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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Drew arrived at the pier, and Jason got there moments later. Drew updated Jason on his "chat" with Shiloh, and how relieved Shiloh had seemed to be that Drew didn't want to regain his memories. He wondered if Jason had dug up anything, and Jason told Drew about his visit with Harmony in Beechers Corners. He'd observed that she'd seemed hung up on Shiloh and upset that he'd moved on without her. "Or to the city where Sam lives," Drew suggested. Jason added that he had Spinelli researching, and Drew wanted to help. He promised to keep Jason updated and left.

Carly, clad in a hospital gown, was sitting in an exam room with Sonny nearby when there was a knock on the door. Kim entered and told them that she was covering for Carly's doctor, if they were all right with it. Carly offered to reschedule, but Kim didn't think it was fair that she knew the results of Carly's test and Carly didn't. Carly wanted to know, so Kim informed Carly that she was pregnant. From the sonogram, Kim estimated that the pregnancy was about six weeks along.

A short while later, Carly was dressed, and Kim returned. She confirmed that due to Carly's age and previous history, the pregnancy would be high-risk, and the odds of a stroke could change without warning. She advised Carly to avoid stress, to sleep, and to keep a healthy diet. Sonny promised to make sure Carly took things easy. She told Carly to set up another appointment in a couple weeks, and she left. Sonny wondered about Carly's thoughts. Carly told him that she thought the baby was a blessing, and the two embraced.

Kim was looking through baby pictures of Oscar on her phone when Drew entered. She showed him the pictures, and she related how alike Oscar and Drew were. She wondered what it would have been like had they raised Oscar together, and Drew asked for her honest opinion. She thought that he would have been a wonderful father.

Michael found Kristina at Kelly's, and he remarked that it was nice to see her smile. Speaking of her smile, she wanted to talk to him about her "new direction." As they sat, she explained about how nice it was to "let go of preconceived notions and be aware of the present moment." She related that Sam and Alexis made her feel like she needed to look over her shoulder, but Michael didn't. He joked that he was "a gullible man." Kristina countered that he wasn't when it had to do with business, which was why she was asking him for help.

Kristina proposed that Michael invest in her future, and she promised to pay him back with interest. She gave him a pile of papers, which he looked through. He appreciated her well-thought-out proposal, but he told her that Sonny would gladly give her money for school. She didn't want a handout; she wanted to pay her own way. He finally agreed to lend her money on the condition that they'd get together more often. She shook his hand and proclaimed it a deal.

Outside Kelly's, Peter observed that Maxie looked pleased with herself, and she replied that she was about to find out the truth about Sasha. Peter told her that he was going to get food and visit Lulu. She decided to stop by when she was done with her "mission" so she could update him, and she walked off.

Sasha arrived outside the spa and got a text from Maxie that she was on her way. As Stella left, happy with her manicure, Sasha entered and gave her name at the front. Maxie entered a few minutes later and complimented the nail color Sasha had chosen. She added that it would look good on "short, square nails," but Sasha hadn't planned on trimming her nails. Looking closer at her nails, Sasha happily took the suggestion.

Maxie stood by and experimented with a color on her nails as Sasha got her nails started. The woman doing Sasha's nails dropped some nail clippings in the trash can, which Maxie spotted. She asked for a tissue to wipe the color off her nails, and she stealthily bent down and grabbed some nail clippings out of the trash can.

A few minutes later, Maxie and Sasha talked about Nina and Valentin's impending marriage as they both got their nails done. Maxie pointedly commented that every time Nina thought Valentin had changed, he had "another secret up his sleeve." Sasha regretted that she'd indirectly convinced Nina to marry Valentin. Maxie related that Nina was a lot like Nathan in regard to their big hearts. She hoped that everyone who loved Nina would try to protect her from people trying to use her big heart against her.

Curtis opened Lulu's door, and Margaux entered wanting to prepare Lulu for Franco's arraignment. She wanted to seat Lulu directly behind the prosecutor's table. She instructed Lulu not to react to anything at the arraignment, as she would have her chance to talk at the trial. Curtis wondered how Franco was doing, which shocked Lulu. He thought that Franco had to have had a break with reality, as it was the only motive Franco would have had for throwing away everything he'd built. Lulu shortly suggested that it was a question for Kevin. Margaux told Lulu that she'd meet Lulu at the courthouse, and she left.

Curtis divulged that he knew the process of criminal prosecution, and he gently told Lulu that, at some point, the court would wonder how she'd gotten away. She admitted that she couldn't remember, as "Kevin" had deemed her too upset to continue with the hypnotherapy. She added that she wanted to see the rest "one day," and Curtis thought she was brave. The doorbell rang, and Curtis answered the door to Peter, who carried a bouquet. Curtis decided to give them a chance to catch up, and he left.

"I have an incredible story to tell," Lulu told Peter. He handed her a new laptop and informed her that he'd convinced the police to let him clone her hard drive onto it. She wanted to get back to work, but he tried to stop her. She urged him to think like a publisher and not a friend. She thought that her story would be great for the front page, but Peter didn't think it was a good idea. She reasoned that there were plenty of people she could sell the story to if he didn't want it.

Maxie entered the house, and Lulu urged Peter to tell Maxie what was going on, so he did. "You already lost," Maxie stated to Peter. Lulu left with her laptop to go plug it in. Peter wondered if Maxie really thought Lulu writing about her ordeal was a good idea. Maxie responded that if it was too much for Lulu, she would stop. Peter accepted the answer and asked about Sasha. Maxie held up a plastic bag and identified the contents as Sasha's nail clippings. She didn't think getting Nina's DNA would be hard, and then they would find out whether or not Nina and Sasha were related. Lulu returned and demanded to talk about the couple.

Stella entered Kelly's and found Marcus, who was happy to see her, as he'd been feeling sorry for himself. She sat with him as he explained how much he and Yvonne had loved Valentine's Day, but he only felt rage at the disease. He revealed that he'd gotten candy for all the nurses and patients at the facility. She thought it was a healthy way to honor what he and Yvonne had shared, and he admitted that it had made him feel a little better.

Curtis entered, and Marcus shook his hand and thanked him for the talk about Stella. He continued that he was lucky to have her as a friend. He had to go and promised to see them soon. He complimented the color on Stella's nails, and he left, leaving Stella smiling. They agreed that it was "nice to have a friend."

A short while later, Stella was gone, and Sasha happened upon Curtis at Kelly's. He was surprised to see her there, since she'd been so reluctant to accept a mother other than the one who'd raised her. She conceded that she hadn't wanted to get too close, but Nina "dares you not to care." Curtis was glad to hear it and added that he didn't want to put Nina in a position to be hurt. "No one wants that," Sasha agreed. Curtis continued that everything about Sasha "seemed legit," and he hoped that she was as genuine as she seemed.

Shiloh was sitting in the Floating Rib when Sam entered and sat with him. He admired her loyalty to Kristina and commented that most of the people who found Dawn of Day were there because they had no support system. He apologized for his preconceived notions of Sam before he'd met her, and she replied that he, of all people, should know that people were capable of changing. He wanted to get to know her better, and he wanted her to see that he wasn't a threat to Kristina.

Shiloh wanted Sam to take a trip with him, as there was something she needed to see to understand. He wouldn't tell her where, so she didn't know if she should go. He urged her to follow her instincts, as they would help her make the correct decision.

A short while later, Sam was gone, and Shiloh spotted Margaux at the bar. He greeted her and told her that he was glad that his seminars had been resonating with her. He wondered what had led her to Dawn of Day, and she admitted that she was so desperate for a certain outcome that she'd betrayed a friend in the process. He wanted to know more, but she didn't think he would believe her.

Without mentioning names, Margaux told Shiloh about how she'd used a flash drive of important information as leverage for something the person hadn't wanted to do. He wondered what had happened to the flash drive. She answered that she'd given the flash drive to her friend, hoping he would want to look back into his past. "Maybe one day he will. I don't know, it's up to him," Margaux concluded.

At the pier, Jason's phone went off, and he saw a text from Spinelli that read, "Have found more disturbing information RE Dawn of Day. Come ASAP!!!" Sam arrived and wondered what he was doing there. "Getting air. You?" he asked. She answered that she'd lost something that she thought was there. He offered to help her look and pulled her behind a wall, and they shared a kiss.

When they pulled apart, Jason asked Sam what Shiloh had wanted. "To chat me up," Sam replied, and she told him that Shiloh wanted to take her on a trip. Jason thought it was a bad idea, but she wanted to go while Jason figured out what was next with Spinelli. He protested, but she explained that Shiloh liked to talk, so she was confident she would get all the information they needed. As a result, she was happy that they would no longer have to pretend not to be together, and she hugged him.

On the next General Hospital...

• "Kevin" proposes to Ava.

• Anna thinks Finn always knows the right thing to say.

• Harmony has a warning for Shiloh.

• Jason tells Sam he thinks Shiloh is more of a threat then they thought.

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