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Lulu speaks to Charlotte about bullying Aiden
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Friday, December 14, 2018

"Surprise honeymoon at Kelly's!" Curtis announced as he and Jordan stopped in front of the restaurant. Jordan didn't find it funny, and she maintained that they'd go on a real honeymoon as soon as she could solve her case. She felt like she was missing something, but Curtis was confident that Kiki's murderer would be found soon.

Jordan and Curtis peered inside and saw Marcus sitting with Stella. Curtis declared that he owed Marcus some thanks for inspiring Stella to attend their wedding.

Inside, Marcus complained to Stella about Mike going after Yvonne and about Sonny's attitude with the entire thing. He was annoyed at Sonny for encouraging it, and it was difficult for Marcus. Yvonne had no idea who Marcus was. Stella acknowledged that Yvonne had seemed happy, but Marcus wanted to know what to do. Stella believed that Marcus was being "ungenerous" to Yvonne.

Stella explained that Mike and Yvonne had a special bond. Marcus insisted that he wanted to share Yvonne's joy with her as her husband, and she'd been focused on Mike instead. Stella didn't think that Marcus should deny Yvonne's feelings and actions. Curtis and Jordan arrived, and Marcus stood to shake hands with Jordan and to announce that he had to head to the holiday party at Turning Woods.

Curtis walked Marcus out, and Jordan took off her coat and sat down. Stella asked about the investigation, and Jordan admitted that it was going slowly, but she felt she was getting close. Stella was confident that Jordan would be successful, and she rose in order to give Curtis and Jordan some privacy. Jordan thanked her for attending their wedding.

Stella declared that they would take things one day at a time. Jordan admitted that she had previously been looking for Marcus, and she thought that if he could show up, then anything else could happen. Jordan had hoped to find him in order for him to be in Stella's life, but she had learned that he was married and had stopped.

Stella was perturbed, and Jordan explained that she wanted Stella to know all so that, as a family, they were all honest with each other. Jordan apologized for "butting in," and she would understand if Stella didn't forgive her.

Outside, Curtis asked Marcus about Yvonne and admitted that he knew of Marcus' history with Stella. He thought that Marcus should accept Stella's help because she was good at her job. Marcus snapped that Stella had already done plenty.

"Who's hungry?" Curtis asked as he returned to the table. Stella announced that she'd had her fill, but she patted Jordan lightly on her shoulder and smiled. Curtis wondered what he'd missed.

Cameron sat on a bench outside of Kelly's and sent text messages to an unknown person about purchasing some marijuana. Elizabeth interrupted with a phone call and asked her son to head home to babysit for Jake and Aiden. He was reluctant and told her he was participating in extracurricular activities, but he finally acquiesced.

Sonny and Carly were at Turning Woods in order to take part in the holiday party. They saw Mike and Yvonne hanging out and decorating the Christmas tree. Sonny and Carly walked over to give out compliments, but when a Band-Aid was needed for Yvonne's pricked finger, Mike exploded when Sonny offered to get one. "Where's your father?" he shouted loudly at Sonny. He maintained that he was the adult, and he should be the one to take control.

Sonny tried to identify himself, and Carly stepped in to help. Mike was confused at first and stated that he had forgotten that Sonny was his son. Sonny was shaken. Yvonne asked about Sonny, and Mike replied, "He's a good guy." Carly hugged Sonny as the older couple went off in search of the Band-Aid.

Carly explained that she didn't think Mike was even aware of what had happened, but Sonny admitted that he didn't know how to handle things even after reading about them. Carly assured him he wasn't alone.

Shortly after, Carly spotted Mike and Yvonne going through the games, and they returned to the tree. Carly thought they were cute, and Mike felt protective of Yvonne. Sonny agreed that the couple seemed to have a connection.

Mike and Yvonne made their way to the mistletoe, where they stood beneath it. Marcus walked in and saw them there together, standing close to each other and ready for a kiss.

Julian got off of the elevator at the hospital and saw Kim and Drew sitting on a couch. Kim's head was on Drew's shoulder. Julian turned around and got back on the elevator. Shortly after, Kim and Drew asked Elizabeth and Franco if they wanted to share in some pizza.

Elizabeth and Franco needed to get home, and Kim asked for a rain check. Both she and Drew were grateful for the couple's help and support. Franco revealed that their wedding had been postponed due to Kiki's death, and Elizabeth added that they had "stuff" with the kids too. Kim and Drew were sorry to hear about Aiden's plight. Franco declared that he wanted the name of the bully, but Elizabeth was adamant that they follow Willow's advice and the school's strategy.

Franco and Elizabeth left, and Drew suggested that he and Kim order pizza for the staff. Kim was astonished to find a $500 credit on her phone app, and after a phone call, learned that Julian had bought it for her. She found emails in her spam folder about grocery shopping and apartment cleaning that he had also purchased.

Kim felt guilty for neglecting Julian, and Drew urged her to visit Julian in person. Oscar was sleeping, and Drew would keep watch. He jokingly demanded that she return with pizza.

Lulu met with Laura at Charlie's Pub and apologized for running late. She was frazzled but sat down. Laura revealed that she knew that Charlotte had been bullying Aiden. "Charlotte is bullying her cousin?" Lulu asked in disbelief.

Laura admitted that Elizabeth didn't know about Charlotte, but Laura thought that Lulu should know about Aiden. Laura added that the teacher had been trying to settle things privately. Lulu disclosed that she had been trying to get through to Charlotte, but Nina had proven to be an obstacle because she hadn't believed that Charlotte would be a bully. Lulu stated that even Valentin had been on Lulu's side. Lulu jumped up to depart for Wyndemere.

Alexis arrived to take Kristina to a spa for her birthday but Kristina told her she had to work. Alexis was annoyed, as she didn't think that Kristina was paid properly for all of the work she normally had to do. Alexis confided that she'd been talking to Julian recently, and Kristina replied that Julian helping others seemed to help Julian.

Julian returned to the pub and snapped at Kristina rudely about a shaker she'd left standing on the bar. He stormed off. Kristina admitted her birthday was just another day, and every day was a new day to start over. Julian returned to criticize again, and Alexis took exception. She told him to "chill out" and to stop blaming Kristina for everything. Julian fired Kristina. "I feel way chiller," he retorted.

Alexis found Julian working in the alley and advised him that he needed Kristina. Julian admitted that she hadn't really been fired, and he had been feeling "pissed off." He admitted that things hadn't turned out the way he had thought they would. "They rarely do," Alexis retorted as she walked off.

Back inside, Julian announced that Kristina was rehired, and Alexis forced him to agree to a higher wage with an apology. Julian gave in but stated that Kristina would be doing more work. "You're welcome," he said.

Kim found Julian out in the alley, and he rudely told her she could have texted or called him. Kim told him how amazing he was, and she was impressed with how he always looked after her. She wanted to thank him. Inside, Kristina fixed Alexis a seltzer drink, and Alexis looked out the window and saw Julian and Kim hugging.

At Wyndemere, Nina announced that she was all packed and ready to go. She insisted that with Sasha gone, she had no reason to stay. Valentin had several reasons. He stated that Charlotte would miss Nina, and he didn't think she would be as safe from the killer on the loose. Nina replied that Charlotte had known she would leave, and she wasn't concerned about the killer. She considered Wyndemere to be the "least safe place" for her.

Nina admitted that she wasn't afraid of Valentin, but she got distracted when she was near him and didn't make good decisions. She admitted she still loved him, and Valentin claimed he wasn't the same man and had changed. He pleaded with her to stay, and he confessed that he would never stop trying to get her back.

Valentin and Nina were about to kiss when someone knocked on the front door. "Someone's about to die," Valentin declared as he went to open the door. Lulu burst in and ignored his statement that it wasn't a good time. She didn't care. She was there about Charlotte's bullying, and after Nina declared that it was "alleged bullying," Lulu told her off. Nina thought that children should work things out themselves, and the parents of the other student should "toughen" up their kid.

Lulu revealed that Aiden had been the victim of Charlotte's bullying. Valentin was shocked, and Charlotte walked into the room when she heard the name. "What about him?" she asked. The little girl sat down with the adults and wondered why they were all angry at her. Lulu explained that they were upset about her treatment of Aiden, and Charlotte was confused.

Valentin declared that it was wrong to hurt people's feelings, and Nina interrupted with how great Charlotte was. Lulu gave her a dirty look and tried to explain further that some kids had trouble getting along, and Charlotte responded that Aiden was weird. She added that he never listened to her directions, it had been his own fault, and no one liked him.

Lulu continued that it wasn't Charlotte's job to give Aiden directions, and she should expect to treat others as she would want to be treated. She set forth an example with Charlotte in Aiden's place, and Valentin recalled how he had felt when he'd been bullied. It had made him feel bad.

Lulu told Charlotte that she'd been hurting Aiden, and while she didn't have to be friends with him, she had to be respectful. Charlotte grew tearful as Lulu agreed that the little girl was really a good person. She had to show one more person how good she really was.

Later, Nina advised Valentin that she was not leaving Wyndemere after hearing the way that Lulu had spoken to Charlotte. Valentin declared that Charlotte had needed "tough love," but Nina thought that Lulu had gone too far. She had to stay there to protect Charlotte from Lulu.

Cameron arrived home and held a box of cake mix. "To bake or not to bake," he asked himself. He heard a knock at the door and opened it to find Laura who wanted to wait for Elizabeth and Franco. She didn't want to interrupt Cameron or the other boys who were doing homework upstairs. Cameron received a text message from the unknown person asking where he was.

Laura walked into the kitchen and found Cameron, who revealed that he had to bake something for a bake sale for his extracurricular activity. Laura offered to help, and they baked some brownies. Laura asked for advice on Aiden, and Cameron admitted that he'd tried to warn his mother that Aiden would be picked on because he was different and didn't fit in.

Laura thought that Cameron should let Aiden know how great he was, and Cameron agreed. Elizabeth and Franco arrived home, and Elizabeth thanked her son for babysitting. She told him he was released, and he left the house. He said he'd return by ten o'clock. Laura noticed that he'd forgotten the brownies that he'd said he'd needed.

Elizabeth was confused about the bake sale, and Franco began to pick at the brownies. He deemed them great and offered to drop them off at school. Laura called Cameron a great kid. Laura wanted to talk about Aiden, but just then, Lulu and Charlotte showed up at the door.

Cameron bumped into Drew at the hospital and told him he was checking up on Oscar. Drew noted that Oscar was sleeping, but he would tell him that Cameron had been there to see him. Cameron sent a text message to the unknown person to tell him he no longer needed the product, and the deal was off.

On the next General Hospital...

• Chase refuses to be Lulu's "PCPD mole."

• Franco has news for Elizabeth that he knows she won't like.

• Sonny doesn't think that the cops need to be involved.

• Sam receives an email back from "Linda Black."

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