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Chelsea's stroke left her immobile on her right side and unable to speak. Adam turned to Victor for help. Naya bailed on her meeting with Amanda. Imani threatened Amanda, who reacted by forcing Naya to face her. Summer and Kyle headed to L.A. to dig up dirt on Sally.
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Amanda's meeting with Naya didn't go as planned, and Summer and Kyle headed to Los Angeles to dig for dirt on Sally
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Adam learns shocking news about Chelsea Adam learns shocking news about Chelsea
Monday, January 4, 2021

Sharon and Rey spent their first night as a married couple at her house and hosted a brunch with Mariah and Arturo. Sharon was excited about her honeymoon trip to Miami to see where her new husband hailed from and meet family members she'd heard stories about. Sharon added, "I want to know everything about the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with." Mariah joked that perhaps she could be of use and could accompany Sharon and Rey to sunny Florida, but Rey reminded Mariah she had new job obligations.

Arturo hinted to Rey that their mother had already made plans to do things they'd likely rather not do. Rey said he'd already laid down the law against their mother overstepping. Arturo welcomed Sharon to his family and vowed to stay clear and allow the newlyweds to enjoy their freedom. Sharon and Rey accepted Arturo's invitation to meet their young nephew. Arturo left to bid farewell to Lola. Sharon said she had a few things to attend to at Crimson Lights before they all met up at the airport.

After a night of partying with Jordan, Faith paused at her front door and slipped a breath mint in her mouth before heading inside. Mariah greeted Faith, which startled her. Mariah wrapped her scarf around her neck and explained that she was headed out. Faith replied, "Why are you talking so loud?" Mariah agreed to lower her voice and asked Faith what was wrong. Rey entered the room and told Faith that Sharon had stopped by the coffee shop, though she would return later before leaving town.

After Rey and Mariah left, Faith slumped on the sofa. Jordan sent a text message asking Faith if her family had suspected anything. Faith replied, "Nope." Jordan sent a second text message inviting Faith to another party later, explaining that her parents would be going out. Faith sighed, didn't respond, and tossed her phone onto a cushion beside her. Faith, feeling unwell, reclined.

Adam approached Elena at the hospital to inquire about Chelsea. Elena broke the news that Chelsea had suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage when the aneurysm in her brain had ruptured, and Chelsea had undergone a procedure to insert a coil to stop the bleeding. Adam, impatient, demanded to know if the procedure had addressed the rupture. Elena explained that the hemorrhage had caused damage. Adam was shocked to hear that Chelsea had suffered a stroke. Elena explained how the stroke had resulted from the brain trauma.

While Elena was telling Adam that Chelsea had lost mobility on her right side and was unable to speak, he appeared to become overwhelmed and unable to deal with what might become debilitating effects. Adam asked to see Chelsea, but Elena told him that visitation wasn't allowed due to the threat of spreading infection. Adam cried that he had to see Chelsea because he needed to help her.

After Elena left, Adam made a frantic call and demanded that the person who'd answered allow him to speak to the chief of surgery. When asked, Adam admitted he wasn't married to the patient he was calling about and explained that Dr. Showan, a specialist, had been recommended as an expert in treating stroke patients. Adam was taken aback when the person on the phone explained that the chief of surgery was away on a ski trip. Adam continued to demand special attention and explained that he'd attended undergrad school with the specialist and would pay her travel expenses. Getting nowhere, Adam hung up.

Adam sat on the edge of a table and remembered Chelsea having told him that her problems had begun after she'd fallen in the elevator at ChanceComm. Adam had replied, "Which was also my fault. I cut the power that trapped you in the elevator." Adam also recalled having assured Chelsea that world-class surgeons would repair her aneurysm. Feeling devastated and alone, Adam left a message for Victor, requesting he call back.

After Phyllis and Nick celebrated his birthday night by making love in her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Nick said he could get used to having Phyllis in his arms when he awoke first thing in the morning. Phyllis broached the subject of marriage. Nick was hesitant, explaining that he feared marriage might interfere with their freedom to explore their passion for each other. Phyllis agreed when Nick added that he was "digging" the path they were following. When Nick pressed Phyllis to share her thoughts, Phyllis laughed and said, "Yeah, I agree. Those are my thoughts." Phyllis added that she and Nick were in love, so it was all that mattered.

Phyllis mentioned that when she'd dropped off the wedding gift Nick had forgotten, she'd spotted Adam at Society. Phyllis said Adam had told her he'd stopped by to wish Sharon well and ensure that the wedding was a success because he felt responsible for causing problems that had troubled her. Nick replied, "Surely you didn't buy that." Phyllis said she thought Adam had genuinely wanted to see Sharon happy and had done so by not attempting to stop the wedding. Nick told Phyllis that perhaps her interaction with Adam was the reason Sharon's wedding hadn't ended up as a total disaster. Phyllis agreed that Nick's assumption was correct and proclaimed that she was an incredible woman. Nick replied, "You are an incredible woman."

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Elena and Nate had just seated themselves when Sharon entered and asked them if they were fueling up for work. Elena said she was because she was due back at the hospital soon. Nate ordered a regular coffee. Elena and Nate congratulated Sharon on her marriage before she left to fetch their coffees. After Sharon walked away, Elena told Nate about Chelsea's condition and noted that Adam was a wreck. Nate said he sympathized with Adam and knew how horrible it had been to find Chelsea passed out on the floor.

Sharon was returning with drinks when she overheard Elena and Nate discussing Chelsea. Nate mentioned that Chelsea was lying in a hospital bed, unconscious with no guarantee of recovery. Sharon made her presence known by announcing that it was coffee time. After Sharon served the coffee and left, Elena told Nate that after a bit of soul-searching, she would like to continue dating him and see where their relationship took them. Nate agreed when Elena expressed a desire to take things slowly. Nate asked Elena to join him for dinner at a restaurant soon. Elena accepted the invitation.

Sharon, her mind fixated on what she'd gleaned from Nate and Elena's conversation, spilled sugar from a canister as she attempted to tidy the coffee bar. Rey entered as Sharon hastily attempted to clean up the mess she'd made. Rey asked Sharon why she seemed upset about spilled sugar. Sharon admitted she'd overheard Elena and Nate mention that Chelsea was unconscious. Sharon expressed concern about Adam.

Rey told Sharon that Adam hadn't reached out to her for help, and he reminded her that Adam might react irrationally if she showed up. Sharon cried that she couldn't pretend she didn't know what had happened to Chelsea. Rey told Sharon he admired her compassion, but he feared her involvement might postpone their honeymoon. Sharon decided not to get in touch with Adam, even though Rey told her to do what she felt she should do. Sharon said Adam could seek support from someone else.

Elena later returned to the hospital waiting room and told Adam that there had been no change in Chelsea's condition. Adam asked about treatment once Chelsea awoke. Elena explained that Chelsea would remain hospitalized five to ten days before beginning therapy that would hopefully help her regain her mobility and ability to speak. Adam cried that hope wasn't good enough.

Elena cautioned Adam to adjust his expectations. Adam begged Elena to talk to someone in charge who would allow him to visit Chelsea. Elena explained that the visitation policy couldn't be changed for him. Elena told Adam that when Chelsea showed progress, Adam would likely be able to see her. Elena advised Adam to go home, rest, and be ready to see Chelsea when the time was right.

Sharon and Rey returned home to pick up their luggage. Faith told her mom she feared she might have missed seeing Sharon before she left. Sharon said she was excited about traveling to Miami, though she'd miss Faith. After Rey stepped out, Sharon asked Faith about her sleepover at Jordan's. Faith replied, "We just watched movies, girl talk, you know." Sharon said it sounded perfect and added she was glad Jordan had attended the reception, so Faith had had someone there her own age.

Faith said Jordan was having some friends over later. Faith noted that she wasn't certain she was up for joining a big group because she was tired. Sharon suggested Faith invite Jordan over before heading to Nick's. Faith said she'd think about it. After Sharon went upstairs, Faith seemed unsure about what to do.

Faith seemed more upbeat when Mariah returned, and it was time to send Rey and Sharon off on their honeymoon. Mariah gave the couple a gift. Faith told her parents to take lots of pictures. After Rey and Sharon left, Mariah asked Faith what she wanted to do. After Mariah stepped out, Jordan sent another text message to Faith, asking if she was coming. Faith seemed troubled and hesitant to respond.

When Mariah returned with a hot drink, she said, "What is going on? I offered to spend the whole day with you, and you didn't even jump at the chance." Mariah joked that they could, with Sharon gone, load the dishwasher their own way and even leave lights on. Faith joined in thinking of silly things they could do and asked if they could leave their coats lying around the living room without anyone yelling at them. Mariah nodded and said they could even cook something that had no nutritional value, and then leave their dishes in the sink.

Faith said it sounded fun, though she'd rather go to her dad's house. Faith asked Mariah for a ride to Nick's, explaining that she was completely wiped out. Before Faith went upstairs to grab her stuff, she sent a reply to Jordan. Faith wrote, "Can't make it today. Sorry. Family crap. See you tomorrow?" Mariah seemed concerned about Faith.

In the hotel lobby, Nick asked Phyllis why she was constantly smiling and humming. Phyllis said she was happy. Nick replied, "Care to be more specific?" Phyllis said, "Well, because we're in a committed relationship, we love each other, and we're not getting married." Nick said they'd learned from their mistakes and had determined what worked for them.

Phyllis agreed and added that she was grateful that Nick had bailed her out of her financial difficulties and hadn't constantly asked about how she would manage to pay him back. Phyllis joked that she was most happy about being the superior player of their favorite video game. Nick changed the subject back to the loan and asked Phyllis if he should question her ability to make payments. Phyllis acknowledged the importance of paying him back, though she appreciated not being micromanaged. Nick replied, "I'm just wondering how nervous I should be."

Later, Phyllis was ecstatic when a customer reserved a whole block of rooms. Nick claimed that Phyllis had taken the phone call in order to avoid talking about the money she owed. Phyllis asked to resume monthly payments and assured Nick that she wouldn't involve herself in any act of desperation that might put her hotel in jeopardy. Phyllis added, "So, we're good, right?" Nick replied, "We are definitely good."

Sharon and Rey stopped by the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis greeted them and said she'd heard that the wedding "came off without a hitch." Sharon replied, "You almost sound surprised by that." Phyllis explained that she'd made herself scarce to ensure that the couple had the best wedding possible. Rey explained that they'd stopped by to pick up Arturo.

After Rey stepped away, Sharon asked Nick and Phyllis if they'd heard anything about Chelsea being in the hospital after Adam had found her at home, unconscious. In a brief flashback, Phyllis remembered Adam having told her that he'd seen what he'd needed to see the night before when she'd encountered him at Society. When Phyllis had asked Adam what he'd meant, he'd explained that Sharon deserved to be happy after having endured a rough year. Phyllis also remembered having asked Adam if Chelsea knew he'd stopped by the restaurant.

Phyllis told Sharon she and Nick would pray for Chelsea. Sharon nodded, as if expressing appreciation. Sharon noticed Rey motioning for her to join him. Nick told Sharon to have a great trip. After Sharon walked away, Phyllis said, "Adam must feel so guilty." Nick asked why. Phyllis noted that had Adam not been spying on Sharon's wedding, he would have been home when Chelsea had fallen ill and could have helped her.

Adam returned home and had barely caught his breath when Connor phoned. Adam apologized to Connor for not having called earlier about his mom. Adam told his son that doctors had been happy about what they'd been able to do and that Chelsea remained in the hospital, resting, so no one could talk to her yet. Adam assured Connor that his mother loved him very much.

Adam asked Connor how he was and listened intently when Connor talked about what had happened in art class. Adam told Connor he had all the time in the world to talk. Adam promised Connor they'd all be together again soon when his mom was healthy enough to travel. Adam told Connor he loved him before hanging up. Afterward, Adam lifted a tray holding a centerpiece, books, and other items up off the coffee table and flung it all across the room.

Amanda introduces herself to her birth mother Amanda introduces herself to her birth mother
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria welcomed Victor and Nikki home. Nikki gushed that their trip had been unforgettable, and Victor added that they'd created a lifetime of memories. Nikki muttered that it was how long it would be before she'd be able to convince him go on vacation again, but Victor swore that he'd go with her anywhere. Nikki presented Victoria with a gift for her and the kids to open when they were all together.

Nikki asked if anything was new, and Victoria realized that her parents hadn't heard that Chelsea was in the hospital, having suffered a stroke while undergoing emergency surgery for a ruptured aneurysm. Victor left a voicemail for Adam, requesting that he call back as soon as possible. Victor realized Chelsea's condition had been why Adam had tried to reach him in London. Nikki imagined that Adam had been too distraught to pick up when Victor had attempted to return the call. Victor intended to find out how serious Chelsea's prognosis was.

Nikki cautioned that getting involved could be disastrous, given Adam's decision to remove himself from the family. Victor refused to leave Adam alone in a time of crisis, but Nikki worried that Victor entering the picture might make matters worse. Victor contended that he was Adam's father, and Adam was alone in the world after pushing everyone away. Victor was adamant that he needed to be with his son, and he hoped Nikki understood that. He walked out.

Victoria bemoaned that her heart went out to Chelsea and Connor, but she found it hard to muster any sympathy for Adam. Nikki shared that her first concern was Victor, and Victoria observed that her parents had looked happy and carefree when they'd walked in. Nikki griped that Victor was stressed out over Adam again within two hours of landing. Victoria was sure Adam intended to milk the situation for all he could get. Nikki prayed for Chelsea's speedy recovery and for Chelsea and Adam to happily reunite with Connor. Victoria echoed the sentiment, since it would mean Adam would finally leave Genoa City for good.

At the penthouse, Adam ordered someone on the phone not to put him on hold again, since he had to know Chelsea's condition. He learned that there had been no change, and he insisted on seeing her. He argued that he had every right to be there, and he agreed to follow whatever safety protocol was required. Adam warned that there would be "hell to pay" if he didn't get to see Chelsea that day.

Adam found Victor at his door. Victor explained that he'd received no answer when he'd returned Adam's call, but he understood that Chelsea was in the hospital. Adam shared that Chelsea was still unconscious and that hospital personnel wouldn't let him see her because of the risk of infection after surgery. Victor sensed that Adam thought there was more to it, and Adam replied that he didn't know what to think. Adam groaned that he kept hitting brick walls while trying to line up top specialists to get other opinions, and Victor told him not to worry.

Victor referred to the many wings of the hospital he'd paid for, and he was sure Chelsea was in one of them. He called the chief of staff and announced that he was sending in a group of specialists to handle Chelsea's case. After making more calls, Victor told Adam that he'd instructed his people to reach out to the top specialists in the country to advise them how to move forward, so Chelsea would soon be in the best hands. Adam stammered that it had happened so suddenly that he hadn't known what to do. Victor stated that Adam had done the right thing by reaching out to his father.

Adam was sure Victor had more important things to do than stay, and Victor reassured him that Chelsea was strong and resilient and would pull through it. Adam wondered if the woman he loved was suffering because of his sins. Victor clucked that it wasn't how the universe worked, but Adam contemplated whether it was time for deep contrition on his part. Victor counseled that it was always good in extreme moments of stress to reach deep into one's soul and try to rectify what was bothersome. Adam lamented that he never got it right, but Victor was sure that Adam would find a way.

The chief of staff called Victor, who relayed that there had been a positive development with Chelsea. Victor divulged that she was paralyzed on the right side and couldn't speak, but she was able to receive visitors, and the nurses were waiting for Adam right then. Adam grabbed his coat and said he couldn't thank Victor enough. "Glad to do it, son," Victor replied as Adam rushed out.

Adam peered into a hospital room, where Chelsea lay on the bed with her eyes open. He called her name. She blinked but remained silent.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily, Billy, and Amanda discussed the follow-up article featuring Chance. Billy contended that the story wouldn't have had a happy ending if it hadn't been for Lily, and he thought it was important to highlight her as the true hero. Lily objected to painting ChanceComm's co-CEO as a superstar detective, and she requested that Amanda break the tie. Amanda advised them to rethink the idea before they destroyed all the credibility the company had.

Amanda sincerely told Billy and Lily that she was happy that the two of them were seeing one another. She considered a love letter to Lily to tout her heroism to be a wonderful gesture, but she cautioned that the article shouldn't go near the couple's relationship. Amanda liked the idea of showing that ChanceComm was dedicated to pursuing the truth, and she suggested that they find another way to spin it by shining the spotlight on someone their readers could empathize with. Lily perked up and liked where Amanda was going with the idea. A baffled Billy asked who they wanted the article to be about, and both women stared knowingly at him.

Amanda proposed that they make the audience see the story through Billy's eyes, since their readers would have more respect for their brand if they saw the co-CEO get a taste of his own medicine. Amanda thought that they could show how the fallout from Billy's vengeance had almost cost him his freedom, and Lily anticipated that Billy would have a platform to tell his own story and address his past head-on. Billy cited his reputation as a screwup and recognized that he might be portrayed as the court jester, but he thought Lily should have a role as the warrior queen. Lily refused to be painted as a hero, and Billy proposed that they focus on her desire to protect the company and uphold ChanceComm's relentless pursuit of truth. Lily confirmed that they were on the same page.

Billy stepped out to tell the reporter about the story's change in angle. Lily marveled that telling the story around Billy ticked all the boxes, and Amanda noted that it would only work because of how much he had changed -- thanks to Lily. Lily clarified that all she'd done had been to draw out what had already been there. Lily inquired about what was going on with Amanda, who'd seemed distant that day. Amanda confided that she hadn't been sleeping well, and Lily playfully asked if anyone she knew was keeping Amanda up at night. Amanda insisted that it was nothing like that, but she decided that she could use a fresh pair of eyes. She offered to buy Lily a cup of coffee.

At Crimson Lights, Lily was floored when Amanda recounted how she'd tracked down her birth mother in Wilmette and watched Naya with her daughter, Amanda's half-sibling. Amanda recalled that she hadn't been able to say anything after seeing her mom's face for the first time after spending a lifetime wondering and fantasizing. Amanda struggled with what to do next, and she shared Devon's opinion that she'd be plagued with questions for the rest of her life if she didn't approach Naya. Lily was glad that Amanda had people to support her, and she agreed with Devon about Amanda needing to seek answers from Naya. Lily added that she believed Amanda was strong enough to handle whatever truth was out there.

Amanda returned to her hotel room and stared at her phone. A moment later, Naya's phone rang as she arrived home, and she recognized the number. Naya demanded to know who was calling and what they wanted. Amanda braced herself for a moment before introducing herself. Naya asked if she knew Amanda, who choked back a sob. "No, you don't. I'm the daughter that you didn't give to your cousin Rose. I would very much like to meet you," Amanda tearfully whimpered. Naya reeled.

Victoria ran into Billy at Society and mentioned that the kids had wanted to make sure he'd be attending the winter festival. He swore that he wouldn't miss it, and she realized that she'd never asked about his Christmas trip with Lily. Billy reported that they hadn't left town, since Lily had talked him out of it to ensure he'd be home for Christmas with the kids. Billy referred to Johnny being anxious that Billy wouldn't make it, and he was surprised the boy had put it all together. Victoria reasoned that their son was at an age where he understood what the grownups were saying.

Billy pointed out that Victoria could have covered for him by reassuring the children that he'd be back in time, but Victoria countered that she'd wanted to prepare the kids in case something had gone wrong. Billy questioned whether Victoria had used Johnny to get him to cancel his trip with Lily. Victoria became incensed at the implication that she'd had an ulterior motive. Billy remembered a time when Victoria had called him about Katie having problems sleeping when Victoria had known he'd been spending the night with Phyllis. Victoria defended that it happened with kids sometimes.

Victoria demanded to know whether Billy seriously thought she'd used their children to derail his romantic moments with other women. He pointed out that she'd seemed cool with him seeing Lily, and Victoria retorted that she wasn't cool with the ridiculous accusations. Billy suggested that they drop it, since everything had worked out with the kids having a wonderful Christmas and him having a great time with Lily in town. Victoria plastered on a smile and said she was glad he'd had a good time.

Billy returned to ChanceComm and informed Lily that he'd gotten the ball rolling on the article, and he assured her that he was okay with the new direction they were going. He thanked her for being his guardian angel, and he thought the article would be good for him and for them. Lily teased that she would learn his deepest, darkest secrets, and she considered him brave for being willing to go under the microscope. He thought it was brave of her to stand by him. She insisted that she wasn't going anywhere.

Kyle arrived at Society and spotted Sally at the bar. She greeted him and wondered if the temperature had just dipped, since she felt a chill. She inquired whether he was avoiding her, too, noting that Summer barely tolerated her at work. Sally guessed that things were screwed up beyond repair. She took part of the blame, but she hoped there was a possibility they could fix things.

Sally accepted part of the fault, but she believed Theo was mostly to blame for telling Summer that Sally was trying to take her job and her man. Kyle conceded that it sounded like Theo, and Sally added that Theo had told her that Summer had wanted her fired. Kyle questioned whether Sally really was after Summer's job or after him, and she vehemently denied it. She claimed that she'd given Theo the benefit of the doubt until she'd realized he'd lied to her about Summer wanting to get rid of her when Sally clearly hadn't been a threat.

Kyle noted that Sally obviously had ambitions beyond being Lauren's assistant, but Sally declared her intent to move up the ladder by proving herself. She added that she didn't want to compete with Summer, and she was all about women supporting women. Sally claimed that she'd been genuinely inspired by everything Summer had accomplished.

At Jabot, Jack walked into the conference room as Summer finished a business call. He requested her help with something having to do with Sally. Summer said she respected him, but she suggested that he save his valuable time and skip his spirited defense. Jack asserted that Sally was worth his time, and he hoped Summer would hear him out. Jack asked if there was any chance Summer had gotten the wrong impression. Summer recalled that Sally had admitted that she was gunning for Summer's job and willing to get it by any means necessary.

Summer didn't see how she could trust Sally, but Jack pointed out that Theo had been the one who'd told Summer that Sally was up to no good. Jack questioned whether Summer trusted Theo over Sally, even though Theo had proven himself to be vengeful. Summer countered that it didn't mean Theo had been wrong, and she recounted the way Sally had accused her of being given her past jobs out of nepotism. Jack lectured that they'd all done and said things they'd regretted, and he asked Summer to give Sally another chance.

Later, Lauren, Jack, and Sally finished a meeting, and Jack addressed the situation between Summer and Sally. He mentioned that he'd had a productive talk with Summer earlier and that she was open to having a conversation to put any bad blood behind them. Sally expressed appreciation to him for going out on a limb. Lauren thought Summer could be a valuable ally to Sally. Sally said it meant a lot that they believed in her, and she vowed to do everything she could to win Summer over.

After Sally left, Lauren joked that Jack could switch careers and become a counselor. Jack suspected that Sally and Summer didn't get along because they were a lot alike. Lauren reflected back on the stunts she and Jack had pulled to get ahead in their younger days, and she believed second chances had been invented for them. Jack figured that he was balancing the scales by paying it forward, and Lauren wondered how they'd become someone's role models. She sensed that there was more to Sally's story that Sally wasn't ready to share, but she was sure they would find out in due time. Jack proclaimed that everyone deserved a chance for a fresh start.

Summer joined Kyle at Society, and he informed her that Sally had sworn that she wasn't after Summer's job. Summer griped that Sally was trying to charm all the Abbott men, since Jack had just tried to convince her of the same thing. Kyle advised that Summer's smartest move would be to keep Sally close, and Summer bitterly assumed he expected her to see she'd been wrong about Sally all along. Summer whined that Sally had gotten to him like she'd gotten to Jack, and she couldn't believe Kyle was on Sally's side. Kyle insisted that he'd always have Summer's back.

Kyle implored Summer to befriend Sally to keep an eye on her and know if she was planning anything. He reasoned that if Sally wasn't plotting anything, then it wouldn't hurt to get along. Summer doubted there was any chance that Sally was just a poor, misunderstood girl from L.A., but Kyle thought the best way to find out was to get Sally to drop her defenses. Summer equated it to befriending a snake, and she preferred to keep her distance. She received a text message from Sally, who wanted to get to together to clear the air. Kyle pushed Summer to go if she wanted to neutralize Sally. Summer accepted Sally's invitation.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Sally told Summer that she was deeply sorry for letting things get that crazy. Summer asked how they'd gotten out of control, and Sally chalked it up to the things Theo had said. Sally blamed herself for believing him, and she swore that she wasn't after Summer's job. Sally enthused that she was learning a lot from Lauren, and Summer observed that Lauren seemed to really believe in Sally. Sally added that while Kyle was handsome and hot, he wasn't her type. "And vice versa," Summer mumbled.

Sally insisted that she wasn't a man-snatching job-stealer and that she was just trying to do a good job and figure out where she belonged. Summer understood that it was hard to be in a new place, and Sally hoped she could rest easier, knowing she and Summer could start over. Summer replied that anything was possible, and Sally chirped that they could be a great team if they worked together. Sally envisioned becoming real friends, and she pictured the two of them doing a karaoke duet together one day.

Summer tracked down Kyle at Jabot, and he mentioned that he'd already received a text message from Sally about the women burying the hatchet. Summer snapped that she could tell him where she'd like to bury it, and Kyle guessed that the reconciliation rumors had been greatly exaggerated. Summer conceded that Sally had almost had her, but Sally had then poured it on thick and convinced her that Theo had been right. Kyle surmised that Summer had pretended to buy Sally's act. Summer announced that she'd decided to go to L.A. to find out more about Sally's story.

Adam vows to help Chelsea recover Adam vows to help Chelsea recover
Wednesday, January 6, 2021
by Nel

Phyllis was surprised to see Nick when he arrived in her suite, because she'd thought Nick would be with Christian and Faith, since Sharon was on her honeymoon. He claimed things were going well, and Faith understood that her drinking was a serious issue. Phyllis warned Nick to watch out for Jordan, who was older than Faith. Jordan had been with Faith when Phyllis had found Faith hungover in the park. Jordan couldn't wait for the adult to leave. Nick thanked her and said he would keep an eye on Jordan.

Nick told Phyllis he wanted to stop by the hospital to check on Chelsea, and he asked if she had an issue with him seeing Chelsea. Phyllis pointed out that he hadn't spoken to Chelsea in over a year, and he didn't know her anymore. She was sorry for what had happened, but Chelsea had Adam. Nick said Adam was the reason it had happened to Chelsea. He reminded Phyllis that Chelsea had been dealing with her situation for months. Adam had kidnapped her, and there was no doubt in Nick's mind that all that stress had contributed to Chelsea's stroke.

Phyllis told Nick not to make Chelsea out to be a hapless victim. She had been of sound mind whenever she'd chosen to go back to Adam over and over again. She'd had better options after Adam had kidnapped her and locked her in a room -- or after Adam had been committed to the psych ward. Those weren't warning signs but glaring signals. Chelsea had known what she'd been doing. Nick claimed that none of that had any bearing on his feelings for Phyllis. Phyllis assured him she wasn't insecure about Chelsea.

Phyllis told Nick he didn't have to save Chelsea. She pointed out that Sharon didn't drop everything anymore to go and save Adam. Nick said that his history with Chelsea was nothing like Adam and Sharon's. Phyllis didn't want to fight and told him to go and see Chelsea, but she asked Nick not to rewrite his history with Chelsea. They both knew that Chelsea was a strong, independent woman. She asked Nick to have enough respect and consideration for Chelsea that she could make her own life choices. Phyllis left.

At the hospital, Adam explained to Chelsea about her condition. He said she had some control over her left side, but it was weak. She needed to regain her strength. He wished there was a way to make sure she could hear what he was saying. Chelsea blinked once. Adam realized she was trying to communicate. Adam blamed himself because he'd set everything into motion, and he hoped she could forgive him. He swore he would stand by her. Adam said he hadn't told Connor about her condition, but he would fill the boy in when they had more information. He said he would get all the doctors she needed and asked her to tell him she believed him. Chelsea raised her left hand slightly.

When Nate arrived, Adam told him that Chelsea had moved her left hand. Nate asked to speak to Adam alone. Nate told Adam that Dr. Cavett had contacted him. She had informed him that she would be on board with Chelsea's treatment. Nate said that Dr. Cavett had impeccable credentials, and he would be happy to work with her.

Nate was shocked when Adam said he wasn't comfortable with Nate being in charge of Chelsea's care because of his personal history. He said that Nate had helped to set a trap for Adam by signing Victor's death certificate. Nate had almost lost his license when that had been discovered. Adam admitted it was his fault there was bad blood between them. Nate assured Adam their past had no bearing on his care for Chelsea. He said there were neurologists and speech pathologists who would take care of Chelsea. Adam was fine with the care as long as they were all willing to make house calls. He said he was bringing Chelsea home.

Nate told Adam it would be awhile before Chelsea would be going home, but Adam stated that the chief of staff had already cleared Chelsea for release as soon as Adam had her room ready. Nate suggested that there had to be some confusion because he was the one coordinating Chelsea's care, and he wouldn't sign off on releasing her because it was too dangerous. Adam said that Chelsea would be more comfortable at home. Nate protested and insisted he wouldn't sign off on it.

Adam told Nate that all the equipment Chelsea would require had been installed, and Chelsea would have around-the-clock professional care. Adam claimed it was a done deal. Victor had worked it out with the chief of staff. Nate warned Adam that if Chelsea required emergency surgery, any delay in getting her into the OR meant the difference between life and death. Adam said the decision had been made. He wanted to give Chelsea the good news, and he left. Nate was dumbfounded.

At Crimson Lights, Nate told Elena that Victor had arranged to fly in a specialist to deal with Chelsea's therapy. He said Chelsea faced a long road to recovery. Elena said she'd recommended Nate to the board because of his fabulous teaching and managing skills and his research experience. Nate said he appreciate Elena's boundless faith in him.

Devon arrived at the Grand Phoenix to meet with Amanda. Amanda was excited. She told him she'd called Naya, and Naya had agreed to meet with her later that day; however, it had taken some gentle persuasion. Devon asked if Amanda had told Naya she was a twin. Amanda admitted she had. Naya had asked if Amanda had been in front of her house just before Christmas. Amanda said she'd offered to meet at Naya's, but Naya had seemed reluctant to have her husband or daughter see Amanda. She then said perhaps she was wrong.

Devon said that Amanda was trying to anticipate the worst, so if it happened, she wouldn't feel let down. Devon suggested that she try the power of positive thinking, and if it didn't work out, at least she'd had the guts to call Naya. He offered to go with her for moral support. Amanda realized that Devon was curious because Naya was Hillary's mom, as well. Amanda declined his offer. Devon told her that he was only a phone call away. Amanda said he'd been the best friend anyone could ask for. He told Amanda to keep an open mind about the meeting and insisted she was up for the challenge. Amanda admitted she was looking for answers, and she was excited to meet Naya.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin saw Victoria and called out to her. He commented on the article about her rise to power that ChanceComm had done on her. She acknowledged that being a mother and a businesswoman were equally challenging. He stated that Victoria had made some bold moves without any scandals. Victoria claimed that she strived to be an ethical CEO. He asked if she held all her employees to that high standard. Victoria stated that Kevin's technical skills were excellent, but she wasn't hiring at the moment. Kevin assured her he was happy at the police department, and he wasn't looking for a job; he only wanted Victoria to succeed. Victoria said she had a meeting to go to, and with a smile, she left. Kevin muttered that Victoria had no idea how much he'd done to help her.

Victoria arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis wanted to know why she was there. Victoria explained that she had a lunch meeting, and since Nick was the majority owner of the hotel, the Newmans supported each other in business, Phyllis would be seeing a lot more of her. Phyllis claimed it was her hotel, and she owned it. Victoria snidely asked if Nick had gifted it to her and added how generous it was of him. Phyllis stated it was a loan, not a gift. Victoria stated that it was a no-interest loan, and it wouldn't get paid back -- so, yes, it was a gift. Phyllis claimed she would pay Nick back. Victoria was curious how Phyllis intended to do that. Phyllis said it was none of Victoria's business.

Victoria said that Phyllis never lived up to the lofty expectations of herself. Phyllis said she was ambitious and not always able to achieve her larger-than-life dreams, but when she arrived at home, she had someone who believed in her, loved her, and held her in his arms at the end of the day. That was what life was about. Phyllis feigned feeling terrible that Victoria had no one. Victoria smiled and walked away.

Phyllis arrived at the coffeehouse and saw Kevin on the patio. She asked him about Gloria and her situation. Kevin replied that it had all worked out. Phyllis claimed she'd been talking to Nick, and he'd told her about the internal scandal going on at Newman. She said Nick had said the Gloria situation had to do with Victoria and Newman Enterprises. Kevin claimed Phyllis had made that up. Phyllis admitted she had. Phyllis asked if Kevin had any details for her.

Kevin told Phyllis that Gloria had some dirt on a high-level executive at Newman who'd embezzled money. Gloria had wanted to blackmail him and take a cut. He said that the person had been the CFO of the Newman subsidiary in Los Angeles. Phyllis said that Victoria had been so intent on destroying her that she hadn't noticed that money had been embezzled. Kevin said that Victoria knew about it. He said the guy had been with the company for 20 years, and he had suddenly retired with no warning or fanfare.

Kevin told Phyllis that he'd checked the Newman server, and the money had been replaced about the same time. Kevin thought the guy had gotten busted, and he'd been allowed to slink off with his reputation intact. Phyllis claimed it didn't make sense because Victoria was ruthless and vindictive. She said Victoria would have used the guy as an example and ruined his career. Phyllis said that when she'd stepped out of line, Victoria had tried to ruin her. The CFO had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten a free pass.

Kevin told Phyllis that wasn't the way things had gone down, but Phyllis gleefully said that Victoria didn't want Victor to know because Victor would blame her. She said that Victoria had spent a lot of time getting revenge on Phyllis rather than protecting her company. Phyllis was practically dancing with glee when she said that Victoria's relationship with Victor was in tatters, and if he found out about the situation, Victor would remove Victoria as CEO of Newman. She said she had a secret on Victoria, and she and Kevin were going to exploit it. Kevin objected.

Phyllis asked what proof Gloria had on the embezzlement. Kevin said he had a flash drive of a video, from a hidden camera, of the CFO giving instructions to someone to have the money deposited into an offshore account. Gloria had hidden the flash drive at the Chancellor mansion. Phyllis asked if Kevin still had the flash drive. Kevin said he did, but he'd convinced Gloria that blackmail was a terrible idea. Phyllis said Gloria was a little clumsy, but Kevin knew what he was doing and would be discrete.

Kevin couldn't believe Phyllis was serious about putting the screws to Victoria. Phyllis claimed she wanted to get back what was rightfully hers that had been ripped out from under her because of Victoria's jealousy and her desire for revenge. Phyllis said she would make sure Kevin was taken care of. She wanted Victoria to know that Phyllis had the upper hand. Before she left, Phyllis asked Kevin to keep the flash drive safe.

At Society, Elena and Nate discussed his shock at the chief of staff signing Chelsea's release without discussing it with him, since he was Chelsea's primary physician. He said that was what happened when someone funded a hospital wing. Elena hoped it would work out for Chelsea. Nate stated it was out of his hands, and he wanted his focus to beon making sure Elena's day was fun and exciting. Elena asked Nate to follow her. As they were leaving, Adam arrived, glared at them, and went to pick up his takeout order.

Nick was sitting at a table when Adam arrived. Nick asked how Chelsea was doing. Adam said as well as could be expected. Nick assumed that Adam would bring Connor home. He suggested that Adam bring Connor over to play with Christian. Adam refused Nick's offer and claimed he could take care of his son without Nick's help. Nick said he wanted to do it for Chelsea and Connor's sakes. Adam asked Nick how much contact he'd had with Chelsea over the past year other than to tell Chelsea to leave Adam. Nick asked if he'd been wrong, since Adam destroyed everything he touched.

Adam snarled that Nick was "so smug," and he would love to wipe that smile off Nick's sanctimonious face. Nick challenged him to try it, but Adam said his focus was on Chelsea. He said that by saving her, he would save himself. Nick smiled and said, "There it was." Nick called it typical Adam to put the focus on himself.

Adam told Nick that Victor had been the only Newman who'd shown him any empathy. Nick stated that Adam hadn't wasted any time using Victor to his advantage, which didn't sound like cutting himself off from the family. Nick said he wanted to see Chelsea, and he asked Adam not to be at the hospital while Nick was there. Adam told Nick not to bother because Chelsea would be brought home shortly, and Nick wasn't welcome there. Adam left.

Nate and Elena arrived at the Grand Phoenix, and Nate asked what they were doing there. Elena said it depended on whether their suite was ready. Once in their suite, Nate told her she had time to change her mind. He said the last time they had tried, things hadn't worked out. Elena said it had been because she'd felt guilty, but she'd realized her guilt couldn't hold them back from living their lives. Nate hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob and closed the door.

Phyllis returned to her suite and found Nick in bed, naked. She asked if he'd gone to see Chelsea. Nick informed her that Chelsea had been released from the hospital. He told Phyllis to stop talking and get into bed.

Amanda sat at the bar with a glass of wine and nervously watched the door. She received a text message from Naya: "I don't think I can do this. I'm not ready." Amanda's pain and disappointment were reflected on her face.

At the penthouse, Chelsea sat upright in a wheelchair as Adam introduced Meredith to her. He said that Meredith was Chelsea's new nurse and that he'd had the den converted into a bedroom. He said that helping Chelsea get well was his number one priority. Chelsea had always been his rock, and he wanted to be hers. He said he'd called a truce with Victor, and Victor had sent for a specialist and arranged for an early release for Chelsea. He was going to do whatever it took to bring her back to him.

Amanda receives a warning from Imani Amanda receives a warning from Imani
Thursday, January 7, 2021
by Nel

Amanda was angry when she arrived at Devon's. She told Devon she'd known there was a possibility that Naya would cancel, but she was frustrated, angry, and hurt. It had taken a lot for her to reach out. She had no idea how to proceed. Making demands on Naya wouldn't get her anywhere. Amanda hoped that Naya would have a change of heart.

Adam stormed into ChanceComm and accused Billy and Lily of sending reporters to harass him constantly about Chelsea's condition to increase their readership. He warned them not to exploit Chelsea's condition. He reminded them how they had exploited Faith and how it had affected her. He said that whatever happened with Chelsea was on them. Adam accused Billy of being obsessed with him. Adam said he had no intention of sitting back and doing nothing.

Billy stated that Adam was the reason Chelsea had fallen and was in the hospital. Lily told Adam that he shouldn't be there, throwing around accusations. Billy asked Adam to admit that he'd cut the power the night Chelsea had fallen in the elevator. Adam admitted he had, and then he appealed to Lily. He said Connor had no idea about Chelsea's condition, and he needed to keep it that way. Adam left.

Lily asked if Billy was really thinking about going with the story. Lily said that doing a story about Chelsea had never been on the table, and they had no idea what her condition was. She wanted him to take a step back because he hadn't considered the broader implications. The decisions he'd been making weren't based on journalism. She said the story was personal for him, and she wouldn't agree to run it. Billy fired back that Adam had admitted that he'd cut the power that had caused Chelsea's accident and her medical condition. Lily said they had bigger stories to publish.

Lily reminded Billy that when they'd started working together, he'd asked her to keep him in check and to keep things from getting personal. That was what she'd been trying to do. Billy couldn't believe that Lily didn't believe he could separate his personal feelings from business. Amanda arrived and asked what the argument was about. Billy said he was considering running another story about Adam. Lily said only Billy was considering it. Lily said that after the fall, Chelsea had developed an aneurysm, and it had caused a stroke. She said that Adam had blamed Billy's pursuit of ammunition against him as an excuse to commit multiple crimes, and somehow it had been Billy's fault that Chelsea had been injured.

Billy told Amanda that Adam had admitted he'd cut the power so he could break into Billy's hotel room while Billy had been stuck at the office. Lily stated that it wouldn't hold up in court, but Billy claimed it didn't have to. Amanda agreed that Adam was incapable of assuming responsibility for his actions -- he was a loose cannon. She was against another exposť. Amanda said that even though they hadn't caused the problems, they were involved, if only peripherally. Billy had been at the front of the chain of events, and it would open them up to accusations that ChanceComm was creating news. She wanted to avoid any negative perception. She suggested they go with Billy's wrongful arrest.

After Amanda left, Billy told Lily that Amanda had agreed that Adam was responsible for ruining peoples' lives, but Lily accused Billy of being obsessed with Adam. Lily said she was thinking about Connor not getting hurt. She asked if Billy would do the same for Johnny and Katie. Angry, Billy left in a huff.

Sometime later, Devon arrived with coffee to see Lily after she'd sent him a text message about her disagreement with Billy. Devon said that it had been going on since the beginning of their partnership. He wondered why it had become a problem. Lily admitted that she and Billy had become involved. Devon was surprised. Lily said that when she and Billy had started working together, things had always been contentious.

Devon told Lily that he'd experienced the same thing when he'd worked with Hilary at GC Buzz. He and Hilary had argued constantly, and it hadn't been easy combing personal and professional relationships. Devon asked Lily what worried her the most. She said she was involved with a very complicated person. Devon said that it could be fun working with someone who was unpredictable, passionate, and intense. He said he missed that. Lily asked if she should be grateful she had Billy in her life. Devon said it was what she believed that mattered.

Jack entered the boardroom and saw Sally cleaning up after Lauren's meeting. Sally thanked him for speaking to Summer. Sally said that she and Summer had had a nice talk to clear the air. She said they might even become friends, but she hoped their relationship wouldn't go viral. She told Jack about a food fight she'd had with Steffy Forrester that had gone viral. They had become superstars. She also told him about the time she'd gone to a Forrester wedding, disguised as a caterer, and wound up with her face shoved into a cake.

Jack told Sally about a bachelor party he and Michael Baldwin had attended. One of the men present had been a man Michael had sent to prison. He hadn't been happy to see Michael, and a brawl had ensued. They had all wound up in jail. Jack said his face had wound up on the front page of the newspaper.

In her suite, Summer was packing for her trip to Los Angeles while Kyle watched. He asked how long she would be gone. Summer said she'd be gone for a couple of days, but she wanted to be appropriately dressed when she probed into Sally's past. She wanted proof that Sally was a con artist. She wanted Kyle to go with her, but Kyle said he couldn't take off work and use the trip to spy on Sally. Summer suggested he make an appointment with someone at Spencer Publications. Summer thought it would be delicious for them to go to Los Angeles together. Kyle said he couldn't.

At home, Adam told Chelsea that Dr. Lena Cavett was on her way. He said her specialty was with stroke patients, and she'd had extraordinary success with her protocols. She was in high demand, but Victor had arranged to have her help Chelsea. He said that Dr. Cavett felt it had been a good idea to bring Chelsea home because it was the best place for her, and Chelsea only had to focus on getting well. He would do the rest.

Dr. Cavett arrived. She told Chelsea that she'd had a great rate of success treating people who'd had a stroke. She promised to be honest and straightforward with Chelsea. Dr. Cavett understood that Chelsea was a fighter and that Chelsea would need to be. Dr. Cavett said she needed a baseline to see Chelsea's functionality. She asked if Chelsea was ready to get started. Chelsea blinked once.

When Dr. Cavett finished her evaluation, she told Chelsea she knew that it hadn't been comfortable or easy. Physical therapy was a demanding process, and it took time and a lot of patience. The doctor said she could tell Chelsea had a strong will to get better. After Dr. Cavett left, Adam told Chelsea they had previously said that they could get through anything as a team. He told her he loved her and wanted their team to win. He said he would stand by her side through the process.

Adam told Chelsea that he liked Dr. Cavett, and she was on top of things. At that moment, Adam received a call from Connor. He told Connor that Chelsea was asleep, and he would tell her that Connor loved her when she woke up. Adam said that Chelsea loved Connor.

At Jabot, Summer entered the boardroom, and Jack asked her how things were going at JCV. Summer told him about the conversation she'd had with Sally and how Sally had made a case for herself. Jack suggested they could be friends and a valuable asset to Fenmore's. Summer said that Sally was lucky to have Jack in her corner. Jack hoped Sally wouldn't get in her own way and become her own worst enemy. He said that Sally reminded him of himself in his younger days when John would ask him when he would stop taking shortcuts and grow up.

Jack told Summer that she'd had a lot of people to guide her to become the person she was. Sally needed guidance. If he could help channel her considerable drive, he saw it as a wonderful opportunity.

Sally arrived at the Grand Phoenix and approached Kyle. She assumed Summer had informed him they'd decided on a fresh start. She blamed Theo for telling Summer that she wanted Summer's job and her boyfriend. Sally claimed she was happy they'd been able to clear things up. She said that everyone thought she had an agenda, but the truth was she'd been up-front about who she was and what she wanted. She asked Kyle if he recalled their first conversation when she'd arrived in town. Kyle said he recalled she'd said that to be successful, she needed to visualize and name her goal as specifically as possible. She claimed it had worked, and she left.

A short time later, Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix and began ranting to Kyle that Jack had been completely snowed by Sally. She said Jack had gone on and on about how much potential Sally had and how Sally reminded him of his younger self. Jack had said it was his pleasure to give that plucky nightmare a boost. Summer said she'd almost thrown up.

Kyle told Summer he agreed that Sally couldn't be trusted. He said he'd received a dose of Sally Spectra in action earlier. She was adept at turning the charm on and off like a faucet, and she'd obviously done it many times before. She hadn't acquired that skill without practice. Summer said that was the reason she wanted to go to Los Angeles to prove that Sally wasn't as innocent as she pretended to be.

Summer said Sally had been playing Jack and Lauren. Summer wanted to prove she wasn't crazy for believing Sally was going after Summer's job and whatever else she could get her dirty hands on. Kyle informed Summer he was going with her. He wanted to find out who the real Sally Spectra was.

Billy arrived at Society, and Jack called him over. Jack told Billy he'd been reminiscing about the people who'd supported them and given them second chances they probably hadn't deserved. He couldn't recall when they'd officially stopped blowing those chances. Billy said he didn't think he was done.

Billy admitted he'd blown a million second chances. He'd believed he was in a great place -- he had a job he loved, the kids were great, he had people around who cared about him, but there was something that always got in his way. He admitted his profound hatred for Adam would never stop. Jack asked what Adam had done. Billy said Adam hadn't done anything.

Jack told Billy to drop whatever he was planning. Billy said his animosity toward Adam had led him to be wrongfully accused of attempted murder, and he still couldn't let go. He was ready to throw everything away to see Adam miserable. Jack pointed out that Billy was letting Adam control him. Billy admitted it was akin to being in a terrible and abusive relationship he couldn't get out of.

Jack said that if Billy knew the issue, then it was time to address it. Jack pointed out that Billy wanted to hurt Adam, but Billy was the one suffering. He told Billy to stop the suffering. Jack said they could talk over a meal, but Billy declined. He said he had to figure it out himself because it was getting in the way of something he cared a lot about, something he didn't want to lose, and he left.

Sally arrived at Society and saw Jack sitting at the bar. Before she could approach him, she received a call from her sister, Coco. Sally stood behind a pillar to speak with Coco, who asked how things were going. Sally peeked around the pillar at Jack, smiled, and said things were going surprisingly well.

In his suite, Billy had been deep in thought when Lily arrived. Lily said she admired Billy's passion for getting the truth, and she needed to do a better job of looking at things from his perspective. Billy admitted he had a blind spot where Adam was concerned, and it needed to stop. Lily was happy to hear that.

Billy told Lily he'd been thinking about her earlier question about whether he'd want Johnny and Katie to know about some of the things he'd done in the past. He didn't. He admitted he'd put Victoria in danger more than once, and it would kill him to think that was the kind of man he was. He claimed he wasn't that guy anymore. He didn't want to cause Connor and Chelsea any pain. Adam was another issue he needed to figure out, but he'd arrived at a solution where ChanceComm was concerned -- no more stories about Adam. It wasn't worth it.

Lily told Billy that was magnificent. She believed the reason Jill had wanted them to work together was because they were good friends, and Lily could help slow Billy down. Lily felt the bigger issue was how their relationship would affect business. She didn't know if it was possible to keep their personal feelings out of it. They needed to be honest and ask themselves if they could work together while in a relationship.

Billy told Lily they could do make a relationship work by acknowledging that they brought out the best in one another. They liked being together, and they liked each other. They would continue challenging each other, they would argue and disagree, but it would keep things exciting. It would give them plenty of opportunity to make up, and he suggested that they should do some making up immediately. Lily smiled.

Devon had been asleep on his couch. He opened his eyes and saw a woman. He called out "Hilary." She said, "Guess again," and she began to undress. Devon woke with a jolt and realized he'd been dreaming.

In her suite, Amanda called Naya and left her a voicemail message saying she knew it was a difficult and confusing time for Naya. She hoped Naya would have a change of heart about meeting with her. She said she didn't want anything from Naya; she only wanted to talk. Amanda ended the call when there was a knock on her door. When Amanda opened her door, Naya's daughter Imani warned Amanda to leave her mother alone.

Amanda reacts to Imani's threats by confronting Naya Amanda reacts to Imani's threats by confronting Naya
Friday, January 8, 2021

In a hotel suite, Elena sipped Champagne in bed as Nate emerged from the bathroom in a towel. He noticed her smile, and she cooed that she'd been wondering if she'd dreamed him up. He responded that he'd never had any dreams that had compared to that night, and she believed waiting until then had been the perfect decision. Nate commented that anticipation made getting what one wanted that much sweeter, and he asked what they should do for an encore.

Elena thought it depended on the text message Nate had received while he'd been in the shower. He checked his phone and found a message from Lily, who wanted to get together and talk. Nate figured that he could see her the next day, but Elena implored him to meet his cousin. He inquired whether Elena was trying to get rid of him, but she purred that they had the room all night. She planned to get some fresh air, and later, they'd pick up where they'd left off.

At Crimson Lights, Elena spotted Devon ordering coffee at the counter. She called to him, and he complimented her new hairstyle and asked how she was doing. She responded that she was doing well after finally taking his words to heart about moving on. She swore that she would always be sorry for what she'd done, and she hated that she'd hurt him; however, she hadn't been able to keep living with the weight of regret. Devon sensed that it was connected to who she was moving on with.

Elena confided that her first instinct had been to punish herself, but she was glad that instinct had faded. Devon thought perhaps it was the way things had always been meant to be, and he shared that he'd been doing some reflecting himself. He resolved not to go on blaming people and being full of hate and regret, since it wouldn't heal anything. Elena surmised that it had something to do with him and Amanda, but he insisted that they were just good friends. He admitted that he might be jealous when he saw Elena with Nate, but he pledged to do his best not to be. They amicably parted ways.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy informed Lily that all systems were go with the health care resource website they'd been trying to purchase, but they had to meet the sellers in Seattle the next day to close the deal. Lily was taken aback by how quickly it was happening, and she wanted to chat with Nate to see if he was willing to be part of it. Her phone pinged, and she declared that she was meeting Nate that night. Billy offered to take care of the travel arrangements while she pitched the idea to Nate.

At Society, Lily asked if Nate was looking at anything interesting on his phone. He cited the link she'd emailed, and she wondered if he'd heard of Ask MD Now. Nate recalled that the website had helped his patients to know what to ask and what to expect, but he wasn't sure why she'd wanted him to look it over. Lily shared that in a matter of hours, ChanceComm would be the new owner of the website, and part of her vision was to give the brand a face. She hoped she was looking at that face right then.

Nate was floored that Lily wanted him to be a spokesperson. Lily explained that he'd have a say in the content of the site, and she thought his experience made him the perfect fit. He protested that he was a doctor and not a personality, but she argued that he had a face people trusted. Nate was flattered, but he didn't think he was the type. Lily insisted that there was no type anymore, and she considered it a great chance for him to be a role model and to showcase more diversity.

Nate suspected that Lily was making the offer because she'd heard how his surgery had gone, but she maintained that he'd make a difference in the lives of millions of people. Nate expected Devon to have something to say about it, but Lily hoped they could move forward both professionally and as a family. She begged him to tell her yes before she had to catch her flight. Nate agreed to think about it.

Nate returned to the hotel suite and found Elena pouring Champagne. She informed him that she'd run into Devon on her walk, and their conversation had been surprisingly easy, with no bitterness or anger. She thought Devon had meant it when he'd wished her well, and Nate thought it explained her big smile. Elena admitted that it was a small part of it, but the rest was all Nate.

Nate relayed that Lily wanted him to be the face of a medical website that ChanceComm was acquiring, but he wasn't sure it was the right thing for him. He suggested that they relax, enjoy the Champagne, and save the job talk for later. Elena chirped that they could multitask by sipping their drinks while discussing his job prospects. She found it kind of hot that he might be famous, but he bemoaned that it was the part he wouldn't like. Elena gushed that a handsome, brilliant, compassionate doctor on the Internet couldn't help but become famous. He was pleased that she thought he was handsome.

Elena proposed that Nate perform a screen test, and she pulled out her phone and directed him to look into the camera and talk about the importance of staying fit. She urged him to describe how he'd achieved his perfect physique, and she recommended that he take his shirt off to get his point across by showing how fit he was. He protested that he could lose his license, but he realized that she wouldn't give up. Nate obliged by removing his shirt, and Elena seductively asked if he could suggest any cardio exercises. He hinted at something that burned calories and stretched muscles that was best done with a partner. He volunteered to demonstrate, and she turned off the camera and threw the phone aside.

Imani stormed into Amanda's hotel room and declared her intent to settle things right then. Amanda countered that there was nothing to settle, since the past didn't involve Imani. Imani snarled that whatever game Amanda was playing ended that night, but Amanda insisted that she wasn't playing any game. Imani huffed that it wasn't what her mother had said, and Amanda clarified, "Our mother." Imani asserted that she was her mother's one and only child.

Amanda asked if Naya had sent Imani. Imani claimed that she'd gone there on her own after Naya had told her what Amanda was trying to do. Imani observed that Amanda didn't look like the type who was easily misled or confused, and she assumed Amanda was up to something. Imani ranted that it wasn't the first time someone had tried to take advantage of her family, and she ordered Amanda to stay away from Naya. Imani warned that Amanda was asking for trouble, since no one threatened Imani's family and got away with it.

Amanda told Imani to slow down, since Amanda hadn't been able to say one word amid Imani's accusations. Imani spat that she didn't trust anything Amanda had to say, since people had tried to chip away at her family's power and position before. Imani demanded to know which enemy Amanda worked for, but Amanda denied knowing who Imani's family's enemies were. Amanda added that she'd cut Imani some slack because the truth was disorienting, but the threats had to stop. Amanda swore that the last thing she wanted was publicity, and she was only seeking answers.

Imani refused to buy Amanda's act, since Naya had confirmed that she hadn't had any other children, so Amanda was obviously lying. Amanda wasn't surprised that Naya had lied to spare Imani's feelings, but she cautioned that Imani was in for a rude awakening. Amanda reiterated that she only wanted to talk to Naya to find out why Naya had given Amanda up. Amanda beseeched Imani to consider the possibility that she might be telling the truth, and Imani glowered. Amanda asked if Naya had ever mentioned her cousin Rose or a year of college where Naya had left early. Amanda encouraged Imani to do some digging, since everything Imani thought was fact was actually fiction.

Amanda praised Imani for being protective of her mother, but she thought it was keeping Imani from being objective. Amanda urged Imani to think about what con she'd possibly be trying to pull, and Imani speculated that Amanda had played the game with dozens of other wealthy families before. Amanda asserted that she was an attorney who was respected in her field, and a DNA test would prove it wasn't a scheme. Amanda stressed that she was just trying to find out why her birth mother had given her away.

Imani haughtily stated that they all had history, and Amanda had gone to great lengths to hide hers. Imani revealed that she'd found nothing online about Amanda prior to that year, since the information had all been scrubbed from the Internet. Amanda explained that she'd been stalked, but Imani warned that she had the means to fill in the blanks and find out the real story about who Amanda was. Imani headed for the door, but Amanda bellowed that they weren't done. Imani threatened to ruin Amanda, just like she'd done to others before. Imani sauntered out.

Later, Devon stopped by Amanda's room, and she informed him that Imani thought she was trying to deceive their mother. Amanda noted that it had sounded like it had been Imani's idea to handle her, but she pondered whether Naya had sent Imani to put an end to Amanda's questions. Devon questioned what kind of mother would send her own kid on such an errand, and Amanda pointed out that her mom had also promised to meet her but had bailed at the last minute. Amanda guessed that Naya was terrified of the truth, and it was why Naya was lying to Imani.

Amanda thought Naya had drawn a line in the sand if she'd sent Imani to deliver the message, and it meant one daughter counted and the other didn't. Devon acknowledged that Amanda had every right to be upset, but he advised her to take a step back and compose herself to find the right way to respond. Amanda hissed that Imani had attacked with her claws out and had made threats against her, and she had half a mind to force her half-sister to back those words up.

Devon imagined that Naya's emotions were running high and that she was trying to figure out the right way to respond to Amanda. Amanda coldly replied that Naya had already chosen her response when she'd sent her child to handle what Naya should have handled herself, just like Naya had had someone else raise her twins. Devon pointed out that Amanda didn't know for sure what had happened, but Amanda refused to let Naya use her privilege to get away with evading Amanda. Devon gently noted that Naya didn't have to deal with Amanda if she didn't want to.

Amanda took Naya blowing her off as a challenge. Amanda decided that she would meet Naya that day as she'd planned, and she prepared to leave. Devon encouraged her to take a second to cool off, but Amanda countered that she'd already tried to play nice and gotten nowhere. Devon offered to accompany her. Amanda contended that she'd been on her own her whole life, and she intended to finish it alone.

Amanda rang Naya's doorbell and yelled that she wasn't leaving until Naya either opened the door or called the police. Amanda doubted that her mother wanted that kind of attention in a quiet neighborhood, since people would gossip. She taunted that the people next door were looking out their windows, and she shouted that Naya would be the talk of the town. Amanda fell silent when the door opened, and she faced Naya.

Sally greeted Summer in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Sally eyed Summer's suitcase and surmised that Summer was going on vacation because she hadn't heard anything about a business trip. Sally volunteered to help out while Summer was gone, but Summer curtly stated that she had everything handled. Sally asked where Summer was staying so she could stock the hotel room with a welcome basket. Summer replied that she was all set, and she turned to leave. Sally called out that Summer had never said where she was going. "That's right, I didn't," Summer snapped, and she walked out.

Later, Jack invited Sally to join him for a drink while he waited for a colleague. She gladly accepted, and he mentioned that Summer had told him that things were getting back on track between the women. Sally credited him for stepping in, and she recounted that Summer had just rushed out of there with a suitcase. Jack reported that Summer and Kyle were heading to L.A. on a business trip, and Sally wished she'd had a chance to steer Summer to the best hotspots. Sally asked who Summer and Kyle were meeting with, and Jack divulged that they were working on a deal with Spencer Publications.

Kyle waited in a private plane on the tarmac. Summer sent a text message to tell him she was on her way. Billy entered the plane and asked if some of the seats were free. Kyle informed him that the plane was booked and going to L.A., and Billy cheerfully hoped that Kyle wasn't in a hurry. Billy grabbed a snack and settled in, but Kyle argued that he'd booked the jet hours earlier. Billy reasoned that they were heading in the same direction. Kyle insisted that time was of the essence, so Billy had to find another way to get there.

Billy suggested that Kyle check his email for the revised itinerary. Kyle refused to fly halfway across the country with Billy, but Billy urged him to think about the planet. Summer joined them and asked what Billy was doing there. Billy guessed that the couple's trip was a romantic getaway and not for business, despite Kyle's claims of urgency. Summer barked that they didn't owe him an explanation, and she figured that there was no reason they couldn't all travel together. Kyle prepared for takeoff, but Billy announced that they were waiting for one more passenger.

After consulting with the pilot, Billy announced that they'd be flying to Seattle first. Kyle insisted that L.A. be the first stop, but Billy argued that it made more sense with the headwinds to head to Seattle. The men bickered as Lily arrived with apologies for being late. She observed that it looked like a full flight, and Billy invited everyone to sit back and enjoy the flight to Seattle. Kyle dryly remarked that he was thinking about rolling down the window and throwing Billy out over Iowa.

Meanwhile, at the Grand Phoenix, Jack toasted to one adventure after another, and he asked if Sally missed L.A. She thought it had been the right decision to move to Genoa City, and he commented that they were all benefiting. He checked a text message and learned that his dinner companion was waiting for him. After Jack stepped away, Sally contemplated what Summer was really up to in L.A. She sent a text message to Summer, asking her to tell the Spencers hi from Sally if Summer saw them. Summer groaned when she saw the message, realizing that Sally was watching her every move.

Lily tried to make friendly conversation about the weather at their destinations, but Kyle and Summer barely responded. Billy sent a text message to Lily, noting that it was downright frosty in there. Lily responded to say she was sure it was his fault. Kyle checked with the pilot and confirmed that L.A. was the first stop, but he still hadn't given up on the idea of tossing Billy out the window.

Kyle saw that Summer was still obsessing over the text message from Sally. Summer confirmed that she was plotting her next move to stay five steps ahead. Kyle predicted that Summer would be so far ahead that all Sally would see was dust. Summer recognized that underestimating Sally would a mistake.

Lily received a text message from Nate, who requested more time to consider her offer. Billy was sure that Nate would say yes because Lily wouldn't take no for an answer. Summer asked why Billy and Lily were going to Seattle, but Lily hesitated to say anything until things were finalized. Lily was sure Summer handled things the same way at JCV. Billy pointed out that the women wouldn't be sharing insights if they hadn't been on the plane together. Kyle grumbled that commercial airlines were just as conducive for business conversations, and he suggested that Billy try it sometime.

Outside the Grand Phoenix, Sally called Coco and confessed that things weren't going how she'd envisioned. She fretted that Summer and Kyle were on their way to L.A., and she doubted it was for business. She mentioned that the couple had a meeting with someone at Spencer Publications, and her biggest fear was that Summer would find out what had happened just before Sally had left L.A. Sally prayed for a thunderstorm to hit over the Rockies.

On the plane, Kyle offered to get Summer another cocktail, but he opted to let Billy and Lily fend for themselves. As Kyle and Summer started to get up from their seats, the pilot announced that they'd be flying through some rough weather, and he instructed everyone to fasten their seat belts. Turbulence began to jolt the plane.

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