Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jordan entered Sonny's coffee warehouse, but a guard immediately blocked her from proceeding past the shelves of coffee. Jordan demanded to talk to Shawn as she noticed that the man had been guarding a specific door, but the guard informed her that Shawn was not there. Jordan tried to enter the room, certain Shawn was in there, but the guard stopped her with a warning that Shawn had left orders for no one to enter. Jordan turned as if to leave but surprised the guard with a roundhouse kick then she grabbed his gun.

In the room, Heather heard the commotion on the other side of the door. "That doesn't sound good," she muttered as the door opened and Jordan appeared in the doorway. Jordan seemed as startled to see Heather as Heather was to see Jordan, but Heather demanded to know who Jordan was. Jordan ignored the question as she demanded to talk to Shawn. Heather assumed that Jordan referred to the "handsome man" with an appreciation of the power of a Kelly's BLT but she admitted that she had no idea where Shawn was.

However, Heather expected Shawn to return because Shawn was Heather's escort to Franco's wedding. Jordan scoffed at the idea of Shawn attending Franco's wedding because Shawn worked for Sonny. Shocked, Heather quickly realized that Sonny had snatched her and why.

In Scott's hotel suite, Shawn aimed a gun at Franco as he explained that Sonny had sent Shawn to deliver a wedding gift. Franco joked that he and Carly would have preferred a more practical gift like a toaster, but Shawn was not amused. Franco was curious why Sonny wanted him dead, so Shawn explained that Franco knew too much. Franco calmly resumed dressing for the wedding as he denied knowing anything except that Sonny had killed A.J. Shawn explained that it was precisely because Franco continued to make veiled threats to share the secret with Michael that Franco needed to die.

Franco warned Shawn that Carly would never forgive Sonny for killing Franco, but Shawn revealed that Sonny intended to frame Heather for the murder. Franco suddenly realized that Sonny had spirited Heather out of Ferncliff, so he wondered how Sonny planned to frame Heather. Shawn pointed out that everyone would believe that Heather had never forgiven Franco for burying Heather alive and that she had snapped when Franco had recently visited her.

Shawn was about to pull the trigger when his cell phone alerted Shawn of incoming text messages. Franco urged Shawn to check in case it was Sonny. Reluctantly, Shawn pulled the phone out to look at the text messages. Shawn's brow furrowed with confusion when the first text message showed a picture of Heather smiling. The next text message was a picture of Heather holding a gun followed by a picture of Heather holding Jordan hostage. Jordan had been securely bound with clear shrinkwrap. "Oh, damn," Shawn grumbled as he called the number to talk to Heather.

Heather accused Shawn of being naughty for tricking her into thinking he worked for Franco then threatened to kill Jordan if anything happened to Franco. Heather demanded to speak to her son immediately, so Shawn was forced to hand the phone to Franco. Franco smiled as he greeted his mother then remarked that Sonny and Shawn had tried to pull a fast one on them. Heather agreed, so Franco assured Heather that she was free to do whatever was necessary if Shawn failed to cooperate. Franco held out his hand as he ordered Shawn to hand over the gun.

A short time later, Shawn entered the warehouse. He became alarmed when he saw the unconscious guard, so he checked the man for a pulse. After he was assured the man was alive, Shawn entered the room where Jordan sat in the center of the room, bound from mouth to ankle in shrinkwrap. He rushed to free her as Heather slipped out of the shadows in the hallway then shut and locked the door to the room before leaving the warehouse.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was curious why Morgan wasn't at Carly's wedding. Morgan explained that he was not going anywhere until he and Sonny had settled the score about Ava. Sonny tensed as he demanded to know if Morgan knew where Ava was, but Morgan wasn't in the mood for games because he knew that his father had the brownstone under surveillance. Sonny had no idea what Morgan was talking about, but Morgan told his father to drop the act because Ava had told Morgan everything.

Sonny tried to remain calm as he asked what exactly Ava had told Morgan, so Morgan revealed that he knew that Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born. Sonny tried to deflect by asking why he would do that, but Morgan recalled Sonny confiding that Ava had been holding something over Sonny's head. According to Morgan, Ava had filled in the blanks by explaining that Sonny had killed A.J. Morgan demanded to know how Sonny could have broken the promise to Michael, but Sonny accused Ava of lying.

Morgan continued to push for answers until Sonny's temper flared. "Okay, damn it," Sonny shouted, "I killed A.J. Quartermaine!" Morgan stared at his father in disbelief, momentarily speechless. Morgan admitted that hearing the truth from Sonny's lips had been far more difficult than knowing it. Sonny tried to explain that it had been a mistake, but Morgan refused to let Sonny to mitigate the murder because Sonny had deliberately pulled the trigger. Sonny's voice cracked as he confessed that he wished he could take it back, but Morgan doubted that and said no one wished for it more than Michael.

Sonny begged Morgan not to tell Michael the truth, but Morgan pointed out that he and Kiki hadn't said anything even though they had known for a while. Sonny was shocked that Kiki was also privy to the secret, but Morgan wasn't concerned about Kiki. Morgan was disgusted that both Carly and Sonny had lied to Michael, which would be a double stab to the heart if Michael were to ever learn the truth about what Sonny had done.

However, Morgan agreed to keep Sonny's secret in exchange for Sonny's promise not to kill Ava after the baby was born. Sonny refused to make that promise, which infuriated Morgan. Sonny explained that it was too much to ask of him, so Morgan demanded to know why. Sonny became evasive, but Morgan wanted an answer. Frustrated, Sonny blurted out that Ava had killed Connie.

At the brownstone, Silas promised Ava that he wouldn't leave her side. Ava was concerned about Morgan's confrontation with Sonny because she was afraid that Morgan would lose his temper and inadvertently reveal where she was. Ava was also worried about Nina because she hadn't realized that Nina had continued to hold a grudge against Ava for an affair that had ended over two decades earlier. Silas regretted that he hadn't noticed how unbalanced Nina had been until it was too late.

Silas opened up to Ava about how Nina had manipulated him and destroyed his relationship with Sam by creating mistrust between Silas and Sam. Ava wasn't surprised that Sam had found evidence that Nina had been hiding in the stairwell when Sam had confided to Silas that Patrick had briefly contemplated allowing Rafe to die on the operating table and then had leaked that information to the reporters to make it appear that Silas had been the source. He felt foolish for dismissing Sam's concerns and later for giving in to Nina's request to have another baby. However, he rushed to assure Ava that Nina couldn't get pregnant because Nina was in early menopause.

Ava was curious if Silas had talked to Sam since he had learned the truth about Nina, so he told Ava about his phone call with Sam when Sam and Patrick had been out of town, working on a case. Ava realized that it might sound strange, given her own obsession with Silas in the past, but she hoped that Silas and Sam worked things out. Silas confided that he had hoped to talk to Sam when she had returned to town, but he had been busy with more pressing matters. Ava felt bad because she realized that he had been referring to her situation.

Silas refused to allow Ava to feel bad because she had needed his help. However, he assured her that he intended to make certain that Nina received the help she needed once the police located his missing wife.

Meanwhile, in Liesl's office, Nina decided that Silas would need to be lured away before Nina could get to Ava. Madeline was curious how Nina intended to accomplish that, but Nina informed her mother that it was Madeline's problem to figure out. Nina reminded Madeline that Madeline stood to lose a fortune if Nina didn't get Ava's baby to replace the baby that Madeline had "murdered." Madeline had no idea how to get Silas to abandon Ava's side, so Nina suggested that Madeline ask Liesl to call Silas in to work.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Brad spoke to Lucas on the phone. Lucas was at the Haunted Star, waiting for Brad to join him, so Brad promised to get there as quickly as possible. Brad smiled as he thanked Lucas for asking Brad to be his date for the wedding then ended the call as Sam walked up. Sam immediately begged for Brad's help to get the results of Danny's latest tests. She explained that she had been out of town and that Silas had been confident that Danny remained in remission from leukemia, but Sam was desperate for confirmation.

Brad explained that he was late to meet Lucas, but Sam doubted that Lucas would mind if Brad checked on Lucas' nephew's test results. Brad respected Sam for playing the "uncle card," so he agreed to fetch the test results.

Nearby, Madeline carefully listened to the exchange between Brad and Sam, so she quickly returned to Liesl's office to fetch her sister's white lab coat and a pair of glasses. Nina was curious what her mother was up to, but Madeline didn't have time to explain.

A short time later, Madeline approached Brad to introduce herself as "Dr. Mooney," a colleague that Silas had called in to consult on Danny Morgan's case. Madeline asked for Danny's latest test because Silas had wanted her to take a second look at the results, so Brad reluctantly handed them over. Madeline asked Brad to wait then walked away.

Meanwhile, Sam was pleasantly surprised when she received a call from her sister, Kristina, who had good news to share with Sam. Sam continued to talk to her sister until Sam saw Brad approach with the test results. After Brad handed the file to Sam and left, Sam took a deep breath then opened the file.

In Liesl's office, Nina was impressed when Madeline confessed to changing the results of Danny's tests to show that Danny's cancer had returned. Madeline slipped out of the office to check on Sam.

A short time later, Madeline returned to report that Sam had been on the phone with Silas. Nina was delighted, but Madeline felt bad for Sam because Sam was terrified about Danny. Nina insisted that it had been necessary then decided to head to the brownstone. Madeline started to join her daughter, but Nina informed Madeline that Nina intended to carry out the task alone. Nina instructed Madeline to make certain that Silas stayed busy with Sam then left with a promise to call when Madeline was a grandmother.

At the brownstone, Silas was surprised when he received a call from Sam. He quickly became concerned when she tearfully explained that Danny's test results indicated that Danny had cancer. Silas was confused, but Sam begged him to meet her at the hospital to take a second look at the test results. After Silas ended the call, Ava urged Silas to go. Silas was reluctant to leave Ava alone, but she assured him that Morgan was only a few minutes away if she needed anything.

A short time later, Silas approached Sam as she tearfully reread the test results. She ran into his arms when she saw him, so he held her tightly as she cried. Silas and Sam were unaware that Madeline observed them from the balcony on the upper level.

At the Haunted Star, Lucas scolded his mother when Bobbie began to fuss with his tie. She explained that she was nervous because Carly hadn't arrived yet then shifted gears to ask if he had given any more consideration to working at General Hospital. Lucas refused to discuss it because it was Carly's day. As if on cue, Carly and Michael arrived. Bobbie tried to hustle her daughter away to finish getting ready, but Carly was curious if Franco was there yet.

Kiki walked up to reveal that Franco had been getting ready when she had left the hotel a short time earlier. Carly smiled, so Bobbie dragged her daughter away. Kiki seized the opportunity to confess that Michael looked incredibly handsome. He thanked her but made it clear that he was only there to support his mother. Kiki was startled when he suddenly changed the subject to reveal that he had told Carly about his suspicions that Ava had killed A.J.

Kiki was curious what Carly's reaction had been, so Michael revealed that Carly had advised Michael to drop it and move on. Kiki wasn't surprised, but Michael insisted that he couldn't let it go until he caught his father's killer. Kiki appreciated that Michael wanted justice for A.J. but she suggested that he set it aside for the day to focus on Carly. Michael agreed even though he thought his mother was making a huge mistake by marrying Franco.

Michael suddenly noticed that Morgan wasn't there, so Kiki claimed that Morgan might not make it to the wedding because Morgan was sick. Michael insisted that it was a feeble excuse to skip the wedding, but Kiki assured Michael that Morgan had seemed genuinely sick. Michael pointed out that both Michael and Josslyn were at the wedding, so he thought that Morgan should be there too. Michael quickly sent Morgan a text message warning Morgan that Carly would be disappointed when she realized that Morgan was not there.

Meanwhile, Carly approached Josslyn and Spencer to let Josslyn know that she was happy that Josslyn was there. Josslyn grumbled that the wedding was cutting into her trick-or-treating time, so Spencer tactfully changed the subject to thank Carly for allowing him to attend the wedding. Carly confessed that she had been surprised by the last-minute date. Spencer explained that Josslyn had invited him the previous evening on Beggars Night, but Spencer and Josslyn's friendship has blossomed while Spencer had stayed at Carly's house.

Carly reminded Spencer that Spencer hadn't exactly been a guest and that Nikolas had been worried sick about Spencer's disappearance. Carly couldn't believe that Josslyn had been the only person who had known that Spencer had been in the house, but Spencer confessed that someone else had known. Carly frowned as she asked who else had known, but Spencer realized that he had revealed too much. Carly wanted an answer, but Spencer refused to say because he didn't want to get into trouble.

Carly continued to push for an answer until Spencer reluctantly confessed that Franco had known. Carly refused to believe it because she couldn't imagine why Franco would have kept that quiet. Spencer explained that he had found out that Franco had been plotting against Sonny. Scott immediately discounted Spencer's story by reminding Carly that Cassadines were known to lie.

Carly pulled Spencer aside to question him further about what Franco had known and why Franco had kept Spencer's secret. Spencer reluctantly explained that he had overheard Franco muttering to himself about obtaining proof against Sonny by hacking into Carly's email but Franco hadn't been able to figure out the password. Carly's eyes closed because she had heard the ring of truth in what Spencer had said.

Meanwhile, Lucas greeted Brad when Brad arrived, but Spencer decided to leave because he didn't want to face Franco's wrath. A few minutes later, Franco walked in as he apologized for being late. Carly's expression was closed as Franco smiled at her.

At the brownstone, Ava sent Morgan a text message to let him know that Silas had left. She looked up when she heard a noise, so she decided to check the door to make certain that it remained locked. Ava's relief was short-lived when she heard another noise behind her then turned in time to watch Nina enter the room.

. . .

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  • Elizabeth and "Jake" exchange a high-five
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