Monday, October 13, 2014

Elizabeth washed the ink off of Jason's fingers. Jason told her that he could use his hands, and that hers would probably be of better use elsewhere. She reminded him that it was her job. She hoped that Dante could find out who "Jake" really was. Jason wasn't sure that he wanted his fingerprints to show up in the police database just in case Dante returned with handcuffs. Elizabeth assured Jason that Dante was a good guy, and she knew because her ex-husband had worked with Dante.

Jason asked Elizabeth about her ex, Lucky. She revealed that Lucky had been a cop in Port Charles until he'd moved out of the country after their divorce. He wondered if Lucky was Jake's father, but Elizabeth shakily told him that her "good friend" Jason, who had since died, was Jake's father. Sensing her emotion, Jason apologized for prying.

Elizabeth assured Jason that she'd been thinking about Jason a lot in recent days but never had a reason to talk about him with anyone. She explained that Jason had make some choices that weren't conducive to being a parent, but she'd always made sure that Jason had been a presence in Jake's life.

The doctor responsible for Jason's facial reconstructive surgery entered the room. He was anxious to unveil his handiwork, and Elizabeth commented that "Jake" seemed to be a fast healer. The doctor cut the bandages off and revealed the man's face. "What do you think?" Jason asked Elizabeth.

Liesl knocked on the door of Nathan's apartment and begged for her son to open the door. The door opened, and Liesl was shocked to see Madeline standing there. Liesl barged into the apartment, calling out for Nathan. When there was no answer, Liesl demanded to know what Madeline had done to him. Madeline reminded her sister that she'd raised Nathan since infancy, but Liesl goaded Madeline about her crime against Nina, Madeline's biological daughter.

Madeline wondered what Liesl had gotten away with "this time" in order to merit a release from prison. "Nothing he didn't have coming," Liesl answered cryptically. She continued that she didn't want to go back to prison for harboring a fugitive. However, Madeline informed her sister that she was innocent of the two murders she had been convicted of. She explained that there had been "chain of evidence" problems with the murder of the pharmacist, and Nina had turned out to be alive.

Liesl explained, as chief of staff, that either Nina had inherited Madeline's lazy work ethic, or she was faking her need for a wheelchair. She continued that Nina had an "air of deceit," and that she wouldn't be surprised if Nina was unbalanced. She warned Madeline to "tread carefully" around Nina. Madeline shot back that Liesl should be concerned with her own daughter.

Liesl persisted that Nina's mental condition was probably not any better than when Madeline had put her into the coma. Madeline accused Liesl of being misinformed, but Liesl demanded to know what details she had wrong. Madeline refused to discuss Nina. "What about Nina are you holding back?" Liesl wondered.

Nathan and Maxie bumped into each other at the gym. Maxie explained that she'd needed to vent about Judge Walters to Lulu, who was at the gym for a class. Nathan told her that he was there to "blow off steam" about his mother. After some prodding from Maxie, Nathan revealed that Liesl had killed Victor, his father, "'for me'."

Nathan realized that he'd inherited some "messed up genes" and worried that he would turn out like his crazy family members. Maxie put her head on his shoulder and assured him that he was already a hero. Just then, Lulu entered and warned the two that being seen together wasn't a good idea. She divulged that a security guard from the courthouse, who was also a notorious gossip, had been in her class. If the woman saw Maxie and Nathan together, the word would surely get out. She wished them luck and left.

Nathan told Maxie he would leave, but then she offered to leave. He told her to take care of herself and turned to go. She followed him and told him that she was going to call Diane in order to think up a strategy. She vowed not to give up and didn't think he should either. He promised to always be there for her and left. She punched a punching bag, hurting herself in the process.

Dante was looking at Jason's fingerprints when Anna entered, wondering why Liesl had been released. Dante informed her that, without evidence proving whatever she had done, their forty eight-hour hold was up. Anna confided that Liesl had shot Victor right in front of Anna after he had already been in custody, but she had no evidence. Dante wanted to see Liesl in prison, so he promised to do anything he could to help Anna.

Anna continued that she believed Victor was the key to putting Liesl away for good. She thought that Liesl was hiding something that she didn't want to risk getting out. She regretted it, but she needed to put Liesl's case on the backburner in favor of more urgent cases.

Lulu entered the station and wondered if there was any news on Luke. Anna thought they should have information soon. Lulu reminded Anna that Luke had been dying from polonium poisoning at the time of some of his alleged crimes. Anna promised to let Lulu know when more information was available, and Lulu left. Dante thought they'd be able to solve one mystery immediately because he'd gotten a match on "John Doe's" fingerprints.

"I'm working on getting answers. I hope you're getting yours," Silas texted Sam. Just then, Travis greeted Silas. Silas wanted to speak to the physical therapist about Nina, who happened to be overhearing the conversation. Silas wanted to commend Travis for the miraculous work he'd done with Nina. He wondered how Travis had done it and led him to a conference room. A scared Nina watched Silas close the blinds. She took out her phone and texted Travis.

Silas demanded to know when Nina had regained her mobility. Travis looked at the text on his phone and answered, "about three weeks ago." Silas grabbed Travis' phone and read the text from Nina: "I saw you with Silas. Say 3 weeks!" Silas demanded the truth as Nina hoped that Travis wasn't messing up her plans. She texted him again. "Well? Did you tell him?" Silas read the text out loud.

Silas demanded the truth as Travis received another text from Nina, filled with threatening emoticons: "Back me up or I will hurt you and you will be sad. Do you get me?" Silas told Travis that Nina was pissed, but not as pissed as Silas, or as Liesl would be when she found out. He continued that Travis would be fired and probably arrested. He offered to keep things between him and Travis as long as Travis told the entire truth.

"She never needed the chair. She could always walk," Travis blurted out. He received another text from Nina: "Tell me what's happening before I make you regret it." Travis told Silas about how he'd thought that Nina had been resistant to physical therapy until she'd pushed her wheelchair over. Nina had said that she'd been putting on a show for Silas, and she'd paid for Travis' discretion with a large check that Silas was surprised to find out had cleared. Travis clarified that Rosalie had said that Nina had plenty of money.

Silas angrily wondered if Travis had considering telling anymore. "Your wife scares me," Travis stated. "I didn't want to be on her bad side," he continued. Travis swore that he'd told Silas everything until he remembered one more thing. He informed Silas that Nina didn't like Silas very much. Travis wondered if Silas was going to report him. Silas confessed that he was more concerned with Nina. He handed Travis his phone back as Nina stormed off and vowed to deal with things "on my own."

Patrick and Sam sat at their table at the restaurant and watched Tracy at hers. They assumed that Luke would arrive any minute. Just then, the door opened, and everyone was shocked to see Jerry Jacks enter the restaurant. Sam wondered why Jerry refused to die. Patrick thought they should call for help because of how dangerous Jerry was. Sam wanted to see how things played out with Tracy.

Tracy demanded to know how Jerry was alive, because the last time she'd seen him, he had fallen off the roof of the Metro Court while dying of polonium poisoning. He revealed that he'd "procured a dose" of the cure from Luke. Sam wanted to call for reinforcement, but two of Jerry's goons wouldn't let her leave the restaurant. Jerry caught sight of her and Patrick and invited them to join him and Tracy.

Tracy guessed that Jerry was Julian's partner and not Luke, and she accused him of framing Luke for causing Patrick's accident. Patrick suggested that Jerry and Luke were working together. Just then, Tracy got a message from Luke. However, Jerry revealed that he was in possession of Luke's phone. Tracy had known that there was a logical explanation for Luke being so out of touch.

Sam threatened to kill Jerry, and he expressed his sorrow that Jason, the only opponent who had ever challenged Jerry, wasn't there to do it for her. Sam yelled that it wasn't fair that Jason was dead and Jerry was alive. Tracy realized that Jerry had kidnapped Luke and demanded to know where Luke was. Jerry told them that, since his blood transfusion, Luke had been of no more use to Jerry. He could tell that Luke was worth something, so he wondered what Tracy, Sam, and Patrick were willing to give Jerry in exchange for Luke.

. . .

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