Thursday, September 11, 2014

At Silas' apartment, Rosalie listened to a voicemail message from Morgan inviting her to join him, his brother, and Kiki at Kelly's for dinner. Rosalie smiled, but Nina was not pleased because Nina expected Rosalie to seduce Michael, not Morgan. Rosalie explained that she wasn't interested in Michael, who was in a serious relationship with Kiki, but Nina didn't care because Kiki was on Nina's list. Nina insisted that the list was everything because Nina wanted everyone left on the list to feel her wrath just as Sam had. Rosalie suggested that Nina relax, but Nina reminded Rosalie that Nina had spent twenty years relaxing in a coma, so it was time for Nina to take action.

Rosalie pointed out that Nina expected Rosalie to take action despite Rosalie's reluctance to seduce Michael. Nina snidely wondered if Rosalie had another plan that would adequately punish Kiki, so Rosalie conceded that she didn't. Satisfied, Nina instructed Rosalie to meet Morgan then spend the evening prying Michael away from Kiki. "Do you understand, or do we have a problem?" Nina asked.

Rosalie sent Morgan a text message to let him know that she would join him at Kelly's then showed it to Nina as she asked if Nina was satisfied. Nina explained that she would not be satisfied until there was nothing left of Kiki except a puddle of ears and one of the "off one shoulder t-shirt" that Kiki seemed to favor. "Even I know that the Flashdance style is over," Nina said with a smirk. Rosalie argued that the 1980s look was popular again, but Nina argued that only people who lacked fashion sense would favor the style.

Nina explained what she expected Rosalie to do, but Rosalie shifted gears to ask what Nina planned to do once all the names on Nina's list had been crossed off. Nina smiled tightly as she suggested that Rosalie focus on the task at hand so Nina could cross Kiki off the list. Nina and Rosalie were startled when Silas suddenly entered the apartment. Nina quickly tucked her list away as she cheerily welcomed Silas home then announced that Rosalie had been about to leave to spend the evening with friends, at Nina's urging.

After Rosalie left, Nina asked to hear about Silas' day, but he wanted to know what he had walked in on between Nina and Rosalie. Nina feigned confusion, so Silas asked why Nina had been talking about crossing Kiki off a list. Nina smiled as she claimed that she had been referring to a Christmas list, but Silas was skeptical, since Christmas was months away. Nina claimed that for the first time since emerging from the coma, she was excited about her new circle of friends and family, including Silas and Kiki, so she wanted to shower everyone with presents and love.

Silas pointed out that it was a long time to hide a Christmas present, especially since Nina had never been good at keeping secrets, but Nina boldly asked what other kind of list she could have possibly referred to. Silas recalled his recent conversation with Sam when Sam had warned Silas that just because Sam hadn't uncovered a secret about Nina, it didn't mean that Nina wasn't hiding something. Nina noticed Silas' worried expression, so she boldly asked why Silas seemed suddenly suspicious. Silas admitted that he had talked to Sam about the business card from the Crichton-Clark Clinic.

Nina quickly reminded Silas that neither she nor Rosalie had seen the card before, so Silas conceded that he believed Nina. However, he confessed that Sam had mentioned that Sam and Patrick had gone to the clinic to investigate Nina. Nina was outraged, but Silas assured Nina that Sam hadn't found anything. Nina angrily wondered why Sam couldn't stay out of their lives and focus on building a relationship with Patrick. Silas tensed, but Nina didn't notice as she ranted about Sam then threatened to contact the American Disability Association to file an official complaint because Nina was certain that Sam's investigation was illegal and constituted harassment.

Silas calmly explained that asking questions didn't rise to the level of harassment then reiterated that Sam hadn't found anything incriminating. Nina calmed down, but she hoped that Sam and Patrick had moved on to another case. She snidely compared the couple to the wealthy couple on an early 1980s television show called Hart to Hart, but Silas had no idea what Nina was talking about. Nina excitedly suggested that Silas change into something comfortable so they could watch episodes of the show online. Silas appeared less than enthused but disappeared into the bedroom.

Nina's smile immediately vanished as she pulled out her list then muttered that there was plenty of room to put Sam back on the list, especially once Rosalie dealt with Kiki. Nina ran her fingers over Ava's name then quietly assured Ava that Ava and the baby were never far from her mind.

Across town, Patrick walked Sam to her front door then offered to leave, but Sam invited him to stay, since he didn't have to rush off to fetch Emma. Patrick agreed when she pointed out that they needed to discuss what Spencer had told them. After Sam went to check on Danny, Patrick made his way to the fireplace, where he noticed a family picture of Jason, Danny, and Sam.

A few minutes later, Sam returned to the living room to report that Danny was asleep and that her mother was exhausted from giving a rambunctious Danny a bath. Patrick joined Sam on the sofa as they began to talk about Spencer's certainty that Luke had arranged for Rafe to drive Patrick's car off the road. Patrick confessed that it was hard to believe because Luke was a family friend. Sam was surprised when Patrick admitted that he intended to talk to Anna about Spencer's claims. She warned him that Spencer's accusations might not rise to the level that would warrant a police investigation, but Patrick was confident that Anna wouldn't be a stickler for the rules under the circumstances.

Sam pointed out that she and Patrick couldn't afford to tip off Luke because Luke might go into hiding or try to cover his tracks. Patrick realized that Sam was right but he reminded her that they couldn't go after Luke by themselves. Sam agreed, but she reminded Patrick that they could corroborate Spencer's claims before going to Anna. Sam suggested that they start their investigation by going back to the night of Nikolas' party, when Luke had met with a mystery man in the stables. Patrick smiled knowingly when Sam confided that she and Silas had gone to the stables during the party, but they hadn't seen Luke.

Patrick playfully asked what Sam and Silas had done in the stables, but she ignored Patrick's questions by suggesting that they focus on identifying the mystery man. Patrick was curious who hated Sonny enough to go after him, so Sam admitted that the list was long. Patrick recalled that Ric had been trying to take Sonny down and that Ric had been at the party, but Sam reminded Patrick that Ric was dead, so they couldn't question him. Patrick feared that they were back to square one, but Sam suddenly tensed when she heard a noise. She quietly confessed that she felt like someone was watching them.

Moments later, Danny yelled "Boo" as he jumped out of his hiding spot then ran to the sofa. Patrick smiled as he picked Danny up then set the little boy on his lap. Sam grinned because she'd had a feeling that Danny had been playing possum when she had checked on him. Danny smiled sheepishly, so Sam informed her son that it was time for bed. Patrick asked if it would be okay to spend some time with Danny, playing cars. Sam quickly agreed when Patrick confided that he had bought toy cars for Gabriel that remained in boxes at home.

Later, Patrick confessed that he had never played cars with Emma, which might appear sexist, since he had never thought to ask his daughter if she would have been interested. Sam was confident that Emma would have said something if Emma had wanted to play cars with Patrick. Sam assured Patrick that he was welcome to play with Danny anytime because she knew that her son had missed out by not having Jason around. Patrick insisted that Sam was an awesome mother, but she argued that there were some things that she was not well suited for that Jason would have done with their son.

A short time later, Patrick's cell phone rang. It was Elizabeth asking Patrick if it would be okay for Emma to spend the night because the children wanted to have a sleepover. Patrick agreed, so Sam invited Patrick to stay for dinner because she wanted to discuss their next move with Luke. Patrick agreed.

Outside Kelly's, Michael and Kiki debated what to order for dinner until they noticed that Morgan was distracted with his cell phone. Morgan apologized then explained that he had been expecting to hear from someone. Michael and Kiki assumed that Morgan had been referring to news about Dante and Lulu, but Morgan surprised them by admitting that he had invited Rosalie to join them for dinner. Morgan noticed Kiki's unenthusiastic reaction, so he asked if Kiki had a problem with Rosalie. Before Kiki could reply, Morgan confided that Rosalie didn't have any friends.

Kiki suggested that perhaps Rosalie was friendless because Rosalie had a nasty attitude and a wicked tongue. Morgan appeared ready to defend Rosalie until his phone pinged. Morgan glanced down then announced that Rosalie would be joining them. Morgan warned Michael and Kiki not to give Rosalie a hard time, so Michael conceded that he was happy that Morgan had taken a break from all the work at the brownstone. Kiki agreed, prompting Morgan to become defensive as he wondered if they were suggesting that it was time for Morgan to get over Ava.

Michael assured Morgan that there wasn't a rush because Michael appreciated that Morgan had been through a lot. Kiki agreed but confessed that she and Michael had had dinner with Ava. Morgan revealed that Michael had already mentioned it, so Kiki broached the subject of Morgan trying to find a way to make peace with Ava for the sake of the baby. Kiki reminded Morgan that the baby would be part of Morgan's family regardless of who the father was, but Morgan resented Kiki trying to give him advice about Ava after the way Ava had betrayed him.

Kiki insisted that she cared about Morgan, but Morgan was tired of people claiming to care about him while breaking his heart and wrecking his life. Kiki explained that she didn't want Morgan to have any regrets by cheating himself out of spending time with the baby before it was born. Morgan appreciated that Kiki wanted everyone to get along because Ava was her mother but he warned her that it would not happen. Annoyed, Morgan decided to find their waitress, so he entered the diner. Michael started to follow his brother, but Kiki explained that it was her fault that Morgan was upset, so she should be the one to clear the air with him.

After Kiki entered the diner, Rosalie walked up. She quickly introduced herself again to Michael, so he shook her hand then explained that Morgan and Kiki would be right back. Rosalie sat down as she asked if there was a problem. Michael admitted that it was "family stuff," so Rosalie asked if it had something to do with Ava being pregnant with either Morgan or Sonny's baby. She admitted that it sounded like a Greek tragedy waiting to happen then quickly apologized when she noticed the disapproval in Michael's expression.

Rosalie explained that she wasn't trying to be flippant, so Michael conceded that it was an awkward situation that was "a little incestuous" if one thought about it too long. Rosalie recalled that Kiki had once been married to Morgan. "Okay, maybe more than a little," Michael amended. Rosalie smiled then carefully began to plant seeds of doubt about the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship by remarking that it seemed odd that Morgan and Kiki had been gone for quite some time. Michael assured Rosalie that Morgan and Kiki were just friends, but Rosalie appeared skeptical.

Rosalie was curious if Michael ever worried about Morgan and Kiki living together, so Michael reiterated that nothing was going on between Morgan and Kiki. Eventually, Rosalie grew impatient waiting for Morgan, so she decided to fetch a cup of coffee and find out what was taking Morgan and Kiki so long.

In the diner, Kiki apologized to Morgan. She promised him that her advice had been intended for his benefit not her mother's, so Morgan explained that even though he knew Kiki was right, he wasn't ready to hear her advice. Kiki promised to repeat what she'd said when he was ready to hear it then asked if he could forgive her. Morgan assured Kiki that he could, so she hugged him.

Morgan and Kiki sat down at the counter then talked about Carly. Kiki was grateful that Morgan had kept her secret because Carly had begged Kiki not to say anything to Franco about Carly and Sonny sleeping together. Neither Morgan nor Kiki realized that Rosalie had entered the diner in time to overhear the shocking secret.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava explained that she needed time to consider Jordan's offer to take down their boss, but Jordan warned Ava that time was of the essence. Jordan suggested that Ava at least reveal the identity of their boss so Jordan could get things rolling, but Ava suddenly cried out in pain as she clutched her stomach. Concerned, Jordan helped Ava to the sofa then asked Ava what was wrong. Ava confessed that it might be the baby but changed her mind when the pain quickly subsided. Jordan remained worried, but Ava insisted that she was fine.

Moments later, Ava started to stand up but cried out when another wave of pain washed over her. Jordan decided that Ava needed to get to the hospital, so Jordan called out for a guard. When the guard appeared, Jordan ordered him to fetch the car.

At the nurses' station, Felix caught Sabrina reading Ava's medical file. Sabrina claimed that she had merely been cleaning up, so Felix offered to take over. Sabrina snapped that she was perfectly capable of taking care of Britt's patient files without having another breakdown. Felix assured Sabrina that he knew that she was more than capable then started to leave.

Sabrina quickly apologized for the way she had talked to Felix then conceded that it bothered her that someone like Ava, a reputed mob figure who had done terrible things, was pregnant and would have a baby while Sabrina had been forced to bury her own son. Felix agreed that it wasn't fair, but he promised Sabrina that she and Gabriel would get the justice they deserved.

Felix asked about Sam's investigation into the crash, so Sabrina claimed that there hadn't been any new leads. Felix confided that he had heard that Sam was the "real deal" as a private investigator, but Sabrina explained that Sam hadn't uncovered anything yet. Felix suggested that Sabrina give it some time because he was confident that Sam would find the person who had put Rafe behind the wheel of the car.

Moments later, Jordan and Ava, flanked by two bodyguards, exited the elevator. Felix rushed to help Ava into a wheelchair as Ava cried out in pain. Jordan quickly filled Felix in about Ava's sudden onset of pain then revealed that they hadn't been able to reach Britt. Sabrina followed Felix and Ava to an examination room to get Ava settled. Ava was uncomfortable with Sabrina in the room, but Felix assured Ava that Ava was in good hands then left to page a doctor.

Sabrina lacked any sympathy for Ava as Ava continued to cry out in pain. Sabrina cryptically assured Ava that she had familiarized herself with Ava's file so there wasn't anything about Ava that Sabrina didn't know. Ava appeared to sense an underlying message, but she was seized by another spasm of pain. Sabrina coldly watched as Ava begged for something to ease the pain. Sabrina offered to fetch Ava ice chips or a stress ball, but Ava wasn't satisfied, so Sabrina suggested calling the father of Ava's baby.

Ava reluctantly admitted that there wasn't anyone to call then cried out in pain again. Sabrina glared at Ava until Ava demanded a doctor, so Sabrina informed her that the attending physician would arrive soon. Worried, Ava asked what Sabrina thought might be wrong with Ava. Sabrina coldly suggested that it could be a ligament issue, cramps, or Braxton Hicks contractions -- or Ava might be having a miscarriage. Horrified, Ava had finally had enough of Sabrina's attitude.

Ava felt bad that Sabrina had lost her baby, but Ava insisted that it hadn't given Sabrina the right to be insensitive. Sabrina yelled that she hadn't lost her baby; her baby had been murdered. Ava started to reply, but the doctor entered the room then told Sabrina that he would take it from there.

Meanwhile, Jordan asked Felix how Ava was. Felix explained that everything appeared to be fine, but a doctor would have to examine Ava to determine if there was a concern. The bodyguards started to walk to the examination room, but Felix stopped them. Jordan objected, but Felix insisted that Ava needed to remain calm. Jordan explained that the bodyguards protected Ava, but Felix refused to let the men near Ava's examination room.

Jordan hoped Felix didn't treat the patients with the same disrespect that he had shown Jordan, but Felix was unapologetic as he admitted that he only treated drug dealers with disdain. Felix was curious how Jordan slept at night when she peddled "smack" to kids who turned into addicts. Jordan resented the question, but Felix accused her of exacerbating a stereotype of black drug dealers.

Jordan suggested that Felix turn the mirror on himself because she was certain that Felix had cultivated a few of his own clichés. "Miss Mouth," she added. Felix explained that T.J. was a friend of his, so Felix was curious if Jordan had ever considered how her choices had affected her son. They continued to trade words until Ava walked up. Ava revealed that she had suffered "pre-term contractions" but they were harmless.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina watched as Ava assured Jordan that Ava simply needed to rest. Jordan was relieved when Ava added that Ava and the baby were fine. "Only for the moment, Ava," Sabrina quietly said as she watched Ava enter the elevator.

. . .

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