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Devon and Amanda had sex. Nate realized that Elena had slept with Devon. Kyle told Summer about his affair with Tara but neglected to mention that it might have resulted in a child. Adam kissed Sharon. Faith was suspended from school. Lily admitted she was falling in love with Billy.
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Kyle told Summer about his affair with Tara but not the child, Adam kissed Sharon, and Lily admitted she was falling in love with Billy
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Kyle tells Summer about his affair with Tara Locke Kyle tells Summer about his affair with Tara Locke
Monday, February 15, 2021
by Nel

Devon opened the door, and Amanda entered with bags of groceries. She said she knew Devon had made reservations at the new Argentinian place, but it was nice and toasty in his condo. She told Devon they would be making dinner together. She wanted to find out if he could do more than his world-class omelets. She wanted them to put their minds together because there was no telling what they could create.

Later, Devon asked Amanda if he'd passed the kitchen test. She claimed he'd shown some mad skills, and he wasn't a one-trick pony. Amanda said she'd watched him as he had chopped and prepared the ingredients, and she believed he was the real deal. Devon noted that she knew her way around the kitchen, as well. He noted she'd prepared the meal with a lot of love, and he wanted to know where she'd found the recipe.

Amanda told Devon it had come from one of her foster moms. She had really liked the woman, and she'd wanted to make it last. She'd helped with the cleaning, kept quiet, and done her homework, but the best had been cooking with her. The woman would sing and ask Amanda about her day. She'd taught Amanda all her husband's favorite recipes. One day when Amanda had made that recipe, the woman had said that Amanda had outdone her. Devon asked what the husband had thought of it. Amanda said he'd had a couple of bites, pushed it away, and said it wasn't good enough.

Amanda told Devon that no matter how hard she'd tried to fit in, the foster father hadn't wanted her there. He'd claimed she'd always been in the way, and she'd had to leave. One day, while unpacking, she'd noticed that the woman had slipped the recipe into her bag. Amanda said she'd been touched, even though she'd been hurt. She'd wanted to share it with Devon. Devon said he was honored. She said every time she'd made that recipe, it had brought back bittersweet memories; however, the scales had shifted, and the memories had become more sweet than bitter.

Amanda told Devon she wanted to hear about his younger days. Devon said they would be there all night if he told her about his trouble-making days. Devon told her that for a good chunk of time, he'd been deaf. He said it hadn't been long after he'd moved in with the Winters family that he'd contracted meningitis, and it had resulted in his hearing loss. He said he hadn't regained his hearing until Tucker's researchers had found a procedure that had restored it. He admitted he'd been hotheaded and rebellious, and he had constantly gotten into fights. He'd been angry and resentful after he'd lost his hearing. Amanda said she'd seen the angry side up close and personal after she'd arrived in town. Devon apologized.

Devon told Amanda that side of him didn't appear often. Amanda asked about Devon's anger for Nate. She knew Devon had been working to get past it. Devon admitted that he and Nate would be forced to spend more time together after Moses arrived. Amanda wanted to hear about some of Devon's stories. She claimed she'd told him one of hers, so, next time, she wanted to hear about his. Devon claimed all he'd heard was "next time," and he liked that.

Devon told Amanda they'd had similar backgrounds, and they had wound up enjoying each other. Amanda claimed her road had been long and twisted, but she liked the person she'd become and the man sitting opposite her. She said the past might have made them, but it didn't own them. They enjoyed their time because they deserved it.

After Devon and Amanda had eaten, Devon made a toast to Amanda for the meal and to the woman who had brought it to life. Amanda said they should pack up the food and get the dishes done. Devon said he hadn't invited her over so she could do dishes all night. Amanda asked what his intentions were. He thought they could enjoy a meal or two, and he could make those world-class omelets for her in the morning. Amanda walked up the stairs, turned, and asked Devon what he was waiting for. With a smile, Devon followed her.

In Mindanao, Elena gushed about their surroundings. She asked how Nate had found it. He said his friend had honeymooned there. Elena suggested they get their vacation started. She told Nate that her margarita was the best she'd ever had. He said when he'd ordered the drinks, he'd specified his favorite tequila, so he was certain the drinks were the same as at Society. Elena claimed Nate made everything better.

Nate asked Elena if she was happy. She claimed she'd loved it. Nate said he hated the way he'd hurt Devon and the hit his career had taken, but he didn't regret being with Elena. He knew it had been emotionally draining for her, and he wanted to make things better for her. He said he thought about her constantly, and if he thought of something that would make her happy, he would do it. They were both startled when Elena said she didn't know what to say to "Devon." She immediately apologized.

Elena asked Nate to forgive her. He said it had been a slip of the tongue, and there was no reason to be upset. What was important was they were there together. Elena agreed. She said Mindanao was a magical and romantic place, and she was very happy. Nate said he wondered if she sometimes thought of Devon or if she wished she could go back in time and fix what had gone wrong between them.

Elena admitted she'd made mistakes, but being with Nate wasn't a mistake. She wanted to be with Nate. She said it had been a few rough months for all of them, but she had moved on. Nate ask if she'd moved on from Devon. Elena claimed she didn't think of Devon that way anymore. Her heart and mind were with Nate. She invited him to join her in bed, and he complied.

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick told Phyllis to ruin the suspense and tell him what she didn't want him to know. Phyllis claimed it was about Sally Spectra, the girl working against Summer. Phyllis claimed Sally was manipulative and dangerous, and she masqueraded like she was everybody's friend. She said Nick had seen how Kyle had pulled Summer out of the hotel because he had wanted to talk to her about Sally.

Nick asked Phyllis what she thought was going on. Phyllis claimed she didn't want to jump to conclusions or overreact. Nick asked Phyllis to fill him in about Summer and Sally. Phyllis said that Sally was obsessed with attention and approval. She went after anything that wasn't hers, and it was no holds barred to get it. Sally wanted Summer's job at JCV, and Sally also wanted Kyle. Summer had claimed she'd taken care of it and that Kyle was devoted to her, but Kyle had grabbed Summer because he'd needed to talk to her about Sally. Phyllis wondered what was so urgent.

Nick claimed it was all hypothetical. Phyllis had no idea what was going on. Nick said Phyllis wouldn't have any answers until she'd spoken with Summer. Until then, he wanted to provide Phyllis with a distraction. Phyllis said it better be good because she couldn't fight the feeling something was off.

At the Abbotts', Kyle told Summer that Theo had been in town to drop one last bomb on him, and Sally had heard every word. Theo had since returned to Paris, but the damage had been done. Summer claimed they would be fine.

Kyle told Summer that when he'd lived in New York, he'd split his time between the city and the Hamptons. There had been parties all the time, with actors, musicians, capitalists, and politicians in attendance. He said he'd met someone, Tara, and he'd become involved with her because he'd been trying to get over Summer after their breakup. It had turned into an affair, but she was married. Things had become intense. He'd thought he'd fallen in love with her.

Kyle said he'd returned to the city, and Tara had returned to her marriage. Summer said it hadn't been the most honorable thing he'd done. Summer asked if Sally believed it was something she could hold over their heads. Kyle claimed there was more.

Kyle told Summer that Tara's husband was the problem. He'd known Tara had cheated, but he had believed it had been with someone else and had dealt with it. Tara's husband was Ashland Locke. He was a couple of decades Tara's senior, he had a spread in the Hampton Lanes, he had houses all over the world, he was friends with prime ministers and presidents, and he'd done business with Kyle's grandfather and probably Summer's, as well. Kyle showed her a photo of Ashland. Summer claimed she'd seen his face in newspapers and magazines. Kyle said Ashland was one of the most powerful men in the country, and he had a reputation of going after people with a vengeance when they wronged him.

Summer asked if there were texts or emails. Kyle said he and Tara had deleted everything, and they had covered their tracks for Tara's sake. Summer claimed there was no proof that Kyle had ever been with that woman. She didn't see the problem. Kyle claimed it was more complicated and that he'd made the mistake of telling Theo about Tara. Theo had told Sally. Summer said that Sally was motivated to use it as revenge. She felt that Kyle's reputation would take a hit, but he needed to take the ammunition away from Sally and go public himself.

Kyle told Summer he couldn't because of Tara's husband. They didn't call him Ashland the Loch Ness Monster for nothing. He was dangerous. If Ashland found out about the affair, Ashland would go after Kyle and his family. He might even go after Summer just for fun. He said everything they had worked so hard for would go down the drain, with no way of recovering from it.

Kyle said he'd wanted Summer to hear it from him, and he believed they shouldn't do anything. She complained that Kyle had whisked her away to give her information that could potentially wreck both their lives, but he didn't want to do anything about it. Kyle said there was no way out of it. Summer claimed Sally wanted to cause trouble for both of them, so they needed to hit Sally with both barrels. Kyle said he loved Summer for having his back; Sally believed she was in the driver's seat, but all Sally had was enough to make it a stalemate. Sally had admitted as much. It was a case of mutual destruction. If Sally caused trouble, or if they went after Sally, everything would go "boom." Kyle suggested it was smarter for everyone to sit on what they knew.

Summer claimed she'd taken the time and energy to get Sally exactly where she'd wanted her. Kyle said Sally was still there, but Summer claimed she didn't want a half a deck of cards; she wanted a full deck. Kyle admitted he hadn't realized that Sally was diabolical. Summer said she should apologize because Kyle had warned her that Sally would retaliate, and she had, right in Kyle's direction. Summer claimed that Sally couldn't go after her job. Instead, Sally had attacked the man Summer loved.

Kyle told Summer he didn't deserve that much support. Summer claimed they were a team and unsinkable. Kyle said that Summer wouldn't lose anything because of him. Summer claimed there would be a day of reckoning and that Sally would pay.

Sally entered Society and saw Jack sitting at the bar. She said it was an unexpected treat to see Jack Abbott's smile twice in one day. She asked if she could join him. He claimed he would be disappointed if she didn't. He assumed her day had gotten better after they'd finished celebrating her promotion. She claimed it had been the highlight, and everything else had paled in comparison. She claimed she adored her career and wasn't going anywhere. Jack asked what was next for Sally Spectra. She said it would be fun finding out.

Jack said Sally could teach a course on how to keep a positive outlook. She'd arrived in town with an enviable résumé, and she'd settled for a job she was overqualified for.

Sally claimed that working as Lauren's assistant had provided her with invaluable experience. Jack said the transition from high to low would crush most people with less grit and determination, but Sally had kept her chin up and hadn't let it bring her down. Jack predicted great things for her.

Sally told Jack she'd done her fair share of traveling. She asked if Jack had a favorite place. Jack claimed Copenhagen and Kuala Lumpur held a very special place his heart. Sally said she'd always wanted to go to Malaysia. She wanted to fill every page in her passport. Jack saw a solution. Sally had to convince Lauren to open a Fenmore's in every city Sally wanted to visit. Sally would then volunteer to supervise the opening of them all. Sally liked the way Jack thought. She claimed she would need someone to show her around. A little shocked, Jack said that sometimes discovering places on one's own was the best.

Sally told Jack she had to get back to work because she had millions of documents to review and projects to manage. She claimed she would be up to her eyebrows all night long, but she wouldn't trade it for anything. Jack admired her dedication. Sally hoped they could have a drink together soon, and she left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis asked Nick for his opinion about Summer. Nick said Phyllis had no idea what Kyle had wanted to tell Summer. Phyllis said she would do anything to protect Summer, but Nick claimed Summer could handle herself. Phyllis said Nick didn't know Sally. She was a snarky newcomer in town.

At that moment, Sally entered the hotel and asked if she'd heard her name. Phyllis introduced Sally to Nick. Sally said she couldn't believe she was actually meeting the Nick Newman of Restless Style. She claimed she'd read the magazine from cover to cover, including the names on the masthead of the people behind the scenes. She recalled that Nick and Jack had run it. She said she'd been heartbroken after Nick and Jack had left, because the magazine had been turned into a tawdry tabloid.

Phyllis asked Sally how she like being Lauren's assistant and if she got the coffee orders confused. Sally informed Phyllis that she'd been promoted. Phyllis asked if Sally had told Kyle. Sally claimed she and Kyle saw each other every day, but she had told Jack. He'd been very pleased. Phyllis found it hard to believe that the CEO of a large corporation would care about the fate of a mere assistant. Sally claimed she didn't know where she'd be without Jack.

Sally said she hadn't seen Summer since she'd been promoted. Phyllis claimed Summer was hard at work. Sally asked if Summer had mentioned anything to Phyllis. Phyllis said that she and Summer never talked about Sally. She asked if there was a reason Summer should have mentioned something. Sally said no. Sally told Nick it had been a real treat meeting him, and she left.

Phyllis asked Nick if he'd seen what she'd been talking about. Nick said Sally was something else. Phyllis stated that if Sally gave Summer any trouble, she would wish she'd never set foot in Genoa City.

A short time later, Summer and Kyle arrived and were greeted by Phyllis and Nick. Nick asked if everything was okay. Summer said it was and asked why it wouldn't be. Phyllis said they had wondered after she and Kyle had left so abruptly. Summer said everything was great. Kyle and Summer left.

Nick told Phyllis everything was fine. Phyllis said she knew her daughter, and clearly things weren't fine. Something was going on, and she was going to find out what it was.

Sharon receives an ultimatum from Rey Sharon receives an ultimatum from Rey
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
by Nel

At home, Sharon had been waiting for Rey, and when he arrived, Sharon explained that she and Adam had been discussing Chelsea's condition, and she was aware it had appeared to be more intimate than that. Rey said he'd thought about what he'd seen, and he'd attempted to be logical and levelheaded about it. He'd thought about her past with Adam, and he'd tried to separate his mistrust for Adam, based on Adam's long history, from what he might or might not have done. He'd tried to eliminate Adam being Sharon's ex, but after he'd seen them holding hands, his good intentions had vanished. Rey wanted that pariah out of their lives because Adam disgusted him.

Rey told Sharon that he'd dumbed down his feeling out of respect for Sharon's decisions, but every time Adam reached out to her, she caved in to what he wanted. She prioritized Adam's needs above everything else, and she chose Adam every time. Sharon denied she always chose Adam. She said she'd chosen Rey and married him. Rey countered that whenever Adam wanted or needed something, Sharon never turned him down. Sharon apologized and said she'd been trying to help Chelsea, but Rey shouted for her to stop. He said she'd wanted to hear what he'd been thinking, and he was trying to tell her.

Rey told Sharon that he'd understood when she'd gone to Las Vegas to bring Adam back to Genoa City. He'd trusted her when she'd said she was the only one who could get through to Adam. Rey had believed in the strength of their relationship, but it hadn't held true because Sharon was drawn to Adam. Sharon claimed she'd ended things immediately because what she and Rey had was far better and stronger than what she'd had with Adam. Rey made her happy, and she'd chosen Rey over Adam.

Rey told Sharon he'd been relieved that he would be spending his life with the woman of his dreams and that she'd finally put Adam behind her. He was convinced they could withstand anything. Sharon claimed they had. Rey understood why she'd wanted to work with Connor, since she'd had the ability to ease his suffering when he'd been struggling. When Adam had needed to face his childhood trauma, she'd helped Rey understand, once again, that she was the only one who could help Adam.

Rey told Sharon that he'd supported her, but after they had returned from Kansas, she'd lied to him and gone to Adam's hotel room. Sharon admitted her mistake and said she should have told him. Rey stated that he hadn't realized the pressure Adam had put on their relationship until Adam had claimed he'd been leaving town. Rey said it had been an incredible weight off his shoulders, but it wasn't over because Adam wasn't going anywhere. Sharon claimed Adam had been forced to change his plans because of Chelsea's stroke. Rey stated that after Chelsea recovered, Adam would find another reason not to put distance between him and Sharon.

Sharon assured Rey that even if Adam remained in town, she wouldn't be spending time with him. Rey countered that Sharon had promised to stay away from Adam, but that wasn't true. Rey wondered why every time Adam approached her, she always caved in to his wishes. Sharon admitted that Adam was back in her life because of Chelsea's horrible medical crisis. Sharon claimed she was in a unique position to help Chelsea. Rey said he wanted Chelsea to get all the help she needed, but he was certain that Chelsea wouldn't have chosen Sharon as her therapist.

Sharon told Rey that was exactly the point. Sharon claimed there were cases where emotional provocation had worked, but Rey stated it wasn't purely professional. Sharon turned away when Rey asked why she insisted on intertwining her life with Adam's. He said either she was too weak-willed and susceptible to his Svengalian influence -- and he refused to believe that -- or Sharon was getting something out of it. He claimed that Sharon wanted to be the one to save and support Adam and be the one he could count on. Rey said it almost sounded like wedding vows.

Sharon assured Rey there was no comparison between her feelings for him and her feelings for Adam. She loved Rey. Rey countered that on some level, she was still in love with Adam, and it was the kind of love that would never go away. Sharon admitted that Adam mattered to her, and they had a history together; however, Rey was her husband, and they shared a life together. She said she'd meant every vow she'd made to him, but Rey didn't believe her. He said it hurt, and it was insulting. She claimed she wasn't going to have that argument with Rey about Adam again.

Rey asked Sharon why she was so defensive. He thought they'd been having an honest conversation. Rey stated he was drawing a line in the sand. He didn't want her to see Adam again or go to Chelsea for emotional support -- or any other reason that she or Adam could come up with. He knew he didn't have the right to give her an ultimatum, but he was doing it because he needed Sharon to put his needs ahead of Adam's. He needed to matter more to her than Adam did. If their marriage meant the same to her as it did to him, she would do that, and if she couldn't or wouldn't, they would both knew that the bond she had with Adam would never be broken and that their marriage had been a mistake.

Sharon asked if Rey was threatening their marriage because he'd seen her and Adam holding hands. Rey shouted that it wasn't about hand-holding. It was about everything he'd seen between her and Adam since Adam had shown up in town -- "poor Adam," who always had some crisis or rationale to pull Sharon into his orbit. Sharon had never denied it, despite Rey's concerns and despite her children's fears and objections. Sharon claimed that wasn't fair.

Rey shouted at Sharon, stating none of it was fair. He'd tried his best to be supportive, and he loved her with everything he had. He wanted to know how much more she expected him to take. He asked if Sharon was in denial or if she was lying when she claimed nothing was going on. Sharon assured him that she and Adam weren't having an affair. Rey claimed that not every betrayal was sexual. Sometimes, the ones that weren't, wound up being the most painful. Rey turned and went upstairs. Sharon appeared angry. She grabbed her coat and left.

In Mindanao, Nate woke up and reached for Elena, but she wasn't there. He found her outside and asked if she was okay. She claimed she couldn't sleep. Nate invited her to fall asleep in the arms of the man who adored her. Elena told him she'd had a dream that had shaken her up. Nate asked if it had been about Devon. She asked why he would think that Devon was on her mind. Nate reminded her that she'd called him by Devon's name earlier. Elena claimed it had been a mistake and apologized.

Nate said that Elena had appeared uncomfortable, and he wondered if Devon was on her mind. Elena claimed it had been a slip of the tongue. Nate asked if she felt things were happening too fast. He felt there was something she wasn't telling him. Elena said she wanted Nate to take her to bed and make love until the sun came up.

In the morning, Nate was watching the ocean when Elena joined him. She commented that he was dressed. Nate claimed he'd been thinking about the past few times Elena had seen Devon. Nate claimed there had been a certain vibe each time. He said it had finally clicked, and she'd been giving him the same vibe since their arrival in Mindanao.

Nate claimed Elena had been restless, and she'd evaded his questions about Devon with sex. He said the last time they'd made love, it had been more than passionate, and there had appeared to be an urgency, almost desperation. He felt she was hiding something. It had been the same kind of passion and desperation when they'd first made love. She'd been unhappy and hiding it from Devon. Nate asked Elena if she'd slept with Devon.

Elena admitted to Nate that she had, and she was sorry. It had happened during the storm. She said she'd delivered a package to Devon that had been sent to the clinic in error. When she'd arrived at Devon's, the weather had turned, and she'd been stuck there. She and Devon had had the conversation they should have had months earlier. They had realized they'd needed to figure out if there was anything left between them and if they were throwing everything away prematurely.

Nate asked if it had been a goodbye for her and Devon or for her and him. Elena said she and Devon had realized they were in different places and couldn't go back. He asked how she could be certain, because she'd said, "Devon, you filled my heart tonight" to him, not Devon. Nate wasn't angry. He wasn't in a position to judge anyone, but it didn't mean he wasn't hurt. He claimed Elena didn't know what she wanted, and he had some thinking to do. Nate left for a walk on the beach.

Half-dressed, Amanda descended the stairs at Devon's and asked if she'd scared him away. He said he'd wanted to rehydrate for whatever came next. Amanda asked Devon about his tattoos, and he explained the reason for each one. She thought it was fascinating that he'd turned his body into a canvas of his life.

Amanda told Devon that when she'd arrived at Devon's, she'd had no idea where the night would end up, but she was very happy. Devon said it had been inevitable. She asked if it was because of how they'd gotten to know each other over the past few months or if it was the chemistry. Devon said they had a lot of chemistry. Amanda said the night had been incredible, and she didn't want to ruin it; however, she wanted to know what it all meant. She said that no matter where it went, she'd enjoyed every minute with him and wanted to anticipate what the next day would look like.

Devon assured Amanda he was not rebounding, and it wasn't just about them having fun. He didn't want to put a label on it. He wanted to think it was something more. Amanda admitted they both had reasons to be cautious. Devon suggested they not overthink it, and whatever happened, it was meant to happen.

Amanda told Devon she liked and cared about him, and perhaps she was being overly cautious, but she wondered if he was over Elena. She said Devon and Elena had meant a lot to each other, and that didn't simply disappear. Amanda didn't want to put her heart on the line and then wake up and find out he was still in love with his ex. Devon claimed Elena was in his past, and he was ready to move on. Amanda invited him back to bed.

Adam joined Victor at Society. When Victor asked about Chelsea, Adam informed him that there had been no change. Victor told Adam to stay strong because the recovery was a long process. Adam admitted he was scared. One minute, he was filled with hope, and the next, despair. He said that Sharon kept him in check. He said Sharon was handling the psychological aspect of Chelsea's recovery. Victor questioned if Adam should have hired someone else, but Adam claimed no one knew him and Chelsea better than Sharon.

Victor pointed out that it brought Sharon back into Adam's orbit, and he wondered whether Sharon was drawn to Adam or whether Adam was pulling her back into his life. Adam claimed he and Sharon cared about each other's well-being. He stated he was in love with Chelsea, and he and Sharon were friends. Victor said it was funny how Adam always found his way back to Sharon.

Victor told Adam he'd never trusted Chelsea because she had a history of deception and self-preservation, but she was a good mother to Connor and had always been there for Adam when his life had been falling apart. Adam agreed that Chelsea had always been there for him. He said he wanted to be there for her. Victor pointed out that there appeared to be a primal connection between Adam and Sharon. He said they'd had their fights and arguments, but they always got back together. He said that was dangerous.

Adam told Victor that he and Sharon had had many ups and downs and that he and Chelsea had, as well, but he wanted Chelsea to get better. Victor told Adam he would always be there for Adam. He asked if he could still call Adam son, because Adam had wanted to sever all ties with the family. Adam accused Victor of being heartless by asking all the tough questions. Victor said that not long before, Adam had changed his name to Wilson. Victor asked if it meant that Adam wanted to part ways with the Newman family and the name. Adam claimed that no matter what he chose to call himself, he couldn't escape being Victor's son -- and all the good and bad that came with it.

Victor told Adam he was Adam's father and would never give up on Adam. Adam had gone through many ups and downs in his life. He said Adam had to be tough and that Chelsea would be all right. He bid Adam goodnight and left.

Adam was about to enter the men's room when Sharon called out to him. Sharon explained that she'd gone for a drive and wound up at Society for a drink. She hadn't known he would be there, but she'd intended to call him. She told Adam she was done treating Chelsea. Adam said it appeared they had both done some soul-searching.

Adam told Sharon that he'd questioned his motives about Sharon being Chelsea's therapist. He felt he'd actually wanted Sharon to comfort and reassure him and help him find a balance with his pain and anger about Chelsea's condition. He admitted he looked forward to seeing Sharon. It was selfish. It had put Sharon into a horrible position. He admitted that appeared to be his specialty, and he was sorry. Sharon admitted she'd had her own reasons for wanting to treat Chelsea. Adam asked what it was about them being so drawn to each other. Sharon said there was no "them," and she only wanted to look forward.

Sharon told Adam that she'd started out with many reasons to celebrate. She'd beaten cancer. She married a wonderful man, and she had a new lease on life and every reason to be joyous. Despite that, her teenaged daughter was hiding things from her, and the man she loved was questioning if she still loved Adam. Adam asked why Rey wondered if she loved Adam. Sharon turned to walk away, but Adam grabbed her arm, and they kissed.

Sharon tries to save her marriage Sharon tries to save her marriage
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
by Nel

In Mindanao, Elena was asleep when Nate returned to their room. He told Elena that after his walk, he'd fallen asleep in one of the lounge chairs by the pool. Elena said she felt terrible because she'd ruined a great trip. Nate disagreed. He said it had given them a great dose of reality. He said that anyone who'd seen them would have mistaken them for a happy couple, but he claimed that finding out Elena had spent a night with Devon had put an end to them.

Elena told Nate that he'd been kind, patient, and understanding with her. Nate admitted he wasn't angry with her and that he should have listened more closely when she'd talked about how she'd felt. Elena claimed her relationship with Devon had ended very suddenly and that she and Devon had realized what they'd had had been beautiful. However, it hadn't been strong enough to keep them together, and it was time to move on. She stated she wanted to move on with Nate. Nate said he couldn't move on with her unless she could give him 100% of her heart. He asked if she could do that. She didn't respond.

Nate suggested that perhaps he and Elena had tried to push things too far too fast. Elena said she had a lot to think about, but she loved spending time with Nate. He said he knew that, but it wasn't enough. Elena said she understood if he chose to not wait for her, but Nate claimed he was hopeful things would work out for them.

At Devon's, Amanda had prepared breakfast. Devon teased that he was going to make his world-famous omelet. He complimented Amanda about breakfast and claimed it was as delicious as her dinner had been the previous evening. He asked if Amanda was all right because she appeared upset. Amanda said she'd received a text message from Naya that Naya was in town and wanted to meet with Amanda. Devon asked if Amanda was going to meet with her. Amanda felt it was unfair that Naya had asked to see her in light of Imani's restraining order against her.

Devon told Amanda that it hadn't been Naya's doing. Amanda felt that Naya hadn't been brave enough to tell Imani that there was nothing suspicious about Amanda wanting to meet her birth mother and finding out about her background. To Amanda, the restraining order was a symbol of rejection. Amanda admitted she might not have given Naya enough credit because Naya had come a long way from their first encounter. Naya was reaching out to her despite how her family felt. Devon claimed that Amanda had obviously made a big impression on Naya, and Amanda needed to give her a chance.

Later, when Devon was alone in his penthouse, he recalled his night with Elena.

At home, Sharon was in a rush and asked if Faith was ready because Sharon was going to drive her to school. Belligerent, Faith claimed she had a ride. Sharon hoped it wasn't with Jordan. Faith snarled that it wasn't likely after how rude Sharon had been to Jordan, blaming her for things that hadn't been Jordan's fault. Nick arrived. He told Sharon that Faith had called him and asked him to drive her to school. He asked Sharon what was going on. Sharon claimed she didn't have time to explain because she had to be at the coffeehouse. She rushed out.

At the coffeehouse, Adam walked in and saw Rey. Rey told Adam to turn around and leave. Adam stood his ground. Rey asked if Adam was deliberately trying to provoke him. Adam asked if Rey was angry because he'd seen Sharon had been consoling Adam. Rey asked Adam about Chelsea. Rey said she was at home, trapped in a living hell, while Adam was out having coffee. Adam said that Chelsea's condition was none of Rey's business, but Rey countered that Sharon seemed to be Adam's business. Rey said he'd spent his career busting lowlifes, and he'd never met anyone as unredeemable as Adam.

Adam told Rey that Sharon didn't see him that way. Sharon arrived at that moment and told Adam to move away. Sharon informed Rey that she'd told Adam she wouldn't be treating Chelsea anymore. Rey claimed that didn't fix the core problem, and he left.

Sharon approached Adam and asked what he'd said to Rey. Adam claimed he hadn't said anything. He'd wondered if Sharon had told Rey about the kiss. Sharon said the kiss should never have happened. She told Adam to stay away from her because he was ruining her life. Mariah arrived as Adam left. Mariah asked Sharon what she'd done. Sharon stated that she hadn't done anything and that Adam was being Adam. She said that Adam had gotten under Rey's skin, and he'd taken advantage of it.

Mariah asked Sharon why Rey was angry. Sharon said that Rey had seen one small thing that he'd misinterpreted, and it had resulted in him questioning their marriage. Sharon said she'd tried to help Chelsea, but she had decided to stop being Chelsea's therapist and advised Adam to find a new therapist.

Mariah stated that Sharon shouldn't have helped Adam in the first place. Sharon claimed that Rey had left it up to her. Mariah said that Rey had hoped Sharon would decline and protect their marriage, but Sharon had put Adam first and hurt Rey in the process. Mariah didn't want to see the best thing that had ever happened to Sharon go down the drain. She asked why Sharon hadn't kicked Adam to the curb and why Sharon couldn't let Adam go. Sharon said she didn't know.

Nick arrived as Sharon rushed out. He asked Mariah what had happened. Mariah said that Adam had struck again. Nick asked if Sharon and Rey were having problems because of Adam. Mariah said that Adam was trying to come between Sharon and Rey, and it looked like Adam was succeeding.

On the patio, Amanda told Naya that her text had been a surprise. She asked if Naya's visit had been impulsive. Naya claimed she'd been planning the visit for a while, but she'd needed time. Amanda asked if Naya had needed time to come up with a cover story for being in Genoa City. Naya claimed she'd wanted to hear more about Amanda, about where she'd grown up, and about the people who'd raised her. Amanda spat that she only talked about that with people she knew well because her life had been hard and complicated.

Sarcastically, Amanda asked Naya how Naya's parents, Amanda's grandparents, had brought her up. Amanda said she wouldn't ask for an introduction to them because she assumed that Naya wanted to keep it that way indefinitely. Naya apologized and admitted that she'd pushed aside all memories of that year, like it had happened to someone else.

Amanda accused Naya of wanting to forget the choice she'd made. Amanda said she'd had to live with Naya's choice every day of her life. Naya claimed that when Amanda had shown up on her doorstep, all the guilt and shame had rushed back. She couldn't believe that one of her girls had died and that she'd never had a chance to meet her. Amanda said that she'd never had the chance to meet Hilary, either.

Naya asked Amanda how they could move forward without causing pain for her family or Amanda. Naya said that Imani kept asking what was going on. Naya realized she shouldn't have confided in Imani, and she wouldn't share any further information with her. Amanda said it was more secrets and lies. She asked if that was the way Naya wanted to handle Imani.

Naya said that having shared with Imani had made things worse. In an attempt to protect Naya, Imani had lashed out at Amanda. It had hurt Amanda, who hadn't deserved that. Naya said she didn't want to lose another daughter without getting to know her better. She wanted to find the joy they might find with each other.

Amanda told Naya that was what she'd hoped to find in the first place. Naya claimed she wanted to make amends. Amanda asked how Imani and Naya's family would feel. She was certain they would make things challenging for Naya. Naya said she wanted to keep it between the two of them for the time being. Amanda called it self-serving. Naya claimed she wanted to connect with Amanda. Amanda realized it had to be on Naya's terms. Amanda said she couldn't do that, and she left.

Nick arrived at Adam's penthouse to see Adam, but he was surprised to see Chelsea. He apologized for not visiting her sooner, but Adam had claimed that his visit would upset her. He wished she could talk so she could tell him what she needed. In her head, Chelsea said the first thing was to keep his ex-wife away from Adam. Nick proceeded to tell Chelsea that she was strong and that she was a fighter. She would get through it. Adam arrived, and he wasn't happy to see Nick.

Nick told Adam he shouldn't have kept Nick away from Chelsea. He warned Adam to stay away from Sharon, but Adam retorted that he would hire anyone he felt could help Chelsea. Nick told Adam to cut the crap because Adam hadn't hired Sharon so she could help Chelsea; Adam had done it because he was a narcissist, and he couldn't handle seeing Sharon happy with someone like Rey. Nick accused Adam of messing with Sharon's head. In her mind, Chelsea asked if Adam and Sharon were having an affair. Adam opened the door and told Nick to get out. Chelsea's thoughts yelled for Nick not to go because she needed answers.

Nick said Adam's focus needed to be on Chelsea, instead of harassing Sharon. Adam explained that he'd run into Sharon at the coffeehouse, and Nick hadn't been there. Adam claimed their conversation had been about Chelsea and how to help her. He said if anyone claimed otherwise, they were completely off base. In her internal monologue, Chelsea said Adam was lying, and she wanted Nick to tell her the truth. Adam called nurse Meredith in. He told her Nick had said some things that had upset Chelsea, and he asked Meredith to stay with Chelsea while he showed Nick out.

Outside Adam's door, Adam asked what Nick thought he'd accomplished. Nick stated he'd wanted to see Adam and to put him on notice. He said Adam had pushed Sharon past her breaking point too many times in her life, and it ended as of that moment. It wouldn't happen again because Nick wouldn't stand for it. Nick left.

Adam returned to Chelsea and said that Nick had always been a hothead. He said that because Adam and Victor were in a better place, Nick was bitter and needed a place to spew his vitriol. In a voice only she could hear, Chelsea claimed it wasn't about Victor; it was about Sharon and the fact that Adam was pursuing her. Adam suggested he play some music. In her thoughts, Chelsea called him a coward and told him to look at her and tell her what he was up to, but she already knew and called him a bastard.

At home, Sharon looked at her and Rey's wedding photo. She sent Rey a text message, "Really want to get together so we can work through this." After sending the message, she recalled meeting Adam at Society, where Adam had asked her why Rey believed Sharon was still in love with him, and Adam kissing her. Guilt turned to panic when Sharon received a call from Faith's school. She asked if Faith was okay. She grabbed her coat and rushed out.

Rey met with Lola at Society. He told Lola he'd believed that Adam was out of Sharon's life, but ever since Adam's return from Las Vegas, Sharon had made excuses for him. He wondered if he was being a fool because it reminded him of Mia and Arturo. He'd thought that he and Sharon were a thousand times stronger than he and Mia had been, but it appeared he'd made the same mistake twice.

Lola told Rey it was hard to be objective about his situation after what she'd gone through with Kyle. She said Kyle was immature and didn't understand his feelings. The same was true about Mia. Lola said Sharon was different and more like their mother. Celeste had known deep down that their father would never live up to her expectations and that he'd never deserved her, but he broke her heart over and over again. It hadn't mattered what they'd said to Celeste about him; she'd always taken him back.

Rey asked if Lola thought he should have seen it coming. Lola said she was rooting for Rey and Sharon to work things out. She felt sorry for Sharon because she'd wasted all that time on someone who didn't deserve her. Rey claimed that if Adam was someone he could respect in any way, he wouldn't be so disgusted. He wondered if Sharon was willing to ruin what they had over Adam. Lola said that Sharon was probably wishing she could lose those feelings for someone she couldn't respect. Rey said he'd tried to look at it from every angle, but he couldn't deal with seeing Adam every time he turned around. If Sharon expected him to deal with it -- it wouldn't work.

Elena arrived at the coffeehouse. Devon saw her and asked why she and Nate had returned so soon. He asked if Elena had told Nate about their night together. Elena said Nate had figured it out on his own, but Nate wasn't angry. Things hadn't worked out, and they had broken up. Elena claimed she had to figure out what she really wanted.

Amanda arrived at the Grand Phoenix and saw Nate with his suitcase. Nate informed her he needed to get some sleep because he had a construction crew at his house. He said he had a date with his pillow, and he left.

A short time later, Devon arrived at the Grand Phoenix. When he saw Amanda, he asked how things had gone with Naya. Amanda said Naya had been sincere about a relationship between them. She had apologized for how poorly she'd handled their relationship. She wanted to make it up to Amanda, but there was a condition -- it had to be a secret from her family. She said Naya had claimed it would be best for everyone involved, especially Amanda. Amanda said it felt like she was some shameful and dirty secret. Naya had made it clear she wasn't prepared to upset her family for someone she hardly knew. Amanda wondered where things should go from there.

Bill Spencer makes a whirlwind visit to Genoa City Bill Spencer makes a whirlwind visit to Genoa City
Thursday, February 18, 2021
by Nel

At the Chancellor mansion, Abby picked up a "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornament when Nina walked in. Abby said that she and Chance had gotten married at Thanksgiving, and their marriage hadn't made it to Valentine's Day. She needed him there, but she knew she was being selfish. Nina assured Abby she wasn't being selfish. She said Abby needed to move forward with creating the family that Abby and Chance wanted. Abby agreed and sat down to find a suitable donor.

Abby complained to Nina that there were hundreds of men to choose from. Nina helped Abby check out the donors on her tablet. Nina understood that Abby wanted the donor to be someone similar to Chance. Abby claimed it was a life-changing decision, and she wanted to clone Chance rather than find a donor because finding someone was more difficult than she had expected. Nina felt they needed a break, and she directed Abby to a baby site. Abby fell in love with a baby sling. She laughed and tried to imagine Chance wearing one. She thanked Nina for the distraction.

Nina told Abby about Chance when he'd been a little boy. She said she had worried constantly about him, but it had been worth it. It was an honor knowing one's child, and she had wonderful memories of Chance. She said Abby needed to find a donor first to experience things firsthand. Abby laughed and returned to her search. She and Nina appeared to zone in on the same candidates, and Nina felt they'd made progress.

Mariah arrived at Society. She joined Devon, who was sitting at the bar. She told him she was going to be the surrogate for Abby and Chance's baby. She said Abby couldn't carry a baby, and Chance also had issues. She said that when Abby and Chance had approached her to be their surrogate, she had accepted. Devon asked how long Chance would be gone. Mariah assumed it wouldn't be for long, since they were moving forward with building their family. Mariah claimed she would be involved for the first nine months, and then Abby and Chance would take over.

Devon warned Mariah that pregnancy was no vacation. Mariah realized that there would be difficult moments, and she wasn't looking forward to morning sickness. Devon recalled when Mac had been a surrogate for Lily's twins. He said it had worked out well. It had given him a niece and nephew. Mariah said she was certain it would be the same for Abby and Chance. She said she felt good about being a good friend. Devon asked what she was talking about because everyone loved Mariah. He asked how Tessa was handling the situation. Mariah said Tessa was her biggest cheerleader. Tessa made sure that Mariah ate the right food and took her vitamins. Mariah showed Devon a photo Tessa had taken of her.

Mariah told Devon that Abby was in the process of searching online for a donor. Devon told Mariah that Hilary had looked for a donor online when she'd decided to have a baby. He said he hadn't been a fan of that, nor was he a fan of online dating. Mariah was certain that Abby would choose the right donor, and things would work out. Devon commended Mariah for helping Abby and Chance's dreams come true.

At Jabot, Lauren was in a meeting with Kyle, but Kyle was a million miles away until Lauren brought him back to reality. Bill Spencer appeared in the doorway. Lauren didn't appear to be overly happy to see him. She thought he was meeting with Summer. Bill claimed he had wanted to drop in and say hello to the boss lady. Lauren introduced him to the co-CEO Kyle.

After Lauren took Bill on a tour, Kyle recalled the day Theo had reminded him about the affair Kyle had had with Tara Locke. Theo had thrown in a little tidbit about Tara and her three-year-old son and that Kyle was the father. Sally had been present to hear Theo's big reveal. Kyle was deep in thought when Jack arrived, and Jack asked if Kyle had seen Lauren. Kyle returned to reality when Jack asked if something was wrong. Kyle informed him that Lauren had taken Bill on a tour. Kyle assured Jack he was fine, and he'd been thinking about business. Jack was suspicious, but he left.

When Summer entered the coffeehouse, she saw Sally. Summer told Sally that Kyle had told her that Sally wanted to expose his affair with Tara. Sally asked if that was all Kyle had told her. Summer claimed she and Kyle didn't have any secrets. She reminded Sally what she knew about Sally's past. Summer said it showed how low Sally would go. Sally stated that Summer had started it. She claimed it wasn't fair that Summer could hold an axe over her head. Summer told Sally that if she wanted a war to go for it because she was armed and ready. Sally claimed she preferred a peaceful coexistence.

Sally told Summer that she'd gathered information about Kyle in case she was ever attacked. Summer added that it was that or in case Sally really wanted something, like Summer's job at JCV. Sally said she would accept that JCV was off the table. Summer said that was very generous for something that had never been offered to Sally. Sally claimed she wasn't a pushover, and if she'd wanted JCV, she would have fought day and night for it; however, it would have made Summer's life miserable in the process. She told Summer to consider it a gift.

Summer claimed the only gift she wanted was for Sally to disappear. Sally told Summer not to worry about her, and she wouldn't worry about Summer. They needed to move on with their lives. Sally said that perhaps one day they might be friends, and Sally left.

Kyle decided to call Tara. He reached her voicemail. He said he'd heard she'd had a son and asked her to call him back because it was important. Summer stood in the doorway and heard the end of Kyle's call. She was curious if Kyle had called Tara to warn her that the truth might come out. Kyle admitted he had. Summer assured him that Theo was gone, so there was no chance of that. Kyle asked about Sally. Summer said that she and Sally shared secrets about each other. They had agreed to keep the secrets and stay out of each other's way.

Summer told Kyle that Sally had suggested that they might wind up being friends. Kyle claimed that wasn't a bad idea. Summer groaned and said there was no way she could keep up that ruse with Sally. Kyle said they needed to keep the lines of communication open. He said the old adage applied -- "keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

After Bill and Lauren returned to the boardroom, Bill complimented Lauren on a nice setup. Jack arrived, and Billy greeted him with, "Jack Rabbit." Jack wasn't amused. Bill apologized. He asked Jack about Ashley and Traci. Jack said he hadn't been aware that Bill knew his sisters. Bill informed him that he and Ashley had some friends in common from the time Ashley had been in Los Angeles, and he wondered who didn't know the bestselling author Traci. Bill asked Jack to tell Traci that when she was ready to work with a real publisher and media king, she needed to look him up.

Jack informed Bill that Traci liked her publisher in New York, and she was busy launching the online fiction venture for ChanceComm. Jack said he would give Traci Bill's regards. Sally arrived and froze in her tracks when she saw Bill. They glared at each other. Sally said she had things to run by Lauren, but it could wait. She left in a rush.

Bill stated that he and Sally had history. Jack wanted to know what had happened, but Bill said he had to leave for his meeting with Summer. After Bill left, Jack asked Lauren "what the hell" that had been. Lauren said that Sally had mentioned there was bad blood between them, but Lauren realized she only had half the story.

Alone in the boardroom, Kyle received a text message from Tara, "You've made some sort of mistake. Do not contact me again." Kyle appeared troubled.

Bill and Summer met at Society for their business meeting. Summer showed Bill her ideas for a layout. Bill complimented her on her great work. Sally entered the restaurant and sat on the couch facing Summer. As Bill was walking out, Sally caught his attention. Bill said he'd known he would see her, and he felt like puking when he finally met up with her. Sally said Bill was in her town, but Bill claimed the world was his town. Sally asked what he and Summer had been talking about. Bill asked if Sally was jumpy. He told her not to worry because he and Summer had talked business.

Sally told Bill that it was a mistake. Bill claimed he could have said the same thing to Lauren about having Sally on her payroll, but he had restrained himself. Sally asked if she should thank him for that. Bill said, "Yes." When Sally didn't respond, he said that was okay; as long as she stayed out of L.A. and his family's lives, it was all good. Bill asked Sally for a high-five or a thank you. When he received nothing from Sally, he said she knew how sensitive he was, and she had hurt his feelings. He said he would get over it. Before he left, he wished Sally good luck with her fresh start -- if that was what it really was. Bill left.

Sally and Summer glared at each other. Sally approached Summer and said she knew they weren't friends yet, but she advised Summer not to get involved with Bill Spencer. Summer asked if Sally was trying to scare her from working with a company that could do great things for JCV. Sally said that Bill was the most ruthless man she'd ever met. Bill would burn Summer's world to the ground to get what he wanted.

At home, Devon appeared thoughtful when he looked at the photo on his phone that Tessa had taken of Mariah.

Nick and Sharon took Faith home from school. Faith had been suspended from school because a bottle of vodka had been found in her locker. Faith tried to go to her room, but Sharon and Nick insisted they needed to talk. Nick asked how a bottle of vodka had ended up in her locker.

Faith denied she'd put it there. She claimed she'd been set up. When asked who had set her up, Faith claimed it was the same person who had reported her to the principal, but no one believed her -- and her parents thought the worst of her. Faith swore she was telling the truth. She complained about the mean girls who bullied her at school, taunted her online, and sent horrible text messages. Sharon wanted to see the text messages, but Faith said she'd erased them because they had hurt her feelings.

Faith told Nick and Sharon that it had been going on for months. Faith blamed Sharon for the loss of Jordan's friendship, because Jordan was the only person who didn't hate her. Faith said it had started with that exposé about Adam. She said that Adam had basically ruined her life. Nick wanted the names of the girls harassing Faith, but Faith refused to give any names. She said if Nick did anything, she would be known as a snitch on top of everything else.

Faith said she could take care of herself. Sharon told Faith that she and Nick wanted to help her; however, they needed to know the whole story. She said that Faith shouldn't be afraid to tell them the truth. Almost in tears, Faith said she couldn't win. Nothing she did was right. She grabbed her purse and ran to her room.

Sharon told Nick that Faith was responsible for the choices she made, but she felt that Jordan had led Faith down the path. Sharon doubted that Faith would be able to get her hands on a bottle of vodka without some "friendly guidance." Nick hated that Faith felt no one was on her side. He was infuriated that the situation went back to the exposé about Adam. He said it had been Billy's fault.

Sharon wasn't so sure. She said the only thing found in Faith's locker had been the vodka. Nick said it wouldn't have been difficult for someone to figure out what Faith had been drinking. Sharon said the school needed to deal with the girls who were bullying Faith, but in the meantime, Faith was spinning out of control. They needed to do something before things got worse. When Rey arrived, Nick went to check on Faith.

Sharon told Rey that Faith had been suspended from school because a bottle of vodka had been found in her locker, and Faith claimed it had been planted by the girls who had been bullying her. She said Faith was angry at her parents, and especially angry with her. Rey said Faith would get through it. Sharon asked if they would also get through it.

Rey didn't want to talk about what was going on between them because Sharon was already dealing with an issue. Sharon felt they needed to talk because she didn't like the way things had ended, and she could feel Rey drifting away from her. She knew the reason why, and she wanted to fix it. Rey said they would talk later, and he left.

Nick returned and asked Sharon to tell him that Adam hadn't ruined her marriage, as well.

Lily declares her love to Billy Lily declares her love to Billy
Friday, February 19, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Lily entered her office and found rose petals scattered on the floor, leading a path to her desk, where she discovered a heart-shaped box of chocolates. She read the card, which posed the important question, "What did the bee say to his sweetheart?" Billy appeared and observed that she'd found his tokens of affection. Lily wondered why the question was significant, and he promised to tell her in due time -- unless she knew the answer to the riddle without any help.

Lily attempted to guess the answer to the riddle. Billy was charmed by her use of bad puns, but he declared her responses incorrect. She pressed for the correct answer, but Victoria appeared with a special delivery of Valentine's Day cards that Johnny and Katie had made for Billy. Billy suggested that he and Victoria retreat to his office, but Lily invited them to stay so she could hear what the kids had written. Victoria mentioned that Johnny and Katie hadn't let her read them, so it would be a surprise for her, too.

Billy opened Johnny's card, which wished a happy Valentine's Day to the best dad ever. Katie's card said she loved her daddy lots. Victoria thought the cards were similar to the ones they'd given to her over breakfast. Billy found one more card in the package, and Victoria seemed surprised. Billy handed a small card to Lily, and Victoria chalked it up to the kids being very thoughtful.

Lily's card wished "Daddy's new best girlfriend" a happy Valentine's Day from her favorite kids. Victoria struggled to hide a scowl as Billy remarked that Lily had won the children's hearts. Victoria answered a call from Hannah and learned that Katie had hurt her arm during a fall on the ice. Victoria headed out, and Billy followed. Lily looked thoughtfully at a wrapped gift.

At Victoria's home, Victoria was thankful that Katie had only suffered a bruise. She apologized for interrupting Billy's Valentine's Day plans with Lily, but he doubted that she was actually sorry. Billy sensed that Victoria wasn't thrilled about him moving on and that she didn't want him to experience joy ever again. She called the idea ridiculous, but he wondered if she believed he didn't deserve good things after everything he'd done to her. Victoria contended that nothing was further from the truth. Billy was glad to hear it, since he was happier than he had been in a long time. She prompted him to get going to avoid keeping Lily waiting on a romantic holiday.

Lily savored a chocolate as Billy returned to the office. He reported that Katie would be okay, and he suggested that they pick up where they'd left off. Lily insisted that the riddle could wait while he opened his present. He was thrilled to unwrap his favorite single-malt scotch, aged 25 years. He prepared to crack it open and enjoy sipping it with the chocolate. He expected it to be sinfully good -- just like everything they did.

Lily gushed that dark chocolate and scotch were amazing together. She implored Billy to add to her pleasure by giving her the answer to the riddle. "I love bee-ing with you, honey," Billy divulged. Lily argued that her answers had been better. Billy admitted that it was corny, but he loved it. He explained that his dad had told him the riddle when he'd been a kid, and John had retold it whenever Billy had needed a pick-me-up to make him smile.

Billy said the riddle reminded him of his father, who he missed. Lily called John a great human being, and she recalled how she, her mom, and her aunt had loved him. Lily believed that Billy was becoming more and more like his dad every day in all the best ways. A touched Billy murmured that it was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him, and she insisted it was true. Lily recounted when Billy had told her how he felt about her, and she hadn't been ready to return the sentiment, but she was ready then. "I'm falling in love with you, too," Lily professed.

At the Grand Phoenix, the clerk informed Nick that Phyllis wasn't there but that she'd left something for him. Nick picked up a large pink envelope and found a heart-shaped Valentine's Day card inside. "You've stolen mine. So you owe me for it. Meet me at Society to negotiate." He grinned broadly and made a call to change the destination of a pending delivery.

Nick arrived at Society, where Phyllis was waiting in a room full of exotic flower arrangements. Nick explained that he could have gone with red roses, but it had seemed cliché. She gushed that she loved it, and she handed him a drink. He wondered why the restaurant was deserted on one of the busiest days of the year, and she informed him that someone had reserved the entire place for a V.I.P. dinner for two.

Phyllis confessed that Nick had actually made the reservation, and he questioned how he'd done it. She admitted that she'd pretended to be his assistant, since Abby never would have signed off on it if she'd known Phyllis had been behind it. Phyllis toasted to the magic that the night had to offer, but Nick looked away. He apologized for being a downer, and she asked if he was mad about the reservation. He shared that it was something much bigger.

Phyllis was stunned to learn that Faith had been suspended from school after alcohol had been found in her locker. Phyllis offered to do anything she could to help, and Nick replied that just talking about it made him feel better. He proclaimed that he was officially ready to enjoy their date, and he wondered what was on the agenda. Phyllis replied that romance began with a dance, and she turned on some music and invited him to dance with her. Nick mused that there was nothing he wanted more than to take her into his arms and sweep her off her feet.

After dinner, Nick called it the best red snapper he'd ever had. Phyllis gifted him with a handheld video game and revealed that she'd planned for them to play it together, but she thought he should play it with Faith first. Nick considered her generous for trying to give him a head start, and she teased that he needed one. Phyllis reasoned that it would be good for him and Faith to do something fun instead of having heavy conversations all the time. Nick thanked her for thinking of Faith, and Phyllis noted that there was something else in the box for him. She pulled out some racy black lingerie and threw it at him. Nick insisted on seeing her in it as fast as humanly possible. "Let's go!" she exclaimed.

Nate entered the Crimson Lights patio, and Elena cheerfully greeted him. She abruptly excused herself and stepped out, but she then popped back in to assure him that she wasn't running away. A short time later, Elena returned and apologized for ducking out as soon as she'd seen Nate. She insisted that she was glad she'd run into him, and she asked how he was doing. He replied that he was all right, and he inquired about her. She shared that she'd been doing a lot of thinking to figure out what she wanted, and she hoped he would remain patient.

Nate reiterated that he hadn't expected an answer overnight, and he knew it was complicated. Elena pulled out a gift box and explained that she'd run away because she'd gotten him something for Valentine's Day at the gift shop in Mindanao. She still wanted him to have it, and she hoped he accepted it. Nate unwrapped a shirt and admitted that it was totally his style. Elena started to say that there was something she had to tell him, but she clammed up when Amanda walked in.

Amanda hesitated to interrupt Nate and Elena's Valentine's Day moment. Nate assumed Amanda was there to get some coffee before diving back into work, but she revealed that she was meeting Devon there. The three made small talk about Nate and Elena's recent trip. Devon entered and exchanged awkward pleasantries with Elena and Nate. Devon surmised that Elena and Nate had Valentine's Day plans together, but they both replied that they had to work. Amanda led Devon to the patio as Elena squirmed.

Nate prompted Elena to tell him what she'd been about to say before Amanda had shown up. Elena filled him in about Devon knowing that Nate was aware of the night Elena and Devon had spent together. She explained that she'd wanted to be honest from then on, since she'd caused enough damage by keeping things from both men, and she didn't want to keep making the same mistakes. Nate appreciated her telling him, but he thought it was obvious that Amanda didn't know. Elena considered that to be Devon's call, but she thought it was clear that he cared about Amanda and wanted to move forward with her. Nate and Elena agreed to share a ride to the hospital.

On the patio, Amanda cited the palpable tension between Elena and Nate. She realized that when she'd asked Nate about his trip, he hadn't even mentioned Elena. Amanda chalked it up to it being hard to start a relationship with baggage, since she knew from experience. She added that she had no intention of doing it again, and she was glad she and Devon had spent time getting to know one another before taking the next step. Amanda pledged to not get bogged down in the past and to just enjoy the moment. Devon acknowledged that she wanted to keep Valentine's Day low-key, but he thought they could still indulge in a little celebration. He passed her an envelope, and she pulled out one for him.

Devon placed an order for hot chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. Amanda prompted him to open his envelope while they were waiting, and he chuckled when he found a gift certificate for a massage at the Grand Phoenix. She admitted that it had been a little tricky to pick the right gift, and he declared it perfect. Amanda opened her envelope and also found a gift certificate for a massage at the Grand Phoenix. They laughed, and she proposed that they combine their gifts and get a couple's massage. Devon called it the best idea she'd had all night.

Devon mentioned that he'd had an interesting conversation with Mariah about Abby and Chance starting a family. He revealed that various medical issues had forced the couple to be creative about how they went about it, and their plan was to use a sperm donor to fertilize Abby's egg and have Mariah serve as a surrogate. Amanda considered it great news, but she wondered why he was telling her such personal information. Devon shared that he'd been thinking a lot about it, and Amanda asked if he was contemplating starting his own family.

Devon swore that he'd only been thinking of Abby and Chance. He recounted that Mariah had talked about how they were happy to have someone they knew as their surrogate, but they were worried about using an anonymous sperm donor. Devon felt for Abby, who had to make all the decisions with Chance out of town. Devon figured that in the end, all that mattered was that they could have a new son or daughter.

Amanda imagined that Abby and Chance would shower their child with a lot of love after all the effort they were putting in. Devon couldn't help but feel bad after all the setbacks and bad news the couple had suffered, and he thought they needed all the help and support they could get. He was impressed by how Mariah had selflessly stepped up, and he wished there was something he could do to help, too.

At the cottage, Sharon flipped through an album of childhood photos of Faith. Rey descended the stairs, and she was glad he'd been able to sleep in after working late. There was a knock at the door, and he thought he knew who it was. Rey stepped outside for a moment and returned with a bouquet of flowers. Sharon realized that they resembled her bridal bouquet, and she guessed that he'd ordered it a while back. Rey confirmed that he'd gone to the florist at the beginning of the week to hand-write the card. She questioned whether she should still read it, and he replied that she absolutely should.

Rey had written that he'd once viewed Valentine's Day as a frivolous, unimportant holiday, but it had become meaningful with Sharon in his life. He'd sworn that he woke up every day, feeling like the luckiest man alive to be her husband for the rest of their lives. Sharon thanked him for the beautiful words, and she gestured to where she'd left a card for him. Rey read aloud that finding him had been the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she melted whenever she looked into his big brown eyes. She'd added that she was proud to be his wife, and she was grateful for his love, quiet strength, and unshakeable belief that there was nothing they couldn't accomplish as long as they were together.

Sharon had stated that her heart was Rey's, "now and forever." Rey recalled that she'd said the same words when they'd gotten married, and she stressed that she'd meant it on their wedding day and that she meant it then. She hoped he believed it, and he replied that he wanted to -- more than she knew. She asked if it was possible to embrace the spirit of the day and get back to what they'd had before. Rey clarified that she meant before Adam had gotten between them again. Sharon wanted the moment to be about her and Rey and no one else. Rey appreciated it, but he believed someone else should be their priority right then.

Rey sympathized that Faith's drinking was weighing on Sharon, and he resolved to set aside his feelings about Sharon and Adam and focus on helping Sharon deal with her anguish over her daughter. Sharon suggested that they revisit the subject of Adam when Faith wasn't home. Sharon confided that she felt like she'd been a bad mother, but Rey insisted that she'd been a wonderful mom. He pointed out that she couldn't control everything that happened or how Faith reacted to it. He considered Faith to be a good kid in a bad place that she didn't know how to get herself out of.

Rey suspected that Faith was afraid that her parents would judge her if she was honest with them, and her rebellion was a defense. Sharon recognized that Faith had to want to accept help, and Sharon couldn't force it. Sharon lamented that things kept getting worse, and everything she said seemed to push Faith further away. Rey remembered how intense Lola's feelings had been at Faith's age, and he recalled that Lola had accused him of talking at her and not with her. He believed kids that age just wanted to be heard. Sharon intended to remind Faith that they were on the same side and that she loved her daughter for who she was.

As Sharon flipped through photos, she fondly reflected back on Faith losing her first tooth and attending her first day of school. Sharon looked at a photo taken when Faith had gotten her first pony from her grandparents, and she marveled at how happy and carefree Faith had been when she'd gone riding. Faith listened from the stairs as Sharon remembered being nervous when Faith had decided to attempt her first jump. Sharon recounted trying to talk Faith out of it; nothing had shaken the girl's resolve, and Faith had pleaded for Sharon to trust her. Sharon had watched with pride as a confident Faith had made the jump with Patches, and she'd later asked Faith how it had felt. "Piece of cake," Faith had responded. Faith slipped upstairs, leaving a card for her mom on the stairs.

Sharon thanked Rey for listening to her reminisce. Rey enjoyed hearing stories about Faith that he hadn't heard, and Sharon groaned that her brain was scrambled. He encouraged her to go for a walk to clear her head while he heated up some cider for her when she got back. She pointed out that he was taking care of her again, and he replied that he was her husband.

Sharon prepared to check on Faith before she went outside, and she discovered the card on the stairs. In it, Faith recognized that even when they fought, Sharon was always there for her, and Faith didn't know where she'd be without her mother. The note ended with, "I love you, Mom." Sharon began to sob, and Rey asked what was wrong. Sharon cried that Faith had written what Sharon had needed to hear. As Faith hovered unseen on the stairs, she received a text message with a heart emoji from an unknown person.

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