Hope Logan
Actor History
Unknown Babies
January 25, 2002; before-birth dream sequence
Keath and Sheyne Sahagun
July 2, 2002; birth scenes only
Alex and Brody Lougeay
Colby and Grayson Button
Madison and Paige Pelletier
Ava and Jack Dunlop
Rebecca and Vanessa Rogers
Cali and Noelle Sheldon
June 23, 2003 to July 2004
Amanda and Rachel Pace
January 11, 2010 to Present [contract]
Born July 2, 2002 in the Forrester cabin in Big Bear
Aged to a toddler 2004
Aged to 17 in 2010
Created the Hope's Perfect Wedding fashion line
Creator and former spokesmodel for the Hope for the Future fashion line
Formerly an intern at Forrester Creations
Resides At
The Logan Mansion (200 North Beston Place, Los Angeles, CA) Formerly Bill Spencer's cliff house, Malibu, CA
Marital Status
Past Marriages
Liam Cooper Spencer [Married: 2012; not legalized: 2012]
Deacon Sharpe (biological father)
Brooke Logan (mother)
Dominick "Nick" Marone (legal adoptive father)
Eric "Rick" Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
Bridget Forrester (half-sister)
Ridge "R.J." Forrester Jr. (half-brother)
Jack Hamilton Marone (half-brother)
Eric Sharpe (half-brother)
Stephen Logan Sr. (grandfather)
Elizabeth Henderson Logan (grandmother; deceased)
Helen Logan (great-grandmother; deceased)
Stephen "Storm" Logan Jr. (uncle; deceased)
Donna Logan (aunt)
Katie Logan (aunt)
Logan Knight (nephew)
Eric Forrester III (nephew; deceased)
Nicole Marone (niece; deceased)
Marcus Walton Forrester (cousin)
William Logan Spencer (cousin)
Flings & Affairs
Wyatt Fuller Oliver Jones (not consummated)
Liam Cooper Spencer (broken engagement)
Thomas Forrester (flirtation)
Crimes Committed
  • Slapped Steffy Forrester, causing a chocolate fight [2012]
  • Vandalized Liam's Spencer's house [2012]
  • Broke into Bill Spencer's house by smashing a window with a golf club [2013]
  • Pushed Steffy Forrester into a desk, not knowing that Steffy was pregnant [2013]
  • Kissed Liam Spencer while he was married to Steffy [2013]
  • Kissed Wyatt Fuller while engaged to Liam Spencer [2013]
Health and Vitals
Had two seizures as a result of nearly drowning in a hot tub [2004]
Almost raped by Graham Darros [2010]
Became addicted to antianxiety medication [2012]
Almost drowned after falling into a pool while under the influence of antianxiety medication [2012]
Crashed into Steffy Forrester on a ski slope while high on pills bought on the Internet [2012]
Hit head in a fall after running from Wyatt Fuller in the woods [2013]
Brief Character History

Hope Logan was born as the result of a scandalous affair between Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe, who at the time was married to Brooke's older daughter, Bridget Forrester. Whip Jones married Brooke to give the baby a name and hide its paternity, but Brooke was disgraced when the truth came out. Brooke hid at the Big Bear cabin, where she went into labor. Brooke's nemesis, Stephanie Forrester, had actually been trying to help Brooke turn over a new leaf and went to the rescue along with Bridget, and together, Stephanie and Bridget delivered Brooke's baby. To observe Brooke's new point of view, Bridget suggested naming the baby Hope.

Deacon wanted to be a part of Hope's life, but Brooke forbade it, even after Deacon quit drinking, became respectable, and settled into a relationship with Macy Alexander. Macy encouraged Deacon to visit Hope and her older brother, Eric Sharpe, and attempt to obtain custody rights. Brooke became engaged to Nick Marone, who wanted to adopt Hope. Deacon balked, but Nick promised visitation rights if Deacon complied. Nick became a second father to Hope.

At a hot tub, Nick got distracted and didn't see little Hope experimenting with holding her breath underwater. Hope's hair got caught in the drain, and she almost drowned. Hope suffered two seizures and went into a coma, but made a full recovery. Later, Hope called 9-1-1 after she and her little brother, R.J., were unintentionally left alone all night, arousing the concern of Child Protective Services. However, after Hope and R.J. set the living room on fire, the children were removed from Brooke's care, sparking a custody battle with Stephanie.

Hope inadvertently caused Thorne Forrester and Taylor Hayes to call off their wedding when Hope blabbed to Thorne's daughter, Alexandria, that Taylor had run down Alexandria's late mother, Darla Einstein, with her car. Hope was ultimately raised by Brooke's on-again, off-again husband, Ridge Forrester.

In 2010, a seventeen-year-old Hope became an intern at Forrester Creations and found herself the flashpoint of a power struggle set off by Bill Spencer Jr.'s takeover of the company. Hope's stepsister, Steffy Forrester, didn't want to share Ridge with Hope at work, too, and felt slighted when Hope's idea for a fashion line was chosen over Steffy's. Hope overheard Brooke and Ridge discussing Hope's scandalous paternity, and when Ridge referred to Hope as a "stain on the family name," Hope ran to photographer Graham Darros, unaware that years earlier, he had raped Agnes Jones. Graham drugged Hope's drink and tried to rape her, too, but Nick arrived and saved Hope from Graham.

Hope met Agnes' brother, Oliver Jones, and began a sweet romance with him. Steffy decided she wanted Oliver for herself and tried to use her sexuality to best Hope, who was a virgin. However, Oliver didn't take the bait. Steffy further harassed Hope by sabotaging Hope's first Hope for the Future showing, making the sign read "HO For The Future."

Hope had a huge graduation party where all the guests wore masks and identical clothes. Oliver thought Hope whispered "I'm ready" as a signal she was ready for sex, and made love to her on the terrace. However, Oliver was horrified to learn he had made love to Brooke, who had thought Oliver was Ridge. Hope was devastated and tried to recreate the party in an attempt to understand what had happened. Hope forgave Oliver but couldn't get the image of Oliver and her mother out of her head.

Hope helped newcomer Liam Cooper adjust to the fact that Bill was his long-lost father. Hope started dating Liam and forgot about Oliver, who wanted to win Hope back. Steffy made a play for Liam, too, but Liam had fallen for Hope. Bill thought Liam could do better and upset Hope by announcing to the media that Liam was "the world's most eligible bachelor."

Liam got drunk at a party and was escorted home by social climber Amber Moore. Liam hit his head and woke up next to Amber, who soon insisted she was carrying Liam's baby. Liam couldn't remember what had happened, and he and Hope went through a dizzying array of make-ups and breakups, trying to decide between their love and what was best for the baby. All the while, Oliver was there, trying to convince Hope to return to him.

The night Amber's baby was born, Hope was considering Oliver's proposal at the Big Bear cabin. But when Amber's child was born African-American, Liam raced to the cabin in time to stop Hope from accepting. Liam and Hope reunited, but Hope still wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night, and layered that message into Hope for the Future. Frustrated, Liam proposed to Hope during a fashion show. Hope accepted privately, but her family wouldn't let Hope move up the wedding because of her public stance in the media.

Steffy, who had fallen in love with Liam after a disastrous tryst with Bill, declared herself sexually available. Hope caught Liam kissing Steffy in a limo and broke up with Liam in a cell phone message, leaving her engagement ring on Liam's mantel. A confused Liam immediately offered the ring to Steffy.

Hope knew she could clear things up with Liam if she had a chance to talk to him. Steffy and Bill did, too, so Bill sent Steffy and Liam to Aspen. Hope followed, but Bill arranged to have Hope trapped in a gondola, where she was forced to watch Liam and Steffy exchange vows. Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, took a liking to Hope and swept Hope off her feet by proposing to her in Cabo San Lucas, not knowing that Steffy and Liam were at the same resort. Steffy and Thomas tried to keep Hope from seeing Liam, which resulted in an ATV chase on the beach. Liam found Hope and kissed her, while Steffy was injured falling off her ATV.

Bill knew Liam wanted to return to Hope, so Bill fixed Steffy's MRI to suggest she had a life-threatening blood clot that could worsen under stress. Liam felt obligated to stay with Steffy until Katie Logan -- Hope's aunt and Bill's wife -- found out what Bill had done. Hope threatened to go public with Bill's crime, but ultimately didn't. Hope was livid when Steffy held out for a proper divorce and refused to sign Liam's annulment papers, aborting Hope's first attempt to marry Liam. Hope felt she could take her power back from Steffy if she simply moved in with Liam, but Hope had a deep-seated fear of becoming like her openly sexual mother, Brooke, and froze up in bed.

Hope sought therapy with Dr. Stacy Barton, who prescribed a small dose of antianxiety pills. Rather than deal with her issues, Hope latched on to the pills so she could finally make love to Liam. Hope was labeled an adulteress when a photo of Hope and Liam leaked to the press, but Dr. Barton wouldn't renew Hope's prescription, so the frantic Hope didn't question the bottle that showed up on her desk with a note from the therapist. Amber had forged the note and unwittingly bought potentially tainted pills for Hope online as a bargaining tool. Hope increased her dosage as the press hounded her, becoming so disoriented that she almost drowned after falling into the Forrester pool. Hope told Liam about the pills and promised to stop taking them.

Bill still wanted Hope out of Liam's life, so he arranged to have Hope besieged by reporters while she was in Aspen with Liam. A photographer snapped a panicked Hope downing another pill, though Bill never used the photo. However, Hope got so high on the slopes that she was barely aware of crashing into Steffy, who was in Aspen, promoting her new ski line. Hope merrily dashed off, but Liam stayed with Steffy, who had hurt her knee. Hope apologized profusely when Liam raged about the accident, and Hope swore off pills forever before going home to Los Angeles by herself. Hope didn't know that Liam, who felt drawn to Steffy again, kissed Steffy passionately after ripping up Steffy's signed annulment papers.

When Liam returned, Hope gently moved out, saying she could only live with Liam as husband and wife. Brooke found out about the annulment papers and agreed not to tell Hope, instead planning a sumptuous wedding for Hope and Liam in Italy. Meanwhile, Hope was unaware that Liam was waffling on whether he wanted to be with Hope or Steffy. And Bill, continuing his anti-Hope campaign, found Hope's father, Deacon Sharpe, serving time in a Genoa City jail and offered to spring Deacon if he would help stop Hope's wedding.

On Hope's wedding day in Puglia, Italy, Hope was stunned to find Deacon at her door. Hope was overjoyed to see her father and asked him to walk her down the aisle, which he politely refused. Hope accepted Deacon's apology for not being there for her when she was growing up, then rushed to her wedding, working around the many obstacles Bill had put in her path. Liam had left the church by the time Hope finally got there, so Hope raced back to the hotel and explained everything to the angry Liam. Hope was thrilled to marry Liam later that day, blissfully unaware that Liam had kissed Steffy again and had been ready to run off with her, which an iPad had accidentally recorded.

Hope and Liam married, inspiring Hope to create the Hope's Perfect Wedding fashion line. But when Hope discovered the video of Liam and Steffy kissing, Hope refused to sign the papers that would legalize the union, instead insisting on a "do-over" wedding. Liam arrived with dyed hair and a tattoo after partying at a club with Steffy the night before. Liam begged for forgiveness in his underwear, but Hope told Liam he didn't deserve her.

Hope's half-brother, Rick Forrester, had a friend, Othello, who was a DJ at the club. Othello told Hope he'd seen Liam and Steffy in a passionate embrace there, but Hope didn't know Rick had gotten Othello to lie to keep Hope from reuniting with Liam. Rick pushed Hope toward Thomas in an attempt to have Thomas' girlfriend, Caroline Spencer, for himself. A conflicted Thomas kissed Hope, but Hope told Thomas they could only be friends.

Hope and Liam bonded when Katie almost died in childbirth, but Hope rebuffed Liam's attempt at a reconciliation. Later, Hope was hurt when she found out Liam had gone back to Steffy and made love to her. When Caroline started dating Rick, Hope took a clandestine photo of Thomas and Caroline's embrace to show to Rick. But it wasn't long before Hope realized she wasn't over Liam and started thinking about getting him back.

Hope felt betrayed when Rick finally confessed he had gotten Othello to lie about Liam and Steffy. Later, Dayzee Leigh, the wife of Hope's adopted cousin, Marcus Forrester, let it slip that Marcus had overheard a conversation in which Bill had been plotting to sabotage Hope's wedding in Italy. Enraged, Hope busted into Bill's house with a golf club when he denied her entry, and she confronted him. Bill neither admitted nor denied the stunt, but Hope ran straight to Liam with the information, insisting they were due a chance to be together. Liam was moved and kissed Hope, which a pregnant Steffy saw. When Steffy went out of town and gave Liam permission to work through his feelings for Hope, the formerly frigid Hope became more aggressive and turned on the charm. Hope told Liam he should ask Steffy to move out so he'd be in a better place to make a choice between them.

While Liam deliberated, Hope and Steffy argued, culminating in Hope shoving Steffy into a desk when Steffy berated Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke threw Hope and Liam a surprise wedding, complete with the priest who had officiated at their ceremony in Italy. Liam was about to put the ring on Hope's finger when Steffy rushed in, announcing she was pregnant. Initially, Hope felt that she and Liam could raise Steffy's baby themselves, but later, when Liam said his place was with the baby and its mother, Hope told Liam he should marry Steffy before the baby arrived. Hope floored Steffy by asking her to leave Forrester, insisting that she couldn't take seeing Steffy there every day.

Hope became increasingly sullen as Liam's wedding day approached, despite Oliver's attempts to cheer her up. When Hope decided to ambush the wedding, Brooke and Rick managed to talk her out of it, but it didn't stop Hope from sending Liam a congratulatory text on his wedding night. Thomas and Oliver, who had moved in together at Taylor's old beach house, invited Hope over for surfing to keep her occupied, but when Steffy stopped over and told Thomas how happy she and Liam were, Hope overheard and burst into tears. Steffy empathized with Hope, who broke down and said she was happy for Steffy. Moved by Hope's admission, Steffy hugged Hope, who allowed herself to be comforted by her rival.

Hope tried to bury herself in her rebooted Hope for the Future line, which was being represented by Maya Avant. But when Steffy miscarried after a motorcycle accident, Hope began to wonder if Steffy's part in the accident might prompt Liam to divorce her. When Taylor told Hope that Liam and Steffy would soon be trying for another baby, Hope planted a kiss on Liam, emphasizing that he had another choice in her. Hope was dumbfounded when Steffy suddenly announced that she was moving to Paris alone. Hope couldn't believe Steffy wanted a divorce or that Steffy gave Hope her blessing to be with Liam, especially when Steffy said Hope could give Liam something Steffy never could.

Brooke sent Hope and Liam to Big Bear to get reacquainted, but Liam left after realizing he wasn't ready, so Hope took a walk to clear her head. Hope saw a man taking a solar shower in the woods and impishly snapped a photo but ran when she was discovered. The man gave chase, and Hope briefly knocked herself out when she tripped and fell. Hope awakened to a kiss from the stranger, who accompanied her back to the cabin and introduced himself as Wyatt Fuller.

Wyatt arrived on Hope's doorstep with the cell phone she had lost in the woods, so Hope invited him to Rick's Fourth of July party, where Liam was a no-show. Hope found herself increasingly intrigued by Wyatt, who kissed her. When Liam finally made it to the party, he was not thrilled to find Hope on Wyatt's arm. Later, Hope was upset to find out that Bill had cheated on Katie with Brooke. Hope forgave her mother but felt Brooke hadn't learned from her affairs with Deacon and Oliver.

Hope grew closer to Wyatt as Liam traveled to Paris to find out why Steffy had run out on him. Liam returned home and declared he was ready to move on with Hope, explaining that Steffy had sacrificed their marriage because her accident had rendered her infertile. But Hope, buoyed by Wyatt's attention, gave Liam an earful about going with his second choice because Steffy told him to. Liam responded by planting an engagement ring in Brooke's fountain. Hope accepted Liam's proposal, and the two made love.

Hope noticed that Wyatt wore the same sword necklace as Bill and Liam and wondered if Wyatt and Liam could be half-brothers. Hope met Wyatt's mother, Quinn Fuller, who designed jewelry, and ran afoul of Quinn when she asked about Wyatt's necklace. Hope and Wyatt arranged for Bill and Quinn to run into each other to gauge their reactions. Bill recognized Quinn, who was forced to admit that Bill had once given her money for an abortion. As Wyatt reeled, Liam realized Wyatt was his half-brother but wondered why Hope had made Wyatt her project.

Liam and Bill invited Wyatt to move into Liam's house. After Steffy got in touch and insisted on a divorce instead of an annulment, Hope and Liam argued about again having to wait six months to get married. Wyatt overheard and responded by kissing Hope. Liam punched Wyatt and threw him out, but Hope was more amused than perturbed that they were fighting over her, even telling Liam how she'd met Wyatt over the naked picture. When Bill insisted that Liam and Wyatt get along, Hope found herself in agreement with Bill and supported a relationship between the brothers. Hope became roommates with Liam and Wyatt when she agreed to live with Liam while waiting out his divorce.

Brooke and Bill stunned Hope with the news that they, too, were moving in together. Hope couldn't believe that her mother would pursue a relationship with a man who had gone out of his way to ruin Hope and Liam's own relationship, blasting Brooke and Bill while throwing her support behind her aunt Katie. Liam told Wyatt to leave again after Wyatt and Bill had a falling out that got him disowned; when Wyatt asked Hope to leave town with him, Hope gently refused.

Deciding that her rebranded Hope For The Future line, now called HFTF, needed accessories, Hope settled on a collection that happened to come from Quinn's company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Hope eagerly courted a partnership between Quinn and Forrester Creations, which thrilled Wyatt but upset Liam, who wanted Hope to kill the deal because it would mean her working closely with Wyatt. Hope reluctantly went to her CEO "grandfather," Eric, who refused to dissolve the partnership. Hope felt that Liam's jealousy was a bit of karma considering how Hope had always had to deal with Steffy.

Hope was overjoyed when Steffy finally agreed to an annulment, freeing her to marry Liam. Quinn told Hope about a second Hope Diamond owned by a friend of hers in Mexico, suggesting it would be perfect for HFTF. An excited Hope told Liam she'd have to travel to Mexico with Wyatt to get the diamond. When Hope and Wyatt had to spend the night south of the border, she assured Liam all was on the up-and-up, but later, Wyatt told Hope he knew she had feelings for him, and wanted Hope to marry him instead of Liam. Owing to the hype about the diamond, Rick moved up the HFTF showing, which conflicted with Hope's wedding date. After Liam paid tribute to Hope in a video, she received another he'd made for Steffy, and Hope broke off her engagement to Liam, with Wyatt pulling off her ring.

Discovering Quinn had sent the Steffy video, Hope forgave Wyatt for knowing about it and deemed him a hero when he prevented the HFTF diamond from being stolen by jewel thieves. Hope enjoyed the attentions of both Liam and Wyatt, which intrigued her returning childhood friend, Aly Forrester, who was promptly assigned to "shadow" Hope at Forrester. Hope arranged a Thanksgiving dinner which both gathered her feuding family together to say nice things about each other and doubled as an engagement party for Rick and Caroline, who surprised Hope's guests by marrying in an impromptu ceremony.

Hope was taken aback when Liam gave her an ultimatum about marrying him; she accepted his proposal but refused to cut Wyatt and Quinn loose from Forrester Creations. On her wedding day, Hope saw a visiting Steffy in heavy conversation with Liam and jumped on a plane to Hawaii, with Wyatt hitching a ride. Liam followed and explained that, while Steffy had revealed she'd undergone a procedure that would once again allow her to conceive, he had made it clear that Hope was his future. Hope sent Liam on his way and began dating Wyatt, though she affirmed that she was in no way ready to move in with him. Hope excitedly went on a camping trip on the beach with Wyatt, and the couple made love for the first time. But Liam showed up with proof that Wyatt hadn't saved the HFTF diamond -- he had actually pocketed the gem himself to make himself look good in Hope's eyes and planted it on the real jewel thieves when they happened to show up! Hope left the bickering brothers on the beach, but ultimately forgave Wyatt after he promised he'd never pull such a stunt again.

As Hope's relationship with Wyatt deepened, Liam came to her and confided that Katie was unexpectedly falling for Ridge, who had come home after a year in Paris to make up with Brooke. Wanting to make sure Ridge was committed to her mother, Hope took Brooke with her to meet with Thorne, who was now running Forrester International in Paris, so Ridge and Katie would have time to sort out their feelings. Wyatt stowed away on the plane, and Hope was shocked when Aly suddenly had a violent reaction to him and his idea to incorporate the departed Stephanie Forrester's jewelry collection into HFTF. Aly, who couldn't understand that Hope had disassociated her personal life from HFTF after all the trouble that had caused, fumed when she caught Hope in bed with Wyatt and even brought Hope's morality into question.

Aly interrupted an HFTF business meeting when she found out how Wyatt had "stolen" the diamond, but Hope defended him, even as Eric raged that no one had told him about Wyatt's activities. Hope again encountered opposition from Aly when Wyatt suggested that Hope take over Brooke's Bedroom, her mother's lingerie line. Listening as Aly reminded her that she had once stood against her mother's freer sexuality, Hope agreed that publicly modeling lingerie wasn't for her. When Liam found out, he told Hope he was proud of her and kissed her as Quinn spied on them.

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