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Sam and Curtis investigate
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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Nina arrived at Crimson, and Maxie asked if she was all right. Nina divulged that Sasha had said, "I love you," but it had been right before she'd said goodbye. Maxie related that Sasha would be missed at the magazine. Nina didn't blame Sasha for leaving after what had happened with Ava and Kiki, and with the killer still on the loose. Each woman strongly insinuated that the other was involved with a man they shouldn't be, but Maxie didn't think they should fight. She added that every time they decided to stay away from certain people, they always found a way to be around that person.

Maxie told Nina about how Peter had ended up sleeping out in the hallway after the wedding, so he could look after her and James. Nina admitted that she didn't love the idea of Maxie being with Peter, but she also realized that she had no say. "You need some light in your life," Nina added. Maxie was happy that she could talk to Nina about it, but she wondered what was going on with Nina and Valentin. Nina answered that it had been nice to be back at Wyndemere, even if she'd only been in the guest room. "Where does that leave you two?" Maxie asked.

Peter arrived at Wyndemere, and Valentin immediately asked Peter not to testify against Liesl. He instructed a skeptical Peter to claim that he hadn't gotten a good look at his captor. Peter reminded Valentin that there had been witnesses, and Valentin's story didn't make sense. Peter realized that Liesl had something incriminating on Valentin, but Valentin insisted that he wanted Liesl to go free because she was one of the few family members Nina had left. Valentin suggested that not testifying against Liesl would also endear Maxie to Peter. Peter asked for time to think, and Valentin directed him to "think fast."

Later, Nina arrived at Wyndemere, and Valentin commented that she was early. She replied that she was only there to pack her things and go. She was moving out.

Maxie pressed the button for the elevator, and the doors opened moments later to reveal Peter inside. He said that he was on his way up to the restaurant, so she decided to catch the elevator on its way back down. She advised him not to wait too long to give her a call, because they owed it to themselves to "see it through." He agreed, and the doors closed.

Kim got a cortado from Julian at Charlie's and thanked him profusely, as she had no coffee at her house and no time to go shopping. She left to visit Oscar at the hospital. A short while later, Cameron entered and introduced himself to Julian. He handed Julian his résumé, but Julian figured that Cameron's mom wouldn't want him working there. Cameron explained that he wanted to cover Oscar's shifts while Oscar was in the hospital so that Oscar would have a job to return to. Julian promised that Oscar's job would still be there and took the résumé away.

Julian made a phone call and told someone that he needed someone to do cleaning around three times a week and maybe run some errands. He told the person to bill his credit card, as it was a gift. He didn't want a card along with it, because it was a surprise.

An amused Drew was watching Josslyn and Oscar play a game when a nurse entered to take Oscar for his tests. Drew helped him out of bed and walked him out the door. When Oscar and the nurse were gone, Sonny approached and relayed that he was there to see Oscar. Drew appreciated the support, and Sonny said that he would do anything Drew and Oscar needed.

Josslyn was straightening up Oscar's room when Kim entered. She told Josslyn that the cleaning was unnecessary, but Josslyn wanted the nurses and orderlies to focus on getting Oscar better. She worried that he wasn't eating and thought that she should go to Charlie's for all of Oscar's favorites. Kim suggested that Josslyn go home and rest, but Josslyn wondered, "Is that what you're going to do?"

Kim found Drew, and he informed her that he had news for her -- he was in possession of the flash drive with his memories. She wondered why he wasn't beating down Andre's door, and he replied that he didn't want to risk losing the memories he'd made of his children. Kim confessed that, even though their relationship hadn't been super serious, she'd imagined a future with him even before she'd found out she'd been pregnant.

Kim told Drew a story about a date they'd been on when they'd found a little boy separated from his parents. She talked about how good Drew had been with the boy, and she remembered thinking of what a terrific dad he would be. He was sorry that no one would get to meet that guy, but she countered that the guy he was was "pretty great." He thanked her for sharing the story, and she admitted that, when she'd found him again, she'd hoped they would pick up where they'd left off and be a happy family. "In a way, I guess we are," he replied, and she leaned her head on his shoulder as Julian entered.

Josslyn entered Charlie's and bumped into Cameron. She was picking up food for Oscar and wondered why he was there. He explained that he was making sure that Oscar's job would still be there when Oscar got out of the hospital. Josslyn was impressed, and she related how happy she was that they were still friends. She told him about the food she'd ordered, which made him hungry. She wished Oscar was hungry, so Cameron suggested that Oscar try weed.

A short while later, Josslyn returned to Cameron with a bag of food as he researched on his phone. He explained that medical marijuana was legal in New York, but it was highly regulated. Josslyn figured that Terry hadn't had time to look into getting a prescription for Oscar. Disappointed, she left. As Cameron left, he texted Trina, "Does that guy you're seeing still have the weed hookup?"

The nurse was settling Oscar back into his bed when Sonny entered. When the nurse was gone, Oscar babbled on about how sorry he was to have hurt Josslyn, but he'd only been trying to protect her. Sonny understood what it was like to protect the people he loved, even if he went about it the wrong way. He figured that, if Josslyn understood, so did he. He asked Oscar to promise to "stand up to this disease like you stood up to me" the first time they'd met. Oscar promised, and the two shook on it.

Later, Sonny was gone, and Josslyn was trying to get Oscar to eat some of the food she'd gotten. He appreciated it, but he still wasn't hungry, so he told her to eat it. She opted to leave it at the nurses' station instead.

Jason arrived at Sonny's and asked Carly how Josslyn was. Carly confided that she was concerned about the toll spending every free moment with Oscar was taking on Josslyn, but Jason assured Carly that Josslyn was strong. The phone rang, and Carly answered it to Max, who was sending someone to the front door. Carly hung up and stormed to the door. When she opened it, Margaux was standing there. She handed over a scarf of Sonny's that he'd loaned to Margaux, and she left.

"What the hell was he thinking?" a livid Carly yelled to Jason. Jason explained that Sonny felt guilty about killing Vincent, since he was losing his own father a little bit every day. They agreed that Margaux was exploiting Sonny's vulnerability. Jason related that Carly knew better than anyone how much grief could mess with someone's head.

A short while later, Jason was gone when Sonny returned. He asked about the scarf, and Carly informed him that Margaux had dropped it off. Carly guessed that Margaux had either wanted to see Sonny again or wanted to make sure that Carly knew Sonny had loaned out his scarf. Sonny didn't think Margaux had an agenda, but Carly reminded him that Margaux had been the one to send Carly to Ferncliff. Sonny didn't think it was a big deal, as it was only a scarf, and Margaux had been cold. "Let her freeze," Carly said icily as she strode out of the room.

Curtis entered Kelly's and sat down at the counter with Sam. He informed her that Stella hadn't been thrilled about him lying about why they'd been at Turning Woods, but she'd asked Marcus about Yvonne's subscription to the newspaper. Marcus had had no idea about the subscription, so Sam figured that a "well-meaning caregiver" could have ordered the subscription. Curtis thought that that was what someone had intended for them to think.

Sam continued that she'd called the paper with the account number, but they couldn't tell her who'd ordered the paper. Curtis suggested that they check online, so he typed in the account number on the website and clicked "forgot password." The email address associated with the account popped up, and it belonged to someone named Linda Black. Curtis wondered if Sam knew the woman. "Quite well. She's me," Sam replied in shock. She explained that Linda Black was one of the many aliases she'd used on her marks, and Curtis thought they needed to rethink the direction of their case.

Curtis suggested that someone could just be using Sam's past to get her attention. Sam talked about the daughter of her last mark, Amelia Joffee, who Sam had had to kill in self-defense, but she insisted that she and Amelia had made peace. She added that she would always "ghost out" the kids of her marks so that they knew nothing about her, especially not her real name. Jason entered Kelly's, and Curtis immediately ran out of the diner to make a phone call.

Sam laughed and said that Curtis was "usually smoother," and Jason sat with her. He informed her that Drew had the flash drive with his memories, and she understood why he was reluctant to use it. She admitted that, after Jason had disappeared, memories of him were what had kept her going. He replied that memories of her were what had helped him get out of the clinic and find his way home.

Curtis sat outside Kelly's, finishing up a text, when Margaux approached him. She asked if he thought there was anything she could do for Drew while Oscar was in the hospital. "You've done more than enough," he told her. She insisted that she wanted to make amends, but he wasn't convinced. He respected that Margaux worked with his wife, but Drew was his best friend. He thought that the best thing Margaux could do for Drew was to keep her distance, and he went back into Kelly's.

Curtis returned to Sam, and Jason wished them luck with their case and left. Curtis was surprised she hadn't updated Jason on their case, but she wanted to keep it between her and Curtis. Sam pulled up her email to send one to the person responsible for Yvonne's newspaper subscription. "Okay Linda Black, you've got my attention," she wrote.

On the next General Hospital...

• Chase refuses to be Lulu's "PCPD mole."

• Franco has news for Elizabeth that he knows she won't like.

• Sonny doesn't think that the cops need to be involved.

• Sam receives an email back from "Linda Black."

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