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Chelsea hid her ability to move her left hand. Adam requested that Sharon provide psychological counseling to Chelsea. Mariah agreed to be a surrogate for Abby and Chance. Jack and Sally drew closer. Elena and Devon had an honest conversation and wound up in a passionate embrace.
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Mariah agreed to be a surrogate for Abby and Chance, and Elena and Devon's honesty turned passionate
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Adam takes a drastic measure to help Chelsea Adam takes a drastic measure to help Chelsea
Monday, January 25, 2021

In Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Nikki found Victoria poring over contracts instead of handing off projects ahead of their planned trip to Hawaii. Nikki announced that their pilot was waiting. Victoria replied that the pilot could wait a few hours. Nikki cried that leaving later wouldn't allow time for their ocean-side massages. After Victoria pointed out that Nikki hadn't mentioned attending a single business meeting, Nikki insisted that her daughter needed a getaway.

After Nikki stepped out, Victoria phoned Billy and offered to stay in town. Billy said he'd eagerly enjoy any time he could get to spend with his children. Victoria informed Billy that he should be at her house before Katie returned from school, though Johnny would arrive later after basketball practice. After Billy hung up, he invited Lily to join him and the kids for dinner. Lily was evasive. Billy asked Lily what was holding her back. Lily explained that she was being sensitive to his children's feelings. Lily reminded Billy that when he introduced her to his children, he should make it clear that she was his coworker. Billy applauded Lily as a first-class mother for always putting the needs of children first.

At Chancellor Communications, Lily informed Billy that their company had been invited to New York City to meet with Bob Heyward of Heyward and Daughters Media. Lily explained that Mr. Heyward would be stepping down and that his daughters had no desire to take over. Billy said they shouldn't waste time before pursuing a deal. Lily suggested waiting until after Billy was free to travel. Billy proposed taking Johnny and Katie to New York. Lily nixed Billy's plan and said she'd travel to New York and have Billy join meetings via video chat. Lily added that Mr. Heyward would likely be impressed by Billy's dedication to his children.

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, Chelsea called out to Adam, moved her hands, and then stepped out of her wheelchair. Chelsea repeatedly summoned Adam and rejoiced that she could walk and talk again. Chelsea searched everywhere for Adam and continued talking aloud that he wouldn't believe what was happening. Chelsea opened her front door and was shocked when she entered Sharon's house. Sharon, nude beneath a throw, was asleep on her sofa. Adam, wearing only a robe, entered the room.

Chelsea said, "Adam, what is this?" Adam was surprised to see Chelsea walking and talking. Sharon awoke and said, "Chelsea?" Adam proclaimed Chelsea's recovery to be a miracle. Chelsea appeared to be in shock. Sharon said it was time to celebrate and poured glasses of leftover Champagne. Sharon raised her glass and said, "To Chelsea!" Chelsea asked Adam why he was with Sharon. Adam replied, "What did you expect? It was bound to happen." Chelsea began crying, "No! No!" Chelsea opened her eyes and realized she'd been dreaming. Chelsea closed her eyes and willed herself to wiggle fingers on her left hand.

At Society, Adam met with Nate about Chelsea's lack of progress despite treatment by a renowned specialist, Dr. Cavett. Nate recalled that a stroke had affected Chelsea's right side, adding that he was concerned that she also hadn't regained movement on her left side. Adam said Dr. Cavett had suggested that there could be a psychological issue at play. Nate agreed, recalling that Chelsea had moved her left hand when she'd been in the hospital. Adam remembered that at the time, Chelsea had been concerned about Connor, so he believed that Chelsea's thoughts and feelings were playing a role. Nate explained that some patients in Chelsea's situation suffered from depression, so it might be time to consult with a psychologist. Adam shot down Nate's list of referrals and insisted it would be best for Sharon to consult with Chelsea.

After Adam returned home, the nurse, Meredith, reported that Chelsea had taken a nap and seemed to have had a peaceful day, despite declining to watch television or enjoy audiobooks or music. After Meredith stepped out, Adam told Chelsea that he and Nate had decided to involve an expert in mental health. Chelsea, in her mind, replied, "Let me guess who you think that should be." Adam told Chelsea that a patient's state of mind could have a physiological effect on recovery, so he'd agreed with Nate and Dr. Cavett that a therapist might be of help. Adam added that he'd suggested Sharon. Chelsea thought to herself, "And there it is."

Chelsea blinked twice. Adam said, "That's a 'no.' You don't like the idea of working with Sharon. I know that you don't trust her." Chelsea thought to herself that she didn't trust Adam around Sharon. Adam reminded Chelsea of Sharon's past successes with him and Connor and said Chelsea deserved to have a full life with her husband and son. Chelsea relented and agreed to work with Sharon. Chelsea thought to herself, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Adam summoned Meredith and told her he'd be back shortly. After Adam left, Chelsea realized that agreeing to Adam's plan would allow her to observe Adam and Sharon together. Chelsea envisioned recovering the use of her hands to throttle Sharon.

Adam stopped by Sharon's. Adam told Sharon that both he and Nate had agreed that Chelsea needed a therapist to treat depression, which had thwarted her progress. Sharon recalled that her presence had irritated Chelsea during a recent visit. Adam replied, "That's exactly why I want you to work with her. After you left, Chelsea had a breakthrough. She made a sound, an actual sound. She was able to use her vocal cords." Adam added that Sharon had prompted the response and had pushed Chelsea's recovery forward. Sharon was unsure she should be part of Chelsea's therapy in such a way because it would be unethical if the patient was unwilling. Adam insisted it was what Chelsea wanted, adding that she'd indicated she was ready to do anything to get well.

Lily had coffee with Amanda at Crimson Lights and told her that Billy wouldn't be able to travel to New York because he'd be caring for his children while Victoria was in Hawaii. Amanda offered to accompany Lily to provide legal counsel. Lily was open to the suggestion, explaining that Amanda would be away for a week. Amanda said she could work remotely. Lily was excited about mixing business and pleasure, noting that she was free to travel on a whim after having spent years putting her children's need ahead of her own. Amanda noted that it would be decades before Billy would be in the same boat as Lily in that regard.

Lily praised Billy for making his kids his top priority, though she admitted that his responsibilities were causing some issues. Amanda said she was looking forward to the trip, though she was sorry it wouldn't be the romantic trip Lily had hoped for. Amanda recalled that Lily's son lived in New York. Lily teased that her son would point out that they'd recently spent time together, so she'd join him for lunch one afternoon. Amanda welcomed time to get away and reflect on what had transpired between her and her birth mother, Naya, who'd admitted having given up her twin girls without thinking through her decision. Lily said she couldn't understand why Naya hadn't followed up, especially with Hilary, who'd been raised by Naya's cousin. Amanda added that Naya could have found her, though she'd chosen not to, even maintaining her distance by obtaining a restraining order. Amanda cried that it bothered her a lot.

Lily recalled that Amanda's half-sister had accused her of being an extortionist and a liar. Amanda said it had hurt even more because Naya hadn't defended her by assuring Imani that her half-sister didn't pose a threat. Amanda said she'd been hurt most by Imani's threat to ruin her career. Amanda added that Imani's achievements had been gained though entitlements afforded by her family's powerful connections. Amanda admitted she'd considered blowing up the family's picture-perfect image, which was far more important than she or Hilary had been to them. Lily told Amanda she could publish Amanda's story if Amanda so desired. Amanda said she wasn't ready, though she would reserve the right to change her mind.

After Lily left, Nate joined Amanda. Amanda congratulated Nate on his new position at ChanceComm as the face of Ask MD Now. Nate admitted it had always made him uneasy when his patients had diagnosed themselves with aliments they'd read about online. Amanda pointed out that Nate would serve patients by gaining their trust and showing them there could be no substitute for personal consultations. Amanda added that Devon had told her Nate had seemed reluctant about mentoring his cousin Moses. Nate said that after discussing it with Elena, he was open to the opportunity.

Nate recalled the excellent example his mother had been for him, so he felt obligated to pay it forward. Amanda said she knew Devon and Lily would be grateful to have their little brother back in town. Amanda asked Nate if his decision might be based on hopes it would smooth things over with Devon. Nate only said that family was complicated sometimes. Nate admitted Elena had told him what had transpired when Amanda had met with her birth mother. Amanda said she didn't regret digging into her past because she'd gotten answers to mysteries she'd dealt with her entire life. Amanda praised Devon, who had endured his own painful experiences with Tucker and Katherine and had still supported her every step of the way.

Billy arrived at Victoria's and called out to Katie. Victoria was shoving items into a travel bag and explained that their daughter was upstairs in her room, pouting because her mother was leaving town. Billy said he was certain Katie would be all right, and he asked Victoria about her trip. Victoria explained that though Newman Enterprises would be closing a deal, it was Nikki's way of forcing her to take a break. Billy said he agreed with Nikki that it was time for Victoria to relax, have fun, and enjoy time away.

Katie entered the room. Billy greeted Katie and promised they'd break all the rules and have fun. Katie suggested that her mom should stay home with them. Billy explained that Grandma would be lonely if her travel partner stayed home. Victoria lightened Katie's sad mood by enlisting her to help choose dresses to pack.

After Katie bounded upstairs, Victoria thanked Billy for being sweet to Katie. Billy assured Victoria he'd manage on his own with their kids. Victoria told Billy he was a great father. Nikki arrived while Victoria and Katie were upstairs. Billy told Nikki that Katie wasn't happy about Mommy going away. Nikki insisted that Victoria needed a chance to rest, recharge, and have nothing to do. Billy agreed.

When Victoria returned downstairs, she expressed concern that Katie might be coming down with something. Nikki ordered Billy to put Victoria's suitcase in the car. After Billy went outside, Nikki warned Victoria that if she stayed home, Katie would believe she could manipulate her mother. Nikki advised Victoria not to teach her daughter to become a workaholic. Victoria denied being a workaholic. Nikki challenged Victoria to prove she wasn't one.

Billy took Katie to work and introduced her to Lily. Billy explained that he and Lily hired people to tell stories, adding that Aunt Traci was one of the people who told stories, including news stories and funny stories. Katie asked about stories for kids. Lily explained that their company had just released an app for children, and she invited Katie to try it out. Katie was eager to play along after Lily explained how to engage with the game. Lily opened the app on her tablet and began playing the story game with Katie.

Victoria phoned Billy and overheard Katie and Lily laughing in the background. Billy said that Katie was living her best life with Lily. Victoria rolled her eyes and said she was glad Katie was having fun. Billy credited Lily for turning Katie's frown upside down. After Billy hung up, Victoria sat alone in her living room, appearing saddened to realize she might not be as indispensable as she believed herself to be.

Abby and Chance decide to use a surrogate Abby and Chance decide to use a surrogate
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

At Society, Phyllis thanked Nick and Faith for letting her join them. Faith prepared to see if Lola was working that night, pointedly noting that it was always nice to see her aunt. After Faith stepped away, Phyllis recognized that Faith was still holding a grudge because Phyllis had told Nick about the teen's drinking. Nick pointed out that Faith wasn't happy with him, either, since she'd felt betrayed after overhearing him and Sharon talking. Faith returned and reported that Lola had the night off, but she had gotten an email about a history project and needed to jump on a group call. She requested some privacy.

Faith divvied up project duties over the phone. From a distance, Phyllis remarked that it had sounded like things had gone well, and Faith replied that she had to keep working because the project was due soon. Nick tried to make conversation about what food to order, and Faith curtly cited the chicken dish she planned to get. Phyllis mentioned that she was considering offering a cool spa package that catered to young adults. Faith grumbled that she probably wouldn't be interested.

Nikki entered the restaurant, and Nick voiced surprise that she wasn't in Hawaii with Victoria. Nikki explained that a patch of bad weather had diverted the plane back to Genoa City, but she was hoping to take off in the morning. Nick and Phyllis invited Nikki to join them, and Nikki sat down at Faith's table. An awkward silence followed.

Nikki recalled that she and Faith had talked about spending time together, but Faith claimed that she was busy with school. Nikki proposed that they stop by the stables to go for a ride and chat after dinner, and Faith asked what Nikki wanted to talk about. Nikki vaguely replied that they could discuss anything and everything. Faith snapped that Nikki didn't have to lie because Faith knew what it was really about -- Nikki wanted to lecture her on the evils of drinking.

Nikki swore that she wasn't looking to lecture Faith, but she was worried about her granddaughter. Faith taunted that what her family had been imagining had only been the tip of the iceberg, since the last party she'd attended had included strip poker and beer pong. Faith understood that she'd messed up by drinking a couple of times, but she resented that her family thought she was headed down the same alcoholic path as her grandmother. Faith spat that her parents wanted to send her to therapy like she was stupid and couldn't be trusted, and she was sick of them acting like she was a lost cause and never letting her out of their sight. Faith stormed off, and Nikki stopped Nick from following.

Nick apologized to Nikki for not preparing her. Nikki divulged that Sharon had filled her in about Faith's drinking, and she reiterated that they were all in it together. Phyllis figured that Faith was most upset at her for the problems Phyllis had caused between Nick and Sharon. Nikki chided Phyllis for making it all about herself. Phyllis volunteered to talk to Faith, since the girl might vent to her. Nikki insisted on being the one to talk to Faith.

Faith reentered the restaurant as her cell phone pinged. She read a text message from Jordan, saying she'd received Faith's voicemail and asking what was wrong. Faith typed back that she couldn't take it anymore, since her family was making her crazy. Faith wiped away tears as Nikki approached with the girl's coat. Nikki recognized that Faith was upset, and she implored Faith to follow her outside to get some fresh air.

Nick and Phyllis watched Nikki and Faith go. Nick hoped his mother was able to break down Faith's walls, although he didn't expect any magic words to make things better. He contemplated being even more proactive, but Phyllis warned that it might push Faith to do something more extreme. Nick argued that he couldn't sit back and do nothing, and Phyllis advised that gentle guidance was better than forcing Faith into what he thought was the right direction. She urged him to proceed with caution.

Outside the restaurant, Nikki commented that breathing in the cold air helped to clear her head. Faith said she was sorry for calling Nikki a liar. Nikki insisted that Faith didn't have to apologize or explain, since Nikki had raised kids and knew why Faith was angry and defensive. Nikki empathized with being young and misunderstood, and Faith complained that her parents were completely overreacting. Nikki sternly noted that Faith had pushed limits and made concerning mistakes, and it was a fact that Faith had a genetic predisposition for alcoholism.

Faith asked if it had to be her destiny, and Nikki assured her that no one thought she was a lost cause. Nikki promised that things would get better, just as they had gotten better for Nikki when she'd been young and quite the handful. Nikki recounted that her sister Casey hadn't understood her choices, and Nikki had hated feeling judged. Nikki swore to never judge Faith, since all she wanted to do was love and protect her granddaughter. Nikki added that it was all Faith's parents wanted to do, too. Faith knew, and she braced herself to go deal with it. Nikki encouraged Faith to call Nikki anytime if she needed to talk, and they exchanged words of love.

Faith stepped inside, gathered her books, and apologized to Nick for going off. He informed her that she never had to apologize about the way she felt, but he needed her to be more respectful. He said the only thing he cared about was protecting her, since she would always be his little girl. She acknowledged that he thought what he was doing was best, but she wasn't a little girl anymore, and she needed to learn how to take care of herself. Faith requested that they start the night over, and she conceded that she was interested in the teen spa packages Phyllis had talked about. Phyllis offered to make her an appointment.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy showed Johnny and Katie how to putt with an indoor golf set as Lily looked on. Katie whacked the ball into the cup, and the group cheered just as Victoria silently appeared in the doorway. Lily praised that Katie was better than her dad, and Billy reasoned that the game helped him relax and brainstorm brilliant ideas. Lily clucked that he had some help from his partner. Victoria cleared her throat, and the kids squealed in delight to see their mommy.

Billy found it unfortunate that Victoria's plane had been turned around. Victoria mentioned that she'd stopped by the house, but no one had been there. She asked if he was showing the kids how he ran things at work, and Lily called the golf game stress relief. Billy pointed out that the children had been having fun, and Johnny and Katie confirmed that they were. Billy offered to let Victoria give the putter a try, but she declined. Billy said they'd been about to take the kids to dinner, and the children excitedly asked if their mommy could join them. Lily squirmed.

Victoria claimed that she hadn't meant to intrude, and she planned to take care of some work that night. Lily prompted the family to spend time together before Victoria left, but Billy didn't see why they couldn't all go together. Johnny wanted pizza at home, and Katie echoed the sentiment. Lily thought it sounded like an executive decision, but Billy noted that Lily was leaving the next day, too. Lily suggested that Billy and Victoria have dinner with the kids, and she'd meet him for a nightcap afterward. Victoria declared it the perfect solution.

At Victoria's house, Billy contemplated what kind of pizza to order. Victoria commented that the kids had seemed to have fun with their daddy and Lily, and Katie chirped that she liked Lily. Johnny added that Lily was nice and funny. Billy suggested anchovies on the pizza, and the kids protested in disgust. He appeased them by agreeing to chocolate sundaes for dessert.

Later, Billy reveled in the sound of silence after he'd set Johnny and Katie up with a movie while they waited for the pizza. He promised that he wouldn't throw the kids in front of a device while Victoria was gone. She pointed out that he could always host a golf tournament at the office if he got stuck, and he sensed that she was bothered that the children had been getting along with Lily. Billy insisted that as far as the kids knew, Lily was only a colleague and friend. Victoria called him out on trying to figure out whether she was jealous of his relationship with Lily, even though she'd already told him that she was happy for him. Victoria wondered if he was the one questioning what he wanted.

After dinner, Billy reported that the kids were in bed. Victoria called it a good night, and he prepared to take off. He referred to her question earlier, and she regretted asking because it wasn't her business. Billy contended that his new life involved his kids, and he wanted her to know he was happy and in a good place, so he wasn't questioning anything. He explained that he'd kept asking about Victoria's feelings because it was important to him that they were in a good place, too. She confirmed that they were, both as co-parents and as a family. He wished her a good time in Hawaii and departed.

Billy joined Lily at the Grand Phoenix bar. He reported that she'd been a big hit with the kids, but she guessed Victoria hadn't appreciated her encroaching on the children's lives. He maintained that Victoria liked and respected Lily, but it was hard seeing one's ex and their kids with someone else. He was sure it would be strange for him to see Victoria and their kids with another guy, but he pledged to do his best to keep an open mind, since more love and affection for the children was a good thing. He believed it would just take a little time for him and Victoria to get to a comfortable place.

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby called Chance into the living room and announced that she was feeling much better. She felt reenergized after no longer dwelling on the things they couldn't control, and she revealed that she'd researched ways they could grow their family. She hoped they could discuss them and possibly make a decision that night. He proposed that they see where the night took them.

Abby indicated that adoption was a common option, but there were many different choices to make within it. She considered surrogacy to be their other option, and her eggs were still viable despite her not being able to carry a child. She explained that the baby would be hers and Chance's biologically, but they'd have to find a gestational carrier. Abby saw pros and cons to both options, but Chance was less interested in what she knew and more interested in what she wanted. He believed that to make such an important decision, they had to go with their hearts as much as their heads.

Abby thought adoption was a wonderful idea, but she recognized that the birth mother would likely be months into her pregnancy already. She admitted that she'd been hoping to be part of the journey from conception to birth. She continued that she'd desperately wanted to carry Chance's baby, so the thought of someone else doing it took some getting used to, but the baby would be half of both of them. Abby proclaimed that she wanted to go with surrogacy. Chance responded that he hoped their baby had her eyes.

Abby suggested that she and Chance sleep on it before making a decision, but he insisted that he didn't need any more time, since a surrogate was the way to go. She reflected back upon the devastation of finding out she'd never be pregnant again, only to realize that they could still have everything they'd dreamed about. Chance pressed to start thinking about how to find a surrogate, and Abby wished they could find someone they already knew and trusted. He wondered if she had anyone in mind, and she ruled out Victoria due to her past pregnancy issues. Chance was sure they'd find the perfect person.

Chance anticipated that one day, his and Abby's child would be old enough to hear how he or she had entered the world, and they would be able to tell the story of how much they'd wanted a baby. Abby noted that her conception hadn't been conventional, either. She recalled finding out Victor was her biological father by accident, and she'd enjoyed having two dads while growing up. Chance pointed out that he hadn't known his biological father until he'd been an adult, but he and his mother had had a fantastic life. He remarked that there was no one way to build a family, and she gushed that their way would be magical.

Abby thought the next step was to choose a professional to help her and Chance find surrogacy candidates, but she wanted to manage expectations because it might be a long process. Chance anticipated that the person would be a meaningful part of their lives for a long time, and Abby thought they'd have a connection with the surrogate forever. She wished they could use someone they loved and trusted who wouldn't think she was crazy when she called every night to check on them. Chance wasn't sure how realistic that was, but Abby realized that she might know someone who would be the perfect surrogate.

Amanda entered the Grand Phoenix lobby and thanked Devon for meeting her there, citing a change in her schedule. She shared that she wouldn't have time for dinner, but she could squeeze in drinks before she had to pack for a trip. He inquired whether their first official date would be out of town. Amanda clarified that she would be getting on a plane, but with Lily and not Devon. He contended that he was a lot more fun than his sister, and Amanda jokingly threatened to tell Lily he'd said that.

Amanda explained that she and Lily were leaving for New York in the morning to check out a business opportunity for ChanceComm, and Devon imagined that it would be exciting other than the cramped plane ride. Amanda indicated that Jill was using the Chancellor jet, and Devon offered to let them use his jet. She protested that it would be much too generous, but he argued that it would be a favor for Lily and not for Amanda. He added that he knew Lily wouldn't turn it down, and Amanda accepted on behalf of both women.

Devon figured he could tag along if Amanda wanted company, since he always had work to do in Manhattan. She questioned whether he was asking her to invite him on his own plane, and he thought she couldn't deny that they'd have "a hell of a time." Amanda hesitated to mix business and pleasure on the trip, and she opted to stay focused with no distractions. Devon took it as a compliment that she considered him a distraction.

Devon noted that it was the second time Amanda had turned down a trip to New York with him. She had a feeling they'd get there someday, and he thought they were finally seeing things the same way. He mused that they'd been through lots of ups and downs in their relationship, going from adversaries to acquaintances to friends. Amanda stressed that they'd become good friends, since he'd really been there for her. Devon swore that he'd enjoyed every second of getting to know her, and he was excited to see where things went. He considered it crazy that some people thought they were already a thing when they hadn't had a real date or even a first kiss.

Amanda wasn't sure a kiss was a good idea, and Devon apologized for thinking they were on the same page. Amanda explained that she wanted to kiss him, but she wondered whether it would be weird for him to kiss someone who looked like his late wife. Devon was confident that it wouldn't be awkward because she wasn't Hilary, and he saw only Amanda when he looked at her. He continued that he heard Amanda's voice and was learning how her mind worked, and she was always about ten steps ahead of everyone else.

Devon imagined that he'd probably lose a lot of arguments in the future, and he knew to grab the spring rolls right away if he and Amanda ever got Chinese food together. He admired her strength and independence, and he couldn't wait to know everything about her. Amanda replied that everything she'd learned about him was good, since he was kind and generous despite everything that had happened to him, and he had an open heart and knew what he wanted. She was excited to learn even more.

Amanda reluctantly prepared to head upstairs to finish some work before she packed. Devon understood, and he thought the evening had been nice for a non-official first date. He wondered if she'd changed her mind about the kiss, and she promised it would happen soon. He watched her board the elevator.

Devon lingered in the lobby. He sent a text message to Amanda to ask her to let him know when she'd be back, so he'd have something to look forward to. She responded with a kissing emoji.

Mariah is shocked when asked to be a surrogate Mariah is shocked when asked to be a surrogate
Wednesday, January 27, 2021
by Nel

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby appeared to be nervous about the guest she was expecting. She busied herself plumping up pillows and generally straightening up. Chance suggested that they be themselves when they asked someone to be their surrogate, and once they had asked, they needed to leave the decision up to that person without pressuring them. Abby said she hoped the candidate would say yes.

Mariah arrived and commented on how beautiful the Chancellor mansion was. Chance jokingly told Mariah that he'd recently discovered a wing he hadn't known about. Mariah complimented Abby and said she looked wonderful. She asked if Abby had received her results from her doctor. Abby confirmed that she couldn't carry a baby, but she and Chance had made a decision. They were going to use alternate means of having a child. Abby told Mariah that they had opted for gestational surrogacy.

Mariah became excited and asked what the first steps were because she wanted to help. She asked how they went about finding that person. She felt it might be difficult to find someone because surrogacy was a huge responsibility. Chance felt it was his cue to leave and let the ladies talk. Abby told Mariah that she and Chance hoped it would be someone close to them -- someone who they cared about and who had stepped up for them previously. Abby stated that they would be asking someone to make a big decision. They would have a lot to go through with no guarantees, but if it worked, that woman would be giving her and Chance the greatest joy.

Mariah appeared to have a lightbulb moment and cautiously asked if she understood that Abby and Chance wanted her to be the surrogate. Abby confirmed that they wanted Mariah to be their surrogate. Shocked, Mariah sat down. Chance returned when Abby called him. She told Chance that Mariah was in shock. Abby told Mariah that she had been their first choice because they wanted a connection with the surrogate, and Mariah was a good friend. Abby said that she and Chance knew Mariah would be a fierce protector of the baby during the pregnancy, and she would step in for that child if anything happened to them.

Abby told Mariah she believed deep in her heart that Mariah was the person to bring their child into the world. Abby understood that Mariah needed time to think about it and that she needed to talk to Tessa. Bewildered, Mariah claimed she had to leave.

After Mariah left, Chance and Abby tried to figure out what had sent Mariah running. Abby appeared deep in thought. Chance said they might need to think about asking someone else. When Abby didn't respond, Chance asked if she was okay. Abby said she was fine and that she wasn't upset. She'd hoped that Mariah would jump on board, but Abby wouldn't hold it against her if she didn't. Chance said that Mariah had been completely thrown by their request. Abby said that they would experience ups and downs, but she was ready for it. In the end, they would have a child, one way or another.

Billy arrived at Victoria's. He shouted to Hannah that she could leave because he was there. He then shouted for the kids to come down because he'd brought treats. Victoria entered the room and asked what all the shouting was about. Billy was surprised to see her, but Victoria explained that all flights had been grounded because of the weather and that she and Nikki would conduct their business from home. Realizing Victoria would be home with the kids, Billy got ready to leave for the office, but Victoria asked him to stay because the kids had heard his voice and would be disappointed if Billy left. She stated that Billy had no idea how much the kids would miss him.

Victoria told Billy she would be working from home, and since he had his computer and Lily was out of town, he could work from her house. After a bit of pushing from Victoria for him to stay, Billy agreed. While Billy worked, Victoria stared at him. When the kids began to fight, Victoria and Billy asked the kids to play quietly. Billy suggested that Victoria go to the office to get away from the noise, and he would stay with the kids. Victoria said she had nothing scheduled for that day, so there was no need for her to leave.

Victoria received a call from Nick. He asked if she and the kids wanted to go sledding with him and Christian, since all flights had been grounded. She thanked Nick. She told him that Billy was there, playing with the kids, and she wanted to stay home with them. Nick could hear Billy and the kids in the background. He asked if Victoria was becoming involved with Billy again, but she denied it.

After Victoria ended her call with Nick, Billy asked the kids what they wanted to do. Johnny wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies. Victoria wanted to help, but Billy reminded her of the times she'd burned the cookies. Victoria opted to have a bubble bath while Billy and the kids baked. Johnny said it was fun having everybody together. Billy and Victoria exchanged a knowing look.

Later, Billy and the kids were watching cartoons and eating their cookies when Victoria joined them, dressed in her housecoat. She saw a handmade card next to a plate of cookies that read "Reserved for Mom." Billy received a call from Lily. He said he was happy Lily was having fun, and he told Lily that he missed her. Victoria didn't look pleased.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Kyle that she'd had a good time in Los Angeles, and she couldn't believe what Sally had done when she'd lived in L.A. Summer couldn't believe that Sally had faked a terminal illness and that she'd kidnapped Flo. Kyle said that they'd gone to L.A. to gather information on Sally so that Summer would know what she was up against and not to ruin Sally's life.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix. He told Phyllis that he'd added two new sites for New Hope to build upon. He claimed he had a little time before meeting with the builder, and he asked if Phyllis was busy. She asked what he had in mind because she had a new video game she wanted them to play. As they were about to leave for Phyllis' suite, Phyllis received a text message from Summer stating she wanted to meet with Phyllis, and it was important.

In the Jabot boardroom, Sally looked nervous. She picked up her phone and looked at the photo of Summer and Flo. Jack stuck his head into the doorway and asked if everything was okay. Sally claimed she was fine. She explained that she'd checked out a new idea on implementing some marketing tactics. Jack said he was on his way to get a cup of coffee. She wanted to go with him, but Jack offered to bring her a coffee because he'd noticed how intense she'd appeared. Sally thanked him. Jack smiled and left.

A short time later, Kyle was surprised to see Sally in the boardroom when he arrived. Sally immediately asked about his trip to Los Angeles, where he and Summer had eaten, and if they'd seen any celebrities. She wanted to hear everything about their trip. Kyle told her they'd had successful business meetings, but he didn't have time to give her details because he had to read the quarterly report. When Kyle tried to leave, Sally invited him and Summer for drinks later. She wanted to know who he and Summer had seen in L.A., but Kyle said she already knew who they'd seen, and he told her that the trip hadn't been about her.

Sally asked Kyle to remember that there were two sides to every story. She admitted she'd made mistakes and been reckless. She wanted Kyle to know that her actions had been motivated by love and passion, and it had been very personal. She asked Kyle not to bury her. She'd heard about his twists and turns in his relationship with Summer. Kyle stopped her because he wasn't comfortable discussing it with her.

Sally said she just wanted to be seen as Lauren's assistant. She begged Kyle to let her have it and not to bury her with her past mistakes. Kyle assured her he wasn't interested in her past. Sally asked if Summer felt the same way. Kyle said he didn't speak for Summer, and he left.

Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix and met with Phyllis and Nick. She said she had something important to share. Phyllis and Nick panicked. Summer assured them she wasn't pregnant, engaged, or married. Nick and Phyllis breathed a huge sigh of relief. Summer told them her business trip had been productive and that she'd found a new location for a JCV boutique. Phyllis and Nick said they were very proud of her. Summer gave Phyllis a look. Realizing that Summer wanted to be alone with her, Phyllis reminded Nick that he had a meeting to attend. Nick tried to tell her he had plenty of time, but he caught the vibe and said he would find something to do.

After Nick left, Summer told Phyllis that the real reason that she'd gone to L.A. had been to get the scoop on Sally. Summer said that Sally was trouble, and if Summer ever went missing, then Sally had kidnapped her. Sally had done that before. Summer claimed that Jack was on Sally's side because he didn't know about Sally's past, so Summer couldn't turn to him. Phyllis claimed she didn't like Summer working with Sally because Sally was obviously dangerous. Summer wanted to neutralize Sally, but she hadn't expected abductions in Sally's past. She asked for Phyllis' advice.

Phyllis told Summer to keep things close to the vest and to wait, but Summer said she wanted to beat Sally to the punch. Phyllis told Summer to be smart and to keep the information to herself for the time being. Phyllis claimed that when people acted rashly, things usually backfired. She told Summer to take the wise road. When Summer asked Phyllis what she would have done at Summer's age. Phyllis claimed she would have been Sally.

At Society, Jack was sitting at the bar when Sally rushed in and told him she needed his help. She said she'd missed her Fenmore's shipping deadline, and the delivery would be late for Fashion Week. She didn't know what to do. Jack told her that it wasn't the first time someone had missed a shipping deadline. He told her to send Fenmore's shipment with Jabot's, but she would have to get it done quickly because the shipment would be leaving in two hours. She needed to make sure the items made it from storage to the truck in that time and to tell them that Jack had sent her.

Jack told Sally he was surprised Sally had missed the deadline because she was so detail-oriented. He asked if something was on her mind to distract her. Phyllis arrived in time to hear Sally say she was fine, and she thanked Jack for being her hero. Phyllis grimaced. She greeted Jack and asked who his friend was. Jack introduced Phyllis to Sally. Phyllis said she was Summer's mother. Sally said that Summer was the best, and Phyllis agreed. Sally received a call from the shipping department and left to deal with it.

Phyllis asked Jack what he was doing. Jack said he could only imagine what Summer had told her. He said that Summer and Sally were both valued employees. Phyllis asked if he knew everything about Sally. Jack stopped her and said she was a friend, and any issues between Summer and Sally were all water under the bridge. Phyllis asked if he really knew everything about Sally, and she walked away. Sally returned and informed Jack that the crisis had been averted.

Tessa joined Mariah at Crimson Lights. Tessa noticed that Mariah appeared distressed, and she asked what was wrong. Mariah asked if Tessa could envision her pregnant. Tessa laughed but suddenly realized that Mariah was serious. Mariah told Tessa that Abby and Chance had asked her to be their gestational surrogate. Tessa was surprised. She asked how Mariah had responded.

Mariah said she didn't believe she had responded, but she had made a beeline for the door. She said it had been too much to handle, and she wouldn't have agreed until she'd spoken to Tessa. Mariah said it would be her body but not her baby. She didn't know if she could even become pregnant, and she didn't want to break Abby's heart. She thought nine months was completely crazy. It meant no sushi, roller coasters, or cosmos.

Tessa told Mariah it was a lot to ask, but the only real question was if Mariah really wanted to do that for Abby and Chance. Mariah didn't know. The thought of carrying someone else's baby was a lot. Tessa told Mariah to take her time deciding, but she didn't think it was a crazy idea. She assured Mariah that she was taking the situation very seriously because Mariah was serious and because Mariah hadn't said "no." Tessa said she would support whatever Mariah decided.

Summer walked into the boardroom at Jabot. She told Kyle she'd seen Phyllis, and Phyllis had advised her to take the laid-back approach. Phyllis didn't realize that Summer was in danger of losing her job and her man. Kyle assured Summer that she wouldn't lose him, but he agreed with Phyllis. He said that the photo Summer had sent to Sally had scared her. Sally knew that they knew, and she would be on her best behavior. Summer felt that Sally would lash out, and they both knew how far Sally would go.

A short time later, Summer was working alone in the boardroom when Jack arrived and asked about her trip to Los Angeles. Summer said it had been productive and very enlightening. Sally stood outside the door, eavesdropping, while Summer told Jack he couldn't imagine how enlightening it had been.

Gloria tries to charm Jack and Lauren Gloria tries to charm Jack and Lauren
Thursday, January 28, 2021
by Nel

At Jabot, Jack asked Summer about her trip. Summer said the trip had been really eye-opening. Sally deliberately walked into the office to stop the conversation. Jack told Sally that Summer had been updating him on her Los Angeles trip. Summer said she'd met up with many of Sally's friends like Bill, Wyatt, and Flo, and they had all had a lot to say about her. Jack received a weather alert on his phone and stated he was leaving to work from home. He suggested that Sally and Summer do the same.

After Jack left, Sally wanted to hear more about Summer's trip. Summer said that Wyatt and Flo had had a lot to say about Sally, and their words hadn't exactly been glowing. Before she could elaborate, Kyle arrived and asked what was going on. Summer said that Sally was wondering how they were planning to use the information they had uncovered about her in L.A. Sally said she wasn't sure what Summer and Kyle had heard, but Summer interrupted and said Sally could figure it out. Sally admitted that she'd screwed things up, but she wanted to know how she and Summer could work together harmoniously. She said when she'd arrived in Genoa City, Summer had already had the JCV job. Sally claimed she only wanted to start fresh and put the past behind her.

Summer told Sally that she wasn't a fan of gossip, and the past needed to stay in the past. Sally asked what had been said about her, but Summer suggested that as long as everyone stayed in their respective lanes, they could let the L.A. sleeping dogs lie. Kyle agreed and said he didn't want anything to sully Jabot's or Fenmore's reputations. Summer said that if Sally ever felt ill or that she'd been misdiagnosed, Summer knew a number of good doctors and would be happy to recommend one who would give her a second opinion. Sally thanked them for their understanding and offered to help Summer if she ever needed anything. Sally received a text from Lauren, and she left.

Summer asked Kyle if Sally was really gone and not lurking around the corner. He assured her Sally was gone. He asked how much of Sally's apology Summer had bought. She said only the part that JCV had been handed to her, and everything else was bull. She thanked Kyle for backing her. Sally was finally exactly where Summer wanted her. Kyle told Summer to keep in mind that she might have made Sally an even greater threat, and he left for a meeting.

A short time later, Kyle returned. He told Summer that Jabot was on its way to conquering the world and that they would be expanding new markets all over the globe. He said they had new places to travel, but Summer claimed they wouldn't be traveling anywhere until she finished her marketing report.

When Summer finally finished her report, she told Kyle it was time to go home. Kyle informed her that it wasn't safe to drive, and they were alone in the building. They had to wait out the storm. He said they could hunker down because they had a long wait, and they could get a lot of work done. Summer coyly said they had the building to themselves, and the possibilities were endless. She closed and locked the boardroom door.

Nick and Nikki arrived at Sharon's. After Nick ended his phone call, he asked if Nikki was bummed about not going to Hawaii. Nikki said she wasn't. She asked why Faith was home and if Faith had gotten into more trouble. Nick informed Nikki that school had let out early because of the weather, and Faith had asked him to take her home so she could work on her assignment. Nikki asked if Faith had said anything more about losing her temper at Society. Nick felt it would be awhile before Faith was comfortable opening up about that. Nikki said she would see about that and told him to let Grandma work her magic. Nikki went upstairs to see Faith.

A short time later, Nikki return and told Nick that things had been going well, but when she had pushed, Faith had shut down. Nick said he wanted to know what was going on with Faith. He said that Faith had mentioned that she'd been bullied by some kids at school. He had contacted the school, but they had claimed they couldn't control what was on social media. He wondered if that had been the reason Faith had started drinking.

Nikki said that Nick and Sharon were doing the right thing, and she encouraged him to stay proactive. Nick said he needed to talk to Sharon without Faith walking in on them, but he didn't want to leave Faith alone. Nikki readily agreed to stay with Faith. She said Faith would always know how much she was loved.

Rey arrived at Crimson Lights. Sharon told him that Adam had asked her to be Chelsea's therapist for her psychological issues, but she wanted to talk to Rey first. Rey asked why Sharon had to be Chelsea's therapist because it put Sharon back into Adam's orbit. He pointed out that Sharon and Chelsea weren't friends.

Sharon understood Rey's concern. She explained that by being Chelsea's therapist, Chelsea's resentment toward her could motivate Chelsea to get well sooner. Rey claimed it was a good situation for Adam but not for Sharon and Chelsea. Sharon told him that, quite often, provocation worked. She said when she'd delivered the books to Adam, Chelsea had reacted to her being there with a grunt.

Rey said it was Sharon's call, but he would prefer it if she declined Adam's request; however, on the other hand, Sharon might be Chelsea's only chance for recovery. Nick arrived at that moment and said he hoped he wasn't interrupting. Rey said it was fine, but before leaving, he asked Sharon to close the coffee shop early because of the weather. Rey left. Nick asked Sharon if everything was okay because it felt like he'd walked into a tense conversation. He asked if Sharon wanted to talk about it. Sharon claimed she didn't because it involved his least favorite person. Nick said if it involved Adam, then he definitely wanted to hear about it.

Sharon told Nick about Adam asking her to be Chelsea's therapist. Sharon admitted that she hadn't made a decision yet. Nick asked why, after the year Sharon had had, she would want more drama in her life, especially with what had been happening with Faith. Sharon assured him that Faith came first, and she was worried how Faith would take the news about her helping Chelsea. She asked if Nick had spoken to Faith. Nick admitted that Faith was distant and hadn't had much to say to him or to Nikki. He felt that Faith was going through a stage, and therapy wouldn't fix it. He added there was no rush to get Faith into therapy. Sharon asked if Nick had changed his mind about therapy.

Nick told Sharon he wasn't against therapy, but they needed to consider the timeline. Sharon felt that Faith needed to be in counseling immediately, but Nick felt they needed to give her space. Sharon said that therapy wasn't a punishment. It was a place where Faith could express her feelings to someone who was objective. Nick offered a compromise -- meet with a therapist of Sharon's choice and then move forward. Sharon agreed and said it was the right thing to do. Mariah entered and told them it was getting really bad outside. Nick left to let the ladies talk.

Mariah asked what that had been about. Sharon told Mariah to never have kids. Sharon saw the shocked look on Mariah's face and asked if Mariah was thinking of getting pregnant. Mariah said it was a possibility and explained that Abby and Chance had asked her to be their surrogate, but she hadn't made a decision yet. Sharon said it was a generous thing to do. Mariah claimed there was a lot to wrap her head around. Sharon asked what would happen to Mariah's job.

Mariah told Sharon that she and Tessa had discussed it. Mariah was certain there were lots of women who went to work daily while they were pregnant. She said that Abby was an Abbott, and she was certain the Abbotts would be supportive of her being the surrogate. Sharon said it was a huge commitment and would be life changing. She asked how Mariah would feel carrying a child to term and then not raising it. Mariah claimed it wasn't her baby. It was Abby's egg and Chance's sperm, and it was their baby. She said she would be happy with the honorary title of Wacky Aunt Mariah.

Sharon told Mariah it wasn't that simple. Carrying a baby was indescribable, even if she'd prepared herself to walk away. Mariah asked if Sharon thought she should walk away. Sharon said no, but she wanted Mariah to take everything into account, including her own heart. Mariah didn't think it would be a problem. Sharon told her not to be so certain.

Elena arrived at Devon's and handed him an envelope that had arrived at the clinic in error. She thought it was important and had decided to personally deliver it to him. Devon invited her in. She said that after not being in the penthouse for such a long time, it felt different. Devon assured her nothing had changed except their relationship.

Elena walked over to a box, opened it, and produced a letter opener. She apologized and said she shouldn't have done that, since it wasn't her home anymore. Elena asked if they could be friends, since he'd been able to look at her after her betrayal. She added that they had both moved on. Devon agreed they could be friends, and they shook hands.

Elena told Devon she needed to leave. At that moment, Devon received a weather alert. He said that Elena should stay until the storm let up. She agreed. She asked when Moses would be moving in. Devon said it would be soon and that Moses was excited about being mentored by Nate. Elena commented how lucky Moses was to have Devon and Nate in his life because they were both strong men.

Devon asked Elena if there had been more between her and Nate and if she'd had feelings for Nate before the betrayal. Elena didn't know how to answer that. Devon said that he had wanted to know the truth for a long time, and he felt that Elena owed him that much. Uncomfortable, Elena said she had to leave. A short time later, Elena returned and told Devon her car wouldn't start, so she wasn't going anywhere.

Jack opened his door, and Gloria rushed in. Jack said she was the last person he had expected to show up at his door. He asked what had brought her by. Gloria offered her condolences on Dina's passing and stated that Dina had been a force and a dynamic presence. Jack wanted to know the reason Gloria was there.

Gloria said she had realized how much she'd missed old friends and family. Jack asked what she was really after. Gloria talked about everything to refrain from answering Jack's question. Jack claimed Gloria was stalling to avoid telling him her reason for being there. Gloria grumbled that everyone was always suspicious of her.

Gloria told Jack she had nothing on her plate, but Jack countered that he had a ton of work on his plate. She picked up a file and said she had fond memories of working with Jack at Jabot, and she was proud of all her accomplishments. Jack asked if that included the tainted face cream. Gloria claimed it had been one mistake, but Jack said he remembered a few more. He agreed they had made a good team until Gloria had disappeared.

Gloria said that if she were back at Jabot, she would be even more loyal, and it didn't even matter what position she held. Jack asked when her visit had become a job interview. Gloria said she had many great ideas about cosmetics. Jack said it would be with someone else because there weren't any positions available at Jabot, but he would keep his eyes and ears open. Gloria suggested he give it more thought before he dismissed the idea because she had so much offer.

Sally arrived at Society to meet with Lauren. Lauren apologized for asking Sally to go out in that storm. Lauren said she was impressed with Sally's work, and she'd shown Sally's marketing plan to the influencer marketing the pitch to another colleague. They'd found it inspiring.

Lauren told Sally she had another project for Sally. Sally asked if it had anything to do with Spencer Publications. Lauren confirmed it did. Sally told her she didn't think she was the best person for that job. She told Lauren she'd been seriously involved with Wyatt, and it had ended badly. She confessed that the worst part had been when Bill Spencer had blown up her building while she had still been inside. She said she'd been lucky to get out alive.

Sally admitted to Lauren that she'd made mistakes that she regretted. Lauren told Sally to focus on her future in Genoa City, and they would figure out who would do what on the projects at a later date.

Gloria arrived unexpectedly and told Lauren that she had arrived in town a few days previously, but she hadn't had the time for one of their lovely chats. Lauren introduced Sally to Gloria, but Gloria said they had already met. Gloria asked if Sally was with Fenmore's or Jabot. Lauren said the companies were closely connected. Lauren told Sally that an envelope needed to be delivered to Jack. Gloria told Lauren that Jack was working from home. She said she'd paid Jack a condolence call. She claimed that Jack was a dear friend, and she was very protective of him.

After Sally left, Lauren told Gloria that she should get to Kevin's before the weather became worse. Gloria said she had really missed being with Lauren. She asked if Lauren could imagine her at Fenmore's -- Gloria and Lauren working side by side. She said that Lauren knew what Gloria could bring to the table, and she would be a valued addition to the Fenmore family. Lauren said it wouldn't happen at that time because there were no openings, but she would keep her eyes and ears open for anything suited for Gloria's talents. Gloria asked if Lauren and Jack had rehearsed that line.

At Jack's, Sally said she was excited to experience the weather but... Jack welcomed her to Wisconsin. He said that the next time she had to deliver anything, she should wait until it was above zero. Sally said everything looked very pretty snow covered, but Jack said it was treacherous for driving and walking. Jack suggested that Sally sit down and enjoy her tea because she would be there for a while.

Devon and Elena's honest talk turns passionate Devon and Elena's honest talk turns passionate
Friday, January 29, 2021

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby looked out the window at the storm raging outside. She checked her phone as Chance entered the room, and she informed him that a warning had been issued about the power possibly going out. The doorbell rang, and Chance discovered Mariah there. Mariah joked that she'd been in the neighborhood.

Chance cautioned Mariah against running around in an ice storm, but she noted that the weather hadn't been that crazy when she'd left. She explained that she wasn't there to say yes to being a surrogate, but she wasn't saying no, either. She requested that they talk so she could get more information and answers to her many questions.

Mariah inquired about what the first step would be if she decided to proceed with the surrogacy. Abby explained that a doctor would do a complete workup to make sure Mariah would be able to carry a baby to term, and the doctor would go into more detail about the process at the appointment. Mariah worried about how many doctor's visits it would entail, since she'd just started a job at Jabot. Abby and Chance promised that they would work around Mariah's schedule. Abby sent Chance to fetch them something warm to drink.

Mariah confided to Abby that her biggest concern was what would happen if she agreed to do it, but it didn't work. Abby didn't know what she would do if the surrogacy failed, but she firmly believed that they had to try because it would break her heart if they didn't. Mariah hesitantly asked why Abby and Chance were trying to have a baby when they'd just gotten married. Abby recounted that Chance had mentioned the idea of starting a family when they'd been dating, and she'd realized in that moment that he was the guy for her.

Abby gushed that it was their dream to have a family, and they had embraced the fact that it would be different than how they'd first imagined. Mariah stammered that she'd never thought she would be part of their new vision for their family. Abby reflected back on seeing a mom tending to her baby the day before, and she'd had to stop herself from crying because she'd had a visceral longing that she couldn't put into words. Abby reiterated what it would mean to her for Mariah to make her dream a reality.

Abby hoped Mariah didn't feel pressured. Mariah believed Abby was just being honest with her, and she figured that there wouldn't be many secrets left between them if she said yes. Abby insisted that Mariah stay in the guest room to wait out the storm, and she stepped out to find some extra pajamas. Mariah called Tessa to report that she'd be spending the night with Abby and Chance. Tessa shared that she was stuck at Crimson Lights and would be crashing with Lola.

Mariah revealed that she'd found out more about the surrogacy, but what had really struck her was hearing how much Abby and Chance wanted a baby. Mariah appreciated that Abby and Chance were being careful of her feelings and not pushing her into anything, and she thought they would make great parents. Tessa encouraged Mariah to wrap her mind around the enormity of what she'd be doing, and she pointed out that Mariah could meet with the doctor and still change her mind. Mariah envisioned feeling like she'd swallowed an exercise ball if she went through with it. Tessa insisted that Mariah would still be beautiful and that she'd still love all of Mariah, including the exercise ball. Tessa pledged to support whatever Mariah decided to do.

Later, Abby indicated that the guest room was all set. Mariah told Abby and Chance that she'd called Tessa and filled her in about what they'd talked about. Mariah continued that she wouldn't have considered the surrogacy if Tessa hadn't been open to it, but it had turned out that Tessa was open to it -- and so was Mariah. Mariah told the couple to make the doctor's appointment because she wanted to help them have a baby. Abby and Chance rejoiced.

At the Abbott mansion, Sally marveled at the feast she'd just shared with Jack. He called Mrs. Martinez an incredible cook, and Sally considered him sweet for sharing his dinner with her. He figured that it had been better than eating alone, and he insisted that he would have done it for anyone who'd been stranded in a storm. He appreciated the company.

Sally ran outside to check on her car. Upon her return to the house, she reported that her vehicle was covered in icicles, so there was no way for her to leave. Jack refused to let her drive in those conditions, and he mentioned that he'd checked the weather report and learned the storm would be going on all night. He offered her a guest room that he'd had made up for the night, and he volunteered to make her a drink to take the chill off. She gratefully accepted.

Sally and Jack sipped their drinks in front of the fireplace, and she mused that she hadn't been able to relax like that in a long time. He inquired about how she'd gotten into fashion, and she responded that it hadn't been because of family ties, since her folks had been nomadic carnival workers. Jack imagined that had made for an interesting childhood, but Sally shared that her parents had abandoned her and her sister when they'd been very young, so their grandmother had raised them. She confided that it had left a hole in her heart that she hadn't quite been able to fill.

Sally asserted that it had made her tougher, since she'd learned to fight and scrap for everything she wanted and everything she had. She recalled that her great-aunt had been her inspiration, and she'd tried to follow in her namesake's footsteps. Sally admitted that she'd rubbed some people the wrong way in the process, and there were those who'd thought she didn't belong in the fashion industry. Jack enthused that she'd proven them wrong, and Sally declared that there was more she intended to do. He was sure she'd be successful. She prompted him to tell her his life story, and he asked how long she had. She replied that she apparently had all night.

Jack recalled that he'd been 15 when his mother had left, but he'd spent most of his childhood in a stable home with a mother and father who'd been married. He recognized that he'd had opportunities that Sally and even Kyle hadn't had, and it made him appreciate their accomplishments even more. Sally commented that a guy in Kyle's financial position wouldn't normally be that responsible. Jack referenced a few lapses in judgment, like the wild days Kyle had spent in New York with Theo. Sally's interest was clearly piqued.

Jack didn't want to tell more family tales at the risk of boring Sally to death, but she assured him that she was far from bored. He offered to show her to her room, but she insisted on finding her way by herself. He instructed her where to go, and she thanked him for his kindness. She headed upstairs, glancing back at him as he tended to the fire. He looked deep in thought.

At Jabot, Summer and Kyle played gin, and she declared victory. He recognized that his loss meant he had to raid the vending machine to get all her favorites, and she reminded him that he'd bragged about being able to do it without using his hands. Kyle admitted that he'd lied about having done that before, and he wasn't sure it was physically possible. Summer flirtatiously noted that he was in good shape and very limber.

Later, Summer and Kyle laughed as they shared a pile of snacks. She praised him for showing the vending machine who was boss by putting his finer assets on display. He suggested that they play another game -- the quiet game, with the first person to make a noise losing. She agreed, and he started to unbutton his shirt. She audibly gasped, and he jumped over the table and proclaimed that he'd won.

After having sex, Kyle and Summer enjoyed some wine that the marketing department had gifted her when she'd left Jabot for JCV. She considered her new job as much fun as fending off certain posers who'd tried to steal her gig. Kyle reiterated that it might not be the wisest idea to hold the past over Sally's head, but Summer thought it was the best way to keep Sally in check. Kyle cautioned that it might make Sally more determined to undermine Summer. Summer reasoned that Sally couldn't afford to make that mistake, and the chances of Sally taking her job were the same as Sally taking her man. "As in zero," Kyle replied.

Summer disagreed with Kyle's assessment about the Sally situation. Summer thought Sally had unsuccessfully tried to hide that she'd been freaking out about what would happen if the worst parts of her past were made public. Summer remarked that there was an upside to everyone knowing the stupid stuff she and Kyle had done -- no one could try to blackmail them. Summer haughtily stated that it was too bad Sally wasn't that lucky.

At Victoria's house, Billy and Victoria enjoyed the quiet after the kids were asleep. She was glad he'd stayed, since the kids had been bummed when they'd thought they wouldn't be able to hang out with their dad when her trip had been canceled. Victoria urged Billy to check out the children's report cards, and he was impressed with Johnny's improved math grade. She proudly referred to a teacher's note about their son being a charmer. Victoria thanked Billy for continuing to show up so the four of them could spend time together as a family, even though their lives had gone in different directions.

Victoria shared that she sometimes wondered how they'd gotten to that place. Billy considered it amazing after all the things he'd put her through, but she conceded that she'd screwed up plenty herself. Billy swore that he'd regret hurting her and putting her in danger until the day he died, and he didn't want her to give him a free pass. Victoria recognized that she'd framed the situation as if their failure as a couple had been mostly his fault, but she accepted that she'd been the other half of their problems all along.

Victoria understood that she had her own baggage as a Newman and that she'd had a lot of unreasonable expectations of Billy. She didn't blame him for wanting an escape, but he admitted that he'd gone too far by drinking, gambling, cheating, and disappearing on her multiple times. Victoria pointed out that they'd also had happy times when she'd thought they'd finally gotten it right. Billy sincerely apologized for putting her through the wringer.

Billy thanked Victoria for finding him frozen in the gutter on New Year's Eve years earlier, when she'd saved his life by taking him home. He figured that she'd saved him again when she'd decided that she couldn't put up with his antics anymore, since he'd needed that shock to the system to force him to take stock of the changes he'd needed to make in his life and "grow the hell up." Billy thought it had enabled him to finally become a man who valued the things he had and kept his priorities straight. Billy considered himself to be a work in progress, but he liked the man he'd become. Victoria thought it looked good on him.

Billy admired Victoria for being a powerhouse leader at Newman while continuing to be an amazing mother. He questioned whether she'd ever contemplated getting out there again to find a man who actually deserved her. She replied that she'd been happily busy with other things, but she was sure she'd start dating again at some point. Victoria questioned how serious things had become between Billy and Lily.

Billy questioned how casual one could be about romance after reaching a certain age. He understood what it took to be in an adult relationship and what was at stake by getting emotionally involved. Victoria guessed things had become pretty serious, and Billy recognized that having a new woman in the kids' lives might make her feel uneasy. He stressed that he and Lily had agreed take it slowly. Victoria mentioned that there was something else she'd been wondering about. There was a crash upstairs, and Billy and Victoria rushed to find out what had happened.

Victoria and Billy returned downstairs, and she said she'd been meaning to move the chair Johnny always knocked over on his way to the bathroom. She teased Billy for being scared by the noise, and he chalked it up to having a protective instinct as a parent. He intended to check on the kids one more time before crashing in the guest room. She murmured that it had been a really good day for the kids. He replied that those times wouldn't last forever, so he'd take them when he could get them. He headed upstairs.

At Devon's penthouse, Elena groaned when she found out how long it would take for a towing company to send someone out. She told Devon that all the tow trucks in the area were helping people who'd skidded on the icy roads. Devon apologized for making her feel uncomfortable when he'd asked if there had been feelings between her and Nate before what had happened at the clinic. Devon contended that if she was serious about being friends, it would be easier for him if he had a better understanding of what had happened and why.

Elena didn't see the point of rehashing things, since both she and Devon had moved on. Devon felt compelled to have the conversation so he could make more sense of why he hadn't seen any signs leading up to it. He had difficulty pinpointing the moment when things had changed in their relationship, since everything had felt fine between them when they'd been together. He implored her to tell him when she'd known she wanted to be with Nate and not him.

Elena clarified that she hadn't been conflicted, and she hadn't been hiding any feelings for another man because she had loved Devon. Devon wondered if it really had just been about the emotional overload she and Nate had experienced after saving Jared's life. Elena contended that if Devon really wanted to try to understand what had gone wrong, then he had to be honest, too. Devon wondered if he'd helped cause their breakup by pushing her away. She noted that she hadn't been the only woman in his thoughts at the time.

Devon reasoned that Amanda had found out that her twin had died, and he'd felt obligated to share what he knew about Hilary with her. Elena pointed out that he'd also immersed himself in memories with a woman who looked exactly like his late wife. Devon insisted that Amanda and Hilary were two different people, and he didn't see Hilary when he looked at Amanda. Elena thought Devon had known something more had been going on, or he wouldn't have felt the need to hide it from her. He defended that he'd only kept things to himself because he'd known how his being around Amanda had made Elena feel.

Elena recalled that Devon had looked into her eyes and sworn that he wouldn't see Amanda anymore, only to break his word. Elena was sure she hadn't imagined the growing bond between Devon and Amanda, just like she wasn't imagining how close he and Amanda had become since then. Elena explained that she'd felt like she'd been competing with the love of Devon's life and Hilary's twin, and she'd been losing. Elena added that she hadn't fallen into Nate's arms to get revenge; however, he'd made her feel wanted and needed, and Devon hadn't made her feel that way in a long time.

Elena reiterated that what had happened with Nate had been a mistake, but she knew nothing she said would change the way things were. Devon stated that it had changed things, and he wanted to be as honest with her as she had been with him. He refused to deny that sharing stories with Amanda had gotten him caught up in reliving what he'd had with Hilary, and it had made things more intense between them. He admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes, and the biggest one had been not listening to Elena when she'd confessed her fears about him spending time with Amanda.

Devon regretted dismissing Elena's feelings as an overreaction when he should have shown her how much he'd loved and cherished her. He hated that getting swept up in the past had made him neglect the amazing, beautiful, caring woman he'd had right in front of him. Devon acknowledged to a tearful Elena that she hadn't deserved any of it, and he apologized for making her feel like he hadn't needed her. Elena didn't blame Devon, since the woman he'd loved with all his heart had been resurrected before his eyes.

Elena understood that Devon had wanted to hold onto what had been unfairly taken from him. Devon softly recognized that he'd found love with her that he'd never thought he'd ever have again, but he'd let it go. He caressed her cheek and pressed his forehead against hers, and they tenderly kissed. They moved to the couch, gazed into one another's eyes, and began kissing more passionately.

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