Wednesday, April 9, 2014

In Franco's hotel suite, Carly confessed that Sonny had shot A.J. Franco admitted that there wasn't much to say except that it was awesome because Franco finally had the "son of a bitch" where he had wanted him. Carly was stunned when Franco pulled out the cell phone with the intention of calling the police to report Sonny. She quickly snatched the phone out of his hand and demanded to know what he was doing.

Franco confessed that he was tired of Sonny's constant threats and superior attitude because Sonny killed people for a business. Franco thought that it was time for Sonny to feel the cops breathing down Sonny's neck because Sonny had finally crossed a line and had broken Sonny's own code by murdering A.J. in cold blood. Carly refused to let Franco make the phone call because she was determined to protect Michael.

Carly explained that Michael had already lost a father, so Michael couldn't go through the loss of another father. Franco shrugged because he thought that both Sonny and A.J. had been lousy fathers. Carly objected to Franco saying anything negative about Sonny because she insisted that Sonny had been a great father to Michael. "Right up until the moment he pulled the trigger on A.J.," Franco countered.

Carly implored Franco not to make her regret trusting him because the truth could destroy her son. Franco softened and assured Carly that he would take the secret to his grave, but he admitted that it would be difficult not to say anything to Sonny because Sonny was a hypocrite. Carly admitted that Sonny wasn't the only hypocrite and then filled Franco in about Ava's role in the shooting. Carly admitted that something seemed off. A.J. had claimed that Sonny had shot A.J. because of Ava.

Franco pointed out that Sonny had walked in on A.J. strangling Ava, but Carly clarified that Sonny had shot A.J. after A.J. had moved away from Ava. Franco was curious why A.J. had been in Ava's apartment, so Carly explained that Ava had claimed that A.J. had been looking for a job with Julian to take Sonny down. Carly was determined to get to the bottom of things because she had the sense that Ava was involved in a way that Sonny didn't realize.

At the hospital, Elizabeth arrived by ambulance as Britt explained that Elizabeth had suffered a gunshot wound and had lost a significant amount of blood. The attending emergency room doctor instructed the staff to take Elizabeth to a nearby examination room. Nikolas begged for information about Elizabeth's condition, but no one could answer him. Britt assured him that they had managed to slow down Elizabeth's bleeding in the ambulance and had made it to the hospital in time. Nikolas reluctantly thanked Britt for helping Elizabeth and reuniting Dante and Lulu with Ben, so Britt pointed out that it was the least that she could have done.

Nikolas' temper flared as he informed Britt that the least that she could have done was not to steal Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos to trap Patrick with a baby that wasn't even Patrick's. "All of this grief, sadness, violence -- it's all because of you," Nikolas told her. Britt quietly apologized, but that only infuriated Nikolas further because her apologies couldn't make up for all that she had done.

Britt admitted that Nikolas was right, but she could only tell the people that she had hurt how deeply sorry she was and then leave them in peace. She appeared surprised when Nikolas agreed but made it clear that he wanted her to leave. She assured him that her love for him had been real and then walked away.

A short time later, the doctor emerged from Elizabeth's examination room, so Nikolas asked for an update. The doctor revealed that Elizabeth was expected to make a full recovery, but she would be in pain for a while. Nikolas wanted to see her, but the doctor objected because Nikolas wasn't family, so Nikolas informed the doctor that Nikolas was a member of the hospital's board.

Elizabeth smiled when Nikolas entered the examination room, so Nikolas immediately apologized because he felt responsible for Liesl shooting Elizabeth. Elizabeth refused to allow Nikolas to blame himself, but Nikolas continued to beat himself up because of the way that he had treated Elizabeth at the party. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that she had already accepted his apology, but he wondered if she had forgiven him because she had been held at gunpoint. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she had meant what she had said, but she conceded that she had also wanted him safely away from Liesl. Nikolas relaxed as he reached out and affectionately squeezed Elizabeth's hand.

At the Floating Rib, Olivia cheerfully thanked Anna for the update and then ended the call to let Sonny know that their grandson had been found and would soon be at home with Dante and Lulu. Sonny smiled, but it was clear that he had other things on his mind. Olivia felt bad for Sonny because she felt that he had been caught in one nightmare after another, so he couldn't truly enjoy the happy news about their grandson. Sonny conceded that he was concerned about Michael, but he promised that he was delighted for Dante and Lulu.

Olivia suggested that she and Sonny take a moment to count their blessings and then head over to Dante and Lulu's apartment to spend time with their grandson. Sonny urged Olivia to reconsider because he thought that Dane and Lulu needed some space and time alone with Ben. He assured Olivia that they could spend the following day, bonding with their grandson, so Olivia decided to go shopping for diapers, baby food, and other things that the baby would need.

Sonny spotted Ava at the bar, so he promised to catch up with Olivia later because he claimed that he needed some time alone. Olivia reminded Sonny that he was not to blame for Michael's pain and then left.

Moments later, Sonny approached the bar to let Ava know that they needed to talk because Carly knew the truth about the shooting. Sonny and Ava went to a quiet booth to discuss A.J.'s deathbed confession. Ava feared that Carly would talk, but Sonny assured Ava that Carly had agreed to keep quiet for Michael's sake. Ava recalled A.J. confronting her about killing Connie, so she asked what A.J.'s exact words had been. Ava relaxed when Sonny shared the details about what A.J. had said because she realized that her secret remained safe.

However, Ava remained concerned about Carly. Sonny explained that he had told Carly that he had walked in on A.J. strangling Ava, so he promised Ava that there was nothing to worry about. Sonny insisted that Carly would take a bullet for Michael and knew what it would do to Michael if Michael were to learn the truth about what Sonny had done.

In the squad room, Lulu smiled with joy when she saw her husband and son. Her happiness turned to concern when she asked if Liesl had harmed their son and then suggested that they take the baby to the hospital to be checked out. Dante smiled as he assured Lulu that Ben was fine. He then invited Lulu to hold her son. Lulu tearfully took her son into her arms and then hugged the baby tightly. Dante smiled as he kissed the top of both Lulu's and his son's heads.

The couple found a quiet corner with their son as Lulu confessed that she felt as if the other shoe would drop and she would wake from a dream. Dante pinched Lulu to prove to her that it was real and then expressed relief that their ordeal was over, and they had their son back. Dante realized that things could have turned out differently if Britt hadn't cooperated. However, he confessed that there had been one complication.

Lulu was upset when Dante told his wife about Elizabeth's shooting. Lulu insisted that they owed everything to Elizabeth because Elizabeth had been the one to figure out the truth about Ben from the very beginning. Dante agreed and called the hospital to check on Elizabeth. He was grateful when Epiphany revealed that Elizabeth was expected to make a full recovery.

Dante and Lulu decided to head home but stopped in the squad room when they saw Britt enter. Dante coldly informed Britt that Liesl was in lockup, but Britt explained that she was there to see Ben, not her mother. Dante suggested that Britt return to wherever she was living and contact her attorney to discuss the charges that Britt would be facing. Britt tearfully begged for an opportunity to say goodbye to Ben because she desperately needed it. Dante refused, but Lulu surprised him by agreeing and then handing the baby to Britt.

Britt hugged Ben fiercely and then promised the baby that everything would be okay. She explained that she would be going away, but Dante and Lulu were his parents and that they would love Ben and take better care of him than she had. She promised the baby that she had always loved him and then kissed him one last time before handing Ben back to Lulu.

After Britt ran out of the police station in tears, Dante confessed that Lulu had shown far more compassion for Britt than he would have. Lulu pointed out that they couldn't deny that Britt had carried their son for nine months, given birth to him, and then taken care of Ben. Lulu appreciated how difficult it had been for Britt to let Ben go because of what they had gone through with Maxie.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Nathan arrived home and then dropped into a chair. However, he tensed when he heard a noise in the hallway, so he jumped up to confront the intruder. Maxie suddenly emerged from the hallway and smiled at him. She apologized when she realized that she had startled him, but Nathan brushed it off and asked about her trip. Maxie confessed that she had enjoyed the trip, but she had cut it short.

Maxie shifted gears as she noticed that everything looked exactly as it had when she had left. She admitted that she was disappointed because she had hoped that things would be different. She changed the subject by asking if he had been enjoying his time in Port Charles. Nathan quietly admitted that he wouldn't say that, prompting Maxie to wonder why. Nathan was reluctant to discuss it, but Maxie assured him that she had learned to be a good listener.

Nathan revealed that he had been forced to make a difficult arrest, which surprised Maxie because she hadn't realized that he had been a police officer. Nathan appeared puzzled because he was certain that he had mentioned it when he had answered her ad. Maxie conceded that she had been flighty, but she was certain that she would have recalled if Nathan had mentioned being a police officer.

The conversation was suddenly cut short when a young man with an Australian accent emerged from the bathroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. The young man confessed that he had used all of the shampoo, so Maxie seized the opportunity to introduce Nathan to Levi. Levi offered to replace the shampoo with a more environmentally friendly product, but Nathan was curious how Maxie had met Levi. Maxie revealed that she had met Levi during her travels and that Levi had persuaded her to volunteer in the Philippines after the typhoon had struck.

Nathan seemed surprised that Maxie had helped with the disaster relief, so Levi suggested that Nathan try it because it was rewarding. Levi began to talk about volunteer work, but Maxie sensed that it wasn't a good time and suggested that they give Nathan some space. Levi realized that something was troubling Nathan and tried to offer some advice, but Nathan refused to discuss his problems with a stranger. Levi was confident that it couldn't be that bad, so Nathan revealed that he had arrested his own mother for murdering his pregnant sister.

"Is that bad enough for you?" Nathan asked. Maxie felt terrible for Nathan and apologized. Levi agreed that it was "heavy," but advised Nathan to move forward by forgiving his mother. According to Levi, anger was toxic and would eventually consume the soul, but Nathan's temper flared because Levi didn't understand the situation or know Nathan.

Shortly after Nathan had stormed out, Levi got dressed and then returned to the living room. He regretted that he hadn't kept his mouth shut, but Maxie assured Levi that she had always appreciated his openness. She admitted that she probably wouldn't have gone to the Philippines if it hadn't been for Levi. Maxie credited Levi for teaching her to help others and to get past what she had done to Dante and Lulu. Levi smiled as he reminded Maxie that giving tended to yield greater returns and then kissed her.

At the police station, in lockup, the guard sneered as he accused Liesl of being a "baby stealer" and then walked away. Liesl became frustrated when she heard a woman weeping in a nearby jail cell, so she demanded that the self-pity stop. Madeline looked up to chastise Liesl but was stunned when she recognized Liesl. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?" Madeline asked as she looked at Liesl, who glared at Madeline with open hostility.

Madeline suggested that it had been a twist of fate that had landed both Madeline and Liesl in the same jail. "A cruel twist of fate," Liesl replied. Madeline resented her younger sister's attitude. Liesl denied that Madeline was her sister because Liesl's sister's name had been Magda Westbourne. Madeline confessed that she had never cared for the name because it had always reminded Madeline of avant-garde theater.

Liesl accused Madeline of allowing Madeline's aspirations and vanity to get the best of Madeline, but Madeline refused to apologize for leaving Zurich behind. Madeline claimed that she hadn't had a choice, but Liesl argued that it hadn't mattered who Madeline had left behind. Madeline seemed surprised that her sister, Liesl, had wanted to leave with Madeline, but Liesl ignored the remark and focused on her sister's transformation that included losing Madeline's accent and forgetting Madeline's roots. Madeline insisted that she had been desperate to strike out and start a new life.

"Brava," Liesl said as she looked around and then pointed out that they were both in jail. Madeline argued that neither of them had the right to judge the other and then asked why Liesl was in jail. Madeline suspected that it had something to do with the "maniacal Dane" that Liesl had always followed around. "Faison?" Madeline asked as she suddenly recalled the man's name.

Liesl bristled and warned Madeline not to say Cesar's name. However, Liesl admitted that her situation had nothing to do with Faison and everything to do with Liesl's daughter. "What's your excuse?" Liesl asked. Madeline confessed that they were "jailbirds" of a feather because Madeline was behind bars because of her own daughter. Liesl couldn't remember her niece's name, so Madeline reminded her sister that Madeline's daughter's name had been Nina, but Nina had recently passed away.

Liesl seemed genuinely sad for her sister, so Liesl extended her condolences in German. Madeline scoffed because she doubted that Liesl had any sympathy for Madeline. Liesl conceded that she had used the wrong word; Liesl had meant that she had empathy, but Madeline argued that Liesl's daughter wasn't dead.

Moments later, Nathan entered and approached his mother's jail cell to demand answers. He reminded her that she had claimed that everything that she had done had been for him, so he wanted to know what she had meant by that. Madeline seemed nervous as she suggested that they speak in private, but Nathan refused because he wanted to know why his father had disinherited him and Madeline, but not Nina. "Why? Answer me, mother," Nathan shouted.

"Mutter" Liesl muttered in shock as she watched Nathan confront Madeline about his father's will. Madeline claimed that she didn't know and then snidely suggested that he ask his father. Nathan reminded Madeline that they both knew that he couldn't do that. Disgusted, Nathan had no idea why he'd thought that his mother would give him honest answers when all she had ever done was lie to him.

After Nathan marched out, Liesl asked about Nathan. "That detective -- he called you mother. That's him, isn't it?" Liesl asked as tears shimmered in her eyes. Madeline refused to discuss it and made it clear that James was none of Liesl's business. "The hell he isn't. He's my son," Liesl replied.

At the Floating Rib, Britt found herself sitting alone at the bar, feeling completely dejected. Moments later, Nathan walked up and asked if the seat next to her was free. Britt nodded, so Nathan sat down.

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