Thursday, August 28, 2014

At an undisclosed location, Maxie and Lulu each sat secured to a chair with a gag stuffed into her mouth. Maxie's thoughts drifted to Nathan while Lulu's mind was on Dante and Rocco. Moments later, Levi entered the room with two cups of coffee in a carry-out tray. As soon as he removed Maxie's gag, she began to scream for help, but Levi smugly informed her that he wouldn't have removed the gag if he'd thought that anyone could hear her.

Maxie glared at Levi as he handed her a cup of coffee without untying her hands. She snidely wondered if his new short hair was an attempt to disguise himself, so he explained that he'd worn his hair long to convince Maxie of his "hippie-dippie" ways. Levi removed Lulu's gag then handed her the second cup of coffee. Maxie and Lulu immediately began to fling insults at Levi then berated him for shooting Scribner, but Levi was unfazed. According to Levi, Scribner had served his purpose and had been nothing more than dead weight.

Lulu was certain that both Dante and Nathan would quickly track them down, but Levi merely chuckled. Maxie accused Levi of being incompetent for failing to fence the Aztec jewels, but Levi informed Maxie that it had never been about the jewels; it had been personal. Maxie and Lulu were surprised when Levi revealed that Maxie was far more than a hostage and that Lulu was as much a part of the "operation" as Maxie.

Maxie and Lulu noticed that Levi had repeatedly glanced at his cell phone as if he were expecting a call, so they warned him that Dante and Nathan would hunt him down before his accomplice could help. Maxie continued to insult Levi until his temper flared. Levi threw his phone across the room, knocking the coffee out of Maxie's hand, as he accused her of babbling incessantly like her "simpering" mother. Maxie was surprised because she'd had the impression that Levi had liked her mother, but Levi clarified that it had been part of an act to flush the jewels out. Maxie objected when Levi went on to accuse Felicia of being a "lying, cheating bitch" who was both faithless and untrustworthy.

Lulu argued that the slurs were an apt description of Levi, not Felicia, so Levi reminded both Maxie and Lulu that Felicia had always put Frisco first, even above her own daughters. Maxie conceded that her mother had made mistakes, but Felicia was with Mac not Frisco. Levi laughed because Mac hadn't been the only man that Felicia had "screwed over" for Frisco. Maxie demanded to know what Levi was talking about, but he refused to elaborate. Maxie and Lulu resumed taunting Levi about his imminent arrest until Levi grew frustrated and stormed out.

Seconds later, Lulu tensed. "Oh, my God, Maxie -- look." Lulu said as she stared at something near Maxie's foot. Maxie glanced down and saw the cell phone that Levi had thrown earlier, so she quickly stretched out her leg until she was able to scooch the phone close enough to put her years of soccer training to good use by kicking the phone into Lulu's lap.

At the loft, Dante played with Rocco in bed, but his mind was on the first time that he and Lulu had played with their son in bed. Dante pushed the memory aside to assure his son that he intended to keep his promise to return Lulu home.

A short time later, Elizabeth stopped by to check on Dante and Rocco and drop off a small stuffed animal for the baby. As she held Rocco, Elizabeth gently reminded Dante that Lulu was a survivor because Lulu was a Spencer. She was also confident that Lulu would return home because Rocco was waiting for his mother. Dante thanked Elizabeth for the reminders because he had needed to hear them. Elizabeth smiled then offered to stay with Rocco while Dante checked in at the police station.

In the squad room, Nathan yelled at a reporter who had called to ask for a statement about Maxie and Lulu's abduction. After Nathan slammed the phone down, his thoughts immediately drifted to the morning that he had woken up handcuffed to Maxie on the sofa. He reluctantly pushed the memory away when Nikolas and Britt arrived with coffee and breakfast. Nathan thanked them both, but Nikolas insisted that Britt deserved all the credit because she was a "champion" in a crisis.

Nikolas wondered if there had been any news about where Levi might have taken Maxie and Lulu, so Nathan revealed that Levi Dunkleman was an alias for Peter Harrell. Moments later, Anna walked up. She quickly assured Nikolas that they were doing everything possible to find Maxie and Lulu then turned to Nathan to let him know that she needed to talk to Nathan about the "new information" in the case. Nikolas wanted to be a part of the conversation, but Anna explained that it wasn't possible.

After Nathan and Anna left, Britt announced that she had to swing by her apartment to pick up clothes then get to work. Nikolas smiled as he jokingly suggested that it was time for him to learn to get through the day without Britt. She smiled and left with a promise to check in with him later.

Meanwhile, Anna and Nathan met with Dante in the interrogation room. She showed both men a picture of Felicia's ex-fiancÚ, Peter Harrell, as she explained that she suspected that Levi/Peter was Peter Harrell's son. Anna explained that Peter Sr. had stolen the Aztec treasure in 1984, but Frisco had helped Felicia recover it from Peter. During the struggle, Peter had been shot, and his body had plummeted into the water then plunged over a waterfall. Anna admitted that Peter Sr. had been presumed dead until a short time later when he had resurfaced to try to lure Felicia into a trap.

Anna revealed that Peter Sr.'s plot had failed, so Felicia's ex-fiancÚ had fled to Brazil, where he had vanished. Dante and Nathan were surprised when Anna confided that she had tried to get some information from her ex-bosses at the World Security Bureau, but no one had been willing to talk or put her in touch with Frisco. However, she was determined to keep trying, so she returned to her office to make some more calls. Dante and Nathan returned to the squad room just as Dante's cell phone rang. Dante decided to answer the call despite not recognizing the number. He was stunned when he heard Lulu on the other end of the call.

At the loft, Elizabeth showed Rocco pictures of his family members including Nikolas. She talked about Nikolas' gloomy home until she heard a knock at the door. It was Nikolas. Nikolas explained that he had stopped by to talk to Dante, but Elizabeth confessed that Dante had left. Nikolas took his nephew from Elizabeth's arms as they sat down to chat with each other. Nikolas told Elizabeth about his stop at the police station with Britt, while Elizabeth filled him in about how Dante had been holding up.

Nikolas thought that it was nice of Elizabeth to watch Rocco, but she insisted that it was the least she could do. She admitted that she wished she could do more for Nikolas, but Britt seemed to have it well covered. Nikolas picked up on the tension in Elizabeth's tone, so he defended Britt by claiming that she had been a "godsend" to him. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she was well aware of how helpful Britt had been, but she was surprised that Britt hadn't accompanied him because Britt had been glued to his side throughout the ordeal.

Elizabeth acknowledged that it was understandable, since Nikolas and Britt were on the verge of getting back together. "Who said that?" Nikolas wondered. Startled, Elizabeth explained that Britt had let it slip that Nikolas and Britt had been about to sleep together when Elizabeth had called with the news about Lulu. Nikolas put Rocco into the crib then asked what Elizabeth was talking about. Elizabeth couldn't imagine that Nikolas was surprised because it wasn't a secret that both Britt and Elizabeth had feelings for him.

Elizabeth joked that soon Nikolas would start handing out roses, but Nikolas quipped that orchids were more his style. Elizabeth wasn't amused. "She's winning, isn't she?" Elizabeth quietly asked. Nikolas admitted that he had nearly slept with Britt, but he rushed to assure Elizabeth that he hadn't planned it. Elizabeth insisted that he didn't owe her an explanation because it was clear that he had made his choice.

"You think I chose her?" Nikolas asked in disbelief. Before Elizabeth could reply, Nikolas confessed that he had told Britt that he still had feelings for Elizabeth.

At Brad's apartment, Brad watched Lucas as Lucas slept. He smiled when Lucas slowly opened his eyes then greeted Brad with an affectionate good morning followed by a passionate kiss. Lucas confessed that he was happy that they had found their way back to each other. Brad agreed then pointed out that he and Lucas had been ensconced in the apartment for nearly forty-eight hours. Brad's smile vanished when he suddenly recalled that Britt had been forced to stay away during that time.

Lucas kissed Brad then suggested that Brad let Britt know that it was safe to return home. Brad suggested that perhaps he had done Britt a favor by keeping her out of the apartment for nearly two days because it might have given Britt time to work things out with Nikolas. Brad wanted Britt to find the same happiness with Nikolas that Brad had found with Lucas, so Brad hoped Nikolas had forgiven Britt.

As if on cue, Britt entered the apartment, asking how Brad's threesome had gone. She was surprised when she saw Brad and Lucas in bed together. Both men smiled as they greeted Britt, so Britt was curious where Felix was. Brad explained that there had been a change in plans when Brad and Lucas had realized that neither of them had wanted a third party in bed with them. Lucas was curious if Britt and Nikolas had worked things out, but Britt realized that Brad and Lucas hadn't heard about Lulu's abduction.

Lucas was stunned when Britt told him about his cousin's kidnapping, so he quickly grabbed his clothes then left to be with his family. Britt smiled at Brad because she was happy that things had worked out with Brad and Lucas. Brad was disappointed that Britt hadn't had the same luck with Nikolas, so she revealed that she had been close to getting Nikolas into bed until "Debbie Downer" had called with news about Lulu's abduction. Brad was curious if Elizabeth knew how close Britt had been to sleeping with Nikolas, so Britt confessed that she had "accidently" let it slip. Brad and Britt laughed.

At the hospital, Felix was in the supply room when Sabrina poked her head into the room to let her friend know she was back in town. Felix was delighted when he saw Sabrina, so he jumped up to give her a big hug. He apologized that he hadn't been there to welcome her home, but Sabrina assured him that it was fine. Felix explained that he had worked a double shift to cover for Elizabeth, so Sabrina confessed that she had hoped that Felix had spent the night out because he had been doing something fun with Lucas.

Felix quickly filled Sabrina in about Lucas' proposal to have a threesome with Brad and Felix. Sabrina was shocked, but Felix rushed to assure her that he had changed his mind at the last minute because of a talk with Milo. Felix told her about Milo's crush on Epiphany then confessed that it had made him realize that he wanted to find someone who made him feel the same way Milo felt for Epiphany. Their conversation took a somber turn when Sabrina told Felix about Rafe's final words to Molly.

Stunned, Felix wondered who would target Patrick and Sabrina. Sabrina explained that Sam was working on it, but Sabrina vowed on Gabriel's life to find out. Felix warned Sabrina to be careful because it might be dangerous, but Sabrina assured Felix that she was stronger than she had been when she'd left town.

Later, Sabrina entered the visitors' room at Pentonville to await the arrival of a prisoner.

Meanwhile, Brad sought Felix out to let Felix know that Brad and Lucas had worked things out. Felix assured Brad that he was happy for both Brad and Lucas. Brad confessed that everything had been wonderful until Lucas had learned about Lulu's abduction.

At Silas' apartment, Nina watched Silas sleep. She was amazed that Silas was able to sleep peacefully and dream the dreams of the innocent when he was really a "cheating bastard." Nina reached for a large kitchen knife that had been hidden under the mattress then lifted it above Silas' prone body as his eyes suddenly snapped open. Alarmed, Silas asked what Nina was doing. "Giving you what you deserve," she answered as she plunged the knife into his chest. Nina watched with satisfaction as Silas slowly bled out.

The fantasy evaporated when Silas woke up. Nina smiled sweetly as she confessed that it had been a long time since she had last watched her husband sleep, but Silas recalled that he had always been awake before Nina. Nina changed the subject by telling him how much she had always loved him and had looked forward to their future together. She confided that it had been amazing to make love with Silas after twenty years, so she was curious if it had been as good for him as it had been for her. Nina invited Silas to use a scale from one through ten, so Silas confessed that it had been a thirteen. Silas was grateful that she had given him the push he had needed.

After Silas and Nina made love again, Nina admitted that it had been amazing. Silas agreed but confessed that he hadn't realized that she had been as strong as she was. Nina reminded him that she had assured him that she had been steadily improving then shifted gears to ask if Silas thought they had made a baby. Silas gently reminded Nina that they didn't know if she could get pregnant or carry a baby to term, so he didn't want her to get her hopes up only to be disappointed.

Nina assured Silas that she knew the risks, but she desperately wanted to get back everything she had lost. She invited Silas to stay in bed with her for the day, but Silas explained that he had to get to work. After Silas went to the bathroom to shower, Nina leaned back against the pillows. She admitted that she wanted to hate Silas, but their love-making had been incredible.

Later, Nina approached Britt at the nurses' station. Britt happily greeted her cousin then confessed that she had been wondering when she would get to meet Nina. Nina returned Britt's smile. They acknowledged that their mothers were crazy, but they agreed they were blessed to have Nathan as a brother. Britt wanted to chat with Nina, but Britt had a patient waiting. Nina surprised Britt by revealing that she was Britt's patient then confessed that she wanted Britt to find out if Nina was pregnant.

. . .

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