Monday, April 14, 2014

Dante and Lulu woke up in their loft with baby Rocco between them. They were overjoyed to be a family, and Lulu exulted that her dream had become true. Dante told Lulu, who had been sleeping peacefully when Dante returned home the previous evening after seeing Dr. Obrecht, that Dr. Obrecht had told Dante that Lulu and Dante had another child. Dante and Lulu concluded that their missing embryo might be in Dr. Obrecht's possession and that they had no option but to hear her out.

Nathan arose and found Britt drinking herbal tea in his living room and listening to advice on forgiveness from Levi. Nathan did not respond well to Levi's positive, upbeat attitude. When Levi tried to give advice to Nathan, Nathan grabbed Levi, and as Nathan was about to punch Levi, Maxie interfered. She told Nathan that Levi was a pacifist and was just trying to help. Maxie took Levi to her room to apply salve to his bruises.

Britt said that she was going to take Levi's advice and see if Nikolas loved Britt enough to forgive her. Nathan wished her good luck. They both acknowledged how great it had been to have found each other and to have spent the previous evening commiserating about their mothers. Britt left for the hospital; Nathan went to see Madeline.

Maxie tended Levi's injuries. He told her that Nathan was filled with negative energy, which he hoped did not spill onto Britt and was certainly not good for Maxie. Levi said that Maxie should ask Nathan to move out because Nathan's negative energy would pollute Maxie's space.

Dr. Obrecht and Madeline sniped at each from their jail cells in the Port Charles police station. Dr. Obrecht insisted that she would be released soon, and Madeline scoffed that she had her own "get out of jail" card to play. Dr. Obrecht returned to the topic of Nathan being told that Dr. Obrecht, not Madeline was his mother. Dr. Obrecht feared that Nathan and Britt might meet and be attracted to each other without knowing that they were brother and sister.

Madeline thought that the possibility of that was remote and said so. Dr. Obrecht retorted that she would be out before Madeline and would tell Nathan at the first opportunity. A guard entered and told Dr. Obrecht that Dante was waiting for her in the interrogation room. She gave Madeline a smug smile. As the guard handcuffed her and they left the cell, Nathan entered and bumped into Dr. Obrecht, who was overcome with emotion. Dr. Obrecht tried to talk to Nathan, but he wanted nothing to do with her.

Nathan went to Madeline, who begged his forgiveness. Nathan said that he had met and spent the night with a woman who had a mother as bad as he did. Madeline was aghast to find out that the mother in question was her sister, Dr. Obrecht. Madeline blurted out that Britt was Nathan's sister. Nathan was stunned further when Madeline revealed that Madeline was actually Nathan's aunt, and Madeline's sister, Dr. Obrecht, was his mother.

Michael burst into the police station and started shouting at Anna because no one had been arrested for A.J.'s murder. Anna tried to calm him, but Michael wouldn't listen. Anna finally got Michael's attention, and he calmed down when Anna told Michael that they had been working on the case and had a very good lead. They had found the gun dealer who had sold the gun to the masked man who had first assaulted A.J. Anna felt that once the police had that person in custody, which Anna expected at any moment, they would find the person who had actually pulled the trigger.

Michael was very satisfied and apologized for his outburst, which he said had been caused by saying goodbye to A.J. earlier that day. Anna understood. Dr. Obrecht was escorted to the interrogation room. Anna was surprised to see Dr. Obrecht, who had an insult about Faison ready for Anna, who also had a retort. Dante and Lulu entered the station. Dante told Anna that he would keep her informed about what Dr. Obrecht said, if there was anything to report.

In the interrogation room, Dr. Obrecht demanded immunity for Britt as well as for herself. Dante was surprised, but Dr. Obrecht said that there was nothing that parents would not do for their child, and she was no exception, even if that child had betrayed her. She told Dante and Lulu that they needed to know how she felt since they were also parents.

Patrick met Sabrina at General Hospital to attend a doctor's appointment with her. Patrick admitted to Sabrina that he felt guilty about A.J.'s death, and he questioned whether or not Elizabeth had been right to caution Patrick that Patrick was too emotional about Robin's departure to perform such a delicate procedure. Sabrina assured Patrick that she knew that Patrick had done the best job possible to save A.J., and the person responsible for A.J.'s death was the person who had shot him, not Patrick.

Carlos was very flip when he arrived to attend the doctor visit with Sabrina, just in case Patrick did not make it. Carlos tried to get a rise out of Patrick, but Sabrina stepped in and told Carlos in no uncertain terms that Patrick, not Carlos, was the baby's father and would be attending the doctor's visit with her. Carlos slunk off. He got on an elevator with Michael, who had just retrieved A.J.'s death certificate. At the police station, an officer told Anna that the gun dealer was in custody. She replied that it was only a matter of time until they learned the identity of the man who had broken into the Quartermaines' home and tried to kill A.J.

Patrick apologized to Sabrina for breaking her heart and promised to be there all the way for her and for their baby. Patrick said that he was not acting out of obligation, but joy, because his children were the bright spots in his life, which had turned so dark. Patrick thanked Sabrina for creating that light in his life. Sabrina was overwhelmed.

Nikolas found that Elizabeth was recovered enough to be released from GH. Nikolas was relieved to learn that Elizabeth had sent Ric home the previous night instead of letting Ric sit by her bedside. When Nikolas inquired about Elizabeth's plans for recovery and learned that she was going home with only her grandmother to care for Elizabeth and her two sons, Nikolas began insisting that Elizabeth stay with him where she would have all the help that she needed.

Elizabeth thought that Nikolas was having a knee-jerk reaction to his breakup with Britt. Elizabeth urged Nikolas to give Britt another chance because Britt had led the police to Ben and had provided quick medical care for Elizabeth. Nikolas refused to forgive Britt's betrayal. When he asked Elizabeth to move in with him a second time, Britt's hopes for reconciliation with Nikolas were dashed when Britt overheard Elizabeth say yes to Nikolas.

Nikolas was very cold with Britt as he raked her over the coals for her behavior and her treatment of Spencer and her abandonment of him. Britt pleaded her case, that she had done the correct thing in the end, but Nikolas did not relent. Elizabeth got her release papers, and while Nikolas got the car, Britt snarked that Elizabeth had wasted no time moving in on Nikolas because Britt's side of the bed was still warm.

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