Jason pays Shiloh a visit
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Robert and Finn arrived at a hospital in Stockholm, and Robert order Finn to let him do all the talking to Dr. Cabot. Finn countered that he could talk to Cabot "doctor to doctor," and it would probably work better. Finn took out his phone and put in a call to Anna. He informed her that he and Robert had arrived, and he hadn't wanted to let Valentine's Day pass by without talking to her. She told him that she had a special present for him, and she happily entered the room.

Anna and Finn embraced, and he wondered what had happened to keeping an eye on Liesl. She explained that Peter was in charge of his own life, and he'd only hired Liesl for Maxie, with whom she believed he was inching closer to a relationship. However, if Liesl hurt Peter, Anna promised to "flatten her." Getting back on track, she wanted to help Finn and Robert. Robert suggested that she wait in the bar at the hotel, and she was offended by the suggestion. Robert reminded her that Cabot and Alex could have left things on bad terms, but he was interrupted by a nurse entering the room.

Finn introduced himself to the nurse and informed her that he was there to see Dr. Cabot, who was on staff at the hospital. She answered that Dr. Cabot was actually a patient there, and while he hadn't been taking visitors, he might make an exception for a fellow doctor. The nurse left, and Robert warned Anna to let him and Finn do the talking. The nurse wheeled Dr. Cabot into the room, and Finn introduced himself. Cabot told Finn that he didn't recognize Finn's name, and he couldn't see Finn's face either.

A surprised Finn replied that he admired Cabot's work, and he wondered about the blindness. Cabot dismissed the nurse, and he told Finn that the blindness had started suddenly a few months before. Finn named other symptoms, to Cabot's surprise, and Finn continued that he believed Cabot had contracted a rare virus called "HN-242." He added that he'd successfully treated the blindness in others with surgery, and he could help Cabot, as well. Cabot demanded to know what Finn wanted. "Help us, and we'll help you," Robert responded.

As Anna continued to silently observe, Finn introduced Robert as his "colleague from Australia." Cabot wondered what he had that they wanted. Finn explained that they wanted to learn more about Cabot's research into identical twins. Robert added that they wanted to know the things that Cabot had never intended to make public. Cabot stubbornly asked why he should help them. "If you want your sight back, you'll answer our questions," Anna snapped. "I know that voice," Cabot said.

Willow entered Metro Court, looking for Chase, but she didn't see him. She called and left him a message to let him know what was going on. She walked around more and bumped into Brad and Wiley. Seeing Brad's deer-in-the-headlights look, she assumed that he knew who she was. He nervously babbled on that Willow was Michael's teacher friend, but she inferred that Julian had told Brad that she was Wiley's birth mother.

Brad assured Willow that no one else knew, but she asked if she wanted to be a part of Wiley's life. She knew she couldn't be, but she hoped Wiley would want to know her when he grew up. They agreed that no one else could know who she was. She could tell that Brad and Lucas were "wonderful parents," and all that mattered was Wiley.

At the hospital, Michael took an envelope out of his pocket and pulled a Valentine's Day card out of it. Chase approached and observed that someone had made a card for Michael. He handed the card to Chase, and Chase read, "Thinking of you and our sweet Jonah. Forever, Nelle." Chase offered to call the prison and stop all communication from Nelle, but Michael replied that he'd realized that she could no longer get to him.

Chase asked if Michael was going to keep the card, but Michael cracked that he was only deciding whether to throw it in the paper and plastic bin, or the bin for toxic materials. He tossed the card out, and both realized that they needed to get to Metro Court. Chase hoped that Willow wouldn't cancel on him for being so late. Michael wondered if the two were together, and Chase admitted that he really liked Willow. He gushed on about her, to Michael's disappointment, unnoticed by Chase. "I've got it bad, don't I?" Chase concluded as the two stepped into the elevator. "Sounds like you got it good," Michael replied.

A short while later, Michael entered Metro Court and caught sight of Brad and Wiley. He asked to hold his godson, and he preferred that to the meeting he was about to attend. Chase entered and apologized to Willow for being late, and they walked off to a table. Michael informed Brad that he'd heard from Nelle, and Brad commented that she was trying to hold onto him. Michael continued that she was part of his past, and he vowed to focus on the future.

When Chase and Willow sat, Chase apologized for losing track of time, and she was just glad that he'd shown up. She confided that she'd been worried that she'd scared Chase off by telling him that she'd given up her child. Chase held her hand as Willow told him that she'd thought she owed him the truth. He assured her that nothing she'd said would make him want to stop seeing her. He was glad that she'd trusted him with the truth, because he believed that "trust is everything."

Sam and Jason left his bedroom, both wishing that she didn't have to leave, but she had to meet up with Kristina and Alexis. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Shiloh announced himself. Jason and Sam stayed still and quiet. Jason turned his ringtone down as Shiloh called him. They heard as Shiloh left a message from the other side of the door that Kristina had given him Jason's number. He talked about how Jason's trip to Beechers Corners had been unnecessary, because Jason could just ask Shiloh anything he wanted to know.

When Shiloh was gone, Sam called the situation "creepy," and Jason knew that Shiloh had wanted to send a message that Jason was on his radar. Sam thought that Shiloh wanted to tell Jason not to interfere, since Shiloh thought that he was "pulling" Sam in. Sam realized that Shiloh knew where Jason lived, so they couldn't meet there anymore. Jason revealed that he'd picked the apartment for its many ways in and out of the building. Sam had to go, so he wished her luck and kissed her, and she left.

Kristina sat with Alexis at Metro Court, and Alexis asked about Dawn of Day. Kristina revealed that, since she'd adjusted her perspective, things were "almost perfect." She wanted Alexis to return, as she believed that Alexis had made progress at the seminar. Alexis replied that she would stick to a "traditional path" for her recovery. Kristina relented that she would be happy as long as Alexis found something that worked for her. She added that, if the "traditional path" didn't work, the door of Dawn of Day would always be open to her.

Kristina tried to convince Alexis to attend the Dawn of Day Valentine's Day celebration, but Alexis replied that she would be at home on the couch. Sam arrived and commented that if she was attending, Alexis could, too. A surprised Alexis wondered if Sam was going with Jason, but Sam reluctantly revealed that she and Jason weren't together. She explained that Jason was too set in his ways and didn't want to change, while Sam believed that she still had a lot of "self-discovery" to do. She thought that their lives were going on different paths.

Kristina commended Sam on the "huge step to enlightenment," but Alexis second-guessed it. Sam related that Jason thought it was temporary, which was why she'd decided to go to Dawn of Day that night. She mentioned that Shiloh had wanted her there, and Kristina instantly reminded her that it wasn't a big deal, as he would invite anyone. Alexis mentioned that she was seeing a new therapist but balked at her daughters' questions.

Kristina left to help set up the Dawn of Day house, and when she was gone, Alexis wanted the real story on Sam and Jason's breakup. Sam promised not to ask about Alexis' therapist if Alexis didn't ask about the breakup, and Alexis agreed. She only advised Sam to be careful and to be mindful that Kristina had found peace and new friends. Sam promised that she would never hurt Kristina and that everything she was doing was for Kristina.

Shiloh watched as the Dawn of Day house was decorated for the celebration. Jason entered the house, and Shiloh was surprised that Jason had responded to his message so quickly. Jason said that he'd found Harmony "helpful," and he commented on how even the cops were friends in Beechers Corners. Shiloh responded that they appreciated the positive influence Dawn of Day had had in the community. Jason wondered why Shiloh had left such perfection for Port Charles and suggested that Shiloh wanted to expand his visions to the world. Shiloh laughed that world domination was not in his plans.

Shiloh insisted that he wasn't hiding anything, and he offered to help Jason move past the "obstructions" between him and Sam. Jason accused Shiloh of being interested in Sam, but Shiloh was proud that Sam was taking the "first steps" toward enlightenment. He invited Jason to join them and walk the path to his best life or to continue "walking the same old path your entire life. That path is a dead end." "I'll take my chances," Jason shot back, and he left.

On the next General Hospital...

• "I am barely hanging on here," Ava tells Julian.

• "Pretty soon we find out if Sasha is really Nina's daughter," Peter says to Maxie.

• Ryan holds Laura and Kevin hostage.

• Franco puts in his plea.

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