Friday, April 18, 2014

At Wyndemere, Spencer left another urgent message for Sonny. He couldn't understand why his uncle hadn't answered the phone or responded to any of Spencer's previous messages. After Spencer ended the call, the chauffer appeared in the doorway to remind Spencer that it was time for school. Spencer insisted that they make a stop on the way because it was imperative that Spencer warn Sonny that Luke was out to get Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny opened his door to fetch the morning paper. A.J. held the newspaper up to show Sonny the front-page story about Carlos' arrest and smiled because A.J. and Sonny both knew that Sonny, not Carlos, had killed A.J. A.J. then reminded Sonny that it was the day of A.J.'s funeral, prompting A.J. to wonder if Sonny intended to dance on A.J.'s grave. "Leave me the hell alone," Sonny barked at A.J., but he cringed when he realized that Olivia stood in the doorway.

Hurt, Olivia held up her hands to assure Sonny that she had gotten the message loud and clear the previous evening. Sonny immediately apologized and then asked if they could talk about what had happened, but Olivia made it clear that she was only there to pick up a few things. She assured Sonny that she loved him, but she felt that he hadn't given her any choice in the matter, so she intended to stay at her apartment for a few days. Sonny tried to get Olivia to talk thing out, but she tearfully insisted that she needed a break.

After Olivia went to the bedroom to pack, A.J. snickered that it served Sonny right. "This is on you," Sonny growled. Sonny explained that A.J. had killed Connie and then had attacked Ava, so Sonny had been forced to take action. A.J. suggested that Sonny had punished the wrong person because A.J. had been cleared of Connie's murder.

Moments later, Olivia returned. Sonny made another attempt to work things out, but Olivia didn't want to stay when Sonny refused to open up to her about what was really eating at him. Sonny's voice cracked with emotion as he explained that he couldn't talk to her about it, so Olivia told him to call her when he was ready to be honest and then left.

A short time later, Spencer rang the doorbell and then banged on the door, demanding to talk to Uncle Sonny.

Inside, A.J. asked if Sonny intended to answer the door. Sonny heard the knocking, but he refused to go to the door because A.J. had put the thought that it might be Michael into Sonny's head. A.J. goaded Sonny about Michael until Sonny shouted for A.J. to go away.

Outside, Spencer took a step back when he heard Sonny shout, "Go away." The chauffer advised Spencer that perhaps they should return at a more convenient time, but Spencer remained determined to help his uncle, so he decided to make another stop.

Meanwhile, A.J. wondered who would save Sonny from himself. A.J. conceded that Ava had been "quite the little ghost buster" the previous evening, but Sonny couldn't rely on Ava to help Sonny. A.J. then switched gears to ask if Sonny intended to attend A.J.'s funeral. A.J. looked forward to it because it would be the only time when everyone would be forced to say something nice about A.J. A.J. then began to talk about the eulogy and how Michael would no doubt vow justice for A.J.

However, A.J. warned Sonny that Michael would be blaming an innocent man, so Sonny would have to live with the guilt of knowing that Sonny had allowed Michael to believe a lie. A.J. took satisfaction in knowing that the guilt would ultimately eat away at Sonny and that Sonny would drive away everyone that Sonny loved.

At Silas' apartment, Kiki wrapped up a phone call with Michael with a promise that she would see him at the funeral and then answered a knock at the door. She was stunned when Luke pushed off from the doorframe, offering her a bag of doughnuts as he entered the apartment. Kiki became alarmed when Luke leered at her as she stood in the living room, wearing a tank top and underwear, so she took a step back and warned Luke that her father and cousin were home. Luke knew that it was a lie because he had waited for Silas and Rafe to leave, so he slammed the door shut and advanced on Kiki.

Kiki grabbed her phone to call the police, but Luke snatched the phone out of her hand and then tossed it away. Terrified, Kiki ordered Luke to stay away from her, so he assured her that he wouldn't touch her; he simply wanted to know why she had told Tracy about the pass that he had made at Kiki. Kiki pointed out that he had done it twice, but Luke pointed out that it was supposed to have been their little secret. Kiki informed Luke that Tracy had approached her about the incident because Tracy had been under the impression that Kiki had made an advance at Luke, so Kiki had decided to set the record straight.

Luke wondered if Kiki had done it because she had wanted Tracy to know the truth or if it had been an attempt for Kiki to get between Tracy and Luke because Kiki wanted Luke for herself. Disgusted, Kiki backed away, but Luke grabbed her wrists. Kiki panicked and swiftly kicked Luke in the groin several times until he doubled over and fell to the ground. She threw open the door and ordered him to get out and then slammed the door shut and locked it when he stumbled into the hallway.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy looked at the framed photographs of her beloved family members who had passed away. Ned entered the parlor and asked if she was okay. "Why wouldn't I be?" Tracy asked, but Ned saw through the bravado and reminded her that they were preparing to bury yet another Quartermaine. Ned was sad because he realized that there would never be an opportunity to make things right with A.J.

Tracy admitted that she had been thinking of her brother, Alan, because Alan had wanted so much for A.J., but none of the dreams had ever been realized because A.J. had blown every opportunity. Ned suggested that his mother could take comfort in knowing that the police might have arrested A.J.'s killer. He showed her the newspaper with Carlos' photograph as he explained that Carlos had been the intruder that Tracy had bashed over the head.

Tracy looked at the picture but confessed that she wouldn't have recognized the man because the intruder had worn a mask. She recounted the attempt on A.J.'s life and how she and Luke had foiled the intruder's plans. Tracy was quick to add that Luke had chased after the masked man without any thought to Luke's own safety and that it had been a valiant effort on Luke's behalf. "Valiant Luke," Ned muttered as he joined his mother on the sofa. Tracy warned Ned not to start in on Luke, but Ned admitted that it was too late.

Ned showed his mother the prenuptial agreement that he'd had an attorney draw up, but Tracy informed Ned that she had decided that she didn't want Luke to sign one. Stunned, Ned questioned why his mother would risk the family's fortune, so Tracy explained that Luke had been deeply hurt by Tracy's lack of trust and had threatened to call off the wedding. Ned insisted that it had been a bluff, but Tracy disagreed and explained that she and Luke had bonded over the past year since she had rescued Luke from Cassadine Island.

Ned berated his mother for risking her life to save Luke with a madmen like Jerry Jacks running around, but Tracy bragged that she, not Anna or Holly or even Laura, had saved Luke. Ned asked if Luke intended to show his gratitude by robbing Tracy blind, but Tracy remained steadfast in her belief that Luke loved her and would marry her even if she were penniless. Ned argued that it would be a mistake for anyone with Tracy's wealth to marry without a prenuptial agreement, but Tracy insisted that she and Luke were marrying for love and trust.

Ned realized that the problem might be Tracy's habit of getting married. "You've been through how many -- seven, eight marriages?" Ned asked. He pointed out that none of her marriages had lasted, so perhaps she shouldn't do it again. Tracy defended her decision to marry Luke, so Ned accused Luke of being a liar and a thief. Luke entered the parlor during Ned's tirade, but Ned refused to apologize for the unkind remarks.

Luke's eyes landed on the prenuptial agreement, so he warned Ned that Ned had wasted money having the document drawn up because Luke and Tracy had agreed that it was not needed. Tracy quietly reminded her son that he should respect her decisions and then left to get ready for the funeral. Ned and Luke decided to put their cards on the table. Ned made it clear that he would not allow Luke to plunder the family's fortune, so Luke warned Ned not to stand in the way of Luke and Tracy's wedding, or Luke would kill Ned.

Ned was taken aback by the threat and suggested that there hadn't been any need for that kind of hyperbole. Luke merely smiled and invited Ned to cross the line to find out how serious Luke had been. Ned conceded that his mother had been right; Luke had changed and then added that Luke had never been a "thug."

Shortly after Ned left, Luke sipped on a cup of coffee as he gazed out over the grounds from the patio doors. "Turn around and face your accuser," Spencer said as Spencer entered the room. Surprised, Luke looked down at the young boy and asked who Spencer was. Spencer reminded Luke that he was Luke's nephew and then revealed that he knew all about what Luke intended to do to Uncle Sonny.

At Metro Court, Ava left Diane another voicemail message and then joined Morgan in the living room of the suite that they had rented. Ava wore a slinky nightgown and robe while Morgan had a towel wrapped around his waist as he sat on the sofa, reading the newspaper. Ava feigned surprise that Carlos had been arrested for breaking into the Quartermaine mansion, but she insisted that Carlos answered to Julian, not her. Morgan wondered if the Jeromes had ordered the attack on A.J. Ava denied any personal knowledge of a hit, but added that she couldn't be certain what her brother had been up to.

Morgan anticipated that Julian's days of wielding power would end sooner rather than later because of the information that Ava had provided to Sonny. Ava hoped that Morgan was right because she confessed that Julian had begun to distrust her. Morgan was surprised because he and Ava had been careful to keep their relationship under wraps, so she assured Morgan that they were not the problem because Julian believed that Ava and Morgan were over.

Morgan confessed that he was uncertain where he and Ava stood with each other because of Ava's confession about Silas. Ava assured Morgan that even though a part of her would always love Silas, it didn't change the love that she felt for Morgan. However, Ava questioned if Morgan was truly over Kiki. Morgan admitted that he would always care for Kiki, but his future was with Ava. Ava smiled as he kissed her, but the kiss was cut short when Kiki called to ask to see Morgan.

Morgan agreed and then ended the call. He admitted that Kiki had sounded upset, so Ava offered to go with him, but Morgan didn't think that it would be a good idea. He promised to call if it was anything serious and then left.

Later, Morgan arrived at Silas' apartment. Kiki had changed for the funeral, but she was upset and told Morgan about Luke's visit and the unsettling encounter. Morgan was furious and wondered if Kiki had told Michael. Kiki insisted that Michael had enough to deal with because of A.J.'s funeral, which was why Kiki had decided not to involve the police. However, she feared seeing Luke at the funeral, so Morgan assured her that he would have a talk with Luke to make certain that Luke stayed away from Kiki.

In Franco's suite, Franco picked up the newspaper and saw the story about Carlos' arrest. He showed Carly the newspaper when she ended her phone call and noted that it appeared that Sonny would get away with murder. Carly smiled because Carlos' involvement confirmed Carly's suspicion that Ava had been far more involved in A.J.'s shooting than Sonny had realized. Carly confessed that she had never believed the claim that A.J. had attacked Ava because Julian had refused to hire A.J.

Carly explained that A.J.'s lack of involvement in the mob had been the only area in which A.J. had been better than Sonny, so she couldn't imagine A.J. giving up the moral high ground to take Sonny down. Franco argued that A.J. had been an alcoholic and that drunks were known to make poor decisions. Carly remained convinced that she was onto something because Carlos had been Ava's "BFF" lately, even though he worked for Julian. Carly pointed out that Carlos had broken into the Quartermaine mansion just hours before Sonny had stumbled onto A.J. attacking Ava.

"There's a connection," Carly insisted, but Franco remained skeptical and suggested that Carly should just be satisfied that she had gotten what she had wanted by getting A.J. out of the way without lifting a finger. Frustrated, Carly explained that she needed to figure out what had really happened because Sonny had shot A.J. Franco couldn't understand why Carly couldn't let it go, so she pointed out that her son, Michael, could be hurt if Michael learned what Sonny had done.

Franco argued that Ava didn't have any reason to want A.J. dead, but Carly countered that they didn't know that for certain. Carly became increasingly annoyed as she and Franco continued to debate whether or not Ava was responsible for A.J.'s death, so she decided to fetch her dress for the funeral and then get ready. Surprised, Franco asked if she was mad at him. Carly confessed that she was frustrated because he had done nothing but argue with her, so he reminded her that she had always enjoyed arguing with him.

Carly explained that she needed someone in her life who respected her instincts. She realized that she could be wrong at times, but she was good at recognizing when someone had an agenda that threatened her family. Franco was curious how Ava's agenda threatened Carly's family, so Carly pointed out that Ava knew a secret that could destroy Carly's family.

Carly reminded Franco that she had shared Sonny's secret with Franco because she had trusted him, but she admitted that it didn't feel as if Franco was on her side because he had treated her as if she was on a crusade against Ava. Carly clarified that Ava was not her target; Carly was desperate to know the truth for the sake of Michael and Sonny. She confirmed that she was mad at Franco and then stormed out.

Later, Carly bumped into Olivia in the hallway outside of Franco's suite. Olivia admitted that she had stopped by to talk to Carly because Olivia was concerned about Sonny. Olivia tearfully explained that she had walked out on Sonny because he was not himself. Olivia revealed that he hadn't been sleeping and was constantly nervous, and she feared that he had stopped taking his medication because of the way that he had blown up at Olivia.

Carly invited Olivia into Franco's suite so they could continue their conversation, but both women were shocked when they saw that Franco had spray-painted his infamous tag, CO77X, all over the suite's walls. Stunned, Carly asked what Franco had done, so he revealed that his "mojo" had returned. Olivia was livid because it would cost thousands to repair the damage to the walls, so she decided to call the police.

Carly objected, but Franco pulled Carly aside to explain that going to jail was part of his plan to get close to Carlos. Carly was deeply touched when she realized that Franco intended to get close to Carlos behind bars to get answers about Ava.

At the police station, Anna was surprised when she saw Dante enter the squad room. Dante explained that there was time before the funeral, so he had stopped by to find out the results of the DNA test on the blood that had been recovered from the vase that Tracy had bashed the intruder with. As if on cue, a lab technician handed the report to Anna.

A short time later, Anna and Dante entered the interrogation room to talk to Carlos. Carlos continued to deny breaking into the Quartermaine mansion and any involvement in A.J.'s murder. Carlos also insisted that the gun recovered from the mansion had been stolen out of his car. Anna accused Carlos of lying because she had a DNA match that proved that Carlos had been the intruder. Carlos didn't believe her, so Dante handed the report to Carlos to read.

Anna and Dante seized the opportunity to advise Carlos to work with the police because they were interested in the Jeromes, not Carlos, and it was clear that the Jeromes had abandoned him. "Not one word, Mr. Rivera," Diane said as she entered the room. Diane explained that she had been out of town, so she had gotten to the police station as soon as she had been able. Diane quickly dismissed Dante and Anna and then waited for them to leave the room.

Afterwards, Diane reminded Carlos that they were protected by attorney/client privilege, so he was free to tell her everything. She promised not to judge him, but she needed the truth. Carlos confessed that he had broken into the Quartermaine mansion and that he had been armed with a gun. Diane was curious why Carlos had wanted to kill A.J., but her phone rang before Carlos could answer Diane's question. It was Ava.

Ava ordered Diane to give Carlos the phone and then leave the room. Diane reluctantly agreed. Once Carlos assured Ava that Diane had left, Ava warned Carlos not to say a word about breaking into the Quartermaine mansion. Carlos explained that it was too late because the police had a DNA link. Carlos apologized, but he admitted that he had to cooperate with the police. Ava warned Carlos that he would be sorry if he told the police anything about her role in Connie's murder and A.J.'s shooting because Sabrina would pay the price.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived at Franco's hotel suite to arrest Franco. Carly thanked Franco for his sacrifice as Franco was led away.

. . .

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