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Maxie couldn't believe that Nathan was trying to tear her and Levi apart. She decided that she would go with Levi to Australia, but he didn't think it was a good idea. He told her that she couldn't leave her family, her home, and especially her daughter. She pressed the matter further, so Levi was forced to admit that there was a warrant out for his arrest in Australia.

Maxie demanded to know what Levi had done. He explained that he'd broken into a pharmaceutical company that had been conducting tests on animals. He'd set all of the animals free and declared that he would do it all over again. He thanked Maxie for making him so happy during the previous few months. "It cannot end like this!" Maxie said, pacing. Suddenly, she had an idea.

At the hospital, Patrick was looking at a file. Sam walked up and asked if the file was Rafe's. She wondered if Obrecht would put a hold on the press conference, because Sam thought she'd gotten through to Silas about going public about Rafe's death. Patrick thought it was too late. Sam informed him that the reporters would be brutal, so he should try to stay calm.

Obrecht told someone on the phone that the hospital was ready for the press conference so that they could "put the issue to rest." Anna entered and wondered if the press conference was necessary. She thought that, if Obrecht was a good leader, she would have let Patrick discuss things with an attorney first. Anna continued that Obrecht just wanted free press. Obrecht calmly responded that, when Rafe died, he'd been under the influence of cocaine and heroin that Anna and the police had failed to stop from entering the town.

Listening to Anna and Obrecht's conversation, Nina declared that everything was working out perfectly. She'd overheard Sam telling Silas that Patrick had thought about killing Rafe. She suggested to a confused Rosalee that a press conference would be the perfect place for that fact to come to light.

Just then, Silas exited the elevator. Nina feigned worry for her husband and suggested that he let her take care of him at home. He asked if she'd seen Sam. She gladly pointed him in the right direction just in time for him to see Sam hugging Patrick. Silas walked right over to the pair. Rosalee remarked that Sam seemed to be doing a good enough job on her own of breaking Sam and Silas up.

Patrick expressed his condolences to Sam and Silas. Anna joined the group. She wondered if Patrick needed her to stay for the press conference. He assured her that he'd be all right "with Sam in my corner." With that remark, Silas stormed away, right into Obrecht's path. She apologized for the need for the press conference but told him that Silas had given her no other choice.

Two reporters stepped off the elevator right next to Nina. They speculated about the press conference. Nina told Rosalee to leave. She protested, but left anyway. Nina dropped her purse on the floor and asked one of the reporters to help. He handed her purse back and asked if she needed help with anything else. "I don't need any more help, but I can help you," she told him deviously.

Anna wished Patrick luck and left. A reporter stuck a recorder in Silas' face and asked for a comment about Rafe's death. Before he could answer, Obrecht called for everyone's attention. She began the press conference by introducing herself and Patrick, and touching on the details of Rafe's case. A reporter was horrified that Obrecht had let Patrick operate on Rafe even though it had been a clear conflict of interest.

Obrecht responded that, had any other doctor been available, she would have used him or her. However, she'd known that Patrick was professional enough to do his job. The reporter called out that Patrick had every reason to want Rafe dead. Patrick maintained that he'd done everything possible to save Rafe. "Then why did you admit that you wanted him dead?" the reporter shot back. Patrick glared at Sam over the commotion in the room.

At the station, Dante told someone on the phone that he hadn't seen Nathan. Right on time, Nathan stormed into the station carrying the trash bag full of his clothes. He vented to Dante about Maxie throwing out Nathan's clothes and changing the locks. He went on about how Levi tells her what to do and how to think, and he even convinces her that things are her ideas. Dante agreed that Levi was a "tool."

Nathan swore that he didn't call immigration. He believed that Levi had done it to make Nathan look like the bad guy. Dante asked Nathan for the facts. Nathan was surprised that Dante believed him. "You're my partner," Dante replied. Dante looked at Nathan's phone and saw that the call had been made at 11:27 AM the day before.

Dante walked Nathan through the events of the day before to determine when Levi could have made the call. They determined that Levi had the opportunity to steal the phone when Nathan had uncuffed himself and Maxie. After that, Nathan had gone to the station and found his phone to call Mac when he'd returned home later that day.

Dante offered to dust the phone for prints, but Nathan knew that it wouldn't be solid proof since he lived with Levi. He was exasperated that he had nothing on Levi. He was frustrated to know that Levi would hurt Maxie, and there was nothing Nathan could do about it. Dante advised him to take a break and cool off.

A few minutes later, Anna arrived at the station. She wanted to see Dante and Nathan in her office, but Dante informed her that Nathan had a "personal situation." He elaborated on Nathan's situation with Maxie. Anna loved Maxie because she was family, but she recognized that Maxie never made anything easy.

Anna informed Dante that, when Nathan returned, she wanted them to organize a task force to stop the drug trade in Port Charles once and for all. She continued that Rafe had had cocaine and heroin in his system when he'd died. She knew that Obrecht would use that fact against Anna.

"All is fair in love and war," Felicia told Mac at the Floating Rib, discussing the love triangle that was Maxie, Levi, and Nathan. As they argued over who had really called immigration, Lucy entered the bar sobbing. She cried that she'd just found out about Rafe's death. She was upset about focusing on Scott, therefore neglecting Rafe, her family.

Lucy continued that she'd been trying to call Kevin, but he only talked through his lawyers because of the divorce. Felicia suggested that Lucy give her daughter Serena a call, but Lucy informed Felicia that Serena was angry at Lucy for not treating Scott or Kevin fairly. Mac told her that she'd created the situation herself and left.

Lucy knew that she deserved everyone's anger, but she was angrier at herself than anyone else could be. She confided to Felicia that she missed Scott. She felt bad about pushing him away. Felicia advised her friend to reach out to Scott and clear things up if that's what she wanted to do. Lucy called Felicia an amazing friend and ran out of the bar.

Nathan entered the bar, and Mac knew that Nathan was probably upset about Maxie. Nathan swore to Mac and Felicia that he hadn't been the one to call immigration on Levi. "Then who did?" Felicia demanded to know. Felicia thought it made no sense for Levi to call immigration on himself. Mac was just happy that Levi would be "on the other side of the planet."

Just then, Maxie and Levi entered the bar. Maxie announced that Levi wasn't going anywhere, because she'd had an idea. "We're getting married!" she squealed, to Nathan's horror.

Lucy arrived at Scott's hotel room door and knocked. She called out that she needed to talk to him and that it was important. Suddenly the door opened, but Bobbie appeared clad in Scott's robe.

Nikolas called out for Spencer. Britt and Elizabeth returned from looking around, both without sight of Spencer. They wondered what could have happened to him. Britt divulged that Cameron had told all of the other campers that Spencer was a "loser," so Spencer could have been embarrassed enough to run off.

Spencer entered a hotel room at the Metro Court with a bellhop. The man asked when Spencer's parents would be arriving. Spencer assured the man that his parents would be there soon and gave him large tip. The bellhop explained all of the high-tech features of the room and finally left. Spencer jumped on the bed and took out his phone.

Nikolas was on the phone with one of his staff members. He instructed them to call if they heard from Spencer. Just then, Britt got a text message. She stealthily read the message from Spencer which asked if their plan was working. Elizabeth wondered if someone could have taken Spencer, but Britt cited how intelligent and resourceful Spencer was. "He's still a kid," Elizabeth replied with a dirty look. Britt decided that they should fan out in order to cover more ground. They agreed to meet back in ten minutes and all went in different directions.

There were candy wrappers all over the bed, and Spencer played video games. His phone went off, and he checked the message from Britt. Britt's reply read that the plan wasn't yet working because Elizabeth was in the way.

Britt received Spencer's reply that read to "get rid" of Elizabeth if she was in the way. Britt, Nikolas, and Elizabeth met up, again with no sight of Spencer. Britt lied that she'd told the other campers about Spencer, and they were all upset. She continued that Cameron wanted Elizabeth and instructed her to take him home. She reluctantly left.

Britt offered to drive around with Nikolas to look for Spencer, but Nikolas wanted to call the police. Britt thought that calling the cops would just make Spencer feel worse in the end. Britt mentioned some of Spencer's favorite places and suggested that he'd gone to one of them. Nikolas suddenly remembered that, after the last time Spencer had disappeared, Lulu had enabled a tracking application on Nikolas' phone. He activated it and learned that Spencer was at the Metro Court.

As Nikolas freaked out that someone could have taken Spencer, Britt advised him to call the hotel and find out. Nikolas called the hotel and described Spencer. At the same time, Britt called Spencer to warn him that Nikolas knew where he was. She hung up as Nikolas discovered that Spencer was indeed at the hotel and had gotten a room under Nikolas' name.

A short while later, Olivia took Britt and Nikolas up to the room where Spencer was. Nikolas demanded to know how Spencer could have been allowed to get a room. Olivia didn't know who had been on the front desk, but she vowed to find out. "Heads will roll," she promised. She opened the door to the room.

. . .

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  • The reporters harass Patrick.
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