Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In Pentonville, Sonny vowed that nothing would stop him from protecting his family from Bill Eckert's diabolical plans, even if that meant working with Ava. Julian was pleased, but his mood quickly soured when Franco strolled up to greet Sonny and Julian. Sonny advised Franco to keep moving along, but Franco revealed that he wanted to be included in the jailbreak. Sonny reminded Franco that they had given Franco the cell phone in exchange for Franco's silence, but Franco explained that it was imperative for Franco to get out of jail.

Franco began to tell Julian and Sonny about Nina's situation at Shadybrook, which reminded Franco that the two mobsters were family because of Ava's daughter. Franco suspected that the next family Christmas card would be awkward, but Sonny was not amused and told Franco to get to the point. Franco insisted that he needed to rescue Nina from Heather's clutches, but Julian remarked that with luck, Nina and Heather would burn Shadybrook down and be the only two casualties. Franco accused Julian of not being nice but shifted gears by threatening to sing like a canary if Sonny and Julian didn't include him in the escape plans.

Sonny pointed out that he and Julian could easily kill Franco, but Franco argued that Sonny and Julian would need Franco's cell phone to contact Sonny's people on the outside. Julian reminded Franco that they could simply take the phone when they killed Franco, but Franco doubted Sonny and Julian would risk the prison going on lockdown when Franco's body was discovered. Julian conceded that Franco had a point, so Sonny reluctantly agreed to include Franco on their plans. Satisfied, Franco handed Sonny the phone, but Franco balked when he learned that Ava and Madeline were the key to the escape plan.

Franco insisted that Ava and Madeline could not be trusted then pointed out that Ava had murdered Connie. Sonny agreed, but Julian explained that Ava and Madeline were their only option. Julian noticed the time, so he told Sonny and Franco it was time to move. However, a guard announced that they intended to check the jail cells, so the prisoners were expected to return to their cells. Sonny knew they couldn't afford to waste the time, so he took a swing at the guard. Julian followed suit by attacking the guard escorting him to his cell.

In the women's wing of the prison, Ava greeted Madeline then asked if Madeline was ready to leave. Madeline noticed that Ava was dressed in an orange jumpsuit similar to Madeline's, so she asked why Ava was there. Ava informed Madeline that Ava intended to be seated next to Madeline when Madeline was transferred to the Port Charles jail because Ava had been scheduled to testify at Madeline's trial. Madeline laughed because she knew from her attorney that the prosecution didn't have any intention of calling Ava to the stand because Ava was a cold-blooded killer.

Ava smiled as she informed Madeline that Ava had arranged to testify on Madeline's behalf to confirm Madeline's claims that Nina had been mentally unbalanced and had terrorized Madeline into helping Nina steal Ava's baby. Madeline was curious what Ava was really up to, so Ava explained that she was a pragmatist like Madeline. Ava hoped that one day Madeline would return the favor by helping Ava, but Madeline argued that she didn't have anything to give Ava, since Nina still had control of the purse strings. Ava was confident that it was only a matter of time before Madeline had Nina declared mentally unfit, which would give Madeline control over Nina's fortune.

A short time later, the guards arrived to collect Madeline and Ava for the transport van. They warned the ladies to behave themselves.

At the nurses' station, Brad approached Patrick to give him the test results on Jake. Patrick thanked Brad then started to read the results as Brad walked away. However, he quickly set the file down and greeted Sam with a kiss when she walked up. They talked about their "amazing" evening together, which reminded Patrick of her missing figurine. Sam admitted that she hadn't found the figurine, but she had asked the housekeeper, Alexis, Molly, and even Danny about it.

According to Sam, no one had seen it, so she was certain someone had broken into the penthouse to steal it. Sam admitted that she didn't want to talk about it because she was there to ask Patrick to join her for a party at the Haunted Star. Sam explained that Lucas had been invited to make a speech at the party, which was being thrown to raise money for the free medical clinic that Michael intended build on the waterfront. Sam wanted to be there to support her brother, so Patrick agreed to attend the party with her. Sam confessed that she was proud of her brother, but she had barely had the chance to talk to Lucas except when he babysat Danny.

Patrick was curious if it was possible that Lucas had seen the phoenix figurine, so Sam agreed to ask her brother. Patrick walked Sam to the elevator when she announced that she had to get home to change for the party. Patrick promised to pick her up in half an hour, so Sam revealed that she had promised that she and Patrick would swing by to pick Lucas and Brad up for the party. Patrick pretended to be upset about the change in plans then teasingly warned Sam that she would have to make it up to him. Sam smiled as she assured Patrick that they would have a fun evening.

Meanwhile, Lucas sat in Brad's apartment, studying the phoenix figurine he had found on the docks when Brad arrived home. Brad was pleasantly surprised when he saw Lucas, so Lucas set the figurine down then greeted Brad with a kiss. Brad was curious about the visit, so Lucas invited Brad to go the party on the Haunted Star later that evening. Brad agreed, but he was curious how much time they had before they had to be ready. Brad was pleased when Lucas said they had an hour because it gave them time to make love.

Later, Brad got out of bed, intending to shower, but stopped when he spotted the phoenix figurine. He was curious where Lucas had gotten it, so Lucas admitted that he had found it, but he had no idea what kind of animal the figurine represented. Lucas was surprised when Brad explained that it was a phoenix figurine, which was popular in the Asian quarter because the phoenix signified beauty and peace. However, it usually was sold as a pair with a dragon, which symbolized power and strength. Brad explained that together, the figurines represented the yin and the yang because the phoenix and dragon were stronger together than apart.

Lucas vowed to buy a dragon figurine, so Brad smiled and invited Lucas to join him in the shower.

In Kevin's office, Carly was surprised when she realized that Jake had disappeared. Moments later, Kevin walked up. Carly thanked him for agreeing to meet her and Jake, but she admitted that she had no idea where Jake was. Kevin suggested that perhaps Jake had gone to the restroom or fetched something from the vending machine, but Carly doubted it because she had assured Jake that she would return with Kevin. Kevin advised Carly to reschedule the appointment but Carly insisted that she had grave concerns about Jake.

Carly appreciated that Kevin had given Jake a clean bill of health, but she admitted that Jake was not well. Kevin had no idea what Carly was talking about because he had never talked to Jake. Stunned, Carly reminded Kevin that she had seen Jake enter Kevin's office for an appointment and that Jake had spent forty-five minutes with Kevin, so Kevin decided to check his calendar. Kevin was surprised when he saw that he'd had an appointment scheduled with Jake Doe. However, Kevin explained that he had been called away on an emergency before the appointment and that he hadn't returned to the office for the rest of the day.

Carly suggested that perhaps Jake had met with another therapist, but Kevin explained that the session wouldn't have taken place in Kevin's office. Carly realized that Jake had lied, but she was certain there was more to the story because her instincts told her that Jake was a good man. She conceded that Jake recognized he didn't have any memory of his past or what he was capable of, but she was certain that he would want her to stop him if he had been doing something wrong during his blackouts.

Kevin was curious what Carly intended to do, so she revealed that she had to report Jake to the authorities.

At the cemetery, Jake approached Helena, who immediately reminded him that he was "active." Jake pointed out that she had already told him that on the phone, which was why he was at the cemetery. He noticed Bill's open grave, so he wondered what had happened. "I guess he wanted new digs," Helena quipped. She changed the subject by informing Jake that he should only be concerned about what Helena wanted.

Helena demanded to know why Jake hadn't killed Sam and Patrick, so Jake revealed that someone had stopped him. Helena assumed that Jake had been caught, but Jake admitted that he'd had a hallucination of a woman who had warned him not to listen to Helena because he didn't really want to kill Sam. Helena wondered if the woman in the vision had had "brown hair and a dour face" and had talked a lot. "Yeah. How do I know her?" Jake asked. Helena insisted that the woman wasn't important to him or anyone else, but she wasn't pleased that he had disobeyed Helena's order.

Jake conceded that Helena might control him, but he warned her that he wouldn't make it easy for her. Helena wanted to know what had happened in Sam's penthouse, so Jake reluctantly revealed that he'd had several brief flashbacks. Helena appeared concerned when he admitted that he had taken a figurine from Sam's bedroom because he had recalled Sam giving it to him. Helena realized that it had been a mistake for her to order him to kill Sam, so she instructed Jake to forget everything about the mission.

Jake refused, but Helena reminded him that he was "active" and revealed that she had a new assignment for him. Helena quickly explained what she wanted Jake to do, but Jake was horrified that she expected him to target innocent people. Helena reminded him that he didn't know any of the people on the ship or care about anyone in Port Charles. Jake disagreed because he cared about Elizabeth. Helena couldn't understand the appeal, but Jake ignored the insult as he added that he also cared about Carly. Helena conceded that Elizabeth had expedited Jake's recovery, but she warned Jake that Carly wasn't a friend to Jake.

At the house on Elm Street, the impostor demanded to know what Dante was doing at the Spencer childhood home. Dante explained that he was trying to get into the basement, but the impostor argued that the house had been condemned, so it was dangerous in the basement. Dante was undaunted, prompting the impostor to point out that the house could collapse at any time. Dante assured the impostor that he was willing to take his chances, but the impostor wanted to know what Dante was looking for. Dante refused to enlighten the impostor, so the impostor reminded Dante that Dante didn't have a warrant to search the house.

Dante decided to be honest by admitting that he suspected that Luke Spencer was being held captive in the basement. The impostor appeared taken aback by the suggestion, especially when Dante explained that Bill Eckert's coffin had been empty, which led Dante to believe that the impostor was Bill. The impostor tried to laugh it off until Dante pulled out a gun and ordered the impostor to unlock the basement door.

After the impostor complied, Dante tossed the impostor handcuffs and instructed the impostor to secure one end of the handcuffs to the staircase's railing and the other end to the impostor's wrist. Once Dante was assured that the impostor was restrained, Dante called out to Luke. No one answered, so Dante moved to the top of the stairs leading to the basement to call out to Luke again. The impostor suddenly appeared behind Dante and violently shoved Dante down the stairs.

. . .

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