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Dante Angelo Falconeri
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Actor History
June 22, 2009 to Present

Born in 1984 (was said to be four years older than Lulu in 2010)

Other Names

Dominic Pirelli (undercover alias)


Detective for the Port Charles Police Department

Former bouncer at a brothel in Jacksonville, FL

Formerly on a special FBI task force to shut down organized crime in Port Charles

Former NYPD police officer

Formerly assigned to guard Brenda Barrett [2007 and 2010]

Resides At

682 Paulson Street, Apartment 4B, Port Charles, New York

Formerly 324 Wharf Street, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Married to Lulu Spencer [Proposed: Sep 21, 2011; engaged: Oct 5, 2011; broken engagement: Dec 5, 2011; reconciled: Dec 16, 2011; married: Dec 23, 2011 (Dec 25 on the show)]

Past Marriages



Olivia Falconeri (mother)

Sonny Corinthos (biological father)

Mike Corbin (paternal grandfather)

Adela Corinthos (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Talia Falconeri (maternal grandmother)

Michael Corinthos III (paternal half-brother; via adoption)

Kristina Davis (half-sister)

Morgan Corinthos (half-brother)

Baby Girl McCall (half-sister; stillborn)

Avery Jerome (half-sister)

Theresa Falconeri (maternal great-aunt)

Vito Falconeri (maternal uncle)

Ric Lansing (paternal uncle)

Courtney Matthews (paternal aunt; deceased)

Molly Lansing (paternal cousin)

Spencer Cassadine (paternal cousin)

Violetta Falconeri (maternal first cousin, once removed)

Connie Falconeri (maternal first cousin, once removed; deceased)

Tommy (maternal cousin)


Unborn child (miscarriage with Lulu, via surrogate Maxie Jones; deceased) Connie Falconeri (raised as his daughter with Lulu until Damien Spinelli and Maxie Jones were revealed to be the parents; Connie's name was later changed to Georgie) [Born Aug 21, 2013]

Rocco Falconeri (son, with Lulu, via surrogate Britt Westbourne; previously named Ben) [Born Sep 9, 2013]

Unnamed child (embryo, with Lulu Falconeri)

Flings & Affairs

Lulu Spencer (flirted)

Rebecca Shaw (picked her up in a bar)

Lulu Spencer (lovers)

Claudia Zacchara (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Helped cover up the death of Aleksander Janacek [2007; flashback 2010]

Held in police custody after evidence linked him to several attacks on women (Delores Padilla released Dante and it was later revealed that Ronnie Dimestico had framed him) [Apr 30, 2012]

Health and Vitals

Sustained a concussion at age ten

Suffered a broken arm in high school

Shot during ambush in woods [Jun 2009]

Hospitalized after being hit by a car while trying to save Morgan [Sep 9, 2009]

Shot by Sonny Corinthos and critically wounded with a bullet lodged near his spine [Jan 29, 2010]

Drugged by Brook Lynn [Aug 17, 2010]

Beat up by thugs at a brothel in Jacksonville, Florida [Jul 15, 2011]

Shot in the back at Sonny's coffee warehouse by Anthony Zacchara and required surgery to remove a bullet from his lungs [Sep 23, 2011]

Hit over the head and rendered unconscious by Stavros Cassadine [Mar 21, 2013]

Latex/fruit allergy [revealed Feb 3, 2014]

Rendered temporarily unconscious by Victor Cassadine [Sep 3, 2014]

Rendered temporarily unconscious after being pushed down a flight of stairs and hit over the head with a crowbar by Luke Spencer [Jan 29, 2015]

Brief Character History

Dante was the love child of teenaged Olivia Falconeri and Sonny Corinthos. Olivia kept Dante's paternity a secret to protect him from a life in the mob.

Dante arrived in Port Charles on June 22, 2009, as Dominic Pirelli, an undercover New York City police officer. Dante had infiltrated the Zacchara organization, and Claudia Zacchara ordered him to kill Jason Morgan. Dante was shot in the process, managed to escape, and held Morgan, Michael, and Carly hostage. Dante did not cause them harm, and made his way to Greystone Manor, where Kristina hid him from her father and attended to his injury.

Olivia was stunned to see her son in Port Charles and ordered Dante to return to Bensonhurst. Dante claimed he was staying to infiltrate the Corinthos organization. Olivia attempted to get Dante reassigned and feared Sonny would learn Dante's true identity. Dante introduced himself to Sonny as a former Zacchara soldier, and Sonny hired him into his organization. Dante continued to work his way into Sonny's good graces and earned his trust. Dante subsequently became the bodyguard of Sonny's sons.

In the meantime, Dante began a relationship with Lulu Spencer. Lulu was unaware that Dante was an undercover cop and tried to keep Sonny's foot soldier at arm's length. Dante was relentless and eventually wore Lulu down.

While protecting Morgan at the General Hospital Carnival, Dante was struck by a car driven by Edward Quartermaine. Ronnie, Dante's cohort from the NYPD, visited Dante at the hospital and suggested Dante remove himself from the case. He left Dante's police badge on the table. Lulu arrived, and Dante lied about the badge. Jax, aware of Dante's paternity and profession, hid the badge before anyone could see it. Jax encouraged Dante to work quickly to put Sonny away.

After Sonny learned Claudia was responsible for Michael's shooting, Claudia took Carly hostage. Dante, Johnny, and Lulu went to the Zacchara Mansion and hoped to find Claudia and Carly there. Lulu fell into a flooded basement, where Dante attempted to rescue her. Lulu continued to slip in and out of consciousness and remembered a previous conversation where she had overheard Dante was a cop. Dante admitted to Lulu that he was also Olivia's son.

Carly and her baby were rescued from the cabin, but Claudia was nowhere to be found. Everyone presumed Claudia was dead and Sonny was responsible. Dante was unaware Michael Corinthos had killed Claudia in self-defense, while she had attempted to kidnap Michael's newborn sister. Johnny Zacchara felt betrayed when he overheard a conversation between Dante and Lulu where they discussed Dante's profession and his mother, Olivia. Johnny and Olivia had been intimately involved for months, and she had never told him Dante/Dominic was her son. He confronted Olivia and agreed to keep her secret.

On the way to a mob meeting, the Corinthos crew was set up amid a blaze of gunfire. Dante put his life on the line to protect Sonny. Sonny liked what he saw in his new foot soldier and was glad he had invited Dante into the fold. The Corinthos organization covered up the ambush by attending the Crimson Art Show, which featured the artist Franco. Dante escorted Lulu to the show and discovered a photo of a crime scene that seemed familiar, as well as a graffiti tag reminiscent of his first case in New York.

Franco anonymously threatened to expose Michael for Claudia's murder by sending Jason a photo of Michael next to Claudia's body. Dante began to question Sonny about Claudia's murder, which made Sonny grow suspicious. Dante continued to observe Sonny with his family and felt guilty about building a case against his boss. After Dante witnessed his mother and Sonny growing closer, he remained steadfast in his investigation.

Franco continued his game with Jason and kidnapped Lulu from the Crimson office. He took her to an isolated warehouse and strapped a bomb to her. Dante located Lulu and rescued her. Dante realized his case against Sonny was reaching the end and tried to break up with Lulu to protect her. Lulu insisted she was in their relationship for the long haul, and Dante admitted he loved her.

Dante gained Sonny's trust so deeply that Sonny offered Dante his business upon his retirement. Michael overheard the conversation and felt he was being passed over. Michael learned Dante was working undercover and told Sonny. His father did not believe him and thought it was Michael's way of getting back at Dante. Later, Dante was informed that the arrest warrant for Sonny had been issued. Determined to give the Corinthos family one last day together, Dante insisted on waiting until after Josslyn's christening to make the arrest.

Meanwhile, Sonny and Jason confirmed that Dante was a police officer and formulated a plan for his demise. Dante, aware he was being set up, arrived at Sonny's. Dante showed Sonny his badge and told the story about Lieutenant Polleti. Dante blamed Sonny for Lt. Polleti's death. After Sonny shot Dante in the chest, Olivia arrived at Sonny's home. She referred to Dominic as Dante and accused Sonny of shooting his own son. A stunned Sonny realized the Falconeris were keeping two secrets from him.

Upon Dante's recovery from surgery, he learned Sonny was his father. Dante continued to struggle with his mother's lies and his father's history. Dante lied about his injury and claimed he had shot himself while disabling Sonny's gun. Sergeant Rayner later fired Dante, and he was hired by the Port Charles Police Department. Lulu continued to hold vigil at Dante's bedside, and Sonny tried to reach out to his son. Sonny told Dante the story of his own childhood. Dante felt sorry for his father's upbringing but reminded Sonny he was not above the law.

Olivia attempted to reconcile with her son, but he claimed he could no longer trust her. Olivia reminded him that her lies had been to protect him from a life of crime. Carly and Robin approached Dante to advise him of Sonny's better side. Dante was subpoenaed to testify at Sonny's arraignment. Dante held firm and stated his shooting was an accident. Sonny thanked Dante for lying on his behalf. Dante assured Sonny he still wanted Sonny to be convicted for Claudia's murder.

Back at Dante's apartment, Lulu realized Dante was conflicted about his testimony and attempted to distract him by performing a striptease. Dante fell asleep. Olivia arrived in the morning and once again attempted to reconcile with her son.

Both sides of the law continued to try to persuade Dante regarding his testimony. Later, Dante realized Michael was hiding something, and began to question him. Sonny abruptly interrupted and told Dante to leave. Dante continued to ask questions about Michael's involvement and learned Michael had left the country. The new federal prosecutor, Claire Walsh, forced Dante to go to the island to find Michael, so Michael could testify against Sonny in the trial for Claudia's murder. Michael confessed to murdering Claudia, which Dante did not believe at first. However, Michael gave the evidence to Dante. Dante brought Michael back to Port Charles and tried to figure out how to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Michael escaped to the Quartermaine estate.

As the verdict for Sonny's trial was about to be handed down, Dante walked into the courtroom and announced that Michael was the real killer. Lucky found Michael and took him to the police station. Michael was charged with a Class D felony and sentenced to five years in Pentonville Prison. In order to protect Michael, Jason convinced Claire Walsh to send him to prison along with Michael. Later, Dante managed to convince the judge to overturn Michael's sentence. The judge agreed to change his ruling if Michael lived with Dante.

Dante's next assignment was to catch Franco. Because Jason was Franco's main target, he was released from prison to be used as bait. Dante went to Los Angeles, California, to find Franco, and Lulu followed him. Jason confronted Franco, who jumped over the ledge and fell to his death. It was later revealed that Franco had not jumped. It was a look-alike.

Because Michael had been sent Pentonville thanks to Dante, Carly plotted her revenge against Lulu and Dante. She coerced Dante's old friend, Brook Lynn Ashton, to return town. Carly offered to pay Brook Lynn to seduce Dante and take a picture in hopes that he and Lulu would break up. Over time, Brook Lynn began to feel guilty for what she was doing to Dante and Lulu, but she continued to try to seduce Dante.

One night at Jake's, Brook Lynn drugged Dante's beer and took him back to his loft. Before she could have sex with Dante, Lulu walked into the loft to find Brook Lynn in her underwear. Lulu threw Brook Lynn out. The next morning, Dante could not remember anything that had happened, but Michael explained it to him. Dante delivered flowers and cupcakes to Lulu, and they made up. Brook Lynn later revealed to Lulu that Carly had hired her to seduce Dante and break up his relationship with Lulu. However, Carly claimed that she wanted Brook Lynn to seduce Dante in order to prove that he was like Sonny, which Lulu believed.

One day while Dante was at Sonny's house waiting for his father, Brenda Barrett walked into the door. Both of them wondered what the other was doing there. Before either could answer, Sonny walked into the living room and introduced Brenda to his son, Dante.

As time passed, it was revealed that Dante and Brenda had met in 2007 when he had guarded her. In the beginning, Dante and Brenda hid their connection to each other, but it eventually was revealed. Brenda had briefly dated the Balkan's son, Aleksander Janacek, but she had ended it when she learned that he had exploited children. She moved to Manhattan, where Aleksander had begun stalking her. Brenda had informed the police, who had put guards on her constantly. While Dante had been guarding Brenda one night, they had taken a walk. Aleksander had attempted to attack Brenda, but Dante had stopped him. During Dante and Aleksander's fight, Brenda had picked up Dante's gun and fired it at Aleksander. When Brenda realized that she had killed Aleksander, she went into a panic, causing Dante to step in. Dante had dumped the body in the water and had not reported it to the police.

Meanwhile, Dante continued to lie to Lulu about his connection with Brenda. Carly, who still wanted revenge against Dante, started digging into Dante and Brenda's past with the help of Spinelli. She learned from another guard that had been watching Brenda in 2007 that there might have been an affair between Dante and Brenda. At Luke and Tracy's wedding, Spinelli showed Carly paperwork in which Dante had given Brenda full custody of a child, which made them believe that Dante and Brenda had a child together.

Carly interrupted the nuptials between Sonny and Brenda and warned Sonny not to marry the woman that had been pregnant with his grandchild and produced the legal document. Brenda and Dante quickly explained that Dante had only been the father on record to protect Brenda from the child's actual father, Aleksander. Sonny forgave Brenda and the wedding continued, however Lulu ended her relationship with Dante because he had lied to her again.

Dante begged Lulu to forgive him but she pushed him each time. Dante believed he was making progress when Lulu allowed him to be there for her after she learned Lucky's son had been killed in a hit and run accident and her father was the driver. Lulu struggled to accept the role alcohol played in her father's life and she left town in search of her father. She took a job as a cocktail waitress at a brothel in Florida in exchange for information on her father's whereabouts. Dante followed Lulu to Florida and pleaded with her to return home. When she refused, Dante took a job at a bouncer at the brothel to protect her from Javier, the owner of the brothel.

Dante and Lulu kept their real identities and their relationship a secret. Lulu planned to seduce information out of Javier about her father's whereabouts while Dante hid in a closet. However, their plan hit a snag when Javier overheard their plan and learned that Dante was a cop. Javier arranged for Dante to be beaten and tied up by his thugs while he moved forward with Lulu. Javier tried to rape Lulu but Dante arrived just in time to save her. Afterward, Javier was taken into police custody and Lulu apologized for dragging Dante into the mess she had created. Dante explained that he loved her headstrong ways and would always be there for her.

As they left Florida, Dante and Lulu received a tip that Luke was in Greece with Helena Cassadine. Dante accompanied Lulu on a brief trip to Greece but they left when they were unable to make contact with Luke and returned to Port Charles. Upon their return, Dante presented Lulu with a key to his loft. Lulu accepted the key but returned it soon after when she learned Dante had kept another secret from her. He had not told Lulu that her brother was using drugs again. He believed it was Lucky's secret to share with his sister. Dante fueled Lulu's anger when he admitted that he did not regret keeping Lucky's secret.

Dante and Lulu reconciled and Dante proposed. Lulu was taken aback by his question and told him she would consider the proposal before providing a response. In the meantime, Dante predicted that the Zacchara organization might make a move on Sonny and he went to a coffee warehouse to investigate. While he was there, he was shot in the back and required surgery to remove a bullet from his lungs. Lulu arrived at the hospital wearing a dress that reminded Dante of their trip to the opera. She confessed she had a special night planned, which included a response to his proposal. Before Dante heard her answer, he was taken into surgery.

While Dante recovered, Lulu visited again agreed to marry him, although he went along with Lulu's preference to keep the news of their engagement quiet until he made a full recovery. Dante disappointed Lulu when he announced that he planned to return to the police force immediately to work on the investigation into the death of Lisa Niles. Dante's former partner Lucky quit the police force so Dante was assigned a new partner, Officer Delores Padilla. Dante collapsed in his first day back and Lulu responded by ending her engagement. She claimed she could not spend her life worrying about Dante while he chose to take chances with his life on a daily basis.

After a few weeks apart, Lulu changed her mind and told Dante their engagement was still on if he would still have her. Dante confirmed that he did still want to marry her and they made plans to spend the Christmas holiday in New York City. While in New York on Christmas Eve, Dante shared his memories of September 11, 2001 and explained why his work as a police officer meant so much to him. Lulu accepted his reasons and they decided they wanted to marry immediately.

Dante called his mother and she agreed to help Dante and Lulu plan a wedding for the next day, Christmas Day. When finding a church to hold the wedding seemed impossible, Dante called his cousin Tommy, a priest, and he agreed to marry them. The couple married on Christmas with Olivia as the only guest until Tommy was about to declare Dante and Lulu man and wife. At that moment, Olivia opened the door to the church and the Falconeri family flooded in to congratulate the newlyweds.

After the wedding, Dante and Lulu settled into life as a married couple and shared the news that they had been married. Sonny tried to share his excitement about their news with a generous monetary gift which Dante refused to take. Sonny continued to offer money to Dante, which Dante continued to refuse. Instead, Sonny found a different way to honor Dante in the form of a charitable contribution he wished to make to the hospital in Dante's honor. The contribution included a benefit held at the Metro Court hotel and Dante agreed to attend, although Lulu refused.

Lulu and Dante started spending more time together when Lulu decided to take a position at the police department working in the evidence room. Dante enjoyed seeing his wife at work and he was glad to see a friendship developing between Lulu and his partner Delores.

On the night of the benefit, Dante was disappointed with his father's decision to use the event to publically humiliate Johnny Zacchara. Dante and Sonny argued in the parking garage as a shooter took aim at Dante. Sonny sensed the bullet and pushed Dante out of the way. Sonny took the bullet instead and then took off. Dante tracked his father down at Johnny's penthouse and witnessed his father holding a gun on Johnny, although Johnny claimed his was not behind the shooting. Dante convinced Sonny to go with him to the hospital so he could be treated for his gunshot wound. Before they left, Johnny hinted that his father may have been behind the previous attempt on Dante's life.

Dante knew Sonny had retaliation against Anthony on his mind and he tried to convince his father to allow the law to handle Anthony. However, Sonny did not listen to Dante's advice and he was forced to arrest his father after he confronted Anthony at gunpoint in front of a witness. Dante hoped his father was innocent as he claimed and had not been the one to shoot the tires out of Anthony's car. The blown tires on Anthony's car caused an accident that resulted in the death of a young man and his child.

Despite Sonny's insistence of innocence, Dante investigated the accident and found a handgun that matched the crime in the office of Sonny's girlfriend Kate Howard. He was forced to arrest his father and he gave a testimony at Sonny's trial on behalf of the prosecution. However Dante defended his father when a police officer from Llanview named John McBain tried to involve work on the case. To Dante's relief, Sonny was acquitted although it remained Dante's job to continue the investigation into who had caused the accident.

In the meantime, Dante continued to work on finding the perpetrator that continued to attack the dancers at Vaughn's. He and Lulu discussed the case and Lulu volunteered to go undercover as a dancer. Dante turned down her offer but they wondered if Officer Padilla's husband Eddie was behind the beatings after the most recent victim linked the attacker to the history museum where Eddie currently worked. Dante and his fellow officer and childhood friend Ronnie Dimestico searched the apartment where Delores and her husband lived. They were forced to arrest Eddie after a shoebox of pictures of the women turned up in their closet despite the claims Delores made that her husband was innocent.

Lulu sensed that Eddie was innocent and speculated that someone else was behind the attacks. She planned to share her new theory with Dante but he made an impromptu visit to the Memphis police department after his mother's boyfriend Steve Webber was arrested on murder charges. He was not able to do much on Steve's behalf but when he returned he was unable to locate Lulu. His concerns grew after he spoke with Lulu's father Luke and learned that Lulu suspected that Ronnie was behind the attacks on the dancers. Dante spoke to Ronnie and realized his friend was hiding his wife.

Before Dante could fully confront Ronnie on what he had done with Lulu, Dante was handcuffed and placed in police custody after evidence surfaced in his desk that linked him to beating up the women. Delores visited Dante in lock-up and he implored her to believe in his innocence although he had not given her the same courtesy when her husband was arrested. Eventually Delores decided to trust Dante and she released him. He immediately traced Lulu's phone to a motel in Port Charles.

When Dante arrived at the hotel John McBain was also there and they realized that Sam McCall had also been taken hostage. The men searched the room for clues and found a matchbook from the deserted Haunted Star casino. Dante and John arrived at the casino but only Dante made his presence known to Ronnie. He questioned his friend about why he had attacked the dancers and offered to be his hostage instead if he would let the women go. Ronnie refused the offer but he explained that the dancers reminded him of his former wife because they would sleep with anyone and he admitted he had been the one to shoot at Dante in the Metro Court parking garage when Dante had come too close to linking the attacks on the dancers to Ronnie.

Dante continued to talk to Ronnie as a distraction while Lulu and Sam tried to free their hands. Lulu managed to get free but Ronnie shot at her as John entered the room. Dante ushered Lulu out and took her to the hospital while John saved Sam and killed Ronnie. Dante was shaken up by what Ronnie had done to his wife but Lulu insisted she was fine and had only suffered a bullet graze to her arm.

After the scare of almost losing Lulu, Dante experienced another type of scare after Lulu thought that she might be pregnant. Although Lulu was not pregnant, Dante and Lulu decided they were ready to have a baby. When they learned that Lulu was unable to carry a child to term, they hired Maxie to be their surrogate and were thrilled when she became pregnant.

As Maxie's pregnancy progressed, Dante and Lulu held a small family gathering to share their first sonogram picture. During the party, a suspicious baby gift arrived which Lulu believed had come from her aunt. A few hours later, Olivia experienced a vision in which the baby gift was ticking and encouraged Dante to check on Lulu. When he arrived home, Lulu was unconscious on the floor. Before he was able to check on her, he was hit from behind and knocked unconscious. When he awoke, Lulu was gone and he realized that she had been kidnapped. Dante joined Luke and Laura in confronting Helena Cassadine regarding Lulu's whereabouts.

Dante, Luke, and Laura found Lulu on Cassadine Island in a cryogenic chamber where she was being held by Stavros Cassadine. When Lulu awoke from her frozen state, she suffered from amnesia and believed that Stavros was her husband. Eventually Dante's love for Lulu sparked the return of all of her memories and they looked forward to their life together as parents. However, tragedy struck shortly after the birth of Dante and Lulu's daughter. Dante's cousin Connie was murdered and both of Dante's parents were devastated by the news. Lulu and Dante named their new daughter Connie in memory of Dante's late cousin and hoped that their daughter would be beautiful and strong like her namesake.

On the day of Connie's christening, lab technician Brad Cooper arrived at the church and announced that Spinelli and Maxie were Connie's biological parents. Dante and Lulu were distraught by the revelation but remained committed to raising Connie. However, Maxie and Spinelli also wanted to raise the child and a brutal custody battle ensued. Dante did not approve of Lulu's decision to win at any cost and was unable to lie for her on the stand. Sole custody was granted to Spinelli and he changed Connie's name to Georgie and then moved away.

Lulu blamed Dante for losing custody and she moved out of their apartment. Eventually Dante convinced her to move back home and they considered having another child via surrogacy. Their marriage remained under strain after they were informed that their remaining embryos were destroyed and that Lulu was no longer able to produce any eggs. As they grieved the loss of their potential children, Elizabeth revealed that Dante was the father of Britt Westbourne's son Ben. Britt claimed that her mother had stolen an anonymous sample from the lab and used it to impregnate her.

Dante was overjoyed to learn that he had a son but wished that he shared the child with Lulu. His wish came true after Elizabeth discovered a letter that Britt had written to Lulu but never intended to send. In the letter, Britt confessed that she had stolen Dante and Lulu's embryo and given birth to their child but claimed him as her own. When Lulu and Dante went to take their son, Britt's mother Liesl Obrecht took off with Ben. The police captured Liesl and Dante and Lulu were reunited with their son.

Dante and Lulu changed their son's name to Rocco and dropped the charges against Liesl in exchange for their embryo which Liesl had in her possession. Lulu underwent a procedure which would allow her to carry a child while Dante and Lulu considered when to add to their family. Their family planning was put on hold when Lulu and Maxie were kidnapped by Levi Dunkleman under the orders of Victor Cassadine. When Dante and his partner Nathan West arrived to rescue the women, they were captured and taken to Creighton-Clark Clinic. While there, Stavros Cassadine was revealed to be alive. In Dante's presence, Stavros announced that Lulu would be implanted with an embryo that Stavros had fathered. However, Dante shot and killed Stavros before he could carry out his plan.

After Dante and Lulu returned home, Dante was ordered to investigate Lulu's father Luke on suspicion of mob related activities. Dante and Lulu both agreed that Luke had behaved strangely but believed that everything was fine after it appeared as though Luke had been imprisoned at a psychiatric care facility while Cesar Faison posed as Luke. However, Dante continued to believe that something was off about Luke and he confronted him at Luke's family home. Luke pushed Dante down the stairs, hit him over the head with a crowbar, and locked him in the basement with a bomb. Nathan rescued Dante in time but Dante was forced to tell Lulu that her father had tried to kill him.

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