Wednesday, September 17, 2014

At the penthouse, Alexis entered the living room as Sam cleaned up the empty boxes of takeout food from Noodle Buddha. Alexis asked if Sam needed help, but Sam was surprised that her mother was awake after an exhausting evening with Danny. Alexis explained that she had spent the night tossing and turning, so Sam assumed that Alexis was troubled about Julian's recent visit. Sam apologized, explaining that she had assumed that Alexis and Molly wouldn't be at the penthouse, but Alexis waved away Sam's apology because Julian had a right to visit with his grandson.

Alexis confessed that she was actually grateful that Julian had stopped by because it had given Alexis a much needed push to move forward. Sam was stunned when Alexis told Sam about Alexis' date with Ned. Alexis conceded that she and Ned had history, but they'd also had some wonderful times together. Alexis suggested that Sam follow Alexis' lead by going out with Patrick, so Sam revealed that Patrick had kissed Sam.

Delighted, Alexis was eager to hear every detail, so Sam told Alexis about the fortune cookies and the messages that had encouraged each of them to try something new. Alexis was happy for Sam until Sam explained that she had stopped things because she hadn't been certain if she had been ready to move forward especially on the heels of ending a relationship with Silas. Alexis sensed that there had been more to it, so Sam confessed that Jason's birthday was the following day and that Jason and Sam's third wedding anniversary would have been the following week.

Alexis was confused because she had thought that Sam had moved on by embarking on a relationship with Silas. Alexis also recalled that Sam had recently taken off her wedding ring, so Alexis was concerned that Sam had taken a few steps back because things hadn't worked out with Silas. Sam explained that things hadn't been that simple; Jason and Silas hadn't known each other, but Jason and Patrick had. Sam reminded Alexis that most of the friction between Jason and Patrick had stemmed from Robin being in the middle of both men.

Sam was certain that Jason had always put Sam first, but Sam wasn't certain that Robin had done the same for Patrick, which might cause problems. Sam didn't want to risk losing her close friendship with Patrick because of the past, so Alexis suggested that instead of viewing Jason's relationship with Robin as an obstacle, Sam should view it as something that Patrick and Sam had had in common.

At the Drake residence, Patrick saw Elizabeth asleep on his sofa when he arrived home. He gently woke her up, so she groggily asked what he was doing there. Patrick smiled as he reminded Elizabeth that he lived there, so she quickly apologized as she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She explained that Emma had changed her mind about spending the night, so Elizabeth had decided to take the girl home because Audrey had already been at Elizabeth's house to watch the boys. Patrick assumed that Emma had missed sleeping in her own bed, but Elizabeth admitted that Emma had curled up in Patrick's bed because Emma had missed Robin.

After Patrick checked on Emma, he returned to the living room. Patrick admitted that Emma had been having a difficult time accepting Robin's prolonged absence and Patrick's decision to file for divorce. Elizabeth was disappointed that Patrick and Robin had decided to end their marriage, but Patrick insisted that it had been for the best because Robin had been unable to put Patrick and their family first. Patrick suddenly realized that he had put Elizabeth in an awkward situation because she was both Patrick and Robin's friend, so he apologized.

Elizabeth conceded that she loved Robin like a sister, but Elizabeth also cared about Patrick. She explained that it was best for Patrick and Robin to end their marriage sooner rather than later if they couldn't make it work. Patrick revealed that he had already taken the first step of moving on by kissing Sam. Elizabeth was surprised when he added that he would be lying if he claimed that the kiss had "come out of nowhere" because it hadn't.

Patrick explained that he and Sam had been spending a lot of time together in recent months, investigating the crash, and that Sam had managed to challenge Patrick in ways that he hadn't expected. However, Patrick conceded that Sam had put a stop to things when he'd kissed her because Sam hadn't been ready to move on. Elizabeth thought it sounded as if Patrick was ready, but he admitted that he wanted to be ready more than he actually was.

Patrick reminded Elizabeth that it had been a crazy year because of everything that had happened with Robin and Sabrina. Patrick conceded that he would always love Robin, but their marriage was over. Elizabeth wondered how Patrick felt about Sabrina, so he explained that he would always share a connection with Sabrina because of Gabriel, but they were just friends. Patrick revealed that what he felt for Sam was unexpected, especially since they had met under less than ideal circumstances and hadn't always been on good terms.

However, Patrick admitted that his relationship with Sam had begun to deepen when Danny had gotten sick with cancer. According to Patrick, his feelings for Sam had grown stronger as he and Sam had worked together investigating the crash. Elizabeth could tell that Patrick cared about Sam, but Patrick argued that it didn't matter because Sam wasn't ready for a relationship. He suggested that perhaps it was for the best that he and Sam focus on investigating the crash because it was imperative to find out who had arranged for Rafe to force Patrick's car off the road, but Elizabeth quietly reminded Patrick that sometimes it was best to simply "go for it" rather than wait for the perfect time.

Moments later, Nikolas called to talk to Patrick about Spencer's claim that Luke had been responsible for Patrick's crash. Nikolas admitted that he might have dismissed Spencer's story, but Spencer's terror had been genuine. Patrick assured Nikolas that Patrick and Sam were investigating Spencer's story then promised to get back to Nikolas with answers. After the call, Patrick told Elizabeth about Spencer's accusation that Luke had coerced Rafe into causing the crash. Elizabeth was skeptical that Luke would intentionally target a child after what had happened to Jake, but she wanted Patrick and Sam to get to the bottom of things. Patrick assured her that they would.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was on the phone with a member of his security team reporting to Nikolas that Anna hadn't been seen since she had entered the Crichton-Clark Clinic. Nikolas instructed his men to hold their position to avoid jeopardizing Anna's rescue operation, but Nikolas wanted to be notified as soon as anything changed.

After the call, Britt entered the parlor, so Nikolas told her what his security team had reported. Britt was certain that Anna would locate the hostages, but Nikolas reminded Britt that they only had Liesl's word that Lulu, Dante, Nathan, and Maxie were at the clinic. Britt insisted that they could trust her mother because Liesl was concerned about Nathan. She shifted gears by confessing that she had felt a sudden and unexpected bond with her newfound brother, Nathan, but Nikolas wasn't surprised because something similar had happened to him when he had first met Lulu.

Nikolas revealed that his uncle, Stefan, had raised him as an only child until Lulu had needed a life-saving bone marrow transplant. Nikolas admitted that he had felt an instant connection with Lulu the moment he had looked into her eyes. He became choked up with emotion as he recalled how it felt to realize that he couldn't imagine a life without his sister in it. Britt quickly reached out to hug Nikolas as she assured him that both Lulu and Nathan would return home safe to them.

Nikolas thanked Britt for her support especially over the past few crazy days. Britt confessed that she was still reeling from the realization that her brother's father was Nikolas' uncle. Nikolas conceded that the Cassadines had never been short of family members crawling out of the woodwork, but Nathan seemed like a good guy, unlike Victor, who appeared to be the apparent corrupt head of the World Security Bureau. Nikolas realized that he couldn't dismiss the possibility that Victor had not been as reformed as Victor had seemed.

Nikolas and Britt were startled when Spencer suddenly appeared in the doorway to ask them what they were talking about. Nikolas was curious what Spencer was doing awake, so Spencer confessed that he hadn't been able to sleep. However, Spencer kept pressing for an answer about Nikolas' remark concerning Victor. Eventually, Nikolas admitted that he didn't have all the facts, but it appeared that Victor was not who he had seemed.

Spencer admitted that Victor wasn't the only person like that; Luke Spencer was not who he had seemed either. Nikolas had no idea what Spencer was talking about, so Spencer realized that Patrick hadn't talked to Nikolas. Spencer quickly told his father about Luke's encounter with a mystery man in the stables and Luke's threat to hurt Emma if Spencer told anyone that Luke intended to go after Sonny.

Later, Nikolas wrapped up a phone call with Patrick as Britt returned to the parlor to report that Spencer was tucked into bed and asleep. Nikolas thanked Britt then told her about his phone call with Patrick. Nikolas confessed that he didn't care for Luke, but the Luke he knew had been a "scoundrel" not a murderer. However, Nikolas' greatest concern was for Lulu because it would crush his sister's heart if the story about Luke were true.

At the Crichton-Clark Clinic, Dante reached for a piece of gauze to attend to Lulu's minor neck wound, while Stavros' body appeared dead on the floor at Lulu's feet. Lulu assured Dante that she wasn't injured -- just sleepy from the sedative, but Dante remained concerned. Moments later, Nathan and Maxie entered the examination room. The friends enjoyed a brief reunion until Nathan explained that a self-destruct sequence had been triggered, so they needed to get out of the clinic quickly. Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie set off as a group to track down Anna then escape before the explosion.

A short time later, someone entered the examination room. The person saw Stavros' body on the floor then looked around the room until the person's eyes landed on the cylinder containing Stavros and Lulu's frozen embryo.

Elsewhere in the clinic, Anna became frustrated when her key card failed to open one of the locked doors. Anna feared that Dante and Lulu were locked in the room, but Liesl ran up to warn Anna that they needed to find Nathan. Anna refused to leave without checking the room, but she had to find a working key card first. Liesl explained that it was impossible because Victor had triggered a self-destruct sequence that had locked down the facility. Liesl reiterated that it was urgent that they find Nathan because the clinic was set to blow up within minutes.

Moments later, Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie ran up. Liesl tearfully threw her arms around her son then hugged him tightly as Anna reached for Maxie to hug Maxie. After the brief reunion, they discussed their options. Liesl pointed out the front door worked off a different security pad than the rest of the doors in the facility, so they decided to head to the main entrance. Nathan suddenly noticed Victor's absence, so Anna revealed that Victor was dead. Nathan wanted to know what had happened, but Liesl argued that they didn't have time to discuss it.

Meanwhile, someone watched as everyone ran to the front of the building.

In another part of the clinic, Jason handed Robin a key card to unlock the door but the door failed to open. Robin feared that they were stuck because there had been a security override, but Jason took matters into his own hands by grabbing a tool then using it to rip off the cover to the electric panel next to the door. Within minutes, Jason had the door hotwired to open. However, Robin and Jason froze in their tracks as the door opened to reveal someone standing in the hallway.

"My dear Robin, we meet again," Helena purred. Helena turned to Jason to greet him as well, while Helena's two henchmen entered the room. Robin was outraged when one of the men suddenly knocked Jason out. Unconcerned, Helena assured Robin that Jason was merely resting.

Helena confessed that it was wonderful to be back, but Robin sputtered with anger as she demanded that Helena stay away from Jason. Helena wanted to be civil with Robin because Helena was grateful for all that Robin had done for Helena. Robin sneered as she admitted that she would have let Helena and Stavros stay dead if it had been up to Robin. Helena's temper flared as she warned Robin not to mention Stavros' name. Helena admitted that -- regrettably -- Stavros had met with an unfortunate demise.

However, Helena announced that Stavros would live on as she held up the cylinder with the frozen embryo. Helena admitted that she had plans for Robin and Jason, but Lulu and Lulu's friends would pay, so Robin demanded to know what Helena was up to. Helena chuckled as she revealed that Robin's mother, Anna, and Dante had arrived at the clinic to rescue Lulu and Maxie. Robin was stunned that her mother was on the premises, but Robin was more concerned about Maxie and Lulu. Helena assured Robin that everyone was alive -- but not for long thanks to "lovesick" Victor.

Helena explained that all the exits had been sealed and that the clinic was set to explode. Robin insisted that Helena was insane because Helena wouldn't survive the explosion. Helena held up an override key card as she informed Robin that Robin and Jason could escape with Helena. No one noticed that Jason had regained consciousness. He waited for an opportunity then sprang into action when no one was paying attention. Jason quickly grabbed the gun from the tray he had placed it on earlier then killed both of Helena's henchmen.

Robin snatched the key card out of Helena's grasp, grabbed Jason's hand, and then fled with Jason. Helena smiled as she held the cylinder with the frozen embryo then casually strolled out of the room.

Meanwhile, Anna, Dante, and Nathan reached the door. They quickly realized that they couldn't open the door, so they decided to shoot their way out. Liesl doubted that it would work, but Anna, Dante, Lulu, Nathan, and Maxie each stood shoulder-to-shoulder, aimed their guns at the lock, and fired.

The doors opened, so everyone ran out then took cover. Moments later, the clinic exploded. "That's the end of Crichton-Clark as we know it. Anyone inside who wasn't already dead is now," Liesl said as they watched the building burn.

. . .

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  • Sonny offers to walk Sam out of his house just as Jason arrives in front of Sonny's front door.
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