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Sonny reveals news about Margaux’s mother
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Friday, October 19, 2018

Jason and Sonny met at Sonny's place, and Sonny reported that he'd spoken to Drew, who had the power to get Sonny taken away from his loved ones. He thought that Drew had seemed pressured for some reason. Jason declared that Margaux would not take Sonny down.

Jason added that Margaux's vendetta against Sonny made no sense, especially because Sonny had only been 18 years old when he'd been involved with Scully, and Margaux's father had worked for Scully, also. He thought they needed to prove that Marino hadn't been the "sainted victim" that Margaux believed he had been.

Jason revealed that Marino had leased a new office, which had been a big upgrade, and he hadn't appeared to be trying to get loose from the mob like Margaux thought. Sonny thought an alternative could have been that Marino had been working with the cops. Jason agreed that Marino could have been trying to keep up appearances. Sonny stated that Margaux wouldn't believe that Sonny was not the reason for her father's death.

"Once I'm done with her, she'll have to," Sam declared as she walked in. She disclosed that she had done some research on the case at the library. As she pulled some papers out of a large envelope, she revealed that Spinelli had turned the case over to her because he'd been forced to vacation with Ellie. She added that she and Curtis had mutually agreed to take exclusive cases.

Sonny announced that he had to go upstairs to spend some time with Avery. "We're not going anywhere," Jason said. Once Sonny was gone, Jason informed Sam that Sonny wasn't aware of what was going on with Oscar but knew that something was wrong with Drew. Sam revealed that Drew had surprised her by stopping over to see her even though he had expressed a desire to not talk to her. Jason was glad that Sam could help Drew and mentioned that he had visited with a struggling Monica.

Sam couldn't believe that Jason wasn't surprised about Spinelli dumping the case in her lap. She advised Jason that Spinelli only wanted to play matchmaker again. "He believes in us," she said. Jason offered to talk to Spinelli, but Sam didn't think Spinelli would listen. She stated that he had been pushing and acting like a child, and she already had two children. She didn't want Jason to do anything, but she was frustrated. Sam clarified that she and Jason weren't ready to be together.

Sonny returned and asked what Sam and Jason were talking about. Sam spoke about Marino and what she had learned about him. She handed out an old photo of the Marino family, which included a young Margaux. Sonny recognized Marino's wife and wracked his brain. He suddenly recalled that she had been having an affair with Scully and realized that that had been a motive for murder.

Jordan, Curtis, and T.J. sat at a table in Metro Court. Curtis spoke about the decision to have the wedding at the Haunted Star, and everyone was excited. T.J. asked if Stella would be there, and Curtis revealed that she would not. He added that she had accepted the marriage but not respected it, and he wasn't planning on putting his life on hold to wait for her. Jordan and T.J. didn't believe a word.

Jordan mentioned her ill-fated attempt at having dinner with Stella and her suggestion that they start over but revealed it hadn't worked. She wished she could change the past, but she couldn't -- and Stella couldn't get past it. Jordan was sorry for breaking Stella's heart. Curtis and T.J. defended Jordan.

Curtis declared that Stella had been a mother to him and had given up a lot, and he loved her. He also felt he owed her, but her anger and grief had been misplaced. "Life happened," he said. He couldn't recall the last time he'd spoken to her. "It is what it is," Curtis said. He had tried to change Stella's mind, but she wouldn't be at the wedding. T.J. thought he was the only one who had a chance to speak to her and get her to change her mind. He got up from the table.

Peter found Maxie at the bar at Metro Court, waiting for takeout. She had James in her arms, and Peter walked over to fawn over the baby. Peter offered to hold the baby, and they talked about how perfect he was, with all of the statistics that Peter didn't understand. Peter smiled and admitted that he'd missed having a family his entire life.

Peter and Maxie reminisced about the night that Maxie had given birth, and Peter noticed that James looked a lot like Nathan. Suddenly, Maxie noticed something wrong with her baby.

Drew met with Margaux in the Metro Court lobby, and she thought he had reconsidered helping her. Drew told her that the opposite was true and declared that he should have reported her to the cops. He accused her of having stolen property, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice. Margaux replied that it was mere speculation on his part, and he had no proof that she had the flash drive.

Margaux continued that she could also say she'd had no idea what the flash drive had been when she'd found it. Drew asserted that she was also a liar. Margaux talked about her father from memories of her childhood and said that he'd been a good man. She'd heard stories from her mother. Drew countered that Marino had made his choice, but Margaux argued that he'd made a mistake and had wanted out. She wanted Sonny to pay.

Drew stood by an 18-year-old Sonny and suggested that Sonny regretted his past actions. Margaux argued that he had been eager to move up in the organization and to prove himself, and it had worked. She was aware that he would never pay unless the gun was found, and there would be no justice. She needed Drew in order to "nail Sonny to the wall."

Margaux demanded to know why Drew was protecting people like Jason and Sonny, but Drew replied that he was protecting Sam and Danny. Margaux noted that Jason "did things," but Drew told her it wasn't his job to punish anyone. He was sorry about Margaux's father and about the fact that she had been manipulating Drew for months, but he was under no obligation to help her. "How does never knowing who you are benefit you?" Margaux asked.

Drew informed Margaux that if he used the procedure to repossess his memory, he would still lose his last five years. It was not worth it to him, even if Margaux thought it was. Drew stressed that he wasn't about to let go of the current people in his life. Margaux wondered about his childhood and service years. Drew disclosed that he knew who he was, and the life he'd built meant everything to him.

Drew enlightened Margaux that he would not change his mind to help her. She asked what she should do with the flash drive, and Drew didn't care. She decided that she would hold onto it because she was certain he'd want it someday. She turned and got onto the elevator, and once alone, began to cry. "I'm so sorry, Dad," she wept. She flashed back to telling Sonny about her father.

At General Hospital, Michael stood and watched the babies in the nursery. Stella saw him and told him he didn't have to talk. As they linked arms, they agreed the babies were beautiful. Stella reminded him of the conversation they'd had about grief sneaking up, and she admitted that she had found herself in the same trap as he had. She hadn't been able to get rid of her bitterness.

Michael and Stella fussed over the babies. Michael admitted that he hadn't gone to the support group meeting, but Stella thought that as long as he grieved, it didn't matter how it was done. Michael revealed that he frequently went to Jonah's grave and spoke to him and Morgan, and he visited the babies in the nursery often, which helped.

Michael confessed that he thought the best way to take comfort was in moments of peace, and the babies reminded him that there was still joy and love in the world. Sometimes he felt worse. Stella told him that trying was the key. Michael mentioned that seeing and holding Wiley gave him a lift. He thought it was best to not avoid the bad and to focus on the good. Stella laughed and suggested that Michael seek a career in social work. Michael laughed, they hugged, and he left.

Maxie rushed off the elevator with James in her arms and Peter close behind. Maxie was frantic as she spotted Michael. She had seen a rash on the baby, and she was worried. Michael had a doctor paged.

A little later, a sheepish Maxie emerged from an examination room. James didn't have a rash at all. It was discovered that his pants were too small and had been chafing him. Michael and Peter were amused, and Michael admitted that he'd had Avery checked out for something that had turned out to be dirt. Everyone joked. Maxie offered to drive Peter back to Metro Court, but he declined. She thanked him for accompanying her. Maxie and Michael continued to tease each other.

Maxie asked Michael to hold James while she fixed up her diaper bag. They continued joking, and Michael finally handed the baby back. Michael told Maxie she was doing great. "So are you," Maxie replied as she headed out.

Stella continued to look at the babies in the nursery and was surprised when T.J. arrived. They hugged, and he told her about the wedding at the Haunted Star. Stella thought it was fitting. T.J. let on that he'd heard Stella wouldn't be there. "Time to let the anger go," he said. He thought she should try harder.

Stella noted that T.J. was the best part of the entire messy situation, and she was aware that she hadn't been handling things well. T.J. insisted she go to the wedding, or she would regret it. Stella felt she'd regret it if she were there, also. T.J. was certain that Stella would give in to him.

Back at Metro Court, Curtis wondered if T.J. was making any headway with Stella. He and Jordan agreed that he probably wasn't. Jordan announced that she wanted to locate Marcus for Stella.

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