"Kevin" has an unusual gift for Ava
Friday, February 15, 2019
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Friday, February 15, 2019

Jordan looked lovingly at the necklace Curtis had just given her, but she hoped he hadn't broken the bank on it. He assured her that "business is booming," and she related that that was what happened with "a city on edge." Curtis wondered if she still felt like Franco was innocent and offered to be her "sounding board." He asked if her plan for outing the real killer was lawful. "Not strictly," she replied with a cringe, but she wanted the real killer to get "overconfident" when Franco took the fall for the murders. Curtis' phone went off, and he had to leave to check on Lulu.

Elizabeth and Franco kissed through the bars of his cell. Cliff cleared his throat, and Drew suggested that they save it for the honeymoon. Franco cracked that he was looking forward to their conjugal visits. Elizabeth and Drew reassured Franco that the police would soon find that he was innocent. Franco didn't want Elizabeth associated with him at all and figured that no one would tell that they were married. "I will," Elizabeth replied, promising that he would never be alone again.

As Elizabeth kissed Franco, Jordan entered and lightly announced, "Sorry, marrying hours are over." Elizabeth promised to see Franco at his arraignment, and she and Drew left. Jordan dismissed Cliff so that she could talk to Franco alone. Franco didn't think it was in his best interest to talk to her, but she told him that she had a wedding gift. She handed him an envelope through the bars, and he looked at the pictures inside. He instantly got upset and demanded to know why she'd shown him the pictures.

Franco continued that he no longer had it in him to kill anyone, and he couldn't understand how someone could do that to "my Kiki." Jordan said that someone without a soul had done it, but she knew that he had one. He swore that he hadn't committed the crimes, and Jordan agreed that he wasn't the kind of killer she was looking for. He urgently questioned when she was going to let him go, but she informed him that he would be staying. She wondered what he'd be willing to do to prove his innocence. "Anything -- whatever it takes," he replied. "Here's what you're gonna do," she started.

At the Floating Rib, Drew and Elizabeth toasted to Elizabeth and Franco, and Drew wished them many happy years together. As she admired her rings, Drew thought it had to take a lot of energy and willpower to stand by Franco. However, she didn't think it was hard, as she trusted him. "Let's go. I've got a battle to plan," she told him.

At the hospital, Laura helped Lulu into her coat as she insisted on Lulu having a guard watch over Lulu's house. Lulu didn't think she needed one because Franco was in custody, but Laura insisted. "Never fear, Spencer's here," Spencer announced as he entered the room. He handed Laura and Lulu each a gift bag as they wondered why he wasn't in school. He insisted that he was on holiday because "the French value leisure."

Spencer wanted to take Laura's mind off of "that scoundrel" Kevin for the holiday. Lulu informed him that "Kevin" had helped her through a tough time, but Spencer shot back that that didn't excuse his treatment of Laura. Curtis arrived, and Laura took the opportunity to take care of something. When she was gone, Spencer wondered how "that election mess" had turned out. Curtis replied that it wasn't a priority, but he promised that Jordan would get to the bottom of it.

An unconscious Sonny and Carly sat tied to each other in the middle of their living room, which was in shambles. Carly woke up, and "Kevin" ripped the tape off of her mouth. She immediately asked about Sonny and demanded that "Kevin" not hurt him. "Kevin" warned her to be nice, or he would make her watch, as Sonny was first "on the chopping block." Ava entered and wondered what was going on. Carly implored her to call the police, and "Kevin" promptly replaced the tape over her mouth.

"Kevin" explained to Ava that it was his gift to her, and he showed her a collection of knives. She ran her hands over the knives and picked one up. "Carly, how about a face-lift?" she asked. "Kevin" wished his "kindred spirit" a happy Valentine's Day, and they shared a kiss. Just then, "Kevin" was snapped out of his daydream when Ava entered his office. She observed that he'd looked "blissful" and wondered what he'd been thinking about. He answered that he was thinking about "making your dreams come true."

"Kevin" wondered what Ava wanted the most for their first Valentine's Day, and he promised to get it for her, no matter the cost. She sadly answered that she wanted to make things right with Kiki, and he vowed to ease her grief. He kissed her passionately, and he swiped the things off of his desk. A short while later, the two finished getting dressed, and he figured he should have "saved it for later." She answered that there were "lots of laters and only one now." They shared a kiss as Laura entered.

When "Kevin" saw Laura, Ava offered to give them a minute. "Kevin" took the opportunity to give Ava another passionate kiss, and she left. "Really?" Laura asked. She thought that he was "so unlike" himself, but he described himself as a new man. She was there to inform him that Lulu was being discharged and to thank him for his help. He hoped that Franco's reckoning was swift so that everyone could move on. "Just like you and I need to," he added.

Laura assured "Kevin" that she'd asked Alexis to rush the paperwork. He related that they should address the prenuptial agreement. He wondered if a confused Laura hadn't talked about it with Alexis, and Laura claimed that she hadn't had time to talk to Alexis recently. As he turned a picture of Ava toward Laura, he told her that he wanted to iron out all the details, as he wanted no uncertainty between them. She thought it was best that they hash things out with their lawyers present, and she left. Outside the office, she left an urgent message for Alexis to call her.

Ava returned and asked "Kevin" if Laura was dragging her feet with the divorce, but he replied that they just needed to sort out the prenuptial agreement. Ava was shocked that Laura hadn't vetoed a prenup. "Kevin" informed Ava that he'd heard of a patient in "dire straits," so he apologized for a "slight delay" in their plans. He kissed her, and she left. "Kevin" called the nurse at Ferncliff and told her that he needed to "drop in on my special patient," and he added that he was on his way. "Kevin" left his office and walked through the hospital to leave, and Laura followed him at a sizable distance.

Curtis entered Lulu's room with her discharge papers and said that she was good to go. Just then, Lulu's phone went off, and she told Curtis and Spencer that Laura had texted her that "something came up."

Carly informed Sonny that she'd taken two pregnancy tests that morning, and they'd both been positive. Sonny had thought that she was on the birth control pill, but she admitted that she'd thought she'd already reached the age where she could no longer get pregnant. She hadn't seen a doctor yet, but she assumed that the baby had been conceived on their New Year's Eve trip to the city. Sonny remembered how Carly's health had been in jeopardy during her pregnancy with Josslyn, and he tearfully said that he didn't want her to die.

Sonny continued by speculating on what would happen with Josslyn and Avery without Carly, but she told him that she needed to talk to a doctor first. She thought that it seemed like he didn't want the baby, but he asked, "Do we really wanna start over again?" She conceded that they knew how Sonny's business had affected their children, but Sonny feared that another child would remind her of Morgan and make the grief return.

Carly replied that, as much as she missed Morgan and as hard as grieving was, she wouldn't give up one moment of having Morgan. She was glad they hadn't known how Morgan's story would end when they'd had him, but she related that they also didn't know how the baby's life would turn out. She stated that she wanted to have the baby. Sonny said that they should see the doctor first and see how big of a risk the pregnancy would be. She agreed, and the two embraced.

At Metro Court, Maxie watched Valentin "romancing" Nina and was disgusted that he had "a deep, dark secret that could break her heart." Peter told her that they needed more facts, but Maxie assumed that the secret was about Sasha. She thought she knew, but she hadn't wanted to say it out loud. She divulged that there was a chance that Sasha wasn't actually Nina's daughter.

Maxie continued that DNA tests could be rigged, and Valentin could have provided Sasha with a DNA sample to give to Curtis. She dreaded the fact that that meant Sasha was in on the secret, which would break Nina's heart "all over again." However, Maxie conceded that she was known to get carried away. Peter told her that they wouldn't know anything for certain. "Unless we run a DNA test of our own, and I know how to make that happen," Maxie plotted.

A few tables away, Valentin suggested that he and Nina start planning their wedding, but Nina was thinking about having a long engagement. He'd gotten the impression that she wanted to get married right away, and she confirmed it, but she wanted people to get used to the idea of them being married again. She admitted that Sasha was being overprotective of her. Valentin assured her that they could take their time and "enjoy the journey," because he just wanted to make her happy.

At the Floating Rib, Liesl sang on stage as Sasha arrived and sat next to Griffin at the bar. When Liesl was done singing, she approached the two and warned Griffin about Sasha, if Sasha was anything like Nina. She told them about her new job at the Invader and related that Sasha might want to know about her family's medical history.

When Liesl was gone, Griffin joked that Sasha probably hadn't counted on having a "crazy aunt." Just then, Sasha's phone went off, and she answered it to Maxie. Maxie wanted to treat Sasha to a "mani-pedi" the next day, and Sasha agreed. When Maxie hung up the phone, she told Peter, "One DNA sample coming up!"

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• Anna thinks Finn always knows the right thing to say.

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