Monday, September 15, 2014

Sonny sang Rocco to sleep. He assured Rocco that Dante and Lulu would be home safely. Olivia entered the apartment with bags of groceries. Sonny warned her that Rocco was asleep, so she quietly asked for an update on Dante and Lulu. He informed her that Anna was following a lead, and he trusted Anna to save their missing children.

Olivia noticed that Rocco looked bathed and freshly diapered, and she expressed her surprise that Sonny knew how to do either. He admitted that Carly had been there, and they worked well as a team. Olivia knew that, no matter how much Sonny and Carly fought, their first loyalties would always be for each other. Sonny wished that Carly would see that.

Sonny continued that Jason was the only one who had ever been able to get through to Carly, and Jason would want Sonny to get Carly away from Franco. Sonny lamented the way that Jason had died after all he'd survived but realized that the odds had always been against Jason. Olivia wondered about Dante's odds. Sonny assured her that Dante and Lulu would return home safely.

Sam told Patrick that there was no news about Dante, Lulu, Maxie, and Nathan. Patrick was sure that Anna was doing all she could to find them. Sam thought that Anna's preoccupation meant that she and Patrick should pursue Luke on their own. Sam thanked Patrick for playing with Danny for a while, because she believed that Danny needed some "guy time."

Sam and Patrick's takeout from the Noodle Buddha arrived, and they immediately dug in. Sam confided in Patrick that she was sentimental about ordering from Noodle Buddha because she and Jason had been married there. She remembered how upset Maxie had been when she'd learned the wedding she'd planned wasn't going to happen. Sam related that she and Maxie had once been close, and she felt bad that Maxie was in danger. Patrick agreed and assured her that everyone would return home safely.

Sam grabbed two fortune cookies and handed one to Patrick. He read his fortune: "You have a secret." Sam badgered him to tell her his secret, but he insisted that he didn't have one. Finally, he admitted that, "I'm terrible at golf." She shot down his explanation and read her own fortune: "Something you lost will be found again." She couldn't think of anything she'd lost except for socks in the dryer.

Sam declared a do-over and grabbed two more fortune cookies. Sam's second fortune said, "Now is the time to try something new." Patrick opened his and read the exact same thing. They wondered about the meaning of their identical fortunes.

Anna entered the Crichton-Clark Clinic with her gun drawn. Suddenly, guards with guns drawn cornered her. One of the guards told her not to shoot and that they were lowering their weapons. "We're here to help," another guard added. The group of men turned out to be reinforcements Robert had sent. She advised them that if they helped her, they would be going against Victor, who was the director of the WSB. They understood and took their assignments from Anna. Right after the group split up, a Crichton-Clark guard ran in. One of the WSB guards shot the man, and Anna took his key card.

"I did what you wanted. Are you happy?" Lulu shouted at Stavros. She demanded that he and Dr. Young leave, and Dante echoed the sentiment. Stavros informed the two that Lulu would be leaving with him and the doctor so that the "procedure" could be performed. Lulu countered that she would have to be prepped for weeks, but Stavros reminded her that Crichton-Clark was "state of the art." The doctor confirmed that one shot was enough. Stavros and Dr. Young dragged a screaming Lulu out of the room.

William entered Jason's room and asked the doctor about Jason's progress. The doctor revealed that Jason was eager to leave, so he'd had to be restrained. There was a sound at the door, and both turned to look. Just as Anna was going to enter the room, she heard Dante yelling and banging against a door. She ran towards Dante's voice and let herself into the room.

Dante quickly updated Anna on Lulu's situation. He informed her that she would need to shoot his handcuffs off. She was unsure, but Dante trusted her. She took a shot, and the chain broke away. She handed him a gun, and they left the room to find a couple Crichton-Clark guards' bodies on the floor. "My guys have been busy," Anna remarked, and she and Dante split up.

Stavros suggested that Lulu might be more comfortable if she calmed down. She continued berating Stavros, but she suddenly lost strength. Stavros explained that he had taken some "precautions" and had put a "powerful tranquilizer" into Lulu's hormone treatment. Lulu passed out, and Stavros caught her.

A short while later, an unconscious Lulu was wearing a hospital gown. Stavros told her that she would soon be carrying his child. Dr. Young told Stavros that they could start the procedure as soon as she found the anesthesiologist. Stavros insisted on anesthetizing Lulu himself. He went to put the mask over Lulu's mouth and nose, but Lulu grabbed his hand and bit down. As Stavros and Dr. Young tried to corral Lulu, she screamed for Dante.

Jason's doctor told William that Jason would need to be sedated. However, William wouldn't approve it without Victor's approval. William left the room as Jason struggled in his restraints. Dante ambushed William as he left the room, and he demanded to know who was in the room. He threatened to shoot if William didn't open the door. Just then, Dante heard Lulu screaming. He knocked William out, grabbed his key card, and took off running toward Lulu.

A short while later, Dante burst into Lulu's room, pointing a gun at Stavros.

A few minutes later, William regained consciousness. He went back into Jason's room and was shocked to find the doctor unconscious on the floor and the bed empty.

Nathan slammed into Victor's office and demanded to know where Maxie was. He threatened to shoot Victor, but Victor didn't think Nathan would shoot his own father. Nathan continued asking about Maxie and threatening to shoot, but Victor called his bluff. Nathan asked Liesl if Victor was telling the truth. "You are a Cassadine," she replied. Victor talked about making up for lost time, but Nathan didn't want to be associated with the "psycho." He just wanted to find Maxie. "You care about me in some way. Prove it," Nathan challenged Victor. Victor said he had a hunch that Maxie was with Levi, and Nathan rushed out of the room.

Liesl admired her "brave son," but Victor told her that Nathan had gotten the trait from him. Victor's assistant entered his office with the DNA test results. Liesl didn't see any reason for him to open the envelope, but Victor didn't trust her. Liesl remarked that there was no time and admitted that Anna was in the building. She continued that she'd gotten to the clinic with Anna in order to save Nathan. Victor replied that he wasn't concerned. "My people can handle it," he added nonchalantly.

Victor opened the envelope. "You lying bitch," he snarled at Liesl. He took out a gun and pointed it at her, but she reminded him that he loved her, so he wouldn't kill her. He responded that he couldn't tolerate betrayal. Just then, Anna rushed into the room and demanded that Victor drop his gun. Liesl knocked something on the floor in order to distract Victor. As his attention was diverted, Anna shot the gun out of Victor's hand and charged at him. She began to handcuff him and read him his right. "I've heard this too many times," Liesl said, pointing Victor's gun at a shocked Anna.

Levi told Maxie that Maxie's parents had shot Peter in the head, but he had made a full recovery and a life for himself. He recounted a bullet fragment slowly migrating to a place in Peter's head "too delicate for removal." Peter thanked Levi for taking Maxie to him. "Now it's time for her to die," Peter said. Levi talked about doing it, but Peter wanted the "honor" after waiting for so long to get his revenge. "Felicia took something precious. I will too," he uttered.

Levi handed Peter the dagger that Peter had made from the Aztec jewels. Peter revealed that his only regret was that Frisco and Felicia couldn't "be here to see me murder their little girl." As Peter was about to stab Maxie in the chest, a gunshot rang out from the doorway. Peter fell to the floor and dropped the dagger. A horrified Levi kneeled down next to his father. "Avenge me," Peter commanded and fell unconscious.

Levi lunged at the shooter, Nathan. The two fought until Levi got the drop on Nathan and pointed his gun at Nathan. "This is for my father," Levi said, about to shoot Nathan. "This is for me," Maxie said, and she buried the dagger in Levi's back. She removed the dagger, and Levi fell to the floor. Maxie was distraught over killing someone without even thinking about it, but Nathan recognized that it had been to save him. "You saved me first," Maxie told him, and the two shared a kiss.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Liesl informs Anna that they have "unfinished business."
  • Stavros threatens Lulu's life.
  • Jason leaves his room.
  • Patrick and Sam get closer.
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