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Thursday, January 29, 2015

At Pentonville, Ava and Madeline were taken to the transport van, but Ava balked when she saw the driver was the same guard who had recently tried to kill her. Madeline immediately sensed Ava's distress, so she asked Ava what was wrong. Ava explained that Ava would be a dead woman if she got in the van because the guard had already made an attempt on Ava's life. The guard smirked at Ava as he told his fellow police guards that Ava was a lunatic, so he instructed the other guards to put Madeline in the back of the van while he dealt with Ava. Panicked, Ava darted for the back door then banged on it as she begged to be let in.

The guard advanced on Ava with a small knife, so Ava warned him that the other guards would know that he had murdered her if he tried to attack her there. The guard grinned maliciously as he explained that he intended to plead self-defense by claiming that Ava had pulled the knife on him. The guard grabbed Ava just as Franco, Julian, and Sonny walked out wearing guard uniforms. Ava was stunned when Sonny raced over to disarm the guard who had been about to kill her then knocked the would-be assassin out.

Meanwhile, Franco and Julian dealt with the other two guards as Madeline looked on in fury. "Damn it," Madeline snarled as she watched Franco and Julian quickly render the other two guards unconscious. Madeline immediately accused Ava of lying about testifying on Madeline's behalf, but Ava was unapologetic because it was what Madeline had deserved. Julian reminded everyone that they had to get going, but Madeline refused to leave because she didn't want to add to her legal troubles by escaping from jail. Julian explained that Madeline didn't have a choice because he might need her as a hostage.

Everyone piled into the van as Julian grabbed Madeline, who fought him every step of the way. Two more guards suddenly appeared at the back door with guns drawn, so Madeline seized the opportunity to jerk out of Julian's grasp then threw her hands into the air as she begged the guards not to shoot. The distraction allowed Julian the opportunity to jump into the driver's seat and speed away. Moments later, the guards pushed Madeline out of the way and opened fire on the van.

In Brad's apartment, Brad and Lucas emerged from the bathroom, freshly showered, but Brad wanted to make love again. Lucas insisted that they didn't have time, so Brad reluctantly agreed to get dressed. Lucas reached for his garment bag and unzipped it to pull out his tuxedo, but he was dismayed when he realized that the jacket had fallen off the hanger. Brad offered to take care of the wrinkles but suggested that it might be easier if Lucas simply moved in with him so Lucas wouldn't have to worry about always packing clothes to spend the night. Brad reminded Lucas that Brad had plenty of room with Britt gone and that the apartment would be closer to the waterfront clinic than Carly's place.

Lucas conceded that Brad had a point but he seemed reluctant to agree, so Brad confessed that he liked having Lucas around because he loved Lucas. Brad quickly added that Lucas was the first man Brad had said "I love you" to. Before Lucas could respond, Sam and Patrick knocked on the door. Brad rushed to the door while Lucas slipped into the bathroom to get dressed. Brad greeted Sam and Patrick then asked if they would like a drink. Both agreed, so Brad went to fetch the drinks.

Sam warned Patrick to be nice, so Patrick assured her that he was trying, but it was difficult because he couldn't forget the awful things Brad had done. Sam became distracted when she noticed the phoenix figurine in Brad's apartment. She picked it up then showed it to Patrick because it confirmed her theory that someone had broken into her penthouse to steal the figurine. Moments later, Brad returned with the drinks, so Sam demanded to know how he had gotten his hands on her figurine.

Brad denied stealing the figurine as Lucas stepped out of the bathroom, so Lucas asked what was going on. Sam accused Brad of taking her figurine, but Lucas explained that he had given the figurine to Brad. Lucas assured his sister that he hadn't taken it out of her bedroom, but Patrick was curious how Sam could be certain that it was her missing figurine. Sam showed him the bottom of the figurine, which had Jason and Sam's September 23, 2011, wedding date engraved on it, so Lucas revealed that he had found the figurine on pier 54.

Sam continued to question Lucas until she realized that Lucas had found the figurine shortly after Jake had been found unconscious on the piers. Sam was certain that it meant Jake had been the intruder who had stolen her phoenix figurine.

At the Spencer childhood home on Elm Street, the impostor shoved Dante down the basement steps. Dante landed at the bottom of the stairs and didn't move, so the impostor slowly walked down the stairs and checked Dante for a pulse. After confirming that Dante was merely unconscious, the impostor removed the duct tape from Luke's mouth to hear what Luke was trying to say. Luke shouted for Dante to wake up, but the impostor warned Luke that Dante would be unconscious for a while. Luke pleaded with the impostor to let Dante go, but the impostor refused because Dante was part of Luke's family, since Dante was Rocco's father.

Luke continued to beg for Dante's safe release, but his pleas fell of deaf ears. The impostor was furious because he was certain that Dante had been responsible for digging up Bill Eckert's grave. The impostor explained that the family had gathered to remember "dear Aunt Ruby" on the anniversary of Ruby's passing then snidely added that Ruby had been the one to teach a fifteen-year-old Bobbie to turn tricks to keep the johns returning. However, the impostor grinned as he pointed out that he and Luke both knew that the grave had been empty, which Luke perceived as an admission that the impostor was Bill.

Annoyed, the impostor accused everyone of sounding like a broken record, but Luke insisted that he had a right to know who had been holding him captive for over a year. The impostor suggested that Luke be more concerned about other things, so Luke asked for an example. "How about the fact that everybody you care about is about to get a Viking funeral?" the impostor asked. The impostor boasted about his plans to blow up the Haunted Star while Luke's family and friends were aboard. The impostor added that there wasn't anything Luke could do to stop it, and he left to get ready.

Luke begged Dante to wake up until finally Dante began to move. However, the impostor had returned sporting a tuxedo, so he casually stepped over Dante's body, picked up a crowbar, and bashed Dante over the head with it. Dante slumped, unconscious once again. The impostor admitted that he hoped Dante woke up in time for the surprise the impostor had planned for both Luke and Dante. Luke was curious what the impostor was talking about, so the impostor showed Luke a bomb.

Luke assumed the bomb was intended for the Haunted Star but the impostor informed Luke that another bomb had already been planted on the ship. The impostor explained that the bomb he was holding was for Luke and Dante then dropped it into Luke's lap and left.

At the police station, Nathan opened a letter from the Department of Corrections as he spoke to Maxie on the phone. He apologized that he was running late for the party, but he assured Maxie that he planned on attending. Nathan tensed when he saw the picture of Madeline stapled to the paperwork inside the manila envelope, so he wrapped up the call with a promise to join Maxie soon.

Moments later, Carly entered the squad room, looking for Dante. Nathan admitted that his partner wasn't in, but he offered to help Carly. Carly seemed hesitant to talk to Nathan, but Nathan assured her that she could trust him to be discreet. Resigned, Carly told him that she had reason to believe that Jake had shot Nathan while helping Cesar Faison to escape. Carly confessed that she hadn't initially believed Sam's accusations, but she conceded that things had changed.

Carly told Nathan about an altercation between Jake and a man who had accosted Carly at the Metro Court Restaurant, but she but quickly added that Jake had immediately regretted his actions and had been horrified by his own behavior. However, Carly admitted that Jake's actions had been those of someone who'd had professional training. Carly insisted that despite how things appeared, she didn't think Jake had been in control of his actions.

Nathan was stunned when Carly handed him Jake's bag, which contained the gun, ski mask, and other articles of clothing similar to what the gunman had been wearing when Faison had escaped. Nathan quickly had the gun sent to ballistics for testing as he led Carly to the interrogation room to question her further about Jake. Carly explained that Jake had suffered brain trauma when he had been struck on the road by an SUV, so Jake had suffered amnesia. She added that in recent weeks Jake had suffered unexplained blackouts, so she had taken him to talk to Kevin Collins, who had given Jake a clean bill of health.

Carly admitted that despite Kevin's assurance that Jake was fine, Jake continued to experience blackouts, so she had taken Jake for another session with Kevin. However, Jake had suddenly vanished, and Kevin had informed her that he had never seen Jake in a professional capacity. Carly's concern had mounted when she'd realized that Jake had vanished with a burner cell phone that she had found in Jake's bag. Nathan questioned her about the cell phone, so she explained that there hadn't been any outgoing phone calls and that the only incoming calls had been from an unknown number.

Moments later, a lab technician knocked on the door to report that Jake's gun had been a match to the gun used to shoot Nathan. Carly became upset because she realized that Sam had been right to suspect Jake of being the gunman. However, Carly defended Jake because she was certain that he hadn't been aware of his actions when he had helped Faison escape. Carly confided that she suspected Jake's blackouts were tied to the brain trauma he had sustained during the car accident. Nathan decided that he needed to get a warrant for Jake's arrest before Jake hurt anyone else.

A short time later, Maxie called to find out where Nathan was. He admitted that he had been pulled into an investigation, so Maxie assured him that she would find another way to amuse herself because Jake, Carly's handsome bartender, was on the Haunted Star, working the party. Alarmed, Nathan promised Maxie that he would be at the party shortly.

On the piers, Jake looked into a backpack to make certain he had the bomb. Moments later, a man dressed in a uniform passed by pushing a dolly loaded with cases of Champagne bound for the Haunted Star. Jake quickly pounced and knocked the man out.

On the Haunted Star, Maxie greeted Lulu and told her that Nathan was on his way. Lulu was curious if Nathan had mentioned if Dante was with him, but Maxie shook her head. Dejected, Lulu admitted that she hadn't been able to reach Dante since earlier that day. Maxie agreed that it was odd, but she quickly became distracted when Michael and Tracy arrived. Tracy explained that Michael had graciously agreed to escort her to the party when Luke had gone missing. Lulu told Tracy that if it was any consolation, Dante had disappeared too.

Michael mentioned that he had seen Dante earlier, so he suggested that perhaps Dante had been called in on a case. "Lovely. Either your husband is out solving crimes or my husband is out committing them," Tracy told Lulu. Lulu was surprised that Tracy hadn't talked to Luke since breakfast, but Tracy was certain there was nothing to be concerned about.

After Lulu went to oversee some last-minute party preparations, Michael confessed that he had wanted to take an opportunity to thank Tracy because the evening would not have been possible without her. Tracy suspected that Michael simply wanted to gloat about Tracy's failed attempt to seize control of ELQ, but Michael assured her that he meant it because Luke had credited Tracy for making Luke realize that the free clinic would be an opportunity for Luke to let go of the demons from Luke's past. Tracy smiled as she thanked Michael for the kind words.

Tracy acknowledged that she and A.J. had had a "problematic" relationship, but she was certain that Edward and Alan would be proud of Michael's decision to build a clinic in A.J.'s name. Tracy shifted gears to ask if Michael had finalized the paperwork on the property, so Michael revealed that the house had been condemned and that it would take a little while to get everything straightened out because even though Bill Eckert had bought the house, it hadn't been in Bill's will. However, Michael assured his great-aunt that Bill's son, Sly, intended to sell the property to ELQ.

Michael was curious what Tracy remembered about Bill, so she revealed that Bill had arrived in town as the captain of the U.S.S. Tracy, an ELQ freighter that Edward had thought would be amusing to name after her. Michael chuckled because he agreed. Tracy feigned offense, but added that the freighter had blown up and sunk like the Titanic. According to Tracy, things had never gone right for Bill, so he'd always had a chip on his shoulder and had become a bitter man. Tracy added that Bill had died when one of Frank Smith's son's had mistaken Bill for Luke and shot Bill. She didn't know the details, but she knew that the incident had forced Luke to go to work for Frank Smith and Sonny.

Michael grumbled about Sonny wrecking another life, but Tracy refrained from commenting. She checked her phone but was disappointed when she saw that Luke hadn't called or sent a text message. Michael hoped Tracy enjoyed her evening despite Luke's absence, so she assured Michael that as long as the boat didn't end up on the bottom of Lake Ontario like her namesake then she would consider the evening a big win.

Meanwhile, Maxie asked Lulu what was really bothering Lulu. Lulu explained that she and Dante had argued earlier about her partnership with Johnny. Lulu conceded that Dante hadn't said anything, but she was certain that Dante still thought Lulu should sell her half of the Haunted Star. Lulu insisted that she couldn't do it because her family had a lot of history with the ship, and she loved planning events on it.

However, Lulu admitted that she wouldn't want Dante being on a stakeout with someone he had once dated but added that it wasn't as if anything would happen between Lulu and Johnny. Maxie suggested that perhaps Dante was concerned that Johnny would pull Lulu into something illegal, but Lulu insisted that Johnny had assured her he was determined to abide by the law. Maxie hoped Johnny had told the truth, but she appreciated why Dante was skeptical.

Later, Jake, dressed as a waiter, entered the ship, pushing the pilfered dolly of Champagne. Maxie and Lulu were shocked when they saw him, so Lulu approached him to ask what he was doing there. Jake claimed that he worked for the catering company she had hired, so Lulu teasingly wondered if Carly knew that he moonlighted. Jake smiled as he explained that he had medical bills to pay off, so Lulu sent him to work behind the bar.

A short time later, Jake armed the bomb then hid it under the bar behind bottles of Champagne. He quickly answered his cell phone when it rang. "It's done," he told Helena then listened as she gave him more instructions. After he ended the call, Lulu walked up because she sensed that something was troubling him. Jake claimed that he just needed to know what to do with the empty bottles, so she told him to focus on serving the guests because she had people lined up to clean up the empty bottles.

Meanwhile, Maxie was delighted when Nathan arrived until she realized that he wasn't dressed for the party. Nathan explained that he was on the job, and he approached the bar where Jake was working. Everyone was stunned when Nathan promptly arrested Jake.

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