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Andre Maddox<
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Actor History
November 6, 2015 to present



Psychiatrist at General Hospital

Resides At

1420 Quartz Lane, Port Charles

Marital Status

Single/Divorced from Kita Maddox

Past Marriages

Kita Maddox (divorced)




None known

Flings & Affairs

Jordan Ashford (Lovers)

Anna Devane (Crush)

Crimes Committed

Briefly suspected of killing a patient but later cleared [Aug 29, 2016]

Failed to advise Jordan that Curtis had called (about a homicide; Andre didn't know the reason) [Nov 7, 2016]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Dr. Kevin Collins referred Anna Devane to Dr. Andre Maddox. Anna had reservations but attended her first appointment with Andre. Anna requested him to refill her antianxiety medication, but he refused. Anna felt Andre was too arrogant and left his office. Andre realized Anna despised him.

Andre became Morgan Corinthos' psychiatrist after Morgan was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Andre would not share any specifics about Morgan with Carly and Michael Corinthos because Morgan was an adult and had not signed a release. Andre advised them to keep the lines of communication open with Morgan. He encouraged them to gently remind Morgan it was imperative to stay on a schedule with medication and said that Morgan needed space, love, and support.

Leisl Obrecht hired Andre to conduct a psychiatric evaluation on Franco to determine whether Franco could be hired by the hospital as an art therapist. Andre asked Franco about his fascination with death. Franco advised that he'd taken lives, but it had been because of a brain tumor. Andre was more interested in hearing about the crimes Franco had committed after the removal of the brain tumor. Andre advised Leisl that Franco had not failed the evaluation, and Franco was hired.

Andre encountered Anna at Metro Court. Anna had spilled her St. John's Wort, and he warned her that self-medication could be dangerous. Andre asked about her depression. He reminded her that she was struggling with overwhelming guilt and loss and warned that she'd get worse until she got to the root of the problem. Anna finally asked Andre to help her. Andre listened while Anna recounted her love and life with Duke and how he'd been murdered. Anna acknowledged she'd murdered Carlos and was unable to sleep. Andre felt she'd made progress and assured her he'd keep her confidence.

Andre arrived at Dr. Patrick Drake's home for Thanksgiving at Patrick's invitation. He advised Anna he wouldn't have accepted had he known she'd be there. Anna revealed that Carlos might be alive. Andre encouraged her to investigate further and said that if she needed to talk, he'd listen.

Andre warned Anna that if she didn't return to her therapy sessions, he'd be forced to tell the police about Carlos. Andre asked if there was someone at the police department that she didn't trust. Anna disclosed she didn't trust D.A. Paul Hornsby. Andre was shocked when Anna told him the D.A. had covered up what had happened to Carlos. Andre said the D.A. might be dangerous, and she needed to be careful.

Andre began dating Jordan. After giving testimony in court, Andre stopped in to see Jordan and surprised her with a small jaguar figurine, explaining it was from pre-Columbian Mexico. He told her that archeology had been a hobby of his since childhood. Ancient civilizations had always fascinated him, and he had visited the Mayan ruins.

Jordan told Andre that Curtis was her former brother-in-law, and they weren't on good terms. Jordan opened up about her troubles with Curtis and shared that she'd met him after she'd married Tommy Ashford. Tommy had been in the military while Curtis had worked for the Drug Enforcement Agency with her, and it hadn't ended well. She blamed Curtis for her marriage falling apart. Andre asked if Jordan would have a problem if Curtis didn't leave town.

After Morgan was arrested, Andre had him restrained in a hospital bed rather than thrown into a cell. Later, Sonny asked why Morgan was in restraints. Andre said it was a better option than Morgan spending the night in jail. Sonny assured Andre that his lawyers were working on getting Morgan's charges dropped. Andre warned Sonny that Morgan had to remain under strict supervision because his behavior had been irrational. Andre told Sonny they had to monitor Morgan's medication, or Morgan would go to prison. Later, when Andre went to check on Morgan, Morgan was gone. He found Morgan on the rooftop, threatening to commit suicide. Andre talked him down and had Morgan put back into his restraints.

Andre found Morgan in an upbeat mood. Morgan said his lawyer would have him home by the end of the day. Andre reminded Morgan that he had a long way to go to get back on track. Andre stressed the importance of Morgan staying on his medication. Morgan became angry and said he didn't like the way the medication made him feel and that one of the side effects was impotency. Andre assured Morgan that would straighten out once the medication was adjusted. Andre agreed that a visit from Kiki Jerome would be beneficial for both of them.

Andre met Anna in the chapel. She advised him she needed justice for Duke. Andre wondered if Anna could move on with her life if she got the justice she was seeking.

At the Floating Rib, Andre heard Anna say, "Oh, no, it can't be," and stopped to see if he could help. He covered her hand with his while reassuring her as Jordan entered. Anna quickly explained and left. Andre and Jordan sat down for a drink. A masked man entered the Floating Rib while Andre was on a call. Andre watched as Curtis and Jordan disarmed the masked man and had him arrested. Andre was impressed with how well Jordan and Curtis worked together.

Jordan advised Andre that Anna had been arrested for what she'd allegedly done to Carlos. Jordan saw his lack of reaction and demanded to know what Anna had revealed to him. Andre said he had taken an oath and would not betray a patient's confidentiality.

Andre went to the prison to evaluate Anna. Anna was furious that Andre had sided with Paul, but he assured her that he was on her side. Anna advised Andre that Paul and Mayor Lomax were friends, and the mayor had pulled strings on Paul's behalf. Anna told Andre that Paul was using him to stop her from talking because Paul had killed Kyle, and Carlos had been a witness. Andre felt Anna's behavior bordered on obsessive. Andre advised Paul that he couldn't evaluate Anna because it was a conflict of interest. Andre was offended when Paul asked if Andre and Anna were lovers. Andre advised Paul to find another psychiatrist to assess Anna.

Andre asked Jordan if she'd known that he'd been asked to evaluate Anna. He also told her he'd recused himself because of the history he had with Anna. Andre was stunned when Jordan said she was sure he wouldn't want his feelings for Anna to be revealed in court. Andre assured her that Anna was only his patient and briefly a colleague. There was nothing romantic in their relationship. He kissed Jordan passionately to clarify his feelings for her.

At Anna's hearing, Andre defended her. He stated Anna would not flee the jurisdiction because she had the courage to face the consequences of her actions. Anna was granted bail. Anna thanked and hugged Andre in gratitude.

A few days later, Andre overheard Paul and Jordan discussing their concern about Anna and the possibility that Carlos might have harmed her. Andre went to the pier, found Anna locked in a freezer, and took her to the hospital. When Anna asked how he'd found her, he said he'd thought she would start her search for Carlos on the pier, and he'd figured out what Carlos had done to her. Andre and Anna were shocked to see Carlos, unconscious, being taken into the hospital on a gurney.

Andre convinced Morgan to leave Freedman Clinic, reassuring Morgan that he could handle any situation with Kiki because he was in control of his symptoms.

Andre went to see Anna to tell her where things stood between them. Anna was grateful to him for saving her life, but it upset her when he'd failed to put his faith on the line when it had mattered the most. Anna asked him to leave, but he disclosed that Jordan had questioned his feelings for Anna. He admitted they had a strong connection with each other and that his feelings were unexpected. Andre confessed that he'd thought about her more than he should. He was certain Anna felt an attraction to him as well. Anna admitted it was true.

Andre appreciated Anna's honesty, but he refused to act on his romantic feelings for her. He said his future was with Jordan. Andre felt he needed to avoid future complications and wanted to cut all contract with Anna, including their friendship. Even if they set boundaries, Andre knew he wouldn't be strong enough to fight his attraction to Anna on any level.

Andre went to Jordan's office and told her he loved her. He admitted that after analyzing himself, he'd realized that Jordan had no idea how he felt about her because he'd never told her. He assured her he had many reasons for loving her, and he wanted her to know that. Jordan admitted she was afraid to open her heart again after sending Shawn to jail, but Andre assured her there was no pressure, and he hoped she could forgive him. His life would be empty without her.

Andre and Jordan's relationship hit a snag when he learned that Jordan had been dealing with tension between her and T.J. because T.J. had learned that his biological father was Shawn Butler. Andre worried that Jordan didn't trust him with her secrets, but she explained that she was afraid to trust anyone. Jordan promised to make an effort to let Andre in. As time passed, Jordan asked Andre to consult on the investigation into the serial killer murdering patients at the hospital.

Jordan updated Andre on her investigation. She showed him a photo of a Roman coin, and he provided facts about the coin. Jordan asked Andre to describe a serial killer's mindset. Andre said serial killers believed their actions were justified, whether their reasons were real or imagined. It was all about power. Serial killers were usually arrogant, micromanagers, and charismatic. Jordan felt Andre had described many of the doctors on staff and teased that it might even be him.

At the hospital, while Andre was completing a psychiatric evaluation on a patient, Monica and Finn rushed into the room when alarms sounded. They saw Andre giving CPR to his patient. In spite of Andre's efforts, the patient died, and Andre explained that the patient had grabbed his chest and passed out while Andre had been talking to him. Andre saw the looks on their faces and asked if they thought he'd killed the patient. Paul arrived and ordered blood tests on the latest victim. He instructed Andre to stay put until the test results arrived. Andre told Paul he was calling Jordan and his lawyer.

When the test results arrived, Andre was cleared of any wrongdoing. Andre, Monica, and Finn were startled when the power suddenly went out. After the emergency power kicked in, Andre investigated the reason for the power outage and discovered that someone had ripped the wires out.

Andre, Jordan, and Nathan reviewed the evidence and ascertained that all the victims except Lucas and Dr. Mayes had been patients at the hospital. They agreed that the blackout had been a distraction. They believed that Lucas hadn't been an intended victim. Andre agreed that Elizabeth might have been pushed down the stairs because she'd seen something without realizing it.

Andre said the killer had been very methodical and covered his tracks well. He explained that serial killers were very rigid about their patterns and enjoyed watching the police trying to figure things out. He felt that because each patient had been complaining of gastrointestinal distress, the killer had been responsible for the bug and had wanted the victims to die in the hospital. The hospital seemed to be the target. Andre thought that perhaps the killer felt wronged by the victims and the hospital in some way and had decided to make things right by killing the people and ruining the hospital. Andre felt they needed to dig deeper into the victims' backgrounds.

Andre went to the police station and advised Jordan that the sooner the killer was caught, the sooner the hospital could reopen. They discussed how the victims had been killed and the attacks on Elizabeth and Sabrina. Jordan felt that Sabrina had been killed because she could have identified the killer. Andre was sure the killer was someone who had free access to the hospital and could move around without arousing any suspicion. Andre speculated that the killer was a well-dressed person, judging from the photo Elizabeth had taken of the slacks and shoes and the expensive cufflink Valerie had found.

Later, Andre encountered Curtis at the gym. Curtis asked Andre about the investigation, but Andre didn't want to share any information. Curtis insisted he could be of help, but Andre instructed Curtis to drop it, and an argument ensured. Curtis left when Jordan arrived. Andre said he didn't like Curtis and would not share any information with him.

Andre felt that Curtis was always interfering in Jordan's investigations. While Jordan was out of the room, Curtis called her. Andre answered it and told Curtis to leave Jordan alone. He disconnected the call.

At Morgan's funeral, Andre told Carly he couldn't explain what had happened with Morgan's medication, but he wanted to honor the good work he and Morgan had done together.

Jordan confronted Andre about answering her phone when Curtis had called. Andre confessed that he thought he'd done Jordan a favor. Jordan told Andre that Curtis had called her about a homicide. Andre still felt that Curtis was hanging around to cause trouble for Jordan. Jordan advised him that she had torn a strip out of Curtis for not informing her of the homicide, and Curtis had revealed that he had called her. Andre acknowledged that he had overstepped. Jordan advised him she didn't need to be with anyone who thought she couldn't handle her own life. Jordan was angry and walked away.

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