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Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Thursday, February 14, 2019

It was Valentine's Day in Port Charles. Carly and Sonny lay in bed after making love. Carly called it a luxury to be lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon. Sonny mentioned the difficult year they'd had and how he couldn't have gotten through it without Carly. He told her he didn't think he'd told her enough how much he appreciated and loved her. He added that he'd made dinner reservations for the best table at Metro Court.

At Jason's apartment, he and Sam shared a kiss. Sam handed him a handmade card from Danny and Scout and admitted that she was sad not to be able to spend the day with him. She was aware that Jason wasn't a fan of Valentine's Day, but she had been looking forward to being with him. She informed him that she still had some time before she had to leave.

Sam and Jason grew affectionate again, but they were interrupted when Spinelli arrived. He asked if he was interrupting something, but Sam took it as her cue to go. Spinelli advised her to be careful because, after some investigation, he thought that Shiloh might be dangerous.

"How dangerous?" Jason asked after Sam had gone. "Murderously so," Spinelli replied. He revealed that he had done further investigating on Shiloh's father and had learned that the man had applied for a patent and had been on his way to another fortune when he had unexpectedly passed away. It seemed that the brakes had failed on the man's new car.

Shortly after, Spinelli announced that he had arranged to fly home to spend Valentine' Day with Ellie, but he promised to check further on Shiloh's father. Jason told him to tell Ellie that "we" said hello, and Spinelli gushed that he liked the sound of that.

At Metro Court, Olivia and Ned sat at a table and toasted Valentine's Day with flutes of Champagne. Ned handed his wife a room key and reminded her of what had happened in the same room in the past. She recalled her drunken night of phone calls to save dogs, but he called it the night he'd fallen in love with her. He added that he was still in love.

Sonny and Carly arrived and sat down at their own table by the bar. Sonny informed the waitress that he'd prearranged an order for some Champagne. He handed Carly an envelope, and she found airplane tickets to the Azores inside. Sonny told her they'd be leaving in three weeks, and he reminded her of their past list of various places they wanted to travel to.

Carly announced that she didn't think she'd be able to go because there had been lots going on. She cited the past year with Mike, and Sonny expressed his gratitude for Carly's suggestions that he spend time with his father. He again declared his love for her.

At the Dawn of Day house, Shiloh commended Kristina on the decorations for their event. He wondered when Sam would get there, and he asked that he be told as soon as she arrived. Kristina was surprised to see Valerie, as she'd thought that Valerie had been avoiding her. Valerie admitted that she'd handled their last encounter poorly, and she was sorry. She asked if they could be friends.

Sam arrived, and Valerie noticed a change in Kristina's disposition as Shiloh welcomed Sam to the house. Valerie asked if Kristina was okay, and Kristina went on to talk about the great sessions at the house where no one passed judgment. She had learned that there was no such thing as mistakes, and they were only stepping stones to self-awareness.

Valerie asked to hang out with Kristina again, but Kristina continued to gush about the seminars. Valerie appeared uneasy as Kristina rushed to grab a brochure. When she returned and tried to hand Valerie the brochure, Valerie suddenly said she had to leave. They hugged goodbye.

Shiloh handed Sam one of his books and was surprised to hear Sam say that she had already read it. She thought there had been something missing because it hadn't said anything about Shiloh's family. They sat down in a corner. Sam asked whether Shiloh had ever had someone that he'd wanted to settle down with.

Shiloh admitted that his father's experience had turned him off, and Sam assumed that he was referring to her con of the older man. Shiloh assured her it wasn't the only reason, but he'd had to find peace within himself. He thought Sam should do the same.

Shiloh put his hands on both sides of Sam's face and told her to close her eyes. He spoke softly of past road blocks, an imagined future, and the present. He gently massaged as Sam responded to his questions in an appropriate manner. Kristina looked on unhappily.

Sam opened her eyes and saw Kristina. Awkwardly, she advised Shiloh that she had to leave. She didn't want to step on Kristina's toes, but she promised to return another time. Shiloh glared at Kristina and informed her that Sam had left abruptly. Kristina admitted that she had been bothered seeing Shiloh and her sister together.

Shiloh asked Kristina how far she'd gotten in his courses, and she admitted that she had only done the introductory level. Shiloh laughed and told her that that was the reason she hadn't reached enlightenment yet. Kristina informed him that she couldn't afford more classes, but Shiloh likened it to heart surgery. He was certain that she'd find the money for that if needed.

Sam phoned Jason outside of the DOD house to tell him she was picking up the kids. She shared that things had been creepy and weird in the house, especially with Shiloh getting people to do things for him. She believed that Kristina had feelings for Shiloh. Jason wished Sam a happy Valentine's Day, and she teased him, knowing how much he disliked the day.

Elizabeth surprised Franco with a visit, and she stood outside of his cell. She told him she was ready to get married then. At first, Franco thought she was joking, but when he realized she was serious, he tried to talk her out of it. She revealed that she had recruited someone to perform the ceremony.

Franco was surprised to see Drew, who admitted to getting ordained online. Drew told them he just needed a witness, and Franco called out to the nearby cop, Cliff. He verified that Cliff was supposed to keep an eye on him, and he announced that they had their witness.

Elizabeth stepped out, and Drew showed Franco the rings that Elizabeth had remembered to get that morning. Drew added that the couple meant a lot to him, and he thought of Franco as a brother, although he sometimes thought about choking him. "Treat her right," Drew ordered.

Elizabeth returned, and she and Franco grasped hands through the bars. She declared that Franco had taught her the most important lesson of her life, and that was that love was insane, and the craziness was equal to beautiful. "You freed my soul," Elizabeth said. She was grateful and would love, honor, and cherish Franco 'til death. "Your turn, Franco," Drew said.

"I love you. That's all I got," Franco replied. He clarified that he would love, honor and cherish Elizabeth until death. Drew declared the couple married through the powers of the Internet, and the couple shared their first married kiss.

At the clinic in Sweden, Anna threatened Dr. Cabot. She informed him that he needed to divulge the necessary information in order to have his eyesight restored. She told him she was Alex, who had been out of touch due to a "bounty on my head." She wanted him to tell her about the project they'd been working on in the past.

Cabot realized it was not Alex but "the other one." He pointed out that he knew Alex well and was suspicious about the reason that Anna, Robert, and Finn were really there. Robert identified himself, and Anna again told Cabot that there would be no treatment without the answers they wanted.

Cabot advised Anna that she'd "overplayed" because he was aware that they were conducting an investigation for the WSB. He stated that he could not give any answers until they treated him, but Finn retorted that it was nonnegotiable. Cabot declared that he couldn't betray people who might kill him. "Fine," Anna snapped. Robert agreed to make arrangements.

Cabot admitted that he liked Anna, but she assured him the feeling wasn't mutual. He compared her to Alex and called them oil and water. The description didn't sit well with Anna. Robert returned and announced that they'd all return to Port Charles the following day. Anna thanked him, but Robert told her not to mention it -- and he meant it literally. He complained that he'd broken several protocols. He wheeled Cabot out of the room.

Finn noticed that Anna was quiet, and she admitted that something had bothered her, but she thought it was probably nothing. He wished her a happy Valentine's Day and kissed her.

Olivia and Ned made love in their hotel room. Afterwards, Olivia grabbed the phone in order to request another bottle, but Ned expressed his love. Olivia decided to wait.

Sam surprised Jason when she returned to his place. He asked about the kids, and she told him they had been asleep, so she hadn't disturbed them. They kissed and went to bed together. Sam noticed the pink roses, and Jason admitted he'd bought them. Sam confessed that she was right where she wanted to be, and he divulged that he finally understood Valentine's Day. It was "not taking love for granted."

Carly and Sonny returned home and kissed before going inside. They sat on the sofa, and Carly admitted she'd been thinking about life. She believed that they could handle anything as long as they had each other, and she proceeded to tell Sonny that she was pregnant. Sonny stared at her in silence.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Kevin" proposes to Ava.

• Anna thinks Finn always knows the right thing to say.

• Harmony has a warning for Shiloh.

• Jason tells Sam he thinks Shiloh is more of a threat then they thought.

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