Tuesday, August 12, 2014

On the Haunted Star, Lulu was in Maxie's cabin to help the bride get ready for the wedding. Maxie confided that Mac had revealed that Nathan had romantic feelings for Maxie, hoping that it would change Maxie's mind about marrying Levi. Lulu wondered if Maxie could honestly say that it hadn't, so Maxie quickly denied having feelings for Nathan. Lulu wasn't satisfied because Maxie hadn't looked Lulu in the eye.

Maxie claimed that she had been distracted because she had a lot on her mind with her wedding, but Lulu argued that looking away was Maxie's tell when Maxie lied. Maxie tried to deflect, but Lulu demanded an answer. Determined to prove Lulu wrong, Maxie looked Lulu in the eye as Maxie assured her friend that she did not have feelings for "Levi." "Satisfied?" Maxie asked. Lulu admitted that she would have been if Maxie hadn't just told her that Maxie didn't have feelings for the man that Maxie intended to marry.

Startled, Maxie claimed that it had been a slip of the tongue, but Lulu suggested that it had been a Freudian slip. Maxie vehemently denied it because she loved Levi. She reminded Lulu that Levi had been the one to help Lulu forgive herself for being an "awful" person, but Lulu argued that Maxie had never been awful because Maxie had not acted out of malice by lying about Georgie. Lulu gently reminded Maxie that gratitude and love were two different things, but Maxie was adamant that she loved Levi and wanted to marry him. Maxie made it clear that Lulu wasn't obligated to stay if Lulu couldn't support Maxie, so Lulu let it drop.

In the ship's main room, Mac was pleased when Dante and Felicia revealed that Nathan had arrived because Mac assumed that Nathan wanted to talk to Maxie before the wedding. Felicia quickly clarified that Nathan had asked her a lot of questions about her Aztec jewels then had left to talk to Levi. Mac became suspicious because Levi had showed an interest in Aztec heritage, but Felicia resented Mac's suggestion that Aztec history was anything less than fascinating.

Felicia reminded Mac that Levi was about to become a part of their family, so she would be concerned if Levi hadn't shown an interest in her family's Aztec heritage. Dante decided to change the subject by offering to fetch Levi, since the wedding ceremony was expected to start soon. However, he only took a few steps when Lucy arrived like a whirlwind.

After greeting everyone, Lucy asked where the happy couple was because she was eager to officiate the wedding. Mac explained that Maxie was finishing getting ready with Lulu's help, so Felicia added that Dante had been about to fetch Levi. Lucy smiled because it would give the guest she had seen on the gangplank time to arrive, but Mac and Felicia frowned because all the guests had arrived.

Moments later, Agent Jeffrey Scribner walked in. Lucy smiled until Agent Scribner revealed that he was with Immigration and there to make certain that the wedding wasn't a fraud. Felicia and Lucy rushed to assure the agent that Maxie and Levi were marrying for love, so Mac added that Levi was Maxie's true love. Agent Scribner made it clear that he would determine that for himself prompting Felicia to excuse herself to fetch the bride.

Moments later, Felicia entered her daughter's cabin then smiled when she saw how beautiful Maxie looked. Felicia fussed over Maxie for a few minutes then let her daughter know that everyone was ready, including Agent Scribner, who had arrived unexpectedly. Maxie bristled because she resented everyone questioning her feelings for Levi, but Lulu assured Maxie that there wasn't anything to worry about because Maxie only had feelings for Levi.

In Levi's cabin, Nathan decided to place Levi under arrest for stealing the Aztec necklace that Nathan had found hidden in a pile of Levi's clothing. Levi turned the tables on Nathan by drawing a gun then pointing it at Nathan. Levi ordered Nathan to hand over the necklace, but Nathan refused. Levi smiled with malice as he made it clear that he wouldn't hesitate to hurt Nathan. Nathan noticed that Levi's Australian accent had vanished, confirming Nathan's suspicion that Levi was not who he had claimed to be.

Nathan realized that Levi had never cared about Maxie, but Levi was unfazed by the accusation as he coldly demanded that Nathan turn over the priceless necklace. Nathan started to hand the necklace over but at the last moment used the move to his advantage by knocking Levi backwards. The gun quickly fell out of Levi's hand as the two men traded violent punches. Eventually, Levi gained the upper hand when he managed to throw Nathan off the bed then pounced before Nathan could get up.

Later, Levi entered the main room but stopped short when he saw Agent Scribner. Agent Scribner informed Levi that he was there to make certain that Levi and Maxie weren't attempting to defraud the government. Dante noticed that Levi had been alone, so he asked where Nathan was. Levi admitted that Nathan had stopped by to ask him questions about Felicia's Aztec jewels but then had left. Dante's eyes narrowed as he wondered why Nathan had been asking about the Aztec jewels.

Dante knew Levi was lying when Levi claimed to have no idea then added that Nathan had been out of sorts. Dante knew better because Nathan was the steadier of the two partners, so Levi admitted that Nathan had stopped by to give Levi a hard time about marrying Maxie, but Levi had made his feelings for Maxie clear and then had asked Nathan to leave. Levi was spared from further questions when Lucy called Levi over to make sure his suit was perfect. Lucy checked Levi's tie then brushed lint off his tuxedo jacket but stopped when she noticed a drop of blood on his collar.

Levi smiled awkwardly as he blamed the drop of blood on a cut from shaving, but Dante remained suspicious as he watched Levi closely. Moments later, Felicia returned to announce that Maxie would be along shortly. Lulu suggested that they all take their places, so Levi joined Lucy at the altar. Felicia took the opportunity to welcome Levi to the family, while Mac warned Levi not to hurt Maxie.

Meanwhile, Nathan was bound and bloody on the floor of Levi's cabin as Maxie approached the door. Memories of meeting Nathan and the special moments they had shared since they had met flooded her mind until she straightened her shoulders then knocked on the door. Maxie explained that she wanted to talk to Levi about their relationship, but she soon realized that he had to be waiting in the main room to marry her since he hadn't opened the door. Inside, Nathan slowly regained consciousness as he heard Maxie, but she had walked away before he could call out to her.

In the main room, Felicia hugged Levi as she reminded him that they were about to become family, so what was theirs would soon be Levi's. "I'm counting on it," Levi muttered to himself as he returned Felicia's warm hug.

A short time later, the wedding began. Mac walked Maxie to the altar, where she took Levi's hand. Lucy began the ceremony as everyone watched, but Dante remained concerned about Nathan, so he quietly excused himself by explaining to Lulu that he had make a call to the police station.

Moments later, Dante stood outside Levi's cabin. Nathan called out when he heard his partner.

At Sam's penthouse, Patrick asked for Sam's help to find out who had targeted his family by having Rafe drive Patrick's car off the road. Sam readily agreed because she was also eager for answers. She pointed out that several families had been impacted by the tragedy and that the person responsible for putting Rafe behind the wheel of the car had ultimately played a role in Rafe's death. Patrick was deeply appreciative of everything Sam had done for him, so he thanked her for helping him find more answers about the crash.

Sam insisted it was the least she could do because Patrick had helped her a lot through the years, including when Danny had been diagnosed with cancer. She credited Patrick with helping get her through the nightmare, but Patrick felt that she had given him far too much credit. Sam reminded Patrick that he had also helped her move on from losing Jason by encouraging her to date Silas. However, Patrick questioned if his advice had hurt her more than it had helped

Sam assured Patrick that she didn't have any regrets about her relationship with Silas; she hated that things hadn't worked out but conceded that it had been good while it had lasted. Patrick was curious how she had been holding up since the breakup, so Sam admitted that it had been difficult because she had loved Silas enough to take off her wedding ring. Patrick and Sam continued to talk about what it had been like for each of them to move on from losing their spouses.

Sam admitted that she had never fully gotten closure because Jason's body had never been recovered. Patrick was surprised when she confided that a part of her had felt as if she'd betrayed Jason by giving up on him. Patrick appreciated that it had been difficult for Sam to let go because Jason and Sam had gone through a lot together and had fought hard to be together. Sam smiled wistfully as she confided that Jason hadn't liked her in the beginning, but he had always made her feel safe.

Patrick carefully asked if Sam thought that Jason might fight the odds and return to her, so Sam shook her head. "Not anymore," Sam admitted. She explained that she had made herself let go of Jason so she and Danny could move forward. Patrick reached for Sam then hugged her when he saw her expression cloud with sadness.

Later, Sam thanked Patrick for indulging her by listening to her talk about Jason. She realized that it was a sensitive topic because Patrick had never liked Jason. Patrick assured Sam that it was fine, so Sam admitted that Jason and Robin had shared a special bond. Patrick tensed as he quietly conceded that Robin would give her life for Jason. Sam immediately apologized for mentioning Robin because she knew that Patrick and Robin had been going through a rocky period in their marriage.

Sam was saddened when Patrick confessed that his marriage was over, so he rushed to assure her that he had made peace with his decision. Moments later, Patrick announced that he had to leave to pick up Emma, so Sam walked Patrick to the door. She promised to get to work on the investigation to find out who had orchestrated Patrick's crash, so Patrick invited Sam to call if she needed any help. After Patrick left, Sam glanced at a framed photograph of her and Jason with their son.

At the Crichton-Clark facility, two of Victor's henchmen held Robin in a firm grip as Victor approached the cryogenic chamber to inject Jason with Robin's latest drug protocol. Robin begged Victor not to use the drug on Jason because it was too potent, but Victor ignored her pleas because he refused to risk Helena and Stavros' lives by injecting either of his relatives with the experimental drug. Robin watched helplessly as Victor opened the pod then injected the drug into Jason's arm.

Initially, Robin was encouraged until the alarms on the monitors began to beep erratically. She fought to break free, but the henchmen kept her tightly restrained. Desperate, she begged Victor to let her help Jason, so Victor nodded to the henchmen to release her. Robin immediately grabbed the defibrillator to try to start Jason's heart. After several minutes, Victor decided that Jason was past saving, so he ordered the henchmen to turn off the machines. Distraught, Robin implored Victor to let her keep working on Jason, but Victor refused.

Victor marched over to the pod to drop the lid shut. As Victor reached for the lid, Jason's hand suddenly shot up to stop Victor from closing the lid. Startled, Victor and Robin stared at Jason's hand as it slowly lowered. Robin ran to the cryogenic chamber to quickly examine Jason. Victor was pleased when she confirmed that it appeared that Jason was emerging from stasis.

Later, Robin quietly urged Jason to rest. She promised that he would get better then vowed to take him home to Sam and Danny. Robin continued to offer Jason words of encouragement until Victor demanded to know if Jason would make a full recovery. Robin confessed that she didn't know because she would have to continue to monitor Jason's progress, but she was hopeful because Jason's vital signs had steadily improved. Victor was pleased, so he decided that Robin's services were no longer needed.

Robin was shocked when Victor's henchmen suddenly grabbed her to drag her out of the lab. She quickly reminded Victor that he still needed her because Jason had received the only vial of the drug protocol, but Victor was confident that his team of doctors could replicate the drug protocol from Robin's notes. She was stunned when Victor explained that he intended to tap into Jason's potential because Jason had been extremely gifted in a highly specialized field. Robin argued that Victor had promised that she could return Jason to Sam and Danny, but Victor clarified that he had only agreed to allow Robin to save Jason's life. Victor smugly pointed out that he had kept his promise because Jason was alive.

Robin was furious that Victor had double-crossed her, but Victor was unapologetic. The henchmen started to take Robin away, so she yelled out to Jason, begging her friend not to listen to Victor. "When are you going to learn? Never trust a Cassadine," Victor said with a smirk. After Robin's shouting faded, Victor turned his attention to Jason to let Jason know that it was time to "rise and shine" because Jason's new life awaited. Moments later, Jason's hands appeared from the depths of the pod as he reached for the sides to pull himself up.

. . .

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