Thursday, January 22, 2015

In Maxie's apartment, Nathan and Maxie snuggled together in bed. She confessed that being in bed with him was the most amazing thing in the world. Nathan said something in French, but Maxie surprised him by asking if he had just told her that he had to leave. Nathan wondered if she had been taking French lessons behind his back, so she explained that she had picked up a few French phrases from her days working in the fashion industry.

Maxie smiled when Nathan offered to teach her more French because she assumed they had all day to spend together, but Nathan explained that he had to get to work. Disappointed, Maxie cozied next to him then admitted that she hoped Nathan didn't take Duke down because she thought Duke had been doing a good job running things for Sonny. Nathan reminded her that Duke was as much of a criminal as Sonny had been, but Maxie argued that there were "varying degrees of mobsterdom."

Maxie explained that men like Sonny and Duke had a code that they followed, but Nathan was surprised that she knew the Corinthos organization well enough to be aware of that. Maxie reminded him that Spinelli had once worked for Jason Morgan, who had been Sonny's enforcer, so Nathan asked if she had sympathy for any other mob factions like the Zacchara organization.

Maxie revealed that she knew about Nathan and Dante's visit to Johnny's penthouse because Johnny had mentioned it when she had seen Johnny the previous evening on the Haunted Star. Nathan immediately became tense as he wondered why she hadn't mentioned the encounter sooner, but Maxie turned the question around by asking why he hadn't thought to tell her about going to Johnny's place. Nathan admitted that he hadn't realized that it been important, even though Johnny had implied that Johnny and Maxie had had history.

"Do you?" Nathan asked. Maxie clarified that she and Johnny had "almost" had history because an attraction had developed when they had pretended to be a couple for the benefit of the media while he had been dating Lulu. She admitted that she and Johnny had kissed when Johnny had decided that Lulu would be better off without him, so he had set Lulu up to walk in on Maxie and Johnny in a compromising position. However, Maxie assured Nathan that nothing had happened beyond the kiss. Maxie explained that Johnny had a tendency to do the wrong things but for the right reasons.

Nathan remarked that Johnny's pattern suggested that things would not go well for him on the outside. Maxie hoped that Nathan was wrong but assured him that he didn't have any reason to worry about Johnny because she had told Johnny that Nathan was everything that Maxie had wanted and everything that she hadn't realized she had wanted. She promised that there was nothing "almost" about her feelings for Nathan, so Nathan smiled. "Me too," Nathan replied in French then kissed her.

At Pentonville, Sonny was surprised that the impostor had quoted the Bible about the sins of the fathers being visited upon the sons because Luke Spencer would have never done that. According to Sonny, Luke was a "dedicated atheist." The impostor argued that Sonny had missed the point because the quote had been meant as a promise.

At the Quartermaine mansion, the impostor comfortably stretched out on the sofa as he continued to talk to Sonny. Sonny warned the impostor to stay away from Michael and Lucas, but the impostor merely smiled because Sonny and Julian weren't in a position to do anything about it from jail. Sonny disagreed because he could easily expose the impostor as a fraud by revealing that the impostor was Bill Eckert. The impostor immediately sat up as he asked what had given Sonny that idea.

Sonny admitted that he had heard about the impostor's meeting with Helena at the Spencers' childhood home on Elm Street. The impostor wasn't surprised that Shawn had reported back to Sonny, but he was curious why Sonny thought the impostor was Bill. Sonny pointed out that Bill owned the house on Elm Street, but the impostor argued that it wasn't proof of anything, since Bill had died years earlier. "Well, we're just gonna see about that," Sonny replied.

Alarmed, the impostor demanded to know what Sonny had meant by that, but Julian quietly warned Sonny not to say too much. Sonny refused to clarify his remark to the impostor, so the impostor advised Sonny and Julian to stay out of his business, or Michael and Lucas would pay the price. The impostor reminded Sonny that Sonny and Julian didn't have anyone on the outside to help Lucas or Michael, which left the sons wide open to the impostor.

The impostor smiled with smug satisfaction at Sonny's silence until Sonny switched tactics by reminding the impostor that Bobbie was Bill's cousin. Sonny questioned if the impostor could truly kill his own cousin's son, but the impostor reminded Sonny that he had never admitted to being Bill. Sonny cut to the chase by demanding to know what the impostor wanted. "Power," the impostor replied. Sonny agreed to turn over his organization to the impostor, provided the impostor promised to leave both Michael and Lucas alone.

The impostor chuckled then informed Sonny that the offer was off the table because the impostor simply took what he wanted. The impostor bragged that there was nothing either Sonny or Julian could do to stop him. After the impostor disconnected the phone call, Julian insisted there had to be a way to protect Michael and Lucas. Sonny admitted there was; they had to break out of jail.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth filled Patrick in about Jake's medical crisis and lack of memory of the previous evening. She was surprised when Patrick mentioned that Jake had been struggling with memory issues for a while because Jake had been fine when he had stayed with her. Patrick wondered if perhaps Sam had been right about Jake being the gunman who had held Sam hostage, but Elizabeth quickly became defensive and accused Sam of jading Patrick's opinion of Jake. Patrick reminded Elizabeth that normal people didn't get knocked unconscious and left on the pier, so Elizabeth agreed.

However, Elizabeth suggested that perhaps Jake had simply passed out because of an underlying medical problem tied to Jake's previous head injury. Elizabeth insisted that Sam lacked any shred of evidence connecting Jake to Cesar Faison's escape, so Patrick assured his friend that he had persuaded Sam to let the police handle the investigation. Elizabeth relaxed when he promised to treat Jake objectively and do everything in his power to prove Jake's innocence.

Meanwhile, Jake rested in one of the emergency room's trauma bays as Carly reached into his duffel bag to look for the figurine Jake recalled seeing. She tensed when she found a gun stuffed into the bag instead, so she turned to ask Jake about it. Jake assured Carly that he was as surprised by the gun's presence as she was because he had never seen it before, but Carly noticed that the serial number had been scratched off the gun, which meant that it was an illegal weapon. Jake continued to deny any knowledge of the gun, so Carly asked how it had ended up in his duffel bag.

Carly knew it was Jake's duffel bag because she had seen it in his hotel room. Jake didn't deny it, but he insisted that he had never seen the gun before. Carly was curious where Jake had been the previous day, so he told her that he had spent a few hours at Volonino's gym to work out and had left the bag in a locker. She realized that someone might have randomly picked a locker to hide the gun in, but Jake was skeptical because he was certain that he would have noticed the gun in his bag when he had changed clothes. At Jake's urging, Carly checked the duffel bag again.

Carly's concern mounted when she found a ski mask, a jacket, and a pair of boots -- items the gunman had been wearing when Sam had been taken hostage. Jake promised Carly that he had never seen any of the things in the duffel bag, but he was worried because he had only confusing fragments of memories from the night before. Carly admitted that it appeared suspicious because Jake had spent the night on the pier without any recollection of how he had ended up there, but Jake pleaded with her not to say anything until he had time to figure things out.

Moments later, Patrick and Elizabeth pulled the curtains aside then approached Jake's bed. Elizabeth explained that Patrick was there to examine Jake, so Patrick asked Carly to step into the hallway because he needed privacy. Carly grabbed Jake's duffel bag and promised she would keep it safe for him.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Michael approached Lucas to talk to his uncle about the clinic. Lucas greeted Michael but had to wait when Michael's phone rang. It was Alexis. Alexis explained that she had served Shawn with the restraining order, so Shawn was prohibited from going within 500 feet of Michael or the house on Elm Street. Michael thanked Alexis for taking care of everything quickly, but Alexis thought Michael should know that Shawn had claimed he had been in the house on Elm Street for Michael's well-being. Michael scoffed at the suggestion, but Alexis urged Michael to be careful.

After Michael ended the call, Lucas fetched his nephew a cup of coffee. Michael was grateful because he'd had a busy day. Lucas admitted that he had heard what Michael had said to Alexis, so he was curious about what had transpired. Michael explained that Shawn had been shadowing Michael, which Michael suspected had been on Sonny's orders. Michael insisted that he didn't want or need Sonny's protection, so Lucas wisely shifted gears to ask why Michael had stopped by.

Michael explained that he had wanted to take Lucas on the tour of the waterfront and get some ideas about the clinic. Lucas appreciated the opportunity to have some input on the clinic, so he decided to take lunch to head to waterfront with Michael. Moments later, Michael and Lucas bumped into Carly. Carly was immediately concerned when she saw Michael, but he quickly explained that he was there to discuss the free clinic in A.J.'s honor with Lucas because Lucas had agreed to run it. Carly was delighted for her brother and hugged him.

Lucas credited Carly for making him realize that it had been selfish of him not to take advantage of his medical degree. Carly's smile faltered when Michael decided to excuse himself because it was clear he was uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Lucas quietly urged Carly not to give up on Michael then followed his nephew.

A short time later, Carly returned to Jake's bedside. Patrick assured Carly that they would soon have some answers, and he left with Elizabeth. Jake waited until they were alone then thanked Carly for not saying anything about the contents of the duffel bag. Carly was unsettled by the whole situation, but Jake assured her that he wanted answers too. Carly promised Jake that they would get to the bottom of things then decided that they should start by paying Kevin a visit together.

On the piers, Lucas tried to talk to Michael about Carly, but Michael refused to indulge Lucas. Michael explained that every time he saw Carly, he thought of Sonny and was reminded of how Sonny had shot A.J. in cold blood then had sat next to Michael at A.J.'s bedside as if Sonny had actually cared. Michael reminded Lucas that everyone Michael had loved had betrayed his trust, so all the explanations and excuses in the world wouldn't change that. Lucas warned Michael that keeping everything locked up inside would eventually poison his nephew, so he promised not to defend Carly or Sonny if Michael wanted to talk.

Moments later, Michael's phone rang. It was the impostor calling to invite both Michael and Lucas to the Haunted Star for a "surprise." Nearby, Lucas noticed a small object in the snow. He picked up the phoenix figurine, wondering how it had ended up there. He slid it into his pocket when Michael called out to him.

Outside Kelly's, Alexis was surprised when she saw Sam approach. She warmly greeted her daughter then invited Sam to join her for lunch because Alexis was eager to hear about Sam's evening with Patrick.

Alexis and Sam found a table inside the diner then talked about Sam's special night with Patrick. Sam admitted that Patrick had enjoyed her cooking and that making love with him had been wonderful. Alexis was happy for her daughter but wondered if it had been everything that Sam had hoped for. "Yes," Sam assured her mother, so Alexis asked if the morning after had been awkward. Sam admitted that it had been but not for the reason that Alexis might think.

Sam told Alexis about the missing phoenix figurine, which Sam suspected had been linked to a strange noise that Sam had heard in the penthouse the previous night. Alexis' brow furrowed as she wondered if Patrick had heard the noise, but Sam assured her mother that she wasn't crazy. Alexis suggested that perhaps Danny or the housekeeper, Hannah, had misplaced the figurine, but Sam was adamant that it had been stolen. Sam confessed that she had even found herself on the pier earlier that morning, remembering how she had found it after Jason had been shot.

Sam admitted that she hadn't had any expectation of finding the figurine there a second time, so Alexis suggested that perhaps Sam had become fixated on the missing figurine because Sam had slept with Patrick. Sam quickly dismissed the idea because Sam hadn't had any regrets about sleeping with Patrick. However, Sam was focused on the missing figurine because it had disappeared out of her bedroom without explanation. Sam wanted it back because it was irreplaceable to her, so Alexis promised to help Sam look for it at home. Alexis returned to the topic of Sam and Patrick's relationship because she wanted Sam to know that she believed that Sam deserved to be happy.

After Alexis left, Sam looked at the dragon figurine she had taken from home. Moments later, Patrick called. She told him that she had been thinking of him, so he asked her out for dinner. After Sam readily agreed, he asked if she had found the phoenix figurine. Sam admitted that she hadn't, so he assured her that it would eventually turn up.

On the piers, Duke and Jordan were supervising the unloading of a cargo shipment when Shawn walked up. Jordan's tone was filled with sarcasm as she admitted that she was surprised that Shawn had made it. Shawn explained that Alexis and then a phone call from Sonny had waylaid him. Jordan was curious what Sonny had had to say, but Shawn claimed that Sonny had been concerned about the shipment. Jordan appeared to believe the lie, so she excused herself to check on things.

Duke waited until Jordan was gone before questioning Shawn about Sonny's phone call. Shawn confided that Sonny had expressly ordered Shawn not to say anything in front of Jordan then revealed that Faison had been a decoy to keep the impostor from being discovered. Duke was stunned that Luke Spencer had not been rescued from Miscavige as everyone believed, so Duke asked if they were dealing with another person wearing a mask. Shawn explained that Julian had told Sonny that the impostor looked exactly like Luke.

Shawn filled Duke in about Sonny's theory that Luke's cousin, Bill, was the impostor, so Sonny had ordered Shawn to dig up Bill's grave. Duke thought it was extreme, but conceded that it was the best way to get a quick answer.

Both Shawn and Duke were unaware that Jordan had been eavesdropping on their conversation. She stepped forward to inform both men that the shipment was ready to be transported, so she invited Shawn to join her. After both Shawn and Duke declined, Jordan pretended to leave. However, she waited out of sight until both Shawn and Duke went their separate ways, and she followed Shawn.

A short time later, Shawn was dressed as a cemetery worker when he approached Bill Eckert's grave. He was about to dig up Bill's coffin until he heard a noise. Jordan quickly ducked out of sight, but Shawn was certain that someone had been spying on him, so he approached the area where he had heard the noise as he ordered the person to step forward. Jordan reluctantly complied.

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