Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Silas' apartment, Nina was frustrated when she reached Rosalie's voicemail because Nina was eager to talk to her nurse. Nina left a message for Rosalie, explaining that things had gone according to plan until Sam had stopped by and ruined everything. Nina implored Rosalie to return to Silas' apartment as soon as possible because Nina wanted to talk to Rosalie in person. Moments later, someone knocked at the door. Nina assumed that it was Rosalie, so she invited her nurse inside with a reminder that Rosalie didn't have to knock.

Nina's relief turned to shock when Nathan opened the door. Nathan stared at Nina in disbelief when he saw her standing next to her wheelchair, but Nina managed to cover her mistake by feigning weakness in her legs. Nathan immediately rushed to her side to help her back into her wheelchair as he asked if she was alone. Nina assured him that Silas was asleep in the bedroom then explained that she had made great strides in physical therapy, so she had decided to try to stand on her own. Nathan warned Nina not to try it again because she could have hurt herself by falling.

Nina promised to be more careful but begged Nathan not to say anything to Silas because she wanted to surprise Silas by walking through the front door on her own steam, preferably in four-inch heels. Nathan promised that Nina's secret would be safe with him as long as she promised not to try it again without her nurse present. Nina agreed then changed the subject by inviting him to sit. Nathan apologized for not visiting Nina sooner. He felt bad because he couldn't imagine that it had been easy for Nina to see Silas dating someone.

Nina revealed that Sam had ended things with Silas after a quarrel, which Nina thought couldn't have happened at a worse time, since Silas had just lost his nephew, Rafe. Nathan gently suggested that Silas might need some time to recover after losing Rafe and the breakup, so he advised Nina not to expect too much from Silas. Nina explained that it was only natural that Silas would turn to her for comfort because they shared a special connection as husband and wife. Nina was confident that Nathan would understand once he found the "luckiest girl on the plant" to marry.

Nathan became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so he tried to change the subject, but Nina picked up on his unease and questioned him about it. Nathan denied that anything was bothering him, but Nina knew he was lying because he had a tendency to rub his eyebrow when he was upset. Nathan insisted that he didn't want to burden Nina with his problems because she had enough to deal with, but Nina kept pushing. Eventually, Nathan opened up about Maxie's decision to marry Levi and his suspicion that Levi had contacted Immigration to manipulate Maxie into getting married.

Nina explained that sometimes people did things that they wouldn't normally do, so perhaps Levi loved Maxie. Nathan dismissed the possibility because people in love wanted to make the person they loved happy. Nina suggested that it might not be that simple, but Nathan disagreed. He revealed that Maxie's greatest desire was to be a part of her daughter's life, but Levi had sabotaged the custody hearing. Nina was certain that there was more to the story, so Nathan agreed.

Nathan explained that Levi had not only taken advantage of Maxie's pain but had added to it by making certain that Maxie wouldn't get to see Georgie anytime soon. Nathan insisted that Levi was sick and didn't love Maxie, so Nina conceded that Nathan might be right. However, she was certain that Nathan loved Maxie because Nina recognized love when she saw it. Nathan seemed shocked at the suggestion, but Nina was confident that she was right. Nathan admitted that he had feelings for Maxie, but it didn't matter because Maxie intended to marry Levi.

Nina urged Nathan to fight for Maxie. She pointed out that she and Silas had a real chance at salvaging their marriage because she hadn't given up on Silas. Nina was confident that if Nathan's heart was in the right place, then he would win the love he wanted just as Nina had.

Meanwhile, Maxie stopped by to visit Lulu at the loft. Lulu was startled when Maxie blurted out that she wanted Lulu to be her matron of honor. Lulu thought that it was rather sudden, so Maxie explained that she had proposed to Levi to keep him from being deported. Lulu reluctantly turned down Maxie's offer. Maxie was hurt because she thought that she and Lulu had been in a better place, so Lulu assured Maxie that they were. However, Lulu had concerns about Maxie's feelings for Nathan.

Maxie immediately bristled because she blamed Nathan for Levi's immigration troubles. Lulu defended Nathan because she was certain that he had told the truth about not reporting Levi to Immigration. Maxie was disappointed, but Lulu suggested that Maxie had been lying to herself about Maxie's feelings for Nathan. Maxie insisted that she only felt contempt for him, but Lulu didn't believe Maxie because Maxie's story about being handcuffed to Nathan had sounded very romantic to Lulu.

Lulu feared that it would be a mistake for Maxie to marry Levi, but Maxie promised Lulu that it wasn't. Maxie explained that Levi had saved her when she'd hit rock bottom after losing custody of Georgie and leaving town. She credited him for helping her to move forward and repair her broken relationships. Maxie insisted that she loved Levi and was eager to marry him, so Lulu agreed to be Maxie's matron of honor if it wasn't too late to accept.

Maxie smiled with joy as she hugged her friend. Afterwards, Maxie promised that Lulu would see that Maxie had done the right thing by marrying Levi. Lulu explained that she was happy as long Maxie was, but she hoped that Maxie would have a change of heart about Nathan. Lulu insisted that Nathan only wanted the best for Maxie and tried to look out for her because he cared.

In Alice's hospital room, Michael and Kiki were on hand when Alice slowly woke up. Michael immediately asked how Alice felt, so she confessed that she was tired despite constantly sleeping. Alice wondered if she had missed Morgan's visit but her question was answered when Morgan entered the room with a guest. Alice was stunned when American wrestling champion David Otunga followed Morgan in, so she asked if she had died and gone to heaven. David assured Alice that she was very much alive then revealed that he had hopped on the first plane when he had heard about the Dominator's condition.

Alice was shocked that David knew her wrestling name, so David admitted that Alice had been the reason he'd become a wrestler. Alice was touched when David talked about how she had inspired him and many other professional wrestlers, all of whom were praying for her to recover.

After everyone except Morgan filed out of the room, Alice seized the opportunity to thank Morgan for reaching out to David Otunga. Morgan explained that he had wanted to see her smile, so Alice tearfully confessed that her heart might be damaged, but it didn't feel that way because it was full of love.

Meanwhile, in the hallway, Michael and Kiki thanked David for visiting Alice. David credited Morgan for making everything happen.

Later, Alice assured David that Tracy would find a new heart for her, so David invited Alice to attend a wrestling match when she was recovered. Alice smiled brightly as she promised that she would. After David autographed a fitness magazine featuring him on the cover, he admitted that it had been an honor to meet Alice. Moments later, Michael and Kiki walked David out. Alice confided to Morgan that it had been the happiest day of her life, so if she died, she would die happy. Morgan refused to let Alice talk about dying because he was certain that a heart would be found in time.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tracy became annoyed when she reached Luke's voicemail. She decided to leave a message because she thought he should know that Alice's heart had been failing faster than they had anticipated. She assured Luke that Monica had been doing everything possible to find a donor heart, but there was a strong possibility that Alice would die before one could be found. Tracy had no idea how to break the news to Alice, especially since she had promised to find Alice a heart in exchange for Alice's silence about Tracy's plans to reclaim ELQ.

Tracy was certain that Alice would use her dying breath to expose Tracy and Luke's plans, so Tracy insisted that it was imperative that the family not find out that Alice was dying. "Mother?" Ned asked as he walked up. Tracy quickly ended the call as she turned to face her son. She confessed that she was surprised to see him because she had expected him to be busy moving into the Quartermaine mansion, so Ned explained that he had taken a break.

Tracy's hopes that Ned hadn't overheard her on the phone plummeted when Ned asked if it was true that Alice was dying. Tracy confirmed that it was, but she made it clear that she did not intend to share the news with anyone else -- including Alice. Ned was stunned because he believed that Alice and the family had a right to know to give everyone the opportunity to say their goodbyes. Tracy argued that it would just make Alice and everyone else miserable, but Ned insisted that it was the right thing to do because Alice might want to get a few things off her chest before she died.

Tracy suggested that hearing the truth might make things worse for Alice, but Ned argued that it wasn't Tracy's call to make. He was certain that Tracy would want to know the truth if she were in Alice's shoes, so he warned Tracy that he would tell Alice if she didn't. Tracy insisted that she didn't want to risk Alice giving up in case they found a heart, but Ned was unmoved. Tracy realized that he would not back down, so she agreed to break the news to Alice.

In Mickey's hotel room, Jordan was shocked when Julian burst through the door and shot Mickey as Mickey reached for the phone to answer a call from the mystery boss. Julian walked up to the bed where Mickey had fallen. "That's what you get for trying to kill my family," Julian coldly said as he looked at Mickey's still body. Stunned, Jordan demanded to know what Julian was talking about, so Julian revealed that Mickey had planted a bomb at Alexis' house.

Jordan was immediately concerned about T.J., but Julian assured her that everyone, including T.J., was safe and unharmed. Jordan was relieved, but she wondered why Mickey had targeted Julian's family, so Julian admitted that he had crossed Mickey. Jordan started to question Julian further, but he cut her off by demanding to know why she was in Mickey's hotel room.

Jordan claimed that Mickey had invited her to discuss business, but it had been a ruse to make a pass at her. She admitted that things had gotten ugly when she had rebuffed Mickey's advances, so Julian asked if she was okay. Mickey suddenly groaned and accused Jordan of lying, but Julian was too blinded by rage to understand Mickey's warning. Julian immediately advanced on Mickey, intending to finish the job, but Jordan urged Julian to leave before the police arrived. Julian was curious what she intended to do, so she reminded him that she had a plausible excuse for self-defense.

Mickey continued to try to warn Julian that Jordan was an undercover agent, but Jordan kept Julian distracted by urging Julian to hand over his gun. She explained that she needed to be able to provide the police with a gun that would match ballistics and confirm her story. Julian saw the logic in what she said, so he took her gun in exchange for his. Jordan waited until Julian left then approached Mickey on the bed. She wondered if he had truly expected her to let him tip off Julian that she worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Mickey weakly asked if Jordan intended to let him die, so she admitted that as much as she would like to, she couldn't. A short time later, Anna arrived as paramedics prepared to transport an unconscious Mickey to the hospital. She carefully made a show of treating Jordan like a suspect until Jordan and Anna found a quiet corner to talk. Jordan quickly filled Anna in on what had transpired in the hotel room with Mickey and admitted that she was stunned that Mickey had found the recorder, which had revealed everything -- including Jordan's name and badge number.

Anna assured Jordan that the shooting had been self-defense, but Jordan explained that Julian had shot Mickey because Mickey had been responsible for the bomb at Alexis' house. Anna was curious if Mickey would survive, so Jordan admitted that it wasn't likely. Anna realized that Julian would be their only link to the mystery boss if Mickey died, but Jordan realized that there might be another way to identify the mystery boss when she heard Mickey's phone ring. Jordan explained that Mickey's boss had tried to reach him earlier, so she suspected that the boss was calling back.

Anna handed the evidence bag with Mickey's phone to Jordan. Jordan quickly answered the call and identified herself when the caller asked who she was. Jordan claimed that Mickey had stepped out but assured the person that she could be trusted. Anna listened to the brief exchange until the caller abruptly ended the call. Jordan handed the phone back to Anna as she confided that she had recognized the caller's voice. Anna was stunned when Jordan revealed that it had sounded like Luke Spencer, so Anna questioned how well Jordan knew Luke.

Jordan explained that she had met Luke at the gallery when he had purchased some art and that she had also been at his wedding when Luke had married Tracy at the Nurses Ball. Jordan was certain that the caller had been Luke, but Anna refused to believe that Luke might be the head of the Jerome organization. Moments later, Anna received a call from the hospital to update her on Mickey's condition.

Elsewhere, Alexis and Sam stood in the hallway outside Sam's penthouse as they discussed what to tell Molly about the lake house. Alexis feared that it might be too much for Molly to handle if they told her that the fire had been intentional on top of everything else. Sam agreed, so Alexis and Sam braced themselves then entered the penthouse.

Molly and T.J. happily greeted Alexis and Sam and told them that Danny had fallen right to sleep once he'd had his toy truck in hand. Molly invited Alexis and Sam to join them for dinner, but Alexis declined. Molly immediately realized that something was wrong, so Alexis told Molly about the fire. Molly was devastated when she realized that everything had been lost, including their special keepsakes and family photo albums. Alexis reminded her daughter that the most important thing was that no one had been home at the time of the fire, but Molly wanted to know what had caused the fire.

Alexis carefully explained that the fire remained under investigation, but Molly feared that she might have not blown out a candle before they had left. T.J. assured Molly that she had, but Molly became increasingly upset at the possibility that she had caused the fire. Alexis promised Molly that she was not to blame, but Molly argued that Alexis couldn't be certain without knowing the cause of the fire.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Sam feared that it might be Silas, so she asked her mother to send him away then dashed up the stairs to check on Danny. Alexis was surprised when she opened the door and saw Julian on the doorstep. Julian noticed that they had an audience, so he explained that he had stopped by to check on everyone when he had heard about the fire. Alexis invited Julian inside as she assured him that everyone was safe and that Sam was with Danny.

Julian told Molly how sorry he was about the fire, but she responded with hostility by asking what he had to be sorry about, unless the whole nightmare had to do with him and his mobster friends. Alexis reminded Molly that the fire was still under investigation, but that only fueled Molly's anger. "Of course, Julian isn't responsible," Molly snapped and then sarcastically added that her father, not Julian, had been the gangster. "Right?" Molly asked. "You're legit now," she spat before marching out of the room with T.J. quietly trailing behind her.

Sam entered the room as Molly left. Alexis waited until Molly and T.J. were gone before asking why Julian had stormed off from the lake house earlier that evening. She insisted that she had a right to know, so Julian admitted that he had made certain that the person responsible for the explosion was out of the picture.

At the hospital, Mickey was taken to the Traumatic Brain Injury Unit. Tracy's interest was piqued when she overheard a nurse mention that the patient was brain-dead.

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