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Port Charles mourns Kiki
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Monday, December 10, 2018

Ava was staring blankly into space when Julian emerged from her bedroom with a black dress for her to wear. "I just can't let her go," Ava said, but Julian urged her to get ready, as she would regret not going to Kiki's funeral. She countered that, as soon as she entered the church, it would be real. There was a knock on the door, but Ava asked Julian not to answer it, because the only person she wanted to see was her daughter. Julian opened the door, and Avery ran in yelling for Ava, followed by Michael. Michael explained that his family believed that Ava should decide how to tell Avery about Kiki.

Julian left to call Scott to let him know that Ava and Julian would be delayed. Avery asked where Kiki was, and Ava explained that there had been a terrible accident. She continued that Kiki had been hurt so badly that no one could make her better, so she couldn't be there with them anymore. "But I want her here," Avery said, and Ava tearfully agreed, hugging her daughter. Michael suggested that Avery go wait for him by the elevators with Julian, so she ran out the door with Julian.

Ava thanked Michael to taking Avery over. Michael replied that Kiki would have wanted them to put their differences aside for Avery. He took her hand and sincerely expressed his sympathy for her loss. He left, and Julian returned. Julian was sorry for what Ava was dealing with. "I know what I need to do," Ava said suddenly.

Margaux held the flash drive out to Drew, but he didn't think she just gave "something for nothing." He wanted a future with his children more than he wanted his past, "so unless you have a cure for cancer in your back pocket, back off." He figured that she would want something in return eventually, but she promised that she didn't want anything from him. She thought that he was afraid to take the flash drive from her, but he insisted that he'd made peace with losing his memories. She forced it into his hand and told him that it was his decision what he wanted to do with it. She added that he might want his memories one day, so he knew exactly where they were, and she left.

There was a knock on Oscar's hospital room door, and Jason entered. Oscar wondered if Jason had talked to Alexis, but Jason replied that he couldn't be the executor of Oscar's will and cause Oscar's parents more pain. Oscar explained that, if he didn't make it, executing his will would "destroy" his parents. Jason inferred that Oscar wasn't optimistic about his prognosis. Oscar wanted to live, but he needed someone to talk to about what would happen if he didn't. He'd chosen Jason because he knew that Jason wouldn't fall apart, and he would be honest with Oscar.

Oscar knew that, while he hadn't been a Quartermaine for long, he wanted to follow the family tradition and establish a fund for sick kids. He wanted to pick things out to give his parents, Scott, Josslyn, and Monica, but he wanted Jason to help Kim get rid of everything else. Oscar asked if Jason would be the executor of his will. Jason replied, "Yeah, I'll honor your wishes on one condition." He told Oscar that "when" he beat the cancer, Oscar needed to get Alexis to write up a new will, and Oscar needed to get a new executor. Oscar agreed, and the two shook on it. Oscar thanked Jason, and Jason left.

Drew got off the elevator and bumped into Jason. Drew showed Jason the flash drive and told him about the encounter with Margaux. Jason wondered what Drew was going to do with it, as it was his decision. While Drew didn't want Jason's memories, he didn't want to risk losing the ones he'd made on his own. Jason suggested that Drew could one day be able to use the flash drive without risking losing anything.

Later, Drew returned to a sleeping Oscar's room and put the flash drive away. Oscar stirred, and Drew pulled the covers up on his son.

Marcus cut to the chase with Sonny and Carly and asked them to keep Mike away from Yvonne, as he believed the interactions endangered her health. He added that Yvonne's Alzheimer's diagnosis didn't invalidate their wedding vows, and Carly quickly agreed. However, Sonny and Carly believed that Mike and Yvonne were just friends enjoying playing cards with each other for two hours a day, and their relationship did no harm to anyone. "I hope you're right," Marcus said. He shook their hands and left.

Sonny understood Marcus' struggle, but he thought Mike and Yvonne's friendship was a good thing. He was just grateful that his father could have one bit of happiness, no matter how he found it.

"Kevin" looked at the bowl of sunflower pins on the table in the church lobby and picked one up. Jordan entered, and "Kevin" thanked her for attending, not realizing that she had been friends with Kiki. Jordan explained that her son had been close to Kiki, but Jordan admired Kiki for always standing up for her beliefs. Jordan also wanted to keep an eye on the attendees, as she believed the killer could show up. She asked if "Kevin" still wanted to help with the investigation, and he confirmed that he did. He claimed to be concerned about the "emotional well-being" of the community.

Scott quietly wondered why Kevin was there, and Lulu confided that he'd been sleeping with Ava behind Laura's back. She'd thought that Kevin loved Laura and added that she no longer recognized Kevin. When Jordan was gone, Scott cracked a joke about "Kevin" rubbing elbows with the police commissioner. "Kevin" informed Scott that he'd agreed to help the police with their investigation, and he added that he knew how murderers thought.

Inside the church, Nina and Sasha stood with Franco as he stood next to the casket. He wished that he could give Kiki her life back. Elizabeth hugged Franco and assured him that he wasn't alone. He asked if they could stay with Kiki until everyone arrived, and she agreed.

Alexis walked up to the church and saw Griffin standing outside. "I shouldn't be here," Griffin muttered, and Alexis replied that he had every right to be there. He clarified by saying that no one should be there, because Kiki shouldn't have died. They entered the church together, and Sasha approached Griffin. She expressed her sympathy for his loss and regret that Ava had used her to hurt Griffin and Kiki. Griffin assured her that Kiki hadn't blamed Sasha, and she'd been looking forward to becoming friends. "You would have loved her," he said.

T.J. and Molly entered the church, and Molly was glad to see her mother. Jordan approached and asked how the two were doing. T.J. couldn't wrap his head around who would want to kill Kiki, and Jordan promised to find out who'd done it. Molly sat with Alexis and expressed her frustration at feeling so useless in the face of such injustice. T.J. explained to Epiphany and Lulu that the nurses and medical student had started a GoFundMe page to create a sexual harassment curriculum for medical students in Kiki's honor. Lulu was impressed with the positivity in the face of tragedy and asked to write about it.

Sasha told Nina that she thought she should go, since she hadn't known Kiki as well as everyone else there. Nina thought that Sasha should stay and listen to the stories so she could feel like she knew her sister a little better. Sasha agreed to stay. Elizabeth asked how Griffin was doing, and he only replied that Kiki "deserved so much more." Elizabeth related how happy and hopeful Kiki had been about Griffin. "If only I didn't leave," he muttered, but Elizabeth only blamed the "sick person" who'd killed Kiki. Julian arrived with Ava, and "Kevin" advised her to lean on him, as he would always be there for her.

The priest asked everyone to take their seats so he could begin the service. He thought it was appropriate to have someone memorialize Kiki who'd known her best. Franco got up and talked about how family could be chosen, and he and Kiki had chosen each other. He continued that he'd been devastated to learn that he wasn't Kiki's biological father, but Kiki had wanted him to remain as her father figure. He regretted that she'd never known how much he'd really loved her, and he railed against taking things for granted.

Franco went on about how Kiki had always spoken her truth, and she'd had a way of drawing people together. He thought that she would be grateful that everyone in the room had put aside their differences to be there together. He talked about how Kiki's love of sunflowers was fitting, since she'd been resilient and beautiful just like them. She hated lies and injustice, which was how she'd been able to win against Dr. Bensch. She'd had a great sense of humor while not being able to tell a joke "to save her life." He talked about her stubbornness, which he knew about because "she never once gave up on me." He thought that everyone there was a better person for having known Kiki. He tearfully touched the casket and sat down with Elizabeth.

Griffin got up, and Ava angrily whispered for "Kevin" and Julian to stop him. Griffin thought it was fitting that the service was not Catholic, as he'd been stripped of his right to the sacraments months before, which had infuriated Kiki. He'd promised Kiki he'd never lose his faith, but since Kiki was gone, he had no faith, and "my soul is empty." Epiphany got up to sing, during which Julian and Alexis, and Sasha and Griffin exchanged meaningful looks.

After the funeral, Carly asked Sonny if he wanted to visit Morgan with her, but he wanted to stay for a while. She kissed him and left. Sonny lit a candle and kneeled. He prayed for Kiki to have an "easy passage," for Kiki to get to Morgan, and for the family to take comfort in knowing that the two were together. He continued that every time he thought of Morgan, Kiki, or his father's failing health, "my faith falls short. Help me trust Your mercy. Grant me the grace to believe again."

In front of the church, Margaux assured Jordan that no one had been lurking during the funeral. Jordan replied that there had been no surprises in the attendees. Margaux suggested that Jordan didn't know people as well as she'd thought, and "the killer is among us."

Alexis, T.J., and Molly arrived at the hospital, and Alexis offered for them to stay with her. Molly explained that their apartment was more conveniently located, so T.J. suggested they visit for dinner the next night. Alexis agreed and hugged the couple, and they left. Alexis hugged Epiphany as she walked by. Jason approached Alexis, and he informed her that he'd agreed to be the executor of Oscar's will. She thanked him and thought that it would be a comfort to Oscar. She hoped that he didn't have to step up, as "burying a child is hell."

Griffin, Michael, Franco, Julian, and "Kevin" watched as Ava stood solemnly at Kiki's grave. Franco and Julian both thought they should try to talk to her, but she interrupted and said, "I know what you're thinking." She believed everyone thought that she couldn't have produced a daughter so kind and good. Franco insisted that no one was thinking that, but she continued that she could tell they were all thinking that she hadn't deserved Kiki. "You think that I wanted her to die, don't you?" she asked.

"Say it," Ava implored of the silent group of men, and she repeated the command. She figured that everyone blamed her for Kiki's death and demanded that someone have the courage to admit it. Julian insisted that no one blamed her. "Only you, right, Carly?" Ava called out as Carly entered the cemetery.

On the next General Hospital...

• Jason wants to spend Christmas with Sam.

• “Charlotte needs to apologize to Aiden,” Lulu says.

• Franco has something to tell Elizabeth that she won’t like.

• Carly thinks Mike is a little preoccupied.

Adain Bradley exits B&B to work on film
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