Laura follows "Kevin" to Ferncliff
Monday, February 18, 2019
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Monday, February 18, 2019

Franco incredulously asked Jordan if he was supposed to take the fall for crimes she knew he hadn't committed. She responded that it was the only way to draw the real killer out of hiding, but Franco believed that the real killer would "bolt" when he saw that someone else was taking the blame. Jordan countered that the killer would lash out in frustration if someone else took credit for his hard work. However, Franco stated that there was "no way in hell" he would admit to killing Kiki. Jordan promised that things would work out if he followed her lead.

Franco wondered if Jordan had thought about what the false confession would do to the people who believed in him. He thought that it would destroy Elizabeth. Jordan regretted any pain it would cause, but she urged him to focus on the gains. "You're asking a lot of me," he informed her, and she knew it. She wondered what would help him make a decision. He wanted to talk to Elizabeth about it, but she forbade him from telling anyone, just in case the real killer caught on somehow. She reminded him that pleading not guilty would likely send him to prison for life.

Franco didn't think anyone would believe that he'd killed Kiki, but Jordan told him that Margaux had enough evidence for a "speedy conviction." She instructed him to weigh life in prison against being "publicly disgraced for a limited time, exonerated," and getting the thanks of a "grateful city." She advised him to sleep on it, and she apologized that "this is where we are." She believed that it was the only way "out of this mess," and she left.

Lulu, Spencer, and Curtis arrived at Lulu's, and Curtis offered to "sweep" the home first. Lulu reminded him that Franco was in prison, so they were safe. They entered the house, and Curtis turned the lights on as Spencer helped Lulu down the steps. When the lights went on, Nina and Charlotte popped out with balloons and a "Welcome Home" sign, eliciting a terrified scream from Lulu.

A few minutes later, Nina apologized for scaring Lulu, and Lulu replied that she did appreciate the warm welcome. Spencer excused himself, but Lulu ordered him to stay, since he never got to spend time with Charlotte. Spencer wanted to leave so he could tell Laura something secret, but Lulu thought it was important to spend time with family. Charlotte commented that some secrets could get you in "big trouble."

Nina returned to the living room with a tray of cookies, and everyone but Curtis took one. She teased that it wasn't like he had to fit into a tuxedo, and Charlotte excitedly said that he would once Nina and Valentin picked a date for their wedding. Lulu and Curtis, both shocked, began to fire questions at Nina, but she thought it was a conversation better suited for the kitchen, away from the kids.

When Nina, Lulu, and Curtis were in the kitchen, Nina explained that Valentin had proven himself the previous few months, and he'd found Sasha. Curtis told her that gratitude didn't have to mean marrying Valentin. Lulu added that she would never trust Valentin, but Nina shot back that everyone had made mistakes. She continued that Lulu had mistakenly identified Franco as her attacker, and Lulu was offended that Nina didn't believe her.

Nina insisted that she knew Franco well enough to know that he was no longer capable of that kind of violence. Lulu countered that Nina had never known the "old" Franco. Lulu mentioned that Nina was marrying a killer, and Curtis stopped their argument about it. Lulu concluded that aside from Franco's face, the only thing she could remember was how focused she'd been on her research, "something about the Ryan Chamberlain victims." To Curtis' curiosity, Lulu explained that her session with "Kevin" had "muddled" things for her even more, "like this conversation has," she added, and she stormed out.

Charlotte observed that Spencer seemed on edge, but Spencer snapped that it was none of her business. Charlotte didn't think Laura would be happy with Spencer for tampering with the election, but he insisted that he was ready to deal with the consequences. Charlotte wondered how long he would last in a "correctional facility," because, as an elected official, Laura would have no choice but to turn him in. Lulu returned, and Spencer asked if she'd heard from Laura, but she hadn't.

Alexis entered the Floating Rib and bumped into Michael, and they made small talk about Valentine's Day. He revealed that his date was running late, and she told him that Diane was her date. Julian and Kim entered the bar, and they were glad to be able to spend a little time together for the holiday, as she was on call at the hospital. Alexis uncomfortably watched as they shared a kiss.

A few minutes later, Kim wanted to talk to Alexis and "set the record straight." They went off to talk in private, and Alexis said that she was glad Kim and Julian were back together. Kim apologized for the way she'd treated Alexis and wanted to make sure that they were "okay." Alexis assured her that they were, and Kim thanked Alexis for hearing her out.

At the Floating Rib, Chase observed that Willow was distracted, but she insisted that she was fine. He promised her that he believed giving her child up for adoption was the most unselfish act he had ever heard. He caught her staring at Brad, who was sitting with Lucas a few tables over. He wondered if she had a problem with Brad, and she replied that she didn't. She was sad that they'd missed karaoke at the bar, and he told her about how he'd ended up singing at the Nurses Ball.

Willow wondered why Chase had moved to Port Charles. He answered that, aside from the open detective position, his brother was in town, and he'd been following up on an old case. He asked her the same question, and she revealed that she'd been running away from a "toxic situation." Changing the subject, she wanted to know more about the Nurses Ball. She picked up her phone to search for a video of the performance and was happy to find one. She talked about how good he sounded, and he suddenly remembered that he'd left her gift in his car.

Brad complained that he was tired, but Lucas reminded him that they had two more hours of freedom while Bobbie was watching Wiley. Lucas told Brad that they couldn't neglect their marriage, and they needed to show Wiley what a good marriage looked like. Brad agreed, offered to buy the next round, and went up to the bar. Julian approached Brad at the bar, asking about Willow, and Brad insisted that they were on the same page about no one knowing who she was in relation to Wiley. Brad added that she didn't want to interfere in Wiley's life, so there was no need to tell Lucas anything.

Brad hated keeping secrets from Lucas, and Julian reminded him how quickly things could fall apart. Julian wondered what would happen if the homeless woman Brad had switched babies with returned to claim Wiley. Brad replied that there was no way the woman would ever be allowed near the baby. "Why are you so sure?" Julian wondered.

Michael approached Lucas and was glad to see him and Brad out. He told Lucas about the embarrassment of online dating, but he wanted a fresh start with someone. Someone called Michael's name, and she introduced herself as his date, Zoey. She babbled on about how he looked better than his pictures. They sat down, and she talked about how much she loved social media. Later, he told her a little about himself, but she was busy scrolling through her phone. She excused herself to go to another date, but she informed him that he'd been her favorite so far, so he should call her later.

Kim sat with Lucas, and he told her about how badly he and Brad wanted to get back to Wiley. She happily advised him to enjoy the age while it lasted, because she would give anything to relive those moments with Oscar. He apologized for his babbling, given her situation, but she insisted that she loved talking about Oscar and hearing Lucas talk about Wiley.

Lucas and Kim approached Brad and Julian at the bar, and Lucas pulled Brad back to their table. Kim had to go, as a patient was in labor, but she promised to make it up to Julian. They shared a kiss, and she left.

Alexis bumped into her therapist, Neil, as she headed toward the exit, and he hoped she wasn't leaving on his account. "It's him," she told him, pointing at Julian. Zoey approached and greeted Neil. She told him that he'd messaged her, but he looked a lot younger in his pictures, so she left. He was mortified and needed a drink, and Alexis assured him that she'd seen worse.

Later, Julian asked about Alexis' "new guy," and she finally admitted that she was seeing him. "It's not what you think," she informed him. They sat at a table, and she told him that Neil was her "new shrink." He asked how it was going. She revealed that they'd moved into "murky territory," but it was her future she was concerned about. She got up and left.

Michael approached Willow, and she joked that Chase had fled after she'd looked up a video of his Nurses Ball performance. She asked about his date, and he expressed his disappointment in not being able to find people to connect with. Chase returned with a gift bag and asked about Michael's day. "Abysmal," he replied. Not wanting to impose on their date, Michael told Chase and Willow to enjoy their evening and left. Willow opened the gift and found leather gloves, "because your fingers are always cold," Chase explained. As she put them on, she told him that she loved them, and they shared a kiss.

An orderly at Ferncliff remarked on how late "Kevin" was there as he checked "Kevin's" identification. "Kevin" replied that mental health never took a night off, and he walked off down the hall. Laura entered, and she introduced herself as the mayor, who had a clearance to visit at any time, unannounced. The orderly denied her access, but she advised him to call his superior "now," as "time is of the essence." She waited in the hall for him to do so.

Ryan entered Kevin's room and warned his brother that he'd made a big mistake in lying to Ryan. Kevin wondered how Ryan had been evading the police. Ryan commented that Kevin's hypnotherapy had been useful to him, and he updated Kevin on Lulu's "memories." He was angry that Kevin had lied about having a prenuptial agreement, because Laura had become suspicious after he'd mentioned it. "Now I have to deal with both you and Laura, and you're up first," Ryan said.

Kevin insisted that the prenup was real, and he advised Ryan to look in the safe in his office behind his accreditation. Ryan suspiciously wondered why Kevin would want to help him, but Kevin clarified that he was helping Laura get as far away from Ryan as possible. Ryan left the room, causing Laura to hide around a corner. He locked the door and walked away, and Laura took the opportunity to look through the window of the room he'd left.

In the room, Kevin faced away from the window but turned over, to Laura's shock. She knocked on the window, calling out for Kevin, and a blind Kevin tripped his way to the door, calling out to Laura. Suddenly, Laura passed out. Behind her was Ryan with a syringe.

On the next General Hospital...

• "I am barely hanging on here," Ava tells Julian.

• "Pretty soon we find out if Sasha is really Nina's daughter," Peter says to Maxie.

• Ryan holds Laura and Kevin hostage.

• Franco puts in his plea.

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