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Josslyn and Cameron make things official
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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cameron was on the phone with Josslyn, who asked him to act as her boyfriend. She invited him over, and he agreed. When he hung up, Oscar wanted to know what Josslyn had wanted, and Cameron claimed that she wanted help with studying for a history quiz. Oscar warned him to keep up the story that Oscar had been dating someone new. Cameron sarcastically replied that he would keep lying to Josslyn until she found out the truth and hated them both. Cameron added that he'd gotten a B-minus on Oscar's paper. "I told you to dumb it down, not decimate it!" Oscar cried. Cameron reminded Oscar that he was done with school, so he shouldn't care, and Cameron left.

A reminder popped up on Kim's phone to pick up Oscar's birthday cake. Bobbie approached Kim and asked her a question, but Kim was spaced out. Kim apologized to Bobbie and admitted that she'd been thinking about Oscar as a baby, as it was his birthday. Bobbie figured that Oscar would want to celebrate with his friends, and she assured Kim that Oscar would eventually want to celebrate with his parents again.

Bobbie related that she often thought of all the memories Michael and Jonah would never make, but she knew that he would have a family of his own one day. She added that nothing made up for the loss of a child, as she knew from personal experience with B.J. Kim expressed her condolences and thanked Bobbie for sharing with her.

A short while later, Oscar arrived at the hospital and refused to argue with Kim any more. Kim had only asked him to there to wish him a happy birthday, and she proposed dinner that night, as she and Drew wanted to give Oscar "something special." Oscar thought that, if she meant that, they would let him make his own choices about his life. Kim told him that he needed to start preparing for the drug trial, but he yelled that he refused to take part, and he stormed out.

A smiling Josslyn hung up the phone from her call with Oscar, and Carly asked if her daughter had just gotten good news. "Possibly," Josslyn answered, and Carly thought it was nice to see Josslyn smile. Josslyn revealed that a visit from Spencer had given her an idea. She asked Carly if she wanted to go shopping the next day. Carly agreed but then wondered if Josslyn wanted to go that day and meet Bobbie for lunch. Josslyn replied that she had plans.

Just then, Cameron entered the house with a pizza, and Josslyn explained to Carly that they were working on a history project. A suspicious Carly left to meet Bobbie. Josslyn explained to Cameron that she could get Oscar back if he got jealous thinking she'd moved on with Cameron. Cameron didn't think that Oscar would believe they were dating, but Josslyn believed they could convince Oscar. She realized that a friend would never ask a friend to lie for them and called the idea dumb. "Friends don't let friends feel sad either," he conceded, and she hugged him in thanks. They posed for a picture together to make the "relationship" social media official.

Julian wondered how Charlie's had become Alexis' office for the day, and she explained that there was loud construction going on outside her office. He informed her that Kristina wasn't working until later that night, and she explained that she worried. Julian assured her that he cared about Kristina, and she was a great asset to the bar. He related that it was hard to shut off feelings of being family, and Alexis wondered if he was talking about Kim and Oscar.

Alexis told Julian that Oscar had met with her, supposedly for a school project, about her opinion on limited parental authority. Julian was glad that Oscar had seemingly reconsidered dropping out of school but wondered why Oscar had talked to her about the subject. Alexis's phone went off, and she excused herself to "meet a potential client."

A short while later, an angry Kim entered Charlie's, complaining about Oscar's attitude and her own response to it. She apologized for dumping on Julian, since he was still "in the dark," and she knew that it wasn't fair. He offered her a hug, and she took him up on it. She told him that it was Oscar's birthday, and she couldn't give him the one thing he wanted. Julian guessed that whatever was going on with Oscar was medical, but Kim couldn't talk about it. Julian reasoned that she hadn't said anything, and he'd only guessed. Julian wondered if Oscar was sick, and he offered to do all he could for her, even if it was just holding her hand. She cried in his arms.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at Aiden's school and introduced themselves to Aiden's teacher, Willow Tait. Willow started by asking about Aiden's home life, and she took notes as Elizabeth explained that things were pretty normal. "As normal as life can be with me," Franco cracked, and Willow acknowledged that she was a fan of Franco's. Getting back to Aiden, Willow assured Elizabeth that Aiden was a good, helpful, and bright child, but she suspected that he was having trouble.

Willow continued that Aiden always found ways to somehow cut himself off from his classmates, and she was hoping that she, Elizabeth, and Franco could try to figure it out together. Franco told her about the incident with the princess pencils, and Elizabeth followed with the story of Aiden's stomachache. Willow instructed the two to observe Aiden at home and to "gently probe" about any problems if they sensed an opening. Elizabeth thanked Willow for reaching out, and Elizabeth and Franco left. Franco proposed having a family discussion, but Elizabeth thought there was "something bigger going on."

At Metro Court, Curtis and Jordan were excited about finalizing the details for their wedding. Olivia approached the couple and admitted that she had bad news for them. They sat down at a table, and Olivia told them that, at the time of the couple's booking, Metro Court had been in the middle of a system update on their scheduling software. She broke it to them that some of their long-standing bookings hadn't transferred, so there was another wedding scheduled in the ballroom on their wedding day.

Olivia apologized profusely to a shocked Jordan and Curtis and offered them a huge discount on whatever date they rescheduled to. Jordan revealed that their save-the-dates had already gone out, and she was set to pick up the invitations from the printers. Olivia suddenly got an idea and made a phone call. A short while later, the three arrived at the docks, and Olivia talked to them about how unique and fun their reception could be. They looked at the Haunted Star in the distance as Olivia explained that Lulu would let them use it as a wedding gift. Curtis was sold, and he wondered how a contemplative Jordan felt about it. "I love it!" she cried, and the two embraced, much to Olivia's delight.

Carly met Bobbie at Metro Court and updated her on what had happened at the courthouse. She believed that Nelle gushing all over Wiley had been like a deliberate twist of the knife to Michael. Bobbie related that she'd talked to Kim about losing B.J., and she thought the story of the loss of a child had struck a personal chord with Kim. Just then, Carly spotted Oscar enter the restaurant with Alexis and watched as they sat down together. Carly wanted to go over and "say hi," but Bobbie warned her not to meddle. Carly begrudgingly agreed to stay away "for now," but she wanted to make sure that nothing was going on that would hurt Josslyn.

Alexis cut right to the chase and asked if Oscar's legal questions about parental authority were about himself. Oscar responded that he was ready to hire her, but she urged him to talk to his parents instead of running to the courts. "I've got cancer," he blurted out, shocking Alexis. He continued that, because his brain tumor was inoperable, his parents were trying to force him into an experimental drug trial that could possibly kill him. Alexis confided that she knew what it was like to get a cancer diagnosis and added that she'd been cancer free for years.

Oscar was sincerely happy for Alexis, but he reminded her that it was his life on the line and not his parents'. He suggested getting emancipated from his parents, but Alexis told him that he would have to prove that his parents weren't acting in his best interest and that he could support himself. She advised him to go to counseling with his parents, but Oscar replied that he would hire Scott if she wouldn't take his case. He told her that the drug trial started soon, so he asked her think about taking his case. She promised to think about it, but she implored him to think, too, as no one could predict how a trial would end.

On the next General Hospital...

• Laura wants answers.

• Alexis wants to discuss Kristina’s future.

• “I believe when you really want something you should fight for it,” Josslyn tells Cameron.

• Carly thinks she’s the best to “step up.”

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