Friday, September 19, 2014

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly appreciated that Kiki hadn't told Franco that Sonny and Carly had slept together but Carly wanted to make certain that Kiki would continue to keep the secret for Franco's sake. Kiki explained that there wouldn't be a problem provided Carly maintained her distance from Sonny. Carly looked up just as Sonny entered he restaurant. "And that answers that," Kiki said as she turned to see what Carly had been looking at.

Carly immediately assured Kiki that things were not as they seemed, but Sonny didn't help matters by approaching Carly and Kiki. Carly desperately tried to get Sonny to leave by explaining that she and Kiki had been having a private conversation, but Sonny revealed that he had news about Dante. Carly and Kiki were delighted when Sonny told them that Dante had called to report that the hostages were all safe and sound. However, Sonny admitted that he didn't have any additional details because the phone call had been short.

Carly thanked Sonny for the update then asked him to leave, but Sonny stubbornly refused to go. Sonny admitted that he had picked up on the tension between Carly and Kiki, so he wanted to assure Kiki that Carly was determined to stay with Franco despite Sonny's reservations. Kiki insisted that there was nothing to discuss, since it had been Kiki's understanding that Sonny and Carly were over. Kiki promised to attend Franco's party later that evening then she left.

Carly admitted to Sonny that it had been an awkward situation with Kiki, but Sonny was confident that Kiki wouldn't say anything to Franco. Carly warned Sonny that Kiki might change her mind if they gave Kiki any reason to doubt that Sonny and Carly weren't over. Sonny pointed out that he and Carly couldn't be expected to avoid each other completely because they had children together, but Carly argued that they could limit their interactions with each other.

Sonny shifted gears to reveal that he thought Carly should know that he intended to kidnap Ava later that day. Carly wondered if Sonny was concerned that he might be risking putting Ava and the baby in the middle of a gun battle, but Sonny was confident that he had everything under control. Carly was curious how Sonny intended to explain Ava suddenly moving back in with Sonny to Morgan, but Sonny revealed that it wouldn't be necessary because he intended to stash Ava in a secret location.

"Never to be seen again," Carly realized. Carly wondered if Sonny had thought about how he would explain how he had ended up with the baby but not Ava once the baby was born, but Sonny insisted that he would cross that bridge when he got to it. Carly suggested that perhaps they could tell Morgan that Sonny and Carly had persuaded Ava that it would be best for the baby to let Morgan raise the baby. Sonny smiled because he loved that he and Carly were scheming together like old times.

At the brownstone, Michael was surprised when Rosalie arrived wearing a sexy form-fitting red dress. She greeted Michael then asked if Morgan was around. Michael explained that Morgan had left, but he had no idea where Morgan had gone. Rosalie immediately seized the opportunity to plant a seed of doubt by suggesting that perhaps Morgan and Kiki were together. Surprised, Michael was curious why Rosalie would think that, so Rosalie innocently reminded Michael that he had mentioned that Morgan and Kiki were good friends.

Michael admitted that it was true, so it wouldn't bother him if Morgan and Kiki were actually together. Rosalie was impressed by Michael's trust, but she wondered if Michael would feel different if he knew that Morgan and Kiki had been keeping a secret from him. Michael's brow furrowed with concern as he asked what Rosalie was talking about, so Rosalie claimed that she had overheard Kiki thank Morgan for keeping a secret from Michael. According to Rosalie, she had no idea what the secret was about but she was careful to make it appear that Kiki trusted Morgan over Michael.

Moments later, Kiki arrived home. She was surprised when she saw Rosalie, but warmly greeted both Michael and Rosalie before asking why they were there. Michael cut to the chase by confronting Kiki about the secret that Rosalie had overheard Kiki talking to Morgan about. Kiki glared at Rosalie as she asked if Rosalie made a habit of eavesdropping. Rosalie smirked as she suggested that Kiki not discuss private business in public places where anyone could accidentally overhear. Frustrated, Kiki admitted that she had been keeping something important from Michael.

Rosalie was stunned when Kiki claimed that Kiki had been trying to arrange a surprise party to celebrate Michael and Kiki's one-year anniversary. Rosalie knew that Kiki was lying, but she couldn't confront Kiki without exposing her own duplicity. Rosalie decided to retreat, so she apologized for the misunderstanding then quickly left. Afterwards, Kiki admitted that she hadn't believed Rosalie's "fake" apology nor did Rosalie's "bitch face" escape Kiki's notice.

Kiki was certain that Rosalie had been trying to start trouble, but Michael pointed out that it didn't matter because there was nothing wrong going on. Kiki smiled awkwardly then changed the subject by revealing that Carly had invited them to Franco's birthday party. Michael didn't want to attend but agreed to go because he knew that Kiki cared about Franco.

In Franco's art room at the hospital, Franco was all smiles as he confessed to Nina that he'd had a great morning thanks to Carly. Franco sang Carly's praises then expressed regret for doubting Carly's fidelity. Nina became fed up when Franco called himself an idiot for not trusting Carly, so she told him that she had something to tell him that he likely wouldn't want to hear. Franco suggested that Nina keep it to herself if she was concerned about his reaction because he didn't want a repeat of what happened when she told him about Sonny and Carly's kiss.

Nina was shocked when Franco confided that, in hindsight, he wished that Nina hadn't told him about the kiss because Nina had completely misread the situation, which had clouded Franco's judgment and had made him wrongly distrust Carly. Nina carefully reminded Franco that even Scott had seemed confused by Bobbie's story about the night Franco had suspected Carly had spent the evening with Sonny. Franco dismissed it as unimportant, but Nina continued to point out the warning signs.

Franco sensed that Nina wanted to tell him something, so he asked her what she was trying to get at. Nina reluctantly revealed that Rosalie had overheard Kiki tell Morgan that Carly had slept with Sonny. Franco tensed but then quickly dismissed the possibility that Carly had been unfaithful with Sonny. Franco insisted that it wasn't possible and flatly refused to believe Nina, but Nina assured him that it was true. Nina explained that she had told him because he was her friend, and she had been in his shoes once.

Franco remained in denial, so Nina urged him to talk to Kiki. Franco refused to question Kiki because he didn't want to be a victim of his own paranoia. He demanded that Nina drop it because everything was great between Franco and Carly -- so much so that Carly had decided to throw him a birthday party. Surprised, Nina happily wished her friend a happy birthday. Franco smiled, but it was brittle as he invited her to his party. Nina regretfully declined because she had plans to make a baby with Silas.

Nina sensed Franco's underlying anger, so she let him know that he could talk to her if he needed to. Franco snapped that everything was fine then left.

A short time later, Rosalie stormed into the art room then threw a tantrum as she knocked a painting off an easel. Nina wondered what had happened, so Rosalie explained that she had caught Kiki in a lie. Rosalie quickly filled Nina in about Rosalie's attempt to drive a wedge between Michael and Kiki then Kiki's lie to cover up the secret about Sonny and Carly's liaison. Nina confessed that she had told Franco about the affair, but Franco had refused to believe Nina. However, Nina was certain that deep down inside, Franco knew that it was true.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny invited Carly to leave with him, so they could plan a homecoming party for Dante and Lulu. Carly refused because she intended to host a birthday dinner for Franco later that evening. Sonny didn't care until Carly gently reminded Sonny that it was Jason's birthday too. Sonny grew somber as he and Carly reminisced about their dear friend who had been gone from their lives for two years. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she talked about how much she missed Jason, so Sonny hugged her.

After Carly pulled out of the embrace, Sonny quietly reminded her that they belonged together. Carly refused to argue with Sonny, but she insisted that their relationships always ended in disaster and pain. Carly loved Sonny too much to hurt him like that again, so she begged him to let it go. Carly claimed that she didn't want to jeopardize what she had with Franco because things were good between them. Sonny reached up to gently caress the side of Carly's face, unaware that Franco had entered the restaurant and saw them.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava was about to take one of the pills that Sabrina had dropped off until a commotion at the door snagged Ava's attention. Moments later, Fritz entered to announce that someone had asked to see Ava. Fritz suspected that Sonny had sent the man, so Ava ordered Fritz to send the visitor in.

After Fritz left, Ava confessed that she was curious to see who Sonny had sent. She was stunned when Fritz returned with Morgan. After Ava dismissed Fritz, Morgan remarked about Ava's tight security. Ava confessed that a girl couldn't be too careful, but Morgan suspected that Ava's "League of Goombahs" was on the lookout for Sonny. Ava reminded Morgan that she and her guards had good reason to worry about Sonny.

Morgan tried to find out what Ava was holding over his father's head, but Ava insisted that she didn't want to burden Morgan with the knowledge. Morgan realized that it had to be bad, but Ava clarified that it was "complicated." As Morgan and Ava talked about Sonny, Morgan realized that there had never been anything romantic between his father and Ava. Ava regretted that her "single unguarded moment" with Sonny had led Morgan to believe otherwise. However, she was curious if knowing the truth had made Morgan open to considering reconciliation with her.

Morgan confessed that he and Ava couldn't go back, but he hoped to amicably move forward for the sake of the baby, provided that the baby was his. Morgan implored Ava to consider having a paternity test, but Ava gently explained that she refused to risk endangering the baby, especially after the scare she'd had the previous evening. Concerned, Morgan asked Ava what she was talking about, so she told him about her trip to the hospital. Ava assured Morgan that the baby was fine and that she had been given medication, but she was reluctant to take any chances by having a paternity test.

Morgan agreed with Ava's decision not to take the test, so she reminded Morgan that the baby would be a part of his family regardless if Morgan was the father. She hoped that her mistake wouldn't make Morgan stop loving the baby the way that Morgan had stopped loving her. Morgan surprised Ava by reaching out to gently stroke her belly.

Later, Ava admitted that it had been good to see Morgan. Morgan told Ava to take care of herself and the baby then left.

In an alley near the Jerome apartment building, Shawn, Max, and another man prepared to kidnap Ava, so they checked their guns to make certain that they were loaded and ready. "One way or another, Ava's gonna get what's coming to her," Shawn said. Max warned Shawn and the other man that they needed to be prepared because even though Ava was pregnant, she wasn't a slouch, especially when cornered.

Shawn assured Max and the other man that there wouldn't be any surprises because they had someone working on the inside. Moments later, Shawn received a text message alerting him that Morgan was with Ava. Shawn decided to wait until Morgan left before they made their move. Later, Shawn received a text message from Fritz that Morgan had left Ava's apartment, so Shawn announced that it was time to make their move.

Meanwhile, Ava prepared to take the prescription pill because she was determined to protect her baby from harm. Ava smiled as she confided that she was hopeful because Morgan appeared to be softening.

In the chapel at the hospital, Sabrina lit a candle for her son then spoke to Gabriel. She hoped that he didn't think that she had forgotten him, but she confessed that she had been busy working hard to make certain that the person who had taken him from Sabrina got what "she" deserved. Sabrina looked at the prescription bottle in her hand as she explained that she had put a plan into motion then vowed that Ava would soon feel the same pain that Sabrina had felt.

Sabrina recalled that the attending physician had looked for Ava the previous evening to give Ava a prescription to help with the cramps. Sabrina had offered to pass the medication along to Ava because Ava had already left, so the doctor had handed Sabrina the prescription. Later, Sabrina had persuaded a pharmacist to fill the prescription as well as another prescription for Misoprostol, a medication used to start labor. After the pharmacist had handed the medications to Sabrina, she had tossed out the pills the doctor had prescribed and replaced them with Misoprostol, which she had given to Ava.

Sabrina insisted that Ava deserved what would happen for taking away Sabrina's baby. "Now, I'll take away hers," Sabrina said with malice. Sabrina took pleasure in knowing that it would take only a single dose before Ava suffered the same loss that Sabrina had. Sabrina lit a candle for Ava's baby.

"I'm sorry it's come to this," Sabrina said as she watched the flame flutter. She insisted that she didn't want to sacrifice Ava's baby, make it feel pain, or deny it a mother's love because it was as innocent as Gabriel had been, but Sabrina felt that it was necessary because Gabriel deserved retribution. Sabrina blew out the candle she had lit for Ava's baby then marched out of the church.

. . .

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