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Alexis decides to represent Oscar
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Monday, October 22, 2018

At the park, Oscar tried to reach Alexis on the phone and finally settled on leaving her a voicemail. He spotted a photo of Cameron and Josslyn online, and just then, Josslyn walked toward him. She wished him a happy birthday and informed him she was on her way to the school pep rally. He asked if she was going with Cameron, and Josslyn replied that she was but that all the kids would be there. She invited Oscar to go, but he declined and said that he had birthday plans. "Go team or whatever," Oscar said unenthusiastically.

Josslyn sat on a bench and waited for Cameron. She was angry he was late and shouted at him but quickly apologized. She revealed that she'd seen Oscar, who had appeared to want to tell her something, but she thought it might have been her imagination. She handed Cameron a shirt that matched hers and announced that she had face paint. Cameron began to paint on Josslyn's face.

After Josslyn and Cameron were decked out, they walked through the park and practiced a cheer. They talked excitedly about the team, and Josslyn asked Cameron to post a photo of them together on social media. She snapped a photo, although she had to take it twice in order to get Cameron to smile.

Kim saw Julian at Charlie's Pub. She told him she was feeling better, especially since she knew he was there for her. Drew arrived, and Kim admitted that she had decided to be there because she had known that Oscar and Drew would be having dinner together. She stated firmly that she couldn't allow Oscar to avoid her, but Drew was of the opinion that Oscar would think they had ambushed him.

Kim didn't care what Oscar thought, as she believed she had a right to be there. She added that Oscar had been interpreting everything incorrectly. Kim was aware that Drew was afraid that Oscar would reject him if he pushed, but as parents, they had to make the best medical decisions for Oscar. Kim emphasized that that meant the drug trial.

Alexis arrived and noticed that she had a missed call and voicemail from Oscar, but she headed to the bar to see Kristina. Alexis announced that she was there to talk about Kristina's future, and she had a former client who was an actuary. Kristina ordered her mother to allow her to figure things out for herself and to leave her alone. Kristina added that she didn't even know what an actuary was.

Oscar arrived and was angry to see Kim. He asked what she was doing there, and Kim replied that she'd never missed one of Oscar's birthdays. Oscar accused Drew of "ratting me out" and sarcastically stated that the predicted cake and presents were not wanted. He only wanted to live as he chose, and he wanted to make his own decisions regarding his health.

Kim invited Oscar to sit and talk. She told him that she and Drew would not tolerate his current behavior. Drew explained that people had worked hard to get Oscar into the drug trial, and Kim added that they couldn't wait for Oscar to make up his mind. Oscar declared that he didn't want to waste his remaining time, but Kim assured him that he would definitely die if they did nothing.

Drew stated that Kim was talking not only as Oscar's mother but also as a doctor. Oscar was furious. He stood up and told Drew to keep his advice because Drew was a hypocrite. Kim jumped up and ordered Oscar not to talk to Drew like that. Drew wondered if Oscar was upset with him for some reason, and Oscar reminded Drew that Drew had had medical procedures without consent. He thought Drew, of all people, should understand his desire for choice.

Drew stated that the circumstances were different, but Oscar repeated that he wanted to deal with things in his own way. Kim replied that they couldn't allow it. "Happy birthday to me," Oscar snapped as he stormed out of the pub. Drew grasped Kim's hands. "I'm sorry," he said. Julian watched.

Kristina grabbed her belongings and advised Julian that she was going on break. She headed outside and made a phone call to Parker. She sat down and chatted cheerful with Parker but sadly discovered that Parker was having a good time at a faculty mixer. Kristina claimed that she had been busy herself between catching up and a new career. She quickly and tearfully said goodbye and ended the call.

Kristina rushed back inside the pub, and after taking a look at her, Julian told her she could leave early and have some fun. He advised her that business was slow. Kristina swiped a bottle of alcohol from the bar and slipped it into her purse.

Ryan sat in Kevin's office at the hospital and made a call to check on medication for his patient Todd Wilson. He was surprised when Laura stopped by and filled him in on her first board meeting since her return. She was excited and suggested they go out for a drink. "Kevin" claimed to have a lot of work and declined the invitation for the drink and also to a later dinner. Laura asked what was going on and demanded that her husband give her answers.

"Kevin" declared that nothing was going on, and he couldn't "neglect responsibilities." Scott showed up and welcomed Laura back to town with a big hug. Laura advised Scott that she was busy but "Kevin" piped up that it was okay for Scott to interrupt. Scott announced that he had been interviewed about the Ryan Chamberlain case because he had represented Felicia at the time. "Kevin" reminded Scott that he had lost his case, and the interview was probably bad publicity for him. "Kevin" walked away, and Laura invited Scott to go out for a drink instead.

Later, Ryan was sitting at Kevin's desk and making a list on a large pad of paper when Alexis walked in. She admitted that she had stopped her sessions due to the Ryan Chamberlain case, as she had assumed "Kevin" had been consumed with that. "It's a shame you never had the chance to meet Ryan," the doctor said.

Alexis was surprised because she'd expected "Kevin" to lecture her about avoidance. She confessed that she'd meddled in Kristina's life, and they'd had an argument. Alexis stated that she'd broken her promise not to interfere. "Kevin" asked if she thought it was connected to her father, which confused Alexis, who clarified that she'd hardly known him. She explained that her father had controlled every aspect of her brothers' lives, although Kristina would probably say that Alexis had done the same thing to her.

Alexis couldn't understand why it was so difficult for her to allow Kristina to live her own life, and she didn't want to control Kristina. Alexis revealed that her father had forced her to give up her baby, and she had wanted to control her own life, just as Kristina wanted the same thing. Alexis also mentioned her "potential client" who was just a kid with some big decisions, and she wondered if she should help him to defy his parents. "Kevin" replied that he couldn't make decisions for Alexis. She felt bad for the boy and wanted to be able to give him peace and dignity.

After Alexis had gone, Kevin returned to his list. He tapped out Morse Code on the desk as he wrote.

Carly was dozing on the sofa and dreaming about events at Ferncliff as well as Kevin tapping out Morse Code on a table at the Floating Rib. The dream turned into a nightmare, and she woke with a shout. Sonny rushed to her, and Carly explained her dream. She guessed it had "left an impression on me." She almost jumped out of her skin when someone knocked on the door.

Mike and Stella were at the door. Stella reminded Mike that he lived in the house, and he seemed confused. Carly suggested that Mike help her out with snacks for Josslyn, and they headed off to the kitchen. Sonny asked about Mike's first day at the daycare. He noted that it seemed to have not have gone well if Mike was so confused.

"Mike thrived," Stella informed Sonny. He had been out of the house and socializing, and he had been "on" all day. Carly and Mike returned from the kitchen with Josslyn's snack. Carly put it on the table and walked Stella to the door. Sonny asked Mike what he'd thought about his day, and Mike admitted that he had liked it. His favorite part had been the fact that he could return home. Sonny was glad to hear it. Mike joked that it had been just like camp but without the swimming hole. Both men laughed.

At the front door, Carly revealed that she was happy that Mike had found a good fit with the daycare center. Stella reminded her that it was temporary and that Mike would eventually need long-term care. She thought that Carly had understood that. Carly said that she did understand but thought everything could be reevaluated later. She only had terrible memories of Ferncliff, and she worried that all institutions would be the same. Stella assured her that the long-term care facilities were not like Ferncliff.

Carly expressed her concern about a place like Ferncliff and patients who didn't have a rescuer like Jason or resources for lawyers. She had decided to step up and help those people. Stella admired her and offered her help. Carly accepted it and admitted that she wasn't sure yet how she would effect change. She thanked Stella for helping Mike.

Josslyn arrived home with Cameron, and they headed into the house for snacks. Cameron left his bicycle parked on the patio. Shortly after, Sonny and Mike headed to the patio. They discussed the weather, and Mike reminded Sonny that they hadn't attended a Yankees game during the baseball season. Sonny was sorry and hoped they could do it the following year.

Mike spotted Cameron's bike and exclaimed that he couldn't believe that Sonny still had the bike Mike had bought him. Sonny recalled the exact model of the bike but advised Mike that he had never bought it for him. Mike slowly remembered that he hadn't bought the bike, after all, because of his gambling. Sonny assured him it wasn't a big deal, but Mike thought it was, especially because Sonny still recalled the model. Sonny added that Mike should forget about it, and Mike replied that soon, he wouldn't have a choice. The men hugged.

Inside the house, Cameron and Josslyn snacked and eventually ended up in a food fight. Carly looked on and laughed. The teens were excited about all of their friends' responses to their photo.

Laura and Scott sat at the bar at Metro Court. Scott wondered if there was "trouble in paradise," and Laura disclosed that Kevin had been avoiding her since her return. Scott recalled what had happened during Kevin's last marriage and reminded Laura about Lucy missing her husband for months due to a "patient." He asked Laura if she believed that Kevin could be cheating on her.

Laura recalled that Kevin's avoidance had started about two weeks prior to her return. He'd been late for phone calls and distracted. She had thought it was due to Kevin's brother Ryan. Laura had believed that Kevin had wanted Ryan to remain in the past, but it had apparently affected him. She needed to remind her husband to confide in her.

Kristina sat on a bench in the park, swigging from the bottle of alcohol and looking at a photo of herself with Parker. She debated about deleting the photo.

Oscar sat outside the pub and looked at his phone. He saw the new photo of Josslyn and Cameron. "Josslyn," Oscar muttered. Alexis approached him and announced that she wanted to talk. She had decided to represent him. She didn't believe it was the best choice, but she thought that Oscar had the right to make the decisions for his life and health. She would help to emancipate him.

Laura knocked on Kevin's office door. He wasn't there, and she saw his keys on the desk. She leaned over and grabbed a pad of paper and a pen in order to leave him a note. She spotted the list on the larger tablet and picked it up. The list that "Kevin" had written consisted of women's names, with Felicia's name on the bottom. "Kevin" returned and quietly looked at Laura from behind her.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Nina tells Ava she has a daughter.

• Im divorcing you, Oscar announces to his parents.

• Kristina denies being drunk.

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