Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At the hospital, Carly's thoughts drifted to her passionate night with Sonny, but she quickly pushed the memory away as Franco walked up. Franco immediately sensed that Carly was troubled, so he asked her what was wrong. Carly pasted on a smile as she assured him that she was fine then invited him to dinner. She explained that she wanted to apologize and make up for the romantic dinner he had missed a few nights earlier, but Franco argued that it hadn't been her fault. Franco insisted that he owed her the apology because he had been wrong to accuse her of spending time with Sonny when in truth Carly had simply had dinner with her mother, Bobbie.

Carly tried to hide her guilt behind a brittle smile as she assured Franco that he wasn't to blame because she had caused him unnecessary anxiety by not telling him about Sonny's kiss. Relieved, Franco kissed Carly. Afterwards, he apologized then presented her with the floral arrangement that David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson had sent to Alice as a get-well gift. Carly smiled with delight as she snatched up the card then read it. Franco dutifully followed behind explaining to her who David and Jennifer were.

At the Floating Rib, a police officer assured Ned and Olivia that Coleman had been taken to the police station. Olivia wanted to make certain that Coleman stayed behind bars for his role in Lulu and Maxie's abduction, so the police officer nodded. After the police officer left, Ned reminded Olivia that Coleman had made a full confession to abetting Levi, so it was unlikely that Coleman would get out of jail anytime soon. Olivia appeared to relax as she thanked Ned for being there for her.

Moments later, Tracy strolled into the bar. Ned approached his mother to ask for a private word, but Tracy was in a foul mood. Tracy accused Olivia of being Ned's "Bensonhurst bimbo" then threatened to sue the hotel if Olivia decided to evict Tracy from Metro Court to please Ned. Eventually, Ned sternly ordered his mother to "shut up" because he had something to tell her. Tracy's annoyance quickly turned to shock when Ned revealed that Lulu had been kidnapped.

Olivia decided to call Sonny to let Sonny know about the abduction, so Ned asked how his mother was holding up because he knew Tracy loved Lulu. "Like a daughter," Tracy confirmed. Ned gently suggested that Tracy get in touch with Luke to let Luke know about what had happened to Lulu.

Later, Tracy left a voicemail message asking Luke to return her call as quickly as possible because it was an emergency. After she ended the call, Ned asked if she'd had any luck reaching Luke. Tracy admitted that she had tried to contact Luke by email, text messages, and phone calls, so short of talking into "a tin can with a very long string," she had done everything possible to reach her wayward husband. Ned offered to ask ELQ's security team to track Luke down, but Tracy quickly declined because she insisted that Luke was not missing. Ned conceded that he despised Luke, but he thought Luke had a right to know about Lulu.

Franco and Carly entered the bar in time to hear Ned's remark about Lulu, so Carly immediately asked what as going on. Ned broke the news to Carly about Lulu's abduction, so Carly decided to reach out to Sonny. Ned assured Carly that it wasn't necessary because Olivia had already notified Sonny. Franco suggested that he and Carly head to the police station to check for an update, but Carly was reluctant to leave because she had promised Franco a romantic evening. Franco assured Carly that he would take a rain check.

After Franco and Carly left, Tracy called Luke again, but the phone call went to voicemail. Tracy left Luke another urgent message, so Ned reminded his mother that the offer to look for Luke was still open. Tracy flatly refused to consider it because she was confident that Luke would return her phone calls.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny dismissed his bodyguard then demanded to know why Julian had stopped by. Julian explained that he wanted to help Sonny keep Sonny's loved ones alive, but Sonny took that as a threat. Julian clarified that he simply wanted to broker a truce with Sonny because the territory was big enough for both Julian and Sonny. Sonny rejected Julian's offer in part because Julian sold drugs. However, Sonny was curious what had motivated Julian's desire for a truce, so Julian blamed it on seeing Lucas shot, holding his bleeding son in his arms, and Alexis' house being burned to the ground.

According to Julian, he didn't want his loved ones getting caught in the crossfire, but Sonny resented the remark because Sonny had never taken aim at anyone in Julian's family. "Can you say the same for me and mine?" Sonny asked. Sonny insisted that he and Julian had a different code of honor and methods for handling things, so there would never be any peace between their organizations until Julian was dead. Julian was disappointed because he had hoped that common sense would prevail, especially with the lives of Sonny's family on the line. Resigned, Julian vowed to find another way to coexist with Sonny in the same territory, but Sonny was confident that one day Julian and Ava would be nothing more than a distant bad memory.

Sonny ordered Julian to leave, so Julian agreed. "Don't say I never warned you," Julian said as he walked out. After Julian left, Olivia called Sonny to let him know about Lulu's abduction. Sonny confessed that he already knew about the kidnapping, so Olivia filled him in about Coleman's agreement to fence the stolen jewelry for Levi. Sonny suggested that he and Olivia meet at the police station to wait for word from their son. Olivia worried about Lulu, but Sonny assured Olivia that Levi wouldn't be foolish enough to incur Sonny's wrath by killing Lulu.

At the police station, Lucy asked a police officer if there had been any news about Maxie and Lulu, but the police officer shook his head. Frustrated, Lucy demanded to talk to Anna, but Scott walked up instead. He assumed that Lucy was there to see him, but she quickly clarified that she had stopped by to find out if there had been a break in the search for Maxie and Lulu. Scott admitted that there wasn't anything new to report, so Lucy confided that she couldn't help but imagine how she and Scott might have felt if their daughter, Serena, had been abducted like Maxie and Lulu.

Scott led Lucy to the interrogation room as he assured her that their daughter was smart and strong, much like Maxie and Lulu. Lucy relaxed when he promised her that they had done a good job raising their daughter just as Maxie and Lulu's parents had. Scott reached out to give Lucy a comforting hug, but she quickly pushed him away with a stern warning not to touch her.

Lucy reminded Scott that he had yet to make a decision about whether he wanted to have a relationship with her or Bobbie. Lucy refused to allow Scott to touch her until she had her answer, but Scott insisted that he hadn't had time to think about it because of everything that had been going on. Lucy was hurt and disappointed because she wanted Scott to pick her, but Scott argued that he couldn't rush things because it was a major life decision. Lucy started to respond, but Scott cut her off to answer a call from Anna.

Moments later, Franco and Carly arrived as Lucy followed Scott into the squad room. Carly immediately demanded an update on Maxie and Lulu's abduction, but Scott explained that he didn't answer to Carly. Franco interceded by playing the "Dad-card," so Scott admitted that Dante and Nathan had entered the cabin. Scott filled everyone in on what had transpired at the cabin.

A short time later, Sonny and Olivia entered the squad room. Scott promised to keep everyone posted on any new developments then left. Lucy followed Scott to the hallway to warn him that she wouldn't wait indefinitely for his answer, so she urged him not to wait too long because he might end up losing both Lucy and Bobbie. After Lucy left, Franco approached his father to thank Scott for the update. As they spoke, Franco mentioned Scott's nightcap with Bobbie a few nights earlier, but Scott had no idea what Franco was referring to.

Meanwhile, Carly urged Sonny to make some phone calls to help find Lulu, so Olivia assured Carly that Sonny had already taken care of that. Sonny advised Carly to be patient and to trust that Dante wouldn't let anything stop him from finding Lulu.

In the woods, Dante and Nathan entered the cabin where Levi and his accomplice had taken Maxie and Lulu. However, the cabin was unoccupied. Dante became alarmed when he noticed blood on the floor. Nathan worried that it might be Maxie or Lulu's blood, but Dante warned Nathan that they couldn't afford to think that way. Both men went on high alert when they heard a noise in the next room.

Moments later, Jeffrey Scribner, Levi's accomplice, stumbled into the room, clutching a gunshot wound in his lower abdomen. Nathan rushed to Jeffrey's side as Jeffrey collapsed.

Dante immediately searched the rest of the cabin as Nathan tried to get Jeffrey to wake up. Jeffrey's eyes slowly opened as Dante returned to the room, so Dante demanded to know what had happened. Jeffrey explained that Levi had turned on him when Jeffrey had assured Maxie and Lulu that the women would be released after the jewelry had been fenced. Levi had informed Jeffrey that the plans had changed, so Jeffrey had made it clear that he would not hurt Maxie and Lulu. According to Jeffrey, Levi had shot him. Dante tried to question Jeffrey further, but Levi's accomplice had lost consciousness again.

After Jeffrey was transported to General Hospital via ambulance, Dante and Nathan continued to search the cabin for possible clues that might reveal where Levi had taken Maxie and Lulu. Dante called out to Nathan when Dante discovered an old newspaper clipping tucked into a book. The article was about Frisco helping to recover Felicia's Aztec treasure and featured a picture of Felicia and Frisco with Frisco's face circled.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava served dessert. Kiki conceded that her mother couldn't cook, but Ava made "killer" desserts. Ava smiled awkwardly as she invited Michael to try the chocolate mousse. Michael sniffed the decadent concoction then asked if it had been made with espresso and chili powder. Ava recalled telling to Julian that she intended to sprinkle deadly oleander on Michael's dessert, so her smile was tight as she praised Michael's sense of smell.

Michael picked up his spoon to take a bite of the poisonous mousse but halted as he watched Kiki practically inhale half of her dessert. Kiki smiled sheepishly as she confessed that the mousse was delicious. Michael dipped the spoon into his mousse, but Ava jumped up to announce that she had something to say first. Ava thanked Michael for setting aside all the ugliness between his family and Ava to join Kiki for dinner with her mother. Ava confessed that she loved her daughter and would do anything to protect Kiki.

Michael assured Ava that Kiki's safety was important to him, too, then mentioned how furious he had been when he learned what Luke had been doing to Kiki. Ava's brow furrowed as she asked what Michael was talking about, but Kiki assured her mother that it wasn't anything for Ava to be concerned about. Ava refused to let the matter drop because she realized that Kiki was trying to hide something. Ava continued to push for an answer until Kiki reluctantly told her mother about Luke's unwanted advances that had turned violent hours before A.J.'s funeral. Ava was outraged that Luke had harassed Kiki and that no one had told her, so Michael promised that he had taken care of Luke.

Michael lifted the spoon to take a bite of the mousse, but Ava quickly knocked the dessert out of his hand. Shocked, Kiki demanded an explanation for her mother's outburst, so Ava quickly attributed it to being upset about learning that Luke had been accosting Kiki. Michael and Kiki appeared to accept Ava's explanation.

Moments later, Julian arrived home, so Michael and Kiki decided to leave because they wanted to stop off at the hospital to check on Alice. Ava walked Michael and Kiki to the door with promises to make certain that Michael would get two desserts the next time they had dinner together.

After Michael and Kiki left, Julian asked if Ava had followed through on her plan to poison Michael. Ava confessed that she had granted Michael clemency because she had learned about their boss's "lewd" behavior and attempt to rape Kiki. Ava suspected that the order to kill Michael had nothing to do with ELQ and everything to do with getting Kiki's protector out of the way.

Ava decided to place a video call to their boss to put Luke's imposter on notice, but Julian refused to let his sister follow through on the threat because their boss might decide to teach Ava a lesson by targeting Kiki. Ava warned her brother that she would not kill Michael, so Julian suggested that it was time to present their boss with Sonny's head on a platter. Ava explained that she hadn't been able to obtain Carly's copy of A.J.'s recording because Franco wouldn't help as long as Franco believed that Carly was committed to Franco and not sniffing around Sonny.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Michael and Kiki agreed that Ava had overreacted by knocking Michael's dessert out of his hand. Michael warned Kiki that nothing would keep him from his dessert next time, so Kiki offered to make it up to Michael by buying him an instant pudding from the hospital's cafeteria. Michael jokingly grumbled that it wasn't his lucky day because Alice had been asleep, and he had been denied his favorite dessert.

. . .

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