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Duke stopped by Anna's office to let her know that he had been released from jail. Anna confessed that Scott had mentioned that Sonny "fell on his sword" for Duke and Carly, which had surprised Anna because she hadn't expected Sonny to make such a sacrifice. Duke defended Sonny by reminding Anna that Sonny was a man of honor, but Anna scoffed at the suggestion. Duke conceded that she might not approve of the code that Sonny followed, but Sonny had always conducted himself accordingly.

Anna suspected that Sonny had been plagued by a guilty conscience because of all the people that Sonny had hurt by covering up A.J.'s murder, but she was happy that Duke had benefited from Sonny's plea bargain. However, she warned Duke that it wouldn't change anything between her and Duke because of what he had done. "What about what you did?" Duke asked.

Anna appeared taken aback by the question, so Duke revealed that Liesl had reached out to him to let him know what Anna had done to Cesar Faison. Anna admitted that Liesl had told the truth but Anna quickly justified the choices that she and Robert had made by reminding Duke that Faison had been a danger to everyone, including Duke. Duke assured her that he didn't question her reasons but rather her methods.

Duke pointed out that Anna hadn't trusted the system to adequately deal with Faison just as Duke hadn't trusted the system to take care of Julian, which was why Duke had gone to work for Sonny. Anna argued that their situations were nothing alike because Duke had covered up a murder that Sonny had committed, while Anna had removed a dangerous criminal from society. Duke accused Anna of being a hypocrite because she had lied to him for nearly a year about Faison, but Anna refused to see it that way, since she and Robert had imprisoned Faison for everyone's safety.

Duke insisted that both he and Anna had done the wrong thing for the right reasons. "And now we both know the truth, so we're on level ground," Duke quietly added. Duke wondered if it was possible for them to forgive each other for what they had done, but Anna's eyes welled up with tears as she confessed that it wasn't about forgiveness but rather the choices that Duke had made. Anna felt that Duke was in love with "that life" and would always be a part of organized crime, which she couldn't condone.

Resigned, Duke decided to tell Anna that he had agreed to accept Sonny's offer to run Sonny's business. Anna realized that Duke hadn't been referring to Sonny's coffee business but rather the criminal organization. Duke wouldn't confirm her suspicion but he pointed out that they would continue to have a relationship whether Anna liked it or not. After Duke left, Anna picked up a framed photograph of her and Duke then placed it facedown in her desk drawer.

At Pentonville, Sonny and Carly waited until the guard left them alone in the visitor's room before they talked. Sonny was happy to see Carly, but he was curious why she was there on Thanksgiving instead of with her family. Carly admitted that she hadn't wanted him to be alone on the holiday, so Sonny assured her that he had friends in jail to play cards with, and the guards left him alone. Carly remained concerned because she knew that he had an issue with claustrophobia, but Sonny promised Carly that his medications helped, so it wasn't a problem.

Carly appeared unconvinced, so Sonny decided to change the subject by asking about Michael. Carly confessed that she had paid Michael a visit but he had thrown her out of the house. "House?" Sonny asked. Carly quickly tried to cover the slip by assuring him that she had meant apartment, but Sonny easily saw through the lie forcing her to explain that Michael had moved in with the Quartermaines.

Sonny wasn't surprised by Michael's decision, but Carly confessed that it was worse than that because Michael had decided to legally change his name to Michael Quartermaine. Sonny tried to put on a brave front, but Carly saw the hurt in his eyes. Sonny became choked up as he admitted that Michael having Sonny's last name meant that there was still hope that one day Sonny and Michael might get past what had happened. However, Michael's decision to change his name to Quartermaine had removed the last link that Sonny had to his adopted son.

Carly felt terrible for Sonny, but Sonny promised her that he was okay. He urged her to go home and celebrate the holiday with her family, but she argued that he was her family too. Sonny smiled sadly then assured her that he would be fine.

At Miscavige, Alexis became concerned when she saw Luke confined to a straitjacket as he lay still on the bed. She immediately rushed to his side as Julian watched from the doorway. Luke groggily opened his eyes. "Natasha?" Luke asked as Alexis helped Luke sit up then immediately went to work on freeing him from the straitjacket. Alexis confessed that she had feared that Helena had killed him, so Luke admitted that Helena had tried until Luke had persuaded the deadly Cassadine matriarch that he could still be of use to his double.

Alexis revealed that Julian had told her about Luke's doppelgänger and Luke's captivity. Luke's head turned to the doorway as he realized that Julian had been quietly standing there and watching. Luke immediately accused Julian of being in cahoots with the man who had taken over Luke's life, so Alexis suggested that Julian leave for his own safety. Julian refused, but he agreed to clear the way for Alexis and Luke to leave without any interference from the institution's staff.

Before Julian walked away, he explained to Luke that it had been necessary to work with the impostor because the man had tried to kill Lucas and had threatened the lives of everyone Julian loved. Alexis appeared moved by the genuine emotion in Julian's voice as he admitted that he had done what had been necessary to protect his family. Luke became concerned about his nephew, but Alexis assured Luke that Lucas was fine.

After Julian walked away, Alexis finally managed to free Luke from the straitjacket. She was eager to take him to the hospital, but Luke refused to spend another minute in a medical facility, so she implored him to at least stop by the police station to tell Anna what had happened.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael looked at the petition he had signed to legally change his name to Michael Alan Quartermaine. Moments later, Sam and Danny entered the parlor, so Michael stood up to greet them. Michael picked up Danny as he confessed that Danny was the spitting image of Jason. Sam smiled then confessed that she had heard about what had happened with Sonny. She assured Michael that she was there for Michael if he needed anyone to talk to. Michael appreciated Sam's support, so he invited her to stay for Thanksgiving dinner.

Sam declined Michael's invitation because she and Patrick had plans to spend Thanksgiving with Elizabeth and Jake. Michael was curious if Jake was the patient who had recently been struck by a car and had lost his memory. Sam was surprised that Michael knew Jake, so Michael explained that he had met Jake on the day of Carly and Franco's wedding. Sam revealed that Elizabeth had invited Jake to stay with Elizabeth and the boys when Liesl Obrecht had discharged Jake from the hospital before Jake had been fully recovered.

Michael thought it had been generous of Elizabeth, but Sam found it odd. Michael was certain that both Jake and Elizabeth viewed the living arrangements as temporary until Jake could be reunited with his family and return to his old life. Sam suddenly felt bad for being judgmental, so asked where Monica was because she wanted Danny to wish his grandmother a happy Thanksgiving. Michael revealed that Monica was in the kitchen, helping Cook II with the dinner preparations, so Sam scooped up Danny then headed to the kitchen.

Moments later, Larry Ashton entered through the patio, looking for "the hair of the dog" that had bitten him since a walk in the fresh air hadn't helped with Larry's hangover. Larry poured himself a drink as he asked if he had seen Patrick's wife just leave the room. Larry tensed when Michael clarified that Sam wasn't Patrick's wife. However, Larry quickly shifted gears when he spotted Michael's petition to legally change his name.

According to Larry, the Quartermaine name had a certain panache that the Corinthos name lacked. Michael refused to discuss it with Larry, so Larry changed the subject to ask how things were between Michael and his "little bird" Kiki. Michael confessed that he and Kiki were over, but Michael was curious how Larry had known about his relationship with Kiki. Larry was spared from having to answer when Ned and Tracy entered the room, bickering about Tracy trying to help out with the cooking.

Ned refused to risk his mother ruining their Thanksgiving dinner, so he insisted that she stay out of the kitchen. Tracy reluctantly agreed then asked where Alexis was. Ned admitted that Alexis was busy, but she hoped to make it in time for dessert. Moments later, Olivia, Dante, and Lulu arrived. Olivia appreciated the invitation to join the Quartermaines for dinner then announced that she had cannoli for dessert.

Meanwhile, Tracy greeted Lulu and Dante then asked where Rocco was. Lulu revealed that Rocco was in the kitchen with Alice. Lulu lowered her voice as she asked if Tracy had heard anything new about what had been found in Larry's safe deposit box. Tracy confessed that she hadn't told Ned that Larry might be in league with Jerry Jacks nor had Tracy confronted Larry about the items that Patrick and Sam had uncovered in part because Tracy had no idea what the significance was of the file or what the schematics for the mask were. Dante pointed out that it didn't help that Faison was once again on the loose.

Moments later, Dante excused himself to check on Michael, who had stepped outside. Dante asked how Michael had been holding up, so Michael admitted that it had helped knowing that Sonny had gone to jail. However, Michael was frustrated that Carly had escaped justice because she belonged in jail right along with Sonny.

Later, Monica entered the parlor to announce that dinner was ready and looked perfect but it was unfit to be eaten because Cook II had suddenly gotten sick with food poisoning. Monica explained that their cook had taste-tested everything, so they couldn't risk serving the food because they didn't know the cause of the food poisoning. Ned was disappointed because he realized that it would be another pizza Thanksgiving for the Quartermaines.

As if on cue, Alice walked in carrying boxes of pizza. Larry was eager to dig in, but Ned insisted that they honor Edward Quartermaine's tradition. "First we sing then we eat," Tracy explained. After everyone sang a traditional Thanksgiving song, Larry helped himself to pizza. Michael excused himself because he wasn't hungry, so Monica grabbed a box of pizza then followed her grandson out of the room.

Moments later, Alexis walked in. Ned was surprised that she had made it, so she announced that she had been accompanied by someone who had wanted to see everyone. Tracy's face lit with joy when Luke entered the room. "Did you save a slice for me?" Luke asked as he winked at Tracy.

At the Webber residence, Jake greeted the woman on Elizabeth's doorstep, unaware that she was Helena Cassadine. Helena introduced herself as a family friend, so Jake introduced himself as he invited Helena inside. Jake offered to fetch Elizabeth, but Helena assured him that it wasn't necessary because Helena wanted an opportunity to get to know Jake better. Jake wondered if he had met Helena before because she seemed familiar. Helena smiled pleasantly but didn't offer her name, so Jake decided to get Elizabeth.

In the hallway, Elizabeth noticed that Jake seemed uneasy, so she asked if everything was okay. Jake explained that one of the guests had arrived; however, Helena had vanished by the time Jake and Elizabeth returned to the living room. Jake tried to describe Helena, but Elizabeth didn't recognize the description, so she suggested that perhaps it had been a memory, but Jake insisted that the woman had been real. He decided to look for the woman because she couldn't have gotten far, but Jake stopped short when he opened the door because Sam was standing on the doorstep.

Jake and Sam exchanged smiles as Elizabeth greeted Sam. Sam explained that Patrick was busy unloading the kids from the car, so he had sent Sam ahead with the wine. Elizabeth invited Sam inside as Jake stood on the porch, looking down the road with a troubled expression. Sam quietly asked Elizabeth how Jake had been doing, so Elizabeth confided to Sam about Jake's encounter with the mystery woman. Moments later, Patrick, Emma, and Danny entered. Jake greeted everyone then took Danny from Patrick's arms to play with Danny.

At Wyndemere, Spencer was dressed as a Pilgrim as he made his way through the foyer to the living room. He changed direction when the doorbell rang. "Happy Thanksgiving," Spencer said as he opened the door, but his smile faded when he saw Liesl. "What's so happy about it?" Liesl groused as she entered. "Nice hat," she added when she noticed Spencer's outfit.

Spencer appeared confused by Liesl's presence until he suddenly recalled that she had been "Beetlejuice's friend." Liesl realized that Spencer had been referring to Faison, so she informed the young Cassadine that she and Faison were more than friends -- Faison was the love of her life. Liesl vowed that Anna Devane would not get away with what had happened to Faison, but Spencer warned Liesl not to say anything unkind about Emma's grandmother because Emma was the love of Spencer's life.

Liesl was unapologetic as she entered the living room then greeted her daughter. Spencer was surprised that Liesl was Britt's mother, so Nikolas reminded Spencer that he had told Spencer that Liesl was Britt's mother on the night of Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. Liesl held up the covered dish that she had arrived with as she announced that she had made "spätzle," which was a delicious noodle dish. Liesl handed Spencer the dish then gave him instructions for the cook to properly heat the spätzle.

After Nikolas and Spencer left the room, Liesl asked if Britt had heard anything from Agent Sloane. Britt urged her mother to be patient, but Liesl felt that it was wrong for them to be celebrating while Britt's father was somewhere out there, hungry and cold. Liesl's mood brightened when Nathan arrived to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Nathan revealed that there hadn't been anything new to report about Nina's disappearance, but he was grateful that Anna had given him the day off to spend time with his family.

Liesl became furious at the mention of Anna's name because of what Anna had done to Faison. Liesl insisted that Nathan should arrest Anna, but Nathan was certain that Anna had had her reasons for imprisoning Faison under the stables on Spoon Island. Spencer entered the room then greeted Nathan by asking if Nathan had figured out a way to be with Maxie. Nathan confessed that he hadn't, so Spencer admitted that he was in the same boat with Emma.

Nikolas announced that dinner was ready, so Britt held her hand out to her mother. Liesl smiled as Nathan waited for his mother and sister to reach him and then took his mother's other hand to escort her to the table. However, in the foyer, Spencer realized that he had left his Pilgrim hat in the living room. Liesl offered to fetch it for Spencer then returned to the living room.

Meanwhile, Faison lurked outside, watching Liesl and Britt through the French doors until Helena suddenly appeared then pulled him away before he was spotted. She reminded Faison that he had a job to do, so she suggested that he focus on that instead of walking into the open arms of the police, indicating Nathan. Faison argued that he didn't answer to Helena then questioned if she had done her part by paying Jason Morgan a visit.

Helena assured Faison that she had talked to Jason, but the visit had been cut short because of Elizabeth. Faison was annoyed that Helena hadn't completed her task, but Helena warned Faison to be careful because they didn't want their plan to go up in smoke.

After Helena left, Faison entered the living room just as Liesl picked up Spencer's Pilgrim hat. Liesl's face brightened when she saw Faison.

Meanwhile, Helena returned to the Webber residence as everyone gathered around the table. Jake held out a chair for Elizabeth then whispered in her ear that the dinner looked wonderful. Sam's smile faded as she noticed the exchange between Jake and Elizabeth.

Outside, Helena watched as Jake sat across from Elizabeth.

. . .

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