friends were all out of town. Mariah watched as Faith approached Jordan, who responded coldly to Faith's attempts to make conversation. Faith inquired whether Jordan had received her text message invitation to Sharon and Rey's wedding. Jordan snapped that it was on New Year's Eve, so she might have other plans. Faith brightly stated that it was at Society, but Jordan grumbled that their last visit there had been lame.

Faith recognized that Jordan was upset with her, but she defended that it hadn't felt right to steal alcohol from her aunt's restaurant. Jordan retorted that Faith hadn't minded sneaking Jordan's parents' vodka. Mariah joined them and introduced herself to Jordan, and she enticed the teens inside by offering them free brownies. Mariah tried to make small talk with Jordan, who remained icy. Faith chirped that Mariah's girlfriend was a singer, and Mariah recalled going on tour and partying like they were in high school again.

Jordan lectured that high school wasn't like that, with pressure to keep her grades up and everyone watching and judging on social media. Jordan assumed that it hadn't been like that when Mariah had been a teen. "Right, I forgot the stone tablets that we used to chisel on," Mariah quipped. Jordan bemoaned that all she and her friends did was study, and she made up an excuse about needing to meet a study group. After Jordan left, Faith questioned why Mariah had mentioned partying. Mariah wondered why Faith would care that much about Jordan's opinion.

Nick arrived at the cottage and thanked Sharon for the cool robot she'd sent for Christmas. Sharon asked how Christian had liked it, and Nick pretended that he'd thought it had been for him. Nick confirmed that it was the first thing Christian had asked for when he'd woken up, and Sharon expected Rey to be glad to hear it, since he'd picked the gift out. Sharon apologized for wedding stuff being everywhere. Nick recognized that she had a lot to do, but he'd wanted to stop by and say something to her.

Sharon hoped Nick hadn't changed his mind about being Rey's best man. Nick conceded that he'd been a little nervous that things might be awkward, but he didn't feel that way at all, and he was thrilled for the couple. Nick added that he was happy to see her blissful and excited to plan her future after the year she'd had, even though she didn't need his approval. Sharon pointed out that she'd known Nick longer and better than anyone, and she was grateful to still have him in her corner. "Always," he replied.

Nick commended Sharon for finding a good partner who clearly adored her. Sharon confirmed that she and Rey trusted one another -- even after she'd tested his patience a few times. Nick cited how Sharon had felt compelled to help Adam, but she asserted that it was all behind them because she'd set boundaries. Nick admitted that it had been frustrating to watch her waste her time on someone who hadn't deserved it, but he recognized that her compassion and huge heart made her who she was. He believed that her going through chemotherapy had intensified the things her family loved about her, and he called her a phenomenal, giving person who was worthy of all the happiness in her future.

Nick inquired whether Faith had said anything about returning to boarding school when the next term began. Sharon reported that their daughter wanted to finish the semester there, and she sensed that Nick wanted to keep an eye on Faith while the teen was in a rebellious stage -- especially since alcoholism could be hereditary. Nick promised to be extra vigilant while Sharon was on her honeymoon, and he understood Faith's urge to act out after the girl had been thrown a lot of curveballs. Sharon looked forward to giving Faith a peaceful home life with a loving stepfather and a cool new aunt as a positive role model.

Faith arrived home and immediately headed upstairs. Sharon asked if everything was okay, and Faith replied that she was just worried about pulling off the hairstyle she wanted to wear at the wedding. Nick teased that Faith could always go with a backwards baseball cap, and Faith scolded him for making dad jokes when she was in the middle of a crisis. Sharon was sure that Faith would look stunning however she wore her hair, and Faith headed to her room to practice. Rey arrived home, and Nick deadpanned that Rey had been about to miss his bachelor party.

Rey was floored that Nick had arranged a party that night. Nick reasoned that it was his duty as best man, but Rey balked because he hadn't discussed it with Sharon. Nick rambled on about inviting Rey's police buddies, renting a private room at Jimmy's, and booking dancers. Sharon laughed at the look on Rey's face and gave her fiancÚ points for not wanting a guys' night out on the night before their wedding. Nick revealed that his plans that night were to knock back chocolate milk and watch cartoons with Christian, and he headed out. Rey noted that it was Sharon's last night as a single woman, and she was running out of time to change her mind. Sharon gushed that there wasn't a chance, since she couldn't wait to be his wife.

Later, Faith crept downstairs and called out for her mom and Rey. When she received no response, she pulled a water bottle out of her bag and filled it with liquor from the bar. She tucked the water bottle back into her purse and sent a text message to Jordan, hoping to see her the next day because Faith had a surprise for her.

Sharon and Rey returned from a walk, and she realized that they'd be married by that time the next day. He wondered when she'd first known that they were supposed to be together forever, and she reflected back on the night he'd slept in a chair when they'd been stranded in a motel room after their car had broken down. Rey confessed that he'd wanted Sharon very badly that night, and he mused that it had been a long road to get to where they were then. Sharon responded that it had been worth everything they'd been through, and they pledged their love. She gestured for him to follow her upstairs, and he readily obliged.

Lauren joined Sally in the Jabot conference room and voiced surprise that Jack wasn't there yet. Sally figured that it would give them a moment to catch up, and Lauren noted that it had been a hectic time for Sally with a new town and a new job. Sally admitted that it had been a bit of a blur and that it hadn't felt like Christmas without family. Jack hovered outside the door as Sally recognized that Fenmore's and Jabot were family-run companies with a vibe she felt comfortable with after working at Spectra Fashions and Forrester Creations. Sally continued that Lauren and Jack had been warm and supportive, and it was nice to feel like she belonged.

Lauren insisted that Sally was fitting in beautifully. Sally chalked up her insecurity to being uprooted by parents who hadn't liked staying in one place too long. Sally revealed that her parents had eventually dropped her and her sister off at their grandmother's, and Lauren recalled the elder Sally Spectra telling her about Sally and Coco's rough childhood. Lauren imagined that it had been traumatic, but Sally asserted that they'd been much better off in the real home "Grams" had given them. Sally added that she hadn't meant to get into it, but the point was that she understood the importance of stability and family, and she appreciated Lauren and Jack giving her a new place to call home. Jack entered the room.

Jack followed up on where things stood with a free skincare gift set promo for JCV, and Lauren stated that they were waiting for Jabot's marketing department to make the product selections. Lauren asked Sally to reach out to Summer, and Sally coolly replied that she'd be happy to. Jack sensed Sally's mood shift, and Sally confided that there had been some friction between her and Summer after someone had convinced Summer that Sally was out to undermine her. Jack demanded to know who had started the rumor, and Sally insisted that it wasn't important because "he" wasn't an issue anymore. Lauren surmised it had been Theo.

Sally understood that Theo was part of Jack's family, but Jack was aware that Theo took perverse pleasure in causing friction. Sally cried that Theo hadn't been pleased when she'd refused to help him find out how the Abbotts would respond to his lawsuit, and Lauren assumed that Theo had caused trouble as payback. Sally insisted that she admired Summer, but she doubted Summer would believe it. Jack volunteered to talk to Summer, noting that it wasn't fair that Sally had to deal with Abbott family drama. Sally indicated that she was incredibly grateful.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nate recounted a lame joke that one of his patients had told him. Elena thanked him for suggesting that they meet for drinks, and he reasoned that she could use it after the extra shifts she'd been pulling. Elena contended that it had lifted her spirits to be of service and give the other residents the chance to be with their families over the holidays. Nate warned her not to give away all her vacation time, or she'd burn herself out. She asked if she looked burned out, and he replied that she looked beautiful.

Elena appreciated Nate sticking around town to keep her company, but she thought he should have spent the holidays with his mom. Nate reported that staying put had turned out to be exactly what he'd needed, since he'd accepted some consulting shifts that had shown him that there were plenty of ways he could be useful without performing surgery. Elena thought it was important to have a sense of purpose, and she recounted her talk with Lola about how running Society had been a godsend to help Lola get over her divorce. Elena was surprised by how much she missed Lola, who was visiting family in Miami, and she realized that she'd always lived with another person.

Elena thought she should eventually live alone to learn what it was like to be independent, but she wasn't ready yet because she needed her friends around while she figured out how to start over. Elena suggested that she and Nate find a restaurant, and he proposed that they stick around there and order room service. Elena was clearly taken aback at the prospect of getting a room, and Nate quickly recommended a place to get tapas. Elena blurted out that room service sounded great.

In a hotel suite, Nate poured some wine, but Elena said she'd had enough. She thanked him for the dinner suggestion, but she was obviously uncomfortable. Nate assured her that they could just talk or watch a movie, and he swore that he would be happy just to hold her in his arms and wake up with her in the morning. Elena thanked him for being patient, and she whimpered that she'd thought she was ready. Nate realized that she still felt guilty, and Elena lamented that there had been lifelong consequences to their actions. She worried that the way they'd started had tainted their relationship, and it might never be what he wanted it to be.

Later, Nate sent a text message to Elena to make sure she'd gotten home safely. From Crimson Lights, she responded that she was fine, apologized about that night, and suggested they talk soon.

Lily arrived at Chancellor Communications and found a bouquet of flowers on her desk. Billy explained that they were to welcome her home, and she said it was good to be back after her flight had been delayed. Billy mentioned that he'd been following the flight on a tracker, and Lily teased that she hadn't known they were at the stage where he'd be tracking her. He countered that they were at the stage where he missed her when she was gone. He invited her to dinner to hear how the twins were doing and to run a fantastic story idea by her. She wondered if she should be worried.

At Society, Lily informed Billy that a professor had invited Mattie to help with medical research, and Charlie had interviews lined up for internships. She wished she'd known when her kids had been little that they'd turn out to be like that. Billy considered it payback for Lily being a patient mom who'd encouraged her children to follow their dreams. Lily refused to take credit for Mattie and Charlie's hard work, but she was glad her children were living up to their potential. Billy thought he could say the same thing about Lily, who was back on top and standing strong. She pushed to know what business he'd wanted to discuss.

Billy considered it important for ChanceComm to address that their freelance reporter had turned out to be a bit homicidal. He assured Lily that he didn't plan to make the story about Adam or the dark side of humanity, but he wanted to tell a story about the people who'd fought to make sure justice prevailed. He was surprised she wasn't more enthused about his positive outlook, and he pointed out that the system had worked. She argued that it had worked because his name was Abbott. Billy proposed that they focus on the heroes and not the villains, and she asked who he had in mind. He named her for one, and she choked on her wine and proclaimed that it wasn't happening.

Billy asserted that he wouldn't be a free man if Lily hadn't uncovered the facts. She scoffed at the idea that snooping around had been heroic, and she pointed out that Chance had taken a bullet to save his friend's life. Billy intended to profile Chance and Rey in the article, and Abby overheard her husband's name as she passed by. Lily informed her that Billy had been pitching a story idea about what a hero Chance was, and Abby was all for it.

Abby offered to give an exclusive interview for the piece, and Billy stepped aside to line up a writer. Abby forwarded a bunch of photos to Lily, who fawned over Abby's wedding pictures. Abby said it had just been a small ceremony at home, and Lily remarked that the Chancellor estate was a lot of room for two people. Abby hoped their family would grow by the following year, even though it was taking longer than expected. Abby quickly apologized, but Lily assured her it was fine because even though her cancer hadn't allowed her to carry the twins, the important thing was that she'd had kids. Lily was sure Abby would be an amazing mom.

Chance arrived at the restaurant, and Abby excitedly told him about the story Billy and Lily wanted to tell, featuring Chance's heroic role in saving Adam's life. Chance preferred that his name not be linked to Adam's more than it already had been, and Billy agreed to let Chance suggest edits for the article before it went public. Billy explained that they wanted to tell a story about all the good people who'd worked together to expose the truth, including Rey and Lily, as well. They agreed to proceed with the story.

At home, Abby presented Chance with hot cocoa and whipped cream in lieu of wine, noting that dairy had been shown to increase fertility, whereas alcohol had the opposite effect. She rattled off some different foods and supplements to try to increase their chances of having a healthy pregnancy. Chance maintained that he wasn't worried, since she'd gotten pregnant before, and there was no reason to think she couldn't do it again.

Billy and Lily returned to the Grand Phoenix, and he observed that she'd been quiet. She mentioned that Abby and Chance were trying to start a family, and she wondered if Billy wanted to have more kids. He opined that Johnny and Katie deserved all his attention, so having more children would be unfair to them. Billy asked about Lily, and she stated that while she'd loved raising the twins, she was excited for the next stage of her life. He invited her to join him upstairs for a nightcap, and they headed to his room together.

Adam arrives uninvited to Sharon and Rey's nuptials Adam arrives uninvited to Sharon and Rey's nuptials
Wednesday, December 30, 2020
by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Mariah was in a panic because she didn't think she had enough pastries or finger foods to bring to Sharon's. Tessa and Faith tried to calm Mariah down, and Tessa said that if there was anything that needed special attention, Tessa would take care of it. She said she would pick up the Champagne on her way to Sharon's. Tessa told Faith she would pick up sparkling cider for her. Under her breath, Faith said that wouldn't be necessary.

At Sharon's, Rey and Arturo were squabbling over two-week-old photos of baby Mateo. Rey told Arturo he wanted recent photos. Rey asked for Lola's opinion, but she wanted to stay out of it. Arturo said he would ask Mia to send more recent photos. Arturo said that Mia had wanted to attend the wedding because they were all really happy for Rey. Rey told him not to worry about it because he and Sharon would see everyone in a few days, and they would have a special celebration. It would be a night to remember.

Sharon entered the living room and welcomed Arturo. Rey put his arm around her and kissed her on the forehead. He proclaimed she was the woman of his dreams. Arturo informed Rey and Sharon that he'd received his license to officiate at their wedding, if Rey and Sharon would allow him to. Rey and Sharon said they would be honored and thanked him.

A short time later Rey and Sharon were on FaceTime with Celeste. Arturo and Lola teased Rey about being a romantic. Celeste wished she could be there, but she couldn't take the time off work. She said they would spend a lot of time together when Rey and Sharon were in Miami. Celeste asked to speak to Sharon privately. Lola, Rey, and Arturo stepped away to give them privacy.

Celeste said that Sharon had had a very tough year, and she was relieved that Sharon was on the other side of her cancer issues. Sharon said that Rey had been her rock and very supportive. He'd kept her positive. Celeste told Sharon she wanted to see the wedding dress. Sharon took her laptop to the bedroom to show Celeste her wedding dress and continue their conversation.

Rey took that opportunity to tell Arturo that what had happened between them had broken his heart because he'd not only lost his wife, but he'd lost his brother, as well. He said that time had passed and so had the pain. He was happy that Arturo had found his happiness with Mia. Rey said he was also happy because he was going to marry the woman of his dreams.

After Arturo had shown pictures of Mateo, he asked if Rey and Sharon would be expanding their family. Rey said he would have his hands full being a stepdad to Faith. Arturo asked Lola if she had plans to have a child, but she joked that she'd recently been divorced, worked nights, and had no prospects, but she would make every effort, just for Arturo. Lola smiled and said it was time for them to get dressed and leave for Society while Sharon's girls helped her get ready. Rey told Sharon he wished he could express how she made him feel.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis that he wanted her go to the wedding with him, but Phyllis said it was best if she didn't go. It was Sharon's day, and it had to be perfect. It would be better if she wasn't there.

At the penthouse, Chelsea put on a cheerful face for her FaceTime with Connor. Connor said he was worried about her, but Chelsea assured him the procedure would be quick and painless. Connor wanted to know what was wrong. Chelsea explained that it was a very routine procedure and told him not to worry because Daddy would take care of her.

Connor wished he was there. Chelsea said that Daddy would call him after the surgery, and when she was cleared to travel, they would be together again. Connor and Chelsea said they loved each other, blew a kiss, and ended the call. Chelsea's face dropped. She suddenly gasped and held her head, in obvious pain.

Adam arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Chance opened the door. He wasn't happy to see Adam. Adam said he had a couple of things to say to Chance. Chance invited him in. Adam thanked Chance for jumping in front of the bullet for him, because if it hadn't been for Chance, he wouldn't have been standing there. Chance said it evened the score for what Adam had done for Chance in Las Vegas.

Adam said he also wanted to say goodbye. Chance claimed there was nothing tying him and Adam together, and he wished Adam bon voyage. Abby stopped in her tracks on the stairs when she saw Adam. She demanded to know why he was there.

Snidely, Adam said that Abby had to be angry because he'd forgotten to get them a housewarming gift. Abby retorted that all she wanted was to give Adam a goodbye gift. Chance coldly told Adam that they'd said everything that had needed to be said. Abby informed Adam that Society would be closed for a private function, and it was by invitation only. If Adam was looking for a place to celebrate New Year's Eve, he had to look elsewhere. Adam stated he had no intention of crashing the wedding. Adam thanked Chance and said that marriage agreed with them, and he left.

Abby asked Chance if he thought Adam's goodbye was final. Chance said he doubted they would see Adam again.

Phyllis arrived at Crimson Lights and saw Adam. She told him she wasn't going to Sharon and Rey's wedding. It was her gift to Sharon. Adam stated that Phyllis wasn't Sharon's best friend. Phyllis spat back that Adam wasn't Sharon's best friend, either. Adam told Phyllis to enjoy her evening and was about to leave, but Phyllis asked if Adam had something planned to disrupt Sharon's wedding. Adam claimed he wasn't that guy anymore, and he hoped that Sharon and Rey would live happily ever after.

Phyllis told Adam that she'd recently said that she was a changed person, but she asked what the chances were that it was true for either one of them. They both agreed that they'd always been on the outside, looking in. They'd both had to fight for everything they wanted, and it had been the reason they had been drawn to a certain type of people who would help them climb out of the swamp -- Nick for her, and Chelsea for Adam. She asked if Sharon was Adam's better half rather than Chelsea. She stated that Sharon was out of his reach because she was going to walk down the aisle with Rey. Phyllis asked if Chelsea knew she was Adam's consolation prize.

Adam reminded Phyllis that she had also been busy waffling between Jack, Billy, and Nick. Phyllis claimed that if she was going to place a bet, she would bet on her and Nick over Adam and Chelsea. She stated that Sharon was Adam's kryptonite, but Sharon was with Rey, a guy she could trust, a guy who loved her as a human being and not as a dark spirit of the night. She asked if Chelsea bought Adam's claim that he was a changed man, because there were three certainties in life: death, taxes, and Adam being Adam. Phyllis left. Adam appeared unsettled.

Mariah and Tessa arrived at Sharon's with the food and drinks. Mariah stated that they were there to pamper the bride with food and Champagne. Happy, Sharon thanked them. She said she would remember that day for the rest of her life. Tessa walked away when she received a text message from her agent. Sharon thanked them for making her feel special. Mariah went into the kitchen.

Sharon thanked Faith for being her cheerleader and friend. Faith said she loved Sharon. Sharon said that Faith had been very brave in the way she'd dealt with Sharon's cancer. Sharon admitted that she hadn't been as brave as she'd pretended to be. She wished Faith peace and joy. She said she loved Faith very much and promised Faith that things would be better as they moved forward.

Mariah told Sharon they'd brought lotions and potions for Sharon to smell really wonderful. Sharon and Faith went upstairs. Tessa returned, and she didn't look happy. Tessa told Mariah that she'd been offered a huge gig, and she would be the opening number for a popular group. Mariah realized it was for that evening. She said it was Tessa's big chance, and she encouraged Tessa to go. Tessa said she'd wanted to be with Mariah, but Mariah told her they would celebrate when she returned.

Mariah told Tessa she had a plane to catch and needed to leave, but before she left, Tessa said everything was because of Sharon. Sharon had saved Tessa's sister, and in turn, she'd saved Tessa. Tessa said she had then fallen in love with Sharon's daughter. She said Sharon had every reason not to accept her, but she did.

Sharon said that Tessa made Mariah happy, so she couldn't see how she could not accept Tessa. Tessa claimed that Sharon had made it easy for her to be part of Sharon's family. Tessa said she would dedicate a song to all of them. She said she loved them all. Faith had her back to everyone, busily texting. Mariah walked Tessa out to the car.

When Mariah returned, she said she was happy for Tessa and for Sharon and Rey. She asked if Faith was excited. Faith was preoccupied with texting. Mariah asked again if Faith was excited. Faith put her phone away and admitted that she was. Mariah and Sharon said it was time to get their dresses into the car. Faith said she would be right behind them.

Alone, Faith sent Jordan a text message. Jordan replied, "Curious about the 'surprise' you texted about yesterday. So, yea I'll be there tonight. Can't wait to party later." Faith smiled, turned, and looked at the two full bottles of Champagne.

Chelsea was on the phone with Adam, who was at the coffeehouse. He told Chelsea he was picking up all of Chelsea's favorites before she went for her surgery, and he would pick up dinner, as well. Chelsea claimed he was spoiling her. She told Adam that he might be getting a call from the Realtor near Connor's school. Adam said he'd see her soon and told her he loved her.

A short time later, Abby and Chance greeted Nick when he arrived at Society. Nick informed them that Phyllis wouldn't be there. Abby and Chance told Nick about Adam's visit and that Adam had said something strange just before he'd left. He'd said that marriage suited them. Nick told them not to trust Adam, and he suggested that perhaps they should sprinkle some of that fairy dust on Sharon and Rey for good luck. Chance claimed that Sharon and Rey wouldn't need their help.

Rey and Arturo arrived. Arturo congratulated Chance and Abby on their marriage. After an awkward moment with each other, Abby said that Arturo had done them both a favor when he'd cheated on her because Arturo had wound up with a beautiful family, and she was with the man she'd been destined to be with. Arturo said he loved Mia, and being a father was amazing. He said he felt blessed. Arturo left.

Abby's face fell. Chance asked if she was okay. Wiping away tears, Abby claimed she was, but Chance said that Arturo hadn't intended to rub his child in her face because he hadn't known they were trying to have a child of their own.

Chance told Abby he was proud of her for forgiving the man who had hurt her so badly. He said that Arturo hadn't realized what he'd had when he'd had it, but Chance said he knew exactly what he had with Abby. Chance said he didn't want to be at the wedding. He would rather be at home, curled up with Abby in front of a roaring fire. Abby claimed they couldn't bail on Rey and Sharon's wedding, but Chance said that all he had to do was explain to Rey that he had some twinges, and they needed to leave. He gave Abby a cheeky grin and said the twinges weren't from pain. Abby smiled and agreed to head home.

Rey asked Nick if there were any last-minute things to take care of. Nick made a face. Rey asked if Nick had the rings. Nick said he did. Rey apologized and admitted he was a bit nervous. He wanted to do right by Sharon.

After Rey walked away, Nick called Phyllis. When she answered, she asked if he'd forgotten the rings. Exasperated, Nick said he had the rings, but he'd forgotten the wedding gift. He asked Phyllis to bring it to him. He assured her she didn't need to change clothes or talk to anyone but him.

Chelsea entered the living room and looked for Adam, but he wasn't there. She sent a text message to Adam: "Getting hungry. Are you on your way?"

Faith arrived at Society, wearing a dark blue gown. Nick teased that Faith was too grown up to be his daughter, but he put his arm around her and gave her a peck on the forehead. Lola said that when Faith turned 16 years old, Lola wanted to hire her to work in the kitchen with her because they had so much in common.

Mariah arrived wearing a beautiful navy blue gown, and Sharon entered behind her. Each of the three ladies carried a bouquet of white anemones.

With Tessa's recorded song playing in the background, Mariah and Faith took their places at the altar. Sharon entered wearing a beautiful champagne-colored wedding dress, and she joined Rey in front of Arturo, who said it was time to begin.

Adam arrived and stood at the doorway.

Chelsea has emergency surgery Chelsea has emergency surgery
Thursday, December 31, 2020
by Nel

At Society, the wedding ceremony began with Rey and Sharon exchanging vows.

Rey said that Sharon was his best friend, and her love of life had made him a better person. She had a beautiful heart, and she was a continual source of hope. He vowed to love and respect her, to learn and grow with her, and to laugh and be there for her kids in every way. He vowed that together, they would get through whatever life threw at them. She was his one and only love, and he was proud to join his life with hers, "now and forever."

Adam stood in the doorway and watched as Sharon made her vows to Rey.

Sharon told Rey that her love for him had grown daily. He had been her rock, and he'd helped her find strength through his actions and his love. She pledged her love and friendship through everything, big or small, and she would support and comfort him when his soccer team lost. Everyone laughed. She promised to be there, good and bad. She gave him her heart, and she was proud to join her life with his, "now and forever."

Arturo said that Rey had always set the example in the family, and Rey had done it again. He said he looked up to Rey and was happy that Rey had found the love of his life. Rey and Sharon were true partners in every sense of the word, and they had proven it over the past year. Their union was built on love and trust. They shared a connection that Arturo wholeheartedly believed would withstand the test of time.

Phyllis arrived at Society, and she was shocked to see Adam. She asked what he was doing there. He said he'd thought she wouldn't be at the wedding. She said she wasn't there for the wedding. She explained that Nick had forgotten the wedding gift for the happy couple, and she was dropping it off. She didn't want to disrupt anything. She said it was clear she cared more about Sharon than Adam did. She laughed and said that only a few hours earlier, Adam had told her how in love he and Chelsea were and that she was his happily ever after. It had been a lie, and she loved it when she was right.

Adam told Phyllis he wasn't there to disrupt the ceremony or cause trouble. She asked if he was there for take-out. He said at first, he hadn't had any idea why he'd decided to be there, but he'd seen what he'd needed to see. Sharon had had a rough year, and she deserved to be happy. Phyllis asked if Chelsea would be happy knowing he was there. Adam glared at her and left. Phyllis dropped off the gift, and she also left.

Sharon and Rey's vows continued. Rey said he took Sharon to be his wife in equal love as a partner on his path, to honor and to cherish in sorrow and in joy, until death parted them. Sharon placed a ring on Rey's finger.

Sharon said she took Rey to be her husband in equal love as a partner on her path, to honor and to cherish in sorrow and in joy, until death parted them. Rey placed a ring on Sharon's finger.

Arturo pronounced them husband and wife. He presented Mr. and Mrs. Rosales.

Mariah announced that it was her and Faith's duty to offer a toast. Holding up their glasses of Champagne, Mariah asked Faith if that was cider, and Faith confirmed it was. Mariah said that Sharon was a pack rat. Faith said that Rey was a clean freak and he insisted that beds be made every morning. Mariah said Sharon and Rey accepted each other. Mariah told Rey how much they loved him and how they had watched him show up for Sharon time and time again. They were very happy to have him in their lives. Faith said she knew she'd given Rey a hard time at the beginning, but eventually, she had accepted him. Mariah said it was time for the best man to say a few words.

Nick raised his glass and said there was nothing like giving a toast at his ex-wife's wedding. Sharon interjected and said it was on his birthday, no less. Nick admitted it was his birthday -- and he expected lots of presents -- but at the moment, it was about two people who had found their way to each other.

Nick said he took his hat off to Rey. Not many men would want to deal with an ex-husband or the father of his bride's children, but that was the kind of man Rey was. Rey understood the importance of family. He'd known Sharon had needed all the people she cared about around her while she faced a very scary and difficult time in her life. Rey had gathered them together, and they had all become "Team Sharon." He respected Rey and trusted him with Faith. Nick claimed he loved Rey as much as Sharon did.

When it was Sharon's turn to speak, she thanked Mariah and Faith for their lovely words, and she told Nick that she loved Rey more than Nick did. She thanked him for his openness and his big heart. She loved the idea of ringing in the New Year with everyone. She looked forward to embarking on their next chapter. Rey said they couldn't take anything for granted.

Sharon thanked everyone for their support, while Rey thanked Arturo for being there for their special day. He thanked Lola for the venue and wonderful food. He also mentioned how lovely Tessa's song had been. Sharon said she and Rey wanted the evening to be more about ringing in 2021 with love and joy than a wedding celebration.

Lola told Sharon and Rey she had another surprise for them. She led them to the tablet on the bar. Celeste welcomed Sharon into the family and said she couldn't wait for them to arrive in Miami to celebrate with the rest of the family. Celeste said she admired Sharon's strength and courage, and she'd never seen Rey happier. She couldn't wait to see the blended families get together. After the FaceTime call ended, Lola stated that she was excited because she'd gained two sisters, Mariah and Faith.

Arturo said the family had been lucky to have Rey help Celeste raise them. Rey said that Arturo had always pushed him to the edge, but he was grateful he was able to share the day with Arturo. They shook hands.

Faith greeted Jordan when she arrived. Faith asked Nick if she could go to a party later and said that Jordan's parents would be there. Nick wanted her to promise she'd be home in the morning in time to say goodbye to Sharon and Rey. Faith promised.

Mariah said it was time to raise their glasses and begin the countdown to the New Year. At midnight, the confetti came down, and everyone shouted happy New Year. Rey told Sharon that when they had been saying their vows, he'd felt like they had been the only two people in the room. Sharon agreed and said she'd felt like they'd been in their own bubble.

At the bar with Nick, Mariah asked if he'd thought about getting married again. Nick laughed and said he'd done enough of that. He became serious and said that Mariah had Sharon's heart. He said that Mariah had tried to convince everyone that she was wrapped in barbed wire, but she was as giving and loving as Sharon. She'd stepped up for Sharon when Sharon had needed it most. Everyone had recognized it.

Mariah said she remembered the slimy people she'd grown up with, and then there was Sharon. She said that Sharon was glowing, radiant, and filled with love and kindness. She was grateful that Sharon was alive. She said there had been moments -- whenever she'd thought about losing Sharon -- that she'd felt like she couldn't breathe.

Nick told Mariah that the way Sharon looked that night was how Mariah looked when she was with Tessa. Shocked, Mariah considered herself a lucky girl.

Faith asked Jordan if she was ready to go. Jordan claimed she'd been waiting all night. Faith reached into her bag and pulled out a water bottled filled with vodka. Jordan joyfully said it was genius.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda recalled sitting outside Naya's home and watching a young woman arrive and ask her mother to open the door because it was freezing outside.

At home, Chelsea woke up on the couch. When she sat up, she grabbed her head in pain. She tried to use the phone, but as she stood up, the pain was so intense that she fell to the floor. She managed to call 9-1-1 before she passed out.

Adam arrived at home and took off his jacket. He turned and saw Chelsea passed out on the floor. Just then, the paramedics arrived. Adam informed them that Chelsea had been diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. He demanded they get her to the hospital immediately. The paramedics took Chelsea out on a gurney and into the elevator while Adam shouted that he'd take the stairs, and he would see Chelsea at the hospital.

At home, Devon unpacked his take-out order and beer. Amanda arrived and apologized for showing up unannounced. Devon invited her in to share in his take-out menu. Amanda wasn't sure whether he was doing it to be nice, but whatever the reason, she appreciated it. Devon said it was perfect because they could be alone together. Amanda said she didn't want to talk about Naya or anything else related to her. She claimed that she'd hit emotional overload, and Devon understood.

Amanda asked Devon if it was time to have fun. She had assumed that being alone wasn't a normal New Year's Eve for Devon. Devon claimed that he was usually swinging from a chandelier on New Year's Eve. She guessed that being in the music business, he'd had some wild nights. She asked him to tell her some of them because she wanted to live vicariously through his stories. Devon was happy to regale her with some of his stories. He was happy that social media then hadn't been what it was in the present, because there was no proof of what he'd done. He said that after one of the parties, he'd woken up one morning and had a couple of tattoos. He showed them to Amanda.

Devon and Amanda suddenly heard loud voices in the hallway. Devon opened the door and saw Chelsea being taken out on a gurney and Adam shouting for the paramedics to hurry and get her to a hospital. Amanda asked Devon what was going on. Devon told her that Chelsea had been taken out on a gurney, and she'd been unconscious. Amanda asked if he was okay because he looked a little shaken up. He said he was fine.

Devon and Amanda heard the fireworks go off, and Devon said they had missed ringing in 2021. Amanda said it was time for her to go. She thanked Devon for taking her mind off everything. Devon said he'd had a lot of fun, and he said that if there was anything she needed, she should call him. Amanda thanked him, and she left.

Alone, Devon saw Elena at the bottom of his stairs. He approached her, kissed her, then took her hand and led her to the couch, but when he turned, Amanda stood there. Devon woke up with a start and realized he'd been dreaming.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby told Chance that Sharon wouldn't have said it, but she would have been just as happy to marry Rey in her living room with only the man she loved, the kids, and close friends. Abby took a photo of their first Christmas tree. She told Chance it was time to box up the decorations for another year. She suggested that they could argue about it and then have make-up sex, or they could just skip the arguing part. After they made love, they resolved not to argue but to talk things through before any argument ensued. She said that people mostly argued about money, sex, and kids. Chance said he was happy they were on the same page.

Abby told Chance they hadn't made any resolutions before the New Year, but Chance said they had until February to do that. He asked Abby for their first dance of the New Year.

At the hospital, Elena told Adam that Chelsea's aneurysm had ruptured, and she was in surgery. She told Adam that a coil would be inserted into the aneurysm and that Chelsea was in good hands. She said the surgery would last most of the night. She suggested that Adam go home and rest. Adam said he couldn't stop thinking about how he'd found Chelsea unconscious on the floor. Elena said Chelsea had been lucky that she'd been able to call 9-1-1 before she had collapsed. Elena said there was nothing for Adam to do, and she promised to call him if anything changed.

Alone, Elena sent a text message to Nate: "Happy New Year. I hope this one is better to both of us."

Back in her suite, Amanda was shocked when she listened to a voicemail message from Naya, who asked who Amanda was and if she'd been the one who had been parked outside Naya's home on Christmas Eve. Naya wanted to know what she wanted.

Nick opened the door to Phyllis' suite and saw she was in bed and half naked. She wished him a happy New Year and a happy birthday. She threw him a candy that he caught with his mouth.

Adam returned home, poured himself a drink, sat down on the couch, and appeared distraught.

Rey carried Sharon over the threshold of their home and wished Mrs. Rosales a very happy New Year. They kissed.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Chloe shares exciting news with Kevin (2019) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Chloe shares exciting news with Kevin (2019)
Friday, January 1, 2021

Due to the New Year holiday, The Young and the Restless opted to rebroadcast a classic episode. The episode, which originally aired on December 30, 2019, focused on Chloe sharing some pretty big news with Kevin. You can read the entire recap of that episode here.

This programming change was planned, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming resumed on Monday, January 4, 2021, and picked up where the Thursday, December 31, 2020, episode concluded.

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