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Charlotte apologizes to Aiden and reveals he has more troubles
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Valerie was curious as Chase checked out his appearance in the window of the interrogation room. Valerie's questions were answered when Willow arrived for her date with Chase, and she and the detective complimented each other's appearance. Chase was sorry about meeting at the police station, but he assured her it had been a quiet evening.

Just then, Anna and Finn arrived at the station with a cuffed and very loud Liesl, who demanded her release. Finn looked at Chase and shrugged while Willow asked Chase if he needed to postpone their date. Chase told her to wait as Finn walked over to his brother and asked if he was dating the school teacher. "I'm trying to," Chase replied as Finn and Willow waved at each other.

Finn advised Chase to get Willow out quickly and stated that Valerie would be able to help out. Chase grabbed Willow's hand, and they rushed out. Valerie finished up with Liesl in the interrogation room until Finn and Anna walked in. Liesl wanted to be taken to the hospital to see Britt and work on the antidote, but Anna revealed that Britt had only had a common cold.

Liesl was confused because she had tested the blood in the test tube and had concluded that the blood was Britt's complete with the Tiber Pox. Anna informed her that the disease had been added to the blood after the sample had been taken, and Liesl was angry. She couldn't believe her own daughter had gone along and betrayed her.

Anna informed Liesl that Britt had made the choice to be free from prison to start over in return for helping them. Liesl wondered if Britt had even hesitated before she had made her choice. Anna handed Liesl a letter that Britt had written before leaving town, and Anna and Finn left the room to give Liesl some privacy.

Liesl read that Britt was sorry for the trick but was on her way to a new life where she hoped to be good. She loved her mother, but she had chosen to be free. Liesl wanted freedom for her daughter, too. Anna and Finn returned, and Liesl demanded she get her phone call. Finn couldn't imagine who Liesl would call. He declared that Peter was on Maxie's side, and Nina had been spending time with her newly found daughter. Liesl was surprised to hear that.

A somber Nina and Sasha met Valentin at Metro Court after Kiki's funeral and sat down at a table. Nina tried to reassure an obviously shaken Sasha, and she left to get Sasha a drink. Sasha declared that she felt as though she were in an "alternate universe" while mourning a sister who wasn't really her sister. Sasha stated that she could no longer pretend.

"I'm out!" Sasha insisted. Valentin declared that he needed Sasha to stay in town because Nina had returned to Wyndemere in order to offer Sasha some protection. He believed that Nina would leave if Sasha did. Sasha replied that the plan hadn't been for her to stay. She liked Nina but didn't want to hurt her. Nina returned, heard the last part of Sasha's sentence, and asked about it.

As Nina sat down, Valentin claimed that he and Sasha had been talking about forcing Nina to stay at Wyndemere. She assured Sasha that she wanted to stay in order for Sasha to feel safe.

Chase and Willow walked into Chase's apartment. He told her he had a surprise for her and would be making her dinner. He lit some candles and perused his bottles of wine, but Willow was unhappy and indignant. She felt it wrong to be in his apartment for a first date after he'd told her he had only wanted to stop to pick something up. She had no intentions of staying in his "lair," and she stormed out. "What just happened?" Chase asked himself. He blew out the candles and rushed out after Willow.

As Nina spoke to Sasha, she saw Willow rushing in and heading to the bar with Chase close behind her. Nina glared as Willow sat down and ordered herself a white wine. Chase sat down beside Willow, and she told him she couldn't believe he had used his siren when he'd followed her. Chase reminded her that she'd rushed off rather quickly, and all he'd wanted was a nice dinner to show off his new cooking skills.

Chase offered to buy Willow a drink, but just then, she received a text message from Nina. She read, "Hate to interrupt. Won't you join us? Nina Reeves." Willow looked up, and Nina waved her over. Willow informed Chase that she would probably need something stronger, and Chase turned to look over at Nina's table. Willow got up and walked over.

Nina stood up and introduced Sasha and Willow to each other. Nina and Valentin informed the teacher that they'd spoken to Charlotte, who Willow called "one of a kind." Nina demanded that Charlotte be recognized as amazing. She didn't feel the little girl should be criticized for the insecurities of other students. Both Willow and Valentin agreed that that wasn't an accurate assessment.

Willow returned to the bar, where Chase had ordered several shots that included gin, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. He noted that he hadn't been familiar with Willow's tastes. Willow decided to stick with the wine, and she suggested that they return to his "lair" for the shrimp scampi he had mentioned to her earlier. She was embarrassed about her choice of words.

Sasha advised Nina and Valentin that she would be leaving town and returning to Chappaqua. She related that she' d been drugged and someone had been murdered, and she couldn't stay. She planned to travel eventually. Nina suggested a mother and daughter trip at some point, but she hugged Sasha, who stared at Valentin.

Sasha was happy that she'd been responsible for Nina and Valentin getting closer to each other. Valentin received a phone call from Liesl, who announced that they had "much to discuss."

Laura found Sonny sitting in a church pew, and she asked to join him. He agreed, and she sat down beside him. She asked who the Saint of the Impossible was because she had a few things to say. Sonny informed her it was Rita of Cascia. He asked how Laura was doing and assured her he wasn't prying.

Laura revealed that she'd been better and disclosed that she'd stayed away from Kiki's funeral because she hadn't wanted to draw attention due to the mayor's race. She told Sonny that Ava and Kevin were sleeping together. Sonny couldn't believe it, and Laura admitted that she'd seen them kissing at Ava's gallery.

Sonny suggested that Kevin had been having a midlife crisis or a moment of weakness, but Laura told him about the divorce papers she'd received. She admitted that she still loved her husband. Sonny told her not to give up, and he reminded her of all the times he and Carly had been divorced. Both he and Laura chuckled. Sonny added that they were still together, and he thought Laura could do the same.

Laura thanked Sonny for the "pep talk," but she stated that it took two to fight, and she didn't think Kevin had the desire. Sonny called him an idiot and declared that any man would be happy to have Laura. Laura replied that she didn't recognize Kevin, and he was a stranger or worse.

Outside in the cemetery, Ava challenged Franco along with Julian, Griffin, "Kevin," and Michael to say that they blamed her for Kiki's death. She knew she deserved it. Julian tried to stop her, but when Carly arrived to visit Morgan's grave, Ava lashed out at her instead. She accused Carly of thinking of trite sayings like, "You reap what you sow," and "A child for a child." Carly remained quiet, but Ava continued.

"Now we're even," Ava shouted, and she accused Carly of being happy about Kiki's death. Carly declared that she knew Ava was hurting, but Ava began to scream and shout at Carly, and the two women had words. All of the men tried to stop it, but "Kevin" considered it to be good "primal therapy." Michael wanted to take his mother home, but Ava wasn't finished.

Ava grabbed Carly's arm, and Carly insisted she let go. She accused Ava of making the day about herself instead of about Kiki. She added that Ava had made Kiki's life miserable, but she wouldn't do it to Avery. Ava pushed Carly onto the ground. Carly rose and went after Ava. "Kevin" smiled as the others moved in to pull the women apart.

Carly called Ava insane and maintained that at least Ava wouldn't be able to torture Kiki any longer. "Go to hell," Ava shouted. "You first," Carly retorted. Michael tried to get Carly to calm down and added that she should allow Ava to trash Kiki's funeral. Ava screamed that she hated Carly. "Grief is the price we pay for love," "Kevin" quoted Queen Elizabeth. He thought that both Ava and Carly had paid a large price, but they should consider the bill paid in full.

Griffin found "Kevin's" little speech to be moving and suggested that "Kevin" join the priesthood. "Kevin" laughed. He asserted that he had found his "true calling." He thought they should focus on the reason they were there. Ava wanted everyone to leave so she could be alone with her daughter.

After everyone was gone, Ava knelt by the grave and cried that she was sorry. She had failed Kiki and had also turned Kiki's day into a circus. She would trade places with Kiki if she could. Ava announced that she would find the "bastard" who had killed Kiki and make them pay. "Kevin" had looked on, unseen, and he returned to Ava's side.

"Kevin" told Ava she was wrong, and she had given Kiki all parts of herself, including her heart and soul. Ava cried that she should have saved Kiki but "Kevin" advised her that it had been beyond her control. Ava called life a "bitter, pointless joke," but "Kevin" mentioned that it had "radiant" times as well. He helped her up and announced that he was there for her.

Carly and Michael reentered the church, and Sonny noted his wife's disarray. He guessed that it had involved Ava, and he wasn't surprised. Michael left, and Carly told Sonny and Laura what had happened. Laura heard that Kevin had been present, and she noted sarcastically that he couldn't be far from his girlfriend.

Sonny told Carly about Kevin and Ava, and Carly opened her mouth wide in shock. She thought it was outrageous. Laura disclosed that Kevin had been "off," and she was worried that it had been due to the anniversary of the Ryan Chamberlain murders. She considered Kevin to be Ryan's latest victim. Carly thought that Kevin would regret his actions. Laura hugged Sonny, and she left for home.

Sonny wanted to do something to honor Kiki, and he and Carly agreed that they would not allow Ava to do to Avery what she'd done to Kiki. Laura made a phone call outside and told the person she wanted to move forward.

Willow and Chase enjoyed dinner in Chase's apartment, and she complimented the chef. Chase accidentally cut his finger while slicing the bread, and Willow provided him with a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid. She helped to put it on and thanked him for dinner. They flirted awkwardly until Willow decided it was time to leave. Chase helped her on with her coat, blew out the candles, and walked her out.

Back at the police station, Anna signed some forms and didn't care who Liesl might be phoning. Anna wanted to check on Griffin, but Finn persuaded her to wait until the next day when he'd be alone. They joked and flirted and decided to head to Finn's place to commemorate their declarations of love.

Franco spotted Michael sitting at the Metro Court bar and declared that while he knew how Michael felt about him, he wanted to thank Michael for being important to Kiki. Franco turned to go, but Michael stopped him. He declared that Kiki had always believed in Franco and had seen the best in him. He urged Franco to live up to it.

On the next General Hospital...

• Chase refuses to be Lulu's "PCPD mole."

• Franco has news for Elizabeth that he knows she won't like.

• Sonny doesn't think that the cops need to be involved.

• Sam receives an email back from "Linda Black."

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