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Tara confirmed that Harrison was Kyle's son, but she begged Kyle to stay away for the boy's sake. Kyle confessed to Summer that he'd fathered a son with Tara. Chelsea managed to stand on her own. Victor, Billy, and Victoria strategized separately to acquire Cyaxares Media.
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Tara confirmed that Harrison was Kyle's son, but she begged Kyle to stay away for the boy's sake
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Kyle is stunned by Tara's announcement Kyle is stunned by Tara's announcement
Monday, March 1, 2021

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina entered the sitting room just as Abby was injecting herself with hormones. Nina winced, but Abby explained that she'd gotten used to the procedure, which would aid in the retrieval of her eggs. Abby noted that half of the parties who'd offered to help her have a child had not yet signed legal agreements. Nina was sympathetic to Abby's concerns that Mariah and Devon might be daunted by the legal details of their contracts. Nina answered the door after the bell rang. Ashley entered and surprised Abby.

Nina stepped out after Ashley's arrival. Abby nervously rattled off the details of her plan, explaining that some of her retrieved eggs would be fertilized and some would be frozen unfertilized in hopes that Chance's condition might later be resolved. In a moment of panic, Abby expressed concern that the participating parties might back out. Ashley remained supportive, calmly reminding Abby that she'd soon have a baby girl or boy. Noting that even Abby's conception hadn't been typical, Ashley said Abby was her greatest gift, as Abby's baby would be for her. Abby smiled and seemed somewhat less apprehensive.

At Devon's penthouse, Devon and Amanda enjoyed her delicious breakfast in the dining area while they reminisced about their romantic encounters in the bedroom. Still clad in her silk robe, Amanda grabbed her briefcase, pulled out a notepad, and began recording Devon's requirements for his contract with Abby and Chance. Devon said he wasn't concerned, explaining that Abby had promised that she and Chance would include him as a member of the family. Amanda reminded Devon that Chance had made no such agreement, due to his extended absence. Devon remained unconcerned about details, but Amanda cautioned him to consider visitation rights should the parents choose to raise the baby outside of Genoa City.

Amanda challenged Devon to consider how he expected to interact as the biological father and what the child should be told about his involvement. Devon said he understood Amanda's concerns because they related somewhat to her unfortunate separation and recent reconnection with her birth mother. Amanda acknowledged her concerns sprang from a kneejerk reaction to someone about to give away their child. Devon said he clearly understood his role in facilitating Abby and Chance's dream of becoming parents. Devon requested Amanda draw up a contract that would be fair and equitable to all parties involved.

Abby stopped by with a gift for Devon to thank him. Devon opened the gift and was touched to find a framed photo of Katherine. Devon admired the photo and said Katherine would wholeheartedly support their plan. Abby again thanked Devon for giving her and Chance the greatest gift. Devon said he and Amanda had worked on his contract, so there was nothing that should worry Abby. Abby was relieved to hear the good news. Devon recalled that he and Abby had supported each other for a long time, so this time was no was different. Abby smiled, but Amanda seemed uneasy. After Abby left, Amanda said she felt more comfortable after having witnessed Devon and Abby's friendship up close.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis attempted to quickly exit the dining area when she heard Victor's voice. Before Phyllis could gather her belongings, Victor said, "Well, my goodness. What a surprise." Phyllis surmised that Victor's appearance wasn't a surprise and asked if he wished to talk about something with her. Victor asked about Nicholas and Summer. Phyllis said Nick was at work, and she inquired about why Victor seemed concerned about Summer.

Victor explained to Phyllis that during his recent conversation with his granddaughter, she'd repeatedly responded "great" to each of his inquires, which to him indicated otherwise. Victor asked about Kyle, acknowledging that he'd disappointed Summer in the past. Phyllis replied that both she and Victor should take a step back and refrain from interfering in Summer's life. Victor noted that Phyllis knew him well enough to remember that he looked out for his own and would continue to do so.

After Phyllis left, Ashley joined Victor at Crimson Lights. Victor welcomed Ashley home for a visit and mentioned that Abby would soon make them grandparents. Victor asked Ashley if she'd heard when Chance might return. Ashley said she'd heard nothing, though Abby was moving forward with her plans to have a child, assured that Chance would approve. Ashley and Victor acknowledged the difficulties involved and expressed concern that should something go awry, it would break Abby's heart.

Ashley added that it would break her heart, as well, if Abby's plans didn't pan out. Victor replied, "What if it all goes right? Look what she's done already. She found a surrogate mother. Devon, Katherine's grandson, is her donor." Victor suggested they support Abby and anticipate welcoming their new grandchild. Ashley said they would, adding that Victor had likely already set up a trust fund. Victor acknowledged that he had and seemed excited about the prospect of three powerful families bundled together in their future grandchild.

In the boardroom at Jabot, Sally was busy with work when Summer entered and mentioned her trip to Los Angeles. Sally joked that she saw no cuts or bruises on Summer, indicating that Bill Spencer hadn't dropped a building on her. Sally was referring to an instance when her nemesis had imploded a building that had housed her fashion business while she'd still been inside. Dismissing Sally's brief account of a narrow escape from death, Summer insisted her interactions with Bill Spencer hadn't revealed him to be the monster Sally had proclaimed him to be. Summer reported that Bill was funny, smart, and nice, so either Sally wasn't being completely honest, or perhaps Bill only dropped buildings on Sally.

Sally explained that Bill, whom she described as an amoral maniac, had been on his best behavior in order to seal the deal. Sally added that her only offense had been falling in love with Bill's son. Summer reminded Sally how she had lied by claiming she was dying and had even kidnapped a witness who'd caught on in order to keep the secret from being revealed. Sally cautioned Summer not to throw out accusations lest they break their truce bartered on keeping Kyle's complicated affair a secret. Summer picked up on Sally's hint that there was more to the story that just an affair and demanded to know the undisclosed details. Sally replied, "Maybe it's best if you ask Kyle that question."

At the Grand Phoenix, Kyle was shocked to find Tara waiting for him in the lobby. Kyle explained that he was headed to New York. Tara explained that she'd feared Kyle might travel to New York, which would have been a huge mistake. Tara cried that Kyle shouldn't be contacting her at all, noting that their affair had ended years earlier.

Kyle pleaded with Tara to tell him the truth about her son. Tara insisted that Kyle wasn't Harrison's father. Kyle recalled that Tara had told him she hadn't been sleeping with her husband, Ashland, during the time of their affair. Nine months later, Kyle added, Tara had given birth to a boy that resembled him. Kyle promised Tara that if she could prove he wasn't the boy's father, she'd never hear from him again.

Tara became frustrated and said she'd feared Theo might cause trouble after she'd run into him, and he'd asked questions about her son. Tara warned that her husband had a history of crushing anyone who crossed him, but Kyle refused to back down, insisting he had the right to know the truth. Tara admitted she'd had a DNA test done, which had determined that Kyle was Harrison's father. Kyle replied, "I'm a father. There's a million things I need to know."

Tara told Kyle that the only reason she'd revealed the truth was get him to back off for Harrison's sake. Kyle asked Tara if Harrison was happy. Tara said Harrison smiled more than any child she'd ever seen and loved his father. Tara begged Kyle to consider how their little boy would suffer if the truth ever came to light. Tara said Kyle should understand why he should stay away, adding that it was the right thing to do for their son. After Tara walked out, Kyle sat down by the fireplace and seemed overwhelmed.

Mariah met with Kyle at Jabot after he'd summoned her, explaining that he had an emergency. Kyle explained that he'd been on his way to confront Tara in New York when she'd suddenly shown up in Genoa City. Kyle told Mariah he'd learned he was the father of Tara's son, though Tara had insisted he keep his distance. Kyle cried that he had no idea how to build a relationship with a child who lived far away, especially knowing the boy already had a father he loved. Kyle asked Mariah if he should tell Summer the truth. Mariah reminded Kyle that she'd already warned him that lies would surface eventually. Sally interrupted. Before Mariah left, she told Kyle to think about the advice she'd given him.

Mariah rushed to Society and apologized to Brittany and Tessa for being late. Tessa said she'd gotten Brittany up to speed about the plans to help Abby and Chance. Mariah said she was glad to see Brittany again, even though she'd represented Theo in the lawsuit he'd brought against the Abbotts. Mariah explained that she envisioned a simple contract, noting that Abby and Chance had offered to cover everything financially, including maternity clothes. Brittany suggested Mariah take things slowly and discuss all the details, including a consultation with a therapist. Tessa agreed, adding that there would be many emotional aspects involved.

Mariah explained that she'd discussed her plans with her mother, a therapist, who'd expressed concern that it would be her daughter's first pregnancy. Tessa said she was also concerned about Mariah bonding with the baby as it grew inside her. Mariah said she had a clear understanding that the child would belong to Abby and Chance, adding that she would continue her therapy sessions throughout and even after the pregnancy. Brittany encouraged Mariah to be very specific and clear about how she envisioned her role, including the possibility of providing expressed milk. Mariah seemed unfazed and was ready to dive in. Tessa seemed to have unspoken reservations. Later, privately, Mariah asked Tessa if she felt she'd been pushed into going along. Tessa assured Mariah she was prepared for their next adventure together.

After Abby returned from Devon's, Ashley wasn't present. Nina greeted Abby and explained that Ashley had dropped off a box of pastries from the coffeehouse. Abby happily reported that both Devon and Mariah were finalizing their contracts. Nina replied, "Perfect! You look relieved. Is that because of the contract or because your mom's home?" Abby credited both and added that it was because she had Nina, too. Abby said she was grateful to be surrounded by loved ones during Chance's absence. As Nina opened the bakery box and selected a delicious sweet treat, she agreed that everything was the way it should be.

Summer entered the Grand Phoenix, and Phyllis greeted her daughter affectionately and asked about her trip. Summer reported that she'd scored a "big coup" with Spencer Publications. Phyllis picked up on Summer's depressed mood and said she wasn't acting like someone who'd scored a big coup. Summer admitted she'd let Sally get to her. Phyllis insisted Sally be dealt with before she could cause real damage. Summer assured her mother she could handle Sally on her own.

Phyllis noted that Sally thrived on maintaining leverage over others, which made her dangerous. Phyllis, sounding as if she was issuing a viable threat, said, "Honestly, she needs to be gotten rid of." Summer asked her mother to clarify. Phyllis explained that if Sally lost her job and support from her allies, there would be no reason for her to stick around.

Summer assured her mom she was capable of handling Sally. Phyllis reminded Summer that Sally had already forged strong allies in Lauren and in Jack, who'd refused to see that Sally was a barracuda. Summer expressed concern about what Phyllis might do. Phyllis insisted Summer should not worry and should instead relax, knowing she had plausible deniability.

After Summer left, Phyllis used her manager's key to gain access to Sally's room. Phyllis brought Sally's distinctive pink laptop computer to the lobby. Phyllis snooped and discovered that Sally had searched online about all members of the Abbott family. Phyllis phoned Lauren and left a message explaining that they should meet to discuss something very important. Phyllis seemed apprehensive that her suspicions had been confirmed.

After Mariah left from her visit with Kyle, Sally said she was curious as to what had been discussed. Kyle laughed and asked Sally if her new job was challenging. Sally sang her own praises and insisted her position was a stepping stone to something even bigger. Kyle mumbled that Sally was always climbing the ladder. Sally asked Kyle if he thought she was never satisfied, suggesting she gained advantages by dismissively trampling others. Kyle said he meant that Sally was ambitious. Sally said Kyle seemed to be using code to imply that she was a conniving opportunist. Sally added that just because she hadn't been born into a dynasty with a silver spoon in her mouth didn't mean she shouldn't have the right to gain everything she wanted and deserved for her efforts.

Sally suggested Kyle and Summer move to Los Angeles, where they might relate to the phony backstabbers and vipers she'd encountered, leaving Genoa City to the decent people like his father. Kyle asked Sally why she'd specifically mentioned his father. Sally replied, "Jack just happens to be a very genuine and generous human being. He's the most honest relationship that I have made in this town." Jack was outside the door and overheard Sally's compliment. Jack entered just as Kyle questioned Sally about her relationship with his dad. Sally became overly friendly and complimented Jack's smart attire before she left.

Kyle asked Jack what was going on between him and Sally, acknowledging that even Summer and Phyllis had mentioned having seen sparks fly between the pair. Jack insisted that Phyllis often saw trouble when there was none. Kyle expressed concerns about Sally's intentions. Jack said his friendship shouldn't concern Kyle. Summer overheard when Jack demanded to know why Kyle had booked the company jet for a trip to New York and then suddenly canceled his plans. Summer entered the room and said, "Uh, you were going to New York?"

Phyllis shares her concerns about Sally with Lauren Phyllis shares her concerns about Sally with Lauren
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lauren ran into Sally at Crimson Lights. Sally announced that as part of her new job, she'd soon be sending a memo about ways to make things more efficient and save Fenmore's money. Lauren clucked that she'd heard a rumor that Sally had traded in her California car for a winter-friendly one. Sally hoped it hadn't been a problem that she'd left early the day before to pick it up, and Lauren was sure the money-saving memo would balance out the time. Sally wondered who had told Lauren about the new car, and Lauren shared that she'd called Jack's office and found out he'd been playing hooky, too.

Sally admitted that Jack had offered to give her a ride to the dealership, and she'd been thrilled to have his company. Lauren noted that the two seemed to be getting closer, and Sally called him a great guy. Sally confided that she'd never expected to become friends with a man like him, and she was flattered that he'd even remembered her name. She confirmed that they'd been hanging out and running errands together, and she considered herself lucky to have a friendship like that. Sally suspected that everyone else thought it was odd, and she understood why people would be judgmental about it. Lauren swore that she wasn't judging, and she was glad Jack and Sally had been spending time together.

In the Jabot conference room, Summer asked why Kyle had planned to go to New York, and Jack wondered if there was something going on in the New York office that he didn't know about. Kyle vaguely stated that there had been a last-minute opportunity that he'd had second thoughts about, so he'd canceled the trip. Kyle insisted that it wasn't worth getting into, but Jack pressed for details. Summer pointed out that Kyle had opted not to go to L.A. with her because he'd had too much to do there, and she questioned why Kyle hadn't just told her about his plans.

After Jack stepped out to give the couple some privacy, Kyle understood that Summer felt blindsided, but he balked at apologizing for a trip he'd never taken. He conceded that he should have told her that he'd been planning to go, but he reasoned that he'd ended up being there to welcome her home instead. She pointed out that he hadn't mentioned why he'd been going to New York, and she realized that he'd intended to track down Tara Locke. Summer reflected back on Sally's implication that there was something Summer still didn't know about the time Kyle had spent in New York with Tara.

Summer reported that Sally had been happy to remind her that they each had something that could ruin the other person's life. Summer relayed that Sally had made multiple comments about the possibility of Kyle and Tara's affair being exposed and Summer having to deal with everything that went with it. Summer added that when she'd asked what Sally had meant, Sally had told her to ask Kyle. Kyle applauded Summer for being the first one to call Sally out as a troublemaker, and Summer wondered if Sally had just been trying to mess with her.

Gloria burst in and informed Summer that Lauren had called with a reminder about their meeting at Society. Gloria lectured Summer about keeping Lauren waiting, and Kyle assured Summer that everything would be fine as far as "you know who" was concerned. Gloria guessed that they'd been discussing Sally, but Summer claimed that she'd just been telling Kyle about her trip. Gloria stalked out, and Summer followed.

Kyle gazed again at the photo of the boy on his phone. "Can't bring yourself to tell her, huh?" Sally asked from the doorway, noting that it would blow everything up. Kyle pretended that he didn't know what she was talking about. Sally pointed out that she'd just seen Summer leave, and then she'd seen Kyle looking at a photo of a little boy on his phone. Sally referred to Kyle's affair with Tara, and she warned that Ashland would wreck Kyle's life if Ashland found his son was really Kyle's.

Kyle questioned whether Sally was threatening to go to Ashland or if she'd just drop hints and tell Ashland to check with Kyle if he wanted more information. Kyle demanded to know why Sally had been dropping hints about Tara to Summer. Sally admitted that she'd been fishing to find out how honest he'd been with Summer, but he swore there was nothing to find out. Sally reiterated that she'd found Kyle staring at the photo, but Kyle maintained that the kid wasn't his. Kyle noted that Sally could have ended their stalemate by telling Summer about Tara's son, and he pushed to know why she hadn't.

Sally claimed that she hadn't mentioned Harrison to Summer because there was no proof the boy was Kyle's son. Sally wondered what harm there would be in telling Summer that Tara had a son, since the couple could bond over dodging a bullet if Harrison wasn't Kyle's. Kyle griped that he was tired of the veiled threats, but Sally reiterated that she wouldn't say anything because she preferred their stalemate. She added that her life was going well, and she was focused on her promotion and enjoying her friendship with Jack. Sally reasoned that Jack wouldn't appreciate it if she did anything to hurt Kyle.

Kyle demanded to know why Sally was spending time with his father, given that neither of them had provided a straight answer about where their relationship stood. Sally figured that Jack had seen something in her that Kyle hadn't yet, but she was confident that Kyle would see it one day. Kyle didn't understand why she plotted and schemed, yet insisted everyone get along. He questioned why he should trust that she wouldn't tell anyone about Tara's son.

Sally insisted that she was sincere about keeping quiet -- unless her hand was forced. She agreed to ease up on the hints to Summer, but she thought Kyle's denials seemed forced. Sally speculated that if he were to find out that he'd fathered a child with Tara, he would be wise to completely forget he'd ever heard of Tara, Ashland, or their family. Sally reasoned that it would probably be too late to confess everything to Summer, and Ashland would undoubtedly go after Kyle if the truth were revealed. Kyle dryly thanked her for her helpful advice, but he repeated that the kid wasn't his. He headed out, unintentionally leaving his phone behind.

Gloria tidied up the conference room as Summer returned. Summer asked if Gloria had seen Kyle, and Gloria replied that she'd seen him near the elevators, looking out of sorts. Summer tried calling him, and his cell phone rang. Summer found it on a chair, and Gloria remarked that it was lucky Summer and not someone else had found it. Summer stared thoughtfully at Kyle's phone.

Phyllis studied Sally's tablet in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Nick walked in and surmised that she'd gotten a new computer. Phyllis claimed that she'd been having problems with it, and he offered to take a look. She reminded him that she had more computer knowledge than he did, and she figured that she'd just take it back. Nick joked that the issue might be something stupid that was in his wheelhouse. Phyllis blurted out that the computer was Sally's.

Nick was floored that Phyllis had used her master key to break into Sally's room and steal her computer, but Phyllis refused to apologize because her actions had produced results. She shared that Sally's entire search history was about Jack and the Abbott family, and she concluded that Sally was a stalker who had designs on Jack. Nick argued that Jack and Sally might simply like one another, but Phyllis insisted that Jack was in Sally's crosshairs after her attempt to target Kyle hadn't worked. Nick advised Phyllis to put the computer back in Sally's room and never do that to anyone else. Phyllis mocked Sally's reaction when she'd first met Nick, and she considered him lucky that he had Phyllis. Phyllis snapped that the "inexperienced witch" would have to go through "this bigger, badder bitch" to get to him.

Nick accepted that he shouldn't try to stop Phyllis if she'd already decided Sally was a threat. He speculated that since Phyllis was no longer battling with Abby or Victoria, she'd moved on to Sally because Phyllis was drawn to conflict and got restless if she wasn't at odds with someone. Phyllis defended that she'd worked her butt off her entire life, and her Escape Club fantasy would be to be bored by looking at four blank walls all day. Nick wondered if he fit into the fantasy anywhere, and she envisioned him playing a part at the end. Phyllis anticipated that everyone would thank her once she got the "psycho man-eater manipulator" out of town.

Later, Nick and Jack greeted one another at the coffeehouse. Nick shared that New Hope had been keeping him busy and that Phyllis always made life interesting. Nick mentioned how she got when she zeroed in on a new goal, and he warned that her new mission concerned Jack. Jack guessed it was about Sally, and Nick explained that Phyllis was concerned that Jack's judgment was impaired after he'd been single for such a long time. Nick stressed that it was Phyllis' opinion and not his, but he'd wanted to give Jack a heads-up because he wasn't sure how her worry would manifest itself. Jack grumbled that Phyllis needed to get a hobby, and he insisted that he was doing just fine.

Summer met Lauren at Society, and they made small talk about Summer's trip to California. Lauren reported that she'd already received an enthusiastic email from Bill Spencer, followed by a draft of a contract from Spencer Publications. Summer mentioned that she had a lot on her plate, but she promised to review it by the end of the day. Lauren wondered if a full plate was why Summer seemed preoccupied, and Summer chalked it up to jet lag. Lauren mentioned that Phyllis had reached out to talk about something important, and she wondered if Summer knew what it was.

Summer suspected that Phyllis wanted to talk about Sally, since it was no secret that Summer and Sally had had issues, and Phyllis also didn't approve of Jack and Sally's friendship. Summer recommended that Lauren take whatever Phyllis said with a grain of salt, since both Summer and Jack could handle Sally. Lauren bemoaned that Sally couldn't catch a break, and Summer swore that she was trying to give Sally one. Summer headed out to take a look at the contracts, and she ran into Phyllis on her way out.

Summer called Phyllis out on summoning Lauren to talk about something important. Phyllis revealed that she'd done some investigating, but she didn't want to provide any details in order to give Summer plausible deniability. Summer inquired whether it was enough to send Sally packing, and Phyllis replied that she wouldn't go that far. Summer implored her mother to leave it alone. Phyllis sauntered over to Lauren.

Phyllis inquired about Michael, and Lauren replied that they were happier than ever. Lauren said she always loved chitchatting with Phyllis, but she addressed the important issue Phyllis had wanted to talk about. Phyllis mentioned Sally. Lauren defended that Sally had done a great job for her, and Lauren was fond of Sally. Phyllis inquired whether Lauren was fond of Jack, since she was sure Sally had a plan going on that involved him.

Phyllis confessed that she'd seen something on Sally's web browser, but it wasn't important how she'd found it. Phyllis divulged that Sally had performed extensive online searches on Jack and the Abbott family, but Lauren argued that she often did research on people she interacted professionally with. Phyllis warned that what she'd seen had been a lot more than a casual search, and she was convinced that Sally was after a vulnerable and lonely Jack. Lauren chided Phyllis for making a lot of assumptions, like Sally's malicious intent and Jack not being able to see trouble in front of him.

Lauren insisted that Sally had been trying to reinvent herself, and Jack had been a supportive mentor to Sally. Lauren reminded Phyllis that Sally worked for Fenmore's and not Jabot, so there was no human resources situation. Lauren questioned whether it would be that horrible if Jack and Sally became friends or even more. Phyllis contended that Jack was handsome and charming to a fault, but he was also very vulnerable. Phyllis added that her daughter was also at risk, and that wasn't where it ended. Phyllis recognized that Sally had already been climbing the ladder at Fenmore's, and she contemplated how high Sally's ambitions went and what she would do to achieve them.

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea willed herself to move her left hand, and she grasped the armrest of her wheelchair. She heard someone approaching and dropped her hand to her side as Adam descended the stairs. He wordlessly passed through the room, and she again moved her hand and placed it on the armrest.

Adam told Chelsea that Meredith had cued up movies for her to watch later, but Chelsea didn't respond. Adam surmised that she was upset after the visits from Victor, Rey, and Nick, but he swore that she didn't have to worry about them or their ludicrous claims. Chelsea lividly thought that she knew Adam had kissed Sharon, and she silently dared him to show some "damn courage" and admit it. Adam figured that people had been thrown off when they'd changed their plans to leave town to take care of her recovery, and he considered reviving the idea. Chelsea looked forward to leaving Sharon behind.

Adam reasoned that Chelsea didn't have to stay there to get medical treatment, and it might be the perfect opportunity to tell Connor everything. Adam planned to run the idea by Dr. Cavett, and he envisioned Chelsea making a full recovery by living their life together as a family without any interference. Chelsea pondered whether he was really going to see the doctor or if Sharon was waiting for him somewhere.

Adam promised that he wouldn't be gone long, and he headed out. In her mind, Chelsea spat that she didn't care if he ever returned, since she intended to reunite with her son and get Adam out of her life once and for all. Chelsea pledged to stay focused for Connor. With great effort, she struggled to prop herself up in her wheelchair.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon spotted Adam meeting with Dr. Cavett on the patio. He thanked the doctor for agreeing to meet with him there to avoid Chelsea overhearing. He asked whether Chelsea could handle leaving town, since he thought some fresh scenery and being around their son might help. Dr. Cavett thought time with Connor might improve Chelsea's state of mind, but she urged Adam to consider how stressful it would be for the boy to see his mom in that condition.

Dr. Cavett wished she could endorse the idea, but she believed it was too soon, since coping with travel on top of everything else might be too much for Chelsea. The doctor suggested that they revisit the idea when Chelsea showed signs of progress, but Adam questioned whether Chelsea might only make progress if they left town. Dr. Cavett advised against any deviation in the routine to avoid risking a setback, and she encouraged him to give it a few more weeks. The doctor departed, and Adam entered the coffeehouse. Sharon inquired about Chelsea.

Adam respected that he needed to step back from Sharon, and he considered it best for all of them if he handled Chelsea's situation on his own. He started to leave, but Sharon observed that his meeting with Dr. Cavett had seemed intense. Adam confirmed that they'd discussed the possibility of leaving town to focus on treatment somewhere else, but the doctor had advised against it. Adam thought both he and Sharon needed some serious distance from one another, and he regretted that he couldn't put hundreds of miles between them right then. Sharon watched him leave.

Meanwhile, Chloe stopped by to visit Chelsea and assured Chelsea that she had someone in her corner. Chloe mentioned that she'd told Meredith to give them privacy, and she'd made sure Adam wasn't around. Chloe was curious why Chelsea didn't want him to know that she could move her hand, and Chelsea tearfully looked away. Chloe begged Chelsea not to cry, and she firmly stated that Chelsea was a strong, powerful woman, whether she was in a wheelchair or not.

Chloe pledged to figure out what Chelsea wanted to say, and she pulled out her phone and asked if Chelsea could use her left hand enough to type out a few words to let Chloe know what she was thinking. Chelsea reached for the keypad, and Chloe imagined it felt good for Chelsea to express herself. Chelsea managed to key in Sharon's name. Chloe asked if Sharon was helping, and Chelsea blinked repeatedly to indicate no. Chloe inquired whether Sharon was hurting Chelsea in some way, and Chelsea firmly blinked once for yes.

Chelsea started to type Adam's name, and Chloe realized that Chelsea thought Adam and Sharon were together. Chelsea blinked yes, and Chloe quickly covered when Adam returned home. Adam sensed that he'd interrupted something, but Chloe chirped that they'd just been having some girl time. Chloe added that they weren't done yet, and Adam headed upstairs. He hovered suspiciously at the top of the stairway.

Kyle tells Summer he has a son with Tara Kyle tells Summer he has a son with Tara
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
by Nel

At home, Kyle was deep in thought when Traci entered the room. She acknowledged that he had something serious on his mind. Kyle said he was lucky to have his dad around. Traci assured him that Jack was grateful for having his son around. Kyle reflected on how much time he'd missed with his dad after his mother had taken him to Europe.

Kyle wondered who he would have turned out to be if he hadn't known he was part of the Abbott family. Traci said that as soon as Jack had discovered that Kyle was his son, he'd been grateful to have his son as part of his life. She said that Kyle was part of the Abbott legacy. Kyle stated that every kid needed a dad like his.

At Jabot, Summer checked to make certain the coast was clear around the boardroom. She closed the door and tried to check Kyle's phone, but Kyle had changed his password. She wanted to know why. Jack burst into the room and startled her. Jack said Kyle had asked him to see if Kyle had left his phone at work. Summer said she'd heard it ring, and she had picked it up. Jack said that Summer had done an outstanding job negotiating the contract with Bill Spencer and that Summer had exceeded his expectations.

Jack told Summer he was happy she'd taken his advice about ignoring minor irritants. Summer admitted there was still tension between her and Sally. Summer asked Jack what was going on between him and Sally. Irritated, Jack stated that what everyone needed to know was that he and Sally enjoyed each other's company. Summer claimed that Sally didn't appear to be his type, but she hoped things worked out for Jack. She left. Moments later, Jack received a text message from Sally: "Where are you? I've got a surprise... Something I think you're really going to like." Jack smiled.

At the coffeehouse, Faith thanked Nick for taking her seriously. Nick said he was happy Faith had moved in with him, and she seemed more relaxed. He said he'd periodically checked her old phone, and there hadn't been any new messages. He told Faith he knew who had posted the photo of Sharon and Adam. Lola had discovered it had been a busboy who'd taken it, and he'd given it to his girlfriend who went to Walnut Grove. She had posted it. When confronted, the girl had confessed. It appeared she would be suspended. The dean had assured him they were taking the bullying very seriously.

Faith told Nick she was worried about Sharon because Sharon had had a rough year. Faith said even if Sharon had let Adam kiss her, which was totally gross, she didn't deserve the public shaming. Faith was worried that Sharon and Rey wouldn't be able to work things out. Nick informed her that he'd spoken to Sharon and Rey, and they had assured him they wanted to do whatever it took to work things out.

Faith told Nick that Adam was like a bully who wouldn't let up and kept interfering in Sharon and Rey's marriage. Adam would do anything for attention. Nick said Faith had summed Adam up perfectly. Nick reminded Faith that there was no shame in asking for help. He said Faith had Mariah, Summer, and the family, who would always have her back. Faith asked if they would ever trust her again.

Sharon had been pacing while she waited for Rey. When he arrived, Rey said he believed they needed couples counseling, but Sharon balked at the suggestion, since they'd only been married a couple of months. He said they hadn't been able to work things out on their own. They needed outside help. Sharon claimed she wanted to get past their situation and get back to the way they'd been before. Sharon didn't feel they needed a therapist, but if Rey felt it was the right path to take, then she agreed.

Sharon told Rey she would make some calls and set up an appointment, but she wanted to leave it for a while because she wanted to make sure Faith was all right. Rey asked how long she wanted to wait. Sharon didn't know because Faith had been extremely upset. Sharon claimed that Faith needed her mother. Sharon said she needed to find a way to close the gap between her and Faith. Rey didn't disagree with her statement, but he disagreed with her plan.

Rey told Sharon they needed to start counseling immediately. He wasn't comfortable living with uncertainty. He agreed Faith was a priority, but the sessions were only an hour long, and he was certain Sharon could attend sessions when Faith was in school. He knew Sharon was scared, but so was he. He said things had been great until Adam had popped up, and if they didn't deal with that situation immediately, they would lose each other. Their discussion was interrupted when Nick arrived. He said Faith wanted to visit with Sharon. Rey said he had to return to the station, and he left.

Nick informed Sharon that he and Faith had had some long talks, and Faith claimed she had something to say. When Faith arrived after visiting with the horses, she told Sharon and Nick that Jordan had helped her with the mean girls, but she'd also encouraged Faith to make some bad decisions. Jordan had often become angry if Faith hadn't done exactly as Jordan had wanted her to, and that wasn't cool. Sharon commented that Faith had done some deep thinking, and she'd gained a new perspective.

Faith told Sharon and Nick that she'd replayed things in her mind, and she'd seen the missteps she'd taken. Almost in tears, Faith said after she'd heard Nick and Sharon discussing putting her into therapy, she'd thought there was something wrong with her. Nick and Sharon assured Faith they had only wanted to make things easier for her, but they had never believed there was anything wrong with her.

Faith told her parents she was happy the girl who had posted the picture had been caught. She said Sharon didn't know the girl, and Sharon hadn't ever done anything to her; however, the girl had posted that photo to get to Faith and to puff herself up. Nick said he hoped Faith would protect herself the way she'd protected Sharon. Faith said she'd decided to give up the names of the kids who'd been harassing her. She hoped they would back off after the girl who had posted the photo had been suspended. Faith hoped the bullies would worry they, too, would be punished if they retaliated. Faith wanted the situation to end.

Nick told Faith he was proud of her. He wanted to talk to the dean immediately and provide him with the names. After Nick left, Sharon said it had been a very brave thing Faith had done. Faith said she didn't want people controlling her life. Sharon wanted to talk about the photo. Faith claimed she'd known it had been Adam's fault, not Sharon's, but Sharon said it wasn't fair to completely blame Adam. Faith said she didn't understand why Sharon wanted to be around him.

Sharon told Faith that Adam had saved Faith's life. She said that during a tornado in the area, she, Adam, and Faith had taken shelter in a barn. Adam had thrown himself over Faith to protect her. Sharon said that prior to Sharon receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, Adam had found a psychiatrist to help her when she'd been out of control. Sharon said things weren't always black and white, and there was always good with the bad.

Faith asked if Rey would be moving out. Sharon assured her that they would work things out. Faith wanted them to be happy. Sharon said she wanted to set a good example for Faith, and she was sorry for the times she'd disappointed Faith. Sharon promised things would get better. She wanted to make a safe and happy home for Faith.

In the kitchen, Sharon called Rey and crowed how well things had gone with Faith. She told him that Nick had gone to see the dean with the names of the girls who had bullied Faith, and she said how proud she was of Faith. Sharon said she wanted to make things right for them, and if counseling was the answer, she was definitely all in. She told Rey she really loved him. Rey told Sharon he loved her.

Alone in the living room, Faith received an anonymous text message: "I hope they all pay for the way they hurt you." Puzzled, Faith responded: "Who are you? How did you get this new number?"

At the penthouse, Chelsea was able to use both hands. She grasped the arm rests of her chair, and she was able to move her upper body slightly. She sat back and took a breath. She slowly reached for and released the brakes on her chair. She was able to move the chair forward, but she was startled when Adam called out to her. Chelsea assumed her inanimate position.

Adam hoped Chelsea had had a nice time with Chloe. He said he'd met with Dr. Cavett, and she had advised him that it was too early for Chelsea to travel. In her mind, Chelsea told Adam to stop lying because he really wanted to stay in Genoa City to be near Sharon. Adam said it gave Chelsea time to work on her and return to him. He knew she'd been working hard, and he assured her that it would happen soon. In Chelsea's mind, she said it would be sooner than Adam knew.

Adam told Chelsea that Victor wanted to meet with him. Victor wanted to know how they were doing. In Chelsea's mind, she said that was how Victor sucked Adam in, and she wondered why Adam kept falling for the same old trick. Adam said Victor had been generous with them by hiring Dr. Cavett to help Chelsea, and he felt he should spend some time with Victor. In Chelsea's mind, she said Adam had two weaknesses, Victor and Sharon, and there wasn't anything she could do about either...yet.

Adam told Chelsea he was going to meet with Victor, but he wouldn't be gone long. Adam told Chelsea he loved her. As soon as Adam left, Chelsea practiced moving her chair and smiled when she succeeded.

Summer arrived at the Grand Phoenix and said she wanted to share some confidential information with Phyllis. Summer believed Kyle was hiding something from her. She asked if Phyllis would help her crack into Kyle's phone. Phyllis said she could, but she wouldn't recommend it because it was a violation of Kyle's privacy. Summer didn't like that Kyle had secrets, especially when they were about him and his ex from years back. Phyllis realized that Theo would have known Kyle's secret. Summer said Theo had divulged that secret in front of Sally and that Sally was holding it over Kyle's head to keep her and Kyle from telling anyone about Sally's past.

Summer told Phyllis that it wasn't so much about Kyle's ex but who she was married to. He was well known and "vindictive as hell," and he destroyed people's lives if they went afoul of him. If this guy found out that Kyle had slept with his wife, there was no telling how things would go. Summer said Sally kept hinting she knew things Summer didn't. Summer said there was some weird stuff about Kyle's canceled trip to New York, where his ex lived.

Summer told Phyllis that Kyle kept evading her questions. Phyllis claimed he could have phoned his ex. Summer said he'd tried, but she hadn't answered. Phyllis told Summer that if she broke into Kyle's phone and failed to find anything, she would continue to be suspicious. Phyllis told Summer to demand the truth from Kyle, and if he wasn't forthcoming, then they didn't have a relationship.

Adam met Victor at Society and informed him that Dr. Cavett had said Chelsea's condition had improved, but it was too soon to move Chelsea out of Genoa City. Victor said he'd spoken to Victoria about a new media company because he felt she shouldn't have sold the media divisions Newman had had. Victor said he'd decided to buy another media company, and that company would need someone to run the day-to-day operations. He asked if Adam was interested.

Adam told Victor he'd seen it coming because Victor wanted to get back at Billy for publishing that exposť about Adam. He asked why else Victor would want to buy a company that competed with ChanceComm. Adam understood why Victoria hadn't agreed to the deal. Adam said it was a terrific offer, but he and Chelsea wanted to leave town as soon as she was able. Victor said Chelsea's recovery would take a long time. He told Adam the company would be independent of Newman Enterprises, and Adam could run it as he saw fit. When Chelsea was able to move, Adam could run the company remotely. Adam said it was appealing, and he would give it some thought.

Adam arrived at the penthouse and saw Chelsea standing behind her chair. He was elated, but when he tried to approach her, Chelsea pulled out a gun and shot him. It was a scenario Chelsea had played out in her head.

Jack was working at Jabot when Kyle arrived. Kyle appeared a little uncomfortable when Jack informed him that Summer had his phone. Jack asked if there was a problem. Kyle assured him there wasn't. Jack asked Kyle about his trip to New York. Jack wanted to know why Kyle had been so secretive and why he'd canceled the trip.

Summer arrived and gave Kyle his phone. Seconds later, Kyle received a call from Tara. She informed him that she and Ashland would be in Genoa City the following week on business. She warned Kyle not to say anything about their past if Kyle encountered them. Kyle agreed and ended the call.

Jack asked if it was bad news. Kyle said it wasn't, but he wanted time alone with Summer. After Jack left, Summer said she was happy they were alone. She wanted Kyle to respect her enough to be honest with her about what was going on. She wanted assurance that what Kyle was hiding wasn't a big deal. Kyle wished he could tell her that. Kyle said that nine months after he and Tara had ended their relationship, Tara had given birth to his son.

Summer decides to stand by her man Summer decides to stand by her man
Thursday, March 4, 2021
by Nel

At Jabot Summer said she hadn't expected to hear Kyle tell her he had a son. She asked when he'd received that information. Kyle admitted it had been very recent. She asked if he had intended to go to New York to get confirmation from Tara, but before Kyle could respond, Sally barged in and wanted to know what she had interrupted. Summer and Kyle left.

Jack arrived moments later and asked if Sally had seen Summer and Kyle. Sally said Summer and Kyle had left a few moments earlier. Sally said she didn't want an audience when Jack opened the clothing bag. Jack pulled out a jacket that Sally had picked out of Fenmore's newest samples. Sally asked him to try it on. After a bit of hesitation, Jack put the jacket on. Sally asked him to get rid of the tie. Sally took an admiring look at Jack and purred that he looked drop-dead gorgeous. She asked him to wear it all day, and she wanted to hear the comments he would receive. Jack invited Sally to have dinner with him at his home as a thank you for the gift. Sally agreed.

Lauren arrived. Sally asked if Lauren had read her memo. Lauren said she was very impressed with Sally's suggestions. She said Sally had done a great job. Sally thanked her and left. Once they were alone, Lauren told Jack that Phyllis was concerned about his friendship with Sally. Exasperated, Jack said he knew about Phyllis' concern. He said he'd told Phyllis he didn't care about her opinion regarding Sally. Lauren claimed that Phyllis meant well, but she was suspicious about Sally's ambitions. She disclosed that Phyllis had discovered that Sally had done an extensive background search into Jack and the Abbott family.

Jack asked Lauren how Phyllis had discovered that information. Lauren didn't know, and she didn't believe it had been aboveboard. Lauren assured him that she'd told Phyllis it was none of her business; however, Lauren was also curious about Jack's relationship with Sally. Jack claimed it wasn't serious, yet, but he wasn't ruling out the possibility of it. He said they enjoyed each other's company, and he assured Lauren that his eyes were wide open. Lauren smiled and said it was a good thing because Sally made Jack smile, and she was updating his wardrobe.

Christine arrived at the Chancellor mansion to gather information about the surrogacy agreements. Christine praised Abby for the wonderful thing she was doing. Abby said she'd decided to go forward with the surrogacy after she'd read Chance's letter. She told Christine she would be video chatting with Jill later to provide Jill with all the information. There was a knock at the door, and when Abby opened it, she was surprised to see Ashley.

Christine looked over the details of the contracts, and she asked Abby if there was anything else Abby wanted to add. Abby wanted Mariah and Tessa to move into the mansion because she wanted to experience the whole pregnancy. Nina didn't believe it would work, but Ashley was all for it. Christine said that no matter how close everyone was, the situation became complicated when it was combined with medical, emotional, and financial factors. Abby didn't believe it would be complicated. Christine left to give them time to discuss it. Ashley felt that Chance would want to be with Abby if anything went wrong.

At that moment, Abby received a video call from Jill, who wanted to hear all the baby news. Abby said it was wonderful that Devon had stepped in to be a donor. Jill agreed and said Devon was a decent man. Abby told Jill that they had been working out the agreements and that they had been discussing the idea of Mariah and Tessa moving in with her. Jill said it was a terrible idea.

Jill asked Abby what would happen if Mariah miscarried. She wanted to know if Abby would simply watch Mariah walk out the door. Abby said no one could protect her from heartbreak, and if something went wrong, she wanted to be there for Mariah, to hold her hand and help her through the pain. Abby said she'd lost a child, and it had been the only experience she would have with pregnancy. She said she hoped for the best, but she was prepared for the worst. She and Mariah were in it together along with their supporters.

Nina said Abby was right; that was what Chance would want. Jill said that Mariah and Tessa might decline the offer, but they couldn't be as irritating as Esther. Abby cheerfully said that the baby Chancellor crew had made their first major decision, and she hoped for many more.

Amanda arrived at the Grand Phoenix and saw Nate at the bar, looking dejected. Nate invited her to join him. Amanda asked Nate how he and Elena were doing. Nate claimed he'd been extremely busy and deflected answering any further by asking how Amanda was doing. She said she and Devon and had been binge-watching foreign films and enjoying each other's company.

Amanda said she and Devon were taking things slowly, and between Devon and her birth mother, she was happy. Life had provided her with a lot of surprises. She couldn't believe how well things were going; however, she admitted she was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nate claimed he had to get to the hospital. Amanda said if he ever needed to talk, she would be happy to offer him an ear. Nate left.

Devon arrived at the coffeehouse and saw Elena. She told him things weren't going well between her and Nate. Devon said he was sorry if their night together had ruined things between them. He asked if there was a chance she and Nate could work things out. Elena said Nate was waiting for her to get Devon out of her system, and she wasn't sure whether she could do that. Devon stated that he and Amanda had noticed the tension between Elena and Nate, and Amanda thought perhaps they had moved too fast. Elena agreed. She hoped Amanda didn't suspect their night together. Devon said he hadn't said anything. Elena was certain Nate wouldn't say anything.

Elena told Devon she hadn't been able to get their night together out of her mind. She said she would be lying to Nate if she told him she was over Devon. She claimed she couldn't help how she felt. She said she didn't expect Devon to feel the same way. Devon said he hadn't stopped thinking about their night together, either. He'd given it a lot thought, and he had no idea what it meant. He felt it could be something special, but the situation was complicated and confusing.

When Amanda arrived, Elena left. Amanda told Devon she'd forwarded his draft contract to Christine without adding her own ideas. She understood his point of view and admired how he'd handled his situation with Abby. He was a good friend and a good man. Amanda apologized and said she hadn't meant to put Devon on the spot because she knew that Devon and Elena were good friends and that Elena could use a sympathetic ear. Devon asked what Amanda meant by that. She said she'd spoken with Nate, and she sensed there was trouble between him and Elena. She hoped they could get through it. She said sometimes things were too complicated to resolve. Devon agreed.

In Kyle's suite at the Grand Phoenix, Summer asked Kyle if the photo she'd seen on his tablet was his son. Kyle said Summer had to understand that he'd needed to confirm it was his son, and he had to consider the fallout from Ashland Locke and how Harrison adored Ashland. Kyle said there was a reason Ashland had a reputation of being ruthless. There was no telling how far Ashland would go if he found out about Kyle's affair with Tara. Summer claimed her grandfather had the same reputation, but he wasn't as bad as people claimed. Kyle said Ashland was completely different. He would go after Tara, Kyle, and everyone Kyle loved.

Kyle told Summer that if Ashland cut Harrison out of his life, it would scar the boy for life. Kyle didn't want to be the person who caused a little boy to lose the only father he'd ever known. Kyle couldn't believe that only a few weeks previously, he'd only been worried about his affair with Tara being exposed.

Summer asked if Harrison was the bomb Sally had known about. Kyle said it was, but as far as he knew, Theo and Sally were the only people who knew. Kyle said that he'd told Sally the information was false. Sally had agreed to keep it quiet as long as they all played nice. Kyle told Summer that Mariah also knew. Summer was angry that he'd told Mariah before he'd said anything to her.

Kyle told Summer that he'd needed someone to talk to, and he'd been afraid of losing her. Summer asked how Kyle had confirmed that he had a son if he hadn't gone to New York, . Kyle said Tara had arrived in town, and she'd confirmed the DNA test had proven the boy was his. She didn't want to discuss it further, and she'd returned to New York. Summer asked what Kyle wanted to do. He said he had to pretend it had never happened. Summer said if Kyle wanted, he could do something about his son. Kyle said it was difficult knowing he had a son he would never meet.

Summer suggested that Kyle talk to Jack and approach the situation one step at a time. Kyle claimed Summer was incredible. She had his back, and he was grateful to have her in his life. Kyle asked where it left them. Summer said she needed time to think. Kyle told her to take all the time she needed.

Summer arrived in the hotel lobby. Phyllis asked if Summer and Kyle had talked because she'd seen Kyle leave, and he'd looked like he'd had the weight of the world on his shoulders. She commented that Summer appeared the same way. Summer admitted there was definitely more to the story, and she had a better idea of what had happened between Kyle and his ex. She didn't reveal any names or the fact that there was a child involved. Summer said she needed to figure things out. Phyllis asked if Kyle still had feelings for his ex. Summer said there was nothing between him and his ex, but she was hurt that Kyle hadn't told her about the situation sooner.

Summer told Phyllis she'd known something had been off, and Kyle had admitted that he'd been worried that he would scare her off. Phyllis understood where Kyle was coming from, but she saw that Kyle was devoted to Summer. Phyllis convinced Summer that she and Kyle belonged together and that Summer couldn't allow Sally to have any power over them.

A short time later, Jack arrived and confronted Phyllis. He told Phyllis she shouldn't have been invading Sally's privacy or digging into her past. Phyllis realized that Lauren had ratted her out. Jack knew she had issues with Sally, and he said that Phyllis was way off base. He politely asked Phyllis to bury the hatchet. As Jack turned to leave, Phyllis asked him to take care of himself because Sally was far more problematic than Jack realized.

Sally arrived at Society, and she encountered Kyle at the bar. She made a snide remark about him drinking alone. Kyle told Sally not to start. Sally said that things had appeared a little tense between him and Summer. Kyle said it was none of her business and told her not to worry about him and Summer because they were fine.

Sally told Kyle that Jack had invited her to have dinner with him at the house, and she wanted to pick up Society's famous cookies as her contribution toward dessert. Kyle told her to stay away from Jack because he'd been hurt by women like her, and he didn't want to see that happen again. Sally asked what Kyle meant by women like her. Kyle said his dad was wealthy and had social status, and Sally was new in town and trying to establish herself.

Sally claimed that Kyle had called her a gold digger. She stated that Jack's money meant nothing to her. Jack was her mentor, and they had fun together. She claimed she could make it on her own without the couch. Sally warned Kyle they had an understanding that neither of them would make trouble for the other. Kyle asked if that was a threat, but Sally said she only wanted a peaceful coexistence. Kyle said he was protective of Jack and didn't want to see Jack hurt. Sally claimed she didn't, either. She said she enjoyed Jack's company, and the feeling was mutual. Sally picked up the boxed cookies and left.

Elena arrived at Society and met with Nate. She told him how much he meant to her and said she appreciated his patience. He'd given her the space she'd needed. He was an amazing person, and she didn't want to hurt him; however, the love she had for Devon hadn't gone away.

Sally arrived at the Abbotts', and she was pleased to see that Jack was still wearing the jacket she'd given him. Once again, Jack thanked her for the jacket. Sally said seeing him wearing it was thanks enough. She asked if he'd received the reactions she'd predicted. Jack said he'd had more than his share of compliments, including one from Lauren. Jack made a toast to his new fashion guru. Sally told him not to tempt her.

Kyle returned to his suite and was surprised to see Summer waiting for him. She told Kyle she belonged by his side. Kyle said he'd been worried that she wouldn't forgive him. He said he couldn't go through his situation without her. He claimed he'd never loved or needed anyone the way he loved and needed her. Summer promised to be there for him. They were in it together, no matter what.

Victoria makes a cutthroat business move Victoria makes a cutthroat business move
Friday, March 5, 2021

In their hotel suite, Summer asked Kyle if he was okay. He felt guilty that she was comforting him when he'd been the one who'd had an affair with a married woman, gotten her pregnant, and held off on telling Summer about it. Kyle voiced surprise that Summer hadn't run away for good, and she swore that she wasn't going anywhere. She wondered what he was most worried about, and he named Sally. Kyle shared that he'd told Sally to stay away from his dad earlier, and he sensed that she might try to retaliate.

Kyle vowed to protect his son, even if he could never see the boy. He bemoaned that he knew nothing about Harrison other than he was supposedly a happy little boy. He contemplated whether he should risk ruining all their lives for a chance to get to know his son. Summer advised him to talk to Jack about it, but Kyle balked at telling his father that he had a child. Summer suggested that he only tell Jack about the affair and get his perspective on it. Kyle prepared to head out to find his father.

At the Abbott mansion, Sally handed Jack a brandy. He mentioned that he'd passed along her compliments to the chef, and she was sure Mrs. Martinez knew she'd loved the food because there hadn't been a scrap left on her plate. Jack referred to the sigh Sally had taken after every bite, and he gushed that the wonderful dinner had been outshone only by the guest who'd shared it with him. "What is happening here?" Sally asked.

Jack thought he and Sally had been engaging in some after-dinner conversation, but she stammered that it had suddenly felt like things had become more than casual. He reasoned that just because they'd agreed to keep things casual didn't mean he'd set aside his curiosity about her, and he wanted to know what she wanted out of life. Sally proclaimed that she wanted it all, and Jack asked what she thought would make her truly happy. She envisioned running her own fashion house again one day, but she also wanted the love of a good partner. She pledged that she'd never let her work get in the way of love, nor would she ever let a relationship get in the way of her career.

Jack noted that Sally wasn't about to compromise, and he didn't think she should. He questioned whether her parents abandoning her at a young age had fueled her drive, and she admitted that it had left a void that she hoped to fill someday. He had a feeling she'd get what she wanted. She replied that it was nice to hear him say that, since a lot of people thought she didn't deserve it. "To hell with them," Jack responded.

Sally thought she'd learned some painful lessons, and she felt more equipped than ever to take on the world. Jack promised to be there to help in any way he could, and Sally looked away. He worried that he'd said the wrong thing, but she assured him it was just the opposite, since hearing him say that circled back to what they'd just been talking about. He stressed that they'd agreed not to label what was going on between them, but it didn't mean he wasn't allowed to care about her. Sally mused that she felt lucky, like everything had led her there to that moment with him. Kyle glowered when he walked in on the close moment.

Kyle slammed the front door shut, and Jack asked what he was doing there at that hour. Kyle apologized if he'd interrupted, but he needed to talk to his father about something important. Sally insisted on leaving to give them space, but Jack protested that she didn't have to go. Sally told Jack that she'd had a wonderful evening, and she hoped he'd enjoyed it as much as she had. Jack replied that she knew the answer, and she remarked that it would be her turn to dazzle him the next time. After Jack showed her to the door, he turned to Kyle and barked, "This better be good." Kyle demanded to know what he'd interrupted.

Jack asserted that he didn't owe Kyle an explanation about Sally. Kyle countered that he'd only asked because the duo had been vague about what was going on between them. Jack stressed that it was none of Kyle's business, and he prompted Kyle to tell him why he'd dropped by. Kyle said he shouldn't be there and told Jack to forget it. Jack wondered if Kyle was worried that whatever he said would get back to Sally.

Kyle insisted that he felt like he could confide in Jack about anything. Jack explained that he hadn't disclosed anything more about Sally because there was nothing to tell, and he didn't want to overanalyze things. Jack urged Kyle to talk to him. Kyle claimed that he'd realized that he was more than capable of handling the issue himself, and he apologized for interrupting Jack's night. Kyle started to leave, but Jack stressed that he'd be there if Kyle changed his mind and wanted to talk. Kyle left.

Sally approached Summer in the Grand Phoenix lobby and mentioned that she'd just left Kyle at Jack's house. Summer snapped that she knew where Kyle was, and she hoped he hadn't interrupted. Sally bragged that the evening had been everything she'd hoped for and more, and she was amazed by how things had turned around for her since she'd arrived in town. She compared it to continuously hitting the jackpot on a slot machine, but Summer pointed out that Sally hadn't won Summer's job or Kyle.

Sally declared that Kyle was all Summer's, and she claimed that she was happy Summer was at the helm of JCV. Summer muttered that Sally could tone it down, since Jack and Lauren weren't within earshot. Sally recognized that she and Summer had gotten off to a bad start, but she still believed they could end up being good friends one day. Sally realized that the one thing in her life that was missing was someone to share her good fortune with, and she commented that it would be crazy if that person was Summer. Summer grumbled that crazy was exactly the word she'd been thinking.

Summer questioned how she and Sally would be friends when they were both holding grenades that could ruin the other person and taking turns threatening to pull the pin. Sally reasoned that it proved how alike they were, and she imagined how powerful they could be if they ever teamed up. Summer snarked that she'd read about a service in Japan to rent a friend, and she suggested Sally look into it. Sally asserted that she didn't want a fake friend, and she preferred someone who told it like it was, even when it wasn't easy.

Sally mentioned that she had a sister, and Summer seemed surprised. Sally figured that there was a lot Summer didn't know about her, just like Sally had a lot to learn about Summer and Kyle. Summer taunted that she and Kyle had plenty of friends and no room in their lives for another. Sally guessed that Summer didn't want to share a nightcap, and Summer retorted that the conversation alone would give her a hangover. Summer stalked off.

Victor entered Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, and she wondered why he was there that late. He reiterated that as the owner of the company, he had a right to be there whenever he wanted. She clarified that she wasn't complaining, but she was concerned because he seemed like he had bad news. He replied that it depended on how she reacted to what he had to say.

Victor divulged that he'd approached Adam with a proposal that pertained to the company Ashland Locke wanted to spin off, since Victoria had indicated she wasn't interested. Victor explained that he wanted to buy the company and have Adam run it. Victoria chided her father for forgetting the pain and suffering Adam had caused, but Victor stressed that Adam was his son. Victoria questioned why Victor was there when he'd already decided what he was going to do. He wondered how upset she was.

Victoria dryly thanked her father for considering her feelings, but she thought she'd made her opinion clear when she'd passed on acquiring Cyaxares. She suspected that Adam was in it to get back at Billy for the exposť. Victor reasoned that Adam needed something to focus on other than Chelsea's condition. Victoria surmised that Victor had expected her to cave and buy Cyaxares to shut Adam out, but her answer was still no. He warned that she was making a big mistake.

At home, Adam looked up from his tablet and was surprised to see Chelsea in the room, sitting in her wheelchair. He excitedly inquired how she'd gotten there, and he asked if she'd regained strength in her arms. Meredith appeared and reported that she'd been the one who'd wheeled Chelsea in before stepping out to get something in the bedroom. Adam acknowledged that it had been his mistake, and he was sure Chelsea would get there soon. In her mind, Chelsea vowed to walk away from him as fast as she could.

After Adam dismissed Meredith, Chelsea glared at the tablet and wondered if he'd been making plans with Sharon. Adam mentioned that he'd just been reading about a potential business opportunity that he wanted to discuss with Chelsea. She silently scoffed at the idea that she had a say in anything he did. Adam revealed that Victor wanted to buy a media company and put Adam in charge of it.

Adam answered a call from Victor, who wanted to discuss the proposal. Adam warned that he couldn't be away from Chelsea too long, but he agreed to meet. Adam promised to fill Chelsea in if she was still awake when he got home, since he believed it could turn out to be something really great for them. He asked if it was okay, and she blinked once to indicate yes. After he left, Chelsea snarled to herself that he wasn't doing it for them, but he was doing it to stay near Sharon. She resolved not to stand by and let it happen, and she grasped her armrest.

Chelsea stretched her legs and removed her feet from the footrests. She struggled to lift herself up and out of her wheelchair. Panting heavily, she braced herself on the arm of the couch and pushed herself to a standing position.

Adam met Victor at Crimson Lights. Adam shared that he was intrigued after reading more about the company Victor intended to buy, but Victor sensed a little hesitation. Adam worried that Chelsea still had a long way to go with her recovery, and he was determined to be by her side, whether he was working or not. Victor assured him that they would find a way to work it out, and Adam remarked that it felt too easy for the two of them to team up. Adam questioned whether they'd really be able to bury the past and focus on the future. Victor proclaimed that when he decided to do something, it would happen.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy informed Lily that the news about Ashland Locke looking to divest his media company had spread. Lily reminded Billy that they'd agreed not to pursue Cyaxares, but he countered that it was only because they hadn't wanted to go up against Victor. Billy was confident that Victoria wouldn't buy the company to compete with ChanceComm, but Victor was cunning and would find another way if Victoria refused to help. Lily contemplated whether Ashland would choose to sell Cyaxares to a company with infinitely deep pockets or a small media startup. Billy thought they could charm Ashland into believing that ChanceComm was the right fit. Lily cautioned that their charm would only go so far when the price was out of reach. Billy told her to let him handle it.

Over video chat, Billy tried to convince Jill to pay a visit to Genoa City, and she mentioned that she was planning to be there when Abby went through the surrogacy process. Jill fretted that she only had a few minutes to talk before her next meeting, and Billy hoped to speak to her in person about a business proposition. She chuckled and guessed that he wanted money. Jill asked how much Billy wanted, what it was for, and whether Lily approved. Billy suggested that they talk about it when she had more time, and he ended the chat. Lily was sure Jill would share her concerns, but Billy was confident that he could convince both women that it would be a good deal for them.

Billy retreated to his hotel suite, where he contacted Jill again. She worried that he'd already blown things with Lily, based on their earlier conversation, but he happily reported that he and Lily were doing great. Jill marveled that she'd known there had been something special between them the second she'd paired them up. Jill crowed that magic could happen when the right circumstances met up with good timing. Billy announced that he'd found an opportunity that met that criteria for ChanceComm.

Billy shared that both he and Victor were interested in buying Ashland Locke's media company. Billy added that it had driven Victor nuts that Victoria had sold Newman's media division to Billy, and Victor was looking to get back at them by acquiring Cyaxares. Jill understood that Billy needed her financial help to beat Victor at his own game, and she asked what Lily thought. Billy confirmed that Lily knew capital was a problem and that he was talking to Jill about it. Jill pointed out that he hadn't answered her question, and she flatly inquired whether Lily wanted to proceed with the deal.

Billy urged Jill to keep an open mind, and he expected Lily to get on board if Jill thought the deal was a good idea. Jill refused to be rushed, and she wanted to look at it from all angles. Billy offered to send her information about the company and how it would fold seamlessly into ChanceComm's operations. He warned that Victor was motivated to destroy ChanceComm, so they had to fight fire with fire to survive. Jill asked where Victoria fit into all of it, since Victor would need her blessing to use Newman to go after Billy. Billy thought the bigger question was whether Victor would let a roadblock like that get in his way.

Meanwhile, Victoria entered Lily's office, and Lily informed her that Billy wasn't there. Lily wondered whether it was a personal or professional visit, and Victoria pointed out that she didn't have a professional relationship with Billy. Lily invited her to stay and wait, since there were some things the two of them could clear up over a drink. Victoria requested a scotch.

Over drinks, Lily and Victoria chitchatted about their kids. Lily wondered if Billy had ever mentioned to Victoria how proud he was of ChanceComm. Victoria observed that the company had energized him and given him a new center, and Lily called him the new and improved Billy Abbott. Lily admitted that she hadn't been sure what to expect of their partnership at first, but she and Billy were good at talking things through. Victoria clucked that it wasn't an easy task for two people on equal footing to run a company together, but she was sure Billy and Lily had a wonderful business relationship. Lily clarified that it was a wonderful relationship all around.

Victoria warned that Lily shouldn't expect it to last because Billy couldn't thrive in comfort, and restlessness was deeply embedded in his DNA. Victoria recalled that she'd learned her lesson the hard way, and she believed Lily was destined to face it, too. Lily appreciated Victoria's candor, but she wouldn't let it scare her off. Lily surmised that Victoria was still hurting from when Billy had gone back to his old ways when he and Victoria had been together.

Lily noted that Victoria had been finding ways to spend time with Billy lately because he was becoming the person Victoria had wished he'd been when Billy and Victoria had been involved. Victoria haughtily stated that Lily thought she knew her, but Lily didn't know her or what she thought about Billy. Lily figured they'd said what they'd needed to say, and she was glad they'd cleared the air.

Later, Billy returned to the office and found Lily was still there. She observed that he seemed excited, and she assumed Jill had agreed to have Chancellor subsidize the purchase of Cyaxares. Billy reported that Jill had given him a hard no, but he was happy because he'd been able to get his mother to see that it would be a good deal -- he'd just gone after the wrong prospect. Lily realized that he intended to pitch it to someone else. Billy inquired whether Lily would approve of the deal if he could remove the stumbling block of the cost. Lily eyed Victoria's empty glass and remarked that she had to fight for what was hers, too.

At Newman, Victoria called Ashland Locke. She recognized that he'd been in touch with her father about negotiations to acquire Cyaxares, but she announced that she'd be handling things from then on. She imagined that Ashland had several offers on the table, and she was prepared to beat them all. She stared icily at a framed photo of her and Victor on her desk.

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