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Dr. Cavett suggested psychological issues were causing Chelsea's lack of progress. Multiple doctors determined that Abby could never carry a child. Billy admitted that he was falling in love with Lily. Sharon sought advice from Nikki about Faith's drinking. Flo told Summer about Sally's past.
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Dr. Cavett suggested psychological issues hindered Chelsea's progress, Multiple doctors determined that Abby could never carry a child
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Abby and Chance receive surprising news Abby and Chance receive surprising news
Monday, January 18, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Billy excitedly described to Lily the novice-level expertise he'd discerned while watching Johnny and Katie ice-skating. Billy offered to forward videos of the kids that Victoria had recorded. Lily said she hadn't realized that Victoria had intended to join him and the kids. No sooner had Lily told Billy he hoped they'd all had a good time than Victoria knocked on the wall beside the open door. Victoria entered and said she'd stopped by to drop off Billy's tablet, which he'd left at her house the previous night. Victoria cut her eyes toward Lily and smirked when Lily said it was nice of Victoria to drop by personally to return the device.

Victoria teased that Billy had always been obsessed with his electronic devices and had once owned an e-reader he'd named Wendy. Billy explained that the name had been taken from a Springsteen song. Before Victoria left, she gushed that she and the kids had had a wonderful time together. Later, Lily told Billy that Victoria had been missing him. Billy disagreed, but Lily pointed out that Victoria's busy schedule often magically cleared whenever she learned of Billy's plans to be with Lily. Lily cited Victoria having gone out of her way to return the tablet and mentioning the skating outing.

Lily challenged Billy to deny Victoria's habit of manipulating situations. Billy insisted that Victoria's real concern was for Johnny and Katie. Billy suggested that it was Lily who was trying to put up a roadblock between them. Lily insisted she wasn't a master manipulator like a few of Billy's past partners. Billy admitted he was concerned about residual fallout after he'd admitted what had happened between him and Summer. Lily said she'd believed Billy when he'd said he wasn't the same guy he had been then. Lily assured Billy he should stop worrying.

At Society, Sharon spotted Adam upon entering and quickly turned to leave without drawing attention. Her plan was thwarted when she ran into Victor when he walked in the doorway. Sharon claimed she'd forgotten something. Sharon asked Victor if he'd heard anything about Chelsea. Victor suggested Sharon ask Adam. Sharon explained that she'd spoken to Adam previously and hadn't wanted to bother him again due to the trying times he'd endured. Victor noted that few people were willing to show sympathy. After Victor walked toward Adam, Sharon lingered in the entranceway and appeared worried about Adam.

Victor joined Adam and learned that his son was whiling away time because Chelsea's doctor preferred to work with her patient alone, though Adam reported that he hadn't yet noticed any progress. Adam said he'd hoped for even the slightest signal, such as an utterance or a gesture to indicate Chelsea was improving. Victor asked Adam what Dr. Cavett had said about Chelsea's progress. Adam replied that the doctor had cautioned him to expect that recovery would take time. Victor recalled his own recovery and agreed that it had indeed taken time and patience. Adam suggested it might take a miracle. Victor noted that their pleasant exchange should be considered a miracle. Adam agreed and expressed his gratitude for his father's assistance.

After Adam returned home, Sharon stopped by and delivered books about long-term care and stress management. Sharon said she couldn't help but be concerned about how Adam was doing. Before Adam could respond, a nurse wheeled Chelsea into the room. Chelsea glared at Sharon. Sharon seemed taken aback and told Chelsea she'd stopped by to see how things were going. Adam noted that it was sweet of Sharon to stop by. Chelsea thought to herself that Sharon was there for Adam, not her. In her mind, Chelsea thought, "Get her the hell out of our home now." Sharon apologized for having stopped by unannounced and quickly headed for the door to leave.

After Sharon left, Adam told Chelsea that Sharon had had good intentions because she was worried about Chelsea. Adam added that they needed all the help they could get during their crisis, and he reminded Chelsea that Sharon was a good friend. Adam's phone rang, and he walked to the other side of the room to talk. Chelsea experienced a hallucination as she imagined Sharon and Adam kissing. Chelsea became distraught and grunted. Adam hung up from his call and rushed to Chelsea. Adam asked Chelsea what she'd tried to say. Chelsea remained still and mute in her wheelchair. Adam told Chelsea that her utterance was proof that she would get well.

Abby and Chance anxiously waited to hear from her doctor. Abby had undergone testing to determine the cause for her failure to conceive. Dr. Coleman delivered unfortunate news, explaining that the miscarriage Abby had suffered a few years earlier had created an unusual amount of scar tissue inside the uterine wall. Abby asked if the scar tissue could be removed. Dr. Coleman said the tissue was too extensive to be removed, though she tempered the bad news with good, noting that Abby's ovaries were producing eggs. The scarring, Dr. Coleman explained, prevented implantation of fertilized eggs, making pregnancy an impossibility. Abby and Chance were devastated.

After Abby and Chance returned home, Chance hovered over his tearful wife, offering her food and drink. Abby cried, "The only thing I need, I can't have forever." Abby reflected on her previous pregnancy, recalling that it had just happened without her even trying. Abby suggested the universe was punishing her. Chance insisted they were experiencing a setback, not the end of their dream to have a family.

Traci stopped by the Chancellor mansion with a bouquet of flowers for Abby. Privately, Chance admitted to Traci that Abby had taken the bad news pretty hard. Chance went to find a vase while Traci offered comfort and love to Abby, acknowledging that Ashley couldn't be by her daughter's side. Abby laughed a little when Traci noted that Ashley's scientific approach to issues might lead to her phoning and questioning Abby's doctor. Abby said her mom had already offered to do it.

Traci explained that her way was to offer love and tell her niece that everything would be all right. Traci assured Abby that she and Chance would get through it. Abby cried that it seemed "so unfair." Chance returned with the vase of flowers when Traci suggested they get a second opinion. Chance agreed, but Abby was certain that Dr. Coleman's prognosis was likely correct. Traci backed off and reminded Abby that she should allow her loving family to hold her up for a while. Abby cried that no matter what, she couldn't get pregnant. Traci offered encouragement, reminding Abby that she had options.

Mariah stopped by to offer her support to Abby. Chance told Mariah that Traci had mentioned options available to him and Abby. Mariah agreed that modern medicine and scientific advances provided hope. Abby cried that she wasn't up to making decisions because she felt overwhelmed. Traci suggested Abby rest and sort things out when she felt up to it. Abby said she was grateful for the support and admitted she was sleepy. Mariah offered to be by Abby's side whenever she was ready.

After Traci and Mariah left, Abby began sobbing and told Chance that their devastating news had hurt her more than she ever could have imagined. Chance looked on helplessly as Abby cried that she couldn't bear to let go of the image she'd had of their family. Chance said he'd also had a picture in his head of the perfect family, though he could envision different ways to achieve their desires. Abby said she was reconsidering seeking a second opinion. Chance reminded Abby that they had time to figure out their options. Abby told Chance that the only option on the table was for them to have a family together.

Victoria arrived later than usual to her office at Newman Enterprises. Nikki said she hoped Victoria had taken some much-needed time off. Victoria offered a vague excuse for her tardiness. Nikki excitedly announced that she'd brokered a deal that would require her and Victoria to travel to Hawaii to finalize. Victoria claimed the trip was her mom's way of arranging a respite from work for her daughter. Nikki insisted it was just business combined with a little vacation for a mother and daughter to enjoy together. Nikki noted that Victoria could delegate her pending projects. Victoria insisted she couldn't leave Johnny and Katie and claimed that Billy could barely look after himself, much less their children.

Nikki asked Victoria if she was concerned about Billy's new relationship with Lily interfering with him caring for the children for two days. Victoria said she wasn't, and she asked for time to think it over. Victor entered and said, "Think about what?" Victoria changed the subject to business, but Nikki mentioned the trip. Victor agreed it was a wonderful idea. Victoria replied, "Mom wants to sit on the beach for a few days." Victoria asked her parents if they were ganging up on her. While Victor recalled trips he'd taken while he'd run the company, Nikki phoned Billy on speakerphone and asked if he could watch the kids for a couple of days. Billy said he could if Victoria was okay with it.

Billy returned to the office after his phone call with Nikki and Victoria. Billy announced to Lily that Victoria didn't miss him because she was taking a trip to Hawaii to get away from him. Lily suggested Victoria would think up a last-minute excuse to have Billy join her. Billy announced that he was in charge of the kids and suggested they all go skating. Lily reminded Billy that they had work to do. Lily mentioned the popularity of various podcasts and suggested some could use a little spicing up. Billy teased that one podcast might offer relationship advice, telling listeners to dress warmly and sip hot chocolate after gliding around on the ice. Lily closed the lid of her laptop and told Billy she was giving up and joining him for a skating outing, so Billy could get it out of his system.

Lily and Billy stopped by Society after they enjoyed an afternoon of skating. Lily said they had time for one drink before returning to work. Billy agreed and suggested Lily might be interested in getting to know Johnny and Katie better while they were in his care. Lily noted that getting to know a parent's romantic interest was a big deal for kids their ages. Billy said he'd given the matter some thought and believed it was the right time. Lily suggested it be done slowly and carefully, so Billy should refer to her as Daddy's friend from work. Billy agreed, though he insisted that Lily meant more to him than that. Lily laughed and kidded that she was Billy's skating partner.

Billy said he truly wanted Lily to know how much she meant to him. Billy admitted to Lily that he was falling in love with her. Lily responded to Billy by suggesting they advise the relationship podcaster to lean more toward romance, stressing that deepening relationships were best when proceeded slowly rather than fast and easy. Billy seemed uneasy as he awaited a frank response. Lily added that she approved of Billy being open with his feelings, adding that it was wonderful that he'd told her how he felt.

Victoria was working alone in her office when she received a text message from Nikki. Nikki sent a photo of a beach in Hawaii and captioned it, "You'll be here soon." Victoria swiveled her chair around and gazed at framed photos of her family displayed on a credenza. Victoria smiled when she admired a photo of herself with Billy, Johnny, and Katie. Victoria seemed lost in thought as she reminisced.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victor sipped coffee. Nikki thanked Victor for helping with Victoria. Victor said he thought Nikki's idea of a trip to Hawaii was a good one. Victor pondered why Victoria was so obstinate sometimes. Nikki replied, "Yeah. It's a mystery where she gets that from." Nikki asked about Adam and Chelsea. Victor said that Chelsea had made little progress. Victor said it was hard because he couldn't help his child in need. Nikki reminded Victor that Adam was aware that Victor was doing all he could, so she hoped he appreciated his father's efforts. Victor received a text message from Ashley informing him that Abby needed him.

From home, Sharon phoned Faith to check on her and left a message for her daughter to call back. Mariah entered. Sharon discerned that Mariah seemed saddened. Mariah told her mom she'd tried to comfort a friend, though her friend had instead needed a bit of space. Sharon explained that sometimes it was difficult to discern when one was caring too much. Sharon admitted she'd crossed the tricky line herself.

Sharon turns to Nikki for help with Faith's drinking Sharon turns to Nikki for help with Faith's drinking
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

On the Crimson Lights patio, Victor told Nikki that Ashley hadn't mentioned why Abby needed him. Nikki offered to go with him, but he thought he should do it on his own. Nikki hoped it wasn't about Abby and Chance that soon after their honeymoon, and Victor vowed to find a solution to whatever it was. After Victor departed, Sharon approached Nikki and inquired whether it was a good time to solicit some advice.

Sharon bemoaned that Faith had dealt with a lot, having left boarding school to help Sharon through her cancer. Sharon continued that Billy's exposé on Adam had resulted in it becoming public knowledge that Faith had been stolen at birth, and Nikki voiced her fury at Billy for dredging up painful history. Sharon revealed that some kids had been harassing Faith, and Nikki was outraged that the school had done nothing about it. Nikki offered to speak to the dean of students, but Sharon clarified that it wasn't what she wanted to talk about. Sharon confided that she and Nick knew of a couple of times when Faith had been drinking.

Nikki wondered why Nick hadn't told her. Sharon thought he'd been planning to, but she'd decided to seize the moment when she'd seen Nikki there alone. Sharon indicated that Faith had been on her best behavior while Sharon had been away, but Faith had seemed oddly perky when she'd welcomed Sharon home. Sharon mentioned that Faith had been with her friend Jordan both times Faith had been caught "the morning after," but there had been no proof the girls had been drinking together. Nikki thought it was enough evidence to break up the relationship.

Sharon asserted that it was important for teenagers to build social circles, and Faith had given up her friends at boarding school to be with Sharon during her treatment. Sharon hesitated to sever the connection Faith had found with Jordan, but Nikki insisted on intervening if Jordan was a bad influence. Sharon preferred to piece together Jordan's involvement in the situation, but she wasn't sure how to handle it. Nikki surmised that Sharon had turned to the family alcoholic for advice.

Sharon swore that she'd meant no offense, and Nikki was glad that Sharon had felt comfortable enough to ask for help. Nikki wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk with Faith about drinking and the choices the girl had made. Sharon mentioned that she and Nick had also decided that Faith should go into therapy, and Nikki assumed that they'd already talked to Faith about how alcoholism might have a genetic predisposition. Sharon confirmed that Faith also knew alcohol had been involved in Cassie's death.

Nikki lectured that kids who started drinking at a young age were more likely to become dependent, and they were also more likely to become sexually active at an earlier age. Nikki urged Sharon to keep the lines of communication open as much as she could, since it was a warning sign if Faith was putting up a front. Nikki cautioned that secrets and lies were classic defense mechanisms for those with the disorder, and addicts constructed alternate realities to avoid their problems. Nikki insisted that Sharon and Nick didn't have to face it alone, since they would all pull together to look out for Faith's well-being.

Sharon was glad to know her daughter was surrounded by love and people she could count on. She recalled reminding herself of that on the days when she hadn't known if she'd be there for her girls. Nikki thanked God that Sharon had won her battle with cancer, and she reiterated that Sharon could always count on her support, particularly with Faith. Faith entered the patio, and Nikki brightly stated that she'd just been speaking with Sharon about arranging a day to spend some time with Faith. Faith invited Nikki to send her some dates to see what might work, and Nikki headed out. Faith accused Sharon of telling Nikki about the drinking, and she was livid that her own grandmother thought she was an alcoholic.

Sharon admitted that she'd told Nikki about Faith's experimentation with alcohol, and she and Nick wanted Faith to listen to what her grandmother had to say. Faith protested that she'd only drunk a couple of times, and it didn't mean she was an alcoholic. Sharon pointed out that she wasn't saying Faith was, but Faith might have inherited a predisposition to substance abuse, and they needed to take that seriously. Faith demanded to know who else Sharon planned to tell, and she bitingly suggested that her mother ask Billy to write another article so the entire town could find out.

Sharon explained that she'd gone to Nikki because she'd needed advice, and she didn't always have all the answers or know what to do. Faith spat that she knew what she needed, and it wasn't being labeled or put into therapy. Sharon realized that Faith had been eavesdropping on her conversation with Nick. Faith reasoned that she'd had to listen in because her parents had sneaked around to make plans behind her back instead of being straight with her.

Faith resented Sharon for arranging a lecture from Nikki on the evils of drinking. Sharon countered that Nikki loved Faith and wanted to support her making good decisions. Faith contended that she'd just made a mistake, and she'd been taught that making mistakes was fine because she'd learn from them, but everyone was acting like it was a huge crisis. Faith declared that she wasn't an addict or a headcase -- she was just a normal person who'd had a crappy year. Faith ordered Sharon to accept it and leave her alone.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance was surprised to see Abby up when he'd thought she'd been napping. She wished she could sleep, but she kept reliving the moment when her doctor had said she'd never be able to get pregnant again. Abby lamented that it was like her brain was trying to convince her it was true, but it wouldn't sink in because she'd wanted so badly to hear that everything would be all right.

Victor arrived at the mansion, and Chance guessed he'd heard the news. Victor stated that he'd talked to Ashley, and he asked how Abby was doing. Chance admitted that it had been a bit of a shock, and he thought it might be better if Victor saw her after she got some rest. A forlorn Abby entered the room.

Later, Abby told Chance that her dad had said not to give up hope, since Victor was making a call to a surgeon in Chicago who specialized in cases like hers. Over the phone, Victor advised the doctor to review the video of the procedure Abby had undergone and give him a call later. Abby brightened at the prospect that there was still hope. Chance looked concerned.

Chance recognized that Victor was just trying to be helpful, but he reminded Abby that they'd talked about letting things settle before making a decision. Abby recalled Traci's words that sometimes doctors were wrong, and she saw no harm in getting a second opinion. Victor prepared to wait there until the specialist called back. Over a video chat, the specialist confirmed that Abby's scarring was too extensive for surgery to be effective. Victor pledged to never give up.

Victor consulted with another doctor over the phone, and Abby concluded from his reaction that the third opinion had been the same as the first two. She wailed that even if a fertilized egg were implanted, she would eventually miscarry again. Abby thanked her father for trying, and Victor pointed out that there was another way for Abby and Chance to have a child. Chance asserted that it was something to consider, but not that day because Abby needed rest. Victor told Abby to let him know when she was ready, and they'd figure something out. Later, Chance prepared a tray with something for Abby to eat, but he found her curled up in a chair, asleep.

At Society, Nikki cried that her heart went out to Abby, and she recalled what Victoria had gone through when she'd received similar news. Victor reported that Chance had been very quiet and obviously concerned. Nikki indicated that they needed to be concerned about Faith, too, since Sharon had confided in her about the trouble Faith had had coping with the stress she'd been under. Nikki divulged that Faith had been hanging out with older kids and experimenting with alcohol. Victor surmised that Faith was just testing her limits as a teenager, but Nikki worried that it might be dangerous.

Victor promised to do everything in his power for all members of his family, and Nikki remarked that retirement wasn't turning out the way he'd thought. Victor reiterated that the most important things to him were his family and his loving wife, and he cautioned Nikki against taxing her own health. She gushed that their trip to London had been restorative, but she was glad they were home because their family needed them. She wanted more than anything to be able to help their children and grandchildren through their challenges -- together.

Elena picked up a room key in the Grand Phoenix lobby. She ran into Amanda, who wondered why Elena was at the hotel. Elena replied that she was meeting Nate, who was running behind schedule because Lily had asked him to stop by her office. Amanda bet that it was about Lily offering Nate a position at the medical website that Chancellor Communications had just acquired, and she asked how Elena felt about Nate taking on that kind of role. Elena enthused that he was perfect for the job, and Amanda thought it would be something new and exciting for him to look forward to. Elena asked how things were going with Amanda and Devon.

Amanda insisted that she and Devon were just friends, and Elena noted that Devon had said the same thing. Elena confessed that it would selfishly give her peace of mind to know he was in a relationship, since it would mean he was getting over what she'd done to him. Amanda indicated that Devon appeared to be fine, and she didn't think he was faking anything. Elena was glad Amanda was there for him, but Amanda responded that it was the other way around, since Devon had been her rock ever since she'd tracked down her birth mother. Elena gasped, and Amanda realized they had a lot of catching up to do.

Amanda explained that it had been cathartic in a way to finally get answers, albeit painful ones, but then her half-sister had slapped her with a restraining order, which had cut deeper than expected. Elena compared it to how Ripley had filed a restraining order against Amanda to mess with her head. Amanda believed Imani had a killer instinct, and Elena contemplated whether Amanda was better off without her newfound blood relatives. Amanda relayed that Devon had encouraged her to keep an open mind because of his experience with Tucker, and she felt fortunate that she had someone whose doorstep she could show up on in the middle of the night and vent about her birth mother. Amanda received a message from Devon, asking her to meet him.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily presented Nate with a lab coat bearing the Ask MD Now logo. Nate observed that it happened to be his size, and Lily imagined it would look great on him when he taped video segments. He pointed out that he hadn't yet accepted the job. Lily declared that she wasn't worried, since she knew how compassionate and generous he was and that he would never pass up a gig that would allow him to help people. She added that he knew how relentless she could be, and he commented that Billy hadn't had any idea what he'd been getting himself into. Lily asked who had told him about her and Billy, and Nate informed her that she just had.

Lily turned the topic back to her job offer, but Nate sensed there was a reason she didn't want to talk about her relationship with Billy. She claimed that there wasn't much to say because they hadn't been seeing one another very long and didn't know where things were going yet. She recounted that butting heads with Billy and driving one another crazy had become fun, and it had progressed from there. Nate assumed that it wasn't serious. Lily figured that she and Billy had both realized they were in similar places in their lives and had bonded over rebuilding from the ground up. Nate objected to her comparing herself to Billy, and Lily wondered what Nate had against him.

Nate explained that as Amanda's friend and Victoria's doctor, he'd had a front-row seat to what had gone down when Billy's relationship with Victoria had ended. Nate blasted Billy for engaging in an intense friendship with Amanda on the sly while Victoria hadn't had any idea where his emotional energy had been going, but he figured that he was in no position to judge. Lily acknowledged that it was no secret that Billy had made bad decisions, but she believed he'd changed, and she admired him for being honest about the shameful things he'd done in the past.

Lily resumed pressing Nate to make a decision about the job. She thought he knew he would be perfect for it, even though he'd never done anything like it before. Nate questioned whether she thought he was afraid to try new things. Lily understood that he didn't like to fail, and she was confident he wouldn't. Nate accepted on the condition that either one of them could back out if it didn't work. Lily agreed to have Amanda put outs in the contract, but she was sure they wouldn't need them because he would be phenomenal.

At Society, Devon grinned as he read Amanda's response to his invitation. Lily entered the restaurant and remarked that it was nice to see him smile. She announced that she'd finally gotten Nate to be the face of ChanceComm's new medical site, and Devon thought it was a great opportunity for Nate to take on a new challenge. Devon informed Lily that Moses might be living with him for a while, since the teen was considering a career in medicine and hoping Nate could mentor him. Lily marveled that their family had seemed splintered at Thanksgiving, but it looked like their Genoa City family tree was growing a branch.

Lily looked forward to spending time with Moses once he was settled in, and she considered getting him an internship at Ask MD Now. She recalled telling Billy that she was happy not to be raising kids anymore, but she missed having teenagers around. Devon voiced surprise that she and Billy had been talking about having more children, and Lily clucked that if she said anything more, then she'd have to ask Devon about where things were going with him and Amanda. Lily teased that she saw the sparkle in his eye whenever Amanda's name was mentioned.

Later, Amanda joined Devon and apologized for it taking longer than expected for her to get there. He mused that she was worth waiting for. Amanda recounted her conversation with Elena about Naya and Imani, and she realized how much she'd relied on Devon to get through it. He insisted that he'd been happy to be there for her. Amanda wanted to prove that she was capable of discussing other things, like the lunch specials.

Devon mentioned that Lily had just been there, and his sister was under the impression that there was more going on between him and Amanda than they were willing to admit. Amanda recalled that Lily had said the same thing to her, and Devon pondered whether Lily was onto something. Devon invited Amanda on an official date to see what happened.

Nate met Elena in a hotel suite and thanked her for being patient. He revealed that he'd tentatively agreed to take the job, but he and Lily both had an out if it didn't work. Elena expected that he would be a natural, just like he'd been when they'd done his screen test. She squealed that their rendezvous wouldn't just be a date but also a celebration, although she'd be happy once they didn't have to rent hotel rooms. Nate groaned that he wouldn't have started a massive remodel at his place if he'd known where things had been headed for them. He couldn't wait for the day the renovations were complete, and he could take her there.

Elena mentioned that she'd had a potentially awkward encounter with Amanda downstairs, but it had ended up being perfectly pleasant. Elena shared that Amanda had found her birth mother and that the mother's other daughter had filed a restraining order. Elena wasn't surprised that Devon had been helping Amanda through it, and Nate asked how Elena felt about it. Elena thought Devon and Amanda seemed good for one another, and Nate assured her that it was okay for her to admit that she still cared about Devon. Elena insisted that it didn't affect how she felt about Nate, since she wanted things to work between them. He responded that it made two of them.

After having sex, Nate stared at a sleeping Elena. She dreamed of making love with Devon, and she seemed disoriented when she opened her eyes and saw Nate there. Nate asked if she was okay. She covered by claiming that she'd forgotten where she was for a second.

PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, The Young and the Restless did not air PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, The Young and the Restless did not air
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Due to the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, The Young and the Restless did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and picked up where the Tuesday, January 19, 2021, episode concluded.

Abby makes a major decision Abby makes a major decision
Thursday, January 21, 2021
by Nel

At the Abbotts', Jack entered the living room and noticed that Traci was upset. He asked what was wrong, but Traci said it wasn't her place to say. Jack wanted to know who Traci was talking about. He said it scared him when he saw that sad look on Traci's face. Traci said she didn't want to tell him because she didn't want Jack to upset Abby, and she reluctantly told Jack about Abby's infertility. Traci said she felt helpless, and she was heartbroken for Abby. There wasn't anything they could do except to give Abby their support.

Jack told Traci that Abby and Chance had been trying to conceive before their wedding. Tracy said that before Dina had died, Abby had hoped Dina would get to see her first great-grandchild. Jack said he felt cheated because he hadn't been able to raise a child from birth. Traci said there was such love a person felt for a child, even before it was born. Jack acknowledged that Traci had felt more pain than most people experienced in a lifetime after Colleen had died. Traci claimed she still had her moments.

Jack said that Traci was resilient and filled with grace, but through tears, Traci claimed she didn't want to be resilient or filled with grace; she only wanted Colleen back. Traci asked if Jack could imagine her as a grandmother. Jack said Traci would have made a wonderful grandmother, and with a smile, Traci agreed.

Jack told Traci he felt he'd made it harder for Abby because of the Teardrop of Love necklace because he'd preached the message of finding the perfect love and future for all the Abbotts. He believed he'd set the expectations too high, but Traci claimed that Jack had given them hope and a beautiful gift. Jack thanked her for that that and for telling him about Abby. He said he needed to know what was going on within the family and that he was grateful that he and Traci confided in each other.

Jack laughed and claimed that he and Traci sounded like the family elders. He said that if Traci had told him that one day he would sound like their dad, he wouldn't have believed her. Traci said Jack had always wanted to be like their dad, and he was. Almost in tears, Jack said that was the nicest thing Traci could ever had said to him. Traci claimed they always united as a family in times of trouble. Traci believed that with their love and support, Abby and Chance would be fine.

At home, a scenario played in Abby's head. She watched as Chance spoke to someone on the phone, lamenting about the damage to her uterus after the miscarriage and asking them what kind of future they had if they couldn't have kids. Abby snapped back to reality and realized she was alone. At that moment, Chance entered the room, and he asked if Abby had slept and if she was hungry. Agitated, Abby told Chance she wasn't hungry, and all she needed was time alone. She said it was hard not to feel like a failure, and she cautioned Chance about giving her a pep talk. Abby said she was going for a drive. Chance offered to drive and not say a word while Abby looked out the window with her thoughts. Abby refused.

Abby told Chance that she wanted everything with him, but she needed to sort out the jumbled thoughts in her head. She said she felt guilty, and she felt like a failure. He saw that Abby was distressed. He told her to take the time she needed, and he would be waiting for her. Abby grabbed her car keys and left.

A short time later, Victor arrived at the Chancellor mansion to check up on Abby because she had appeared traumatized after the other specialists had confirmed that she had too much scarring to get pregnant. Chance informed Victor that Abby had gone out. Accusingly, Victor asked why Chance had allowed her to go alone. Chance said he'd tried everything to go with her, but Abby had wanted to be alone. Chance said that Victor had made things worse by seeking second opinions that day. Chance said that Victor had added to the emotional chaos. Victor replied that as Abby's father, if he'd decided to call specialists to help his daughter, that was what he would do. Chance said that, speaking as Abby's husband, Victor hadn't helped.

Chance told Victor he wasn't angry at Victor; he just felt helpless. He said he was used to being in control, but he was frustrated watching Abby break day after day and not being able to do anything about it. Victor commented that the situation had obviously put a strain on their relationship. Chance said that Abby didn't deserve that. Victor asked how Chance was holding up. Chance claimed he was okay. Victor suggested they have a drink and talk.

Chance told Victor that he and Abby had made plans for their future that included kids, but it hadn't turned out the way they had expected it to. Victor said that at Chance's age, all he'd wanted to do had been to build an empire, but when he'd had kids, it had changed his life immeasurably. Victor asked if Chance wanted kids and if his feelings for Abby had changed. Chance admitted he wanted children, and he assured Victor that he wouldn't turn his back on the woman he loved most in the world. Victor said he liked what he'd heard, and he was happy Chance was in Abby's life. He said Chance was a man of integrity. Chance said he loved Abby.

Victor told Chance that Abby had gone through a lot in her life, but she was a strong lady. Chance said that when he'd been shot, Abby had practically willed him back to life. He said he wanted to follow through with the vows he'd made to Abby on their wedding day. Victor said he'd seen a lot of families who'd found other avenues of having children. He said that once Abby was over her depression, she would embrace a new vision of having a family. He asked if Chance would support Abby in her new vision. Chance admitted he would.

Abby walked into Society. It was after hours, and the restaurant was dark and empty. Abby went behind the bar and poured herself a drink. As Abby turned, she saw Victor and Nikki sitting at one of the tables, discussing her. Victor told Nikki that Abby had shut everyone out. Nikki stated that Abby had been devastated after the miscarriage, especially after she'd discovered that it hadn't been an accident but a deliberate event set up by Stitch's son, who hadn't wanted Abby in his and Stitch's lives.

Nikki told Victor they had to be patient and be there for Abby. Victor was concerned about how far Abby would spiral. Abby told Victor she would have called if she was about to do something. Victor mentioned how Ashley had gone into a very dark place after a miscarriage and how they had worried about her sanity. Nikki said a lot of people adored Abby, and she had to let them in. Victor said Abby was a Newman, and she would pull through.

Abby appeared to have an epiphany and rushed out. As the camera panned the restaurant, it was empty.

At Crimson Lights, Abby sat down at a table with Mariah, who asked how Abby was doing. Abby claimed she didn't know. She told Mariah that she'd told Chance she needed to be alone. Abby admitted that Chance was as wrecked by their situation as she was. She said Chance was very kind and understanding, but she felt he pitied her. She said that people got pregnant all the time, but she couldn't. She said her social media page was filled with pregnancies and birth announcements, something she would never have the opportunity to post.

Mariah told Abby that it hadn't been anything that Abby had done and stated that Abby had never had control over the situation. There was no reason why it had happened, and it sucked because someone Mariah cared so much about had to go through that heartbreak. Mariah said that no one saw Abby as a failure. She asked if Abby would ever think that way about someone who couldn't get pregnant. Abby said she wouldn't. Mariah said that Abby might be sad, but she wasn't broken.

Abby told Mariah that she'd always wanted to be a mom. She had so much to be grateful for, but it hurt knowing she'd never have that connection with her unborn child again, never feeling that first kick and being in awe of what the body could do. Abby said she would let it go, but she needed time. Mariah told Abby to go home and get some rest. Mariah left.

Abby arrived at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis asked why Abby was there. Abby said she wanted a room. Phyllis immediately assumed that Abby and Chance had had a fight, but Abby said she just needed to be alone. Phyllis pushed the issue of Abby and Chance having had an argument. Through tears, Abby said she had a personal issue she was dealing with and that she and Chance were deeply in love and looking forward to their future. Phyllis asked what was wrong with her because Abby looked like she was going to fall apart in the hotel lobby. Phyllis handed Abby a key and told her not to worry about paying for the room. Abby left.

In her suite, Abby sat on the edge of the bed and sent a text message to Chance: "Got a room at GP. Just need to sleep. I love you." She lay down and cried herself to sleep. Abby dreamed she heard a baby crying. She abruptly sat up and saw a carriage by the sofa. The baby continued to cry. Abby approached the carriage, sat down, smiled, and soothed the baby.

Abby woke up with a start and immediately looked at the spot where the carriage had been. The spot was empty. Abby received a text message from Chance: "Working from home. No pressure to come back. Just want you to know I'm here if you need me." Abby smiled.

Victor arrived at the Grand Phoenix and said good morning to Phyllis. Shocked, Phyllis said if he was there, then there really had to be a problem. Victor said he had a meeting. Phyllis immediately assumed it was with Abby. Victor asked if Abby was there. Phyllis informed him that Abby had arrived looking shell-shocked, and she had requested a suite. Victor asked if Phyllis had spoken to Abby. Phyllis claimed it was none of her business, and she walked away.

A short time later, Victor was on the phone, dressing someone down. He told them that when they had an appointment with him, they showed up. In the meantime, Abby exited the elevator and was surprised to see Victor there. She asked Phyllis if she'd called Victor to tell him Abby was at the hotel. Phyllis spat that she and Victor didn't talk. Victor told Abby he'd had a business meeting there. Victor asked if Abby was okay. Abby told him she'd done a lot of soul-searching, and when she had woken up, she'd felt much better. She said she had to leave because she had to talk to Chance. She thanked Victor and left.

Phyllis told Victor that Abby seemed much happier. Phyllis said she'd take the credit for Abby's mood change, since Abby had found answers in Phyllis' hotel. Victor asked if Phyllis owned that joint. Phyllis said it was all hers, and since it was her hotel, she needed to know what was going on. Victor smiled and told her to have a nice day, and he left.

Chance was working at home when Abby arrived. She smiled at him and said they needed to talk. He agreed. Chance told Abby he loved her more than words could say, and he didn't want to fix her or tell her how to feel; however, he wanted to be by her side through the whole process.

Abby told Chance she was done with mourning. She admitted she'd been crushed, and the news had been the biggest disappointment of her life. She had wanted to go through the pregnancy with him. Under the circumstances, that couldn't happen, but they would have children. They needed to look at all their options and find out what would be the best option for them. Chance said he was on board with Abby and ready to look at their options, but he cautioned Abby not to rush into anything and not to do it for him.

Abby told Chance she was doing it for herself. She warned Chance that she would over-research everything, she would want answers instantly, and she would be as "annoying as hell." In the end, they would be called "Mommy" and "Daddy," and their dream would come true, even if it turned out to be a little different than they had first imagined. Chance claimed Abby was amazing, and he couldn't wait to start the adventure with her.

Flo tells Summer about Sally's past misdeeds Flo tells Summer about Sally's past misdeeds
Friday, January 22, 2021

At Adam's penthouse, Dr. Cavett joined Adam in the living room after a therapy session and reported that Chelsea was trying very hard. Adam hoped Chelsea had attempted to talk, but the doctor didn't think Chelsea was there just yet. Adam swore that Chelsea had made a moaning sound the day before, and he didn't see how Dr. Cavett could dismiss it. The doctor explained that it was good to know that Chelsea could engage her vocal cords to some degree, but she was more concerned with the lack of return of Chelsea's motor skills.

Later, Adam pressed Chelsea to make a sound for Dr. Cavett, but Chelsea showed no reaction. Adam guessed that Chelsea was tired from the physical therapy, but he clung to the hope that she'd try to communicate again. Adam recalled that a friend had dropped off some books right before Chelsea had made the sound, and he theorized that it had given Chelsea some energy. Chelsea bitterly thought to herself that Sharon was no friend, and Chelsea had been trying to warn Adam about her. Adam begged to know how he could help his fiancée. Dr. Cavett instructed him to continue with the daily exercises and to keep encouraging Chelsea. The doctor stepped out to consult with the rest of the team.

Adam knelt next to Chelsea and pledged that they would get through it together. He found a text message on Chelsea's phone from Connor, saying the boy missed his mom. Adam resisted his instinct to respond with a heart emoji, but he realized that he had to tell Connor some version of the truth soon. Adam understood that Chelsea was worried, and he promised to do whatever it took to ensure their son got through it. He pledged not to send a message back until she signaled it was okay.

Adam apologized for dragging Chelsea out and asking her to make a sound for the doctor, but he wanted answers and solutions. He glanced at the books Sharon had dropped off and vowed not to overlook anything that might help. Inside her head, Chelsea told herself that he was saying all the right things, but she questioned why he couldn't let Sharon go. Adam stepped out to take a call.

Chelsea glared at the books on the table and wondered if Sharon was trying to pull something, knowing Chelsea couldn't respond. Chelsea envisioned Sharon writing endearing notes to Adam in the margins of the books, and she pondered what she'd done to deserve that kind of torture. Adam informed Chelsea that he had to go out but that he wouldn't be gone long. Chelsea assumed he was going to see Sharon.

Sharon's face lit up when Rey entered the cottage with a bouquet of flowers. He coolly indicated that she'd gotten a gift -- from Adam. "Your kindness is appreciated," Sharon read aloud from the card. "Warmly, Adam," Rey finished. Rey questioned what kind of game Adam was playing, and he contemplated finding Adam to ask him. Sharon insisted that Adam wasn't playing any games, since she'd dropped off some books at his place the day before to help him with Chelsea's condition.

Sharon explained that she'd planned to tell Rey; however, he'd gotten home late the night before, and they hadn't had a moment together until then. Sharon reminded Rey that she was the woman he'd just married and gone on a fabulous honeymoon with, and she told him every day how much she loved him. He swore that he would always trust her, but he would never trust Adam. Rey figured that the kind gesture had just been Sharon being Sharon, but she'd sensed that her presence had upset Chelsea. Sharon assured Rey that he didn't have to worry about her going back, since Adam didn't seem to need her, and Chelsea definitely didn't.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked if Kevin had talked to his mother. He grumbled that he'd dodged a couple of calls, since things had been going too well to get mixed up in Gloria's drama. Kevin suspected that his mother was hatching another half-baked plan, and he was thankful that he'd steered Phyllis away from piggybacking on the shady evidence Gloria had found on the Newman executive. Chloe asked if he wished he had a normal mother who just called to say hi, and Kevin accepted that he just had to deal with it. Chloe headed out to visit with Chelsea, and Kevin received an anonymous text message that simply read, "The patio." He entered the patio and found Gloria waiting for him.

Kevin voiced surprise to see Gloria, but she barked that the visit wouldn't have been unexpected if he'd bothered to answer her calls. She groused that she'd had to leave L.A. quickly because he'd destroyed the one piece of evidence that might have secured her future. Kevin argued that he'd been protecting her, since getting involved in a Newman blackmail scheme would have led to trouble. She countered that she'd been trying to help the Newmans, and she'd stolen the evidence to stop her boss's scheme.

Gloria claimed that she'd hoped to get a handsome reward from the Newmans for exposing her boss, but instead, her boss had fired her and thrown her out of the guesthouse she'd been living in. Gloria declared herself homeless, and she thought Kevin owed her. He agreed to help her find a new place, but she announced that she was moving in with him and Chloe. Gloria added that she was also famished, and she decided that Kevin would treat her to the best meal in town.

At the counter, Sharon handed Rey a coffee drink to take to Paul. Rey noted that she'd given Adam books and Paul coffee, and he wondered what he'd get. She purred that he'd have to wait and see that night. Rey reflected back fondly on their honeymoon, but he pointed out that it hadn't been easy to steal time alone with his extended family around. He proposed that they go on a private getaway for Valentine's Day, and she loved the idea. Rey answered a call from Paul and headed out.

A moment later, Adam entered the coffeehouse, and Sharon inquired about Chelsea. Adam lamented that nothing had changed, and Sharon awkwardly thanked him for the beautiful flowers. She worried that stopping by his place had been a mistake, but he appreciated the gesture and mentioned that he'd been reading one of the books. Sharon observed that her presence had seemed to upset Chelsea, but Adam denied it. Adam wished Chelsea would get agitated, since anything would be better than the helpless look in her eyes.

Chloe arrived at the penthouse and hoped Chelsea didn't mind that she'd just shown up. Chelsea silently wished Chloe were there more often, since she needed an ally. Chloe displayed a card that Bella had made, showing Adam and Chelsea standing side by side and holding hands. Chloe mused that Chelsea was 100 percent better in the picture, which is what everyone wanted for her. Chelsea angrily thought about what Sharon wanted, and she wondered if it was what Adam wanted, too. Chelsea suspected that Adam had left her there alone while he was spending time with Sharon.

Chloe showed some family photos to Chelsea, but she noticed that Chelsea seemed upset and asked what was wrong. Chloe considered summoning Adam, and Chelsea privately willed Chloe to figure it out. Chelsea tried to make herself mumble or do something, but she was unable to respond.

Meanwhile, Adam thanked Dr. Cavett for meeting him at the coffeehouse, since he'd wanted to talk away from the penthouse to avoid Chelsea hearing them and getting upset. Adam pressed for honest answers, and the doctor confessed that there was something she'd been hesitant to discuss. Dr. Cavett referred to Chelsea's equal lack of motor response on both the right and left sides, even though the stroke had only affected her right side. Adam recalled that Chelsea had shown mobility on her left side at the hospital. The doctor suspected there was a reason Chelsea wasn't responding.

Dr. Cavett explained that there were often emotional factors at play, like frustration with the inability to do things that had once been second nature or the fear that the condition was permanent. She continued that psychological distress in the form of depression could slow the recovery of motor and language skills, and she recommended that Adam find someone to deal with Chelsea's emotional wellness while the doctor dealt with the physical side.

Later, Sharon reviewed some online information about stroke patients as Rey returned to the coffeehouse. He asked what she was looking at, and she fibbed that she'd been researching ideas about where to go on their Valentine's Day trip. He cooed that it didn't matter where they went as long as it was just the two of them.

Adam returned to the penthouse and described to Chelsea how the trees were covered with snow. He offered to move her so she could look out the window, and he bet that they'd be taking walks again by spring. Adam struggled to hide his dismay at her lack of response. He sent a text message to Nate, requesting that they talk right away about an idea he had.

At an L.A. restaurant, Summer received a text message from Kyle, who inquired whether she'd met with Flo yet. At that moment, Flo arrived and admired Summer's dress. Summer complimented Flo's earrings, and Flo offered to put her in touch with a friend who created custom jewelry. Flo recognized that they weren't there to talk about fashion, since Summer wanted to hear about Sally. Flo thought that warning Summer about Sally was the least she could do, since Sally was a nightmare. Flo continued that if she could save one human being from the grief she'd been put through, it would be worth it.

Summer admitted that Sally hadn't done anything to her -- yet. Summer confided that her boyfriend thought she was overreacting, but she'd dealt with the jealous type before. Flo muttered that she wasn't surprised a guy was giving Sally the benefit of the doubt, since Sally had the sick gift of playing the innocent victim in a way that duped otherwise intelligent men. Summer revealed that Sally had made it clear that she wanted to steal Summer's boyfriend and job, but Summer wasn't too worried about it. Flo urged Summer to listen to Sally's threat, since Sally would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.

Flo referred to Sally kidnapping, lying, and trying to get pregnant to get a man to love her again. Summer was aghast that Sally had committed actual crimes. Flo explained that Sally and Wyatt had been involved at one point, but he had moved on with Flo, and Sally had been determined to get him back. Flo conceded that Sally had had a tough upbringing, and people -- especially men -- were willing to cut her slack because they felt bad for her. Flo contended that she'd tried to be understanding, but it had ended up backfiring on her.

Flo divulged that Sally had pretended to have a terminal illness, and Sally had been so convincing that everyone had believed her. Flo regretted making the mistake of encouraging Sally to spend her final days with Wyatt by moving in with him, but she felt fortunate that she'd uncovered the scam and exposed Sally for the liar she was. Summer pressed to know about the kidnapping part. Flo recounted that when she'd been about to tell Wyatt everything, Sally had knocked her out, tied her to a radiator, and left her behind while Sally had attempted to seduce Wyatt in the hope of getting pregnant with his baby. Flo continued that she'd been able to send Wyatt a signal that he'd seen just in time, and Sally had left L.A. in disgrace when everyone had found out what she'd done.

Summer called Flo a "badass" and expressed her appreciation to Flo for telling the story. Flo admitted that it had been cathartic to share, and Summer was surprised that the scandal hadn't followed Sally. Flo figured that Sally had gotten off without any criminal charges and cut ties with everyone she'd known, so she'd had a clean slate. "Until now," Summer responded, hoping she could use the knowledge of the past craziness to prevent future pain. The women made plans to stay in touch, and Summer suggested that they take a selfie to represent the start of a beautiful friendship.

Later, Kyle joined Summer, who reported that Flo had been eager to tell her story. Summer intended to fill him in on the details later, but it had boiled down to a big warning about what Sally was capable of -- which was a lot. Summer thought she should be terrified after finding out who Sally really was, but she felt empowered. Summer gushed that taking the trip had been the best idea, since she'd struck a deal with Spencer Publications and found a great location for a JCV store, and Kyle had met with the Jabot team. She squealed that she'd also gotten all the ammunition she needed to keep Sally in her place, and she thought they had just enough time to celebrate before they returned home.

Kyle prepared to order Champagne, but Summer anticipated a celebration that included a bed, hot tub, and room service. While they waited for the check, they pictured themselves in an old romantic movie. Kyle envisioned asking her to dance and whispering something in her ear as they glided across the floor. He left what he said up to her imagination, and she opted to forget the check and pay in cash. He threw some bills down on the table, and they rushed off to their hotel.

Jack and Lauren wrapped up a meeting at Society as Sally approached. Lauren informed Jack that Sally had been working on a marketing pitch for Fenmore's. Lauren stepped aside to take a call, and Sally stopped Jack from leaving. Sally felt lucky that Jack was there, since she'd worked all night on a pitch for Lauren, and she needed someone to rehearse with. Sally called him the smartest sounding board she could have hoped for, and she prepared to add "handsomest" if he held out. He contemplated adding her to his speed dial so he could call her anytime he felt bad about himself. She replied that he could call her -- anytime.

Jack wondered why an experienced person like Sally was nervous. She chalked it up to it being her first pitch to Lauren, and she didn't want her boss to have any doubts about her ability. Jack was confident that Lauren already valued Sally, but Sally insisted on going over her ideas before Lauren got back. Sally suggested that Fenmore's partner with established influencers with real achievements to give the company instant credibility. Jack thought it sounded smart, but he advised that the devil was in the details. Sally bragged that it was where she shone. Jack sat down and told her to hit him with her best shot.

Sally proposed a series of ads, pairing Lauren with various influencers to depict her hanging out with the cool people. Sally reasoned that Lauren had class and presence and was gorgeous, so she'd be a natural. Jack was impressed, and he compared it to being invited to a hip party with all the beautiful people. He noted that he'd known Lauren a long time, and he'd be surprised if she didn't put Sally's ideas into motion right away. Lauren rejoined them and prompted Sally to wow her.

After Sally presented her ideas, Lauren mentioned overhearing Jack say that she'd like Sally's pitch, but he'd been wrong -- she'd loved it. Lauren was surprised to be the star of the campaign, but she understood that they needed a new image to update their brand, and she was blown away. Lauren warned that she would expect that level of work on every project Sally did, and Sally enthused that she was ready for it. Sally added that moving from California was one of the best things she'd ever done, and she might have finally found a home. Sally's phone pinged, and her expression darkened when she saw a photo of Summer and Flo on social media. Jack asked if everything was all right.

After Lauren left, Jack told Sally to take a deep breath, since she could stop being nervous. Jack surmised that she'd been second-guessing herself, and Sally bemoaned that she did it all the time. Jack assured her that she'd nailed the pitch, so she could take a victory lap and be proud of herself. He added that he'd been around a long time, and he knew a winner when he saw one. He called her a rising star who could make a real impact around there.

Kevin and Gloria entered Society, and she looked around in awe. She spotted Jack with Sally and asked Kevin who the woman with Jack was. Kevin responded that he didn't know. Gloria called out that it was nice to see Jack again, and she claimed that she was in town because Kevin and Chloe needed her. She gushed that Hollywood had never felt like home the way Genoa City did.

Chloe arrived and was floored to see Gloria. Kevin steered Gloria away from Jack. Sally asked who Gloria was, and Jack groaned that it was a long story. Jack offered to walk Sally out, but she preferred to stick around. She thanked him again for his help and support, and he congratulated her and left. Sally looked at the photo of Summer and Flo again and glowered.

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