Tuesday, October 21, 2014

At Kelly's, T.J. was studying for French midterms when Nathan walked in. Nathan had a brief exchange with T.J. in French then showed T.J. a picture of Nina as he asked if T.J. had seen Nathan's sister. T.J. shook his head, so Nathan gave T.J. a card then asked T.J. to call if T.J. should spot Nina.

A short time later, Jordan arrived. She approached her son then invited T.J. to join her for breakfast. T.J. was frosty toward his mother as he declined by claiming that he had to study, but Jordan resented his attitude. T.J. was surprised that she had noticed since she hadn't been around in weeks. Jordan immediately apologized by explaining that things had gotten complicated, but T.J. was curious if she meant with work or with Shawn.

Startled, Jordan started to deny she was involved with Shawn, but T.J. warned her that it wasn't necessary because Shawn had told him everything. Jordan admitted that she had wanted to keep her relationship with Shawn quiet because she didn't want to risk T.J. pulling away from Shawn, but T.J. assured his mother that nothing had changed between T.J. and Shawn. Jordan was relieved but confessed that she and Shawn were over. T.J. wasn't surprised because T.J. couldn't see Shawn staying with someone who continued to push heroin to children.

Jordan's eyes rounded with shock. "You have no idea what you're talking about," Jordan defensively replied, but T.J. was unmoved because she had been fully aware that the Jeromes had trafficked cocaine. Jordan wondered when T.J. would realize that she was not the person he thought she was, but T.J. couldn't understand why she kept asking him that when her actions spoke volumes. Jordan conceded that things looked bad, but T.J argued that she was involved with drug dealers.

Jordan's eyes filled with tears as she assured T.J. that everything she had ever done had been to protect him. She hoped when everything was over that he would understand that. T.J. appeared both frustrated and confused as he watched Jordan leave.

At the brownstone, Ava reclined on the sofa as Silas cleaned up his medical supplies. Morgan and Kiki hovered near the sofa until Kiki received a call from Michael asking to see her. Michael wanted to stop by the brownstone to talk to her because he had learned something about Ava, but Kiki insisted on meeting Michael because she claimed that Morgan had passed out on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Morgan wanted assurance from Silas that Ava and the baby were safe, but Ava promised Morgan that she felt better. After Kiki ended the call, Silas assured Kiki, Ava, and Moran that it appeared that Ava was out of danger. Kiki was relieved but announced that she had to leave to meet Michael. Ava thanked Kiki for everything that Kiki had done because Ava doubted that she could have gotten through the crisis without her daughter by her side. Ava realized that Kiki had always taken care of Ava through the years, so she assured Kiki that she loved her. Kiki smiled, told her mother that she loved Ava too, and then left.

Ava began to talk about decorating the baby's nursery, but Morgan remained concerned about Ava and the baby. Silas confessed that he would feel better if Ava were properly hydrated, so he sent Morgan to the kitchen to fetch some soup. After Morgan left, Ava thanked Silas for helping her. She realized that he had done it for their daughter's sake but she was happy that Silas and Kiki had forged a relationship.

Silas was stunned because he couldn't understand why Ava had kept Kiki from him for most of Kiki's life. Ava admitted that even though she had loved him, she, like everyone else, had feared that Silas had tried to kill Nina. Ava explained that she would have sealed his fate if she had revealed that she was pregnant with his love child so she had kept quiet. However, she had always cherished Kiki because she had been a part of him. Silas credited Ava with raising Kiki to be a special young lady then conceded that even though their affair had caused a lot of heartache he didn't regret that their daughter.

Ava was curious if Silas' wife, Nina, would wonder where he was, so Silas confided that things had changed because Nina was not the woman he had thought she was. He quickly filled Ava in about Nina's list then admitted that it was a good thing that Ava was in hiding because Nina would not be able to find Ava. Ava's eyes widened with concern as Morgan returned to the living room because she realized that Rosalie knew that Ava was at the brownstone.

Morgan assured Ava that Rosalie wouldn't say anything to Nina, but Silas warned Morgan that Rosalie and Nina were as thick as thieves. Morgan remained adamant that Rosalie and Nina had had a falling out so there was nothing to be concerned about.

In the conference room, Michael glanced down at an open file that had a large picture of a smile A.J. in it. Michael recalled the recent dinner with Kiki at Ava's apartment when he and Ava had talked about A.J.'s shooting and that Ava had mentioned that she had felt responsible for what had happened to A.J. Moments later, Kiki entered the room. Michael quickly closed the file as he greeted Kiki then quickly explained that he had reason to suspect that Ava might have killed A.J Michael told Kiki about his conversation with Sabrina, but Kiki questioned Carlos' credibility since Carlos hadn't said anything to his attorney about being coerced into confessing to A.J.'s murder.

Michael wanted to talk to Ava, but Kiki claimed that she had no idea where her mother was because Julian had told Kiki that Ava had gone into hiding. Michael was determined to get to the bottom of things, so he decided to call the police to report what Sabrina had told him. Kiki urged Michael to reconsider because even Sabrina hadn't taken Carlos' claims serious enough to go to the police. Undeterred, Michael called Anna then left her a voicemail message explaining that he had information about A.J.'s murder.

At Maxie's apartment, Nina asked for assurance that she had heard Madeline correctly, so Madeline confirmed that she would help Nina get Ava's baby. Nina was delighted because Ava would finally feel the pain of having her heart ripped out that Nina had felt when Ava had taken Silas. Nina didn't understand why Ava should be allowed to have another child when Ava had already had one with Silas. She became choked up as she talked about the baby that she had lost, so Madeline admitted that it had been a terrible mistake.

Madeline realized that she had a lot to make up for, but Nina advised her mother to drop the "Mama Walton" act because Nina knew that Madeline was in it for the money. Madeline shrugged then suggested that she and Nina get down to business. Madeline was curious where Ava was, but Nina confessed that she had no idea. However, Nina revealed that Rosalie knew Ava's whereabouts but Rosalie refused to tell Nina because Rosalie was upset with Nina for demanding that Rosalie sleep with Michael to destroy Kiki.

Madeline was disappointed in Nina's desperate plan, but Nina growled that she didn't need Madeline's judgment just her mother's help so Madeline decided to call Rosalie.

Outside of Kelly's, Rosalie left a voicemail message for someone warning the person that Nina Clay had threatened to expose them. As she ended the call, Nathan walked out of the diner. Nathan immediately recognized Rosalie from the night that they had shared drinks at the Floating Rib. Rosalie and Nathan officially introduced themselves, prompting Nathan to wonder if Rosalie was perhaps a nurse who worked for his sister, Nina. Rosalie appeared confused, so Nathan quickly explained that his first name was James but he went by his middle name, Nathan.

Nathan revealed that he had been concerned for Nina because he hadn't been able to reach her on the phone or find her. Rosalie admitted that she had no idea where Nina was but Nathan became hopeful when Rosalie's phone suddenly rang. Rosalie didn't recognize the number, but Nathan asked her to answer it because it might be Nina. Rosalie smiled awkwardly as she answered the call. Madeline immediately introduced herself then explained that she wanted to meet Rosalie to have a chat.

Nathan snatched the phone away from Rosalie to see who had called. He was stunned when he heard Madeline's voice. Madeline quickly explained that she had called Rosalie hoping that Nina's nurse might have heard from Nina. Nathan believed the lie but revealed that Rosalie had no idea where Nina was. Nathan promised to keep looking for his sister then added for Madeline not to wait up because he'd likely be late.

After Nathan ended the call, Rosalie assured him not to worry about Nina because Nina was a resourceful person. She was certain that Nina would find Nathan if he didn't find Nina because Nina loved her brother. Nathan gave Rosalie his card as he asked her to call him if she heard from Nina.

At Maxie's apartment, Nina was impressed by how easily Madeline had lied. Madeline was more concerned about why Rosalie hadn't given Nina up to Nathan. Nina smiled with satisfaction because Rosalie was afraid of what Nina knew about Rosalie. Madeline was immediately intrigued, so she asked her daughter to share the secret since they were working together.

After Nina confided to her mother, Madeline smiled because Madeline knew exactly how to exploit Rosalie. Nina was curious what her mother intended to do, but Madeline insisted that there wasn't any time to get into it because Nina had to leave before Nathan arrived home. Nina had no idea where to go, so Madeline decided to help her daughter by making a phone call. Moments later, Madeline called in a favor with Liesl.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Carly tried to get Franco to leave with her, but Franco argued that he knew that she had to work. Carly insisted that Olivia could take care of things, but Franco continued to keep Carly on edge by claiming that he knew what was going on between her and Sonny. Carly insisted that Sonny was there to see Olivia as she pointedly glanced at the table where Olivia and Sonny sat.

Franco clarified that he meant that he knew Carly was afraid that Franco would create a scene because of Sonny. Carly conceded that she knew that Sonny upset Franco but she insisted that she just wanted to go home to relax with Franco and hear about his day rather than run interference between him and Sonny. Franco smiled as he confessed that he couldn't wait to give Carly the wedding day she deserved.

Later, Franco and Carly arrived home. Carly disappeared into the kitchen to fetch something to drink, while Franco used his phone to check the Port Charles Press online. The newspaper featured a frontpage article about Heather Webber being the "inaugural" inmate of Ferncliff's maximum security wing. Mayor Lomax assured residents that the special wing was an "impenetrable fortress."

"Yeah, we'll just see about that," Franco muttered under his breath as Carly entered with a glass of wine for each of them. She had heard what he had said, so she asked him about it. Franco smiled as he explained that he had been planning a wedding surprise for Carly. Carly reminded Franco that they had agreed not to give each other a wedding gift but she was curious if the gift was the reason that he had told her earlier that his day had been productive.

Carly became alarmed when Franco carefully revealed that he'd had met with Michael to talk about Sonny, Carly, and A.J. It was clear by Carly's concerned expression that she had feared the worst, so Franco cryptically promised that Michael would never hear the truth about Sonny from Franco. Carly marginally relaxed but she was curious what Franco and Michael had talked about. She was stunned when Franco admitted that he had asked Michael to be his best man and that Michael had accepted for Carly's sake because Michael knew that it would mean a lot to Carly.

Franco and Carly began to talk about their wedding as Carly revealed that Bobbie had agreed to be her matron-of-honor. Franco looked forward to having their whole family there, so Carly agreed but quickly amended that she hadn't included Heather. Franco assured Carly that Heather was locked up tight in a maximum security wing that had been built specifically for Heather. Carly appreciated that, but she admitted that she was a little uneasy because Olivia had had another vision about Heather.

Franco made a wisecrack about Olivia's visions to lighten the mood, so Carly laughed it off then offered to order pizza for dinner. After Carly left the room, Franco picked up his phone to look at the front page of the Port Charles Press. "See you tomorrow, Mother," Franco said with a wicked grin.

At the restaurant, Sonny mentioned to Olivia that it was too bad that Franco and Carly would never get the chance to say "I do." Olivia's eyes narrowed as she demanded to know what that had meant, so Sonny reminded Olivia that he had good instincts about people. He was certain that either Franco or Carly would do something to screw up the wedding. Olivia was certain that Sonny would enjoy that because it would clear a path for Sonny and Carly to get back together.

Sonny denied it, but Olivia didn't believe him because she was certain that Sonny and Carly had rekindled things romantically. Sonny confessed that he wasn't comfortable discussing Carly with Olivia, but Olivia assured Sonny that it was fine because Olivia had moved on. Olivia admitted that Sonny needed the kind of woman who could accept his lifestyle, who cared about him, and who wouldn't run when things became bad. Olivia wondered if Sonny could honestly say that person wasn't Carly.

Sonny continued to deny he had feelings for Carly but he was spared from further questions when Shawn walked up. Olivia invited Shawn to weigh in about Sonny and Carly and then excused herself with a final warning for both men to be careful of Heather. Concerned, Shawn wondered if Sonny had told Olivia about their plans for Heather, so Sonny shook his head as he explained that Olivia had had another vision. Shawn reminded Sonny that Olivia's visions tended to be accurate, but Sonny wasn't concerned about Heather because Sonny was confident that he had everything under control.

Sonny asked about Ferncliff's security. Shawn admitted that it was impressive but wouldn't present a problem for Shawn. Sonny was satisfied until Shawn revealed that Franco had paid Heather a visit. However, Sonny quickly realized that the unexpected visit could work to their advantage because people might assume that Franco had said something to set Heather off prompting the escape and Franco's murder. Sonny ordered Shawn to make certain to get Heather out of Ferncliff the following day because Sonny intended to carry out the rest of the plans.

. . .

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