Friday, January 23, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina appeared distracted as she sat at a table with a Battleship game board in front of her. An inmate reminded Nina that it was Nina's turn, so Nina continued to play, but it was clear she wasn't really interested. Moments later, Heather, the inmate playing the game with Nina, declared victory. Nina smiled, so Heather challenged Nina to another game, but Nina admitted that she would rather talk. Heather agreed because Nina was the first person Heather had connected with in the sanitarium.

Nina seemed surprised by her new friend's admission, especially when Heather added that it was obvious that someone had deeply hurt Nina. "My husband and that whore who slept with him," Nina confirmed. Nina opened up about how her husband had cheated on her, but Nina was pleased that Ava had gotten her just deserts by ending up in jail. Heather empathized because Nina's rival sounded a lot like the woman who had gotten her clutches into Heather's son. Heather claimed that she had been punished for trying to protect her son, who had repaid her with betrayal.

Heather muttered that her son had never deserved her loyalty, so Nina admitted that Silas hadn't deserved Nina's either. Nina regretted that she had wasted her time on Silas instead of realizing sooner that Franco was the only man that Nina could trust. Heather tensed. "I'm sorry, did you just say 'Franco'?" Heather asked. Nina perked up because she noticed that Heather seemed familiar with who Franco was, so Heather reminded Nina that Franco was a famous artist. Nina smiled, but explained that Franco was the only friend Nina had ever had.

Nina revealed that Franco had protected her when Nina had been at her most vulnerable and had tried to stay with Nina after their arrest by pretending to be insane. Heather wasn't surprised that the judge hadn't bought the desperate defense, since he had used a brain tumor to claim insanity in the past. Nina smiled as she confided that she thought about Franco constantly from the moment she woke up each morning. However, Nina's tone turned sad as she commented that everything she had loved was gone.

Nina believed it was what she deserved for trusting her mother. Heather bristled because she resented people always blaming their mothers for their problems, but Nina insisted that it was true in her case, since Madeline had put Nina in a coma to force Nina to miscarry a baby. Horrified, Heather agreed that Nina's mother sounded horrible, so she invited Nina to tell her all about it. Nina was touched by the offer then admitted that she wished she'd had a mother like her new friend. Heather smiled sweetly as she offered to be Nina's mother during their stay at Shadybrook.

Nina's eyes filled with tears of joy as Heather hugged her and promised to look out for Nina. Nina reminded her new friend that they didn't even know each other's names, so Heather introduced herself as "Diana Taylor."

At Pentonville, Sonny proposed that he and Julian break out of jail. Sonny pointed out that they were the only ones who knew that the man claiming to be Luke was an impostor, so Sonny and Julian were the only ones who could safeguard their sons. Julian appeared skeptical about the plan, but Sonny assured Julian that it would only take one phone call to get Sonny's people to put a plan into motion. Julian was curious what would happen after they exposed the impostor and saved their sons, so Sonny explained that he and Julian would simply disappear.

Franco suddenly approached as he asked if Sonny and Julian had room for one more. Sonny and Julian pretended that they had no idea what Franco was talking about, but Franco knew that Sonny and Julian had been plotting to escape. He noticed that the rival mobsters had become close during Franco's 28 days in solitary confinement, so Franco wondered if Julian had become Sonny's "prison wife." Neither Sonny nor Julian was amused by the remark, but Franco was unapologetic. However, Franco agreed to discuss the jailbreak instead.

Sonny and Julian continued to deny plotting to break out of the jail, so Franco threatened to report Sonny for having a contraband cell phone if Sonny and Julian refused to include Franco in their plans. Sonny called Franco's bluff, prompting Franco to call out to a guard. Sonny and Julian tensed until Franco explained to the guard that Franco had merely wanted to apologize for the incident with the "shiv." Annoyed, the guard walked away. Franco's grin faded as he assured Sonny and Julian that he wouldn't give them a reprieve the next time.

Sonny reminded Franco that it would be easy for him and Julian to kill Franco, but Franco doubted that Sonny and Julian would risk the guards shutting down the prison to search for weapons and contraband. Sonny was curious what Franco wanted, so Franco asked for the use of Sonny's cell phone. Sonny reluctantly handed it to Franco, against Julian's objections. Sonny argued that they couldn't afford to have Franco tip off the guards, but Julian reminded Sonny that they needed the phone to put their plan into motion. Sonny promised that he and Julian would get out of jail the following day, one way or another.

Meanwhile, Franco called Nina, pretending to be her attorney. Nina was delighted when she heard Franco's voice, so he quickly apologized for letting her down and not getting in touch with her sooner. Franco smiled when she assured him that it was okay. He shifted gears by asking how she had been holding up, so Nina revealed that she had made a new friend.

In the women's wing of Pentonville, Ava was overjoyed when Kiki arrived with Avery for a visit. Ava started to reach for her baby, but Kiki suddenly pulled back. Kiki worried that Avery's first memories might be of the prison. "Or me," Ava quietly added. Kiki didn't answer, but she decided that it would be best to take Avery home. Ava implored Kiki to reconsider because Ava was desperate to hold her baby, but Kiki insisted that Kiki was Avery's mother.

Ava suddenly woke up from the nightmare as she called out to Kiki. Madeline feigned concern as she asked if Ava had had a bad dream. Ava ignored the question as she demanded to know what Madeline wanted. Madeline explained that she had noticed that Ava had had a nightmare, which Madeline confessed had given Madeline a thrill. Furious, Ava accused Madeline of being the reason that Ava couldn't be with her daughter, but Madeline disagreed because Ava was behind bars because of Ava's own actions.

Ava revealed that she had intended to leave town with her baby, but Madeline and Nina had forced Ava into premature labor and then kidnapped Ava's newborn daughter. Madeline insisted that she recalled things differently then turned on the tears as she accused Nina of being "violently disturbed." Madeline tearfully explained that Nina had forced Madeline to help by threatening Madeline's life as well as Madeline's son's life. Ava's brow furrowed as she asked what Madeline was talking about.

Madeline's tears instantly dried up as Madeline admitted that it was the story she intended to tell in court. Ava was disgusted that Madeline would throw her own daughter under the bus, but Madeline chuckled because Ava had done the same thing to Kiki on numerous occasions. Ava denied it until Madeline reminded Ava that Ava hadn't told Kiki the truth about Kiki's paternity. Ava argued that she'd had her reasons, so Madeline invited Ava to enlighten her. However, a guard suddenly announced that it was time for everyone to return to their jail cells.

After Madeline left, Ava thanked the guard for getting rid of Madeline. The guard followed Ava into her jail cell then pulled out a pocket knife as he explained that he hadn't wanted to have any witnesses for what was about to happen. Ava's eyes rounded with fright as she demanded to know who had sent him. The guard chuckled because Ava had so many enemies that she had no idea who would want her dead. Luckily for Ava, fate intervened when a guard called out to the menacing guard that they were needed in another section of the jail to deal with a problem.

At Kelly's, Morgan grinned when he saw Kiki seated at a table. Kiki held Avery in her arms as Morgan leaned down to greet his baby sister. Both Kiki and Morgan agreed that Avery became more beautiful with each passing day. Kiki invited Morgan to join her, so he took the baby from her and sat down as they started to chat. Kiki wondered if he had heard from Michael, but Morgan shook his head then asked if she had. Kiki admitted that Michael hadn't returned any of her calls. Morgan felt partly responsible for Michael and Kiki's breakup then mentioned the kiss that Morgan and Kiki had shared, but Kiki suggested they change the subject.

Moments later, Dante and Lulu entered the diner. Dante immediately approached the table to greet everyone then cooed over his baby sister. Lulu asked if she could hold Avery, so Morgan passed the baby to her as Lulu wondered how Kiki had been holding up. Kiki admitted that it had been difficult, even with Silas and Carly's help. Dante assured Kiki that she could call on Dante and Lulu if she needed anything then shifted gears to find out how Morgan had been doing. Morgan confessed that he was still looking for a job.

Lulu surprised everyone by suggesting that she hire Morgan to work on the Haunted Star. Dante wondered if Lulu had to run it past her business partner, but Lulu warned Dante not to go there. Dante wisely let the matter drop, so Lulu invited Morgan to go with her to the ship where she could put him through his paces to see if he had what it took to work for her. Lulu handed the baby to Dante as she suggested that he stay to get to know Avery better.

After Morgan and Lulu left, Dante and Kiki talked about Ava. Kiki acknowledged that her mother had done a vicious thing by killing Connie, but Kiki explained that she couldn't hate her mother because the woman who had murdered Connie was not the woman who had raised Kiki. Their conversation drifted to Michael as they both agreed that they wished Michael had been more forgiving. Dante was certain that Michael and Kiki would work things out, but Kiki doubted it. She told Dante about her kiss with Morgan, which she insisted hadn't been romantic.

On the Haunted Star, Michael and Lucas called out to Luke as they arrived. The impostor rounded a corner and greeted the young men with a sinister smile as he held a bat. Lucas questioned why his uncle had a bat, so the impostor explained that it was a Louisville Slugger that he had found in the basement in the house on Elm Street on the night he had bumped into Michael. The impostor claimed that he had decided to keep the childhood relic because it might be worth something one day.

Michael and Lucas explained that they were both short on time, so they were curious why "Luke" had asked to meet them. The impostor revealed that he'd had a change of heart, thanks to Tracy. Michael and Lucas were surprised when the impostor gave his blessing to Michael to bulldoze the house on Elm Street and build a free clinic in A.J.'s name. Lucas was curious why "Luke" had asked to meet them on the Haunted Star, so the impostor grinned as he announced that he wanted to throw a party to "wine and dine" the "fat cats" who would donate money to the project.

Michael balked at the idea, but Lucas reminded Michael that they would need the donations to keep the clinic running. Michael conceded that Lucas had a point, so the impostor promised to talk to Lulu about setting up the party. As if on cue, Lulu and Morgan entered. Michael immediately tensed when he saw his brother.

Michael demanded to know what Morgan was doing, so Lulu explained that she intended to hire Morgan as a bartender because he showed promise as a mixologist. Michael refused to host a party for the clinic on the ship if Morgan would be working since Morgan had been one of the people who had covered up the truth about A.J.'s murder. Frustrated, the impostor pointed out that if he had been able to get past his reservations about Michael using the Spencers' childhood home for a free clinic, then Michael should be able to tolerate Morgan working at the party.

Michael adamantly refused because he didn't think it would be a big deal for Morgan to wait one more day to start work after being out of work for as long as Morgan had been. Morgan reluctantly agreed to wait then stormed out. Lulu assured Michael that she and Dante would not take sides, and she followed Morgan out. Michael apologized to "Luke" and Lucas for his outburst, but the impostor assured Michael that they would not let a little discord ruin the party.

Later, Lucas asked if Michael was okay. Michael assured Lucas that he was fine, but Michael just wanted to focus on getting the clinic up and running. Lucas admitted that it was a bit intimidating for him to live up to Tony Jones's legacy, but Lucas was eager to start the project because it was a wonderful opportunity.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Lulu returned to Kelly's. Kiki was happy that Morgan might have a future on the Haunted Star. Morgan hoped that everything would work out because he was tired of depending on others for financial support. Kiki was curious when Morgan would start his new job, so he told her about his encounter with Michael.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor wielded his bat as he entered the basement then approached Luke to remove the duct tape from Luke's mouth. Luke immediately asked if the impostor had harmed Luke's sister. "Which one?" the impostor asked with a smirk. However, the impostor quickly assured Luke that Bobbie was unharmed because she had stopped "yapping" about things that had been none of her business.

Luke wanted to know if the impostor was Bill Eckert, but the impostor merely smiled as he suggested that Luke should be more concerned about what the impostor had planned. The impostor bragged that he had decided to throw a party on the Haunted Star and had invited everyone in town that Luke cared about. Terrified, Luke demanded to know what the impostor intended to do to them.

At the cemetery, Shawn confronted Jordan when he realized that she had been spying on him. Jordan suggested that they level with each other then accused Shawn of keeping her out of the loop. Shawn reminded Jordan that he didn't owe her any explanations, but Jordan disagreed because she had proven her loyalty to both Duke and Shawn numerous times. She was curious why she hadn't earned Shawn's trust yet, but he was certain that she already knew the answer.

Jordan tensed as Shawn confessed that things hadn't added up with Jordan, from her turning against the Jeromes to her unexpected reaction to Anna being fired. Jordan easily explained that she had been forced to betray the Jeromes because Ric's life had been at stake and that Anna was the devil they knew whereas Kyle Sloane was an unknown. Shawn pointed out that she had an answer for everything then accused her of being a cop. Jordan pretended to be outraged by the suggestion then reminded Shawn that if she had been a cop, her boss wouldn't have signed off on her tampering with an election.

Jordan insisted that she also wouldn't have let T.J. believe she was a drug dealer if she had been working with Sloane. Shawn immediately backed down, so Jordan asked him why he was at the cemetery. Shawn quickly explained that Faison had been a diversion to allow the impostor to continue to pass himself off as Luke. Jordan was stunned as Shawn explained that Sonny suspected the impostor was Bill Eckert, Luke's identical cousin, so Sonny had ordered Shawn to dig up Bill's grave. Jordan agreed to help Shawn with the task.

A short time later, Shawn reached the coffin. He quickly pried it open and peered inside.

. . .

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