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Anna revealed that Faison had been imprisoned on Spoon Island. Luke tried to escape but encountered the impostor. Patrick and Sam found clues in Larry's safe deposit box. Julian told Alexis that there were two Luke Spencers. Lulu told Tracy that Larry was in league with Jerry Jacks.

In Anna's office, Anna informed Agent Sloane that the legal proceedings against her were unnecessary because Cesar Faison was alive. Liesl accused Anna of lying, but Anna assured both Sloane and Liesl that she could prove it. Liesl was certain that Anna was trying to manipulate the Justice Department agent and add to Liesl's pain by giving Liesl false hope, but Sloane agreed to hear Anna out because he expected her to back up the claims.

Anna revealed that she and Robert had tracked Faison to the stables on Spoon Island after Faison had taken Nikolas and Luke hostage. She conceded that she had wanted to kill Faison after the hostages had been freed because Faison had spent years torturing Anna and persecuting her family. Liesl glared with hatred as Anna admitted that Robert had agreed to kill Faison. However, Anna insisted that they had ultimately spared Faison's life because they hadn't wanted to become murderers like Faison.

Sloane pointed out that Faison hadn't been seen at any of the "super-max" prisons throughout the world because Sloane had checked, so Anna explained that Faison had never left Spoon Island. Liesl immediately accused Anna of lying because Liesl had been to Wyndemere numerous times to visit her daughter who lived there. Anna revealed that no one except Robert and Anna knew that Faison had been imprisoned on the isolated island. Anna offered to take them to Faison, so Sloane and Liesl followed Anna as she left the office.

On Spoon Island, Spencer led Emma to the stables, but Emma was upset that he had persuaded her to skip school. Spencer told her that school was for "townies" like Cameron, but Emma argued that she was a townie too. Spencer strongly disagreed because Emma's father was a brain surgeon, unlike Cameron's mother, "Aunt Elizabeth," who was a "plain old nurse." Emma worried that her father would kill her if he found out that she had ditched school, but Spencer promised that he would take full responsibility by explaining that he had forced her to leave.

Spencer and Emma entered the tack room as Spencer revealed that he had wanted her to see the place where it had all started. He explained that the tack room was his secret private place where he liked to spend time alone, which was why he had sought the solitude of the tack room when she had broken his heart during his father's engagement party. Spencer revealed that while had been reeling from his heartbreak, he had overheard Luke talking to a man about going after Spencer's uncle, Sonny, which had later led to Luke threatening Emma's life.

Spencer began to talk about how much he loved Emma and begged her give him a second chance. Startled, Emma reminded Spencer that she had a boyfriend, Cameron, and that Spencer had a girlfriend. Spencer admitted that his relationship with Josslyn had been a ruse to make Emma jealous, and he once again implored Emma to take him back. However, the door opened before Emma could respond.

Spencer's eyes rounded with shock as Nikolas and Britt entered the room. Nikolas scowled at Spencer, so Spencer immediately tried to lie his way out of being caught skipping school. Nikolas cut Spencer off because Nikolas had talked to the school's attendance office. Spencer quickly took full responsibility, hoping to keep Emma from getting into trouble, but Nikolas insisted that Patrick would need to be told.

Later, Nikolas and Britt returned to the stables after sending the kids back to school with the driver. Britt assured Nikolas that Spencer was a good boy, but Nikolas was worried that one of Spencer's friends might be a bad influence on his son because Spencer hadn't learned the deceitful behavior at home. Britt changed the subject by suggesting that they have fun on her day off then started to kiss Nikolas.

Nikolas and Britt were startled when Anna, Sloane, and Liesl suddenly entered the stables. Liesl smiled at Britt because Liesl wanted Britt to act as witness to what was about to unfold. Sloane explained that Anna had claimed that Faison had been imprisoned in the stables, but Nikolas insisted that it wasn't possible because the stables were busy, so someone would have noticed. Anna explained that there were a lot of hidden rooms throughout the catacombs on the island as she led everyone to the tack room then moved a rug on the floor to reveal a hidden trapdoor.

Nikolas and Sloane immediately grabbed a tool to pry the trapdoor open as a horrified Liesl asked if Anna had left Faison to rot in the underground prison. Anna assured everyone that Robert had arranged for Faison to receive food and water, but Liesl wasn't satisfied because the dark prison had been inhumane and had likely driven Faison insane. Liesl desperately called out to Faison when the trapdoor was opened, but no one answered. Nikolas quickly handed Liesl a flashlight as Liesl stuck her head into the cavern, calling out to Faison.

Moments later, Liesl announced that the underground room was empty as she glared accusingly at Anna.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu informed Larry Ashton that she had questions for him about her father, Luke. Larry claimed that he only knew what he had read in newspapers about Luke, but Lulu didn't believe him. Tracy listened with interest as Lulu questioned if perhaps Larry had crossed paths with Jerry Jacks and Luke in the past, but Larry feigned being outraged at the suggestion that he would lie, and he tried to leave. Lulu remained determined to keep Larry there, so she stopped him by demanding answers to her questions.

Tracy surprised both Larry and Lulu by defending Larry. According to Tracy, Larry was a drunk who had been too foolish to realize that two attractive women inviting him to their room was anything except an obvious trap. Tracy also pointed out that Larry had left Port Charles before Luke and Laura had returned, but Lulu wasn't satisfied, so she showed Larry a picture of Luke. Larry admitted that he had seen Luke before, but in a picture on the nightstand next to his bed.

Tracy was shocked when she realized that Monica had moved Larry into Tracy's bedroom, but Larry pointed out that Tracy didn't live in the mansion. However, he was curious if Tracy had intentionally left the picture in the bedroom, so she reluctantly admitted that she doubted that Monica would exile her indefinitely. Larry recalled Tracy had had an odd expression in the photograph with Luke, but Tracy insisted that she had merely been smiling. "Were you stoned?" Larry asked.

Disgusted, Tracy explained that Larry's remarks were proof that Larry was an idiot. Larry seized the opportunity to leave while Lulu was distracted with Tracy, so Lulu immediately sent Patrick a text message. Meanwhile, Tracy ranted about Larry staying in her bedroom until she noticed that Lulu hadn't been paying attention. Lulu explained that she had to warn Patrick that Larry had left because Larry was in league with Jerry Jacks.

Tracy was stunned when Lulu quickly filled her in about what Patrick and Sam had overheard during Larry's phone call with Jerry. Tracy insisted that it proved that Luke was a victim, but Lulu remained skeptical because Larry's remarks about Luke could have meant that it was a problem that their partner had been exposed. Tracy conceded that Luke had had his faults, but she refused to accept that Luke was in cahoots with Jerry because she loved and believed in Luke.

At Port Charles Savings, Sam assured Patrick that they wouldn't have a problem gaining access to the safe deposit box room, but Patrick worried that Lulu wouldn't be able to keep Larry at the mansion until Patrick and Sam had had a chance to check the contents of Larry's safe deposit box.

A short time later, a bank employee named Vesper accompanied Sam and Patrick into the safe deposit box room. Sam claimed that she and Patrick had recently gotten married, so they were eager to put some special things away for safekeeping. Vesper smiled politely as she asked for Patrick and Sam's identification to verify they had a safe deposit box. Patrick and Sam each handed over drivers' licenses identifying them as Mr. and Mrs. Zackin.

After, Vesper verified everything, she returned their drivers' licenses then left them alone with a safe deposit box. Patrick and Sam quickly retrieved Larry's safe deposit box and opened it with the copy of the key that Sam had made. She and Patrick were surprised when they saw a lockbox inside the safe deposit box. Annoyed, Patrick asked who did that, but Sam focused on trying to open the lockbox.

Moments later, Patrick received a text message from Lulu that Larry had left the mansion. Sam continued to work on the lockbox but failed to open it when she and Patrick heard Vesper returning. Patrick and Sam quickly set things to rights then reached for the door as Vesper, followed by Larry, entered. Larry immediately recognized Patrick.

"Fancy seeing you here," Larry said, but Patrick turned the tables on Larry by remarking that it was odd that Larry already had a safe deposit box at the bank even though Larry had only been in town a few days. Larry smoothly lied, claiming that he had secured the safe deposit box years earlier when he had lived in Port Charles. Patrick pretended to believe him then started to leave, but Larry was curious who Sam was.

Patrick introduced Sam as his wife then quickly hustled Sam away. Patrick and Sam ducked around a corner then waited to see what Larry would do next. Sam feared that Larry might realize that she had tampered with the lockbox.

Meanwhile, Larry opened the safe deposit box, pulled out the lockbox, and keyed in the code to open it. He was pleased when he saw the contents.

Shortly after Larry left, Patrick and Sam approached Vesper to ask to add something that they had forgotten to the safe deposit box. After Vesper left them alone in the room, Patrick and Sam retrieved Larry's safe deposit box. Sam quickly gained access to the lockbox, which contained a microchip and picture of Cesar Faison.

At Miscavige Institute, two orderlies passed a patient's room as one of the orderlies grumbled about working a double shift. Both men agreed that at least most of the patients were too heavily drugged to cause any problems.

In the room them men had passed, Luke appeared to be asleep on a cot as he was confined to a straitjacket. A short time later, an orderly entered the padded room to rouse Luke and give him medication. The orderly left once he was satisfied that Luke had taken the pills.

Luke waited until he was certain that he was alone before spitting out the tablets then stood up to stomp on the pills, grinding them into dust. Luke recalled a man with his face taunting Luke that Luke had been drugged and was helpless. "Not anymore," Luke growled as he struggled to escape the straitjacket. As Luke wiggled and moved around the room, he tried to figure out how long he had been in the institute and if the man that looked exactly like Luke had been a hallucination or real.

Luke became increasingly lucid as recalled the encounter with the Luke impostor. Luke vowed to break free from the prison he had been trapped in to find the man who had been passing himself off as Luke. Luke couldn't figure out why he had been targeted or kept alive, but he was certain that Tracy hadn't been behind it. Luke's belief in Tracy's innocence was confirmed when he recalled the impostor bragging that he had successfully fooled Tracy and intended to do his husbandly duty once the Luke look-alike married Tracy.

Furious, Luke finally managed to shed the straitjacket then threw it on the ground. Next, he checked the lock on the door then returned to the straitjacket to retrieve a piece of the buckle to pick the lock. Luke worked patiently until he unlocked the door, but before he could escape, the Luke impostor suddenly appeared, blocking Luke's exit while wielding a gun.

At the police station's lockup, Julian was surprised that Alexis had stopped by, so she credited Lucas for being persuasive. Alexis warned Julian that if he had hoped that she would legally represent him, then he had wasted his time because she refused to have anything to do with Julian until he could be completely honest with her. Julian assured her that he knew what her conditions were and was ready to meet them.

Alexis pointed out that she had heard the same thing from Julian before, but it had been a lie. Julian conceded that she had a right not to trust him, but he assured her that he meant it. He explained that it had taken him getting thrown into jail again for him to appreciate that he had squandered some things. Julian assured Alexis that he loved her and that his life was richer with her in it, so he was ready to name names because he couldn't imagine his life without Alexis.

Julian admitted that he had met his boss in the stables on the night of Nikolas' engagement party, so Alexis reminded him that he had denied meeting with Luke Spencer in the stables. Julian confessed that he hadn't technically lied, but Alexis was tired of Julian's cryptic words and evasive answers. She demanded to know if it was true that Luke had done all of the horrible things that Julian's boss had been accused of. Julian explained that it wasn't that simple because someone had taken Luke Spencer's place, so the man that everyone believed was Luke Spencer was not really Luke.

. . .

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  • Jordan's boss pays her a visit
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