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General Hospital Daily Recap for Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Carly and Ava have to be separated
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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Laura approached Elizabeth at the hospital after her board meeting and asked if she could take Aiden to Kelly's. Elizabeth agreed, and Laura wondered if she could try to talk to Aiden about his bullying. "Absolutely," Elizabeth replied, and she added that she and Franco had gotten nowhere with Aiden. Laura asked how Franco was doing after learning about Kiki. Elizabeth said that Franco was dealing with things "the best way he knows how."

Chase was looking at Kiki's case file when Michael entered wondering what the police were doing to find Kiki's killer. In disbelief, he said he'd just talked to her about Morgan and how she deserved happiness. Michael asked if Chase really believed that Griffin was guilty, but Chase only replied that every lead would be followed "by the book." Michael caught sight of Mary Pat's file with Kiki's and asked if there was a connection between the two. Chase assured Michael that the cops were "exploring all options."

At Kelly's, Willow sat down with Lulu and asked if Lulu had gotten a chance to speak with Charlotte about her behavior. Lulu admitted that her and Valentin's schedules hadn't yet lined up, and she hoped that Charlotte's behavior had calmed down. Willow replied that the bullying had only gotten worse, and she was beginning to wonder if Charlotte would do better in a school with "a more traditional approach to discipline." A shocked Lulu preferred not to move Charlotte and promised to do everything she could to put an end to the bullying as soon as possible.

Kim and Drew were waiting at a sleeping Oscar's bedside after his treatment. Oscar slowly opened his eyes and said that he didn't feel well. Kim relayed Terry's message that Oscar had done great. Elizabeth entered and asked about his symptoms, and he answered that he was tired and achy, like he had the flu. As she checked his vitals, she told him that she and Terry had been best friends in high school, and Oscar asked what the doctor had been like.

Elizabeth admitted that Terry had always been in trouble because of Elizabeth, but Oscar couldn't be in better hands. She commented that his vitals were good, so she would call Terry to check in. As she left, Josslyn appeared in the doorway, and Drew told Oscar that he was about to feel a whole lot better. A short while later, Josslyn had made room for herself next to Oscar in bed and went over all the schoolwork he'd missed. She thought that he could get caught up in school by the time he got better if they worked together, just in time to look at colleges in the fall.

Oscar reminded Josslyn that it was a whole year away, and she realized that he was thinking that he could die at any moment. She told him that anyone could die at any moment, and she urged him to live like he was going to get better.

Franco painted in his art therapy room with furious strokes. He sighed as he picked up the red paint and reluctantly started painting with it. Elizabeth entered and wondered how he was doing. He confided that he was operating under the belief that Kiki wasn't gone, "just not here at the moment," and she would enter the room at any minute. Elizabeth admitted that she kept thinking she saw Kiki around the hospital.

Elizabeth told Franco that Cameron was there to see Franco, even though he knew it probably wasn't the best time or place. A few minutes later, Elizabeth was gone, and there was a knock on the door. Cameron cautiously entered and expressed his sympathy for Franco's loss. Franco related that Kiki was the closest he'd been to having his own child. "Except us," Cameron replied, and he assured Franco that Franco still had a family. Franco knew that Cameron didn't like him, but Cameron replied, "You're okay." Franco tearfully thanked him and hugged him.

A short while later, Cameron entered Oscar's room, so Josslyn took the opportunity to go get food for them. When she was gone, Cameron wondered why there were schoolbooks in the room, and Oscar told him about Josslyn's plan. Oscar told Cameron that he was a good friend, and he was glad that Josslyn had Cameron as a friend. Cameron rushed out of the room.

Kim didn't think that she and Drew should have left Oscar alone with the symptoms he had, but Drew reminded her that the symptoms were expected. "Unless it's a sign that something else is wrong," Kim feared. Drew assured her that things had to get worse before they could get better. He added that it could have been worse, because Oscar could have skipped the drug trial altogether, and then there would have been no hope.

Elizabeth approached and assured Drew and Kim that Terry said Oscar's symptoms were normal. Drew thanked her for comforting Oscar, and she said she was just glad to be able to comfort someone after what had happened to Kiki. Kim and Drew reacted with confusion, and Elizabeth informed them that Kiki had been murdered.

Julian was taking a shot of vodka when the door to Charlie's opened. He turned to yell that the restaurant was closed, and he knocked the bottle off the bar in the process, shattering it. He saw that it was Alexis, who explained that she was representing Griffin because she believed that he was innocent, and she thought that Julian agreed. Even if Griffin hadn't killed Kiki, Julian still wanted Griffin to suffer for hurting Ava and causing her estrangement from Kiki. Alexis countered that the only person who'd caused the estrangement had been Ava. "Do you think Kiki would want Griffin to suffer?" she asked.

Julian confided that he and Kiki hadn't been close, but he'd thought he would have time to get to know her better. Alexis got him a cup of coffee and motioned to clean up the shattered bottle, but Julian insisted that he would take care of it. She wondered if he'd called Kim, but he thought that Kim was going through enough with Oscar.

Just then, Kim entered, and Julian made sure that Oscar was all right. Alexis informed Kim that Julian needed Kim, and she excused herself. When Alexis was gone, Kim wondered why Julian hadn't told her about Kiki. He'd felt that it wasn't right to tell her with everything going on with Oscar. "I want my niece back," he said tearfully, and she hugged him. They sat down, and she promised that she would be there for him, no matter what, especially because he would do the same for her.

Drew entered the art therapy room and wished he could offer the right words of comfort to Franco. Franco just wished he could "find the bastard who murdered Kiki and kill him myself." Drew related that he wished he could put a face to "the tumor killing my son" and do the same thing.

A short while later, Elizabeth returned, and Franco told her that Kiki had wanted to be "front and center" at their wedding. He wanted to honor Kiki's last wishes for their wedding, but he didn't feel like he was about to have the happiest day of his life. He didn't want to postpone the wedding again, but Elizabeth told him that they could wait a little longer. She promised that their wedding would celebrate their family, including Kiki and her memory.

Nina arrived at Wyndemere and thanked Valentin for letting her and Sasha stay there until Kiki's killer was caught. He assured her that she was always welcome, as he slept better when they were under the same roof. "Nina, you came home!" Charlotte said happily as she ran toward Nina. Nina clarified that she was just there for a visit, and Valentin asked Charlotte to get the housekeeper to fix up two rooms for Nina and Sasha.

When Charlotte was gone, Lulu entered and told Valentin and Nina about her conversation with Willow. Lulu thought that they needed to sit down "right now" and have a talk with Charlotte. A few minutes later, Nina carried a tray of milk and cookies into the living room, and Lulu reminded her that they were there to point out Charlotte's bad behavior, not reward her. Charlotte entered, and Nina gave her a cookie, assuring Charlotte that she wasn't in trouble.

Valentin wondered how school was going, and Lulu added that she knew the class was talking about how to respect each other's feelings. She wanted to make sure that Charlotte was never unkind on purpose. Valentin talked about his experiences as a bullied child with his spinal condition, and he wanted Charlotte to understand that her words had consequences. Charlotte insisted that she understood. "Can I go now?" she asked, and Nina granted her permission to leave. Lulu told Charlotte that they would talk about it more the next day, and Charlotte ran off.

"Are you kidding me?!" Lulu yelled at Nina. Nina thought that Charlotte was perfect, but Lulu shot back that that was the problem. In Lulu's opinion, constantly telling Charlotte that she was perfect had made her believe that she was better than everyone else and above the rules. Valentin suggested that they talk another time, as he didn't think anything else would be accomplished that night. Lulu told Nina that she needed to trust that Nina could do what was best for Charlotte, but "right now, I can't."

When Lulu was gone, Nina assumed that Valentin's silence had meant that he agreed with Lulu. He replied that he took the blame for Charlotte's behavior because of his unintentional teaching by example. She insisted that he would learn, but he countered that he'd known better. She assured him that he was an amazing father, and "I love you in spite of myself."

At Kelly's, Laura watched as Aiden colored, and she guessed that he'd gotten his artistic talent from his mother. She wondered what he liked to do at school with his friends, and she remembered that he'd been friends with a girl named Bianca. He replied that girls played different games than boys, but he wasn't allowed to play, anyway. Laura thought that Aiden had to have misunderstood the teacher, but Aiden clarified that the teacher "doesn't make the rules in my class." Laura wondered who did, but he revealed that he wasn't allowed to talk about it.

Laura told Aiden that she wasn't in his class, so the rules didn't apply to her. She urged him to tell her who was bothering him. "No, thank you," he replied. She assured him that he could always talk to her about anything. Cameron entered and looked at Aiden's drawing, remarking on how small Aiden had made himself. Lulu entered, and Laura advised the boys to pick out a dozen cookies to take home.

Laura wondered why Lulu seemed upset, and Lulu informed her mother that Charlotte was bullying another kid at school. She continued that she and Valentin were on the same page, but Charlotte seemed unaffected and didn't seem to realize or care that she was being hurtful. Lulu just wished she knew who the other child was.

Cameron arrived in front of the elevators when Josslyn rounded the corner with an armful of food from the vending machine. She revealed that she'd thought a lot of about what had happened between them, and she would understand if he didn't want to talk to her anymore. She just hoped that he could still be friends with Oscar, as Oscar needed all the support he could get. Cameron hoped that Oscar felt better soon and rushed into the elevator.

Josslyn returned to Oscar's room with bags from the vending machine, but he sheepishly admitted that he had a craving for almond or pistachio gelato. Irked, she grabbed her coat and left. Oscar made a phone call and asked someone to visit him at the hospital. "I really need you," he said. A few minutes later, Alexis entered his room. He revealed that he needed to hire her again, this time to write his will.

Josslyn bumped into Michael around the corner and hugged her brother. He asked about Oscar, and she answered that he looked and felt terrible, and he was still convinced that he was going to die, no matter what she said. Michael knew that she was capable of changing Oscar's mind. Josslyn said that while dealing with Oscar, she didn't have a lot of time to mourn Kiki, but every time she wasn't around Oscar, "my heart breaks all over again."

A short while later at the hospital, Willow bumped into Chase, who swore that he'd been meaning to call her. He explained that he was there on official business, but he was allowed to take breaks. He wondered if she was free the next night for dinner, and she accepted. A few minutes later, Willow walked into the room at the hospital where the bereavement group met. Moments later, Michael got off the elevator and entered the room.

Chase asked the medical examiner why there hadn't been more blood at the crime scene if Kiki had been stabbed. The examiner explained that the angle and placement of the wound had caused most of the blood to stay inside her body. Chase assumed that the angle and placement hadn't been an accident, and the examiner agreed. He told Chase that the killer was either lucky or skilled enough to know "where to strike."

On the next General Hospital...

• Peter asks Maxie if something is wrong.

• “Why not become a family again?” Sasha asks Nina.

• Liesl threatens Valentin.

• “What the hell is wrong with you?” Carly asks “Kevin.”

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