Thursday, December 11, 2014

At Pentonville, Sonny told Carly that he didn't want her to return. "So, that's it? You're breaking up with me?" Carly asked in stunned disbelief. Sonny explained that it was necessary because he didn't want her to continue to have trouble with Michael. Sonny was certain that Michael would eventually forgive Carly if she were to tell Michael that she had cut all ties with Sonny. Carly refused to turn her back on Sonny then added that she didn't regret helping Sonny because she hadn't wanted Michael to lose Sonny after losing A.J.

Sonny's voice cracked with emotion as he reminded Carly that he had caused both her and Michael pain, but Carly insisted that Franco had been to blame for hurting Michael. Sonny disagreed because he had kept pushing Franco despite Franco's threats, but Carly continued to blame Franco. Sonny argued that regardless of what Franco had done, Sonny had killed A.J., and Carly had helped Sonny cover it up. He insisted that they both needed to take full responsibility for what they had done if Carly had any hope of salvaging her relationship with Michael.

"What about us?" Carly tearfully asked. She appreciated that Sonny wanted to be noble because he loved her, but she refused to walk away from him. Sonny reminded Carly that he didn't have anything to offer her because he was locked up in jail for the rest of his life, but Carly didn't care because she loved Sonny and was willing to take what she could get. Carly explained that there wasn't anyone for her except Sonny, but Sonny wanted Carly to move on with her life and find someone new.

Carly reiterated that Sonny was the only man for her then added that she was confident that Michael would make peace with what had happened because she was determined to make Michael understand why she and Sonny had done what they had. Sonny refused to allow Carly to waste her life, stuck in a relationship with him while he was in jail, but Carly argued that it wasn't his decision to make. Sonny warned Carly that he would refuse to see her if she tried to visit him again then proved his point by hanging up the phone and turning his back on her. Carly's eyes filled with tears of frustration as she stood up then reluctantly left.

Afterwards, Sonny began to weep as he thought about how he and Carly had found their way back to each other over the past few months. Minutes later, he pushed the memories away then left the visitor's room.

On the piers, the man pretending to be Luke met with his accomplice, Helena. Helena hoped that the impostor had been busy furthering their agenda, so he assured her that everyone believed that he was Luke. He admitted that even the people who had never liked Luke had been sympathetic to him. Pleased, Helena gloated that her plan to make it appear that Cesar Faison had been the impostor had been brilliant. The impostor conceded that the plan had worked, but he questioned the methods she had used to liberate Faison from police custody.

Helena insisted that it had been necessary to make a big show of Faison's escape to reinforce everyone's certainty that Faison had indeed been guilty of impersonating Luke. The impostor pointed out that a police officer had been shot, but Helena merely smiled because her "soldier-boy" had executed the plan better than she could have anticipated. She explained that Nathan hadn't been killed because her operative had been a professional.

The impostor appeared annoyed as Helena bragged about her "soldier-boy," so he asked who the man was. Helena smiled indulgently as she assured the impostor that the impostor had nothing to worry about because her secret operative was not the impostor's rival. The impostor seemed pleased, but he was curious about the man Helena had sent to break Faison free. Helena revealed that the man had been mentally conditioned to follow her orders and then forget everything once the mission had been completed, including who he worked for.

According to Helena, her "soldier-boy" was the perfect weapon to use against anyone who got in Helena and the impostor's way. Satisfied, the impostor shifted gears to reveal that Michael had turned down his offer to work for ELQ. Helena reminded the impostor that they had fifteen-and-a-half percent of ELQ shares thanks to Jerry Jacks, but the impostor warned Helena that the rest of the shareholders wouldn't give up their shares easily. Helena grinned as she reminded the imposter that they had her "soldier-boy" at the ready to remove any insurmountable obstacles.

In Nathan's hospital room, Elizabeth checked Nathan's vitals as Anna gave him an update about the search for Nina. Nathan was frustrated that his sister had disappeared, but he defended her to Anna by explaining that Nina would never have taken the baby if Nina had been in her right mind. Nathan was also certain that Franco had persuaded Nina to flee town with the child. Anna promised to stay on top of things, including the hunt for the gunman responsible for shooting Nathan.

After Anna left, Elizabeth confessed that she and Jake had seen the footage of the shootout on the news. She admitted that Jake had pointed out that Sam could have easily been killed, but Nathan remained concerned about his sister and eager to get back to work. Elizabeth warned Nathan that he wasn't ready to leave the hospital, so he reluctantly stayed in bed.

Moments later, Elizabeth answered a knock at the door. It was a volunteer delivering a big plant that had been sent to Nathan. Nathan's curiosity turned to surprise when he realized that the volunteer was Maxie. Maxie quickly entered the hospital room then approached Nathan's bed with the plant as Elizabeth closed the door. Nathan scolded Maxie for defying Judge Walters' order to stay away from Nathan because Nathan didn't want to jeopardize Maxie's custody hearing. Maxie explained that she had needed to check on Nathan because she had been worried about him all night.

Maxie promised Nathan that there was nothing to worry about because she had been volunteering at the hospital for ten years. She turned to Elizabeth for confirmation, so Elizabeth agreed then asked when Maxie's custody hearing was. Maxie admitted that it was the following day, but Maxie was confident that everything would work out, so she would soon have both Georgie and Nathan back in her life. Elizabeth watched as Maxie and Nathan flirted and talked, so she good-naturedly muttered for Maxie and Nathan to get a room and then left. Maxie kissed Nathan but quickly pulled away when another nurse entered the room to reminded Maxie that the magazine cart needed to be taken to other patients.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jake returned to Sam's table to reveal that Carly was expected soon. Sam perked up when she received an email from Spinelli of the security footage from the police station. She invited Jake to watch the video with her but warned him that it had been illegally obtained. Jake didn't appear to mind, so he walked to Sam's side to watch the video.

Sam was rattled as she watched the gunman take her hostage. Jake noticed Sam's reaction, so he asked if she was okay. She confessed that the footage had been unsettling to watch, but she was more disappointed that it hadn't yielded anything useful about the gunman other than his approximate height of six feet. Jake jokingly pointed out that he could be considered a suspected based on that information, so Sam played along by asking if he had an alibi for the time of the shootout. Jake revealed that he had been job hunting, but Sam wanted to know where.

Jake listed several businesses that he had supposedly gone to but suddenly stopped as he wondered if Sam truly thought he might have been responsible for Faison's escape. Sam assured him that she didn't suspect him of any wrongdoing. Relieved, Jake started to leave but wished Sam luck finding the gunman. Sam smiled as she told Jake that she hoped Carly showed up soon. Jake made a remark about having all day to wait, which triggered a memory of the gunman saying something similar while Sam had been held hostage. Jake noticed the tension in Sam, so he asked if she was okay. She assured him that she was fine as she quickly gathered her things then left.

Moments later, Carly entered the restaurant then made a beeline for the bar to grab a bottle of alcohol. She was startled when Jake suddenly appeared at the bar to offer his help.

At Ryan's bar, Ava conceded that she had done terrible things, but she implored Morgan and Kiki to put all of that aside until they found the baby. Kiki explained that it wasn't that easy, so Morgan added that Ava had murdered someone. Silas agreed that Ava should be held accountable for her crimes, but finding the missing baby was their priority. Delia reminded Kiki that the baby was Kiki's sister then appealed to both Morgan and Kiki to have a heart and give Ava a break. Morgan and Kiki reluctantly agreed, so Silas revealed that he had been expecting someone who might have information about Franco.

Moments later, Silas saw a woman enter the bar. He approached her when he noticed that she appeared to be looking for someone. The woman introduced herself as Betsy Frank, Franco's mother. Delia was confused because she had thought that Heather Webber was Franco's mother, so Betsy clarified that Heather had given birth to Franco but Betsy had raised him. Betsy insisted that Franco had been a "good boy," but Silas was curious if Betsy knew where Franco was.

Betsy wondered why she should tell Silas anything, so Ava stepped forward to explain that Franco had taken a baby. "Oh, no, not again," Betsy said as a frown clouded her expression. Kiki was curious what Betsy had been referring to so Betsy revealed that Franco had once kidnapped a nurse's infant from General Hospital to make up for being denied an opportunity to have a relationship with his daughter, Lauren. Betsy began ranting about Ava Jerome, having no idea that the woman standing before was Ava.

Silas realized that Franco hadn't told Betsy that the truth about Lauren's paternity, so he explained that he, not Franco, had been Lauren's father. Ava wisely kept her identity to herself as she begged for Betsy's help finding the missing infant. Delia was delighted when Betsy agreed. "Did you hear that, Ava? She said she can help," Delia said. Betsy's smile instantly vanished as she demanded to know if Ava was Ava Jerome.

Ava's expression confirmed Betsy's suspicions, so Betsy launched into a lecture about how Ava had ruined "Bobbie's" life. Betsy refused to help Ava, but Morgan stepped forward to explain that he was the missing baby's father. Betsy glared at Ava with disgust then accused Ava of being shameless. Morgan assured Betsy that he agreed with Betsy's assessment of Ava and vowed that he would not allow Ava to touch his daughter, but he pleaded with Betsy to help him find the missing baby.

Later, Betsy sat at the bar as Delia discussed their children. Delia conceded that both of their children had a "needle missing from their moral compasses," but it hadn't stopped either mother from loving their child. Betsy agreed. Betsy confessed that she loved Franco, but it broke her heart that he kept committing violent crimes.

At the hospital, Dante bumped into Anna as he exited the elevator. He quickly filled her in about Hooper's offer to tell them where Hooper had taken Franco, Nina, and the baby in exchange for immunity. However, Dante didn't hold out much hope that Scott would agree to Hooper's terms because Franco was Scott's son. Anna was certain she could persuade Scott to change his mind by reminding Scott that it would look good for Scott to return the missing baby to its home.

A short time later, Anna wrapped up a phone call then assured Dante that Scott had agreed to give Hooper immunity. Moments later, Dante received a text message revealing where Hooper had taken Franco and Nina. He showed Nina the text message, so she promised to alert the Canadian police and request their help when Dante arrived.

In Canada, Nina hid out of sight with the baby as Franco dealt with a woman on their doorstep who had recognized Franco. Franco insisted that the woman was mistaken about who he was, but the woman didn't believe him because she was a fan of the infamous artist. She introduced herself as Zoe then revealed that she had seen him in person at one of his art exhibits. Zoe was eager to see his latest creation -- the baby. Nina decided to step forward and introduced herself as Franco's wife.

Zoe cordially greeted Nina then smiled at the baby but noted the baby didn't look anything like Nina or Franco. Franco assured Zoe that the child was his and Nina's, so Nina tactfully explained that she needed to put the baby to bed. Zoe thanked Franco for introducing her to his family then admitted that she couldn't wait to tell her friends. Franco asked her not to say anything because he and Nina wanted to protect their daughter's privacy.

After Zoe left, Nina warned Franco that they were in trouble, so they needed to flee as quickly as possible. She began to pack their things, but Franco feared that it would be too risky to leave. Nina argued that they couldn't trust Zoe to keep quiet, so they had to protect their daughter. Franco surprised Nina by offering to get rid of Zoe. Nina's eyes rounded as she asked if Franco was truly willing to kill someone to safeguard their family. Franco admitted that Zoe wouldn't be his first victim.

"Wow," Nina replied. "So, you want me to do it?" Franco asked.

A short time later, Franco slipped out of the house as he clutched what appeared to be a baby wrapped in a pink blanket close to his chest. However, Franco only made it a few steps before Dante called out to him. Franco immediately froze as Dante, flanked by two Canadian police officers, approached him.

. . .

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  • Shawn lets Sonny know that the baby had been found
  • Michael stops by the brownstone
  • Patrick reveals to Sabrina that he has something important to tell her
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