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In the police station's lockup, Shawn paid Sonny a visit and mentioned that he had seen Carly talking to Diane earlier, so Sonny explained that Diane had agreed to represent Carly at the arraignment. Sonny added that Diane would return to fetch Sonny after Carly's arraignment because Alexis was handling Duke's case. Shawn wondered how Sonny had been holding up, so Sonny promised he was good. Shawn felt terrible for letting Sonny down by not killing Franco, but Sonny didn't blame Shawn because Sonny appreciated that Shawn had been concerned about Jordan.

Sonny was glad that everyone had escaped the warehouse safely, so Shawn shifted gears to assure Sonny that Shawn intended to rattle some cages to track Franco, Nina, and the missing baby down. Sonny revealed that he needed a favor first; Sonny wanted Shawn to give Michael the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Shawn feared that it might not be wise for Sonny to turn over the recording to Michael because it would further incriminate Sonny in A.J.'s murder, but Sonny didn't care because he was desperate to give Michael the peace of mind that Michael desperately needed.

Shawn conceded that he would do the same for T.J. even though T.J. wasn't Shawn's son. Shawn pointed out that the good thing about giving Michael the recording was that it would guarantee that Ava did not raise the baby. Sonny agreed, but he sensed that something else was troubling Shawn. Shawn explained that he was worried because he and Jordan had decided to have a difficult conversation with T.J. that would likely hit T.J. hard.

Later, Diane approached Sonny's jail cell to discuss his case. She explained that Carly had mentioned that Sonny was in possession of a recording that included Ava confessing to Connie's murder. However, Diane had also heard about Sonny's intention to give Michael the recording, so she urged him to reconsider because she could use the recording to Sonny's advantage by offering it to Scott in exchange for leniency. Sonny refused to use the recording to benefit his own case, but Diane insisted that it was Sonny's only hope.

Sonny refused to change his mind, so Diane warned him that Michael would end up regretting using the recording to send Sonny to jail because Michael loved Sonny. Sonny disagreed then argued that it didn't matter because Michael already had the recording. Discouraged, Diane left to meet Carly for Carly's arraignment. Alexis arrived and wished Diane luck as the women passed each other in lockup.

Sonny noticed that Duke wasn't with Alexis, so Alexis revealed that she had tried to help Duke by urging him to turn against Sonny. However, Duke had refused to roll on Sonny, so the judge had sent Duke to Pentonville until Duke's trial. Sonny's outrage turned to horror when Alexis added that Carly might meet the same fate as Duke. Alexis warned Sonny that Sonny was going down and that he would take everyone with him if he allowed them to continue to lie for him.

At Wyndemere, Britt sat on the sofa as she contemplated Special Agent Kyle Sloane's business card and the offer to pursue a criminal investigation against Anna if Britt agreed to press charges. Britt returned to the present when her cell phone rang, but she let it go to voicemail when she saw that it was Liesl.

Later, Nikolas entered the room. He was surprised when he saw Britt because he had thought that she had already left for work. Britt assured him that she was on her way out then added that her mother was once again on the warpath. Nikolas wasn't surprised, but Britt made it clear that if Sloane wanted to take down Anna over Cesar's death, then he would have to do it without Britt's help.

Shortly after Britt left, Spencer approached his father to demand that Nikolas explain to the staff that Spencer was permitted to have chocolate for a snack. Nikolas reminded Spencer that Spencer was not allowed to have candy whenever Spencer wished, but Nikolas decided to make an exception because Spencer had earned it by telling the truth about Franco at Carly's wedding. Nikolas was proud of his son, so he wanted to reward Spencer.

Guilt-ridden, Spencer admitted that Franco hadn't been the only person who had known that Spencer had been hiding out at Carly's house. Concerned, Nikolas demanded to know who else had been cruel enough to keep that kind of secret from Nikolas when Nikolas had been worried sick about his missing son. Spencer recalled how concerned Britt had been that Nikolas would end things with her if Nikolas discovered that she had helped Spencer. "Josslyn," Spencer quietly replied out of fear of losing Britt.

Nikolas sensed that Spencer was hiding something, but Spencer changed the subject by expressing how upset he was that Sonny had been arrested. However, Spencer realized that the only good thing about Sonny's arrest was that it had put Sonny out of Luke Spencer's reach.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael announced to Monica, Ned, Tracy, and Larry that Michael intended to honor A.J. by cutting all ties with the Corinthos family. Monica was overjoyed when Michael added that he also planned to legally change his name to Michael Quartermaine as soon as possible because the Quartermaines were the only family that Michael had. Monica hugged Michael as she insisted that she had always considered her grandson to be a part of the family. Pleased, Michael asked if she would mind if he moved in.

Monica readily agreed then added that Michael could have the "blue" bedroom, which had always been his favorite room. Tracy reminded Monica that Larry Ashton had been given the blue bedroom, but Monica argued that Larry could easily be moved. Ned stepped forward to officially welcome Michael to the family by shaking Michael's hand. Monica admitted that it was the best present that she could have received because it coincided with A.J.'s birthday. However, she wished that A.J. could have been there to be a part of the momentous occasion.

Michael vowed to live up to his father's name, do right by the Quartermaine family, and get ELQ back on the top again because Michael was tired of Tracy trying to destroy ELQ with her questionable business dealings. Offended, Tracy countered that Michael's parents' arrest had done far more damage to ELQ's reputation than anything she had done, but Michael reiterated that Sonny and Carly were not his parents. Michael pointed out that Tracy had foolishly given Jerry Jacks fifteen-and-a-half percent of ELQ's shares, but Tracy defended her decision because she had been trying to help Luke.

Michael scoffed because not only had Tracy ended up with Larry, but Michael didn't think Luke had been worth saving because of the terrible way Luke had treated people, including Kiki. Michael surprised everyone by suggesting that Jerry might have planted Larry in the mansion to be Jerry's eyes and ears, so Ned promised that Larry would not get one "gout-ridden toe" into ELQ's door. Ned explained that Larry was only interested in consuming all the alcoholic beverages in the mansion.

Michael appreciated that Larry was Ned's father, but Michael had once trusted Sonny and Carly, which had ended badly. Larry took offense at the suggestion that he was a spy for Jerry, but Michael wasn't intimidated because he knew that even Larry's English title of nobility had been fabricated. Michael was certain that they would learn that far more about Larry had been a lie if they dug further into Larry's background. Furious, Larry launched himself at Michael, intending to hit Michael, but Ned quickly intervened as Shawn entered the room.

Shawn immediately ordered Larry to back away from Michael, prompting Larry to ask who Shawn was. Annoyed, Michael explained that Shawn was Sonny's enforcer then pointedly added that Shawn's help was not needed. Shawn explained that he had stopped by to drop off something that Michael's father, Sonny, had promised to give to Michael then handed Michael a jump drive. Shawn added that Sonny had kept his word to Michael then quietly left.

Later, Michael and Monica listened to the recording that A.J. had made when A.J. had confronted Ava about killing Connie. Monica jumped when she heard the fatal shot ring out then began to cry. Michael quickly turned the recording off and held his weeping grandmother as he confessed that listening to the recording had been far more difficult than he had thought it would be. Monica was relieved that they had the proof they needed to put Sonny away for A.J.'s murder, but Michael pointed out that the tape had also exonerated A.J. of Connie's murder.

After Michael left, Larry quietly stood in the background as Monica told Ned and Tracy about the tape that had cleared A.J. of Connie's murder. However, she was upset that A.J. had died trying to clear his name, so Ned gently offered to take Monica to the crypt to share the good news with A.J. Monica brightened at the idea as she and Ned left. Larry reached for a drink as Tracy began to grumble that she hadn't heard from Jerry in days.

Larry warned Tracy that Jerry might not reach out to her when word got out that Michael had moved into the Quartermaine mansion. However, Larry suggested that perhaps Jerry might make contact with Luke's daughter. Tracy realized that Larry had a point, so she left to check in with Lulu. Once Larry was alone, he quickly closed the door then made a phone call.

At Kelly's, Jordan recalled her conversation with Shawn at the warehouse when they had agreed to talk to T.J. together about T.J.'s father. She looked up when T.J. suddenly appeared in the doorway as he arrived at the diner. T.J. was relieved when he saw his mother because he had read about everything that had transpired at the warehouse. Jordan assured him that she was fine, but T.J. hugged her anyway because she was his mother despite everything that had happened.

A little while later, T.J. announced that he had to leave to get some studying done, but Jordan asked him to wait because she and Shawn had to talk to him. T.J. worried that it might have something to do with school, but Jordan assured him that it didn't. Moments later, Shawn arrived. Jordan and T.J. joined Shawn at a table as Shawn explained that they needed to talk to T.J. about T.J.'s father.

In Ava's hospital room, Kiki recalled Michael's admission that he no longer loved her because she had hidden the truth about Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. She also remembered how Michael had accused her of wanting the brother she couldn't have because it made her feel important and she enjoyed the drama.

"Kiki," Ava said, breaking into Kiki's troubling thoughts. "Are you even listening to me?" Ava asked. Kiki apologized then assured Ava that she knew Ava was worried about the baby. Kiki promised that Morgan and Dante were working together to find the kidnapped infant, but Ava wasn't satisfied because Franco and Nina could have already fled the country with the baby. Kiki was confident that Franco wouldn't let anything happen to Kiki's baby sister, but Ava disagreed because Kiki had no idea what Franco was really capable of.

"What about you?" Kiki angrily blurted out. Ava was startled when Kiki revealed that she knew that Ava had killed Connie. Ava tried to deny it, but Kiki informed her mother that it was pointless because Sonny had played the incriminating recording with Ava's confession for Morgan. Ava shifted gears to tearfully explain that killing Connie had been an act of desperation to stop Connie from revealing Derek Wells's true identity. Ava claimed that she had acted without thinking, but Kiki didn't believe her mother because Ava had not only shot an innocent woman but had also taken steps to frame an innocent man for the crime.

Ava argued that everything had worked out in the end because A.J. had been acquitted of the crime, but Kiki insisted that the murder had haunted A.J. until his dying day and had destroyed his sobriety because everyone had thought that A.J. had gotten away with the murder. Ava tensed when Kiki muttered that at least Michael finally knew the truth. "How?" Ava asked. Kiki assumed that Sonny had told Michael, but Ava was curious if Sonny had given Michael the recording of Ava's confession.

Kiki admitted that she had no idea what Michael had because Michael had ended things with Kiki. Kiki warned Ava to be prepared because Michael was determined to clear A.J.'s name, and Sonny would likely testify against Ava, since Sonny no longer had anything to lose. Ava insisted that all she cared about was finding Kiki's missing sister, so she asked Kiki to check in with Anna to find out if there had been any news.

At the hospital, Patrick confessed that he wasn't certain that he wanted to hear about the status of his appeal, but Sam offered him words of encouragement as she promised to be there for him.

In Liesl's office, Liesl looked at Agent Sloane's business card as she vowed to help him take down Anna. She quickly picked up her cell phone then called Britt. Liesl was annoyed when the call went to voicemail, so Liesl informed Britt that Britt was late for work. Liesl ordered Britt to report to Liesl's office immediately because it was an emergency then added that Britt had better not ignore the voicemail message.

A short time later, Patrick and Sam entered Liesl's office. Liesl resented Sam's presence, but Patrick insisted that Sam was there for moral support. Liesl shrugged her shoulders because sharing the board's decision was merely a formality. Liesl explained that the board had agreed to reinstate Patrick despite his egregious lapse in judgment. Sam squealed with delight as she happily hugged Patrick to congratulate him. Disgusted, Liesl watched the display of affection then let Patrick know that he could return to work the following day.

After Patrick and Sam left the office, they decided to spend the rest of the day working on their investigation into Patrick's crash, since Emma was on a play date. A short time later, Patrick and Sam quietly stood on the Quartermaine patio as they eavesdropped as Larry called to alert Jerry to a problem.

Meanwhile, Britt entered Liesl's office then asked her mother what Liesl's problem was. Liesl violently slapped Britt as she accused Britt of being the problem because Britt had refused to cooperate with Agent Sloane. Britt explained that she didn't care what had happened to Cesar, but that only infuriated Liesl further. Britt invited Liesl to work with the agent gathering proof against Anna if it was so important to Liesl, but Liesl explained that only Britt could request the investigation because Britt was Cesar's only living relative.

Britt remained adamant that she didn't want any part of Sloane's investigation, so Liesl threatened to tell Nikolas that Britt had been working in tandem with Spencer during Spencer's disappearance over the summer. Shocked, Britt reminded her mother that it had been Liesl's idea, but Liesl was unrepentant because Liesl wanted Anna to pay for killing Cesar.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Anna was surprised when she spotted Agent Sloane exiting the elevator. She greeted him then asked if he was still with the Justice Department. Kyle was surprised that Anna had kept track of his career, so she confessed that she had always been interested in her former protégés' careers. Kyle appeared disappointed that she had referred to him as her "former" protégé, but Anna pointed out that he no longer needed a mentor because he had done quite well for himself.

Anna was curious why Kyle was in Port Charles, so he pointed out that she had recently made a slew of arrests, including the infamous Sonny Corinthos. Kyle had also heard about Duke's arrest, which he hoped meant that she was no longer married to the mob. Anna bristled as she clarified that she and Duke had not been married then shifted gears to ask why Kyle was interested in local matters. Kyle pointed out that Sonny's arrest had far-reaching implications, plus Kyle knew about the recent abduction of a child, which might have been taken across state lines if not out of the country.

Kyle reminded Anna that both cases were technically federal concerns. Anna conceded that Kyle was right but she noticed that he hadn't asked her anything about either case, so he conceded that he was in town on another matter. Anna offered to be of assistance if he needed it, so Kyle promised that she would be the first person to know when he decided to go public. Kyle wished her luck finding the missing infant then left.

A short time later, Kiki approached Anna to ask if there had been news about Ava's missing baby, but Anna shook her head. Moments later, Michael walked up. Kiki greeted him, but he made it clear that he had nothing to say to Kiki. However, he was there to give Anna evidence that would exonerate A.J. of Connie's murder.

After Michael handed Anna the jump drive with Ava's confession, Anna listened to it. She conceded that the recording was sufficient for an arrest. Michael was eager to see justice done, so Michael followed Anna and Kiki to Ava's room, but Ava was long gone.

In Liesl's office, Liesl informed Agent Sloane that Britt had something to tell him. Britt reluctantly explained that she wanted Anna to face justice for killing Cesar.

. . .

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