Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In Nathan's hospital room, Nathan left a voicemail message for Maxie, asking her to return his call because he was anxious to know what the judge had decided. Maxie entered the hospital room as Nathan ended the call, so he greeted her with a smile. However, his smile quickly vanished as she tearfully confessed that Judge Walters had denied her visitation with Georgie and had decided to revisit the issue in six months. Stunned, Nathan asked what had happened to make Judge Walters rule against Maxie.

Maxie explained that the judge had learned about the three times that Maxie and Nathan had spent time together. Nathan was shocked that Judge Walters had refused to allow Maxie to see her daughter because of a couple of accidental encounters. He insisted that it was an abuse of power, but Maxie countered that it was what she had deserved because she had defied the judge's order to stay away from Nathan. Nathan argued that Maxie was not to blame because it was clear that the judge had some kind of ax to grind with Maxie.

Nathan vowed that he would not allow Judge Walters to get away with the injustice, so he started to get out of bed. Maxie immediately objected because she didn't want Nathan to risk injury when he was still recovering from a gunshot wound. She also doubted that Nathan would accomplish anything by showing up at the courthouse in a hospital gown and sweatpants. Nathan immediately relented because his strength had evaporated as he had tried to stand up. However, Nathan was desperate to help Maxie, so she asked him to hold her.

Maxie climbed into bed as Nathan wrapped his arms around her. She pulled out her sister's first Christmas ornament then looked at it as she quietly admitted that she had thought Georgie's ornament would give her luck, but she had been wrong. Maxie regretted assuring her daughter that she and Georgie would spend Georgie's second Christmas together because it was a promise that Maxie wouldn't be able to keep. Nathan vowed that he would find a way to make it happen.

At the police station, Sam looked at the staircase where the gunman had taken her hostage during Cesar Faison's escape. Her thoughts turned to her recent encounter with Jake at Metro Court Restaurant, which had aroused her suspicion that Jake had been the man behind the mask who had grabbed her during the incident. She returned to the present then started to leave but stopped short when she saw Jake enter the squad room.

Jake spotted Sam, so he approached her. Sam coldly exchanged greetings with Jake then asked what he was doing at the police station. Jake tried to joke that he wasn't there for a job, but Sam was not amused so he wondered if she thought that he had returned to the scene of the crime. Sam realized that Elizabeth had told Jake about Sam's suspicions that Jake had been the gunman who had helped Faison break free. Jake conceded that it was flattering to know that Sam thought he was capable of such a feat, but he assured her that he'd had nothing to do with it.

Jake was curious why Sam had told Elizabeth, so Sam admitted that she would have wanted Elizabeth to warn her if Sam and Elizabeth's roles had been reversed. Sam explained why she suspected Jake of helping Faison, but Jake continued to deny any involvement then revealed that he was at the police station to clear his name. Sam warned him that she had already shared her suspicions about Jake with the police, but Jake wasn't concerned because the police hadn't issued a warrant for Jake's arrest, which meant that there hadn't been enough evidence to charge him. Sam admitted that she had seen the enhanced footage of the surveillance footage, so Jake wondered if it had confirmed her theory that he had been the gunman.

Sam was forced to admit that the footage remained too grainy to make a positive identification, but she was adamant that Jake had been responsible for helping her husband's killer escape. Jake argued that he didn't have any reason to help an international terrorist like Faison, but Sam wondered how Jake could possibly know that if he had lost his memory. Jake reminded her that even though he couldn't remember his past, he had a clear recollection of everything that had transpired since waking up from the accident.

Jake invited Sam to continue her investigation, but he warned her that she would end up empty-handed because he hadn't been involved in Faison's escape. Sam merely laughed. "We'll see about that," Sam said as she left. Jake remained behind then stared at the staircase as he recalled what Sam had told him about the abduction. He suddenly had a couple of brief flashbacks of the incident. "Is Sam right? Was it me?" Jake asked as his expression clouded with concern.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Patrick held out a chair for Sabrina as she asked why he had invited her to lunch. Patrick took a seat across from her as he quietly confessed that he had something important to tell her. Sabrina's smile faded as Patrick explained that he and Sam had discovered that Victor Cassadine had orchestrated the car accident that had led to Gabriel's premature birth and subsequent death. Stunned, Sabrina asked how Patrick could be certain about Victor's guilt, so Patrick told her about Faison's confession to Sam.

Confused, Sabrina wondered why Victor had wanted Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road. Patrick explained that Victor had wanted to ensure Robin's cooperation at the clinic and to make certain that Patrick kept his mouth shut about Jason being alive. Sabrina's eyes filled with tears as she wondered if Victor was in jail, so Patrick revealed that Victor had died at the Crichton-Clark Clinic when the facility had blown up. Sabrina decided that Victor had gotten exactly what he had deserved. She hoped their son could rest in peace, so Patrick added that the world was a better place without Victor in it.

"But not without Gabriel," Sabrina quietly replied. Patrick agreed then shifted gears to tell Sabrina about Sam's reaction to Faison's revelations about Jason being alive and Patrick knowing the truth. Patrick doubted that Sam would ever forgive him for not telling her that Jason had survived the shooting because Sam felt as if she had been cheated at a chance of saying goodbye to Jason and having closure. Sabrina remarked that both she and Patrick had made mistakes, so Patrick wondered what Sabrina had done.

Sabrina became evasive until Patrick asked why her name hadn't appeared on the hospital's schedule. Sabrina was forced to confess that she had been fired and why. She admitted that she had gotten caught up in her grief over losing their son and her certainty that Ava had been responsible for the crash. Sabrina realized that giving Ava medication to force Ava into premature labor had been unforgiveable, but Sabrina had managed to retain her nursing license. However, Sabrina quickly added that she wasn't ready to find another nursing job.

Patrick reminded Sabrina that he had been in a similar situation with Rafe when he had held the fate of Rafe's life in his hands, but Sabrina didn't want Patrick to make excuses for what she had done. Patrick argued that she deserved forgiveness, so he offered to help her in any way he could if she needed it. Sabrina assured him that she was fine because Felix had agreed to cover the bills, and she had some money in savings that would help.

Shortly after Sabrina left, Patrick saw Sam approach the bar. He quickly asked for a minute of her time, but Sam explained that she was there to meet her mother for a drink. Patrick pointed out that Alexis hadn't arrived yet, so Sam relented. Patrick once again apologized for keeping the truth about Jason from her. He knew that it had been wrong, but he hoped that she could forgive him because he didn't want to lose their friendship or what they could have had.

"Neither do I," Sam softly confessed as her eyes welled up with tears. Sam quickly clarified that she hadn't forgiven Patrick, but she was willing to try even though he had kept an important truth from her about her husband. However, she recognized that nothing would change the fact that Jason was gone forever and that Patrick had wanted to spare her the pain of losing Jason all over again.

At the local jail, Silas paid Ava a visit to give her an update about her baby. Ava was eager for news, so he assured her that Franco and Nina had taken good care of the infant because Ava's baby was healthy. Relieved, Ava wondered who had been taking care of the baby while she had been in jail. Silas explained that both Kiki and Morgan had been caring for the infant because Kiki was the baby's closest relative. Ava became alarmed because she didn't think Morgan or Kiki was fit to properly take care of a baby, but Silas assured Ava that Carly had been overseeing things.

Ava considered Carly a "hateful bitch," but she conceded that at least Carly had experience with children. Ava also believed that Carly was a far better option than Nina had been. Ava explained that Nina had made such a racket earlier that the guards had decided to move Nina in an effort to calm her. However, Ava feared that it had been an elaborate ploy for Nina to escape then kidnap the baby again.

A short time later, Silas returned to assure Ava that he had checked on Nina personally. According to Silas, Nina had been heavily sedated, so the baby was safe. Ava relaxed then thanked Silas for everything he had done. Ava appreciated that he had risked everything to help her, but Silas insisted that the priority had been to find her missing daughter rather than turning Ava over to the police.

Silas broached the subject of the evidence against Ava, so she admitted that it was bad because A.J. had managed to record A.J. and Ava's last conversation during which Ava had confessed to murdering Connie Falconeri. Ava acknowledged that she had hurt a lot of people in her life, so she'd known that she would have to pay a price one day. However, she had never expected that the price would be not raising her baby girl.

Silas received a text message asking him to return to the hospital, so he explained that he had to leave. However, he wanted Ava to know that a DNA test had been ordered to determine her infant's paternity. Ava was surprised because she hadn't authorized it, so Silas explained that Kiki had approved it. Silas' tone softened as he assured Ava that she would be okay because she was a "tough cookie," but Ava had never understood the odd expression.

"Who likes a tough cookie?" Ava wondered. "Me," Silas answered without hesitation. Silas handed a small article of clothing to Ava that had belonged to Ava's daughter. Ava smiled with gratitude as she clutched it close then thanked Silas.

A short time later, Sabrina arrived to visit Ava. Sabrina admitted that she owed Ava an apology for giving Ava the medication that had caused Ava to go into premature labor. Ava surprised Sabrina by forgiving the young grieving mother because Ava understood why Sabrina had done it. Ava pointed out that in the end, they had both lost their chance to be mothers to their children.

At Pentonville, Sonny greeted Shawn as Shawn sat on the other side of the glass partition. Shawn informed Sonny that Ava's baby had been found safe and sound and that Dante had taken Franco, Nina, and Ava into custody. Sonny was surprised when Shawn explained that Silas had helped Ava search for the baby, which was why Dante had been able to apprehend Ava when the baby had been recovered. Sonny was glad that the baby was safe, but he was curious who had been taking care of the infant since her return home.

Sonny became concerned when Shawn admitted that the baby was with Morgan and Kiki. Sonny feared that Morgan couldn't care for a pet much less a baby, but Shawn assured Sonny that Carly had been on hand to help. Next, Shawn explained that a DNA test had been ordered, so they should know the baby's paternity soon. Shawn promised to let Sonny know the results of the test as soon as they were available.

Shawn commented that Carly would have preferred to give Sonny the news, but Shawn knew that Sonny had decided to refuse Carly's visits. Sonny explained that it had been necessary because he wanted Carly to move on and hoped that Michael would eventually forgive Carly if Sonny severed ties with her.

Sonny quickly changed the subject by revealing that Johnny Zacchara had kidnapped Ric from the Witness Protection Program. Sonny quickly filled Shawn in about Johnny's plans to seize power and the threat to kill Ric in forty-eight hours if Sonny refused cooperate by handing over the Corinthos organization to Johnny. Shawn was surprised that Sonny would make the effort to save Ric because Sonny had never liked Ric, but Sonny refused to allow his brother to fall victim to Johnny's bid for power or to have Ric's death on his conscience.

Sonny confided that he had no idea where Johnny had stashed Ric, but Sonny had Ric's last known address in the Witness Protection Program. Sonny revealed that Ric had been staying in Corinth then gave Shawn the address. Sonny warned Shawn that if Shawn failed to find Ric in time then Sonny would be forced to turn over the Corinthos territory in exchange for Ric's freedom. Shawn assured Sonny that he would not let Sonny down.

Meanwhile, Michael entered the brownstone as Carly, Morgan, and Kiki gushed over the baby. "Well, isn't this cozy?" Michael asked. Carly ignored Michael's cold tone of voice as she introduced him to the infant. She admitted that they hadn't named the baby yet, so they had been using various nicknames like "sweetheart" and "cutie." Michael glanced at the baby but made no effort to hold her even when Morgan assured Michael that it would be fine.

Michael was curious if the baby's paternity had been determined yet, so Morgan and Carly explained that a DNA test had been done on Carly to see if the baby was related to her, since a paternity test would take too long because Morgan and Sonny were closely related.

Michael shifted gears by announcing that he had decided to evict Morgan and Kiki from the brownstone. Stunned, Morgan accused Michael of acting out of malicious spite, but Michael explained that he intended to rent the place to tenants who could pay instead of Morgan and Kiki, who were both jobless. Morgan was disgusted that his brother would toss him and Kiki into the street when they had a newborn to take care of, but Michael pointed out that both Morgan and Kiki had plenty of places to live. Kiki assured Morgan that they could stay with Silas, but Carly insisted that Morgan and Kiki move in with her.

Michael made a snide remark about the baby making Carly feel closer to Sonny, but Carly informed her eldest child that she and Sonny were over. Michael was curious why, so Carly opted to tell him the truth by revealing that Sonny had hoped that Michael would forgive her if she told him that she had ended things with Sonny. Michael was curious why she hadn't lied to him, so she admitted that she loved Sonny too much to hide the truth. Michael was disappointed because he had hoped that she had been reluctant to lie to him again.

Carly insisted that she had lied to protect Michael because she loved him. She begged him to let go of his anger and open his heart to all of them, but Michael refused. He reminded Morgan and Kiki to be out of the brownstone by the end of the day then left.

. . .

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