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Charlotte apologizes to Aiden and reveals he has more troubles
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Monday, December 17, 2018

Jason and Sam entered the hospital with Danny, who had an armful of brand-new toys for the hospital's Toys for Tots drive. Sam talked about the importance of giving so that every child could have a gift on Christmas. "Doesn't Santa bring toys?" Danny asked, and Sam explained that Santa was so busy that he needed a lot of help. She promised that she and Jason would take him to see Santa soon, and she and Jason would talk about it when they got home. Danny was ecstatic that Jason was going home with them, and the three left the hospital.

A short while later, Danny was upstairs, and Jason offered to help a distracted Sam with Christmas shopping for the kids. He wondered if she was waiting for an important message, as she kept staring at her phone. He asked if she wanted to talk about it, so she told him about everything, from getting the obituary in the mail to her emailing "Linda Black." Jason promised to deal with whoever was bothering her. She thought that the situation had taken up too much of her time when she still had "important business to conduct," and she ran off into the kitchen.

Jason took the opportunity to look at the ornaments on Sam's tree and think back to decorating the apartment with her years before. When Sam returned, she explained that she was trying to teach Danny the "joy of giving," so he had made something for "someone special." She showed him a stocking with "Daddy" written across the top, and Jason loved it. She questioned what Jason wanted Santa to put in the stocking, but he replied that all he wanted for Christmas was to spend the day with her.

Sam instructed that Jason needed to be more specific with his Christmas wish, but he insisted that he didn't need anything special. He continued that he cherished the "little things," so just being with her was good enough for him. "That can be arranged," she said with a smile. The two moved closer.

Elizabeth wondered why Lulu and Charlotte were at her house for a visit at the same time as Laura. Lulu revealed to a shocked Elizabeth that Charlotte needed to apologize to Aiden for bullying him. Laura briefly explained how she'd figured it out, and Lulu assured Elizabeth that she and Valentin had had a serious talk with Charlotte about her "unacceptable behavior." Elizabeth wondered about Charlotte's motivation, and Lulu replied that Charlotte seemed to think that she was helping him fit in.

A few minutes later, Aiden joined the women downstairs. Charlotte apologized for hurting his feelings and for saying things to make him laugh that he didn't find funny. "Please accept my apology," she said, and Lulu nudged Charlotte on. Charlotte promised to stop teasing him, and he responded, "Okay." Elizabeth asked if he accepted Charlotte's apology, and he did. He returned upstairs, and Charlotte made sure that Lulu and Valentin would be proud of her again. Lulu confirmed it, and Laura added that she was impressed with Charlotte.

When Laura, Lulu, and Charlotte were gone, Elizabeth wanted to talk to Aiden. She wanted to make sure that Aiden was never embarrassed to tell her if someone was making him feel bad. She assured him that she, Franco, Cameron, and Jake all had Aiden's back and loved him. She hugged him hard, and he went back upstairs. Upstairs, he played a game on the computer. When he lost in the round of the game he was on, a message popped up on the screen that read, "You're a loser, Aiden." He closed the computer and sighed dejectedly.

Lulu, Laura, and Charlotte sat at a table in Charlie's, and Lulu asked if Charlotte felt better after apologizing to Aiden. Charlotte was glad to be nice to Aiden, and Lulu was happy to know that he would no longer be bullied. "Well, at least not from me," Charlotte replied. She explained that she wasn't the only one who thought that Aiden was weird. "Other kids do, too," she stated.

Franco stepped off the elevator at the hospital, babbling to Josslyn, trying to relate Einstein's Theory of Relativity with long elevator rides. She agreed that it had felt like "the longest elevator ride ever." He offered Josslyn a brownie and explained that Cameron had made them for a bake sale at school. Josslyn replied that she had been busy, but she wasn't aware of a bake sale at school. Josslyn walked away, and Franco called Cameron's school to speak to someone in the drama department as he ate another brownie.

Cameron sat at Oscar's beside while Oscar slept. As he got up to leave, Oscar woke up and stopped him. Cameron wondered how Oscar was feeling and if there was anything he could do for Oscar. Oscar replied that there wasn't much anyone could do until they knew whether or not the trial was working. Just then, Cameron's phone went off, and he saw a text from an unknown number that read, "Meet at Charlie's parking lot. Bring $$." He wrote back, "I told you the deal's off."

There was a knock on the door, and Josslyn entered the room. She asked Cameron if he'd joined the drama club and added that she'd grabbed one of his brownies for Oscar. Oscar tried the brownie and liked it, and Josslyn was glad that he was finally eating something. Cameron was glad that Oscar liked the brownie and flew out of the room to talk to Franco.

Josslyn asked if Oscar was tired of her hovering over him, and she promised to be better. Oscar insisted that he didn't mind it, but he hated seeing her so worried about him. He took another bite of brownie and expressed his disbelief that Cameron had made them. Josslyn informed him that Cameron was "deeper" than everyone gave him credit for, and he just wanted to help Oscar.

Oscar joked that Cameron wanted Oscar to get better to "kick my butt," and Josslyn was glad that their "stupid fight" was over. Oscar insisted that it wasn't stupid, because it had been over her. "Exactly," she said, and she added that only she could decide who she ended up with. She reminded him that she'd already chosen him, and they shared a kiss.

Cameron approached Franco, who informed Cameron that he'd forgotten the brownies at home. Franco wondered why Laura had thought the brownies were for a bake sale. Cameron's phone went off, and he saw a text that read, "Don't care if u don't want merch. I still want $$. Waiting for you." Cameron claimed that there was a girl in the drama club named Sophia who he was trying to impress, so he'd baked for the drama club's bake sale.

Franco told Cameron that he'd called the school, and there was no bake sale going on. Cameron claimed that Sophia was "artsy and weird" and sometimes wasn't very clear. "At least Oscar had a bite," he reasoned. Cameron said that he had somewhere to be and ran out. Franco picked up Cameron's phone from the nurses' station, but Cameron was already gone. He looked down at the phone and saw the texts between Cameron and the unknown number. "Dude!" Franco sighed.

Later, Franco returned home, and Elizabeth was glad that the brownies were back, since Aiden wanted one. Franco solemnly told her that he had news for her that she wasn't going to like.

Cameron arrived outside of Charlie's and put his hand in his pocket to take out his phone. "Oh, God, where's my phone?" he said as he frantically patted down every pocket in his clothing.

Sonny wanted to take Mike home, but Carly noticed that Mike was "preoccupied." They watched Mike and Yvonne kiss under the mistletoe just as Marcus entered. Marcus pulled Mike off of Yvonne and yelled that she was his wife. Sonny got between them and tried to calm everyone down as two orderlies rushed in after hearing the yelling. Sonny insisted that it had been a misunderstanding, and everything was all right.

Yvonne showed Marcus her bracelet and told him that Mike had given it to her because "he's my boyfriend, and we're going steady." Marcus reminded her that all residents had bracelets, but they had wedding bands. Marcus thought that Mike was manipulating Yvonne, but Carly reminded him that Mike had Alzheimer's, as well. Marcus pulled Yvonne aside, and she hysterically asked if she was getting "kicked out for kissing," and if "Mama" was mad at her. Marcus showed her some old photos, including their wedding pictures. He was happy that she finally claimed to recognize him, but she thought that he was her "big brother," and she advised him to tell their mother not to hold dinner for her.

Sonny informed Mike that Yvonne was married, and Mike was upset that Yvonne hadn't told him. Carly asked him to try to remember that she was married and to remind her of that, but he sobbed that he wasn't sure how she expected him to remember anything.

A short while later, Sonny informed Marcus that Mike was in the recreation room, watching a Christmas movie. Marcus related that Yvonne had wanted to see the movie, but he hadn't wanted her anywhere near Mike in a dark room. He thought it was better that she rest, anyway, as she was exhausted. Sonny suggested that they talk to Stella for some insight. Marcus agreed and walked away.

Carly suggested that they just take Mike home and watch the movie, and Sonny agreed. A few minutes later, Sonny returned and asked an orderly where Mike was, as he wasn't in the movie room. The orderly promised to track Mike down and left. Marcus stormed in and yelled that Yvonne wasn't in her room, and he'd found her bracelet.

On the next General Hospital...

• Chase refuses to be Lulu's "PCPD mole."

• Franco has news for Elizabeth that he knows she won't like.

• Sonny doesn't think that the cops need to be involved.

• Sam receives an email back from "Linda Black."

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