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Valentin persuades Sasha to stay
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spencer paid Sonny a visit and announced that he was back in town, "righting a terrible wrong." He admitted that he was taking a break from avenging his father. Sonny mentioned Mike and the fact that he always talked about Spencer's mother, Courtney. He thought it would be a good idea for Spencer to sit and listen.

Josslyn walked in and spied Spencer. She was thrilled to see him, and she gave him a big hug. Spencer admitted he'd seen news of Josslyn and Oscar's breakup on social media, and he'd had to return to help her to heal her broken heart. Sonny left for a meeting.

Josslyn opened up Spencer's gift of a framed print of a Paris scene. Spencer told her she was taller while Josslyn thought he looked the same. They sat on the sofa, and Spencer grabbed Josslyn's hand. She noted that it was Oscar's birthday. She assumed he was out with his new girlfriend, but she still wanted to send him good wishes. Spencer tried to stop her, but Josslyn sent Oscar a text message. "Giant mistake," Spencer said.

At the Aurora office, Drew left a voicemail for Oscar, wishing him a happy birthday. Peter arrived after Drew had summoned him. Drew wanted to know if he could lose the last five years of his life if he were to have his own memories restored. Peter suggested that Drew contact Andre because he wasn't familiar with it, even though he had been there during the procedure.

Drew and Peter discussed the procedure, and they agreed that logically, Drew's last five years would probably disappear. Drew realized that he would no longer know Sam, Monica, or Oscar. He apologized for rambling, and he advised Peter that he did not have the flash drive. Peter declared there was "no peace in looking backward."

Oscar sat on the ground at the park, deep in thought. He looked at his phone and saw a missed call from Drew. Cameron approached and sat down with him. Oscar revealed that he had been busy thinking about his life. Cameron filled him in on what he had missed at school. Cameron advised him that Oscar's plan to get rid of Josslyn was a failure, since she had spent her time trying to find out about Oscar's fake girlfriend.

Cameron declared that he would not lie for Oscar any further, and he called Oscar a jerk. Oscar grew angry, but Cameron thought that Oscar could turn things around. The boys taunted each other as they walked and sat down on a park bench. Oscar revealed that he didn't know how long he had to live, and that had caused him to look at everything in a different light. He wanted to have less worry.

Maxie saw Nina sitting at the bar at Metro Court, and Nina confessed that her daughter hadn't shown up for breakfast. Maxie tried to reassure her, and she cited a number of possible reasons that might prevent Sasha from showing up. Maxie had to leave for a meeting, but she was certain that Sasha would be there.

Valentin spotted Sasha as she wheeled her suitcase to the exit of Metro Court. He called out to her and declared that he wanted to talk to her about Nina. Sasha was under the impression that Valentin was an employee of Nina's who had been sent to try to stop her from leaving. She wanted Valentin to know that she already had a mother.

Valentin confided that he wasn't an employee, and Nina had not sent him, because she didn't trust him. As Maxie headed to her meeting, she observed the pair and stopped to hide and listen to the conversation. Valentin proceeded to tell Sasha that she had been Nina's whole world when she had been pregnant, and Nina's world had turned upside down more recently. He thought Sasha should allow Nina the time to adjust.

Valentin continued that Sasha shouldn't miss all the love that Nina had to give or allow herself to be deprived of it. Sasha confessed that Nina wanted more from her than she could give to Nina, but Valentin stated that Nina was a generous giver. "It's too much," Sasha complained. Valentin added that Nina had always wanted her own daughter, and while she had Charlotte to love, he had given Nina cause to divorce him.

Valentin declared that Nina had always stood by him, and he had abused her trust. He would always regret his actions and would always love her. He thought that Sasha should give Nina some time.

Laura paid Lulu a visit at the Invader office to talk to her about the photo of Lulu and Peter on page five of the paper. Lulu couldn't believe her mother had dropped by specifically to discuss the photo, but Laura pointed out that Peter wasn't Dante's favorite person. Lulu didn't think that Dante had to like her friends, and she suggested that he return to town to tell her. She noted that Peter tried to lift her spirits, but he knew that she loved her husband.

Laura insisted that the photo sent the wrong message to Dante. Lulu thought that Dante should trust her, and they'd get past it. Laura replied that Dante was still mourning the death of his partner, from a murder in which Peter had been involved, and the photo had rubbed his nose in it. Laura muttered that absence didn't always make the heart grow fonder, and she confessed that Kevin had been avoiding her. Laura disclosed that, on top of that, Spencer had shown up.

Laura added that Kevin had seemed distracted and distant, but Lulu suggested that it had to do with the Ryan Chamberlain anniversary. She thought he'd be back to his old self afterward. Laura wanted to leave to check on Spencer. "Thanks for the tough love," Lulu said. "Life doesn't always go as planned," Laura replied. She thought it important to take care of loved ones.

Nina and Sasha sat at a table in Metro Court. Nina apologized for all of her awful remarks from the previous day and declared that Sasha's mother had been a good mother. Nina had an envelope filled with photos of family members for Sasha to look at and admitted they were "colorful." Nina handed the photos to Sasha and told her a little about Nathan, Maxie, James, and Kiki.

Nina told Sasha that Sasha's father, Silas, hadn't known about her, but Sasha had been conceived in love. Sasha smiled and admitted that meant a lot to her. Nina confessed that Silas' death was a long story, as so many of her stories were. She thanked Sasha for meeting with her again and noted that she'd better leave so as not to miss her plane. Sasha offered to cancel her flight and stick around for a few more days. She revealed that Valentin had convinced her not to leave, and he'd been right. She had never heard anyone talk about someone with so much love.

Nina was thrilled to hear that Sasha would stay and wondered why. Sasha said she wasn't finished yet. She had been shocked, followed by angry, but then she'd had the great conversation with Valentin.

Valentin sat reading a newspaper as Peter walked by in the lobby at Metro Court. Valentin called out to Peter and asked about the page five photo. Peter suggested that it had been a slow news day, and he and Lulu were friends who had gone to the movies. He thought that Valentin was trying to make trouble for Lulu in order to gain more custody of Charlotte.

Peter announced that Maxie, Lulu, and Nina were trusting him again. "Must be nice," Valentin snapped. He didn't think that people in town would be so forgiving. Peter retorted that they had given him a second chance while Valentin had fallen from grace. Valentin emphasized that he only cared about the opinions of Nina, Charlotte, and Peter, but he was unable to right his wrongs. He also believed that he could win Nina back.

Laura passed Peter as she was leaving her meeting with Lulu, and she told him how sorry she was that he had been Faison's son. He told her he was doing better, and she wished him luck. Valentin stood up and joined the conversation. He accused Laura of being full of "unprecedented generosity," but Laura angrily stated that Peter had been a victim of a monster while Valentin was a criminal who had murdered her son, and she owed him nothing. An astonished Peter remained quiet as Laura stormed out.

"Big night last night?" Maxie asked Lulu as she headed into the Invader office. Lulu guessed that Maxie had seen the photo, but Maxie played dumb and denied it. Lulu grabbed her phone and found the photo to show Maxie. She confessed that her mother had been worried. Maxie pumped Lulu on the dinner she had to have had with Peter, but Lulu advised her that there had been no dinner. She realized that Maxie was upset as Maxie reminded Lulu that she was married.

Lulu insisted that Peter was only her boss and her friend, and there hadn't even been any comments on the photo in the paper. She couldn't believe that Maxie thought something was going on, but Maxie accused Lulu of making the same judgment. She knew that Lulu had told Peter to keep his distance from Maxie, but Maxie had advised him that she didn't agree with Lulu.

Sonny met Drew in his office at Aurora, and Drew filled him in on Margaux's attempt to obtain Jason's memories from him. Drew had declared that Jason's memories weren't his to share. The men sat down by Drew's desk. Sonny confirmed that Jason had done whatever had been asked of him for business reasons or to protect those people they cared about.

Sonny stood up. He noted that if he went down, so would Jason, and it would impact a lot of people. Margaux hoped Drew's resentment of Jason would help her, but Sonny knew that Drew would never do that. Drew wondered why Sonny would think that. Sonny reminded Drew that he could have gone to Jordan with everything he knew, but he hadn't. Drew confessed that Margaux had offered him an incentive, but Sonny asked that Drew not allow the district attorney to go after him through Drew.

At the park, Oscar's phone went off, but he told Cameron that his family was only wishing him happy birthday.

Back at Josslyn's house, she couldn't believe that Oscar hadn't responded to her text message. Spencer suggested she be more "strategic." Josslyn admitted she was more upset over Oscar's photo with the girl than anything, and Spencer reminded her that there were other guys, and maybe Oscar should see Josslyn with someone else. Josslyn hugged Spencer excitedly. She knew who could help her. Spencer offered to help but was appalled that Josslyn called Cameron.

Cameron and Oscar continued to taunt each other and joke around. Cameron's phone began to ring, and Oscar asked him not to answer, but he did. "I need you to be my boyfriend," Josslyn said to Cameron.

On the next General Hospital...

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• Alexis wants to discuss Kristina’s future.

• “I believe when you really want something you should fight for it,” Josslyn tells Cameron.

• Carly thinks she’s the best to “step up.”

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