Friday, April 11, 2014

At General Hospital, Ric kept Elizabeth company as she recovered from her gunshot wound. Ric was charming as he tried to convince Elizabeth that he was sincere and had made a genuine change. Ric asked if Elizabeth was preoccupied with Nikolas. She said that she was but not in the way that Ric thought. Elizabeth said that Nikolas had to deal with his feelings for Britt because, even though Nikolas had broken up with Britt, he still had feelings of love for her.

Elizabeth and Ric spoke honestly. Ric told Elizabeth that he loved her, and he would do everything in his power to prove that to her and to prove that he was a changed man. Elizabeth thanked Ric for keeping her company. Ric kissed Elizabeth on the forehead and told her to get used to it because Elizabeth would be seeing a lot more of Ric in the future.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas looked at Britt's engagement ring and recalled how happy he had been. When he went to his bedroom, Nikolas found Spencer waiting for him. Nikolas tried to send Spencer to bed, but Spencer said that he was not going anywhere until Nikolas explained what had happened to Britt and Ben. Nikolas was reluctant, but Spencer was insistent, so Nikolas told him that Britt had done something very bad, and Nikolas had broken their engagement and sent Britt away.

Spencer understood but asked if Nikolas would send Spencer away if Spencer did something bad. Nikolas told Spencer that he was Nikolas' son, and Nikolas loved Spencer unconditionally, so there was nothing that Spencer could do that would get him sent away. They hugged and lay down on the bed together. Spencer said that he understood Nikolas' heartbreak because Emma had broken his heart when she had chosen Cameron.

Nikolas apologized for not being there to comfort Spencer, but Spencer said that Uncle Sonny had helped by giving Spencer some very good advice. Spencer said that after speaking to Sonny, he had gone to the stables to clear his head and had heard Luke make plans with another man to destroy Sonny. Nikolas thought that Spencer must have misheard, but Spencer was very insistent that Sonny was in trouble but did not know it.

Britt and Nathan were very drunk when they stumbled into his apartment with a bottle of vodka that had been acquired during the cab ride home. Britt laughed about the frilly décor, but Nathan told Britt it was a sublet. Nathan and Britt talked about their mothers and were just about to share a kiss when Maxie popped into the room.

Britt was astounded to find that Maxie was Nathan's roommate and Nathan was astonished to find out that Britt had been the doctor that Maxie had forced to keep Maxie's baby secret. Maxie was also blown away when Britt blurted out what had happened with Ben. Maxie was very, very happy for Dante and Lulu. She said that Levi had been correct when he had stated that the universe evens everything out. Maxie said that she was going back to bed so that she could go see Lulu and Dante the next day.

The mood was broken, but Nathan asked Britt to stay because he sensed that she needed a friend. He offered to take the couch, but Britt said that she would take it because she was grateful to have a place to stay. After Nathan went to his room, Britt pulled out her phone and tearfully looked at a photo of a happier time when she held Ben in her arms.

In their cells, Dr. Liesl Obrecht and Madeline Reeves called each other by their childhood names, Liesl and Magda. Liesl told Madeline that Nathan had a right to know that Liesl, not Madeline, was his mother. Madeline begged to differ. Liesl insisted that Nathan deserved to know that he had a sister, especially if they got interested in each other. Madeline said that there was a very unlikely chance of that, but Liesl replied that both siblings were living in the same town and might very well run into each other.

Madeline asked what crimes Liesl had been arrested for. When Liesl told her, Madeline was appalled, but Liesl laughed and said that she would be out shortly because she had planned for the possibility that her scheme would fail and had a back-up plan. Liesl called the guard and asked for her phone call. She told Madeline to watch and learn.

Dante and Lulu arrived home with Ben. Lulu was nervous about spending her first night as Ben's mom, but Dante assured her that she had always been Ben's mom. Lulu was comforted. When they entered the loft, Olivia was waiting with a big sign that read, "Welcome back home bambino!" Grandma Olivia was ecstatic for Dante and Lulu, and completely in love with her grandson.

After Olivia left, Dante and Lulu gave consideration to Olivia's suggestion that they change Ben's name. Dante thought that it was a good idea. He said that just as they had had no right to name Connie, Britt had had no right to name Ben. Spinelli had changed Connie's name, in part to disassociate it from all the pain that had been caused. Dante thought that they should do the same, and Lulu agreed.

As they tried to think of a name, Dante said it had to be "Rocco" because even when Maxie had been carrying Georgie, they had thought they were having a boy and had always called him Rocco. Lulu thought about it and then said "Rocco Falconeri." Both Dante and Lulu liked the sound of that. They were laughing when Dante's phone rang. It was Dr. Obrecht, who said that she wanted to make a statement, and she wanted Dante to take it.

Dante hung up and told Lulu that even though he thought that Dr. Obrecht was up to something, he had to go find out what it was. After Dante left, Lulu smiled as she put Rocco down to sleep. Dante found Dr. Obrecht in her cell. She stunned him with the news that Dante and Lulu had another living child, and she knew where it was. Dr. Obrecht said that she would tell all as soon as she was given her unconditional release.

Luke responded to Sonny's request to meet at Sonny's place. Sonny wanted to know what kind of game Luke was playing. Luke acted as if he did not know what Sonny was talking about. Sonny asked if Luke had told Ric that Sonny wanted to kill him. Luke took a moment and then replied that it was true, he had said that, but only after Ric had provoked him by making threats against Sonny. Luke was in the act of demanding that Sonny believe him instead of Ric when Olivia got home.

Olivia was bubbling over about their new grandson. She questioned Luke's lack of enthusiasm, but he said that the child made him mindful of his own mortality, and he was sure that Olivia and Sonny had to feel the same way. Olivia said that she sure did not, and she cautioned Luke not to talk that way in from of their grandson. Luke took his leave, and Sonny walked him to the door.

Luke asked if they were cool, and Sonny said that they were. Luke cautioned Sonny to be careful of the people he let close to him. Sonny nodded in agreement.

. . .

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