Franco pleads guilty
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ava was unsuccessful in getting hold of "Kevin" by phone in order to go to Franco's arraignment together. Julian found her at the café and declared that he thought that Kevin had taken over Ava's life. Ava insisted that her boyfriend kept her sane and was an anchor in her life but Julian didn't think that Ava was in a position to make good decisions so soon after Kiki's death. Ava decided it was time to go, and she suggested that Julian concentrate on his own relationship with Alexis.

As Elizabeth prepared to head out to Franco's arraignment, she found Cameron sitting in a chair and doing some work. She complimented him on his recent good behavior, and Cameron admitted that he believed in Franco if she did. Elizabeth sat down and revealed that she and Franco had gotten married when she'd visited him in jail. Cameron laughed until he realized his mother wasn't joking.

Elizabeth showed Cameron her ring. Cameron confirmed that Franco was suddenly the stepfather to him and his younger brothers, and he asked Elizabeth if she was out of her mind. Elizabeth insisted that she loved Franco and wouldn't turn her back on him but Cameron accused her of only caring about herself. He thought his mother could have waited, and they began to argue.

At General Hospital, Maxie and Peter waited in order to have a DNA comparison test run between Sasha and Nina. Maxie reminded Peter that she had obtained Sasha's nail trimmings at the salon and had gotten Nina's DNA from a coffee cup. Peter noted that they'd learn the truth but Maxie felt that she almost didn't want to know.

Maxie explained that she felt uneasy that the truth could hurt Nina, and she wondered why Valentin would have made such a move to pretend that Sasha was Nina's daughter. Peter acknowledged that while he wasn't defending Valentin, he understood Valentin's actions in order to win back the woman he loved. He added that Nina didn't know it was a lie.

As Peter gazed at Maxie with adoring eyes, he went on to explain Valentin's motives behind being with the woman he loved. They were approached by a technician who informed the couple that it would take ten days in order to get the results of the test. Maxie attempted to persuade the woman that it was an emergency without any luck.

Maxie searched on her phone and located another lab that would run a test quickly although it was a distance away. She thought she could rush off and get back in time to avoid her parents' questions. Peter revealed that he had a new sports car, and he offered to drive.

Franco was ready for his arraignment in court. Jordan asked how he was and told him she trusted he'd make the right decision. Franco noted that Elizabeth and the boys were his life but he would do what it took.

Alexis was surprised to see Lulu out in the hallway alone. Lulu mentioned that Laura had been "tied up" and couldn't get there but she was determined to be there for the other victims.

At Kelly's, Josslyn and Oscar sat at the counter and waited for their takeout order. Oscar opened an envelope to reveal a letter he'd received from the motor vehicle department. His request for a permit had been denied due to his medical condition. Josslyn had an idea, and she suggested they stay on course for their planned road trip.

Nina sat at a table as Valentin arrived and kissed her. He was still ecstatic over her acceptance of his marriage proposal. Nina related that he had found her daughter who was the greatest gift. Sasha walked in and sat down at that exact moment. Nina admired Sasha's nails, and Sasha told her about her day out with Maxie. Valentin looked thoughtful. Sasha looked on awkwardly as Nina and Valentin shared a kiss.

Alexis walked in, and Nina called her over to announce her upcoming nuptials. Alexis was surprised and grudgingly wished her luck. Nina wanted to speak to Alexis about changing her will in order to include everyone. Alexis replied that she was busy and would get to it in a couple of weeks. She walked away but Nina got up and followed her.

Back at the table, Sasha informed Valentin that she was uncomfortable, and Valentin revealed that he knew about Sasha trying to talk Nina out of marriage. Sasha admitted that she liked both Nina and Valentin and while she saw the love between them, she could also see an unhappy ending. Valentin insisted he could "pull it off," and he told Sasha she didn't have to protect Nina from him.

At the counter, Nina offered to pay Alexis double in order to have the will completed before her wedding. Alexis thought that Nina should wait on the marriage if she had doubts but Nina told her it was quite the opposite. She wanted to commit herself to uniting her family.

Alexis insisted that Valentin was lethal and sarcastically commented that Nina could ask her brother, Nikolas. She added to keep in mind everything that Valentin had done. Nina reminded Alexis of Julian and urged her to rush the papers. She went back to her table as Julian arrived. Sasha asked Nina and Valentin about wedding details.

Alexis was happy to see Julian, and she explained that her therapy was not about their future together as it had sounded previously. It was more about her not making the same mistakes. Julian wished her luck and revealed that he didn't think any of their time together had been a mistake.

Laura woke up on the floor at Ferncliff and spotted Kevin lying nearby. They embraced. "Oh that is so touching! Does anybody have a tissue?" Ryan mocked them. He announced that Kevin was blind, and he told the couple they were in the basement. "Welcome to Hell," Ryan taunted. Laura called him perverted and declared that he shouldn't have been born.

"Poor Franco," Ryan said. He admitted that he had been the one behind the killings and the attack on Lulu. "You sick son of a bitch," Laura said, adding that he was a monster. Ryan stated that he wanted Laura to call Lulu, and he would have her read from a script. Laura refused at first, pointing out that Ryan would kill her anyway. Kevin thought that Laura should call.

Laura took the phone and called Lulu. She read that she had been trapped in a meeting and would call her later. She hung up quickly. "You screwed yourself," Kevin taunted Ryan. He pointed out that Ryan had had to give in to his "demented urges" and kill people instead of maintaining the status quo as Kevin. He thought that Ryan would have to go on the run.

Laura realized that Kevin was right, and she made fun of Ryan. She realized that Ryan couldn't kill them and leave their bodies at Ferncliff. She wished that Kevin could see Ryan's face. Ryan vowed that they would remain in the basement until they starved and died. He left, and Laura turned to Kevin. She told him how much she had missed him. "You have no idea," Kevin replied.

Laura assured Kevin that his blindness was curable. Kevin asked her to tell him everything from the beginning, and she told him how things had been since her return to Port Charles. She had thought something was "off" with the man she'd thought was Kevin. She was concerned for Ava and wondered if Ryan would kill her.

Kevin revealed that he'd been a prisoner since Labor Day weekend, and Laura couldn't believe it. He declared that his love and memory of Laura had kept him going, and he had been confident that she would figure things out. Laura lamented the fact that she could have rescued him months earlier on her previous trip to Ferncliff with Carly. "We're here now," Kevin said.

Laura was determined to find a way out. Kevin apologized for almost getting them killed by taunting Ryan but Laura deemed his move "brilliant."

Josslyn and Oscar showed up at Cameron's with takeout food, and Trina arrived shortly after. Oscar revealed that he had a car he couldn't drive, and the teens sat around eating and planning a trip. Cameron noted that he had been grounded but he agreed that he would go along. They all decided on a trip to nearby Niagara Falls.

Lulu and Elizabeth walked into the courtroom. Jordan stopped Elizabeth from getting too close to Franco, and Elizabeth reminded her that she was married to Franco. "Are you insane?" Lulu asked when she overheard the news. Elizabeth declared that she believed in her husband and knew he hadn't committed the crimes.

Scott sat down beside Franco, and Lulu accused him of orchestrating the marriage to garner sympathy. He told Lulu to go away, and both Margaux and Jordan advised Lulu that it wasn't the time for her to be carrying on. Ava found "Kevin" out in the hallway, and he explained he'd been with a patient. Ava admitted that she really wasn't eager to go inside.

Margaux listed the charges, and Franco and Scott stood up. Franco turned to look at Jordan, and she nodded her head slightly. "Your honor, I plead guilty to all charges," Franco said. Both Elizabeth and Scott tried to correct him, and everyone else was confused. "Kevin" was happy, and Margaux and Jordan exchanged looks. Franco promised Scott that he knew what he was doing, and Scott cited a previous case that indicated that Franco needed to be mentally evaluated before sentencing. Margaux quickly accused Scott of stalling. The judge remanded Franco to Ferncliff for a psychiatric evaluation.

Franco looked at Elizabeth wordlessly. Lulu felt that something was "off," and Ava agreed with her. Ava thought they'd get the answers they needed from Ferncliff. Elizabeth walked over to Franco. "Why?" she asked. Franco replied that it was the right thing to do, and Elizabeth slapped him loudly. She removed her wedding ring, threw it on the floor, and ran out. A visibly upset Franco stooped to pick it up.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Kevin" proposes to Ava.

• Anna thinks Finn always knows the right thing to say.

• Harmony has a warning for Shiloh.

• Jason tells Sam he thinks Shiloh is more of a threat then they thought.

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