Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In Julian's apartment, Julian spoke to his sister on the phone. He was relieved that Ava was safe but he decided that it would be best for him not to know where she was because their boss was not pleased with her. Julian confided that their boss had tried to have Michael killed the previous evening then quickly ended the call to join Alexis in bed before Alexis overheard him talking. Julian kissed Alexis awake and then made love to her.

Later, Julian asked where Alexis' cell phone was because he expected her to call Ned to make it clear that Alexis and Julian were back together. Alexis smiled as she informed Julian that she would not humor his male pride by making the phone call but she was eager to call Sam to let their daughter know that Alexis had failed to find out anything useful about Luke. Alexis also decided to check in with Molly. After Alexis slipped out of bed, pulled on Julian's robe, and then walked to the living room, Julian called out for her to make some coffee.

Alexis jumped with fright when she entered the living room then heard Sonny quietly ask what she was looking for. "If it's your dignity, you lost that when you crawled back into bed with Julian," Sonny added as he casually reclined in a chair. Furious, Alexis demanded how Sonny had gotten into the apartment, but Sonny thought that it was obvious. Alexis ordered Sonny to leave as Julian strolled in suggesting that he and Alexis order breakfast. Julian tensed when he saw Sonny, but Sonny cut to the chase by demanding to know what Julian knew about the attack on Michael.

Julian asked Alexis to wait in the bedroom, but Alexis refused to budge until she heard Julian's answer. Moments later, Shawn slipped into the apartment to report that the rest of the guards had been "disposed" of. Alexis was livid, but Sonny invited Julian to tell Alexis why Julian had recently paid Sonny a visit and then explain the threats that Julian had made against Sonny's family. Julian conceded that he had threatened Sonny but only because Sonny had tried to kidnap Ava. Sonny accused Julian of targeting Michael in retaliation of Ava's disappearance, but Julian denied the allegation.

Julian reminded Alexis that Julian knew firsthand what it had been like to watch his son shot and then to sit at Lucas' bedside holding his son's hand while praying for Lucas to live. Julian insisted that he would never put another father through that, but Sonny scoffed because Sonny was certain that Julian had been behind the attempt on Michael's life. Julian challenged Sonny to provide proof of the allegations. Alexis smirked because she knew that Sonny didn't have anything to definitively point to Julian's guilt because Sonny would have already killed Julian if there had been even a shred of evidence.

Alexis angrily invited Sonny to kill Julian -- the only hope for Danny's survival if her grandson should get sick with cancer again. Sonny resented Julian hiding behind Danny, so he vowed to find another donor match for Danny. As Sonny marched to the door, he stopped to inform Alexis that she was fired, and then left. Afterwards, Alexis warned Julian that he had better not be lying to her or their relationship would be finished.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki was not pleased when a guard stopped her in the hallway. Michael appeared in the doorway wearing pajama bottoms as he assured the guard that Kiki would always be welcomed. The guard quietly apologized then addressed Kiki with respect as he ushered Kiki inside. Kiki waited until Michael closed the door then demanded to know what was going on. Michael tried to change the subject by offering Kiki breakfast, but Kiki wanted an answer. She suspected that it had something to do with why Michael had told her to spend the night at the brownstone rather than meeting him at the apartment as they had planned.

Before Michael could reply, Kiki noticed what appeared to be a drop of blood on the floor. Michael was forced to tell Kiki about the incident with Kobe but quickly added that Shawn had saved the day. Kiki was horrified that Sonny's lifestyle had once again endangered Michael, but Michael reminded Kiki that she had known what line of work his father had been in from the beginning. Michael assured Kiki that everything had worked out, but his father had decided to get rid of the body because of Michael's past history. Kiki remained uneasy because it wasn't normal to constantly be in a position to kill someone to defend themselves.

Kiki continued to blame Sonny for Michael's near brush with death, so Michael became concerned because he couldn't understand Kiki's sudden hostility toward Sonny. Kiki recalled her conversation with Morgan when Morgan had pointed out that it would destroy Michael if Michael ever found out that Sonny had killed A.J. and that Carly had known. Kiki guilty pushed the memory away as she explained that it bothered her that Michael had to pay for the consequences of being close to Sonny. Michael assured Kiki that everything had worked out, but she stiffened when he mentioned that Rosalie had been present during the shooting.

Michael explained that Rosalie had stopped by to apologize for the misunderstanding about Kiki and Morgan keeping something from Michael, but Kiki was not pleased. Michael pointed out that it wasn't as if Kiki and Morgan were actually keeping something from Michael that could hurt him so there was no harm or foul.

At the brownstone, Morgan groaned with annoyance when the doorbell rang. He reminded Ava to remain out of sight as he set a breakfast tray down and then answered the door. Morgan's mood didn't improve when he saw Maxie standing on his doorstep. Morgan ordered her to leave, but Maxie pushed her way in as she explained that she desperately needed to talk to him. She assured him that she didn't intend to claim squatter's rights again then launched into an explanation about Levi's deceptions. Maxie apologized for her role in the trouble that she had caused Morgan, Michael, and Kiki, so Morgan quickly accepted the apology then tried to get Maxie to leave.

Maxie's eyes landed on the breakfast tray. She noticed the gourmet muffin and flower, so he asked if he was entertaining someone special. Morgan claimed that the breakfast was for Kiki prompting Maxie to wonder if Morgan and Kiki were back together. Morgan insisted that he and Kiki were just friends, so Maxie grabbed the muffin then took a big bite. Morgan was shocked as he watched Maxie moan with joy because of the delicious bite, so Maxie confessed that her vegan days were in the past.

Morgan tried to hustle Maxie out the door, but she began to ramble about needing Morgan's help then blurted out if Morgan thought she should go out with Nathan. Confused, Morgan asked what Maxie was talking about, so she revealed that she could no longer trust her own judgment regarding men, but she had agreed to meet Nathan for dinner. Maxie conceded that kissing Nathan had been wonderful but she feared that she might have acted on the rebound. Morgan was curious why Maxie had turned to Morgan for advice, so Maxie pointed out that everyone agreed that Morgan had a "big" heart.

Morgan was flattered by the compliment but reluctant to offer Maxie advice, but she refused to leave without an answer. Morgan suggested that Maxie listen to her heart but take things slow because rushing into things hadn't helped him with Ava. Maxie realized that perhaps she shouldn't go out with Nathan, but Morgan clarified that he had not said that. Morgan insisted that closing herself off from love wasn't the answer because the worst days of being in love were far better than the best days of not being in love. Morgan urged Maxie not to look to others for answers because she needed to look within herself to determine what was right for her.

In Anna's office, Anna wiped away a stray tear as she spoke to Robin on the phone. Nathan entered Anna's office as Anna assured Robin that Anna understood Robin's decision to take some time for herself but Anna desperately tried to get Robin to return to Port Charles.

Nathan busied himself by typing a text message to Maxie asking her if their evening dinner plans were still on. He sent the message as Anna wrapped up the phone call with Robin and then asked what she could do for Nathan. Nathan was curious if Liesl remained in lockup and if charges had been filed against his mother. Anna confirmed that Liesl was behind bars but Anna became evasive about whether or not criminal charges would be filed against Nathan's mother. Nathan urged Anna to make a decision because Britt was eager to notify the press that Liesl's rights had been violated.

Anna became defensive, but Nathan assured Anna that he was only trying to protect Anna and the police department from bad press. Anna relaxed because she believed Nathan and appreciated his support. Nathan confessed that he just wanted to put everything that had transpired at the Crichton-Clark Clinic behind him but he had a feeling that his mother might have done something at the clinic that had warranted Anna's decision to put Liesl behind bars. Anna started to broach the subject of Victor but was waylaid by a call notifying her that she had a visitor.

Moments later, Jordan entered the office. Jordan appreciated that Nathan was aware of her undercover work, so she spoke frankly by informing Anna that Ava had been driving the SUV that had struck the pedestrian. Anna was alarmed that Jordan had been making a habit of taking responsibility for the crimes that the Jerome siblings had committed, but Jordan insisted that it had been necessary to keep her investigation from collapsing. Jordan also confided that the crash had been a genuine accident because Ava had been fleeing for her life from Sonny's men who had been sent to kidnap Ava with the intention of executing Ava.

Surprised, Anna was curious how Jordan could be certain that Sonny had been responsible for the abduction attempt, so Jordan revealed that she had been present when the men had tried to take Ava. Anna remained doubtful of Sonny's guilt until Jordan was forced to reveal that Shawn had been in charge of the kidnapping. Anna was pleased because she realized that they were not only building a strong case against the Jeromes, but Sonny's criminal organization as well. Jordan tensed as she asked for a private word with Anna.

After Nathan left, Jordan explained that she couldn't testify against Shawn. Anna assumed that it was because Jordan was intimately connected to Shawn through T.J., but Jordan surprised Anna by revealing that Jordan and Shawn were lovers. Jordan realized that it had complicated her investigation but she confessed that it was too late to end things with Shawn because Jordan had feelings for him. Disappointed, Anna warned Jordan that if Jordan didn't pull out then things would only get worse and that both Jordan and Shawn might pay the price.

Meanwhile, Nathan smiled when he saw Maxie walk up as he exited Anna's office. He was curious if they still had plans for later that evening because he hadn't received a response to his earlier text message. Maxie confessed that she had wanted to give Nathan an answer in person.

Outside of the Jerome apartment, Sonny informed Shawn that it was time to have a chat with Jordan, so he instructed Shawn to collect Jordan.

At the hospital, Sam and Patrick discussed what their next move would be to find out if Luke had been responsible for Rafe forcing Patrick's car off the road. Sam decided it could wait until after Danny's checkup, but Patrick assured Sam that it wasn't necessary for her to go to Amsterdam with him. He admitted that it was too dangerous, but Sam reminded Patrick that she had once been one of the "bad guys" before she had made a conscious decision "not to be." Sam promised Patrick that he didn't have to worry about her.

Meanwhile, Silas approached the nurses' station and saw Sam and Patrick together. Patrick confessed that he didn't want to take any risks with Sam's life, but Sam argued that it was worth it because both Gabriel and Rafe deserved answers. Silas picked that moment to make his presence known by greeting Sam and Patrick then offering Danny a lollipop. Silas invited Patrick to join them for Danny's checkup but Patrick declined because Patrick had stopped by the hospital to check on the status of Patrick's bid for reinstatement.

Sam and Danny followed Silas to an examination room. Silas was curious why Sam had rescheduled Danny's appointment, so she confessed that it had been necessary because she had a trip planned with Patrick. Silas carefully asked if Sam and Patrick were a couple, so she explained that she and Patrick had been working closely together investigating the crash but they were just friends. However, she conceded that the trip was to follow up on a lead that might identify who had arranged for Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road.

Silas was curious who the person was, but Sam was reluctant to tell Silas until she had more information because she didn't want to taint anyone's reputation. Silas was disappointed because it was clear that Sam had trusted Patrick with the information. Silas immediately apologized then began to examine Danny. After taking some blood samples, Silas assured Sam that it appeared that Danny remained in remission. Silas promised to call to confirm the test results when they were back, so Sam agreed to let Silas know what she learned during her trip. Silas asked her to be careful.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth entered the hospital room the mystery patient dubbed "John Doe" unaware that it was Jason. Jason's face was completely bandaged as Elizabeth asked Epiphany for an update. Epiphany noticed that Elizabeth couldn't seem to stay away from the patient, so she wondered if there was a connection between Elizabeth and the man that Epiphany was unaware of. Elizabeth admitted that she couldn't quite explain it but she had promised the patient that she would be there for him when he woke up.

Epiphany warned Elizabeth that it might take awhile because the patient had undergone thirty-six hours of surgery, fusing bones, knitting together internal organs, and reconstructing what was left of the man's face. Epiphany doubted even the man's relatives would recognize him if they saw him. Elizabeth was concerned about possible head injuries, so Epiphany revealed that the man had not yet been seen by a neurologist because they had been shorthanded since Liesl had fired Patrick.

Later, Elizabeth approached Patrick to ask for a favor. She explained that she needed his help with a patient, but Patrick reminded her that he wasn't on staff. Elizabeth insisted that she just needed assurance that the patient hadn't suffered any significant head injuries that might require immediate attention, but Patrick remained reluctant to help because Liesl would object. Elizabeth revealed that Anna had arrested Liesl, so Patrick would be able to review the patient's records without Liesl being the wiser.

A short time later, Elizabeth and Patrick returned to Jason's hospital room. Epiphany was pleased when she saw Patrick, so she agreed to turn a blind eye while Patrick reviewed the patient's records. After Epiphany left, Elizabeth pulled up the mystery patient's files on the computer. Patrick was surprised when he noticed that there had been significant scar tissue on the patient's brain indicating prior brain surgeries. Elizabeth worried that there might be an ongoing neurological problem, but Patrick assured her that everything appeared to be fine. However, they wouldn't know for certain until the patient woke up.

Meanwhile, Sam approached Epiphany to ask if Epiphany knew where Patrick was. Epiphany pointed Sam to the mystery man's hospital room. Moments later, Sam bumped into Elizabeth. Elizabeth revealed that Patrick had left a few minutes earlier. Danny broke away from his mother's firm grasp then ran into the patient's hospital room unaware that the bandaged man was Jason. Sam followed, but stopped short in the doorway when she noticed the condition of the patient.

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