Tuesday, April 22, 2014

At the Drake residence, Emma was not happy about the news that Sabrina was having a baby boy and that Patrick was the father. Concerned, Patrick and Sabrina tried to find out what was troubling Emma. Emma confessed that she was afraid that the same thing that had happened with Britt and Ben would happen with Sabrina's baby and that Emma would find out at the last minute that the baby wasn't her brother. Patrick and Sabrina smiled as they assured Emma that Patrick was the father and that the baby was Emma's brother.

Eventually, Emma cheered up when she realized that the baby was indeed her brother, so she went to her bedroom to change for the dance recital. Sabrina apologized for confusing Emma by lying to her about the baby's paternity, but Patrick insisted that Carlos was the one who had lied, so the lie had fallen on Carlos' shoulders. He then suggested that it might serve Carlos well if Carlos continued to lie. Confused, Sabrina asked what Patrick had been talking about. Patrick realized that Sabrina hadn't heard the news, so she revealed that she had worked a double shift.

Patrick showed her the newspaper and explained that Carlos had been arrested for breaking into the Quartermaine mansion prior to A.J.'s murder. Sabrina looked at the newspaper and then read the article, but she refused to believe it because Carlos had assured her that he hadn't been involved on the first attempt on A.J.'s life. Patrick was curious when Sabrina and Carlos had talked about A.J.'s murder, so Sabrina told Patrick about the incident when Carlos had shown up with a gash on Carlos' head following the attack on A.J.

Sabrina insisted that Carlos had sworn on her child's life that he hadn't killed A.J., but Patrick was certain that Carlos had lied. Sabrina wondered if she should contact the police with what she knew, so Patrick suggested that it could wait until after Emma's recital. Moments later, Emma emerged from the bedroom wearing a ballerina costume. Emma was excited because Anna, Duke, Mac, Felicia, and Cam would be at the recital. They started to leave, but Emma stopped when the phone rang.

Emma realized that it was Spencer when she saw the phone's caller identification, but Patrick explained that they were running late, so the call would have to wait. Emma agreed and then followed Patrick and Sabrina out of the door.

In a Metro Court hotel suite, Ava was on the phone with a mystery person. She provided the person with Sabrina's name and a description of the young nurse and then gave the person some instructions. Afterwards, Ava ordered the person to keep her apprised of the situation because they couldn't afford any mistakes. "That ought to do the trick," Ava said with a satisfied smile as she ended the call.

Later, Ava called Morgan to check on how Kiki was doing. Morgan explained that there had been problems, but he wasn't at liberty to discuss what had happened. He promised to talk to Ava when he had the chance and then abruptly ended the call. Ava was furious, so she quickly got ready and then left with the intention of going to the Quartermaine mansion.

In the hallway, Carly spotted Ava, and she called out to Ava. Ava was curious if Carly had been skulking in the hallway, so Carly explained that she had been on her way to A.J.'s funeral to support Carly's son, Michael. Ava claimed that she had been headed to the funeral for Kiki, but Carly thought that it was odd Ava would attend the funeral of a man who hadn't been related to either Kiki or Ava, especially since Ava's good friend, Carlos, had been arrested for making an attempt on A.J.'s life hours before A.J. had been murdered.

Ava pointed out that they both knew that Sonny had shot A.J., but Carly quickly added that A.J. had been determined to implicate Ava in the shooting by stating that Sonny had shot A.J. because of Ava. Ava insisted that Sonny had been justified in killing A.J. because A.J. had tried to strangle Ava. Ava insisted that if it hadn't been for Sonny then people would have been mourning Ava. "Name five," Carly challenged Ava.

Carly explained that Ava's story hadn't added up because, by Sonny's own admission, A.J. had backed away from Ava and had no longer been a direct threat to Ava. "And yet Sonny still shot him," Ava coolly countered. Carly agreed, but Carly thought that it was curious that A.J. had made a point of implicating Ava on his deathbed. Ava invited Carly to keep digging, but she advised Carly to be prepared for what Carly would find because Sonny could end up in jail for A.J.'s murder. "See what that does to your son," Ava said as she walked away.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was upset when he entered the parlor because the school had called to report that Spencer had been absent that day. Elizabeth suspected that it might have had something to do with Emma and told him about Cam's recent disappearance when Ric had found her son outside of Kelly's. Nikolas couldn't understand why the driver, Ross, hadn't called to explain why Spencer hadn't gone to school, so Nikolas and Elizabeth pulled out their cell phones and began to make phone calls to track down Spencer.

Eventually, Nikolas reached Ross, who explained to Nikolas that Spencer was at the Quartermaine mansion. Nikolas was infuriated that Ross had neglected to take Spencer to school and then reminded Ross that Nikolas, not Spencer, signed the checks. After Nikolas ended the call with a promise to collect Spencer personally, Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that she was headed to the Quartermaine mansion for A.J.'s funeral. Nikolas offered to take her and then expressed his frustration that Spencer couldn't let go of the idea that Luke was after Sonny, which Nikolas likened to the chupacabra story. Elizabeth pointed out that Spencer hadn't been completely wrong about the chupacabra.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Morgan and Kiki arrived. Kiki felt bad for showing up at the funeral with Morgan as backup, but he insisted that he would not allow Luke to get near Kiki and then vowed to make certain that Luke never put his hands on Kiki again. Kiki insisted that Michael was the one who needed their support and wondered if perhaps she might have overreacted to the situation at the apartment because Luke would unlikely make a pass at her during the funeral. Morgan remained determined to protect Kiki, so Kiki wondered if Ava might object.

Morgan claimed that he and Ava were over, but Kiki was skeptical, especially when Morgan's phone rang and she saw that it was Ava. Morgan stepped away to take the call and then quickly explained that he couldn't talk. Morgan promised to call Ava back as soon as possible and then ended the call.

In the study, Tracy was surprised when she saw Ned reading a book, so she snatched it out of his hand. Ned was curious if his mother had ever read Washington Square, which was a timeless story about a naÔve heiress who fell prey to a degenerate fortune hunter. Ned thought that Tracy might find the story "illuminating," but Tracy explained that she had seen the movie version, The Heiress. According to Tracy, Montgomery Clift's character had really loved Olivia de Havilland's character -- "and her unibrow" -- but Olivia's character had been too blinded by her past to see it.

Ned revealed that Luke had threatened to kill him, but Tracy dismissed it as harmless hyperbole. Ned assured his mother that Luke had meant it because Ned had vowed to protect Tracy and the Quartermaine fortune from Luke's nefarious ways, but Tracy insisted that Luke loved her, so she refused to take the threat seriously. Ned admitted that he hadn't, either, but he'd had a change of heart and had begun to have concerns about Luke's capacity for violence. Tracy steadfastly believed in Luke and remained determined to marry him, but her smile disappeared when Morgan and Kiki entered the room.

Ned's interest was piqued by his mother's hostile greeting and then a warning for Kiki to stay away from Luke. Tracy ordered Kiki not to make another pass at Tracy's fiancť and then stormed out. Ned apologized for his mother's rude behavior and then asked what Tracy had been talking about. Morgan and Kiki quickly filled Ned in on the inappropriate advances that Luke had made toward Kiki and then revealed that Luke had taken it to a more threatening level earlier that morning when Luke had stopped by Kiki's apartment. Ned assured Kiki that he believed her because Luke had a history of forcing himself on women.

Ned revealed that Luke had once raped a woman and then had later married her because Luke had managed to spin the rape into a seduction. Morgan and Kiki were shocked, but Ned explained that it had been a different era and then shifted gears to ask who else knew about Luke's behavior toward Kiki. Kiki admitted that she hadn't told Michael, so only Kiki, Ned, Morgan, and Tracy knew about the incidents. Ned suggested that they not tell anyone else because Ned wanted to set a trap to prove to Tracy that Luke was not who Tracy thought he was.

In the parlor, Luke warned Spencer to keep quiet about Luke's plans for Sonny, or Emma Drake would pay the price. Spencer looked up when Sonny suddenly entered the room and asked what was going on. Luke claimed that Luke and Spencer had been talking about how fleeting life could be. Sonny thought that it was an inappropriate conversation for Luke to have with a child Spencer's age, but Luke argued that Spencer was an unusual and intelligent young man. Spencer surprised Luke by clarifying that Luke had lied; Luke and Spencer had been talking about Sonny.

Sonny assumed that Spencer had complained to Luke because Sonny hadn't returned any of Spencer's phone calls, so Sonny sat Spencer down to ask if everything with Emma was okay. Luke stared Spencer down, silently warning Spencer not to tell Sonny the truth, but Nikolas and Elizabeth suddenly burst into the room before Spencer could reply. Nikolas immediately scolded his son for skipping school and then dragged Spencer home.

After Nikolas and Spencer left, Sonny stepped out of the room and bumped into Ava as Ava arrived for the funeral. Ava was surprised when she saw Sonny, so he explained that he was there for Michael. Ava claimed that she was there for Kiki. Moments later, Elizabeth walked up and greeted Sonny. Sonny offered his condolences to Elizabeth as Ava murmured that A.J. had been too young to die. Elizabeth was glad that Carlos had been arrested and hoped that Carlos confessed to give Michael and Monica the opportunity to pick up the pieces.

In the parlor, Tracy approached Luke to ask if he had threatened to kill Ned. "You bet your sweet ass I did," Luke replied but then quickly added that he hadn't meant it literally. Tracy assured him that Ned had taken the threat seriously, so Luke explained that it had been a knee-jerk reaction to Ned threatening to make Luke regret ripping up the prenuptial agreement. Luke conceded that he might have been a bit more convincing than he had realized, but he promised Tracy that it hadn't been a serious threat.

However, Luke made it clear that he wouldn't allow anyone, including Ned, to ruin Luke and Tracy's happiness. Luke refused to apologize for loving Tracy or for using every weapon in his arsenal to protect their relationship. Tracy smiled and apologized for making a "federal" case out of it, but Ned was her son, so Luke promised not to make similar threats in the future. Satisfied, Tracy invited Luke to join her for the funeral, but Luke promised to catch up with her after he had called Lulu to find out why she hadn't arrived.

After Tracy left, Luke called a mystery person to explain that he was in need of the person's talents because there was a problem that needed solving.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Spencer arrived home as Nikolas lectured Spencer about skipping school. Spencer apologized, but Nikolas suspected that his son was only sorry for getting caught. Nikolas insisted that school was essential because they taught children important things, but Spencer argued that Uncle Luke had had it out for Uncle Sonny. Nikolas was tired of hearing about Spencer's "imaginary plot," especially to get out of school.

Moments later, Cam entered looking for his mother because he needed a ride. Nikolas promised to take Cam were Cam needed to go but excused himself when Alexis called Nikolas. Cam was curious why Spencer hadn't been at school, but Spencer refused to explain, so Cam confessed that it had been for the best because Emma had invited Cam to a dance recital. Spencer was shocked, so Cam warned Spencer that Spencer couldn't stop Cam from going. Spencer admitted that he wanted Cam to go because Spencer needed Cam to keep a close eye on Emma.

Spencer insisted that Emma was in danger and that Cam had to remain vigilant. "You're weird," Cam said as Nikolas returned to the room to fetch Cam. Spencer decided that he couldn't trust Cam to protect Emma, so he called "shotgun" with the intention of attending the recital with Cam. Nikolas made it clear that Spencer was grounded and that Spencer would be confined to the castle until Nikolas returned. After Nikolas and Cam left, Spencer called Emma, but the call went to voicemail. Spencer desperately tried to figure out a way to help Emma without disobeying his father.

At the police station, Carlos lay on the cot as he thought about Ava's threat to harm Sabrina and the baby. Moments later, Franco was escorted to a jail cell and then locked up. Franco immediately struck up a conversation with Carlos, but Carlos wasn't interested in talking. Franco was surprised because they were both in jail because of Ava. Franco began to rant about Ava and how she had bilked him out of millions of dollars by not paying him for his artwork and then grumbled that Ava had lied to him about Kiki's paternity for over two decades.

Carlos was curious what any of that had to do with him, so Franco admitted that he knew why Carlos was in jail. Franco warned Carlos that Ava only looked out for herself and that Carlos would remain in jail because it suited Ava's purposes. Franco quietly asked if Ava had put Carlos up to shooting A.J. Carlos seemed on the verge of confiding, but Carly arrived to visit Franco.

Franco pretended to be upset by Carly's visit, so she whispered that she just wanted to know if Franco had made headway with Carlos. Franco assured her that he had been close to garnering information, so he needed Carly to leave. Carly played along with Franco's hostile reaction to seeing her and stormed out yelling that she never wanted to see Franco again. Afterwards, Franco resumed his conversation with Carlos about Ava. Carlos confessed that he couldn't discuss anything because someone's life was at stake.

. . .

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