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Nelle sees Brad and Wiley
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Friday, October 12, 2018

Carly spotted Michael as he waited for court to begin. They were both ready to testify in Nelle's trial. Michael couldn't believe that Nelle had decided to plead not guilty, but Carly assumed that Nelle planned on trying to work the jury. Carly vowed to take care of that with her testimony and added that Nelle's "reign of terror will be over." She reassured Michael that if he stayed calm and told the truth, all would be okay.

Nelle walked beside a police officer, clad in an orange jumpsuit with her wrists cuffed. She ignored Carly and said hello to Michael. "Good to see you," she said. "You look good," she told him. She wondered why Michael hadn't responded to any of her letters, but Michael had nothing to say about those. "You look appropriate," he replied.

Nelle began to talk about how her son had been keeping her company through her loneliness, and she dreamed of him all the time. She stated that she relived her grief every morning when she woke up, and she and Michael would always be connected. Carly exclaimed that Nelle was trying to get into Michael's head so that he would choke on the witness stand. Nelle retorted that it had nothing to do with Carly, but Carly told her off.

Michael announced that he agreed with everything that Carly said, and Nelle only had herself to blame for her situation. He declared that Nelle was nothing and no one to him. Nelle announced that she had something important to tell Michael that would change everything. Michael told her he wasn't interested, and he urged her to change her plea to guilty.

Alexis, Kristina, and Sam sat down at a table outside Kelly's. Alexis droned on about Molly's outstanding GRE test score, and Kristina looked uncomfortable. Kristina announced that she wanted to talk about Sam and Jason, but that was off the table. The women were interrupted when a harried Brad walked by with Wiley. Kristina offered to run inside to get Brad some coffee.

Brad noted that Kristina didn't seem to be herself, but Alexis assured him it was the latest minor crisis. Brad admitted he'd been through it, and Sam suggested that Kristina would survive just like Brad had.

Inside Kelly's, Jordan, Chase, and other members of the police department were celebrating Valerie's promotion to detective. Kristina saw them, and Valerie revealed that they were having lunch for her promotion. Kristina congratulated her and declared she was in a rush and couldn't chat.

Chase had to leave for court. Jordan wondered how Valerie and Chase were getting along, and Valerie acknowledged they had been a "good fit." He was helping her out at work, and she'd been showing him around town. She promised their relationship was professional, and she wouldn't cross lines like she had with Dante. Jordan apologized for the way she'd handled the incident with Valerie and Dante and admitted that she'd been new and had been trying to get accustomed to everything.

Jordan related that things were different after three years in her position at the department, but she realized she'd been too hard on Valerie. Valerie assured her that her relationship with Dante had been consensual, but she hadn't held anything against Jordan. She considered Jordan to be a mentor and role model. The women agreed they could be friends.

Back outside, Brad was grateful for the coffee and thought it would help him before he took Wiley off to the passport office. Sam teased that fatherhood was causing Brad to have to flee the country, and Brad flashed back to Nelle giving him her baby. As he sat quietly in his own thoughts, the Davis women stared at him until Sam and Kristina began to joke.

Brad decided he had to leave, and Sam asked, "Did Brad seem off?" Kristina suggested their family had intimidated him, but Alexis thought he had a lot on his mind as the father of a newborn.

Kristina announced that she had to leave to meet with some friends, although Alexis tried to convince her to stay for more celebrating with Molly and T.J. Kristina replied that she had reached her "celebration threshold," and she departed. Alexis wondered if Kristina really had anywhere to go, and she was sorry she'd been talking about Molly so much. She thought that Kristina could do just as well on the test.

Sam replied that Kristina had to figure out her own life. Alexis bragged that she'd shown restraint because she really wanted to sit Kristina down and give her ideas for her life's plan. Sam hastily suggested that her mother wasn't really serious, and the pair headed off.

Valentin met with Curtis at the pier to give him his final payment and bonus for locating Nina's daughter. He wondered about a meeting between the two women but Curtis informed him that they had already met. Curtis thought it was a good idea for Valentin to keep his distance. Both agreed that they hadn't believed Madeline's story until after they'd heard the results of the DNA tests.

Valentin hoped it went well. Curtis revealed that he'd suggested that Nina keep her expectations low, and he thought of Sasha as a "wild card." She had refused to believe she had been adopted, and it had turned her world upside down. Both men hoped she would have room for Nina. Curtis suggested that Valentin not use the opportunity to try to win Nina back, and Valentin agreed there would be no interference from him.

Elizabeth, Franco, and Aiden walked through the park after school. Elizabeth tried to engage her son in conversation about his school day, but he was uncommunicative. When Franco suggested a snack and handed Aiden money to get pretzels at the pretzel cart, the boy finally perked up. Aiden ran off, and Franco gave Elizabeth a hug. She admitted she was concerned.

Elizabeth noted that Aiden had always loved school, but Franco suggested that it was difficult for him because he had more responsibilities. He thought maybe Aiden had faked being sick in order to stay home with his brothers. He suggested they hold a Halloween party and invite part of the class, and Elizabeth thought it would be a great idea. She opened Aiden's book bag to search for the class list in order to show Franco that the entire class was small and could all be invited. Instead, she found a letter from the teacher.

As Elizabeth and Franco glanced at the letter, Aiden returned with the pretzels. Elizabeth asked her son about the letter. "Uh-oh," he replied. Elizabeth asked how long he'd had the letter, and Aiden admitted it had been awhile, and he thought he was in trouble. Franco told the little boy that he could tell them anything.

Elizabeth declared she wasn't mad, but she wasn't happy. She advised Aiden that he had to give her notes. She sent him off to the car and said they'd follow right behind him. Elizabeth told Franco the teacher wanted a meeting, and she was worried.

Curtis arrived at Kelly's and saw Jordan and Valerie. Valerie was just leaving, and Curtis congratulated her. Jordan walked Valerie to the door, and Valerie congratulated Jordan on her engagement, citing that Valerie and Curtis hadn't been right for each other. "He's a good one," Valerie said and urged Jordan to hold onto him.

Jordan returned to Curtis and informed him that things hadn't been awkward with Valerie. She added that the new detective had even wished them well and had told her not to let Curtis get away. Curtis assured Jordan that he wasn't going anywhere. Jordan asked if the case with Nina was finished. Curtis told her that Nina had met with her daughter, but he hadn't heard anything.

Nina sat with Sasha at a table in Metro Court. They both ordered wine, and Nina began to talk about her likes and dislikes. They discovered they both enjoyed the theater. Sasha stated that she'd never known she had been adopted, and Nina showed her the half-heart pendant. She wondered if Sasha had the other half. Nina explained the note from her mother.

Sasha replied that she did not have the necklace, and Nina suggested that Sasha's mother had kept it from her because she hadn't wanted Sasha to know she'd been adopted. Nina apologized for being mean and said it had been a complex situation. Sasha stated that she and her mother had been close, as opposed to Nina, who revealed she'd been in a horrible situation with her own mother.

Sasha spoke about her time in Paris that her mother had managed to pay for and how she hoped to go back one day. Nina revealed that she would be taking a business trip to Paris soon, and she invited Sasha to go with her. Sasha didn't think it was a good idea, and she refused Nina's invitation. Nina continued to try to talk Sasha into going, and she offered to cover the expenses.

Sasha suggested that Nina's invitation was "premature," as they had only just met, and again Nina apologized for her behavior. She suggested that they make the trip in a year instead, but Sasha told her it wouldn't happen. She didn't want a relationship with Nina and had only wanted closure. She considered her mother to be her only mother, even though she was deceased. "Even though she lied to you your entire life?" Nina asked forcefully. Sasha got up to leave, and Nina apologized. She didn't want Sasha to deny their relationship because Sasha's mother hadn't respected Sasha enough to tell her. Sasha wanted to leave, and Nina began to cry.

Nina recalled how she'd been pregnant and had had so many thoughts of the future with her and her baby. She hadn't known that Sasha had existed, and she pleaded with Sasha to sit back down. She asked if they could restart their relationship the following morning and suggested that Sasha remain in town overnight. Sasha didn't want to mislead Nina, but Nina wanted to get to know her. She cried that it would be better, and she was the only biological mother that Sasha would ever have. They agreed to meet at Metro Court for breakfast. Sasha stepped onto the elevator.

Valentin saw Nina sitting alone and asked to join her. He sat down and asked about the meeting that he'd heard about from Curtis. "Isn't it obvious?" Nina replied. She told him that Sasha's adopted mother was her real mother. Valentin blamed himself for starting the "ball rolling." Nina replied that she was grateful though disappointed in herself. She had pushed, insulted Sasha's mother, and been crazy, but they were going to meet for breakfast. She thought that Sasha had been gracious and familiar, and she didn't want to lose her again. Valentin grasped her hands.

Chase arrived at the courthouse and caught part of the conversation between Michael and Nelle. He stated that Nelle was incapable of remorse and honesty and had been looking forward to playing the victim. He thought if she had something to say, it would be said in court. He added that the evidence against her was strong. "Cry all you want," he told Nelle. He was certain she'd be convicted. Nelle retorted that Chase was incapable of judging, since he had manipulated her.

Chase reminded Nelle that he had the recordings. He had almost let his feelings for her allow her to get away with murdering Zachary Grant, but they wouldn't. He hoped that Carly and Michael didn't pay attention to Nelle. Carly admitted that going through everything in court would be torturous. Just then, Brad arrived with Wiley in his arms. He stopped short and looked fearful when he saw the congregated group. Nelle turned and saw Brad and the baby.

Valerie ran into Kristina in the park and accused her of "bolting" from Kelly's. She asked if Kristina was upset because she hadn't known about the promotion. Kristina praised Valerie and told her she'd be great in her new position. She said, "Then there's me." Kristina considered herself great at failing. She was far behind everyone and had no idea of what she wanted to do. Valerie suggested that Kristina was trying to find herself. Kristina was embarrassed that she had appeared to make Valerie's success about herself, but Valerie told her it was okay to vent.

Kristina and Valerie sat down on a bench. Kristina pointed out that everyone in her family had been doing great things, but she was only a bartender. Valerie promised things would get better, and Kristina noted that she should have been buying Valerie shots to celebrate. Valerie assured Kristina that she'd return the favor when it was time.

On the next General Hospital...

• Franco thinks Drew needs a friend.

• Sam is not happy with Elizabeth.

• “What have you done with my husband?” Laura asks.

• “Why would you recognize Wiley?” Carly asks Nelle.

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