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Alexis decides to represent Oscar
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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maxie and Nina found themselves at the local film festival, and Nina was grateful for the distraction. The women chatted until Maxie couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted Lulu and Peter together. Kiki and Griffin were also there but a little disappointed that Griffin had accidentally chosen the wrong film when he'd purchased the tickets. Kiki didn't care, and after discussing the film, Kiki announced that she had a better idea.

Lulu and Peter shared their opinions of the film and joked about the fact that they had walked out after 20 minutes. Nina and Maxie watched them laughing, and Nina suggested that maybe Lulu had to write a review. Maxie didn't think they looked professional. "This is so bad," said Maxie. She was clearly annoyed and noted that Dante was away, and he had left Lulu with a lot of responsibilities. Nina noted that Peter was Lulu's "biggest supporter."

Just then, Lulu and Peter headed over to Nina and Maxie. "Fancy seeing the two of you here," Peter declared. Nina asked to speak to Lulu in private, and the two of them wandered off. Nina revealed that she had seen a very expensive riding coat for Charlotte, and she wanted Lulu's permission to order it. She added that she hadn't known that Lulu and Peter would be going out together.

Lulu insisted it was a "work thing," and she went on about Peter's good qualities. She noted that he was an amazing boss, and she expected to learn a lot from him. She concluded that he was also a super nice person who cared about his employees.

Peter and Maxie made small talk about elevators and the baby, and Peter asked if he could stop by to see James. Maxie agreed that both she and her son would like that. After the group was back together, Peter suggested they all go out for a drink, but all of the women had other obligations. Peter offered to drive Lulu home, and they left together. Nina confessed that she thought Lulu liked Peter more than she realized, but she didn't think that Peter returned those feelings. She also believed that Peter and Maxie would never be close to each other again.

As Laura set the table for dinner, there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to a large bouquet of flowers and was shocked to see Spencer standing behind them. She couldn't believe her eyes and that Spencer "did this again." She thought maybe a new school would work; one where he could be watched. She stooped down to Spencer's level and glared at him. Spencer insisted he loved his school, but Laura thought it was more about the lack of security there.

Laura announced that Spencer could remain at his school only if he stayed there and did not purchase airline tickets on his cell phone again. Spencer promised, and Laura admitted that that was the reason she'd stayed in France for so long. She'd had to keep an eye on him. Spencer insisted it was fall break, and he had felt bad for Josslyn and had to see her. Laura thought Josslyn was just an excuse, and Spencer admitted he had missed Laura, also. Laura hugged him.

"Here's to you, Dr. Kevin Collins," Ryan said as he lifted a glass of red wine at the Metro Court bar. Ava spotted him and asked to join him. She mentioned that she had been thinking about him. Ava wondered why the doctor wasn't with Laura, and he noted that he'd just had a "trying session." Ava ordered herself a martini. She told the doctor how much he'd helped her, and "Kevin" suggested she think about regular sessions.

Ava admitted that she had been thinking about leaving town due to her most recent thoughts, but "Kevin" thought otherwise. "Face it head-on," he urged her. He thought leaving town would be the worst thing she could do. Ava confessed that while she respected his opinion, she thought she should be away from her "emotional triggers" until she stopped thinking about revenge. Kevin thought she would still have those same feelings upon her return, and he thought they might even be stronger.

Kevin thought Ava's thoughts were "healthy impulses." Ava announced that she had to powder her nose, and she got up from the bar. "You really are a remarkable woman, Ava," "Kevin" said to himself. "So different from the others," he added.

"Who do we have here?" "Kevin" asked as he walked through the front door. Laura mentioned Spencer's name, and "Kevin" repeated it. "Kevin" told the boy how lucky he was to have Laura, and how wonderful she was. Laura asked about "Kevin's" patient, and he mentioned that he had stopped for a drink and had also spoken to Ava. Laura found that peculiar. Spencer announced that he'd been in touch with Milo, who was waiting for him, and he left. Laura sent her regards to Sonny.

Laura explained that Spencer had told her it was fall break, but she wanted him to go right back to Paris. "Kevin" didn't think there was any rush. Laura suggested they take advantage of the fact that Spencer was out, and she hugged her husband. "Kevin" declared that he needed to shower first after being at Ferncliff, and they agreed to meet again in ten minutes.

Monica was surprised when Jason paid her a visit at home, but he knew she was upset about Oscar. They shared a hug. Monica told her son how great he'd been when she'd had breast cancer, and Jason recalled not realizing he'd known so much about it until Robin had mentioned it. Monica disclosed that she'd pretended to be strong around others, but she had been herself around Jason -- and she'd been scared. She knew that he always wanted to help the people he loved. They grasped hands. "So how will I take care of you?" Jason asked.

Monica admitted she was terrified, and she couldn't believe that Oscar could be taken from her. Jason thought he was a great kid, and Monica revealed that it seemed as though Oscar had given up. She noted that he would either beat the odds or he wouldn't. She broke down, and Jason comforted her.

Jason gave Monica a glass of water. She knew it was difficult for Drew to be around Jason, but she assured Jason that he was helping. Jason revealed that he felt bad for both Drew and Oscar, and he was sorry for Monica, who had lost so many other people she had loved. "This sucks," Monica said, surprising both Jason and herself. She urged Jason to spend time with Oscar and get to know him so they could both remember him together.

Monica thanked Jason profusely for stopping by. Jason declared that he loved her, and her grandchildren were lucky to have her. He knew that she would "fight to the death" for family. He knew that she had been searching for help for Oscar. "You have never given up," he said. Monica thought that deceased family members would want them to lead "purposeful" lives, and she wanted Oscar to have a chance.

Drew visited with Sam, and he admitted that he wanted to talk to her more than anyone else. They sat on the couch, and Sam announced that she was there for him. Drew explained that he wanted Oscar to live his life in the best way, though he didn't know what that meant. Sam stated that Drew didn't have to be alone.

Drew felt overwhelmed, and he talked about all the people who knew or didn't know about Oscar, but they were all tied together. He mentioned Monica, who had bonded quickly with Oscar and who had already lost so much. He couldn't stand the thought of her losing someone else. He declared that he just wanted to be a good dad, and he couldn't think about only Oscar.

Sam replied that Drew needed to stay focused for Oscar, who would hopefully be around for a long time. Drew recalled that Sam had always said, "Find grace in every day." She added that the "little moments" were everywhere and were all that mattered.

Sam asked to hear three things about Oscar, and Drew stated that Oscar was into boxing, loved music, and crossed his arms when in thought, just like Drew. "Those are the moments that resonate," Sam said. Drew didn't think there had been enough, but Sam said there were "more to come." She thought they would get more eyerolls and love. Just then, Scout began to cry, and Drew asked if he could get her.

Sam sent Drew upstairs, and he returned with Scout in his arms. The parents bonded with the little girl, and Sam insisted that Scout needed to go to sleep. Drew told Scout that her mother gave good advice.

Griffin and Kiki snuggled on the sofa and watched a movie at Kiki's apartment. She admitted that she couldn't recall the waltz they'd shared due to her drinking, so Griffin invited her to get up and dance with him. They waltzed around the apartment, and later, they slow danced though they barely moved. They shared a kiss and eventually ended up on the sofa and made love.

Spencer spotted Ava at the bar at Metro Court and accused her of betraying him for a new face. He recalled that she had promised to help him seek justice for his father. Ava was sorry but insisted that she had been in the hospital, covered with burns, and had had a big decision to make. She had decided she wanted to be whole again. Spencer insisted she had only cared about wanting to be beautiful. He added that the woman in the bed had had a heart.

"Kevin" bounded down the stairs and found Laura waiting with two glasses of red wine. "To us," Laura toasted. "Kevin" responded, "Welcome home." Laura announced that she was glad to be home, and she had missed her husband. She grabbed his glass and put both of the glasses on the table. She suddenly looked at his hand and asked if he'd had a manicure.

"Kevin" made an excuse and claimed that he'd thought he would feel better. Laura went to kiss him, but he pulled away and began to stutter. He was afraid that Spencer would return and that finding them would be traumatic for all of them. He thought it best if they put off their reunion but promised to make it up to her. He declared that he would make it worth her while.

On the next General Hospital...

• Elizabeth screams for help.

• Nina tells Ava she has a daughter.

• Im divorcing you, Oscar announces to his parents.

• Kristina denies being drunk.

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