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A DNA test confirmed that Kyle had fathered Harrison. Ashland agreed to shared custody -- on the condition that Kyle wasn't in Harrison's life. Chelsea was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Richard's private investigator revealed that Richard had tracked down Amanda's foster family before he'd died.
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A DNA test confirmed Kyle had fathered Harrison, and Amanda learned Richard had tracked down her foster family before he'd died
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A DNA test confirms that Kyle is Harrison's biological father A DNA test confirms that Kyle is Harrison's biological father

Monday, May 31, 2021

by Nel

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis arrived in Summer's suite and asked how Summer was handling things. Summer said one minute she was celebrating the engagement to the man she loved, and the next, Kyle was the third party in a bitter divorce battle and waiting for confirmation that he was a dad. Phyllis said Summer had been wise to put the wedding on hold. Summer claimed she wasn't sure whether she would have been able to survive all that turmoil if she and Kyle had been married.

Phyllis said Summer needed to see how things worked out. Summer said she knew because Tara wanted a fresh start in Genoa City. Phyllis wasn't happy. Summer said she'd known about Harrison long before she'd told Phyllis. Phyllis claimed that Kyle hadn't told Summer about Tara until he'd been forced to when Theo and Sally had stirred things up. Summer claimed it was in the past, and there hadn't been any reason to bring it up.

Summer admitted to Phyllis that when she watched Kyle and Tara together, she perhaps saw something more than Kyle could admit to himself. Summer admitted she might be experiencing momentary insecurities. She claimed she trusted Kyle, and she knew Kyle loved her. She wouldn't allow the situation to come between them.

At the Abbotts', Tara told Jack she hadn't slept well because Harrison sensed something was off, and she'd wanted to be there for him in case he'd woken up. Jack said that Tara was doing everything she could for the moment to protect him.

Ashland arrived at the Abbotts'. After knocking, he stood outside the door, yelling for Jack to open the door because he knew Tara was there. Jack told Tara not to let Ashland rattle her, and everything would be okay. Tara said Ashland wasn't violent, but he was intimidating. Jack assured her nothing would happen to her as long as she was in his home. Still outside, Ashland yelled that he wasn't going away. He said he could have brought the police, but he hadn't wanted to scare Harrison. He yelled that he would get the authorities involved if Tara left him with no choice.

Jack opened the door, and Ashland stormed in, demanding to know where his son was. Tara begged Ashland not to take Harrison from her. He needed his mother. Ashland claimed Harrison needed his father more than a parent who'd betrayed their family and had run off to her ex-lover's family. Ashland claimed that perhaps Tara and Kyle weren't exes, after all. Jack interjected and claimed the issue was Harrison and what was best for him.

Ashland told Jack to save his parenting advice, given the way Kyle had turned out. Jack reminded Ashland that Ashland was in Jack's home. Ashland accused Tara of kidnapping. He demanded to see his son. Kyle arrived and said Ashland was leaving. Ashland shouted that Kyle's affair years earlier didn't give him the right to interfere in Ashland and Tara's very personal matter.

Tara asked Ashland if they could speak privately, but Ashland told her to stop stalling because she had no right to keep Harrison from him, and he had court documents backing his claim. Jack stated that whatever those documents said, they didn't negate the fact that Ashland was on Jack's property, and Jack's lawyers could draw up as many documents as Ashland's could. Ashland told Jack to stay out of it because it was none of his concern.

Tara told Ashland that Jack had offered her and Harrison a safe haven because she'd feared Ashland would have the reaction he was displaying at that moment. Ashland claimed Tara was keeping his child from him, and he needed to see his son. Tara agreed to let Ashland see Harrison on the condition that he said nothing to Harrison about the divorce. Ashland claimed he wouldn't tell Harrison about his mother's lies or dirty little affair. Kyle warned Ashland to back off. Ashland said Kyle had no idea who he was messing with. Kyle claimed he knew exactly who he was dealing with, and he wasn't about to back down. Tara took Ashland to see Harrison.

Kyle told Jack he was worried that Ashland would try to take Harrison. They needed to be ready. Jack believed Ashland didn't want to make a scene in front of his son. Kyle said he should have told Ashland about the paternity test, but Jack said not until they had proof. They needed to keep things vague. Jack reminded Kyle that Harrison missed the man who'd been his father his whole life. Kyle received a text message stating he would be in a much stronger position once the paternity results were in.

Kyle called Summer to tell her that Ashland had shown up, and the paternity results were ready and would be delivered shortly. Kyle abruptly ended the call when Tara returned. Jack was concerned that Tara had left Ashland alone with Harrison. Tara said she'd watched him like a hawk, and when Ashland had needed to step away, Harrison had been placed in the nanny's care. Kyle asked if Tara seemed upset because Ashland had done something to upset Harrison. Tara claimed Harrison had upset her when he'd wanted to know when they would all be going home together. It had broken her heart.

On the phone outside the Abbotts' front door, Ashland instructed someone to do what they had to in order get his son back to him. When Ashland returned, Kyle claimed they were done, and Ashland needed to leave. Ashland stated they were far from done.

Tara asked Ashland to reconsider fighting for full custody. She asked if he'd heard the fear in Harrison's voice. Ashland said he'd told Harrison he loved the boy and that they would be together very soon. He told Tara she would be hearing from his lawyers, and she had better not try to run again, because there wasn't anywhere she could go that he wouldn't find her. Jack asked if that was a threat.

Ashland told Jack and Kyle that they'd made a serious mistake. Kyle claimed that was another threat. Jack told Ashland not to drop in again unannounced. Ashland said it wouldn't be long before he and Harrison returned to New York. The DNA results arrived. Kyle informed Ashland that the reason Tara had sought Kyle out was because Harrison was his son, not Ashland's.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon told Rey he should be at the courthouse, but Rey said he would let the lawyers do their jobs. Sharon hoped that, for Conner's sake, Chelsea wouldn't go to prison. Rey received a text message from Michael that Chelsea wouldn't be going to prison. Sharon felt the judge had made the right decision because Chelsea needed to remain in the hospital to receive the help she needed.

Rey told Sharon they needed to get out of town to celebrate the fact they'd made it through the drama. Sharon suggested they go to Miami to see his family and Lola while she was at her guest chef residency. Rey thought it was a great idea, provided they had some alone time together. Sharon claimed it could be a second honeymoon.

Faith entered, and Rey asked if she was excited about her first day back at school. Faith said she was, but in light of the recent bullying, the kids would probably make bets as to when she would wind up in the hospital again. Faith returned to the patio. Rey saw Sharon was worried, and he assured her that Faith was strong and confident, and she had a secret weapon by her side -- Moses.

Moses told Faith the tribute to Neil had been incredible. Faith claimed Sharon had really been affected by it. She apologized because she hadn't been able to attend. She wasn't up for long walks yet. Moses said when she was ready, he would take her on a personal tour of Neil's haunts in Genoa City. Faith looked forward to that.

At the psychiatric facility, Michael told Chelsea the judge had ruled that she was not guilty by reason of insanity, and she wouldn't serve any prison time. However, she would have to remain in the facility and be evaluated based on the reports from her doctor. Chelsea claimed it was difficult for her to accept being ruled insane when the person who had driven her over the edge was free. Adam wasn't suffering any consequences for his actions, yet he was the one out of his mind. Michael claimed he couldn't speak to Adam's sanity, but the difference was that Chelsea had a chance to get better. He doubted that Adam ever would.

Victor and Adam were having coffee in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix when Nick arrived. Victor invited Nick to join them and said they had been discussing Chelsea; she would soon find out whether she would be going to prison. When Nick asked why Adam wasn't at the hearing, Adam said he didn't want his presence to sway the court against Chelsea. Nick hoped Chelsea would get some leniency because she hadn't been in her right mind at the time.

Victor told Nick that he and Adam wanted to enlist Noah's prodigious creative talents to create a new logo for Newman Media. Nick suggested that Victor speak to Noah, but he felt Noah would turn Victor down because he hated Adam. Nick said Noah had worked for the family previously, and he had been burned. Noah had a good life in London. Victor told Nick that Noah's creative talents might turn into a permanent position and bring Noah back to Genoa City and give Noah exposure outside the art world. Nick said he would support Noah, whatever he decided.

Victor suggested that Adam and Nick work together in a joint venture between Newman Media and New Hope, with the idea that Newman Media would sponsor New Hope. It would give New Hope free publicity and a new platform. Adam liked it. Nick said it sounded too good to be true, and he asked if it was a way to lure him back into the family business. He said Victor had been pushing the brotherly bonding. Victor claimed Nick and Adam were two strong-willed men and had been feuding for years. He wanted them to put the feuding behind them and work together. Nick said he needed to talk to Devon before making a decision.

Adam received a call informing him the judge had made a decision. Adam informed Victor that Chelsea would remain in the psychiatric hospital and be spared a prison sentence.

Victor arrived at the facility. He congratulated Chelsea on her ruling. He reminded her that he'd kept her out of prison by getting a good doctor and attorney for her. Chelsea had trust issues with Victor. She had assumed Victor would abandon her as soon as he'd secured Adam's freedom. Victor stated she was Connor's mother, and he wanted to make sure she got the help she needed. Chelsea reminded him she was well, and the whole act had been a ruse. She didn't need the kind of help offered in that hospital. Victor told Chelsea she was far more ill than she was willing to admit. Chelsea was stunned.

Victor claimed that Chelsea needed to take therapy very seriously. The doctor he'd hired was very competent, and once she was ready, she would leave the facility. Chelsea felt there was an underlying threat there, and perhaps Victor planned to keep her there forever. Victor said paranoia didn't become her. She claimed she wasn't paranoid and wanted to know what was on his mind. Victor told Chelsea that if she played the game the way he wanted her to and submitted herself to therapy, she would get out of the facility; otherwise, she would remain there forever.

While planning their trip, Sharon told Rey that they shouldn't spend their entire time under Celeste's roof. Rey agreed. He wanted Sharon to himself as much as possible. Michael arrived. He hoped Rey and Sharon were okay with Chelsea not going to prison. Sharon and Rey agreed that it was the best possible outcome.

Michael joined Lauren on the patio. He told Lauren something was bothering him. He'd heard that Victor had visited Chelsea earlier. Michael claimed he had every reason to believe Chelsea was really ill, but things nagged at him when he looked at the whole picture. Chelsea had been at Victor's when she'd had her breakdown and confession. Victor had personally brought in the doctor who'd given the initial diagnosis -- coincidentally, the same doctor who continued with Chelsea's care. Michael wondered if Victor was pulling the strings.

At Society, Sally left Ashland a voicemail message saying she hoped her tip about Harrison had panned out. She said she'd been looking into the fashion house Ashland had invested in. She said it looked like the perfect thing to lure Summer away from Genoa City, and the sooner they could make it happen, the better.

Summer arrived at Society and saw Sally, who claimed she was there for a meeting. Summer said she was there for a meeting, as well. Sally apologized for their recent fight and admitted she'd overstepped. Summer asked why she should believe Sally that time. Sally asked what she was supposed to have done when Tara had shown up distraught with her son and asked where Kyle was. Sally asked if she should have said she didn't know. Summer claimed that every time Sally wanted to be nice, she was really up to something. Summer asked what her scheme was that time.

Sally claimed she didn't have any schemes up her sleeve, but she knew that Summer, Kyle, and Jack would always be suspicious of every move she made. Summer claimed that Sally could take full credit for people doubting her. Sally stated that Summer wouldn't have to worry about that much longer because she'd discovered an incredible opportunity in Milan, as creative director at Marchetti, a company that was doing a quiet search to fill the job. Summer said it sounded amazing, and Sally should go for it.

Lauren arrived and claimed it was nice to see them both smiling. They all sat down, and Summer informed Lauren that Marchetti was hiring and what an amazing opportunity it was for the right person. Lauren mentioned that the Forresters were one of Marchetti's backers. Summer stepped away to take a call from Kyle. Lauren claimed it was nice to see that Summer and Sally had put their differences behind them.

After the meeting, Sally called Grams. She told Grams she had regrouped, and she'd made a plan. She asked if Grams knew how involved Eric Forrester was with Marchetti, because she might need a huge favor from him.

In Phyllis' suite, Nick asked Phyllis to tell him about Summer. Phyllis claimed Summer was all over the place, but Phyllis was happy Summer and Kyle had decided to put the wedding plans on hold. Phyllis thought that forming a united marriage front was the better thing to do. Nick didn't like that. Nick was impressed with how Kyle was standing up for his child; however, he was concerned about the fallout for Summer and how she would handle it. Phyllis told him not to underestimate Summer's strength. He said he wouldn't, but it was a lot for her and Kyle to take on.

Nick told Phyllis about his meeting with Victor and Adam. He said that, shockingly, Adam had sounded like a new man. He said there hadn't been any underlying snark or the usual posturing. Nick said Victor wanted Noah to work at Newman Media, and he also wanted to sponsor New Hope. Suspicious, Phyllis asked what Victor's agenda was. Nick explained that Victor only wanted to bring them all together. Phyllis claimed Victor didn't want that. She wondered what Victor was up to, and she claimed that Victor was only happy when he controlled his kids, with the exception of Victoria and Abby. She smelled trouble.

Amanda learns shocking news about her past Amanda learns shocking news about her past

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle held up the sealed results of the paternity test that he'd had the lab run against his and Harrison's DNA samples. Ashland protested that he knew Kyle wasn't the father because Tara had told him when the affair had taken place -- unless she'd lied. Tara apologetically stated that she hadn't wanted Ashland to find out like that, and he guessed that she had thought up the ploy. Ashland ordered Kyle to open the results. Summer burst in as Kyle examined the envelope's contents.

Kyle dared Ashland to look at the results for himself and follow up with the lab if he doubted the report was legitimate. Ashland read the report and then stared incredulously at Tara, who whimpered that she was sorry. Ashland growled that he didn't want to hear another word from her, and he stalked out. Summer asked if Kyle was Harrison's dad, and Kyle replied that Tara had been right. Kyle wondered what they should do, and Tara proposed that they talk to Harrison to tell him what was going on.

Jack suggested that Kyle and Tara take some time to figure things out. Tara worried that Ashland wouldn't hesitate to badmouth her to her son or frame Kyle as the villain. She wanted to explain things to Harrison in a way he'd understand, and Kyle volunteered to be there. Tara suggested that they do it right away, but Summer pointed out that they hadn't even talked about what Kyle's involvement in Harrison's life would be yet. Tara insisted that her son know the truth.

Jack proposed that he and Summer give Kyle and Tara some space to discuss things and talk to Harrison. Kyle stopped Summer and privately acknowledged that things were happening fast. She reiterated that he was the only one she cared about, and she urged him not to let Tara rush him into something he wasn't ready for. Kyle was determined to think about what was best for his son, and Summer agreed that they had to put the little boy first.

Once alone with Tara, Kyle pondered how to explain things to a kid Harrison's age when he was having a hard time explaining it to himself. Kyle thought he and Tara needed to be clear about the role he was going to play in Harrison's life. Tara said she wanted Harrison to feel safe with and to depend on Kyle, but she didn't want or expect Kyle to take Ashland's place. Tara hoped Ashland was willing to continue in the same role he'd been playing, and Kyle asked if she intended to move back to New York.

Tara revealed that she preferred to stay in Genoa City to give Kyle and Harrison the opportunity to get to know one another. Tara recognized that it was a big step, and she didn't want Kyle to feel rushed or pressured, but she was adamant that he be all in if he wanted to be part of Harrison's life. She stressed that Kyle couldn't just try it out and walk away. Kyle swore that he wouldn't dream of it because he wanted to be a real father to his son.

As Kyle looked on, Tara sat down with Harrison and bet that he was confused about why they hadn't been home. She explained that she and his father had realized that they weren't happy living in the same house, so Ashland was going to stay in New York, while she and Harrison were going to stay there for at least a little while. Tara promised that his father would visit, and she would make sure Harrison had everything he needed.

Tara recalled how she'd talked to Harrison about different types of families, and she considered them very lucky because they were getting a new person in their family. Tara revealed that Harrison had another dad, and it was Kyle. She wanted Harrison to spend some time with Kyle because Kyle was excited to get to know the boy better. She asked Harrison how that sounded. "Two dads?" the boy questioned.

Kyle was sure it was a big surprise for Harrison, but he thought they could have a lot of fun together. Kyle mentioned that Tara had told him that he and Harrison liked a lot of the same things, like baseball, swimming, and superhero stuff. Tara wondered if Kyle liked macaroni and cheese, and Kyle bragged that he'd eaten it for dinner every night for a week when he'd been little. Tara proposed that they have a special name for Kyle, and she suggested that Harrison call Kyle "Daddy." "Daddy!" Harrison exclaimed. Kyle was visibly moved.

At the bar at Society, Ashland was on the phone, arranging for his own paternity test and ordering someone to find out what his rights were if he wasn't Harrison's biological father. Jack approached and sympathized that Ashland had just received shocking news. Ashland muttered that Kyle was a chip off the old block. Jack admitted that he had faults, but he also had regrets. He thought the best way for all of them to avoid more regrets was to put their feelings aside and do what was best for Harrison. Ashland snapped that he didn't need Jack to tell him how to take care of his son.

Jack was afraid that Ashland might let his anger override his love for Harrison. Ashland asserted that he had every right to be angry with Tara, but Jack warned him not to let Harrison suffer from it by tearing him away from his mother. Jack added that he knew from experience that no child ever recovered from it, and he recounted that his mother had broken her family's hearts and trust when she'd left them. He hoped Ashland wouldn't let that happen to Harrison.

Jack returned home and found things quieter than when he'd left. Tara reported that Harrison was out with the nanny while he took time to decompress. She added that things had gone as well as she'd hoped when she and Kyle had talked with Harrison, but she anticipated that it wouldn't become real for her son until Kyle was part of his everyday life. Tara insisted that Harrison needed stability, and she wasn't sure she could rely on Ashland.

Jack divulged that he'd had a little talk with Ashland, and he hoped that some of his advice had gotten through to Ashland. Tara recalled the way Ashland had looked at her when he'd walked out, and she imagined that he wanted to punish her. She suspected that he knew the most effective way to do that would be to take away what she loved most -- her son. Jack swore that they wouldn't let it happen.

Later, Jack showed Harrison a baseball mitt that Kyle had played with as a little boy. Jack helped Harrison put it on, and he proposed that they go out back and toss the ball around. Jack mentioned that he'd heard the news that Kyle was the boy's second dad, and it made him happy because it meant Jack was Harrison's grandpa. Jack revealed that Tara had told him Harrison didn't have one of those, and he shared that he'd never had a grandson, either. Jack murmured that it made Harrison very special in his life.

Summer paced in her hotel suite. She prepared to leave, but she faced Kyle when she opened the door. She explained that she hadn't been able to sit around and wait any longer, and he suggested that they slow down and talk about where things were headed. Kyle revealed that Tara wanted a full commitment from him if he was to be in Harrison's life, and Summer assumed that Kyle had told Tara he was all in. He reiterated that it had been what he'd needed to do.

Summer wondered how Harrison had reacted when Tara and Kyle had told him the truth. Kyle reported that it had been easier than he'd expected, with no tantrums or tears, but it had been as surreal for Harrison as it had been for Kyle. "For all of us," Summer muttered. Kyle plopped down on the couch, and Summer sat next to him and put her arm around him. He mused that he wouldn't be able to get through it without her, and she told him that he wouldn't have to.

Kyle revealed that Harrison had called him Daddy, and Summer was shocked it had happened that quickly. He lamented that he hadn't had time to learn to be a father, but she assured him that she had total faith that he'd be a great dad. Kyle gushed that he didn't know where he'd be without her support, and he hoped she knew how much she meant to him. Summer asked him to promise that nothing would change for them, and he swore that they would always be okay. They kissed.

Devon stopped by Amanda's hotel suite after meeting with a new group he was looking to sign to Winters' Mood, and he offered to play some of their demo on the way to Lily and Billy's new place. Amanda wished she could join them, but she was about to meet Imani to work on Sutton's case. Devon remarked that things were getting serious between Lily and Billy, and he felt he had to start being supportive. Amanda considered Lily lucky to have such a caring brother.

Billy and Nikki ran into one another at Crimson Lights. She surveyed his attire and inquired whether he was starting a new career as a carpenter. He informed her that he was moving out of the Grand Phoenix that day, and she thought it would be great for the kids. Nikki voiced surprise that Victoria hadn't mentioned the move, and Billy admitted that Victoria didn't know about it yet.

Billy explained that he'd tried to tell Victoria about the move, but she'd been busy before she'd gone out of town. Nikki argued that he could have called, but he thought it was a conversation that should be had in person. Nikki observed that he was picking up two cups of coffee, and he confirmed that he and Lily were moving in together. He expected Victoria to be fine with it because he believed she was happy for them. Nikki indicated that Victoria had conveyed the same thing to her. Billy figured all was good, but Nikki's smile faded as he left.

Billy arrived home and found Lily unpacking. She recognized that it looked chaotic with boxes and bubble wrap everywhere, but she assured him that there was perfect harmony inside the cabinets. He feigned disappointment that he'd have to spend the next ten years not knowing where things were. She tasked him with setting up the printer, but he thought he could do something better with his time. She playfully dumped a box of foam peanuts over his head. He retaliated by throwing packing material back at her, and he chased her up the stairs.

Later, Devon arrived at Billy and Lily's apartment and presented the couple with lunch and a housewarming gift -- a framed flyer from Indigo. Billy mentioned that Jack had also given them a housewarming memento in honor of Neil. Lily marveled at how many lives Neil had touched and how many people still loved him. Devon shared that he'd seen Jack at Society with Ashland, and the conversation had looked intense. Billy was intrigued.

Lily realized that it was the first house she'd lived in where her dad wouldn't be able to pop in for visits, and she was grateful to have something near and dear to Neil's heart in her home. Billy declared that he knew exactly where the framed flyer should go, and he headed upstairs. Devon told Lily that he was very happy for her and Billy, since they were in a good place, literally and figuratively. Lily wondered why Amanda hadn't accompanied Devon, and he reported that Amanda was working on a case but had sent her best. He added that things were exceptional between them.

After Devon left, Lily thought she and Billy had made a lot of progress, but she noticed that he seemed deep in thought. He suspected that something was going on between Jack and Ashland, and he questioned why the Lockes had ended up in Genoa City while their marriage was blowing up. Billy suspected that their divorce had to do with someone or something in town, and he was sure there was more to the story than what they knew. A short time later, Billy received a text message, and he announced that a certain media millionaire had changed his divorce filing from no-fault to fault on the grounds of adultery.

Imani arrived at Amanda's suite, and Amanda wanted to prioritize reworking their defense strategy based on the information she'd learned. Imani scoffed at relying on Amanda's unnamed source, and Amanda revealed that she'd tracked down the private investigator who Richard had hired. Amanda hoped the investigator would confirm her source's version of events, which would cast doubt on the D.A.'s entire theory, because Richard had had a reason to contact Sutton about something other than a bribery scheme. Imani reported that she'd talked to Sutton, and he had told her to let Amanda know he wasn't on board with the new strategy.

Amanda reprimanded Imani for conferring with Sutton behind her back. Imani contended that Sutton would never expose his daughter's painful history to protect himself, and she warned that pressuring Naya to testify would jeopardize Amanda's new relationship with her family. Amanda swore that she didn't intend to expose her connection to Naya, but it was her job as Sutton's attorney to find the strongest defense possible. Imani asserted that their client liked the strategy they'd already developed, but Amanda doubted they could sell the idea that someone at Richard's former job had wanted him dead. Imani snapped that it was Amanda's job to figure it out.

Imani speculated that Richard still could have been involved in a bribery scheme while he'd been searching for his child, and she theorized that he'd been taking money under the table to finance his search. Amanda shared that she'd looked at his bank statements, and he'd had money to pay the P.I. without any unusual deposits. Imani pointed out that Richard could have hidden his blackmail proceeds elsewhere, and Amanda figured they'd know more once they talked to the investigator. Imani suggested that they take a break and grab lunch -- as long as they didn't talk about work or family. Amanda loved the idea.

At Society, Amanda and Imani bonded over discussing their favorite novelists and vacation spots. Nate approached and greeted Amanda, who introduced Imani as her friend. Nate called it a beautiful name, and Amanda stepped aside to take a call. Imani asked how Nate knew Amanda, and he recalled that Amanda had once represented him. Imani flatly inquired whether the two had ever dated, and Nate noted that she spoke her mind. Imani conceded that it sometimes got her into trouble, but it mostly got her what she wanted.

Nate confided that he and Amanda had dated briefly, but it hadn't worked out. Nate questioned why he hadn't met Imani before. She explained that she was visiting from out of town, but she expected be back often -- because she liked what she'd seen so far. Amanda returned and insisted on getting back to work.

Nate stepped away, and Amanda informed Imani that the investigator could meet with them, but it had to be then because the P.I. was heading out of town. Nikki approached and reminded Amanda that they'd met once before. Amanda introduced Imani as her colleague, and Nikki inquired whether they were working on the Ames case. Amanda tersely stated that they had a meeting, and she and Imani left.

Nate dropped off some case studies for Moses at Devon's penthouse. Nate told Devon that he'd run into Amanda and Imani at Society, and he inquired whether the women were colleagues. Devon replied that they were working on a case together, but he didn't know much about Imani other than Amanda saying she was a handful. Devon thanked Nate again for his help with Neil's tribute, and he relayed that Moses had said every person he'd met and every story he'd heard had been a gift. Nate empathized with what it was like to be a young man without a father around, and Devon pledged to do everything he could to make Moses feel like Neil was watching over him. Nate promised that the entire family would keep Neil's memory alive for Moses.

Amanda and Imani met with the private investigator, Mrs. Tolliver, in Amanda's suite. Tolliver vividly remembered working with Richard, and Imani found it strange that the investigator remembered details of the case decades after it had been closed. Tolliver remarked that one didn't forget a story like that, since Richard had been trying to locate the baby his ex-girlfriend had put up for adoption. Imani asked if that had been the only issue Richard had been facing, and she referred to problems at Newman Enterprises. Tolliver recounted that Richard had quit his job at Newman to focus on finding the baby.

Tolliver shared that Richard had put pressure on her to work fast because the thought of his child feeling abandoned and alone had eaten him alive. She continued that she'd known the mother's name and address, and she'd had an idea of the baby's due date based on when the relationship had ended. She shared that no one in the mother's family had been willing to talk to her, but she'd found other ways of finding out what she'd been looking for. Tolliver revealed that she'd given Richard the address of the foster family who had been caring for his baby girl right before he'd died.

Nick questions his truce with Adam Nick questions his truce with Adam

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

by Nel

Jack arrived at the Grand Phoenix. He told Phyllis that the DNA test results proved Harrison was Kyle's son and that Ashland knew. Phyllis wasn't happy. Jack said that after talking to Harrison, he felt like family, and he admitted he was completely in love with the boy. Phyllis asked if Kyle felt the same way. Angry, Phyllis said Summer hadn't signed up for Tara waltzing into town with "this kid."

Jack told Phyllis it was impossible to estimate the impact Harrison would have on Summer and Kyle's lives. Phyllis asked if Jack recalled how it had affected them when Diane had arrived in town with Kyle. It had been like a bomb had gone off. Jack believed that Summer and Kyle's relationship was strong enough to weather the latest development.

Jack told Phyllis he would help Summer and Kyle and look out for his grandson. Phyllis was concerned about Tara but more concerned about Ashland. Phyllis said Ashland had recently discovered that his wife had had an affair and that the child he'd been raising since birth wasn't his. She said it was going to be a very bloody custody battle, and if Ashland got custody, he wouldn't let get Kyle within a ten-mile radius of Harrison.

Jack told Phyllis it would be decided in the courtroom. Phyllis said it didn't matter because Ashland would use every weapon in his arsenal and contact all his connections. Ashland wanted to get back at Tara. If Ashland was granted custody, Jack's heart would be crushed. Jack told Phyllis he didn't think it would be quite so bleak. Phyllis asked if Jack thought Ashland would give them all a free pass. Jack claimed that Ashland loved Harrison and wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Phyllis didn't buy it. She believed Ashland was more interested in hurting Tara than in doing the right thing.

Jack claimed Phyllis didn't know Ashland, but Phyllis explained that Ashland had threatened her and the hotel if she didn't provide him information about Tara. Jack said he would make Ashland pay if he was unreasonable. Harrison was an Abbott, and the Abbotts' looked out for their own.

In their suite at the Grand Phoenix, Kyle told Summer how much he appreciated her support. He asked how Summer felt after confirmation that Harrison was his son. Summer claimed it had been unexpected and overwhelming, but it didn't change her love for him. Kyle said that he and Tara had told Harrison that Kyle was his dad. Kyle said the feeling was indescribable.

Kyle told Summer that the love Harrison felt toward him wasn't anything like the love Harrison had for Ashland, but there was a feeling of comfort and acceptance. Summer knew that Kyle was wondering what his future with Harrison would look like. Kyle agreed. Summer warned Kyle not to get ahead of himself by telling Tara that he was fully committed to being part of Harrison's life.

Summer told Kyle that everything was moving very fast. They had no idea how things were going to play out. Kyle said he wanted to think he could handle all the possibilities, but Summer thought it was too soon to form such a strong bond with Harrison when they didn't know what the legal ramifications would be. She felt Kyle was setting himself up for heartbreak. Kyle told Summer that he refused to be cut out of Harrison's life, no matter what Ashland did, and when the time was right, he wanted to introduce Harrison to Summer. Kyle said he had a meeting with his lawyer to ensure he wasn't cut out of his son's life.

At ChanceComm, Billy and Lily discussed making a special place in their apartment for Katie and Johnny. Lily said she loved spending time with the kids and seeing Billy in dad mode.

Billy asked Lily to check her inbox. He said it was something she would enjoy, but Adam and Victor wouldn't. Lily saw it was the draft of what they'd discussed about Newman Media. Billy claimed he wanted them to strike first before Victor had a chance to. He said Victor had taken advantage of Locke to get control of Cyaxares while Locke had been in the middle of his heart attack.

Billy told Lily the article asked how Victor had been willing to let a man die just to get him to sign a contract. If that was Newman Media's tactic from the beginning, ChanceComm had to show that Newman Media couldn't be trusted as a source of news or information. Billy wanted Lily's stamp of approval before he brought the article to legal. Lily said legal needed to make that article their top priority.

Later, Billy told Lily that legal had signed off on the article, and it was good to go. Lily said she wanted to release it immediately, because Victor and Adam could be making their move against ChanceComm as they spoke. Billy agreed. A short time after the article had been published, Billy and Lily checked the responses to their story. They were both very happy with the feedback. Lily hoped Victor or Adam would post something in the comments section, but Billy felt that Victor and Adam were going to come up with something creative. Lily wanted Newman Media to give it their best shot.

At Newman Media, Adam told Nick and Devon that a partnership between Newman Media and New Hope would be beneficial to both parties. Adam stated that their intention was to run a global company with interests all over the world. They needed to build a solid foundation and be connected to their community.

Adam said New Hope made a difference to the community, and Newman Media wanted to help. Nick told Devon that Adam and Victor wanted to promote New Hope on new media sites and give New Hope its own platform, and it wouldn't cost them anything. Nick told Devon that the new media outlets would accelerate New Hope's endowment funding. Victor said they would handle all of New Hope's technological needs. Devon wanted to know what Victor and Adam were looking for in return.

Nick told Devon that Victor was looking for a way to bridge the gap between him and Adam. Victor agreed. Devon said it was an impressive move he hadn't expected from Adam. Adam claimed it was a selfish move because he wanted to show Genoa City that he had different priorities, and Newman Media would symbolize that. It wasn't business as usual for him.

Devon thanked Adam and Victor for reaching out to them. Nick said it was more than he'd expected, however, he wasn't ready to commit yet. Adam asked what was holding Nick back. Nick stated that he didn't like the name of the company because it sounded too much like the family was divided -- Newman Enterprises, Newman Media. Victor told Nick that Newman Enterprises was its own entity, and Newman Media was his legacy for Adam and Connor. He wanted Nick to be part of it. Nick said they would be in touch. After Nick and Devon left, Adam felt things had gone well, but he wasn't counting on anything.

Chloe arrived at the hospital to see Chelsea. Chelsea asked why Chloe was there. Chloe said she'd heard Chelsea had been found not guilty. Chelsea pouted and said she was not guilty by reason of insanity, and it was far from a victory. Incensed, Chelsea said Adam had gotten the restraining order lifted, and he would be able to see Connor. Chloe claimed that was inevitable, since it had been based on a lie. Angry, Chelsea shouted that Adam was still a danger to Connor, and he had full access to her son.

Continuing her rant and shouting, Chelsea told Chloe that her doctor wouldn't allow her to reach out to Connor, but Adam could do whatever he wanted. Adam would poison Connor's mind against her by saying things about her mental state. Chloe said that wouldn't happen because Adam wouldn't want to upset Connor. Chelsea shouted that it had become increasingly difficult to keep up her ruse just to stay out of prison. She claimed she was sane and fit to spend time with her son, and she deserved to see Connor and to be free.

At Society, Abby welcomed Nina and hoped Nina's trip to Los Angeles had been a success. Nina inquired about Mariah and the baby. Abby said Mariah and the baby were fine, and Mariah had a baby bump. Abby said she'd also heard from Chance via text message. Abby said that every day, she was one day closer to Chance's return. Abby told Nina she was very excited because Mariah had an ultrasound scheduled, and they would get to see the baby. Nina asked Abby if she would find out the sex of the baby, but Abby wanted her and Chance to find that out together. She hoped she wouldn't have to wait too much longer.

When Summer arrived at Society for a take-out order, Abby and Nina invited Summer to join them while she waited. Abby asked if everything was okay. Summer claimed she was worried about her friend. Her friend had found out her boyfriend had a kid. The boyfriend hadn't known. Summer explained that the boyfriend had had an affair with a married woman, and they hadn't spoken since the affair had ended. The boyfriend wanted to be a father to the little boy. The mother was all for it. Summer claimed she was overwhelmed for her friend.

Nina asked if the child was a newborn and why the mother hadn't said anything. Summer said the mother had kept it a secret for a long time. Her friend was worried about this woman being in her life. Abby pointed out that Ashley had lied to Brad and Victor when Abby had been born. Abby stated that Ashley hadn't done it out of cruelty; she'd had her reasons. Summer claimed the circumstances in her friend's instance were different.

Abby told Summer she hoped her friend would respect the bond and embrace her new reality. Summer claimed her friend wanted to, but it wasn't that simple. Nina said Summer had a right to be worried for her friend because if the boyfriend had serious feelings for the woman, then co-parenting could rekindle those old feelings, and it could get messy for her friend.

Chloe met Kevin and Miles at the park. Chloe told Kevin that Chelsea was getting worse. Kevin felt it was probably part of the recovery process. He said it was hard work digging deep inside oneself. Chloe said she'd believed Chelsea had been in better shape than what she'd seen earlier.

Kevin told Chloe that Chelsea had been declared legally insane and in a very bad frame of mind. Chloe claimed Chelsea didn't understand how unstable she was. Chloe stated that given her and Kevin's histories, they both understood what Chelsea was going through. Kevin claimed his primary concern was keeping his wife and family safe. He was concerned that Chelsea would reveal Chloe's part in Chelsea's scheme. Chloe was confident that Chelsea would protect her, and everything was under control. Kevin left.

A short time later, Adam approached Chloe, and he asked if she'd heard about Chelsea. Chloe said Chelsea had been deemed insane, all because Adam had broken Chelsea emotionally and had broken her heart. Adam admired Chloe's dedication to Chelsea, and he was willing to forgive Chloe for her part in what Chelsea had done. Chloe said she had no idea what he was talking about, and she didn't need or want his forgiveness. She didn't want anything from him.

Adam said he wanted to offer Chloe an olive branch in the form of an online fashion outlet with his new media company. He said it was a legitimate offer. Chloe was talented, and she would have full control. She would have access to deep pockets, and she could turn it into whatever she wanted. Chloe said she wasn't interested. Adam stated that Chloe was the only person that Chelsea believed was in her corner. Chloe could turn the outlet into something great, so when Chelsea was released, she could work with Chloe. It would give her something to look forward to. He asked Chloe to let him know what she decided. Adam left.

Kevin arrived at the hospital to see Chelsea. Kevin said he wanted to check on Chelsea because he knew she was having a rough time. Kevin wondered how much help Chelsea really needed. He told Chelsea that Chloe was concerned about her. Chelsea claimed Chloe was her only friend. Kevin asked her not to forget that. He said he'd wondered about Chelsea's condition and the judge's decision to allow her to stay in that facility rather than go to prison.

Kevin told Chelsea he would hold Chelsea responsible if it was all a ruse with Chelsea faking a breakdown, and if anything came back to hurt Chloe. Chelsea claimed Chloe hadn't been part of it. Kevin told Chelsea to wipe from her mind that Chloe had had anything to do with Chelsea's plan. Chelsea stated that Kevin really loved Chloe. She stated that Adam had loved her, too, but in the end, it had all been a lie. Kevin asked if Chelsea understood any of what he'd said. Chelsea ignored him. Kevin left.

Mariah walked onto the patio at Crimson Lights. She saw Kyle and asked about the paternity test. Kyle said it proved that Harrison was his son, and he needed to wrap his head around it. Kyle said he and Tara had told Harrison he was Harrison's father. He said he was on his way to the lawyer to find out what his next steps were.

Mariah offered to be Kyle's sounding board -- with one condition, that he didn't hold anything back. Kyle said he was equally thrilled and terrified at being a dad, but his fears couldn't outweigh the person Harrison needed him to be. Kyle said he was trying to protect Tara and Harrison, and he was preparing for the fallout with Locke and Summer.

Kyle told Mariah the situation with Tara and Harrison had affected his and Summer's wedding plans. Everything had been going very well until Tara and Harrison had shown up at his engagement party. He said Summer had put everything on hold until the paternity issues had been resolved. Mariah wondered if Summer was having second thoughts about getting married. Mariah reminded Kyle that Summer had run away the last time they'd been about to walk down the aisle. Kyle claimed that Summer had been understanding and supportive.

Nick and Devon arrived at the coffeehouse. Devon said Victor and Adam's proposal was a good offer. Nick agreed, but he claimed there was more at play for him personally. Nick wanted to hear Devon's take on the proposal. Devon was concerned about Nick and asked if Nick saw himself working with Victor again. Nick felt he might be okay because he would be doing his own thing. However, the trickier situation was Adam. It was difficult to ignore Adam's history. He'd betrayed every person he'd ever worked with, but Nick had seen that Adam was trying to change.

Nick told Devon that he would forever be grateful to Adam for saving Faith's life. Adam had risked being arrested for a crime he hadn't committed, but when it came to Adam's offer, Nick was hesitant and wished Adam's promises were real. Devon reminded Nick that their mission statement was to give people a second chance to turn their lives around. Devon asked if Adam deserved that opportunity.

Adam returned to Newman Media. Victor said that ChanceComm had attacked them. Adam said he wasn't surprised. Victor claimed Billy was nothing but predictable. Adam felt they needed to ignore it. Victor disagreed, but Adam claimed that an immediate response would make them look petty and vindictive, and it would lend credibility to the garbage ChanceComm had written. Victor said they would bide their time, but there would be a proper retaliation and one that Billy wouldn't see coming.

Summer returned to her suite. She wanted to send Kyle a text message but changed her mind. She looked at her engagement ring and was deep in thought.

Kyle arrived at the Abbotts' and called out for Tara and Harrison. There was no response. Kyle searched the house. Kyle called Jack and told him that Tara and Harrison were gone.

Summer turns to Sharon for advice Summer turns to Sharon for advice

Thursday, June 3, 2021

by Nel

Summer sat at a table on the patio at Crimson Lights. Sharon approached and offered to be Summer's sounding board. Summer was afraid if she started talking, she wouldn't stop crying. Sharon wanted to know what was going on with Summer. Summer said she couldn't provide details, but it would eventually all be out in the open.

Sharon said love was messy, and marriage was even messier. People planned their lives, but sometimes little strands would come loose or get frayed, and sometimes they snapped, but that was normal. The best part was that they would come back from seemingly insurmountable problems. Sharon said it wasn't always going to be easy, but it could be done. They did have to accept some unhappiness in order to be together.

Sharon told Summer that everyone wanted to give advice and opinions, but there were only two people in their relationship, Summer and Kyle. Summer claimed it wasn't just the two of them. Summer clarified that Kyle wasn't having an affair, but it was a complicated situation that was moving incredibly fast. Sharon admitted she'd been there. She said that things were moving at a pace that was out of Summer's control. Summer agreed. Sharon said it wasn't out of Summer's control because she could choose how to respond to what others did.

Sharon told Summer to let go of whatever fear Summer had been harboring, figure out what was best for her, and then act. Summer thanked Sharon for her sage advice. It meant a great deal to her.

Lily arrived at the coffeehouse and provided Sharon with her a new address. When Sharon walked away, Victoria approached Lily and asked if Lily and Billy had moved in together. Lily said they'd found a cute apartment, and they'd jumped on it. Lily said they'd planned to tell Victoria as soon as she returned from her trip. Not looking pleased, Victoria told Lily she considered herself informed.

Lily told Victoria that she and Billy had wanted to talk to Victoria about the transition to make sure that Katie and Johnny would be comfortable. Lily wanted to make sure they were all on the same page. Victoria agreed curtly and said she had to get to work. Victoria left.

Kyle found Tara and Harrison in the park. He told Tara she'd given him a scare because she and Harrison hadn't been home when he'd arrived. He had imagined that Ashland had already made a move to get custody, or Tara had become scared and left town. Tara stated that since Ashland knew where they were living, there was no point in hiding. Tara said Harrison had needed to get out of the house. Kyle claimed that, as a kid, he'd never wanted to be inside either.

Kyle and Tara compared Kyle and Harrison's childhoods. With awe, Kyle said he would teach his son how to ride a bike. He hoped he wasn't getting ahead of himself. Tara said she hoped Kyle would be all in, and she couldn't be happier that he wanted to be a presence in Harrison's life.

Kyle told Tara that Ashland wouldn't be happy with Kyle's involvement, but Tara needed to focus on what her next steps were. Tara claimed she'd spoken with her lawyers about the positive paternity test, and they believed it would help her case. They had suggested she try a more aggressive approach and try for sole custody. Sole custody didn't mean she wanted Kyle out of Harrison's life. She definitely wanted Kyle in their son's life. Kyle asked about Ashland. Tara also wanted Ashland in Harrison's life, but she was concerned that he would damage the relationship between her and her son.

Tara told Kyle that Ashland could vilify her, and he would tell Harrison about their affair. She claimed that Ashland was extremely vindictive. Kyle felt it was important that Harrison didn't lose the connection with Ashland, whom Harrison loved very much. Tara was impressed with how concerned Kyle was about Harrison after spending only a few days with him. Tara wanted to preserve Harrison and Ashland's relationship but protect herself in the process. Kyle felt Ashland would do what was best for Harrison.

Tara asked Kyle if he'd spoken to Summer about how things would work. Tara was certain Summer would have reservations, but if Tara lived close by, Kyle would have easy access to his son. Kyle said that Summer understood that he wanted to be all in with Harrison. He admitted that it was a lot to take in.

Tara and Kyle spread out a blanket, and Tara left to get ice cream for them, leaving Kyle alone with his son. Kyle told Harrison that he had a lot to learn about the boy. Kyle began by asking Harrison questions about cars. Summer arrived in time to hear Harrison call Kyle "Daddy." Summer listened to Kyle tell Harrison he was new to the daddy thing, and he was counting on Harrison to tell him when he was doing a good job and when he wasn't. Summer was about to join Kyle when Tara called them to come and get their ice cream. Summer left.

A short time later, Summer returned to the park with a toy submarine for Harrison, but Kyle, Tara, and Harrison had already left.

At Society, Ashland told Victor he was impressed with how efficiently Victor and Adam had handled the transition. Ashland commented that he should have expected the hit piece by ChanceComm to discredit Victor and Newman Media before they got out of the gate. Ashland was amused by the carefully worded insinuation that Victor had taken advantage of Ashland's heart attack to secure the deal. Ashland assumed Victor would retaliate. Victor said he would, in due time. Victor told Ashland the driving force behind the hit piece had been Billy, but Lily had needed to sign off on it. He said Billy and Lily were aware of what they were up against.

Victor asked how Ashland was holding up because Victor knew how messy divorces could be emotionally and financially. Ashland claimed it wouldn't be a problem because he had an iron-clad prenup in place, and Tara would walk away with as little of his money as possible. Victor was certain that Ashland would provide generously for his son. Ashland said he wanted to take a step back and take a more measured approach.

At Newman Media, Adam was on a video chat with Connor. Connor also wanted to speak with Chelsea. Adam explained that Chelsea was getting some treatments, but she wanted Connor to know that she loved him very much and that Connor had made them proud with all his good grades and the big goal he'd scored on the soccer field.

Connor told Adam he missed them both, and he asked Adam to tell Chelsea he loved her. Adam assured Connor everything would be fine, and they ended their chat. Nick had stood outside the door and eavesdropped, but when the call ended, Nick told Adam he hadn't wanted to interrupt. Adam admitted he couldn't tell Connor about Chelsea. Nick agreed because it would be too much for him.

Nick asked Adam what his plans were for Chelsea after she recovered and left the hospital. Nick asked if Adam had imagined a reconciliation if Adam and Chelsea could forget what they'd done to each other. Adam claimed he hadn't given it much thought. He felt there probably wasn't any way of getting past what had happened. His focus was on Connor. Nick said he'd never doubted Adam's love for Connor, and he hoped Chelsea could get through her crisis. Nick knew that Adam had made sure that Chelsea received the help and treatment she needed.

Adam told Nick that Victor had found the doctor to treat Chelsea, and Victor had lobbied the D.A. to accept the insanity plea. Nick knew Victor wanted Adam to focus on their new business venture. Victor was very invested in it -- and not only financially. Adam suggested that Victor might want to help Chelsea, but Nick said that after everything Chelsea had done, she wouldn't be at the top of Victor's to do list.

Nick asked Adam what Victor's agenda was. Adam stated that Nick seemed determined to think the worst of Victor and him. Adam asked if Nick had doubts about Victor. Nick said that was more Adam's style, although lately, it appeared Adam had seen the error of his ways. Adam asked why Nick was so fixated about Victor helping Chelsea. Nick said he found that odd, but what struck him as odder was that Adam didn't have any questions about it. Adam claimed it was the best outcome for Chelsea. Adam stated that Victor had had his back since he'd been accused of poisoning Rey.

Adam asked why Nick had stopped by. Nick said that he and Devon had discussed Adam's proposal, and they had decided to accept Newman Media's offer of promoting and sponsoring New Hope. Nick said Victor's actions were questionable at times, but the benefits for New Hope outweighed the risks. He hoped it would work out.

When Victor walked into the Grand Phoenix, he bumped into Billy, who was on his way out with his luggage. Victor asked if Billy was sneaking out of the building after that ridiculous article against Newman Media. Billy claimed he never ran away from anything, but he bet that Ashland wished he had. Ashland was probably second-guessing himself about going into business with Victor and Adam. Victor laughed and said Billy's article was hypocritical. He reminded Billy that Billy had warned Ashland not to sell Cyaxares to Victor because he and Adam would use it as a personal vendetta.

Billy told Victor he could see how hard Victor tried to hide the fact that the article hadn't bothered him. Billy claimed he knew Victor too well, and he also knew that Victor was planning some kind of retribution. He told Victor to go ahead, and ChanceComm would be ready. Victor told Billy to fasten his seatbelt, and Victor walked away.

Victor returned to Newman Media, and Adam told him New Hope had accepted their proposal. Victor was happy to see Nick and Adam working together and trusting each other. Nick told Victor not to go overboard. Nick claimed they needed to be realistic about the expectations. Victor said his expectations were exactly where they belonged -- Adam and Nick working together had been a dream of his.

Nick asked Adam what would happen if they did get along. Adam wasn't sure that Victor would be okay if things were calm and predictable or even boring. Victor said life wasn't boring because there were always conflicts to solve, battles to fight, and fires to put out. There was one difference. Adam and Nick weren't the cause of those conflicts; instead, they were by his side, helping him put out those fires.

Later, Nikki surprised Victor with a visit. Victor told her he had a surprise for her later, and he wished her a happy birthday. Victor informed Nikki that Nick had agreed to let Newman Media promote and sponsor New Hope. He was happy to see Nick and Adam getting along.

Victor asked how Nikki liked his new office. Nikki told Victor the name seemed like a not-so-subtle dig at Victoria, since she'd asserted herself at Newman Enterprises. Victor reminded Nikki that he'd created Newman Enterprises, and Victoria had chosen to sell off the media division. Victoria had no rights to the name. Nikki had to leave to meet with Victoria, but before she left, she commented that Victor had shown little interest in Newman Enterprises lately. Victor reminded her that Victoria had made it clear that she didn't want his advice. With a smile, Nikki said, "Exactly," and she left.

When Adam returned to Newman Media, Victor asked for Adam's opinion on an article in Adam's email. Victor said he'd had an executive from ChanceComm refine their attack from Billy. Adam thought they needed to put a pin in it. Adam stated that they had other priorities, and they could return to the article when the time was right. Victor disagreed. Adam said that was bound to happen, and sometimes they had to agree to disagree. Victor said they would let it go -- "for now."

Billy arrived at his and Lily's new home. He told Lily that Victor acted like he couldn't care less about the piece they'd published or about taking advantage of Locke and his heart attack in order to get Cyaxares. Lily asked if Victor believed they didn't expect him to retaliate. She said that whatever happened, they would handle it.

Lily told Billy that Victoria had learned about their living arrangement. At that moment, Victoria arrived and explained that she'd heard Lily giving Sharon her change of address. Billy said he'd planned to talk to her about it once she had returned from her trip. It was a new living arrangement and had to be handled correctly with the kids. Victoria said Lily had mentioned it. She claimed she was happy for them. Victoria told Lily the kids really liked her, and they would enjoy visiting. Lily suggested that Billy take Victoria on a tour and show her where the kids' room was.

After Victoria left, Billy told Lily he thought things had gone very well and that Lily could see that Victoria didn't have any feelings for him. Lily reminded him that Victoria had told him she'd wanted him back. Billy teased Lily that her name was on the lease, and she was contractually obligated to be with him. Lily asked if Billy thought Victoria had been getting lucky lately, since she was cool with them moving in together. Perhaps she'd moved on to someone else. Billy said he'd seen her a few times with Ashland Locke. He hoped Victoria wasn't seeing him.

At Society, Ashland sat at the bar and was on his phone, while Victoria and Nikki sat at a table. Victoria presented Nikki with a birthday gift. Nikki said Victoria had been missed. Victoria said the kids couldn't wait to see Nikki because they had a very special gift for her.

Nikki told Victoria she had something to tell Victoria. Nikki was taken aback when Victoria said she knew about Billy and Lily and that she'd given them her best wishes. Victoria knew that Nikki was questioning her motives. Victoria claimed she wasn't intimidated by Billy's new romance, and she was happy for him.

As Ashland was about to leave, Victoria said hello and asked if he was okay. Ashland claimed his divorce was messy, and he wasn't the best of company. Victoria said she was really sorry and wished there was something she could do. Nikki frowned. He appreciated Victoria's offer of help. He invited Victoria to have dinner with him later. He claimed he could use the company, and he extended the invitation to Nikki, as well. Victoria accepted his invitation, but Nikki declined. After Ashland left, Nikki asked "what the hell" that had been about. Victoria said she and Ashland had become friends. Nikki was gobsmacked.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon told Nick she was surprised that he would be working with Adam and Victor. Nick claimed it was a great deal for New Hope. Sharon knew Nick wouldn't have agreed unless he'd seen the genuine change in Adam. Nick claimed the new dynamic might not be permanent. Sharon knew it was hard for Nick to trust Adam, given their history. Nick couldn't forget about the past, but then he remembered that Adam had raced to get Faith to the hospital, returned to the farmhouse in Kansas to rescue him, and been Faith's kidney donor to save Faith's life.

Sharon told Nick that forgiveness from Nick was what Adam craved in order to let go of all the anger and darkness that had disrupted his life. She said Nick had saved Adam's life.

At home, Kyle told Tara that Harrison seemed wiped out. Tara said Harrison would catch his second wind, and then he would be ready for action. Kyle loved learning the little things about his son. He said hearing Harrison laugh made his heart skip a beat, especially when he called Kyle "Daddy." Kyle hadn't realized how much that had meant to him until Harrison had said it. Ashland arrived and said he needed to speak with Tara alone.

Ashland agrees to shared custody -- with a catch Ashland agrees to shared custody -- with a catch

Friday, June 4, 2021

In Chancellor Park, Victor quietly approached Nikki and set down a gift box on a park bench. He wished her a good morning, and she asked how he'd known where to find her. He responded that he knew she carved out special time for Katherine, and Nikki reported that the lilies she'd planted by Katherine's plaque were getting ready to bloom. Victor informed her that a dozen red roses had been delivered to the ranch, and he had another special delivery. He presented her with his gift.

Nikki thought she and Victor had planned to celebrate at the ranch that night, and he informed her that it was why he'd decided to surprise her then. She opened the gift and found a biography that she already owned. Victor revealed that it was her copy, but she was baffled because he knew she'd read the book many times. He prompted her to open the book, and she was thrilled to discover two tickets to a concert in Florence, featuring Leslie Brooks performing one of Nikki's favorite concertos. Victor told Nikki there was more inside.

Nikki savored some treats that Victor had had flown in from Italy. He encouraged her to take another look in the box, and she discovered a photo of a beautiful stallion. Victor revealed that the horse was waiting for her in the stables, and Nikki gushed that he'd outdone himself. She flashed back to many of the romantic moments that they'd shared together. Nikki marveled that she'd lived the most incredible life. Victor extended his hand and asked her to accompany him home, since there was "more to come." She chirped that they had a trip to plan, and she declared her love.

In Amanda's hotel suite, Amanda told Devon that Victor had made it sound like Richard had only known about one child, and Richard's private investigator had confirmed that Richard had been following a lead to the foster care family that had been caring for his baby. Amanda reeled from the revelation that her father had quit his job to look for her, yet all she was left with was why he'd been killed. Amanda mused that her life seemed different then, since she'd never belonged to anyone. She recalled that the term "ward of the state" had made her want to run and hide, and she grappled with the fact that her father had rearranged his entire life to find her.

Amanda continued that Richard had told the investigator everything he could about Naya, and the P.I. had used it to track down the foster family. Amanda lamented that he might have shown up at the doorstep or petitioned for custody, but he'd died before he could. Amanda whimpered that part of her had been shattered into a million pieces, since knowing how close he'd been made things even worse. Devon questioned how the knowledge would change Amanda's approach to Sutton's case.

Amanda didn't plan to change her fundamental strategy, since Imani had told her that Sutton was adamant about not putting Naya on the stand. Amanda reasoned that even though Richard had spoken to Victor about searching for his child, Richard still might have been blackmailing someone at Newman. She figured that she just had to prove it had been possible, which would create reasonable doubt, but Devon wondered why she'd do that when she had new evidence. He complained that Sutton was making the job more difficult than it needed to be.

Devon recalled that Amanda had pledged to be objective when she'd taken the case, but he thought she was no longer treating Sutton like a normal client because the case had become too personal. Devon swore that he was only saying it because he didn't want Amanda to get backed into a corner because she felt like she had to prove herself to Sutton or her newfound family. Devon cautioned that things got messy when family was involved, but a knock at the door interrupted them. Amanda invited Naya and Imani in to get their meeting started. Naya declared that there was a personal matter they needed to discuss first.

After Devon departed, Naya apologized for things becoming tense between her and Amanda the last time they'd spoken. Naya reiterated that it had been hard for her to learn Richard had found out about her pregnancy, and she explained that it had been equally hard to hear Amanda ask if she'd been lying about withholding information. Naya acknowledged that it was Amanda's job to ask tough questions, but she maintained that she'd never told Richard that she'd been carrying his child. She couldn't imagine who would have.

Naya admitted that she'd avoided the investigator, but Amanda relayed that the P.I. had used Naya's information to track down Amanda's foster family. Naya wailed that it broke her heart to know that Richard hadn't been able to meet Amanda before he'd been killed, but it didn't change that Sutton was in the fight of his life. Naya contended that the Ames family was real and alive, and she insisted that they be Amanda's focus. Amanda recognized that dwelling on the past was distracting her from the work that needed to be done.

In the hotel lobby, Devon finished a business call as Naya approached. She noted that he seemed to spend a lot of time with Amanda, and he stated that they were good friends. Naya shared that it hadn't taken her long to see what a smart, strong person Amanda was, and that had been why she'd been confident in her choice to have Amanda represent Sutton. Naya worried that the unsettling information that had been unearthed had stirred up emotions in Amanda. Devon expressed concern about what the entire situation was doing to Amanda, and he believed it had been a mistake for her to even take the case.

Meanwhile, Amanda sobbed on her bed. She quickly composed herself to answer the door, and she found Imani there. Imani sympathized with what Amanda was going through, but Amanda insisted that she was fine. Imani mentioned that she'd taken a room there to be nearby while they were preparing for the trial. Amanda remarked that it was a big change for Imani to be away from Naya and Sutton, but Imani figured that it was temporary and that it would be easier for them to work together. Imani was determined to earn Amanda's trust.

At Crimson Lights, Jack approached a despondent Summer, who confided that she couldn't fake smiling anymore. She insisted that she was happy for Kyle, and she shared that she'd witnessed Harrison call Kyle "Daddy" when she'd seen them in the park earlier. She added that Kyle's face had lit up with pure joy, and it had taken her breath away to think about all the big changes that were happening in their lives. Summer recounted that Tara had called Harrison and Kyle over to join her for ice cream, and they'd looked like the perfect little family.

Jack imagined that it had been rough for Summer to see. She resolved to embrace it because she had no other option if she didn't want to lose Kyle, and she simply wouldn't do that. Jack was relieved to hear that she still wanted to build a future with his son, and Summer guessed that he'd talked to her dad about her suggestion to postpone the wedding. She indicated that she and Kyle had talked, and they'd decided to wait until everything shook out. Summer was adamant that she wanted a future with Kyle because she believed they were meant to be together.

Jack pointed out that Summer and Kyle had faced many obstacles that would have finished off most couples, but they'd overcome every one of them together. Jack guessed that Summer was considering how Harrison would fit into their lives, and he bet that the love she and Kyle shared would endure. Jack anticipated that Summer and Kyle would have their own children one day and that she would be an amazing mother. Summer confirmed that she and Kyle had talked about having kids, but it had always seemed further down the road.

Summer noted how easily Kyle had seemed to go from the idea of having a biological son that lived in New York to becoming a real daddy. Jack compared it to how he'd felt an unmistakable bond with Harrison, even though they'd just met. Summer thought Jack would be happy to know that Tara had decided to stay in Genoa City, and Jack admitted that he was happy to hear it, even though he knew it would complicate Summer's life. Jack explained that it was a gift to watch a child grow up, and he didn't want to miss those years in Harrison's life the way he'd missed important moments with Kyle. Jack hoped Summer would start to feel the same way, too, since kids had a way of grabbing ahold of people's hearts.

Summer thanked Jack for the talk, and he reminded her that she'd had a special place in his heart since the day she'd been born. He headed for the exit and ran into Sally, who remarked that it was good to see him. He coolly told her to have a good afternoon, and he left. Sally ignored Summer's stare on the way to the counter, but Summer taunted that Sally realized how badly she'd blown it. Sally snapped that she didn't need a reminder of how she'd screwed up with Jack, noting it was clear how much Summer had enjoyed seeing Jack blow Sally off. Sally imagined that it had been a nice break from everything else Summer was going through.

Sally requested that Summer refrain from dropping not-so-subtle hints in front of Lauren about the fashion house gig, since the coveted position was the longest of long shots. Sally anticipated that a flock of people who had more clout and connections than she did were doing whatever it took to get the job. She added that Lauren had been good to her, and she didn't appreciate Summer tanking Sally's reputation for no reason. Sally claimed that she'd do just about anything to get the gig. Summer wondered what Sally was really up to.

Sally claimed that she was trying to move on with her life and get someplace in her career. She refused to apologize for having dreams that she actually had to work for because nothing had ever been handed to her. Summer was sure Sally had been hard at work, and she speculated that Sally had tipped off Ashland about Tara and Harrison staying with Jack. Sally accused Summer of wanting to blame her for everything that had happened, and she thought Summer should be happy that Sally was trying to get an Italian gig that would take her out of town. Sally added that she was sick of being a punching bag when life didn't go Summer's way.

Later, over video chat, Sally asked Shirley how she was supposed to be patient when her life was falling apart while Summer enjoyed every second of it. Sally griped that she'd moved to Genoa City to leave her past behind, and she'd been doing it. It made her sick that the local royalty had never had to scrap or fight for anything. Sally bemoaned that there were days when she felt so beaten down that she didn't know what to do.

Shirley warned that people would expect Sally to slink away with her tail between her legs, but she implored Sally not to do it because she was a Spectra who was as talented and capable as the pretenders. Shirley pointed out that Sally had learned the ropes in L.A., and the only thing Summer had that Sally didn't was confidence. Shirley urged Sally to dig down deep, find herself some confidence, and turn things around. Sally vowed to take her grandmother's advice and win, starting with getting Summer to Italy -- with or without Ashland's help.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle ordered Ashland to conduct all communication with Tara through their lawyers. Ashland replied that he didn't want to fight, just talk. Kyle barked that he had firsthand knowledge of how Ashland operated when he felt aggrieved. Ashland asserted that it was a private matter between him and Tara, so Kyle had no business interfering. Tara agreed to listen to what Ashland had to say, but not there. She asked Kyle to look after Harrison while she and Ashland went elsewhere to talk. Ashland glared at Kyle before following Tara out.

Kyle played a game and shared cookies with Harrison. Harrison asked if his mommy and his father were mad at one another. Kyle gently explained that sometimes people liked one another, but they could still get mad. He compared it to getting upset with a friend on the playground. He added that even if Harrison's parents were mad at one another, they would still always love the boy.

At Society, Ashland swore that he wasn't there to fight, and Tara lectured that it was the last thing Harrison needed. Ashland wanted an honest answer to a simple question, and he inquired whether she was in love with Kyle. Tara insisted that her relationship with Kyle wasn't romantic, and Ashland asked if they'd been in love during their summer together in the Hamptons. Tara recalled how loving and attentive Ashland had been when they'd been dating, making her feel like the most important person in the world to him. She groused that it had all changed after their wedding, when he'd become focused on work, and she'd felt lonely and isolated, like she'd just been an accessory to him.

Ashland protested that he'd given Tara everything, but she clarified that he'd given her everything except himself. She explained that she'd had gorgeous clothes and a fancy car, but she'd felt empty underneath it all. She recounted meeting Kyle in July during party season, when she'd been entertaining a lot to have people around while Ashland had been away. She remembered playing the role of the perfect hostess, but Kyle had seen through it and understood that it had been a long time since someone had treated her like she'd mattered. She admitted that she wasn't proud of what she'd done.

Ashland spat that Tara shouldn't be proud about letting him live a lie and allowing him to fall in love with a child that wasn't his. Tara contended that Harrison loved Ashland, and she was trying hard to keep her son from being hurt. She pointed out that she'd apologized and agreed to stay to make things work, but Ashland was the one who was unwilling to even try. He offered to make her a deal, but he warned that it was the only one he'd make and the only time he'd offer it.

Jack returned home, and Kyle told his father that he and Harrison had been playing games and reading stories. Jack suggested that he and Harrison follow their noses to see what Mrs. Martinez was doing in the kitchen, and he led the boy away. Tara returned to the mansion and informed Kyle that Ashland had been calm and civilized when he'd proposed that they make a deal. She announced that Ashland had agreed to shared custody on one condition -- Kyle could never see his son or be a part of Harrison's life in any way.

Jack was outraged when he learned about Ashland's ploy. Jack noted that Ashland was acting like he had a guarantee that he'd get full custody in court, and Tara pointed out that her husband had judge friends. Jack assured Tara that she had options, since Harrison was an Abbott, and their family had the clout and the power to stand up to Ashland. Tara fretted that she only had 24 hours to decide. Kyle was appalled that Ashland wanted to cut him out of Harrison's life.

Tara shared that her lawyer had concerns, since Harrison was a child of adultery, and Ashland had been a wonderful father and a constant in the boy's life. She continued that Kyle had known about Harrison for months, yet he'd never made a move to prove he was the tot's biological father until Tara had asked him to. Tara called Kyle a good man who cared about Harrison, but she recognized that he'd only known the boy for a few days, whereas Ashland had cared for Harrison from birth.

Kyle grumbled that Ashland's main priority had been business, but Tara acknowledged that Ashland had still been a loving father who adored Harrison. She knew she had to be smart and handle things carefully to avoid losing her son. Tara excused herself to be with Harrison, and Jack stopped Kyle from following her and urged him to give her time to calm down. Kyle stalked out.

Kyle tracked Summer down in the Grand Phoenix lobby. He told her that Ashland had offered Tara a compromise to share custody, and Summer considered it good news. Kyle shared that the catch was that he had to be cut out of Harrison's life completely, and he'd miss out on his son's whole life. Kyle proclaimed that there was no way he could do that.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Mommy who?
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