Tuesday, September 16, 2014

At Michael's apartment, Michael was working out with a punching bag when someone knocked on the door. It was Tracy. Tracy explained that she would have called, but he hadn't been answering any of her calls, and she had been barred from ELQ. Tracy looked around at the apartment with distaste as she suggested that the CEO of ELQ find a more suitable apartment, even though Ned was the real power "behind the throne." Michael ignored the advice to ask why Tracy was there.

Tracy confessed that she was desperate for news about Lulu. Tracy was certain that Sonny had several police officers on his payroll who had given Sonny regular updates since the abduction, which Tracy was certain Sonny had passed along to Michael. Michael confessed that he didn't have any news to share, but Tracy didn't believe him. Michael could tell that Tracy was frantic with concern about Lulu, so he suggested that she call Anna or Luke. He was confident that Luke might have news about Lulu's abduction, but Tracy confessed that she hadn't heard from Luke.

Tracy revealed that it was doubtful that Luke even knew about Lulu's abduction, so it was even more unlikely that Luke had any news to share. However, Tracy feared that Luke would never forgive himself if anything were to happen to Lulu -- not that Michael cared, since he had believed Kiki's "disgusting lies" about Luke to justify stealing ELQ from Tracy. Michael refused to get into an argument with his aunt, but he appreciated that she was genuinely concerned about Lulu so he promised to call if he heard anything.

Tracy walked to the door, so Michael told her that he hoped that Luke called. "So do I," Tracy quietly answered and then left.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam cracked open her fortune cookie then pulled out the paper to read her fortune. It advised her to try something new, so she invited Patrick to read his. Patrick chuckled when he read his message, which had also advised him to try something new. Surprised, Sam demanded to see the slip of paper from his fortune to confirm that it was the same message. It was. Sam noticed that Patrick appeared to give the fortune some merit, so she asked him about the sudden lack of skepticism.

Patrick confessed that in that moment, in that time, with Sam, he was willing to have an open mind. Moments later, Patrick kissed Sam. Things quickly heated up as they stretched out on the sofa while the kiss became increasingly passionate. Patrick started to unbutton Sam's top, but she suddenly stopped him to ask what they were doing. Patrick didn't have an answer, so he leaned down to kiss her again, but Sam asked him to wait.

Patrick quickly apologized as he pulled away from Sam because he assumed that he had misread things. However, Sam confessed that the attraction he felt for her was reciprocated. She admitted that she had thought a lot about the possibilities of a romantic relationship between them, so the kiss had been nice. Relieved, Patrick revealed that he had hoped that Sam would have asked for a kiss when she had beaten him at a game of pool, so Sam smiled as she admitted that the thought had crossed her mind, which was why she had asked him to shave the beard.

Sam admitted that she was attracted to Patrick, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to get involved with him. Embarrassed, Patrick feared that he had pushed Sam into something she hadn't wanted by kissing her, but Sam assured Patrick that she had wanted to kiss him. However, she pointed out that she had just ended things with Silas, and Patrick had only recently taken off his wedding ring and wasn't even officially divorced yet.

Patrick sensed that there was more to Sam's reason for being reluctant to get involved, so Sam confessed that Jason's birthday was the following day and that her third wedding anniversary with Jason was the following week. Sam had made a conscious decision to put Jason in the past and move forward, but Jason would always be a part of her. She insisted that she and Patrick had enough on their plate without complicating things, so she suggested that they focus on the accident investigation.

Patrick thanked Sam for being the voice of reason. Sam relaxed because she admitted that she didn't want things to be weird between them. Patrick promised her that they wouldn't be then he left.

In Victor's office at Crichton-Clark, Anna shoved Victor against the wall then began to read him the Miranda Rights until Liesl suddenly picked up Victor's discarded gun then aimed it at Anna. According to Liesl, the two women had unfinished business. Stunned, Anna couldn't believe that Liesl would want to discuss Cesar's fate while Nathan was in danger. Anna questioned if Liesl truly cared about Nathan as Liesl claimed, but Liesl insisted that she would lay down her life for her son. Seconds later, Liesl shot Victor in the chest.

Victor's eyes rounded with disbelief as he slowly collapsed to the floor. Shocked, Anna demanded to know why Liesl had shot Victor, so Liesl claimed that she had saved Anna's life, but Anna knew it was a lie. Anna pointed out that she could have sent Victor to jail, but Liesl scoffed at the idea of Victor spending any significant time in jail. Anna wanted an answer about what had prompted the shooting, so Liesl cryptically explained that she couldn't risk Victor seeking out Nathan, knowing that Victor knew the truth.

Anna assumed that Liesl had been referring to Victor being Nathan's father but didn't have time to pursue the question because the team leader of the World Security Bureau agents Robert had sent to help Anna entered the office to announce that Dante had been located. Anna instructed Liesl to stay put then followed the agent to where Dante was.

After Anna left, Liesl tearfully knelt down next to Victor and tearfully apologized for shooting him. She explained that she hadn't had any choice; it had been a kill or be killed situation. However, Liesl regretted that Victor had to die because she'd had fond memories of him over the years. Liesl's grief turned to shock when she suddenly felt a faint pulse as she held Victor's wrist. Victor's eyes fluttered open. "I never cease to disappoint you, do I, Liesl?" Victor asked in a weak breathy voice.

Victor confessed that he had hoped that he and Liesl would have ended with a kiss, so Liesl explained that she had shot him out of an act of necessity because only she and Victor knew that Nathan wasn't Victor's son. Liesl reminded Victor of the adage that two people could keep a secret only if one of them was dead. Victor felt that he had a right to know who Nathan's father was, but Liesl refused to name the man. She insisted that it was best for everyone to believe that Victor was Nathan's father because the truth was far worse. Victor argued that he was entitled to know the truth, since he was dying because of the secret, so Liesl decided to be merciful by picking up a pillow to stop Victor's suffering.

Liesl admitted that she was sorry that it had to end "this way." Victor agreed then pressed a button on a small device hidden in the breast pocket of his jacket. Instantly, the lights turned red as an alarm began to sound. Liesl demanded to know what Victor had done, so he revealed that it had been a contingency plan in case the operation had been compromised. Liesl didn't believe him because she was certain that Victor had acted out of spite because she had gotten the best of him. Victor weakly explained that he couldn't risk having the medical advancements hidden in the clinic fall into the wrong hands because it would provide whoever possessed them with an unfair advantage.

Alarmed, Liesl asked what kind of medical advancements Victor had been referring to. "Biological warfare," Victor answered then added that Liesl only had minutes to escape because the clinic was set to blow. Victor warned her that nothing would be left except a large crater, so Liesl could stay to finish him off or make a run for it. He suggested that she might have enough time to save both herself and her "bastard" son. Liesl wondered how much time she had left, but Victor didn't want to "spoil the surprise."

In Peter Harrell Sr.'s room at the clinic, Maxie watched in stunned disbelief as Levi/Peter Jr. crumbled to the floor. She immediately dropped the Aztec knife she had stabbed Peter Jr. with as Nathan reminded Maxie that she had killed Peter Jr. to save Nathan. Maxie insisted that Nathan had saved her first, but he pulled her into his arms then kissed her. After the kiss ended, Nathan realized that the timing was wrong for romance. Maxie agreed as she looked at Peter Jr. and his father's dead bodies littering the ground.

Nathan quickly distracted Maxie from the death around them by assuring Maxie that he respected her choice not to make any decisions about exploring a relationship with him. However, Nathan confessed that he hoped the kiss would give Maxie something to consider while she figured things out. Before Maxie could reply, Nathan shifted gears by giving her a quick lesson on how to hold and shoot a gun. Afterwards, Maxie grabbed her mother's Aztec knife then followed Nathan into the hallway to look for Dante and Lulu.

Elsewhere in the clinic, Victor's henchman, William, returned to Jason's room, but he found Jason's bed empty and the nurse unconscious on the floor. William checked on the nurse, unaware that Jason had been hiding in the room. Jason stealthily crept up on William then knocked William out with a single powerful punch. Afterwards, Jason stripped the nurse of the man's shoes then scooped up the file that William had been carrying. Jason saw that the file had his name on it, but he didn't have time to read it so he swiped the key card from the nurse then slipped out of the room.

Jason slowly made his way through the clinic, careful to avoid the teams of armed men gunning for each other. Eventually, Jason entered a room where Robin had been handcuffed to the wall. Robin was relieved when she saw Jason, so she asked if he was okay. Jason let her know that he was unable to speak, so Robin suspected that he had bruised his vocal cords when he'd yanked out the breathing tube. Jason shrugged because he had no idea if she was right or not.

Robin became concerned when she noticed that Jason felt warm because she feared that he had a fever. She insisted that they needed to get away from the clinic, so Jason studied the handcuff that secured Robin to the wall. He decided to shoot the handcuff free, but Robin shrieked with fright because she hadn't expected him to fire the gun. However, once Robin was free, she hugged her old friend. Moments later, the alarm sounded. "This can't be good," Robin realized as she took the key card from Jason then went to the door.

Meanwhile, Lulu fought valiantly as she tried to keep Stavros from securing her to the medical table. She realized that she was weaker than she should be, so Stavros bragged that the hormone injection had contained a sedative because he had expected Lulu to fight back. Lulu redoubled her efforts to keep Stavros from pushing her to the table because she refused to be implanted with the frozen embryo Stavros had created with his sperm and Lulu's stolen egg.

Moments later, Dante burst into the room with a gun raised and aimed at Stavros. Stavros immediately grabbed a medical instrument from the tray then held it against Lulu's neck as Dr. Young scurried to a corner. Stavros warned Dante that what happened next was up to Dante, so he advised Dante to lower the gun. Dante refused, but Stavros explained that it would be foolish to release Lulu as a hostage because Dante would shoot Stavros. Dante vowed not to let anything happen to Lulu, so he slowly entered the room until the door automatically closed then locked.

Stavros watched with satisfaction as Dante set the gun on the floor then straightened. Lulu used the brief distraction to jab Stavros in the stomach then break free. Dr. Young lunged to restrain Lulu, while Dante seized the opportunity to attack Stavros. The doors briefly opened as Anna's team of WSB agents saw Dante and Lulu fight off their captors but the doors closed before the agents could enter the room.

Eventually, Stavros gained the upper hand by securing the gun. Furious, Stavros admitted that Dante had been a thorn in Stavros' side for too long. Stavros aimed the gun at Dante, but Lulu desperately tried to buy her husband time by reminding Stavros that she had been married to Dante long before Stavros had become obsessed with her. Stavros refused to be deterred from his mission, so Lulu jumped in front of Dante, certain that Stavros wouldn't shoot her.

Stavros conceded that he didn't want to shoot Lulu but he reminded her that he didn't need her to ensure that their frozen embryo would be born. Dante managed to catch Stavros off guard, which resulted in another struggle.

In the hallway, Anna ordered some of the WSB agents to check for another way into the room where Dante and Lulu were battling Stavros. However, the men quickly reported back that there was only one way in. Anna heard a shot ring out, so she decided to kick the door in. Moments later, Anna saw Dante standing over Stavros' body. Nearby, Lulu stood next to Dr. Young's body. Dante was curious where Victor was, so Anna revealed that Victor was as dead as Stavros. The alarms suddenly sounded, so Anna ordered Dante and Lulu to remain in the room while Anna located the other hostages and secured the building.

A short time later, Anna approached a door that appeared to be the same room where Robin had been held prisoner.

. . .

On the next General Hospital...
  • Franco has an announcement that will affect Michael more than anyone else.
  • Sonny offers to walk Sam out of his house just as Jason arrives in front of Sonny's front door.
  • Robin wants to go home.
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