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Friday, August 22, 2014

At the hospital, Michael carried a large vase filled with bright colorful flowers that had been sent to Alice from David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson. Kiki was disappointed that Alice couldn't keep the flowers, but Michael explained that it had been necessary to remove the flowers from Alice's hospital room to lower the risk of infection. Franco noticed the flowers as Michael set the vase down at the nurses' station, so he asked if he could have the floral arrangement for Carly. Michael suspected that Franco had upset his mother, but Franco insisted that he merely wanted to give Carly a token of affection. Michael pointed out that it wasn't much of a gift to give a woman flowers that had been intended for someone else.

Annoyed, Franco blurted out that Sonny was the one who had done something wrong. Moments later, Morgan walked up, so Franco revealed that Sonny had kissed Carly but Carly had pushed Sonny away because she wasn't interested in Sonny. Michael and Morgan smirked because Sonny and Carly had married each other four separate times. Kiki was confident that Sonny would respect Carly's relationship with Franco, but Morgan disagreed because Sonny disliked Franco. Morgan added that Sonny's love for Morgan hadn't stopped Sonny from sleeping with Ava.

Franco grumbled that Carly and Ava were completely different "species" in part because Ava was manipulative. Franco was certain it would turn everyone's stomach if they knew what Franco knew about Ava, so Kiki asked what Franco was talking about. Realizing he had said too much, Franco quickly backtracked by claiming that he had simply meant that Carly would never cheat on Franco with Sonny. Morgan snorted because he had once thought the same thing about Ava.

After Franco and Morgan left, Michael apologized to Kiki for trading words with Franco. Kiki conceded that it had been tacky of Franco to take the flowers but she suspected that Franco always said and did the wrong thing around Michael and Morgan because Franco felt insecure around Carly's sons. Michael admitted that Carly dumping Franco to go back to Sonny would be the perfect solution, but Kiki doubted that Carly was interested in getting involved with Sonny when Ava might be having his child.

At Corinthos Coffee, Carly explained that had stopped by to talk to Sonny, but Sonny thought that it was just an excuse to see him since Carly could have easily called him on the phone. Carly's temper flared. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Carly demanded as she glared at him. She reminded Sonny that she had resisted him for years then added that she had wanted to tell him to his face that they would not have a repeat of the previous evening.

Sonny chuckled, but Carly warned Sonny that Franco would go straight to Michael with the truth about A.J. if Franco discovered that she and Sonny had slept together. Sonny conceded that he didn't want that to happen, so he suggested that he and Carly be more careful next time. Carly growled that there wouldn't be a next time, but Sonny merely smiled because he was confident that Carly would soon realize that she had been wrong about Franco. Carly was startled when Sonny suddenly kissed her, so she briefly gave into the passion until she gathered the strength to push Sonny away before things went too far.

Sonny was satisfied that he had proven that he and Carly hadn't had a one-night stand the previous evening, so he urged Carly to get rid of Franco. Carly immediately suspected that Sonny had intentionally seduced her to get Franco out of her life, but Sonny assured her that it was merely an added bonus. Furious, Carly informed him that she intended to stay with Franco because she loved him, but Sonny argued that the only person she was fighting was herself.

At the hospital, Rosalie closed the door to an examination room as Nina paced back and forth. Rosalie urged Nina to return to the wheelchair before someone saw Nina, but Nina was too upset to sit because Silas was alone with Sam in the apartment that Nina shared with Silas. Nina was also livid that Ava was once again pregnant. Rosalie pointed out that people get pregnant all of the time, but Nina disagreed because Nina didn't have a child.

Nina conceded that she had once been pregnant but she had lost the baby because of her mother. Nina had no idea if her child had been a boy or a girl but she was certain that her child would have ripped Silas out of Ava's arms. Nina ranted about the injustice of what she had suffered, so Rosalie wondered if Ava was pregnant with Silas' child. Nina accused Rosalie of being an idiot then explained that Ava had slept with a mobster and the mobster's son, so Ava is uncertain who the father was.

Rosalie suddenly realized that she knew the mobster's son, but Nina doubted that anyone in the Corinthos family would notice Rosalie. Rosalie explained that she had met Morgan in the park and that Morgan had opened up to her about his pregnant ex-girlfriend. Nina ranted that it had been unfair that Ava had been able to raise Silas' child, while Nina had lingered in a coma alone and empty. Nina lamented that even Sam had had a child and then complained that she had been asked to leave the apartment so Silas and Sam could speak privately.

Rosalie assured Nina that Silas and Sam would not rekindle things then promised Nina that Nina would get everything Nina deserved. Nina cheered up and hugged her nurse with gratitude. Nina decided to focus and work hard so she could have a baby soon. "Assuming you can get pregnant," Rosalie quietly added. Nina bristled as she demanded to know what Rosalie had meant by that, so Rosalie gently reminded Nina that Nina had spent a long time in a coma and had had a miscarriage.

Rosalie explained that she simply didn't want Nina to be disappointed, but Nina assured Rosalie that it wouldn't be a problem because Nina intended to have a baby one way or another. Rosalie was shocked that Nina would cheat on the man she loved, but Nina confessed that she both loved and hated Silas with a passion because he had betrayed her. However, Nina added that there other ways to get a baby without cheating on Silas.

In Silas' apartment, Sam powered up Rafe's cell phone. Silas and Sam were touched when they noticed that Rafe's cell phone wallpaper was a picture that had been taken of Silas and Sam at Christmastime. Sam realized that she and Silas had been the closest thing to parents that Rafe had had. Silas was upset that someone had cruelly used his nephew, so he wanted to find the person responsible for everything that had happened. Sam scrolled through the call log and quickly noticed several unfamiliar phone numbers including one that had appeared under the letter "D."

Silas suspected that the number might have been Rafe's dealer, so Sam agreed to pass it along to the police to have it checked. Sam saw an incoming call that had lasted twenty minutes prior to Patrick's crash; however, the call log had only displayed the call but not the number. Silas was curious if it was possible to trace the call, so Sam offered to contact Spinelli but she warned Silas that it would be a long shot. Silas questioned Sam's reasons for investigating Rafe's claims when she admitted that she wanted to give Patrick answers.

Sam assured Silas that she wanted to know who had used Rafe. Silas believed her but he confessed that he knew Sam had spent a lot of time with Patrick in recent weeks. Sam pointed out that Silas had spent more time with Nina, which quickly led to a talk about the night Sam had walked in on Silas and Nina kissing. Silas admitted that he didn't have an explanation for that night, but Sam questioned why Nina had been possessive of Silas when Sam had asked to speak to him privately.

Sam was curious if Silas and Nina were living together as husband and wife, but Silas revealed that he slept on the sofa. Sam smiled awkwardly then asked if she could hold onto Rafe's cell phone. Silas agreed, so Sam thanked him for everything then left. "Take of yourself," Silas quietly said as the door closed then returned to the box of Rafe's things. Moments later, Silas was startled when he found a business card from the Crichton-Clark facility tucked into a pocket among Rafe's things.

At the Drake residence, Sabrina was stunned that someone would target Patrick and Sabrina. Patrick assured Sabrina that Sam would work hard to find out who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car the night of their crash, so Sabrina offered to help Patrick pay for Sam's services. Patrick declined because Sam had agreed to do investigate the accident for free. Sabrina was impressed that Sam was such a good friend, but Patrick's smile faded because Sam had been a better friend to him than he had been to Sam.

Sabrina promised that Patrick could trust her if he needed to talk. Patrick was reluctant to open up, but Sabrina assured him that whatever he had to say would stay between them. Patrick believed her, so he confessed that Robin had left town to save Jason Morgan. Sabrina was shocked as Patrick told her about his encounter with Robin a few weeks earlier when Robin had revealed that Jason had ultimately died while under Robin's care.

Sabrina was curious why Robin hadn't returned with Patrick if Jason had died, but Patrick admitted that he had no idea. However, he had decided to file for divorce. Sabrina felt bad for Patrick, but he assured her that he had made peace with the end of his marriage. However, Patrick remained conflicted about keeping Sam in the dark about Jason.

Sabrina warned Patrick that it would only cause Sam unnecessary anguish and regret for failing to find and possibly save Jason. Patrick agreed but he was haunted by his decision not to tell Sam when Robin had first left town.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Sam. Patrick invited Sam inside where Sabrina greeted her. Sabrina revealed that Patrick had filled her in about accident investigation, so Sam reluctantly revealed that a search of Rafe's cell phone hadn't yielded anything useful.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava entered the living room. Julian apologized for disturbing her rest, but she confessed that she hadn't slept a wink. Julian wondered if it had something to do with the baby, but Ava shook her head then revealed that Luke had ordered her to kill Michael Corinthos because Michael had ruined Luke's plans to infiltrate ELQ. Ava insisted that she couldn't kill Michael because of Kiki, but Julian had little sympathy for his sister predicament because he had warned Ava not to tangle with the boss.

Ava conceded that Julian had been right, but she was desperate to find a way to handle Luke. Julian warned Ava that it wasn't possible. He reminded Ava that their boss had sent a hit man after Lucas when Julian had tried to leave the organization and then had sent Mickey Diamond to burn down Alexis' home. Ava admitted that it didn't make sense that a man like Luke would to target his own nephew and strike out at Alexis, a longstanding close friend. She was curious how a person changed that much, so Julian explained that Luke had never changed.

Ava was shocked when Julian confided that the real Luke Spencer was locked up at the Miscavige Institute and that an imposter had taken Luke's place. Ave wondered who the imposter really was, but Julian admitted that he had no idea. Julian explained that he had met the man in the witness protection program and that the man had had several aliases. Julian told her about his business arrangement with their boss to rebuild the Jerome organization.

Julian conceded that the imposter had been an ideal silent partner for many years but everything had changed when the man had revealed his true colors. Julian insisted that their boss was a dangerous sociopath with ice in his veins so it would be a mistake to cross the man. Julian appreciated that Ava didn't want to hurt Kiki but Julian warned Ava that Kiki would pay with her life if Ava failed to follow the imposter's orders.

After Julian left, Ava called Kiki to invite Kiki and Michael over for dinner.

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