Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Silas appeared troubled as he sat in his apartment sipping on a scotch. He looked up when he heard a noise at the door, so he set his drink down then went to investigate. Nina smiled sheepishly up at him as she explained that she'd had trouble opening the door, but Silas was curious why Nina was alone. Nina entered the apartment as she explained that Rosalie had the night off. Silas' tone dripped with sarcasm as he pretended to be disappointed. Nina chuckled, so Silas shifted gears to ask about her physical therapy appointment.

Nina assured Silas that she was getting stronger every day then changed the subject by asking about Sam's visit. Silas revealed that Sam had stopped by to go through Rafe's things hoping they would yield a clue that might lead to answers about everything that had happened to Patrick's family and Rafe. Nina wondered if Silas and Sam had found anything, so Silas showed Nina the business card from the Crichton-Clark facility that he had found among Rafe's possessions. Nina studied the card but assured Silas that she hadn't seen it before. She suggested that perhaps Rosalie had dropped it, but Silas explained that it was unlikely because Nina hadn't met Rosalie until Madeline had moved Nina from the Crichton-Clark clinic.

Nina's smile turned brittle as she pointed out that perhaps the business card had been attached to her medical records. Silas agreed that it was possible, but Nina sensed that he had doubts. Silas admitted that he was concerned because he had also found $500 in Rafe's wallet. Nina suggested that perhaps Molly had given Rafe the cash, but Silas assured her Molly hadn't. He explained that Rafe had asked for $400 to go camping with friends but Silas had told Rafe that they would discuss it over dinner.

Silas was certain that Rafe hadn't had the money prior to fleeing the hospital, so Nina realized that Silas suspected that she had given Rafe the money. "Did you?" Silas quietly asked. Nina recalled handing Rafe the cash to disappear but she assured Silas that she had no idea where Rafe had gotten the money then quickly added that all of her assets had been frozen because of Madeline. Nina tried to throw off further suspicion by asking if Sam had made the accusation.

Silas conceded that he and Sam had discussed it but he insisted that he simply wanted to make sense of everything that had happened to Rafe. Nina assured Silas that she hoped he found the answers to his questions because she loved him. Silas was startled when she suddenly confessed that she also wanted things then added that she was desperate to have a baby. Silas gently reminded Nina that she had spent nearly twenty years in a coma which had taken a toll on her body. Nina assured him that she knew the risks but a baby was only a part of it; she wanted a husband too.

Silas tensed when Nina confided that she had hoped his breakup with Sam meant that Silas was ready to be Nina's husband so they could recapture the love they had once shared. Nina smiled when Silas conceded that they'd had a happy marriage. She carefully stood up then slowly unbuttoned her blouse as she approached Silas. Nina admitted that she wanted to share Silas' bed. She begged him to take her or reject her because she couldn't continue to live in limbo as they had. Nina was delighted when Silas suddenly swept her up into his arms then carried her to the bedroom.

At the Floating Rib, Patrick called out for a bartender but the bar appeared to be deserted. "Who do I have to sleep with to get a drink around here?" Patrick muttered under his breath as Sam walked in. Sam immediately greeted Patrick with a smile then joined him at the bar. Patrick was curious what she was doing at the bar, so Sam explained that she had decided to get out for awhile because Alexis was spending time with Danny. Patrick revealed that he had the evening off because Emma was at a sleepover.

Moments later, Chris, the bartender, walked up. Chris apologized for the wait then explained that he had been called in at the last minute because the other bartender had been arrested. Patrick and Sam wondered what had happened, but Chris confessed that he had no idea, so Patrick and Sam ordered a beer. Sam admitted that she needed a beer after the day she had. She quickly filled Patrick in about her visit with Silas and their argument about Nina.

Sam realized that it hadn't been her place to question Silas about Nina since Sam had ended things with Silas, but Patrick explained that being the one to end a relationship didn't make it any easier. He held up his hand to show her his wedding band as a reminder that he spoke from personal experience. Sam immediately apologized, but Patrick assured her that it was okay then changed the subject by suggesting that they have some fun. He invited Sam to play a game of pool, but Sam warned him that she was a pretty decent shot. Patrick flirtatiously invited her to show him, so they each grabbed a pool cue.

Sam proposed that they make the game interesting. Patrick readily agreed then offered to put $50 on the table. Sam refused to take Patrick's money, so he suggested that loser had to do whatever the winner asked. "Anything?" Sam wondered. Patrick nodded, so Sam agreed then took the first shot. The game was close but Sam prevailed. She enjoyed her victory by ordering Patrick to shave his beard. Patrick chuckled then asked if she had hustled him. "What do you think?" Sam asked with a sly smile as she took a sip of beer.

At the cabin in the woods were Lulu and Maxie had been held, Dante and Nathan studied an old clipping of a newspaper article about Frisco recovering Felicia's family's Aztec treasure that Dante had found tucked into a book. Dante and Nathan noticed that Frisco's face had been circled, so Nathan wondered what Maxie's father had to do with the theft and kidnapping. Dante had no idea but he intended to get in touch with Frisco to find out. Nathan agreed that they needed to contact Frisco immediately, but Dante reminded Nathan that Frisco was an agent for the World Security Bureau who traveled extensively around the world.

Nathan was confident that Felicia would know how to get in touch with Frisco, so he decided to head to the hospital to talk to Felicia. Dante opted to go the police station to check in with Anna because she had connections to the WSB.

In the squad room, Olivia worried about Lulu, so Sonny promised that nothing would happen to Lulu because Dante was on the case. Olivia agreed then decided to call to check on Rocco. Carly couldn't imagine what Lulu was going through because Carly recalled wondering if she would ever see her children again when Heather had held Carly captive. Sonny reached out to squeeze Carly's shoulder, but Carly quickly jerked away with a warning to be careful because Franco might see.

Sonny assured Carly that he hadn't been making a pass at her in the middle of a crisis. He explained that it had merely been a gesture of comfort, but Carly argued that Franco wouldn't understand that. Sonny resented the way that Carly tip-toed around Franco as if she was afraid to set Franco off. Sonny reminded Carly that she didn't owe Franco anything because she had supported Franco throughout their relationship. Carly defended Franco then explained that she didn't want to argue with Sonny while she was worried about her cousin.

Carly turned to look at Franco but noticed that he had disappeared. Worried, she decided to track him down.

Meanwhile, Franco mentioned Scott's nightcap with Bobbie the previous night, but Scott had no idea what his son was talking about. Alarmed, Franco dragged his father into the interrogation room to question Scott further. Franco explained that he had been stuck in an elevator with a woman who had seen Sonny kiss Carly in front of the hospital. Franco revealed that he had gone home to confront Carly but his suspicions grew when he saw two glasses of wine and a half eaten pizza on the table. Scott grew increasingly uncomfortable as Franco told him about Carly and Bobbie's innocent explanation.

Scott admitted that he'd had dinner with Bobbie but quickly added that it was possible that Bobbie had eaten pizza earlier with Carly because Bobbie had a big appetite. Franco was skeptical because Bobbie hadn't mentioned having dinner with Carly to Scott, but Scott reminded Franco that Bobbie might not have wanted to tell Scott that she had already eaten. Franco was certain that Bobbie had covered for Sonny and Carly, but Scott warned Franco not to go looking for trouble because Sonny was a dangerous man. Scott confessed that he didn't want anything bad to happen to his son, but Franco was determined to find out if Carly had lied.

Franco demanded that Scott hand over his phone so Franco could check when Scott had called Bobbie. Franco was certain that it would be earlier than when the pizza had been delivered at Carly's house. The issue became moot when Carly suddenly entered the room looking for Franco. She picked up on the tension, so Franco pasted on a smile as he explained that he had asked Scott if there was anything Franco could do to help find Lulu. Scott seized the opportunity to escape when his phone rang and he saw that it was Anna.

Franco warned his father that they weren't done, but Scott disagreed then added that Franco had been grasping at straws.

In the squad room, Dante asked a police officer at the front desk where Anna was. Sonny and Olivia rushed to their son's side to explain that Anna was not at the police station. Dante grew frustrated because had found a lead that might offer them insight into what Levi had been involved in. However, Dante needed Anna's help to check into it. Sonny wondered if Dante had tried calling Anna, but Dante shook his head. Olivia was curious when Dante had last slept, but Dante only recalled taking a short nap on a sofa at one point.

Olivia insisted that Dante get some rest, but Dante refused because Lulu needed him. Olivia reminded Dante that Rocco also needed him. Dante suddenly sagged as he realized that he needed to check on his son, so Olivia offered to take Dante home. Sonny promised to stay at the police station and call if there were any new developments.

After Dante and Olivia left, Franco and Carly entered the squad room. Carly was curious where Olivia was, so Sonny filled her in. Sonny invited Franco and Carly to keep him company, but Carly quickly declined then walked out. Franco lingered behind long enough to advise Sonny to do the right thing by leaving Franco's girlfriend alone and then followed Carly out.

At the loft, Dante and Olivia watched as Rocco slept peacefully in the crib. Olivia was relieved that Rocco had no idea what was going on, but Dante was certain that Rocco noticed his mother's absence. Dante vowed to his son that Lulu would be home soon.

At the hospital, Felicia was thrilled that Mac was feeling better but she admitted that the shooting had given her a fright. Mac assured Felicia that it had only been a scratch then added that not all gunshot wounds were a matter of life or death. Mac and Felicia were startled when they noticed a commotion in the emergency room as paramedics arrived with Jeffrey Scribner. Mac and Felicia immediately recognized Levi's accomplice, so they demanded to know what had happened. The paramedics took Scribner to a trauma bay as Anna walked in.

Later, Nathan arrived as Anna returned to the waiting room to update Mac and Felicia on Scribner. Anna revealed that Scribner was alive but not talking. Nathan was curious if Scribner would pull through, but Anna had no idea. Anna asked if Nathan and Dante had found anything useful at the cabin, so Nathan explained that he had stopped by the hospital to ask Felicia about an old newspaper clipping of Frisco and the Aztec treasure.

Felicia looked at the clipping as Nathan wondered if she could reach Frisco. Felicia revealed that she had tried to no avail. She explained that in Frisco's line of work it wasn't unusual for him to disappear for months and even years at a time, so she had contacted the field office. However, Felicia had been informed that Frisco was on assignment and unavailable. Anna decided to use her connections to find Frisco because she still had high clearance with the WSB.

Later, Anna returned to announce that she hadn't had any luck. Anna explained that she had just discovered that her clearance no longer included the ability to track down Frisco. According to Anna, there had been many odd things going on recently with the upper level of the WSB, so Robert had been quietly investigating to find out why protocols had been changed.

Mac suggested that perhaps Frisco didn't want to be found because Frisco was involved with the kidnapping. Felicia conceded that Frisco had many faults but she was certain that Frisco would never hurt Maxie or jeopardize their daughter's life. Mac reminded Felicia that Frisco had had part of the Aztec treasure when Felicia had first met Frisco, but Felicia defended Frisco because he had helped recover her family's Aztec treasure. Mac feared that it was too much of a coincidence that Felicia's jewels had been stolen at the same time Frisco had vanished.

Felicia was certain that Frisco would be just as worried as she and Mac were if Frisco knew about the abduction. Moments later, the doctor approached to give Anna an update. The doctor revealed that Scribner had been stabilized and was prepped for surgery. Anna was curious if Scribner could answer a few questions, so the doctor nodded.

Anna, Nathan, Mac, and Felicia entered the trauma bay to talk to Scribner. Scribner assured Anna that he had no idea where Levi had taken Maxie and Lulu, but he revealed that Levi Dunkleman was an alias for Peter Harrell. Felicia's eyes rounded because she recognized the name. Felicia revealed that she had once been engaged to Peter Harrell.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Nikolas confesses to Elizabeth that he had almost slept with Britt
  • Britt breaks the news to Lucas that Lulu has been abducted
  • Silas wakes up just as Nina plunges a knife into his chest
  • Levi/Peter informs Maxie and Lulu that Lulu is as much a part of the plot as Maxie
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